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Hide My Light in Your Rhythm.

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Dean’s beloved mother passed away one dull November morning. There was nothing special about the day, but Dean had lost his light, his hope and faith for no one truly understood him. No one else truly loved him like his mother, Mary. Dean only had one ally in life, one protector and now nothing. Only a long dusty road of life ahead of him.


Now Dean was much like his mother, loved cooking, loved to grow and plant their own food, but also loved dance of any kind especially ballet. The young boy enjoyed the ebb and flow of the music, the joy it brought him. Dean wished he could learn, but knew it was too late for that, not even his kind gentle mother would dare let him have lessons. Dean would listen to music on his mp3 player, watch clips on YouTube and clear his browser in fear of being caught.


John Winchester was a man that would frown at the use of his sons using a straw because it resembled a dick. No son of his would be a sissy fag. John disliked Dean cooking until his older son pointed out it was the only way there were going to be fed. There was another problem in the older Winchesters life his younger brother Sam. He was the apple of the man’s eye. The boy was going places, and John would beat Dean if he got in the way and Sam would play on that.


Dean had a higher GPA than his brother, yes, he was a senior to Sam’s freshman, but it would make him smile that he could get into any school on a free ride, and soon he would be out of there. The teachers at school knew all about his home life, Mary had spoken to them told them not to send report cards home, told them to keep an eye on Dean. Mary cried because she thought she would last longer for her son to escape the abuse at home. Being beaten down for years, she knew her son would do great things. Mary wanted him to fly.


No one came to Dean’s graduation, he smiled as the class Valedictorian, told his class, to never let anyone hold him back. Victor Henricksen, a math teacher at Dean’s school, gave him an old pick up. Missouri, his Latin teacher, pushed a red book into his hand and a letter saying Mary had given it to her. Told him to never look back, and not return.


The night before Dean left his dad was drunk, Sam was acting up saying he wanted more food.


“Give the boy something to eat,” John growled.


“This is all we have, dad.”


“Then give him what’s on your plate, your worthless ass doesn’t need it.”


Sam was smug, knowing his brother was in trouble. “Fine if that’s what you want.” Dean pushed his plate over.


“You need to come work for us at the garage, Marty left. I expect you down there nine, on Monday.”


Sam snorted. “Least I know I won’t have to work as a grease monkey the rest of my life.”


“Futue te ipsi” Dean caught Sam’s confused face, and John looked blank, nothing new there.


“Trying to be smart?”


“I am, more than you know.”


“Why you little shit.” John took a swing and hit Dean in the face.


Dean turned pale green eyes towards his brother. “Hope your happy Sam, all I ever did was care for you, like a brother should when I’m gone hope you realise that.”


“What do you mean?” Sam questioned shocked. 


Dean shook his head sadly and went upstairs, knowing he would not see both Sam or his dad for a long time. He tried to sort his face out, grabbed some pain killers but locked his door. Getting his headphones he got lost in the music, sending him away to better times.


The next morning with Sam at school and Dad, at work. Dean went around the block with the last of his belongings and started out for college. You can run through, but you can never hide from your past, it always follows and haunts you unless you deal with it.


Dean had gotten into CalArts a college not easy to get into, he got a full-ride only three of the full scholarships the school offered each year. Although the dancing side was a non-issue, his music, written, and drama work was top notch with his grades and transcripts from teachers. Dean knew he would need a job, but was not scared of hard work, he would do this for his mom and himself.


Moving into his dorm, he met Kevin and his mom, who looked at him with worry with one box, a beat-up case and an old computer to move in with.


“Where's your family Dean?” Mrs Tran asked kindly.


“Mom died and dad he gave me this and my brother Sam he…” Dean shrugged the comment off. 


“We're going out for dinner, and you're coming with us, you'll need a job and Ellen as an opening. We'll go see her, don’t keep me waiting.” The tiny Asian woman marched off in her no-nonsense shoes.


“Dude your moms scary,” Dean said to the smaller boy next to him.


“You try living with her Dean, come on; she doesn't like to be kept waiting.”


The boys sat in a booth at the Roadhouse. It was a friendly, family-run bar and grill. It sat in the college district of the city. The boys could see both women watching them and Dean wondered what Mrs Tran was saying.


“I think, she would have kept me at home, if it was not compulsory, we had to stay in dorms the first year.”


“Lease you have a mom that cares,” Dean said sadly.


“Yeah, sorry dude.” Kevin was contrite.


“S’ok” Dean shrugged.


“So young man I hear you need a job? I’m Ellen Harvelle, by the way, the owner of this fine establishment.”


Dean stood up and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, Ma’am.”


“Mmm, a boy with manners. Can you cook boy?”


“My burgers are the best.” Dean grinned.


“Well, I best try them, come tomorrow, orientation doesn’t start until Monday you have time.”


That night Dean lay in bed thinking about the future, he had a job, made a friend it was a start, and that’s all he needed.