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1. When he spilt food on Seokjin's clothes inside a fast food chain.


     Kim Namjoon cursed his life very much.


     He had been sitting two hours straight inside the university's library, trying to finish a long ass document that was to be submitted tomorrow morning. His back ached a lot and his fingers felt so worn out after hours of nonstop typing, but he wasn't even near the end. When he entered college, he was thinking about how fun it would be after taking a course related to music, his passion. Although he had an idea that it wouldn't be so easy, he was completely clueless that it would be this hard. It was at this point that he realized that college was nowhere near to what he had imagined. It was hell.


     Lucky he had a pair of idiotic friends.


     Hoseok and Taehyung walked up to where he was staying at, shit-eating grins on their faces. The former was on the same year as him, taking up the same major, while the latter was a second year majoring in film. The three of them met way back during high school. Taehyung was the usual bubbly guy in town. He was a social butterfly, so he had many connections in and out of the school. Hoseok was pretty much the same as him, although he became popular from the dance covers that he uploads on his social media. Namjoon was the silent one out of the three, and he doesn't understand how he even got them as his best friends, but he was grateful. Though they can be annoying at times, they are trustworthy and great, and he could never wish for more.


"Joon-hyung," Tae calls out to him, while Hobi slings an arm over his shoulder. The stressed male shrugs the eldest's arm and saves the document he was typing. "Why're you so stressed out? Let's hang out and chill."


"Learn to take care of yourself, Joon. You're working yourself so much," the raven-haired ruffles his hair, while he growls at the gesture. "C'mon, let's get you out of here."


"Fine, fine." he sighs and closes his laptop, reluctantly standing up and fixing his things before joining his friends.


     They end up going to a fast food chain, and it was already flocked by people since it was already seven in the evening. The two find a table to stay on while he orders the food, lining up and waiting for his turn to come. Finally paying and taking the tray of food, the clumsy boy's eyes gets diverted to the sight in front of him that he didn't notice the worker mopping the floor.


     Kim Namjoon slips and spills his tray of food over Kim Seokjin's clothes.


"Fuck," he stands up while his senior offers him help. Hoseok also approaches him, embarrassment painted all over his face. "I'm— I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to spill it on you. I'm just clumsy and I'm an idiot and I'm—"


"Stop rambling," Seokjin laughs, and the brunet could swear it was the most beautiful laugh he's ever heard. His cheeks were starting to crimson and he can't look at the pretty boy's eyes at the moment. "It's okay. I'll just go home to change, so don't worry."


"I'm really sorry." he timidly apologizes, while the raven-haired shakes his head as if shrugging off the issue as nothing, before smiling at him and exiting the place.


     Why was Seokjin so nice?


     The two went back to their table as Taehyung tried to control his laughter, but failed ultimately. The eldest of the three smacked the laughing boy on the forehead before telling Namjoon that he'll be the one to order this time. The youngest stifles a laugh once again while the embarrassed male reddens, growling at the maknae. Hoseok glares at Taehyung and it shuts him up, at least until the male was gone.


"That was hilarious, hyung," the boy in front of him teases, his pearly white teeth in full display. "How does it feel to spill food on your crush?"


"Shut up."


     Namjoon just wished the ground could swallow him whole right now.



 2. When he spat his drink in front of Seokjin inside a coffee shop.


     Namjoon likes being productive. He loves creating new music on his free periods, and he didn't like his time being spent for nothing. So early in the morning he walks his way to a coffee shop near their dorms, bringing his things with him while he listened to some songs on his playlist. The strong aroma of coffee entered his nostrils as the brunet went straight to the counter, ordering his usual coffee. He settles down on his favorite place, at the farthest corner of the shop, and opens his laptop to continue from where he has left last night.


     It was only nine in the morning so there were only few customers inside. There were some faces familiar to him as it was near their university, but Namjoon didn't pay attention to them. The concentrated man was engrossed on creating beats, unaware of his surroundings. However, as he was drinking his coffee, an unexpected person came to his table.


"Hi," Seokjin greets in an angel-like voice. A beautiful smile was painted on his plump lips, his features becoming even more beautiful than before. "Can I sit here?"


     Namjoon spat the hot coffee out of his mouth.


"Oh shit," he scrambles for a tissue and hastily wipes the mess on his clothes and on his fucking laptop, while the beautiful boy just gasps in shock, eyes all wide. "I'm so sorry, Seokjin-ssi. God, why do I always embarrass myself in front of you?"


     He attempts to whisper the last part, but to no avail. Seokjin giggles at him.


"S-Sorry, you can take the seat." the brown-haired mumbles, cheeks tinted with pink. Jin sits down in front of him and sips on his own coffee.


     The whole time Namjoon felt so tense and awkward. He was trying to preoccupy himself by continuing his work, but he can feel the other's eyes staring at him. His heart throbbed fast as he distracted himself, but unlike before, he can't give his full attention to what he has been doing earlier. The boy in front of him was just so ethereal and he blames that fact for his inability to produce something there. Quickly finishing his coffee, he excuses himself from the older, who just laughs to himself as he watched him dash out of the coffee shop.


     Reaching the dorms after leaving the café, he sees his roommate Jeongguk on his bed, scrolling through his phone, giggling silently. He sighs as he plops down on his bed and lies down on it, sprawling his arms out wide. The events earlier won't stop bothering him, and the boy can't help but to feel really embarrassed and ashamed of himself. Jeongguk leaves his phone alone seeing that, and turns his attention to him.


"Yah, what happened, hyung? You seem distressed." the young male asks. Namjoon sits up and rakes his hair in annoyance.


"I'm so fucking stupid. Tell me I am." he groans, and he instantly cringes at the memory of him spitting out his drink when Seokjin asked him if he could take the seat in front of him.


"Let me guess," Jeongguk has that stupid smirk on his face and grabs his phone from where he placed it. It takes a while before he finally shows something on his phone, and Joon could only wish he could be buried right now. "You spat out your drink in front of Jin-hyung, didn't you?"


     There was a picture of the scene earlier in the coffee shop.


     And the sender?


     Fucking Kim Taehyung.


"Delete that Jeongguk!" he yells at his dongsaeng who tries to run away from him.


"No!" the other yells back, and the chasing game starts.


     His life is doomed.



 3. When he makes a slip and ends up facing Seokjin's lap at the dorms.


     This week has been hectic for Namjoon as deadlines were finally given to them. Papers were scattered inside his shared dorm with Jeongguk as finishes an essay due tomorrow, a bit frustrated as he couldn't find the words to input that some of them become redundant. The stressed male groans more as he realized that he had three other things to finish after this, and all were due either tomorrow or the other day. Exams are also just around the corner, and he had to prepare for that as well. Namjoon cursed under his breath at the thought and just wished that this week would go by so fast.


     Too bothered by his to-do list today, he didn't immediately notice the doorbell ringing and the knocks on the door. He was only snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone calling out Jeongguk's name outside. The boy scowled as he stood up reluctantly from where he was seated, sauntering off to the door to check who's knocking. Yet, upon opening the door to see the person, he wasn't able to say anything anymore.


     Kim Seokjin stood in front of him.


"Hi," the older says, a smile up on his face. In his hand were paper bags which looked like it contained food. "Sorry if I disturbed you. Is Jeongguk there?"


"He's out, but he'll be back soon. P-Please come in for a while." he leads him inside, and there piles of paper welcomed them. He sighs as he timidly scratches the back of his neck in embarrassment. "S-Sorry, the whole place's a mess."


"It's okay. You're probably busy since deadlines were given this week." Jin shrugŕ it off, as the dongsaeng shyly nodded, picking up the crumpled papers on the floor.


     Namjoon went to the kitchen to fetch the guest a drink. After bringing him a glass of water, he goes back to where he left off, continuing the document, while the other just looked around his shared dorm with Guk, gazing at the pictures displayed around. Attention once again divided between his essay and the person with him, he kept on glanchng at his hyung who continued to stare at the pictures fondly. It was until he heard Seokjin chuckle that he finally lost focus on the document he was supposed to pass tomorrow.


"Is this— Is this you?" the brunet held a frame up and it contained Namjoon's picture from his junior high school days, when he had that weird cut of hair. The boy growled at that and ran to snatch the picture away from his hyung, when he slips off on a paper.


     And his face came in contact with Seokjin's crotch.


The front door creaked open and there stood Jeongguk, eyes all wide at the sight in front of him. "Oh shit! My eyes, my fucking eyes. What the fuck?"


     Namjoon immediately disentangled himself from his hyung, their cheeks both red from the scenario earlier. The younger felt even more embarrassed as it was his clumsiness that brought them to the unfortunate scenario, not to mention the tent forming in both his and Seokjin's pants. He tried his best to hide it but the eldest and the youngest were already looking at it right now, the former appearing all awkward and the latter simpering at the two of them.


"Do you want me to leave you two so you can take care of those?" the maknae's sly comment came, and he found them both getting all flustered at that.


"No!" they both yell. Namjoon covers his crotch area and decides to just go to the restroom and take a bath. A really cold one, he thought.


     Jeongguk just snickers at that while Jin's blush intensifies.



 4. When he gets wasted at Taehyung's party and drunkenly confesses.


     The hell weeks and examinations are finally over and Namjoon found himself standing in front of the mirror, dressing himself as Hoseok simply watched him. It was the night of Taehyung's party, as he decides to throw one now that they finally got some time for themselves. The brunet wasn't a party person, but due to his best friend's nonstop pestering, he decides to go. He didn't like the smell of alcohol, cigarettes and sweat-slicked bodies mixing though, so he was anxious on how he'll be able to survive the night.


"You look good in that," his best friend compliments, fixing his newly-dyed red hair a bit. Joon wouldn't admit but the older really looked nice in that color. They look at the time and decided it was time to go. "We should go now, or Tae will get mad at us."


"Yeah, a nice excuse to hide the fact that you just want to see that guy from the music hall," he amusedly retorts back, earning a scowl and a light blush from his companion at the same time. Min Yoongi was his name if he remembers correctly, and Hoseok and him have met a month ago at the music hall, where the elder was playing the piano as the dance club practiced. His best friend told him that something just clicked between them, and ever since then he has bee crushing on the guy. "Yoongi or something?"


"Shut up. He's probably with Jimin, anyway."


"How sad." and Hoseok lightly punches him on the arm, causing him to giggle.


      The drive to the place was short, yet noisy as the two jammed to some songs Hoseok played inside the car. When they arrived, the whole setting was already reeking with the smell of alcohol and sweat mixed up together, and it's honestly making him want to throw up. Bodies were pressed up too close against each other, people grinding down on people, tongues shoving down their throats, while some hype the party up by dancing to the upbeat songs blasted by the speakers. They walked up to the kitchen area and saw Taehyung sitting on a stool near the counter, talking to some girl Namjoon had seen once or twice in the campus, while a couple of guys played beer pong. The party's host acknowledged their presence and greeted them with a boxy grin.


"Finally, you're here!" he slings an arm on both of their shoulders, and winks at the girl he's talking to earlier. "Let's get wasted!"


"Yeah!" the redhead cheers, and they get served beers, to which the brunet declines.


     After a while, he decides to separate ways from Taehyung and Hoseok to get some fresh air outside. He spots Jeongguk standing there all alone, face all scrunched up into a frown. Namjoon just chuckles at the sight and approaches the younger.


"Why you staying here alone?" he asks, while the scowl on the dongsaeng's face remain. The sight amused Namjoon even more, so he started to tease him. "Feeling bitter to even enter the house?"


"As if." the raven-haired crosses his arms on his chest, as if trying to prove that he isn't. The elder can tell that he was though, as he kept on glaring at the glass door separating them from the people inside, and there he could make out Taehyung flirting with another girl this time.


"If you say so." he just laughs, walking to another direction when he spots Kim Seokjin talking to Yoongi's rumored boyfriend, Park Jimin. Jin makes an eye contact with him as he glances away.


      The scenario at the dorm reappeared in his mind, making him feel ashamed and befuddled. Warmth started spreading on his cheeks as he entered the house quickly, too shy to even stay looking at the handsome older boy back. Trying to survive the awful scent and trying to make his way in between couples making out, he finally spots Taehyung as the latter pulls him to join a game they're playing. It was one called 'never have i ever', but it was the swapped version. The one who never did the thing drinks a shot. As him and the younger sat down, the game started.


     A guy in the name of Jackson starts the game, and Namjoon finds himself already drinking a shot at the first turn. The game continues, and soon the liquor took effect in his body, causing him to become dizzy and out of himself. Drunken from all the shots he has taken when the game ended, he found himself wandering aimlessly around the huge place, staggering and stumbling over things. He catches sight of a very pretty boy as he heads towards the kitchen, so he goes approaching him, mind unable to process the consequences that will happen once he gets out of his drunken state.


"Yah," he slurs, as the boy faces him. He had those beautiful brown eyes and soft looking cheeks, and those soft, plump lips that Joon is very much attracted to right now. Somehow it reminded him of Seokjin. Or maybe it was Seokjin, but he wasn't in the right mind to process that. "W-What's your name? You l-look really pretty, you know? You—you remind me of— of my Jinnie."


The lad chuckles at that. "Well, I am Jinnie."


"You're— you're so pretty," he inches closer to the other, who takes a step back seeing that the gap between them is becoming a bit more intimate than it should be. "I-I like y-you, do you know that? And I-I badly want to kiss you right now."


     He steps closer and cups the older's cheeks, bringing their faces closer to each other, but before he could even connect their lips together, everything before him vanished out, and he finally passes out on Kim Seokjin's shoulders.


     Namjoon never knew that tomorrow would be hell for him.



 5. When Seokjin gets all awkward and confesses to him at a bookshop.


     After the party at Taehyung's, Namjoon did his best to avoid bumping on Kim Seokjin. The day after the party he woke up with a massive headache, as Hoseok and Taehyung told him the embarrassing things he did the night before. After hearing everything from them and getting laughed at by the two, he never had the courage to see the elder once again. Who would if they get themselves wasted and then they confessed their feelings to their crush and even tried to kiss them only to fall asleep on them? The recollection just made him cringe so much that he's literally wishing to be buried six feet underground already.


      Kim Namjoon really curses his life very much.


     That's why whenever he goes outside, he tries to avoid places where has met his senior before, so there wouldn't be any awkward and uncomfortable interactions between them. Right now, he was strolling along the park, hoping not to encounter Seokjin right there and then. It was going beautiful though, so he just enjoys the weather and goes on for a walk around the city. The day was still young so he appreciates the mild glow of the sun and gazes at the different sights he sees. He spots a bookshop at a corner on his way back home so the lad chose to make a stop over there first and see if there are good new books that he could buy some time, when he isn't broke.


     Namjoon enters the shop and makes his way to some fiction works. Although, as he traipses towards a particular section of the shop, he spots a particular person, arranging the books in order, placing new stocks on the bookshelves.


     A blush instantly spreads on his cheeks at that.


He was about to make a beeline for the doorway when he hears the hyung talk to him, stuttering a bit with his words. "H-hey."


"Hi." the brunet shyly mumbles, as he makes a mental note to himself to not enter this bookshop for a few months so that he could avoid embarrassment. He totally had no idea that Seokjin works here.


"Um," awkward silence falls as Jin searches for the right words to say, and the dongsaeng could only wish he could get out of the place right away. "Are you looking for some new books?"


"Y-yeah," The brunet tries to find a way to leave, so he excuses himself and walks away. "I-I have to go now. There's still a lot to do at the dorms."


     He attempts to go away, to escape any embarrassing encounters to happen, but fate just doesn't want to permit him. Seokjin grabs his arm and turns him around to face him.


"Yah," his tone was annoyed, and it scared Namjoon that he might have done something the beautiful boy didn't like. "Are you— are you possibly avoiding me?"


"No! O-Of course not." a chuckle leaves his lips, but the other's gaze remains on him.


"Then," the hand that was holding him fell down on his side, as Jin looked down at the ground. His face seemed sad and upset, and how the younger hated seeing him like that. Guilt and regret immediately creeped up to his senses when his hyung looked up to him  a small (and adorable, but Namjoon wouldn't say that out loud) pout decorating his lips. "Then why do you seem to hate seeing me? Why— why do you want to go home immediately when you realized that I am here as well.


Oh hyung, he internally sighs to himself. You're gonna be the death of me.


"I-It's not that I don't want to see you," the faint red tint on his cheeks earlier becomes brighter as he sighs, hating how the situation is going right now. Namjoon can feel that he'll not be able to leave this place without spilling everything to thhe raven-haired. "I'm— I'm just ashamed, afterr what I have done at Taehyung's party to you. Shit, I'm really sorry for what I have said to you that time. They— they were all drunken mistakes, and I really don't know how—"


"Do you not like me?"


"No! I-I like you, very much to say," Great, now he can't really call this a mistake anymore. He'll probably never get to see Seokjin again until his feelings fade away. "B-but I know that you're not interested in me the way I am to you. I-I mean, I'm so awkward and embarrassing and—"


"And who are you to assume what I feel?" the hyung queries, his tone sharp, and that renders him silent. "Bold of you to say that when you do not even know how I actually feel."


"W-What do you mean?"


"Kim Namjoon, I like you, too. For what? Months— actually, forget that. For a year now, and I've gone through a lot of things just to see you everyday," the beautiful boy confesses, his face looking all stern but his cheeks having that glow in them. "So stop saying that I don't because I do, and I want to know you even more."


     Namjoon was speechless at what he heard. He wasn't hearing things, was he? The happiness he felt was overflowing right now and he wished that it wasn't just one of his dreams again. No matter how much he wanted to scream in euphoria, he composes himself, evading any mortifying scene.


"Y-You like me?"


"I do! Do I have to repeat it once again?" the nuisance was present in Seokjin's tone, but he knew it was just because of the embarrassment the other felt at the moment.


"I-I'm sorry," he mumbles, but there was a smile painted on his lips at that. Jin growls at the sight and crimsons even more. "S-So, are we together now?"


The older crosses his arm in front of his chest and pouts akin to that of a kid. Joon finally concludes that he loves this sassy side of Seokjin as well. "Of course you have to take me out on dates first before I say yes."


"The romantic type, huh?" he says with a smirk.


"Shut up."


"Okay then," he stoops down and starts stacking the books Jin has left when he grabbed his arm. "Let's go on our first date now."


"Seriously Namjoon, here at the bookshop?"


"Why not? You told me you want to go on dates, why not do it here? Besides, I've gotten a beautiful idea already." the smile he had widens, whiile the male just groans, trying to hide the flush on his face.


"Ugh, fine." Seokjin's plump lips had a small smile, though.


    The two stacked the books and laughters echoes throughout the shop as they conversed about many things, letting them get to know each other better. As the younger was about to place the last book on the nonfiction rack, Seokjin placed a kiss on his cheeks.


"I really like you so much, Namjoon-ah."


"I like you too, Jin-hyung."