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Stolen Embers

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It was raining.

No, scratch that, it was pouring, the amount of water drenching the ground outside the abandoned boys' dorm was almost terrifying. It was if someone poured a bucket of water from the sky, but the water coming from the bucket was infinite. Needless to say no one dared to venture outside unless it was absolutely necessary.

Also lightning was striking the ground ever few minutes.

More of a reason to not venture out of the safety of the blanket fort Rin had crafted at some point last night.

Yes, they were at the point of their relationship that both he and Rin would go to sleep in the same bed together. Did it guarantee that they would get enough sleep at night? No, and not for any sexual reason. They were not that comfortable yet thank you. It was difficult to fall asleep with someone lying next to you and be comfortable in a twin bed. The first few nights were full of awkwardly placed arms, legs, and a tail, not to mention the kinks and stiffness they woke up to.

Eventually, thankfully, they had gotten use to each other in bed and now did not sleep as well without the other. Which had been, rather embarrassing to tell Shura while they were out on missions. Shima and Izumo had gotten quite a kick out of it though.

The sheets shifted as Rin rolled over, one hand under his head with the other slightly curled to his chest. His tail had found it's way to drape over Ryuuji's side yet again, neither of them knew why it kept making it's home there.

Another crackle of lightning companied with the roll of thunder drew Suguro from his thoughts.

The clock on his phone read 5:38 am on it. Normally he would have slipped from the bed and gone for a jog already. Rin was a rather deep sleeper so he didn't normally wake up to him leaving. But today the weather had forced him to stay indoors and remain as his boyfriend's personal heater. Not that he needed it. Could take a shower before he wakes up…

Bon thought as he brought a hand up to touch his hair. He had forgotten to wash out the hair gel he had put in the previous day so now it had lost it's stiffness but still clumped his hair together. Looking over to Rin's dresser he knew that he had his permanent overnight bag in the bottom left drawer, but he really did not want to move right now.

Dropping his head back onto his pillow, his line of sight now blocked by Rin's sleeping face. Ryuuji sighed softly as a smile worked it's way onto his face, Rin was damn lucky it was a Sunday.


Contrary to what Ryuuji believed Rin did indeed wake up when his boyfriend got up from bed at his god forsaken hour of five thirty to go jog like a mad man. He just did not find it necessary to get up with him to go run around the campus before the sun was even up.

Awaited was the day when it was so dark outside and Ryuuji trips and breaks his nose because he couldn't see where he was going. That would teach him not to go jogging before the sun was up.

Could he appreciate that his boyfriend could have such dedication to go jog every morning? Yes. Was he fond of it being so fucking early in the morning? No.

So when he roused himself from his sleep because he had gotten so use to being woken up at such a god forsaken early hour. Which he also, mind you, gave himself a mental high five for doing it almost everyday, he still overslept quite a few times. Seeing as it was that hour which no one should be awake at, with his lover was still in bed….

Well, it wasn't something normal.

That is, until the thunder rolled and more lightning flashed in the sky which he could barely make out with the amount of rain pelting his own window.


Ex-wires are not always weather proof, and most were not lightning proof.


Flicking his tail against the other's arm as Rin opened his eyes wider as his vision focused.

"Yer up early. Storm wake ya?" Bon asked as he caught Rin's wrist, the one not trapped under a head of black hair.

"Yeah, guess yer not jogging today then?" Rin replied as a yawn interrupted him part of the way through.

"Nah, can't see out the window n' the lightning is too close for my comfort to go run."

"Aww, little lightning scaring ya? Big bad exorcist who says he's gonna defeat Satan afraid of a little bad weather?" Rin snidely remarked, hand interlocking with Ryuuji's.

Now, in the beginning of their rivalry/friendship, and the first few months into their relationship, Suguro would snap back at Rin with something. But, being in a relationship with the halfling did teach him that verbal arguments were not the only way to win against Rin.

Suguro raised an eyebrow before smirking and getting up.

"Hey- where are you going!" Rin asked as he pushed himself up from the bed that Bon was now on the edge of.

"Yer right, can't let a bit of lightning keep me inside when I'll be taking down the ruler of Gehenna. Looks bad on me."

Rin groaned before grabbing the other's shoulders and pulling him back into bed, one arm going around his neck while to other wrapped itself around his chest.

"Shut up. Who said I'm letting ya go? I wanna go back to sleep..." Rin mumbled in the crook of Ryuuji's neck.

"Yer sabotaging me now? Not letting me keep myself in shape to go kick Satan's ass after reprimandin' me fer not?"

"I'M the one kicking Satan's ass. So shut up and go to sleep."

"Can I go n' take a shower to wash the gel out of my hair then? 's not doing all that much at the moment."

Rin glared at him as he tilt his head up and Bon tilted his head down.

"Get out of this bed n' I will burn yer ass to ashes."

Ryuuji wrapped his arms around Rin as he settled back into the bed.

" ...'ove ya..." Was mumbled between lips and sharp canines. 

" Love ya too, ya idiot." 

" 'm yer idiot ain't I?" 

A hand ran it's fingers through dark hair as a tail wrapped it's way around said hand's arm. 

"Yeah, 'n I wouldn't have it any other way..." 


It would take them a little while longer to fall back asleep and the rain had stopped about midday. 

However, both exorcists in training found that they didn't have the energy to get out of bed that particular day. 

Ah, well, it was a lazy Sunday.