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A Snake in a Lions clothes

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As soon as Harry heard about the resorting, he wanted to throw himself off a cliff. Morbid? Sure, but that was sort of what Harry did best considering the environment he grew up in. Back to the resorting though, Harry figured he was going to be in Slytherin. 

It was unavoidable, and Harry figured that no matter where he was sorted there was a good reason for it.

Recently, Harry had the extreme overwhelming feeling that he didn't belong anymore. That after all that happened, a lion was too loud, the common room no longer felt like home, it felt like a cage that was constraining him. Instead of smiling next to the lions, Harry found himself backing away from their sharp teeth. Everything in Gryffindor was so... bright. It felt as if Harry's darker views on life didn't belong. 

Of course, part of that feeling had to do with his friends. He loved them dearly, and that would never go away, but it felt like they were straying away. Ron, bless his naive soul, was jealous of Harry's fame. On the one hand, Harry was quite sad and disappointed that Ron thought Harry would trade anything for fame, as that was just untrue. On the other hand, Harry was grateful that Ron didn't yet realize what special kind of hell hole Harry's life was.

Contrary to what certain professors (Snape) thought, Harry had the bad habit of helping others to the point where he forgot to take care of himself. One time it had gotten to the point where he had missed two days of sleep just to help Ron out with an assignment. 

And Hermione...was pretty great. She's extremely smart, and kind and charismatic. But Harry knew that she valued academics over everything else. Not to say she isn't a good friend, because she is. But, as soon as Harry does better than her in school, Harry knows he'll become competition instead of friend. Harry couldn't blame her, one couldn't let personal relationships get in the way of achieving a goal.

Harry knew that as well as anyone. 

That is why when Harry heard of the resorting, he felt a little relived. Of course Ron and Hermione would probably be disappointed, or reassure him that he'll be sorted back into Gryffindor, but Harry didn't think it was as big of a deal as everyone was making it. Sure, if you're sorted into a different house you have to leave your friends, but people don't realize that houses have classes together, meals together, quidditch practices together, and other things together.

Just because you're in a different house doesn't mean you have to totally nullify any previous relationships. 

Having that idea in your head is just stupid. 

And Harry had seen first hand what kind of house Slytherin was. No matter how much of a bad reputation they had, Slytherins stuck up for each other, which is more than Harry could say about Gryffindor. In Gryffindor, the way they treated Harry all was dependent on whatever the Daily Prophet said that year. He was also starting to get why Snape never took points away from Slytherin, although he still thought it was a little unfair, he understood the logic behind it.

Slytherins were already treated badly by the whole school, they didn't need their head of house against them as well. 

Harry had to commend Snape, he didn't think the git had a heart. 

One thing Harry was absolutely dreading was the meeting he would have to have with Snape if he got sorted into Slytherin. Harry knew that he would have to have a physical, which he had managed to avoid every year because McGonagall wasn't nearly as thorough as she should've been.

Harry knew Snape would not have that same leniency. From what he had heard Snape took the health of his snakes very seriously.

If Dumbledore found out the Dursleys didn't quite treat Harry the way they should, Harry was sure that Dumbledore would send him back there regardless, and that hurt Harry's heart more than he cared to think about.

As time passed, it was time for Harry to get sorted and he heard his name get called.

He slowly walked up, before taking a seat on the stool and felt the old hat being placed on his head.

"Interesting, very interesting. You have matured very nicely, Harry Potter. Hmmm, you still have that braveness, but I feel as though Gryffindor is no longer the place for you. It seems you agree? Yes, this is a very hard decision. I think Slytherin would help you flourish, yes I believe we have come to an agreement. You are very interesting Harry Potter.

Very well, better be SLYTHERIN."