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The Final Prophecy

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  He knew he was dreaming yet that did not quench his fear. He was surrounded by such an infinite and consuming whiteness that he could not truly comprehend.

  “HELLO!” he yelled. “IS ANYONE HERE?”

  As soon as he asked that he regretted it. First it came as a buzzing of an insect and it grew louder. Whispers. Unintelligible, bone-numbing whispers. He spun around but could see no other beings yet the sound continued to increase. It was coming from nowhere yet everywhere. Fear gripped him and launched his feet forward in a sprint away, yet towards the voices. He huffed and puffed until he tripped over something, himself or nothing he did not know. He crashed to the white floor.

  The voices suddenly seemed to advance on him as if they were just above him. He curled himself into a ball, his voice, pitifully small, mumbling for a reprieve. The voices grew louder until they were deafening before unexpectedly becoming silent and single word suddenly followed.