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Hero Academia DxD

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“All men are not created equal. I learned that a long time ago.”

At a playground, a toddler with green and black unkempt hair was trembling with tears in his eyes. Behind him was a girl with chestnut hair. She was crying and curled up in a ball. “You’re being mean to her, Kacchan,” the boy said still trembling as he got into a fighting pose. “If you don’t stop hurting her… I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!”

In front of him were 3 boys, one had ash blond hair, another was chubby and the last one had long brown hair. The boys simply smirked as they prepared to gang up on the green head. “You really wanna try and be a hero?” The ash-blond said with a smirk as he punched his fist into his palm, generating an explosion. Meanwhile, the two kids behind him did extraordinary things as well, the chubby one spawned wings and flew up with the long-haired one extended his fingers to completely abnormal lengths, “As if you could ever be one without a Quirk, Deku.”

Later, Izuku was laying down on the ground, beat up and bruised, looking up into the sky with the girl he was trying to defend earlier looking down at him, tears in her violet eyes. “Are you… okay?”

Izuku only nodded.





That same boy, Midoriya Izuku, was tapping his pencil anxiously as he listened to Urobuchi-sensei droning on and on about the Meiji period. History wasn’t Izuku’s favorite subject. At least, not ancient history.

The Era of Quirks was far more Izuku’s speed. Specifically, when All Might first appeared.

All Might, the Symbol of Peace. Whenever he arrived, the Villain was captured and nobody was hurt. He’d always appear with the widest grin on his face, his booming laughter echoing through the air no matter what kind of danger he plunged into.

Whether it was rescuing people, stopping criminals, or just getting a kitten out of a tree, no job was too large or too small for All Might. Evildoers dreaded his name while the innocent knew that everything was going to be alright when they saw his smile!

A goofy grin spread across Izuku's lips as he sketched a crude drawing of All Might’s face into his notebook. He couldn’t help it. Thinking about his idol always put him in a great mood.

‘Man, I wish I could see that video of him taking out those bank robbers earlier today. I can’t believe it happened just a few blocks from here!’

The bell rang and Izuku began packing his notebooks into his bag. “Not only that, All Might actually teamed up with Ingenium for that! It’ll be the first time I’ve ever seen him be partnered with a speed Quirk user. I can see how Ingenium stacks up against All Might in that depart-!”

“Hey! Deku!”

Izuku winced, turning around to see his childhood friend Bakugo Katsuki sauntering towards him with a fierce scowl on his face.

“Your mumbling bullshit is getting on my nerves! I could hear it all the way from my desk!”

“S-sorry, Kacchan…” Izuku apologized while bowing his head. He had that problem ever since he was a kid and people have complained about it before. “I’m working on it and…”

“And what the hell are you doing obsessing over the speed of All Might and Ingen-whatever?” Bakugo asked with a sneer of contempt.

Izuku could hear his classmates mutter to themselves.

“Ah, geez here they go again…”

“I know Bakugo has an awesome Quirk, but he’s way too pig-headed.”

“Hey, better he be an ass to Midoriya than to us.”

“Heh. True that. At least I’ve got a Quirk.”

“Honestly, Midoriya’s just sad…”

Izuku’s heart sank as the chorus of insults and pity began. “W-Well, I mean, I just want to gather information and…”

“Dream on, Deku.” Bakugo poked Izuku on the forehead hard enough to knock him to the floor. “Your scrawny little ass couldn’t even hope to catch up to them. I mean, have you seen yourself in Phys Ed? It’s a disgrace you’re even competing against me, let alone all these other losers!”

“I-I was just…”

Izuku’s gaze drifted to the ground. Everything Bakugo said was true. His physical condition was lacking…

…It was sad, really. Clinging to his dream like this. One would think he would devote his mind and body to training, like one of those comic characters of old…

But that was fiction. This was reality.

Bakugo clicked his tongue in annoyance, “So stop muttering or shouting that bullshit. You’re distracting an elite like me from getting what I deserve.”

With that, Bakugo sauntered away to meet up with Kohei and Masashi. Most of Izuku’s classmates muttered or chuckled with one another but left Izuku alone. Except for one. “Hey, Midoriya-san, are you okay?” a soft voice asked him from behind.

Izuku turned his head around to face the speaker. She was named Milia Takamaki, one of the few girls who didn’t appear to think of him in any negative light, and the only girl at the school who even bothered to talk to him. Because of that, she was the only girl he knew he could talk to somewhat comfortably. She was very cute too, having shoulder-length light ocean blue hair tied in a ponytail with a purple maid headband and deep purple eyes along with thick long black eyelashes. Over her eyes were a set of huge circular glasses, which made boys and girls alike view her as a cute meganekko (glasses girl). Her figure was slim and petite and she had a bust size that made most of the girls jealous.

“I-I’m fine, Takamaki-san,” Izuku replied, picking himself up off the ground and bitting back the stinging tears building at the corners of his eyes.

“Midoriya, don’t let what Bakugo said get to you,” Milia said, offering him his bag. “I’m sure when given the chance, you’ll become a great hero like All Might.”

“…T-thanks, Takamaki-san,” he took hold of his bag before the two left the classroom.

‘She’s right. It doesn’t matter what Kacchan says. There’s a chance. There’s always a chance. There has to be a chance for someone like me to be a Hero!’



Once school ended, Izuku hung his head as he walked home through the streets of Musutafu, a sigh escaping his lips as Bakugo’s words ran through his mind.

‘Takamaki’s right, I can’t let what Kacchan says get to me,’ Izuku thought to himself with a shake of his head. ‘So what if I’m not athletic? Some Heroes rely a lot on their tools. Snipe relies more on his marksmanship than how fast he can run or how hard he can punch! Yeah! If I just study enough, I can find a path best suited for me and…’

Izuku stopped and stared at his reflection in a puddle on the sidewalk. ‘Oh, why am I doing this to myself?'

Izuku had been told all his life that his dream was unrealistic, impossible even. That without a Quirk he could not be a Hero. He didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t believe it.

‘I still won’t believe it!’

But still, he needed to train if he wanted to have a hope of making it through U.A.’s physical tests. But that was six months away! What can he do to prove to himself that his dream wasn’t impossible?

‘I need to get into U.A. first,’ Izuku sighed for what felt like the hundredth time. ‘Kacchan will probably throw a fit when he finds out…’

“Look, it’s All Might!”

Izuku froze at the announcement. Without warning, Izuku ran ahead. Several other people had done the same, most of them hoping to catch a glimpse of the Symbol of Peace.

“Th-there he is!" Izuku pointed out. Jumping through the air was indeed All Might. He wore his classic blue and red spandex, his cape billowing in the air behind him. Under his arm, there was some overly large and slightly deformed man, most likely due to his Quirk, beaten unconscious. The boisterous laughter of the number one hero echoed through the air.

Izuku was grinning like a kid in a candy store, his glittering green eyes hiding no small amount of his admiration. “S-so cool… I actually got to see him… He looks even cooler in person…”

“Careful now. You’ll drool at this rate,” someone, a girl based on the voice, next to him pointed out with a small chuckle, glancing at Izuku from the side. “You a fan of his, aren’t you?”

“Of course! All Might is amazing in every sense of the word!” Izuku declared without hesitation, still looking to the sky to watch as the hero continued to jump from building to building, his figure slowly shrinking in the distance. “Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a Hero just like… just like…” Izuku’s grin finally began to disappear, his shoulders and pupils falling as he spoke. Harsh reality quickly evaporated what was left of his energetic stupor.

“Is something wrong?”

Izuku looked at the girl who was talking to him… and immediately froze up. She was a young woman with cyan eyes and very long, flaming red hair, not to mention a voluptuous figure, which included breasts that a lot of girls would kill to have. She also wore the standard U.A. uniform

Izuku’s face began to turn the same shade of red as the girl's hair. “Uh,I’mfine!Sorrygottago!BYE!” Izuku then ran off, the redhead continued to watch him with interest.



‘I was talking to a girl that wasn’t Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn’t Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn’t Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn’t Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn’t Takamaki!’

Those nine words ran through his mind for the next half hour as he paced back and forth on a bridge near his apartment.

Eventually, he calmed down. Sighing, Izuku looked up into the sky as the sun began to set. After seeing All Might he lost track of time. ‘Takamaki-san is the only person I know who believes in me, but without a Quirk…’ Izuku sat on a bench. “All I want is to be a hero. So why… Why is the world so cruel to me?”

“Uh, excuse me?” a voice spoke up.

Izuku broke out of his slump and looked to the side, seeing a raven-haired girl wearing a white, double-breasted blazer with a high collar and a gold trim that reaches halfway down her thighs, its sleeves elbow-length and cut off by wide pale blue cuffs, a large pink bow at her neck, a dark blue long-sleeved shirt with matching dress pants, white gloves and white boots.

Izuku, recognizing the uniform as Seiai Academy’s, an all-girl hero school, blushed slightly upon seeing her, “Uh, y-yes?” he asked. ‘I’m talking to a girl again!! I’m talking to a girl again!!’

“I’m sorry, but I overheard you saying you wanted to be a hero, correct?” she asked.

“Y-y-yeah. T-that’s all I w-want.” Izuku answered, wondering what she wanted.

“Well, my name’s Amano Yuuma, and… I think I can help.”

Izuku blinked a few times, not sure if he heard that right. “Huh?”

“I know how you can be a hero,” the girl clarified. “You just have to do me a few favors is all. Can we meet at Wookiees after school tomorrow?”

“Uh…” ‘Just who is this girl? And why do I have a bad feeling about this?’ “Sure…” he hesitantly agreed. “W-what’s the favor?”

“Go on a date with me.”


“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow!” at that the girl turned around and left.

Izuku, for his part, was still in shock that somehow he gotten a date along with a chance to fulfill his dream. In a daze, he went home.



“Midoriya Izuku of Class C-3.”

Within a small club building at U.A.’s more open school grounds, there was one room that had a very gothic atmosphere. There were some couches surrounding a small table which held a chess set in the middle and desk table sitting at the end of the room. Sitting at the desk was the redhead Izuku had met earlier, looking through a folder which contained a profile on him.

“That’s right,” a blond boy with blue eyes said, standing in front of her. “I got all the info I could. It probably helps I’m in a neighboring class.”

“Says here he’s Quirkless,” she said, closing the folder and setting it down.

“There isn’t anyone at the school who doesn’t know. His classmates, Bakugo Katsuki in particular, bully and belittle him because of that, the only exception being Takamaki-san. And Bakugo used to be his friends from what I heard.”

The girl, for a brief moment, looked angry before calming down. “Even if he’s Quirkless, I can feel that there's something oddly special about him. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“You mean he has a Sacred Gear?” A petite girl sitting on a couch, eating ice cream, asked.

“Possibly,” the redhead answered, folding her arms, “For now we should keep a close eye on him. We don’t want to miss our opportunity.”



The next day after school, Izuku went to the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall as Yuuma asked him to do. He was still a little uneasy about this. A girl from a private all-girls hero school suddenly showing up saying she can help him become a hero? Something about that just didn’t sit right with him.

He wanted to tell his mother about it, but she probably would’ve focused more on the part that a pretty girl just asked him out without warning. As the afternoon weighed on, Izuku waited near the front entrance. “She’s sure taking her time,” he noted. “Maybe this was a scam after all.”

“I probably should’ve told mom, and called the police about it,” he began. “I mean, assuming she even does show up, this will be my first date, but I barely even know her. And we aren’t going anywhere fancy like a five-star restaurant or something… Maybe I should've changed out of my school uniform? Oh man, what is Amano-san going to wear? Does she think this is more of a casual thing? Or is she going to show up in a dress…?” as Izuku began one of his muttering sessions, he’d unknowingly began pacing around a lamppost. “Wait! What if we are going to a fancy restaurant?! Does-that-mean-I’m-underdressed!Did-Amano-san-set-up-a-reservation-or-something?Should-I-have-gotten-her-flowers?!Why-does-dating-have-to-be-so-complicate-”


“OW!” Izuku cried out in pain, rubbing his forehead with a wince. He was so caught up with his thoughts and panic that he didn’t realize that he was walking towards the lamppost until it was too late, and now he was paying the price. He just hoped that no one had seen him panicking and hurting himself like an idiot.

“Uh, excuse me, sir? Are you okay?”

‘…Why am I not surprised?’ Still rubbing his temples, Izuku saw a young woman wearing a vampire-style outfit. “Y-yeah, I’m f-fine,” Izuku answered, a slight blush adorned on his face.

The woman smiled before she handed him a flyer. “Take this for good luck.” At that, she promptly left.

“Huh?” Izuku looked over the flyer. There was a strange pentagram, the words ‘Make Your Wish Come True’ at the top. “Okay… Weird.”

“Midoriya-kun! Sorry for being late. Were you waiting long?” Came Yuuma’s voice.

Izuku, hearing her, looked over and saw Yuuma wearing purple dress shoes, jeans, and a pink shirt. Izuku blushed at how she looked in her clothes, putting the flyer he’d received in his pocket. “I-It’s f-fine.”

“Good," she said as she wrapped her arm around his, “So, shall we go?”

Izuku screamed internally due to feeling Yuuma’s breast pressed up against his arm. He nodded as his face turned red, and the two headed out.

Throughout the whole afternoon, Izuku and Yuuma spent time around the mall, trying on clothes, listening to CD's, and just having a good time. Soon they were at a cafe sharing a meal. As they each took a sip from their respective drinks, Izuku thought, ‘So far this hasn’t been that bad. I haven’t fainted at least. But still, I wonder why she’s doing this? And how will this help me become a hero?’

As the day was coming to a close, the two were walking through a nearby park close together. Yuuma smiled as she took Izuku’s hand into hers, making the boy sweat as his face turned red for the umpteenth time that day. ‘She’s holding my hand! A girl is holding my hand!! A GIRL IS HOLDING MY HAND!!!’

They stopped before the park fountain, as Yuuma spoke, “I had a wonderful time today, Midoriya-kun.”

“I-I d-d-did too, A-A-Amano-san.” Izuku muttered.

“Just one thing left to do before we make you a hero.” She then promptly let go of his hand and stood in front of Izuku, kneeling down. “This will be the last favor.”

Izuku began to sweat even more now. ‘Please tell me she doesn’t want a kiss! I’ve barely handled the hand holding!’ “Wha-What is it?”

Smiling, she leaned into him and whispered into his ear, “Would you die for me?”

“Uh, what?” Izuku began to back away. “I-I’m n-not s-sure I heard that r-right,” he muttered nervously.

Yuuma’s smile then turned into a wicked grin, her violet eyes darkening. “I want you… to die for me.” A pair of large, black bird-like wings jutted out from her back.

Izuku, in shock, staggered back. ‘WINGS?! Where did those come from!? Are they her Quirk? They make her look like a demon!’

“I will admit, I had fun today,” she said in a more mature, sinister voice. “Considering how young and naive you were, things could’ve been far worse. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.” She held out her hand as red light began to glow from her palm, forming a spear. “Time to die!”

“Ah! Amano-san! Wait!” Izuku pleaded, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


A jolt ran through Izuku’s brain as he felt a burning sensation rush through his gut. Looking down, a spear of light stuck through his torso. Blood spilled out of his wound, his shirt stained in red.

“You must be having a good time handling that rod like that. Are you into rods? Is that it?” she smiled. “Maybe I should pull it out for you.” She gripped her spear and swiftly tore it out from his body, causing Izuku to scream out from the pain. “I’m sorry,” she lied as the spear of light disappeared. “But the fact is you posed far too great a risk to us. If you want someone to blame, then blame Him. He’s the reason you have the Sacred Gear.”

‘What is she talking about?’ Izuku thought as he fell to the ground.

“My name is Raynare, boy. Remember that in Hell. Oh, and thanks again for the date. It was fun~!” She laughed before flying off.

Tears began to stream down Izuku’s face. ‘Am I gonna die here… why? Why has the world been so cruel?!’ With the little strength he had, he lifted his now bloody hand. ‘Mom… Dad… I’m sorry… Please forgive me…’ He then noticed the blood on his hand. ‘Red… Same as that girl’s hair… Why am I thinking of her now?’ Unknown to him, the flyer he’d received earlier began to glow. ‘I just wish… I was given a chance to become a hero…’

Suddenly, the flyer flew out of his pocket and become a large, red magic circle. Form it emerged the redheaded girl. She gasped in shock upon seeing Izuku. “Oh no!” She raced to him, looking over his wound. “Looks like the work of a fallen angel. I can’t believe I let one slip into my territory.”

She then smiled. “Don’t worry,” she said in a reassuring way as she fiddled with a red chess piece in her hand. “I won’t let you die. From now on, you’ll live for my sake.”

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“Morning is here! Morning is here! Morning is here! Morning is-”

Izuku groaned as he reached out from under his bed to turn off his All Might alarm clock. He groaned some more before sitting straight up in bed causing his blanket to fall off.

“Ugh, what a nightmare,” Izuku groaned, as he felt his head. He then looked down at his torso and lifted up his undershirt seeing there was no hole in his abdomen, “But… why did it feel so real.” He got out of bed still feeling drowsy.

After getting dressed, Izuku went into the living room, where his mom sat on the couch watching the morning news. “There you are!” she said. “Did you know how worried I was last night. You never answered your phone. I thought one of those zealot murderers got you!”

Izuku blinked a few times in surprise. “Uh, I’m sorry mom. When I got home you were already asleep and my phone was dead.” ‘That’s weird… My phone was dead yesterday, but I don’t remember coming home at all.’

“The next time you plan to stay out so late at least tell me in advance,” Inko deadpanned. “You’re breakfast is on the table.”




After breakfast, Izuku went to school like normal, but for some odd reason, the sunlight just sapped him of energy. “So tired,” he groaned at his desk. The school bell would ring soon, and everyone was clamoring to their seats.

Izuku’s mind was still going over the ‘dream’ he had. ‘Why did it feel so real?’ He began to wonder if he was under the effects of someone’s Quirk when the teacher arrived.

“Alright, nice to see everyone present for once,” he said. “Today’s lecture will cover the constellations. Pay attention because we’ll have a test about this Saturday.”

‘Maybe this will help clear my head.’ Izuku thought as he prepared his school notebook.



It didn’t. While the lectures and projects for his classes did help clear his head a little, by lunch Izuku had more questions than answers. And it didn’t help that he felt tired every time he stepped outside into the sunlight. He was currently eating by himself under the shade of a tree, enjoying the lunch his mom prepared. “That defiantly wasn’t a dream,” he concluded. “But does that mean Amano-san really did kill me? If so, then how am I still alive? How was she able to create that light spear? Did her Quirk allow her to control light? And what’s a Sacred Gear? And what did she mean by ‘Him’? And who’s voice did I hear after I blacked out?”



When school ended, Izuku had more questions than answers. It didn’t help he felt tired all day. “Why is the sun making me feel so weird?” he asked himself as he walked home.

By the time Izuku made it back to his neighborhood, it had already turned dark with the sun setting in the distance. Strangely, he actually felt rejuvenated. And despite it being so dark, he could see clearly, better than during the day even. Not only that, he could clearly hear peoples conversations even if they’re a block away. “What is happening to me?” He asked himself.

It wasn’t obvious till now, but ever since this morning, Izuku felt his body was different somehow. Questions were spinning in his head, about to be unleashed as a mumble storm, when Izuku stopped in his tracks, a cold feeling running down his spine.

“Am I… being followed?”

Izuku slowly turned around behind him. From where the sun was setting, he could see a shapely figure walking forward to him. It was a man, middle-aged too. He was dressed in a pale gray trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora.

“Well, how unfortunate…” he said. “Me, bumping into something like you in a place like this.”

Hesitantly, Izuku took a couple of steps back, instinct telling him that he should run. ‘Who is this guy?!’

“Trying to run?” the man asked as he drew closer. “Tell me boy, where’s your master?”

Izuku turned around and ran as fast as he could, not daring to look back. He ran for what felt like hours before he finally stopped. Taking in his surroundings, Izuku saw he was at a small park near his apartment.

“I think…I…lost him…” he panted.

“Think again.”

Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin, screaming as he turned around. The man had somehow followed him. The reason why? He had two large, black bird-like wings.

‘Those wings…! They’re like Amano-san’s! Does that mean they’re related?!’

As the man floated up in the air, he looked around, as if searching for something. “No sign of your friends or master, and no magic circles being deployed,” he then looked to Izuku again, this time with a sadistic grin. “Therefore I will assume you are a stray.”

‘Stray? Master? What is he talking about?!’

Blue light emitted from the palm of his hand, soon forming a spear. “That means killing you won’t be a problem!”

Izuku, realizing what was going to happen, tried to run-


Only to collapse to the ground, a spear of light stuck through his torso. “It… burns…” he gagged painfully. He tried to grab it, but his hands were burned by it.

“Light is a deadly poison to your kind,” the man said. “Sorry for giving you so much pain. Looks like I missed the vital organs,” the spear of light disappeared and reformed in the man’s hand. “I won’t miss this time!”


“GAHA!” the man gasped from the impact of a sudden explosion hitting his back, causing him to drop his spear, part of his coat burned to a crisp. The weapon instantly shattered and vanished as it hit the ground.

“Pardon me, but could you not touch that kid?” a third voice asked.

“Tch,” the man glared at his attacker behind him. “I know you… you’re the duke’s daughter, right?”

“That’s right,” the mystery person said, stepping into a street light. “Rias Gremory, at your service. How do you do, fallen angel-san?” she introduced, performing a bow.

“R…Rias… Gremory…?” Izuku groaned, looking behind him. He recognized her as the U.A. student he met the other day.

“Don’t tell me that this kid is your property?” the man demanded.

“He is,” Rias smiled like a fox as she folded her arms, “And I won’t hold back if you kill him.”

“Very well. I’ll apologize today,” the man released his wings and took off into the air. “But I advise you not to let your servant loose again. There are others like me who would prefer to hunt him down.”

“Thanks for the advice, but this city is under my protection,” Rias warned, “If any of your friends interfere, don’t blame me if you get turned to ashes for it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. My name is Dohnaseek. Till next time, Gremory princess!” he shouted, flying off into the night air.

Izuku was barely able to register what had just happened with the burning hole in his torso. The man was a fallen angel? Did that mean Yuuma was a fallen angel too? And how did this Rias person drive him off? What was happening? He couldn’t think anymore as he fell on his face and darkness enveloped his vision.



“Morning is here! Morning is here!”

The sound of Izuku’s alarm violated his ears. Snorting in irritation, he rubbed his eyes as his sight adjusted to the morning sun. He slowly sat up and slammed his alarm shut. “Huh? I’m still alive?” Izuku muttered to himself groggily. “I thought that guy with the black wings was trying to kill me, then that red-haired girl saved my life.” He gave out a tired yawn. “I guess it really was just a bad dream…”

He flipped the sheets off his body, only to look down to realize something very, very wrong. “Huh?! I’m NAKED?!”

Then he noticed something else. His head twitched like a clock as he slowly turned his head. Next to him in his bed was Rias, sleeping soundly in the nude. His mind was a blur, unable to comprehend what was happening. There, lying in his bed, was a beautiful girl from U.A. High. How the hell did that manage to even happen? “Ah… ah… ah…” Izuku whispered, blood slowly dripping from his nose and ‘junior’ standing in attention. ‘There’s a naked girl next to me! Oh my God, what do I-’ “AGH!” A sudden, sharp pain exploded in his head like a bullet had just bolted through, causing him to clutch his eyes and temple. Unfortunately, this caused the girl to stir from her sleep.

She moaned softly as her eyes fluttered open. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she sat up and faced Izuku in all her naked glory, “Oh, good morning Izuku-kun.”

“Go… good morning,” Izuku nodded shyly. “Um… and, uh?”

“Hm?” Rias smiled, “What is it?”

“I-I-I-I c-can s-s-see your b-b-b-b-b-,” he whispered, unable to finish.

“That’s fine,” she smiled slyly, cupping her mounds, “In fact, you can look at them all you like.”

“Huh?!” Izuku gasped, blood running from his nose. He shook his head and wiped the blood from his nose, “Wha-wha-wha… what’s going on?! How did we get here?! How did you fight off that guy with the wings?! And how do you know my name?!”

“One question at a time,” Rias laughed. “That man was a fallen angel, and he is our natural enemy. And I brought you here through a magic circle.”

“Huh? Magic?” Izuku said in disbelief. He blushed as Rias gently cupped his face and caressed his cheek.

“That’s right,” Rias purred, “You see, I’m a devil and also your master. A pleasure to meet you, Midoriya Izuku. And please, call me Rias-san for now.”

“R-Rias-san? You…? You’re a devil?" Izuku blinked, trying his best not to gaze too much at the older girl’s hourglass figure. “You mean fire and brimstone, horns and pitchforks kind of devil?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that, love,” Rias laughed, waving it off. She sat on the edge of the bed next to him and rested her hand against her knee. “While humans tend to look at us that way, devils are hardly anything like that.”

“Uh… right,” Izuku cocked his head. Rias’ smile turned mischievous as an idea formed in her head. Scooting closer, she looped her arms over his and rested her head on his own. “R-R-Rias-san!?” Izuku blushed brighter, “What are you-?”

“Well, if you want to get to know your companion start by sitting side down with them side-by-side,” Rias elaborated, “That’s Dating 101. Now you know. I bet from here on out you’ll never make the boorish mistake of sitting across from your date, will you?” She emphasized her point by squeezing her perky nipple against his arm. Izuku’s eyes grew large as his face became bright red, sweating intensely. His breathing intensified. Rias just continued teasing him, stroking her fingers over his bare chest like a brush on paper. Then, she leaned her lips close to his ear and blew a gentle breeze. Shuddering, Izuku backed up to the other side of his bed.

Rias couldn’t help but giggle, looking at his embarrassed face. ‘It’s really fun to tease him like this.’ As she looked around his room, Rias noted all the All Might merchandise he had. “I knew you were a hero fanboy, especially All Might, but this is a bit much.”

Somehow Izuku’s blush turned redder. “I greatly admire him…”

Then, to his abject horror, he could hear footsteps approaching his door with his mother’s voice coming closer, “Izuku! Don’t tell me you’re oversleeping! If I have to drag you out of bed, I will!”

Izuku began to panic as he jumped from his bed. “Crap! It’s Mom! How am I gonna explain this?! Oh God- ARG!” The same pain from before rocketed through him. And, like before, the pain lasted only for a short moment before it subsided just as quickly. “Why does that keep happening…?”

“That’s normal for devils,” Rias explained, not looking the least bit worried that Izuku’s mother was about to walk in on them, “Just thinking of God let alone praying to Him is enough to give you a headache.”

“Never mind! We have to get decent- no, I have to get decent and I need you to hide before mom sees you! At least put on a shirt!” Izuku shouted, trying to reach over his bed to find something to cover his legs. Unfortunately, he didn’t get far enough as Inko had already opened the door.

“Izuku, breakfast is almost ready! So get out… of… bed…” She lost track of her words upon seeing the crimson haired girl in her son’s bed in her birthday suit. Not only that, Izuku was above her with both of his hands on either side of her head, also butt naked.

Inko’s face was the definition of shock, her eyes bulged and her mouth opened so wide you could lay eggs in it. Izuku didn’t fare any better. He couldn’t do anything else but smile nervously at the sight of his mother with sweat pouring from his face. Rias, on the other hand, was the only one who didn’t look remotely disturbed as she gave a winning smile. “Ah, you must be Izuku-kun’s mother. Good morning. I’m Rias Gremory.”

“H… hello, Rias-chan,” Inko could only say. Slowly edging away from the door, she said, “Um… I’ll let you carry on while I finish breakfast.” She slowly closed the door.

Izuku just stared and uttered, “Oh dear God, please let me fly away…” He then winced as he felt another headache.

Rias simply giggled before she stood up. She soon began to get dressed, her clothes neatly placed in the corner of the room. “How’s your stomach?” she asked.

Izuku then remembered he was stabbed last night. “How did…”

“I teleported us back to your room and stayed with you to heal your injury,” she replied as she put on a skirt. “It works best when we’re in the nude so I used you as a hug pillow.” Izuku went lava red once again, his head steaming. A haughty, almost lustful smirk appeared on Rias' face, “And I must say, I never expected someone of your age to be so… mighty~.” Izuku’s nose began to bleed as his whole head turned a darker shade of red. “And don’t worry, we’re still virgins.”

“Wh-why are you doing this?!”

“Because teasing you is so much fun.” 



The walk to his school was far longer than usual. Izuku’s face was one of complete and total embarrassment throughout the way. As he got closer to his school, the more students saw who he was with. The boys were glaring daggers at him, their faces twisted in looks of envy. The girls were whispering at each other with either looks of confusion and wonder or total suspicion. The cause of all this? How about the fact that Rias was walking next to him with her arm looped around his? She was so close he could smell her strawberry perfume. It was so intoxicating.

“Uh, Ri-Rias-san?” Izuku began, just barely able to form that sentence. “Do you have to stand so close to me?” Izuku asked, hesitant.

“After what happened last night I didn’t want to take the chance.” Rias smiled at him, not minding the looks, “Besides, most guys would kill to be where you are now.”

“Yeah… I can see that.” Izuku muttered nervously, looking at the murderous glares from most of the male half of the crowd.

Rias couldn’t help but look at his face in amusement. It was in such a deep crimson that it could easily be matched with her crimson hair, “You haven’t been this close to a girl before, have you?”

“N-not recently,” Izuku admitted shyly, “O-Other than my mom, a-and sometimes Takamaki-san, I-I c-can’t say I have much e-experience with girls. I tend to freeze up whenever any girl gets close to me, let alone a pretty one.”

“Oh dear,” Rias said cheerfully, “So you think I’m pretty?”

“W-well, don’t a lot of people do?” Izuku stuttered. He was still red in the face and Rias was loving every second of it.

“Well, your mother seemed to think so. She’s a rather sweet woman,” Rias replied.

Izuku didn’t give a response as his face became somewhat uncertain. Instead, his mind wandered back to how breakfast went.



“IZUKU! I’M SO HAPPY! YOU FINALLY BROUGHT A FRIEND OVER! AND IT’S A GIRL!” Inko cried as she hugged her son, squeezing him tight, tears of happiness flying off her eyes like fountains. “I can’t believe this is happening! My baby boy brought over a girl to visit! And a very cute one too! Oh Izuku, I’m so happy for you! You’re growing up so fast!”

“Mom! Please!” Izuku pleaded, trying to escape from the smoothing of his mother. “Not in front of Rias-san!”

“Oh, you,” Inko smiled, letting go of her son and wiping away her tears. “Don’t be so shy. It’s natural for boys your age to do this and that with a girl like her. Me and Hisashi didn’t do it until we were in high school but you get my drift.” She giggled as her face became flushed, “It was fun to have him underneath me in the sack…”

“Mom!” Izuku groaned, his face red. “I don’t need to know how you had me!”

“So, Rias-chan was it?” Inko asked, turning to the other woman at the table. “Sorry for being like that. It’s just… It’s been so long since my son brought anyone home and I got a little emotional… Please, don’t mind me.”

“It’s fine, Mrs. Midoriya,” Rias assured, having enjoyed the emotional woman’s show.

“Oh, there’s no need to be so formal, dear. You can call me Inko, if you want,” Inko insisted. “Pardon me for asking, but are you a U.A. student?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rias confirmed, “I’m currently a first year in the general studies course. And I must say, I didn’t expect you to look so young. I thought you were his older sister for a moment.”

“Oh my!” Inko giggled daintily, “Most of the people on my side of the family do appear young even in adulthood. The only thing negative about it is that it’s rather tough to get jobs or needing to show ID to get certain things.” She sighed and cleared her throat behind her fist, “So Rias-chan, how did you and my son meet?”

“I was walking home from school about a week ago when I meet him watching some heroes stop some purse snatchers,” Rias explained, not missing a beat. “He was taking notes about the heroes, and when I approached him he looked like he was about to have a heart attack. When he finally calmed down we talked for a bit and he told me about how he wanted to become a great hero like All Might. We stayed a little later than we thought yesterday so we went home together.” Izuku blinked at how quickly Rias answered. He had to admit that it was a nice save. He wasn’t sure how he would explain the events of yesterday to his mother.

But how did Rias know about him wanting to become a hero?

“So that’s the case,” Inko nodded, “Just promise that you’ll keep my son safe.”

“I’ll do what I can, Inko-san,” Rias promised her.



With a groan, Izuku said, “Thanks for stopping mom from making a fuss about… ya know…” He was somewhat thankful that Rias had altered his mother’s memories of seeing them naked, but he wasn’t sure he liked that she did it.

Rias giggled at that as they arrived at Izuku’s school, where the stares intensified, and gossip had already erupted from them.

“OMG! Who is that with Midoriya-kun?”

“No way! Is that a U.A. Student?!”

“Are they dating? Really? Are they dating?”

“Why would a U.A. student date a Quirkless kid like him?”

“But they do look pretty cute together. Like an otouto/onee-sama kind of couple.”

“Waa! So cute!”

“Damn you, Midoriya! Gah!”

“As if things weren’t bad enough for me here,” Izuku groaned.

“Hey, don’t be so negative. They are right about one thing,” Rias grinned at him with a glint in her eyes. Her teeth, he noticed, looked rather sharp. Though he couldn't help but feel enchanted by her smile. Maybe it was just part of her charm. “We do look pretty cute together~.” Izuku looked away in shyness.

“P-please s-stop t-teasing m-me,” Izuku stammered.

“You’re too cute,” she said playfully, poking him on the cheek. “Anyway, I have to head over to U.A. now. I’ll send someone to pick you up later.”

“Uh, ok,” Izuku nodded. “Where should I wait?”

“Just wait in your class. See you later.” She gave a lady-like wave and a wink before turning around to her class, making sure to put an extra swing in her steps. Izuku naturally stared as she left, her backside hypnotic. He realized what he was doing and quickly shook himself out of it.

Turning around, he saw a bunch of male students glaring at him. This won’t end well.



Izuku leaned over his chair trying to ignore the stares from the rest of his classmates. It didn’t seem to be working as he was practically in the center of the room. It had been like that all day. Even Bakugo was glaring daggers, wondering how the hell Izuku got a pretty girl from U.A. High to accompany him to school.

“This is gonna stay with me for a long time, isn’t it?” Izuku muttered from under his breath. Classes had ended a little while ago, and he was currently waiting for whoever Rias had sent to pick him up.

“Uh, Midoriya-san?” The quiet voice of Milia spoke up.

Izuku turned his head to her. “Uh, yeah? What is it, Takamaki-san?” Izuku asked, feeling a little relaxed with a pleasant face in front of him.

“Is it true?” Milia asked, “Did you really arrive at school with Gremory-senpai today?”

Izuku blinked a couple of times. “You know her?”

“You… could say that,” Milia replied. “Let’s say we’re in similar social circles.”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah, she did come with me.”

“Oh. That’s… interesting,” Milia replied. “You know, I don’t think Gremory-senpai has ever been seen dating anyone for a long time. If she has her eyes set on you, she must find you very special.”

“R-really?” Izuku muttered. “W-what’s so s-special about me?”

“Your unwavering kindness, for one, but whatever the case is I think she might’ve made the right choice in picking you,” Milia smiled, pressing the rim on her glasses, her face adorned with a light blush.

Izuku felt a chill go up his spine from the way Milia looked at him. ‘When was it that girls started getting so weird?’ he thought to himself, looking away nervously while blushing.

Bakugo scowled at the two, having a hard time believing that Deku was so oblivious to Milia’s crush on him. “Idiots…” he growled.

Izuku’s waiting seemed to finally come to an end when the door opened, causing all the girls in the room to flush with heavy breathing and dreamy sighs, and some of the boys to all sulk and mumble in envy. Izuku didn’t have to look to see the cause of the commotion, but he did anyway. It was a boy the same age as him, Kiba Yuuto of Class B-3. He had short blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in the uniform for boys that appeared to be neatly pressed and brown loafers.

Izuku had heard that Yuuto was considered by many to be Aldera Junior High’s prince charming. For good reason too, as plenty of girls seemed to flock around him pretty much all the time. He was the epitome of a perfect gentleman, though was also seen as the bane of many boys for attracting such pretty girls, evident by the sight of a few boys scowling at him in contempt.

Yuuto hadn’t even managed to move from the doorway before he got mobbed by a group of girls. Being the gentleman he was, he accommodated the girls for a short time before politely excusing himself and walked over to Izuku’s desk.

“Hi,” Yuuto smiled, “Midoriya-kun?”

“Uh, yeah,” Izuku replied.

“Rias-san asked me to come get you,” Yuuto told him. “Would you mind following me?”

“Uh, sure,” Izuku nodded, standing up with his bag.

“Rias-san… does he mean that redheaded girl?” one girl said. “Then what happened this morning… was real?!”

“That U.A. Student sent Kiba-kun for him?” a second girl blinked. “Why?”

“No clue.”

“Is it me… or do they look like a Yaoi pairing!” a third girl squealed.

“KYA! A Kiba x Midoriya pairing!”

“That’s so hot…!”

“What the fucking hell?” Bakugo grumbled, not sure how to process what was happening before him. The school’s pretty boy taking Deku away to see some hot chick, with all the girls in class squeeing over the two like they’re leads in a boys love manga.

“Can we please go now?” Izuku asked, starting to get very uncomfortable.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re leaving now,” Yuuto laughed in a good-natured way as they both left for the hallway. “I’m sure you have plenty of questions to ask.”

“Yeah, I do,” Izuku nodded.



The two remained silent for the rest of the trip. The trip in itself took longer than Izuku thought, and in a familiar direction. “Are we heading to U.A.?”

“To one of the more public buildings, yes,” Yuuto answered.

While most of U.A.’s campus was not open to the public, there were some areas made for public use, like the clubs hosted by the general studies student body.

Izuku started to get nervous. This wasn’t how he expected his first trip to U.A. to be like. He began to sweat a little when they eventually reached the destination, a two-story building that looked like it was straight out of a horror movie.

There was a sign above the front door that read ‘Occult Research Club’. “Occult research…?”

“Rias-san will explain everything. C’mon,” Yuuto spend the door and held it open for Izuku. “We mustn't keep her waiting.” Yuuto urged him. Izuku nodded and followed Yuuto inside. The inside, unlike the outside, was rather nice. Old gothic-style furniture and marble floors gave it a rather nice touch. If only there was better lighting, as the inside still looked like a horror movie set.

“And here we are,” Yuuto said, opening the last door in the hall. Izuku stepped inside and looked around the room. Looking around, he could see that several sofas and tables were set up together orderly. There was even a pentagram at a corner, and a few paintings hanging on the wall. Sitting on one of the sofas was a young girl, likely a year younger than Izuku at least, quietly munching on a pastry

She was a short, petite girl with white hair and hazel eyes. At the front, her hair had two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back had a short bob cut. She also wore a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair.

“Koneko-chan,” Yuuto said, grabbing the shorter girl’s attention, “I’m sure already know about Midoriya-kun.” Koneko turned her eyes to Izuku and studied him silently.

“Ah… hello?” Izuku greeted quietly. Koneko simply gave a curt nod before going back to eating her sweets.

“You’ll get used to it,” Yuuto told him, “Koneko doesn’t really get along with new people much till she knows them better.”

“I’ll… take your word for it,” Izuku nodded, glancing aside. “Is there anyone else?”

“No, not yet. Right now, the club hasn’t been finalized yet,” Yuuto answered. “Once we start attending U.A. we’ll need at least two more people in order to officially form the ORC.”

Izuku blinked a few times at what Yuuto said. “Wait, you’re applying for U.A. too?”

“Only for the general studies. I’m not interested in being a hero.”

Izuku nodded, glancing aside. He had heard that not everyone who went to U.A. applied for the heroics department, but he never met anyone like that till now. He blinked as he turned to another room that was centered off, the sound of rushing water coming from it, “Wait… is that a shower that I hear?”

“That would be Rias-san,” Yuuto told him, “She’s a stickler for cleanliness.”

“So she had a shower installed in the clubroom…? That’s not even her’s yet…?”

Eventually, the sound of a shower turning off was heard. A minute later, Rias stepped out of the room. “Oh good, you’re here,” She stepped out dressed in her uniform and combing her hair, the scent of the body wash still fresh on her. “Glad you could make it, Izu-kun.”

“Uh, yeah sure!” Izuku blushed upon the nickname Rias gave him.

“I’m sure you would like some answers now, correct?” Izuku nodded. Rias then sat down at the desk. “I’ll be blunt then. Remember when I told you that I was a devil?”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Well, so is everyone else here, and that includes you.” With a snap of her fingers, jet-black wings to stretch out of the backs of her Yuuto, and Koneko, which didn’t seem to shred their clothing from the way they shot out. Izuku felt something pulse in his back before the very same wings jumped out from behind him as well, much to his disturbance.

“Huh? What?!” Izuku gasped, looking at the black objects sticking out from him. “This is real?! I’m not dreaming?!”

“I assure you, Midoriya-kun, this is very real,” said Yuuto. “It’s a lot to take in, believe me.”

“I’ll continue,” Rias said, folding her arms. “The reality is that not just devils, but angels, fallen angels, and other supernatural beings exist. Some benevolent, and others not so much. In the term of us devils, we make pacts with humans to obtain power, while fallen angels use humans as tools to destroy us. Moreover, God has commanded the angels to destroy both us and the fallen angels. We’ve been in a three-way standoff for a long time now.”

Izuku blinked a few more times. “You’re right Kiba-san. This is a lot to take in.”

Chapter Text

Angels? Fallen angels? Devils? They were all real? And now he was a devil too? What… what did this all mean? How did he get roped all into this? There were the questions going through Izuku’s head as he sat on one of the sofas in the ORC room. “What… does this have to do with me?”

“Remember the night you were killed?” Izuku’s response was a mix of shock and terror. “You’re ‘date’ Amano Yuuma was really a fallen angel called Raynare. I’m still not sure how or why, but lately several fallen angels have been gathering in this city. Raynare was likely ordered to kill you because of your Sacred Gear. If I had known what kind of danger you were in we would’ve intervened the moment you met her.”

“Sacred Gear? Oh yeah! I remember Amano- I mean Raynare mentioned that. What is it?”

“Sacred Gears, or God’s Artifacts as some call them, are items with powerful abilities bestowed upon certain humans,” Rias answered. “Think of them as like very special Quirks. In fact, many powerful and influential humans throughout history had Sacred Gears. You’ve likely heard of a few of them. King Arthur Pendragon, Joan of Arc, Hercules, Beowulf, Sinbad the Sailor, Guan Yu… and those are just a handful of them.”

“Those are all legendary heroes from various stories all over the world,” Izuku realized.

“Right on the money,” Rias smiled again, “You see, every religion, every pantheon that has ever been mentioned is or was real. Stories throughout each legend have at least a few heroes who can use a Sacred Gear. But only humans or those with human ancestry are born with Sacred Gears. As such devils, angels, and fallen angels often have to turn to humans who have these powers.”

Izuku then looked to where the hole should be in his stomach. “Is that why you turned me into a devil?”

“Yes,” Rias nodded. “When I meet you the other day, I saw something interesting in you so I decided to keep a close eye. Do you remember this?” from a drawer, she pulled out a very familiar flyer.

Izuku recognized it right away. “Wait… that’s the flyer that one girl gave me!”

“Right,” said Rias. “As I said, a devil needs a signed contract in order to use a human’s power. To forge an agreement with that human a devil must complete their wishes, and then they gain something else of equal price in return. However, humans who draw pentagrams these days are almost non-existent, so we use things like this flyer to create contracts.”

Izuku nodded. He was still having trouble taking this all in. On one hand, he was now a devil. On the other hand, he would probably be dead if it wasn’t for Rias. “So, I’m a devil now, and also your servant?”

“Right.” Rias smiled. “High-class devils like me need a peerage, or a team of servants, to rise up in the ranks of the devils. The more interesting the servants, the more that devil is recognized.”

Izuku nodded. “But wait, that guy last night thought I was a stray. What does that mean?”

“Exactly what it sounds like,” Rias answered. “A stray devil is a devil with no master, either because their master died or the stray killed them to obtain freedom.”

‘Considering she turned me into a devil without my say in it, I can see one reason why.’ Izuku thought to himself.

“Have you heard about some of the murders going on in Musutafu?”

“Yeah, the news said that religious fanatics were the cause,” Izuku said, still feeling on edge.

“And they’re not entirely wrong,” Rias confirmed, “Some of those murders are caused by stray devils, wantonly devouring any human unfortunate enough to wander in their parlor. But that’s only a few of the murders. Most are caused by fallen angels, stray priests, and demon slayers. They kill humans who come into contact with us, believing them to be tainted. They are especially dangerous to us because their powers are supported by the prayer of God. This city has been put under my protection, and it’s my job to keep any more tragedies from happening.”

“So then… you’re like Musutafu’s secret warriors?” Izuku asked.

“For the most part,” Yuuto nodded.

“Wow…” Izuku looked down on the floor and shuffled his feet. He honestly didn't know what to think anymore. “I… I need to get some air. I really need time to process this.”

“Understandable,” Rias nodded, “You can go on ahead.”

“Thank you,” with a bow, Izuku stood up and went to the door to walk out.

He had forgotten about the wings on his back, causing them to get caught in the doorway. Izuku pulled hard against the door, groaning as he struggled to break free.

“Ah, sorry about that,” Rias said quickly. She snapped her fingers, making Izuku’s wings vanish. The momentum caused him to fall flat on his face with a thud. Izuku twitched slightly before slowly getting back up and walking away, grumbling.

“He seems to have taken it better than expected,” Yuuto said.

“It did look like he felt conflicted though,” Koneko spoke.

“Perhaps, but I did that to save him,” Rias said. “I’m sure he’ll be ready after he’s had some time to think.”



Izuku stepped out of the building, nursing the bruise on his head. He wasn’t sure what to think. He had been turned into a devil, a demon of sorts. What did it mean for his humanity? His life? Was he going to have to give up on his dream? The sunlight draining him right as he stepped outside certainly didn’t help.

“I don’t even know what to think,” he groaned. Looking around, he spotted a bench not far from the ORC building and decided to sit down. “Sacred Gear… I don’t even know what I have, but it’s apparently powerful enough that a fallen angle tried to kill me because of it. Does that mean it’s as powerful as All Might’s Quirk, or even greater?Wouldn’t-that-mean-other-heroes-are-really-using-Sacred-Gears-instead-of-Quirks?If-so-then-if-I-can-master-my-Sacred-Gear-I-can-be-a-hero?But-what-would-Kacchan-think-about-it?”

“I think he would be rather envious.”

“Gah!” Izuku looked up and saw Rias standing nearby, a slight look of amusement on her face. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough,” she replied. “Was that one of your famous mumble sessions?”

“Uh… yeah… How did you-”

“Yuuto-kun told me about them.” Rias then sat down next to him. “I take it you’re still unsure.”

“I am,” Izuku answered. “Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to you for saving me, but… I didn’t ask to become a devil.”

“Yes, I know. Sorry,” Rias sighed, “Listen, you’re probably thinking that becoming a devil means you’ll have to give up your humanity, right?”

“Isn’t that what people usually say?” Izuku said.

“In my opinion, humanity is an ideal and not a state of being,” she continued. “There are humans that act more twisted and evil than any devil, such as certain villains like Toxic Chainsaw or Harima Oji. Such humans are so twisted that even most devils want nothing to do with them. Just because you’re a devil, doesn’t quite mean you stop being human or stop acting like one.”

“So basically, the only thing that sets me apart from other humans are the wings on my back and aversion to light?” Izuku questioned.

“You’ll get used to sunlight eventually. Devils also don’t normally have Quirks, and there are several cultural differences,” Rias said. “But other than that, devils really aren’t all that different from humans. It’s one of the reasons why contracts between both races are so simple. Each side has something they want, whether it’s sinful or not."

“Hm…” Izuku muttered, thinking about her words. “Rias-san…” he began. “Even though I’m a devil now, do you think… I can be a hero?”

Rias smiled, and said, “Yes. I believe you have what it takes to be a hero.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in, but when they did Izuku began sobbing. But these were tears of joy. Rias reached over and hugged him, placing his head in her ample bosom as he wept.



The next day after school, Rias and Izuku had met at a small park to begin his training. The U.A. Entrance Exam was four and a half months away, and Izuku needed to both learn about his Sacred Gear’s abilities and bulk up. Currently, Izuku, in a mint green tracksuit, was doing laps around a park near his apartment. What was slowing him down was a large tire with a rope tied around it and connected to his waist, with Rias sitting on that tire, wearing the standard U.A. gym uniform. The combined weight was making him work harder, making him sweat out like a fountain, water droplets forming into a dark stained path in the dirt as he went.

“Hey, don’t slack off,” Rias said, her arms folded. “If you slow down I’ll add ten more laps.”

“Sorry…” Izuku panted tiredly, “Gonna… try… harder…!”

“You’d better,” Rias answered back. “In the world of devils, strength is absolute. The stronger you are the easier it is to rise up in ranks. I can’t have any of my servants getting weak so a training regiment is to be done every day. This is also in preparation for the U.A. entrance exam, so get moving.”

“H… hai…” Izuku groaned.

Not long after he finished jogging, Rias immediately had him doing push-ups. That in itself wouldn't have been too much of a problem despite his muscles being already sore but the pressure was added on with having to do 100 of them, and Rias was sitting on top of his back. She wasn’t heavy of course but having someone sit on top you while you were doing push-ups just made things harder.

“64… remind me again… 65… why you’re… 66… on my back…?" Izuku asked, his voice wheezing in the midst of his pushups.

“You need to increase your stamina a lot more than it already is,” Rias said to him plainly. “Power means nothing if you don’t have the ability to handle it. Your abilities will be more powerful if your basic physical stamina becomes stronger. And if your body is unfit, then your magic and demonic power could wear it down."

“Stamina… 69… fit body… 70… got it… 71!”

“If you’re talking while doing pushups, it must mean that you’ve improved,” Rias said, a sly look appearing on her face, “Shall I add another hundred?”

“No ma’am!” Izuku quickly shouted.

“Then come on! Go faster!”

“R-right! 75…!” ‘She’s enjoying this a little too much.’

By the time Izuku had gotten to one hundred, his muscles were pulsing and aching, and he could do nothing but lay flat on his face in exhaustion. He gave a silent groan, wishing he could just crawl back in bed again.

“Good job!” said Rias. “You manage to finish within the time allowed. I’m impressed.” She took out a water bottle from her bag and handed it to Izuku.

“Th-thank you,” Izuku greedily took the bottle and began to chug the liquid.

As he finished half of the bottle, Rias said, “Now we can start learning more about your Sacred Gear.”

Izuku put away the half-finished bottle. “So, what should I do to use it?”

“First we need to figure out what it is,” Rias then grabbed hold of his left hand, causing the younger boy to blush. “From what I can tell it seems to be within your left hand. Try focusing your feelings into your hand.”

“Uh, okay,” Izuku closed his eyes, doing what he was told. Suddenly, an armored bracer emerged from his hand. It was red with yellow accents and a green jewel on top of the palm area. “Holy whoa! I did it! …But what is it?”

Rias took a good, long look over Izuku’s Sacred Gear. “Hmm… I’m not sure. It’s possible it’s in a dormant state at the moment.” Suddenly, it disappeared.

“Wha-What happened?!”

Rias sighed. “It looks like you still have some way to go,” she then smirked. “But if you can keep training, I’m sure you’ll be able to get it up and keep it up for a long time.”

This caused Izuku’s face to once again turn lava red. “Wh-why d-did y-y-you s-say it l-like t-that?!”

“Because you’re too easy.”



A week into his new life as a devil, and Izuku was jogging by himself at the park, Rias, Yuuto, and Koneko were busy fulfilling contracts. Izuku was rather surprised by how simple and straightforward working as a devil was. He had to send out pamphlets that served as tools to summon a devil the previous night. According to Rias, in the devil world, it was essential to rise through the ranks and gain recognition. There were three ways of doing that. Military accomplishments were the fastest way but were very difficult because they were often always dangerous. The three fractions were also at a ceasefire, so that would also make things difficult. Making contracts with humans was the most common way, but was also tedious and had the longest route. The third and final way was through a Rating Game, but Rias said she would go into a deeper explanation of that later.

After spending the day of handing out flyers to people, the night came and it was time to answer to the clients. A common thing most devils had was the ability to teleport through magic circles. They would have to use these portals to reach clients quickly

But since his demonic power was still incredibly low, Izuku couldn’t simply teleport to the clients and thus was forced to ride a bike to them. Between his schoolwork and his training, Izuku was only able to do a couple of jobs, but one of them ended rather… disturbingly. The image of the muscle man Mil-tan in a very revealing magical girl cosplay still haunted him.

At least now he was able to summon his Sacred Gear more easily, but he and Rias still didn’t know what it was yet. Rias had said that part of the reason she went to this meeting was to look for any information about it.

Izuku definitely wanted to learn more about his Sacred Gear, but for now, he focused on his training. As he neared Dagoba Municipal Beach Park, he noticed a couple of girls hauling away some old microwaves.

The first was rather petite with a slender build and is a little shorter than Izuku. Her hair is short, only around chin length, and is dark purple in color with an asymmetrical fringe, two lighter streaks shaped like sound waves on either side of her head. But her most prominent features are the flexible, plug-like earphone jacks hanging from each of her earlobes at the end of two thin cords. She was wearing a dark purple tank top and black sweat pants with white sneakers.

The other girl had a rather mature figure, being slightly taller than Rias, with long black hair tied into a spiky ponytail with a single bang hanging on the right side of her face. They also seemed to be about the same age as Izuku. Her attire was similar to the first girls, only she had a light red tank top that revealed a bit of her sports bra and short jeans that stopped just above her knees.

Tailing behind them was a skeleton of a man, with sharp, angular features and long limbs. He had long, shaggy blond hair and his eyes were black. He was wearing baggy clothes that consisted of a which shirt and green pants.

“C’mon Young Jiro!” the man encouraged. “No pain, no gain!”

“‘No pain, no gain’ you say! Sure! I’d love to hear you say that after my arms fall off!” the girl with the earlobes groaned.

“Don’t give up yet, Kyoka! We’re almost done for the day!” said the other girl.

Suddenly, Kyoka tripped on something and began to fall. She screamed, closing her eyes, but nothing broke her fall. “You okay?” Opening her eyes, Kyoka saw that Izuku had caught the microwave, which helped stop her fall.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks.”

“Nice save young man,” said the skeleton man. 

Izuku and Kyoka put down the microwave next to a trash bin… which had several other microwaves, an old refrigerator, and a couple bags of scrap next to it. “Uh, w-what are you guys doing?” Izuku asked them.

“Just cleaning up the beach,” the other girl answered.

“That beach?” Izuku pointed at the giant piles of trash that litter the beach. “I’ve heard that because of the ocean currents things dumped into the water wash up here. People use that so they can illegally dump their trash. Why are you cleaning it?”

“Well, we’re trying to clean it up as a workout. We’re applying to U.A. in a few months." Izuku’s eyes widen in surprise when the other girl said this. “Our trainer here said that it would help give back to the community, which is what heroes from before the rise of Quirks did.”

“You’re applying to U.A. too?” he said.

“Yep…” Kyoka panted. “But… I might… die… before then…”

“You lasted this long, so you’ll be fine,” said the skeleton man. “Anyway, I’m Yagi Toshinori, their trainer. And you are?”

“Oh! I-I’m M-Midoriya I-I-Izuku.” Izuku stuttered causing the two girls to laugh a little.

“I’m Yaoyorozu Momo,” she gestured to Kyoka, who was still panting. “And this is Jiro Kyoka.”

Kyoka simply waved as Yagi gave her a bottle of water. The sight made Izuku chuckle a little. He then blinked as realization dawned on him. “I think I know you two. Weren’t you saved from a sludge villain by All Might a few months ago?”

Momo gave a nervous laugh. “Yeah. It hasn’t been easy these last few months, and not just because of the training…”

Izuku then looked back at the trash-covered beach, wondering why he or Rias didn’t think of it. ”You’ve been trying to clean up the beach by the U.A. exams? How long have you been at it?”

“Around five months now,” Momo answered. “We started in May.”

“Oh wow. That sounds nearly impossible.”

“I said the same thing…” Kyoka grunted.

“We can get it done in time,” said Momo. “If we keep moving forward, we’ll both be in U.A. before we know it!”

Izuku smiled at them. They were just as serious as getting into U.A. as him. “I’m sure you two can do it. We all will if we work hard.” Izuku said clenching his fist.

“That’s the spirit!” Yagi laughed, but then he coughed up some blood, scaring the three teens. “Sorry…”

“Uh, well, good luck then,” Izuku then continued on his jog. “Maybe I’ll stop by and help sometime.”

“Please DO!”

Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle at Kyoka’s plea. As he continued on his jog, his mind wandered back to Yagi.

‘Something about that man seemed… familiar…’

Izuku then tripped.

‘Oh great.’

Izuku closed his eyes as he took a nose dive, expecting to hit the hard ground… only to not. Opening his eyes, Izuku gasped when he realized he was floating in the air, a brown-haired girl next to him.

“Are you ok?” The girl asked in a sweet voice as Izuku started struggling in midair. Izuku steadied himself as the girl set him back on the ground.

She was more or less the same height as him with her hair styled in a bob cut with 2 bangs going along the side of her face on each side. She had brown eyes and a perma-blush on her face. But her most distinguishing feature was the animal paw-like pads on her fingers. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and black shorts and white loafers.

“T-t-t-thanks f-for that.” Izuku stuttered.

“It’s no problem!” She said nicely. “I’m sorry for using my Quirk on you without asking but it was kinda my fault you fell like that.”

“Huh?” Looking back, Izuku saw that what he tripped on was a light pink 1000 gram dumbbell. “You doing training here?”

“Yeah! Trying to prep for the U.A. entrance exam.”

Izuku blinked a few times. “You’re the third girl today I’ve meet who’s training for U.A.”


“Yeah. There’s these two girls trying to clean up Dagoba Beach for their training.”

The girl blinked a few times. “That… sounds impossible.”

“I said the same thing.”

The two had a quick chuckle. “Oh, I’m Uraraka, by the way. Uraraka Ochako.”

“I’m M-Midoriya Izuku,” the two chatted for a bit, Ochako explaining that she’s practicing lifting heavy objects for as long as she can so she won’t get sick, demonstrating with her putting away her equipment by floating them into her bag. Izuku immediately noted that her Quirk can easily be used in rescue operations with how it can lift both injured people but also debris, both surprising and impressing the brunet.

Eventually, Ochako needed to leave. “See you later,” she said before heading off. ‘He sure was cute!’ she thought to herself as she left.

Izuku was about to continue his jog when he realized something. ‘I JUST TALKED TO THREE DIFFERENT GIRLS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING!’



A little while later, Izuku was hanging onto a low branch, doing pull-ups. “…96 …97 …98 …99 …1-”


“Huh?” Izuku looked toward the source, and saw a girl on the ground, having apparently tripped. It was a girl of medium height, but instead of hair, she had green, thorn-covered vines. The vines were of manageable length, just above her waist, though she had a light blue scarf with a floral border covering her head. Her attire consisted of a long-sleeved, ankle-length green dress along with a turquoise shawl, and light green boots.

In front of her was an opened suit case, bits of clothes spewed about, along with a silver cross necklace. “Owww…” she groaned. “Why did I trip like that?”

Izuku, without hesitation, ran over to her, offering his hand. “Hey, you okay?”

“Yes, thank you,” she said as she took Izuku’s hand. Now that she was standing up, Izuku saw that she was a little taller than him. She gave a slight bow before turning to her scattered belongings, sighing.

“I can help pick this up,” Izuku offered.

“Oh! Thank you.”

It didn’t take long for them to pick up the discarded clothing. But the silver cross gave Izuku some trouble. Looking at it alone gave him chills. When he tried to touch it, his hand felt like it was on fire. Even when he picked it up by the chain his hand felt like it was over a hot stove. Izuku did his best to ignore the pain, giving the cross back to the girl.

“Thank you very much, sir,” she said, taking the cross from Izuku.

“It wasn’t any problem,” Izuku replied. ‘My hand’s numb.’ “Are you traveling?”

“Not exactly,” she put the necklace away in her bag. “I’m trying to find the church in this city… and got lost.”

‘Church? Does she mean the old church near the Korusanto ward? Isn’t it abandoned?’ “I think I know where the church is. Would you like me to take you?”

The girl’s eyes widen in surprise before she smiled. “Really?! Oh, thank you! This must be an act of God’s divine grace!” She said, making a sign of the cross with her hand.

A sharp pain rocketed through Izuku’s head, causing him to gag.

“Ah! What’s wrong?!”

“N-Nothing!” Izuku said, the pain gone now. “Just a little migraine! There’s nothing wrong with me! Let’s go!” With that Izuku led the way, with the confused girl not far behind. But before they could get far, the sound of a young boy crying caught their attention. Without hesitating, the girl ran over to him. “H-Hey!”

“Are you okay?” she asked. The boy only kept crying. A large cut on his knee was the case of the boy's distress. “It’s okay.” She placed her hands over the boy’s knee. Two small, silver rings with a light green gem appeared on her middle fingers. A light green glow then appeared over the boy’s knee. Izuku’s arm suddenly began to ache.

Izuku’s and the boy’s eyes widened as the cut disappeared along with the glow.

“There, all better,” said the girl. She was right. The boy's knee was completely healed.

“Oh, wow. Thanks, onee-chan!”

As the boy ran off, waving goodbye and thanking her while doing so, Izuku asked, “Was that… a Quirk?”

“Oh, no,” she replied. “It’s a miraculous power to heal granted to me by God.”

Izuku realized that only one other thing that light could’ve been: a Sacred Gear. ‘She has a Sacred Gear, too? Is that why my hand ached like that?’ He looked at his left hand, which held his Sacred Gear. ‘She’s able to both freely summon it and use its power. Right now I can only summon mine for about ten minutes, and even then I still don’t know what it can do.’

Clenching his fist, Izuku and the girl continued on their way to the church.



After about twenty minutes of walking, the two reached the edge of the Korusanto ward, the church in plain view atop a hill. “Ah! This is it! I’m so glad!” the girl exclaimed.

Izuku, however, had a harsh chill running throughout his body. ‘My body won’t stop shaking… It must be because of how close I am to the church.’ “Well, I should be going now…”

“No, wait!” she gripped hold of Izuku’s arm. “Let me repay you for your help. Do you want to stay for tea?”

“Uh, I can’t,” Izuku did his best to stop his body from shaking. “I need to get home soon, or my mom will get worried.” He wasn’t exactly lying. “We never properly introduced each other, did we? My name’s Midoriya Izuku.”

“I’m Shiozaki Ibara,” she bowed. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Midoriya-san. I hope to see you again soon.”

Chapter Text

Once he got back to the club room, Rias had inquired why he was late. Once Izuku explained what happened, she wasn’t exactly pleased.

“You cannot go near a church ever again!” Izuku hung his head low, muttering ‘sorry' as Rias lectured him. “To devils like us, the church is enemy territory. Simply stepping into one would cause major problems for both angels and devils. It wouldn’t be surprising if you were stabbed by a spear of light if you got too close.” Izuku notably flinched at that. “And never get near anyone who has any sort of relationship with the church. Especially priests and exorcists.”

“I’m sorry…” Izuku muttered for the tenth time.

“You should be. Priests and exorcists are our mortal enemies, and it’s likely at least one was near that church. They’ve been blessed by God, so they have the power to destroy us. A devil hit by a divine holy power like that will be completely destroyed… with no hope of returning. This is something very important! Do you understand?”

“…I’m sorry, Rias-san.”

Rias simply sighed. “I’m just glad you’re safe. Just promise you’ll be more careful from now on.”

“Yes, I promise Rias-san.”



The next day after school, Izuku spent most of the day training with Rias, though for some reason Rias seemed slightly… off. Izuku wanted to ask why, but lugging around two tires with her sitting on them made that difficult. After training had finished, Rias asked him to hand out flyers for the day and report back to the club room, not giving Izuku a chance to ask.

As he placed the last few flyers in the mailboxes of an apartment complex, Izuku went over what happened to him over the past week in his head. ‘I’m still having a hard time believing it. Just last week, I was a normal Quirkless kid who dreamed of being a hero. Then I meet someone who said they could help me achieve my dream, only for them to reveal they’re a fallen angel and kill me.’

‘Then I was revived as a devil by Rias-san, which also makes me her servant. And the reason I was killed is because I have a Sacred Gear that I had no idea about. But now that I have a chance, I’m working hard for the devils to become a hero despite having absolutely no power at all. It’s almost like nothing’s changed.’ Once he finished passing out the flyers, Izuku got on his bike and rode towards U.A. High. ‘Weirdly, I’m starting to enjoy all this. Rias-san is beautiful, Koneko-chan is kinda cute if a little cold, and Kiba-san is really nice. It’s nice to have friends again.’

“Speaking of Rias-san, why was she acting so off today?”

It didn’t take very long for Izuku to reach the club building at U.A.’s campus. “I’m back!” Izuku called as he entered the clubroom.

“Ah, welcome back, Midoriya-kun.” Yuuto greeted, just moments away from stepping into the teleportation pentagram.

“You finished passing out the flyers?” Rias asked, looking over a small stack of papers at her desk.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good work,” she handed Izuku a map. “Sorry for dropping this on you, but can you do this summon tonight? Normally Koneko-chan handles this but she’s currently swamped at the moment.”




The sun had fully set over the horizon as Izuku rode his bike through the streets. The streets were very empty, as was the case in most suburban areas during the night.

Following the map Rias had given him, Izuku arrived at a relatively simple home. Hopping off his bike, Izuku walked up to the door and rang the bell. “Hello, I’m a devil of the Gremory Clan!” Izuku called to the house. “I’m here because of a summon!” There was no answer. He furrowed his eyebrows as he reached for the door.

His heart suddenly clenched.

“Somethings not right…” he whispered, almost fearfully. It was the same feeling he had when he showed Ibara to the church.

Izuku slowly opened the door, the creaking sound echoing in the dark. He didn’t even bother to remove his sneakers as he slowly crept inside looking around the room. The house was dark, very dark, the only source of light coming from the living room. But he had a better time looking through it a lot better than when he was human. He was somewhat thankful for that. That didn’t keep him from stepping into something wet and sticky.

“What the…?” Izuku gasped. He raised his foot and wiped his fingers on the soles. Already, he could smell the scent from the liquid. His eyes widened as he realized what it was.

It was blood. Fresh blood. And it was all over the room, leading to a male body nailed to the wall… At least, Izuku presumed it was a man.

It’s actually hard to tell things like gender when their skin was peeled off!

Their organs and blood seeped out of the large dissection hole in their torso and their arms and legs were pinned to the wall by large nails, legs together and arms as far apart as possible. A crucifixion.

Izuku nearly vomited at the sight. Written above their heads in red was a message: ‘DIVINE PUNISHMENT FOR SHITTY SINNERS WHO HAVE GIVEN UP ON HUMANITY!’

“Holy shit!” Izuku muttered shock.

That was when someone else in the room said, “Punish the wicked. Words to live by. Yes, wise words to heed from a holy man!” Turning around, Izuku saw someone sitting on the couch. He had short white hair, red eyes, and dressed in the coat and outfit of a priest. However, Izuku could tell there was nothing about this man that was holy at all due to the wicked smile on his face and the bloody knife he was holding in his left hand. “Freed Sellzen, monster hunter, executioner, and exorcist, at your service,” he introduced himself as he stood up and bowed, before dancing like a nutcase. “And you are the scared little devil pussy this priest is going to exorcise next!”

“A priest?!” Izuku gasped.

“Yep. I’m from a certain exorcism organization you may have heard of.”

“Then you… did all this? What did he do to have this happen to him?!”

“He was asking for it,” justified Freed, “Making a contract with a devil like you is proof that he’s done being human. End of the line, sinner!” he laughed. “So I had to give him an extreme makeover! Which I’m gonna do to you!”

Freed suddenly jumped into Izuku’s face with a lear. He didn't realize that the mad priest was so up close until just another second later, and quickly jumped back. “W-what?”

“Hm, from the looks of things you’re fresh meat,” Freed licked his lips, creeping Izuku out. “Well, there’s no need to tell me your name! You’re just going to die soon anyway!”

“You killed him just because he was talking to devils?!” Izuku demanded.

“Well, duh. Do I haveta spell it out for you? Making contracts with devils is a sin after all. Devils use the dark desires of humanity to gain power. Humans who make pacts with devils are scum, lower than dirt. You get it? No? Well, I guess that makes you scum too,” Freed lectured, still grinning.

“If you’re a servant of God, why would you kill another human so easily!” Izuku shouted, angry.

“Hoooo?” Freed wondered out loud like a child, “The fuck is this? Is this puny devil trying to lecture me? I already told you why. What? Do you need a crash course for this shit?” He walked over to the head of the victim and kicked it. “Fine, I’ll say it again. Devils feed on human desire. The humans who give you substance can’t be considered human anymore. To that end, I kill them in order to save them from becoming tainted even further.” He kicked the headed into the wall, causing it to splatter and cause more gore. “That’s kindness. Amen~.”

“Kindness? That’s not kindness, that’s pure evil!” Izuku growled, clenching his fist, summoning his Sacred Gear subconsciously.

“Huh?” Freed wondered, looking at Izuku. “Ha…HAHAHAHA! Oh, that’s rich! A devil telling me, a priest, what’s evil? HAHA! Are you mad? You mad, bro? You mad?” He licked the blood from his knife. “Ah whatever,” Freed sighed, pulling out a silver pistol, “It won’t matter once I turn you into swiss cheese! Totally awesome, isn’t it!” Freed laughed manically as he fired his gun. Izuku raced to the side to avoid the light bullets before he stopped at the wall.

Freed then threw his knife, the blade embedding itself into Izuku’s leg. Izuku screamed at the pain, which caused Freed to laugh even more. The nutty priest then aimed his gun.


The bullets fired from the gun hit Izuku in his stomach. Izuku gasped in pain as the shock from the blast echoed through his body.

“AHAHAHA! You like that?” Freed laughed, walking over to Izuku and kicking him down. Freed then sloppily removed the knife from Izuku’s leg. Then in an increasingly dickish maneuver, Freed smashed his foot onto the gunshot wounds. Izuku yelled painfully from the impact, feeling the pain rip through his body. Freed only laughed even more as he grinned his heel. “Tell me, do you bleed? YOU WILL!” Freed grinned, pointing the gun at Izuku.

A blur of motion suddenly pushed Freed off of Izuku.

“Gah, damnit!” Freed groaned, rubbing his head as he stood up. “Shit, Ibara! Why’d you go and do that?”

Izuku recognized the name. “Ibara?” he groaned, setting up and holding his injuries. Looking over, he saw a familiar head of thorns standing in front of him with her arms out like a shield. “Shiozaki-san?”

“Please, stop this!” Ibara pleaded, “Why are you doing this to Midoriya-san?”

“Eh? You know this guy?” Freed blinked, picking his ear. “Isn’t it obvious? He’s a devil after all.”

“Huh…?” Ibara muttered, slowly looking back at Izuku, “Midoriya-san is… a devil?”

Izuku, still clutching his wound, simply lower his head in shame, “I didn’t mean to deceive you…”

Freed only laughed crazily, “HAHAHA! Oh man, how fucking hysterical! Is this forbidden love between a devil and a sister? Seriously? Are you serious?” His face turned deadly serious in an instant, “That’s right. This guy is the shittiest of shitty devils. Really, you didn’t know? Well, that’s fine. He’s about to end up like that shit stain there.”

Ibara looked at where Freed was pointing. Her eyes widened as tears welled up, looking on at the skinned body nailed to the wall. “What…? This isn’t…” she stammered in horrified shock, collapsing to the floor, her hands covering her mouth.

“Oh, that’s right. This is the first time you’ve seen a corpse, huh?” Freed grinned. “In that case, take a good look! This is the fate of any human seduced by a devil!”

“You son of a…” Izuku snarled, trying to force himself to his feet.

“That’s the way it is! Devils and humans can never coexist! And the church- hoho! Don’t even get me started! Not to mention we’re all heretics that God himself abandoned, like the fallen angels! And this fucker here is part of the job description!” Freed snapped his fingers impatiently. “Come on, hurry up with the trap!”

Ibara only stood up and stood between Freed and Izuku.

“Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. What the fuck?” Freed asked, looking unamused.

“Father, please let him go,” Ibara begged. “To aimlessly kill people who have been led astray by devils… that’s just wrong!”

“What the fuck?! You too, you shitty maiden?!” Freed demanded, grabbing her by the collar of her dress, “Did you already forget? All devils are full of shit! He’s not buddy-buddy with you!”

“There may be good devils as well!” Ibara cried, “I used to think all devils were evil, but after meeting Midoriya-san, I’ve learned that there are good devils too!”

“Shut up!”

The next thing that happened cause Izuku’s blood to boil.

The asshole backhanded Ibara on the face!

“BASTARD!” Izuku shouted, his vision turning red. He didn't get far as his wounds forced him back down, “Ah! Damn it!” Unbeknown to Izuku, the green jewel on his Sacred Gear began to glow green.

Freed pinned Ibara down by the throat as he reached down and tore open her dress, leaving only her bra left. “Even if the boss told me not to kill you, there could still be something you can do to calm me down,” Freed smirked, squeezing Ibara’s breasts. The poor girl flinched and gasped from the squeezing, “What do you think? You’re still a virgin, so how about I turn you from a maiden to a broken woman?”

“Dragon Shot!”

“Eh?” Freed looked back just in time to see Izuku building a green ball of energy from his hand. The shot fired and hit Freed in the chest, knocking him through the wall and away from Ibara.

Izuku panted heavily as the gem in his Sacred Gear stopped glowing, “I’m finally started to figure this thing out,” he said, tiredly.

Ibara quickly got up and ran over to Izuku. “You’re hurt…” she said softly, looking at his wounds.

“Pain’s… an old friend," Izuku joked, wincing in pain, “Ow…”

Ibara slowly crawled up to him, “Hold still.” She held her hands carefully over his wounds, not even touching it. Her hands suddenly glowed as a bright green aura surrounded them and washed over the wound. Relief came over his face as he could feel his injuries and the blood fade away.

“Holly whoa… I’m feeling better now,” Izuku blinked, slapping where he was hit just to be sure. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Ibara nodded slowly, smiling shyly. “It’s the least I can do for helping me yesterday.”

Izuku then noticed the large bruise on Ibara’s cheek, where Freed had struck her. “You’re hurt.”

“It’s fine,” she said. “And you were worst.”

The two had a quick laugh.

The moment was suddenly ruined by a noise coming from the wall. Izuku and Ibara turned, watching Freed crawl out of the hole made from Izuku’s Dragon Shot. “Oh, right. I still gotta kill you,” he huffed.

Ibara stood up and got in front of Izuku. “I won’t let you hurt him,” she said.

“Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about i-” Ibara clasped her hands together over her chest. Without warning, her vines shot out and rushed toward Freed, ensnaring him. “The fuck?!”

“Father Freed Sellzen. Your sins are unforgivable. God will make you pay for the evils you’ve done,” she said.

Ibara Shiozaki, Quirk: Vines. She can control and stretch out her hair vines, as well as detaching them at will.

Izuku had a look of shock and amazement on his face. He’d figured Ibara’s Quirk had something to do with her vine hair, but he didn’t know she could make them grow or control them so easily.

Freed only laughed. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, kid!” A shimmering sword of light suddenly emerged from the vines. Freed then cut himself free. Ibara and Izuku’s eyes widened in shock as Freed aimed the blade at them. “Surprise~! Bet you didn’t know I had a real-life lightsaber, huh?”

Ibara was about to trap Freed with her vines again but stopped when Izuku stood up and got in front of her. “Midoriya-san…!?”

“Oh! You wanna go first, do ya? Fine by me!” Freed hunched to the ground, his tongue hanging out of his sadistic smile. “I was planning to use you to beat the world record for hole-iest corpse~! But it looks like I’ll be going for the record for finest mincemeat instead~!”

“Mind if we crash the party then?”

Izuku’s eyes widened at the voice. Looking around, he turned and found Koneko, Yuuto, and Rias just stepping out of a magic circle. Koneko looked at the bloody sight with distance, while Yuuto seemed to cast a hateful glare at Freed. Rias, however, looked worried, especially after seeing Ibara right behind him.

“Izu-kun?” Rias asked, walking up to him, “What happened?”

“I came here for the summon, but I found the customer dead. All thanks to that fruitcake over there,” Izuku explained, pointing at Freed.

“I see…" Rias nodded, her expression saddened. She rested her head against his, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Thank goodness you’re okay.”

“Senpai…?” Izuku blushed.

“Oh, oh! It’s a family of devils, huh?” Freed laughed, hunching down with his tongue hanging. “Cool! This is super cooool! I’m gonna totally score with this! And aren’t you a pretty one! Can I fuck you up, too?”

Yuuto sweat-dropped. “For a priest, that’s quite a mouth you have. Doesn’t matter, though…” he said in an uncharacteristically cold tone.

“Sorry for being so vulgar. How about I make it up to you by chopping that pretty boy head off!” Freed blazed across the room with his sword swinging. Eyes narrowed, Yuuto bent his legs before he suddenly blurred out of sight.

“He disappeared!?” Ibara gasped.

Yuuto reappeared before Freed, this time armed with a sword cloaked in darkness. The two blades clashed against each other as both young men tried to overpower the other. “Attacking just like that out of the blue,” Yuuto mocked, “You have no class.”

“Hah? I’m supposed to give shits about that? Especially from some shitty devils?” Freed laughed. Freed quickly caught on to his blade flicker, losing power, so he took the smart route as jumped back from Yuuto's oncoming slash. “The double fuck?!”

“Sorry, but this sword is special,” Yuuto told him, gripping the hilt with two hands. “It can devour the light.”

Kiba Yuuto, Sacred Gear: Sword Birth. He can create any demonic sword he can imagine and imbue them with special properties.

“Heh, a Sacred Gear user. Should’ve guessed,” Freed sighed.

“Kiba-san has a Sacred Gear, too?” Izuku gasped. A swift pain suddenly hit him in his leg.

“Try not to move too much, Midoriya-san,” said Ibara. “You’re leg’s still hurt.”

“Hurt?” Rias repeated.

“Yeah. Freed stabbed me with his knife and then shot me, but Shiozaki-san healed me.”

Slowly, Rias turned toward the vulgar priest. “Is that right?”

“Yep!” Freed giggled. “Truth is, I was planning to carve up every inch of his body after I filled him with holes, but then that shitty maiden decided to get in the way~!”


“Huh?” Freed looked to the side, finding a gigantic hole in the wall just centimeters from his head, a trail of destructing leading all the way to the street. The source of the blast was Rias’ hand, her whole body glowed a dark red.

“I will not forgive anyone who harms my servants, especially not some vulgar stray priest such as you,” Rias growled, her voice both calm yet dripping with rage at the same time.

Both Izuku and Ibara trembled at the display. ‘Rias-san is scary!’

Freed, however, seemed unfazed. “Whoo-eee! That was really somethin’! Good thing I know when to fold em!” Freed said, pulling something out of his robes. “I’m getting the fuck out of Dodge before they arrive to reinforce the ambush.”

“‘They’?” Rias questioned.

“Oh yeah. There are totally two other fallen angels at least and lots of priests coming this way,” Freed said. “Have fuuuuuuuuuuuun~”

Freed smashed something against the ground, blinding the youths with an intense light that erupted in front of him.

“Agh!” Izuku rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of the spots coloring his vision before it returned to normal. Freed was gone. “A flash bang?”

“…Buchou… the fallen angels are coming,” Koneko suddenly spoke, sensing a foreboding presence.

“Tch!” Rias frowned, turning around to prepare another portal. “We need to leave.”

“Rias-san, wait!” Izuku alerted, gesturing toward Ibara, “We should take her with us!”

“I’m sorry, Izu-kun,” Rias apologized, looking over her shoulder, “My portals can only transport whoever I have in my Peerage. She won't survive the magic.”

“But… isn’t there another way?”

“I’m sorry, but there isn't."

“Not if I take her on my bike!”

“But she’s aligned with the church,” Yuuto said, “By default, she’s our enemy.”

“It didn’t stop her from healing me. I’m not going to abandon her for petty reasons like that,” Izuku frowned. Izuku then took Ibara’s hand and ran toward the front entrance. “I’ll meet you guys at the club room!”

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Rias prayed as she, Koneko, and Yuuto vanished in the portal.

Chapter Text

News of the murder had already spread. The police arrived at the house not long after Izuku and Ibara left. There was no one else remaining at the house save for the corpse. It was chopped up so badly that it would be very difficult to identify. Then there was the message written in blood. Another religious fanatic it appeared to them. It also seemed that the murderer managed to flee before anything else happened. He was still out there.

Izuku had already contacted his mom, telling her that he may be late coming home. He promised her that he was safe and unharmed and that he had just met up with Rias and that he would be staying with her until the heat died down. He was in the clubroom sitting on one of the couches, busy cleaning out the blood from the soles of his sneakers with bleach. Ibara was in the shower room, washing the sweat and blood from her body as best as she could. Izuku didn't really blame her for what she had gone through.

“It was very foolish of you to bring her here,” Rias said, handing Izuku a bucket of water.

“Why? Just because she’s with the church?” Izuku asked, taking the bucket and using it to wash the bleach from his sneakers. “You said that those who are on the side of God are dangerous to us. Is that why you're being resistant?”

“It’s more complicated than that,” Rias sighed. “That girl… is a heretic. That means she’s in league with the fallen angels.”

“She’s a heretic?” Izuku repeated, confused.

“There are several reasons for why those who were once faithful turn rogue. As they have nowhere else to turn, they usually form an alliance with the fallen angels for protection,” Rias explained, sitting next to him, “There is probably some reason for why that girl is with the fallen angels.”

“Oh…” Izuku sighed, looking down.

“Look, I sympathize with you. I really do,” Rias said sternly, “But we can’t get involved with the affairs of fallen angels. If we do it will cause an unwanted incident. The best I can do is give her a place to rest for the night. After that, she’s on her own.”

“…I understand,” Izuku and Rias turned and say Ibara stepping out of the shower room, a towel wrapped around her vines and wearing the spare clothes Rias had provided her. Next to her was a tray table, her torn clothing folded neatly on it. “Thank you for allowing me to use the shower,” Ibara bowed, “It was really gracious of you.”

“Shiozaki-san, I need to know,” Izuku began, “Why were you with that psycho?”

“Father Selzen?” Ibara questioned.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to know. You don’t seem like the type to hang around bloodthirsty psychopaths,” Izuku replied.

“…I didn’t have any other choice,” Ibara admitted, looking sad. “Three weeks ago I was excommunicated from my original church after I healed a devil out of free will. I don’t have anywhere else to turn to.”

“You healed a devil without question?” Rias blinked, looking rather surprised, “Why?”

“He was injured very badly, and I couldn’t just turn away someone in need,” Ibara answered. “As I was healing him, I was caught by the local priest. After that, I was deemed a witch and casted out.”

“But there’s more to it, isn’t there?” Izuku asked. “You healing abilities are a Sacred Gear, right?”

“Why yes,” Ibara nodded, sitting down on the sofa across from Izuku, “It’s called Twilight Healing. See, I used to live in a small village near Yokohama. My parents ran a flower shop, and we’d go to church all the time. I even had dreams of being a hero one day. But when I was eight, I found an injured puppy near the church. I prayed as hard as I could for it to get better. That was when I discovered my healing abilities when the puppy recovered instantly. Soon after, the church regarded me as a Saint and I was given the title as Holy Maiden. Ever since I used my powers to heal the sick and the elderly. Many people lived longer lives thanks to my healing and I'm grateful to the Lord for giving me this power.”

Her face suddenly took on a somber look. “But because of my status and Sacred Gear, I was guarded heavily and treated well, and was seen as a higher being. No children would play with me, my parents were hardly allowed to see me, and I became lonely. After healing that devil, my Holy Maiden title was revoked and I was called a witch by those who once worshiped me. My parents… did everything they could so I could leave that place…”

“So you came to Musutafu to start over,” Izuku said, frowning sadly. He couldn’t help but feel very sorry for the girl.

“I see,” Rias nodded slowly, “I’m really sorry to hear that.”

The door opened and Yuuto and Koneko stepped in, “I managed to finish the search as soon as the police arrived. It seems that the fallen angels have retreated for now,” Yuuto announced.

“I see,” Rias nodded. “I guess that eases our troubles for the moment.”

Nothing more was said that night.



The next day was a Sunday and so there was no school. Izuku took the time to show Ibara around the city as he contemplated what to do next. Ibara looked around the city with awe and wonder, almost like a child. It was then that Izuku realized that Ibara likely never stepped out of her hometown in a long time.

“This is so great!” Ibara smiled. She looked around the street and noticed a colorful building. “Hey, what's that?”

“Just an arcade that recently opened,” Izuku answered. “Wanna have a look?”


Izuku took Ibara to the arcade, entering through the sliding doors. Passing by the vending machines and going through a small hall, the two were greeted with the sight of a multitude of kids their age playing just as many games all over the place, including 1v1 fighting consoles, dance-off platforms, and shooting stations. There was even an area for air hockey and foosball and the like for those who prefer a more interactive experience. All in all, it appeared to be a fairly high-standard arcade.

“Oh, wow!” The two played several games, including a dance game where Izuku lost. They soon came upon an aisle that housed a multitude of crane games. “Look at all the plushies they have!” Ibara exclaimed herself, gesturing wildly at the multitude of plush-filled machines.

“Do you want one?” Izuku asked.

“Uh, yes,” she said before a curious expression made its way on her face. “But I heard that it’s impossible to win at these games.”

“I believe you can win these sorts of games. All it takes is practice, a bit of skill, and luck. Which one do you want?” Izuku asked.

“I’m not sure. All of these animals are really cute, especially the green sheep with freckles and those adorable red booties on its feet. It kinda reminds me of you for some reason,” Ibara confessed while pointing at said plush, which Izuku had to admit that it bore a striking resemblance of him.

Izuku looked at the way the sheep was placed. ‘Hmm… I think I can manage this… it’s sticking up a little, so it shouldn’t be an issue to get it.’ With a confident smile, the young man put a coin in the crane game and proceeded to grab the stuffed animal in question. As he predicted, it wasn’t really difficult thanks to it sticking out, and after successfully managing to obtain the prize in question, he proceeded to give it to Ibara, who let out an excited gasp as soon as it was in her arms.

“Oh my God! Midoriya-san, thank you! You didn’t have to do this!” The vine haired girl exclaimed, hugging the precious sheep tightly.

“I know, but I wanted to,” said Izuku, doing his best to ignore the slight headache he got.



Later, the two made their way to the park where they first meet. The two were having a conversation, mainly Ibara asking exactly why Izuku became a devil. Izuku answered that he was killed by a fallen angel named Raynare. The mention of Raynare made Ibara flinched, but Izuku didn’t notice. For when they were about to leave…

“Come on Kyoka, this is for your own good!”

“Get off me, Momo!”

Looking to the left, they looked with curiosity as they saw a girl with strange earlobes doing push-ups…with another girl sitting on her. Izuku recognized them right away. “Yaoyorozu-san? Jiro-san?”

“Hm? Oh, hello Midoriya-san!” Momo greeted with a smile and wave.

“What are you doing?” Izuku asked.

“Just helping Kyoka get a little extra training in for the day. We finished our training at the beach earlier, but Kyoka wanted to train a little more.”

“I was doing fine until you sat on me!”

Momo only giggled at her friends protest. She then noticed Ibara standing behind Izuku. “Who’s this?”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Shiozaki Ibara,” she said with a polite bow.

Momo smiled. “I’m Yaoyorozu Momo, and this is Jiro Kyoka,” she said as she stood up.

“Oh, thank God,” Kyoka said as a literal weight was lifted off her. She then noticed Ibara next to Izuku and blinked. “Oh? What’s this?” Kyoka gave a small smirk that resembled a cat’s smile, her eyes ogling Ibara as she stood up, “So you’ve already got a girlfriend?”

“I-i-it’s n-not like t-that!” Izuku quickly denied, blushing brightly. “I’m j-j-just s-showing her a-around t-town.”

“Sure, sure. We’ll go with that," Kyoka laughed.

“Hey, I thought I recognized that curly hair!” a familiar female voice cut in. Izuku, Momo, Kyoka, and Ibara looked behind them to see Uraraka Ochako running up to them.

“Oh, Uraraka-san!” said Izuku.

“You know her?” Ibara asked.

Ochako then noticed the three girls with Izuku. “Who are they?”

“I’m Yaoyorozu Momo, a pleaser to meet you.”

“Jiro Kyoka,” she then gestured to Ibara. “That is Midoriya’s girlfriend.”

“G-girlfriend…?” Ochako stared blankly at Izuku and Ibara, both of whom were blushing.

“I-it’s n-n-not li-like that!” Izuku stuttered. “We’re just friends! I’m just showing her around town is all!”


“You already said that…” Izuku muttered.

“I’m Shiozaki Ibara,” the vine-haired girl introduced. “I recently arrived in this city, and Midoriya-san was kind enough to show me around.”

“…Oh…” ‘Why did I feel so jealous?’ Ochako asked herself. “It’s nice to meet you. All of you. I’m Uraraka Ochako.”

A little while later, and the girls were happily chatting among themselves, Izuku watching from a bench with a smile. ‘They sure are getting along well,’ he thought to himself in relief. Ochako acting like a broken record for a minute really startled him. ‘I wonder why she acted like that?’

Looking around, Izuku noticed someone standing on the edge of the building some feet behind them, their long sand-colored trench coat fluttering in the wind. It was hard to tell due to the distance, but it looked like the man had wavy short dark brown hair. He is quite tall and had a slim physique. Under the trench coat is a black vest over a striped dress shirt that is light blue in hue. He also had beige pants, dark brown shoes, and what looked like bandages wrapped around his arms.

“Huh? Who’s that?”

“Hm?” The girls turned their eyes to where Izuku was looking.

“What’s that guy doing?” Kyoka asked.

All of their eyes widened in horror as a realization came to them.

“Oh no!”

“Don’t tell me…!”

The man, with a calm and content face, leaped off the building.

“He JUMPED!” Ibara cried in shock.

Without thinking, Momo and Izuku ran to where the man was going to land. Taking off most of her clothes, Momo produced a large foam bed from her body. “Midoriya-san!”

“Right!” Izuku grabbed hold of one end of the bed while Momo took hole the other. “Shiozaki-san!”

Without hesitating, Ibara used her vines to raise the two up. The man landed onto the bed as they planned, but he soon bounced off it and fell to the ground.

“Oh no!” Ibara exclaimed, running to where the man landed, Kyoka and Ochako close behind. Izuku and Momo, once she put her shirt back on, leaped down to the man.

“Is he okay!?” Kyoka asked.

“He looks fine,” said Izuku. He was about to check for a pulse when the man’s eyes shot open. “Wha!”

Slowly, the man sat up.

“Uh, sir, are you okay?” Ochako asked.

“I made it…” he muttered. “Damnit!”

“Huh?!” the five teens all exclaimed.

“Tell me, are you the ones who interrupted my free fall?” he asked as he got up.

“‘Interrupted’?!” Kyoka asked. “Then, were you really…?”

“You don’t get it? I was trying to kill myself.”


“Of course!” he said in a manner far too cheerful for someone who just attempted suicide. “And everything was going so great, but then you five showed up and ruined everything.”

Izuku could only stare at the man in confusion. ‘Is he scolding us for saving him?’

“But it’s not entirely your fault,” the man continued. “My goal is to commit a perfectly clean suicide without being a burden to anyone. And I did trouble you, as such the fault lies with me. Is there any way for me to make it up to you?”


Momo and Kyoka blushed, now realizing how hungry they were. “Sorry…”  The other teens could only chuckle.

“Are you hungry?” the man asked, a blank look on his face.

Momo smiled sheepishly. “Well, after training all day, along with using my Quirk like that, I could use a meal.”

“I think we all could use one,” said Kyoka.


As if to prove her point, the second, much louder stomach growl came from the man. “How odd… I’m also hungry,” he said with the same blank look. “But I’m afraid I lost my wallet during the fall.”

“Huh? How does that work?” Uraraka asked.


Everyone turned to the top of the building, seeing a tall and slim young man with dirty blonde hair that ended in a long ponytail and wearing glasses. His attire consists of a beige vest over a black long-sleeved dress shirt, a red ribbon tied into a bow around the collar, beige pants, and plain brown shoes. In his hand was a green notebook.

“Oh hey!” The guy the teens saved spoke up. “You found me! Nice work, Kunikida-kun!”

The other man, now identified as Kunikida, yelled back. “‘Nice work’?! Who caused all this work, you suicidal maniac?! I HAD IT WITH YOU CONSTANTLY DISRUPTING MY SCHEDULES WITH YOUR SHENANIGANS!!!”

“Hey, I have an idea,” the man said in his cheery voice, ignoring Kunikida’s rant. “Kunikida-kun’s a college of mine from work, so how about we have him treat you to a meal?”


“So, what are your names?”

The five teens all introduced themselves, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

“Very good. What do you want to eat?” The man asked them.

“Uh, well, I know this noodle cart nearby,” said Ochako. “It’s both cheap and really good.”

“Alright, then let’s have Kunikida-kun treat you to thirty large bowls!”


“Dazai?” Ibara parroted.

“Yep, that’s my name,” the man, now ID’ed as Dazai, said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my new friends. I’m Dazai Osamu.”



“You are such an idiot, Dazai!” Kunikida hissed, a vein on his head. He was looking through his notebook, which the teens now saw had the word ‘Ideal’ on it. They were all sitting at a picnic table, enjoying several bowls of ramen. “What kind of person goes ‘Wow, what a beautiful park!’ and jumps off the tallest building he could find in the middle of a job?! Now we’re late! I’ll have to revise our whole schedule…”

Dazai, as he finished slurping up his ramen, said, “You’re obsessed with your schedules and that notebook, Kunikida-kun.”

“This is not some day-planner!” Kunikida yelled, slamming his notebook onto the table. “This is an ideal! A guide to my life! And nowhere in this notebook does it say ‘my partner should be a suicidal maniac’!”

“You mean Dazai-san has tried to kill himself before?” Ibara asked.

“Be quiet! And nowhere in my projected expenses does it say ‘treat some snot-nosed kids to a million bowls of ramen’!”

“Eh, sorry…” said Momo, who has finished her fifth bowl. “Thank you for the food.”

“At least you’re showing gratitude after eating on my dime.”

“Uh… If you don’t mind me asking, what’s this job you’re doing?” Izuku asked.

“We’re detectives,” Dazai answered.


“Yeah,” Kunikida confirmed. “But we handle more than missing pets or cheating spouses. We’re from the Armed Detective Agency.”

Izuku’s eyes immediately shot up. He had heard of the ADA from the hero forums online. While they weren’t pro-heroes and based in Yokohama, the ADA was composed of highly capable fighters with scarily powerful Quirks and was famous for helping take down incredibly dangerous villains by locating their hideouts and learning their identities. He had heard that the director had a Quirk that allowed for anyone under his care to have control over their Quirk without harm. While not combative, it has huge advantages. Based on the looks of the other teens, they too had heard of the ADA and some of its accomplishments. Kyoka, however, looked somewhat skeptical. It soon became clear why.

“Incredible…” Dazai suddenly stood up, his eyes shining as he looked at the tree branches above them. “Those branches look sturdy enough to hold a person’s weight!”

“Don’t even think about hanging yourself in this park, Dazai,” Kunikida said without batting an eye.

“I’m not. I’m thinking of tree yoga.”

“Tree what now?”

“You haven’t heard? It’s a type of yoga done in trees. It’s perfect for releasing stress and relieving muscle cramps.”

“Whoa, that would be perfect for me!”

“It would! Quick, write it down.” And Kunikida did so. But after about two seconds, with a sly smile, Dazai said, “I’m messing with you.”

The pen Kunikida was using snapped. He slams his notebook into the table again before strangling Dazai, shaking him silly. “First my ungrateful partner leaps off a building! But does it end there? Nooo! Then I have to pay the bill for a bunch of kids who stuffed themselves! My schedule for today was perfect! But now I’ll have to start over from square-one!”

The teens all sweat-dropped as Kunikida continued his rant while shaking Dazai, who seemed unfazed. “Are these weirdoes really from the Armed Detective Agency?” Kyoka asked.

Izuku then spoke up. “Uh, so about this job…”

“WHAT?!” Kunikida screamed.

“S-sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I shouldn’t have asked! Of course, your jobs are classified!”

“Relax kid,” Kunikida let Dazai go and sat back down. “Today’s job doesn’t involve any secrecy. We’re investigating the religious murders that have been happening lately.”

Both Ibara and Izuku’s eyes widened upon hearing this.

“Oh yeah! I’ve heard about them,” said Ochako. “Wasn’t there a murder last night?”

“We already investigated that crime scene,” Kunikida opened his notebook, turning to the page about the previous night’s murder. “The body was pinned to the wall upside down and skinned. There was no sign of forced entry, but there were signs of a struggle after the victim was killed, with footprints left behind by multiple people, which suggests one or more people stumbled upon the murder before the police arrived. Other than that there isn’t much evidence.”

Kyoka looked to be on the verge of throwing up. “Thanks… for that image.”

“Ibara-chan? Izuku-kun? Is something wrong? You two are awfully quiet…” said Dazai.

The two teens were brought back to reality by Dazai’s question. “Uh, y-yeah! W-we’re f-fine!” Izuku stuttered.

“We’re just… a bit shocked that a priest would do such a thing is all,” said Ibara.

“…We never mentioned a priest being involved,” said Dazai, a small smirk on his face.

Ibara mentally slapped herself.

“Uh, we need to be going now!” said Izuku and he and Ibara got up. “Goodbye…”

“Not so fast.” Before they could leave Kunikida grabbed Izuku by the collar of his shirt and Ibara by her vines, which caused the girl to whimpered as her face erupted into a blush. “You two know something, don’t you?”

“I really like your sneakers, Izuku-kun!” said Dazai. “They’re blood red! And the soles look an awful lot like some of the footprints at the crime scene!”

Izuku began to sweat buckets.

Ochako, Momo, and Kyoka could only watch in shock as their two friends were being questioned.

Finally, Izuku spoke. “Kinda…” he said. “We’ll talk if you let us go.”

Kunikida dropped his grip on the two. “Alright then, tell us what you two know.”

Izuku explained everything they needed to know. About how he was supposed to deliver something for the murder victim, only to find him dead and his fight with Freed Sellzen. He also explained how Ibara wasn’t aware of Freed’s true nature until she saw the corpse herself. He left out anything involving Rias, devils, fallen angels and the like.

“A rogue priest with a fetish for dismembering people?” said Dazai. “You don’t hear that every day.”

“But back to you, Ibara. You said you used to work for him?”

“Yes,” said Ibara. “I didn’t really have any other choice. I was excommunicated from my church a few weeks ago and I had nowhere to go, so I came here. He and the others told me these were simple exorcisms. I had no idea they would kill people!”

“How long has this group been in the city?” Dazai asked.

“Uh, I’m not sure. I only just came to Musutafu a couple of days ago. But I think I overheard one of them mention they’ve been here for about a month.”

“That lines up,” Kunikida was looking in his notebook. “The first reported murder was on August 18th, little over a month ago.”

Momo then asked, “Shiozaki-san, what do you plan to do now?”

“I’m not sure…” said Ibara. “I want to leave them, but I’m afraid they’ll come after me.”

“Then let’s make a deal!” Ibara and the other teens looked to Dazai. “If you agree to work with us, we’ll arrange witness protection for you. How does that sound?”

Before Ibara could answer, a black feather fell to the ground. Kunikida noticed the feather and picked it up to examine it. “That’s strange,” he remarked. “I thought crows weren’t native to this area…” Suddenly, a large blast of light erupted behind Kunikida and exploded. He screamed out before he crashed into a tree and was knocked out cold.

“Kunikida-san!” Ibara gasped.

Quickly, more black feathers rained around them. It was becoming clear that they were not from birds. “My, how ominous…” said Dazai, a small smile on his face.

“What’s going on?!” Ochako asked as she and the other girls huddled near Izuku.

“Oh… it’s you. Not only are you still alive, but you’re also a devil now. How awful… Still, you’ve done well looking after Ibara up till now,” a new voice spoke up. Izuku felt a chill down his spine as he recognized the voice. From the way Ibara reacted, so did she. The group turned around as Raynare gracefully descended from the sky.

“Raynare… sama,” Ibara whispered.

“Not her…!” Momo gasped.

“What a lovely young lady,” said Dazai.

The fallen angel glared at Momo for a moment before her gaze turned to Ibara. “Ibara, I’m afraid your vacation is over,” Raynare said, her smile sickeningly sweet, “It’s time to come back. You know it’s useless to run. Don’t even try it.”

“…Begone,” Ibara frowned, “I want no part in the evil you and the other angels are up to. You’re killing people, all because they made pacts with devils. I know for a fact that God would not allow that to happen! I can’t trust you!”

“Don’t give me trouble. You know as well as I do that your Sacred Gear is very important to us. Don’t you know how long it took for me to find you? Please make this easy on yourself.”

“She already said she doesn’t want to be with you!” Izuku growled, standing in front of Ibara and the other girls protectively.

“Aww! Trying to be a hero now?” Raynare cooed, her face flushed. “I still remember our date that day! That sure was fun, huh? Especially the part where I killed you! But looks like I didn’t do a good enough job…” with a malicious smile, Raynare conjured a spear of light in her hand. “Shall I kill you again?”

“Now now, no need to flirt,” said Dazai. “Just tell us what you want.”

“It has nothing to do with some lowlife human like you,” Raynare hissed. “All I want is Ibara and her Twilight Healing.”

“Not gonna happen!” Izuku summoned his Sacred Gear, to the shock of Ochako, Momo, Kyoka, and especially Raynare.

“Whoa! Midoriya, what is that?” Kyoka asked.

“I’ll explain later.”

Raynare, after recovering from her shock, began to laugh. “That’s your Sacred Gear? Haha! When I heard you had a powerful Sacred Gear, I killed you because I thought you posed a threat! Looks like they made a mistake. That’s a garden-variety Sacred Gear called Twice Critical. It doubles its wielder’s power for a set amount of time, but… Even with that thing, you’re no real threat. Truly fitting for such a shitty low-class devil.”

Izuku looked at the bracer on his hand. ‘Is that what it does? Then what was that Dragon Shot- NO! This is NOT the time to overthink!’

“You kids should run,” said Dazai. “I’ll handle her.”

“Wait, are you sur-”


Izuku gaged, a yellow spear of light pricing through his torso.

“Midoriya!” the four girls all gasped.

“How weak. That didn’t even constitute as stress relief.” Looking up, the group saw a tall and buxom woman with long, navy blue hair and brown eyes. Her outfit consisted of a violet, trench coat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trench coat top was open at her breasts, giving all a good view of her cleavage. Around her neck was a golden necklace. Just like Raynare, she too was being supported by a pair of black wings, marking her as a fallen angel.

“You couldn’t even repeal a spear of light that weak? Like I thought, a low-class devil… No, lower than that,” said Raynare.

“Hang on, Midoriya-san!” Ibara began to heal Izuku’s wound, with both Dazai and Raynare taking an interest.

“How interesting.”

‘Twilight Healing… I would love to get my hands on that Sacred Gear.’ “Oh, Ibara~!” Raynare called. “If you don’t come with me, then we’ll have no choice but to kill your friends~!”

“Hey! Don’t we get a say in this!?” Kyoka yelled. A yellow light spear stabbing the ground next to her was her answer.

“Be quiet.”

“Thank you, Kalawarner,” Raynare returned her attention to Ibara. “Well?”

Once Ibara finished healing Izuku, she stood up. “…All right. I’ll go with you.”


“Midoriya-kun,” Ibara smiled. “I had fun today. Thank you… for being my friend.”

“Wait, Shiozaki-san!” Izuku called out as Ibara walked toward Raynare.

“Good girl,” Raynare said with a sweet smile. “After tonight’s ritual, all your worries will be over for good.”

‘Ritual…? What’s she planning…?’ “Shiozaki, wait!”

Two red and silver magic circles appeared underneath the fallen angels as they both vanished inside. “Goodbye…” Ibara smiled sadly as she vanished into the portal.

“STOP!” Izuku yelled as he ran to the vanishing portal. But it was too late. The portals vanished before he could reach, leaving behind the sheep Izuku had won for Ibara earlier. Izuku began to cry. “How can I be a hero… if I can’t protect my friends?”

A hand gently patted his shoulder. It was Dazai. “You need to stay calm,” he said as Izuku’s Sacred Gear disappeared. “They could still be in the city. We’ll find them.”

Izuku nodded. “We’ll need help.”



Izuku ran back to the ORC room as fast as he could. The clock was against him and he didn't know what plans those fallen angels had for Ibara, and it was anything but good. He needed help. The police and heroes probably won’t believe him, which only meant…

“How many times do I have to repeat myself? No means no. I told you we can’t help that girl any more than we already have.”

Not the answer he was hoping for, but he had a feeling that she was going to say that. But at this point, he didn’t really have much of a choice. Something had to be done. But it seemed asking for help was much more difficult than he had anticipated.

“Rias-san, please. Raynare also mentioned something about a ritual,” Izuku pressed on. “What could she have meant by that?”

“Ritual? Hmm… It may be a ritual to take Shiozaki’s Twilight Healing. If that were to happen, then Shiozaki won’t survive,” Rias said. Izuku’s eyes widened, realizing that Ibara’s life was at stake for sure. “Still, I can’t permit you to go after them. If you’re killed by a fallen angel or even a priest for that matter, it means the end of your existence. There is no way you can come back from that. Game over.”

“But… can we just leave her like that?”

A small magic circle then appeared next to Rias’ ear before she could answer, making some kind of sound. From the way her eyes slowly rose, it appeared to be urgent. As soon as the circle disappeared, she reached around her chair to grab her waistcoat. “Sorry, but something just came up. I need to head out for a little bit.”

“But we haven’t finished!” Izuku said. Rias quickly silenced him by pressing her finger on his lips.

“There’s one other thing I need to tell you,” she said, her voice moving into lecture-mode, “High-class devils such as myself have a finite amount of servants to allow into their peerage. We refer them as Evil Pieces.”

“Evil Pieces… like in… chess?” Izuku asked, his words mumbling against her finger.

Rias smiled at his intuitiveness, “Exactly,” she said, removing her finger. “As the leader, my rank is King. Yuuto is my Knight, and Koneko, my Rook. You, Izuku, are my Pawn.”

“Wait… so I’m just cannon fodder?” Izuku frowned.

“All chess pieces have a unique skill and the pawn is no different,” Rias countered, slipping on her coat, “You have an ability all other pieces do not: Promotion.”

“What does that mean?” Izuku asked, unfamiliar with the chess term.

“It means that if you enter an area that the King considers to be enemy territory, such as a church, you can promote yourself to a stronger piece other than King, giving you a temporary power boost,” she explained, putting an extra emphasis on the word ‘church’, which Izuku caught on to, “Promoting to Rook will grant you a stronger defense and monstrous strength, Knight gives you greater speed, Bishop enhances magical powers, and Queen combines all three attributes together. However, Queen is a double-edged sword that takes a huge toll on those who haven’t increased their stamina. You get what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, I guess…” Izuku nodded. He blinked as remembered what she said. “But wait… you only mentioned Knight, Rook, and Pawn. You don’t have any other pieces in your group?”

Rias flinched, almost looking guilty, “I have one other piece, but that… is a story for another time. Just remember that a devil’s greatest strength depends on their desire.” She stepped onto the room’s magic circle, causing it to lit up in red light, “Yuuto, you’re in charge while I’m out.”

“Hai!” Yuuto nodded as the U.A. first-year teleported out of the room. Looking to his side, he turned to see Izuku as he was walking out of the room. “You’re still gonna try and find Shiozaki-chan? Even if you do, that fallen angel isn’t alone. You could be walking into a trap.”

“An innocent girl is going to die. I’m not the type of person to simply stand idly by when someone’s in danger. Don’t try and stop me, Kiba-san,” Izuku said sternly, turning back to look at him.

“Who said I was?” Yuuto smiled, “I’m coming with you.”

“You’re what?” Izuku gasped.

“Listen, you’re my nakama now. I’d be setting a bad example if I didn’t lend you a hand. And Rias-san did say that you can promote yourself if you’re in enemy territory. She considers a church to be just that. That’s her way of saying to go on ahead.” Yuuto told him, patting him on the shoulder.

“Ah…” Izuku said. “They must be at the church in the Korusanto ward. Are you really coming though?”

“We both are, right Koneko-chan?”

“…Someone has to keep you out of trouble.” Koneko said before Izuku’s gaze reached her.

Izuku slowly smiled, “Then we’d better head on out. Can’t keep the others waiting.”




Izuku led Yuuto and Koneko to the park, where Ochako, Momo, Kyoka, and the two ADA employees were waiting. Kunikida had an ice pack on his head, given to him by Momo. “Kunikida-san! How are you feeling?” Izuku asked.

“Like I was dealing with every one of Dazai’s suicide attempts all at once,” he groaned. “Is this the help Dazai talked about?” Kunikida looked over the two devils, clearly not impressed.

“…Toujou Koneko, Rias-senpais Rook.”

Yuuto gave a polite bow. “Kiba Yuuto, Knight of Rias Gremory. A pleasure to meet you all.”

“Oh, a Knight! How chivalrous!” said Dazai.

“I’ll ask one more time,” Izuku looked to the three girls and two adults. “Are you sure you want to come?”

“Look, kid, we were going to investigate that church eventually,” Kunikida answered, getting up. “Now that we know it’s the murderers’ hideout, it’s our job to take them down.”

Izuku nodded before turning to Ochako, Momo, and Kyoka. “And what about you three?”

Kyoka and Ochako looked the most hesitant, but Momo quickly spoke up. “I’m not a big fan of the church or fallen angels,” she said, a small hint of rage in her eyes. “And I can’t let them hurt someone innocent. I’ll go, no matter what you all say.”

Kyoka sighed. “Then I guess I’m going. Have to keep our trainer’s pupil safe, ya know?” she winked at Momo.

All eyes then turned to Ochako, who had yet to answer. “I’ll go,” she gulped. “But I’m not sure how much I can help.”

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, Uraraka-san,” Izuku said. “And I can think of several ways you Quirk can be useful. It lets you control gravity, right?” Izuku guessed.

Ochako blinked a couple of times, “Not exactly, I just need to touch something with all the pads on my fingers, and I can remove gravity’s effect on them.”

“Hmmm, there are limits, but that can be very helpful,” said Dazai. From the tone, it was almost like he was experienced with gravity manipulators.

“We’re wasting time,” Kunikida suddenly interjected. “Whether you’re coming or not, we need to hurry up and get going, before it’s too late.”

Chapter Text

The sky had already gone dark by the time they arrived. The team of Izuku, Ochako, Yuuto, Kyoka, Momo, Dazai and Kunikida stood across the street from where the only church in the city was. It was given off a very foreboding atmosphere, especially during the night which made it look even more creepy. It was making Izuku feel rather restless. Whether it was due to the devil genes or simply because it was just that creepy he wasn’t sure. From the way most of the others reacted, it was likely the latter.

“What a cheery atmosphere…” Dazai whispered. “Think it’s haunted?”

“Yeah right…”

“From this presence alone, there is definitely fallen angel activity going on,” Yuuto announced. “And from the look of things, a group of rogue exorcists have also set up camp here, too.”

“How so?" Izuku asked.

“See those decapitated statues?” Momo pointed. The others looked over to where she was pointing. There were definitely ruined statues in that direction. “Rogue exorcists who have been abandoned by God destroy holy areas and commit acts of blasphemy for pleasure. If we cut through the entrance, we should be able to get to the sanctuary in one go. That’s most likely where they’re keeping Shiozaki-san. But…”

“It’s possible the enemy will be waiting,” Dazai finished.

“And getting through the church won’t be a cakewalk,” Yuuto added. “That means we only have one chance. Are you ready?”

Izuku took a deep breath. “I am.” Izuku replied, “What about you guys?”

Kyoka and Ochako were both shaking. “W-we’ll be fine,” Kyoka stuttered.

“Yeah… Just still… trying to process all this is all…”

“Try to relax,” said Kunikida. “Once we get inside, we can’t afford to make any mistakes.”

“Thanks again for coming, Kiba-san,” said Izuku.

“Hey, you and I are buddies, right? Of course, I’ll help,” Yuuto smiled. In a 180 turn, his expression turned to one of anger, “And besides, priests aren’t my favorite things in the world. In fact, you can say I hate them.”

“Hate them?” Izuku blinked. He had never see Yuuto put on such an intense expression before. He was always wearing a refreshing smile wherever he went. And Momo seemed just as angry with the fallen angels. Just what happened to them to make them hate priests and fallen angels like that?

“Questions for later,” Koneko interrupted.

“Yeah…” Izuku nodded slowly, summoning his Sacred Gear.

“It’s go time!” Kunikida announced.

“Right!” Everyone nodded.

The group quickly rushed through the broken gates and made their way up the steps. “We better hurry! By now it’s likely they already know we’re here!” Yuuto said. They reached the large doors that led to the inside of the church.

“I got this,” Kyoka strode to the front, attaching her earphone jacks to it. Suddenly the large metal doors began to vibrate, shaking apart within seconds.

“Impressive!” said Dazai.

“So cool!” said Izuku, stars in his eyes.

“Thanks…” Kyoka blushed.

Jiro Kyoka, Quirk: Earphone Jack. She can use her plugs to amplify her own heartbeat to deafeningly explosive levels! She can also hear really faint sounds.

Koneko then stepped up and, without much effort, moved what was left of the heavy metal door aside. “Wow, she’s stronger than she looks,” Ochako commented.

“No kidding,” Izuku nodded. “Rias-san wasn’t kidding about the monstrous strength thing.”

The group entered the church and stepped inside the sanctuary. There was an altar and pews, which was what any church had. It looked like an ordinary sanctuary. The candle lights and the interior lamps lit the sanctuary. And something wasn’t right here… The statue of Jesus on the cross had his head destroyed. What a creepy site. Who would want to desecrate such a sacred area?

“My, no wonder people stop going to church these days,” Dazai quipped, looking around.

“Don’t let your guard down,” Yuuto warned, taking out a long sword. “Someone is here.”

“…Over there,” Koneko confirmed, pointing at a pillar.

Someone stepped out from behind the pillar and walked in front of the altar, standing before the group. “Yo, we meet again, devils,” Freed greeted, clapping sarcastically, “Glad you could make it! Oh, and you brought friends? Fun~!”

Kunikida drew out a gun. “Is this the priest you told us about?”

“That’s him,” Izuku scowled.

“Here’s the deal. I pride myself on the fact that I never had to fight any devil more than once! Not a single devil has escaped from me. I used to have a 100 percent perfect kill count before you came along! If there’s one thing I hate it’s being mocked by maggot devils in the house of God!” Freed pulled out a sword and a gun from his back, spinning them both in his hands. “You kids made my murder boner so hard… I’m gonna kill you… and stick my sword inside of you until I make so many murder holes.”

“…Do you even hear yourself?” Izuku grimaced, Kyoka gagging behind him.

“I must say, aside from the vulgarity, I love what you’ve done with the place!” said Dazai, a cheery smile on his face.

“Hahaha, you like? Courtesy of every fallen angel and stray priest that comes through those doors.”

“What else have you done?” Dazai asked. “I take it there’s more wreckage than what we can see here?”

“Why yes! The alter has a trap door leading to a VIP worship center with an equally important party going on downstairs! We’re in the process of-” Freed’s brain than caught up to his mouth. “YOU TRICKED ME!” With that, Freed leaped at Dazai. The teens all moved away while Dazai, along with Kunikida, instantly rolled away from each other, perfectly in sync. Freed’s downward thrust speared the ground where they had been, the blade sinking into the floor.

Yuuto took the chance to rush forward for a quick slash. Freed was forced to defend himself as both young men clashed blades at one another, sparks flying out from each furious blow. They were both evenly matched and they weren't backing down.

“You’re not half bad!” sneered Freed as he drew his silver gun and aimed it at Yuuto's head, “Makes me wanna blow your brains out! KA-BOOM!” Yuuto tilted his head just as the gun fired, the silver bullet only cutting a few strands of his hair. He quickly backflipped to dodge another shot, leaping backwards and landing on his laughed manically as he continued shooting silver bullet rounds at the Knight has he literally ran circles. One of the bullets managed to graze Yuuto on the cheek, but he didn’t stop running, even deflecting several bullets from hitting him. But Freed’s bullet of bullets quickly ended when Kunikida used his gun to disarm Freed. “OW! Damnit!”

“If your opponent doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings, then they lose what little advantage they have,” said Kunikida.

“Midoriya, you and the others go on ahead! We’ll handle this guy,” Kiba said.

“Save the nun,” Koneko added.

“I’ll help them keep the priest busy. Dazai, you and the others save the girl!”

“Right!” Dazai said as he and the others made their way to the altar.

“Hey! Come back here! No one said you could leave!” Freed shouted, pissed off that the shitty devil got passed him.

“You’ll have to deal with us, first!” Kunikida tore out a page from his notebook. “Sacred Gear: Lone Poet! Flashbang!” The notebook page was engulfed by a light green light, transforming into a flashbang. Kunikida threw the flashbang to Freed before it exploded, filling the entire sanctuary with blinding light.

Kunikida Doppo, Sacred Gear: Lone Poet. He can create anything he needs by using the pages of his notebook, so long as it’s no bigger than the notebook and he understands its basic form and function.



Izuku, Dazai, Momo, Kyoka, and Ochako made it into the stairwell beneath the altar when the flashbang went off. “Kunikida-san has a Sacred Gear too?!” Izuku asked, having overheard.

“Yep. Called Lone Poet,” Dazai led the way down the stairs.

“That’s crazy!” said Ochako. “Do you have one of those Sacred Gear things too, Dazai-san?”

“Of course!” he smirked, doing some kind of pose. “And it’s perfect for stopping this ritual!” There was a door at the bottom of the stairway, but Dazai didn’t even bother to look at it before kicking it down, blasting it off the hinges. He and the teens strode through the dust and found himself in a chamber where a small army of masked priests had suddenly stood up with their swords drawn. At the very end of the room was Raynare standing before a large cross, where Ibara was chained up, both in very thin dresses and magic circles over their chests.

“Midoriya-san… Everyone…” Ibara moaned softly, looking up slowly, “You’re… here…”

“What do you know?” Raynare smiled, looking over her shoulder to peer at Izuku and the others, “You actually came after all.”

Izuku glared at the fallen angel. “Let Shiozaki-san go!”

“How sweet, but I can’t do that,” Raynare said, condescendingly, “The ritual… is almost complete.” Ibara’s body glowed in bright green light, and she screamed in agonizing pain. A small orb slowly appears on her chest.

“NO! Don’t you dare!” Izuku snarled, firing a Dragon Shot at Raynare’s back. The shot never had a chance to reach as one of the priests quickly deflected it with his sword.

“You will not interfere!” the priest shouted, lunging for the kill.

“I will have your head, devil!” another shouted as more of them zerg rushed them.

“You kids distract them!” Dazai jumped into the air and over the priests.

“‘Distract’?! HOW!?” Kyoka didn’t get her answer as a priest pounced on her. She instinctively used her earphone jacks to grab hold of the priest’s arms and fling him onto his back.

“Here!” Momo, using her Quirk, made two swords, one for Kyoka and another for Ochako, who graciously took the.

Izuku, with some concentration, activated his Sacred Gear’s main power. [BOOST!]

“Yes!” with his strength now doubled, Izuku punched the nearest priest, sending them flying into the wall with enough force to indent it.

Ochako, avoiding the attacks from the priests, used her Quirk to make some of them float up to the ceiling. Kyoka used hers to stabbed tow priests in the head, earning a cry of pain before they collapse. 

“Yes! YES!” Raynare exclaimed as the orb fully pulled itself out of Ibara’s chest and began to approach Raynare’s waiting hands. “It’s almost here! Twilight Healing is now MINE!”

“Sorry, but I can’t let you have that.”

“What the-?!” she gasped as Dazai patted her back. Immediately, Raynare felt the magic circle on her chest disappear. With its destination gone, the orb froze in midair. “NO!”

Dazai slammed his leg against her face, sending the angel flying across the room and out of the doorway, crashing loudly. “You blinked!”

“Dazai-san!” Izuku called out as he, Momo, Ochako, and Kyoka ran up to him. “Is Shiozaki-san okay?”

“She won’t be if we don’t return that orb,” Dazai placed his hand on the cross. It lost all its color and the chains snapped, freeing Ibara. Izuku caught her, and he could already tell that she didn’t have much time. Her face was pale and her eyes looked dull.

Momo grabbed the orb and handed it to Izuku. “If we put this thing back inside of her, she should be fine,” she said. Then she blinked and blushed. “Maybe I should rephrase that?”

“No time,” Izuku said, doing his best not to blush. He pressed the orb back into Ibara’s chest. A bright glow covered the room as the Sacred Gear returned to Ibara’s body, lasting only for a moment before dimming. As soon as the glow vanished, Ibara coughed and breathed loudly, her cheeks and eyes returning to life.

“…Midoriya-san…” Ibara smiled slowly.

“We’re gonna get you outta here,” Izuku smiled back. Ibara then hugged him tightly.

“You came for me…” Ibara whispered, tears welling in her eyes, “You actually came.”

“Of course I did,” Izuku replied, hugging her back.

“Dazai? How did you free Shiozaki? And how’d you stop the ritual?” Kyoka asked.

“With my Sacred Gear,” Dazai answered. “No Longer Human.”

Dazai Osamu, Sacred Gear: No Longer Human. It allows him to negate any and all magic with a simple touch, including other Sacred Gears!

“RAGH! You filthy vermin! You ruined everything!” one of the priests had recovered quickly and tried to strike Dazai in the back. However, the sword of light instantly shattered upon connecting with Dazai. With a disappointed sigh, Dazai swiftly punched the priest in the face, sending him flying into several other priests. Looking around the room, he saw all the other priest quickly recovering and glaring murderously at them, looking none too pleased that the ritual was prematurely interrupted.

“Midoriya…?” Ibara squeaked, clinging onto him fearfully.

“Midoriya, there’s an exit over there! You and the others take Shiozaki and go,” Dazai ordered. “I’ll buy you some time.”

“Wait, can you handle them all by yourself?!” Ochako asked.

“Don’t worry about me, just go.”

Izuku nodded. “Be careful!” Izuku took Ibara’s hand and ran for the door, the other girls not far behind.



Back at the sanctuary, Yuuto, Koneko, and Kunikida were still fighting long and hard against Freed. The so-called holy man was grinning like a psycho as he swung his sword and fired a second gun he had hidden in his robes. Yuuto didn't look like he was tiring anytime soon despite the running around he did. Kunikida had run out of bullets several times, needing pages from his precious notebook to keep up. Freed rapid fired at Kunikida, but Koneko quickly jumped in front of him and used herself as a shield- as much as she could due to her height anyway. It seemed to work as all the bullets were stopped from targeting Yuuto and hit her instead, but rather turn her into bloody swiss cheese the bullets were crushed against her body, a few even tearing up her outfit. Freed seemed to realize that shooting wasn't going anywhere.

“Guns won’t work on me,” Koneko said boredly.

“Well, well,” Freed smirked, his gun smoking, “You’re tough for a puny little girl, aren’t you?”

Koneko looked down at her chest. “Little…” Koneko suddenly began throwing anything and everything at Freed, who laughed madly and either dodged what was thrown or cut it in half.

“…I take it she’s sensitive about her figure?” Kunikida asked Yuuto.

“…She’s a little touchy on the subject,” Yuuto confirmed.

Kunikida then began to scribble in his notebook. “Never, under any circumstances, intentional or not, make fun of a women’s breasts, no matter their age…” he said to himself as he wrote it down.

“So, I have a million euro question for you,” Freed asked Yuuto, once Koneko ran out of things to throw, “Why’s your new buddy trying to save that shitty maiden?”

“Midoriya-kun? He’s just like that, I guess,” Yuuto replied. He leaped at Freed, their blades clashing several times before leaping away. “Say’s he wants to be a hero.”

“Hero?! HA! Like that fucking devil shit stain can be a hero!” Kunikida aiming his gun was enough for Freed to jump back several meters. “You devils like tricks, right? Wanna see mine?” He threw a smoke bomb to the ground. Yuuto, Koneko, and Kunikida’s visions were obstructed by the smoke. Once it subsided, Freed was gone.

“Got away again.” Yuuto frowned.

“He won’t have anywhere to hide,” Kunikida said, writing in his notebook. “I’ll give his description to the police.”

“We need to check up on Midoriya-senpai and the others.”

“You two head down the altar.” Kunikida ordered. “I’ll head outside and check for any other exits.”



At the back of the church, a hidden door flew into the air before falling down to the ground. Izuku walked out into the open, the girls close behind. “We should be fine out here for now,” Momo said.

“How are you feeling?” Izuku asked.

“A bit better…” Ibara answered, slightly out of breath. “It really hurt to have my Sacred Gear taken out like that.”

“It’s gonna be fine. I won’t let anyone get to you,” Izuku promised.

Ibara smiled sadly, “Only my parents ever stood up for me like that before, not even when I was being banished from my village. Actually… I don’t remember the last time anyone was talking to me like a friend.”

“You never had any friends?” Ochako asked.

“No,” Ibara shook her head, “If we get out of this… would it be alright for us to be friends?”

Each of them smiled, “Of course we will,” said Momo.

“Mhm,” Ochako nodded.

“Damn straight,” Kyoka affirmed.

“Right,” Izuku grinned, “And we will get out of this! I promise!”

Ibara beamed brightly at their words, tears of happiness forming in her eyes.

“How sentimental…”

They all froze at the dreadfully familiar voice. Everyone all instinctively surrounded Ibara like a shield as they all looked around the area outside the ruined church for the fallen angel, taking in every nook, cranny, and sound. Momo created a long pole as she put up her guard. Kyoka’s earphone jacks twitched as she tried to track Raynare through sound. Ochako had her fists clenched tight. Izuku was preparing for a Dragon Shot, ready to fire the second he saw the fallen.

Ibara looked around as her friends continued trying to find the enemy. She too was feeling a bit scared that none of them knew where she went. With the element of surprise in Raynare’s control, there was no telling where she could strike. There was a small light coming out of the corner of her eye. It was faint, but it was enough for her to take notice. Looking up at the perch above them, she noticed the light slowly growing brighter. And then it happened. The flash shot from the perch and blasted straight towards Izuku.

“Izuku!” Ibara shouted as she pushed Izuku. He stumbled and turned only to watch in horror as Ibara took the shot in his place. Time seemed to slow down as the beam of light pierced through Ibara’s chest. His eyes widened as blood burst out of the wound and the girl collapsed on the ground.


“Oh, too bad,” Raynare said, condescendingly. With the element of surprise gone, she descended down from her perch and glided to the ground. She smiled cruelly as she watched. Izuku was cradling Ibara as the blood rushed out of her wound deeply. She was breathing hard as she desperately clung to what little breath she had left. “That’s a good look for someone as pathetic as you,” she said. “I had considered going after the traitor, but you just piss me off more. So sad about Ibara, but if I can’t have the Twilight Healing then there’s no way I’m letting anyone else take it from me.”

Momo growled, “Why you!” A bolt of lightning shot out of Momo’s hand, coming dangerously close to striking Raynare had she not taken to the air.

“Hold on Ibara! Just hold on! Stay with me!” Izuku desperately screamed.

“Izuku…san…” Ibara gasped softly, tears in her eyes.

“Try not to talk!” Ochako said, kneeling down next to her.

“Just use Twilight Healing and heal yourself!” Kyoka asked, trying her best not to lose consciousness from the sight.

“I…I can’t…” She was too weak and losing blood. She was fading fast.

“Then just save your strength!” Momo said, kneeling down and creating a med-kit. “We’ll save you!”

“Save her? Ha!” Raynare laughed, a spear of light in hand. “How pathetic. You can’t save her once you’re all dead!”


Raynare screamed as two bullets knocked the light spear out of her hand. “Kids! You alright?!”

Izuku turned to see Kunikida running toward them. “Kunikida-san! Ibara’s hurt!”

Kunikida ran toward Ibara’s side, nearly gagging at the sight of the gaping hole in her chest. “This is bad…” He silently cursed himself for not getting here sooner. “We need to stabilize her. But one of us needs to deal with that fallen angel.”

Izuku, glaring at Raynare, stood up. “I’ll do it.”

“Wha- You can’t!” Ochako said. “She’ll kill you!”

“Maybe, but it’ll give you guys time to get away and help Ibara.” Saying nothing else, Izuku began walking towards Raynare.

“Be careful kid. And good luck,” said Kunikida.

The fallen angel had moved a few meters back, clenching her hand in pain. “Damnit, Freed! You couldn’t deal with three fucking devils and their fucking friends?!” She then noticed that Izuku was walking toward her. “Oh, what’s this? Does the little devil boy want to play?” Without hesitating, Raynare created another spear and threw it at Izuku.

Promotion: Rook!” Immediately, Izuku felt a twinge in his chest as the Evil Piece responded to his command. He felt his body grow denser. The spear of light bounced off of Izuku’s body, shattering in the process. Though it did leave a pretty bad gash in Izuku’s side.

“So you’re a Pawn,” Raynare hissed.

“I may be a Pawn,” Izuku growled, his Sacred Gear glowing green. “But that won’t stop me from beating you!”


Raynare smirked. “Please, don’t get yourself worked up. There’s nothing a shitty low-class devil like you that can-”


Raynare’s smirk disappeared, her eyes widening.

Izuku’s entire body began to glow green. “I don’t care what you say!”


“I’m not going to let you hurt me, Ibara, or anyone else ever again!”

[Dragon Force!]

Both Izuku and his Sacred Gear changed. The bracer transformed into a clawed gauntlet with 2 golden spikes. Red scales now covered Izuku’s right arm, the sides of his face, and back, where two leathery wings emerged alongside his devil wings, giving him a more dragonic look.

Raynare began to tremble. “That’s… impossible! His Sacred Gear shouldn’t be capable of any of this! It’s just a Twice Critical!”

Terrified, Raynare tried to flee, but Izuku, with far more speed than a Rook should have, caught up to her. Grabbing her by the leg, he threw her into the ground. Raynare gagged as Izuku landed near her. As she tried to stand, she saw Izuku approaching her. “N-no! Stay back! Don’t touch me!”

Izuku reared his fist back as it glowed with green energy, and then rammed it straight through her stomach. “Dragon… SMASH!” A burst of energy exploded around them as his fist made contact.

“Guah…!” Raynare coughed loudly from the blow. Her body bucked and arched into an awkward angle as she was sent flying. She crashed through the side of the church, landing in the sanctuary.

Izuku followed her into the sanctuary, finding Raynare on the floor, out cold. Izuku breathed a sigh of relief. He won.

“Hey, Midoriya! Over here!”

Izuku turned around at the sound of the voice, finding Yuuto, Koneko, and Dazai casually sitting on a few smashed pews.

“Guys! You okay?”

“No biggie,” Koneko shrugged, stuffing herself with a pack of gummies she had brought with her.

“Those priests were such disappointments…” Dazai huffed. “Couldn’t one of them have used a real gun? By the way, I like your new look, Izuku-kun. Very hero-y.”

Izuku checked himself over, now noticing the large leathery wings and scales. “Holy whoa, you’re right! Guess I didn’t notice until now.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Koneko deadpanned.

“Nice job beating that fallen angel, Midoriya-kun.” Yuuto smiled, holding his sword over his shoulder. “It sure was impressive.”

“You guys saw that? Why didn’t you come help?”

“Buchou told us not to get involved,” Yuuto answered.

“Because I believed in you.”

 Izuku spun around quickly at the sound of Rias’ voice. Sure enough, there she was smiling rather proudly at him. “Senpai?!”

“I knew you could do it on your own,” Rias smiled, walking over to him and rubbing his hair, “As expected of my cute junior. You definitely pull your weight.”

“H… hai…” Izuku nodded slowly, blushing softly.

“Oh, your Sacred Gear.”

Izuku looked at his newly changed Sacred Gear. “Yeah, I don’t know what happened. Both it and me just changed.”

“Red Dragon…” Rias muttered. “That explains a lot.”

Then Izuku remembered, “Ibara!”

Izuku ran over to where he left Ibara and the others. But he didn’t get very far as they soon walked into the sanctuary through the hole Izuku made, Shiozaki in Kunikida’s arms, her eyes dull and lifeless. “Izu…ku…” she gasped for breath.

“I’m sorry, we did all we could,” Kunikida said. “Even if we get her to the nearest hospital, I doubt she’ll be able to survive.”

Momo covered her mouth, Kyoka doing the same. Ochako was on the verge of tears.

Izuku went wide-eyed. “No… I won’t let you die! You saved me, so I’ll save you!” He looked desperately at Rias, “Is there a way to save her?”

“There is,” Rias nodded quickly. She held up a small red piece in her fingers. “Do you know what this is?”

“That’s… a bishop piece,” Izuku recognized.

“This is my last one, too,” Rias said. “Ibara, for saving my servant I will reward you with a second life. However, you will be reborn as a devil and will have to work under me for all eternity, and you can no longer serve God. Do you accept?”

Ibara looked up at her and nodded weakly, “I want… to stay with… Izuku…”

Rias smiled, “Sir, set her down gently and back away. I need room to perform this ritual.” Kunikida nodded before slowly lowering Ibara down on the ground gently and stepping away. Rias knelt down and placed the bishop piece just below her breasts. A magic circle glowed underneath Asia in a crimson color as the bishop piece also glowed just as brightly. Rias stood up then stood up and began to ritual. “I, Rias Gremory, command by my name to thee, Shiozaki Ibara. To allow thy soul to descend to this Earth again, to become my servant. As your new master, I grant you a new life!” At Rias’ command, the magic circle flashed brightly as the bishop piece sank into her body. The magic circle vanished once the ritual was complete. Ibara’s eyes slowly blinked as she felt that the pain her chest was no more. She sat up and removed the wrapping around her chest. There was no hole. It was all solid again.

“The power to bring the near dead back to a healthy state…” Dazai whispered in intrigue. “Looks like Yosano has some competition.”

“Izuku-san!” Ibara smiled, leaping up and grabbing the dragon boy in a hug. Izuku happily returned the hug tightly as a small tear of joy rolled down his cheek.

“Ibara,” he whispered, “Glad to have you back.”

“Awesome…” Kyoka whispered. “Does that only work when someone’s about to die?”

“No,” Rias answered. “It’s mostly done when both participants are healthy and alive.”

“That’s good to know…” Momo whispered. “I wonder if…” She shook her head, deciding to ask for that later.

“Damn you…” The heartwarming moment was interrupted by Raynare stomping forward, light swirling in her hands, looking absolutely livid. “You just had to turn Ibara into a devil, didn’t you? How the fuck can I be beaten by a shitty Twice Critical?!”

“Izuku doesn’t have a Twice Critical.”

Raynare visibly flinched by what Dazai said. “What?”

“He’s right,” Rias confirmed. “I understand your confusion since you first saw it in its dormant state, but what Izu-kun really has is the Boosted Gear, a mid-tier Longinus. It doubles his power every ten-seconds, allowing him to transcend both God and Satan at will.”

Izuku, flabbergasted, stared at his Boosted Gear. As did Raynare. “You- You mean this child is the Red Dragon Emperor?!” she took several steps back. “T-that won’t matter! You haven’t won in the slightest. I still have my comrades to-”

“Your comrades are dead,” Rias interrupted coolly.

Raynare’s face paled. “What?”

Rias reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out two black feathers, “Recognize these? I’m sure you’ve seen these feathers from somewhere before.”

Raynare began to tremble. “You… you…”

“After you and your friend attacked Izu-kun and Ibara, I got word that a rogue squad of fallen angels were planning to attack this city, so I went and had a chat with your colleagues Dohnaseek and Kalawarner. But then they had the nerve to ridicule my precious servant…” red and black energy enveloped the two feathers, vaporizing them.

“She… She killed them?!” Izuku gasped.

“Rias-san is the heir of the Duke-level Gremory Clan, which are famous for treating their servants as family, and she’s no exception to that,” Yuuto explained. “She’s hailed as a genius among other young devils for her talent and Power of Destruction, a magical power handed down only to the members of her family. It can obliterate and erase anything it touches and can cause objects to decay. It’s how she earned the nickname ‘the Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin’.”

‘What scary names!’ Izuku, Momo, Ibara, Ochako, and Kyoka all thought.

Rias then glared at Raynare. “Now, what to do about you?” The fallen angel began to shake and tremble in fear. “I could just simply purge you here and now, but I get the feeling that would be too light.” Rias looked at Izuku and Ibara. “Of all of us, she’s done the worst to you two. It’s only fair that you choose what happens to her now.”

“I…I don’t want anyone else hurt because of me.” Ibara squeaked. “Could… could you please let her go?”

Rias then glanced at Izuku for his answer. “Believe me, I want Raynare to pay for what she did, but if she did this without the other fallen angel’s knowledge like you said, then I think it would be best to let them decide what to do with her.”

Rias smiled. “Congratulations, Raynare. You’re free to go, assuming the other fallen ever want to see you again.”

Raynare looked surprised, hopeful, and terrified by what was happening and what would happen to her. When Rias made no further moves, she crawled backwards and spread her damaged wings. The female fallen flapped her wings and flew off as fast as she could.

“And there she goes,” Dazai commented. “I was really hoping she would be brave enough to commit to a double suicide.”

“…I think you need a psychiatrist,” Izuku and the other teens all sweat-dropped.

“Unless it’s a woman, he’ll just scare them off,” Kunikida muttered, putting away a flip phone. “You kids better leave, too. I just called the police. They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Rias nodded, creating a magic circle next to her. “Izu-kun, Ibara, Koneko, Yuuto, let’s go.”

“Wait, what about us?!” Kyoka asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you kids somewhere safe,” said Dazai.

The three girls nodded. “See you tomorrow?” Ochako said to Izuku.




The next morning, Izuku was in the Occult Research Club room with Rias drinking a cup of tea with her. Everyone else had yet to arrive. “So how’s your injury?” she asked him.

“Great. Shiozaki-san really outdid herself,” Izuku told her.

“Right… Ibara’s power to heal devils, fallen angels, and perhaps other races is very valuable, so it’s easy to see why the fallen angels were after it,” Rias nodded, crossing her legs.

“So, I’ve been wondering,” Izuku began twiddling this thumbs. “There are eight pawn pieces on a chessboard, right? Does that mean I’ll be expecting more pawns just like me?”

“No. You’re my only one,” Rias told him.

“Huh?” Izuku blinked.

Rias took a sip of her drink before setting it down. “The amount of Evil Pieces used to turn someone into a devil depends on that person’s overall potential. A devil’s worth is whether or not they can utilize their powers efficiently. When I revived you, I had one knight, one rook, one bishop, a queen, and eight pawns. Since you used up all eight of my pawn pieces to recruit, I wouldn’t have been able to revive you.”

ALL of them?!” Izuku gasped. “I’m worth eight pawns?!”

“That’s right, but I didn’t understand why until last night,” Rias smiled. She leaned in and stroked his cheek gently, his face instantly reacting as it turned red, “I had intended to use my queen piece, but I decided to take the gamble and use my pawns. Now that we know you have the Boosted Gear, that means you can become the Ultimate Pawn, a hero that’s never been seen before,” her smile widened at the blush on his face. “The Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin and the Red Dragon Emperor make a good match, huh? I’ll be rooting for you, got it?”

“R-right,” Izuku nodded slowly. Rias smiled before she kissed him on the forehead, “S-senpai?!” Izuku gasped, his face turning into a bright shade of red from the unexpected display of affection.

Rias removed her lips from his forehead and stuck out her tongue playfully, “That’s a good luck charm. The U.A. Entrance Exam is a little over five months away, so train hard. Oh, and call me ‘Buchou’ from now on. I can’t show too much affection or else our new member will be jealous fufu…” she giggled as she turned her gaze at the door. Izuku followed her gaze and found a familiar crown of thorns standing there.

“Shiozaki-san?” Izuku saw the newly turned devil’s face was red as she fidgeted with her fingers nervously.

“U-um… it’s obvious that Rias-buchou is beautiful, so of course, Izuku-san would be in love with her- No, no, no! I can’t be thinking of such things! O Lord, please forgive thy sinful heart- OW!” Ibara prayed before feeling a throbbing pain in her head.

Izuku chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head, “I know how that is, it happened to me once too. How are you adapting?”

“It will take time for me to get used to becoming a devil and I’m sad that I can’t pray to God anymore, but I don’t have any regrets,” Ibara smiled with a pink tint on her cheeks.

“Glad to hear that,” Izuku said to her.

“Ibara-chan will applying for the U.A. Entrance Exam too, so she’ll be training with us for the next few months,” Rias explained.

“Oh, okay,” Izuku replied. “Guess we’ll be training together then, Shiozaki-san.”

“Y-you can just call me Ibara if that’s all right?” Ibara told him, smiling.

“Sure,” Izuku smiled. “I was calling you by your name last night, after all.”

“Now ain’t this cute?”

Looking at the door, Izuku saw Kyoka, Momo, and Ochako standing there. “Oh, you guys made it,” Izuku said.

“Thanks for inviting us,” said Ochako. She then looked over to Rias. “We never really introduced ourselves. I’m Uraraka Ochako.”

“I’m Yaoyorozu Momo.”

“Jiro Kyoka.”

“I’m Rias Gremory,” she said as the three girls sat down. “I take it you’re here to check on Ibara?”

“Yeah. We wanted to see if she and Midoriya were okay,” Kyoka told her. “And before you ask, we promise not to tell anyone about you guys being devils. Not like they’d believe us…”

Rias giggled. “That’s good to know. Since Izu-kun trusted you to help last night, I think I can trust you as well.”

“Uh, Rias-san…” Momo hesitantly looked up. “Can I… ask you something? In private?”

“Sure,” Rias replied. “You can ask after the party is over.”


A door to an adjacent room then opened, where Yuuto wheeled in a trolley holding a cake and various other sweets, with Koneko close behind. “A little cake to welcome our new member,” he then noticed the three girls on the sofa. “And guests, it seems.”

“By the way, where’s Dazai-san and Kunikida-san?” Ochako asked.

“They went back to Yokohama earlier today,” Rias answered. “Though Kunikida did leave a note with the ADA’s number if we ever need their help. But enough about that.” Rias took a glass of soda and held it over her head, “Let’s welcome our newest member to the Occult Research Club! Kampai!”

“Kampai!” the others cheered.

As the party was continuing on, Rias suddenly felt a presence watching from out of the window. Turning around, she saw a very exotic bird gazing directing at her. She swallowed hard, recognizing the bird quickly. She stared at the bird until Izuku snapped her out.

“Buchou? What's wrong?”

“Oh, Izu-kun, it’s…” she turned back to the window to where the bird was, only to find the bird was gone. “It’s nothing, Izuku…” she told him with a smile on her face, though the sudden turmoil in her heart spoke otherwise.



Raynare flew as far and as fast as she could. She tried returning to the Underworld but found that Mittlet beat her there. Turns out the brat was a spy sent by Azazel to keep tabs on her and the others. She realized that if she went back to Grigori, she’ll be considered a traitor. Hell, she probably already had a bounty on her head by now. Not that surprising, as she both directly disobeyed Azazel’s orders and made sure the devils brought the Red Dragon Emperor to their side!

By the time she arrived in Yokohama, a couple of days had passed since her humiliating defeat. She could never face Kokabiel ever again after her massive screwup. The warmonger would surely use her for cannon fodder or target practice if she did. She was on her own, just like before…

Finding an alleyway to rest, Raynare sat down and put away her wings. “Red Dragon Emperor…” she hissed. “Gremory Princess… Azazel… I swear, I will make you all pay, even if it’s the last thing I do!”

“My, what have we here?”

Instinctively, Raynare created a spear of light and aimed it at the voice’s source. “Who’s there!? Show yourself!”

“Very well,” stepping out of the shadows was a man in his early 40s. He was fairly tall and had a slender physique. His eyes seem red and have a strange pattern on their pupils. His medium black hair was swept back, leaving only two bangs to the front on each side. He was wearing a dark-colored open shirt with a loose black tie under a white coat, white pants, and black shoes.

“Who are you?” Raynare demanded.

“Just a back alley doctor,” he said with a reassuring smile. “I happen to see you land and thought I could help.”

“Help? I don’t need your help!” Raynare snapped. “If you’re planning to rape me, then forget it!”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I prefer girls under twelve.”

Raynare’s eye began to twitch. “That’s it! I’ve had a couple of really bad days, and I think I’ll take out my frustrations on you!”

The doctor simply smiled and said, “Why don’t you try?”

Raynare suddenly began shaking uncontrollably. ‘Wha… What?!’ she dropped the spear, which shattered upon hitting the ground. Raynare fell to the ground next, frozen in fear. ‘My body won’t listen. This murderous intent, it’s suffocating! It rivals Kokabiel’s!’ “Who are you!?”

“As I said, a back alley doctor. Well, at least that’s what I used to be,” he began to walk closer to her. “Now I have a new job, and I’m willing to hire you, Raynare.”

The irises in Raynare’s fear-stricken eyes shrunk. “How-”

“News travels fast, especially if you have informants in the Underworld,” he was now standing directly over her. “It would be such a wast for someone of your talents to be sent to prison, so I’m here to make you a deal. Work for me, or I hand you over to Azazel in body bags. Well?”

Raynare could only nod her head, not having any other choice.

“Excellent!” the killer intent subsided. “Welcome to the Port Mafia.” He lent out his hand, which Raynare took.

Chapter Text

A few days have passed since the fight against Raynare, and Ibara was adjusting well to her new life as a devil. Like Izuku, she was tasked with handing out pamphlets and flyers, and she managed to get her first contact. Unlike Izuku, due to being a bishop, Ibara was well adapted in magical ability next to Rias.

But Izuku didn’t really mind. He was just happy he was finally able to use his Boosted Gear. Izuku did tell his mother about his newly developed ‘power’ to which she spent the whole day hugging her son and crying tears of joy, much to Rias’ amusement.

Then there was the case of Ibara’s living arrangements. Izuku knew that given her new circumstances she would need somewhere to stay. But he wasn’t expecting to see stacks of boxes in front of his apartment, with both Rias and Ibara standing right next to them. Rather than answering what the boxes were for, in which she said she would do later, Rias only told him to bring them inside. Fortunately for them, or rather unfortunately for Izuku, the matriarch of the Midoriya household was home.

“Let me get this straight…” Inko said slowly, making sure that she had heard it right the first time, “You want Ibara-chan to board in with us?”

The woman in question was sitting at the dining room table apart from Izuku, Rias, and Ibara, still trying to wrap her head around what was just said. It really was one of the last things a mother expected to hear. A pretty girl staying with her teenage son… that was one of the many things a boy his age would dream of happening to them. Even Izuku was looking flabbergasted at Rias request. A lovely looking young girl suddenly staying with them? Something was telling her that a lot more was going to follow very soon.

“I know it’s inconvenient but please hear me out,” Rias said, playing spokeswoman, “Ibara comes from a small village and she doesn’t have any known relatives. After she arrived to the city Izu-kun was the first and only one who helped her and showed her around, so she mostly feels at ease when she’s around him. It would only make sense to be around someone who makes you feel at ease, don't you think so?”

“Well, that is true,” Inko nodded, rubbing her chin, “And I can say for a fact that Izuku wouldn’t even dream of doing anything shameful to a girl. Still, this is a lot for me to think about.”

“In that case,” Rias continued, moving in for argument #2, “What would you say if Ibara became your adopted daughter?”

“Adopted…?” Inko blinked, “What do you mean?”

“Ibara trusts Izu-kun greatly so,” Rias explained, “While it is true that his main problems lie in his social awkwardness, he is also straightforward and confronts any problem without hesitation. I, as well as Ibara, were both charmed by that quality of his.”

“T-that's right!” Ibara pipped up timidly, “Izuku-san risked his life for mine without care for his own safety!”

“Is that right…?” Inko hummed, “It certainly sounds like Izuku. But still…”

“Then let me offer you this,” Rias replied, laying down her trump card, “We can use the time Ibara lives here as bridal training.” The room stayed silent only for a short while as Rias’ words sank in.

“H-HAH?!” Inko exclaimed, eyes widening.

“BRIDAL TRAINING?!” Izuku, Inko, and Ibara all gasped, the two teens blushing brightly.

“Think of it this way. If Izuku interacts with Ibara as much as possible, it could make him grow out of his social anxiety shell,” Rias reasoned. “And it would give him an easier time to interact with girls his age.”

“Those are… some very convincing arguments,” Inko responded, calming down from her shock. “Now that I think about it, with Hisashi working so much now, it would be nice to have some extra company. And on that note…” she trailed off as she looked at Ibara. “I wouldn’t mind if she bore me grandchildren.”

Izuku and Ibara both stared at Inko with wide eyes as her words sank in, “EEHHH!” Rias simply couldn’t help but giggle at Inko’s statement.

“MOM!” Izuku exclaimed, his head steaming. “PLEASE DON’T JOKE LIKE THAT!”

“Who said I was joking?” Then she smiled brightly, “At any rate, I look forward to you staying with us Ibara-chan. Please take care of my son.”

“W… well,” Ibara bowed shyly, “I’m may be inexperienced, but I’ll be under your care from now on, Izuku-san’s kaa-sama. I hope we get along.”

Rias smiled as she watched Inko rubbed Ibara’s head, gushing about how cute and adorable she was as Izuku was facepalming over his mother’s antics. Turning to the side, her smile dropped as a weary look appeared on her eyes.

‘A bride, huh…?’



The very next day, Izuku and Ibara left home and made their way to school. As expected from what happened the last time, the various boys and girls who were among the crowd to school were staring both oddly and enviously with a hint of suspicion at Izuku and Ibara. Once again, Izuku was walking to school with a very attractive beauty. Izuku did his best to ignore the stares, settling for the company Ibara gave him.

“Hau~…” Ibara whispered nervously, twisting the handle of her schoolbag with both hands. “My first day at a school in years… I’m really nervous about this…”

“What was school like back in your old village?” Izuku asked her.

“I really don’t remember much, just a single small elementary school,” Ibara told him. “But after my Twilight Healing was discovered, I was made to stop going to school altogether and given a private tutor. They told me that the Holy Maiden was far too prestigious to learn ‘menial lessons’.” Izuku could hear some hint of loneliness in her voice as she said it.

Izuku cringed sadly. Ibara really did felt lonely after becoming a Holy Maiden. She was adored and admired, but never loved for the person she was. The fact that she was quickly kicked to the curb after healing a devil only further reinforced the point on how the people there were selfish and ignored the needs of a girl still in her adolescence. “Don’t worry. We’ll be in neighboring classes along with Kiba-san, so we’ll be there for you.”

“Thank you, Izuku-san,” Ibara smiled, a light blush on her face.



Later on in the day, Izuku and Ibara were in the Occult Research Club room lounging around with Rias, Yuuto, Koneko, Momo, Kyoka, and Ochako. Even without anything to do, Ibara enjoyed the company. It was warm and welcoming. Quite unlike the loneliness she felt back in her home village. Izuku was sitting on one of the sofas with Ibara right beside him, enjoying the mochi Ochako had brought. Kyoka and Momo were sitting on the couch across from them, enjoying the mochi also. Koneko had gotten hold of the bag and has already eaten half of it, much to Ochako’s dismay. Yuuto was sitting in a chair nearby, reading a book. Rias sat at her desk, fulfilling paperwork.

Each of them chatted among themselves, having fun. At least, that was the case until Ibara explained where she’ll be staying. “Oh, you’re living together now, eh?” Kyoka asked, a sly smile on her face. “So, when can we expect a wedding?”

“J-J-J-Jiro-san!” Izuku stuttered, his whole head glowing red from embarrassment.

Ibara, though equally as embarrassed, silently liked the idea.

Ochako nearly choked, either from trying not to laugh or from a small amount of jealousy she felt. Maybe both.

“Kyoka, please show some respect,” Momo hissed.

Kyoka playfully stuck out her tongue and winked in response.

Deciding to change the subject, Rias spoke up. “So Yaoyorozu-san, how’s your training coming along?”

“Great,” Momo answered. “We’re almost done, with plenty of time left until the recommendation tests, so you better keep your end of the deal.”

“Of course,” Rias said with a smile, “Assuming you finish in time.”

Not long after Momo, Kyoka, and Ochako left.

Once they were gone, Ibara spoke up. “Uh, Buchou. What was that deal Yaoyorozu-san talked about?”

Rias sighed. “A pretty bold and unexpected request. She wants to become a devil.”

“What?!” Izuku and Ibara gasped.

Yuuto simply chuckled. “Well, that’s unexpected to say the very least.”

Koneko simply munched on the mochi.

“Why would she want that?” Izuku asked.

“She didn’t say, but we made a deal: If she can finish cleaning Dagoba Beach at least a month before the recommendations tests, then I’ll make her a devil,” Rias then smiled. “But enough about that, here’s why we’re really here,” Rias got off from her desk and pointed at Izuku and Ibara. “It’s time we got you two familiars.”

“Familiars?” Izuku asked.

“What are they?” Ibara asked.

“Familiars are very essential in devil society. Think of them as like sidekicks. They can back you up with various tasks and can assist in battle.” Rias snapped her fingers. In a puff of smoke, a small cartoony bat with dark red fur appears next to her. “This is my familiar, Moka. You actually already met her, Izu-kun.”

“I did?” Right as Izuku said that, Moka changed into a young woman, wearing a vampire-style outfit. Izuku recognized her right away. “You’re that girl who gave me the flyer!”

“And it was a lucky thing you kept the flyer,” Rias nodded as Moka turned back into a bat.

“This is Shiro, he’s mine,” Koneko said, showing a small white kitten in her arms.

“Aw, he’s cute!” Ibara cooed at the total adorableness of Koneko’s familiar, leaning forward to scratch the feline on the ears. The little cat gave a small purr, enjoying the scratches.

“And this is mine,” Izuku looked over at Yuuto, showing a small bird on his forearm.

“So me and Ibara-san are going to get familiars now?” Izuku asked, admiring the bird.

“Well, about that…” Rias was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. “Oh, we have visitors. The door’s opened!”

The young devils stood up as the door opened up, and stepping into the room was a group led by a girl the same age as Rias. She was slender and a little shorter than Rias. She had short, bobcut styled hair being held together by a single clip. Her eyes were strangely pinkish and were behind a set of red glasses with oval frames that gave her a cute and professional look.

Next to her was a slender woman with split bangs long black hair that freely fell down to her knees and blue rectangular glasses behind heterochromic eyes, the left being violet and the other one brown. The rest of the teens behind them consisted of five girls and one boy, some wearing U.A. uniforms. “Sorry to interrupt,” the bobcut greeted the group with a small smile.

“Who are they?” Ibara whispered.

“They’re mostly U.A. students currently running for positions in the Student Council,” Yuuto answered, having overheard. “The one in front is Sona Shitori and the other one next to her is Shinra Tsubaki.”

Rias then smiled at Sona. “Good to see you again, Sona,” Rias greeted. “What can I do for you?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to congratulate you on increasing the number of your servants,” Sona replied. She then smiled slyly. “It took you long enough.”

“Wait, how does she know?” Izuku asked.

“Because her real name is Sona Sitri,” Yuuto told them. “And just like Buchou she’s a high-class devil and next in line to lead the House of Sitri.”

“Huh? So then, other students at U.A. are devils just like us?” Izuku blinked.

“It’s pretty surprising you haven’t told the newbie about us, Buchou,” the sole male of the Sitri group said. He was somewhat average looking with grey eyes and shaggy light brown hair. He wasn’t wearing a school uniform. “But if you can’t trust him with inside info then I guess he isn't worth much.”

“It’s considered bad form for devils from other households to interfere with one another, Saji,” Sona reprimanded him, causing Saji to look at her in surprise, “It isn’t all that surprising that Rias hasn’t told him anything about us yet. And that’s the point of this visit anyway.” Sona then turned to the others. “This is Saji Genshirou, my second and newest Pawn,” Sona introduced, smiling.

“This is Midoriya Izuku, my new Pawn. And this is my second Bishop, Shiozaki Ibara,” Rias smiled, gesturing at the two of them.

“Um, I’m pleased to you,” Ibara bowed, “I hope we’ll get along.”

“Sure! I’m all for it! Let’s be great friends!” Saji greeted back with a friendly tone as he shook her hand. Izuku was slightly unsettled by Saji’s forwardness. He simply let it slide as he introduced himself next.

“Pleased to meet you, Saji-san. I’m looking forward to working with another Pawn,” Izuku smiled, extending his hand.

Saji, on the other hand, gave a snort as cooly smirked at Netto. “Yeah, yeah, sure,” he scoffed arrogantly. “Dude, you might be nice and all, but you’re nowhere on my level. I took up four Pawns on my own!” the braggart continued after a breath for dramatic effect, “Maybe someday you'll be able to meet me on equal footing and we'll see who’s the better Servant.”

“Midoriya took up eight pieces. It’s always better to get your facts straight before you make a complete fool of yourself,” Sona quickly spoke.

Saji’s eyes widened at Izuku’s Evil Piece worth, “What? Eight pieces? This guy? How’d he managed that?!”

“My apologies for my Pawn’s naivety,” Sona told them, “He’s young and eager, but he’s still has a lot to learn and needs to appreciate the finer points of civility.”

“Y-yeah,” Saji frowned apologetically as he rubbed the back of his head, “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” Izuku said.

“That reminds me, you’re planning on getting your two recruits familiars soon, right?” Sona asked Rias.

“Yes, what of it?” Rias asked.

“Then it looks like we’ve got ourselves a deadlock,” Sona frowned worriedly. “I planned on getting Saji a familiar for him around the same time. And only one of us can enter the Forest of Familiars.”

“In that case,” Rias smiled, “How about a friendly little contest to sort this whole thing out.”

“A contest?” Sona repeated, looking surprised.

“Whoever wins earns the right to find a familiar first,” Rias challenged, “Does that sound fair?”

Sona arched an eyebrow, “Surely you aren’t talking about a Rating Game.”

Rias chuckled humorously, “Oh, no. We’d never get permission to do something like that.”

Sona gave a relaxed smile, “You have a point about that. Besides, this isn’t the time to call attention to yourself, now is it?”

Rias suddenly frowned as her eyes flashed slightly. “Don’t go there.” Izuku looked at Rias worriedly at the sudden unpleasant look on her face. His worries were eased somewhat as she gave a smile, “I know, let’s settle this the old fashioned high school way with sports.”

“Oh? Sounds interesting. I’m game,” Sona smiled back. From the way the presidents were looking at each other, sparks seemed to fly between them.

“Uh, Yuuto-san,” Izuku whispered, “Is this going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry so much,” Yuuto answered with a smile, “Buchou and Sona-senpai are actually childhood friends and they’ve been competing with each other since they were in diapers. They always challenge each other when they get the chance.”

“Healthy competition? If you say so…” Izuku nodded.



The sun was shining brightly the very next day, a perfect day for a tennis match. Saji and a few of the other girls from the Student Council were cheering on Sona as they stood on one end of the caged tennis court, while Izuku, Ibara, and Yuuto rooted for Rias as they stood on the other end. The two girls had rackets at the sides and were dressed in white sleeveless shirts with mini-skirts that gave a small peep show as the wind blowed in the air, not that they seemed to mind as they focused on the match at hand.

Izuku sat on the front bleachers close to the match when his phone rang. He’d received a text from Ochako.

Hey! We’re at the clubroom. Where are you guys?

Izuku chuckled nervously, realizing he and Ibara forgot to tell them about the tennis match.

We’re at a tennis club in town. Buchou is having a match with a friend.

Whoa! Seriously!? Right now?!

Kyoka suddenly jumped in. Followed my Momo.

Can we come watch?

“Sona, I’m in it to win it,” Rias said to her friend, dribbling the tennis ball. “So don’t expect me to go easy.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. May the best devil win,” Sona smirked, the flames of challenge in her eyes.

Izuku sweat-dropped as he sent a reply.

Sure, I’ll send the address. But you might want to hurry.

Rias served up the ball into the air and struck it forward. Quickly, Sona received the ball and returned it back. The two young women batted the ball intensely, defending their sides and trying to get it over the other court. With how they were moving, their skirts were getting dragged in the air, flashing their bright white panties.

“Holy whoa, those two are into it,” Izuku said, watching the game play out. “They’re bouncing that ball like crazy.”

Yuuto nodded in agreement. “I’ve never seen Buchou get so into a contest like this before,” he said.

“Is it just me, or is this starting get a bit out of hand?” Koneko questioned rhetorically.

“I… think you may be right,” said Ibara.

Back on the court, Sona smiled confidently as she twirled the ball in her hand, “This game is starting to get repetitive, so how about we make things interesting?” She threw the ball up into the air as her she reared back her racket, the tool glowing in dim blue energy. “Eat this! Sitri Spin Attack!” She slammed the ball against the racket and the now glowing orb zoomed across the stage.

“Oh really? Can you handle the Gremory Counter-Strike?” Rias dared. She reared back her racket as the ball approached her. To her surprise, the ball suddenly changed trajectory before she could make a counter, causing her to miss completely, “Whoah!”

“One point to the Sona-san!” a brown-haired girl with twin pigtails and green eyes, Nimura Ruruko, Sona’s other Pawn, serving as the referee announced.

“No way! She’s using magic!?” Izuku gaped.

“Haha! Suck on that, Midoriya!” Saji laughed, waving a flag with the words ‘Student Council’ written on it.

Izuku sweatdropped upon seeing the display. “I thought only a few were U.A. students, let alone running the student council…”

“Didn’t they agree not to use magic?” Ibara asked.

“I don’t think that’s gonna stop them,” Koneko sighed.

“So much for rules, huh?” Yuuto shrugged, shaking his head.

“Well, Sona, you can cheat all you want to, but in the end, it won’t make a bit of a difference,” Rias smirked. “You want a magic show? I’ve got a few tricks myself,” she boasted with a dramatic pose.

“Do your worst, Rias. Do you think I’m afraid of you? Bring it on!” Sona shot back, pointing her racket in an equally dramatic stance.

And so, the high octane tennis battle between Gremory and Sitri raged on throughout the afternoon, until…



“It’s too bad. With the rackets destroyed we had no choice but to end it there,” Rias frowned, looking at the broken racket in her hand. She gave a sigh as she carelessly dropped it.

“But you won, didn’t you?” Ibara asked, tilting her head.

Nearby, Momo, Ochako, and Kyoka were being given the play-by-back of the match by Izuku. Kyoka especially seemed disappointed, though Momo suspected she was disappointed to not see Rias in a tennis outfit.

After the match, the Occult Research Club returned to the clubroom to plan out what to do next. The sun had already set and the candles lit up the room. “I may have won, but only by technicality. But I guess I shouldn’t look at a gift horse in the mouth now, can I? We’ll head out for the Forest of Familiars tomorrow.”

“So uh, what is the Forest of Familiars?” Izuku asked.

“The Forest of Familiars is a where new devils can find a familiar for themselves,” Rias told him. “The main problem is that it only appears during the night of the full moon and only one devil peerage can go there at a time. That’s what the contest was about.”



The next day, Rias conjured one of her magic circles, the club room was filled with gentle white light rather than the usual warm red. All devils present filed through, leaving the human world behind.

The group of young devils found themselves in a dark forest. The sky was reflective of the underworld’s bizarre night cycle, being a bluish-purple than the black of the human world. As a result, their surroundings were more purple shadow than anything else, though it didn’t matter to them as devils possessed above normal night-vision.

At some unspoken signal, Rias, Koneko, and Kiba summoned their familiars; the familiars in question nodded to their summoners before scampering off to who knew where. “Where are they going?” Ibara asked.

“It’s tradition,” Rias explained as Moka simply flew up to the branch above them, where she slept upside down. “While they spend their time with us in the human world, when we return for any time it’s expected to let them have time off, so to speak. This is their home after all.” Kiba’s hawk flew off, while Koneko’s white kitten climbed up a tree and disappeared from sight.

“This place sure is spooky,” Izuku commented. It kinda looked like the setting to a horror movie.

“AHOY THERE!” An obnoxiously eager voice called from above and behind. The group turned to find a man standing like an over-eager cub scout on a mission, in a hero pose up on one of the lower branches of the trees. “WELCOME TO THE FAMILIAR FOREST!”

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Master Zatouji,” Rias inclined her head. “You have my thanks for accommodating us tonight.”

“No thanks are necessary!" The familiar master leaped down to land in front of them, thankfully for his sake, he was speaking at a volume that didn’t grate any of their ears. “Now, how many familiars we looking for tonight!”

“Two for my new servants.”

The man nodded in understanding, “I see. Well then, can I interest you in an adolescent dragon?" The man blurred, and was suddenly next to Izuku, behaving as if the Pawn was a potential familiar. “Good fighting potential, with a Longinus Gear included in the package. Physical condition and performance may be currently pitiful, but with enough time and practice can exceed in all areas. Any takers?”

“Huh?” Izuku and the others stared blankly at the familiar master, somewhat alarmed that he was being described so well, as well as unnerved about apparently being offered like an art piece at an auction. To his dismay, Ibara actually raised her hand. “I’m not a dragon. What gave you that idea?” Izuku muttered.

“He’s right,” Rias said, glaring at Ibara as she lowered her hand. “Izu-kun is already one of my precious servants, and he may have a dragon-type Sacred Gear, but he’s no dragon.”

“Really? I could’ve sworn…” Zatouji shrugged as he looked Izuku over. “Oh well. Now then, what types of familiars are you looking for? A strong type? A fast type? Or a poison type?”

‘I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before…’ Izuku said to himself. “Uh, I’m not sure. What would you recommend?”

Zatouji smiled at Izuku's question, taking out a catalog from his bag. Flipping through the pages, he stopped and pointed at a drawing of a dragon that took up the whole page. The drawing radiated great ferocity.

“This is what I would recommend! One of the Dragon Kings! Chaos Karma Dragon, Tiamat! She’s a legendary dragon, and also the only female among the Dragon Kings! Even now, there hasn’t been a devil who has caught her yet! That would be obvious! Since she’s said to be as strong as the Four Satans!”

Izuku flinched upon hearing Tiamat’s name. For some reason, the name alone filled him with dread. “N-no thanks, I’m good!”

“Then how about a Hydra?”

As Zatouji explained all the abilities of a Hydra in great detail, particularly how it could easily kill its master, Izuku could only watch in silence. ‘Am I ever like this?’

“I just want a familiar that’s cute is all,” Ibara said, but Zatouji didn’t seem to hear.

For about half an hour (which felt like several years), Zatouji led the group through the dimly lit forest, talking about a wide verity of familiars that could easily kill their master. Nothing eventful happened, except for a strange slime that attacked. But the worst it did was… dissolve the girl’s clothes, to their embarrassment and the boys shocked. Yuuto, the gentlemen he was, looked away the second the slime was dealt with, while Izuku blushed and covered his face, doing his best to ignore the fact he saw the bare breasts of Rias (again), Ibara and Koneko. Zatouji seemed unfazed by the slime’s attack, stating he’s seen this sort of thing several times before. He received a punch to the gut by a vengeful Koneko for not warning them.

Once the girls acquired new clothing and Zatouji recovered, the group continued on. Eventually, they happened on a large grass-filled clearing. There, resting on a fallen tree, was a tiny reptilian dragon the size of a kitten. Blue scales, white spikes along its spine, and a triangular head. “It’s so cute!” Ibara beamed.

“That is a Sprite Dragon!” said Zatouji.

“Sprite Dragon?” Izuku repeated.

“Yeah, a Sprite Dragon. A baby if I had to guess. Just like its name, it’s a dragon which uses blue lightning. If you are going to catch it, now is the time. You would definitely not be able to catch it once it matures. It won’t be as strong as a Dragon King, but it’s placed in the top-tier normal-class for dragons.”

“Well, Izu-kun? What do you think?” Rias asked.

Izuku lowers his head in thought. The fact it was a baby meant that it won’t kill him right away. Then he noticed that Ibara was eyeing the little drake. Smiling, Izuku said, “I think we should let Ibara catch it.”

Ibara looked generally surprised, then smiled. She looked to Rias with pleading eyes. Rias smiled. “Very well,” she nodded.

Slowly, Ibara approached the little drake. The Sprite Dragon woke upon hearing Ibara’s approach, but it didn’t flee. Rather, it looked at her with curiosity. “Uh, hello,” she said hesitantly. “Can you understand me?” The little drake nodded before jumping onto her shoulder. “Does this mean you want to be my familiar?” It answered by rubbing its head against hers.

“Now that ain’t something you see every day,” Zatouji quipped



“…In the name of S-Shiozaki I-Ibara, I order you! Y-You shall become my familiar and respond to my contract!”

At the entrance of the forest, Ibara had opened a green magic-circle, the Sprite Dragon sitting in the middle, the contract ceremony between Ibara and the familiar taking place.

Of course, since Ibara is a beginner, Rias is supporting her. But it seems like the ceremony is progressing very well.

“Normally the Sprite Dragon is a dragon who won’t pledge to a devil, but it seems that girl has a very pure heart. Something like this has never happened before, but it seems like the contract ceremony will finish safely.” Zatouji said.

“Well, she was a Holy Maiden before becoming a devil, so that might have something to do with it,” Yuuto noted.

The light from the magic circle starts to gradually lost its light. Because the contract was finished, the baby dragon flew to Ibara and started to play with her.

“Ahaha! That tickles, Raiku.”

Izuku blinked. “Raiku?”

Ibara blushed. “Yes. He is a dragon who uses ‘Raikō’* and I also used part of your name, Izuku-san. Is that okay?”

“It’s alright,” Izuku replied, walking up to them. “It’s nice to meet you, Raiku-”

Raiku’s body started to glow blue…


“Agaaaaaaaaaaah, Gggggggggga!”

Izuku, black and smoking from the electric attack, collapsed to the ground, to Ibara’s shock. “What happened?” he asked.

“I forgot to mention, but male Sprite Dragons hate males from other races,” Zatouji said, also burnt black. Behind him, Yuuto was also charred black, doing his best to put on a refreshing smile.

“What a naughty boy, fufu…” Rias giggled.

“I afraid that time has run out for today,” Zatouji shook off the black. “Apologies for not being able to acquire you a familiar as well.”

“It’s okay,” Izuku muttered, getting up. “I can wait.”

“Are you sure?” Rias asked. “I kinda like the idea of you having a Dragon King as a familiar…”

“Buchou, please, just don’t.”



Two-Thousand kilometers away in the human world, a lone figure scanned the damaged building she was in. All around her, glass cases were either broken or melted, their contents missing. A couple of cases were still intact, but the items within were missing too. The only things that were left were simple decor and a silver coffin that was chained and bolted to the floor.

“How in the world did this happen?” she said to herself. “There was no sign of any forced entry, and Zelma…” she stopped, taking a moment to mourn the loss of the Sanctum’s master.

She walked over to one of the broken cases, noting a small amount of liquid inside. She then noticed something: a single, small strand of black hair.

She smiled. “Not much of a lead, but it is one.” Taking the hair in hand, she walked over to one of the few intact pieces on the entire floor: a world map. Making several gestures with her hands, she created a magic circle with fiery energy. She placed the hair in the circle. Sparks from the circle rain down all over the map, but they all mostly disappeared. Except for one that landed on Japan. “Hm. Looks like I’m going home.”

Chapter Text

It’s now early November. About two months have passed since Izuku and Ibara became devils. Both have been training hard for the U.A. Entrance Exam, which was now a little over three months away. Ibara had already gone to see Rias, while Izuku, well, he couldn’t help but feel awkward in line. His hands clenched and relaxed while he peeked his head to the right to see the row of people his age and some even younger leading to the open balcony.

‘Okay, Izuku. No big deal. It’ll be your turn soon. You just have to stay here a little bit longer.’ Izuku looked out of the glass window to his left to see a few pigeons flying by. Down below were the roofs of Musutafu's other buildings and skyscrapers, looking far smaller than they did when he first arrived. On the ground, they were giants. Up here, they looked like toy models.

‘It’s probably going to be a whole other story when I look down.’

Izuku had never been one to go on tours in tall structures aside from the two or three times he visited Might Tower. Hell, until a week ago, he wouldn’t dare look down from the patio of his apartment.


He was going out of his way to jump from the top of a skyscraper.

Standing at 950 meters tall, Bespi Tower was the tallest building in Japan and the 5th tallest building in the world. It was a gleaming glass tower with a slanted solar panel-lined roof that provided power to the businesses inside. Bespi Tower was able to maintain its pristine exterior because of the high-altitude classes it sponsored.

Izuku knew about the Bespi Tower ‘Drop Course’ for years. It was a class where, for a couple of thousand yen per person, people could practice using their Quirks or equipment that allowed them to swing, fly, or simply survive a fall from the near one thousand meter drop. It was used both by thrill seekers and for aspiring Heroes who wanted to practice a bit before applying to Hero school.

Rias had told him to practice with his Dragon Force ability. He already was able to maintain that state for a few hours, now he just needed to learn how to fly with the wings it granted him. So, she had him practice by jumping off some trees and the club building. While he now has better control over his wings, he was still having trouble flying with them. Which is why he came here. The worst part was that Izuku decided to do this without letting Rias know. If he failed, or worse chickened out, she’ll be pissed.

Having already summoned his Boosted Gear and activated Dragon Force, Izuku waited in line for his eventual turn to jump off the tallest building in the city. He was understandably nervous.

“First time, huh?”

Izuku turned to his front to see a teenager his age looking back at him. He had black hair that was short in the front yet long in the back, stylized to be spiking downwards. His eyes were almond-colored, and he sported a grin that showed off impressively straight and long teeth. He wore a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt that had the kanji for ‘Millennium’ on the center of a falcon’s neck feathers. His elbows looked like tape dispensers with large cylinder-like protrusions that were sunken in at the center on each side.

“U-Um…” Izuku looked to the side, fumbling for something to say. The other teenager laughed.

“Hey man, no need to be embarrassed by it.” He thumbed towards his face. “I can tell by the way you were shifting and stuttering.”

“It was that obvious, huh?” Izuku took in a deep breath. “Y-Yes. Well, at least from this high up.”

“Well, at least you got some practice in you before coming here.” The boy thumbed over to the front of the line and Izuku saw a burly Hero usher in a sobbing teenage girl away from the launching platform. “Too many guys try to use this as their first jump. They wanna rip off their fear like a Band-Aid and rush things, only to freeze up when it’s time to make the jump!”

Izuku nodded. That made sense. People couldn’t rush things like this, especially when you had nothing but your tools and wit to survive drops from this height. Practice is necessary to get used to the idea of falling as a step towards soaring through the city.

The teenager nudged Izuku, snapping him out of his thoughts. His grin hadn’t let heft his face. “I was just like you, scared out of my mind. Trust me when I say this gets easier with practice.”

“O-Oh… really?”


A smile spread on Izuku’s face. Not just because of the assurance, but because of the very conversation. Izuku had barely spoken to his peers for years. He only did when they wanted to make fun of him, the only exception being Milia, who went out of her way to talk to him sometimes.

But here?

He wasn’t ‘Quirkless Deku’. This person was talking to him as if he was a normal person! Someone he can converse with him without the baggage of ‘Quirkless nobody’ hanging over his head. It was amazing!

“Name’s Sero by the way,” the teenager grinned while extending his hand. “Sero Hanta.”

Izuku gave a quivery smile and weakly shook the offered hand. “Midoriya I-Izuku. It’s nice to meet you, Sero-san.”

Sero noticed the armored gauntlet on Izuku’s hand. “Whoah! That’s one crazy Quirk!”

Izuku nervously laughed. “Yeah… I’m still trying to figure out what it can do.”

“Hey man, don’t sweat it!” Sero gave him a hearty slap on the back. “It’s no big deal. Anyway, why are you taking this course?”

“I-I’m planning to take the U.A. Entrance Exam.”

“Really?” Sero’s grin widened. “I’m gonna be taking the U.A. Entrance Exam in a couple of months too!”

“Well, isn’t that a funny coincidence?” Izuku and Sero turned back to a blond teenager with a condescending smirk on his face. “I am planning on attending U.A. too. Though…” The boy flicked his hair seemingly for dramatic effect. “If we’re in separate classes, I can assure you that my class will be head and shoulders above yours.”

Both Izuku and Sero sweat-dropped.

“And you are…?” Sero asked.

“Now where are my manners?” The blonde bowed, his right arm extending upward to give the motion more flourish. “Monoma Neito, at your servi-”

He was interrupted when a packet of paper was slapped onto his face. “Okay, kids! Sign these forms!” A supervisor shouted as he tossed Izuku and Sero similar packets with pens. “These state that you are taking this course of your own free will! Bespi Towers will be providing safety precautions in the case of Quirk or equipment failure, but will not be responsible if…”

“Good luck!” Sero winked at Izuku who nodded graciously and started working through the liability forms in his hands.

‘Okay. Sign here, check there…’ Izuku tried to pay attention to the contents, but his eyes glazed over more times than he cared to admit. ‘It’s like they make this stuff boring and long-winded on-purpose so you can’t tell what you can or can’t do.’ He kept up with the crowd while reading and signing each individual page. It felt like hours, but Izuku managed to sign the last page of the packet. ‘Finally! I’m done with…!’

“Man! What a rush!” Izuku looked up to see Sero walking past him, his cheeks red and his hair disheveled. He patted Izuku on the shoulder and grinned. “Good luck out there, Midoriya.”

“I…I…” Izuku’s teeth began to chatter as he realized where he was. In front of him was the balcony he was going to jump off of. It was a hastily built plastic stepladder that reached the end of the open-air patio usually set up for businessmen to eat their lunches outside. On the right was a bored-looking attendant having a conversation with a Hero wearing a flowing red cape.

‘No time like the present, Izuku.’ He gulped and slowly traded towards the edge and handed the attendant his packet. The man was saying something, but Izuku's ears might as well have cotton in them.

A million thoughts were whirling through his head at once. ‘Oh man, I’m going to have to do this again. And in a city at that! The wind is really strong!’ The attendant motioned to the platform. Izuku took off his shoes and walked up before peering over the edge.

It was a massive drop alright. The cars and people below were just specks from this height. The familiar feeling of vertigo set in and the ground got further and further away.

‘If I mess up here and the hero can't catch me in time…!’

The image of him becoming chunky salsa on the pavement flashed before his eyes. What was he thinking? This was too much. He couldn’t do this… He… He…

[Just relax brat. And have faith.]

Izuku nearly shrieked upon hearing the voice. ‘Who was that?’

Izuku didn’t get his answer. Instead, the words ‘have faith’ echoed in his head. Those words reminded him that Heroes could be scared like anyone else, but they still kept going.

Izuku took a deep breath and spread his wings. Once he did, he felt his confidence returning with every passing second. ‘This is just the first step of many. One I decided to make on my own.’

Izuku glanced at the miniature city below before gazing up at the skyline, gilded by the setting sun. His wings twitch in anticipation.

‘Just have faith.’

Izuku leaped into the open air.

He allowed his body to flip as his feet left the platform. For a second, time seemed to slow and the world went silent.

Izuku took it all in, the sun glistening off of the polished glass of skyscrapers, the lights from cars, billboards, and phones below glittering like a thousand stage lights, and the feeling of suspended animation that accompanied this blissful moment of freedom.

For a brief moment, Izuku didn’t feel like he was plummeting to the ground.

He was rising.

Then reality set in and Izuku began to fall.

Well, not falling, more like gliding. When he began to flap his wings, he rose somewhat in the air and speed up.

He pulled up, rocketing upwards a second later, sailing past several glass-covered floors. He began to circle the tower, uncaring of the wind now.

The grin spreading across Izuku’s face could rival All Might’s.

This was what Heroes like Hawks and Ryukyu felt when they flew through the city every day.

The wind nipping at his face as he went higher and higher, the crisp, cool air seeping into his lungs, and the sun shining brightly in the distance. It all just felt… natural.


He steered himself towards the platform, his feet ready to hit the plastic. His landing though didn’t go the way he was expecting. Instead of a graceful stop, when his feet hit the floor he collapsed, landing face first on the floor.

“Ow…” Izuku groaned, taking calming breaths. ‘I need to work on my landings. But that sure was amazing…’

“Dude! That was awesome!”

A hand reached out and Izuku saw it was Sero.

“T-Thanks!” Izuku took the hand and shakily got to his feet. “I practiced a lot with some friends before coming here.”

“So you said.” Sero looked at him from head to toe. “Must be a big fan of Ryukyu, huh?”

The adrenaline ran its course and Izuku felt his cheeks redden. “U-Um… I guess so…”

“Hey, it’s cool! I like her a lot too! Sure, she isn’t as cool as All Might, but not many are.” Sero shrugged before grinning as he held out his hand. “Say, I hope to see you at U.A. when we pass the entrance exam!”

Izuku smiled as he shook the teenager’s hand. “S-Same! It was nice to meet you, Sero-san!”

As the teens waved each other goodbye, Izuku stayed to complete a small survey to get a free coupon book for his mom. He didn’t mind. His brain was too busy replaying the stunt he just pulled for him to complain. It was electrifying and terrifying, horrible and wonderful all at the same time. It was so tempting to run back up and do it all over again. Being able to fly was simply so amazing.

The goofy smile on his face only widened as he finished that thought.

‘Guess that solves my fear of heights!’

After getting a complimentary picture of his jump, Izuku headed to the clubroom to show it off to Rias and the others before going home. Much to Izuku’s joy and embarrassment, his mom framed the picture and placed it right by the front door.



That night, Izuku and Ibara were having dinner with Inko, listening to the news as they enjoyed katsudon, Izuku’s favorite, to celebrate what he did earlier today. As they continued to eat, Ibara’s and Izuku’s phones began ringing. “What is it?” Inko asked.

“It’s some of our friends,” Ibara answered.

Yo! We’re done!

Izuku gaped at what Kyoka had sent.

Really?! Already?

There’s no way.

That was Rias.

Come see for yourself.

Come to the beach tomorrow?
I’m in!

Ochako suddenly jumped into the conversation. Ibara then added.

That sounds like a wonderful idea.

Yeah :D!
We can even have a beach party!

That actually sounds pretty fun, I’m ok with that.

I wouldn’t mind ;)

I’ll sit this one out.

Koneko never did like water for some reason.

Just remember your promise, Rias.

I’ll have to see the beach with my own eyes first before that, Momo.

Well, good night everyone.
See you tomorrow.

Yeah. Good night guys.
See you all tomorrow.

Ending the conversation, Izuku and Ibara put away their phones, continuing dinner.



“Be careful, and don’t forget to text me when you get there,” Inko told her son and Ibara as they were about to leave the apartment. It was an unusually warm today, making it perfect to go to the beach.

“We will,” Izuku responded as he held a duffle bag that had his clothes and some sunscreen. He was wearing a light yellow t-shirt and dark green swim trunks. “Besides, we’re just going to the beach with some friends, there’s no need to worry.”

“I know,” Inko said quietly, smiling a bit. “I’m just so happy that you made some friends.” Happy couldn’t even begin to describe how she was feeling about Izuku becoming more social and getting more friends. “Ibara-chan, be sure to take care of him.”

“I will, Inko oba-san,” Ibara said, wavering a white one-piece swimsuit with semi-vertical green stripes.

Inko giggled a bit. She couldn’t be happier with how things were going for her son now. Ever since he discovered his Quirk, Izuku has been working hard both physically and academically. And the fact that he was meeting new people. She only ever met Rias but was glad that Izuku had meet Yuuto, Koneko, Kyoka, Momo, and Ochako. She was happy he was making new friends. Mostly girls as well. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve thought Izuku was building a harem.

“Have fun you two! I’ll be sure to have dinner done when you come back!” Inko waved goodbye as Izuku and Ibara left out the door.

When they arrived at the beach, they saw that it was complexity clean. Not a single trace of garbage anywhere. “Oh wow,” Izuku gasped.

“It looks so pretty!” Ibara said as she looked through the beach.

“They really did a good job,” Izuku noted.

“I’ll say!” Looking behind them, Ibara and Izuku saw Ochako, wearing a bright pink bikini and a short blue wrap. Izuku blushed upon seeing Ochako, getting a jealous glare from Ibara.

Ochako giggled at Izuku’s reaction. “Are we the only ones here?”

“Uh, y-yeah. I-It l-looks l-l-like it.” Izuku stuttered.

The three began to settle on the white sand, placing down towels and putting on sunscreen. Once they had finished, Ibara and Ochako began to chat while Izuku sat down, waiting for their friends to show up.

The distinct sound of rock music meant they didn’t have to wait long. “Sorry we’re late. Momo couldn’t find a good swimsuit.” Kyoka called out, wearing a yellow bikini with a black choker. She was carrying a radio, playing American rock music. Behind her was Momo, dragging a cooler and wearing a red string bikini with black highlights, which highlighted her rather mature body.

 Once again, Izuku blushed upon seeing them. “I-i-it’s f-f-fine!” he stuttered, trying his best to ignore Momo’s smooth, hourglass figure. It didn’t help that her breasts were nearly the same size as Rias’, if not a little bigger.

“You guys did an amazing job!” Ochako beamed, either oblivious or uncaring of Izuku’s plight. “I barely recognized this place.”

“Thanks, but Momo did most of it,” Kyoka said. “I just helped.”

“You did plenty, Kyoka,” Momo said. “So, where’s Rias-san?”

“She and Kiba-san said they would be late,” Ibara answered. “They should be here soon.”

Right on cue…

“Hey, guys!” The friendly voice of Yuuto called. He was wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue swim trunks.

“Kiba-san, hello,” Izuku greeted.

“Nice of you to make it, pretty boy,” said Kyoka.

“Where’s Rias-san?” Momo asked.

Yuuto looked around awkwardly before giving Izuku a concerned look. “She’s coming. Just… brace yourself.”

“What do you mean?” Izuku asked, confused by Yuuto’s statement.

“Sorry for being late.”

Izuku and the girls heard the familiar voice of Rias and turned… where Izuku and Kyoka went lava red. Heading towards them was Rias, wearing a very… revealing swimsuit. Both pieces were hot pink with darker highlights. She also had a small bag over her right shoulder and wore sunglasses.

“W-w-w-whoa.” Kyoka muttered as her head turned dark red while steam escaped out of Izuku’s ears.

Rias, upon seeing Izuku and Kyoka’s reactions, smirked and struck a bit of a pose. “Like what you see?” She said, causing Izuku to release steam through his whole body and Kyoka to have a small stream of blood to come out of her nose.

“Buchou! Stop!” Ibara yelled, placing her hands over Izuku’s eyes.

Rias giggled at Ibara’s protectiveness. “Oh, Ibara. I was just teasing. Izu-kun’s reactions are so cute that I can’t help myself.” Rias looked throughout the beach, seeing nothing but clean sand and crystal blue water. “You two really did it.”

Yuuto looked impressed too. “Wow, you and Yaoyorozu-san seriously did all this?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t easy… at all.” Kyoka said remembering the experience entirely. Honestly, she couldn’t recall a single day where they weren’t sore and/or aching from head to toe.

“I can tell,” Ochako poked Kyoka in the arm. “You and Yaoyorozu-san don’t look like it, but you’re both buffed.”

Momo smiled proudly, “Thanks. So, does that mean…?”

Rias nodded. “We’ll do the reincarnation later. Right now, let’s enjoy the beach!”


And so the group spent part of the day having fun at the beach. They didn’t swim much though since the water was a little too cold. By the time afternoon rolled around, the group were picking up their things. Rias had brought her Evil Pieces, so there was no reason to delay the reincarnation in Momo’s eyes. She was a little excited about becoming a devil, to Ibara, Izuku, and Ochako’s… surprise. 

“Now then, before we can begin, mind explaining your Quirk?” Rias asked.

“Why yes,” a Russian matryoshka doll that had some resemblance to her grew out of Momo’s hand. “My Quirk is Creation. I can use my lipids to create any nonliving thing I can imagine, so long as I know its molecular and chemical makeup. But I also have another Quirk,” he hand was soon surrounded by sparks of electricity. “I can generate and control electricity that I can use to give myself a physical boost and shoot lightning.”

Ochako, with wide eyes, gasped. “…Wow.”

“So cool!” Izuku gasped.

Rias nodded. “I can tell that you’re very powerful, even if you exaggerated a few details,” Momo and Kyoka notably flinched. Reaching into her bag, Rias pulled out a red chest piece. “I say you’re most suited as a Queen,” she handed the piece to Momo, who graciously accepted it. Momo was then enveloped by a bright crimson glow. Once it died down, two devil wings appeared from her back.

“Whoa! They look good on you, Momo,” Kyoka stated.

Momo seemed almost transfixed on her wings, to the point she didn’t notice Kyoka’s compliment. She snapped out of it when Rias spoke up. “What about you, Kyoka-chan? Interested in becoming a devil?”

“I think I’ll pass for now,” Kyoka replied. “I’ll let you guys know if I change my mind.”

“Very well,” Rias nodded. The redhead then looked to Ochako. “What about you, Uraraka-san? Interested in becoming my servant?”

“Uh… I’ll think about it?” Ochako replied, not really sure how else to answer.

“All right, then let’s head over to the club room, Momo-chan. We’ll discuss the full details about your abilities there.”

“Yes, Buchou.”



Later that night, Rias received an urgent message from one of the rulers of the Underworld, reporting that a stray devil had found refuge somewhere in her territory. She had called up everyone in her group to take care of the task at once. The group of young devils teleported in front of an abandoned manor on the outskirts of town. It was old, really old. Mold was covering the walls, windows were shattered, and paint was peeling off. Clearly, it hadn’t been taken care for years, and it was the perfect place for a stray devil to call home. This particular stray devil had been hiding out for several weeks and lured unsuspecting humans to feast on.

“Izu, Ibara, Momo, since this is your first-time stray devil hunting I need the three of you to observe carefully,” Rias instructed as they entered the manor. “Watch how your senpai deals with the stray devil. We don’t know how much power it’s gained over this time so extra caution is needed.”

“Right. Lead the way,” Izuku nodded. Ibara, who only had the time to learn a couple of defensive spells, stuck close to Izuku.

Rias nodded before she looked to her Rook. “Koneko, if you would be so kind?”

The small girl nodded mutely before stepping forward to the building and opened the door. Well, it be more accurate to say she knocked the door down with one punch.

As the Gremory group moved inside Momo spoke up. “Stray devils are devils who’ve gone rogue, correct?” Momo asked, sticking close to Rias, being the most recent and inexperience. “How come?”

“Devils, like everyone else, are all different,” Rias explained, the group walking through a large living room with various broken furniture and equipment scattered about. “Therefore their reasons for turning rogue vary. Regardless, devils still do need to survive like humans do and should they go drunk with power they often turn to humans for sustenance. This is bad for us in two ways; senseless loss of life and risking exposure of the supernatural.”

Koneko, who was walking in front, suddenly came to a stop as something came into her nostrils. She sniffed the air quickly and narrowed her eyes. “It’s here.” At Koneko’s words, everyone tensed and began smelling the strong scent of blood mixing into the air that was already filled with the stench of the rotting manor. They were also alerted by the presence of something very iniquitous waiting for them. Large footsteps thundered in the room.

A soft, yet deranged voice then spoke up. “I can smell something disgusting. But I can also smell something delicious. Is it sweet? Or is it sour?”

“Stray Devil Viser,” Rias declared, hands on her hips, “You have abandoned your master, allowed your powers to corrupt you and committed atrocities in the human world. These crimes cannot be overlooked. By order of the Duke of Gremory, surrender or be destroyed!”

Viser laughed and continued to do so as something landed next to the group with a thunk. It was the body of a young woman, at least what’s left of it. Only the head and upper torso remain, everything from the elbows down was gone.

“W-what the…?!” Momo gaged, placing a hand over her mouth to keep herself from throwing up. Ibara and Izuku fared somewhat better, after witnessing Freed’s handiwork, though they too were still having a hard time to not throw up.

“My, my,” purred Viser as she stepped into view. The upper body of a woman moved towards them from the shadows. Topless, the she-devil was floating well above them, her lower body still hidden in the darkness. In her hands were two spears, fresh blood dripping from them. “You sure do talk big, little girl. How about I dye this room blood red just like your hair?”

‘Why is she naked?!’ Izuku, Ibara, and Momo all thought, Ibara covering Izuku’s eyes as they collectively blushed.

And that’s when she showed the rest of her body from the darkness and it was nowhere near as beautiful. From her hips downwards she had the body of a lion, with the front legs ending in claw-like hands and a snake-like tail. Her upper body was the epitome of beauty and lust, but she was clearly a hideous monster.

Momo, Ibara, and Izuku bulged their eyes at the horrific sight. This woman was truly twisted, both inside and out. Yuuto, who took note of their faces, chuckled lightly, “This is what happens to a devil whenever they go out of control. Their bodies and minds get twisted and ugly.”

“Twisted is right…” Izuku muttered, no longer blushing at the fact Viser was naked.

“Relax, this should be easy,” Rias reassured him. “Yuuto,” it was both an acknowledgment and an order simultaneously. With a nod, Yuuto blurred out of existence.

Momo gaped in shock. “Wha… Where did he-”

Yuuto reappeared in midair and, with two blades in his hands, dashed through Viser. The she-devil’s arms were cut off with ease, blood spewed out violently, causing her to scream and thrash both in pain and outrage.

“He’s fast,” Momo said.

“Momo, do you remember that explanation about Evil Pieces I told you about earlier?” Rias asked.

Momo nodded. “Yes. As your Knight, Kiba-san has unparalleled speed. Combine that with his mastery over bladed weapons and he becomes a skilled warrior, most capable in delivering precise, surgical strikes.”

“Correct,” as Rias said this, the two forelegs of Vizer’s beast half were neatly cut at the knees as Kiba reappeared before her, silver longsword clenched in his right hand. Vizer stumbled before rearing up on her hind legs. She tottered unsteadily before rushing forward as to stomp on him. Before she could, Koneko rushed forward. Lifting both hands above her as if to ward off the blow, the little girl easily halted Vizer's advance.

“In contrast, Koneko is a Rook. Her traits include both high defensive capability and absolute strength. Because of that, she can shrug off the greatest of blows and then return them with equal force.”

Koneko then pushed upwards, forcing the beast further back.


She then jumped up and delivered an earth-shattering punch to the beastly stomach of the stray’s lower half. With a bang, Vizer was sent flying back into a wall, causing dust to start falling from the ceiling.

“Shiozaki-san is your Bishop, who have enhance magical abilities,” Momo continued. “Midoriya-san is your Pawn, who can promote himself to any other piece except for King when in enemy territory.”

“And last but not least there’s you, my Queen,” Rias said. “As Queen, you are the strongest out of all the Evil Pieces and have the traits of the Rook, Knight, and Bishop all combined.” Rias then stepped aside. “Would any of you care to have a shot?”

The three newest members all looked to Viser, who seemed to be on the verge of throwing up. “I’m not sure I have it in me,” Ibara admitted.

“Me either,” said Izuku.

Rias then looked to Momo. The Queen sighed. “I’ll give it a shot.” With a flick of her wrist, she summoned a bolt of lightning to strike down onto Visor. The stray devil screeched in pain as the lightning scorched her body and burnt her flesh.

Momo suddenly blushed for some reason. “Is everything okay, Yaoyorozu-san?” Izuku asked.

“Uh I’m fine,” Momo lied, not wanting to admit that she liked hearing Viser’s screams. She didn’t understand why but it… turned her on.

Rias walked over to the stray devil and stood before her, seeing the burns, cuts, and bruises covering her body. “Any last words?”

Visor slowly looked up at Rias with a glare, “Just… get it over with…”

Rias’ eyes turned red as red and black mist engulfed her hands, “Ashes to ashes…” she shot out a stream of pure destruction, engulfing the stray devil on the spot. The blast quickly vanished, and all that remained of Visor was a trench of black soot. “…And dust to dust.” The limbs that Yuuto hacked early also disappeared, melting away into icky black goo.

“Wow, so this is how devils do business,” Ibara whispered in awe. Izuku couldn’t help but nod in agreement. The things devils have to deal with to keep things from going out of control was really nothing to scoff out.

“That’s all for tonight. Good work everyone,” Rias smiled, clapping her hands together. “You may all go home for the evening.”

“Hai, Buchou!” everyone answered. A magic circle appeared underneath the group before teleporting all of them out of the room and disappearing.

Chapter Text

The next day, Ochako had asked Izuku to help her study for the written portion of the U.A. entrance exam. “Thanks again for coming,” Ochako said as she led Izuku through the neighborhood she lives in. “But did you have to come with, Shiozaki-chan?”

Ibara, who was walking right behind Izuku, replied, “I need some help with the written portion as well.” ‘Besides, I don’t like the idea of Izuku-san spending time with another girl alone.’ She mentally added.

Soon they arrived at a rather modest apartment building, seemingly smaller than the apartments where Izuku and Ibara lived at. “This is where you live?” Izuku asked, rather surprised.

“Yeah. A friend of my dad is the landlord and he lets me stay here,” Ochako said as they reached her apartment. “It’s really cheap, so I don’t have to worry too much about rent.”

Ochako placed a key into her doors lock and turned.


“Is something wrong, Uraraka-san?” Izuku asked.

“It’s not locked.”

They suddenly felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, sensing something was off. “What’s this weird feeling?” Ibara silently said as Ochako opened the door-


“KYA!” “EEK!” “GAH!”

The three clung to each other as soon as they heard the shouts and saw what appeared to be a couple of crazy individuals rushing over to them from within the apartment. A moment later the unexpected newcomers stopped right in front of them, and as soon as the three of them calmed down, Ochako immediately noticed how familiar the pair looked. Recognizing the duo, she immediately gasped in pleasant surprise.

“Mom! Dad!” Ochako exclaimed. “What are you doing here?!”

“We came to check up on you,” her mother answered.

“B-but what about work? Did you come on the bullet train? When? How!? I can’t believe you’re here!” Ochako ran and hugged her parents, who happily returned it.

“These are your parents, Uraraka-san?” Ibara asked.

“Yep! Did you guys really come all the way here just to check up on me?”

“Well, that, but I have my own reasons,” the three teens looked into the apartment at the source of the new voice. It was a young woman, dressed in a light-blue haori with white snowflakes and red-orange hakama over a light blue kimono, with a white tasuki. She’s also wearing a long, white scarf with a light-blue snowflake pattern around her neck. Her dark green eyes contrasted with her light-pink hair, which is tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to below her waist, an orange ribbon keeping it in place. On the right side of her hips was a what looked like a katana, it’s silver guard shaped like a snowflake and its sheath was a dark blue.

‘She looks familiar,’ Izuku noted.

Ochako recognized her right away, her face beaming with excitement as her smile widened. “Mizu-oneechan!” with the excitement of a little girl on Christmas Morning, Ochako ran up and hugged the woman.

“Aha! You’ve gotten so big, Chako!” Mizu happily returned the hug. “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Excuse me, but Uraraka-san, who is this?” Ibara asked.

“This is my old babysitter,” Ochako said, letting go of the older girl.

Mizu gave a light bow to the two devils. “Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Mizushima Akari, formerly the Pro Hero Ryūtō.”

Izuku gasped, finally recognizing her. “I’ve heard about you! The Kaika Hero: Ryūtō! You were the youngest Pro Hero to start their agency in history at 19, second only to Hawks!”

Mizu giggled, “Yeah, I was. But then… certain things happen,” Mizu grew somewhat nervous. “But enough about me, who are your new friends?”

“Oh, I’m M-Midoriya Izuku.”

“I’m Shiozaki Ibara. A pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is ours, dear,” Mrs. Uraraka said.

Mizu smiled, “You guys sure are friendly for devils,” she said.

“Huh?” Ibara, Izuku, and Ochako exclaimed. ‘How does she know?!’

“Guess you were right, Mizu,” Mr. Uraraka gave a hearty laugh after seeing their reactions.

“Huh? Huh?” ‘They know?!?!’

“I gotta admit, Chako, when I heard you made friends with the Gremory Princess, I was rather shocked.”

“Huh? Huh? Huh?”

“Why don’t we head in?” Mizu suggested. “I’m sure you have questions. As do I.”



“I’m a witch?!” Ochako exclaimed. She, Ibara, Izuku, her family, and Mizu were in the kitchen, sitting at the chabudai, enjoying some sandwiches and tea. At least they were before Ochako’s mother told her that bombshell.

“To put it more accurately, you're half-witch. But yes,” Mrs. Uraraka said as she sipped some tea.

“I… But… HOW!?”

“Try to take it slow, Chako,” Mizu finished her tea. A split second later, the cup refilled itself. “It was a bit much for me too, but you have the advantage of having a devil for a boyfriend.”

The silence that settled over the apartment was nearly complete, except for Ochako and Ibara choking on their food.

“WHAT?” the three teens cried in unison.

“W-what g-g-gave you t-that i-idea!?” Izuku stuttered.

“Well, you did come here with Chako,” Mizu stated. “Guess I just assumed-”

“IT’S FINE,” yelped Ochako, face turning beet red. “We’re not- really, I’m- it’s totally fine that- really, we’re just FRIENDS, I-”

“They’re not- He’s not- I-!” Ibara was unable to form a coherent response.

Mizu smiled, enjoying their reactions. ‘Oh, so that’s how it is?’ Deciding to change the subject, Mizu added, “Anyway, you are a witch, Chako. You just haven’t learned how to tap into your own natural magic yet.”

“But why tell me this now?” Ochako asked, having calmed down somewhat.

“You never really ended to know,” Mr. Uraraka replied. “Your mother left her old group a couple of years before we meet, and she wanted to make sure you didn’t feel any different from everyone else.”

“…I’m not gonna start riding a flying broomstick, am I?”

“No, that’s more of a stylistic choice than anything really, though still a fairly popular one,” Mrs. Uraraka said.

Uraraka looked down, staring at the tea she hasn’t touched yet. “Why tell me this now, then?”

“It’s like I said: You now know about the existence of the supernatural thanks to your friends here,” Mizu gestured to Ibara and Izuku. “It was only a matter of time before you leaned about your heritage, especially since you’ve made friends with the Devil King’s little sister.”

“Wait, hold on. Buchou has siblings?” Izuku asked.

“She didn’t tell you?” Mizu asked. “Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. From what I hear, Lucifer and the other Satans are a little… quirky. She probably didn’t want to cause you or him any trouble.”

“Anyway, is the reason why you came back just to tell me about my heritage?” Ochako asked.

“Not exactly,” Mizu said. “I have other reasons for coming back. Which reminds me… Can you two give this to Rias Gremory for me?” She reached into her robe and pulled out a letter with four slashing curves arranged differently for a seal.

“Uh, sure,” Izuku took the letter. “Can I ask why?”

“I just want to meet with her and the other high-class devils in the city.”

“We should probably leave then,” Ibara and Izuku stood up. “I was a pleasure to meet you.”



That night, after Ochako’s parents left for home, Ochako began making dinner, which consisted of two microwave cups of ramen and green tea. “Man, I missed cup ramen!” Mizu giddily slurped up the ramen. “And green tea is so much better than that stupid yak butter tea.”

“Uh, yeah,” Ochako nodded as she continued to eat. “So, how exactly did you become a wizard?”

“Sorcerer,” Mizu corrected. “And it’s a bit of a long story. Remember when you and your parents visited me at the hospital?”

Ochako nodded. “I remember the look you had in your eyes the most. You looked so… crushed…”

Mizu stopped eating for a moment, her head hung low. “My entire world came crashing down after what happened. But then your mother told me to head to Katmandu, find a place called Domagoj. She said that if they were willing to give me a chance they could help me walk again. So, using up what money I had, I went to Katmandu, where I meet the Doc.”


“Yeah,” Mizu finished her cup ramen. “I had to beg him to let me into Domagoj. When they did, he… Okay, I was a little skeptical. He showed me things you’d find at any gift shop, like chakra graphs or incense and even a book about acupuncture. I was seriously close to burning his face off, when he, kinda… pushed my soul out of my body.”

“He what?”

“I know, it was a total shock. Then he sent my soul through some dimensions… It honestly felt like some kind of drug and alcohol induced hallucination. I even asked if they put something in that tea they gave me… It was just yak butter with honey, blah! Anyway, I began studying magic and training under the Doc, who taught me how to do things like this,” she moved her fingers up and down in a circular motion, a dazzling orange energy sprouting from his fingertips and opening up in a rift… which Mizu calmly reached into, pulling out a bunch of bananas.

Ochako stared wide-eyed at the display. “That’s awesome…”

“It took me about a year before I could walk again, and another to relearn how to run. Once I did I was taught some old school martial arts like karate and judo. He even gave me this,” she gestured to her swords, “the Yukinoha, the Blade of Infinite Winters.”

“Why’s it called that?”

Suddenly the sword unsheathed itself, the temperature of the room suddenly dropping as it did so. Ochako began to shiver, staring at the sword in fear.

“It’s alive?!”

Mizu grabbed hold of the swords handle, “Yeah, it’s technically a living thing, one with a fiery temper, ironically.” Mizu forcibly re-sheathed the blade. “Down girl.”

“…So, am I gonna get something like that?”

“Maybe,” Mizu was tapping the tip of Yukinoha’s handle, having a look that made her resemble a mother scolding her child. “You first need to learn basic magic, like telekinesis and portal creation, but I’m willing to let you keep one of the relics when we recover them.”

Ochako beamed at that. “Okay, so where do we start?”



The next day, Izuku and Ibara headed toward the clubroom after school like normal. Usually, it was to either train or do jobs, but today was slightly different. After giving Rias the letter, she seemed to freak out a little upon seeing the seal. After reading the letter, she asked him and the others to arrive early today, saying that some friends of hers will be attending the meeting today with Mizu. “What do you think that letter said?” He asked her once they reached U.A.’s campus.

“I’m not sure,” Ibara replied. “It must be serious if Buchou-san is meeting with Mizu-san.”

“Hey, you! With the freckles!”

A playful voice made Izuku and Ibara turn around. “Uh, yes?” he asked since he was the only one of the two with freckles. The person who called him was a girl around a year older than him. She wore the standard uniform for U.A. Academy with black thigh-high stockings with garters and black boots. She was rather tall, about 170 cm. She had a very cute face with red-violet eyes and dark hair with a cowlick sticking out at the top. She was also wearing a pair of blood ruby earrings. Her skin was in a light cream colored tone, and her figure was curvy and very luscious to look at.

“Uh, who are you?” Izuku asked, a light blush on his face.

The dark-haired girl gave a small snicker as she gave a small two-fingered salute with a wink, “Kudelia Dantarion, second-year general studies student and president of the Newspaper Club, at your service.”

“Is there something you want from us?” Ibara asked her.

“No. I just came to see you. Well, him specifically,” Kudelia replied.


“Yeah, yeah. I was really hoping to see the person that Rias has her eyes on,” she said, her eyes moving up and down on his body. “She’s a nice girl but catching her attention isn’t very easy, ya know.”

“I b-bet,” Izuku said. “I mean, it’s actually kinda surreal for me too.”

“After that, I wanted to take the opportunity to sample some delicious-looking young boys…” Kudelia quickly said, licking her lips as she suddenly went into a daze. She blinked as she suddenly remembered who she was talking to. “Wait, maybe I shouldn’t put it like that? Ignore what I just said.”

“H-hai…” Izuku nervously nodded slowly.

Ibara, however, glared daggers at Kudelia.

“Hehehe! But seriously, I like you, kid! I can see why Rias is so taken by you!” Kudelia laughed. “You’re cute but you’ve got something that a lot of people would love to have!”

“You’re… talking like you and Buchou have known each other for a long time,” Izuku said. “Not to sound insulting, but…”

“Hm, yeah,” Kudelia answered, folding her arms behind her head as she turned around to pace a few steps. “Rias has a totally sexy bod and she’s got nice tits so not a lot of people know that I’m associated with her.” She turned her head to look over her shoulder. “But…”

At that moment, the meter of distance between Izuku and Kudelia vanished.


Izuku only blinked before he realized that she had gotten so close to him. Kudelia had him pressed against a tree with her arms over his shoulders and gracefully flattened herself against his chest, and was now turning her eyes at him seductively. ‘SO CLOSE!’

Ibara could only gape at what she was seeing. ‘TOO CLOSE!!’ She internally screamed, jealously raging within her.

“Maybe later tonight, we can both learn about each other,” Kudelia smiled, enjoying the growing red on Izuku’s face. “How about you come over to the newspaper club so we can-”

“What do you think you’re doing, Kudelia?” a stern voice asked from over their heads.

“Wah!” Kudelia jumped comically before turning around. Standing before her was Sona, her arms folded and a look of displeasure on her face. “Holy shit, Sona! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“Practice what you preach,” Sona retorted, “Hitting on younger boys again I see, and not only that but Rias’ Pawn no less. What do you think would happen if she found you were coming on to her Pawn, hm? And you were about to grope him just now, right?”

At that, Izuku quickly placed his hands over his crotch, while Ibara grabbed him by the arm and pulled him toward her in a protective manner.

“Ehehehe,” Kudelia giggled as she bopped herself on the head. “I just wanted to see what Rias found so interesting from him.”

“Wait, Shitori-senpai. You mean she’s…” Izuku asked, clues starting to come together already.

“Yes. Kudelia here is like me and Rias, a devil from high society. She represents the Dantalion Household,” Sona explained to them.

Kudelia gave a small bow, “My real name is Kudelia Dantalion. Nice to meet you in person, Pawn and Bishop of Rias Gremory.”

Izuku and Ibara blinked, running Kudelia’s family name and fake name through their heads. ‘Dantarion… Dantalion… There’s barely any difference!’ They sweat-dropped inwardly.

“Anyway, I apologize for disturbing you like this, Midoriya, Shiozaki,” Sona said to them ruefully, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. “I’ll take this perv off your hands now.”

“Humph! Stiff as a board as always, huh Sona? You really need to learn to loosen up or everyone will just look at you like some kinda sourpuss!” Kudelia scolded childishly, raising her hands as they groped invisible air, “I know, how about a nice relaxing chest massage to cool your jets? They might get bigger too! Squeezy, squeezy~!”

Sona immediately flushed as she covered her chest, “I like my chest the way it is and I get enough of that from my sister!”

“Oh, a little skinship between sisters? That sounds so juicy! Do tell!”

“ENOUGH ALREADY!” Sona yelled, stomping her foot with a blush as Kudelia laughed.

Ibara could only blush at the implications of what Kudelia said, covering Izuku’s ears in a vain attempt to keep him from hearing.

Izuku, however, couldn’t help but think. How many more students in U.A. were really devils? Did Kudelia have a peerage herself?

“Calm down, Sona. I’m just teasing. No need to drown me,” shrugged Kudelia before turning to Izuku. “And one more thing. Me, Rias, and Sona are the only high-class devils at U.A. You don’t have to worry about anymore popping up.”

“Wait, how did know what I was-”

“CUZ I CAN READ MINDS!” Kudelia roared dramatically with arms raised over her head, making Izuku shrink to the ground. “Just screwing with you. It was written all over your face,” she smirked, lowering her arms.

“Uh… right,” Izuku said, slowly getting back to his feet. If Rias’ club was a front for her peerage and Sona’s student council was a front for hers, then it was possible that Kudelia’s club also acted as a front for her own peerage.

“If you’re quite finished, I believe we should be leaving now. See you tonight Midoriya, Shiozaki,” Sona said, walking away.

“Catch you later~!” Kudelia waved as she followed Sona.

“…I don’t like her,” Ibara muttered.

“Uh, Ibara, can you let me go now?”



In the clubroom, Ochako and Mizu sat on one of the sofas, being served tea by Yuuto. Across from them were Koneko, Izuku, and Ibara. Rias sat at the desk, Momo standing by her side. Night had fallen and they were expecting the Sitri group and the newspaper club to arrive shortly. There was a rapid knock on the door, followed by a cheerful “We’re here~!” The room’s door opened up, and in stepped Kudelia, followed by a group of girls. “Hey, gang! Thanks for having us!” Kudelia smiled.

“Glad you could come at such short notice, Kudelia,” Rias smiled, standing up from her desk.

“The pleasure’s all mine Rias,” Kudelia greeted back. “And you finally managed to increase your group’s numbers a bit,” she remarked, looking back and forth at the newest members of Rias’ peerage. Her eyes landed on the newest male in particular and waved. “Hey Midoriya, happy to see you again.”

“…Um, yeah. Hey, Dantarion-senpai,” Izuku nodded, blushing slightly as the vivid memory of her brushing up against him came back.

Ibara just glared at Kudelia.

“Oh, I see you’re already acquainted with my Pawn,” Rias remarked.

“Miss Kudelia met with your Pawn and Bishop several hours before,” the girl next to Kudelia spoke. She was rather tall, about 2 meters, and had a lean build. She was wearing the standard U.A. school uniform for girls. She had long black hair, an orang headband holding back her bangs and her eyes were brown. She had dog tags around her neck, and wore red sneakers. “I would’ve gone with her to make sure she didn’t try anything, but she dumped a bunch of paperwork onto me before I had the chance.”

“Oh, hush you,” Kudelia retorted. “Anyway, this is Tye Longshadow. She’s my Queen. A bit of a stuck-up, but she’s also very reliable. And I think you already know another person of my group.” As she said this, another step forward. Izuku quickly stood up in surprise, already recognizing her.

“Takamaki-san?” Izuku blinked. It was his classmate from middle school.

“Hello!” the glasses-wearing blunette smiled back at him. “Small world, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Izuku replied. ‘Is she the reason Dantarion-senpai knew about me?’

“Since you already know of my Pawn and Bishop, it should only be fair for you to know of my Queen,” Rias said, gesturing at said Queen, “Yaoyorozu Momo.”

“Pleased to meet you, senpai,” Momo bowed.

“Hmm…” Kudelia analyzed her, rubbing her chin, “You really know where to pick em, Rias. And as a bonus, your Queen has a really hot bod.”

“…Huh?” Momo muttered. The smirk the raven-haired King was giving her didn’t help.

“Sexual harassment is not allowed, hot-blooded hentai-senpai,” Koneko frowned at her direction.

“Ah, as cold as ever Koneko,” Kudelia snickered, completely unfazed by the glare. “You really have to learn to smile more. Ah, whatever,” Kudelia then noticed Mizu and Ochako. “Who are these two?”

“The reason I’ve asked for you and Sona,” Rias answered. “I’ll explain everything once she and her peerage arrive. In the meantime, how about you introduce your peerage to my new members.”

“Sure.” She looked back over her shoulder at the rest of her peerage behind her. “Alright people, go introduce yourselves to your new juniors.”

Milia was the first to step forward. “Hai! Milia Takamaki, Kudelia-sama’s Bishop. I’m happy to meet my new juniors today!” she said quickly before bowing.

The next girl stood forward after Milia did a light bow. “Halò. I’m Cammie MacCloud, Kudelia’s other Bishop. Nice to meetcha!” She spoke in a Scottish accent. Cammie had long blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles. She is rather petite in stature, and her hair is held up in a ponytail by a device that resembles both a mechanical set of rabbit ears and a hair bow. Her attire consisted of a long-sleeved hooded top in shades of green, black and white, accented by pink details. She’s also wearing a pair of black goggles.

The next girl to step forward was a little taller than Momo, about 180 cm, though her bust size was half of that of Momo’s. She had long gray hair tied in a sideways ponytail and gray eyes. She also has dark gray glasses. “…Hello. I’m Narukami Yuko, Kudelia-senpai’s Knight. A pleasure to meet you.” She said politely, though Izuku and the others couldn’t help but notice the lack of emotion she seemed to have.

“My name is Alexandra Dumas, Miss Kudelia’s other Knight. It’s a pleasure.” The next girl to step up was tall and curvy, about the same hight as Yuuto. She looked incredibly athletic, yet at the same time had a unique finesse to her. She had long brown hair that went past her shoulders with deep red eyes. She wasn’t as endowed as most of the other girls, being slightly bigger than Kyoka. Her light bronze skin showed some Latino heritage. She also spoke with a slight French accent.

“Hey! I’m Jessie James, Miss Kudelia’s Rook.” The next to introduce herself was slightly taller than Izuku. Her dark-red hair was rather short, only reaching to the tips of her shoulders and her eyes were purple. She wore the girls U.A. uniform, though with a vest instead of a blazer.

“I’m Nishino Nanase, Kudelia-sama’s other Rook,” the next to introduce themselves was a young girl with light brown hair in pigtails and green eyes. She wore a school uniform that consisted of a white shirt with a tan vest and a light green bow tie, a green miniskirt, and brown small ankle-combat boots with wings attached to them.

“Hi, I’m Celica A. Mercury, Miss Kudelia’s Pawn of five pieces. A pleasure to meet you!” This girl had long, auburn hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon, pale skin, and bright eyes that are a soft, reddish-brown color. He chest was notably well developed, bigger than Ochako’s.

“Ackerman Makoto. Kudelia-sama’s Pawn, worth three.” The last girl in the group showed even less emotion than Koneko. She had dark hair and gray eyes and wore a light brown hoodie, brown pants, and dark gray combat boots.

“So you got yourself a new Rook and found someone suitable for your Knight. Impressive, you’ve completed your set,” Rias nodded, looking at Nanase and Yuko.

“Well, I do admit that I had a bit of trouble recruiting them, but it was well worth it in the end. I’m not as picky as you or Sona,” Kudelia said, sounding a bit smug.

“Quality over quantity, Kudelia,” Rias retorted, “You don’t need to outnumber your enemies to overwhelm them.”

“Since you’re the Crimson Haired Princess of Ruin, I’m sure that power is all you care about,” Kudelia continued, her smile turning somewhat bitter. Before Rias could reply, there was another knock at the door.

It was the Sitri peerage. With three different devil peerages crammed in one room despite it being large, it was a full house, so some of them had to stand or sit on the floor. It was a good thing that there were some extra chairs around the room just in case.

Once everyone was settled, Rias spoke up. “Thank you for arriving everybody. I know this is sudden but this meeting was done at the request of our guest,” she gestured toward Mizu. “This is Mizushima Akari, formerly the Pro Hero Ryūtō, and a representative from Kamar-Taj.”

Suddenly, the room grew very quiet. But all of the younger devils were simply confused, in particular, Izuku, Ibara, Momo, and Saji. “Whoa! Are you serious?!” Kudelia asked.

“Uh, can someone explain why you’re all freaking out?” Saji asked. “What’s Kamar-Taj?”

“We’re a group of sorcerers whose mission is to maintain peace across the supernatural world,” Mizu answered, standing up. “We’re sometimes called the Masters of the Mystic Arts, which is accurate since, thanks to our power and influence, some consider us the fourth faction to the devils, angels, and fallen angels.”

That caused the eyes of the young devils to widen. “Seriously?!” Saji gaped.

“Indeed,” said Sona. “I’ve even heard that their leader, the Sorcerer Supreme, is one of the ten most powerful beings in the world. It was partly because of Kamar-Taj that the war between the three factions ended when it did.” She then looked to Mizu. “So what brings you here?” Sona asked.

“A few reasons, but I’ll start with the most important. About two months ago, several relics were stolen from our Hong Kong Sanctum. I tracked the thieves here, but they covered their tracks too well, which suggests they may be supernatural in nature. I spent the last two months talking to everyone associated with the supernatural, even a few heroes about the theft. Then, a few nights ago, I finally got a lead. Some yokai told me that several black market deals will be happening tomorrow night, with several big names in Japans underworld appearing. So…”

“You need our help looking for the relics at one of these deals?” Rias finished.

Mizu nodded. “There’s going to be at least ten different deals, each held at a different location. And the relics could be at any of them. There’s no guarantee that I’ll find the relics if it’s just me. Which is why I’m asking for your help.”

The three Kings looked at each other, each of them very worried about what might happen if they stepped in. But the fear of what might happen if they don’t step in influenced their decision. “Very well,” Rias nodded. “As this city is under my protection, I’ll aid you in retrieving these relics. Sona, Kudelia, will you help?”

Sona nodded. “We’ll provide whatever aid we can.”

“Count me and my group in!” Kudelia said.

The next few minutes were spent planning. It was decided that the three peerages will be split into teams, each staking out a different location. When a deal was taking place, they would observe from a distance. If they see any of the relics, they’ll notify the others.

“This is… kinda scary,” Ochako admitted. She was currently sitting next to Izuku and Ibara. “Mizu offers me to teach me magic, and that this would be a good first experience… I’m mean, sure, I helped you guys save Shiozaki-chan, but I only made a few of those stray priests float in the air. I’m not sure I can do this…”

“I’m sure you can, Uraraka-san,” said Ibara. “You were really brave to help Izuku-san and the others save me.”

“Ibara-san’s right,” Izuku added. “We’ll be there for you.”

“Thanks, guys.” Ochako smiled, scooting moving closer to Izuku, “It’s comforting that we’ll be on a team together.”

“Ahem,” the two looked to Ibara, who was sending a subtle glare at Ochako. Both of them looked between themselves to where her eyes were looking. Ochako seemed to have unknowingly grabbed Izuku’s hand into hers.

Blushing, Ochako quickly pulled her hand away. “A-anyway, we should get going,” she stuttered.

“Ye-Yeah. Let’s do that,” Izuku stuttered back.

Chapter Text

The next night, Izuku, Ibara, Ochako, and Milia waited atop the rooftop of a warehouse, looking down upon the dark alleys below. “How long do you think we’ll have to wait?” Ochako asked.

“Hard to say… All we know is that the deal taking place here will happen after midnight,” Izuku pointed out. “That was about five minutes ago, so we need to keep an eye out.”

And waited they did. Each of them took turns watching the road while the others took quick naps, changing shifts every ten minutes. It was currently Izuku’s second turn at watch, the girls playing a game of ‘I spy’ to pass the time.

Eventually, Ibara walked up to him. “Izuku-san, your turn is over.”

“Oh, right. Thanks, Ibara-san,” getting up, Izuku walked over toward Milia and Ochako as Ibara took her turn to watch.

“Anything yet?” Milia asked.

“No, just some pigeons,” Izuku sat down. “I wonder how everyone else is doing?”

“Hey, uh, Izu-kun?” Ochako spoke up. “Is there anything going on between you and… Shiozaki-san?” She asked, hoping she wasn’t blushing as she said it. Izuku, however, did blush a little.

“W-What? M-Me and Ib-Ibara? N-No, th-there’s nothing going on between us… Why?”

It was Ochako's turn to blush now, albeit lightly. “No reason!” She exclaimed.

Unnoticed by the two, Milia gave Ochako a jealous stare.



A middle-age man leaned against a wooden crate near the center of the warehouse and took a drag from his cigarette. He watched as the front entrance opened and three figures walked in. “I was wonderin’ when you’d show,” he said in a slimy, casual voice. “I didn’t know you were bringin’ back-up.  Should I be worried?” he coyly asked.

“All Might has been hanging out in the city more and more often,” a woman wearing a white and black outfit said. “It’s dangerous for groups like us to walk out in the streets alone.”

He could tell instantly that her words were hollow. ‘They aren’t for her protection per se,’ he reasoned. ‘She can take care of herself easily. She’s just being smart by having people watch her back.’ He flicked his cigarette into a puddle of muddy water and approached his client. 

“That’s far enough,” a young man wearing a bowler hat with a fringe sticking out from the side warned. The look in his eyes was like a snakes — he was being cautious, but ready for a fight at a moment’s notice. “Don’t get too close to the boss all casual-like.”

“Down, boy,” the woman said. “Sorry about Brandon. He… just hasn’t had a good fight in a while.”

“It’s no problem,” he assured her. “I can talk from here.” His eyes drifted from the eager younger man to the armored man. His armor resembled by medieval European knight armor. It looked to be some kind of carbon fiber titanium mix with yellow glowing lines and a dark raspberry colored cape. “And who’s he?”

“Who I am doesn’t matter to you,” the knight replied, his voice having an electronic tone, likely to disguise it. “What matters is if you have the information we need.”

“Alright. Then let’s get down to business.”



“That man…” Mizu whispered to herself. She, Yuuto, Koneko, Saji, and Alexandra were peering down from a window on the roof, making sure they were out of sight.

“You know him?” Saji asked.

“If I remember right, he’s an underworld broker for support items,” Mizu said. “I believe he’s called Giran.”

“You think he’s here for those relics?” Alexandra asked.

“I doubt it. Even if he knew what the relics were, not many would buy them,” Mizu stated. “Besides, you heard what they said. This isn’t the deal we’re looking for. We should leave, but first…” Mizu pulled out her phone and began texting someone.

“What are you doing?” Yuuto asked.

“Just telling an old police friend about a big fish,” Mizu smiled as she put the phone away. “Let’s get going. Maybe Chako and her boyfriend are having better luck.”

“Do you mean Midoriya-senpai?” Koneko asked.

Mizu nodded. “Chako defiantly likes the guy.”

“And so does Shiozaki-senpai,” Koneko pointed out.

“Are you serious?!” Saji gasped. “Damnit! How the hell is that guy so lucky when all I ever get is a sore ass?!”

“Not being a pervert probably helps,” Koneko deadpanned.



Ochako suddenly sneezed.

“Are you catching a cold, Uraraka-san?” Ibara asked.

“I’m fine,” Ochako replied. “I just wish this deal would happen already.”

The last two hours and ten minutes were spent with the four teens taking turns keeping watch. “I hope they show up soon,” Ibara said. “If Inko oba-san notices that we’re gone, she’s gonna be so worried.”

“Yeah,” Izuku nodded.

“I just got a message from Kudelia-sama,” said Milia. “The deal she, Gremory-senpai, and Sitri-senpai watched over didn’t have any of the relics.”

Izuku nodded. “Counting the one Kiba-san and Koneko-chan watched, that’s two. Now we just have to wait for our’s,” Izuku said.

Ochako looked out again and saw several vehicles approaching. “Guys! I think they’re here.”

They watched in silence as several black vans and a truck approached from the ports while some dark gray commercial humvees led by a dark red humvee approached from the city. They all stopped within feet of each other, their occupants stepping out. The drivers of the vans had old, ragged-looking clothing, while most of the humvee occupants wore black suits and sunglasses.

From the lead humvee, three people strode out. The first was a young man, likely not much older than them. He was shorter than most of them but taller than Ochako. His eyes were grey and he had striking orange hair that frames his face, with a longer section that falls just past his left shoulder. He wore a black hat with a red hatband and a thin silver chain that hangs over the brim.

His outfit consists of a white button-up shirt under a dark red vest, a black choker in the style of a pet collar, a black ribbon bolo tie held together with a small silver buckle, an open black cropped jacket with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows, black slacks, a black belt hanging off his right hip and black low-arch shoes, and black gloves. He also has a long black coat with light-colored lining and lapels with a light red undercoat, wearing it around his shoulders like a cape.

The other two were young women. One was tall and slender with cherry red eyes and red hair tied into a traditional Japanese bun that is held by three long golden clips and another hair clip on the right side of her head, composed by a light pink furry hair clip and red ribbon which forms a five-petal flower, and violet eyes. Her kimono is pink overlapped by dark purple one with bell flower motifs, tied neatly with a maroon bow which has white borders, and a light pink mantle which goes darker in color from her elbow to her feet. She wore red eye shadow and light pink lipstick. She’s also carrying a red Japanese umbrella.

The other had long, raven dark hair, violet eyes, fair skin, and a figure that could rival Rias’. She wore a black sleeveless jacket that has golden trimmings, a light gray-colored undershirt, dark-colored pants, and shoes. Izuku, Ibara, and Ochako recognized her right away.


“You know her?” Milia asked.

Izuku nodded. “Yeah. She tried to kill me because of my Sacred Gear, and she tried to steal Ibara’s. We would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for Buchou.”

Milia’s eyes narrowed. “She tried that?”

As the teens looked over the scene from above, the kimono wearing woman sighed as she pretended not to be aware of their presence. “Raynare, go take care of those spies. Chuuya, I know you’re usually not the type to pass up a good fight, but can you do this? I’m going to make sure we don’t get any other uninvited guests.”

“Sure, Ane-nee,” the man called Chuuya sighed. The older woman gave the fallen angel a nod as if to indicate what she intended. Understanding fully, Raynare casually walked behind a pillar alongside the waterfront and disappeared from sight while the kimono woman walked down an alley.

“Where’d she go?” Ochako asked.

“I don’t know, but I got a bad feeling I know why,” Izuku muttered.

“Show them,” Chuuya ordered one of the suits, who was carrying a briefcase. He opens it, showing the smugglers a large amount on Japanese yen.

“Money’s here,” one smuggler, likely the leader, said to the others.

One nodded and opened the back of a van, carting out several wooden crates. They opened one of the crates, revealing items like staffs, necklaces, and other drinks that looked they belong in a museum.

“You think those are the relics Mizu-san talked about?” Ibara asked.

“What else could they be?” Ochako said.

“We need to tell the others,” said Izuku.

“I’ll notify Kudelia-sama and the others,” Milia said, a small magic circle next to her ear.

“Yes, please do.”

The teens all froze. Slowly, they turned around, seeing Raynare, with a wicked smile, standing some feet behind them.

“R-Raynare!” Izuku and Ibara both gasped.

“When Big Sis Kouyou asked me to take care of some spies, I never expected one of them to be you, Welsh Dragon,” she formed a spear of light. “I’ve been looking forward to paying you back. And you even brought Ibara and that one girl too, and some devil friend as well. And here I thought this was gonna be a dull night!”

“Guess we don’t have any other choice,” Izuku summoned his Boosted Gear, activating Dragon Force.

“Do you have a plan, Midoriya-kun?” Ochako asked.

“Not yet, I’m afraid.”

Raynare began to laugh. “Good! Once I’ll kill you, your friends and masters will be next!”

“Like hell, we’ll let you!” Milia fired off a dark beam of magic.

Raynare caught off guard, could only rain her spear in an attempt to block the attack. The attack shattered her spear, leaving her open to Izuku landing a forward punch into Raynare’s chest. The force of the blow sent her skidding several feet back. She started to cough from the blow and little flecks of saliva came up from the force of the blow. Sucking up the hit, she glared at Izuku with an angry look.

“Why the hell are you trying to cop a feel for?!” she snapped, trying to go for head games. “Who do you think you are fondling me anyway?!”

The devils and witch all had different reactions. Izuku began stammering like an idiot trying to apologize. Ibara blushed a furious red. Milia looked almost jealous. And Ochako looked mortified.

“H-hey! Don’t accuse Midoriya-san of being a pervert! Besides, those two balls are probably fakes,” Milia retorted. ‘Oh shit!’ Milia sweat-dropped inwardly, having now realized what she said, ‘I think I made a mistake.’

Ibara and Ochako all began to blush bright red, while Izuku could only stare at Milia in shock.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it now kid,” Raynare hissed dangerously as two swords of light appeared in her hands, her feminine pride screaming for retribution.



Having just received Milia’s message, Mizu created a portal. “Let’s get going!” Mizu yelled. Before anyone could react, an explosion cracked the roof. 

“Oh shit!” Saji yelped.

Mizu wasn’t able to react in time, the explosion forcing her through the portal as it closed. From below, the armory man jumped up and landed on the roof, Brandon next to it. “Kids?” Brandon blinked. “And here I thought it was a pro hero. How disappointing.”

“You’re not much older than us, pal,” Alexandra shot back.

“Oh, shut it flat chest.”

Alexandra’s eye twitched. “That’s it!” She drew out a rapier.

Brandon smiled and drew a gun that had a long blade attached to the underside of the barrel. “Let’s dance!”

“Remember to keep focus, Brandon,” the knight warned, a yellow globing shield appearing on his left arm. In his left hand was something that made the devil’s skin crawl.

“That’s a sword of light!” Yuuto gaped.



Somewhere else in the city, three figures with a pair of bat-like wings flew through the cityscape, just high enough that they could easily be mistaken for birds.

In reality, they were Rias, Sona, and Kudelia, laying as fast as they could to where Izuku and the others were fighting. “I should’ve finished that fallen angel off when I had the chance,” Rias hissed.

“It’s not your fault, Rias,” Sona said. “You showed that low ranked fallen angel mercy at the request of your servants. There was always a risk involved.”

“And Mizu already went ahead to help,” Kudelia added. “We just need to make sure this Raynare doesn’t cause any more trouble for us.”

Rias nodded. “Right. Hopefully, Izu and the others are all right.”

However, as they neared the site, a phantom of some sort, looking like a gold glowing mix between a samurai and a geisha, appears before them.

“A Demon Phantom!?” Rias gasped as the phantom approached, blade ready. She was barely able to avoid the blade, a few strands of her red hair not as lucky. The phantom them went after Kudelia and Sona, eventually forcing the three devil heirs to a rooftop.

“What the hell was that?!” Kudelia demanded.

“That would’ve been me,” the devil heirs turned and saw the phantom had landed next to a woman wearing a pink kimono. “I must say, I never expected devils to appear here tonight.”

“Who are you?” Rias demanded.

“I’m Ozaki Kouyou, an Executive of the Port Mafia, and you and your servants are interfering in our business,” she said. “Golden Demon! Rid me of these devils!”

Ozaki Kouyou, Sacred Gear: Golden Demon. A subspecies of Demon Phantom, Golden Demon is an avatar-type Gear that follows the commands of Kouyou.



Izuku was hoping left and right, avoiding the swings of the light blades. Having already Promoted himself to Knight, Izuku had to stay on the defensive, as Raynare used her swords of light to attack viciously. Suddenly, Ibara’s vines raced down and encircled Raynare, holding one of her arms to her sides. Raynare grunted as she tried to free herself. “You think these can hold me?!”

“No,” a voice from above answered. “Just long enough for me to do this.”

Above her, Milia was floating with her devil wings, lightning sparking out from her hands. A tower of lightning shined. The shockwave forced Izuku back. Milia shielded herself as the force almost knocked her out of the air.

Raynare, chard from the attack, some of her cloths torn and burnt, glared at the teenage devils. “Damn you!” She tried to move, the Ibara’s vines prevented her from doing so.

“Raynare, just stop,” Izuku sighed. “This has gone off long enough. Just leave.”

“Don’t you dare look down on me!” Raynare hissed, concentrated light glowing in her hands, “You can take that pity of yours, and shove it right up your-!”

Suddenly, ice froze over nearly every part of the roof, except for the area Izuku and the others were standing on. Raynare, ice encasing half of her body, could only shiver in shock. “What…?”

“So you’re Raynare,” stepping out from behind the fallen angel, Mizu walked to her side. “For a fallen angel, you sure aren’t that pretty.”

Raynare, despite being half-frozen, gave a terse growl.


“We don’t have much time, so I’ll make this quick,” Mizu stood in front of the half-frozen fallen angel. “I’m sure you know why I’m here,” showing Raynare a necklace with the Kamar-Taj symbol. “So tell me what I want to know, and-”

Before Mizu could continue, something slammed into her torso, sending her crashing into an adjacent building. “Mizu-oneechan!” Ochako cried out.

Before anyone else could go check on the sorcerer, a new voice called out. “You just have a knack for finding trouble, huh Raynare?” Chuuya now stood where Mizu was.

“Mister Chuuya!” Raynare gasped. “Why are you here, sir?”

“Well, since most of the items disappeared into portals not long before I saw that gigantic light show, I went to investigate. And what do I find?” The man identified as Chuuya looked at the group, his focus on Izuku. “This fun little scene.” He tossed his coat aside, cracking his knuckles.

“Wait, Chuuya sir! That’s-”

“Yes, I’m aware of your grudge against the Welsh Dragon,” Chuuya began to glow a faint red. “But the Port Mafia’s needs come first. You and the grunts get the remaining items and fall back.” In a swift move, Chuuya kicked the ice holding Raynare, destroying it while keeping her unharmed. “I’ll deal with them.”

Raynare nodded. Spreading her wings, she flew off toward where the deal was taking place.

“I don’t suppose you have it in your heart to just give up?” Ochako said to the Port Mafia executive.

“No, I don’t,” Chuuya responded, his eyes betraying an eager look. “I’ve been having a hard time trying to reign in Raynare’s disobeying habit, so I need to let off the steam. And I intend to finish this in a single blow.” Charging forward, Chuuya flew with incredible speed at Izuku, who instinctively lifted his Boosted Gear in an attempt to block the hit…


Only to duck at the last second, delivering a kick into Chuuya’s gut.

“You call that a kick!?” Chuuya retaliated by grabbing Izuku’s arm and throwing him at the girls. Izuku’s body glowed red. He felt his weight increase as he crashed into the roof, going through it and falling into the warehouse below.

“IZUKU-SAN/MIDORIYA-KUN!” The girls cried.

“Izuku-san! Are you okay?!” Ibara called out.

“I’m fine… But I… Can’t move… My body… So heavy…” he grunted.

“That would be my Sacred Gear at work,” Chuuya clarified, a smile on his face. “Now then, who’s next?”

Chapter Text

Golden Demon flew towards Rias alarmingly fast, swinging the blade as it made its charge. Barely managing to avoid the slash, Rias decided to fire point-blank at the Port Mafia Executive’s avatar. Bolts of Power of Destruction swarmed around her. “Take this!” Shooting the bolts at the avatar, Rias managed to force it back.

However, its master appears behind her, blade drawn. Rias early had the time to react, forming a defensive barrier to protect herself as Kouyou brought her katana down. 

“Leave my friend alone!” Sona’s scream got the executive’s attention. When she turned around, her eyes widen in shock as she was greeted by a giant serpent made entirely out of water that hit her straight on, swallowing her in its mouth.

Immediately, the serpent began shaking, a large bump formed in its stomach area, growing quickly each passing second. Small holes formed in the water, golden lights erupting from them. Like a plastic balloon that was filled with far too much air, the serpent exploded, water scattering everywhere. As the violent sudden rain subdued, a lone figure was sitting where the serpent was, covered from head to toe in water, her hair was now down and messy, an annoyed expression present on her face.

Behind her stood Golden Demon sheathing it’s blade. “Trying to drown me? Had it been anyone else it may have worked.” The sound of thunder then caught Kouyou’s attention.

In the sky, clouds began to darken, thunder roaring across the heavens as Kudelia smiled. “Storm manipulation.” Lightning, wind, and water surged through Kudelia’s hands as she sent the elements coursing down towards Kouyou. Golden Demon did its best to block the attack, but some of it still managed to reach Kouyou. She grunted in pain as Kudelia twirled around and swept her up in a vortex before slapping her palms together, launching Kouyou back the way he came, sending her tumbling along the ground. Golden Demon had wrapped itself around Kouyou, who only receiving some torn clothes and a few bloody scratches.

The older woman smirked as if she was enjoying the fight. Spreading her wings, Kudelia and the other pure-bloods took to the air, sparks of electricity appearing in Kudelia’s hands. Kouyou’s eyes widened, realizing what they’re up too. “Unholy Thunderbolt!” Kudelia shouted. A powerful bolt of black lightning fired from her hands.

Kouyou made no effort to dodge the attack, however. Instead, Golden Demon appeared before Kouyou, taking the direct hit of the blast. The lightning struck the avatar, black electricity sparking all over the rooftop of the battle due to the water. Kouyou had managed to jump onto the Demon’s back, the avatar acting as a makeshift insulator.

Once’s Kudelia’s attack ended, the Demon vanished, Kouyou falling to the ground as the devils landed. “Had enough?” Kudelia asked.

“As much as I would like to continue this little ballad, I’m afraid we don’t have the time.” Kouyou turned, the sound of the police force’s patrol cars and whistles are coming closer. It seems like they received a report on the fighting. “Be warned girls: you may be heiresses to influential devil clans, but neither that nor the heroes will save you if you cross the Port Mafia again.”

Kouyou turned and began to walk away, rain beginning to fall. Rias and the others watched the women leave with contempt. “That was harder than I expected,” Kudelia huffed.

“The Port Mafia…” Sona said. “I’ve heard about them, and it looks like they’re no different from what the rumors… No, they’re more than the rumors made them to be.”

“Indeed,” Rias nodded. “Let’s get going. Izu-kun and the others might be in trouble.” 



The knight leaped into the air, swinging his sword of light downward. Yuuto disappeared from sight, appearing behind the knight. Creating a demon sword, Yuuto charged at the android, only for its shield to block his hit. “Holy Eraser!” The dark blade immediately began to weaken the knight’s shield. But the knight simply delivered a kick to Yuuto’s gut.

Yuuto gaged, dropping to the ground. “The ability to create any sword you can imagine? Interesting…” the knight noted.

“You forget about us, tin can?” Saji smiled confidently, a small black gauntlet that resembled a chameleon with a deformed face manifesting on his left hand. Pointing the gauntlet at the android, the chameleon’s mouth launched a blue line. The knight didn’t have enough time to react as the line wrapped around its leg and latched on tightly.

“And now, Absorption Line!” At Saji’s command, the line glowed.

The knight’s armor began beeping as the shield began to flicker, warning its wearer that the power was being drained. Strangely, the knight seemed calm. “Intriguing…”

“This is your chance guys, get him!”

Looking up, the knight saw Koneko falling towards him, looking ready to deliver a hard kick.

Nearby, Alexandra fought against Brandon, her rapier clashing with his gun blade. Suddenly, Brandon’s gun began dismantling itself, pieces either retracting or extending to form and link together. Soon it took the form of a full-length sword, the blades edge glowing orange. The glowing blade easily sliced through Alexandra’s rapier, having melted the metal. “Pretty hot, huh?” Brandon said to her.

Brandon Black, Quirk: Heatwave. He can superheat anything he touches.

“Ugh. ‘Pretty bad’, you mean.” Alexandra’s body glowed a light green, three spectral figures appearing next to her, each resembling a French musketeer. “And this is far from over. Men, take him!”

“Yes, ma’am!” The specters all said.

Alexandra Dumas, Sacred Gear: Trios Musketeer. She can summon three avatars to fight alongside her. Their names are Athos , Porthos , and Aramis.

The knight hacked at the line connecting Saji to his leg, cutting it and jumping out of the way just as Koneko was about to hit. Koneko’s kicked caused a large part of the rooftop to crack. “You’re far stronger than you look. I’m impressed.”

“…Thanks,” Koneko deadpanned. Saji stood behind the knight, readying his Sacred Gear again, while Yuuto stood to the side, two demonic swords in hand.

“Three against one? I suppose it’s no surprise for devils to fight dirty.”

‘He knows who we are?’ Yuuto thought to himself. ‘He’s clearly not an ordinary human. Just who is he?’

“I’m afraid our time has come to an end,” the knight turned to Brandon, who was fighting against the three specters. “Brandon, it’s time for us to leave.”

“Huh?! You can’t be serious! It’s just getting good!” Brandon complained.

“Just listen, boy.”

Sure enough, the unmistakable sound of police sirens were approaching.

“Aw, man! The police are almost here.”

The knight then turned to Koneko and Yuuto. “Be sure to keep proper care of the Red Dragon Emperor. He may become an important player soon.” Before the two could ask what he meant, the knight ran to Brandon, grabbed him and jumped off the building.

“HEY! Get back here!” Alexandra yelled, but it was too late. The two were gone.

“We should get out of here,” said Yuuto.

“We need to check on Buchou and the others,” Koneko added.



Chuuya charged at them again, aiming for the girls. But when he reached them, they vanished. “What the…?!”

All around him, multiple copies of the girls appeared. Chuuya tries to punch the nearest one, but his fist goes right through it.

“Fakes?!” Chuuya continued to attack each of the illusions, unaware that the three real girls were a good distance away.

“That should keep him busy for now,” Milia kept her focus on Chuuya, ensuring that he won’t hear or see the real them.

“Nice one, Takamaki-san,” said Ochako.

“Izuku-san, are you okay?” Ibara called through the hole in the roof.

“I’m fine,” Izuku responded. “I still can’t move, though.”

“I might be able to help.”

Ochako leaped down, using her Quirk to slow her descent. Squatting next to Izuku, she placed her hand on him.

Instantly he felt himself back to his original weight. Grunting, he stood back up. “…That actually worked?” Ochako asked, more to herself than anyone else.

“That Chuuya guy’s power must be similar to yours, only he can freely alter someone’s gravity,” Izuku noted, stretching his wings. “He increased gravity’s effect on me, then you removed gravity’s effect. So both of your powers canceled the other.”

“Are you okay, Izuku-san?” Ibara asked him as she and Milia floated down before retracting their devil wings.

“I’ll be fine. What about Chuuya?”


The roof behind them gave way, a very angry Chuuya clade in a dark red aura depending down with the remains of the roof.

“Oh. Never mind.”



“Gah, ow… What hit me?” Mizu groaned as she stood up. Whatever hit her, it had the force of a freight train. Pushing aside some debris, Mizu checked herself over. Aside from her torn clothing, what felt to be blood running down the side of her face, a slight concussion, and what was most likely a shattered arm, she was okay.

She felt the Yukinoha rubbing against her, asking if she was okay. “I’ll manage for now.” She told it. “I just hope Chako and the others are doing okay.”



Chuuya immediately went after Milia, who barely had time to register the sudden kick against her gut. The blue-haired devil was sent flying, crashing into the others with enough force to knock them against the wall. “Play time’s over, kiddies,” Chuuya floated into the air and charged at them. Ochako, acting on instinct, created a bubble around them that blocked Chuuya’s attack.


The Port Mafia Executive just to punch relentlessly against the shield Ochako had made. “How long do you think this little bubble can protect you?” Chuuya mockingly asked.

“How long will it last?” Ibara asked as she tended to Milia.

“I’m not sure. This is really the first time I’m doing something like this.” The bubble then began to crack. “Okay, not long!”

Chuuya smiled when he noticed that the bubble was beginning to break. “I was expecting more from the Red Dragon Emperor and his friends. Guess you don’t live up to the hype-”

A bright ball of plasma suddenly hit Chuuya, exploding. The explosion pushed the gravity man away from the kids.

“You guys okay?”

“Mizu-oneechan!” Ochako called out as the older woman ran into the warehouse.

“You kids get out of here,” Mizu ordered. “I’ll deal with him.”

Izuku then noticed how hurt Mizu was and her limped arm. “Wait, you’re hurt! You can’t take him on by yourself like that!”

Ice covered Mizu’s damaged arm, creating a makeshift cast. “I’ll be fine,” plasma gathered in her left hand. “Plasma Strike!” A beam of plasma shot at Chuuya, which created another explosion upon reaching the Executive.

Chuuya, however, walked out of the fireball. Aside from being singed a little, he was mostly fine. “Now that’s interesting,” Chuuya smirked. “I think I heard about you. You’re the Kaika Hero, Ryūtō, right? You have a Quirk that lets you control plasma.” 

“What can I say? Mess with Ryūtō, and you’ll get burned!”

Mizushima Akari AKA Ryūtō. Quirk: Plasma Cast. She can generate and control red-orange plasma, which she can use to create anything from small balls of explosives to shields.

“And that’s not the only thing I can do now!” She grabbed her sword, and with a swing of the blade, the entire warehouse was engulfed by a gigantic amount of ice.

The kids had managed to avoid the attack, having been lucky enough to be behind Mizu. “Holy hell!” Milia exclaimed.

Mizu stood there eyeing the ice she had created. Soon the ice began to glow red. It soon began to crack, imploding on itself. Chuuya then shot out and landed several feet in front of Mizu, the ground beneath him indenting. “An attack like that would’ve killed almost anyone else. And your arm must’ve shattered after I attacked you earlier yet you’re still going,” Chuuya smiled. “Guess the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj aren’t all talk.”

“And I’m impressed you withstood Yukinoha’s attack,” Mizu, despite herself, smiled as well. “I’ve never heard of a gravity manipulating Sacred Gear before. What’s it called?”

“‘For The Tainted Sorrow’,” Chuuya answered.

“Hm, poetic.”

“Like it? I came up with it myself,” Chuuya beamed with pride. “Anyway, why don’t you stop stalling. Talking isn’t going to get us anywhere fast.”

“I disagree…” Mizu shot red beams of magic at Chuuya. The gravity manipulator was quickly ensured by the bands, which anchored themselves to the ground.

“The hell is this?” The Port Mafia Executive growled as he tried to wrestle free. Red aura particle steamed off Chuuya’s body as he struggled. Mizu smirked, expecting little to come of it… But that smirk soon disappeared when the bands began to break.

With a roar, Chuuya quite literally broke free from the crimson bonds. Mizu jumped back several feet, shocked. “Not many can break those chains so easily.” Mizu began to sweat. “That’s not a normal Sacred Gear, is it?”

Chuuya smirked. “Yep. If I had to guess, it’s probably a Longinus.”

Nakahara Chuuya, Sacred Gear: For The Tainted Sorrow. The fourteenth Longinus that allows Chuuya to control the gravity of anything he’s touched, including his own.

“A Longinus?!” Izuku gasped, he and the girls watching from behind a still-standing wall.

“That can’t be right,” said Milia. “There are only thirteen Longinus gears in existence, and none of them allow you to control gravity!”

“It’s actually more likely than you’d expect,” Mizu said to them. “God wasn’t able to perfect His system, so there are plenty of bugs. The Longinus Gears can be considered part of that. Depending on what type of Sacred Gear it is, how it was created, and how it works, it’s possible for entirely new Sacred Gears to be born with the potential to evolve into Longinus Gears.” She looked at Chuuya and asked, ”Did something like that happen to you?”

“Not quite, but I’m not in the mood to discuss something so personal.”

“We gotta do something!” Izuku hissed as Mizu and Chuuya continued to fight. The only reason Mizu was ignoring the pain from her shattered as long as she had was because of adrenaline. Once that ran out she won’t be able to put up much of a fight.

“I got an idea.” Ochako focused, remembering what Mizu told her the previous night.



“Okay, so where do we start?”

“Well, first we need to figure out what kind of magic suits you best,” a book with stars and moons on the cover appeared in Mizu’s hand. “Witches and wizards like you tend to use magic that’s best suited to your personality and taste. Your mother, for example, is an expert at spacial magic, and since you share plenty of similarities with her we’ll start there.”


Mizu looked around the apartment, her eyes falling upon a paper cup near the tv. “See that cup there? I want you to imagine a ball surrounding it. Then imagine that ball taking the cup to the center of the table here.”

“Uh, okay?” Ochako eyed the cup in question. She focused, imagining a ball surrounding the cup. But after a minute of focusing, the cup stayed near the TV. “Ugh! I can’t do it!”

“I’m sure you can. But it looks like you weren’t focusing properly. Is something wrong?” Mizu asked.

“I don’t know,” Ochako huffed. “I can imagine the bubble, but that’s it. I’m not sure why, but lately I haven’t been able to focus on anything for some reason.”

 “Hmm… Seems like you’re distracted or otherwise bothered by something.” Mizu stated. “It’s not that uncommon of an occurrence among mages like us.”

“Di-distracted? By what?” Ochako stuttered.

“Oh, I don't know,” Mizu said, feigning ignorance and then giving Ochako a cunning grin, “Maybe something to do with a green-haired boy.”

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Ochako exclaimed.

“Those blushing cheeks tell a different tale.”

“I am not-” Ochako began to protest only for Mizu to shove a mirror in her face. Ochako had pinker cheeks then sakura blossoms. She just growled and avoided eye contact.

“Talk to me, Chako. I can help.”

“W-well…” Ochako trailed off. “Fine. I… I think I might like Midoriya-kun.”

“You think or you know?”

“I don’t know,” Ochako said. She was trying her best to remain calm, but Mizu could tell she was flustered over this.

The older woman then began to interrogate Ochako. “So, when Midoriya-kun is around, does your heart rate increase.”

“I… I think so.”

“Does your head feel fuzzy at all when he’s around?”


“Have you tried to avoid being alone with him?”

“I’m not sure. We never had much of a chance to hang out, and when we do Shiozaki is usually with him.”

“Alright, then earlier when you came here with him and Shiozaki, did you hope it would’ve been just him? That Shiozaki didn’t come with?”

“…Y-yes,” Ochako admitted.

Mizu nodded. “It’s official. You have a crush on him.”

Ochako turned red. “O-oh… I see…” She swallowed. Ochako was now very nervous. She had a crush. Her head was starting to feel funny again. “Mizu,” she asked as her face turned as red as an apple. “Am I really… in love?”

Much to Ochako’s shock, she saw Mizu shake her head and affirm the motion with a calm, “No.” Ochako tilted her head in confusion. “Right now what you have is a crush, which may soon bloom into love. And love takes time for all those involved. Just because you may love him now doesn’t mean Midoriya loves you back… at least not yet.”

Ochako nodded. “So, what do I do? Confess?”

“That would be the easiest option, but that can cause problems if done too early or too late. Just take it at your own pace for now. Now then, try teleporting that cup again.”

“…Right after that talk?”


Sighing, Ochako looked at the cup again and focused. She imagined the bubble around the cup, and this time a see-through, light pink bubble surrounded the cup. In an instant, the cup disappeared, reappearing on the table. Ochako gasped in shock before she gave a big smile. “I did it!”

“Good work, Chako!” Mizu said, smiling. “You’re officially a witch now.”



‘Imagine the pink bubble around that guy,’ Ochako’s hands began to glow a light pink.

A pink bubble of energy surrounded Chuuya. “What in-!”

Chuuya’s body contorted and warped into a spiral with an audible ‘whoosh’ before he disappeared completely. Ochako let out a sigh of relief. “I can’t believe that worked…”

She would’ve collapsed right there, but Izuku managed to catch her. “You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she huffed, laying her head against his chest, a light blush on her face. ‘I wouldn’t mind staying like this for a while.’

The moment didn’t last, though. From the corner of his eye, Izuku saw a flash of light. Recognizing it right away, he picked up Ochako just in time to avoid a spear of light.

“Looks like you managed to actually improve,” the all too familiar voice of Raynare said from above.

“You again!?” Milia exclaimed.

“I don’t know what you did to Mister Chuuya, but I’m not letting any of you leave alive!” Raynare held out a hand, conjuring a large spear of light from above. “Die!”

Raynare threw the spear at the teens. But it didn’t hit its target. Instead, Golden Demon appeared and, using its sword, sliced the spear in half.

“That’s enough, Raynare!” Kouyou called out. “Don’t waste any more time on these pests.”

“But, Big Sis Kouyou…” Raynare pleaded.

“The police and heroes will here soon,” Kouyou continued. “There’s no longer any reason to remain here.”

Raynare growled at her human superior, “Fine…” she reluctantly complied. She then looked toward Izuku and the others. “This is far from over.” She flew off, Kouyou disappearing as well.

“We need to leave, too,” said Mizu. “It be bad if the police see us here.”



A little while later, and all three Peerages had regrouped in the ORC room. Mizu was currently being tended to by Ibara, her Twilight Healing restoring Mizu’s arm back to proper shape. “I should be done, soon, but you should still rest for a while.”

“Thank you.”

Ochako walked up to them. “How are you doing?”

“Other than still not having any feeling in my arm, I’m doing great,” Mizu replied. “How’s everyone else?”

“They’re all fine,” Rias answered, Sona and Kudelia beside her.

“Still, Raynare going such a dangerous group is rather unprecedented,” Sona said. “It may be best to inform the Satans about this right away.”

“I already made a report to the Four Satans about Raynare’s new allegiance.”

“As did I,” said Mizu. “The doc will be meeting with Azazel, the Governor-General of the Fallen Angels, about it.”

“Wait, who are the Satans?” Izuku wondered.

“The Four Great Satans are the rulers of the Underworld who were selected after the death of the original Satans during the Great War,” Mizu explained, “The current four were given the titles of the original four; Lucifer, Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus. Rias’ older brother is the current Lucifer, while a Sona’s older sister is the current Leviathan.”

“The great war dragged on for several years and forced several other factions and races to get involved, the human race being one of them. It really caused all three factions to take major hits, and because of that it’s one of the reasons why we’re at a standstill at the moment,” Rias continued. “There were originally 72 high-class devil families in existence, but after the war the number dwindled to 33. At the moment, only half of the devil race remains and our people are quite desperate to repopulate, usually through… traditional means.” Izuku almost didn’t catch it, but he could hear the tone of Rias’ voice suddenly turn bitter.

“Just a little longer and it’ll be good for tonight,” Ibara interrupted before Izuku could question it. “It still hasn’t fully healed, so I’ll continue tomorrow.”

As the members of the three Peerage gradually left, Mom approached Izuku, Ibara, and Ochako as they were about to leave. “I heard you guys ran into Raynare again,” she said. “Are you all okay?”

“We’re all fine,” Izuku reassured.

“She… didn’t say anything, did she?” Momo tentatively asked.

“Uh, no. I don’t think so,” Ochako answered. 

Momo breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good…”

“How come?” Ibara asked.

“Um, hey?” another voice interrupted before Momo could answer. It was Milia. She was standing by them with a light blush on her face and rubbing the back of her head, “I wanted to ask you: Can we hang out sometime Midoriya-san, if you want? I mean, we’re both devils so we don’t have to hide anything anymore.”

“Uh… yeah, sure,” Izuku nodded, not seeing the jealous looks from Ochako and Ibara, or from his senior.

“Huh?” Rias blinked, looking over at Milia, “Hey, Kudelia. What’s up with your Bishop?”

“Who, Milia?” Kudelia asked, a smile on her face, “She’s had a crush on Midoriya for a while now.” Seeing her friend flinch from her words made her raise her eyebrows. “Oh~? You jealous of my Bishop, Rias?”

“Of course not!” Rias stated though the light blush on her face told Kudelia different.

“Right~. So, are you planning to add Ochako to your Peerage?” Kudelia asked nonchalantly. “I mean, she’s both a witch and an apprentice to a sorcerer from Kamar-Taj, she’d be a real catch. I’m just disappointed that I won’t have the chance. But you better hurry before Sona takes her.”

“I’m not gonna let that happen,” Rias stated. “I had a feeling something was different about her compared to normal humans. Now that I know she’s a witch, she can become a very versatile Rook.”

“Plotting behind backs, are we?” Rias froze up. She glared at Kudelia, who was smiling, before turning around to so Mizu standing over them. “What’s this I hear about wanting Chako to become a Rook?”

“Uh, well…”

Mizu patted Rias on the head. “It’s okay. If Chako wants to become your servant, that’s up to her.”

Rias, though somewhat surprised, smiled and nodded.

“By the way, Chako,” Mizu spoke up. “Where did you send Chuuya too?”

Ochako blinked a couple of times, taking a moment to remember. Mizu had told her that teleportation spells like that work best when the caster is familiar with the destination. She thought back, trying to recall what came to her mind. The first place that she could think of was-

Her eyes soon grew wide, a look of horror on her face.



Ochako gaped in shock, Mizu and the Gremory devils right behind her. A good part of her apartment was gone, replaced by rubble. “Damn…” said Mizu.

“…That sucks,” Koneko deadpanned.

“What am I gonna do now?”

“Well…” Mizu slowly looked at Izuku, along with Rias.

“Why are you looking at me?”



“A big part of her apartment was destroyed. Some of her things survived, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.” Ochako, Izuku, and Ibara watched from their seats at the table as Mizu gave Inko her explanation. “She could head back to her parents home, but that’s at least a 4-hour train ride. Not that convenient for attending U.A. Allowing her to stay here won’t be of any hindrance, will it?”

Inko, with a sympathetic look, answered, “Of course not. The poor dear… Losing her home like that.”

“I’m sorry for being an inconvenience,” Ochako spoke up, hanging her head low.

“It isn’t, Ochako-chan,” Inko said. “You’re welcome to stay here as long as you like.”

“Yeah,” Izuku added. “I hope you like it here.” Ibara watched on quietly, grumbling something about ‘rivals’ and being ‘out of reach’.

Inko then began to ask questions about Ochako. It was quite the shock when she learned that Inko had a similar Quirk to her own.

When the topic of why she wanted to be a hero was brought up, Ochako told them about her past and parents, and even the reason why she wanted to be a hero, much to her embarrassment, but thankfully, Izuku, Ibara, and Inko looked to be supportive and understanding regarding her reasoning.

“Ochako, dear, there is nothing wrong about being a hero for profit, especially if it’s to support your family. My husband is the same way.”

“And I can honestly say that what you are well on your way to becoming a wonderful hero that your parents can be proud of, Chako. I know I am,” Mizu added.

Ochako couldn’t help but feel flustered at the praise, but the feeling of elation she was getting from their support had put a massive, slightly teary smile on her face. She managed to get off a soft word of thanks, before changing the subject so she wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.

After a long while of nothing but pleasant talk and a quick visit to Ibara’s room (which Ochako will be sharing with now) and Izuku’s room, which was full of All Might memorabilia to Ochako’s amusement and Izuku’s embarrassment, they began to unpack Ochako’s things. It went by relatively quickly, due to the limited amount of things she actually had.

The only real obstacle was the box of clothes, which Izuku had the (un)fortunate luck of opening, laying his eyes on a bra and panties before an embarrassed Ochako closed it. It took about a half-hour for Izuku to calm down after seeing it.

Once they had finished unpacking, the three had sat down in the living room while Mizu and Inko continued to chat. “Do you think you’ll like it here, Uraraka-san?” Izuku asked.

“I think I will.”

Ibara silently glared at Ochako.

“By the way, what was it that Rias wanted to talk to you about?”

“Oh… She asked if I was willing to join her peerage now.”

Both Izuku and Ibara blinked. “Really?”

Ochako nodded. “She made a really good argument about it, including how I’ll get funding for my parents.”

“Wait, does that mean you accepted her offer?”

“…I did,” Ochako answered. “But I want to wait a little bit before the whole reincarnation happens, wait until I’m conformable with the idea.”

“Why did you accept?” Izuku asked.

“…To be honest, to be closer to you, I guess,” she admitted, her face as red as a tomato, which caused Izuku’s face to turn red as well.

Ibara continued to glare at Ochako.

“Anyway, where’s your dad?” Ochako asked hoping to change the subject.

“Oh, he works overseas,” Izuku answered. “I don’t really see him that often. I think the last time he was home was for Christmas last year. He barely has enough time to actually come home due to his job, so it’s just me and Mom here before bara-san moved in. Mom’s all I needed, though. She’s amazing for raising me practically on her own and was super happy for me when I… finally got my power,” Izuku explained, looking slightly nervous and even a little melancholic towards the end.

Ibara and Ochako noticed his change in tone and couldn’t help but frown. Izuku had told them and the others a while ago about how everyone, particular Bakugo, treated him after they discovered he was Quirkless. While Izuku said he was okay, it still pained the girls to know that the boy they admired went through a lot of torment in the past.

Ochako, in particular, wanted to make the pain in his heart go away… To bring his smile back to his face where it belonged. Resolved, she grabbed his shoulders and made him turn to her, much to his surprise, and proceeded to pull him into a warm, loving embrace, causing him to turn red in embarrassment.

“Ura-Ura-Uraraka-san! Wh-What’s this f-for!?” He exclaimed as she felt his arms flailing, as if unsure of where they should go.

“…Ochako,” she said, her face just as flushed as his. “If we’re gonna be living together from now on, I want you to at least call me by my name, Izu-kun.”

Izuku audibly gulped, not expecting her to use the nickname Rias gave him.

He then suddenly felt someone grab his arm. Turning, he saw Ibara had wrapped her arms around his, looking jealous for some reason. “Uraraka-san, can you please let Izuku-san go now?”

“No,” the little witch soon to be turned devil responded, a sly smile on her face.

Izuku watched in worry as what looked like sparks flew as the two girls glared at each other.

In the kitchen, Mizu watched with an amused expression. “Well, it looks like they’ll get along just fine,” she said, an amused smile on her face.

Inko simply watched the spectacle with a look of awe before shaking her head with a small smile on her face. “Teenagers,” she sighed to herself.



“Midoriya and the others ran into Raynare?” Kyoka asked.

“Yes,” Momo was finishing telling her what happened that night, the two in their room at the Jiro residents. “She has apparently joined the Port Mafia.” Momo undid her ponytail, letting her hair down.

“Damn… Did she tell them about-”

“I asked Midoriya-san and the others. She never mentioned me or him…” she hissed the last bit, her hands beginning to shake.

Seeing this, Kyoka took hold of Momo’s hands. “You do realize you can’t run from it forever, right? Rias and the others will learn about it eventually. It'll be better for you to tell them instead of someone like your cousin.”

Momo hung her head. “I know, but… What if they don’t accept me… Midoriya-san and Shiozaki-san were both tormented by fallen angels, so what if they-”

Kyoka stopped Momo by giving her quick peck on the lips. “You don’t know that,” Kyoka told her. “Besides, Rias and Midoriya are both pretty smart. They might’ve figured it out or at least know you didn’t tell them everything. It be better for you to be honest with them.”

“…Not yet,” Momo answered.  “Not now. I’m not… ready. If I try now, I don’t know what I’ll say or do. It could lead to something we’ll regret.”

Kyoka nodded. “I don’t wanna rush you, but if you’re gonna talk to them, how long do you need?”

“I don’t know. I just need time. I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.”

“Well, whatever you decided to do, I know of a way to cheer you up.”

“Hmm?” Momo didn’t have time to register when she suddenly felt Kyoka’s hands began foddering her breasts. “Ah!” Momo’s face erupted into a blush. She retaliated by passing Kyoka down into the bed.

“Kyoka! Sneak attacks aren’t fair!” She playfully said, leaning her face near Kyoka’s. “And I’m always the one to dominate you.”

“I thought I’d mix things up a little tonight,” Kyoka replied, earning a giggle from Momo.

“As fun as that sounds, it’ll have to wait.”

The two shared a kiss to start off a night of ‘fun’.



On the top floor of the Mori Corporation’s central tower, the tallest building of Yokohama was a large office. It had a beautiful view of the city due to its position. There were countless books lining the shelves on the walls, a wooden desk sat at the end. There was a checkerboard marble floor and a handcrafted red carpet.

But this wasn’t the office of some corporation. This was the home of the Boss of the infamous Port Mafia, Mori Ougai. He was sitting at the desk, wearing a white button-up, a black pinstriped suit jacket, black shoes, and black trousers. The shirt has a purple and white striped tie. Over this, he has a black trench coat and long, almost knee-length maroon scarf he leaves hanging over his shoulders untied. He’s also wearing white gloves.

Next to him on the floor was a young girl, humming as she drew on the floor. She was young, having pale skin and bright blue eyes.  She has long, blonde hair, styled with straight, blunt bangs across her forehead and long, thick ringlets that curled past her waist. She wore a large red bow on the right side of her head. She wears a red dress with short, puffy sleeves and a frilled, white hem at the bottom. Around the waist is a thin white band. Her collar is white and buttoned, fastened by a pink ribbon. Below, she wears black and grey stockings with red Mary Janes.

Before Mori were three people: Chuuya, Kouyou, and Raynare. “That concludes our report.” Kouyou had finished recapping what happened that night.

Mori nodded. “I see. Chuuya,” he addressed the gravity user. “Take what little relics we’ve managed to acquire and store them in our main vault. We’ll contact Kamar-Taj afterward and negotiate their return.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And Raynare,” the fallen angel visibly flinch. “I must congratulate you for finally obeying orders for once, however brief it was.”

“Thank you, sir,” Raynare looked up to him. “But I recommend that-”

“No, we will not eliminate the Red Dragon Emperor nor his friends,” Mori quickly countered. “Doing so would risk the wrath of the Devil King. If that were to happen, this organization may not survive.”

Raynare gritted her teeth. “…I understand.”

“Good. You may leave now.”

“Boss,” Kouyou spoke up. “May I have a word?”

“Very well.”

Raynare cast Kouyou a slight glare as she stood up, following Chuuya out of the bosses office. Once they had left, Kouyou turned to the Boss. “Why did you bring that brat into this organization? Not only is she immature, but she’s also incredibly petty. She’s bound to cost the Port Mafia more than she’ll earn it.”

“It was a request from an old friend,” Mori answered. “He asked me to look after her. He’ll eventually come retriever her, but until then she’ll have to take orders from you and Chuuya.”

Kouyou sneered. “Just who exactly is this ‘old friend’?”



In a large room of an expansive mansion, a young girl entered a room pushing a trolley filled with sweets and a tea kettle. Her hair was tied in twin ponytails with large, drill-like curls, blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair had several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. She wore a long, pink dress with white frills and a magenta bow in the front. She wore matching pink shoes and light pink stockings. In short, she had the appearance of a teenage princess. “Riser, I’ve prepared lunch,” she said to the other occupant in the room, an older man in a sharp suit.

“Oh? Thank you, Ravel,” the man said. He was sitting on a chair by a wall, preoccupied with the picture in his hands. Ravel didn’t seem to mind as she poured tea into a teacup.

“Are the preparations for the ceremony going well?” Ravel asked him.

“Humph,” he smirked, “Like they’ll be any problems.”

In his hand, he held a photo of a 14-year-old Rias Gremory in a white dress.

Chapter Text

“Midoriya-san, how is your training going along?” Milia asked. Class had ended a few minutes earlier and most of their classmates had already gone home.

“Oh, it’s going great… I’ve managed to increase my limit by a couple of minutes,” Izuku’s voice trailed off as he held his chin, eyes focused on the ground in front of him. “But there’s still a lot about my Sacred Gear I don’t know about. Buchou told me that I might be able to transfer the stored up power to someone or something else now. That has plenty of uses, but there’s still so much about the Boosted Gear I don’t know. Like who’s voice I heard when fighting Chuuya. Still, if I can transfer the power to someone like Ibara-san, then her Twilight Healing can heal wounds more easily. Maybe I should train with her today, but… no, no, I should hold off on that until after I can use the transfer without fail. One thing at a time after all. Buchou keeps insisting for me to not overwhelm myself whenever I train…”

“There he goes again…” Milia sighed in amusement as she watched Izuku mumble. It was now mid-December. About a month had passed since the fight with the Port Mafia, and only about two months were left before the U.A. Entrance Exam. She hadn’t seen him or Ibara around the school as often as she used to. They were likely training whenever they could before they did their duties as Rias’s servants. Speaking of…

“By the way, how’s Uraraka-san doing?”

“Oh, uh, she’s doing great. Buchou reincarnated her last week. She’s still getting used to her new strength, though.” Izuku chuckled, recalling how Ochako accidentally crushed a doorknob not long after reincarnating. “It takes a little while to get used to being a devil, huh?” He said, recalling how he felt after Rias reincarnated him.

“I suppose so, but I would never know. I was born a devil.”

Izuku did a double-take. “You were always a devil?!”

Milia rubbed her head, “I guess I never told you. See, my dad’s Japanese, but my mom’s a devil. She was a succubus, a sub-race of all-female devils, which technically means so am I.”

“Succubus?” When he realized what that meant, Izuku’s pupils shrank, his face suddenly becoming red.

“N-No! No! I-I’m not like that!” Milia exclaimed, blushing herself. “Though I do understand why you would think that…”

“I’s kay…” Izuku garbled out a response as he cooled down. Then something else that Milia said caught his attention. “Wait… Your mother ‘was’ a succubus?”

Milia’s head began to hang low. “…She and my dad were killed about a year ago.”

Izuku gasped, flashbacks to when he met Freed coming to his mind. The two continued to walk in silence toward the school gate. Ibara and Yuuto were already there, waiting for Izuku. “I need to get going now,” Izuku said to Milia. “I’m sorry about your parents, Takamaki-san. If there’s anything I can do to help, I-”

Milia smiled at him. “You already did more than enough, Midoriya-san,” Izuku wondered what she meant by that. “I need to get going myself. See you tomorrow.”

“Right. See you tomorrow, Takamaki-san.”

Milia watched as Izuku met up with Yuuto and Ibara. A small amount of jealousy boiled within her when she saw how close Ibara was to Izuku as they walked, but she also felt determination. ‘I won’t lose to any of them,’ she mentally reassured herself, mostly referring to Ochako and Ibara. ‘If they’re going to U.A. with Midoriya-san, then I’ll do the same!’



Later, the Occult Research Club, otherwise known as the Gremory group, were all gathered as usual. The school day was already over and the devils were now preparing to do their ‘devil work’.

Koneko had already left and Kiba was preparing to leave. Momo was serving Rias some tea and Ibara had just come back. “I’m kinda nervous,” Ochako admitted. “My debut as a devil. I don’t even know if I can do this.”

“I’m sure you’ll do great, Ochako-san,” Izuku reassured. “If you want I can come with you.”

Ochako blushed. “Uh, sure. I’d like that.”

They failed to notice the slight glare Ibara gave.

Ochako then asked Izuku. “What was your first job like?”

“…I’d rather not talk about it.”

Rias then taught Ochako how to use a magic circle to transport her to where the client was. Ochako, accompanied by Izuku stepped into the circle. They were enveloped by the light of the teleportation circle, disappearing a moment later.



When the light dimmed down, they opened their eyes, revealing themselves to the environment. It looked like the courtyard of an old shrine, one with a view that overlooked the city. It looked like it had been abandoned for a while, otherwise, the two of them wouldn’t have been able to enter. Yet there were boxes and crates surrounding the entrance. It looked like someone was in the middle of moving into the shrine. But who?

“Where are we?” Ochako asked.

“My place.”

The two turned, seeing a familiar face that the familiar voice belongs to.


Ochako ran to the older woman and hugged her.

“Ow! Be careful, Chako! My arm still hurts!”

“Ah! Sorry!” Ochako let go in an instant. “But why are you still here? I thought you wet back to Katmandu?”

“Good question,” Mizu smiled. “See, not long after the Port Mafia returned the relics, it was decided to create a new Sanctum here in Japan, with me as the master.”

“So this is… all yours?” Izuku asked, looking over the shrine.

“Yep. This place was abandoned by it’s god several years ago. After some negotiations, Kamar-Taj now owns this shrine, our new Sanctum.” Mizu then looked over the tons of boxes and crates. “Course I need help setting it all up, so I figured I ask my devil apprentice to help.”

Ochako looked over the many boxes. This was going to take a few hours at least. “Any chance this is part of my training?”

“Nope. This isn’t Karate Kid.”



Sure enough, it took at least two and a half hours to get all the boxes and crates inside. Once that was done their contents were to be removed and place throughout the shrine. Overall this part wasn’t as bad. Mizu had already set up several display cases, hooks, and empty book selfs throughout the shrine. All they had to do was place the relics where they would work.

Izuku brought one of the smaller boxes into a room Mizu was going to use as a study. There he noticed that something was already there. It was a coffin made of silver. Chains of various sizes were wrapped around it, some of which were bolted to the floor. On the lid was an upside-down cross. Below the cross was an inscription written in English.

The Bird of Hermes is my name

Eating my wings to make me tame

“Izu-kun, you in here?” Ochako asked as she entered. “I just finished with the first room. How are things… What is that?”

“I don’t know. I just found it.” Izuku took a second glance at the coffin. He didn’t know why, but something about this coffin seriously unnerved him. “Let’s go find Mizu-san.”



Several hours after helping with the move-in, Ochako and Izuku returned to the clubroom. “We’re back!” Ochako called out. Though the only one there was Rias, sitting at her desk doing paperwork. Everyone else must still be out on jobs.

“Welcome back,” Rias replied. “How was your first job?”

“It went pretty great!” Ochako beamed. “It was great to see Mizu-oneechan again. She even gave me this.” Ochako showed her master a wooden staff. It was the same height as Ochako and had a red gem surrounded by the wood at the tip.

“A witches staff? That is certainly a rare artifact. There aren’t many of those left in the world.”

“She said that it’s both my payment and a gift. Apparently, it’s a Kamar-Taj tradition that the person who recruits a new member is responsible for their well being, so they often hand down a belonging to symbolize that. That was how she got the Yukinoha. And why didn’t you tell me she was the one who sent that request?”

“She wanted it to be a surprise,” Rias answered. “No complaints, either. I say you’ll do fine as a devil, Ochako-chan.”

Ochako blushed lightly at Rias’ compliment. “It’s no big deal? But I gotta ask: Are all devil jobs that easy?”

“They usually are,” Rias smirked. “Unless you’re Izu-kun. The entire time he’s been with us he’s only completed a handful of contracts.”


“Really? …Wait, really?!” Ochako looked at Izuku. “How come?”

Izuku laughed nervously. “Well, it’s not like the jobs I get are hard… it’s just that most of my clients are… kinda weird. With impossible requests. Like Morisawa-san. He’s one of Koneko-chan’s clients, but he sometimes requests me to talk about manga and the like. Then there’s Mil-tan, who wants to become a magical girl-”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“He’s also a male bodybuilder who likes to cosplay as a magical girl.”

“…I take it back.”

“Then how about we come along?” Rias suggested. “I just received a request from a new client. It be a good way to end the day, don’t you think?”



From the looks of it, it was a room in an apartment. When Izuku looked around the room, he noticed the abundance of objects related to Sengoku. There was a sword in a sheath mounted on the wall and many posters of Japanese castles. There was also a scroll that said “Fuurin-Kazan”. There was even a helm of the “bushou” from the Sengoku Era on the shelf. The room was dark, but there were lights on the lamps.

“Wow… this is really cool.” Izuku muttered.


Ochako let out a sudden voice and almost fell back. She was apparently spooked by the armor sitting right in front of them. It looked ominous because of how dark it was in the room. Looking around, there didn’t seem to anyone else in the room besides them. That is… until the armor moved.


“Um….ummmm… Ar…are you people devils…?”

The armor was talking. No, rather, there was a person speaking from inside of it. And from the sound of the voice, it was a woman.

“Yes, we are.” Rias calmly answered.

“I’m really shocked… Devils do exist… My name is Susan. Just like you can see, my hobby is to collect things related to the Sengoku Era… I’m sorry for dressing up like this… It’s dangerous at night, so I protect myself like this by wearing this armor…”

‘I’m not sure you have much to worry about dressed like that.’ Izuku mentally said.

Rias stepped in front of the group, taking the foremost position. She started with a nod. “My name is Rias Gremory. This here is Midoriya Izuku, the Devil you summoned. Me and Ochako are just here to see how well he does.”

“I see… I’m glad that the ones who came out were kind looking devil-san. If it was a scary devil-san, I would have drawn out this katana, Kijin-marukuni-shige…”

Susan said that while holding a Japanese sword in a sheath in her hand. Due to the blatant ridiculousness of the situation, Izuku’s and Ochako’s faces somehow ended up getting stuck with deadpan expressions.

“…Are your clients normally like this, Izu-kun?” Ochako whispered.

“…Pretty much.” Izuku whispered back. Clearing his thought, he stepped forward. “So, Susan-san, what was the reason you summoned me? You called us because you wanted us to fulfill your wish right?”

When Izuku asked, the armored foreign woman began to cry.

“…Sob…Sob… Please come with me to the University I am attending as an exchange student… the University at night is really scary…”

Upon hearing that request, Izuku and Ochako sweat-dropped. “Eh?”

“You’re joking, right?” Ochako asked.

“B-But, but…! I left my notebook there… the university at night is too scary, I can’t go alone… Uuu…”

Izuku sighed, having gotten used to these odd requests. “Where is the university?”

About a half-hour later, the three devils and armored woman returned to her apartment, notebook in hand. It was… rather odd. Susan was a total scaredy-cat, swinging her katana around at the slightest sign of something scary. Though, Izuku silently admitted that the university did look creepy at night.

Izuku had already received his payment. It wasn’t a big wish so he didn’t mind doing it for free, but she insisted she would pay a price. The payment he received was a small scale Japanese castle. For some reason, Rias took a deep interest in it and decided that they would keep it in the clubroom.

Rias had started to cast the magic equation connected to the magic circle in the clubroom, made for returning to the clubroom after confirming the job is completed.

“Okay. We will be going back now.”

“Um… excuse me…” Susan walked up to Izuku shyly. “…It might be a bit rude… If it isn’t rude, there is one more wish I want to be fulfilled…”

“Uh…” Izuku looked to his master. “Is this okay?”

Rias nodded. “I don’t see why not.”

“To tell you the truth… I’m thinking of going forward to someone… who goes to the same University as me… and tell him about my feelings.”

“Feelings?” Ochako immediately realized what she meant. “You’re planning to confess to someone?!”

Susan started shaking like a maiden when Ochako said that. “Umm… umm, there is a man that I like… I’m slow at these things, but I want to tell him my feelings…”

Rias gained a smile after hearing that and nodded. “It’s a wonderful wish. Okay. I will listen to your wish.”

“You will? I’m glad! Devil-san are good people!” Susan began to do a step dance after hearing Rias’s answer.

“So what do you want us to do?” Izuku asked. “I’m not that great at these sort of things, so I’m not sure I’ll be of much help.”

“If it’s possible I want to go out with him by telling my feelings… But it’s my first time doing something like this… I’m not sure where to start.” Susan admitted. In other words, she wants to win a man’s heart by natural means, but since she doesn’t know much about it, she’s asking for assistance from the devils.

“It would be the quickest if you confess your feelings directly.”

Susan shook her head violently at Rias’s suggestion. “It’s impossible for me! I’m too embarrassed!” Being the scaredy cat she is, it did seem implausible for someone like Susan to confess so directly. Especially if she was gonna end up doing it inside that armor.

“Then… how about you write him a letter?” Ochako suggested.

Rias nodded at Ochako’s suggestion. “Yes, I think a love letter is also good. I think it’s wonderful to show your feelings in a letter as well.”

“I understand! I will write it!”

Susan went into a corner of the room and started to search for something. She then took out a calligraphy set. She got a blank page for the calligraphy and put it down. She then dipped the brush in the ink, preparing to write something on the paper. But then she stopped.


And her body started shaking.

“…Uuu, I don't know what to write…” She sounded like she wanted to start crying again.

Gently, Rias placed a hand on Susan’s armored shoulder. “Just write what you feel.”

“…W-What I feel?”

As Rias and Susan discussed on what to write, Ochako began to think. ‘Maybe I should take my own advice,’ she looked to Izuku, who was once again admiring Susan’s Sengoku Era collection.

“Something on your mind?”

Ochako squeaked in surprise at Rias’s voice, which drew Izuku’s attention. “No! Nothing! Everything’s fine!”

“If you say so,” Rias chuckled as she sat down next to them.

“How’s the letter coming along?” Izuku asked.

“It honestly sounds like an official address,” Ochako noted, overhearing Susan as she read aloud what she wrote.

“It’s alright,” Rias said. “It’s the feeling that matter, not the form. Not the form…”

For a moment, Izuku saw a somber look in Rias’s face when she said that. She looked almost… sad. “Buchou…?”

“I’m done!”

Looking up, the devils saw that Susan was done. And she had apparently grabbed a bow and arrow, folded the letter to the arrow and was beginning to fire.




After a few days, Izuku, Ochako, and Rias had reunited with Susan in a random park. And Susan had… gone all out. In front of them was a base, various flags with a certain symbol on it everywhere. And at the center of it, the armored Musha sat on a chair.

With the help of Rias a few days ago, she finished writing her love-letter safely and safely delivered it to the person she likes. Well, as safely an arrow can take it without injuring anyone. What mattered was that she successfully delivered her letter. And now the man she was crushing on will be coming to the park today to give Susan a reply to her confession.

Izuku, Rias, and Ochako stood on the sidelines while Susan, on the other hand, was shaking a bit in her armor. She seemed nervous, but it honestly looked creepy. A bizarre sight for any bystanders witness to it.

“Looks like he’s here.”

When the group looked in the same direction as Rias, there was a figure in the distance, gradually getting closer… Wearing western armor. A knight’s armor. He held a cone-shaped lance in his right hand and a shield on the left. His head is covered with a helm that also covers his whole face so his face cannot be seen.

Just like with Susan, he seemed to be another culturally fanatical person.

“Aaah, it’s amazing. It's a collaboration of a Musha and a Knight.”

Rias said it with some sort of wonderment in her eyes. If one was to look carefully, an arrow could be seen piercing the helm of the knight.

“…I hope he wasn’t wearing that helmet when Susan-san set her letter…” Izuku muttered nervously.

Then, finally, the knight drew closer to Susan. He came into Susan's base while making sounds of metal colliding. No matter how you look at it, it looks like a battle was about to start.

The Knight stood in front of Susan. Susan also stood from her place. There was an abnormal atmosphere around them. The knight then pierces the ground with his lance violently and brings something out. It’s a letter.

“…This letter. I have read it…”


Susan’s body was shaking nervously.

“…It was a wonderful arrow-letter. For me to let my guard down and get shot… It was a good arrow-letter…”

“I… I was just thinking about shooting the bow… Horii-kun.”

“If it’s me, I would be glad to go out with you…”

Luckily for Susan, she ended up receiving the answer she was hoping for.

“Ho…Horii-kun…Sob…I’m glad…sob…”

Susan had a tearful voice. It was difficult to tell because she was wearing a helm, but it certainly sounded like she was crying.


The western knight, Horii, hugs Susan gently. They hugged each other while wearing armor so the sound of metal colliding was present. It was an especially bizarre scene, as innocent as it really was.

“Let’s talk about The Book of Five Rings you wrote about in this letter.”

“Yes. I wanted to talk about Miyamato Musashi’s Niten Ichi-ryuu with you Horii-kun…”

The Musha and the Knight then took each other's hand and walked away.

“Thank you very much!”

Susan waves her hand at the young devils. The three responded with smiles and applause. In the end, it was considered a “happy ending of sorts”.



“Is that how your jobs normally end, Izuku-san?” Ibara asked. Not long after Ochako, Rias, and Izuku returned to the clubroom Izuku received a text. A picture from Susan of her and Horii. Wearing their armor at a restaurant. This was bound to be on the news soon.

“To be honest, it was a little different in the end,” Izuku admitted. As the three walked home, talking about how their jobs went, a thought occurred to Izuku. When she saw the picture of Susan and Horii, he noticed that she looked sad, almost longing. “By the way, did Buchou look… sad to you?”


“What do you mean?”

Ibara and Ochako asked.

“I’m not sure. During the job she seemed… off.” As Izuku thought about it, a strange feeling gripped him. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t like seeing Rias so sad.

Chapter Text

‘Wedding bells? Why are there wedding bells?’

Ever since he met Rias, Izuku has gotten pretty used to the strange and unusual. He had seen things that would make lesser people turn white and come out unscathed, which he could say wasn’t an easy accomplishment. But for some reason he found himself standing on the steps of a church with bells chiming in the air and a large, noisy crowd standing before him.

And why was he in a white tuxedo?

“Izuku!” He looked through the crowd and found his mother dressed in a red gown, his father wearing light blue dress clothes standing behind her. “We're so proud of you! Please be sure to make us lots of grandkids!” Inko beamed proudly.

“Grandkids?" Izuku blinked dumbly.

“DEKU, YOU CHEAP BASTARD!” Izuku nearly jumped at the all too familiar yelling. Looking through the crowd, he saw Bakugo with an absolutely livid look on his face being restrained by his two friends. “HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGED TO GET MARRIED BEFORE ME!?”

“M-m-married?!” Izuku paled. “I’m getting married!?” How was he getting married now? He was only fifteen! Sure the age of consent is thirteen but that was something else altogether! And who was he even getting married to?!

That question was answered when he felt someone wrapping their arm around his. He looked up at a very impressive chest and the blood rushed back to his face with a vengeance as he jerked his head up. There at his side was Rias Gremory, dressed in a pure white wedding dress. The skirt was just short enough to show off her shapely legs covered in white pantyhose and matching heels. A bouquet was holding in her gloved hands, a veil was lifted over her head, and her beauty was enhanced with make-up.

“There’s no need to look so restless, Izu,” she smiled lovingly at him, “Just bask in the moment.”

‘No way! You gotta be kidding me!’ Izuku screamed inwardly, ‘My bride is Buchou?!’

Both Izuku and Rias walked down from the steps of the church and past the crowd, side by side. All in the while, many cheers and cries sounded out from the crowd. There were a lot of voices crying out, but he could make out what they were saying. He could hear girls cry out “Rias-sama, you’re so beautiful!”, “You’re gorgeous!”, and “You’re too beautiful! Why him?!” Izuku tried to play it cool but he was sweating, very uncomfortable with being so close to a beautiful girl, a beautiful girl he was married to apparently.

“We’ve arrived,” Izuku was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of Rias’ voice. To his surprise and embarrassment, he found that they were standing before a huge love hotel. He completely forgot that one of the main things couples did during a honeymoon was having sex with one another all night long.

“Shall we go then?” Rias asked, smiling at him.

“Uh… yeah,” Izuku nodded slowly, his face still bright red.

The couple checked themselves inside and went up to one of the rooms. It was a typical design. The colors were meant to stimulate passion. Red and pink were pretty common. The rug was soft just in case the guests wanted to make love on the floor. Izuku sat nervously on the bed while Rias was in the bathroom preparing herself, his thumbs twitching together like crazy. The bed was round and there was a set of controls set on a control panel that was built into the nightstand.

He looked at a nearby round table and saw some bottles of wine, lit scented candles and massage oils. He swallowed heavily, his skittish nature rising. As far as he could remember, he had never been with a girl, at all. There was that one time during elementary school that he played with Rinsan, but this was completely different. Sure he found himself attracted to Rias, much like a lot of heterosexual males, but he could never believe that she would take an interest in him before. But the times had changed and he was about to start a new life with her.

And on the first night, he was about to make babies with her!

“Oh, Izuku~.”

Izuku quickly turned his head at the sound of Rias’ voice. She stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her shapely body. The towel didn’t stay for very long as she allowed it to drop to the floor and pool around her feet. The elegant young lady was in a very smoking lingerie, white floral lace bustier with a lace-up front, boning, garter straps, underwire cups, adjustable shoulder straps, matching fingerless gloves and g-string with matching sheer stockings. It was very welcoming, like uncharted territory.

“Uh… you look… wow…” was all Izuku was able to say.

Rias giggled as she sauntered over to him. She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top, straddling his waist. “S…sorry, I’m n-not really used to this yet,” Izuku stuttered, his voice beginning to crack.

“There’s no need to apologize, my dear Izuku,” Rias smiled, her eyes half-lidded as she cupped both her hands to his face. Izuku could feel his heart throbbing. He felt that it was throbbing so loud that it was practically thundering in his eardrums. “It’s alright, I’ll lead.”

Rias leaned down and puckered her lips, wanting to seal the moment with a kiss. Izuku didn't know what else to do, but breathe deeply and close his eyes. His arms reacting on their own and wrapped around her waist, bringing her in closer, the lips just inches-

[If I didn’t know better, I say you like getting aroused by assertive women, huh brat?]

Izuku’s eyes shot open as he quickly sat up. Rias had suddenly vanished and with her the bedroom. Instead, he found himself sitting in the middle of a black void. “What the- What’s going on?! Is this still a dream?”

[This ain’t no dream, brat. Not anymore, at least.] The voice was right behind him. [There are a few things we need to discuss.]

Izuku turned around, and paled upon seeing, surrounded by torrents of flames, a gigantic, red “D-d-d-dr-dragon?!”

[Don’t act like this is the first time we’ve met. You’ve heard my voice before.] The red dragon spoke to him.

It then hit Izuku. He heard his voice before, at Bespi Tower, and again during the fight against Chuuya. “You’re that voice I’ve been hearing!”

[That’s right. I’m glad you finally reached a level where you’ve noticed. I’ve been trying to talk to you for years now. And at last, I’ve managed to appear before you.]

“Wh-what do you want?!”

[I merely wanted to introduce myself… To my new comrade who will be fighting alongside me against the White One.]

“Fighting alongside you!? White One!? What does that mean?!”

[You’ll understand soon enough. Till we meet again.]

“Hey, wait!” Izuku reached out, only to see his left arm had the Boosted Gear…



…And he opened his eyes to find himself lying in his bed. He blinked rapidly. He sat up, groggy, his head in a total daze. “Okay… that was weird.”

He looked at his left hand, which held the Boosted Gear. ‘It was a dream, right?’

Izuku then noticed that it was almost 5:30 in the morning. It was almost time for his morning jog. But that wasn’t why he needed to get up early today. “Oh, right! Today’s the entrance exam!” With that Izuku put on his tracksuit and jogged.

When he got back to the apartment, he found that Ochako had already made breakfast. “Good morning Izu-kun,” she greeted.

“Good morning,” Izuku said as he took off his shoes. “Is Ibara-san still asleep?”

“She went out for a jog. You must’ve just missed her,” Ochako salted the eggs she was cooking. Once she was done Ibara returned from her jog.

As the three ate breakfast, discussing what they think the exam will be like, Ibara was staring at Izuku. Eventually, the other two noticed.

“Is something wrong?” Izuku asked.

“Huh?” Ibara realized and fumbled with her fork. “I’m fine, it’s just… Izuku-san?”


“…Did you always had horns?”


Ochako began to stare at Izuku, too. “Oh, yeah. I never noticed, but there are two stubby horns on your head!”

“W-what?! Really?!” Izuku began to rube his hands through his hair, looking for the horns the girls saw. Sure enough, there were two, stubby little horns on his head. “What the… How long did I have these?!”

“Is it because of you being a devil?” Ochako guessed.

“I don’t think so. None of the others have horns as far as I can tell,” Izuku said. “Is it because of my Sacred Gear? I have been using Dragon Force a lot lately, so it is possible that the energy is starting to affect me physically. Still, why horns?” As Izuku continued to mumble, the girls could only sigh.

“And he’s gone,” Ochako muttered.

“Do you think Buchou might know why he’s growing horns?” Ibara asked.

“Maybe. But for now, we should just focus on the entrance exam.”



This was it, the day of the U.A. Entrance Exams. Izuku, Ibara, and Ochako were standing outside the building, wearing their training cloths for the practical exam. While they have been to the campus almost every day for the last few months, this felt entirely different. Today would decide if they would truly be going to U.A.

“This is it, it’s do or die,” Izuku said, staring at the large U.A. entrance that just seemed so much bigger and more intimidating than it was.

Ibara swallowed a lump in her throat. Izuku was right. Today, they would either succeed or fail. “This is really nerve-racking,” said Ochako.

“Hey, guys! Sorry for the wait!” The three looked behind them to see Kyoka coming up to them. “You ready for this?”

“I’d say I’m not worried, but that would be lying,” Ibara said.

“At least we’re prepared,” said Izuku. “Compared to Raynare and Chuuya, this should be easy.” The three girls all nodded. Confident that they’ll pass, the four proceeded to head for the entrance, until…

“Stupid Deku.”

Izuku immediately stopped. Deku. And the voice… ‘Oh no.’

The four looked backed to see a familiar boy with ash-blond hair and red eyes walking forward with a frown on his face. “Get outta my way before I kill you.” He threatened, making Izuku flinch and the girls to frown, especially Ibara.

‘Bakugo Ibara mentally hissed. She had never met him in person and only saw him a couple of times, but she had heard plenty about Bakugo from both Izuku and Inko, and from other students at their middle school. She didn’t care if he was the top of his class, the fact remained he was a bully, plain and simple. One who belittled Izuku all his life.

She ignored Izuku quickly moving out of Bakugo’s way and Izuku frantically saying things like ‘Good luck!’

Deciding to take some action, Ibara had one of her vines slither out… and tripped him. Izuku watched in horror as Ibara made Bakugo fall flat on his face with Kyoka and Ochako snickering. Bakugo quickly got up and gave the group a death glare. “WHO THE HELL DID THAT!” He screamed with his usual temper.

Ibara simply smiled innocently.

“It wasn’t us,” Kyoka said. “But if I had to guess you must’ve tripped over your own ego.”

“WHAT’D YOU SAY EARLOBE!?” He shouted with smoke coming off his hands, making Izuku pale while Ochako continued to hold back her laughter.

“I think you heard me,” Kyoka said as she narrowed her eyes at him and talked in a serious tone. “Now, if you want to avoid making a scene and possibly getting kicked out for starting a fight, I think you better move along.”

Bakugo was completely livid with this girl. Who did she was talking to him like that? Damn extras should now their place. But ultimately, she was right. Starting a fight with her would most likely make him either late, or even kicked out of the facility. Glaring right at her, he turned around and walked away. “Fuck you.” Was the last thing he said to them as he walked toward the building.

Once he was out of earshot, Ochako let loose her laughter. “That was great, Ibara-chan!”

Ibara smiled proudly.

“Yeah, nice one Ibara,” Kyoka said. “That guy is a bigger jackass than you described, Midoriya.”

“K-K-Kacchan’s usually l-like that,” Izuku said trembling a bit after what happened.

“Why do still call him Kacchan?” Ibara questioned.

“I…” Izuku stopped. Why did he still call him Kacchan? Is it because he still admires him? Or is it because he simply wants his childhood friend back? “I’m not sure.”

“…Well, it doesn’t matter now,” Ochako said, placing a hand on Izuku’s shoulder. “We need to head inside for the written exam.”

Izuku nodded. “Then let’s do our best.”

“Yeah!” The four of them cheered. And with that, they headed inside.



“So, how did you do on the test?” Izuku asked as he and Ibara, as well as a crowd of other people, walked into a lecture hall.

Before the written test the students were all given a card which gave them a number and pretty much told them where to sit based on things like what school they went to.

“I think I did pretty well. Those tips you gave me really help with the math questions,” Ibara stated. “How did you do?”

“Great I think,” Izuku said, remembering how the written exam was rather easy for him.

The two managed to find where they were seated… only for Izuku to panic a bit when he saw they were sitting next to Bakugo. Thankfully the ash-blond didn’t seem to pay them any mind and simply scoffed. Izuku sighed in relief as he and Ibara sat down, Ibara sitting between Izuku and Bakugo.

“How do you think Ochako-san and Kyoka-san did on the test?” Ibara asked.

“I’m sure they passed, now we just need to worry about the practical,” Izuku said, confident that their friends passed the first part of the entrance exams.

Suddenly the two’s attention, as well as everyone else’s, was drawn forward as the lights to the center of the stage in the room lit up as well as a large monitor with U.A.’s logo on it.

What’s up U.A. candidates?” A loud voice said with the lights revealing who it was. Standing on the center of the stage was a tall skinny man with long spiky blond hair and a small mustache. He wore sunglasses and a pair of headphones with the word ‘HAGE’ on the headband. He also had a black jacket that was studded on the collar, which was upturned and had shoulder pads and a red studded belt with black pants, boots, and fingerless gloves. He also seemed to have a directional speaker around his neck.

Welcome to the show today! Everybody say, ‘HEY!’” he said enthusiastically while waving his arms around before snapping his fingers and pointed towards the audience.

…Only to receive silence.

Tch. And here I thought Shouta was a sourpuss!” The announcer said.

“Oh my…! I thought he looked familiar. It’s the voice hero President Mic! I listen to his radio show every day!” Izuku beamed.

“Shut the hell up,” Bakugo growled, making Izuku flinch and Ibara to glare at the ash-blond.

Now, let me explain how this wicked practical is gonna do down. Like the application said, today you rockin’ boys and girls will be conducting ten-minute mock battles in suburban settings! Better tighten up those belts of yours because once I drop the mic here you'll be sent a specified battle center, sound good?

Once again, silence, but only because everyone was looking at their application card. “I see,” Bakugo said as he quickly realized something about the cards. “They’re splitting us up so we can’t work with friends.” He deduced.

Izuku got over his flinching of Bakugo and looked at Ibara’s card, and realized the ash-blond was right. “Yeah, you’re right. Mine and Ibara-san’s examinee numbers are in order but were in different battle centers.” Izuku stated. His card stated that he was in center B, while Ibara’s stated that she was in E.

“Damn,” Bakugo muttered. “I was looking forward to crushing you.”

Okay, everyone!” President Mic said getting everyone’s attention. “Let’s check out your targets. There are three types of faux villains in every battle center. The points you earn depend on their level of difficulty so I hope you keep track. Your goal here listeners is to use your Quirk to smash up as many faux baddies as possible and get the highest score you can! Just make sure you keep things heroic ladies and gents! Any unheroic behavior is strictly prohibited!

“Excuse me, sir, but I have a question!” Everyone turned to the question as a tall boy with glasses and blue hair shot straight up from his chair and raised his hand high.

Hit me!” President Mic said as a spotlight came down on the boy.

“On the print out you’ve listed four types of villains. Not three,” sure enough, he was right. Pointing to his own booklet showed there were four villains listed from A to D. “If this is a mistake on U.A.’s part it is shameful for the most prestigious school in Japan to make such a mistake! And you!” Suddenly he turned around and pointed at Izuku, making him flinch. “You’ve both been muttering the whole time. If you two are just here on some pleasure trip, then you should leave. You’re distracting the rest of us.”

“Sorry,” Izuku said quietly as he lowered his head.

The rest of the examinees laughed a bit at Izuku being called out, until…

“Was that necessary?”

“Excuse me?” The boy replied, having not expected anyone to question what he had to say.

Everyone turned their attention to who questioned him. He had dual-toned, messy hair, being bleach blonde at the front and black at the back end. His eyes are dark red and have cat slit pupils. His uniform was worn rather sloppily, with the red tie worn loosely and the black blazer unzipped, showing a which polo shirt underneath. He also has small belts with golden buckles each wrapped around the sleeves of the blazer and two more normal-sized belts around his waist, the top one is done up but not buckled while the bottom one hangs loosely.

“Did you really need to call him out like that?” He repeated herself. “He’s just a little excited about seeing Present Mic and probably nervous about taking the exam. Hell, we all are. So did you really need to call him out over that?”

“But he’s distracting!” The boy countered. “Don’t you find his muttering inappropriate in such a prestigious institute?”

“Not really,” he said. “And I’m pretty sure no one else was bothered by it. Here’s something that’s distracting, though: A guy shooting up from his chair and demanding his questions be answered.”

“But… I-I just needed clarification on…!” The guy seemed flummoxed, trying to formulate a response.

President Mic snickered at the bickering between the students before waving his hands around to calm things down. “Alright, alright calm down numbers 7111 and 2012. To answer your question 7111, the fourth villain is more of an obstacle getting in your way. That guy is worth zero points and there’s one in every battle center. It’s not that it can’t be beaten, there’s just no point. I recommend my listeners try to avoid it.

“Thank you, sir,” The blue-haired boy thanked as he did a perfect 90° bow before sitting back down.

Izuku turned his head to look at the boy who stood up for him. He seemed to notice this and look back at him as Izuku mouthed a ‘Thank you’ to him. He understood and gave Izuku a small smile and a nod.

Now, before I send you guy’s off, allow me to share our school motto with all of you… As General Napoleon Bonaparte once laid down. A true hero is one who overcomes life’s misfortunes. So Go Beyond… PLUS ULTRA! Now good luck suffering!

“…That… was encouraging,” Ibara said nervously as she and Izuku sat up.

“It’s probably just his way of hyping up everybody.” Izuku guessed with a nervous chuckle.

“Well… I better get to my battle center, good luck.” Ibara said as held her hand out.

“You too,” Izuku said as he shook Ibara’s hand.



One bus ride later, and Izuku stepped out of the bus along with a small group of people. They all stood near the entrance to the faux city. Izuku’s whole body was shaking, a wobbly smile on his face. Everything led up to this. After years of being told he could never be a hero, that he had no chance of getting into getting in his dream school. It all would end here. He just couldn’t fail. He would prove everyone wrong. He would be a hero. A hero that would save everyone with a smile, just like All Might.

‘This is it. It’s do or die now.’

“Hey Izu-kun! I didn’t know you’d be here!”

Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts by Ochako. The brunette had just stepped out of the bus. “Oh, Ochako-san!”

“Looks like we got assigned to the same battle center!” She smiled. “Wanna team up, then?”


Once Izuku looked back at the entrance to the faux city, Ochako grew a mischievous smile. ‘I’m gonna get ahead of you, Ibara~.’



Ibara suddenly had a strange feeling. As if someone was trying to take Izuku away from her. ‘Why am I suddenly so upset?’

“Are you doing okay?” Ibara turned around and saw a girl her age wearing a basic teal gi. She had orange hair in a side ponytail and had teal eyes.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just… trying to take it all in is all,” Ibara was telling the truth. This was rather nerve-racking, to say the least.

“I don’t blame you. This is a bit much.” The ponytail girl glanced at the faux city. “I’m actually worried that this is a little bias. The people who have Quirks not suited against robots won’t have an easy time.”



Milia took deep breaths as she stood near the entrance to the faux city, trying to calm her nerves. Even after the little training, she did during the past few months, she was still nervous about this. She wonders if Izuku and the others were nervous about the exam as well. Truth be told, she didn’t originally intend to become a hero. After her parent’s deaths, she just didn’t know what to do with her life. She’d probably be on the street somewhere had Kudelia not taken her in as per her mother’s wishes.

Even then, she never really spoke much with Kudelia or anyone else in the Dantalion peerage for that matter. Still reeling from the deaths of her parents, she barely spoke to anyone. They had to remind her to eat at times. They even had to reminder to go to school. Aldera wasn’t all that bad, aside from the somewhat apathetic teachers, but overall it had been nice somewhat. The only thing she really hated about the school was how no one seemed to mind Bakugo’s behavior.

She had the unfortunate ‘honor’ of being in the same class as the explosive teen. And she was far from impressed. His attitude certainly didn’t help. So she decided to avoid him as much as possible. An easy thing to do, since he seemed to love tormenting the boy who sat in front of her: Izuku. She didn’t really know what to think about him. Honestly, she found his muttering off-putting and annoying.

It wasn’t until near the end of the first semester that she got to know more about him. She was by herself near the school gate one day, walking home when she saw a family walk by. A mother and father carrying their young daughter, laughing and smiling. When she saw that, Milia just… broke down. Collapsing to her knees, Milia began to cry. As she never really got to know any of the students, they didn’t bother to ask what was wrong. All except one. She wasn’t sure how long she was crying for when she felt someone place a hand on her shoulder. It was Izuku, concern on his face.

It honestly felt like a dream when he asked if she was okay. Even when she gave a shaky nod, he did anything he could to help, even taking her to a nearby restaurant. Milia had heard that Izuku wasn’t that great when it came to girls, which became apparent once Milia had calm down, but Izuku didn’t seem at all bothered by her the entire time. He was so focused on helping her that was a completely different person from what she knew about him.

Milia wasn’t entirely sure when, but she figured she began to fall for Izuku either during or after he helped her through her breakdown. Gradually, she began talking to Izuku more and more often. He was flustered and nearly had heart attacks the first few times, but he quickly got over it. And the more time she spent with him, the more she felt like her old self. When he told her about his dreams, Milia encouraged him to follow them, even though Izuku was Quirkless.

It wasn’t until after Izuku got picked up by Rias that she began training. Training to go to U.A. had not been easy. But she was determined to go to U.A. Not to become a hero, but to be by Izuku’s side. She was afraid of losing him to Ibara and Ochako, and maybe the other girls in Rias’ peerage. And now here she was, standing beside other hopeful U.A. applicants. This will not be easy. But she knew she had to do this so that one day she can help Izuku like how he helped her.

That didn’t mean she didn’t feel like running to the bathroom to puke, though. She knew that Celica would be taking this test too, but the odds of her being in the same group as her were slim, so she can’t rely on her for help.

“Wait a sec… Takamaki?”

Milia nearly jumped out of her skin when someone called her name. It took a moment to recognize the voice, as she only briefly met her once. “J-Jiro-san?”

Kyoka smiled as she walked up to Milia. “Wasn’t expecting to see you here,” she said.

“Y-yeah, I suppose…” Milia chuckled nervously. She and Kyoka had only met once before when Momo had come to Aldera to pick up Ibara and Izuku for training. “Y-You ready for this?”

“Hell no.”

“That was… blunt…” Milia said, before nodding. “But yeah. I’d be lying to say I’m not nervous about this.”

Kyoka chuckled. “Seriously, though, why are you here? You don’t strike me as the type to wanting to be a hero.”

“Uh, well, I…” Milia desperately tried to think of something, praying to the Satans she wasn’t blushing.

“…It’s because of Midoriya, isn’t it?”

And her hopes were dashed. “W-what!? No, I-” when she saw thew knowing smirk Kyoka had, she gave up trying to hide her reason. “Yeah…”



To say that Iida Tenya’s experience with U.A. was disheartening would be one way to put it. For years, he had always imagined U.A as the pinnacle of Hero institutions. A glorious facility that, through its rigorous curriculum, had produced many great Heroes, from All Might to each member of the Iida family.

This almost holy institution was a mold, one that turned young students into the next generation of great Heroes. And Tenya did everything in his power to prepare himself, to prove himself worthy of stepping into its halls.

He spent countless hours training with his parents and brother so his Quirk, Engine, would be ready for the rigorous trials of this exam.

“Come on Tenya, you don't need to kill yourself over this. It’s just an exam like any other. Just do your best and you’ll pass it no problem.”

While Tensei had told him those words, Tenya knew that they hid a double meaning. He had to train, but not to the point of exhaustion. This exam posed no problem for Tensei, but only because he had mastered the family techniques to the point where he made even the most grueling and difficult maneuvers look easy.

All Tenya had to do was push himself to the limit to pass. Then, and only then, will he be allowed to enter U.A.’s halls.

‘And yet everyone else is…’ Tenya scanned his surroundings. After the exam overview, Present Mic directed them to the lockers so they could change into the attire they brought for the practical exam. He brought the tracksuit that was specially designed for members of his family, made of frictionless material that clung tightly to the body but did not chafe. According to Tensei, that was important for Hero costumes, but for the life of him, Tenya couldn’t understand why.

Everyone else, however, wasn’t as prepared as he was. Tracksuits, sweat pants, old t-shirts that looked far too big for those wearing them, and the occasional scarf worn to make the outfit appear more like a Hero costume. Sure there were occasional homemade masks and such, but they were few and far between. Some even had the audacity to wear their school uniforms for this.

The boy who had been distracting was here as well. He was talking with another applicant, a girl with a perma-blush. Weren’t they aware they could be distracting the other students who were trying to focus and steel their own nerves! Tenya began to open his mouth to silence them but stopped himself. ‘I shouldn’t, or else I’ll distract them and others from the exam.’

The two seemed to know each other. Possibly from neighboring schools, perhaps? Whatever the case, they seemed to be planning to work together, which Pro Heroes often did. Plus, it seemed that Tenya himself was the only one being bothered by them. He just needed to focus on the exam. That was the most important thing right now.

Unknown to Tenya and the other examinees, the large doors to the battle center opened up with surprisingly little noise. After a few seconds, the loud voice of Present Mic suddenly yelled down at them from above. “Go! Go! Go! In real battles, there are no countdowns! What are you doing, listeners? You’re wasting air time!”

For a few seconds, everyone just stood in shock, and then almost as one, everyone rushed into the battle center.

Chapter Text

“So what do we do first, Izu-kun?” Ochako asked as she and Izuku silently trailed behind the other examinees.

Izuku began thinking, weighing their options. From what he could tell, they had two. The first was that he could rush into the center of the battle zone. That would probably be where the most enemies were, but a majority of the other examines were sure to rush that way. Or he could head more towards the outskirts. There would probably be fewer enemies, but far less competition.

His decision was made pretty quickly when the majority of the test takers rushed toward the center of the battle zone. “We’ll stick to the outskirts!” He told Ochako. “There be too much competition if we rush into the battle zones center.”

Ochako nodded, filling close behind him as they made a sharp turn. Izuku summing his Sacred Gear and activated Dragon Force, his dragonic wings spreading. “I’ll take to the air and look for any robots. And remember not to use your Rook strength. We don’t want to draw any unwanted attention.”


Izuku took to the air, rising several stories above the streets. From above, he saw a group of three one-pointers and a two-pointer in an ally. “I see some! This way!” Izuku dive-bombed down sword the robots, sweeping over the one-pointers and landing behind the two-pointer with ease.

The two-pointer turned menacingly at Izuku. “Terminate!” The robot luged at Izuku. But the devil ducked underneath its attack.

‘Promotion: Rook!’


With increased strength, Izuku easily tore off the robots armor plating. Using it he stabbed the robot right into its chest. The machine let out a hum before it shut down. “That’s two,” Izuku huffed.


Looking back, Izuku saw Ochako as the three one-pointers landed around her, each breaking.

“I got three!”

Izuku shield, before realizing, “It might not be a good idea to keep track of how many points we get. We only have 10 minutes so keeping track might waste time.”

Ochako blinked, realizing he might be right. “Then what are we waiting for! Let’s hurry!” He then ran on ahead of him.

“Hey, Ochako-san, wait up! We should stick together!”



It took a few seconds for Milia to realize that the exam had already started. When she did she noticed that everyone else had already rushed into the faux city. “Good luck, Takamaki!” Kyoka called out from the crowd.

Gasping, Milia quickly ran after them, running as fast as she could to keep up. She wanted to use her devil wings to get the advantage, but she knew it would be bad if she used them here. As such, she had no choice but to run on the ground like everyone else. All of the other applicants had already scattered throughout the fake city, including Kyoka, so there was little hope of Milia teaming up with the rocking girl. She’d just have to go after as many robots she could and hope for the best.

Suddenly, one of the robotic foes rushed out from an alleyway. Milia slid to a stop as the robot turned to face him with an ominous “Locked on target.” It was a one-pointer. The easiest one, and Milia was glad for that. An easy target to face to get rid of her nerves.

The robot lunged at her. With grace, Milia waved her hand, and the robot was cut to pieces, each landing harmlessly around her.

Milia Takamaki, Quirk: Spearfinger. She can turn the tips of her fingers into razor-sharp claws that can cut through almost anything and can extend up to 10 meters!

Milia stared at the pile of scrap that was once a robot before a small smile spread across her face. That was the boost in confidence she needed. “That’s one,” she said, her claws retracting as she continued on her way. Time was short and she couldn’t waste it.




An explosion marked the end of the two-pointer in front of him, but Bakugo Katsuki didn’t stop to admire his handiwork. He jumped up and used the bucket of bolts as a springboard to get further away from the crowd of extras behind him. Sweat streamed from his arms thanks to the intense heat and exertion. He used it to sling more explosions at the small crowd of six robots heading dumbly towards them.

“You shitheads aren’t going to get killed by anyone but me!” With a swing of his arm, explosions erupted from the ground below. The robots’ progress was halted, but that wasn't the only reason for him hitting the ground and not the robots.

The extras behind him began to cough and wheeze, the smoke blocking their vision. Smiling that he dealt with the competition, for now, Bakugo bombarded the one-pointers with explosions, obliterating them with ease. He didn’t even bother to count how many points he’d gotten by now. It didn’t matter, for he knew he would take first place and get into U.A.

Leaving the extras behind, Bakugo used his explosions to propel himself through the faux city, searching for any other robots he’d send to robot hell.

“Target acquired.”

Turns out, one found him. A three-pointer had stepped out of an ally, it’s red eyes focused on Bakugo. He smirked as he landed in front of the robot. “You want to go, shithead? Good! I’LL KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND-”


Dark red energy ran up the robot for a brief moment before it suddenly split into, the halves falling apart briefly before it exploded.

Bakugou could only watch dumbfounded at what happened. Someone, somehow, stole his kill. Someone dared to take HIS kill! “Who the hell did that!?”

When the smoke from the explosions cleared, Bakugo saw it was the duel-toned boy from the lecture hall. The one who called out Glasses about Deku’s stupid muttering. He was still wearing his sloppily worn school uniform, only now he was carrying a long, red sword.

“That’s 27,” he said, a stupidly cocky smile on this face.

“HEY!” Bakugo shouted, gaining the boy’s attention. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!”

“Uh, getting points?” he said. “I mean, we’re all doing that, so it’s kinda obvious.”


“Hey! Take your anger out on the robots, not me!”


‘Clownfish’ bilked at the nickname. “Clownfish? Really? That’s the best you could come up with? You don’t have anything more original?”

“SHUT UP AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!” Bakugo roared, propelling himself away.

Clownfish watched as Bakugo blasted off, presumedly to take his anger out on the poor robots. “Geez… That guy has issues. And that nickname… He reminds me of the lobster.”



“ACHOO! Alright, who’s talking about me?!”



Things could’ve been going better for Kyoka. She dug her right ear jack into the two-pointer to her right, piercing through the metal like paper. The sound of her amplified heartbeat was transferred into the robot, rocking the automaton with vibrations. The robot’s insides obviously disagreed with the sounds bouncing around inside, quavering and smoking from the gaps in the armor. Once Kyouka removed the jack, the machine fell to the ground in a useless heap.

‘That’s twenty points…’ Kyouka wiped her forehead, already sweating, and looked around. ‘It’s going to be a pain to find more.’

Her Quirk wasn’t one suited to long-range combat, and as such she and a few other examines missed out on the initial wave of robots. Thus she was forced to take out the robots designated as ‘hidden’ villains, skulking in alleyways and sewers.

It was easy enough to find them thanks to her advance hearing. The problem was that she might not get to them in time to earn enough points. She was fairly confident she did well on the written exam, thanks to Momo’s help, but the practical exam was more than she had bargained for. Thank god for the training she did with Momo, otherwise, she probably would be doing far worse right now.

She turned back to the street to find more robots but heard the crunching of gravel from above. ‘Oh, you have got to be kidding!’

Kyoka looked up to see a three-pointer staring down at her from the edge of the roof to her right. “Well, crap,” she muttered as the robot jumped down towards her. She jumped back, shooting her jacks up.

But before her jacks could reach, the robot suddenly split in half, the two pieces missing her completely. “What the hell?” She turned to see the two halves crash into.

“Are you okay, Jiro-san?”

Kyoka turned back around to see the familiar face of Takamaki Milia running up to her, her fingers currently long claws.

“Yeah. Thanks for the save,” Kyoka said. She then flashed a cheeky grin. “But don’t you think you could’ve done it without kill-stealing?”

Milia suddenly looked flustered. “I-I didn’t mean… I was just passing by, and saw that robot about to ambush you, so…”

As much as Kyoka would’ve liked to continued to watch her squirm, for both of their sakes she needed to cut this short. “Joking. Thanks a lot, but you really should focus on passing yourself. I trained just as much for this as you did, you know.”

“…Maybe for a little longer than me…” she quietly said.

Kyoka noticed the sad tone, but before she could say anything, something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. “Look out!” She pushed Milia aside right as a fist that had a jet engine where the wrist should be flew by.

Milia beached from shock. That rocket fist would’ve hit her in the head had Kyoka not pushed her out of the way. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Kyoka replied. “Now let’s get moving so we can survive this insanity.”



“HURRY UP LISTENERS!” Present Mic screamed into the loudspeaker. “You’re halfway done now! And those robots aren’t endless! You need to get’em while you still can! Pull out all the stops to get those Villain points! Say ‘Hey’ if y’all understand!”

Nobody responded. “Okay! That’s all! I’ll let you listeners know when we’re reaching the end of this concert! Give it your all!” With that, Present Mic turned off the microphone and slumped in his chair. “Kids today are just no fun…” Just as before, no one proctoring the exam paid their co-worker any mind.

Currently, all of the U.A.’s hero staff were in a separate room, surveying each and every battle facility. They were paying close attention to each and every examinee. How they fight, how they react to everything, how they act. Every single detail was very important.

“Well, it looks like things are off to a fine start.” Nezu took his teacup and sipped on it, managing to hold the fine china like an expert despite having no thumbs.

Considering how his Quirk made him more intelligent than any normal human, Nezu had probably figured out a work-around for that particular problem a lifetime ago.

“Yes,” Yagi Toshinori rubbed his chin. “You’ve certainly got a bunch of promising kids applying today.”

“That’s one way to put it,” Mizushima said, eyeing the monitor that was following Ochako. She couldn’t help but smile at how they took down a group of two-pointers so easily. “Though some of them might need some work.”

The pro heroes in the room all turned toward the monitor that showed Bakugo. He had already acclimated 70 points by now and was currently demolishing a three-pointer with his explosions. He then started yelling at some of the other examinees. “He may have an attitude, but look at him go.” The ghost-themed hero Ectoplasm rubbed his chin while observing Bakugo. “He just keeps going and going, never stopping for a break and trying his damndest to destroy any robot in his path regardless of difficulty.”

The Rated 18+ Hero Midnight chuckled at that. “Well, that’s a long-winded way of saying that the boy has a lot of stamina.” She gave the screen a coy smile. "These boys are certainly showing their stuff. If we whip them into shape, they’ll become amazing in…”


“Come on, Ectoplasm, can’t a girl crack a joke?” Midnight shrugged.

Shaking his head, Aizawa Shota turned his attention back to Bakugo. ‘Mizushima is right. Bakugo is going to be a handful.’ He could already tell. That face certainly did not belong on a child trying to become a hero. He seemed like the type who valued and flaunted strength above all.

But what really caught Aizawa’s attention were how some of the students seemed to be holding back, in particular, Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, Shiozaki Ibara, Kido Hyde, Celica A. Mercery, and Takamaki Milia. Each of them moved and acted like they’ve been in combat before, and it was obvious to him that they were far more capable than they let on. Midoriya and Kido stuck out to him the most. While dragonic transformation Quirks weren’t unheard of, every time Midoriya’s left arm glowed his strength seemed to increase. There were no power type Quirks that can increase your own power like that, as far as he knew. And while Kido’s dark energy manipulation didn’t seem that unusual, the sword he seemingly pulled out of his hand certainly was. They could all tell how deadly it was, with the way he sliced apart a three-pointer that was harassing a couple of girls.

Aizawa was sure that at least Nedzu and All Might noticed this, based on how much they were paying attention to these examines in particular. He could tell that Mizushima, however, knew at least Uraraka. It still boggled him about how much the girl recovered after what happened. It was certainly a shock when Mizushima approached U.A., asking for a teaching position. The memory of the broken young women who couldn’t even walk, let alone do hero work, was still ingrain deep within the minds of U.A.’s older staff.

While she didn’t reveal much about her time in Katmandu, Nedzu had accepted her request to teach, likely because Mizushima’s story would be a good example of the kind of dangers the students will face someday. Whatever the reason, Aizawa would have to trust the principles decisions for now.

“Two minutes left, boss-man,” Present Mic announced.

“Then unleash the Executors,” Nezu’s face lit up in a worrying manner.



Ibara clasped her hands together, the vines that make up her hair digging through the ground. In seconds the four one-pointers and the three two-pointers were ensured by her vines. Rising several feet above the ground, the vines crushed the robots with ease. “Eight more points.” She had lost count of how many points she accumulated, but she was positive it was around 30 by now.

She could’ve easily gotten far more than that, but many of the examinees in her battle center were struggling against most of the robots. As such she spent most of the time helping them deal with the robots, something that was easy for her due to her Quirk.

Nearby the ponytail girl she had met earlier, Kendo Itsuka, was doing something similar, helping a girl who was pinned by a displaced car… by lifting the car with her hands that had grown to an enormous size. “You okay?” Kendo asked

The girl, who had big lips and short gray hair that covered her left eye, stumbled slightly. “Thank you for moving that vehicular transport off of myself. I lacked the vigor needed to move it.”

Kendo blinked. “Uh, you’re welcome… I think.”

Ibara had a decent idea on what the girl said, but before she could say anything, the ground began to shake. “W-what the…?!”

Screams of terror could be heard nearby, with several examinees pouring into the alleys.

“They call that an obstacle!?” a boy, shorter than the girls by almost a head and with weirdly round purple hair shrieked as he ran by them.

Soon the source of their terror became visible. “Oh, boy,” Kendo gulped.



Hyde acted quickly, slicing up the three-pointer with ease. Once the machine was down, he turned to the two girls who were struggling against it. “You guy’s okay?”

“Yeah,” the first girl, who had pink skin and hair, black eyes and two yellow horns, said. “Thanks for that.”

“…Thanks…” the other girl had shoulder-length, bob-shaped hair, side-swept to her right with some shorter strands hanging above her cerulean eyes. She spoke with a neutral expression on her face.

“Not much of a talker, are ya?” Hyde asked.

“As far as I canna tell, yep!” A third, bubbly girl’s voice said.

“Waugh! Who said that?!” Hyde demanded, aiming his blade at the seemingly empty space.

“Wait! Wait! Calm down! Let me get my clothes back on!” The same voice said. Nearby a backpack seemingly opened on its own, a bar and panties coming and floating in the air, followed by a shirt and shorts. “That’s better.”

Hyde could hardly believe what he was seeing. A girl, a NAKED girl, had just put her clothes back on right in front of him. His face burned slightly at the sight. The only reason his entire head wasn’t red was because, well, the girl was invisible.

“Oh, like what you see, do ya?” The pink girl teased. Hyde now noticed that she was wearing a rather form-fitting sports bra and shorts, which somehow put emphasis on her-

Hyde shook his head, stopping that train of thought as best he could. “Why the hell were you naked?!”

“So I could get to the robots off switches without them seeing me,” the invisible girl replied.

“…These things have off switches?”

None of the girls didn’t get a chance to answer him though, as they were interrupted by the sound of a building imploding nearby.

“What the heck was that?!” The pink-skinned girl exclaimed.

As the dust and smoke cleared, they could see something step out into view. “Shit,” Hyde whispered.



“Ochako-san, where’d you go?” Izuku hissed. All it took for him to lose her was for her to head down an alleyway. After that he spent most of the exam looking for her, taking out any robots he found. After a few more twists and turns, and taking out a couple more robots, Izuku suddenly found himself in the fray of the battle. As he expected, there was more kill stealing going on with the main battle group than was smart. Not to mention that he heard people calling out their scores to each other.

He looked through the crowd, to seeing Ochako anywhere in it. ‘She’s not here. I need to keep looking.’ Izuku thought to himself when it seemed like the entire world suddenly exploded around them. Everyone stopped fighting when one of the buildings suddenly imploded, collapsing in on itself.

Before the smoke and dust had cleared from the collapsed building, everyone heard Present Mic yell, “Less than two minutes remaining! So hurry it up, listeners!”

But no one was moving, because the dust had cleared and revealed the zero-pointer. It was the same shape as the printout. But the zero-pointer was taller than many of the buildings. It barely fit in the street and knocked free chunks of wood and stone every time it moved.

‘Present Mic had said that it was just an obstacle or a distraction, something to be avoided, but that is a bit much!’ Izuku doubted he had the power necessary to take something like it down right now, so it was fortunate that he and the other examinees weren’t expecting to do so. Many of the other examinees were already running away from the zero-pointer as fast as they could, scattering in all directions. ‘I better get out of here too.’ Izuku turned to run away when he saw it.

Ochako was in the path of the zero-pointer. Her legs were trapped by the debris it had created. And she was at most two-seconds away from being stepped on. Even if she had strength comparable to Koneko’s now, that didn’t mean she was at all used to it yet.

‘Promotion: Knight!’ Izuku sped as fast as he could, reaching Ochako in a few seconds. He could try to lift the rock and get them both out of there, but that might take too long. So instead Izuku flew up, toward the robots face.

Within his Boosted Gear, energy gathered, ready to explode. “DRAGON SMASH!”


Releasing the stored energy, Izuku punched the zero-pointer with all his might. What resulted was the head coming clean off as the body started falling apart. All the other examinees could only watch in awe as they saw Izuku taking down a robot bigger than a building with a single punch!

Izuku huffed with pride, gripping his arm as pain swelled within it. That attack was defiantly above what he could handle at the moment. “That did it.” He smiled as he landed on the ground, before running over to Ochako. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Ochako looked to be in a daze, and Izuku now saw that a slight amount of blood was dripping down her head. “Give me a sec,” with a grunt, Ochako lifted the boulder that pinned her with ease.

“What happened?”

“I’m not sure,” Ochako replied. “When the zero-pointer showed up, I starting running with every else, but then a rock must’ve hit my head before that boulder pinned me.”

“Five… four… three… two… one… TIME’S UP, LISTENERS!” When Present Mic finished his countdown, all of the remaining robots stopped moving. “And that’s all folks! U.A.’s Practical Exam is officially over! Please bring yourselves to the gates of your respective areas for any first-aid you require and to confirm how you will be leaving! The results for the exam will be mailed to you in a week! Lemme hear y’all say HEY!”

Nobody did that. Ochako, however, lowered her head in shame. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. Izuku looked at her quizzically. “I shouldn’t have run off like that. Because of me, we might not-”

“It’s okay,” Izuku told her. He took her arm and wrapped it around his head. “C’mon, let’s go. We need to get your head looked at.”

As the examinees watched Izuku and Ochako leave, muttering to themselves about what they saw, Iida Tenya could only watch in confusion. ‘They’re all missing the point. Don’t they see what he did?’ Tenya thought. ‘He sacrificed everything. Just to save that girl. He must have known how little time was left, and how much points he needed to pass, and that he was putting his life at risk. But despite those concerns, he didn’t hesitate to help.’ Iida then clenched his fist as he remembered he had just run away without even trying to help. And how he belittled Izuku during the lecture hall. ‘If this hadn’t been an exam… then, of course, I would have done the same thing!’

And then it hit him…

‘Wait… the exam… the judges, they saw that!’ He realized as he held his chin. If that were the case… then maybe…



Over the next week, Izuku and Ochako worried themselves sick over the results. However, after the fact, Izuku was left wondering if he hadn’t made a mistake. For the first few minutes of the test, they felt like they had performed pretty well. Ochako was having it the worst, blaming herself for both her and Izuku not being able to attend U.A.

Ibara and Inko had been able to provide some support for them, but both were also worried about them. The other members of Gremory peerage did their best to help as well. After about five days, Momo had received news about her results, saying that she had been accepted into U.A.

“So you’re officially a recommendations student now, huh?” Yuuto asked, sipping some tea in the clubroom.

“Yes,” Momo practically beamed with joy.

“Did you fight robots like us?” Ibara asked.

“No, it was more of a series of obstacle courses,” Momo answered. “Me and the other recommended students raced each other. I managed to achieve first place, while a girl who could split her body reached second. There was really no combat involved.”

“Lucky,” Kyoka groaned. “Those robots were a real pain. Uraraka and Midoriya nearly died because of them, didn’t they?”

The two in question laughed nervously. “I doubt the staff would’ve let that happen,” said Rias. “But I am proud of all of you. I’m sure you all passed.”

“…But, what if we didn’t?” Ochako asked.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we?”



It was now March, about a week since the entrance exam. A week of waiting with some combat training with Yuuto to relieve stress had passed before he, Ochako, and Ibara returned home one day to find Inko fretting over the mail. The stamp at the back of each letter was all that they needed to confirm who sent it.

“T-This is it…”

The three made their way to Izuku’s room and closed the door. Izuku sat at his desk with only the desk lamp on as a light course. He had set his letter in front of him and was just staring at it. Ibara was sitting on the bed while Ochako stood behind him, each holding onto their respective letter.

“…Moment of truth,” Izuku took off the seal with his trembling fingers and opened the letter. He peeked inside to see a small thin disk. “What the…?” He took it up and saw ‘place this side on a smooth flat surface’ written on the back. Shrugging to himself, he complied and put the disk onto his desk.

After a small beep, a hologram appeared in the air above. It was All Might, dressed in a yellow suit that seemed to barely contain his physique. Behind him was a stage that flashed red, blue, and yellow.

I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION! All Might began, grinning at the camera.

The three jumped back in shock, with Izuku almost falling out of the chair. The disk was a holographic projector. And just like he announced, All Might was the one on the screen.

“All Might?!” Ochako gasped.

“OHMYGOSH!” Izuku’s jaw hit the floor as the image of All Might laughed at his own ‘joke’. “A-All Might is recording these!? But they wouldn't do that unless… Unless All Might is going to be teaching!”

It took everything Izuku had to not faint.

I know I’ve been quiet this past week, but with great power comes a great amount of paperwork. All Might then cleared his throat and did a light bow. I apologize. The truth is, I didn’t come to this city just to fight villains. You’re looking at the newest U.A. Faculty member!

The three let out a loud gasp. All Might… was going to be a teacher at U.A.?! “He’s seriously going to be working at U.A.?” Ibara asked.

Surprisingly, All Might nodded as if he actually acknowledged Ibara’s question. But suddenly a hand came onto the screen.

“Stop showboating, will you?” A familiar voice said before stepping into view.

Hm, who’s showboating, Young Mizushima?


“Uh, you,” Mizu matter-of-factly said. “We need to wrap this up. We have at least a dozen more to do.”

Of course. All Might let out a sigh and kept going. Right, moving on. Young Midoriya, you have passed the written exam with a score of over 90%, which is more than enough to generate you a spot at U.A.! For the piratical, you scored 28 points. Normally, that wouldn’t be enough to enter the Heroics Course.

Izuku lowered his head dejectedly at that, tears beginning to swell in Ochako’s eyes due to guilt, while Ibara looked to them pity. 

IF the practical was based solely on combat prowess!


Izuku and the girls slowly looked up to the screen.

“He’s right. While Villain Points are the basic measurement we use to judge applicants, it’s not the only one,” Mizu continued as a video of when Izuku saved Ochako from the zero-pointer was shown.

Such conviction… such selflessness! As the bastion of Japan's future Heroes, it would be foolish of us to ignore these qualities important for all Heroes!All Might returned to the stand and flashed his signature grin.As such, we have an entirely different category for such acts, rated by a panel of judges! Rescue Points! And my boy… you have the highest of the lot: sixty points! Congratulations!

Izuku could hardly believe what he heard. The 28 villain points he got, along with the 60 rescue points meant that… he had gotten a total of 88 points!

Now then, welcome Young Midoriya… to your Hero Academia!All Might and Mizu thrusted their fists into the air.


Izuku began to cry. Behind him he heard Ibara and Ochako opening their letters, finding the same holodiscs that came in Izuku’s. The messages that they had were similar to Izuku’s, giving them their scores for both the written and partial exams. Ibara had earned 82 points in the practical, while Ochako had 60, which meant…

The two began to cry tears of joy along with Izuku before they went over to Izuku, hugging each other. They made it.

Chapter Text

The next day went by surprisingly fast. Last night they had told Inko the good news and she pretty much cried tears of joy until she passed out. Once school was done for the day, Izuku, Ibara, and Ochako made their way to the clubroom to meet the others as quickly as they could. Izuku still couldn’t believe it. He was going to the school of his dreams. And with friends that he felt he had known his whole life! All thanks to Rias. Nothing could ruin how he was feeling right now. Not even a berserk Kacchan!

“Guys!” Ochako exclaimed as they entered the clubroom. No one was present, however, except for Rias. “Huh? Guess we’re got here first.”

“I’m not surprised. Izuku-san was rather hard to keep up with,” said Ibara.

“Yeah, hehe,” Izuku laughed.

Rias was looking off into space with some wondering expression, apparently oblivious to their presence.

“I hope Mizu-oneechan gets here soon. She seriously needs to explain herself!” Ochako huffed.

“Do you really think she’s going to be teaching at U.A.?” Ibarra asked.

“We’ll find out,” Izuku then noticed that Rias hadn’t reacted to them at all. “Buchou, is something wrong?” Izuku asked. Rias didn’t respond, the blank expression still on her face.

“Buchou?” Ibara asked, looking concerned. Still no answer.

“Buchou?” Ochako waved a hand in front of Rias’ face. Still nothing. Finally, Ochako took hold of Rias’ shoulder and began to shake her violently. “BUCHOU!”

Rias shrieked loudly as Ochako shook her, nearly falling out of her chair. She casted a hard glare at Ochako when she finished shaking her. “You could’ve done something else, Ochako,” she growled.

“Buchou, are you okay?” Izuku asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine Izu,” Rias answered, “I was spacing out was all. Anyway, I got your texts. Congratulations on passing the exam!”


Turning around, the group saw Kyoka enter the clubroom, followed by Momo, Yuuto, Koneko, and Mizu. “Hey! I was wondering when you’d get here,” Ochako said with her cheery smile.

“Looks like everyone’s here,” Mizu notated. “Nice job on passing the exam, Chako. I was secretly rooting for you!”

“You saw what we went through?!” Ochako asked. “Why didn’t you stop that monster, then? And why didn’t you tell me you were going to be teaching at U.A.?!”

“One, I knew you would be okay. And two, I wanted to surprise you!” The older woman answered.

“What was All Might like?!” Izuku asked, his fanboyism taking hold.

“A lot like he is on TV,” Mizu kept the part about All Might’s skeletal state secret. “And before you all ask, I only just started working at U.A., so I don’t know who you’ll be assigned to or what class you’ll be placed in.”

“What will you be teaching, Mizu-sama?” Momo asked.

“I’ll be helping with combat training, mostly hand-to-hand,” Mizu smiled. “So don’t expect me to go easy on you.”

“Speaking of classes, do you think we’ll end up in the same homeroom?” Kyoka asked. “Shitori’s on the student council, right? You think she can-”

“She might,” Rias said. “But Principle Nedzu is incredibly intelligent. It’ll rouse suspicion if she requests all of you end up in the same class, so don’t get your hopes up.”

The soon to be hero students all frowned, not liking their chances already.

“I know it doesn’t seem fair,” Rias spoke up, getting everyone’s attention. “But even if we’re all in different classes and departments, we’re all still going to U.A. The best hero school in the country.”

“She’s right,” Mizu said. “Besides, it’s not like you’ll be separated forever, just during classes. And I’ll be helping train all of you to be great heroes! So let’s focus on the positives for now. Now, are you gonna keep mopping or are we gonna go celebrate? There’s a special going on at Big Bang Burger.”

Everyone brightened up, even Koneko (somewhat). “You’re treat?” The white-haired devil asked.

The sorcerer blanched.



A few minutes of walking later and the group arrived at the Big Bang Burger that was only two blocks away from U.A. There weren’t many customers at the moment, so they made their orders and sat down. Soon their food arrived. Most of them made ordered the normal menu items. Koneko, on the other hand…

“Here you are, miss. The Cosmic Tower Burger,” the waitress placed what could only be described as a tower of meat, lettuce, cheese, sauce, and buns in front of Koneko. It stood at least a meter tall and was as wide as someone’s head!

Everyone in the restaurant, with the notable exceptions of Rias, Yuuto, and the staff, all turned to stare at the massive burger.

“It’s massive…”

“I’m honestly at a loss for words…”

Izuku could only stare at the massive challenge Koneko asked for, the waitress explaining the details about the burger before leaving, saying Koneko only had thirty minutes to finish the burger. “Is she going to be okay?” He asked.

“She’ll be fine,” Rias replied as she took a bite of her burger.

Twenty Minutes Later

“Can I have dessert?” Koneko asked the waitress, having just finished the Cosmic Tower.

‘Is she for real?!’



“At least I saved some of my paycheck,” Mizu groaned as they left the restaurant.

“Ugh, those burgers were monsters…” Ochako groaned, holding her stomach. “I should’ve gotten a smaller size…”

“Thinking about Koneko-chan eating that Cosmic Tower Burger makes me wanna vomit,” Ibara added.

As everyone walked together, trying to cheer them up from eating too much, Izuku felt someone watching them. The feeling wasn’t good at all and before he could look behind to see who it was…


Everyone stopped immediately. Some of them recognized that voice. They turned around to see someone that made Izuku flinch.

“K-Kacchan!?” Izuku said in surprise at seeing the ash-blond right behind them looking at him with an expression that wasn’t all too happy.

“…How’d you do it?” He said quietly, making Izuku raise a brow.

“E-excuse me?” Izuku asked as he didn’t quite hear what the explosion Quirk user said.

“I said… HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET IN?!” Bakugo suddenly roared, making Izuku take a step back and the others to glare at him.

“Would you just lay off him?” Ochako said as she stepped forward in defense of Izuku.

“What?” Bakugo said irritably as he glared at the girl in front of him.

“She said to stand down,” Ibara said as she stood next to Ochako.

Bakugo growled and let off smoke from his hands. “I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU TWO BITCHES RIGHT NOW!” He yelled at them before glaring at the boy behind the girls. “NOW TELL ME HOW YOU CHEATED!”

“Wh-what?” Izuku stuttered at his former childhood friends words. “I-I didn’t cheat!”

“DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME, DEKU!” The ash-blond roared as he stomped his foot on the ground hard. “THERE’S NO WAY A LOSER LIKE YOU GOT FIRST WHILE SOMEHOW I GOT FUCKING FIFTH! NOW TELL ME HOW YOU-”


Suddenly Bakugo was violently interrupted by Rias, who slapped him so hard he tumbled to the ground. “Leave him alone!”

Bakugo managed to sit back up on hold his right eye and used his left to send a death glare towards the crimson-haired girl. “Why you-”

“That’s enough!” Izuku suddenly spoke up directing everyone’s attention to him. “I don’t care what you say, or what you think. I applied because I have people who believe in me! People who said I could be a hero! So like it or not you can’t stop me!”

Yuuto nodded at his friend’s words. “Izuku-kun and the others are going to U.A. They’re going to become amazing heroes.”

“You hear that?! There’s no stopping us now!” Kyoka said with a confident smirk as she crossed her arms.

“Now get lost, asshole,” Koneko deadpanned, the white-haired girl glaring at him while cracking her knuckles.

Bakugo gave the group the most intense look he’s ever given anyone before as he got up. “Just you all wait. I’ll make all of you regret coming to U.A.” He growled darkly before storming off.

As they watched him leave, Mizu just shook her head. “That guy has some serious issues.”

“Yeah, but he is strong, there’s no denying that,” Izuku said quietly. He looked at his hand, clenching it into a fist.

Sensing the situation, Ochako decided to speak up. “Hey, why don’t we all go home? It’s getting late and we need all the rest we can for when U.A. starts up.”

Everyone turned to Ochako and nodded with a smile at her suggestion. “Yeah, I’m pretty exhausted, too,” Momo stated with everyone else nodding in agreement.

“Classes don’t start until April, so you all have about a month until then.” Said Mizu. “Be sure to get plenty of rest, but don’t slack off on your training. Speaking of, Chako, we have lessons tonight.”

“…I was kinda hoping you forgot,” she groaned.

The group laughed a little before they went their separate directions. Though Izuku couldn’t help but notice the troubled look on Rias’ face.



The first thing Izuku did when returning home was lying back on his bed with an exhausted sigh. His mom was out buying groceries, Ibara having gone with her, and Ochako won’t be back until dinner. So he had the apartment to himself for a little bit. He thought back to how Rias was acting. Lately, she’d been spacing out more and more. “I wonder what’s bothering her?” He asked no one in particular.

Suddenly, the lights in his room began to dim and the air pressure slightly shifting. “Huh?” A crimson light shined his room, prompting him to sit up. To his surprise, it was a magic circle that bore the symbol of the Gremory family. The glow died out as quickly as it came, and he could see Rias standing where it once was. Though her bangs seemed to be shielding her eyes he noted that her expression had no emotion. “Eh? Buchou? What is it? Is something wrong?”

“Izuku…” her bangs cleared away from her eyes, a look of desperation appearing on her face. Izuku could tell that she looked very troubled by something and knew that she was going to ask for his help, which he would instantly give no matter what. But the words she said next he was not ready for. “…I want you to make love with me.”

Izuku blinked.

And then he blinked twice.

“S-say what?” was the only thing Izuku could say, standing up.

“I said I want you to take my virginity,” Rias rephrased as if she were lecturing him. And just like that, she began stripping, first removing her blazer, unbuttoning her shirt, and then undoing her skirt, leaving her with nothing more than her bra and panty. Izuku felt himself swallow spit as he ogled Rias’ body, unable to look away. The lacy red bra and panty she wore complimented her very nicely, something that Izuku noted to himself. He was completely paralyzed just from her body, unable to react and know what to do. “…I’m not good enough for you?” she asked him, walking up to him.

“What?! No- I mean… yes- I mean… but you’re- I mean… what are you doing?” Izuku stumbled through his words as his face turned as red as a tomato.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as of late, and I’ve decided that this is the only option there is,” Rias answered, holding her arms under her breasts and turning away slightly as she blushed. “If there is evidence, then they can’t complain about it. The only person close to me who is able to do it with me is you.”

“Um, me?” Izuku stuttered. “Can I ask why?”

“Of the boys I personally know there is Yuuto, but he won’t have any of it. He is too pure of a knight and his chivalry would get in the way. The same is true for the other one. That only leaves you,” before Izuku could answer to her logic, she grabbed him by the shirt and forced him onto the bed. He held his head up just in time to see her climbing on top of him and straddling his waist, “What’s wrong? Do you not find me attractive enough?”

“It’s not like that!” Izuku denied, shaking his head. “It’s just that when a pretty girl shows up in a boy’s room unannounced and-and suddenly says ‘let’s have sex’, it’s gonna catch him off guard!”

“…True, it would startle anyone,” her body shifted, and he could feel her buttocks and thighs touching his most important part. Her head dipped slightly so that she was directly above him and her crimson hair cascaded against his cheeks. “I know this is your first time, but it’s the same for me. So let’s just take it slow.” Looping her arms around her back, she unhooked her bra and carelessly tossed it aside. His eyes widened. Before him were Rias’ luscious breasts and plumped pink nipples. Then, she took his hand and pressed it against her right breast. Izuku could really feel how soft it felt against his hand, and how the nipple began to harden against his palm. It was just… so damn good! “Can you feel it?” she asked in a charming voice, “I’m just as tense as you are. You can tell by my heartbeat, right?”

‘WHAT IS HAPPENING?!’ Izuku screamed in his head. He was seriously freaking out now. This has been the closest he has ever been with any girl. Looking up, he saw the look in his master’s eyes. His eyebrows furrowed. Those weren’t the eyes of someone who wanted to have sex willingly. His jitters slightly left his body as he gripped Rias by the shoulders and slowly pushed her so he could sit. “Buchou, take a break for a minute. You aren’t acting like… you."

Rias blinked, her eyes becoming more desperate, “What do you mean?”

“Well, ask yourself this: do you really want to do this?” Izuku asked.

“Of course I do!” she shouted, shocking him. “There’s no one else I can do it with! The one I want is you right now! We made have met months ago but there really isn’t any other way!”

“What do you mean there's no other way? Why are you in such a hurry to give up your virginity?” Izuku asked in a calm, yet startled voice.

Rias could have responded with another plea, but that didn’t come out when another crimson flash appeared in his room, alerting the teenagers on the bed. Rias clicked her tongue, “I was so close…”

Izuku turned and noticed that the red glow came from another magic circle that had the mark of Rias’ clan. Who was it? Kiba? Momo? Whoever it was, getting caught in such a situation was bad. But instead of any of his friends coming out, it was someone else completely.

She was an attractive-looking woman with silver hair that flowed down to her back and red eyes. Her hair had two braided side bangs with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest of it was let down in the back, also ending in twin braids, and a maid’s headdress on her head. She was dressed in a blue and white French maid uniform. Her lips were painted a bright red. She was also looking at Rias with a look of disapproval and her gaze seemed to cause the temperature in the room to drop. “Milady, are you trying to break the engagement by doing something like this?” she asked curtly.


Rias frowned and stood up from the bed in all her naked glory, “Father and ‘zechs won’t listen to me! It’s the only way to get them to notice!”

“Even if it means giving up your purity to someone of lowly birth?” the maid continued, gesturing at Izuku. Izuku scowled at the offense, forgetting at the moment that he was in bed with a nude girl.

“Who I give my purity to is my decision and mine alone,” Rias answered, her eyes flashing quickly, “And I won’t have you speak insultingly of my servant, even if it’s you Grayfia.” Izuku couldn’t help but blush and smiled softly at how Rias quickly stood up for him.

The maid, now identified as Grayfia, sighed as she picked up Rias’s bra and snapped it back on her bosom. “Please remember that you are the next heiress of the House of Gremory, so please don’t show your skin to a man recklessly. It’s not a good image for your reputation.” She noticed that Izuku was still in the room and gave a polite bow. “Greetings, servant of Rias. I am Grayfia, the head maid of the House of Gremory. My apologies for what I said before.”

Catching himself, Izuku got up from his bed and also bowed, stuttering, “Th-that’s fine ma’am.”

“Grayfia,” Rias began, her face showing unladylike unpleasantness, “Did you come here of your own accord? Or because the household sent you? Or was it ‘zechs?”

“All three,” Grayfia said matter-of-factly. From the way Rias’ frown deepened, she didn’t like the answer.

“Given the fact that you’re his Queen, I should have known you’d pull something like this,” Rias gave an exasperated sigh as she placed on the remainder of her clothing. “Sorry about this, Izuku,” she said to him, “I guess I wasn’t thinking straight after all. Thank you for talking me out of it.”

“Uh… okay,” Izuku nodded dumbly.

“‘Izuku’?” Grayfia echoed, looking at him with sudden interest, “So, this boy is…”

“Yes,” Rias confirmed, “This is Midoriya Izuku, one of my newest additions, the one who cost me all eight of my Pawn Pieces to recruit, and bearer of the Boosted Gear.”

“So he is the Red Dragon Emperor… truly curious,” Grayfia said in amazement, eyes widening slightly.

“Grayfia, let’s go back to my room. I will listen to what you have to say over there. Momo can also attend, yes?” Rias asked.

“You’re newly acquired Queen?” Grayfia said. “That doesn’t bother me. A Queen must be by their King’s side at all times.”

“Very well.” Rias turned to Izuku and gave him a small peck on the cheek. “That’s my apology for troubling you. Meet up at the club room tomorrow and I’ll explain everything.” After she gave her farewell, she went up next to Grayfia. The magic circle appeared underneath them both and they vanished in a blink of light. As the lights turned back to the normal brightness, Izuku stood, dumbfounded, touching the cheek where she kissed him. He was left in such a shock that he didn’t even notice when his mom or the girls came home.



The following day, Izuku, Ochako, and Ibara were walking to the club school building. Kyoka had come along, saying something about Momo needing to meet with Rias last night. They had received a notice to report to the club room as soon as classes had finished. On their way over to the room, they met up with Yuuto. The five of them entered the building, wondering what the urgent meeting was about.

“I wonder if Buchou’s worries have something to do with her family,” Ibara wondered out loud.

“She has been acting a bit strangely as of late,” Yuuto said, agreeing, “Perhaps now she will tell us.”

“Do you think Momo-san might know?” Izuku asked.

“Considering that she’s her second-in-command now, that’s a given,” Yuuto told him. “We won’t know unless we hear what she has to say.”

Izuku nodded quietly, still pretty puzzled about what happened last night. He was still wondering what could have made Rias act so irrationally to want to try and have sex with him. Though he knew he would get his answer eventually, he still couldn’t help but think. On their way to the room, they came across a very large door. For some odd reason, it had police tape with the words “keep out” all over it. “What’s that? I don’t remember seeing that door before.”

“Oh…” Yuuto frowned slightly, “That’s where Buchou’s first Bishop currently resides.”

“Her first Bishop?” Ochako asked, turning at him.

“Oh yeah, I remember Buchou mentioning that she had one other Bishop piece,” Izuku said, recalling the conversation he had with her the night he went to save Ibara.

“Yes. He’s one of Buchou’s original servants, but for reasons I won’t elucidate Buchou was ordered to keep him here,” seeing their grim expressions, he gave a kind smile, “Don’t worry, he’s not bad. He’s actually very nice. The problem is that he’s a hikikomori and he’s very uncomfortable with stepping outside. So, he just sits in that room all day and night, and he’s perfectly fine with it.”

“Sounds like someone needs to grow a spine,” Kyoka stated.

“To be fair…” Yuuto began before he felt a sudden chill go down his spine. Agitated, he looked forward at the hallway that led to the club room. “I never felt this presence until I got here. Then that means…!” He ran to the club’s door with Izuku, Ibara, Ochako, and Kyoka close behind. The door opened and the five was greeted with the sight of the remainder of their friends. Mizu stood near the entrance, leaning against the wall while Koneko sat at one of the couches, quietly enjoying an ice pop. Their master was also present and she was sitting on the couch rather than her usual desk, her arms folded, her legs crossed, and a grim expression. The head maid, Grayfia, stood by the couch Rias was sitting. Grayfia looked just as stoic from the last time Izuku saw her, while Momo stood in an elegant stance, but she looked very nervous.

“Looks like everyone’s here,” Rias said, noticing the three of them enter the room.

“Milady, shall I tell them?” Grayfia offered.

Rias shook her head. “No. As I am the King of this group I should be the one to tell them,” Rias stood up and cleared her throat. “Everyone, to tell you the truth…”

Before anything more could be said, a magic circle appeared in an unoccupied space of the room. The magic circle was not red like the Gremory magic circles Izuku had seen so frequently. Instead, it was orange and seemed to give off the cry of a bird of prey. There was even a bird-like figure in the center of the circle. Everyone turned as soon the circle appeared and Rias seemed to give out an evil hiss at the sight of it.

“Phenex…” Izuku heard Yuuto whisper under his breath.

Rather than giving out a glow, flames shot out from the circle instead. Out from the tower of flames, a man appeared within.

“Ah… it’s been a long time since I’ve last visited the human world,” the man spoke, walking out from the flames as if they were air. Just looking at the way he carried himself, he seemed like a typical playboy. He was tall and handsome and looked to be in his early 20’s and had short blond hair with dark blue eyes. Clearly, he had a lot of money since he was wearing something very expensive. He was wearing a red burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right, matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath the open blazer was a white dress shirt that partially exposed his chest. Looking around the room as the flame behind him vanished, he smirked as he spotted the only redhead among them, “My dear Rias, it’s been so long,” he said, walking over to the girl and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Her face twisted in disgust as she shoved him off of her.

“Don’t touch me so casually,” Rias said coldly, “If I had my way, I’d slap you in your smug-prick face right now.” Izuku, Ibara, Momo, Kyoka, and Ochako’s eyes widened from how sharp her words were.

The man took it to stride as he gave a nonchalant laugh. “Hahaha… still harsh as always, love. Regardless, we must take a look at the wedding hall. We need to verify the reception date and greet our families.”

“Wedding? Reception date?” Izuku frowned. From the look of Rias reaction towards the man, not to mention what she tried to do last night, everything was starting to click. He was starting to understand why she wanted to do it with him yesterday. If her purity was compromised, then she could have had some bit of freedom to herself. Seeing how carefree he was to the girl despite her obvious rejections made him really want to punch him in the face, or something like that. But someone had already beaten him to it.

“Who’s the gigolo?”

Various reactions swept through the clubroom. Rias had a large smirk on her face, seeing the man’s stunned face. Momo, Izuku, and Yuuto snickered quietly while Ibara gave a short yelp. Kyoka tried her best not to laugh out loud. Ochako blushed hard, not expecting her teacher to say that. Koneko gave a small grin as she snorted, while Grayfia didn’t seem to react much at all. As for the man, he glared at Mizu.

“How dare you!” He hissed. “Do you have any idea who you just mocked?!”

“I most certainly do, Phenex.” Mizu calmly stated.

“Please allow me to introduce to you Riser Phenex,” Grayfia interjected, gesturing at the man. “He is the third son of the House of Phenex of the 72 Pillars… and he is also Lady Rias’ fiancé.”

‘FIANCÉ!?’ A majority of the group mentally screamed.



“Hm… excellent tea,” Riser smiled blissfully after taking a sip from the teacup. “As expected from Rias’ new Queen. I’ll look forward to more soon.” He was sitting on the couch with his arm around Rias, who looked like she would rather be anywhere but with him. The rest of the servants were also standing around them, each one looking almost pitiable.

Momo said nothing but gave a polite bow, likely holding her tongue. Though she did give Kyoka a wink, which the human returned before smirking. “I can only imagine what she’ll serve during our wedding,” Riser added.

Rias stomped her foot, “Again with that? Riser, I already told you that I will not marry you!”

“You know that isn’t for you to decide,” Riser said, his voice becoming serious, “As you already know, the number of pureblood devils has drastically decreased thanks to the Great War. Our marriage is vital to continue the survival of our people, as well as flourishing our households name.”

Rias rubbed her temples, “You don’t need to tell me that. I am well aware of my duties as heiress of my clan and I am willing to take a husband.”

“So you’ll-!”

“However!” she interrupted, looking at Raiser’s victorious face, “The husband I want will be of my choosing. In case you have forgotten it was our parents who arranged the marriage while I didn’t want any part of it. They didn’t have the right of selecting someone I would spend the rest of my life with without my consent. And that man isn’t you, nor will it ever be.”

The Gremory servants, Mizu and Kyoka included, smiled at Rias’ unyielding determination. But then the temperature started to rise up and everyone quickly took notice. A flaming aura in the shape of a bird engulfed Riser as he glared at Rias. “You’re selfish opinions matter very little. As a member of the Phenex, I cannot lose face to rejection,” he spoke, his cold voice contrasting with the heat. He reached out and took Rias’ chin into his hand, tucking her head up to his glowing orange eyes, “One way or another I will take you back as my wife, even if it means burning your servants into ash!”

Rias’ eyes glowed in an angry red, her own demonic aura starting to take shape. “If you dare touch even a single strand of hair on any of them, I’ll-”


Rias and Riser jumped back from each other, their aura’s suddenly disappearing as they both turned to the maid, frightened. Her demonic aura leaked out of her body, easily dwarfing theirs. The room temperature went from hot to cold as Grayfia sent an icy cold glare at them. “I did not bring you both here just to incite violence. And I will not hold back if you disobey again. Am I clear?”

Izuku felt his bones shaking just from looking at Grayfia. She was a maid, yet she seemed to be stronger than both Rias and Riser combined. The later calmly placed his hands in his pockets, trying to save face, “I know when not to challenge the Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation. Honestly, Lucifer’s Peerage are all abnormal, even by devil standards.”

‘Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation?!’ Izuku thought to himself, looking at Grayfia. The aura alone told him that the woman meant business and she was someone not to be taken lightly. He made a mental note to never piss her off.

Grayfia’s aura disappeared and the room temperature returned to normal as she continued, “Nevertheless, Sirzechs and the other representatives foresaw this possibility and enacted an alternate solution, if you both are willing that is.”

“An alternate solution?” Rias blinked, “What you’re saying is…”

Grayfia nodded, “Yes. An unofficial Rating Game will take place between the Gremory Peerage and the Phenex Peerage. Should Rias win, the engagement will be called off. But if Riser wins, the wedding will proceed.”

“Che… a Rating Game,” Rias frowned. “They really are content with controlling my life, aren’t they?”

Riser, on the other hand, laughed confidently, “A Rating Game? That’s perfectly fine with me. This will be a good opportunity to show you your place, that there is nothing that can come between us, dear Rias.”

“Already so full of confidence,” Rias sneered, “Very well, I will accept your challenge. This is my one chance to get my freedom and I’ll enjoy knocking you off of your high horse!”

Grayfia glanced at the heirs and nodded, “Then it’s decided. The Rating Game between the Gremory family and the Phenex family is confirmed. I will inform Sirzechs and both of your households.”

Riser turned and glanced at the rest of the servants in the room, “Rias, are these people all the servants you have at this time?”

“Some are. What of it?” Rias asked.

Riser exploded in laughed, “Hahahaha! Surely you don’t think you can win with such a small amount, do you? From what I can see, only your Queen stands a possible chance against my cute servants!”

With a snap of his fingers, a much larger orange circle appeared in the room. A flame pillar burst out of it and simmered to reveal 15 beautiful women standing in the circle. Each one of them either wore an exotic outfit or some other clothing that fulfilled a specific fetish.

“As you can see, I have a complete set,” Riser boasted smugly, gesturing to the group of women. “My Pawns, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Queen are all present.”

‘Holy crap,’ Izuku thought. He looked at each one of the servants one by one. There were those who were wearing gym shorts, maid outfits, kimonos, and other things. One of them he noticed looked very similar to Riser thanks to the matching blue eyes and blond hair, and from the lovely looking purple dress she seemed to be more like a princess than a servant. If Izuku didn’t know any better, he would say that she was his younger sister.

Riser casted a smirk at Rias, “Do you see this, Rias? Do you honestly think your weak servants stand a chance against mine?”

Rias casted a hateful glare at Riser. “If you ever again insinuate my peerage is weak I’ll-”

“You’ll do what?” Riser mocked. “Bore me into retiring? You knew very well that I’ve never lost a Rating Game. Aside from your Queen, all I see is a flat-chested loli, two innocent little girls who couldn’t hurt a fly, a pretty boy, and an unassuming Pawn. None of them can compare to my servants.”

“Do not disrespect my family, Riser! I will not tolerate that!” Rias screamed.

“Family? I see the Gremory compassion and kindness for their servants runs true in you. Very well then. When we are married, your boys will be put to work as slaves and your girls… well now, I can always use some variety in my sex life.”

Izuku’s mind went blank at that last bit. The high-class devil had basically admitted that he would take not just Rias, but her female servants to his bed as well. The thought of Momo, Ochako, Ibara, and Koneko forced to submit to this bastard… It just enraged him. He never felt this angry before in his life.

From the way most of the other women reacted, particularly Mizu, they too found him disgusting. Even some of Riser’s own peerage seemed unamused by his declaration. Riser, seemingly noticing the anger in Izuku’s eyes, spoke to him. “I seem to have offended you somehow, Pawn; should you like, I will gladly kill you in the Rating Game.”


“Ho ho, I’ve seemed to have found a weakness in you, my dear. Very well then, then I shall show mercy. You can train all you want before our game, but then and there I will break your pitiful toys.”

“Very well then,” Grayfia interjected. “Lady Rias, should you find it acceptable, the match will be held ten days after tomorrow.”

“Thank you Grayfia,” Rias spoke softly. “Thank you.”

“It is done. Details of the game shall be sent to you both.”

“It matters not! My victory is assured!” With that, Riser raised both his arms as if already celebrating his triumph. “Farewell, my dear Rias! When next we meet, we shall truly be man and wife! As for some of your servants,” Riser glared at Izuku, “Well, all deaths in the Game are accidents after all-”


Riser suddenly blushed. “Oh dear…” That growl from his stomach did not sound good. As another growl emanated from him, the entire opposing peerage disappeared via orange transport glyphs in the floor. As for Grayfia, she gave a small bow before taking her leave on her magic circle. Once they were gone, Momo and Kyoka both began to snicker.

“What did you do?” Rias asked, an amused look on her face.

“It was Kyoka’s idea,” Momo admitted. “I added some… very strong laxatives to his tea.”

“How long will it last?” Rias snickered.

“If I had to guess, maybe a couple of days.”

The reactions were mixed. Rias, Ibara, and Yuuto chuckled in amusement, Koneko smirked, Ochako desperately covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing, Mizu began rolling on the floor laughing, and Izuku snickered.

Once everyone calmed down, Rias was the first to speak as she turned her gaze on Izuku, “Are you going to be okay, Izu?”

“I’ll be fine,” Izuku replied. “Besides, we need to get ready.”

Rias nodded. “We have ten days. We all need to train hard to beat Riser.”

“And I can help,” Mizu offered.

Most of the devils looked to the sorcerer in surprise. “Really?” Rias blinked.

“That guy seriously irks me. Besides, as a sorcerer of Kamar-Taj it’s my duty to preserve peace between the supernatural factions,” Mizu grinned, “Maintaining good relations with the younger sister of the Devil King is part of that. And it be a serious problem if that Riser guy was your husband. That, and I can’t stand the thought of Chako being forced underneath him. I’ll help in any way I can. I’ll even come up with a training regiment for all of you if you want, Rias.”

“Hehe. I’ll take you up on that,” Rias smiled. She turned to her servants and spoke, “Now then everyone, Momo and I will prepare a venue to train for the next ten days. So all of you go home and prepare, this is a fight we cannot afford to lose!”

“HAI!” her servants all nodded.