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Their last dream

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Their last dream


Fanfiction by Andromeda Mavros

Rating / Classement [+18]

First published in French on October 2nd 2011
First published in English on December 17th 2012

Chapter 2

Confrontation with the past


Disclaimer: The universe of The Vision Of Escaflowne belongs to Shoji Kawamori and the studio Sunrise, I'm just borrowing it for this story.
Except for a few characters and places that I created for the occasion.



Noise, lots of noise, someone talked around... Lots… Hitomi opened her eyes. Everything was white.

Still dizzy, she turned her head aside and saw her mother leaning to her, smiling.

“My sweetie, you're finally awake... I've been really worried about you!”
“Mom, it's you? Where I am?”
“At the hospital, you fainted at the university library. Fortunately, a young man was there and immediately called for help. The poor one was so panicked that first he was screaming in Russian or another strange language, the emergency doctors didn't understand anything!”
“Ha? Hitomi replied, trying to remember those moments, a hand on her forehead. A Russian ? It does not remind me anything, it's strange ...”
“Anyway, that's what happened, darling. Moreover, the assitante ambulance that came on site, Sachiko, one of my friends, said he was really handsome! Hitomi's mom added, amused, hiding a small embarrassed smile with her hand.”
“How long have I lost consciousness?”
“About two hours. Sachiko called me immediately, seeing you there. So, I was already in the hospital when you arrived. I warned your father, he hasn't been able to see you yet, but he made sure that the staff take good care of you. All I hope is that your brother wouldn't have put the house upside down during my absence ...” She sighed.

Looking around, Hitomi was desperately trying to remember the events that preceded her fainting. `
But, nothing to do, the last image she saw was the library's clock indicating 5:15 pm.

After, nothing ...

Suddenly, the door opened. A man in surgeon's blue outfit appeared. Visibly panicked, he had difficulty holding a wad of leaves in his hand.

“Hitomi, how are you?”
“Calm down Shinichi, she has regained consciousness and she is coherent!” The mother of the young woman explained, getting up.
“Ha, fine!” The man blew as he slumped on a chair. “Sorry I wasn't able to come before because I was working on a heavy operation, I just left the surgery service.”
“Don't worry Papa!” Hitomi said as she sat down in bed. I'm fine. “I was too tired. I was with Yukari during the afternoon and, you know her, she is'nt quiet!”
“Yes, but a day of frantic shopping in good weather is not supposed to make you sick, on the contrary! You should still be careful. 106/5000
I know that you study a lot and that you don't sleep almost: that's the real problem!”
“Papa, you are the first to know that this year is decisive and that ...”
“It's a fact, but you will not do anything good by exhausting yourself! I checked your analyzes when arriving in the service: overall, you're fine, but you still have some deficiencies. We'll have to take care of yourself girl!”
“I understood the message, Dad! JI promise to eat well, to go to bed earlier and after the exams, I will enjoy the holidays in order to recover before starting the internship!”
“Good choice!” The surgeon nodded.

At ease, the man sighed before turning to his wife.

“Aya, you can take her home. I'm counting on you to make sure she's resting well! Me, I have to finish my guard ...”
“Okay, we're coming back. Hoping that Mamoru did not do anything stupid during my absence ...” Hitomi's mom said, wooried, as she collected her stuff.
“Don't worry!” Shinichi told her. “You know how is your son. Today, the weather was very hot for a month of July, so he had spending his time playing, sometimes getting up to go drink in the fridge! It's even possible that he fell asleep on the couch!”
“I cross my fingers hoping you're right! Alone, he isn't dangerous, but with his friends ... They can turn the living room into a battlefield ... Anyway ... Are you ready Hitomi?”

The young woman nodded, finishing getting dressed and putting on her shoes, pensively.
The feeling of having a blank in her day made her feel very uncomfortable.

For a few seconds she stopped in front of the window, looking at the university buildings that could be seen on the nearby hill.

For her part, her mother continued to hide her anguish behind small smiles, as the little joke about the young man who had helped her daughter.
For more than a decade, Hitomi's every concern had plunged her into a lot of stress, but she kept everything to herself ... which was sometimes difficult.

Hitomi shrugged in spite, wondering what had happened to her. Where did the strange cold which cross her at this moment come from?
She felt like having touched a ghost ...


In the suburbs of Kamakura, the next day, it was even hotter than the day before. This situation lasted from the beginning of spring.
If people believed the sayings of the ancients, it announced a scorching summer, which was already the case, as well as a typhoon season often rough.

Lying in bed, Hitomi was dozing. As she had promised her parents, she gave herself a well-deserved rest before going back to school in her seventh year of medicine.

Looking at her bedside table, she suddenly realized that her cell phone had not sounded since the day before, unusual.

When she caught it, she understood twhy. It was off. The battery probably had to empty.

“Knowing Yukari,” Hitomi thought, “she sent me six hundred messages since yesterday. If I don't answer, she will end up panicked!”

The young woman was right. Just plugged in and turned on, the phone vibrated. Fifteen messages waiting, all of Yukari, all in all not that much ...
Amused, Hitomi began reading. Thanks to that, she had the impression of reliving the famous evening in the place of her friend.

Thus, she learned that Yukari had arrived in extremis at Amano'house and, completely out of breath, she wasn't discreet. Also, Susumu's grandmother was drinking tea with a raised finger and wanting to imitate her, the young woman had dropped her cup, in short a difficult time to pass.

Just the time to read these summaries, as the phone rang. Yukari, of course!

“Hitomi, finally, I'm talking to you! Did you read my messages? Even so, you could have encouraged me! I was going to the toilet to write to you, the Amano family must now believe that I'm incontinent!”

The remarks sparked a real laugh to Hitomi.

“Stop making fun! Imagine that I repeat this kind of exploits on the wedding day, I will really lose all dignity! The worst thing is that Susumu is like you! He's laughing too!”
“Your clumsiness when you're worried is part of your charm! He loves it at your place!” Her friend ironyed.
“Of course, but in the meantime, the in-laws, I'm feed up! You don't know how lucky you are to be single. Your wish to put your studies and your career first, it's a great idea!”

While Yukari continued her speech on the supposed benefits of the vow of celibacy during the academic period, Hitomi let her mind fly away to Gaea, to Van.

A few seconds, she began to imagine him, adult, probably married, with children ... It had been years since she had thought of him, and there, in a short time, he had thought twice about him ...


At first, when she returned home, she had thought that renouncing Van was totally beyond her capabilities, and yet ...
To move forward, she felt the need to forget him. Going back to Gaea, even after returning the problem hundreds of times in her head, it was impossible.

In her eyes, this world was above all traumatic memories. She was happy to finally be able to go home.
By refusing to think of Van, she had managed to put the young man out of her mind. Thus, she no longer felt his presence in her heart ...
Finally, maybe it was just a love of teenagers, but ... It seemed so intense at the time ...

As proof, she had finally kept this year of her life and her feelings in a corner of her head, like a treasure that she want to hide.
In any case, it was too late to have regrets. The lesson that Hitomi had learned from Gaea was that it was our choices that marked our path.
She had made a decision, certainly painful, but she assumed it.

Suddenly, the discontented voice of her friend on the phone took her out of her thoughts.

“Hitomi, you don't listen to me there!”
“Sorry Yukari, I'm tired.”
“Oh? Give back my books was so hard?”
“It's not that, I managed to bring them back even if it was in extremis, but I felt uncomfortable on the spot.”
“What? And you feel better at least? You want me to come?”
“Don't worry, I'm better! Today, parents want me to stay calm. If you want, you can go tomorrow because we have no class.”
“Tomorrow, I don't know if it will be possible. I have to go to the temple with the in-laws to do the first rehearsals of the ceremony, just that! But promised, I'll try to go as soon as they'll leave me alone!”
“Okay, it will be with pleasure!”
“Okay Miss! And you'll see, I'll bring you the best Tokyo cheese-cakes for you!”
“Thanks! I wish you good luck for tomorrow!”
“And above all, rest! Obey your parents, unworthy girl!”
“Well Miss, finally future lady, see you Monday!”
“Bye kisses!”

Hitomi hung up. Then, with a sigh, she dropped back onto her bed before starting to fix the ceiling.

No time to meditate, the bedroom door opened abruptly.

“You're boring Mamoru! You could at least knock on the door before entering!”
“Oh, that, miss-pity-me, don't hope! I just see if you don't sleep, Mom's order! Otherwise, you know I will not be here!”
“Ha? She dared to take you off your console?
“Let's say she was lucky, I was at a point of backup in my game...”
“Well, go back to having fun, I'm not sleeping! I'm just lying down, Yukari just called me. You can go and reassure her.”
“It's not to reassure herself. You wouldn't have heard with the talkative Uchida in your ears but it knocked at the door, a guy came to hear from you. You didn't tell me that you liked the Soviets, big sister!”
“A Soviet? You're crazy?”
“Nah, this is the guy in front of which you had your little discomfort yesterday, he came to see how you are. Frankly, you should make efforts, it's not an ordinary guy! Even if the look, I would have rather seen him with flaming hair Uchida!”
“You are silly…”
“Yes, well, that's not all, but my game session is waiting for me! I'll report to Mom.” Concludes Hitomi's younger brother as he leaves.

Mamoru wasn't really happy to see his sister in trouble. He was certainly worried about her, however, since her mysterious disappearance, ten years ago, their parents had "very easy panic" for her and that annoyed him deeply.

Going up his green apple baggy pants to avoid falling on the stairs, the teenager went down, towards the living room to resume his game.

Seeing briefly his red t-shirt, just as flashy as his pants, pass in her field of vision, his mother called him.

“Mamoru, how's your sister?”
“She's fine Mum, she was on the phone with the crazy girl.”
“Stop treating her friend so ...”

The teen grunted and went back to wallow in front of the screen. Mrs. Kanzaki sighed, fatalistic to the behavior of her son, before looking again at her interlocutor.

In front of her, the mysterious young man who looked so much like Folken was seated, a big bunch of flowers lying on the table.

He looked thoughtfully at every details of the room, especially family photos, while sipping the tea that Hitomi's mother had served him.

“Madam, I must say that you have a very beautiful house!” He said calmly. “Thank you for welcoming me.”
“It's me who have to thank you, young man! You rescued my daughter yesterday and you just asked for her news today, that's very kind of you.”
“Ha, you know, it's not every day that I see someone faint like that. I'm happy to know her in better condition, I was really worried.”
“My son told me that she was awake. If you want, you can bring him your beautiful bouquet, it will make her happy!”

Accepting the proposal, the young man stood up. Mrs. Kanzaki told him where Hitomi's room was.

For a moment, she told herself that she had acted lightly. In Japan, letting a young man enter a girl's room alone was not a habit.

However, strangely, the individual inspired him with total confidence.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the noise coming from the living room, and she went to lecture Mamoru who had put the TV sound too loud ...

For his part, the stranger, far too big, had to bend down to avoid bumping into the stairs. His caution paid, he reached the floor without a bump, and knocked on the door of Hitomi's room.

“Come in!” The young woman said, astonished.

When the door opened, the stupefaction was total. Again, Hitomi felt her mind become confused.
Forcing herself, the girl made an effort to not sink again, while bridles of memories from the previous day came back to her mind.

“You feel bad Mademoiselle? You want me to call your mother?”
“No, it's good ... Sorry, it's just that ... your face reminds me of someone ... I'm surprised, that's all ...”
“Ha? I remind you of someone? The young man asked, intrigued. Who?”

Perplexed by this request, Hitomi stared at him attentively. The resemblance to Folken, with the exception of the eyes, the hair and of course the arm, was obvious.

However, the man seemed younger. In fact, Folken, if he had lived, should have been in the age of thirty-five. There, the one facing her would have to be the same age as her.

“An old acquaintance, a friend's brother ...” She began to answer. “But…”
“He died ... It's been ten years now.”
“Ha… I'm sorry … May I ask you what his name was?”
“Why?” Hitomi asked, taken aback.
“Please, don't blame me for being so curious but I am surprised that someone find a resemblance to a person and I would have liked to know his name.”
“So, his name was Folken…” She answered with difficulty.

Strangely, Hitomi was unable to pronounce his last name.
It was stuck in her throat as his visitor stared at the ceiling.

“Folken, Folken… No, it doesn't tell me anything ...”
“Tell me, were you talking about this story of resemblance, you don't have a family?”

The young man stopped his reflection, gently put his bouquet on an empty chair, standing, lost in his mind.

“In fact, I am amnesic. A decade ago, a farmer found me naked in a forest in Crimea, southern Ukraine. I had nothing close to me that could indicate where I came from. The worst thing is that I spoke a language that nobody could ever understand.
Finally, this gentleman, who had no son welcomed me and watched over me, including learning me his language. Also, using his small resources, he helped me obtain identity documents, which wasn't easy.”

The story stunned Hitomi. The resemblance, the fact that this young man appeared on Earth, with nothing, shortly after, the death of Folken ...
Too many coincidences ...

“So, he continued, I didn't introduce myself, my name is Alexandre Ychnikov. My name was chosen by this peasant who became my adoptive father, Lev.
He thought I had a certain distinction, so he insisted on giving me a tsar's name because he thought that something common wouldn't suit me. At the time, it was estimated that I was between fifteen and twenty years old. At the end of a few years and several bribes hardly paid by my savior, who left all his savings, I was given an official identity.”
“And, how did you come to Japan?” Hitomi asked, more and more lost.
“Ha, that's also pretty stunning! Two years ago, like every day, I worked in the fields when, I don't know why, I turned around. And then, my eyes crossed that of a walker who passed by. We stared in amazement, there was a strange resemblance between us.
This man was old enough, he could have been my father, maybe even my grandfather, I don't know ...
With a hint of humor, He explained to me that he was practically sure of not having children. On seeing him, my adoptive father insisted on inviting him to the house, the strange family air had also stunned him.”

Captivated and silent, Hitomi listened attentively to Alexandre's words.

“So, he came to our house. He told us about his life, he was a traveler. He didn't tell us where he came from, the only thing he suggested was that going back was a dangerous idea.
Seeing in him an unexpected opportunity to know who I was, I wanted to follow him. Lev was perplexed, while admitting that this meeting couldn't be a mere coincidence.
For him who helped me, it was important that I find the answers to all the questions I asked myself, so I had to leave.
Given all that I had cost him, I was indebted to him. t was then that the mysterious traveler pulled out an astonishing bundle of rubles for my adoptive father, promising to watch over me and help me in my quest for truth.
Thus, I accompanied this man in his crossing of Russia, he taught me several languages, history, geography and thanks to him, I acquired a good general culture.
Also, when two months ago we landed in Japan, I quite easily found this job at the university despite my appearance.”
“Your story is amazing! But tell me, what is the name of this man with whom you travel?”
“Meinmet, Meinmet Fanel. Be aware, however, that he assured me that he no longer had a family, it's why he travel. I don't think it could have anything to do with your friend who lost his brother ...”

This time, Hitomi was on the edge of fainting again. The name “Fanel” no, it could no longer be a mere coincidence. Everything jostled in her head and, in a form of panic, she began to cry.

Seeing her discomfort, Alexander immediately called for help. Hitomi's mother and brother came running.
Aya tried to appease her daughter by talking to her, without success.

Again, the young woman found herself drowned in a torrent of memories.
But the most difficult thing was to see Folken lying in a pool of blood in parallel with the face of the mysterious young man.

After a few moments, exhausted, Hitomi began to calm down. And while she saw Alexander leaving the room to let her rest, she had a vision: young Folken playing with his brother.
No doubt, the sweet smile was the same, as if this man was Folken, but without the trauma of amputation or the ten years spent in Zaibach ...


Still in shock at his astonishing interview with Hitomi, Alexander went home thoughtfully. He kept repeating the name of Folken aloud.
The more he said it, the more he inspired him, but why?

Arrived at his home, he sighed and opened the door. The air jaded, he smiles at the sight of an old man screaming in front of his video game.
Indeed, sitting on the parlor tatami, was a man, close to the eighty years bearded wearing a colorful shirt and light gray hair, long, who grumbled as much as he could.

After taking care to stop his game, he turned to the young manl with a big smile.

The individual had to be in his sixties as the wrinkles and the color of his hair were identical to that of a long braided beard.

Despite his old age, he looked teasing and bright.

“Ah you fall well, I was going to eat! Your outing went well? Your fainted lady is better?”
“Well, not really ...” Alexandre sighed, sitting in a floor suit near a library. “She was still on the edge of discomfort when I left.”
“Poor girl! The Japanese are known to impose infernal rhythms on their students ... I bet you it's been weeks that she eats nothing and sleeps no more!”
“Maybe, but it does not seem to come from that ... I'd rather say it's because of me. Already, when she saw me again, she was disturbed, but discussing it was even worse ...
I have a strange feeling, I don't know ... Like when we met, you and me, in Russia, I have the impression again to touch a piece of my past.”
“What do you mean?” The old man questioned.
“Well, I don't know ... She told me about a man she had known who looked a lot like me. Unfortunately, he died ... And then she asked for your name and when I answered, she seemed panicked!”
“Hum, interesting ...”
“I think she knows something ... I want to be sure!”
“Something on what?”
“About my origins and, perhaps, yours!”
“You never wanted to tell me where you came from! The little that I know, finally that you explained to me, it's precisely that you have no attachment any more! So, I don't really understand how she could know things about you!”
“Alexandre, give me her address and wait for me to speak to her, after we will discuss your case. But, first, let's eat!”

Stopping conversation, the old man went to work in front of the small kitchen part of the house, commenting on each of his gestures, while Alexandre remained silent, sitting, storing books.

Definitely, all this was no sense ...