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Slicked Up, Slicked Down

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“Hoseok?” You call out, entering your shared dark home, though you know he is here by the keys on his hook and shoes by the door. Your face slants as you see an arrow pointing down on a piece of paper taped to the wall by your hook for your own keys, signaling you to follow the trail of “breadcrumbs” he’s left for you.

Your husband has always been a funny man, you think as you follow the path with your pupils.

As long as you’ve known him he has been the light of your life, your dream man, the only one who you can spill your secrets and your honest truths to. Hoseok was soft and sweet, always taking care of you and your family throughout the years of your relationship. He was beyond caring, always putting others first before himself. It was an admirable trait you can tell both sides of his family have carried down to their children. Hoseok was the epitome of light and goodwill.

You almost didn’t think he was a real human being when you first met in college. He was far too sunny and bright to ever notice someone like you until one day he just started to sit next to you in a lecture hall and it was all over from there. You were smitten by this ray of light. Hoseok opened you up to new experiences, friends, laughter, and a love for him so intense you were sure it was all a prank or a strange elaborate dream.

A year out of college later and you were still in disbelief when he got down on one knee to propose to you when you were away on vacation together at the beach. ‘Are you sure?’ You had asked him with a frown on your face as he just cackled, pulling you down into the sand with him.

The sun was bright that day, but never as bright as Hoseok’s smile.

He was a wonderful listener, knowing exactly what you needed to hear whether it be the honest truth or the sad reality of bringing you back down to Earth.

Recently you’ve told him you were stressed, and you needed a break from being a middle school teacher, and you know that the flower petals that were leading you to Hoseok and your shared bedroom were picked from the yellow wildflowers down the street.

What is he up to, you think as you slowly walk up the stairs. Usually, when you came home Hoseok was blasting music, dancing wildly to it, or he was simply watching tv downstairs. It’s quiet in here. Too quiet. You know something is up immediately as you peek into your room that was dark, illuminated with only a few fake candles lining the walls of your apartment walls.

Where is that silly man?

“Hoseok?” You whisper, a little nervous if he was planning something or not. You hoped he wasn’t trying to scare you, as he was a scaredy cat himself about everything, so he really shouldn’t be scaring people, or you’d just have to get him back really good in the future.

“Baby,” you recognize the soft purr, the woodsy smelling aftershave and the slender hands that slither around your waist that pull you back into the body of the lithe man you call your husband. “You’re home finally.” He muses as he nuzzles the crook of your neck. He inhales deeply, a low hum rumbles somewhere from the depths of his chest making your pelvic floor clench around nothing.

You melt at his touch, you always do, humming as you mold your back to his front.

“How was your day, Hoseok?” You ask, eyes feeling heavy, fluttering closed as he starts to kiss the tender skin on your neck passionately. Hoseok was a dance instructor at the local arts college, earning him that trim and lean body that you can’t believe is all yours sometimes.

“Much better now that you are here, my love.” His lips ghost over your jugular making you shiver in delight. This jerk… Your husband knows how to work you right out of a stressful day of chasing kids around babysitting instead of actually doing your job. You swear your teaching duties were becoming less and less as time ticks by.

“What are you up to?” You question, breathing hitching as he starts to unbutton your blouse with ease. Those long fingers always popped up in your mind, pinning for them to take care of you the way only Hoseok could that entailed not safe for work thoughts.

There were no anniversaries, birthdays or anything else important to note coming up, so you were confused as to what was happening. What was your goofy husband planning?

“You’ve been so stressed lately, I just want to help you out.” His lips find the shell of your ear. You let a low whine escape your mouth as he nibbles on your cartilage, his warm breath hitting your flesh and setting your lower stomach on fire with a sudden need for your hubby. “Will you let me take care of you, baby?”

“Yes!” You whisper with a gasp as he slips his hands under your shirt and ghosts the underside of your breasts. These hands were going to be the death of you.

“Good,” The hands are removed, as well as the warmth of his front pressed tightly to your back. “Take off your clothes and go lay on the bed, face down.”

You turn to give him a puzzled look, but he is already flying down the stairs, and you shake your head. You had done enough chasing today, so you strip your work clothes off, throwing them into the dirty clothes hamper in the closet.

He didn’t really instruct you into how he wanted you to lay down, so you shrug when you reach the bed. You giggle as you lay with your face close to the foot of the bed and your feet by the pillows. You hadn’t the slightest idea what he was preparing to do as you hear him bound up the stairs quickly like he usually does when he’s happy about something, which was very often.

“Close your eyes and put your head down, baby.” He then instructs from the threshold of the door. “No peeking!” He giggles as you do the same, following the order he gives you quickly. You are happy that Hoseok was an easy man to please, never taking more than he wasn’t willing to give.

He puts on a slow, grooving melodic beat to set the mood and you almost want to laugh. Your husband was also a corny man, believing that you have to have Barry Manilow in the background of your lovemaking sessions. Thankfully, now he’s gotten over that stage as another singer with a deep timbre comes through the speaker after the repeated times you’ve told him you didn’t need music to have sex with your husband.

“Let me know if it gets too hot!” You can hear the smile in his voice as you furrow your brows into your comforter. What was he talking about? You miss the cock of his brow and the smirk on his lips as he holds the dish in his boney hands.

“Hoseok, wha-?”

A warm substance is drizzled down your spine making you arch your lower half off of the mattress in shock. You squeal a little when your husband’s large palms glide across the skin of your back, collecting the warm liquid that was pooling in the small of your back.

“Relax, baby.” He coos, pushing your ass back down into the sheets. He moves up to your shoulders and rubs them in small, slow circles. “It’s just body safe massage oil.” He chuckles, looking at the label of the erotic body oil that glistens on the expanse of your back.

You take a deep breath, trusting your husband with your life as he slides up and down your back with slow precision. Hoseok rubs and massages you like he was a trained professional. You question yourself briefly if he was practicing on someone else, but you shut that theory down quickly as he tests the waters and glides his warm palms over your ass.

You hum in approval, truly loving the way your husband knew where you were tight and where he needed to press a little harder. You blush into your sheets hearing the almost lewd squelching noises the oil was making sliding around your body and his palms.

The fire in your lower stomach was still alive and well and every pass and push he made by your ass made you groan into the sheets for more friction, more Hoseok.

Every time his warm palm glides across your ass, his fingers dipping lower between your cheeks made your body quell and quake with excitement. You feel like he’s doing a better job of teasing you instead if actually relieving your stress. You wonder if it’s hard to hold back for him? His hands winding down your body in unison, slick up and down with the warm oil that smells of vanilla? Either way, your stomach was on fire, silently begging Hoseok to do more, slip his long digits into your backside and make you scream and moan in delight.

Alas, your husband is too good to you, doing what he says he would which was relieve your stress.

Another deep sigh leaves your body at his slow touch. You know this might be hard for him, taking his time and not wiggling about like he usually does. Even when you try to slow dance with him he ends up with some sort of weird arm flail dance that never ceases to make you smile. And boy were you smiling right now. If only your head wasn’t pressed into the sheets you could maybe watch him?

You wonder where he is standing as he presses into your lower back with his thumbs, working the knots you have stuck there deep in your body. You lift your head up and are met with a mouth-watering sight before your half-lidded pupils.

You honestly don’t know what overcame you as you reach out with your tongue, letting the head of his wide, thick cock slide over your pink muscle as he slides lower down your body as he massages you.

He grunts as you engulf him in your warm, wet mouth, taking him as deep as he will allow you in this position. He moves out of you suddenly, and you whine, pouting your lips as he crouches to be face to face with you on the bed. Your husband has been graced with the most good looking external sex organ you think you’ve ever seen. You loved sucking him down your throat. You love when your lips get swollen from his girth. You love when he squirts his seed down your cavern, reveling in the salty taste of him afterward.

“You’re being a naughty girl not following the rules,” Hoseok says, a smirk on his pretty lips and a small fire set off in his rich hues.

“I want to taste you, Hobi,” You pout to him with your best puppy dog eyes. “Let me take care of you, too.”

His nostrils flare at your nickname for him, smile widening, and the wildfire in his orbs really alive and free now with your declaration to him. You both stare the other down for a brief second before he ultimately sighs, pushing off his slender calves with force to be stood before you again.

“Fine,” He says, giving into you. “Flip over.”

You smile in victory as you quickly turn over for him on the edge of the bed so that your head hangs off slightly. He positions himself as you lick your lips in preparation for fitting such a pretty cock in your mouth. At the same time he enters your mouth he drizzles more massage oil on your stomach to glide over your front while you swallow him down with glee.

You hum in approval around his length moving back and forth in your mouth, your hands busy holding onto his one thigh and the other massaging his testicles lightly.

He shudders above you with another grunt passing through his lips, wasting no time in massaging your breasts with the flat of his palms, teasing your nipples to stand at attention. You groan on his member, using your mouth like a vacuum to suck him down your throat. He pinches and pulls at the now perky buds, earning him all kinds of sighs and sounds to leave your body with the way he was working you up.

Hoseok’s hips move back and forth as he circles your breasts, allowing you to get him off more and more with every passage he takes over the front of your body.

“You are so fucking good to me, you know that?” He hisses as he pinches your nipples again. His cock twitches inside of your mouth and you revel in his words, his body, his touch, everything that Hoseok was, you are engulfed and raptured by him. “I’m supposed to be taking care of you, and here you are, wanting to blow me like the perfect wife you are.”

His praise makes you keen a moan into his cock. Hoseok was loud in bed, yes, but he was never much of a dirty talker when you first started, but ever since you told him how much you adored him telling you his honest thoughts while intimate like this, he’s taken your words and ran with them.

He moans loud, cutting you off from your thoughts. “I need to you taste your cunt.”

He leans down then, trapping your face into the side of the bed as he fans a breath over your parted and exposed middle. You squeal a moan in delight when you feel the cool of his saliva hit your center. Hoseok’s tongue then beaches your entrance, but not before licking a stripe down your middle slowly.

Your head was reeling. Hoseok was making you see stars and he had barely done anything erotic to you. It could be your position in bed, too. Whatever, you think as you snake your arms around to grip the perky golden ass you love to slap every chance you get. He jolts at your grasp, his tongue finding your clit as he laps at your bundle of nerves in a loud manner.

Your husband growls into your aching center, the vibrations rocketing through you, making you feel so drunk on his affections, it was making you do the same. With a mouth full of his member, you do your best to suck him down as your pointer finger finds the rim of his back entrance. He jolts again as you tease his backside, gulping him down with vigor now. Your nose was buried deep into his pubic bone, smelling the most intimate part of him which was refreshing and smelt of lemons and his colognes woodsy musk.

Hoseok’s cock twitches in your mouth again, his hips rocking back and forth, seeking more friction as his climax approaches. Yours was too now that he was using his fingers and mouth in tandem to take care of you, to relieve stress like he said earlier.

His fingertips were going to be the ultimate death of you. Hoseok’s warm hands, his soft yet firm touch circling the most delicious spot in your throbbing exposed center, driving you up the wall of your high steadily with each brush of his pads to your body.

How the hell did you get so lucky to have this man in your life again?

You whine around his cock coated in your saliva, moving in and out of your throat as he works your bundle of nerves quickly, his mouth lapping up your arousal that leaks from your middle. Your thighs begin to quake, tears coming to your eyes at your high steadily approaching. Your husband’s hips are moving into your mouth with more force as he is preparing to climax as well.

Your hazy mind can barely think as your finger gently dips into his back entrance while the fire in your stomach erupts, popping the orgasm that Hoseok has been guiding you towards all night.

“Fuck!” He growls, releasing himself down your throat a few seconds after your white essence leaks from your middle. He twitches and moans, spilling his milky coating into your mouth for you to swallow down as he cums in you. You gladly comply, not wanting to waste a drop, you take him with a raw hunger that you think you could only have for the man that you share everything with.

He stands, leaning back to his original position with shaking legs, letting you get an actual breath as he withdraws from you. You both huff, catching your breath as the music from the speaker switches to something heavier, something faster. You pant, looking up at the love your life as he leans forward on his slightly bent knees, sweat glistening on his forehead.

Your ragged breathing catches in your coated throat as his gaze finally meets yours. In a display that was almost in slow motion, his eyes ignite with passion behind his rich hues, the curve of his smile increases as he stands to his full height, brushing the hair sticking to his forehead out of the way for you to admire something even you rarely see.

Your husband has not only been graced with the most beautiful cock you have ever seen, but also a very high libido, much to your dismay or delight - depending on your mood.

Tonight, however, you were willing to play more as his long cock stands at almost full mast again with just the sheer sight of you.

You smirk up to your husband as he rights you on the bed slowly so you won’t get dizzy from the blood rushing down from your skull. Hoseok kisses you gently on the lips, the sensation sending sparks of desire to pool straight to your lower stomach again. You lean into him throwing your arms around your lean but muscled man, sighing into his embrace.

“Round two?” He asks quietly, parting the kiss for his lips to ghost over yours.

You open your eyes with a raise of your eyebrows and smile at the man who always would take care of you no matter what, respecting you even as his wife.

“Please, Hobi.”

You were flipped over on your back in a matter of seconds, head now by the pillow that was barely hanging on the bed with all the activities that had been happening upon the poor mattress tonight. He pins your wrists down to the sheets you slot yourself under with him every night, eyes hungrily searching your face.

Another wave of arousal hits you, making you clench your pelvic floor under his tender gaze. You wiggle your hips on the mattress as your legs draw upward to be wrapped around his waist, wanting the feeling of something more than fingers and tongues to breach your tight entrance tonight.

He leans back on his knees, grabbing his girth in his large palms, rubbing the head of his cock back and forth over your folds, picking up your juices as lube for his member.

He places his member at the base of your center and he leans back over, encasing your lips in his in a heated kiss filled with sloppy tongues and teeth. Your husband grunts as he pushes into you, splitting your walls with a languid moan filling your mouth as he fills your walls below.

“Oh, baby.” Hoseok parts from your lips again, leaning back to his knees to unlatch your legs around him so he can hold the middle of your thighs with his experienced hands. “You are so tight and warm for me.”

You let a wanton moan escape your lips as he starts to slide in and out of your hole. At his words, you can’t help but clamp down on his cock with your velvet walls, holding him like a vice.

“If you do that, I won’t last much longer.” He pants, eyebrows furrowing, gripping your thighs tighter.

“Then you’d better fuck me.” You muse up to your husband, the song picking up its tempo in the process of Hoseok slamming his hips into yours with unadulterated lust now.

He rams his cock into your aching middle repeatedly, loving every kiss to your cervix with his thick member. His hips during the day grind and twirl the air of his dance class, but by night they are creating bruises of blues and yellows against your skin, letting the throes of the night know that you were the only one that he slams his cock into like this. He always littered your body with the prettiest colors, claiming you all to himself for himself.

Hoseok is sweating, his eyes closed as he grips onto your thighs for dear life. That’ll be another beautiful mark on your scorching skin for you to admire tomorrow. He’s worrying his bottom lip in between his teeth, brows turned up in pleasure at the incredible feeling of him entering and exiting you. You know you are a mewling, melting mess as he slides in and out of your molten core but my god, he had to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

“You’re so handsome when you fuck into me like this.” You purr up towards your husband, reaching out to grip his shoulders.

He doesn’t stop his stride of thrusting into your body, no. He openly moans, fiery eyes flying open to rake over your body laid out on the bed before him.


He smiles as he starts a slow, rhythmic slamming of his hips into yours. You moan, closing your eyes and twisting your face away from him, clinging to dear life as he practically bounces in and out of you. Hoseok brushes past the spot that always makes you cry out in pleasure as he swells and twitches inside of you.

Your second orgasm takes you by surprise, screaming out your husband’s name repeatedly for the whole neighborhood to hear who was fucking into you and making you come like a champ. You can’t help but claw at his shoulders, holding onto him as he continues to push in and out of your seeping center.

Tears flow from your eyes, thighs quiver as he doesn’t let up through your screaming, heaving orgasm.

“Hobi, fuck, fill-l m-me u-up!” You stutter as he now rockets his girth inside of you as far as it can go.

“Shit-ah!” He mumbles, falling forward a little, catching himself on his palms. You feel him shake and tremble while his length twitches and swells inside of your walls, his own climax shooting deep into your womb, following through and taking care of you like he said he would.

He pulls out and falls to the side of you in one fluid motion, panting all the while. You’re both a sweaty, oily, sticky mess as you both lay there in your backs for a moment, coming down from your highs from the night.

You turn to look at your husband as he looks down at you with soft adoration again, giant goofy grin finding his face once more. He lays out an arm for you to be slotted to the side of him, beckoning you toward him with a playful glint in his eye.

You hum, eyes feeling heavy as the music dies and it’s just you and Hobi, breathing regularly once again as he pats the back of your head with the arm you are slightly pressed against.

You feel him start to jiggle his foot, the silence far too deafening for him to deal with so you ask him, “Yes, Hobi?”

He chuckles, “So, are you stress-free now?”

You are happy it’s Friday night as you press off the mattress to straddle your husband whom you love very much. “I think you did a fabulous job, sweetie,” You smirk down from on top of him. “But I still feel a little tense.”

A knowing smirk graces his lips as he laughs darkly, letting you pin him to the sheets this time. “Third time’s a charm.”