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“Oh, hey, Kyoka? Can you give this notebook to Kaminari next time you see him?”

“No problem, Yaomomo.” Said the punk girl, grabbing it out of her best friend’s hand as she jogged to the cafeteria.

That evening, back at the dorms, she suddenly remembered the notebook, and the fact that she hadn’t remembered to deliver it for the entire day. Typical. Now I have to find that adorable idiot before I can sleep. She grumbled under her breath as she walked towards the boy’s dorms, trying to read the nameplates in the dark. “You awake, Pikachu?” she called, rapping on the door. There was no response, and she was just about to give up and leave the book on the floor, when she heard a noise. No. Not a noise. A whimper. “Kaminari, are you alright?” Holy shit, he’s probably hurt, what do I do what the fuck do I do? “I'm coming in!”

She jammed one of her jacks into the keyhole and gave it the hardest rattle she could, breaking open the tiny sliver of metal, and threw open the door.

“W-wait… Don’t-”

Denki was naked. Very, sweatily, obscenely naked, sprawled out on the bed with his legs thrown open wide and his ass glistening with some sort of liquid. The door banged closed behind Kyoka, as she stared, stupefied, at her friend. Dazedly, she noted the metal object covering his… thing, and the oblong rubber stuck halfway up his behind. “Ji-urgh! – Jiro, what, why are you here?” he grunted out, drops of sweat caressing his pale face and slipping down his neck. Kyoka could barely hear him over the thumping of blood in her ears and oh, the aching heat that filled her up as she gaped at him.

I should leave.

I should apologize.

I should punch myself in the face to snap myself out of this and go wake Bakugou up so he can put me out of my misery.

“What’s that?” asked a husky, overly loud voice that couldn’t possibly be Kyoka’s own. “On your dick, the metal thing.”

Denki panted, trying to compose himself before answering. “It’s – it’s a cock ring.”

“A what?”

“Oh you know, a. A toy.”

Right. A toy. A sex toy. She could totally handle this, it wasn’t the first time she’d seen a classmate over-exposed, and she’d already known Denki was a damn horny guy. Still. A sex toy. “And, um, in your, in your butt-”

“It’s a dildo.” He gulped out. His chest was rapidly rising and falling, slicked with sweat and the blush that was creeping across his face and the entire situation of being alone in a closed room with a sexy naked guy was getting to Kyoka, making her feel light-headed… reckless… dangerous… and damn did she want to see more. More than see, she wanted to touch, to do things. “Another toy?”

“Yeah, I- here, see, it’s shaped like a- like a dick – ngh!” he gulped down the sound that came out of his throat when he tried to move the ‘dildo’ out of his ass. Kyoka could have sworn that her breath came out a little smoky at that. “So, are you gay or something?” she asked, still in that strange, unnatural voice.

“Bi.” He whimpered. “You… you got a problem with that?”

“Nah, I’m bi too.”

“Yeah, I know.” Grunted Denki sullenly. “I’m pretty sure everyone in the school knows by now. You’ve got a crush on Yaomomo.”

“No, no I don’t!” protested Kyoka, taking one, shuddering step forwards. A tiny, insignificant step, across the vast distance between the door and the bed. Between her and him.

“You- don’t?” he whispered, voice croaky with need and adrenaline. The vast distance shortened like magic, and suddenly, she was right in front of him, eyes roving over his panting, flushed, lusting, beautiful body.

“I don’t.” she placed her hand on his head, passing it through his soft, silky, wet locks. “I like you, idiot”. A moan burst out of Denki, louder than any before, and Kyoka almost squeaked as more and more heat flooded to her groin, soaking her underwear. He grabbed at her t-shirt, pulling her down to slam their lips together, and now she was the one to moan, her tongue tingling at the foreign feeling of another’s pressing into it, emptying the sound into his throat. She’d never kissed before, never even imagined it too vividly, to be honest, but she gave as well as she could, legs planted wide in the wobbling floor, clinging onto Denki’s hair with one hand and his waist with another, pushing hard against his mouth. She could feel her pulse in her cunt, that’s how turned on she was. He practically used her as a crutch to shift himself back onto his butt, grinding his lap against hers, and she gasped in both shock and pleasure at the hard metal of the ‘ring’ pressing directly against her clit. “F-fuck…” she groaned as they broke apart for air, and thank god Denki was too caught up in the moment to make a clichéd joke about that, because she didn’t want to get turned off and have to leave just when things were getting good.

If he’d looked fucked up before, he looked absolutely ravaged now, panting deeply, shivering hard. His penis was almost vertical, and Kyoka let herself drink in the sight, mouth growing dry. There was a dribble of whitish liquid dropping down it, she realized. “Are you going to…” she gestured at it nervously. She’d never seen a guy cum, and she had never even considered that her first would be Denki Kaminari, class joker, of all people. “Nah,” he managed to get out. “It’s- the cock ring, it stops me from cumming, I can’t until it’s off.” Kyoka grinned at that, at the tone of his voice and what he’d just said, and yanked him into another bruising, wet kiss.

Her right hand, on his spine, travelled quickly downwards, feeling his ass before grabbing the slimy silicone ‘dildo’, pushing it in before tugging it out. “Jiro!” whined Denki, pulling away. “That’s not- why you little-” and he grabbed one of her jacks – the left - by the cord. Kyoka gulped audibly, because those were sensitive, goddamnit, and she wasn’t used to people touching them. “Do you like this?” he said, noticing her reaction, and stroking down the skin-covered wire. She gulped and nodded mutely, shivers of pleasure running down her spine. Her jacks themselves may be covered in metal, but the cords weren’t, and they were as much a part of her body as anything else. “Hmm…” he purred, pulling it towards himself, towards his mouth. Oh fuck, is he going to- he placed the jack into his mouth and licked at the cold metal, covering it in heated, sticky saliva, and Kyoka had to stuff her hand into her mouth to stay silent. Then he bit down hard, wincing a bit at the scrape of metal, and she forgot why she had wanted to be silent in the first place. She clung to him, body pulsating at the strange sensations, feelings she had never even imagined, walls squeezing at his leg between hers, caught up in the pleasure of her first time.

She could hear chuckles emanating from him, and damn him, the cocky bastard, the goddamn perv. She suddenly thought of an idea, a way to shut him that fuck up.

Her right jack was still unoccupied, and she stretched it out, sending it behind him, towards his still-gaping, lube-slicked ass, and without a single warning or second thought, stuck it in.

If she had thought she was ready for what it would feel like, his tight, tight, hot, sticky hole around her cord and jack, she’d been very much mistaken.

“J-Jiro!” he screamed out, and she moaned along with him, her left jack falling to the bed, forgotten, as the two grabbed at each other, grinding and rutting shamelessly. The heat of his insides was so intense, she could feel it in her ears, in her head, and his walls were squeezing it, they were squeezing it so hard, and his name was running over and over, round and round, in her head until she didn’t know if she was saying it aloud or not. Then she felt something in there, a bump in his ass, and when she thrust it into that bump, he actually sobbed in pleasure. “There, right there, oh my god, hit it there!” and she complied, giving him the softest vibration she could manage through her jack. He moaned shamelessly, and grabbed her by the waist so hard that she left the bed, holding her up for a second before they both fell backwards, him onto his back and her onto her stomach, on his chest. Trying to extricated her right jack from beneath the two of them, Kyoka extended her left one again, reached into his ass again, searched for that same bundle of nerves that had melted him so wonderfully again. He didn’t give her much time to focus on probing, though, taking hold of the front of her shirt, and pulling open the buttons, firmly touching her breast. She gulped and buck backwards for a second, instinctively moving away from it, but she did want this, she wanted it, so she pressed right back, and he pulled down her sports bra and nuzzled into the sweaty, bony crook between her small breasts.

“Ah, you’re so, mmm, so pretty, Jiro.” He smirked against her skin. “Ugh, sh-shut up, you pervert.” She grumbled, shivers of lust and pleasure running down her spine. “You’re the one nailing me.” He chuckled, then licked a long stripe up her sternum, and shut her up. By biting the curve of her breast, just before her nipple. She whined and pressed into him, her jack slamming into him, vibrating and making him scream again, and again, and again.

They were breathless and sweaty and handsy, doing whatever their hormone-addled brains could think of to each other, and then Denki didn’t, couldn’t catch his breath, squeezing Kyoka tightly like he was drowning, his walls clenching around her. And she had reached a milestone too, she was shaking like a leaf too, breath hitching, something in her trying to drive out all though except feels good, feel more, good, more, good-

And dimly, she heard Denki beg her to take off the ‘ring’, and distantly she felt herself do it, and then they dissolved into the sheets, pliant and messy and wet, dissolved into her first orgasm.

“That was… Wow” panted Denki, on his back beside her. Kyoka could only nod. “You know, of all the ways… I thought… I’d lose my virginity, I never thought it’d be a girl shafting me.”

“Shut up, you filthy creature.” The girl who’d shafted him groaned. “Who even thinks of stuff like that?” and then she yawned, the room blurring up. “And weird as it might sound, I’m absolutely exhausted right now, and also incredibly messy.”

“That always happens.” He explained, yawning too. “Dunno why, but you feel really sleepy after you cum.”

“Mmm. Imma take a nap.” And she curled up, a bit like a cat, beside him. He giggled a little, and wrapped his arm around her, cuddling into her. “’kay. Goodnight… Kyoka.” She smiled a little, heart fluttering at the sound of her name on his lips. “You know, if this was a badly written romantic fanfic, this would be the part where I tell you that I love you and ask you to be my girlfriend.”

“Well if this was a badly written romantic fanfic,” she said, snuggling just a little bit closer to him. “This would be the part where I say I love you too and yes.”

“And I love you both!” yelled Sero from the next room over. “But maybe try some other spot next time, lovebirds!”