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Total Domination: Haikyuu Quest

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“Be my boyfriend, Hinata!” Kageyama, the archer, declared while blushing red.
“What…. What!!!” Hinata’s ears were now as red as a ripen tomato, his eyes averted Kageyama’s intense glare. “Bbaaa...Baka...Bakageyama! What are you talking about?”
“I love you, Hinata! Be my boyfriend!” exclaimed Kageyama again.
“...Is this even a question? That’s not how you ask out people.” chuckled the orange hair hero.
“Sh… Shut up! What’s your answer?”
“.... Yes….” said Hinata timidly.
That was 6 months ago. Ever since Kageyama asked him out, nothing has changed. They still went on adventures together, fought monsters side by side, but no further…
NOTHING HAPPENED! WE HAVE NOT EVEN KISSED! ONLY HOLDING HANDS!!! Hinata the hero screamed out internally. After this quest, i’ll make sure we will advance to the next stage of our relationship. Hinata slapped his face from both sides to wake him up from these thoughts that were unrelated to the job at hand. This job was not too hard, at least for Hinata, the hero who has defeated the demon king. For that reason, he has not asked Kageyama to come with him. Another reason would be the hero was planning to set up a romantic date with Kageyama right after this quest so he would rather to be alone for now.
“Let’s see.” Hinata took out the map. “The quest is to investigate a possible hobgoblin village. It was said that a lot of adventures went missing in this land and sighting of hobgoblin was reported so the guild just want me to confirm whether there really is a village here? What’s this? … and if there is one and you’re willing, please exterminate them?... Whattt? Of course Im not going to, they have not paid me for that…”
As he walked further into the dense forest, the hero could faintly feel a presence following his footsteps. To confirm his suspicion, Hinata quickly leapt through the thick bushes, trying to shake lose his follower, but the boy soon realized no matter how much he tried, his follower would just be one step behind him. Though now that he has confirmed that someone was indeed following him, Hinata chose to stand his ground and confront the mysterious lurker.
“Who’s there?” Hinata turned around and asked. “No point trying to hide!”
“You’re indeed the hero who defeated the demon king, Hinata sama.” A well-built orc stepped out from behind the tree. “You could tell someone was following you?”
“Of course!” Hinata raised his sword, swiftly assumed a fighting stance. “If you’re here, that means there really is an hobgoblin village around here… What have you done to the adventurers who travelled through this land?”
“Right to the point, arent we?” laughed the large orc, his height was almost a lucifer dogfish higher than Hinata’s boyfriend, Kageyama the archer. “Since you dont want to beat around the bush, i’ll give you a straight answer: They are living with us in our village… as our pets, of course.”
“... What are you talking about?” frowned Hinata. He sure didnt like the sound of this.
“Im talking about … THIS!” the orc quickly cast a spell onto the defensive hero. Despite his caution, the speed of the spell was much faster than those that he usually saw Kenma the mage performed and it caught him off-guard. The moment he realized he was under attack, the spell was already cast upon him. Strangely though, he did not feel any pain or difference…
“Was it a miscast?” he murmured.
“Hahaha, it was not a miscast, my little hero. I can at least assure you that.” The orc was now leisurely walking toward the hero without any worry about how the hero can just slide him in half with his legendary sword. “That was a lost spell that I have recently recovered from a ruin. It allows me to command anyone who the spell was cast upon. Let me demonstrate: Drop your sword!”
Hinata was going to scoff at the orc’s command, yet his hands soon loosen their grips on the hilt and the sword was fallen onto the ground.
“What?” It took a while for the Hinata to process what just happened. “What did you do?”
“Dont move, my little hero!” The orc again commanded Hinata and again, the hero found himself following the his enemy’s wishes.
Damn it! I cant move. At this point he can just attack and kill me with ease. I should think of something fast!
“You look worried.” smirked the orc, his hand was now slowly running along Hinata’s cheek. “Dont sweat, I wont kill you. I just want to make you my loyal slave… sex slave, that is”
“What the hell are you talking about!” screamed out Hinata, his face was bright red. “Release me from your spell!!!”
“Cant do! You will soon join others at the village as nothing but our cock sleeves. In fact, some of the slaves in our village may be your acquaintances.”
“Stop this! Fight me like a man!” Hinata struggled to move his body but he soon found it was impossible to even move a muscle.
“Fighty little hero, I like that!” Laughed the orc. “I cant wait until you’re broken and beg for my cock … Remove your clothes. From now on, you dont need them.”
“Nooo!!! STOP!!!” Hinata screamed in vain as his hands began to unbutton his armors, his shirt, and even his trouser.
“Fine, stop!” commanded the orc as Hinata was going to remove the last piece of his underwear. “...I will take care of the rest, anyways”
The wicked orc was now standing right in front of the hero, his hands were resting on Hinata’s firm butt cheeks and sensually massaging them. With only a thin fabric of his underwear, Hinata could feel every touch from his enemy’s rugged hands.
“Are you feeling it?” The orc bent down and whispered into Hinata’s ear as he pushed the Hinata’s bottom against his, causing the hero to broke into cold sweat as he could clearly feel the hobgoblin’s raging boner through his dirty loincloth.
“What’s with the disgusted face, my pet?” The orc lifted Hinata’s face up, only to be spit on by the defiant young hero. “Dear me, you really dont know your place, huh? Let me teach you some manner…”
The orc ground his teeth as he wiped away Hinata’s saliva from his face. After a brief glare down at Hinata, he commanded the Hero to open his mouth while looking up at him.
“Wider!!!” Demanded the orc. “... Wider!!! And stick out your tongue!”
Hinata followed his captor’s command, his face quickly turned pale as he realized what the orc had planned to do. The moment the orc deemed Hinata was ready, he slowly opened his mouth, letting fluid from his salivating mouth dripping down onto his slave’s face below. His saliva soon covered the whole of his helpless slave’s adorable face, then, with a brief reposition, they were directly dripping onto Hinata’s wide open mouth. Deeming the boy hero was punished enough for his insolence, the orc closed closed his mouth to stop the flow of his unusually large amount of saliva. Still, the punishment lasted long enough so that the orc’s sticky saliva has already been overflowing from Hinata’s mouth down to his bare chest and thoroughly wetted his thin layer of underwear fabric, revealing his flacid cock.
“Drink all of my saliva that’s in your mouth, my hero-slave” The orc watched as the adolescence had no choice but to follow his order. After a few chuckle as the orc witnessed Hinata’s struggling to resist gulping down and choking on his spit, he continued. “Now have you learned your place, yet? Dont try to upset me. You’re not longer a hero that saved the world but a mere pet… mere sex slave that must know to follow my order.”
The orc’s hands soon rested on Hinata’s slender, yet well toned hip, then sensually moved around and caressed the hero, spreading his slimy saliva to fully cover the teenager’s upper body, both front and back.
“I will kill you... I will kill you… I will kill you…” mumbled Hinata, with tears welling up from his eyes .
Since he wasnt allowed to speak, the voice came out from his mouth was nothing but incomprehensive noises. Ignoring his slave’s murdering chants, the orc continued enjoying the hero’s smooth, hairless body. Finally, his hands rested on top of Hinata’s chest. After a few gropes to test the sensitivity, the orc focused his attention to the hero’s little pink nipples. Placing Hinata’s nubs in between his index and middle fingers, the orc mercilessly pulled and twisted the hero’s nipples, causing him to let out loud moaning sounds that even startled several animals walkin close by.
“... W… Wh…. Whyy??” Hinata himself was confused at how sensitive his nipples have become.
“Surprised? You drank so much of my saliva, it’s only natural that the sensitivity of your whole body has increased… probably by more than 50 fold.” laughed the orc. He released one of Hinata’s nipples and moved his hand down to Hinata’s crotch, which has become fully erected underneath his wet underwear. The orc rubbed his palm on the tip of Hinata’s uncut cock, then continued tormenting the hero.
“Let’s see how long….” The orc did not even have time to finish his sentence as Hinata violently cummed from a mere touch, surprised even the orc himself. “Huh? Already? Dont tell me you’re a virgin?”
“..... Yes….” Even though Hinata did not want to answer the orc, it was not an option for him.
“Hah! Really? So you dont have any girlfriend?” asked the orc as one of his hand continued twisting Hinata’s nipple while the other has crept inside the hero’s underwear and now directly rubbing his foreskin.
“Haaa…. Ahh… Noo…..” answered Hinata while moaning. “.... I have a boyfriend….”
“What? Who?” the orc curiously asked.
“....Kage…. Haaaa…..yama”
“Is that so? That legendary archer that helped you defeat the demon lord Oikawa? Too bad that you can no longer be with him anymore since you’ll be my slave for eternity! Though if you want, I can add him into my collection. Hahaha”
“He… haa.. Ahhhh…. He will… ahhh…. He will kill you!!!”
“I want to see him try!” said the orc as he finally pushed the naked Hinata down onto the dirty ground and shredded his slave’s underwear into pieces with his bare hand. The twink hero was now fully naked, his cock was still rock hard, his cum dripped down along his shaft to his balls and ass crack. “Enough of talking though, time to lose your virginity, little hero!”
The orc has discarded all of his clothes. His orc’s instinct to torture human maxed out as he looked down at his prey, laying naked and defenseless on the ground. To demonstrate his absolute authority over the hero, the orc stomped his feet onto Hinata’s six pack stomach, causing him to vomit out some of the orc’s saliva that he has just gulped down minutes ago.
“Think of that as your initiation to your life as mere sex slave, little hero!” The orc laughed at the hero’s agony. Then, the orc’s heavy body descended upon Hinata. After a brief alignment, their bare cocks were now touching each other, with the orc’s 15 inches dwarfed that of Hinata’s. Hinata face could not hide his hatred and disgust as he could clearly felt his captor’s monstrous cock grinding on his own. Yet, despite so, the hero was mainly disgusted at himself for he could not hide his moaning. With the orc’s cock grounded against his, Hinata was on verge of another climax. Knowing his slave was again going to cum, the orc quickly casted another spell. The spell formed a magical cock ring around Hinata’s throbbing cock, making him unable to cum.
“... Sto…”
Hinata was going to protest, yet his scream was muffled by his captor’s mouth. Kageyama has french kissed Hinata before, but this was completely different. The orc did not “kiss” Hinata but more as if he’s been mouth-raping the twink. The orc tongues dominated the hero’s warm and wet little mouth as it swirled and wrapped around Hinata’s own tongue. With his unusually long tongue, the orc occasionally thrusted deep inside the back of Hinata’s mouth, flickin his uvula and caused the hero to almost vomit several time. With both his mouth and cocks were being constantly assaulted, Hinata soon found himself exhausted, passing in and out of consciousness.
After half an hour toying with the naked hero, the orc was finally ready to move on the next round. The hero was flipped around to have his stomach laying on the ground, his firm bare ass laid fully exposed to his captor. The orc’s rugged hands wasted no time as they soon grabbed his ass and spread them apart, revealing the hero’s perfect little pink, untouched hole. The orc now was unable to contain his lust, his mouth salivated and dripped down onto Hinata’s asscheek, then slowly rolled down his crack. The orc’s saliva mixed with Hinata’s cum, wetting and prepping the poor twink’s hole.
“Time to say goodbye to your virginity, hero-slave!” declared the orc.
“... Wa… Waiitt” Hinata has just barely regained his conscious.
But of course, the orc did not listen. He plunged his monstrous cock pass the hero’s asshole sphincter and deep inside Hinata’s tight hole. He could just cum right there but the orc tried his best to resist the urge. Hinata’s asshole just felt too good. His inner wall wrapped around the orc’s cock as it thrust in and out.
“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh” screamed out Hinata. “Hhhhhaaaaaaaa”
It was not a painful scream though since the hero did not feel any pain despite this being his first time. All he felt was pleasure. This was due to the orc’s saliva amplifying his sensitivity. Had it not been for the magical cock ring, he would have cummed bucket by now. With each thrust, the orc cock effortlessly pounded Hinata’s prostate, sending waves of pleasure straight into his brain. It was not long until the orc finally gave in and shot gallons of cum up his asshole, filling up the twink.
“Ahhh! Your asshole is too good, slave!” exclaimed the orc. “In fact, it’s better than any asshole or pussy that I have tasted…. From now on, let’s just call it your asspussy, slave!!”
Once the orc finished praising the hero, he squatted down on the ground then pulled the hero up with him.
“Im tired, fuck me by yourself!” ordered the orc.
Unable to disobey his captor, Hinata wrapped his arm around the orc’s neck, his asshole descended down onto the orc’s cock. Now the orc just sat there, of his entire body, only his hands were moving as they groping the hero’s ass. Despite his exhaustion and pent-up cock, the hero now had to move his ass up and down the orc’s cock on his own. His mouth was now moving on its own, kissing and licking away the orc’s sweat.
STOOPPP!!! Hinata thought to himself, yet he could do nothing.
After another hour and several explosion of cum later, the hero’s stomach was bloated with cum. He now looked as if he’s 5 month pregnant. He has passed out for a few minute now but his body was still moving, his asspussy tried to milk more of orc cum. Since the orc did not have to do anything, he was now refreshed, in contrast to the unconscious hero.
“You’ve done well, slave! Maybe you’re really born to be my cock sleeve, hahahaha!” The orc turned Hinata around and readied the hero for another round. The orc fingers soon found the twink hero’s nipples and twisted it hard to wake him up. “You thought it’s over? We’re not even close!”
The moment he finished his sentence, the orc rammed his cock inside his slave’s asspussy again. After hours of fucking, Hinata’s asspussy seemed to have already gotten used to the orc’s cock. With his nipples being twisted, the hero was forcefully woken up, only to experience again the intense pleasure from his captor’s cock. Hinata’s saliva was now overflowing from his mouth, his eyes rolled back into his head, his naked feet curved up as the orc fucked him senselessly from behind.
“Turn your head around and give your master some love!” ordered the orc…. And obeyed the slave. Now, his asspussy again was filled up with the orc’s cum, his bruised nipples were being tucked, pulled, and twisted, his mouth slurping in the orc’s fluid, his cock was restrained from cumming. Hinata’s life as a hero was over and the orange hair twink knew it. He was now nothing but the orc’s pet… toy… slave….. Cocksleeve.
With the hero laid unconsciously on the ground, the orc’s cock has been thrusting deep inside his mouth for almost half an hour, choking the hero. To make it worse, the orc occasionally strangled the hero’s neck only to make it constrict against his cock to make it feel better. Had Hinata been any ordinary human, he would have been dead for a while now. Despite his unconsciousness, Hinata’s cock was still raging hard since it was kept that way by the cock ring. After more than half a day of fucking, the orc has not let the hero cum even once. After all, the hero’s needs have now meant nothing. The hero lived to serve the orc. Once the orc let out his final cum deep inside Hinata’s throat, he finally stood back up and got dress. The hero has been thoroughly fucked since early afternoon and now, with the sun has set for more than 2 hours, the orc has finally called it a day. The hero laid on the ground motionlessly, completely unconscious. His spiky orange hair seemed to have glued together with his master’s cum. His state of naked body was not much better either since it too was covered in cum. Once gotten dress, the orc grabbed one of the hero’s leg and dragged his barely breathing body back to his village, leaving behind the clothes that he knew his cock sleeve would no longer need. On the way, Hinata’s body was hit with several large rocks, with some hitting his cum-bloated stomach, causing orc’s cum to spew out from his gaping asspussy…
On that day, the legendary hero disappeared. Little did the world know about his fate… But just months after, the world would learn what fate has befallen onto the hero… and soon would be befallen onto them.
“What are you saying? He has not contacted you since he accepted the quest?” screamed out the impatient Kageyama.
“Yes, it was more than a week ago.” said the clerk.
Kageyama could not hide his worry. He knew Hinata is strong, but what’s this feeling he’s been experiencing...