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Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama: Ace Attorney

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A young boy sat in a chair facing a group of various people. His head was drooping down while a tense atmosphere filled the room. To the right of the boy stood an officer who faced the wall, but kept stealing glances at him every few seconds. This just made the boy even more nervous.

Looking up, he could feel his heart grow heavier at the faces the visitors had on. He could feel something akin to hopelessness begin to fill his heart. Thanks to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was stuck here...with no one on his side. His stoic face nearly cracked apart at this thought as he has never felt this lonely in his whole life. Even as a child, he had someone on his side. His brother was always on his side even if it meant not supporting him from afar. Eventually, he met his master, and they've always stuck together.

Now the one week that his master is out of town to visit his mother, he gets into this mess. And all the friends that he has made up to this point have been slowly leaving his side. The thought of this really hurt, but seeing it personally...
"Why Mob? Why did you do it?"

'B-but, I didn't...' was the young boy's thoughts. He wanted to scream them loud, but he couldn't find the strength nor his voice.

"I can't believe it. I thought you were better than this."

'Wait...' He slowly felt his heart breaking to pieces as his friends began to turn to leave the Detention Center room. Looking over at the sole remainder, the boy slowly began to raise his head with some hope that he still had one person who believed in him.


'Ritsu...' The boy's head immediately dropped as his younger brother turned and left the room without another word being said. It was official...even his own family thought he did it. He slowly wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to comfort himself as he felt warm tears flow down his face. Unknown to him, a multi colored aura shrouded his body as his hair began to raise up and down as if the wind was hitting it.

'I...I didn't do it...why does no one believe me?' He thought as his head remained facing the ground. Images of the events preceding everything, the incident, and his arrest began to swarm his mind as he felt himself breathe in and out frantically. The officer seemed to notice this as well as he moved to lead the boy back to his holding cell. However...

"Hey there. Shigeo right?" a voice broke the sound of sobbing as the guard looked over and let out a small gasp. Shigeo felt his body relax at the sound of someone saying his name. Slowly opening his eyes, he raised his head and saw a man in a blue suit and spiky hair standing on the other side of the glass with a smile on his face.

He stared at the man in confusion for a moment before slowly asking, "W-who are you?" The man chuckled while scratching the back of his head before resting his hand on his side and smiling back at him.

"I'm Phoenix Wright, it's nice to meet you. I stopped by in the city on the way back home today when I heard about what happened," Phoenix introduced himself while relaxing himself. Shigeo couldn't help it as he felt his head slowly tilt over in even more confusion. Why did this man care about him?

As if reading Shigeo's thoughts, Phoenix smiled as he opened his mouth again, "You see I'm a defense attorney back in my city, and I was wondering if you would let me defend you in court?" Shigeo's eyes widened in shock at this.

Leaning forward slightly, his mouth parted slightly as if trying to speak, but he couldn't find the words. Once again taking the lead, Phoenix smiled and said, "This might seem sudden to you, after all I just showed up and you do not know me, but I would love to help you. After all, I know you didn't kill anyone."

Eyes widening even further, Shigeo leaned forward and looked up at the man who claimed to believe in him. "B-but...why? H-how?" Shigeo asked him.

Phoenix just smiled back at him and said, "Because I can tell. You aren't a killer. I have taken many cases in my life, and I have a pretty good idea on how killers act, and you do not act like one. Plus, I've been in your shoes before. Everyone against me, no one on my side as everyone didn't believe a single word I said. I felt so helpless, but then two people stepped forward and stood up in my defense. They believed in me. Shigeo, I believe in you. I promise that I will prove you innocent."

Shigeo sat there staring back at the man in shock. Slowly, ever so slowly, the hopelessness, the pain, despair, it began to retreat. And a new emotion fought itself to the surface.

100% Hope

8 years later - Present

Defendant Lobby 5 - 9:55 AM

A young man, standing around five foot four inches, sat on the couch. He had dark hair that was styled in a bowl shape along with plain eyes which matched his over all plain face. He was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a dark black business suit jacket on top with the top half open and the bottom half buttoned up. To match his top half, he was wearing black suit pants and dark shoes. On the collar of his jacket was a small sunflower least it resembled a sunflower.

The young man was shaking with a small, nervous smile on his face while his right eyebrow kept twitching. He kept clenching and unclenching his pants as he felt his nerves begin to act up again. The officers who stood guard at the door just glanced at each other and back at the young man before chuckling slightly and mentioning 'newbie' under their breaths.

As the young man looked up to glanced around again, he felt a hand clap down on his shoulder causing him to jump in shock. The person who placed their hand on his shoulder froze for a moment before letting out a hearty laugh.

"Geez Mob, are you still nervous? Come on! You got this! You read those files all day yesterday at the office! I know it's your first trial, but believe in yourself okay," an older man with short, light brown hair wearing a dark grey business suit with a pink tie. Under his eyes were slight creases that he seemed to have gotten from stress or nerves. Although...he seemed rather relaxed and overjoyed.

Mob glanced up at him from his seat with a queasy face which the man seemed to catch as his lax face dropped, and he glanced at Mob in concern. Sighing slightly, the man patted Mob on the head and bent down to Mob's eye level with a serious look.

"Listen Mob, no matter what happens, no matter the outcome, I know you will perform to the very best of your ability, and I know you will succeed. After all, you are the student to this century's greatest psychic," the man pauses to perform multiple fast-paced hand motions and signs before stopping and pointing back at himself with his thumb, "Reigen Arataka!"

Mob looked up at Reigen silently for a moment before finally speaking, "But what does being a psychic have to do with being a defense attorney?" Mob questioned Reigen which caused the confident look on Reigen's face to fall slightly before he quicked wiped it away and smiled again.

"Okay...maybe psychic powers don't matter in a courtroom, but I know you have seen my persuasive abilities over the years. That can help you. Just try and think back on them whenever you find yourself in a pickle out there, okay?" Reigen informed Mob who nodded his head in return as he began thinking back on all the times that Reigen had persuaded people into believing him about something.

Sadly, he was knocked out of his train of thought as one of the guards at the door yelled out to him, "Hey Defense Attorney! The trial is about to begin so hurry on in there!"

Mob nodded his head as he stood up and began to make his way with Reigen following behind him. As they were about to enter, Mob paused as he looked over at the guard. "Wait...where's Cap-the defendant?" Mob questioned the guard who just shrugged and motioned for the two to hurry on into the courtroom. Mob sighed as he continued into the courtroom.

Walking next to Mob, Reigen smiled as he took another look at his 'part-timer.' "You really do look professional now, Shigeo. You've really grown up. Although...I still think you should have went with one of my suits. I mean it almost looks like you're wearing a business suit version of your middle school uniform. Besides, my suits are much more stylish!"

Reigen finished speaking as they both stepped into the courtroom. Walking over to the defense bench, Mob let out a small smile as he set both of his hands down on the desk. Closing his eyes to take a breath, an image of the defense attorney who saved his life flashed through his eyes.

"After this, I'm coming to see you again, Wright-san!"