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Taehyung loved helping out with his baby brother.

Whether it be helping his Appa settle him down, to just simply sitting next to him when he was on his little playmat, Taehyung loved helping. That's what big brothers were for, after all.

He remembered how confused he was when his Daddy started spending less and less nights with him and Appa. He always claimed that he had "work to take care of", however Daddy never usually worked nights. He worked from home, on his computer, which Taehyung was never allowed on, no matter how much he begged. Uncle Hobi came over occasionally, and he and Daddy would use the dining room to talk over matters which Taehyung honestly couldn't care less about.

Being an adult seemed like hard work.

Appa told him not to worry about it, that Daddy's boss was being a meanie, and so he had to travel a little bit. Taehyung agreed, albeit suspiciously, because he could always tell when Appa was lying. It was like that time when he was due to get his vaccinations, and Appa had promised him they were simply going for a check-up. He didn't look him in the eyes, didn't have the same serene, bubbly persona he had when he was being himself. But, he trusted his Appa. Maybe they were getting a surprise for Taehyung!

A surprise, indeed.

It happened when Taehyung was allowed to stay up late for the first time. Appa was usually strict about bedtimes, as he wanted his little boy well rested for the next day, however tonight was different. Appa couldn't stop smiling, and Taehyung couldn't stop wondering what was going on.

Maybe they were getting a dog?

When Daddy came sauntering into the living room with a white bundle in his arms, however, Taehyung realised it was much better than a dog.

It was a baby.

Appa was more excited than Taehyung, it seemed. He went rushing forward, towards Daddy, immediately taking the bundle into his own arms. He was so delicate with the bundle that Taehyung almost felt jealous. However, he reminded himself that this was a tiny baby, a baby that looked like it was going to be living in his house.

A baby that he could look after.

"Does TaeTae want to say hi to his new baby brother?" his daddy called out gently, crouching down and reaching an arm out for the boy. Taehyung smiled brightly and nodded, slowly making his way over to his daddy. "Oh Jin, look at how excited he is. You're going to be such a great big brother, aren't you?" Daddy cooed.

Blushing, Taehyung allowed his daddy to wrap his arm around him, before he stood on his tippy-toes, trying to get a better look at the baby being cradled by his strong Appa. To help his little one, Daddy removed the arm around his baby's shoulder, and lifted him onto his hip.

What he saw in his Appa's arms was a teenager, probably a few years younger than him. He was asleep, his face looking soft and relaxed, as if he were sleeping on a cloud. Taehyung, stunned, reached a hand out to poke the baby's cheek gently. Immediately, the younger snuffled, face scrunching slightly, before he relaxed again. Appa bounced him and crooned, settling the little one straight away.

"Does Tae like his baby brother?" Daddy asked, kissing the boy's finger, which had been used to poke the other baby. His daddies didn't bother to scold him, as they knew he was only curious with the new addition to the family.

Taehyung nodded. "TaeTae wuvs him, Daddy. What Baby's name?" he enquired, sticking his thumb in his mouth. He was beginning to feel a little tired now, considering he was up a little later than usual.

He was answered by his Appa instead. "Jungkook, sweetie. His name is Jungkook."

Humming, Taehyung grinned sleepily. "Kookie. My Kookie."


Although his baby brother could be very loud sometimes, Taehyung was always willing to help out. Even if it meant him going slightly deaf in one ear.

"Oh, sweetie, getting your diaper changed isn't that bad, is it?" Appa crooned softly to the screaming Jungkook, who was clad in his warm, fuzzy sleepsuit. Taehyung rubbed his eyes tiredly as Daddy led him from his and Appa's big bathroom to their bedroom. When he spotted Jungkook screaming his lungs out on the changing table, however, he was right over.

"Baby sad," he said sadly, reaching up to wipe the tears from his little brother's cheeks. Jungkook attempted to bat his hands away, however he was still groggy from all the medication he'd been loaded with.

Appa smiled at him, keeping one hand pressed down on Jungkook's tummy as he patted Taehyung's head with the other. "He's just very fussy, little one. Babies cry for the silliest reasons, don't they?"

Taehyung nodded. I mean, he'd probably cry if his daddies tried to stick him in a diaper, considering they were potty-training him and he had been promoted to pull-ups, which made him a big boy, according to Daddy. However, this was his Jungkook they were talking about, and he was just a tiny baby. He needed diapers, whether he liked them or not.

"Don't worry, Kookie. Diapers mean that you don't have to worry 'bout getting to the potty on time. You're only little so you can't use the potty," he said encouragingly, peering at his little brother, who had now been stripped naked.

These words had the opposite effect, it seemed, for instead of agreeing and settling down like Taehyung expected him to, Jungkook began sobbing, throwing his hands over his eyes. Appa crooned at him, kissing the baby's hands, before he began the task of cleaning up anything Jungkook had done in the night. Considering the daddies had him on muscle relaxants, there was quite a bit to clean up. Not that the daddies minded.

"Why's my little boy crying so much?" Daddy asked, entering the room, bottle in hand. "What's Appa been doing to you?"

Taehyung narrowed his eyes, standing in-front of Jin and Jungkook protectively. "Appa didn't do anything, Daddy. Don't blame him. My Kookie needs kissies and milk. Your fault for taking so long with the milk and not being here to give him kissies!" he cried defensively, looking his daddy up and down with a scowl.

That got a chuckle from both Appa and Daddy. "You tell him, TaeTae! Daddy needs to appreciate Appa more, right?" Jin played along, and Taehyung nodded, very seriously. A loud whine from Jungkook disturbed the moment. "Oh, I know, darling. You don't like Daddy being mean to Appa either, do you?"

Daddy laughed, setting the bottle of milk down on a table next to their bed. "Okay, okay, I apologise," he smiled, hands up. "Don't want my three favourite boys mad at me."

"Boy? I'm older than you, mister, show some respect," Appa scowled, however he burst into laughter not a moment later. "Aish, what am I going to do with you?"

"Nothing, because we're both setting good examples for our sons," Daddy smiled.

Surprisingly, Jungkook piped up at that. "Not your son, you freak," he whimpered, voice strained.

Taehyung bit his lip. Jungkook was a tiny baby, and tiny babies weren't supposed to talk. They especially weren't supposed to use such nasty words towards their daddies.

Appa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Namjoon..."

Daddy held his hands up. "I don't know why he was able to say that. Medicine must be wearing off," he claimed, snatching the bottle up from the table.

"I just don't want Tae picking up these things. And I don't want this little one thinking that that language is acceptable either." Jin directed the last part to Jungkook, who, with one look at the now stern gaze on his 'Appa's' face, burst into tears yet again.

"Poor wittle baby," Taehyung sighed, rubbing his hands against Jungkook's bare thighs gently. "Appa, dress Kookie in his clothes. He might get cold," he ordered, and Namjoon chuckled at how protective Taehyung was over the baby. Once Jungkook was settled in properly, they'd be a perfect family.

Jungkook writhed and squirmed as Appa tried to dress him in a white legless onesie. It made his diaper look twice as big, and the poofy object poked out at the sides too, making Jungkook feel tiny.

How had this happened? Only a week ago, he was with his friends at school, working, messing around, play-fighting with each other for fun. He was sat at the table, waiting for his mother to bring dinner down, while his father read the newspaper and his older brother texted some noona as if his life depended on it. He did what normal fifteen-year-olds did.

And all that had been ripped from him in the blink of an eye.

He hadn't realised until he was thrown over somebody's shoulder that he'd been getting followed for weeks. His kidnappers were surprisingly gentle, however it didn't make Jungkook scream any less. A needle was injected into his thigh, and he was out cold.

Now, he was here. The thought killed him.

"Do you want to help Daddy feed him, TaeTae?" Namjoon asked softly, settling back into his and Jin's bed. He patted the empty space next to him, and Taehyung hopped up eagerly.

Appa grinned, settling Jungkook into his husband's arms. The boy immediately began trying to throw his body out of the older man's grip, however it was surprising what a week with no solid foods could do to a person. Jungkook wondered if this liquid diet might kill him, however he strangely felt fine.

"This milk is special, darling. It's got everything you need in it." Well, Jin wasn't lying.

"It's ok, Kookie. Milkies will help you calm down," Taehyung promised, propping himself up on his elbow. Jungkook pursed his lips together, trying to avoid the milk at all costs.

Namjoon sighed, patting the boy's bottom. It was supposed to be encouraging, but also served as a slight warning to the teen. Yes, Jungkook was far too little for discipline, as he didn't understand right from wrong, however while the boy had a big headspace, he needed to send a message somehow. Jungkook frowned, glaring harshly at the man.

"Maybe Appa should try feeding Jungkook," Taehyung suggested, and Namjoon immediately became offended. "Silly, Daddy, not with the bottle. Appa can feed Jungkook under his shirt, like Aunt Jisoo does with Lisa sometimes."

All three snapped their heads up at Taehyung, looks of shock plastered on each countenance. Then, they shifted. Jin looked amused, Namjoon looked on fondly at his eldest baby, and Jungkook's eyes were as big as moons.

"While that's a funny idea, baby, Appa can't-" Jin started, before he was cut off by Jungkook latching onto the bottle in Namjoon's hand with big loud gulps, like a cub drinking from its mother.

Namjoon chuckled, pulling the bottle away slightly. "Not so fast, baby, or your tummy will hurt a lot later on. That sure got your attention, didn't it?" he crooned, kissing the youngest's hair gently. "Well done, TaeTae. You got the baby to eat. I'm so proud of you for being such a good big brother."

Taehyung preened, blushing under both his daddies' loving gazes. He didn't say it, as he didn't want to seem like a brat, but he was very proud of himself, too.


Although his baby brother could be messy sometimes, Taehyung was always willing to help out. Even if it meant he got drenched in bubbles from head-to-toe.

"Oh, Jungkookie, look at what you've done to Tae," Appa sighed, holding the boy upright in the large bathtub. He'd forgotten they'd sold the baby tub when they realised Taehyung's headspace didn't require the object.

They were the paying the price, now. Jungkook kept slipping and sliding out of his appa's grasp, despite being weak in terms of movement. The soapy baby body wash wasn't lying when it promised "squeaky" cleanliness.

"Come on, Kookie. Stay still for Appa," Taehyung said, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Daddy settled a hand on his shoulder, a little paranoid as the whole floor was soaking wet and the little one could easily slip.

Jungkook didn't listen. Instead, he swung his arm out, effectively splashing Jin and the floor with more water. Sighing, Jin turned to his husband. "What am I meant to do?" he cried, arms still holding Jungkook above the water. Dropping his voice to a whisper, he said: "I can't punish him for it. But he'll never get properly washed at this rate!"

Taehyung listened in the best he could, and it was only when Appa moved a hand away from Jungkook to wipe his forehead did he realise; Appa was very stressed. The little boy hated it when either of his daddies were upset, and though they tried to mask their emotions from him, he could always tell when one of them was off. And Appa was definitely off.

How could he fix this? Well, Appa was obviously frustrated because Jungkook wasn't cooperating during his bath. Taehyung couldn't find himself to be annoyed at his baby brother; he remembered when Yoongi first came to Jimin, and how the other little would always have a fit before bathtimes as it meant he'd have to be stripped of his clothing. He always vented about it to Taehyung whenever they went over to Yoongi and Jimin's and vice versa.

Once Jimin started bathing with Yoongi, however, that's when things changed. The little felt humiliated at the close proximity of his caregiver, and as a result, he began behaving like a little angel, so Jimin would realise that he was, in-fact, mature enough to be in the tub by himself. It worked and soon enough, Yoongi was back to being the only one occupying the tub, all the while his daddy washed him with no trouble at all.

"I'm just glad he had the audacity to wear trunks when we bathed together," Yoongi had told him, cheeks a fiery red.

Taehyung brought up the little idea to his daddies. "Appa, why don't you get in the tubby with Jungkookie? Then you'll be able to hold him properly and wash him."

In the time before, when Taehyung lived with his biological family, he remembered his own mother used the method with his little siblings. Only, she was bathing with them more for nurture than for control, but still.

Appa and Daddy seemed to like the idea. Daddy patted him on the head and Appa nodded, smiling happily.

Jungkook didn't share the same viewpoint, however, and squealed when Jin removed his shirt with one hand. He attempted to back away, however his 'Appa' had a strong grip.

"Joon, do me a favour and hold him a sec while I get undressed, please," Jin requested, his husband obeying immediately.

Taehyung grinned and approached his baby brother, who was now wrapped in a towel and settled on Daddy's hip. "Let's just keep you out for a bit, so your appa doesn't squish you. You're so tiny and he could easily miss you," he chuckled, bouncing the mood boy slightly. "Aww look, here's TaeTae. Say hi to your big brother."

Jungkook did no such thing, choosing to stare at the wall instead of acknowledge the other little. Namjoon tutted, shaking his head down at Taehyung. "Such a fussy one your brother is, Tae. Hopefully you'll be able to teach him some manners."

It was meant to be a joke, however Taehyung took it as a challenge.

"Right, why don't my two big boys go and watch a film while me and Kookie have some bonding time, hmm?" Jin said, approaching the three. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, all of his clothing shed on the floor. Both Taehyung's and Jungkook's eyes widened.

"Appa," Taehyung began, looking up at his caregiver, who was in the process of taking Jungkook from Namjoon.

Once the youngest was settled on his hip, Jin smiled down at his other baby. "Yes, my little prince?" Taehyung grinned. Usually, he'd shout at his daddies for using such a word to describe him - he was a big boy not a little boy - however since Jungkook had arrived it felt nice to know that his daddies weren't trying to replace him.

"Are you...are you taking a bath with Jungkookie...with no clothes?" he squeaked, the concept seeming a bit strange to him.

Of course, as a little, Taehyung had no sense of shame, however Daddy and Appa had always told him that adults shouldn't be naked, especially around littles. He'd been told when he woke up in desperate need of the potty one night and stumbled into his daddies' room, only to see them on their bed bare and tangled up and what seemed to be them eating each other's lips. They froze when they saw the little, immediately covering themselves up and apologizing profusely, even though the younger was quite unaware of what was going on.

They'd had a talk with him the next day, saying that what he'd seen the night before was something only adults were allowed to do, and how littles should always knock before they enter their caregivers' room, since they might be doing private things.

"But why were you doing it?" Taehyung had asked, innocence sparkling in his wide doe eyes.

Daddy's excuse had been "we were trying to make a baby", which had caused Appa to flinch and turn to the other with a heated countenance.

Looking back on it now, Taehyung realised that's probably how he ended up with a new a baby brother. Daddies weren't lying.

He'd have to tell Yoongi about this discovery on their next playdate.

As Jungkook began to push on his appa's chest, Jin smiled adoringly down at his eldest. "Of course I am, baby. Who takes baths with clothes?"

"Uncle Jimin did with Yoongi," Taehyung pointed out. "He wore his swimming shorts."

Raising his eyebrows, Jungkook stopped pushing at Jin's chest, hoping that Taehyung might be onto something. If the little could convince Jin to at least put some trunks on, or better yet, just not bathe Jungkook at all, he'd love him forever.

Sadly, he remembered that the caregivers were experts at manipulation.

"Yoongi wasn't as little as Jungkookie, though, remember? Kookie's only a tiny baby; he needs a lot of skin-to-skin to bond with Appa and Daddy. Yoongi was past that stage," Jin said softly, unswaddling Jungkook from the towel so he was naked against his hip. The little certainly wasn't happy with this.

Taehyung just shrugged. "Guess so. My Kookie's little. Can we go and watch a movie now, Daddy? Daddy and TaeTae time."

Taehyung knew that Jungkook would be okay with his appa, even if he hated not having his little brother in his sight. Thankfully, he was only a few doors away. Plus, he got to pick out a movie with Daddy, who was usually too busy to sit through a full film!

The squeals and shouts from the bathroom died down soon enough, and eventually, Daddy and little boy were able to enjoy the movie in peace. Taehyung was sat on his daddy's lap, playing with the man's fingers.

"You don't know how proud Appa and I are with how good you've been with Jungkook. You really love helping out with your little brother, hmm?" he cooed, nuzzling the younger's head.

Nodding, Taehyung turned around and shyly planted a kiss on his daddy's chin, something which made Namjoon want to squeeze the boy and never let him go. "Appa and I thought you'd be jealous, you know. Jimin told us that there's no way he'd consider getting another little, not with how jealous Yoongi gets."

The little in his lap simply shrugged. One may think Taehyung held a grudge against little siblings, considering his own were always the ones that were doted upon and mollycoddled. Taehyung was always the one left in the shadows.

That's what Jin and Namjoon were worried about. Jin had spent a whole night crying in his husband's arms, asking if he was selfish for wanting one more little. He worried that it meant Taehyung would constanly be left out, and eventually end up breaking down. The whole point of them taking him was to give him a better life, after all.

However, Namjoon had assured him it was okay. Despite not being able to forsee the future, he knew they had to remain positive.

And indeed, their future held promise. Juggling two littles was better than expected, Jin found, considering Taehyung was so eager to help out with his little brother. The only thing that needed changing was Jungkook's resistant nature, however that would shift over time. Soon, he'd be the tiny baby everyone expected him to be.

"Can TaeTae help put the baby down for a nap?" Taehyung asked, although his own eyes were slipping shut.

Namjoon smiled. "Are you sure it's not TaeTae that needs the nap? Because I think someone's very tired."

Taehyung groaned. "No need nap. TaeTae's a big boy."

His eyes remained closed soon after that. He got his own way, however, for he wasn't put down for a nap. In-fact, he stayed asleep in Daddy's lap until dinner.


Although his baby brother could be naughty sometimes, Taehyung was always willing to help out. Even if Jungkook didn't always appreciate it.

"Yoongi, please leave the baby alone. He's trying to relax," Jimin said disapprovingly, watching as his little kept pushing the buttons on Jungkook's play mat to try and make the baby giggle.

Jungkook hated the play mat. It was meant to be like a jungle gym, only he was too immobile to actually do anything with the little dangling animals. He was laid on his back, and while he tried in vain to roll over onto his front to hopefully crawl away, there was no such hope. He settled for angrily kicking his legs up every few minutes against the bars which held the whole object together.

"Look, Jungkook, try and get the monkey!" Yoongi shouted, completely disregarding his daddy's words. Jimin sighed, however he couldn't help but smile. Yoongi had had a very good reaction to Jungkook, and was constantly begging Jimin to take him to see "the baby".

Not replying to the little, Jungkook simply groaned, closing his eyes. Although Yoongi wasn't as loud as Tae, he still hated being in the company of someone who was willingly submitting to these freaks. He had hoped that at least one little here was sane like him, however he knew that with the state of these littles, if he attempted to even ask them about running away, they'd go squawking to their caregivers. No good, indeed.

Speaking of Tae, Jungkook's 'big brother' came bounding in, immediately throwing himself next to Yoongi to get a good look at his baby brother. Jin strolled into the living room casually, shaking his head and chuckling at his little one.

"Excited to see the baby, hmm? I tell you what Uncle Jimin, Taehyung has been the best helper for me and Daddy recently," the man spoke, taking a seat next to the fellow caregiver.

Taehyung bit his lip excitedly, loving the attention he was receiving. Jimin acted surprised, eyes widening comically.

"Wow, Tae, you're such a big boy! Maybe you can babysit for your daddies instead of me when they go on a date night," Jimin chuckled, and Jin raised an eyebrow.

When a big smile erupted across Taehyung's cheeks, the man sighed. "Yes, Appa - Tae can be Kookie's babysitter! You can leave us by ourselves and I'll take good care of my baby," he promised, clapping his hands. He looked at Yoongi smugly. "Your daddy said I can be a babysitter. That means I'm bigger than you."

Yoongi gasped, shaking his head furiously. "N-no! Daddy, tell Tae I'm bigger than him. You're supposed to call me Yoongi-hyung, Tae!" He pointed a finger in the other little's face.

Taehyung shook his head. "I'm bigger. You're not allowed to babysit Kookie 'cause only Tae and Uncle Jimin and Auntie Jennie and Jisoo can."

When Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut as if he was about to either burst into tears or scream loudly, Jin intervened. "Shh, shh, no need to argue, boys. While I appreciate the help you both give me with Jungkook, we would never leave you two to babysit him. He's too little. What would you do if he messed his diaper, hmm? Neither of you have changed him before."

Taehyung flipped his hair. "I help you and Daddy change Kookie all the time. I pass you the cream and powder when you clean him. Yoongi doesn't do that," he smirked.

Jimin himself found himself smirking at the little's antics. It was adorable to every on-looker how much Taehyung admired his baby brother.

Yoongi scowled. "Yeah, well I'll change him right now. Look." He pushed himself closer to Jungkook so his knees now rested on the playmat.

Jin sighed, knowing the littles wouldn't give in, while Jimin gave Yoongi a pointed look. "Yoongi, what did I say about leaving the baby in peace?" he warned.

"Daddy, I'm just-" As he reached over to stick a finger in the leg hole of Jungkook's onesie, the little unexpectedly shot a hand out and clawed onto Yoongi's arm, pinching him hard. He'd been getting feeling back in his arm while Taehyung and Yoongi were arguing.

And Yoongi screamed. Jungkook's nails were sharp, as his caregivers had neglected cutting them due to the fact they knew the little would fight them tooth and nail for it. They didn't think it'd be a big deal, as he was either too weak to move his arms or usually clad in a pair of mittens. Clearly, they should have known better.

Gasping, Taehyung pried Jungkook's grip off Yoongi, before placing a light smack on the youngest's rear. That pulled Jungkook out of his angry trance, when he realised, in horror, that it wasn't a caregiver that had spanked him. It was a 'fellow' little.

How much more humiliating could the whole situation get?

"We don't hurt each other, Kookie. That's naughty," Taehyung said gently, standing up whilst holding onto Yoongi's hand. He helped him over to Jimin.

The little was mimicking what he'd seen Appa and Daddy do a few times with Jungkook. They soon realised that stern looks and small lectures weren't doing the trick, so they opted to give him a few smacks on his thighs or bottom if he ever did something extremely naughty, like when he cussed at Jin or bit Namjoon's arm.

They never hurt him, and they doubted he could feel anything. Yet, they knew that while in a big mindset, being 'punished' was a big blow to one's pride. Especially for Jungkook. Their little boy was just so modest and proud; they hoped that would change soon enough.

Yoongi was stood between his daddy's legs, whimpering lowly and trying his very best not to sob. Jimin cooed sadly and inspected his arm, wincing when he noticed a few droplets of blood in the area where he'd been attacked.

Jin noticed when he came to crouch next to Yoongi, frowning at the angry red marks adorning the little's skin. He turned to Jungkook, who, by now, was watching the scene in-front of him. The caregiver tutted, before swiftly walking over to the boy and picking him up.

"Namjoon," he called, sitting on the sofa, Jungkook in his lap. Taehyung sat next to his Uncle Jimin, the tone in his appa's voice confirming that the man wasn't in the best of moods. "Can you come in here, please?"

Daddy entered a moment later, glasses perched on his nose. He'd been working very hard today, catching up on the work he'd been ignoring in favour of helping out with their newest addition to the family. "Yes, my love? I heard crying in my office. Oh, Yoonie, what's the matter, darling?"

He slipped his glasses off, placing them in their case before setting the object on a nearby table. He approached the now sniffling little, eyes narrowing when he saw the painful-looking mark etched on his forearm. "That boo-boo looks mean, sweetheart."

"Jungkookie did it," Taehyung said, pointing at the little who was attempting to crawl off Jin's lap, only to be placed back in the same spot again and again.

Namjoon quirked an eyebrow, following Taehyung's finger. "Did he now?"

Jin nodded, pointedly looking at the little. "Yes he did. Poor Yoongi only wanted to bond with him, but the little mister thought it was okay to hurt him. Giving people boo-boos is a big no-no," he said sternly.

Taehyung wanted to point out that Appa and Daddy each had boo-boos on their necks, however he knew that now probably wasn't the best time. Not while Jungkook was in trouble.

"Daddy gonna give Kookie boo-boos for hurting Yoonie," Taehyung said seriously, and Jungkook began crying, shoving his face in Jin's neck.

Jimin ruffled Taehyung's hair before moving Yoongi into his lap, his little one now fully calmed down. Namjoon sighed. "Sweetheart, Jungkook doesn't get boo-boos that hurt. He gets punished so he remembers not to be naughty in the future. We'd never give you and Jungkook boo-boos intentionally."

Taehyung didn't really understand his daddy's explanation. Sure, the boo-boos he and Jungkook received from Daddy and Appa sometimes didn't hurt badly at all, if anything they usually just gave off a little sting, but they were still boo-boos. Daddy and Appa knew they hurt; that's why they did it. He didn't question it though; his daddy was right most of the time.

Jungkook's wails only got louder as he was moved from Jin's lap to Namjoon's. Taehyung pouted, sad for his little brother. As much as he thought the baby deserved it, he still hated seeing his brother cry.

"Now, now, Kookie. You know that what you did was wrong. Yoongi was only trying to be friendly but you hurt him. That was very naughty," Namjoon scolded gently, setting the boy in a position which guaranteed Jungkook would have to face him. The younger squirmed and shut his eyes, still crying harshly.

"He didn't mean it, Joon. I'd already told Yoongi to stop messing with him," Jimin chimed, directing a look towards his own little. "That's why you should always listen to Daddy, mister. Jungkook was being fussy and you added to it."

Yoongi's lips trembled, and he quickly turned around in his daddy's lap, facing the other three. "So-sowwy, Kookie. Didn't mean to make Kookie mad, uncles."

Jin cooed, rising from the couch to approach his 'nephew'. He crouched down in-front of him, kissing his hands gently. "Nothing that happened was your fault, baby. I know you were only trying to help. In the future, though, when Daddy tells you to do something, you should listen to him, okay?" Yoongi nodded shamefully. "And Jimin, I know you had told him prior, but Kookie really shouldn't have lashed out like that. It's okay though, he'll learn."

Taehyung sighed, watching as Namjoon manouvered his little brother to lie across his knees. Jungkook's face turned a bright red, however he couldn't do as much as wriggle and squirm. He grasped onto the older's trousers, hands clinging desperately, to which Namjoon tutted at. He could see why Yoongi had bawled the way he did; if Jungkook's nails were hurting him through his trousers, he could only imagine how much they killed on bare skin. Still, he'd bare through it, since Jungkook was very distressed and needed something to cling onto.

"Appa, when Kookie's done, you need to give him lots 'a cuddles," Taehyung affirmed, sinking into Jin's arms when the man picked him up and placed him on his lap.

"Oh, don't worry, darling. We'll all give Kookie cuddles once Daddy's had a word with him," Appa reassured him.

Jungkook lost it when Namjoon unbuttoned the crotch area of his onesie, pulling it up to sit above Jungkook's bottom. It wasn't even the hitting that hurt, because like Taehyung knew, they were barely hits at all. Light taps, if anything. But it was humiliating. Jungkook would rather be smacked across the face than on the bottom, because at least then he'd feel the need to fight back.

But in such an intimate position like this, sprawled across his kidnapper's lap with nothing covering his bottom but a diaper, it made him feel truly defeated.

Taehyung remembers the first time he was punished, how angry he was at Jin and Namjoon, how much he struggled against them. Sometimes he forgets what life was like before he was forced into the mind of a little. He quickly realised that submitting to them was much better than fighting. Unfortunately for Jungkook, he was a little more stubborn than what Taehyung ever was.

The smacks Namjoon gave Jungkook couldn't even really be described as smacks. They were the most gentle love taps a parent could give their child, no sting erupting across the little's backside at all. They were delivered quickly; only five, and yet Jungkook cried after each one as if he was on fire.

"I hope this teaches you to never hurt anyone again," Namjoon lectured softly, rubbing his youngest's backside soothingly once he was finished. "Ah, Jin, mind getting me a clean diaper?"

Taehyung hopped off his appa's lap. "I'll get the cream and powder a-and the wipes, Daddy!" he exclaimed, running to the cabinet they had beside the television, where some of Jungkook's changing supplies were kept.

Appa smiled, shaking his head. "Such a helpful boy."

Jimin chuckled, agreeing. "We can leave if you want us to, hyung. I wouldn't want us to intrude on your family moment," he murmured, kissing Yoongi's neck. The little exhaled happily and buried his face in his daddy's chest.

Jin shook his head, standing up to accompany Taehyung to the cabinet, where he reached inside to grab a new diaper. "No, no, please stay. I'd like to see Jungkook and Yoongi making up. He's too little to apologize but he'll learn to love spending time with the other two," he answered, smiling comfortingly. "Oh, look at how upset my little boy is. "He's just icky and fussy and needs a change and some cuddles, doesn't he? My poor little one."

Namjoon took the object from Jin, and when Taehyung came back hardly able to balance the supplies in his arms, the daddy grinned. "Come sit next to me, darling. Perhaps you can keep Kookie company. You know how much he hates changes."

Taehyung set the supplies down of his daddy's left side and took a seat on his right, peering over the man's lap curiously. Rather than going to the effort of getting a changing mat out, Namjoon simply flipped Jungkook over so his back was now resting across the man's knees. Namjoon wished he could remain a small teenager forever, however he had the feeling his boy was going to be tall like his big brother. Whilst not being as tall as Jin or Namjoon, it was still impossible to do many things with the boy, such as changing the boy over their laps like they could still do with Jungkook. It didn't matter too much, now, as Taehyung was potty-trained. But still, it'd be nice.

Jimin said that Jisoo had been telling him about a new drug they were developing in the labs. It would be slipped into little's bottles and over time, they would start physically regressing. Of course, Jimin claimed it impossible, stating there was no way a drug like that could ever exist. He wanted it more than anything, as his own little was an inch taller than him, however he had little hope.

Until the eomma reminded him that they'd already had breakthroughs with drugs such as the hair-loss pill, the lactation medicine for couples and even the reduced speech drug, which resulted in little's communicating through babbles instead of grown-up words. Although these were rather simple, the woman assured him that once they got the correct funding, all of their top scientists wouldn't quit until they developed the elixir.

"My Kookie hates his changes," Taehyung remarked, watching as Namjoon rolled the little one's onesie under his back, before removing the diaper from his body. Jungkook screamed.

Namjoon simply nodded, cooing sadly as the boy in his lap kicked his legs up to express his frustration. "He throws a tantrum during each one, doesn't he? Such a fussy little thing. You weren't this fussy, were you, Tae? Daddy and Appa's big boy was always very helpful during his changes."

Taehyung gushed, nodding. "Yeah, Daddy. TaeTae needs to teach Kookie how to be good for daddies in ch-changes," he said, watching as his daddy smirked in amusement.

"Tae loves teaching his baby brother things, doesn't he?" he said lovingly, lifting Jungkook's legs so he could wipe his bottom. Jungkook howled in defeat, accepting the fact that nobody here cared about his feelings. They were ignoring him as if he were truly a little baby unable to make decisions for himself. He slammed his head down on the older man's thigh, his final act of protest before he succumbed to crying. The fact that Yoongi and Jimin were watching everything made things ten times worse.

Once Daddy was done, Appa took the baby, Taehyung watching intently as he tried to give Kookie a bottle. Sadly, his little brother was far too upset to want to latch onto the plastic object, and it began to worry Taehyung. The only other time Jungkook had shown such emotion is when he woke up in their house for the first time.

"Joon," Jin said worriedly, eyes darting from his baby to his lover.

Yoongi had begun to become distressed by the other little's sobs, so Jimin excused them for a few minutes.

"Oh, baby, I know you're upset-"

Jungkook began to choke slightly on the awful sobs he was doing, and Taehyung quickly said, "Appa, your chest. Let Kookie go on your chest."

Jin stared at his eldest confusedly, Namjoon mirroring the latter's expression. Taehyung groaned. "Like Aunt Jisoo does with Lisa!"

Sighing, Jin said: "Sweetheart, we've already talked about this-"

"Appa, now!" Taehyung ordered, and just to humble the little, Jin did. He removed his shirt, rather begrudgingly, and positioned the little so his face was smushed against the elder's bare chest.

To the caregivers' surprise, Jungkook actually began calming down, the scent of his appa's chest making his own chest feel incredibly warm. He buried close to the man's skin, snuffling every now with the post-crying stage he was in, and exhaled heavily at the nice contact. For the first time since he'd been here, he felt safe. He felt warm, in a good way. He felt happy, almost.

"It's never worked before," Jin said softly, thinking of all the times the daddies had tried to do skin-to-skin bonding and Jungkook had screamed his head off. Jungkook mewled, the soft rumble from the body that had enveloped itself around him drawing him closer to the caregiver.

Namjoon observed the two in awe. "He didn't need it then; he didn't want to accept it. This is progress, honey."

He then turned to Taehyung. "You are my little genius, TaeTae. You're such a big help to Daddy and Appa. We're so proud."

As you should be, Taehyung wanted to say. Instead, he settled for climbing onto his daddy's lap, watching in amazement as his baby brother fell asleep on his own accord. He hadn't been drugged, hadn't been exhausted. He simply felt safe enough to fall asleep in his appa's arms.


Although his baby brother could be fussy sometimes, Taehyung was always willing to help out. Even if he missed out on some of his sleepy-time, which would result in a cranky little in the morning.

He'd heard crying from his daddies' room when he woke up in the middle of the night, hair dishevelled and drool surrounding his lips. He stuck his thumb in his mouth, unsure for a moment why he was awake, until he realised his baby brother was upset. Grabbing his blankie, he slid out of his bed and landed on the carpet with a light thud. He loved the freedom of having a bed; cribs were too restricting for him.

Tiredly, he followed the sound of the cries, blanket trailing behind him. Once he arrived in his daddies' room, he found his two daddies hovering over their big bed, Jungkook lying beneath them. The little one was crying hoarsely, and it only took Taehyung a second to realise the baby was sick.

"Our poor baby," Jin cooed, undressing the boy down to his diaper. "Joon, get a towel so we can put it under him."

Namjoon did as told and got up, jumping when he saw Taehyung at the door. After the initial shock of seeing the figure standing by the door, Namjoon approached his biggest boy, giving him a hug. "Did we wake you up, sweetie? Daddy's sorry," he said, but Taehyung only shrugged, making his way over to his little brother. Namjoon called after him: "Careful, little one. Kookie's sick and we don't need you catching anything" before going to the bathroom to retrieve a towel.

Taehyung stood next to Jin, watching as the man caressed Jungkook's body delicately, as if the little would break if handled too harshly. Once he felt Taehyung's presence next to him, Jin turned around, giving his eldest a kiss on the forehead. "You come to help daddies with Jungkookie, baby?"

"Tae help Kookie," Taehyung stated, rubbing his eye. Jin nodded fondly, before turning back to his youngest.

Namjoon re-entered the room with a towel, handing it to Jin so he could slip it under Jungkook. The appa then removed the diaper from the little one's body, crooning sadly when Jungkook whined from embarrassment. "Can you go and get me the thermometer and the cream too, Joon? He won't cope with the oral or ear ones," he said, and Namjoon nodded, frowning slightly as he knew Jungkook wouldn't be too happy with what they were about to do.

"Baby's sick," Taehyung said, watching as his baby brother squirmed in discomfort, the fever making its way through his body. Taehyung hated being sick; it meant he couldn't play and always put him in a foul mood.

Jin tutted sadly. "He is, baby. Poor Jungkookie, hmm? He's going to be very fussy for the next few days."

Taehyung hated it when Jungkook was fussy, however he'd never be angry at him for it. As Daddy and Appa said, he used to always be fussy.

Jungkook was very unhappy when his appa wiped his lower regions. While it felt nice to be cleaned from the mess he'd made (and it was a big mess, however that was definitely the illness' fault), he hated how normal the men made it out to be. He was fifteen years old, perfectly capable of using the bathroom on his own. He didn't understand why the men couldn't just adopt a real baby.

Well, with the infertility rates increasing, babies were dropping in numbers. While what had happened to him was certainly illegal, he knew that the government wouldn't actually challenge these kidnappers. They were an army so to speak, snatching young people from their homes to give them to the children of high-ranking generals or lieutenants in the group. South Korea had banned weaponry years ago, however this radical new organization had managed to import ammunition and missiles from the west.

The government were powerless against them.

Namjoon returned with the thermometer and vaseline, sighing at the knowledge that his little one wouldn't be very happy with him or his appa. Sadly, it needed to be done.

He set the objects down on the bedside table before picking the baby up, gesturing to Jin to sit down. The man got the message and thanked him silently, lifting the towel up and sitting down on the bed before laying the towel over his knees. Namjoon the adjusted the baby so he was comfortably rested against his appa's thighs.

Jungkook gasped, knowing the position all to well. Why was he getting punished? He hadn't done anything wrong!

Taehyung noticed Jungkook's tense face. Before his daddies could tell him otherwise, he was over by the younger's head, placing the blanket in-front of the little's face. Jungkook stopped himself from crying and forced himself to look at the purple blankie in-front of him. He was curious about it; he'd seen Taehyung trail it behind him most days, however he couldn't understand why the little was so attached to it. Daddies had placed many stuffies in his crib, however Jungkook couldn't find himself liking even one of them.

Namjoon inwardly cheered at the distraction the blanket gave Jungkook. He quickly handed the thermometer and vaseline to Jin, before squatting down in-front of them and placing a hand in Jungkook's hair. The little one wasn't bothered.

Until the thermometer went in.

Even Taehyung knew that trying to comfort Jungkook in the moment would be a lost cause. The little was just glad he was settled enough to be able to take his thermometers through the mouth.

"Only a few more seconds, sweetheart. Appa promises," Jin cooed, his words having almost no effect on the boy lying over his lap. It did have an effect on Jin though as he reassured himself everything he and Namjoon were doing was for the good of Jungkook. Their littlest baby.

True to his word, a few seconds passed, and Jin was able to slide the thermometer out of the younger boy's body. Jungkook hiccupped and buried his face into the man's pajama-clad leg, still incredibly distressed. Jin sighed.

"It's high, Joon - 38 degrees. Go get a cool towel. And a bottle of water," he ordered, pressing a hand to the baby's head. Jungkook sighed in relief at the cool hand. "My poor, boiling baby. Let's get you into a nice diaper. Tae, would you like to go into the top drawer and pick out a nice vest for Kookie?" he asked, setting Jungkook against his shoulder.

The younger whimpered and grasped onto the man's shirt, sticking right on his breastbone. Crooning, Jin unbuttoned his shirt and allowed the boy to bury his face deep into his bare skin, suckling ever so softly.

Taehyung picked out a light blue vest. It simply had "Dongsaeng" printed across the chest in bold, black letters. Taehyung meanwhile had a shirt that had "Hyung" embroided in fancy letters. He loved it when they matched.

Jin smiled at the boy's decision, chuckling a "Good decision, TaeTae" before setting it down. He let Jungkook nestle for a few more minutes before changing the boy into a new diaper and the vest.

The little was still fussy, and he didn't really calm down until the cold compress was settled on his head. The object startled him at first, but when the coolness soothed his aching head, he relaxed rather quickly. He took the cold bottle of water without much prompting, too, quickly falling asleep once he'd finished it.

"Finally," Namjoon breathed happily, taking the bottle from Jin's hand to put the object down. He, Jin and Taehyung were exhausted now; it was nearing one o'clock and the daddies knew, with a sick little, any amount of sleep was a priviledge. That's why he picked Taehyung up to put him into bed straight away, letting Jin give him a quick kiss, before making his way to the room.

Taehyung pushed him away lightly, clutching onto his blankie. "Wanna help out with the baby, Daddy," he urged, though his drooping eyes said otherwise.

Namjoon just laughed and settled the younger under his covers. "Trust me, baby, with the state Appa and I will be in tomorrow, you might have to help out more than you bargained for." He didn't mean it of course.

Thankfully, Taehyung wasn't woken up by Jungkook once through the night. The daddies, however, had a different story to tell. When their 7 o'clock alarm went off, Jin shoved it off the table, muttering something about "five more minutes".

That day was quite a lazy day.


Although his baby brother could be sneaky sometimes, Taehyung loved to help out. Even if it meant hurting his little brother in the process.

It had been an exciting day for them today. It was Appa's birthday, and, like most people, he was having a party to celebrate. Or rather, he was attending the party which had been created for him - curtesy of his husband and friends, of course.

Jungkook was a bit surprised at the amount of people in the house. It was littles galore, all of whom were older than him. He had been placed in the 'baby' room, where the babyspace littles were residing. The boy felt ill just looking at them; they were all either asleep or laid on their backs playing with rattles and other babyish objects. How on earth were they enjoying this life?

He smirked when he realised that their chaperone was now asleep. Mark, the man's name was. He seemed pretty young to be a caregiver. Plus, whenever anyone spoke to him, he looked as if he had no idea what they were on about. A foreigner, Jungkook thought. Interesting.

Had he come here just to take advantage of their teen-baby society? Indeed, the regime wasn't unknown to outsiders, however the rest of the world just carried on as if nothing was happening.

It's your problem, South Korea. Deal with it.

Once he was certain the caregiver wouldn't be waking up anytime soon, Jungkook quickly stood up. His daddies had stopped using drugs on him a few days ago, thinking that their baby had finally "given in".

He knew the house like the back of his hand, having lived there now for who knows how long. Jungkook knew that he needed to be quick, considering their house contained more than five times the amount of people it usually had.

As he slipped past the living room, he heard Namjoon and Jin gushing about their baby boy, talking about how perfect he was and how grateful they were to have him. Jungkook would have been lying if he said that those words had no effect on him whatsoever. They even made him feel a little...guilty?

There was no backing out now. It would only take for Mark to wake up from one of the littles crying or either of his daddies coming in to check on them to realise that Jungkook was missing. He couldn't be there for when that happened.

Sadly, he forgot that Taehyung was playing hide and seek with his friends. When he stumbled out onto the patio, coordination off-balance as he hadn't walked in a while, he heard a gasp from above him. Jungkook responded with a gasp.

Taehyung was going to tell daddies. Daddies would have him on drugs for the rest of his life. They'd never let him out of their sights again.


Jungkook was taken aback at the elder's deep voice. Though Tae's voice was naturally deep, this tone he had was even deeper. It didn't hold the same high-pitched squeak that little Tae's voice had.

And then Jungkook realised.

"What the hell are you doing out here?"

The little winced. Taehyung was big.

Taehyung shook his head. "If they catch you out here, you'll be in that crib faster than you can blink. No crawling, no tummy time. Nothing. They're not ones to mess around with. I tried it and ended up in the exact same position."

Jungkook looked up at him, finding it hard to imagine Taehyung ever wanting to run away from this place. The boy seemed so well-adjusted.

"It's not so bad once you've been here a few months. You begin to care less about what everyone thinks of you."

Sniffling, Jungkook whined. "I don't want to be here, though. Why me?!"

Taehyung shrugged. "They wanted you. I know it's quite a weird situation, but now I find it kind of flattering. Out of all the teens they looked at, they chose me. Chose you. It makes me feel...wanted I guess."

Jungkook laughed in despair. "Thankfully, not all of us come from troubled backgrounds! I was happy at my home. They were holding auditions in Busan the day after I was taken - I was gonna go! I could have become a singer or a dancer like I've always wanted. But these two have ruined everything!" he sobbed.

Nodding sadly, Taehyung agreed with him. "I'm not gonna lie, the way they do things is pretty unfair. I think it should be a choice for the teens if they want to become their babies or not. But it's not going to change, not with those psychos who are trying to take over the government."

Jungkook shivered as the elder continued. "Namjoon and Seokjin aren't good people. They forced us out of our homes, and put us in a situation where we can't refuse what they tell us to do. It's messed up, it's wrong, but they're allowed to do it. They have money, they have weapons, they work for this freaking army."

Taehyung's voice dropped to an almost-whisper. "Yet, no matter how far you run, no matter how good you hide, they'll always find you. They will always bring you back. They're always watching. And there's nothing you can do about it."

It was as if Jungkook's whole entire world crumbled beneath him. Taehyung had put it into perspective; there really was no escape from this place.

Frowning as the younger sobbed into the grassy ground, Taehyung pondered to himself how to comfort the teen. To tell him it would be alright.

When he saw Namjoon and Jin running towards the door, however, he quickly realised that it wouldn't really be alright. Not until the younger slipped.

"Oh gosh, Kookie!" Jin panted, hoisting the little onto his hip. Jungkook wailed into his shirt

Taehyung coughed, masking his big persona. "Jun-Jungkookie followed Tae out to play hide and seek, Daddy. B-but I's told him dat he was too little, so he started crying. Tae didn't do anything!" he squealed, inswardly cringing at the baby talk.

Jin and Namjoon bought it though, which was all that mattered. If it meant keeping Jungkook sane for one more day, then so be it.

He will admit, when Jungkook finally slipped and his eyes lost the spark of humanity within them, Taehyung dropped slightly. Jungkook had lost the fight within him, something even Namjoon and Jin were unsure they'd ever see.

His dreams of becoming a famous singer or dancer were washed down the drain, instead filled with dreams of dinosaurs and castles and princes, and his "daddies" looking after him. He wouldn't see his real parents or big brother again, wouldn't lose tears over them anymore.

Taehyung wondered if Jungkook thought about the time before. If he yearned for it back. Because seeing Jungkook in such a state made Taehyung realise just how much he missed his own life before he was taken.

He'd get over it, though. Jungkook seemed happy at least. That meant he could be happy, too.

Taehyung loved helping out with his little brother. Even if it meant doing so hurt him.