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Love Me Two Times Baby (Love Me Twice Today)

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You Dong Dong hears Han Chen come in the front door, hears him setting the alarm and he knows not to hurry the last step of getting dressed, knows it takes patience to apply the bright red lipstick to his mouth without smearing it, but he feels a jump of adrenaline that makes him want to rush anyway. Instead, he carefully finishes putting on the colour, caps it, and sets the tube back into the box he uses to store his tiny collection of eyeliners, mascara, and lipsticks, closing it and sticking it back in the drawer under the sink.

He turns, feeling the thin fabric of his stockings slip on the tile floor, and then holds onto the counter as he steps into his heels. He takes a moment to admire the tiny world of his and Han Chen’s shared bathroom from his new, higher, vantage point, before he carefully walks out, through the bedroom, to the living room. He stands in the doorway, watching Han Chen take off his tie and suit jacket, laying them over the briefcase he’d already discarded on the couch.

“Hi, honey, how was court?” You Dong Dong asks, doing his best to sound the way a girlfriend in a TV drama would sound.

Han Chen turns around to face him, a laugh on his face at You Dong Dong’s tone. His eyes go wide in surprise when he sees You Dong Dong, even though he must have heard the heels, even though they agreed before they left for work this morning that tonight would be the night that You Dong Dong wore the new skirt Han Chen bought him. It’s a black silk sheath, tight enough that You Dong Dong can feel the material brushing against his cock through the stockings and underwear he’s wearing underneath, but the bulge in the material is hidden by a flowy translucent layer that comes down just to his knees. He gives a little twirl in the doorway, one hand out to grab the doorframe if he needs it, letting the over-layer of the skirt flare out around him before he comes to a stop and ducks his head, looking up through his eyelashes at Han Chen shyly. “Do you like it?”

Han Chen comes across the room, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him close, kissing him deeply before he pulls back. “You’re beautiful, any man would be lucky to come home to a girlfriend as beautiful as you. What’s the occasion?”

You Dong Dong gives a small smile even as he feels a frisson of anticipation race up his spine, knowing that the game has truly started now. “No occasion, I just wanted to dress up nice for you as a surprise after a long day at court. How did it go?”

Han Chen waves one of his hands dismissively before he returns it to You Dong Dong’s waist. “Convicted on all counts and they barely even needed my testimony, just a long day waiting on uncomfortable benches.. But if this is what I get to return to…” He trails off and kisses You Dong Dong again. “It was worth it.”

“Good,” You Dong Dong says. “Have you eaten?” He knows the answer already, knows that Han Chen went out to celebrate the conviction with some of the members of his team to give You Dong Dong time to go home from work and prepare. He had even received texts letting him know that Han Chen was finishing his meal and heading home, but setting up the scene was part of the fun.

“I did,” he says, walking You Dong Dong backwards back into their bedroom. “But you know, I think I’m still hungry.”

“Oh?” You Dong Dong asks lightly even as he laughs when Han Chen twirls him around, presses him against the wall next to the door. “What are you still hungry for?”

“You,” Han Chen says, pushing You Dong Dong hard into the wall and then leaning up a bit to capture his lips in a bruising kiss. When he pulls away his mouth is red and he licks his lips, brushes his thumb under You Dong Dong’s bottom lip. “Oops, I smudged your lipstick,” he says, smirking up at You Dong Dong.

You Dong Dong laughs, then gasps as Han Chen drops to his knees in front of him. “Oh,” he breaths, as Han Chen leans forward, pressing a kiss to You Dong Dong’s stomach, to the sliver of skin between his halter top and the skirt, before he presses another to his hip bone through the cloth. “You look so good,” Han Chen says, pressing kisses across the waistband of the skirt until he reaches You Dong Dong’s other hip bone, his chin brushing against You Dong Dong’s cock as he does and making You Dong Dong want to press his hips forward but he’s being held in place by Han Chen.

Han Chen pushes the skirt up, lifting it until he can see what’s underneath, see the sheer stockings covering lace panties that do nothing to disguise what’s underneath them, and then looks up at You Dong Dong with hunger in his eyes. “Gorgeous.” He leans forward. “Good enough to eat. I think I will.” He pulls the thin over-layer of the skirt over his head as he ducks his head down to You Dong Dong and You Dong Dong moans as he feels lips press through the material, hot over his dick as Han Chen presses an open mouth kiss there. He mouths across the material, soaking it with spit as he does. You Dong Dong feels the material tighten around him as his cock rises under the attention until he’s trying to press his hips into Han Chen’s mouth, one hand in Han Chen’s hair and the other in his own, trying to remember not to grab too tight.

“Here,” Han Chen says, reaching under You Dong Dong’s thigh and coaxing his leg up, his knee over Han Chen’s shoulder. You Dong Dong wobbles, leaning into the wall on only one high-heel clad foot, as Han Chen goes back to his kisses.

Once the material is thoroughly soaked, he slides his hands up You Dong Dong’s thighs, bunching the material of the skirt up around his waist, and grabs the waistband of his stockings and underwear, dragging them down as far as he can. It’s not far enough to free You Dong Dong’s cock and he laughs as Han Chen pulls back to make a face, the translucent material of the skirt slithering off his head as he does.

“Looks like you’ll have to let me down to take them-” He cuts himself off as Han Chen grasps the front of the flimsy material and rips through the underwear and stockings both, tearing them until You Dong Dong’s cock is freed, almost slapping Han Chen in the face.

You Dong Dong laughs and then moans as Han Chen places another open mouth kiss directly on his cock this time, still not taking it into his mouth but laving his tongue over it before he sucks a kiss to the head and pulls back again, looking up at You Dong Dong with a smirk.

“This is why I never have stockings to wear,” You Dong Dong tells him, moving his hand from Han Chen’s hair to stroke down his cheek, his cock bobbling obscenely just below Han Chen’s chin.

“Good thing you have a boyfriend who makes lots of money so you can buy more,” Han Chen says.

You Dong Dong’s retort is cut off as Han Chen ducks his head again, this time taking You Dong Dong’s dick into his mouth, as far as he can, his lips closing around it and sucking.

You Dong Dong shouts, presses the foot that is against Han Chen’s back into him, trying to draw him in, draw him down further onto his cock. Han Chen makes a grunt of discomfort reaches back, grabs the heel of the shoe that You Dong Dong is wearing and pulls it off his foot, throwing it to the side, and then uses both hands to press You Dong Dong’s hips into the wall. Now that he’s done teasing he goes at it with single minded purpose, bobbing his head on You Dong Dong’s cock, each time getting just a bit further down, taking just a little bit more of You Dong Dong until You Dong Dong can feel his cock hitting the back of Han Chen’s throat. He grabs Han Chen’s head with both hands, flexing his fingers through his hair but trying not to grab, not to pull, not to hold him down as You Dong Dong moans at the suction on his cock.

It doesn’t take long before You Dong Dong can feel his balls drawing up and he throws his head back against the wall, lets go of Han Chen. “Oh, oh, I’m going to-”

Han Chen doesn’t let him finish, presses down even farther and then swallows around You Dong Dong’s cock and You Dong Dong shouts as he comes in Han Chen’s throat. Han Chen swallows again and again, the inside of his throat working against You Dong Dong’s cock as he swallows You Dong Dong’s come and then continuing to swallow as You Dong Dong flinches back at the stimulation. He grabs at Han Chen’s hair to try and pull him away. “Stop, wait,” he cries out and finally Han Chen pulls off, licking his lips again as he smirks up at You Dong Dong.

You Dong Dong looks down at him, feeling the way he’s wobbling on just one foot, the way he’s held up only by Han Chen’s hands pressing him into the wall. The way that Han Chen is supporting him completely and for a moment it’s not about the skirt, or the sex, or rest of what Han Chen has planned for the evening. He is overwhelmed for a moment by the feeling of Han Chen being his anchor in the world, the feeling moving through him like a physical thing.

“I love you,” he blurts out, strokes his fingers over Han Chen’s hair.

Han Chen nuzzles against the crease of his thigh, the stubble that accumulated throughout the day scratching against You Dong Dong’s skin and making him jump. “I love you too,” he says against the skin, before he leans back a little bit, helping You Dong Dong slide his leg down. He waits as You Dong Dong kicks the heel off his other foot, back on stable ground again, before he stands up, wrapping his arms around You Dong Dong’s neck and licking into his mouth, his mouth thick with the taste of salt as he strokes over You Dong Dong’s tongue.

When he pulls back again You Dong Dong is breathless with the desire he can feel emanating from Han Chen, from the way he can feel Han Chen’s hard length pressed against him, from how much want there is in the way Han Chen holds him close, his mouth just a centimeter away, his breath warm against You Dong Dong’s face.

“I love you so much,” Han Chen repeats, before grabbing You Dong Dong around the waist, spinning him around away from the wall and towards the bed. “Come on, I’m not done with you yet.”

You Dong Dong laughs as he feels the way Han Chen thrusts his hips into him, emphasising the specific way he wants You Dong Dong, trying not to trip as what’s left of the stockings restrict his steps before he feels his legs hit the edge of the bed and they stop.

“Let’s get you out of that,” Han Chen says, his hands coming up to the zip on the high necked halter top that You Dong Dong is wearing, and You Dong Dong feels his breath leave him in a gasp, anticipation moving through him again like a lightning strike.

Han Chen grasps the hem of the shirt and draws it up over You Dong Dong’s head, his hands skimming over You Dong Dong’s skin gently. As he does, You Dong Dong catches the hitch in his movements, the moment when he sees the surprise You Dong Dong had prepared.

Han Chen draws the shirt off, flinging it to the floor, and then strokes over the see through material of the halter bra that You Dong Dong is wearing, pressing his thumbs into You Dong Dong’s nipples through the material before stroking down, then returning to do it again and again.

“Beautiful,” he breaths, ducking down to suck another kiss to You Dong Dong’s chest, right in the middle, and then he grasps the sides of You Dong Dong’s chest, pushing what little fat he has towards the center. You Dong Dong is torn between laughing and moaning as Han Chen continues pressing open mouthed kisses onto his skin through the sheer material, rubbing his face against his chest as he does.

Dong Dong can feel want stirring in him again under the attention, feel how it pools warm in his stomach, reaches sparking tendrils throughout his body that seem to flare under each touch of Han Chen's mouth to his chest.

Han Chen moves his hand to pinch at the nipple he doesn't have his mouth on, digging his fingernail into the center of it as he sucks the other hard. You Dong Dong whines, bucks his hips into nothing, feeling the skirt brushing gently against his skin as he starts to get hard again.

It's too soon, but he's learned not to be surprised by the responses Han Chen is able to draw from him, the way Han Chen can constantly spiral him to further heights of sensation.

He feels Han Chen grin into the spare flesh of his chest, scrape his teeth over You Dong Dong's nipple so that he whines again, before he pulls off with a pop, standing straight so he can look You Dong Dong in the eye, reaching between them to grasp at You Dong Dong's dick through the material of his skirt.

“Look at you,” Han Chen breathes, stroking his other hand over You Dong Dong’s chest, smearing the dampness he had left behind around on You Dong Dong's chest. “My gorgeous girlfriend, all dressed up just for me, all wet for me, ready for me again even though I just went down on you and made you come.”

He presses his lips to You Dong Dong's in a messy, distracted kiss as he continues to play with You Dong Dong's dick, pulling at the material, stroking his hand over it as You Dong Dong whines with oversensitivity, with the feeling of himself hardening even more in Han Chen's hand.

He pulls away from You Dong Dong, a string of saliva stretching between their lips that You Dong Dong sees break as he opens his eyes again. Han Chen grins, looks down between them. “Look at you,” he repeats, but this time he seems to actually want You Dong Dong to look, so he does, hips bucking into Han Chen's hand as he sees what Han Chen wanted to show him.

Han Chen had pulled the inner layer of the skirt back, bunching it above You Dong Dong's cock, before wrapping it in the translucent material of the overskirt, jerking him through the material. When You Dong Dong looks down he can see how the wetness of his cock has made the material nearly see through, can see the red colour of his cock trapped in the white material, hard and leaking as Han Chen jerks him off.

“So obscene,” Han Chen whispers in his ear, his breath tickling and the feeling of it races down You Dong Dong's spine, straight to his cock which spurts out more precome, soaking into the material and spreading the wet spot. “You want me so much, look at how amazing you are, how much you want me. It feels so good to know how much you want me, to be able to see it with the way you dress, the way you show yourself off to me, the way you are so wet and ready and wanting.”

You Dong Dong pants against his shoulder, feeling the way Han Chen is tracing around the edge of the bra with his finger, his touch light enough to make You Dong Dong shiver, while Han Chen's other hand keeps pumping his cock.

“Mmmm, it feels so good, yes, yes,” You Dong Dong moans, knowing it will be loud in Han Chen's ear, hearing how high and breathy his voice sounds. He feels like he could be close to coming but at the same time he's not, his earlier orgasm too recent, but he can feel the wetness of the material against his cock and he knows it's only a matter of time until he comes again. “Please, I want you, please,” he mumbles, his mouth pressed to Han Chen's shoulder, the starched material of his dress shirt scratchy against You Dong Dong's lips.

“What do you want, huh?” Han Chen asks, presses a kiss to You Dong Dong's shoulder and then nips at it, just next to where the strap of the bra rests.

“Oh, please,” You Dong Dong whines, bucks his hips into Han Chen's hand. “I want you, come on, I need, I need-”

“You want me in you when you come again?” Han Chen asks, “Want to feel how I fill you up as you come on my cock?” His voice deeper, possessive, and You Dong Dong nods, beyond words at the hand on his cock, the sound of Han Chen's voice, the feeling of Han Chen's fingers toying at his nipple again through the cloth.

And then suddenly it's all gone. Han Chen let's go, takes a step back, away and You Dong Dong wavers, unsteady at the lack of touch, of support.

“Okay, I can do that,” Han Chen says, stripping out of his dress shirt, his undershirt, pants, socks, throwing them all in a messy pile on the floor before he comes back to You Dong Dong, his hands tracing around the elastic at the bottom of the bra. “I can do that,” Han Chen repeats. He lifts up the elastic, looking down at it as he does. You Dong Dong can feel where the stretch stops, how it makes the thin band dig into his skin, and then jerks as Han Chen lets go, the band snapping back against his skin with a pop.

“Come on,” Han Chen says, pecking another kiss to his lips, and turns You Dong Dong to face the bed before hugging him from behind, one hand toying again at his nipples, the other wrapped around his stomach, hugging him tight, making You Dong Dong want to relax back into him but he can't, the pressure on his nipples keeping him tense as he feels the material of his skirt slide back down over his cock, the sensation light enough to almost be ticklish.

Han Chen presses kisses to his neck, his shoulders, the top of his back, gently pushing You Dong Dong away, making him lean towards the bed until finally Han Chen gives him a little push and You Dong Dong finds himself falling, landing hands first on the blanket.

“Go on,” Han Chen laughs when You Dong Dong doesn't move, and You Dong Dong jerks as Han Chen lands a light slap on his ass. “Move up so I have room too.”

You Dong Dong crawls forward, feeling Han Chen climb on the bed after him, until he's almost high enough to lay on the pillows, but when he goes to turn over, to lay on his back, Han Chen's hands on his waist stop him, keep him on all fours on the bed.

“Nah, just stay like that,” Han Chen says, pressing down between You Dong Dong's shoulders until he gets the message and drops, laying with his hands under his chest, feeling where his skirt is too short to cover anything decently this way. He wants to cross his legs, hide his modesty, but there isn't any modesty in being ass up on the bed, cock hard, and feeling Han Chen's hand tracing up his thigh, up to the hem of the skirt, and then sliding under it, pushing it back so it falls away onto You Dong Dong's back.

It makes him feel exposed, he is exposed, and he shivers, waiting, hearing Han Chen moving around but he doesn't know what he’s doing. Then there are hands touching him, stroking over his thighs, his back, his ass, for a moment, almost like a massage, before they grab his cheeks and pull them apart, exposing him just that much more. He opens his mouth to protest, but before he can a thumb strokes dry over his hole. “I'll have to get you wetter,” Han Chen says, and You Dong Dong can feel the warmth of Han Chen's breath against the skin of his ass as he talks. “I want to make sure you're nice and wet and ready for me, I wouldn’t want to hurt you,” he says, and then slides his hands down before pulling You Dong Dong's cheeks apart again, his thumbs almost close enough to press against You Dong Dong's hole. He wants something there, anything, something to touch him in that spot, and then he feels something hot and wet stroke over him. He jerks, feels his cock twitch untouched beneath himself, and moans into the bedspread as Han Chen does it again and then again, laving his tongue over the opening. You Dong Dong can feel the wetness of it. The way he starts to relax under the hot, wet pressure of it. He can feel when, instead of laving over the opening, Han Chen begins to lick into it, just the tip of his tongue at first, his thumbs stroking at the edges of You Dong Dong's hole between licks, spreading him further as Han Chen presses in further.

You Dong Dong moans into the mattress as he feels Han Chen suck a kiss into his rim. The moan seems to just make Han Chen more enthusiastic in his work and he starts fucking his tongue in and out, pressing the tip of his thumb inside as well, as You Dong Dong bites down on the bedspread. He can't help but twitch back towards Han Chen, wanting more.

Han Chen seems to take that as his cue to pull his hands away, continues licking him, his mouth hot against You Dong Dong, and when he returns his hands, presses a finger into You Dong Dong beside his tongue, it is slick with lube.

You Dong Dong has a brief moment to wonder when Han Chen had gotten the lube out before Han Chen starts moving his finger in and out with his tongue and You Dong Dong is distracted by the slide of it, by the feeling of spit and lube mixing together with the heat of Han Chen. He tries to press back into Han Chen again, whines when Han Chen holds him by the hip, keeps him still. Another finger presses into him beside the first, spreading apart so that Han Chen can lick even more deeply. You Dong Dong can feel his hips twitching back and forth, feel the pressure of Han Chen's fingers digging into his hip with a bruising tight grip. Keeping him still so he can’t do anything but take the tongue fucking, his cock throbbing and dripping between his legs.

He's gasping sobbing breaths into the mattress, feeling it growing damp under his face, when Han Chen finally pulls back, keeping his fingers inside, still thrusting. You Dong Dong expects to feel Han Chen press against him, feels the bed shift as Han Chen moves up closer, but instead he hears the squirt of more lube and feels it hit him just above his hole, dripping down to mix with the wetness that’s already there and he can feel Han Chen pushing it into him with each stroke, feel how sloppy he is already.

“What-?” You Dong Dong mumbles into the bedspread, trying to twist around to look.

“Shhh,” Han Chen soothes, lube slick fingers stroking against You Dong Dong’s hip. “I want to make sure my girl is all ready and wet for me. Are you?”

He punctuates the question with a hard press against that spot again and You Dong Dong sobs into the mattress, feeling his cock jerk again, feeling more wetness spurt from the tip. “Yes, yes, I’m wet, I’m ready, please, please Han Chen-”

He chokes off with a cry as Han Chen withdraws his fingers and presses his cock in, all the way in one smooth thrust, his hands pulling You Dong Dong back as he sinks in. He pulls back again immediately before thrusting again, a slow grind that has You Dong Dong biting down on the bedspread, moaning as he is filled, so wet that he can feel it being pressed out of him by Han Chen’s cock.

Han Chen grabs the waist of You Dong Dong’s skirt with one hand, his hip with the other, and sets up a punishing rhythm, deep and fast, the wet sound of their fucking loud in the room above You Dong Dong’s own moans. He fists the bedspread, trying to keep from being pulled back, to give Han Chen something to sink into with each push forward.

You Dong Dong doesn’t have a hand free to reach for himself, can feel the way his cock is jerking between his legs as Han Chen nails that spot inside of him over and over again, the way his balls are drawing up tight with each hard thrust, hear the way he is moaning louder and louder with each spark of pleasure that races through his stomach, up his spine, exploding in his brain in a ball of light.

He can’t form words, can’t get his mouth to move in a way that lets any kind of sound other than moans out, can’t tell Han Chen that he feels, it feels, he’s going to-

He jerks hard as he comes, feels it coating the inside of his skirt, the bed, his legs, as his cock jerks untouched, jerking again as Han Chen continues thrusting as he tightens down around him, milking even more come out of his cock as he sobs into the mattress.

‘“Holy shit,” Han Chen breathes, his hips stuttering into You Dong Dong and going still, pressed fully inside. “Did you just come on my cock?”

You Dong Dong whines into the mattress, pressing back into Han Chen, feeling pleasure still shooting through him even as his cock goes limp between his legs. He nods, the bedspread feeling wet and rough against his face as Han Chen starts moving again, faster now, with less care.

“So beautiful, so good on my cock, I can’t believe-” Han Chen gasps out as he pounds into You Dong Dong, his breathing harsh in the quiet of the room. “My beautiful girl, can I come, can I fill you up, can I come inside of you?”

It takes a moment for You Dong Dong to realise that Han Chen is asking permission, lost in the sensation of Han Chen growing even stiffer inside of him, but the urgency of the words brings him back from the feeling of drowning in sensation and he nods frantically. “Yes, please, yes yes.”

The words are muffled into the bedspread but Han Chen hears them anyway, his hips stuttering once, twice into You Dong Dong before he stills, his cock twitching against that spot again and You Dong Dong can’t help but clench down as he feels Han Chen come inside of him, feels his cock jerk even without anything releasing from it.

Han Chen’s grip on his hip is bruisingly tight as he sprawls over You Dong Dong’s back, panting against his shoulder, still pressed as deep as he can be into You Dong Dong. You Dong Dong sinks down, letting their combined weight press him into the mattress, feeling the wetness of the bedspread soaking into his skirt, smearing cool over his skin in counter point to the heat of Han Chen against him.

They lay quiet, sweat sticking them together as they pant, and You Dong Dong can feel the way the cool air is making him cold every where he’s not covered, feel goosebumps rise as Han Chen mouths against his shoulder in a kiss before he pushes himself up and away, his cock pulling out of You Dong Dong with an obscene sound.

Han Chen tugs him over to lie on his back, pulls his skirt down and pats his thigh. “Have to preserve my beautiful girl’s modesty, don’t I?” he jokes as he leans down to press a kiss to You Dong Dong’s forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He presses himself back up and heads to the bathroom.

You Dong Dong can’t help but laugh as he lays there, feeling the way his bra is twisted around him, the way the skirt sticks to him with his own come. He stretches, feeling languid and content and warmed from how much he loves Han Chen, how much Han Chen loves him. He plays with the hem of his skirt, feeling the way it slides soft over his thighs, as he listens to Han Chen brushing his teeth through the open door, the water running in the sink, probably wetting a washcloth for him to clean You Dong Dong up with.

He feels like he could be content forever just like this. Work is good, life is great, he has the best boyfriend in the world who loves him and also likes to occasionally treat him like his special girlfriend as much as You Dong Dong likes it. Life can't get better.

He stretches again, resituating the bra so it stops digging into his skin, looks at the clock on the bedside table. It's not as late as he thought, he has time to wait for Han Chen to come back, clean him up, cuddle a bit the way Han Chen always loves to after sex, and then he could get up and do some work or watch TV for a while before bed.

“Do we have ice cream still?” he calls to Han Chen as the water shuts off. There's no answer and he closes his eyes, trying to visualize what the contents of the freezer look like. “Do you think maybe we have some strawberry ripple left? Or we could go get some. There's that new shop down on the corner and it’s not too late, they're probably still open.” He pauses but there's still no response. “Han Chen?”

“I don't know. Only good girls deserve ice cream. Do you think you're good enough?”

You Dong Dong's eyes snap open at the words, at the tone, and he sees Han Chen standing in the doorway to the bathroom. He's dressed again, but instead of the suit he was wearing earlier, he has jeans and a tee and a leather jacket. As You Dong Dong lies there in shock, not sure what to do, Han Chen comes the rest of the way into the bedroom, his steps slow, almost a prowl. He smirks at You Dong Dong and looks around the room, as if he's expecting someone else to be there. “Looks like your boyfriend just left.”

You Dong Dong jumps, goes to roll over, climb off the bed. Han Chen has a look in his eye like a predator and You Dong Dong knows running is pointless but all his instincts say to flee, that if he doesn't then he'll be eaten. He tries to get his leg under him, to hop off the bed, but his knee gets stuck in the skirt and then he feels the bed jerk under him as Han Chen jumps onto it, his hand closing around You Dong Dong's bicep in a tight grip and yanking him back down onto the bed. “Come on now, that’s not being a good girl, is it?” Han Chen mocks as You Dong Dong struggles for a moment, then gives up as Han Chen pins him to the bed by his shoulder, his other hand going between You Dong Dong’s thighs and dragging through the mess that he had just left there only a few minutes before.

“Can you feel it?” Han Chen breathes. “His hot come, how it’s still leaking out of you?”

You Dong Dong whimpers as he feels Han Chen's, no, Sir's fingers slide through the mess that Han Chen had just left behind. “Please, please, Sir,” he whines, trying to twist under where Sir has him pinned down. “My, my boyfriend, he-”

“I told you,” Sir says, pulling back so he can smirk down at You Dong Dong. “Your boyfriend left. Got you messy and full of his come and then just left you here. He didn't even bother to clean you up afterwards, make sure you didn't have to lie here feeling his come dripping from your pussy.”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth to reply, to protest, to warn Sir that his boyfriend would be back any moment. Before he can get a word out, Sir leans down, captures his mouth in a kiss to which You Dong Dong can't help but respond.

He can feel the scrape of Han Chen's cheek against his, just a little stubble from the day stinging against his mouth, his lips, already raw from when they kissed before. He can feel one of Han Chen's hands kneading in his hair, the other one between his legs, playing with him, with the mess that Han Chen had already made there. He can feel the fingers swiping through the mixture of lube and come, before dipping into his hole, thrusting in and out a couple of times, gently, before he withdraws, goes back to playing in the mess again, then back to fingering You Dong Dong.

It's almost enough to get lost in, swept up in the exhaustion from before, the repetitive sensation of Sir's mouth and hands on him, their breath hot between them in between kisses, the feeling of the come that Sir is pushing back into him beginning to leak out again.

You Dong Dong jerks away from the kiss with that realisation, moaning as the motion makes him clamp down on Han Chen's fingers inside of him before he glares up into the smirking face above him. He tries to twist away again but he can't, held down by the hand in his hair, Sir's weight on top of him, Sir's fingers as they thrust into him and make him moan again.

“Aww,” Sir says, his breath washing warm over You Dong Dong's face. “Come on, baby.”

You Dong Dong feels heat simmer under his skin at the tone, the teasing endearment. He lunges up, trying to get his teeth on Sir, to bite him in retaliation for mocking him and then gasps as the hand in his hair clenches, yanking his head back down again.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Sir says. “None of that now. You want to be good girl, don't you?”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth to answer, to tell him off, but Sir shifts the hand on his head to cover his mouth instead.

“Shhh. You want to be a good girl, you want to keep your boyfriend’s come inside of you, don't you? Right where he put it inside of you.” He thrusts his fingers a few times, before pulling them until they are almost out, just his fingertips still inside of of You Dong Dong. “Or maybe…” He tugs at You Dong Dong's hole, just a little bit, widening his fingers apart so that You Dong Dong can feel himself stretch open. “Maybe you don't. Maybe you want me to clean you out so that when I fuck you and fill you, it's just my come inside of you. And then, when your boyfriend comes back to shower with you, clean you up, he'll think it's his own come that he's cleaning up but it won't be, will it. And you won't tell him why it's such a mess, why you're covered in it and there's still more leaking out of you.”

You Dong Dong closes his eyes at the feeling of the mess sliding out of himself, trying to clench down but Sir won't let him. He was already stretched from Han Chen before and he can feel the come spilling out of him now. He whines, hears it muffled against Sir's hand, finds himself whispering “please, please, Sir, please,” his lips brushing against the warm skin that covers his mouth.

Sir relents, withdraws his fingers and scoops up the mess he had let spill from You Dong Dong, pushes it back inside again and You Dong Dong squirms. “Okay, it's okay,” he says, raising his hand from You Dong Dong's mouth, stroking his thumb across You Dong Dong's lips. “Don't worry, I'll let you keep it. I'll fuck you with it inside of you and later when it spills out you can know that it's me and him both that filled you up so full.”

He pushes in deep, brushes over that spot inside of You Dong Dong and chuckles as You Dong Dong moans again, thrusts down on the fingers filling him. “Yeah, you like that, don't you, feeling my fingers inside of you, sliding in easy from where you've already been fucked.”

He keeps thrusting, over and over until You Dong Dong is struggling against him, feeling his dick hard between them, rubbing on the soft material of the skirt, trying to get the leverage to press down onto his fingers properly instead of only having to take what he's being given.

Sir holds him down, keeping him still beneath him, keeping his thrusts steady, hard enough to rock You Dong Dong from the force of them, but slow, sliding over that spot inside him until You Dong Dong feels like he could come from the pressure alone, but he can’t, it’s not enough.

“Come on, come on,” You Dong Dong finds himself gasping, still trying to thrust down onto the fingers inside of him. “Come on, fuck me.”

Sir pulls back, smirks down at him again. “Are you sure? What if your boyfriend comes back while I’m doing it?” He punctuates the question by pressing down on that spot inside of You Dong Dong again, harder than before so that You Dong Dong’s cock jumps, precome spurting out of him to wet the skirt of the dress where it lays between them.

“Please,” You Dong Dong whines, writhing as much as he can, trying to get away from that pressure, to get more of it, to thrust up into Sir and get friction on his cock. “Please, please fuck me.”

Sir pulls back entirely, withdraws his fingers from You Dong Dong as he sits up. "I don't know. What if he walks in and sees you like this, sees me inside of you and you just taking it, desperate and begging for more. Do you want him to see you like this?"

"Please, I don't care, I just, please, I need it."

Sir shifts back on the bed, pushing You Dong Dong's legs apart so he can kneel between them before undoing his jeans, pushing them down and taking himself in hand. “You're that desperate? You don't even care if he walks in to see you like this, spread out for me while you're still wet with his come?”

“Please,” You Dong Dong begs. “I don't care, just fuck me, even if he walks in, I just need it, I need you, ahh-” He breaks off as he feels Sir press against him, not in but sliding through the come and lube that has leaked out of him.

“Look at you,” Sir says, leaning forward to grab You Dong Dong's chin, forces him to look up into Sir's face. “You're so desperate for it, you would beg anyone to fuck you right now, wouldn't you.”

You Dong Dong can feel Sir against him, feels the way his own dick is pressing against the skirt, pulled tight over his erection, the way the material is wet with his pre-come and the his come from before. Feels the way his eyes are pricking with how much he wants but the way the words still sting him.

“Please, Sir.”

He hopes the words are enough, hopes he doesn't have to say anything more, but he knows it’s not enough when Sir just laughs.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Sir growls, pressing himself against You Dong Dong's entrance. “Tell me how you’d let anyone do this and I'll slide right in through this mess. Slide right into you and fill you up the way you're so desperate for.” He presses himself against You Dong Dong's hole as he says it and You Dong Dong can feel how wet he is down there, how much of a mess Han Chen has made of him already.

“Please sir, I, I can't,” You Dong Dong whines, squeezing his eyes shut tight and feeling the tears leak out from the corners anyway. “Just you, only you. I wouldn't let anyone but you do this.”

Sir keeps pressing there, still and almost in but not quite and You Dong Dong can feel it, feel the phantom of the pressure of him sliding in, feels the way he's clenching down on the emptiness inside of him, the way he just wants to be filled, his hands grasping at Sir's arms trying to draw him closer, draw him in, but he doesn't move. He opens his eyes and through the haze of tears he can see Sir's face above him and he can feel the wave of longing crash through him like a physical sensation as he breaks.

“Please, please, Sir, I'll do anything, anything you want me to do, please, I can't, just, anything you want, just fuck me please, I need it, I need you, I need you to fill me up, please please-” he breaks off with a moan as he feels Sir slide into him, filling him in one slow thrust until they are flush together, as deep as Sir can get and You Dong Dong feels so full after being so empty before.

Sir stops there and You Dong Dong writhes under him, clenching down because it feels good, it feels amazing, but he needs more, he needs him to move. “Please,” he mouths, breathless from the begging, from the feeling of himself stretching around Sir as he entered him.

“Yeah, that's my good girl right there,” Sir says, reaching up to brush at the wetness around You Dong Dong's eye, his fingers pressing just enough that You Dong Dong knows if he could see himself in a mirror his eye makeup would be smudged from Sir's touch. Then Sir leans down, taking his mouth in a kiss and bucks his hips against him. He can't get any farther in but You Dong Dong can feel it anyway, feel the way the movement slides him up the bed, his legs hitching higher where they rest on top of Sir's thighs until he finds himself twisting his ankles together behind Sir's back as he continues to grind in, biting at You Dong Dong's lips and swallowing down every moan, every gasp You Dong Dong makes as he does.

He keeps pushing in, hard, and You Dong Dong can feel himself sliding up along the bed with each thrust but it's not enough, he doesn't know how anything will be enough and he digs his fingers into Sir’s shoulder and breathes “more, please Sir, please fuck me harder, fill me,” into his ear, hoping that Sir will somehow find a way to give him what he wants. He hears Sir growl against his shoulder, feels teeth dig into his skin there as Sir bites down, leaving a punishing bruise, before he goes still.

You Dong Dong opens his mouth to complain, he wanted more not to stop, but before he can get a word out Sir kneels up, lifting You Dong Dong with him so he's straddling Sir as Sir kneels. It gives You Dong Dong very little leverage to work with and makes him feel even more full, seated flush on Sir’s cock. Makes him feel like if he looks down he'll be able to see Sir inside of him, filling him up.

When he looks down at himself he can't see Sir inside of him, but he does see the outline of his own cock against the skirt of his dress, the sheer overskirt has slid back and only the silk underlayer is tight against him now, a dark spot on the fabric from where he came before, where his precome is still soaking though it now. He goes to touch it and sobs as Sir grabs his hand, tucks it behind his back and then pulls the other one there too, grabbing his wrists and pinning them against his lower back with one hand. Sir's other hand dips lower, lower, tracing down his crack until he comes to where his cock is inside of You Dong Dong. You Dong Dong moans as he feels Sir's fingers there, rubbing around his rim where it's stretched around Sir’s cock.

“Oh, look at that,” he says, sounding almost as breathless as You Dong Dong feels.

You Dong Dong opens his eyes and sees Sir smirking up at him, even as he continues to press up into You Dong Dong, to use the hold on You Dong Dong's wrists to pull him down onto Sir's cock.

“Can you feel it? The way you're fucking your boyfriend’s come out of you with my cock?”

He smears his fingers across the flesh of You Dong Dong’s ass as he says it and You Dong Dong sobs as he feels the wetness chill against his skin, sobs at the feeling of Sir's fingers returning to his hole, pressing around the rim like he's going to press his finger right in alongside his cock. It feels a little bit like a threat, like he’ll make You Dong Dong even looser and less able to keep the come from leaking out of him. He clenches down as tight as he can, hearing Sir moan as he gets tighter even though he knows it won't stop it from happening if that's what Sir decides to do.

“You're so desperate for my cock you don't even care anymore, do you?” Sir asks, in between kissing along You Dong Dong's chest, dipping down to lave at his nipple with his tongue, the lace wet and scratchy against You Dong Dong's skin. “You don't care if you fuck all his come out of you until you're empty as long as you can be a good girl for me and fill yourself with my cock.”

You Dong Dong sobs again, bounces as fast as he can, feeling Sir's cock pressing on that spot inside of him over and over but it's not enough, it's enough to make him cry but no matter how tight he clenches down it's not enough to make him come untouched again. He jerks his hands in Sir's grip, forgetting for a desperate moment that they are being held, that he's not allowed to reach for his own cock where it’s drooling pre-come, straining up and tenting the fabric of the skirt. You Dong Dong knows if he could see his cock it would be red and wet, begging for any kind of touch, anything to make him come.

“Hey, you know better than that,” Sir says, squeezing You Dong Dong’s wrists tight in his grip. “Good girls don’t touch themselves like that, do they? Here.” Sir grabs the back of his skirt with his free hand, bunching it up in his fist and pulling it back, tight over You Dong Dong's cock. “If you're so desperate to get off just rub yourself on that while you ride me.”

You Dong Dong whines, grinds his hips down on Sir’s cock as the taut material grips his cock, gasping as Sir ducks his head down and latches his mouth around You Dong Dong’s nipple, sucking and biting it through the lace.

You Dong Dong arches back, drives himself down harder onto Sir's cock, pressing his chest against Sir’s mouth. He can hear himself moaning out high pitched little ah, ah, ah's as he feels the silk shift over his cock, stretched tight and wet against his oversensitive skin. He can feel the scratch of Sir's stubble against his chest, looks down and can see it red and irritated from the scratching of the lace of his halter, from Sir's stubble.

Sir bites down over the nipple that he's worried until it's sore and red and You Dong Dong cries out, feeling himself shaking as he clenches down even harder than before, all the sensations overwhelming him at once. He feels Sir stiffen just that much more as he comes inside of You Dong Dong even as You Dong Dong feels himself coming against the cloth of the skirt. He moans as he rocks back and forth in Sir's lap while his cock twitches out the last of his orgasm untouched except by the silk that is clinging wetly to it.

He squirms in Sir's lap, legs sore, but still trapped in place by the hand enclosed over his wrists, by the half hard cock still softening inside of him. Han Chen picks up his head from where it rests on You Dong Dong's chest, his breath warm as it spreads over You Dong Dong's chest in sharp pants as Han Chen tries to recover and You Dong Dong lets himself be held while he waits for Sir to release him.

Finally Han Chen lets go of his hands, and You Dong Dong leans backwards, almost falling onto the bed without the support. Han Chen grabs him around the waist, pulling him forward to rest against Han Chen’s chest. “Whoa, whoa, wait,” he says, laughing as he rests his forehead against You Dong Dong's shoulder. “Just wait a second. His stubble scratches against You Dong Dong and he shivers, tightening down again in another aftershock, making them both jerk from overstimulation.

Eventually he stills, feels Han Chen soften and then slip out of him, followed by a gush of come and lube that You Dong Dong tries to tighten down on and whines when he realises he can't. He's too tired and fucked open to be able to keep the fluid from dripping out of him, running hot down the inside of his thigh.

He shakes as Han Chen eases him backwards, guiding him down to lay on the bed, and then falls on top of him, resting his head against You Dong Dong's chest while they both pant in the cool air of the apartment.

“I think you broke my cock, Dong Dong,” Han Chen mumbles against You Dong Dong's neck.

You Dong Dong rolls his eyes, pushing at him. “Please imagine how much sympathy I have for you,” he says, before giving up and going limp again, letting Han Chen's weight press him down into the bed.

Han Chen laughs and then kisses him on the shoulder lazily, rolling his head to reach another patch of skin and kiss it too, moving to his neck before he continues up along You Dong Dong's jaw, pressing himself up as he goes until he's kneeling over You Dong Dong again. “You want me to get a cloth or do you want a shower?” he asks, looking down between them along the length of You Dong Dong's body. “You're kind of a mess.”

“Who's fault is that? “ You Dong Dong squawks in mock outrage. “You ruined my skirt, again and made me cry again, of course I'm a mess.” He wriggles, feeling the discomfort of cold wet cloth against his skin. “I want a shower but I don't want to walk.”

Han Chen giggles as he kneels, pulling You Dong Dong's legs around his waist again. Then he reaches for You Dong Dong's arms, guiding them up over his shoulders before he works his hands underneath You Dong Dong’s back and kneels up, lifting You Dong Dong up with him while You Dong Dong clings to him to keep from being dropped back to the bed.

“You get into a dress and suddenly you think you're a princess,” he teases as he drags You Dong Dong along with him towards the edge of the bed. “Carry me,” he mimics in a ridiculous high pitched voice, “I'm too spoilt to walk on my own.”

You Dong Dong's protest gets lost in a shout as Han Chen reaches the edge and steps off, lifting You Dong Dong up into the air as he stands. You Dong Dong clings as hard as he can with his arms and shaking thighs as Han Chen carries him to the bathroom and sets him on the counter next to the sink, pressing a kiss against his lips before he ducks away to start the shower.

“You just want an excuse to show off all the muscles you get from working out,” You Dong Dong grumbles. “‘Look at me, a big strong boyfriend, look at how much time I spend in the gym’.”

Hand Chen just laughs, leaning into the shower to check the water temperature. Once he has the water adjusted to his liking, he returns to You Dong Dong, looking him up and down with another hint of that same predatory look from before on his face. “I should take a picture of you like this sometime,” he says, reaching out to rub a thumb over You Dong Dong’s cheek. “You have come all over your skirt, ripped stockings and underwear, and your makeup is all streaked on your face. You look debauched, like someone used you and then turned you out. You’re beautiful like this, Dong Dong.”

You Dong Dong shivers at the touch, the words, and then lifts his chin, asking for a kiss that Han Chen obliges him with before he reaches down to work what's left of the stockings and underwear off You Dong Dong's calves. He kisses the inside of You Dong Dong’s knee and then hooks his fingers under the elastic at the bottom of the halter, pulling first it and then the skirt off over You Dong Dong's head. He smirks at You Dong Dong when he winces as some of the wetness transfers to his chest and face as the skirt is removed.

“Awww, don't pout,” Han Chen says, tossing the clothes in the direction of the hamper. “Don't worry, your big strong boyfriend is here to help you shower, princess.” He lifts You Dong Dong down from the counter, keeping a tight grip on his waist as You Dong Dong wobbles, his overtaxed legs threatening for a moment to buckle under his weight before he finds his equilibrium again. Once he's steady again, Han Chen walks him backward into the shower, the spray perfectly warm on You Dong Dong's head and back. He shivers again as the water touches the sensitive skin of his chest, the water blocking out his sight and sound for a moment until he feels a touch on the back of his head guiding him a half step forward, closer into Han Chen's embrace. He blinks water out of his eyes and answers the affectionate grin he sees on Han Chen's face with one of his own before he presses his lips against Han Chen's, opening his mouth into the kiss as the water falls around them. He was wrong earlier, he hadn't thought his life could get more perfect, but this right here is even better than before.