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Potential of a quirkless

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Midoriya Izuku was nervous, his first day at Middle school. Today was the day a hero, or heroes would come into their class to scope out potential future heroes. He knew he had little chance, being quirkless and all, but it gave him a chance to meet them and potentially ask for their autographs. He sighed as he looked down at his hero notebook for the future part 13, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the year of bullying ahead of him.

Aizawa Shouta had no idea why he was doing this, oh right, it was too shut Yamada up. He decided to go to Aldera junior high, as far as he was aware, no other hero would be going there this year. He just need to walk in there, see a bunch of brats with powerful quirks thinking their all it, see no potential and leave. Simple.

Aizawa entered the first class, all the students looked at him, except one. The boy had his head bowed and was current taking notes. He looked over the muttering boy’s shoulder, watching as he took notes, eyes widening as he noticed the boy was analysing a heroes quirk, he remained quiet letting the boy continue. He needs to be tough code, area awareness. Aizawa mentally noted, then he began to listen to students around him mocking the boy, whispering horrible things.

“That’s the quirkless kid right? He is so fuck!”

“He should just give up, that hero’s just gonna knock him down.”

“I’ll just have to teach him a lesson again later, try a bigger explosion.”

“Endeavor’s weakness?” Aizawa asked, the boy didn’t even look up but replied.

“He has very little control of his quirk, it rages out of control deals more damaged to buildings and civilians then the villains he’s chasing. Weak against any water based Quirks, sand quirks, houldn’t fight villains with wind quirks or quirks that can send his quirk more out of control.” He said

“What about Eraserhead?” Aizawa asked, the class looked confused and began asking about who Eraserhead was, wondering if it was a trick question.

“Eraserhead is mostly unknown, he works as an unground hero.” The boy flicked to a page, “Uses a capture weapon and wears goggles. There is no confirmation, bt I believe his quirk lets him eraser emitter and transformative quirks by looking at them, which would explain the goggles as they help him look at a particular villain if fighting a group....” The boy finally looked up, his eyes widened as he saw Aizawa and fell of his chair, the class burst out laughing, before freezing at the boys words. “You’re Eraserhead!”

“And you are?”

“M-Midoriya Izuku.”

“You analyse quirks?”

“Yes, been doing so since I was 4...”


“I... I don’t have a quirk so I thought if I could understand quirks I could use it to my advantage.”

“Stupid Deku, Told you that shit was pointless years ago...” A blond boy began

“You’re right.” Aizawa nodded, everyone looked at him. “I, myself, analyse the quirks of people I am looking for before engaging them. It gives you the upper hand in a fight.” He helped Izuku up. “Have you ever analysed Villains quirks?” Izuku stopped

“No... I should have.... sure knowing Heroes quirks would be better used if I ever work with them, but hero’s fight villains, so I really should have been analysing Villains quirks...” Izuku mused, but squeaked as Aizawa took his note book.

“Your just noting everything though, you need to be more precise, pick out the parts that are really important, also.... Code. If a villain found this, they could take out anyone you’ve written about. This is more than just a skill, it is something highly valued by strategist or heroes with none physical quirks.” Aizawa handed it back, Izuku nodded.

“Right! Thank you sir!” He said, a determined look in his eyes.

“You want to be a hero?”

“Yes... even though I am quirkless...”

“I am taking Midoriya Izuku as my student.” Aizawa looked at the teacher, who looked horrified, Izuku just stared at the underground hero.

“A-are you sure? I mean, they are plenty other first years you will find more capable...”

“I heard the others of this class berating him, and one even threatening to do him harm. Midoriya, are you bullied?”

“...Y-Yes sir...” Izuku bowed his head.

“I will like you to remind all your students that hero schools, especially U.A will turn away anyone who has been a bully, we don’t want people like that getting a licences to use their quirk.” The whole class was silent. “So, Midoriya grab your things, we need to speak to the principal, get your parents in and agree with how this is going to work.” Aizawa said, Izuku scrambled for his things and quickly followed after the underground hero, still in a daze with what was going on.

Izuku and his mother followed after Aizawa when they left the school. The principal had tried everything for him to check out the better students, implying that no quirkless kid could ever be a hero. Midoriya Inko had tears in her eyes at his words, and Aizawa had stood up, sick of it all. And now they were leaving, Detective Tsukauchi now investigating the school aside from discrimination, they also had committed Fraud, tax invasion, and some of their staff members were villains. Izuku and Inko shared a look, but didn’t speak out as they heard it all. And with Eraser offering to pay for Izuku’s tuition at a better school during his training, Inko didn’t have any room to say no, not when Izuku was finally smiling honestly.

“Eraserhead, sir?” Izuku jogged to keep up with him. “Do you mean it? Do you really think I can be a hero without a quirk?”

“You’re the only one I saw with potential kid, as long as you still have that determination you will make it far.” Eraserhead said, Izuku smiled and nodded.

“I’ll do my best sir! I won’t let you down!” Izuku said

“I’m holding you to that.” Aizawa replied.

For the first time since finding out her son was quirkless, Midoriya Inko felt her son could make it as a quirkless hero, he could become as great as Eraserhead.

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Izuku was shocked, to say the least. The events of the last 24 hours sent him in a complete 180 turn. He woke up that morning ready for a hellish day of being bullied for being a quirkless and wanting to be a hero to being the student of an Underground hero, one of his favourites even. He knew his mother was just as shocked. Eraserhead, Aizawa-sensei he told him, had given him a list of things he would need to get for his new middle school, he was sending him to Someii. Inko stared at the letter in shock, his tuition was going to be paid by Aizawa and U.A. Apparently Nezu, the principle of U.A had a vast interest in Izuku’s future. She couldn’t believe this had happened, to think a hero actually thought Izuku could be a hero. She frowned, guilt ate at her heart as she thought back to the day he had found out, and the question he asked. She looked over to where Izuku was sitting with his new teacher, showing him his notebooks. The Underground hero looked over them all with a genuine interest… Inko sighed, she had never shown that interest in his work, feeling if she did, she would encourage his… at the time reckless dream. And yet, some hero dived into his life, praising his work, and wanting to teach him. She was jolted from her thoughts as her phone rang, Izuku and Aizawa looked up as she answered.


“Hello?” She asked


“Hey Inko!” A voice replied, Inko smiled at the voice of her friend.


“Mitsuki, it’s good to hear from you.” Inko answered. She didn’t miss the fearful expression in Izuku’s eyes, Aizawa glanced between the phone and Izuku suspiciously. Did Izuku always look fearful when Mitsuki called?


“Katsuki won’t shut up about what happened today, Appreantly a hero came, and he wasn’t picked. I call bullshit as he is the strongest in his class…” Mitsuki sighed, sounding annoyed just by thinking about it. Izuku hunched up next to Aizawa.


“Oh, yes, it was an underground hero… Katsuki isn’t the kind of person that would fit with his particular role. Underground heroes need to be quiet… and We both know Katsuki’s quirk is too much of a giveaway.” Inko said, trying to calm the rage Mitsuki clearly felt. She had been talking none stop about what would happen when a hero took Katsuki on as an intern.


“Maybe… but he picked Izuku, didn’t he? Has he said why? Because no hero in their right mind would pick someone quirkless.” Mitsuki said, Inko froze and took a deep breath. Had Mistuki always felt that way, had she shared those feelings with Katsuki… had Katsuki really been a bully instead of a friend


“Maybe that is what you think Mitsuki… but he pick Izuku because he has an amazing skill, the hero says how many heroes would pay loads for someone with an analysis skill of Izuku’s level.” Inko told her. “He wants to teach Izuku, wants him to harness the true potential of his skills. And… and it is an amazing opportunity for Izuku…”


“You aren’t seriously accepting this Inko! Izuku is quirkless, being trained by a hero or not, there is no way he can be a hero!” Mitsuki said. Aizawa and Izuku watched as Inko straightened where she stood.


“Once upon a time, I believed that too Mitsuki… But Izuku has a big heart and is the ideal hero. Eraserhead is sure of it. Principal Nezu of U.A is also invested into Izuku’s potential. And if those heroes believe, then so can I!” She told her friend. “And, if you can’t accept that my baby, my quirkless baby, will be the best upcoming hero… then… maybe it will be for the best if you never call me again!” Inko ended the call, looking at her phone with tears in her eyes. Izuku got up and walked over to her.


“Mom?” He asked, Inko looked up at him, and quickly pulled him into a hug.


“I am so sorry Izuku, I should have had more faith in you.” Inko cried. Izuku hugged her tightly.


“It’s okay mom… I never blamed you.” Izuku told her. Aizawa sat back, watching the family with a small smile. Inko looked over at him.


“Thank you, Aizawa.” She said


“I did nothing.” He shook his head, he stood up. “I will let you settle with the information. Midoriya, tomorrow I’ll be by to take you to Someii. They know you will be joining and have everything ready.”


“Thank you sensei.” Izuku bowed. Aizawa nodded and let himself out. Inko held her son close.


“From now on, Izuku, I will have complete faith in your dream. I will be better at supporting you.” Inko promised. Izuku looked down at her and hugged her back closely.


“Thanks mom… I will make you proud.” Izuku said.


“You already do.” Inko patted his cheek. “I am so, so proud of you Izuku. You are going to be great.”




The following morning, Aizawa stopped by early, Izuku was up and eating breakfast, his bag packed. Aizawa entered with Inko and handed Izuku his new uniform, telling him to change into that before they left.


Izuku was soon seated in the front of Aizawa’s car, in new uniform – Aizawa had to help him with the tie, bag on his lap. He took a deep breath as they drove to Someii. Izuku would never have believed this is where he would end up on the second day of middle school. It was a long drive, so Izuku was thankful they had left very early. They stopped out the front of Someii. Izuku looked up at the school nervously.


“Don’t worry.” Aizawa assured him. “You are being put in a class with the brother of a friend, he will be there to help you.”


“Right…” Izuku nodded. He got out of the car. “Thanks for the lift sensei…”


“I will pick you up after school. You will be fine Midoriya.” Aizawa told him. Izuku looked at him and gave a small nod, before smiling.


“Okay… Thanks sensei. See you later.” Izuku hurried off, Aizawa watched him go with a small smile of his own, before he drove off.

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Izuku found his new class, there was someone waiting outside. Izuku’s nerves were at bursting point, the boy looked at him as he approached, Izuku’s breath caught in his throat as the boy began to address him.


“Good morning!” He said, “Would you happen  to be Aizawa’s student?”  Izuku gave a small nodded. “I have been asked to watch over you! Welcome to Someii, I am Iida Tenya. Brother to Ingenium, and his student!”


“It’s nice to meet you. I am Midoriya Izuku.” Izuku held out his hand. Iida took his hand and shook it.


“If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.” Iida said, Izuku smiled lightly. Iida may have seemed scary, but Izuku could tell he was a good person.


“What is the policy on bullying like?” Izuku asked, Iida looked concerned, before answering.


“There is a no-tolerance on bullying. I will keep an eye out for you Midoriya!” Iida told him, causing Izuku to look at him with admiration.


“Thank you Iida-kun. I appreciate that.” Izuku smiled softly. Izuku was pleased as Iida let him sit next to him, it was reassuring to Izuku that Iida was a kind person, and helped distract him as the rest of the class filled in. The teacher then walked in, a nice-looking lady with soft hazel eyes.


“Good morning everyone! Lets make today as good as yesterday.  We had …. Students accepted as hero interns, so, again congratulations to all of you.” She beamed, the class agreed, saying their own congratulations. “And I have some news for you all, you may have noticed someone new in our class. Midoriya Izuku, would you like to come to the front?” She asked, Izuku froze, but stood up and went to the front.  “I am Mrs. Okuda, and I am so happy that you joined us. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class, or would you like me to do so?” She asked kindly.


“I-I…” Izuku stopped. “Can you?” He asked, he could feel like his heart was going to explode, she gave him a small nod.


“As I said, this is Midoriya Izuku. He came here from Aldera high school.” Mrs. Okuda said, the class looked at him surprised. “Now, he was subjected to bullying for his time there and we can assume before then, so I don’t want to see that from any of you. We need to be better.” The class nodded, “And, Young Midoriya here was chosen by an underground hero.” That caused  huge gasp from the class, followed by excited muttering. “So, let us all make him welcome to our class, okay?”


“Yes sensei!” The class coursed.


“Midoriya, you may stick by Iida today, I know he will make sure you get around the school.” Mrs. Okuda smiled “I hope you enjoy our time in our school.” Izuku looked up at her, never have had such a kind teacher before.


“Thank you.” He said and returned to his seat. Getting “welcome to the class Midoriya” from the people he passed.


Iida gave him a small smile as Izuku took his seat again.


Things were already looking up.




Come lunch time, Izuku and Iida sat across from each over in the lunch hall. Izuku showing him his current hero note book. Iida was loving it, impressed with his new friends skills.


“Hey, Midoriya, Iida, can we join you?” A few people from their class asked. Izuku looked at them nervously.


“It’s up to you Midoriya.” Iida said kindly. Izuku looked back at his hopeful classmates, before nodding. They were all joined and those who couldn’t fit at the table took a table next to them.


“So, what were you guys doing before we joined?” A girl asked


“Midoriya was showing me his analysis on quirks.” Iida said “It is very impressive and I would say already at a professional level if not above.”  Izuku blushed.


“Oh, really? You analyse quirks?” A boy gasped


“Yeah, it’s just a silly hobby…” Izuku muttered.


“Dude, heroes literally will pay thousands for a decent analyser. I tried analysing quirks, and I gave up, it was just too hard.” A boy sighed.


“It’s not that hard. I would be happy to help you if you would like.” Izuku offered, the boy looked up at Izuku with teary eyes.


“You are a saint Midoriya!” He cried,


“Do you have a type of quirk you  are more interested in?” A girl with orange hair tied into a side pigtail asked.


“Not really. I love all quirks. I find them fascinating.” Izuku smiled softly.


“Would you consider analysing our quirks, as in the class’s?” She asked


“Sure. I would have to do one at a time, but it shouldn’t take too long… maybe I should start it in a new notebook…” Izuku muttered thoughtfully.


“You don’t have to if it will be too much for you Midoriya.” A boy said.


“It won’t be any issue!” Izuku assured them with a smile. “The hero that chose me really wants to help me work on my analyse, to make it more… precise. It will be good practice.”


“You can do it Midoriya! We believe in you!” A few of his classmates cheered, Izuku blushed, and rubbed his cheeks embarrassed.




Izuku waved bye to his class as he ran to Aizawa’s car, where the underground hero was waiting. Aizawa noticed the smile on his face and relaxed a little, he watched as Izuku stumbled a little and looked back, Iida waved to him as he was leaving with his brother.


“Bye Iida, see you tomorrow!” Izuku waved enthusiastically. Before continuing his way over to Aizawa.


“You seem a lot happier kid.” Aizawa commented. Izuku looked up at him, with shining eyes.


“This school is great. Everyone is so kind. Iida is going to show me around, the class wants me to do a little analysis of their quirks, which I thought would be a cool way to be more precise with my analysis.” Izuku said, Aizawa chuckled. Unable to hid how happy he was for his new student.


“That does sound like a good idea.” Aizawa ruffled his hair. “Let’s get you home. Your mother has likely been worrying all day.”


“Right!” Izuku nodded, putting his bag in the car, Aizawa got into the driving seat and heard Izuku muttering to himself as he sat down. “I should ask her if I can bring my new friends home one day… that would be cool.” Aizawa smiled.

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Inko was busy making dinner, she looked up at the clock, Izuku should have been picked up by Aizawa by now. She was nervous, but hopeful. Aizawa had assured her before he left with Izuku that the school would not allow bullying and that Izuku would be treated as an equal. Inko was a little excited at the idea of Izuku gaining new friends, friends that weren’t mean at all, friends that weren’t like Bakugo. She heard the door open and Izuku shouting in greeting.


“I am in the kitchen Izuku, but why don’t you go and get changed first?” Inko called


“Alright!” she could hear Izuku running upstairs. Aizawa came straight into kitchen, she looked at him. Aizawa just gave her a small smile.


“I am taking your smile as a good sign?” She muttered, a little nervous.


“Wait and see. I am sure he has a lot to talk about.” Aizawa said. Sure enough, when Izuku came back down stairs, beaming.


“You have a good day honey?” Inko asked


“The best!” Izuku nodded. “I met Iida first, he is a bit rule-headed, but a really nice guy, the class is really nice, and they all welcomed me. We all sat at two tables at lunch just so they could get to know me, they all like what I can do with my analysis, and I said I will analyse their quirks as practice.” Izuku nodded. “My teacher is Mrs. Okuda is really nice. She had to call me to the front and all that, but then gave me the option to introduce myself or let her do so. I never got that choice. She mentioned the bullying and made sure everyone was sure that she wouldn’t let anyone get away with bullying. She is really nice, I am really looking forward to my time in her class!” Izuku smiled.


“I am so happy for you.” Inko beamed and kissed his cheeks. “It is a good think I am making Katsudon, we can celebrate tonight. Would you like to stay for dinner Aizawa? It is the least I can do for everything you have done for us.” Aizawa looked between Izuku and Inko, before agreeing.


“We could start discussing the schedule I have made for you.” Aizawa nodded, Izuku grinned, eyes brimming with excitement.




Inko listened to Izuku and Aizawa talk about the schedule as they ate dinner, Izuku was chewing thoughtfully as he looked over the timetable Aizawa had presented. It had everything, Inko had been shown it earlier, Aizawa asking if she was okay with it, she had said yes, but very pleased the hero had considered her input. It had everything, his school timetable, work out times and what he should work on. Diet plans, bed times. Time for homework. Izuku was looking at a time table that would keep his life completely schedule oriented for the next three years. The only days without anything there aside for diet was Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s. He pointed them out to Aizawa.


“What about those three days?” He asked


“Aside from school on Friday, those three days will be your social times. I may be training you, but you are still a kid, you need a break too. “ Aizawa explained. “With this schedule, you will be able to move on to more physical training within 5 months.” Izuku nodded.


“So, this starts tomorrow?” Izuku asked


“Next week.” Aizawa answered, “You need to settle into your new school before we start.”


“Right okay. Thank you.” Izuku smiled


“No problem kid.” Aizawa ruffled his hair, Izuku grinned, blushing happily.




Aizawa left not long after dinner, saying he had a patrol that evening. Inko send him off with a packed lunch in case he got hungry. Izuku sat next to his mom as they watched a movie before Izuku went to bed.


“Mom… you know when I said I didn’t want a phone…” Izuku muttered. “Cause… in the end, it would be pointless?”


“Would you like on now?” Inko asked


“I may have friends… I would like to have something to keep in touch.” Izuku nodded. Inko smiled


“I will get you one tomorrow. You can have it after school tomorrow. Let’s call it a congratulations gift for how well you have done, and how far you have come.” Inko smiled softly. Izuku smiled and hugged her tightly.


“Thanks mom, you’re the best.” Izuku told her, Inko blushed deeply and hugged him back.




Izuku was ready for the next day, dressed and feed before Aizawa arrived, he made sure he had everything in his bag as he waited in his room., including a new notebook aptly named : Heroic analysis skill training. He beamed at the writing. It was odd to think his life had changed so much in just 48 hours.


“Izuku, Aizawa is outside!” Inko called from the kitchen.


“Coming!” Izuku put his notebook in his bag and hurried down stairs. Inko pass him two bento boxes.


“Make sure Aizawa takes this with him. I am not sure if that man eats properly.” Inko said, Izuku took them both with a small chuckle.


“Of course. See you after school mom!” Izuku kissed her cheek and hurried out of the house. Inko touched her cheek and smiled happily. She wondered if Aizawa knew how much he had done for their family, but simply believing in her son.


Izuku met with his class around 10 minutes before the class, all of them getting in early to simply get more of a chance to talk with Izuku. They introduced themselves happily, and Izuku found two new best friends in Kendo Itsuka and Yaorashi Inasa, them joining Iida. But Izuku beamed as he listened to his class discussing their own dreams and wishes, a fair few not wanting to be heroes, he found some people wanting to go into support, some into business, there were a few that wanted to go to different places, and Izuku was fascinated. Everyone in his old middle school all wanted to be heroes. So, to meet so many people that didn’t want to be was actually refreshing, and Izuku loved hearing their reasoning. Mrs. Okuda walked in during their conversation, and she ended up explaining how she dreamed to being a teacher when she was their age, it might not be as grand as being a hero, but it was an incredibly rewarding job if done well. Izuku happily sat in the class, the walls of fear he once had, crumbling in the friendly atmosphere.

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Author's note:  So, I am back, been a ad day for me. I am feeling better now, but I haven't slept and I can't sleep due to stress sooooo, here is today's chapter. I hope you guys all enjoy it!



Izuku stretched as he got up to leave for the day, excited to finally get home and tell his mother about his day.


“Hey Midoriya!” Inasa stopped before his table “Can we exchange numbers?”


“Oh, that’s a great idea! We all have exchanged numbers on the first day, we just needs yours!”  A girl beamed.


“Oh, um…” Izuku looked nervous. “I… I don’t actually have a phone… My mom said she would get me one today.” The class looked surprised.


“You’ve never had a phone?” Kendo asked


“No… like Mrs. Okuda said… I was bullied. And I was bullied by everyone in my class, everyone in the school, the teachers. My mom offered to get me on, but I felt if I got one, they would demand my phone number and bully me over message or break it. I was too afraid to have one… but… I feel safer here… and I told her it was time for a phone cause I might have new friends.” Izuku admitted.


“Oh Midoriya…” Kendo frowned


“Then we shall all write down our numbers.” Iida said, Izuku looked up at him. “That way you can input them into your new phone when you get home.” Izuku’s eyes widened


“That’s a good idea!” Izuku opened his bag and pulled out his notebook. “You can write them in here.” The class actually made a line to write their names and numbers for him. Izuku was blushing happily.


“We should all hang out together on Saturday. We could come and meet you Midoriya, were do you live?” Inasa asked


“Musutafu.” Izuku answered


“Wow, you live so far.” He said


“Um… yeah, Musutafu isn’t a good place. At most we have the underground heroes, but their aren’t many main heroes there despite U.A being so close.” Izuku explained. “My mentor found out my old middle school actually has wanted minor villains as teachers. So, you can guess how good the area is from that alone. He is actually paying for me to attend here, along with help from Principle Nezu. He has an interest in me, apparently.”


“Oho, that is so cool. You know what, we’ll all come to Musutafu and you can give us a tour.” Honda beamed


“Sure. We can meet at the station.” Izuku smiled. Once all numbers were written down, the class headed out as one unit. Izuku spotted Aizawa by his car. “Oh, my mentor is here. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”


“Sure, Bye Midoriya!” The class waved as Izuku began to jog over to Aizawa.


“Another good day?” He asked


“Yep, everyone wrote their numbers down so when I have a phone we can all keep in contact.” Izuku beamed.


“That’s good. I know your mother got you one, she already gave me your new number.” Aizawa said, Izuku smiled excitedly.




“Hey Mom, I’m home!” Izuku called


“In the kitchen sweetie!” Inko called, Izuku ran in to greet her. Aizawa smiling as he shut the door behind him.


“My classmates all asked to meet me this weekend!” Izuku was telling Inko as Aizawa joined them “They are coming down to Musutafu and asked me to show them around! Can you believe that?” Izuku was beaming.


“That’s great news!” Inko replied happily. “Would you like me to pack you a lunch? I could make a picnic lunch for your day out.” She offered.


“Really? That would be great, your food is the best mom!” Izuku nodded, Aizawa smiled softly.


“Oh, that reminds me…” Izuku reached into a small box on the side. “Here you go!” Inko presented Izuku with a new phone model that had only been released a few days ago.


“Mom! An older phone would have been fine…” Izuku told her.


“I know, but I wanted to treat you.” Inko smiled. Izuku hugged her tightly. “I was never as supportive as I should have been… but I plan to make up for it now. This is my first step, making sure you have a good way to keep in touch with your new friends and your mentor.”


“Thanks mom…” Izuku said, with teary eyed. Izuku went upstairs to changed, and as time did pass Inko and Aizawa assumed he was adding the numbers to his phone, which they were right.


Izuku was happily adding all the numbers into his phone, and messaging each and every number.


Inasa was quick to send a reply as was Iida, Iida being more proper, whilst Inasa struck up a topic that was just on the news.


Yaorashi Inasa: You seen the news? That villain fight with Endeavor was stupid crazy.


Midoriya Izuku: No, I will go and check now.


Izuku did, he hurried down stairs, Inko and Aizawa pausing in their convocation to watch Izuku enter the living room and switch the Tv over to the news. He sucked in a breath as he saw what could be the closest thing considered to a civilian war zone. Buildings were wrecked, fires were burning. People were running screaming. Izuku’s phone began to rang and Izuku answered.


“You seeing it?” Inasa asked


“Yes… this is… mad, how are not other heroes getting involved? It looks like a literal war zone, no villain fight would ever excuse this much damage… I don’t even what to think about the amount of civilian causalities this will have… Endeavor should be in so much trouble for this… but he will likely to pay everything off as always…” Izuku frowned


“He is the dark side of heroics…” Inasa answered solemnly.


“This is bad. I am going to go and see if I can help there in away way.” Aizawa said, leaving the house in a hurry.


“Who was that?” Inasa asked


“My hero mentor… he is going to see if he can lend a hand… and truthfully, he will be able to stop Endeavor creating any worse fires.” Izuku said




“Ever heard of the underground hero, Eraserhead?”


“Holy shit, no way? He’s like a cyprid, a legend. You are something dude. But yeah, from the online updates of this fight it seems they are calling in heroes from all around. All Might will likely be joining the fight with this much damage.” Inasa said, Izuku could hear him typing in the back ground. Izuku sat down. He watched the live news carefully.


“This situation… Water hose, Eraserhead, Midnight, Ectoplasm, The Pussy cats, Hound dog, Vlad king, Death arms, Air jet, Back draft, Best Jeanist – maybe he would be better at Civilian rescue in this case, Thirteen, Fourth kind, Gun head, Ingenium. They would be a few heroes that would be best to bring in to provide aid. A villain fight…. But most those heroes will need to concentrate to the civilians. Does it say anything about casualties?”


“30 badly injuries, 27 third degree burns, 41 second degree burns. 63 first degree burns.  An estimated lower value of 1000 people still trapped in building, low estimation of 86% of the overall victims likely going to be dead by the end of all of this.” Inasa read out. “This isn’t looking good Midoriya…”


Inko watched her son surveying the TV screen carefully.


“They need to prioritise civilians now of they even want to consider lowering that percent. The water hose and Backdraft on fires, they need the emergency services too. Cermentoss and all other rescue heroes on to looking for people. They need to find them fast cause they won’t last if they are trap at this rate. Endeavor needs to be removed from that fight sight immediately, he has caused enough damage as it is.  The other heroes should go after the villain.  Eraser and Midnight the best hero duo to send after them.” Izuku muttered.


“This is crazy…” Inasa muttered.


“I know… I hope everything is okay in the end.” Izuku sighed, he noticed his mother watching him. “Um… you okay mom?” He asked, moving the phone from his ear a little.


“Is that a new friend of yours?” She asked, Izuku nodded. Inko smiled happily. “I am glad you have found someone to discuss matters like this with… I can barely keep up with you and your brilliant mind.” Izuku blushed, and he could hear Inasa chuckling on the phone.

Chapter Text

Author notes: I am back with a new chapter, I hope you guys enjoy this one!


That event last night…ended a big nightmare. Izuku could list everything that went wrong, the most import thing the heroes didn’t co-ordinate with one-another. They didn’t communicate, other then Eraser and Midnight, Izuku had suspected they could be friends and thus why they worked well, and despite not having a suitable quirk, Present Mic showed up to aid in civilian search, he and Inasa kept his rescue count. A huge 60% of civilians had been found by Mic, Izuku had brought up the fact that Mic had gone off alone, going to quieter places, find people who had almost given up hope. Izuku had gained so much respect for the voice hero. He noticed how Aizawa was smiling as Izuku muttered about it all writing in his note book. Adding to his new notes on present Mic. Maybe his mentor knew him? Possible, they both went to U.A and are the same age, the possibly they were in the same class was 50-50. If not, Izuku was sure U.A did join training between the classes at least.


Izuku was glad Inasa was the first person he saw that morning, after bidding Aizawa quick bye, Izuku raced over and the two of them were soon in deep conversation about the events that night, in class they were joined by Iida, and then the rest of their class. Izuku was surprised about how interested in his views his classmates were and they even asked him to read the notes he made on the event to them, which his did. He was still talking when Mrs. Okuda entered and she let them talk, listening carefully to each and every point Izuku made. She would occasional ask why he thought such a thing and Izuku would reply with a person opinion, public opinion and then a lawful opinion, a lot of the time stating a law that was in place to stop an action. She was almost smiling as she realised that what Izuku was saying was enough to start a public outcry on how some heroes seem exempt from the law. She knew Izuku was definitely going to make the class interesting to teach.


“Midoriya, can you stay to talk when the lunch bell rings please?” Ms. Okuda asked, Izuku looked nervous but nodded. He approached her desk as the class filled out. “Are you happy in this class Midoriya?” She asked as the last student closed the door.


“Yes! I love it! It is the kindest class I have ever been in!” Izuku answered.


“I mean academically.” Ms. Okuda smiled.


“I am afraid I don’t quite understand…” Izuku frowned.


“I have noticed, mostly today, your naturally understanding for law in all aspects. That conversation this morning was extremely enlightening. Not only did you give personal views, you provide public views and law-based views, not many kids your age can do that. I was wondering maybe you would feel better in an upper year, if not, I feel we could discuss giving you a different lesson, on that might be more suited to that remarkable way of thinking.” She smiled. “Of course, it matters what you say, and if you would like an additional challenge, we can call in you mother and mentor and discuss opinions. Your education here with us is our upmost priority, we want you to succeed to the best of your ability.” Izuku’s eyes lit up at the idea of a challenge that he could be put to the test with.


“Ca-can we meet up to discuss opinions?” Izuku asked, Ms. Okuda smiled.


“I will make the arrangements as soon as I can.” She promised.




Inko was cleaning the house when the house phone rang, Inko quickly answered, so used to picking it up to hear Izuku’s old school sending him home with injuries.


“H-hello?” she asked


“Good afternoon, is this Ms. Midoriya?” A voice asked


“Yes… can I ask who’s talking?” Inko replied.


“This is Ms. Okuda, I am Izuku’s teacher.” Inko began to panic, was Izuku okay?


“May I ask the reason for your call?” Inko asked


“Your boy has a remarkable Mind, Ms. Midoriya. I have never seen a student fall into such depth in a simple discussion, only to provide personal, public and lawful opinions in the matter. I was worried the current lessons he is taking will not be a challenge enough for him.” Ms. Okuda said. “I have spoke to your son on the matter, and I think he would prefer to stay in this class, but I would like to arrange a meeting with you, his hero mentor, myself and the principle to discuss the option of allowing him to take an additional subject, of his choice, to provide him with the challenge I believe he would like in his lessons.”


“I see. I would be happy to attend a meeting for that. I am sure Izuku would love having a challenge himself.” Inko smiled, relaxing.


“Excellent, his education is our highest priority, and we would like him to make the most out of his time here.” Ms. Okuda said “We will do all we can to prepare him for his aim. Your son is really a remarkable student, I can see that with only being his teacher for two days. He is going to go far.”


Inko was almost in tears as Ms. Okuda spoke. “Thank you. I look forward to the meeting.”


“Me too. I will arrange with the principle, we will talk to his mentor, and we will send out a letter with the day and time of the meeting.” Ms. Okuda smiled.


“That sounds great, thank you.” Inko nodded.


“I look forward to seeing you soon Ms. Midoriya, have a nice day.” Inko put the phone down as the call end, wiping at the tears in her eyes. She shot a quick message explain it to Aizawa, before grabbing her purse, mobile and bag. She had a reason to celebrate with her son, she would have to ask Aizawa if he would join. She dropped him another message with the question before she left the house to do a quick shop, wanting to get in Izuku’s favourite things for tonight.




“Someone’s popular.” Midnight teased as Aizawa’s phone pinged again with a message. He just rolled his eyes and looked at his phone, he smiled lightly.


“Oh, you’re smiling, who is it?” Mic asked


“The mother of the kid I have taken as my intern.” Aizawa replied


“Wait… so your seriously took a kid on? What are they like?” Midnight asked curiously.


“Not the best introduction, and it wasn’t his fault… he is quirkless, but has amazing analysis and observation skills, knew all about me. Had no issues mentioning the problems endeavor has. He is really bright. But his class mates… his whole school…” Aizawa stopped.


“They were horrible to him, weren’t they?” Mic asked sadly.


“One threatened to blow him up with his quirk. So, I took the quirkless kid as my student, got an investigation into the school, turns out they were breaking a lot of laws, a lot of teachers weren’t qualified and villains.” Aizawa explained. “Nezu knows about him, and we are both paying for his new education in Someii.”


“You’re actually paying for your students education?” Mic asked


“Of course, the kid needs a good education, and friends. Tensei’s little brother is keeping an eye on him. But I hear he is doing well.” Aizawa said.


“So… you finally took on an intern that you like.” Mic smiled. “But… why is his mother messaging you?”


“Well, she got a call from his teacher, they wanted to try and arrange a meeting to discuss the possibly giving him a new lesson, a subject of his choice to provide a challenge that she doesn’t think he will get in the normal lessons.” Aizawa answered. “And she wants to celebrate tonight for it, and asked me if I wanted to go…”


“You should! And ask if we can come along, we want to meet the kid.” Midnight beamed. Aizawa tried to say no, but his friend pestered him until he finally answered Inko with the question mentioning his two hero friends wanted to meet Izuku and was it okay if they came. Inko was thrilled with the idea and said it was fine. Midnight and Mic high fived as Aizawa sighed.