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Potential of a quirkless

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Midoriya Izuku was nervous, his first day at Middle school. Today was the day a hero, or heroes would come into their class to scope out potential future heroes. He knew he had little chance, being quirkless and all, but it gave him a chance to meet them and potentially ask for their autographs. He sighed as he looked down at his hero notebook for the future part 13, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the year of bullying ahead of him.

Aizawa Shouta had no idea why he was doing this, oh right, it was too shut Yamada up. He decided to go to Aldera junior high, as far as he was aware, no other hero would be going there this year. He just need to walk in there, see a bunch of brats with powerful quirks thinking their all it, see no potential and leave. Simple.

Aizawa entered the first class, all the students looked at him, except one. The boy had his head bowed and was current taking notes. He looked over the muttering boy’s shoulder, watching as he took notes, eyes widening as he noticed the boy was analysing a heroes quirk, he remained quiet letting the boy continue. He needs to be tough code, area awareness. Aizawa mentally noted, then he began to listen to students around him mocking the boy, whispering horrible things.

“That’s the quirkless kid right? He is so fuck!”

“He should just give up, that hero’s just gonna knock him down.”

“I’ll just have to teach him a lesson again later, try a bigger explosion.”

“Endeavor’s weakness?” Aizawa asked, the boy didn’t even look up but replied.

“He has very little control of his quirk, it rages out of control deals more damaged to buildings and civilians then the villains he’s chasing. Weak against any water based Quirks, sand quirks, houldn’t fight villains with wind quirks or quirks that can send his quirk more out of control.” He said

“What about Eraserhead?” Aizawa asked, the class looked confused and began asking about who Eraserhead was, wondering if it was a trick question.

“Eraserhead is mostly unknown, he works as an unground hero.” The boy flicked to a page, “Uses a capture weapon and wears goggles. There is no confirmation, bt I believe his quirk lets him eraser emitter and transformative quirks by looking at them, which would explain the goggles as they help him look at a particular villain if fighting a group....” The boy finally looked up, his eyes widened as he saw Aizawa and fell of his chair, the class burst out laughing, before freezing at the boys words. “You’re Eraserhead!”

“And you are?”

“M-Midoriya Izuku.”

“You analyse quirks?”

“Yes, been doing so since I was 4...”


“I... I don’t have a quirk so I thought if I could understand quirks I could use it to my advantage.”

“Stupid Deku, Told you that shit was pointless years ago...” A blond boy began

“You’re right.” Aizawa nodded, everyone looked at him. “I, myself, analyse the quirks of people I am looking for before engaging them. It gives you the upper hand in a fight.” He helped Izuku up. “Have you ever analysed Villains quirks?” Izuku stopped

“No... I should have.... sure knowing Heroes quirks would be better used if I ever work with them, but hero’s fight villains, so I really should have been analysing Villains quirks...” Izuku mused, but squeaked as Aizawa took his note book.

“Your just noting everything though, you need to be more precise, pick out the parts that are really important, also.... Code. If a villain found this, they could take out anyone you’ve written about. This is more than just a skill, it is something highly valued by strategist or heroes with none physical quirks.” Aizawa handed it back, Izuku nodded.

“Right! Thank you sir!” He said, a determined look in his eyes.

“You want to be a hero?”

“Yes... even though I am quirkless...”

“I am taking Midoriya Izuku as my student.” Aizawa looked at the teacher, who looked horrified, Izuku just stared at the underground hero.

“A-are you sure? I mean, they are plenty other first years you will find more capable...”

“I heard the others of this class berating him, and one even threatening to do him harm. Midoriya, are you bullied?”

“...Y-Yes sir...” Izuku bowed his head.

“I will like you to remind all your students that hero schools, especially U.A will turn away anyone who has been a bully, we don’t want people like that getting a licences to use their quirk.” The whole class was silent. “So, Midoriya grab your things, we need to speak to the principal, get your parents in and agree with how this is going to work.” Aizawa said, Izuku scrambled for his things and quickly followed after the underground hero, still in a daze with what was going on.

Izuku and his mother followed after Aizawa when they left the school. The principal had tried everything for him to check out the better students, implying that no quirkless kid could ever be a hero. Midoriya Inko had tears in her eyes at his words, and Aizawa had stood up, sick of it all. And now they were leaving, Detective Tsukauchi now investigating the school aside from discrimination, they also had committed Fraud, tax invasion, and some of their staff members were villains. Izuku and Inko shared a look, but didn’t speak out as they heard it all. And with Eraser offering to pay for Izuku’s tuition at a better school during his training, Inko didn’t have any room to say no, not when Izuku was finally smiling honestly.

“Eraserhead, sir?” Izuku jogged to keep up with him. “Do you mean it? Do you really think I can be a hero without a quirk?”

“You’re the only one I saw with potential kid, as long as you still have that determination you will make it far.” Eraserhead said, Izuku smiled and nodded.

“I’ll do my best sir! I won’t let you down!” Izuku said

“I’m holding you to that.” Aizawa replied.

For the first time since finding out her son was quirkless, Midoriya Inko felt her son could make it as a quirkless hero, he could become as great as Eraserhead.