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The Devil's Heiress

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It all started with a thought.
One day, Diavolo, the boss of Passione, the man with no identity, thought to himself:
"I wonder how Donatella's doing."
This was the first time he had thought of her since the fire. He didn't know why he thought this, perhaps it was random, perhaps it was fate.
Either way, this thought soon became the first of many thoughts about his first, and only, love.
Eventually, he couldn't take it any more, he had to see how she was doing.
But how could he? His identity had to remain a secret, so how could he see how she was doing?
Then he remembered Doppio, his sweet, innocent Doppio, who just so happened to look a lot like him back when he meet Donatella.
One "phone call" later, and Doppio was on his way.
He had been told he might be mistaken for a "Solido Naso" (Why did she even believe that name, why had she believed that someone had named their kid 'Solid Nose'?) and if so, was to wait for the boss to come deal with it.
Through Doppio's eyes, Diavolo watched Donatella drive up to her house, get out of her car, and then go get a baby out of the back sea-
Wait, what?
While Doppio thought nothing of it, Diavolo had many thoughts.
"Did she move on?" "What gender is the child?" "Is it mine?"
A quick glace at the baby and all of his questions were answered.
The pink tuft of hair on the young girls head was all he needed to know it was his.
A wave of panic went through Diavolo's body, Doppio wondered why he was shivering, as it was fairly warm outside.
Should he get rid of the child? Any connection to his identity had to be eliminated.
This was a child, a baby, and while some of his subordinates sold drugs to kids, he wasn't cruel enough to kill a child outright, was he?
But what should he do with her, just let her live her life and hope she never tries to figure out who her father is?
No, perhaps she could be of use, an heir, in case he were to meet an untimely demise.
[King Crimson] will prevent any chances of an early death.
By an outside force, yes. But what about death by natural causes? Considering his whole secret identity thing, there was no way he would risk going to a doctor to cure any diseases he may get.
And plus, if she is indeed his daughter, and what that old woman said about stands being genetic is true, then she will become a stand user, and considering [King Crimson]'s power, her stand would be powerful as well.
A decision was made, he would take her in, and raise her to be a proper heiress to Passione. All he needed was to get to her.
Doppio heard a phone ringing nearby, and after a quick search, found the cellular device.
"Moshi Moshi, yes, this is Doppio."
"Boss! I found the woman you were asking about. She lives at-"
'I know, Doppio, my main concern is the child.'
"The child, oh you mean the baby she has with her. It is quite cute, why do you as-"
'It does not matter, Doppio. I have realized that I will need to take over from here. I am on my way now. You did well, my precious Doppio.'
"OK, boss."
Diavolo dropped the gum wrapper Doppio had picked up and waited for the lights in Donatella's house to go out. A quick go around the property and a few peeks through some windows eventually led him to his daughter's room. A quick use of [King Crimson] and he was able to slip inside without making a sound. The room was pink, and many small toys were strewn about. On a shelf to the side was a diaper bag, and a quick check showed it had all the necessities. In the center was what he was here for. A crib, as pink as the rest of the room. On the headboard the name 'Trish' had been painted in a mix of brown, purple, and black. So that was his daughter's name, it was nice. She was sleeping so soundly, swaddled in a blanket covered in mathematical symbols. He gently picked her up, supporting her head like he had been taught by the priest. Those long Sundays helping the nursing staff at the church hadn't been a waste after all, it seems.
Another quick use of [King Crimson], and he, Trish, and the diaper bag on the shelf were gone, the only hint that they had been there was the small baby-shaped indent on the bed in the crib, and even that was slowly disappearing as the small mattress regained it's shape.

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Diavolo's first plan of action was how to explain Trish. While it was true that no one ever saw or heard him, Trish was a young girl, and didn't need to be locked up in a safehouse all day.
Luckily, he found help in one of his most trusted employees, an older man by the name of Pericolo.
Pericolo was kind enough to help take care of Trish during the day. A few forged documents stated that Trish had been the daughter of some friends of Pericolo who had died in a car crash, and he had taken her in. The only people who knew the truth were Diavolo and Pericolo, not even Pericolo's own son Gianluca know the truth.
Of course, per Pericolo's advice, Diavolo would take care of Trish during the night, as she needed to develop a bond with him if she were to take over Passione. As Trish got older, and she was able to stay up later, her bond with Diavolo grew. Even Doppio helped out from time to time.
Trish was very caring for her "Papa," as well as her "Grandpa Peri" and "Uncle Doppi."
This system worked perfectly for a few years, and nothing really went wrong.
Until Trish turned 7, and she came down with an unknown sickness.
Pericolo first went to Passione-backed doctors, the first being a young doctor by the name of Cioccolata. The man immediately declined, stating that he wasn't a pediatrician, and wouldn't be able to properly diagnose the young girl (Diavolo was relieved when he found out that Cioccolata had at least the sanity to not harm a child, or perhaps he only declined because she was so close to Pericolo).
Another doctor under Passione's payroll was unable to determine the cause of the young girl's sickness, and Pericolo began to wonder if this was stand-related. Not many Passione members had been born stand users. Considering he himself wasn't a stand user, this was out of his field. The boss might be able to figure it out, he hoped.
Diavolo was stressing out.
He didn't know what was going on with his daughter. He had Doppio ask around to see if any of the natural born stand users in Passione to see if they had experienced anything like this. Unfortunately, not many members of Passione were natural stand users. There was Vladimir, an old man who was making his way up in the narcotics division, but he said he hadn't experienced anything like this when his stand manifested. Eventually, Doppio found a Passione member who knew what was going on. Apparently, this was common in young children who developed stands. Either the fever would pass, and Trish would gain a stand, or it would get worse and she would die.
Diavolo hoped the fever would pass, or else the past seven years would have been a waste of time.
Luckily, the fever subsided after a week, and Trish had developed a small stand. Diavolo couldn't help but notice the similarities between it and [King Crimson]. The shape of their mouths, the crisscross patterns on their bodies, even the eyes were similar. The stand appeared to be sentient, a rarity, but not impossible according to his sources. It had given itself the name [Spice Girl] and it seemed to have the power to make objects indestructible, at the cost of making them very elastic. While Trish seemed content using the stand to turn the empty hall closet into her own personal bouncy castle, Diavolo couldn't help but think of the many ways it could be used to help Passione. A few experiments (with both Trish and [Spice Girl]'s permission) had shown that moving objects effected by the stand would simply flatten upon contact, but they would keep their kinetic force, which would make them spring forward once the effect was removed. It could be very dangerous, and he was excited to start teaching her how to use it for combat once she got a bit older. Very soon, he would begin training her to become someone worthy to take over Passione.

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Diavolo wasn't sure when he should begin Trish's training to join Passione. Once Trish turned 10, he made up his mind and began the training, especially since he had heard that a girl of similar age named Sheila E. was taking out rival gangs in Passione's name. He decided to start off slowly, with lessons that wouldn't be too dangerous. A few self defense lessons, both with and without her stand, were some of the first. Then, training her stand's abilities and fighting capabilities. A few small mafia related lessons, such as how to intimidate and how to pickpocket without being noticed, were sprinkled in here and there. Other lessons included how to keep your identity a secret, and how to sneak around unnoticed. A few months in, and Trish already knew enough to be a member of a simple gang.
[Spice Girl] was showing promise as well. The sentient stand had become a master at its ability to 'soften' objects, as it put it. It's fighting capabilities were no joke either, as it was easily able to beat up a training dummy in less than a minute. The ferocity of the stand, despite being the size of a ten-year-old, frightened Diavolo a bit.
Eventually, Trish was well on her way to being a worthy heiress. All she needed was to actually join the gang.
Once Trish became 13, Diavolo allowed her to join Passione.
"Do I have to take this stupid trial, I'm better than some of your own men!"
"Yes, dear. Though you may be my daughter, I can not simply let you join without taking the trial, people might get suspicious. During your trial, I will not help you, if I am to allow you to join Passione, you must prove yourself worthy."
Trish crossed her arms and let out a 'hmph!', but she still went towards the jail where Polpo, the capo in charge of the Passione entrance trial, was held.
"And remember!" Her dad called out. "If anyone asks, you have no relation to me."
"I know!" Trish said back.
After the guards patted her down, Trish was allowed into the room.
"Hello, are you there, Mr. Polpo?" Trish looked around, the window into the jail cell showed off a decently furnished room, with what looked to be a bed in the corner.
"Ah, and who might you be?"
Trish took a double take, what she had thought to be a bed moved and the rotund body of Polpo became noticeable
"Oh, I didn't see you there. I thought you were a bed, my eyes must have been playing tricks on me."
"You are not the first to think that, and you will most likely not be the last." The large man stated, his body shifting so he could get a better look at her. "I assume you are here to take the Passione entrance trial?"
"Yes sir!" Trish said, "So, what is it that I have to do?"
"It is quite simple, little one," a small door opened on the side of Polpo's cell, and he pulled out a lighter. "One of the most important values in the organization is trust. To put it simply, you must keep this lighter lit for 24 hours." A small hatch opened on the wall between Polpo and Trish, Polpo lit the lighter and placed it on the hatch. "Do that, and I will allow you to join Passione."
Trish took the lighter from where Polpo put it. "Seems simple enough."
Trish left the room, lit lighter in hand. When the guards patted her down again, she held the lighter inside her hand. She had [Spice Girl] soften her hand so that it wouldn't be burnt by the lighter. Luckily, the guards didn't notice her closed palm, or they just didn't care.
Once she left the jail, she unsoftened her hand, and began the grueling process of keeping the fire safe. Just as her father said, she was alone on this. He was not there when she got out, and she assumed he wouldn't answer his phone. Doppio probably wouldn't pick up either.
Once Trish got home, she tried to find a place that wouldn't cause the flame to go out. She had some difficulty finding the right place. Either the area had too many flammable objects, or the room was one that she moved around in a lot, and that might cause a stray gust of wind. Eventually, she realized the perfect place to keep the lighter. She went into her bedroom, opened the bottom drawer of her dresser, and dug around in the clothes until she found what she was looking for.
A golden key.
She then went into the living room, where her pet turtle was lounging in the sunlight.
"Coco Jumbo, just the turtle I wanted to see."
Trish placed the key into the hole on Coco's back, activating the turtle's stand [Mr. President]. Trish entered the room inside the key and placed the lighter on the table, propping it up with some books she brought from the living room.
"There shouldn't be any stray winds here," Trish said with relief, "and the roof does allow air in, so the lighter shouldn't run out of oxygen to burn."
Trish exited the room, and when she looked back down, she could see that the lighter was still lit.
"Alright, that should do it, now I just have to wait 24 hours." Trish sighed as she plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V.
-The Next Day-
Trish went into [Mr. President]'s room to find the lighter just as she left it, still lit, and ready to be taken back to Polpo.
A quick pat down, and Trish was back in Polpo's room, lit lighter placed on the hatch.
"Impressive," Polpo stated. "It seems you managed to complete the task. Very well then. As of now, you are an official member of Passione."
"Thank you, Mr. Polpo." Trish said, happy. "I am honored to join your organization."

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Once Trish was accepted into Passione, she was introduced into a small gang. While she was upset at having to start at such a low rank, her father had a good reason.

"I can't simply add you into the elite guard automatically la mia dolce ereditiera, people would get suspicious, especially those traitors." Her father had said.

The recent betrayal of La Squadra de Ecsecusione had really shaken her father up. While two members, a couple of gay psychopaths named Sorbet and Gelato, had been dealt with by his elite guard, there were still seven others out there, a few with powerful stands that could provide a tough challenge for her father, even with his invincible [King Crimson]. They didn't even know the name or abilities of the stand of La Squadra's leader Risotto Nero. Her father had become even more paranoid about hiding his identity, becoming extremely closed off. She hadn't even seen him in a couple of weeks, only able to talk to him through messages sent via his underboss Doppio.

Trish did her best, slowly making her way up in the ranks through successful missions (only one of which had been rigged by her father, though she didn't know that). Eventually, she had proved herself (in her father's eyes) to be allowed to join his elite guard. Her first order as a member was simple, she was to meet up with the other members of the elite guard and become acquainted with them, in case there was ever a time she would team up with them.

Trish's meeting with the pair of Squalo and Tiziano went along smoothly. She enjoyed talking with the two of them, they even exchanged numbers (meant to be used for business, probably wouldn't be used for business). The two were kind, giving helpful advice such as the best ways to kill from a distance and how to tell if someone is lying or not. She wasn't sure how Tiziano got into the elite guard with a stand like [Talking Head] but considering how close he and Squalo seemed to be, plus the way they looked at each other, perhaps they were a package deal, and Squalo wouldn't have joined without Tiziano.

The large man that was Carne was intimidating at first, but Trish was able to get along with him once she got to know him. He was pleasant, although a bit crude when it came to jokes. She didn't understand his choice in fashion, especially how his pants were too small to fully zip up. She planned on getting him some better pants for when they met next. His stand, [Notorious B.I.G.], was an interesting one, an automatic, movement-tracking stand that increased in power as Carne himself got damaged. He had theorized that it might even survive his own death, becoming an immortal killing machine. Trish hoped that theory wouldn't have to be tested any time soon.

Trish's meeting with the crazed doctor Cioccolata was the least pleasant of them all. While he acted all nice and cheery, she knew his true intentions due to warnings from her father. Cioccolata had been a doctor under Passione's payroll for years and had only recently joined as an official member. His "partner" Secco, however, did not hide his true personality. At times he would walk around on all fours, speak random gibberish, film Trish's conversation with Cioccolata, and tried several times to climb the pantry to get to the jar of sugar cubes on the top shelf. He wandered around while constantly wearing his stand [Oasis], and Trish wondered if he even wore clothes underneath it. For any non-stand user unfortunate enough to meet him, she hoped he did.

The last member that she met was Sheila E., one of her father's personal bodyguards. She was nice, and they hit off pretty well, being the same age helped a bit. Sheila's stand [Voodoo Child], was interesting, although [Spice Girl] and her uppity personality didn't approve of its rat-like body, saying that it "looked too much like a disgusting vermin". This was told to Trish through her head, and not out loud, so Sheila did not hear. The two ladies also exchanged numbers for "business" reasons. After she met all of the elite guards, Trish returned to her house, and soon after, received a call from Doppio.

"Hey Doppio, what's up."

"Your fath-I mean, the boss, wanted to know if you had met with all of his elite guards."

"Yep, just finished an hour or so ago."

"Excellent, for now, the boss says you can go about your regular life until an opportunity to come up. Elite guard missions are not that common, but when they do occur, they are important. Be sure to have a phone with you at all times."

"Sure thing Doppio. Tell 'the boss' I love him."

"Will do, Miss Una."

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Trish awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. There was only one person she knew that would call her so early in the morning. She rolled over, picked up the phone, and then lied back down on the bed as she answered it.
"Hey, Doppio, got a mission for me?"
"Yes, Miss Una, I do in fact have a mission for you. I do not know if you are aware, but Polpo died yesterday."
"A shame, what happened?"
"Well, the reports claim it was a suicide, but the boss isn't so sure. You remember Leaky Eye Luca?"
"The guy with the shovel? What about him?"
"Well, he was found comatose yesterday, hit in the back of the head with his own shovel. He was deemed useless and disposed of. The last person to have reportedly seen him alive was a kid named Giorno Giovanna, he's around your age actually."
"Get on with it, Doppio."
"Right. Well, Bruno Buccellati, you know Buccelati right?"
"I've heard about him from other members"
"Well, he was sent to interrogate Giorno to see if he had any involvement with Luca's death. He later reported that Giorno seemed to have no involvement. But get this, a few hours later, Polpo received a visitor."
"Let me guess, Giorno Giovanna?"
"Precisely. It seems Buccellati inspired Giorno, and he decided to join Passione."
"From what I know about Buccellati, isn't that the reasoning behind every member of his team?"
"Back to Giorno, he went to Polpo and took on the lighter test. A janitor was found dead near Giorno's apartment, most likely a victim of [Black Sabbath]. Giorno himself returned to Polpo's jail cell after 24 hours, and left shortly after. Polpo committed suicide less than an hour after Giorno left the prison."
"So you think that Giorno gained a stand from [Black Sabbath] and used it to kill Polpo."
"Well, the boss thinks so. That's where you come in, you are to investigate Giorno and see if the incident with Polpo was an accident from trying out his stand, or a purposeful murder."
"Alright, where is Giorno right now?"
"He has apparently joined Buccellati's group, and they recently purchased a boat, it's current destination is Capri. Your mission is to meet up with Mr. Pericolo and head to Capri. Buccellati contacted him saying he plans to give Pericolo Polpo's fortune, which Bruno was tasked with hiding after Polpo's imprisonment. The fortune is reportedly worth 5 million lire, and Buccellati wants to give it to Pericolo so he can be elevated to Capo. Once Buccellati is made a Capo, him and his team will be charged with protecting you."
"Why would I need protection if I'm only investigating Giorno?"
"Well, recent events have caused a problem for you. The boss has received reports that La Squadra de Esecuzione have discovered information about your relationship with the boss."
Trish sat up quickly as she processed the words she had just heard.
"WHAT?" The pinkette screamed into the phone, waking up Coco Jumbo. "How is that even possible?"
"It appears that your mother, the one your father never wanted to talk about, has passed away from an illness." Doppio continued somberly. "She was asking for someone to find a 'Solido Naso', an alias the boss used when he met her. A member of La Squadra managed to talk to her before our operatives could. She apparently mentioned you, and they were able to put two and two together."
"So why am I going to investigate this Giorno guy if La Squadra are after me?" Trish asked with concern.
"As your father put it, we are to 'kill two birds with one stone.' Buccellati and his group are to act as bodyguards on your way to meet up with your father, who will then bring you to a special safe house where you two will live for a short while. They will help protect you from any members of La Squadra that try and come after you for information. This will allow you to investigate Giorno, and at the same time Buccellati's group will kill any traitors they come across. It's a win-win. Buccellati and his group will be told that you are the boss's daughter, your mother passed away recently, and that they are to deliver you to the boss while protecting you from La Squadra. To their knowledge, you are simply a young girl who has only now found out her father is a mob boss. You have never interacted with any members of Buccellati's group, so they will not know that you are an organization member. They will think that you are not a stand user, so you must not use [Spice Girl] unless absolutely necessary. If you are forced to use it, you must act like this is the first time you have ever summoned it."
"I understand, is there anything I need to do?" Trish asked.
"You will need to bring Coco Jumbo and [Mr. President] with you. Pericolo will take the turtle and his stand with him after he drops you off. Buccellati and the gang will pick up [Mr. President] and Coco Jumbo later on through messages sent by the boss. This is all I am allowed to tell you, as the boss doesn't want you to know the final destination in case you are captured. Mr. Pericolo will arrive shortly to take you to Capri. And remember, your main goal is to investigate Giorno Giovanna."
"Alright, see you eventually, Doppio."
"Good luck, Miss Una." Doppio said as he hung up.
Trish got out of bed and got dressed. She was just finished feeding Coco Jumbo before she heard the doorbell ring, followed by the secret knock she and Pericolo used.
"Let's go, Coco Jumbo." Trish said as she picked up the turtle. "We've got a big mission ahead of us."