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Kiss Meme Ficlets

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Cass sees lights flickering from outside Steph's window, but she still is startled when she climbs through and finds Steph spinning a lighted meteor hammer around her spinning body. Steph is dancing with the meteor hammer, whirling in spirals of white light, her hair a long braided streamer behind her and golden flickers of escaped hair tossing around her bouncing head. She's laughing, aloud and with every inch of her body as the meteor hammer's ends orbit at her direction, much more careful and focused than she was when Cass was teaching her and every bit as joyful.

Cass smiles, and coughs aloud.

Smoothly, Steph swings around, the hammer's chain pouring through her hands as one end flies at Cass, and when Cass shifts to block it the chain winds around her wrist. Her breath catches, but Steph would not hurt her, and she finds the hammer cool and bright against her inner arm, a monkey-fist knot studded with LEDs.

"Hi," Steph calls, tugging the chain just taut, and Cass steps down from the window, closing her hand around the chain and smiling as Steph pulls her in and gives her a sweet, happy kiss.