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Little Serpent

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The Potter’s were the Wizarding World’s picture perfect family. Lily, the sweet, beautiful and loving wife and mother who stayed home to look after her child and the house, James, the charming and hardworking man of the house, and little Charles Potter, the perfect, well behaved little angel. The Saviour of the Wizarding World, the Boy-Who-Lived.

But of course, nothing could possibly be so perfect…


Two young boys were curled up beside each other in a cot. One with messy red hair and soft, chocolatey brown eyes. The other had longer, slightly wavy black hair, paired with the most stunning, vivid green eyes.

The red head reached over and pet his older brother on the head, giggling when dark hair rumpled under his chubby hands.

When a horrifically ugly, snake-like man burst into the nursery, the two baby boys jolted a little.
The man gazed over the two infants, his upper ‘lip’ curling into a slight sneer at the redhead, who had begun to cry and huddle behind his brother. His expression softened, however, as his gaze fell on the elder of the two.

The man felt as if his chest would burst with uncontainable joy.

His little one… his soulmate!
The man’s body began to shimmer a little, as if light was flowing over it like silk, and soon he began to morph. In place of the sickening, disfigured monster, stood proudly a young man, with curly dark chocolate hair and wine coloured eyes. He was tall and lithe, with broad shoulders and a trim waist. He was still pale, but not unhealthily so, and his features were sharp and chiseled.

While neither of the small boys knew it, this was Thomas Marvolo Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldemort. This was the true him, not the snake visage he employed when in battle or with his Outer Circle.

He took one long, sharp look at the redheaded baby before squaring his shoulders. He snapped his wrist suddenly, hissing out a parseltongue glamour that not even ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody would be able to see through. It wouldn’t do much, but it needn’t change the child beyond the addition of a scar. Shaped like a burst, or perhaps a firework, the scar rested almost perfectly in the soft dimple of the child’s temple.

He expelled a long breath, before lifting his green eyed angel into his arms. A smile tugged at his lips as the child snuggled his dark head into the crook of his neck. His smile fell, however, as footsteps pounded up the stairs and he was forced to move forward with his plans.

He pulled a small bundle of cloth from his pocket and enlarged it into the rough size of a robe, dropping it to the ground and sprinkling it with a handful of ashes. He then retrieved a replica of his own wand, placing it on the pile, before turning and yelling out the incantation of the killing curse as dramatically as he could, aiming his wand at the floor across the room.

It was in the exact moment that he was apparating out of the room that the door burst open, Lily and James Potter scrambling in, crying out the names of their boys. Well… now boy, he supposed, with a victorious curling of his lips.


The next week was most definitely eventful by the wizarding world’s standards.

The war was declared over, Charles James Potter was hailed as the saviour of their world, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Vanquisher of the Dark Lord. One Peter Pettigrew had died of a very sudden and mysterious case of Dragon Pox, after having been ousted as the traitor.
All was not well, however.

The Potters, alongside Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, grieved the loss of little Hadrian Lilliandre Potter. They agreed through their grief, however, not to inform their living son or the rest of their world of Hadrian. It would be too much of a weight for sweet Charles to live with his brother’s death on his shoulders.

The Dark Lord, on the other hand, was celebrating the discovery of his soulmate. Wizards didn’t often find their soulmate, even in the declining size of their community. He knew as soon as he lay eyes on his angel that he would do everything for him, would be everything he needed. He would lay low for now, raise his soulmate, plan. And when his boy was older, he would return to those faithful to him. But still he would wait, he would find the right time. He would teach him everything we could wish to know, give him whatever he desired for, with boundaries of course, and finally when he was old enough, he would give his soulmate the option of a romantic relationship.