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Was walking and talking some night pictures of Berlin. The night was beautiful. I wish Richard was here to enjoy it with me. But, no he had to argue with me. He was mad at me about my taking pictures and I was mad at him working with his band Emigrate. I then was half way across the city when I happened to notice I was being followed. I walked through a cemetery and a that was when I tripped. The person had my hands tied behind my back. I was then blindfolded and taken somewhere else.

I was able to open my eyes and look around. I realized we were some place underground. I looked around and saw people dressed as Stasi officers. One came over to me and asked me a question. I didn’t know the answer too it. I was hit. They asked me a bunch of questions. I didn’t know the answer to. So, one after one raped me. I pleaded for them to stop. They used no lube or protection. They stuck their dicks in me and it hurt so bad. They would whip me as they did it. I was then beaten. I knew this wasn’t good.