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Dulcet Flying

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"You know, I'm surprised you aren't dating anyone, Deku-kun!" Uraraka-san, a close friend of mine, ponders in confusion. Her head is tilted to one side as if the topic at hand was too much to comprehend. It wasn't, really, but no matter what I say to her, she'd just dismiss me.

"Well, you know how I am... I don't think people would want to deal with this," I chuckle lightly as I continue fixing up the new fairy lights in the shop. I don't think she notices my self-deprecating remark, as she just continues to swing her legs back and forth on the counter. I'm almost compelled to tell her to stop sitting on my counters, but all she'd really do is blow a raspberry and swipe some flower bouquets. 

I'm not in the mood to deal with that, so I keep silent. 

"You're so sweet and kind! How has nobody snagged you, yet?" It's not a rhetorical question, as she answers her own inquiry. "Probably because you don't have a social life." She bluntly states.

"What?" I'm not shocked at her brutal honesty, but more so at her accusation. 

"I have a social life!" I retaliate, my hands stop messing with the lights as I turn my body towards her. Albeit slowly, since I didn't want to fall off the ladder. She senses my movement and only twirls on the counter, her tight-clad legs coming up to move into a criss-cross position. 

"Oh, c'mon. You, a social life? That's like me not being a raging bisexual." Scepticism is laced within her voice and I only roll my eyes. "Just because I'm not as popular as you doesn't mean I don't have a social life." 

She concedes and places her palms up slightly. "Okay, okay. So the problem isn't you being a social outcast, it's you being too shy." I give her my best glare, but I'm sure it looks as intimidating as a cupcake. Uraraka-san sees this, too, and laughs. 

"I'm not—" it's fruitless arguing with her, as she only giggles at my attempts to defend myself. "You are! Being shy is like," here she pauses for a moment, hand clasping her chin in thought, "your defining trait!" 

All I can offer her is a look of scorn. All she does in response is to stick her tongue out at me. Before I can weakly counter her opinion, a ring at the door catches our attention. The transparent door allows us to see who it is, and the smiling face of Iida-kun greets us, although a little poised. He's in his usual cop uniform and he looks happy, energetic. Something good must've happened. 

"Hello, Uraraka-san, Midoriya-kun!" He cheerfully states, a soft tone contrasting with his rigid musculature. We both say pleasantries to him as he sits down nearby Uraraka-san, his navy blue hair gleams in the sunlight and it only accentuates his features. 

"What's got you so happy?" Of course, Uraraka-san is the one to bring it up and Iida-kun's facial expression only conveys anticipation. Out of the three of us, Uraraka-san was the most tenacious, which meant she was the most likely to get in trouble for her words. I always speculated that she was made for the law life, and I frequently told her so. She never believed me until she got an apprenticeship and was convinced I was a seer. I'm not, really, it's just easy pinpointing people's futures when they're an open book. 

"Actually, not only does my happiness concern me, but also you two." I slip off the beige ladder quietly and sneak my way over to them. Uraraka-san's chestnut orbs were focused intently on Iida-kun's figure. "Huh?" I question as Uraraka-san's haze hair only bobs in curiosity with my answer. Iida-kun grins widely and pushes his square glasses up his nose. Does he get tired of wearing glasses? Do they hurt his nose? 

Iida-kun's deep voice brings me back to the current situation. "Eloquently put, Midoriya-kun! But the reason for my happiness is that Class 3-A has decided to host a get-together, this weekend. Although it is short notice, Kirishima-kun organised the hangout since he has been in touch with everybody from our high school class, and they are all coincidentally in Tokyo at the moment." 

"Wow!" Uraraka-san's voice heightened in pitch as she turns to look at me. I don't like the expression on her face as it looks like a mix between scheming and threatening. "Deku-kun, this will be the perfect opportunity to snag a partner!" 

I groan and hide my face within my hands. "What? Midoriya-kun wants to socialise?" Iida-kun seems surprised and that only adds more fuel to Uraraka-san's issue of concern prior to Iida-kun's appearance. I really am that shyhuh? 

"Yeah! Deku-kun's always fettering about his plants that he's never had time to date someone. I don't think he's had a partner before. Our virgin broccoli needs to become an adult!" Uraraka-san's explanation did not have to be that explicit and she didn't need to add that last part in.

"Oh my goodness, Uraraka-san! You didn't need to give your input. There was literally no reason to talk about my virginity, " Iida-kun agrees with me, thank God. I can feel my face erupt shades of crimson and I don't think my face would be able to handle any more embarrassment. 

"Uraraka-kun, I don't think virginity equates to adulthood." 

Is that all he has to say on the matter!? 

"Well, I mean, it kinda is? You can't exactly have sex at a young age, it's illegal. So that coins sex as being something only those legal can do. Meaning it's the peak of your adulthood when you lose your innocence!" 

"I guess, in terms of legality. But in regards to adulthood, it's less of a necessity and more so an additional perk to being old. There are multiple things to adulthood, like taxes, fees, careers, marriage—"

"Which is sex." 

I haven't the foggiest where their conversation is going, and I don't want to know. "Guys, please, let's just focus on the 3-A hangout." 

That seems to spark something in Uraraka-san, as she squeals with delight. 

"Right, right. Didn't you use to have a crush on Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-kun? I get why Todoroki-kun, but Bakugou-kun? Really?" 

My ears turn hot and I'm sure my palms are sweaty. It's a good thing I got off the ladder or else I would've fallen. "I— I didn't have a crush on either of them! I don't like both of them in that way. They're our friends."

Iida-kun inputs his two cents: "Bakugou-kun was more your friend than ours. The number of times he would belittle us." 

"He's always been that way; aggressive, I mean, ever since he was a child." They both look at me with subtle looks, like what I had just said was something they expected. Both Uraraka-san and Iida-kun's hazel and blue orbs mingle together with the same expression.

One of— fondness? And something else, incredulity. I can guess why that but not the soft affection lingering in their eyes. I literally only talked about Kacchan? Whatever it is, I stop in my nostalgia and meet their gazes. They do nothing but smile innocently.

I'm not sure why I get this feeling of terror, but I hope it's only something minor. But looking back at their sweet beams planted across their adoring faces, I'm sure it'll be something major. 

I can't say I'm looking forward to it.