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Coming Home

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Rachel McCall and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.

Coming Home

Chapter 01: You're Going to France

Two months after Allison’s death, Isaac was living in France with members of Chris Argent’s extended family. Things had been fine at the beginning, he’d had Chris there with him, but after he’d returned to Beacon Hills things took a turn. Isaac found himself being locked in a room with no contact with anyone, he couldn’t even contact anyone as they'd taken his phone. After a year of no contact Chris requests that Scott’s older sister to investigate.

“Rachel, are you able to head to France?” Chris questioned one morning as he and the McCall’s sat around the dining table.

“What?” Melissa and Rachel looked up Chris having been mid conversation about where she was going on vacation. “You want my daughter to go to France?”

“We haven’t heard from Isaac,” Scott spoke up looking away from his phone and at his mother and sister.

“What am I supposed to do about it? Why not Jackson?” Rachel queried running a hand through her mess of brown curls. Rachel knew all of Scott's friends, his pack and knew a little more about pack dynamics than she let on.

“You’re human, he’s a wolf. My family are hunters…” Chris answered, Rachel sighed she was planning on going to France at some point.

“And you want to send my twenty-three year old daughter to them?” Melissa raised her eyebrow at the man sitting across from her as her daughter kicked her brother under the table.

“Mom, I’ll be fine, it’s not like I didn’t get my black belt or anything like that a few years back,” Rachel said watching as Scott rolled his eyes at her.

“Melissa, she's quite capable of looking after herself, probably more than her brother,” Chris said thinking back to the day that he'd seen Rachel and Derek sparing in his loft. “She's our daughter,” he added, Melissa sighed he was right Rachel was his now too. Chris and Melissa had gotten married less than two weeks prior and were still getting used to it.

“What if they have Isaac locked in some room without a window,” Scott said folding his arms as he leant back against the chair he was sitting in and nearly toppling over in the process. “You won't be able to defend against him,”

Rachel looked at her mother, brother and Chris wondering exactly what had she just gotten herself into. She’d known about the supernatural creatures existing within Beacon Hills for as long as she could remember. She remembered telling Scott stories about the girl who ran with the wolves and wondered if he would have ever cottoned on that she was that girl.

“Scott, I'll be fine. Derek'll be with me,” Rachel looked at Scott as she spoke, he still wasn't entirely sure he liked the idea.

“Mom, are you okay with this? What if something happens?” Scott turned away from his sister and looked between his mother and Chris. “And why are you suggesting Rach?”

“She's the only one that can speak near fluent French,” Chris answered, Scott muttered something that sounded like she's just a girl which earned him a slap upside the head from both Rachel and Melissa.

“Wait a second, Rach...that story the one you used to tell me when I was a kid,” Chris and Melissa exchanged a look as they listened to Scott speak, Melissa didn't know about the story that Rachel used to tell her little brother. “The one about the girl and the wolves...was it real?”

“You tell me, what do you think?” Rachel smirked, Melissa held back a chuckle as she looked at her daughter. “Sorry mom,”

“You? And the wolves? The Hales?” Scott raised his eyebrow as there was a knock on the door, the only time Derek Hale knocked on the door was if he wanted to speak to Rachel. “That's Derek,”

“I'll be back,” Rachel excused herself from the table and went to the front door, opening it and coming face to face with Derek. “Hey, so...we're going to France...”

“What?” Derek raised an eyebrow at her, what was this we business?

“Come and ask Chris yourself,” Rachel opened the door further and pulled Derek into the house shutting the door firmly behind him.

Derek followed Rachel back into the kitchen where he said hello to Scott, Melissa and Chris before he was being pulled aside by Scott. Scott wanted his advice before the former alpha disappeared again. Scott also told them Derek that he wanted him to look after his sister if anything happened to him, as Chris would look after their mother.

Two weeks later and Scott was standing at the airport with Rachel, Derek, Chris and Melissa. Scott being confused as to why Derek was there with them. Rachel had told him that she was going away for a while and he had insisted on joining her. Chris told them that his family was only expecting Rachel to turn up.

“Derek’ll be staying at the hotel while I check on Isaac,” Rachel said, she could tell from the look that Scott gave her that he did not believe her. “We’ll be fine, look I know enough French to get us around and you said that they spoke broken English right?” Rachel questioned looking at Chris as she spoke.

“Rachel, you and Derek have to be very careful with how you tread. I’ve told them you’ll be taking Isaac if you feel anything is off,” Chris told her before explaining that Marthe would be the one she would be talking with the most.

“Stop worrying, we’ll be fine,” Rachel said before wrapping her arms tightly around her mother. “Mom it’s only a couple of weeks,”

“I know but with everything going on,” Melissa had a habit of worrying about her children no matter the age.

“Mom, I’ll call when we get there,” Rachel said as Melissa pulled away slightly and kissed the top of her head. “And Derek will be with me,”

“Derek being there doesn’t make me feel any better,” Melissa said, causing both Rachel and Derek to shoot a glare towards Scott. “I'm sorry Derek, I know that you and Rach are close,”

“You can blame Scotty and Stiles for that,” Rachel replied, poking Scott in the stomach before hugging him and roughing up his hair. “No more getting Derek in trouble please?”

“Hey! That was more Stiles' doing,” Scott grumbled, hugging Rachel tightly before he hugged Derek, the older man had returned to Beacon Hills only for him and Rachel.

The second that they were sitting in the departures lounge alone Rachel stuck her head on Derek’s shoulder, she hadn’t been able to go back to sleep the night before after a bad dream had woken her up. She was waiting to talk to Derek about it as she didn’t want to frighten her mother or Scott with the dream. Derek looked at Rachel and waited for her to speak, they’d been friends for a long time.

“Rach, what is it? I know something is bugging you,” Derek spoke quietly as he looked at her and then out the window towards the planes.

“I’m not sure. You remember the dreams I used to have that were a little on the crazy side and freaked you out when they came true?” Rachel answered, glancing at Derek and then out the window her head still on his shoulder.

“I know that I used to blame you...and that I hate that I didn’t listen about Kate,” Derek was still quiet as he spoke, things were happening and he didn’t quite understand it no one did.

“So...I’m not sure what I believe right now but something is wrong and I can’t pinpoint it,” Rachel told him not moving her head from his shoulder as they waited for the plane to be called. “Also, Noelle said she'd show you around,”

“Noelle, the girl hated me at school,” Derek muttered, the girl had been an exchange student when they were in the 9th grade.

“She's grown up since then, besides she found out some interesting personal history about her family,” Rachel grinned, she knew that little bit of information would get his attention.

“What kind of information?” Derek was curious as he looked at his bestfriend, her head still clearly on his shoulder with no intention of moving.

“Ask her when we see her,”