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Weddings, Drownings, and Mysteries

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"So what's Beacon Hills like?" Nixie asked so her favorite wolves come back for training.

Nixie became a member of the London branch of the McCall pack after Ethan saved her from Monroe's goons. It's something that the pack has been doing since Beacon Hills. To be honest, she just never left and helped them whenever it was needed. And she even got Isaac Lahey to become part of the branch. Though Jackson wasn't too happy that Nixie and Isaac moved nextdoor to his and Ethan's apartment.

"Why do you want to know?" Jackson asked putting his workout gear down by the door.

"This wedding invitation," she says holding up two envelops. One unopened while the other was.

"You know that against the law, right?" He says walking towards her while Ethan and Isaac head to the kitchen for food.

"Please, if you really wanted me in jail all you had to do was charge me for trespassing."

"True, but then we wouldn't get your cooking." Ethan says walking in with a bowl of shrimp and crab jambalaya.

Isaac nods as he eats his food happily. Blonde curls bounce with the movement. He still wears scarfs and dresses in leather jackets. Jackson and Ethan call him Derek Junior, because of it. Nixie can't wait to meet them if they all go back to America. Ethan and Jackson didn't really change much. They still keep their hair in a clean proper style. Both still clean shaven unless hunter problems show up. Nixie always feels like when those happen they become the power couple of the pack.

"Whose wedding is it?" Jackson says taking the one address to him and Ethan.

"Scott McCall's," she says.

Isaac starts choking on the jambalaya before she even finished saying the name. Nixie raises her eyebrow at that. Ethan pats him on the back. Jackson rips open his letter.

"Who is Malia? I don't think I've met her."

"You haven't met anyone from Beacon Hills."

"Not true." Nixie says stubbornly.

"Oh yeah. Who?"

"Iceman, Arsenal, and Ragman." Ethan snorts at the names. Leave it to Nixie to come out up with weird names.

Jackson sighs.

"So are y'all going?"

"I don't know. I haven't been there since Allison died." Isaac chimes in.

"We did save up vacation time, so we could go." Ethan thoughtfully says. "And it would be wrong not to go to our Alpha's wedding."

"It's two months from now so we could go." Jackson ponders.

"Nixie could be my plus one unless she was invited." Isaac says sadly.

"Isaac, I'd happily go with you. Plus your Alpha doesn't even know about me so how can he invite me?"

"Alright. I guess we need to RSVP." Isaac smiles at his packmates. Though he doesn't show that he is dying inside.


Years ago:

"Stiles, slow down," yells a bright blonde with wild curls.

Stiles turns to look at his best friend. It's not very often that Isaac would yell at Stiles for things. He sees Isaac carefully walking around tree roots, fallen limbs, and various other plants. He knows that Isaac doesn't want to have to explain how he got injured, but Stiles really want him to see this.

"Hurry up before they go away," he says as Isaac finally reaches him.

"What are we looking for?" Isaac questions looking around the forest for whatever Stiles want to show him.

"It's a secret."

Taking Isaac's hand Stiles quietly guides him to the spot. The spot isn't anything odd, but what's there makes it amazing. It's a secluded grove with a water fall feeding a lake. Streams of water flow from the lake. It's beautiful on it's own, but pales in comparison to what's on the lake shore. A pure white stallion grazes on the grass near one of the many streams. It's hair looks slightly damp and strangely it's hooves aren't covered in mud. It seems enchanted in a place so well hidden.

"Wow, Stiles." Isaac's eyes seem to fill with wonder as he stares at the scene before him. "How did you find this place?"

"My mom loves to hike and she wanted to show me the beauty of nature." Stiles whispers sadly.

Isaac squeezes his hand in understanding. Stiles helped him get through his mom going to heaven and he wants to help Stiles while his mom is sick. Neither boy is under the illusions that Claudia will get better. They looked up what she had and Isaac held Stiles as he cried about there not being a cure. But Stiles fights and cherishes every moment with her.

Sitting in silence, they watch the horse. It doesn't seem to notice them so they make sure to stay hidden from it's sight.


"You know my moma once told this story about a beautiful water horse." Isaac says as they walk back home. "She said that it wasn't really a horse, but a monster."

"Why was it a monster?" Stiles asked.

"It would trick men, women, and children that it a friendly horse in order for them to get on it's back. Once they were on it, it's skin became so sticky that they couldn't get off it if they tried. The monster would than head into the water so it could drown and eats its victims." Isaac started strong, but ended up whispering the last part.

"Whoa," Stiles clutches Isaac's hand tighter at the thought. "What is the monster called?"

"Moma said that the creature was a kelpie and that we shouldn't ever play near water where we saw a horse."

"What if we saw a kelpie?"

They pause listening for the sounds of the kelpie following them. They didn't hear anything, but they dreaded looking back even if they were too far away from the spot. Seeing nothing behind them, the boys started walking again but this time at a more hurried pace.

"I promise I won't let the kelpie get you, Stiles." Isaac promised.