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Wrap me in this Crimson Silk (For I won't be waking up)

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Letting out a curse you turn left and run. Adrelinen pumping in your veins. You weren't dying here! Each step seemed to get farther and farther away from the door. No! You gritted your teeth. The blood stains on your dress easily spreading everywhere. "shit! Marina is going to fucking kill me!" You turn right and duck under a pipe. The familliar glowing red latern in end of alley lit up.

"Come back here you bitch!" Your attacker screeched. You like any decent person with a single cell brain didn't listen and sprinted even faster than you had before. "Mari get the fuck out here and help-M!-" your words were cut off before you could finish when the door slammed wide open. 

"Get the hell inside (Name)!" The tall bronze and muscular women barked. As she loaded the shotgun,her eyes wide and slitted like a cat's. You hurridly gave her nod as you sprinted past her and dove into the room. 

The door closing behine you. You turn and scavange the cabinets for painkiller and the first aid-kit. Hissing as you take off your now soiled dress.

You twist yourself out of the bright silk dress. It was fine dress,that you would have enjoyed if you weren't currently bleeding out.

"Fuck! Damn Asshole" You cursed.

As it fell to the floor. You couldn't help but pout a little, well fuck for buying that dress and it was a very,very expensive,what a waste. You frown deeper,when you unscrewed the cork off the glass bottle. The all familliar smell of cleaning supplies filling your nostrils. 

You hold yourself against the now dirty and bloody counter.Blood spilling on the fancy and formerly clean table.Dropping cotton swabs and bandage rolls while trying to apply the alchol and the gauze to the gaping wound on your chest. Hissing when it touches your skin.

It was an angry red bruising around the sides and pus coming out by whatever the bastard had. You cringe as clean it,the blood now hardening and splicks flickering and falling off.

God,you hope the son of a bitch get shot in the dick. Walking away,ignoring the mess and shoving the still clean supplies inside the kit and putting inside the cabinet. Pausing a bit when you hear screaming and gunshots outside.

"-!Here you go you Cunt of a!-" you hear Marina scream at the poor ass. The sound of her Cocking her gun and shooting. Again,and again and again. Until silence.

Letting a shudder you walk towards the lady next to you.Velvet lady,her crimson skin clean and soft. The golden jewlery shining yet giving a humble apperance to onlookers. You smile and gently pat her arms. "Hey there,you don't mind if I sleep with you for a while right?" She doesn't answer but lets a creak and soft groan. She streches herself out. 

A yes,her red burgundy lips answer.

The ongoing gore outside seemed to have ended as it was dead silent. No footsteps of growling. Your saved unlike the now dead man.Glad it ain't me tho,You think as you fall onto the velvet couch,sinking in it. Her pillows and plump body hugging you.

Finally some peace and quiet....


It doesn't last long ,The door practically falls of it's hinges with the slamming against it. A familliar school uniformed girl walking inside. Another girl comes inside this time in pink garments.

Stormy red eyes glaring at you. Blushy pink lips sneering. A tall man coming in next, much more calmer and an symphatic look on his face

"like hell you get to come in here like that,you dumbass bitch"

Oh fuck me


"So let me get this straight. We left you for 10 minutes,you went missing for said 10 minutes and somehow end up causing some god forsaken mayhem during those said 10 fucking minutes?" 

You grin,ignoring the stinging pain in chest as Marina applies pressure to your wounds. "Yeah! Pretty much it Janey,you took the words out of my mouth" The girl scowls and turns to the other idiots in the room.

 "Holy shit (Name)! Why is it always you?" 

"I honestly don't know Ursua! I swear I don't mean to get in trouble. It just happends" 


"That's no fucking excuse!" 

"Shit! A- ah! Fuck!,Florentino help!" 

The man laughs, taking a couple steps back. "Sorry (Name) but you need to understand that you kinda deserve this" He says his bright eyes twinkling with amusement. He muffles his chuckles with his right hand. 

"Florentino! You traitor help me-! God dang it Janet! Not the face!" You screech. Waving your arms to somehow save your face from the danger of pink manicured hands. 

 Ursua cheered on Janet. "Go! Go! Beat her Janey!" The pigtailed girl cheered.

"Fuc-! You Ursua!" The door opened once again. The rustling of papers and clothes gain the attention of the bumbling group.

A pause and a head of brown curly hair.

"What did i miss?" He grins. Teeth wide and pearly. Two sharp fangs on the top.

"Help! Me! God! Dammit!" A loud thud as you fall. 


Later after it finally calmed (Marina ordered all of you to stop or they would be her shooting practice for training) and everybody got settled.

You groan popping your joints and bones. The blonde next you cringes away. "Jesus christ! Why the hell are you so flexible?" You pause and blink at Ursua. You didn't look flexible that was for sure. Muscles and body fat clinged to your skin. 

"What about it?" You ask,glancing up and down your body. You wondered, did you use to work out? Get tired quickly? What type of movies and hobbies did you liked or do? 

Things that you won't ever truly know about.

"Just,ugh! It's weird that just it" Ursua says tapping her fingers on the table. Humming, you nod and tap your foot. "I guess so..? I don't know anything i used to do so..Yeah" shrugging at Ursua. Besides it didn't bother you anymore.


 Thats a lie