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Huge Superfamily AU (remake) (Endgame spoilers!)

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Mornings were always something sacred, they always started off quiet and peaceful and made their way up to something more chaotic that no one really noticed till after it happened. Wanda sat in the living room, reading a book and humming softly as the smell of toast and bacon filled the air. Vision had become much better at cooking, something she appreciated greatly from he fiance. “Dearest?” she perked up when she heard the name and looked over, smiling . “Yes, love?” she asked back. “Breakfast is done,” he spoke, placing a plate on the table, and Wanda happily stood and walked over.

They ate quietly, but exchanged looks that spoke more than anything they could say. Love filled the air and made it so the atmosphere was so much more relaxing than what it was meant to be. Soon, they both finished eating and Wanda washed their plates, and the pan, Vision watching her happily until she finished and moved back, smiling at him and kissing him gently, pulling back just in time for the elevator to ding and for Bucky to walk out.

“Morning, Bucky,” She spoke in greeting, gaining a glance and a little “Morning” in return. He moved to the fridge and pulled out an apple, taking a bite from it as he shut the door and turned to face them, swallowing down his bite before speaking; “Steve in the gym?” he asked, and Vision nodded. “Mr. Rogers and Ms. Romanoff are both down there,” he spoke and Bucky nodded. “Thanks,” he mumbled and got into the elevator, hitting the button and taking another bite from his apple.

The gym was the second to bottom floor, though the main room was technically the first, this would be considered a layer of the basement really. It was divided into sections, some for sparing, some for stretching, some for dance, and other things, there was a lot, sometimes it took Bucky a minute to actually wrap his head around that. He watched the elevator doors open, swallowing down a bite as he moved into the room happily and followed the talking to where Steve and Nat were huddled near a water station, talking back and forth about a new training regiment. Probably. “Morning Steve, Nat,” Bucky spoke, to make sure they knew he was here because he knew Steve could be slow. Steve turned and looked at him, smiling halfly and Nat gave a little nod. “Morning Barnes,” she spoke, a tone to her voice that was nearly friendly. “Good morning, Buck,” Steve commented back, and his smile filled.

The fifth floor was a special one, the near top of the building with easy access to the alternative helipad where a spaceship laid in wait to be used.The floor was blasting with old-school music, mostly classic rock at the moment, and was active to the brim despite there only being six of them that live there. “Quil, can you please let me go so I can use the bathroom?” Gamora asked, her tone annoyed but she didn’t mean any heat behind it. Peter groaned softly in complaint but he lessened his hold around her and his arms dropped to his sides. “Hurry back,” he whined and watched her get up, a smile staining his face as he caught her little grin as she walked off. “You two are gross,” Rocket grumbled as he moved past the couch. “I am groot,” the follow up came and Peter’s eyes rolled. “You watch your tone, young man,” he pointed and he could’ve sworn he saw an eye roll.

The last floor is where the lab was located, a spacious area that was basically Bruce and Tony’s hideout. “Bruce, can you hand me the screwdriver, I got a loose hinge,” he made a ‘give me’ sign with his hand and Bruce placed it there, earning a thank you from the fellow scientist. Bruce worked on the blueprints floating around, pursing his lips till he found one and looked it over. “Hey, Tony, what if here we tried to lessen the- oh. No, that wouldn’t work,” he mumbled and then shifted it around before he sighed, and moved to the next. “Wanna hear about what Clint did last night?” Tony asked, and he heard a little chuckle come from Bruce already, which urged him to go on. “Well, it all started…”


About forty minutes away from the house was the high school, where Peter was walking through the halls to the cafeteria, talking with Ned and MJ as he went. “So, Peter- I gotta ask, what’s it been like? You know, living with Tony Stark?” MJ asked and Peter took a moment before shrugging. “It’s been sort of chaotic, but otherwise alright. Mr. Stark makes a great parent, and my little sister makes things a lot better,” he smiled and sighed. “Plus, there’s another perk,” he hummed, and the two shot him a confused look before they saw what he meant, as an orange portal opened in front of the cafeteria doors and a bag came flying through, which Peter caught. “They all look out for me, sort of like we’re all friends,” he snickered and both MJ and Ned looked at the bag, snickering. Confused, he looked at them both before at it, nearly dropping it when he saw it was written all over with notes for him, making his face turn a beat red. “It’s kinda like you’re just a big family,” Ned spoke, a smile to his tone. Peter just stared silently and walked into the cafeteria, the other two following with a laugh.

A street over, Clint and Scott sat at a cafe, both talking happily and taking occasional glances towards their kids. “Dude- so you just shot the guy?” he asked, and Clint snickered. “No, I actually shot his shirt, Nat shot the guy,” he took a sip from his coffee and sighed. “That’s crazy. And all that over a game of card?” Clint shrugged, “Vegas can be scary if you don’t know who you’re playing.” Clint took a sip from his own drink and looked towards Cassie, who was sitting and talking to the other kids at a different table, before he looked back at Clint. “We should come here more often with the kids,” he smiled as Clint agreed. “Yeah, they seem to like it,” he commented and smiled. He was glad they liked it, really glad.