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Controlling Static

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“Why don’t you go bother someone else?”
“I told you already. You seem really cool; I want to hang out with you dude.”
“Well I don’t want to ‘hang out’ with you so if you could just go that be great.”
“If you really wanted me to leave you alone, you could always use your quirk and- “
Shinsou’s eyes darkened and he turned away from the other boy. The ‘no’ that left his mouth was cold and steely as he left the table. Kaminari was left sitting in the corner of the lunchroom where he’d first found Shinsou. He didn’t really understand what he had done to upset the purple haired boy so bad, but he wasn’t going to give up on being Shinsou’s friend.
“Hey Shinsou! You wanna come do some training? We could work on quirk stuff together an- “
“I’m good,” replied Shinsou gruffly and he walked away from another of Kaminari’s attempts at bonding.
Next time Kaminari thought to himself. He was used to dealing with stubborn people (you’ve met his classmates, right?). He always wanted to see the best in people and try to befriend them. Better to have friends than enemies, but he also knew what it was like not having any good friends. Growing up he wasn’t the coolest or most popular, sometimes he was just on his own. He hated feeling left out so he was determined to befriend Shinsou no matter what.
Despite what others say Denki Kaminari is not a complete idiot. This means he is aware that talking about Shinsou’s quirk to Shinsou was a sure-fire way to upset the boy. At first it was harder to tell, but almost every time the subject was brought up (not during an actual class), Shinsou would get a little tense, put more distant between himself and the other persons. It seemed as though he was preparing to flee. But even with that knowledge Kaminari can’t help be curious. It’s his greatest weakness, Shinsou that is. He has gotten more and more aware of everything the other does while he’s around. Perhaps he started this just to befriend the boy, but the more he’s noticed the more Denki wanted to know. Eventually his thoughts led to 'I want to be his friend' to ‘I want to hold his hand know everything about him’.
“What does it feel like?” Kaminari asked after school. He’d started walking with Shinsou and try to get him to open up a bit more. It was only sort of working. Kaminari usually did most of the talking.
“What does what feel like?”
“Your quirk,” he breathed out, “I’ve always wanted to know.”
“No, you don’t.” He seemed almost sad as he replied.
“I may be stupid, but I know what I want and what I don’t y’know.”
Shinsou glanced at him,” Why?”
“Why do I want to know? I just do man. It’s a really amazing quirk.”
Shinsou scoffed and rolled his eyes,” Yeah, sure is amazing having an ‘evil’ quirk.”
Kaminari stopped and looked at him. His voice was clear and strong as he said:
“There is nothing evil or villainous about you. You are one of the strongest and smartest students in our class and even the school too. And one day you’re going to be an amazing hero.”
Shinsou was shocked by the other boy’s declaration. A pink tint washed over his face at the honesty in Kaminari’s face. And just like that Kaminari was smiling, proud he had gotten that reaction out of the boy. He continued walking when he heard Shinsou say something.
“What was that?”
“I said that you could come over to my room later if you wanted to,” Shinsou mumbled more to the ground than anything else. Kaminari was beaming as he lifted his head to get a response. He’s pretty when he smiles like that. Shinsou shook his head trying to stay focused.
“I’d love to.”
Kaminari was sure he was smiling way too much. He was just really excited to finally be getting time with Shinsou where he hadn’t been the one to ask. That and he was totally obsessed at this point. The door opened and he was practically skipping his way in.
“Did you really want me to use my quirk on you?”
Startled Kaminari looked over. “Would you really do it?”
“I just don’t understand why you even want me too. From what I’ve heard it’s not a pleasant experience. Plus I-“ He stops and looks away.
“You what? Come on tell me.”
“I don’t…want you to not hangoutwithmeandnotbemyfriendanymore,” he rushed out.
“Ummmm could you repeat that, but like way slower.”
“I don’t want you to stop hanging out with me if it makes you uncomfortable cause I actually enjoy your company.” His face felt hot and he knew Kaminari could see the red spreading across his face.
“I would never stop hanging out with you. Even if it does make me uncomfortable, I could just let you know, and you’d respect that cause your not a bad person who uses their quirk to make others feel bad. I know that so I trust you.”
For a moment neither of them said anything. Each had a pink hue to their cheeks.
“Okay you’ll do it or..?”
“Yeah, I’ll do it, but not for to long just a little. Do you want me to tell you to do anything?”
“I don’t know, just ask me questions or something- “
He stopped as Shinsou took control. His eyes were washed of some of their normal light and it made Shinsou cringe. He didn’t like that part of his quirk at all, especially not on Denki. He didn’t really know what to ask either, so he asked whatever first popped into his head: “Are you dating anyone?” He really didn’t mean to ask but he had been wondering anyhow.
“Do you want to be dating anyone?” And for a second it felt like Kaminari might be fighting for control, static crackling beneath the surface, but then it was gone, and he was answering.
At that Shinsou’s chest felt a little tighter and he asked one last question, “Who?” but before Kaminari could answer he let his control slip. The light was back in his eyes, he looked confused though.
“Why didn’t you let me answer?”
“I shouldn’t have asked in the first place. That’s private.” Shinsou turned away. He was tense.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you anyway. And it was easier getting it out when you were helping to,” he huffed a little, “Would’ve been nice if you’d let me finish though.”
“I’d rather have you tell me anything important while not being under my control.”
“Fine, fine just don’t like get upset or anything, okay?”
Shinsou nodded.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that I like you and want to maybe ask you on a date if you’d maybe be interested in that…”
Shinsou blinked a little unsure of what Kaminari just said. His sort of crush wanted to date him…for real. Oh well that is really something. A genuine smile stretched across face. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. Before he could stop himself, he leaned forward and kissed Denki’s cheek and a small amount of static touched is lips.
“In case you were wondering, that means I’m very interested in going on a date with you.”
Both boys were a blushy, smiling mess.