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I believe in love. I'll believe in anything.

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I believe in love. I’ll believe in anything.

“ I what now?” Armie came out of the kitchen with sheer horror and confusion written on his face.

“ You were unable to resist my alabaster help you god!” Timmy doubled over laughing. Unable to keep speaking. Tears rolled from his eyes. He snorted. And that triggered more laughing.

Armie came and sat down next to him. Arm around his shoulder. Timmy leans against his partner’s bicep. Both peering into the phone.

“What’s this one called?” Armie asks, squinting into Tim’s beloved iPhone.

But Timmy can’t talk. He is drowning in laughter.

The worst sex scenes ever written were surely on AO3 and feature him and Armie in ridiculous positions with horrific threesomes. Well, at least Armie thought they were horrific. After a few drinks though they became insanely funny. And even Armie could see that.

Better though after a bit of weed. Then they tried to act out the positions with role play.

If only people could really see how dorky they were together. How ridiculously easy it was to be together.

Just how they fit.

Timmy kisses Armie’s nose. “I love you,” he murmurs.