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Strawberry Bullet

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Today was a regular work day for Jumin besides the mere fact that it was raining really hard outside. The rain kept on pouring and it became noisier as it hit the windows of his penthouse while making a loud yet melodious trickling sound. He was going to get a glass of wine and spend some quality time with his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, when his phone suddenly started ringing. He took a peek at the caller ID and saw that it was his father calling, so he had no other choice but to answer the call.

"Hello, Father" Jumin politely said. "Has a new target been marked?". On the other end of the phone a deep, dry voice replied, "There is a new target indeed". "His name is Lee Haesung, owner of a very wealthy company. Someone from a rival company has sent out a request for us to gather information regarding a certain forgery against his company. In exchange, we will get suitcases of money and I heard that he also has information which might be beneficial to us. I asked our other associates to bring him to the den wherein we will begin his mock execution. Driver Kim is on the way to fetch and bring you there. I trust that you will carry the job successfully again". "Yes father, I won't disappoint you" Jumin replied, then the call ended. The sound of a doorbell echoed throughout his penthouse and he proceeded to enter the car just outside the penthouse.

Carrying out the job as the leader of a mafia organization became a normal thing to Jumin Han. Even if he morally didn't like the thought of taking someone's life, he didn't have a choice to refuse it. Afterall, this mafia organization was a family business passed down to generations. He didn’t want to disappoint his father either, since he was his only family left. After a long train of thought, the car he was on had already stopped to their destination; an execution den in an abandoned area of the city reinforced with tight security. The inner walls of the den were a mix of metal and soundproof material and as he walked closer and closer to the main room, the stench of blood became stronger. Jumin opened the door and found the man his father was talking about; Lee Haesung, who was already blindfolded, tied onto a chair, and half-beaten up by the two muscular men standing behind him.

“I assume you already know why you’re here and which information we need from you.” Jumin said as he broke the silence in the room. “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about…. I swear I’m innocent…. I did nothing wrong.” the bleeding business man grunted back. “Don’t make me repeat myself, unless you want to see the consequences”. The other party didn’t answer so Jumin instructed the two men behind him to beat him up even more, but even after this he still wouldn’t answer. “You’re just making this hard for yourself, all we need is for you to confess to what you have done and give us every information you know about the other organizations.” Jumin said as he became slightly more irritated. Since the other party still won’t answer he instructed the two men behind him to break the target’s legs next. One bone for every question he wont answer. Screams of pain filled the room but the target still won’t budge. The information he held must have been very valuable if he still wouldn’t answer despite everything they inflicted on him; the more that Jumin had to get said information. “Last chance to speak before it’s the end; you should be thanking us for the many chances we gave you, it’s such a pity though that you didn’t take them”. All the opposing party could utter was a swear word before Jumin put a gun to his head and decided to shoot. Jumin casually wiped off all the blood that hit his coat as the two other associates of his disposed of the corpse. As the corpse was being taken out, a loud commotion was heard from outside the room. Loud sounds of gun shots firing at each other. The building security guard quickly escorted Jumin out of the building and as he was running, a white-haired man with an eye tattoo kept chasing them. Jumin quickly got in the car and they quickly drove away as the unknown man kept chasing them via motorcycle.

A loud boom was heard from the distance and the den that he was previously in ignited in flames before his very eyes. He wanted to relax for a bit in the car and think back to everything that just happened; but then the unknown man started firing gun shots at the car he was in. “Mr. Kim please drive faster” Jumin said as he brought out his gun and fired back at the unknown man. As the car took a sharp turn, the unknown man was able to land a shot on Jumin’s arm. The unknown man was able to catch up with the car and went near the windows; he then fired more shots causing the car windows to shatter. A few glass shards injured Jumin’s leg, but he kept firing shots at the unknown man and eventually landed a shot on one of the man’s arms. Driver Kim made a few more sharp turns and the unknown man was lagging a bit behind because of his arm injury. Driver Kim suddenly gave Jumin some instructions; “Jumin, in the next sharp turn I want you to jump out of the car into the nearest alleyway, I will handle the rest.” Jumin wanted to protest at first, but he had little time before the next turn, so he decided to oblige and did as the driver said. He jumped out of the car and hid in the nearby alleyway as he saw the motorcycle with the unknown man already pass by, still following the car he was previously in. Then the rain started pouring on him, blood mixing in with the puddles of water surrounding him. He walked a bit more to find a place to momentarily stay in until he fainted due to blood loss.