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Shatter Me and Piece Me Back Together

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My name is Johnny Cage.

And I had it all.

I was, well, still am, a movie star, live in Hollywood, have riches, I'm the sexiest man in there and have a beautiful family. Well, my daughter and ex-wife.

Cassie grew up to be an amazing woman that joined Special Forces along with Jacqui, Jax's daughter, Takeda and Kenshi and Kung Jin from Shaolin.

Heh. After Cassie defeated Shinnok, just like her dad, there was peace everyone needed. Not wanted, but needed.

The Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu made peace after holding grudges against one another for too long and Outworld became our 'ally'. 

I'm using the term very loosely here.

But still....

As much as we needed the peace, I still can't get it. Fear is still crawling all over me, sometimes I feel my hands wrapping around me, trying to protect myself from an unknown fear. Cold hands were wrapping around my neck, suffocating me.



Johnny jerked from his thoughts at his daughter's voice and looked up at her. She was looking at him with a worried expression on her face. Standing beside her was Sonya with slightly annoyed but worried expression.

"Yeah, what is it?" Johnny asked with a grin, to mask the feeling of grim because of the cold hands crawling up his back.

"Master Hasashi is here. He wants to speak with you personally." Sonya said with her hands on her hips. 

"Oh, fuck no." Johnny thought but his it with his grin and stood up. "Yeah? What did he say he wanted except for talking with me?" He stretched and started walking with the two women of his life.

"He wasn't very specific, he just wanted to talk to you in person." Sonya answered and led him outside where Hanzo was waiting. 

When he saw them he bowed to them respectfully, Sonya saluting. "What's up, Hanzo? I'm here at your service." Johnny joked and Sonya shot him a light glare.

"May I request some time alone with Mister Cage, General?" Hanzo spoke with respect, keeping eye contact with Sonya. "Of course." Sonya and Cassie walked away, Cassie throwing one last glance over her shoulder before disappearing.

Johnny's happy demeanor dropped instantly, frown replacing it. "What do you want, Scorpion?" Johnny spat, a slight glee in his eyes as he saw Hanzo cringe slightly. "I wanted to see you." Hanzo's voice was weak and soft, compared to other times or when he was a revenant.

Johnny snorted and crossed his arms. "Cut that bullshit Scorpion. Tell me why are you really here." Hanzo took a few steps forward and Johnny took a few back. "Don't get closer to me."

"I missed you." Johnny's blood ran cold at those words. "No, you did not." Johnny hissed. "If you did, you would-" Johnny cut himself off just in time.

"You would be here when everything went to hell."

"You would be here when Cassie was born."

"You would be here when she took her first step."

"When she said her first word."

"You would be there for your family."

Johnny took a deep breath to prevent a breakdown and not to yell at Scorpion. "Is there anything concerning the Shirai Ryu? Lin Kuei? Did Grandmaster severed the ties with you? Is there a world ending crisis?" When Hanzo shook his head 'no', Johnny nodded.

"No? Good. Now, fuck off!" Johnny turned around and started to walk away but stopped halfway, to take a calming breath.

He doesn't look over his shoulder to make sure that Scorpion left.

He doesn't stop.

He's trying to run away from the past.

It will come back and bite him in the ass but he'll enjoy the peace while he can.

Hanzo was left standing there, with arm outstretched, trying to reach something far out of his reach, too far gone. His arm falls limp at his side and he stares in the direction Johnny went and he teleports back into the Shirai Ryu camp, retreating into the training room, letting out his rage at his own foolishness.

Johnny plastered his best PR smile on his face as he returned into the SF headquarters and was immediately approached by Sonya. "What did Master Hasashi want?" "Update us on how things are. That's all." Sonya rised an eyebrow at that. "Why didn't he tell that to all of us? Or just called us?"

Johnny shrugged. "You know how he is. He would rather deliver the info in person." Sonya frowned. "My office, now."

She didn't give time to argue, walking past him and towards her office. Johnny saw Cassie's worried face and she opened her mouth to speak but Johnny waved her off with a smile, signaling her that everything would be fine.

He followed Sonya and she closed and locked the door. She leaned against them and crossed her arms. "Johnny...." 

"There she goes."

"I can see your fake PR smile a mile away. What happened during the time when you were talking with Master Hasashi?" 

Johnny scratched the back of his head. "Nothing special. What I just told you. I'm just tired, that's all."

"Why do you must always lie, Johnny?" 

Sonya sighed and hugged him gently and he hugged her back. They weren't married anymore but they were alowed to be soft with one another. She pulled back and looked into jis eyes. "If you need to take a few days off just tell me and I'll take care of it."

Johnny scoffed. "That would be a nightmare Sons. Being locked inside SF and doing paperwork is a punishment enough."

Both of them laughed and Sonya patted him on the shoulder before getting serious again. "I'm being serious. If you need a some time off, just tell me." Johnny nodded and walked out of Sonya's office.

Cassie approached him. "Everything alright, dad?" Johnny nodded and smiled at his daughter. He approached Jacqui at the computer. "What is the situation at the Lin Kuei?" "Everything seems normal, Mister Cage. Also, Jin should return in two days and Takes is being held at the Shirai Ryu, they need him there but he doesn't want to be there."

Jacqui showed Johnny the funny messages that Takeda had sent her and Johnny had to chuckle. "Tell him that he can get trough it and text Jin to take it easy. Order from Johnny Cage." Jacqui laughed. "Will do, Mister Cage."

Johnny squatted next to Jacqui, his expression softening. "How's dad?" Jacqui blinked a few times. "Dad is..... Dad is fine. He's scared and overprotective but that is understandable. But he's been doing better none the less." Jacqui and Johnny smiled at one another and he got up.

"Alright. Better get back to work. See ya later."  

"See you later, Mister Cage."

Johnny went into his own office and sighed at the pile of papers sitting at his desk. "Lets get this over with."

He started doing paperwork for solid ten minutes before he got bored and leaned back in his chair. A buzzing in his pocket caught his attention, pulling out his phone, he read the message from Takeda.

Takeda: Master Hasashi is grumpy, Mister Cage. What happened back at SF?

Johnny: Isn't he always grumpy? BC he always has the same face.

Takeda: He's not that grumpy, Mister Cage. After he took his frustration out on a punching bag, he made us run laps around the camp! (┳Д┳)

Johnny: Come on, running laps isn't that bad. Helps you strenghten.

Takeda: Yeah, if we didn't stop 5 min ago.

Johnny looked at the clock, frowning at the time. 9:55PM. "What the fuck, Scorpion?" 

Johnny: Should I check in, tomorrow?

Takeda: No, no, it's fine. Btw, you should rest.

Johnny rolled his eyes with a smile. 

Johnny: You too, Takeda. Goodnight.

Takeda: Goodnight, Mister Cage. (^▽^)

Johnny sighed and put away his phone, getting the rest of the paperwork done. "Don't do anything stupid."