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           The room you were held in was small, and cold, with only two doors and a high window that failed to give more than maybe a few hours of sunlight. One door led to a claustrophobically small bathroom with a toilet, shower head and sink. While the other door, well, it was the only exit in and out of this place, but you were in no real rush to leave. Besides, in spite of the less than ideal environment, you were provided ample amounts of blankets and sweaters to compensate for this. Even the bed you slept on was quite large and comfortable, so despite how it may look at first glance you were far from suffering.

           However, your one point of contention was that you lacked adequate ways to discern the passage of time. Yes, the small window above your head gave you some idea of mornings but they lasted only so long which made it hard to tell how many days had passes. On top of this you experienced almost no contact with other people outside of one man, the same man, who brought you here one rainy night.

           You didn’t know much about him, even after all this time; you had never even managed to see his face. He always had, what you hoped to be, a false severed hand covering his face. Leaving only the shaggy mop of hair, as well as his own pair of chaffed and scarred hands as discernable features. He may have never really spoken to you, but he seemed kind as he always came with food and clothing for you, and if it wasn’t him then there would come a knock before a sliding panel was moved aside in order to slip your meal in to you.

           This time however, the sound of heavy metal scraping against concrete informed you that today he was visiting you which pulled your mind to the present, as your eyes wandered to the door, waiting for your mysterious benefactor to enter the room. As per usual, he came in slowly with a bag in hand and that now familiar and comforting old hand on their face. Giddiness overtook you, and you moved to greet him with a wide smile warming the soft features of your face. To you surprise, instead of leaving immediately, he shut the door behind him.

           “You’re smiling, why are you smiling?” his voice was deep and gruff, carrying with it hints of malice and anger though these didn’t seem to be directed at you, instead he seemed confused.

           “…” opening you mouth to speak only the sound of your breathing and tongue clicking against your teeth could be heard.

           Almost immediately, the smile fell from your face and was replaced with a frown, while your gaze slowly dropped to the floor. It seems almost silly, to forget something you’ve dealt with for years now, but this inability to speak is part of the reason you currently stood before this man. Taking several steps back you sat down on the edge of your bed, head hanging low as you tried to think of some way to communicate with this man.

           While you tried to think, the sound of heavy steps followed the rustling of fabric as he walked towards you. The bed sank down some as he took a seat beside you, though you did not turn your head to look at him, you could almost feel his eyes on you, what surprised you even more was a single finger entered your field of vision as he slowly slid his index finger into your hand pulling it, and your attention, towards him. Slowly and with a shaky hand, he removed the hand from his face revealing stunning red eyes that peered down at you curiously.

            “Don’t force yourself to speak, I know you can’t, which is why you’re here now and those foolishly happy idiots are dust.” His tone became bitter, as he referred to the event that brought you into his care.

            “I don’t think, I ever told you my name…probably because I had fully intended putting you out of your misery.” Flinching slightly in fear, he placed four fingers on the back of your neck before leaning down to whisper, “But, I’ve changed my mind.” His hot breath tickled your ear, as your body tensed not from fear but…from something else.

            His hand remained on the back of your neck, while his eyes burned like hot iron into your skin. His lips parted open, before closing themselves once more, stretching the scar marking the right side of his lips. His hesitation was clear as you shifted in your seat uncomfortably, which was impossible to ignore as you both sat at the edge of the bed, so he moved his hand back as you felt his index finger trail down your spine.

            “Shigaraki…my name is Tomura Shigaraki.” Low, almost a whisper, his voice carried to your ears with a spine tingling sensation.

            “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you anymore, unless you want me to.” It seemed strange, but the tail end of his comment began to excite you for some reason, though you tried hard to remain calm as goosebumps began to cover your skin.

            “Are you cold?” his question seemed innocent enough, so you shook your head in response to his question.

            Shigaraki’s features stretched wide as he smiled down at you before he proceeded to place his forehead on your shoulder, and his palm resting gently on the small of your back. His hair was soft, as it tickled the side of your face, and you couldn’t help but smile softly at this tender side he was showing you. Though the earlier comment did have you a bit on edge still, but at the current moment you weren’t too concerned about it.


            Since that time you and Shigaraki had talked, well he spoke and you mostly listened to him with a few nods and wheezes of response, it felt as if you two had become far closer. One of the obvious signs was that you no longer remained locked away inside that small room, now you were actually sharing the same space as him. You had your own room still, but now you and he were sharing what you assumed to be a small studio apartment above a bar. Another sign, was that you saw his face far more often recently than you had before, and you had to admit you found him to become quite handsome.

            With all of that to be considered, you began to communicate more frequently to each other and so, to compensate for your lack of verbal communication, Shigaraki had gotten you other mediums to make up for it. Comically enough, the first thing he gave you was a handheld dry erase board and marker, to which you would use to not just write but also make various shitty doodles. Essentially, everything else was just a variant of this dry erase board ranging in sizes and functionality. Some stuck to magnetic surfaces, others were similar to the kinds used in schools and offices, and then you had many spare handheld ones lying around the place.

            Though you asked, Shigaraki never seemed keen on the idea of getting you a phone, and the last time you asked he accidentally disintegrated refrigerator. Hence forth, you decided to let the topic die with the fridge. Every day Shigaraki went to work, which was essentially just downstairs in the bar, and even if you weren’t outright a captive in his home, you very rarely ever made it past your front door. You had no real desire to leave, and Shigaraki seemed more than willing to share in your decision.

            “(Y/N), come here now.” Shigaraki called to you from the bathroom, curiously enough though since he wasn’t supposed to be home, he had left several hours ago, and by the tone of his voice a knot of worry began to form deep in your gut.

            “Grab that first aid kit.” To your horror, his left arm as well as the entire floor was covered in blood, and you felt your eyes mist over in anger and worry as you slammed the white board onto the sinks counter using your dominant hand to scrawl quickly on the white board and your free hand to get the medical supplies from the first aid kit.

            “What the hell happened?!” thrusting the white board in his face you got down on your knees before him to examine the luckily shallow gash that ran the length of his forearm.

            “Nothing.” The answer was short, and as you looked up to give him a disapproving look, you saw his hand had begun to scratch at the skin of his neck.

            “Liar” taking the board back you wrote the word big and quick before slamming it against his chest.

            It took you several minutes to fully assess his wound, clean and wrap it, but by the time you finished both of you were now covered in dried blood. The white board lay discarded on the floor beside you, while the medical kit had been returned to its home. Shigaraki remained seated on the closed toilet seat lid. Exhaling a shaky breath, you picked up the whiteboard, using the sleeve of your sweater to erase the marker so that you would be able to write more.

            “So, you going to tell me what actually happened?

            “I already did!” Shigaraki was clearly becoming frustrated having you constantly shove that thing in his face, and also because you continued to ask him the same fucking question over and over.

            “Shigaraki please tell me” you were on your knees again, set between his legs looking up at him with dewy eyes and a heavy heart.

            “This is clearly not nothing…” you began to write smaller and slower as tears threatened to spill over. “You came home mysteriously and are in the bathroom, leaking blood, and you expect me to take nothing for an answer?!

            “I…why do you even care what happens to me?” Shigaraki didn’t mean it that way, but the frustration of this conversation was stressing him out, so he was directing his anger at you.

            “BECAUSE I DO!” he stood up abruptly, hands going crazy at the sides of his neck.

            “Well you shouldn’t because I give a shit about you!” visibly hurt by his comment your tears indeed began to spill over your cheek as you slowly and shakily chose your next words carefully.

            “That doesn’t mean I don’t love you” you weren’t going to show it to him, you had planned to erase it immediately, but Shigaraki was impatient as he pulled the board from your hands reading it over.

            Eyes continued to scan over the board, one more time and then another, before he looked back at you, emotions violently flashing over his features before finally settling down into a blank slate. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, not until you found your back harshly thrown up against the wall, hands raised above your head and grasped in a four finger hold as his lips violently pressed against your own.

            Shigaraki wasted no time, free hand dragging fingers up your thigh, while lips continued to press together in bruising force before they began to trail down the side of your jaw. Surprised and unsure of how to properly react to this sudden change in atmosphere, you allowed Shigaraki to have his way. Slowly, he ran his tongue up and over your cheeks cleaning away the salty tears you had begun to shed before. Closing your eyes was the only thing you could do as the feeling of his tongue and teeth grazed over your exposed neck before his mouth sank fully over the soft parts biting and sucking as he continued to make his way down to your collar bone.

            Shigaraki forcefully shoved a leg up between your legs, rubbing his knee against your sex. In full transparency, you were falling into a state of pure bliss just from the feeling of his hot breath, the slight pain before the rush of pleasure as he moved from one spot to the next, leaving a marks over your previously unmarred skin. While he made work of your neck, his leg was slowly and deliberately rubbing against you in an attempt to further arouse and excite you. Completely at Shigaraki’s mercy, you were hapless in his hands growing weak to the endless ministrations, your breathing became heavy and sporadic as your chest rose and fell in short burst.

            “If you’re going to feel something so useless, then I have no choice but to make you mine.” It was only briefly that he stopped, and it was just to breathe his words hotly into your ear.

            You were weak in the knees, ready and fully prepared to slide down the wall as he finally released his hold on you. Instead though, his arms reached out wrapping around your waist as he led you slowly into the shower. The look in his eyes as he peered down at your flushed face told you everything he had on his mind, the plans and desires were like an open book, which only furthered to fluster you as the man before you slowly turned the handles. Water came out from the shower head making contact with your still fully clothed body, it nearly burned you before slowly cooling down to a more tolerable temperature, as steam began to rise up around you fogging over any glass or reflective surface in the bathroom.

            “While the water cleans the blood, I’ll have you to clean something else.” These words had your body tingling in anticipation, as you found yourself once again kneeling before him.

            “Always so obedient, the others could learn a thing or two from you.” He undid the belt first, slowly as if to tease you and those hungry eyes of yours a little bit longer, before moving his hands over the buttons of his pants.

            “Patience please (Y/N), unless your supposed love of me is just unbridled lust!” Mocking you and your impatience, you had reached out to pull his pants down in hopes of getting this show on the road; and while it seemed you be getting your wish granted, it would come with more teasing.

            “I don’t like disobedient pawns, but I am feeling generous today, as reward for patching me up I will allow you to put that useless mouth of yours to use!” Shigaraki’s pants weren’t even fully undone before you had your hands reaching in and pulling the firm member from out of its hiding place.

            The head of his cock was pushing past your lips before you even had time to react, the smell was strong and pungent but you couldn’t complain, because it was his scent that enveloped you. Despite your feelings at these turn of events, the lack of experience at least on your part began to show as the pain in your jaw forced you to pull away from him. Shigaraki didn’t seem too keen on letting you escape that easily, as he placed a flat palm on the back of your head forcing you back towards him.

            “Fuck!” exclaiming in surprise, he gazed down at you as half of his full length was in your mouth, pressing against the inside of your cheek, stretching it out to the side as he made room for himself.

            “Use your tongue!” as commanded by your benefactor, you began to slowly and haphazardly use your tongue.

            It was almost like an exploration, the tip of your tongue could feel every fold of his skin, the twitching of muscles, and the various dips and curves that made him up. His palm was still placed against the back of your head, and at the increase in pressure you began to move his throbbing shaft around your mouth, tongue sliding languidly over him. Unsure of how well you were preforming, your eyes curiously trailed up to his face which was watching you with an almost manic glee. The smile on his face was wide and twisted, but there was no malice to be seen, instead he seemed to be enjoying this little show.

            “Ah, fuck right there!” Shigaraki jolted back the moment your teeth grazed over a surprisingly sensitive spot.

            A new found desire began to bubble up inside, as you continued to pay close attention to this discover, you moved your head and tongue faster. Sounds you had never heard him make before began to echo off the walls, as your own sex began to pulse with heat and drip from more than just the running shower. All you wanted in this moment was to please Shigaraki, to make him feel even better, so you pressed your teeth down ever so slightly to create another form of pressure around him. It seemed to do the job as his member began to twitch and swell against the rapid movements of your mouth.

            “Fuck I’m going to cum!” in that instance he released his warm seed into your mouth, taking you by surprise, as you forced your head back choking on what had shot down your throat while the rest continued to shoot out from the tip and cover your face.

            “Well…” he seemed to be out of breath, as he looked at your soiled face with pride in his red eyes “your mouth might not be so useless after all. But there is another entrance I want to find.”

           Without hesitation Shigaraki grabbed a fistful of your sweater, turning enough of it to nothing so that your naked body was exposed to him. Using his knee he knocked you off balance, as you feel back onto your elbows, as he joined you on the shower floor. Arms wrapped around each of your thighs, roughly yanking you back towards him.

           “How filthy you are down here, is this just from sucking on my cock or were you like this even before that?” his question was unanswered but his hot breath did elicit a gasp of air from you, as your hands tried to push his head away in embarrassment only able to just barely feel his hair with the tips of your fingers as his nose pressed against your panties.

           “I wonder, do you touch yourself and think of me, you said you love me after all.” His words made you quiver, as your soaked panties remained the only thing between you and further onslaught from his mouth.

           “One day, I’ll make you put on even more of a show for me, but for now I want to eat!” and without any chance for you to try and stop him, your panties and sweater were now a matching set.

           There was no time to become frustrated or even angry that he destroyed your clothing, because the feeling of his teeth nibbling on your clit sent you over the edge as you came almost immediately. Shigaraki didn’t stop there however, oh no he continued to suck and tease your sensitive clit further, as you gasped and made various breathy noises in response to his attention. It felt amazing, just having this small button stimulated by the man you loved was more than you could ever dream of, and if he had just continue on like this you would have been more than content for now.

           Instead, you felt pressure at the entrance to your pussy, before you felt what could only be his finger pushing deep into you. Back arching, knees shaking and head thrown back in euphoric bliss your walls squeezed tightly around his finger almost like you were trying to keep him inside of you. This didn’t go unnoticed, as you felt his smile before yet another finger found its way into your core. His hand was pumping faster in and out of you, as only two things were on your mind in this moment, the first being that the feelings of having the man you loved finger fucking the ever loving hell out of you was better than doing it alone could ever be. The second thought was that you hoped Shigaraki was careful not to activate his quirk while his fingers were inside of you, even if this element of danger just made you all the more excited.

           Between his teeth and fingers, you couldn’t tell which made you feel the most stimulated, because each was touching a part of you and giving you releases so frequently that by the time his tongue had entered into the lineup you were already reaching levels of overstimulation. Your mind was becoming hazy, the only thing that you could clearly focus on was the feelings of Shigaraki. It was all him, every thought and desire boiled down to Shigaraki and Shigaraki alone. In this moment, anything he wanted you would also have wanted, whatever he could have asked of you would have been done without hesitation or question because he was turning you into a hot fucking mess with just his mouth and fingers alone. It made you wonder, how it would feel to have that delicious cock of his pounding into you the same way his fingers currently pumped in and out of you.

           Eventually, the fun had to stop, as the water began to turn as cold as ice and your body had fallen numb what felt like an hour ago. The number of times you had cum for Shigaraki became blurry somewhere after five or six, and you could barely feel the gentle caress of his tongue licking you clean before placing a kiss on your inner thigh.

           “For now we stop here, but next time I will make sure not you know your mine by marking your outsides,” turning the water off he helped you up and allowed you to use him as support for now, “I will also paint your inside white with my cum.” His laugh was more of a cackle, filled with madness and desire as he thought of all the ways he could use you to please himself, but also all the ways he could make you even more of his obedient little pawn.

           “Also, from now on you’re going to refer to me as Tomura, understood (Y/N).” you could only nod your head weakly in response as he help you out of the bathroom and back to his room where he dried you both off before replacing your soaked and ruined clothes with fresh ones.

           Even if you wanted to refuse his demands, it would prove futile after all this you knew, you belonged to him and only him.