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Branded And Forgotten

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He sees them laughing. He sees them fussing over their newborn. He sees an omega being comforted and cuddled in an alphas warm embrace. He sees the love in their eyes as they stare longingly at one another.

His reactions and emotions to such a scene would always be the same.

Loneliness. Despair. Sadness.

In his heart, he knew, a 40 year old omega can never have that.

Not one as ripe and dismantled like he.

He wouldn’t be able to give any alpha the gift of life. He wouldn’t be able to function well for any alpha. He was branded.

Branded omegas were frowned upon, segregated from wolf packs, joked at and treated like scum.

The low wage rates spoke for that. The little moth eaten apartment he lived in spoke for that. The exile of certain ‘invalids' like he spoke for that.

All omegas like he just try to make it to the next day.

A bark sounded by his feet. He looked down to see his one and only best friend ‘Rufus' giving him the puppy eyes. He sighed and forked at his spaghetti, “Well, I’m not that hungry anyway". He stood up with the plate of spaghetti, walked towards ‘Rufus' dog bowl and emptied the contents inside.

It always put a smile on his face whenever he saw ‘Rufus' chomping happily on food. He never regretted rescuing the cold and bruised pup off the streets a few months back. If there was something or someone keeping him going- it was ‘Rufus' the Bull dog.

A knock on his door, startled him. He made his way quickly to the front door (lest he miss his opportunity for work), opening it to see his landlord and employer Mr. Crowley standing before him. The man gave him a once over that always made him feel uncomfortable before holding out a piece of paper, “This is your next cleaning assignment. A cleaner is requested by 8am tomorrow at ‘Winchester Enterprises'. Don’t be late!”

He pulled the piece of paper from Crowley's hand and nodded, “Thank you Mr. Crowley”.

The stout man in his black expensive suit, threw in a smirk, drawling, “You know Castiel, if you wanted to earn more on the side, just come pay me a visit".

He gulped lightly as his heart began to thump harder and faster. He shook his head, “Um- no thank you Mr. Crowley".

“Are you sure?”

“Y-yes!” He squeaked before he shut the door in the man's face.

He leaned his back against the door, blowing out a breath. Christ, he hated that guy!

Rufus’ sat by his feet, tail wagging furiously as he stared up at him. He smiled down at the pup, “Yup got work for tomorrow bud. Guess we get to eat for another day".



He was infuriated. How were they supposed to attract clientele when the damn office space wasn’t kept up to par. He liked neatness and cleanliness.

He thumbed the bridge of his nose, “Garth!”

His secretary came charging into his office, “Yes Mr. Winchester!?”

“Get in touch with Crowley! Get him to send in a cleaner by 8am tomorrow!”

“Y-Yes sir!”

“And Garth!”

The thin dude, popped his head through his door, “Yes Sir!”

“Stop calling me sir or Mr. Winchester! Its Dean”.

Garth gave a salute, “Aye! Aye! Dean!”

He chuckled and shook his head. Kid was a clown sometimes. He groaned when he looked at the paperwork piled high on his desk, muttering to himself, “Christ! 35 years old and I’m still doing paperwork for my dad".

He sighed and got to work.

By the end of the day; he'd be needing a damn drink and a warm body.