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Queen's Devoted

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Bonnie and Damon had been in the Prison World for months. In the beginning it had been antagonistic and biting, but as their isolation set in they gravitated towards each other. At first, as seeking each other out to start fights. Fights that usually ended with Damon on the floor recovering from an aneurysm. Then it turned into pointless arguments that ended with one storming away from the other. Pointless arguments turned to bickering, and bickering to talking in one of their beds at night because the other didn’t want to sleep alone.


Time passed and they grew closer with each passing day. Resentment gave way to respect and respect to friendship. One drunken night lead them from sleeping in separate rooms to sharing a bed and crying their sorrows, respectively, to one another. It grew from there.


Damon lays across Bonnie’s bed in the room of the boarding house she had chosen. It had been dark and dreary, but she used her magic to fix it to more happy tones. Cool pastels and white coupled with the natural light made it feel more homey to her. When Damon had walked in the day she had done this, he hadn’t recognized the room.


They lay draped across her queen sized bed that had been covered in mint green and white bedding. Damon in loose grey sweatpants and no shirt, no pretense of the sex laden image he had projected to those in Mystic Falls for the last 3 years. His hair a messy crow nest around his head, as it rests against a pillow. On his stomach rests Bonnie’s head, pillowed on his abdomen. She speaks to continue their favorite game.


“I hate the texture of pears. It’s like they were supposed to be hairy, but...they’re not.” She ends her sentence with a glare at the air in front of her, as though she could see the reviled fruit.


Damon lets out a bark of laughter at her ridiculousness, before he continues. “I hate the color yellow, because I can’t pull it off. Couldn’t do it when I was alive. Can’t pull it off now, with my eternally fine, eternally pasty white ass!” His face seems even more dejected at his lost ability to tan.


“Well at least it’s still fine.” Their eyes meet in the ensuing silence before they bust out laughing. Wiping tears from his eyes he urges Bonnie on.


“Ok. Okay! I hated when all the white dude-bros at Whitmore started flirting with “I’ve never been with a black girl before.” She pitched her voice low and made a decidedly dumb face to match her words.


“Y i k e s.” His own face spoke volumes.

Bonnie went on. “Yikes for real, but really? I am a grown ass woman. Bitch, don’t play with me!” The witch looked at Damon with a mug still on her face, as though he was to validate what she felt.


Icy blue met forest green and he deadpanned, while pitching his voice high.


“Yaaaas Queen!” He completed it with a lazily sassy snap in the air.


Bonnie smacked his chest. “I hate you!” There was absolutely none of the old heat in the sentenced.


Damon grabbed the hand that hit him, twining their fingers together.


“Ah ah, my turn.” He thought for a moment before he next spoke. “I hate that everyone compares me to Stefan. Like they meet me and then him and look at me like I'm wrong. As if I'm not supposed to be my own person.” His eyes grew annoyed, but softened when he felt Bonnie slender little witch fingers grip his in comfort.


“I hate how everyone expects me to act different than Caroline and Elena. That I'm the responsible one, like I'm supposed to be their guiding light when there's trouble.” The seemed to get lost in her head. “I hate that everyone makes me feel so disposable.” The young witch’s voice broke on the last word and she turned her face away from him to hide her tears.


Her hand still in his he turned, he pulled her up his body to cradle her head on his chest.


“I hate that I made you feel that way.” He sai as if they were still playing their game. He fucked her head under his chin and brought their clasped hands up to his face, to kiss hers.


"You are the least disposable of us all. And if we ever make it home, I'll prove it to you. Make you believe it. You hear me Bennett? You are the most important among us all."


"Thank you, Damon."


As they laid there and the young witch's cries quieted, Damon swore he would never make Bonnie Bennett feel disposable again.



Damon yelled as Bonnie was Attacked by Kai. They had been so close to leaving together with the Ascendant. Back to their lives.


He looked at Kai as he reloaded his crossbow before his eyes fell on where the Ascendant had fallen.


"Go for that and the next one goes through her heart."


Damon looked at it again, before speeding to Bonnie. "I gotcha. I gotcha." He tore the arrow out of her, before tearing his wrist open to heal her. But before he could she caught his attention.


"Damon no!"


He saw how the wesley son if a bitch sneaking his way to the Ascendantand quickly slammed him into a cave wall, only to get an arrow to the gut for his troubles. He struggled with the trapped Siphon.


"Bonnie! Get out of here!" He grunted through the pain.


"I'm not gonna make it." Her voice was a sad resignedness to it. Her hand shot out. "But you are! Motus!"


Suddenly Kai was gone and Damon was dragged backwards and facing Bonnie. Before he knew what was happening she threw the Ascendant into his hands.


There he stood in the light of the eclipse, frozen, sinking feeling in his gut.


"No! No!" And then he was gone.


As Kai yelled his anger, Bonnie smiled with tears in her eyes, then her vision went black.