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Me, Myself and I

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Izuku Midoriya was alone, behind the school, bruises blossoming on his paper pale skin. He was curled up, holding back tears and cries. You see, Izuku is quirkless. He has no powers in a world largely populated by people with superpowers called quirks. Because of his quirkless status people believe he is weak and bully him because of that. Because of the constant abuse by his classmates, he gained Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID as a coping mechanism.

“Zu, we’re gonna miss all the adventure if we keep dilly-dallying here” A cheery voice chirped in Izuku’s head. That was the first of Izuku’s personalities, Mubō Jisatsu. Mubō is adventurous, always seeking for it. In turn, it makes him very reckless and gave him the title of ‘Most likely to kill Izuku’. When in control, Mubō has no regards for rules and manners and jumps into any situation, mostly the dangerous ones.

;And Inko will worry about us” Another, more monotone and serious voice added. It was Majimena Hōja. Majimena is serious and apathetic. He is the most mature out of the all of the personalities. He’s the one making sure Izuku passes school and doesn’t die. When in control, Majimena will lock himself up in his room and do work.

Izuku shakily stood up, packed his things and walked back home. He arrives back to the apartment and sneaks back to his room to treat his wounds.

“It’s the daily life of me, myself and I” Mubō singsongs as Izuku does his homework.

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“Izuku! It’s dinner time!” Inko Midoriya calls from kitchen. Izuku hurries down the stairs and to the dining room.


Inko Midoriya is a kind and helpful woman. She always has a smile on and is always willing to help. She loves her son to the moon and back despite all of their troubles. She was always worried for Izuku, especially when he got DID at such a young age. She was worried when Izuku came home with hidden bruises, black eyes and such see-through lies. She was worried when she noticed that Izuku didn’t have friends besides his other personalities. But Inko persevered and tried to help her baby with anything. Like getting him out of his anti-social shell.


“Izuku, I heard about this quirk analysis contest over at U.A. They’re letting anybody join. I think you should try it out!” Inko suggested in the middle of dinner.


“Well, that’s interesting.. U.A. doesn’t usually do these things” Majimena thought.

“You should go for it Zu! You need to go out more!” Mubō cheered.

“And it could help cultivate your analysis skills more..” Majimena added.


“I’ll try it out” Izuku responded. Izuku and Inko then exchanged information and continued dinner.




Izuku stood before the gigantic gates of U.A. with a bunch of other people, old and young, female or male. Suddenly, the gates opened and three heroes stood in its place. Izuku studied them for a moment before recognizing them as Present Mic, Midnight and Eraserhead. The only reason he didn’t faint or fanboy was because of his alters. Then Present Mic spoke up. “Hello everybody! Can I get a hey!!” the voice hero asked loudly. A weak hey was heard from the crowd. Present Mic didn’t look bothered at all. “Okay! Now come with us to where the contest will be held. We will explain the rules there” Present Mic explained as the three heroes guided the people into the school.


Soon, the all the contestants were in a giant computer room, each seated at a computer. Then, Eraserhead spoke up. “For this first part, you will each be assigned a hero. You will need to do an analysis on their quirk, strengths and weakness. You can add more information if you want” Eraserhead stated. Midnight then went around and passed pieces of paper around. ‘Eraserhead?’ Izuku, Mubō, Majimena all thought simultaneously. Izuku starts taking out his notebooks on hero analysis and flips through the pages, looking for his entry on Eraserhead. “Go!” Midnight shouts and everyone starts typing. Izuku starts writing down his analysis on Eraserhead’s quirk. Majimena made sure that his notes were organized and added his own information and Mubō also added his own helpful information, including Eraserhead’s real name.


“Time out!” Midnight announced as Izuku finished his analysis. Izuku packed his notebooks and headed for the lounge.




“Hiya! I’m Shiru Kagaku-Yakuhin. You are?” A boy with fluffy brown hair said, talking to Izuku. The viridian eyed boy was startled but introduced himself no less. “I-Izuku Midoriya. What are you doing here?” Izuku introduced. “Sorry, you just looked really approachable and cute and I was bored and wanted to talk to someone” Shiru admitted. “Oh! What’s your quirk?” Izuku asked. “I can identify and gather all information on any chemical. I don’t even need to be near it or see it” Shiru answered and asked Izuku about his quirk. “Oh, I-I’m q-quirkless” Izuku confessed. Shiru nodded and continued to talk about new game he got. Izuku was surprised that Shiru didn’t shun him the moment he heard he was quirkless. Izuku then listened earnestly to Shiru.


“He seems like a nice boy, do you think we’ll meet him again?” Mubō asked Majimena.

“I don’t know. Let’s just see” Majimena answered and he went back to his diagrams.




The group of contestants then filed back into the computer room. “This time, it’s a timed questionnaire. Answer the questions to the best of your abilities. Start” Eraserhead instructed and Izuku’s screen turned into a question.


‘A hostage situation where the criminal, who has a flight quirk, is up in the sky with their hostage. Which two heroes are best for this situation?’ The question flashes on the screen.


‘Since the criminal is in the sky, a person with another flight quirk would be helpful. They could capture the criminal or save the hostage if they fall. Hawks! And Kamui Woods! Kamui could extend his wood to apprehend the criminal or catch the hostage’ Izuku quickly thought and he typed it down. Izuku continued the test with little difficulty.


The test ends and Izuku meets up again with Shiru.


“Hi Midoriya! How did you do?” Shiru questioned. “I think I did pretty good” Izuku answers. Shiru laughs and goes to talk about that time he saved a man from being poisoned. Izuku listens earnestly. “Hey! Let’s exchange numbers” Shiru suddenly brings up. “O-Ok” Izuku stutters and he brings out his phone. The blue-eyed boy grins as he exchanges their numbers. Shiru and Izuku continue to talk about anything and everything.




“Heyyyaaa!” Present Mic screams to get everyone’s attention. Everyone looks towards the pro hero. “We have the results and we’re gonna announce them! But we need to go to the auditorium first” Present Mic says. Everyone was then ushered into the auditorium. The same three heroes are on the stage again, Midnight holding a red envelope.


“Firstly, thank you everyone for coming. Even if you don’t win, know that the information you have given us is still important and it helps us out a lot” Midnight starts.


“For third place, we have Daisan San” Midnight announced as the man goes up and claims his medal. “In second place, Neko Inu!” Midnight declared as the person goes and happily holds their medal. Anticipation hangs heavily in the air as the R-Rated Hero stops before saying the first place winner. “First place goes to Izuku Midoriya!” the pro hero yelled. Izuku was in disbelief. He won first place?


“Hey, Midoriya. You gotta go upstage” Shiru reminds him as Izuku jolts up and clumsily goes to the stage. Midoriya can feel the judging stares of the other contestants. Izuku goes up and takes the shiny medal. “Congrats little listener! You’re a real smart one” Present Mic tells Izuku. “I think Nedzu will like him” Eraserhead commented. Izuku stands on stage with the other two winners.




“Yay! Congrats Midoriya!” Shiru exclaimed. Izuku smiled at Shiru and they exchanged a few parting words before leaving. Izuku was happy that Shiru wasn’t jealous like other certain classmates of his. Izuku walked back home and celebrated with his mom.


“Goodnight Izuku. I’m so proud of you!” Inko smiled before leaving Izuku to his own devices.


‘Woohoo! We did it!’ Mubō laughed in Izuku’s head. Majimena was also smiling and congratulated Izuku. “I couldn’t have done it without your help!” Izuku said to his alters. Mubō continued to have his own little party and Majimena tried to quiet him.


Izuku smiled at his personalities as he slowly drifted off to sleep.




“Very interesting indeed” A certain rodent says as he flips through some papers. “Yes, his analysis is very thorough and he even adds more! He‘s also good at quick thinking and assesses the situations properly” A voice acknowledges. “He could be a very valuable asset” the voice adds. “And he’s a kid, a quirkless one. I’ve been itching to put a quirkless student in U.A. for a while” The intelligent mammal recalled. “So will you?” The teacher asks. “Yes, Izuku Midoriya will be my personal student as well as U.A.’s first quirkless student” Nedzu says, his eyes filling with glee.

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It had been a day after the contest and life had returned to normal. Izuku woke up and checked his email as he ate his breakfast.

‘Email from U.A. Administration’

Izuku’s eyes widened at that and he almost choked on his cereal. “Izuku! Are you okay?” Inko asked as she hurried to Izuku’s side. “M-Mom! Check t-this out!” Izuku answered as he showed his mother the email. “Oh my!H-Hurry read it!” Inko exclaimed.

‘Mr. Izuku Midoriya,

Good Day! The other day there was a quirk analysis conest held by U.A. and you won first place. We are very impressed with the analysis you had given us and would like to schedule a meeting with you to see the true extend of your intellect. The meeting will take place at U.A. Would you be available on Thursday at 4:00 pm? Please reply when you can.

The U.A. Administration’

Izuku read the email out aloud. Inko was tearing up and Izuku was frozen. “I knew this was some sort of ruse” Majimena told his alters. Mubō was squealing and jumping around.

Majimena snapped Izuku back into his senses and help him create a reply.

‘U.A. Administration,

Thank you for the compliments. I would love to meet and I am available on Thursday, 4:00 pm. I look forward to our meeting.

Izuku Midoriya’

“Oh Izuku! My baby! I’m so proud of you!” Inko cried as she hugged Izuku. Izuku truly was looking forward to the meeting.


Izuku rushed home, hoping to avoid his bullies. He was successful and went home to greet his mother. Him and Inko tried to fix Izuku up for his meeting. “Don’t worry Izuku, you’ll do fine” Inko told her son. Izuku then went to U.A.

“Don’t worry Mido, if you need us we’ll always be here” Majimena told Izuku. “Yeah! Just think of this as another adventure!” Mubō cheered. Izuku nodded and continued his journey.


Izuku stood before the principal’s door. As soon as he reached the gates of U.A. a pro hero was waiting there for him and rushed him into the building. The pro hero then left Izuku at the door of the principal and told him to wait there.

“That was weird” Majimena observed. Izuku and Mubō hummed in response.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I had some business to attend to first” A voice said behind Izuku. Izuku whipped back and saw the principal of U.A. behind him, holding a stack of papers. “Let’s go inside my office, hm?” The rodent said and led Izuku into office.

“I’m sure you know who I am. I am Nedzu, pricipal of U.A.“ Nedzu introduced. Izuku nodded and introduced himself. “Now, Midoriya do you know why you’re here?” Nedzu asked. “Uh, because of my analysis?” Izuku guessed weakly. “Well, that’s what we did say. But Midoriya, I am here to discuss your future as my personal student” Nedzu answered. ‘W-What?’ Izuku thought. “Your analysis is amazing and thorough! And you passed the questionnaire with flying colors! Midoriya, I want to see more of your potential and develop it” Nedzu explained. Izuku’s head was spinning. “We can have lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I already asked your school to excuse you on those days” Nedzu continued. “But I’m quirkless” Izuku blurted out. “And?” the principal asked. “Surely there are other people who can do this! People with intelligence quirks could do better than me!” Izuku insisted. “Midoriya, you were the one who placed first in the contest. You were better than anybody there and you’re quirkless. This is a chance to prove yourself, are you going to throw it away?” Nedzu elaborated. Izuku gave a quick nod, realizing what Nedzu was saying. They continued to talk about the details.


“Izuku, because you are going to be my student, I would like you to experience and learn as much as you can, that includes being a U.A. student. Would you like to join U.A. and if so what course will you take?” Nedzu asked. Izuku was a bit taken aback but thought it over.

“Can we go to the management course Zuku? PLEASE!” Mubō begged Izuku. When Izuku realized he couldn’t be a hero and hated himself for it, Mubō Jisatsu materialized. Mubō felt bad for Izuku so he studied business and management to hopefully get his attention away from hero things. Mubō has been studying it for a while and he’s becoming really amazing at it.

“I would like to join the support department as well Mido” Majimena confessed. When the bullying started getting more terrible, Majimena Hōka appeared and to help Izuku move his thoughts from the abuse, Majimena got into creating support items. He made diagrams and costumes. He made small inventions using scrap metal and fixed broken things in a snap. He kept his hobby and became a fantastic help to all.

“What about the hero course?” Izuku asked his alters.

“No Zuku! No!” Mubō screeched. “Yes! I beg of you, do not join the hero course!” Even Majimena who is usually serious was on the verge of crying. “Why not?” Izuku inquired. “Bakugou will be in the hero course obviously” Majimena stated. “And we don’t want another year of suffering with him, do we?” Mubō continued. Izuku agreed with his alternates. “So, general department instead? It’s close to the hero course but not close enough” Izuku proposed. His alters agreed hesitantly. “If we get what we want, we should let you have your own happiness” Majimena reasoned.

“Can I joined the Support Department - ”

“Of course”

“The Business and Management Department - ”


“And the General Education Department?”

“I see why not” Nedzu finished.

“Why three departments though? Why not join the hero course as well?” Nedzu inquired. “I don’t want to pick everything. It might be too overwhelming” Izuku answered. Nedzu nodded. “Are you good at the other departments though?” Nedzu asked.

Izuku debated telling the principal about his DID. What if he decided to pick someone more stable instead of pitiful, insane Izuku?

“Don’t worry, I have a feeling it would be easier to tell him than to try and hide a part of yourself from a super intelligent animal, more intelligent than a human” Majimena commented with a hint of sarcasm. Izuku agreed with Majimena.

“I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and each of my alters are good at either creating support items or management and business. And general education department might be good to observe other students” Izuku pointed out. Nedzu nodded. “Yes, being in multiple departments will certainly help you. I will help make a schedule for you” Nedzu said and the two continued to talk.


The two finally surmised their talk and Izuku left to go home. Izuku was extremely excited and happy as he walked home. When he got home he told his mother about everything. Inko teared up at every detail. “Oh! Izuku! You’ve really grown up, haven’t you? And you’re only in your second year of junior high!” Inko giggled. Izuku chuckled along. Izuku happily ate his katsudon, finishing in record time. Izuku was still smiling as he drifting off to sleep.

“Majiii! I’m so happy!” Mubō squealed. “We get to be in our dream departments and technically dream school!”

“Yes, I am quite happy for all of us” Maji commented. “Let’s just hope we don’t meet Bakugou” Majimena said to himself quietly.

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Hello? Do you know who I am? Well, that doesn’t matter.
Do you know what Izuku’s alters’ names mean?
Here, listen closely.

“A fire mysteriously appeared in an abandoned building on...” The TV droned on as Majimena treated his wounds. Earlier that day, Majimena saw Bakugou bullying another kid and Izuku, being heroic and all, stepped in and got hurt. Majimena hates Bakugou. He hates him with all his being. And building support items doesn’t help relieve Majimena of his absolute fury of Bakugou and bullies. So, he turns to arson. Majimena burns the abandoned buildings he finds his junk metal in. It takes away all of Majimena’s stress and negative emotions. He’s never been caught doing it, even by his alters or Inko. He thinks Mubō has a clue, but Mubō wouldn’t tell anyway.

Majimena = Serious
Hōka = Arson

Mubō’s hand almost slipped as he scaled the wall. After a quick breath, Mubō went and jumped from building to building. He laughed as the wind caught in his hair. He spotted a train coming and thought that it’d be fun to explore the neighborhood even quicker. So, Mubō quickened his speed and jumped onto the train. He laughed as he landed and looked on to the horizon. Then, when people started to notice him, Mubō hopped off the train and landed on the sidewalk. The adventurous alter dusted his shirt and continued to run along the sidewalk back home. ‘I could’ve died!’ Mubō thought. ‘I wish I died’ another voice said. You see, Mubō does these stunts and goes on adventures because he wishes he’d die on these expeditions. Mubō does these with the thought of his death on his mind, not just because he’s reckless. No one knows his true reasons, not Izuku, not Inko, maybe Maji knows but he won’t tell.

Mubō = Reckless
Jisatsu = Suicide

“I am born out of Izuku’s hatred” Majimena Hōka reminds himself.

“I am born out of Izuku’s self-hate” Mubō Jisatsu tells himself.

Dangerous, aren’t they? Dangerous and unstable, isn’t he? Who - What will be next?

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“Sir, where are we going?” Izuku looked warily at his surroundings.

It had been two months since the start of Izuku’s studies with Nedzu. The principal of U.A. was a very nice and polite person and Izuku became quite familiar with him. Izuku had also learned a lot in the short amount of time that they had become teacher and student.

Now, Izuku –despite going to U.A. regularly– had not learned how to get around the place as he had only ever needed to go to the principal’s office. So when Nedzu told Izuku they were having their lesson somewhere else, Izuku couldn’t help but be a little bit jittery.

Nedzu finally stopped at a door. “Here we are” he said as he opened the door.

“Hey Nedzu, is that your new student?” A familiar voice asked. Izuku looked up and saw the voice hero: Present Mic. He looked around and saw more pro heroes.

Izuku gasped and had a little fanboy attack. Was he really meeting Pro heroes?! Majimena mentally slapped him and Izuku was snapped back into reality.

“Aww, he’s so cute!” Midnight squealed and hugged Izuku. “Congrats on getting first place by the way!” she continued.

“This kid wrote all of this?” Vlad King said as he flipped through Izuku’s dropped notebook. Snipe took a look at it and agreed with Vlad King. “Of course he wrote that. He’s my student after all” Nedzu answered. “It’s really not that good” Izuku insisted. “Izuku, I already told you that you are one of the best students I‘ve ever had. Do not ever put yourself down” Nedzu said. Izuku quickly nodded.

“Hey kid” Eraserhead greeted. “Congrats on getting first place” Present Mic said, popping up behind Eraserhead.

“Now, to formal introductions everyone” Nedzu said.

“I am Midnight or Kayama Nemuri!” Midnight introduced.

“Vlad King or Sekijiro Kan” The blood hero followed.


“Ken Ishiyama or Cementoss” Cementoss said.

“I am Ectoplasm” The pro hero stated.

“Ryo Inui and Hound Dog, ruff” The hound hero barked.

“Hizashi Yamada or The voice hero: Present Mic!” the man exclaimed.

“Shouta Aizawa, Eraserhead” the tired man sighed.

“I-Izuku Midoriya” Izuku stuttered out. Cue the ‘awws’ from the teachers.

“Now Izuku, I brought you here because I wanted you to learn more about fighting styles. I know that you already have notes on them but there is always more you can still write about” Nedzu explained. Izuku nodded in response.

“Now, let’s go to the gym, shall we?” Nedzu said and the teachers followed Nedzu and Izuku to one of the gyms.


Izuku scribbled in his notebook furiously while studying the mock battle between Cementoss and Snipe. Nedzu occasionally added his own input in Izuku’s notes.


Since then, Izuku and Nedzu coming in, looking to study them has become a common occurrence and all of the teachers have become familiar with Izuku. Sometimes, they even let him train with them. Though, they don’t know anything about Izuku’s DID. But one day, Mubō presents an interesting idea.

“Why don’t we act like either me [Mubō] or Maji while talking to the teachers and freak them out?” He says to the others one day.

“I don’t know, it might not be the best idea to make the teachers worry..” Izuku reasons.

“Yes” Majimena answers quickly. Mubō and Izuku give him a surprised look. “Mubō, you’re doing this for psychological purposes, correct?” Majimena guessed. Mubō nods his head. “Then, this will be a good chance. And we might get closer to the teachers” Majimena articulated. Izuku nods and Mubō eyes shine a bit brighter. “Let’s tell Nedz-“ “Let’s also see his reaction!” Mubō giggles. All of the three’s eyes shine with mischief.


Mubō goes first.

“Hiya Nedzu!” Mubō greets. Nedzu smiles back.

‘Izuku is generally more polite than ‘Hiya’. Did something happen? Is it his personalities?’ Nedzu pondered.

Then, Nedzu and Mubō start getting to work.

‘He seems to be straining his hand while writing, and his handwriting is a little off. Something did happen, but what?’ Nedzu thought as he watched Izuku or Mubō.

‘It is his personalities. Which one though?’ Nedzu finally concluded. ‘And what is he planning?’ The rodent added.

“Hey, can we go meet the other teachers? Please?” Mubō asked, he tried to make it as innocent as possible. Nedzu agreed, wondering what Izuku was up to.


Nedzu knew it. Izuku’s plan was to scare the teachers using his DID which was never told to them. Nedzu sighed as he watched Izuku or Mubō jump away from Eraserhead’s grasp as they battled in one of U.A.’s gyms.

Izuku or Mubō, after being too lively and adventure-obsessed for the teachers’ comfort, introduced the idea of having a mock battle, Izuku or Mubō vs. The Teachers of U.A. The teachers were afraid to hurt Izuku, but the green-haired boy assured them it was nothing. And underestimating Izuku was a mistake.

It was set up as a tag game. The pro heroes have to touch Izuku before he could tag all of them. If Izuku gets touched by any of the teachers, he immediately loses, if Izuku tags them then they lose.

And that’s how Aizawa was having a very frustrating time, catching who he assumes is Izuku.

First, the problem child disturbs them by acting out-of-character, then making that extremely unfair fight and winning it! Everyone was already tagged by Izuku.

Then, Aizawa feels a slap on his back. ‘No way..’ Aizawa thinks. He looks to his back which has Izuku’s tag item, a sticker that says loser. Aizawa’s mind filled with panic but his mental turmoil was stopped when Present Mic and Midnight’s rambunctious laughter filled the room. Soon, the rest of the staff joins.

“I-I can’t believe that Izuku could tag us all, with quirks!” Present Mic said in between laughs. “Yeah, how’d ya do it ya varmint?” Snipe asks Izuku. “I just train a-a lot” Izuku or Mubō shrugs.

Nedzu knows not to say anything.


‘Time to keep the show moving’ I [Majimena] thought.

I walked into Nedzu’s office scowl on my face. Knowing what happened last time, I assume he’s wondering if it’s one of my personalities and what I’m planning. Then, I start doing the work that Nedzu gives me. Then, I casually ask Nedzu if we could meet the U.A. staff like last time. Nedzu agrees and we both make our way to the faculty office.

I can see everyone’s confused faces as I walk in with a neutral look.

“Midoriya, are you feeling well today? Did something happen?” Cementoss asks. I give a non-committal shrug and sit down, twirling a small contraption in between my hands.

“Where is Higar- Power Loader?” I ask suddenly. Everyone jumps and hesitate to answer my question. “In his studio most likely” Nedzu quickly acknowledges. I nod and take my leave. I notice the teachers going to Nedzu but the rodent just asks them to come.


“Power Loader?” I ask as soon as I reach the studio. I hear a commotion and the man appears. “Yes?” He asks. “Ah, Power Loader, this is my student Izuku Midoriya” Nedzu introduces. Power Loader nods and studies me for a while. “Let’s talk about your diagrams” I says quickly. Power Loader looks hesistant but brings me inside to show me them. Then, I start pointing out faults and discussing parts. Power Loader, still hesistant, discusses with me. At one particular diagram I wrinkle my nose. “This is terrible. What were you thinking when you made this design?” I looked at him, disgusted. He worriedly looks at the blueprint and asks me what was wrong. I start to talk about how terrible the design is, venom dripping in my voice. I then completely redesign it and Power Loader is... amazed I think? I’m not so sure myself. Though I see the teachers discomfort heighten at my harshness. Power Loader takes the new design and thanks me for my time.

“Wait Izuku, everyone. Would you care to explain everything?” Nedzu stops us.

I sigh. “I am simultaneously Izuku Midoriya and not him” I say. Everyone looks at me weirdly. “Izuku Midoriya has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Which means he has more than one personality. I am one of the personalities. I go by the name Majimena Hōka” I explain. “The one you met the other day was Mubō Jisatsu” I continued. Then, I explain the other details about my disorder.

“This whole thing was just an experiment to see your reactions” I finish. Then, outrage.

“You thought that was funny?! I was worried Izu!”
“You really are a problem child..”
“At least you’re mostly fine”
“I really thought you were an imposter little listener!!”
“Yeh gremlin”

I looked at the scene before me and whispered to my mentor. “Sorry not sorry” I said. Nedzu chuckled and we left classes at that.


“Was it really worth it?” Mido asked.

“Yes” Maji and Mubō said, united.

Mubō laughed at everyone’s expressions while Mido was a bit guilty at fooling his teachers but was entertained nonetheless and Maji established this as one of his greatest accomplishments.


He’s not sure why but Nedzu found himself getting attached to Izuku, he knows that the boy will attract a lot of trouble, he already has. And Nedzu swears to keep the boy safe always, he won’t let Izuku’s talent to go to waste.

Chapter Text

Izuku stood before the gigantic gates of U.A., he remembered when he stood before these gates for an analysis contest that got him here in the first place. He sighed and grabbed his multiple bags, one for Izuku himself, then Majimena’s and Mubō’s bags. The bags were filled with things the three needed for their classes and their disguises. Izuku and his alters didn’t want anyone else knowing about his DID so they decided to have disguises for each alter. Anyways, Izuku grabbed his bags and went into the school looking for the lockers he’s supposed to put his alter’s things in. After that, Izuku continued to class 1-C.

Sitting down at the corner of the class, he started to analyze his classmates. Izuku’s ‘entrance exam’ was to analyze the student’s quirks in the actual exam and to beat any one of the teachers in a battle. He started to make even more notes and considered sharing them to his classmates, then he remembered how poorly his classmates reacted to his analysis so he stayed in place.

Suddenly, a purple haired boy sat next to Izuku, startling the green boy. Izuku remembered him, he was the one with the brainwashing quirk, Izuku’s mind started doing barrel rolls, thinking about how amazing his quirk is.

“Hiya! I’m Izuku Midoriya” Izuku greeted cheerily. The other boy stared at him and introduced himself as Shinso Hitoshi, thinking that it was over. “What’s your quirk?” Izuku asked quickly. “Brainwashing, I can brainwash people to do whatever I want them to do as long as I get a verbal response from them” Shinso explained calmly, waiting for a violent response. “Cool!!” Izuku exclaimed. Shinso was surprised but happy as well, was this a chance to have an actual friend? “What about you?” Shinso asked cooly. Izuku froze up. “I-I’m quirkless” the student answered. Shinso’s eyes widened but he didn’t say anything else. “At least people don’t expect you to be a villain” Shinso blurted out. While Shinso’s mind went into overdrive, Izuku responded. “At least people don’t think you’re weak and pity you” Izuku couldn’t believe that came out of his mouth. Shinso and Izuku looked at each other in surprise and laughed. “I guess we’re kinda similar..” Izuku said.

“All right ya chuckleheads, class is starting” Snipe yelled. Izuku chuckled at his cowboy accent. The rest of class went smoothly and Izuku was able to exchange numbers with Shinso, to which the both of them were very grateful and excited. Izuku stumbled into one of the private bathrooms and started to pull out Majimena.

I [Majimena] looked to see myself in a bathroom, time for my support classes. I bring out a spray-on black dye spray can and put it in my hair. I slick back my hair into a short ponytail and put on black contacts. I bring out my glasses which can zoom in and out, a design of my own. I finish up by putting on my support clothes and walk out of the bathroom. I make my way to support classrooms.

I open the door of 1-H, only to be exploded in the face. “Sorry, I was messing with some of the chemicals here” A pink haired girl apologized. “I’m Mei Hatsume, you are?” She says, bringing out her hand for shaking. “Majimena Hōka” I say flatly and walk inside. “Ah, students, this is Majimena Hōka, he’s Principal Nedzu’s student” Power Loader says hurriedly. “Principal’s student? You must really special then Hōka” Hatsume laughed. “Majimena please. My last name is really weird” I said. “Alright then Majimena, let’s see what you got!” Hatsume said as she led me even further into the workshop. Then, me and Hatsume started conversing and building. I can tell that Hatsume is impressed by me, which was further proven by her loud proclamation. “You’re my new friend and guinea pig Maji!” She proclaimed. I stare blankly at her while the rest of the class and Power Loader look worriedly. I nod and go back to work.


As soon as class ends I rush to the private bathroom and call for Mubō.

Mubō was starting to get antsy and he was happy once he got out. Mubō starts to dance and do flips while styling his hair and dying it. As he does a somersault he dyes his hair purple, he styles it all to one side as he cart rolls around the room. He dusts powder over his freckles and puts in his orange contacts. Finally, he does a flip from the wall-then somersault-and flip to the wall again-finally, falling and doing a split trick as he puts on the UA uniform and puts on mascara. He walks out and skips to the business classes.

Arriving at class 1-J, he walks in and sits down. Despite all his energy, Mubō decides to calm down first. He studies the student next to him. The student is particularly short with messy light brown hair that goes over his eyes and pale skin. “Hiya! I’m Mubō Jisatsu! You are?” Mubō said loudly. The student looked like a deer in headlights.

“S-Shai Negai” Shai says uncertainly. Jisatsu smiles brightly. “What’s your quirk?” He asks. “I-I can see other people’s w-wishes, deepest desire or n-not. I can even s-see my own” Shai stammered. “I’m Q-Q-Q-Quirkless!” Jisatsu says brightly. Shai look at Jisatsu like he ha two heads. ‘What is he so happy about? He must have been bullied awfully!’ Shai thinks. “Oh u-uh cool” Shai tries. Then, Mubō goes on a tangent about tangerines and Shai couldn’t have been more anxious and awed.

‘How could Jisatsu just so casually say he’s quirkless and go on a rant about a thing we weren’t talking about? Isn’t he worried he sounds weird or insane? What if the others abandons him?’ I think worriedly. ‘Maybe I should make sure he doesn’t make others uncomfortable. I’ll be his friend’ I continue my train of thought.

“M-Mubō, let’s b-be friends” Negai says. Majimena looks over Mubō, ready to stop him but dumfounded when the stuttering boy proclaimed them friends. Majimena watched as Mubō happily agreed and talked about the mocked who walked when socked. Majimena left it at that as class started.

Mubō then sits up once the teacher enters. Their teacher is a male with a dyed orange hair and green eyes. He wore a flannel and jeans. No one would notice who it was except for the pin on his shirt. “Are you the hero MindSet?!” Mubō asked eagerly. The pro hero laughed and confirmed Mubō’s suspicions. The alter gasped and smiled giddily.

“Alright class, I am Ryōshin Kangaekata or the pro hero MindSet and I am your homeroom teacher and teacher in accounting. Nice to meet all of you!” The teacher announced. Then, class goes on as it should.


Izuku laid down, tired on Nedzu’s couch as soon as class ends. “How was school Izuku?” Nedzu asks. “Fine, just really tired” Izuku answers. “Um, Nedzu, who is this?” A funny voice asks. Izuku shoots up from where he laid and scanned the room, finding a big man in one of the chairs. “All Might, this is my personal student Izuku Midoriya” Nedzu sipped his tea. “Uh, hi!” All Might stuttered. Izuku greets back. Nedzu then dismissed All Might and started his lessons with Izuku.

Chapter Text

Shinso and Izuku had gotten closer and hung out a lot more. In between classes Izuku asked Shinso for a favor. “Hey Shinso, one of the people in Support was asking for help about one of his classmates and I thought that your quirk could be helpful” Izuku brought up. “So you want me to help?” Shinso replied. “Yeah! After school go to class 1-H and look for Majimena Hōka. Though I won’t be with you, I have something to do after school” Izuku elaborated. The purple haired boy hesitated before answering. “A-Alright, I’ll help them. After all, that’s what heroes do right?” Shinso says. He thanked Shinso with his adorable and bright smile.


Shinso stood before the door of class 1-H. He was a bit scared because he could hear loud clattering and screams beyond the door. Before the tired boy could have opened the door a sea of terrified students rushed out like a wave. All of their eyes were wide open and their mouths open in unheard scream. This did not help his heightening anxiety, only making it skyrocket. ‘I wish Izuku was here’ Shinso wished. As soon as he thought that a person shoved him into the room.

“Are you Hitoshi Shinso?” The boy that had shoved him in the room asked. Shinso nodded and the boy sighed deeply. “Majimena” The black haired boy introduced. “Now, we have workaholic student who I assume hasn’t slept for about 10 hours and hasn’t taken any food or water or even a bathroom break. I want you to use your quirk to make her do those things” Majimena explained. Shinso nodded and approached the pink haired girl that Majimena was talking about.

As Shinso and Majimena approached, they both realized that the girl was holding a small boy. “Look at this visor! It’ll be able to- !” The girl exclaimed but was quickly interrupted. “Please let go of the boy Hatsume” Majimena said, exasperated. Hatsume reluctantly let go of the boy, who Majimena rushed to his side. “What are doing?” Shinso questioned. “Oh! Just a- !” Hatsume tried to say but stopped as Shinso’s quirk started doing its work. “Get 8 hours of sleep, take a bath and eat the food and water that Majimena will give you” Shinso instructed. The girl with dark eye bags went to sleep on a couch in the corner of the room. “Good job. I’ll see you later” Majimena said as he walked the small boy and Shinso out of the workshop. Last Shinso saw of Majimena was when he sat down by Hatsume’s side.


Shai Negai arrived home tired and anxious. First, as he searched for Mubō he got kidnapped (?) by a scary looking girl in the support department. She got really close and it made uncomfortable, at that point he just wanted to leave without Mubō. Then some mysterious people appeared and saved him but they were also weird. Their wishes were at least.

The purple haired boy wanted to protect this other boy named Izuku and get into the hero course, which was unsurprising really. Shai was more worries about the first one. Who is Izuku and why did he need protection? Was he in U.A.?

But the other person was even weirder. Their wishes came in different colors, purple, green, and black.

The black ones read as:
-Hatsume would take care of herself
-Mubō and Mido stay a secret and safe
-Finished all my projects (with Nedzu, support, business and gen.)
-Stay out of the Hero Course and avoid… him

Shai: What? Why is Mubō involved? Who is Mido? Why do they need to be a secret especially Mubō? Why do they need to avoid the hero course and who is him? And support? Business? Gen.?

The purple ones read as:
-Go to Vegas
-Help the shy kid
-Keep our identities a secret
-Outride a train and a crocodile

Shai: Identities and secrets? Outride a train and a crocodile? This sounds really dangerous…

Finally, the green ones read:
-Help Shinso get into the hero course
-Make sure my alters stay hidden
-Become a hero
-Avoid ???

Shai: Shinso? Isn’t that the purple boy? Secrets again?! And why can’t I see that last word? Hm..

Shai was confused to say the least. He ended the day, mind feeling hazey.

Izuku bit his tongue as he walked up to Nedzu’s office.

Chapter Text

Izuku was doing a worksheet about a recent hostage situation that went sideways when Nedzu suddenly brought up something.

“Izuku, I’m sure you know about U.A.’s Unforeseen Simulation Joint” Nedzu said casually. Izuku nodded mindlessly. “Now, the hero course students will be taking a trip there” He continued. Izuku froze up at the mention of the hero class but continued to listen. “I want you to join them to analyze their quirks. You do need to study their quirks more closely” Nedzu finished. Izuku and his alters were taken aback. They were trying hard to avoid the hero course students and they had to join them on a trip?! Izuku shuffled nervously in his seat.

“We can’t really avoid this Mido. And anyways, we do need to study them” Majimena reasoned. Mubō nodded uncertainly in agreement.

“A-Alright. When will it be?” Izuku asked his mentor. Nedzu discussed the details to his student.


Izuku waited outside of the USJ building. He paced back and forth, worrying about everything and anything. His thoughts were interrupted though by Pro Hero Thirteen patting his shoulder reassuringly. Izuku sighed.

Finally the hero class of 1-A arrived and introductions were made.

“Students, this is the pro hero Thirteen. They will guide you all in USJ” Aizawa said tiredly. A few gasps and awe-struck faces as the pro hero introduced themselves. “And this is Izuku Midoriya. He is Principal Nedzu’s personal student and he is here to evaluate you and your quirks. Please treat them both with respect” Aizawa stated. Izuku studied the different students of 1-A.

‘Uraraka Ochaco, Todoroki Shouto, Jirou Kyouka, Aoyama Yuuga.. Bakugou Katsuki’ Izuku went through their names and quirks in his head and cringed as he thought of Bakugou. ‘And finally, Miru Subete. Subete’s quirk allows him to see everything. Example, he could be in Japan but he could see the things happening in Africa or America’ Izuku concluded.

Suddenly, a big black mist portal appeared and a myriad of villains stepped out of it. Then the portal took a more physical form. Aizawa warns his students and prepares for battle. Thirteen rushes to get the students out but is stopped by the portal mist man. “Nice to meet you. We are the League of Villains” Mist man explains. He continues to talk about how All Might‘s absence (Which Izuku already knew about as he stopped by Nedzu’s office in the morning and saw All Might there talking with Nedzu). He also revealed their plan to destroy the world’s symbol of hope and peace. Then, out of nowhere, Bakugou and who he thinks is Kirishima attack the mist man. They fall through and Mist man gets agitated and starts to circle around the students, intent on separating them to the different parts of the facility. Izuku ruffles through his bag and finds one of Majimena’s inventions. ‘Immunity’ he remembers and he uses it on the students, himself and Thirteen. When mist man stops he’s surprised to see all of them still there. “W-What happened?” Jirou, a student, asks. “An invention of mine called ‘Immunity’. It makes the user immune to any quirks and its effects” Izuku explained as he and Thirteen usher the students out of the building.

Uraraka tries to run out with the rest of her class but a villain with two knives pounces onto the girl. Uraraka tries to avoid his attacks but she’s so disoriented and can’t focus. Then someone with green hair takes one of the villain’s hits for Uraraka. ‘Nedzu’s student’ Uraraka’s mind supplied. She sees that his paper pale cheek is tainted with a thin red and bloody wound. He maneuvers the knives out of the villain’s hands without getting hurt and guides Uraraka towards the exit. It all came in a rush but Uraraka knew that she’s really thankful towards Nedzu’s student. She wonders about him as she runs back to her school.


As the students escape past mist man, Izuku is pulled back by Mubō. ‘Aizawa Is still there!’ Mubō says. ‘And villains!’ he adds as an afterthought. Izuku turns back and throws himself into the battle.

In this stressful situation, Izuku and his alters rapidly changed. As Mido climbed up a tree to jump onto the back of the villains Mubō takes control and jumps onto the villains with grace and a smile, effectively knocking them out. As he landed, the adventurous alter grabbed his bag full of notebooks, heavy homework and metal inventions. Then, he swung it around and around, knocking out any villains nearby.

As he hides in a bush to catch his breath, Majimena takes control. He brought out an unfinished project of his. A throwable taser that shocks everyone in the vicinity. As he threw it to the ground, it shocked at least half a dozen people. ‘A lot less than what it’s supposed to do but that’s just because it’s unfinished’ Majimena thought to himself. Then, using his favorite lighter, his vanta black one, he lights up multiple people. The smell of ash brings a smile to Maji’s face as he morphs into someone new.

Midoriya was lost when Majimena ‘blocked’ them out but he was suddenly in control as soon as he could see. So, using the skills he learned in his fighting classes, Izuku beat as many villains as he could. He looked towards Aizawa and noticed the hand man disintegrating Aizawa’s elbow. Midoriya ran to Aizawa’s aid, pushing the hand man off the teacher with incredible strength. Izuku wrapped some of Aizawa’s capture weapon around his decaying elbow. The short boy then helped Aizawa to his feet when..

“Noumu! Attack!” The Hand Man shouted. Izuku then rolled out of the way with Aizawa. The creature raised his hand again but Izuku and Aizawa roll out of the way. “Aizawa, there’s still the mist man. I saw that he has this metal brace, it’s probably what’s keeping him together. I think if you pin it down he can’t move anymore” Izuku said, giving Aizawa a trusting look. Aizawa nodded and went to the warp villain.

Izuku jumped away from the Noumu again and he let the energetic Mubō take over. Mubō dodged each of the Noumu’s attacks with perfection, leading it away from Aizawa and the villains.

Aizawa pursued the warp villain, avoiding his portals and trying to subdue the villain by his metal neck rings. It’s only when the erasure hero is about to fall into one of the warp villain’s portals that Aizawa finds an opening. Aizawa lets his scarf wrap around the villain’s metal brace and he brings himself up using that. He shoots up through the air and as he falls down he pins down the villain using his foot. He looks to where Izuku is, still leading the Noumu away but the boy does not notice a certain man-child sneaking up to him.

Mubō was having fun, the bird creature was so fun to dodge! Suddenly a pair of hands were on Mubō’s back. The boy thought it was Aizawa but the sharp pain shooting up his back said otherwise. Mubō turned back and saw the hand man’s creepy grin as he used his quirk on Mubō. Mubō’s uniform turned into dust and the skin on his back started to flake off, showing his muscle tissues that were quickly turning black. This distraction was also enough for Mubō to be caught by the Noumu. In panic, Mubō urged Izuku to take control. The first thing Izuku took note of what that the air was being squeezed out of him as the Noumu held him in a death grip. “Noumu! Put down the brat! I want to destroy him myself!” Hand man said eerily. Izuku was harshly dropped to the floor, the rocky ground hurting his wounds. Hand man brought his hand to Izuku’s face. A million thoughts rushed through Izuku’s head as he watched his oncoming doom. But suddenly the doors of U.A. burst open to reveal All Might. “Final-“ Hand man starts to say but is interrupted as All Might punches hand man across the room. All Might helps Izuku and Aizawa to the exit and prepares himself for battle. Hand man orders the Noumu to fight. The fight between All Might and the Noumu went on for forever. All Might was only able to win by the skin of his teeth, Izuku and his alters could tell. The door bursts open again, revealing the teachers of UA, prepared to fight the rest of the villains. With all of the heroes, the fight ends quickly. Hand man and the escaped mist man leave, making an ominous promise to be back.


Izuku frowned at his wounds. Thick bandages circled around his torso, covering his wounds from hand man’s quirk and the Noumu’s tight grip. Band-aids covered the and bruises on his body, even the one on his cheek from the knife-wielding villain. “Izuku, are you feeling any better?” Nedzu asked his student. Nedzu, along with a few other teachers, immediately went to Izuku’s aid after the attack, the boy losing blood due to his back wound. Izuku nodded. Inko Midoriya soon entered the room and started to talk to her son. “Izuku, I heard that you’ll be discharged tomorrow, after all you’ve been here for a while right” Inko asked. Izuku nodded as a man in a trench coat came in. The man introduced himself as Detective Tsukauchi and asked Izuku for the details about the incident which Izuku gave without a fuss. “We should just be thankful no one got severely hurt” Tsukauchi sighed and he left. Izuku left the hospital the next day and life went on as normal.


“Shigaraki, you failed” A rough voice said through a speaker.

“Yeah! I know! If it wasn’t for those insufferable-“ Shigaraki said, holding back his fury.

“This is your fault Shigaraki. Understand that and learn from your mistakes..” The voice said sternly. Shigaraki grunted.

“Sensei, if I may, I want to share with you some interesting observations from the attack” Kurogiri interrupted. The voice affirmed.

“There was a boy there and he seems interesting” Kurogiri said. “He was strong enough to hold himself well in battle, defeating a considerable amount of villains, and it seemed as if he didn’t use a quirk. He was also fast and agile enough to evade the Noumu’s attacks. And he’s not a student of the hero course, he was wearing a U.A. uniform” Kurogiri continued.

“Do you want to keep an eye on him Kurogiri?” The mysterious man asked the mist man. “Yes, I am curious as to who he is” Kurogiri answered. The mysterious man nodded and left Shigaraki and Kurogiri to their devices as the TV screen he was on went blank.

“He’s just another brat that ruined our plans” Shigaraki muttered. Kurogiri sighed as he cleaned his next glass.

Chapter Text

Bakugou’s angery, very angery. First, Deku skips class in junior high almost every other day. He has the gall to build up confidence, enough to try to ignore Bakugou while they were in junior high. Deku is supposed to be an extra! And Bakugou shouldn’t be worried about him! Then-Then! Deku shows up as ‘Nedzu’s Personal Student’. What the hell!? Deku shouldn’t be in U.A! Then, in USJ, villains come out of nowhere and attack them. But then that damned Deku saves them! Didn’t Bakugou tell him already he doesn’t need his help?! And he goes and plays hero while they run away like cowards. He doesn’t hear or see Deku after that. Not like he wants to…well he kinda does..

“Guys, what do you think of Nedzu’s student?” Uraraka asked her classmates one day. She remembered when Izuku saved her from the knife villain back at the USJ. “I’m not really sure. He looked plain” Asui answered. “But he did save us using that machine of his” Yaoyorozu responded. “Yeah! And he was so manly to go back and save Aizawa-sensei!” Kirishima shouted. “Yes, he was very responsible and he did ensure our safety” Iida said with a few hand chops (??) “What do you think Bakubro?” Kirishima asked Bakugou. “I DON’T CARE ABOUT STUPID DEKU!!” Bakugou yelled. “Deku? I thought his name was Izuku?” Uraraka asked. ”We should try to find him and thank him for helping us! And anyways, aren’t you all curious about him?” Uraraka said after a while. Everyone except Bakugou and Todoroki agreed. “You don’t need to worry about Nedzu’s student. He is perfectly fine and has other matters to attend to. Now, class time” Aizawa said, waltzing into the room inside of his yellow sleeping bag.


“Present Mic sir? Do you know who Izuku Midoriya is?” Kaminari asked the teacher just before he left. “Yeah! Izuku is the Principal’s personal student. Honestly the sweetest and smartest person I’ve ever met!” Present Mic replied. 1-A’s students exchanged a few looks.

Then, as soon as Present Mic left the class a bunch of students flooded into the entrance of 1-A’s doorway. “W-What’s going on?!” Uraraka shouted as she scanned the sea of students blocking their doorway. A few students complained but were interrupted by Bakugou. “They’re scoping out the enemy, small fry” Bakugou said to Mineta. “Cuz we’re the kids that survived a villain attack. Makes sense they’d want a look before the sports festival” Bakugou continued. “No point though. Move aside extras!” Bakugou growled. Iida tried to discipline Bakugou but he was interrupted by a voice in a crowd. “It’s true we came to get a look, but you sure are modest” (words from the manga im reading) Are all the kids in the Hero course like this?” A purple haired student said from the crowd. The student made his way to the front. “Gotta say, I’m a little disillusioned if this is what you’re offering” The purple haired student continued. “Those of us who don’t make the hero course are stuck in General Studies and other tracks. There are quite a few of us. Did you know that?” “Depending on the results of the Sports Festival..They might consider transferring us to the Hero Course” “I understand the reverse is also possible for you” “Scoping out the competition? For a general studies kid like me, This’ll be the perfect chance to knock you off your pedestals..”

“Consider this a declaration of war”

‘This guy is too daring!’ The students of 1-A all collectively thought.

Then, the purple boy’s blazer sleeve was being pulled.

“Shinso, you didn’t need to declare war on them. Let’s just go and eat recess already..” A small voice shook. Everyone looked at the small green boy gently pulling Shinso away. “Midoriya! There you are!” Uraraka said happily. The person in questions squeaked as he made eye-contact with the hero course students and he rushed away from the scene. Another person started talking again but Uraraka and friends ignored it in exchange of interrogating that Shinso boy.

“Excuse me, but do you know who that boy is?” Yaoyorozu asked the purple haired boy. “Uh, yeah? He’s my best friend and classmate?” Shinso answered uncertainly. “So he’s in General Education..” Yaoyorozu noted. “Do you know where we can find him?” Uraraka asked. “Uh, probably the cafeteria or the classroom” Shinso replied. The class started to part the sea of students and leave but Shinso stopped them. “Why do you need to find Midoriya?” The boy asked. “He saved us from the villains at USJ!” Uraraka answered cheerily as the students continued to stare in awe. The students of 1-A then headed to the cafeteria, intent on finding the viridian-eyed boy.


Izuku sighed and sat down at the corner of the cafeteria, waiting for Shinso. As Izuku mulled over his recess, the glorious 1-A burst through the doors, eyes scanning the room. Izuku ducked under his table desperate to get away from the hero class. Unfortunately, they had spotted him already and started to stomp over to his table. Swift as a fox, Izuku sped past the students and out of the cafeteria, leaving a confused 1-A behind. Izuku darts through the halls of the school before resting in UA’s vast library.

Izuku – 1
1-A – 0



Once again class 1-A was on the hunt. They scoured the lands of UA, finally cornering the poor boy in the secret greenhouse of the school.

“H-Hi..” Midoriya stuttered.

“Hello Midoriya! We just want to ask a few questions to know more about you!” Iida greeted. Izuku nodded slowly.

“What does it mean to be ‘Nedzu’s personal student’ ?” Sero asked first.

“Uh, I have p-private lessons with Principal Nedzu about q-quirk analysis” Izuku stammered.

“Why do the teachers know you?” Jirou interrogated.

“I g-get to i-interact with them as p-part of t-the l-lessons” Izuku answered.

“What’s your quirk? Kero” Asui croaked. Izuku froze up at that.

“Ah- Uh- Er-Uh- It’s hard to uh- erm- well” Izuku stuttered and stammered, unable to make actual words. Mubō in the meantime found the perfect escape. Taking control, he jumped up into the air and grabbed onto a hanging plant pot. ‘Sorry plant!’ Mubō thought as he upturned the pot and swung right behind the group. After a graceful landing, he ran, leaving the baffled 1-A in the dust. They tried following him, only to realize it was class time soon and Izuku had gone missing for the rest of the day.


The most recent and kinda scandalous chase when class 1-A raced out of the classroom even before their teacher could finish saying ‘Dismissed!’

“If only they were that fast in learning the lessons” The teacher sighed.

The class reached 1-C in record time, before Izuku could run. This time, 1-A prepared themselves and made sure that Izuku couldn’t run, even Todoroki and Bakugou was with them. When the students opened the doors a determined 1-A blocked the path, staring intensely at Izuku. “Midoriya, we just want to talk” Uraraka said, face and voice softening. Some students started to advance towards Izuku. Izuku looked around the room frantically, like a trapped hamster. Finally, his eyes land on the window and he readies himself. Shinso notices his look and is horrified at the Izuku’s desperation. “Izuku, please no we are on the third flo-“ Shinso pleads but is stopped by Izuku diving into the window, falling down three floors, away from 1-A. Everyone rushes to the windows and watches as Izuku breaks an ankle or two.


“I’m just happy I got away from the hero course” Izuku said as he sat in a bed in the infirmary, Shinso by his side. His left arm was covered in a cast and his right ankle was covered in bandages and an ice bag on it.

“I’m just happy you only got a broken ankle and arm and didn’t die or break all of your bones” Shinso said sarcastically.

“Well, we can’t have everything” Izuku replies. At that moment, Nedzu enters. The short principal dismisses Shinso and goes to talk to Izuku.

“Izuku, do you realize what you could have done instead of jumping out of that window?” Nedzu asks, smiling into his magically appeared tea.

“…I could have faced them head on and dismissed any uncomfortable questions..” Izuku answers, head down.

“What did you do though?” Nedzu continues to sip his tea.

“I jumped out of a window and injured myself..” Izuku responded.

“What did we learn here?”

“Don’t panic and face the problem head-on..” Izuku muttered sadly. Izuku didn’t know why he felt ashamed, it wasn’t like he was a child being scolded by a parent for eating out of the cookie jar just before dinner. And anyways the rat was smiling and sipping at tea, he didn’t sound like a parent or look like one. Izuku wondered what type of manipulation did Nedzu pull this time to make Izuku feel like this.

Then, the principal leaned towards Izuku’s cast with a marker and wrote.

‘Don’t panic and face the problem head-on’

“Just for you to remember next time!” Nedzu said and he left to do his principal duties. Izuku stared at his cast signature.


Recovery Girl was tired.

“You cannot meet Midoriya because he is bedridden, and that’s final” Recovery Girl ordered.

The entire class groaned. Recovery Girl sighed. ‘Aizawa, you need to get your kids under control’ The nurse thought as she prepared herself.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves! Pushing a student to go to such lengths just because you want to pry sensitive informations out of him! How shameful and unbecoming of you all!” Recovery Girl scolded 1-A. Chiyo knows that half of it is exaggerated but dammnit Aizawa this is supposed to be your job!

Class 1-A goes back to their class and stop searching for Midoriya Izuku. Much to the happiness of the green boy. And people (Midoriya) stopped crashing into windows and getting into trouble, much to the appreciation of Recovery Girl, Nedzu, Shinso and Aizawa.

Chapter Text

“Mubō, what happened to your arm?” Shai, Mubō’s friend, asked him, eyeing the cast on the boy’s arm. “Aww, it’s nothing. But it’s cool, isn’t it? I wonder if I’ll get a scar..” Mubō said, tracing the cast with his finger. Shai knitted his eyebrows together and decided to ask more, unfortunately..

“Good morning class!” Their teacher shouted as they entered the room. Class was starting.


“Alright Class, dismissed!” 1-J’s teacher announced.

“Yipee!! Friday!!” Mubō exclaimed to his seat mate and friend, Shai Negai.

“So Shai, what do you wanna do after school? Eat ice cream? Bungee-jumping? Raid Area 51? I personally like the last one-“

Shai interrupted Mubō’s rambling. “Ah, I was thinking of doing our h-homework” he said, almost whispering at the end.


Mubō could saw Shai’s honey brown eyes through his hair. They looked back to the cast.

“Well, that’s fine. Anything you like. After that though-“ Mubō’s face lit up again and he continued to ramble. Shai gave a sigh of relief and continued to listen to one of Mubō’s exaggerated-to-the-point-where-it-doesn’t-sound-real stories.


Mubō and Shai sat around a table, doing their work. The almost silent was filled with the sounds of scratching pencils and the humming A/C.

“Done!” Mubō announced, disrupting the silence. The reckless boy laid down on the table and flipped through his notebook. He looked up to check on Shai, only to see the distress on his friend’s face.

“Having a hard time Shai?” The purple haired boy asked. “O-Oh! I-It’s nothing. There just seems to be a problem with some of these parts..” He replied and pointed towards one of the problems. “Click-Through Rates aren’t like this and the conversion paths are mixed up..”

“You’re right! Ugh, now I need to do everything all over again!” Mubō groaned and he flopped onto the floor. “Uhm, well, we can’t solve anything if we don’t fix the problems in the homework first. But..” Shai said while fiddling with his fingers. A lightbulb brighter than the sun lit up on Mubō’s head. “Then we’ll just fix them! Come on!” And the both of them crowded around the papers.

“This one needs to be interchanged to make sense right?” “Yeah”
“How about we recalculate for the Churn Rate?”
“The bounce rate range is 14- 25%, and the Engagement rate is 37.67%. Please get the ratios?” “Again?”
“Can we remake the chart?”
“If only 34 out of 50 people subscribe, then 5 hard bounce while 11 soft bounce...What’s the amount of people who unsubscribed?” “On it”


“Finally! Done..” Mubō sighed. Shai hummed in response. Suddenly, a growl rang through the room. “I’ll go make us some snacks” Shai chuckled. “I’ll help! The more people, the quicker it’ll be finished!” Mubō said, standing up to join Shai in the kitchen.

“Oh, no. Y-You’re my guest. I-I should do it by myself.” Shai objected. “Naw, let me help. It’ll be more fun!” Mubō rebutted.
“I’m gonna do it either way.”
Shai shut up and walked into the kitchen with Mubō.


It quickly became a mess. What was supposed to be a fun cookie party became a disaster only comparable to a natural disaster. Trays of unidentifiable burnt pastries lined up on the kitchen island, grease and batter caked the counters, the cupboard were ravaged with broken cups and shattered bowls, smoke from the oven flowed out in curls. And in the midst of it all, stood Mubō holding an apple in his hand. Shai, who was lying on the floor, mumbled something.

“W-What happened? How did it come to this?”

“Asking the real questions. I should probably never cook again, for the sake of the world. It looks like hurricane Katrina blew through here.”

“You mean hurricane tortilla..” Shai noted as he popped a discarded tortilla chip into his mouth.

“I’m going out. All this smoke is making me sick..” Mubō coughed and he stepped out of the room. Shai didn’t respond and continued to lay on the ground.