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Just Don’t Let Me Disappear (I’mma tell you everything...)

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1. Not a distraction anymore


Tony’s lab was a distraction for everything. He focuses his thoughts and energy on his never ending tinkering. Tinker on his suits, new technology and protection. It calms his greatest enemy. No it’s not Thanos -well, sure he was one of them- but it was his own mind. Tony Stark had a brilliant mind but it had flaws. Plenty of them. 

When that web-slinging vigilante crawled his way through that awfully small hole in the billionaire’s life, Lab wasn't really a distraction anymore.  

”Hey, Mr Stark.” The kid entered the lab with a backpack slung around his left shoulder.  

”Hey, kid. Check this out.” Tony said in a somehow cheerful voice. Huh, That was weird. Yes, He does ’Cheerful’ but sometimes it was faked. But now, it was real.


Peter smiled when he walked over beside the man. Tony switched the switch and suddenly on top of the desk, there's a blue, escutcheon shaped energy shield.

”Woah...” Peter gaped in awe, ”You modulated the energy output from the arc reactor then channel the lower power setting.”

”Yep.” Tony said popping the ’P’ then the shield gone off. ”But it will only last for awhile.”

”Awesome. Instead of a repulser blast, energy shield.”


That is one of the plenty of things that impressed Tony about this kid. Just one look, Peter could identify what is happening to an experiment. Also added example or instances, where he pointed out the Captain America shield, doesn't follow the laws of physics. Which is true, the shield follows the law of elastic collision which means that is can go forwards without losing speed but a shield that exhibits that, can't bounce. Sometimes it bounces but sometimes it doesn't. Yeah. The world is weird but it doesn't necessarily matter. (a/n Haha, that’s what Marvel is, right?)

The kid is smart, funny and had an amusing wit. It was hard to believe someone like him managed to be in one of the most dangerous place and to see that it wasn’t all bad but cool.

Tony had trust in his that once danger comes he could protect himself or he would be the one to warn due to his enhanced senses. The kid is Spider-man for crying out loud.

Well, He wasn’t invincible that’s what worried him. He never deserved something brutal for the future…

“Newton’s third law of motion.” Tony read over his glasses before fixing it and going back to the arc reactor.

“There is equal and opposite reaction in every action. Easy.” Peter replied.

Not at all, he would deserve that…  

Tony nodded. “Bernoulli’s?”

“The pressure decreases as the speed of a moving fluid increases.”

“All eponymous laws that starts with Zebra.”

“There’s no-“

“I’m messing with ya, kid. Starts with ‘Z’.” 

“Zawinski’s and Zipf’s. Done!”

Tony dropped the notebook on the table and ruffled the kid’s hair. “Good job, kid. No doubt that you would pass the finals.”

Peter beamed. “Thanks, Mr Stark.”

Now, with Peter, lab was different…


Well… Sometimes Tony is just Tony. Curiosity getting the best of him…

“Ow! What the- Mr Stark!” He whined as he rubbed the sore part on his left side.

Tony eyed him curiously with a micro drill bit in his hand. “Seriously? Nothing?”

Peter shot him a ‘Ya serious now man?’ look. “No!”

Bruce laughed. “H-He do that to me too.”

“Well… It did tingle.”

The billionaire raised a brow. “But you ignored it?”

“Yes..wait -No, It’s like it was saying, ‘Hey dude, This guy is about to come up behind you probably do something but he wasn’t a threat at all, but hey don’t say, I didn’t warn you’.”

Both Tony and Bruce blinked at the lengthly explanation.

The kid glanced at them before explaining himself again, “It just tingled a little.”

“Oh!” They said unison as Peter rolled his eyes.

Peter was a good company for him. Not that Bruce wasn’t a good company but someone young and can keep up with this two men was impressive. Plus his nonstop fanboying and awestruck was amusing.

Lab just felt so different…


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