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Squad Goals

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How they started meeting up, none of them really remember. Maybe it was the night they all ended up sneaking out of their houses to go down to the McDonald's that hardly anyone ever went to. It was early morning, the McDonald's just opening it's dine in area, when they all began to trickle in.

The first one there was Bakugou, with a black left eye, the bruising looking far too fresh.

The second one had been Todoroki, with his arms wrapped up and burns peaking around the edges.

Third was Momo, with her face tear stained and several bruises scattered around on her face and forearms.

Then came Midoriya, biceps bruised darkly in the shape of hand prints and a wrapped wrist.

Followed by Denki, a few burns scattered on his collarbone and over the backs of his hands.

None of them asked what happened to each other. They simply piled into a booth with their respective food. Bakugou and Todoroki shared a side of the booth, shooting a grim smile at each other. Denki, Midoriya and Momo shared the other side, huddled together with their shoulders brushing lightly.

"Why don't we go see a movie today?" Bakugou had suggested it, voice calm and collected in a way the others hadn't heard before.

"Maybe that new animated one?" Midoriya pipped up, eyes bright with interest and hope.

"I like animated movies." Denki shrugged before taking a bite of his sandwich.

"I do enjoy animated movies myself," Momo said quietly. She had been picking at her hashbrown with hesitation, but she picked up her Egg McMuffin after she spoke and began to eat it.

Bakugou looked at Todoroki to get the other's input.

"I took my old man's card so it can be my treat," Todoroki spoke as he pulled said card from his pocket and held it between two fingers. He took a bite out of one of his breakfast burritos then.

Bakugou whistled and snatched the card up to examine it. Todoroki only shrugged at the card being snatched. "How much is on this bad boy?" Bakugou asked.

"A lot," Todoroki replied. "And as long as I put it back into his wallet before tonight, he won't know anything about us using it."

"Todoroki," Midoriya started to reprimand.

"You are not ruining this with your morals speech, nerd," Bakugou interrupted before Midoriya could continue. "Half and half's father is a dickhead, but he's a rich dickhead and I am using that to my advantage."

"I'm more than happy to buy you guys anything you want with this card," Todoroki said as he took it when Bakugou handed it back. "I hate the man, so I don't give a damn about using all of his money on this. He won't report me to the authorities if he finds out because it will backfire on him."

Momo shifted slightly and shook her head a bit. "I don't think it's right," she said softly.

"Is it right that Todoroki's father did that?" Denki asked as he gestured to Todoroki's bandaged arms. The table went silent for a moment, the reality setting in. "I say we use the bastard's card as much as possible today. It's not like he needs that much money anyways," Denki finally added.

Todoroki looked over the card once more before a small smirk tugged on his lips. "I like your idea, Kaminari."

Midoriya and Momo both still looked hesitant. Their gazes were pulled to Bakugou as the blond leaned forward.

"Are you two idiots? You can have anything you want with this money. Comic book stacks and tea galore. The outfits you've been eyeing for weeks. Video games and sweets. We need to do this." Bakugou's voice was full of energy and encouragement. "We have to use this money while we have the chance to."

Midoriya cracked first, eyes glittering again. "We can really get anything?" He asked hopefully.

"Anything," Todoroki emphasized.

"Okay," Momo finally gave in. A small smile was tugging at her pale lips. "I always have to go through my parents if I want to buy something. This will be...nice?" Her voice was unsure at the end.

"This will be the best day in all of history!" Denki declared. It was a good thing that the McDonald's was still otherwise empty besides the employees, or someone would have had a complaint about Denki's outburst.


"How do we look?" Denki asked from behind his folding fan that read 'no' on the side facing Bakugou and Todoroki.

Bakugou covered his mouth too keep from laughing as he saw what the other three were wearing. Todoroki let out a quiet snort beside him.

The three had found full body onesies. Denki was wearing a Pikachu one, Midoriya was wearing a green bunny one, and Momo was wearing a Stitch one. Midoriya and Momo had folding fans that matched Denki's that they had flipped open in unison.

"Where did you even find those?" Bakugou asked, still trying to hold back his laughter.

"Over in the pajamas section," Midoriya replied as he closed his fan. "Do ya think I can do this to my father the next time he talks to me?" He then struck a dorky pose as he flicked the fan open again.

"Oh, maybe with some sunglasses on too," Momo said thoughtfully. After she spoke, both Bakugou and Todoroki erupted into laughter.

"Oh my god," Bakugou choked out between his laughter. Todoroki had a hand pressed to his face as he giggled.

"Midoriya, you broke them!" Denki exclaimed dramatically. It only aided in making the duo laugh harder.

Midoriya dropped his pose and laughed softly. "Whoops," he said playfully as he scratched the back of his head through the hood of the onesie.

"We have to buy those," Bakugou said breathlessly after he finally got his laughter under control. "Show me where the others are. Half and half and I need our own."

The three who were already in onesies perked up and hurried to show the other two where they had found the onesies. After some discussion, they picked a penguin onesie for Todoroki and a Grinch onesie for Bakugou.

The other three got changed out of their onesies first before the full group trotted up to the cash register.

"Have a nice day!" The lady at the register called as the group moved to leave the store then. The bulky bag was held in Todoroki's hand as he and Bakugou trailed behind the other three.

"Can we go see the movie now?" Midoriya asked hopefully as he glanced back at the other two. His eyes were practically glittering in the sunlight.

"Yeah, please?" Denki begged, walking backwards to keep his gaze on Bakugou and Todoroki. Bakugou had to run forward to grab Denki's wrist and tug the other to the side before he ran into a pole. "Thanks Bakugou!"

"The movie starts soon, and the movie theater isnt far away," Momo added thoughtfully. She glanced back at Bakugou and Todoroki, but that gave them both enough time to know that she was hopeful too.

"Yeah," Bakugou sighed.

"We can go now," Todoroki finished.


Midoriya waved to the others before he disappeared around the side of his house. He had bags hanging off both his arms, like everyone else, with the things he had bought that day.

Bakugou and Todoroki escorted the other two back to their homes then, small smiles on their faces.

Now they were walking beside each other in a comfortable silence.

Bakugou began to wonder if this would ever happen again. Most of him really wanted it to. It was nice to hangout with people he knew understood what he was going through and didn't ask for him to talk about it. It was nice to forget. Even if it was just for one quiet Saturday.

"I'll make a group chat after I return my old man's card," Todoroki spoke up, as if he had read Bakugou's mind. "I think we could all use another day like this."

Bakugou felt his lips tug themselves into a soft smile. "Yeah," he agreed quietly. "I think so too."