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Mutual Amelioration

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Gwen Stacy was sure that, once upon a time, she had been silly enough to imagine that life after college would get easier.  There wouldn’t be classes with professors breathing down her neck, after all - she would have more time for web-slinging and crime fighting.

Except that gig didn’t pay the bills and she had taken those classes for a reason.  Like, perhaps ... to put them to use. 

So now a boss was breathing down her neck instead of a professor.  And, by all accounts, her professors had liked her a whole lot better than her current boss did.

John Jameson, chief editor of The Daily Bugle, was not an easy man to please.  He demanded a lot of every employee, but Gwen had made the special mistake of pissing him off during a staff meeting.  He had been railing loudly against Spider Woman, and she had dared to suggest that the vigilante was actually helping the city and that she, for one, slept a little easier knowing the lady was out there.  A few heads had nodded in agreement with her, but she was the one who’d actually spoken up to disagree with him. He had yet to forget it.

So not only did he hate her as Spider Woman, but he kept a close eye on her as Gwen Stacy, too.  Her work didn’t leave a lot to complain about, however; she pumped out articles as needed. Hell, she’d even managed to snap some surprisingly high-quality photos of the swinging vigilante - wink! - and those issues had sold like hotcakes. 

So she wasn’t exactly living in constant fear of being fired, but she had a lot of rough days at the office.  She liked it, though - really.  Gwen had grown up fantasizing about traveling the world reporting on the biggest news. The Daily Bugle wasn’t work on that sort of scale, of course, but at least it was in the same realm.  Everything else in her world had been one mess or surprise after the other; at least this was something she’d chosen for herself ages ago.

But it was hard, and in her childhood fantasies it had not been hard.  It had been exciting and exotic and full of new, interesting friends at every turn.

Her life as Spider Woman was extraordinary enough.  She supposed it was only fair that her actual real-life career was more on the mundane side.

At least it was satisfying more than it was bad. 

But it was still a dragging week, and it wasn’t even Friday yet. One more day of heading into the office to face the scrutiny. Then it would be the weekend.

Gwen’s weekends were not that of the typical, bright twenty-something, but at least she was free to do what she pleased when she pleased.  Maybe she would actually take a weekend off, though.  She hadn’t had a completely quiet weekend with zero night patrol in some time, now, but she could think of a few things to do.

“One more day,” she repeated and let herself into her third floor apartment with a sigh.

Gwen’s apartment was nothing amazing, but it was more spacious than the first place she’d rented and it suited her well. She was able to furnish a living room, which adjoined her modest but functional kitchen.  Living in a loft meant that her bedroom wasn’t actually separate from her other rooms, but she’d strategically set up slatted partitions so that her bed would feel more private when she had visitors. 

Most importantly, the place was hers and hers alone.  She had chosen it, she had filled it.

Hers.  A place of relaxation even when the world was being shitty.

If only she didn’t have a feeling.

It had been accompanying her for some time now, a gnawing weight in her belly she couldn’t fully shake.  Like she was forgetting to do something.   She just hadn’t figured it out yet.

Relaxing for the coming weekend was sounding better and better by the moment...

“Hiya, Blondie,” a cheerful voice greeted her just as she neared her bedroom.

Gwen started and took an involuntary step back even though she knew that voice.  She was just glad she didn’t yelp in surprise.  She had clearly been too caught up in her thoughts to sense another presence in the apartment, and that was mildly disconcerting to her.

She stalked closer to her bedroom.

“Took you forever to come back tonight...”

There, laying on her bed with his ankles crossed and his arms folded behind his head, was Wade Wilson in full Deadpool regalia.

Funny enough, she knew she shouldn’t be surprised.

“What are you doing?”

“I came to seduce you,” he was happy to report. “I was being cuter earlier - full on Bert Reynolds.”

At this, he twisted onto his side and propped his head on his hand.


“But then you took. Too. Long. So I got more comfy.”

He returned to his lazier, supine position.


“Ugh, that tone..."

Yes.  There he lay on her down comforter griping like she was the real issue.  She still wasn’t fully surprised, but she wasn’t resigned quite yet either.

“How do you even get in here?”

She came and went through the windows of her apartment regularly, but she otherwise left them locked when she used the door like a normal gal. He did not have a key to her place.  Or, at least, she had not given him a key and he better not have made himself one behind her back.

“Why concern yourself with details?”

A typical sort of answer for Deadpool, treating breaking and entering like it was akin to strolling into the laundry mat.  He’d done this before and she knew it really wasn’t okay.  They should have better boundaries than this...

Except that Gwen knew Wade was not a threat to her. He just wasn’t. He was a dangerous person, in general, sure. He liked to stir the pot - any pot - and meddle in what didn’t concern him, but he never showed up to cause her any harm. 

“You need to stop doing this...”

“Then how am I suppose to see your smiling face?”

“Did you break your phone again?”

He was not known for taking exceptional care of his belongings.

“Nope,” he popped the p.’  “I still got you on speed dial, don’t you worry.”

“So did you forget how to use it?” she planted her hands on her hips, determined to make a point.

“Oh,” he cooed and immediately sat up. “Bossy Gwen is coming out.”

It didn’t matter that his mask was in place.  She could hear the leer in his voice as he stood.

“Wade,” the blonde sighed and dropped her hands to her sides.

“No, no, no - gimme a lecture,” he continued to stalk closer.  “You can tell me I’ve been bad; I don’t mind.”

He reached her and scooped her hands up to place back onto her hips.

“I’ll be even naughtier if you want...”

“Cut it out,” Gwen stepped back and dropped her hands again.

“What?” he matched her step.  “You don’t like me when I’m naughty?”

He took another step, which she retreated from, and then another.  She was annoyed, but her mouth betrayed her when the corner ticked up like she wanted to smirk.

“Aw, of course you do...”

Gwen’s back met the doorframe to her bathroom.  Stuck.  Wade placed a hand on her stomach to guide her to the side so she stood flush against the wall instead.  More stuck.

“What’re you doing here, Wade?” Gwen tried again, resolutely ignoring the swirling heat resulted from his hand on a vulnerable part of her.

“I told you!  I wanna seduce you...”

“I’m tired,” she slumped more fully against the wall and rested her head back upon it.

“I’ll do all the work,” he happily offered and slid his hands over her hips.  “You can just hang on for the ride.”

Movement under his mask suggested he was waggling her eyebrows at her.  It was times like that when it was still easy to picture the pre-cancer Wade flirting shamelessly and confidently at every turn.  He had been obnoxious and dark then, too, though admittedly less tortured.

“As much as I just love being asked to be passive in bed - I need a shower.”

Wade grumbled in a whiney fashion under his breath and shook her hips lightly.

“How about a bath?” she amended.

His head perked up from his put-on pouting.

“You mean I’m invited?”

“ long as you’re not a menace,” Gwen narrowed her eyes.

“Best behavior,” he promised, raising his hands in innocence.

His fingers were crossed on both hands.  

Gwen tutted and smacked him lightly on the chest.

“Not a deterrent,” he simply chirped.  “You know I like it rough.”

That got the tiniest of smirks out of Gwen, but she only slipped by him to head into the bathroom. There, she twisted on the water and started to unbutton her shirt once it was a descent temperature.  Out in the main room she could hear rustling and the snapping of clips that meant Deadpool was dressing down.

“Did you really have to come with all of that?” she moved back to the door to see him setting his gun belt on top of her dresser, where he had already propped his katanas.

He didn’t answer immediately but looked up from wiggling off a boot to wolf-whistle at her.

“Can’t be too careful,” he then went on.

Gwen considered him and supposed this was true.  He was controversial at best, and his personal vendetta against Weapon X was no less shady than the paid mercenary work he still took-on.  She felt sad for that, suddenly, and it must have shown.

That damn feeling...

“Whattcha staring at?  And don’t stop with the stripping,” he waved impatiently at the unbuttoned blouse she hadn’t fully shed yet.

Yes, he must have caught something on her visage that he didn’t want aimed at him because he was usually more likely to put on a display if attention was on him instead of distract away from himself.

But she didn’t push anything.  Instead, she allowed the deflection and shook her shirt off of her shoulders so it fell to the floor.  His soft growl of approval was guttural, and to hell if that didn’t coil some of that warmth in her gut a bit tighter.  His eyes lingered on the black bra she wore even as he fumbled with his second combat boot.  When he teetered precariously, she chuckled and disappeared further into the bathroom.

“Booo!” his shout followed her.  “What about my strip tease?”

Gwen bit her lip to stop herself from telling him to keep it down lest he take it as a dare to catch a neighbor’s attention.  He just couldn’t help himself sometimes.  And she didn’t need to deal with complaining neighbors on top of everything else, did she?  She already had patrols by night and Jameson to deal with by day.  If she had to put up with annoyed or perverted glances from other tenants in the hallways, she might snap.  She took a few moments to imagine laying into Ms. Phillips one floor down who was always complaining about something already.

Shaking this away, she bent forward to turn the tap off.

There was no point in worrying about something that hadn’t happened yet. Besides, even if she wanted to, there was virtually no talking Deadpool out of being there now that he’d settled himself in.

“Aw, what the hell,” he complained upon entering the bathroom to see her still standing there in fitted black pants and a bra.

He himself was already naked besides his mask.

“Quit complaining and get in,” she bossed. 

Through she tried to sound annoyed with him, she raked her eyes along his form. 

By now she was used to the mottled and uneven skin.  It had, truthfully, been alarming at first sight, and she had even been hesitant to touch him.  This had been less due to the Freddy Krueger likeness as Wade claimed and because she thought she would hurt him.  It had taken her a while to understand that the skin was not raw like it appeared - no, it had just healed in gnarled fashion.  By now she trusted he wasn’t lying or putting on a brave face.  It was much easier, these days, to look beyond this outermost layer and appreciate instead what it covered.  He was still thickly muscled and cut and, at the moment, sporting a semi-chub.

“You better still be joining,” he pointed a stern finger at her that she did not take seriously.

But he didn't continue arguing and stepped into the hot water.  Then he sunk in to sit with a comfortable groan.  Gwen wanted in, too, so she unbuttoned her pants and peeled them away while trying not to be amused with the quiet chant of “uh-huh, uh-huh” from Wade or the hiss of “yes” when her underwear followed.

“Want help with the rest?” he offered lecherously, fingers dancing impatiently on the edge of the tub.

“I’m sure I can do it faster,” she chortled, reaching behind herself.

“And she questions my skills,” he sat back in a huff.

His head remained tilted in a way that allowed him to watch, however.

Indeed, Gwen made short work and dropped away her bra, allowing the weight of her breasts to settle freely.  They were not overwhelming but were ample enough.  Their reveal generally elicited a comment from Wade, but his lips remained petulantly silent just now. She saw this for what it was, so it didn’t cause her shame for her nudity.  She did feel intimidated by Wade’s physique on occasion - something he did not believe due to his personal perception laying emphasis on his skin - but he’d shown enough unyielding interest in her and encouraged such reckless abandon in general that she rarely felt abashed with him.

“You don’t need that, you know.”

Her voice was light but admonishing while she forced her hair up in a knot, and then she reached to trace a finger along the neck of his mask.   He didn’t comment until she took his silence for indifference and curled a finger under the hem.

The water splashed a bit when he reached up to snatch her wrist.

“I know I don’t,” he finally answered her statement, though he didn’t look up toward her.  “I want it today.”

He did take the mask off around her at times, but a massive part of him still really didn’t like to.  The essential loss of his face was more identity-marring than any other part of his disfigurement, so many of his insecurities hinged there.  He’d said aloud before that he’d rather she remember his original visage.  He had even insisted that he didn’t mind if she wanted to pretend that was still the face that laid behind the mask that bit she did not believe.

“Now c’mon, c’mon; I wanna stare straight at your rack,” he waved her toward the other side of the tub.  “Unless you wanna stand there all day,” he added and reached for her bare thigh. 

“I want to sit with you,” she batted his hand away and leant forward to nudge his bent knees a little further apart to make room for herself.

“Well spread my legs and call me Kristi...”

“Kristi?” Gwen cocked a brow.

“The Manhattan Madame?  Maybe you’re too young to remember...”

“I’m not surprised you remember” she retorted honestly while letting his hands guide her down to nestle comfortably between his thighs.

Wade shifted himself and wedged her in close.  Certainly close enough that she could feel his hardening length against her back.  He gave another soft, contented groan and circled his arms around her while she relaxed against his chest.

“You feel good, Blondie,” he nuzzled his face into the juncture of her neck and shoulder, his mask rough but not quite irritating.

“Mmhmm,” Gwen rested her eyes and tried to let her muscles loosen up.

The water had previously risen under Wade’s pecs but now rose around Gwen’s collar bones where she’d slouched herself in against him.  The water was bordering on too hot but felt great.  This should help her.


Without opening her eyes, Gwen caught the hand that was sliding down from stomach toward her crotch.

A finger had brushed the line of curls leading South before she stopped him, and he tutted at his failure.

“It’s too quiet.  I wanna make you sing,” he twitched his hips her way.

“Let me relax.”

“Oh, I can make you feel good...” he squeezed her middle.

“I know you can,” she agreed, voice soft.

His hands traveled North to her chest, then, and his touch was light on her breasts.  After a few moments it then became more of a massage ...and then he tweaked and rolled her nipples with purpose.  She gave a soft whimper at the unexpected changed in pressure, to which his cock gave a minor twitch, but she brushed his hands off again.

“Ugh,” he was dramatic again.  “You’re killin’ me...”

“Just wait.”

She left off the ‘please’ because she wasn’t inclined to begging - though Wade did so love to push her to that point sometimes and, okay, in suitable circumstances she did like it a bit, too.  It turned out there must have been enough of a plea in her tone because he didn’t try to bargain or banter this time.

Instead, he allowed the quiet. 

When the water shifted and dripped again it was because he’d brought his hands up to her shoulders.  He squeezed and massaged.  Gwen moaned softly when his thick fingers dug into the back of her neck, and then he did give a short grunt in response.  Usually touching her that way was possessive and sexual, but he didn’t make further moves.

Still wordless, he flattened a hand between her shoulder blades and pressed her forward so he could trail these ministrations a little further along her spine.  Gwen wanted to go limp, then.  Instead, she drew her knees up further so she could rest her arms there and lean forward onto them to give him more room.  Wade didn’t voice a complaint but did pause the massage to grasp her hips and move her back more tightly against his groin to fix the gap she’d inadvertently created.  She smiled silently where her head rested on their folded forearms.

His hands were strong as they kneaded along her spine and dug into muscle.  It made her want to be sleepy but was actually quite arousing.

The water had gone from hot to warm by the time he wasn’t so much massaging as tracing her spine or chasing water droplets on her skin.

“...are you drawing?” she guessed after a minute or two of this lighter touch.

“Already drew a massive dick I’m just adding classy, light shading to some boobs,” he broke his silence since she had invited it.

Gwen snorted.

“Part of the same picture?”

“Of course.  Titty fucking is a thing even if it’s not your bag of fun...”

Chuckling, she straightened and fished his hands away so she could lean against him and tuck his arms around her once more.

“Thank you, Wade,” she twisted to kiss his bicep.  “That felt nice.”

“I get it,” he sounded breezy and overly-rueful.  “Baby girl is havin’ a hard week...”

“Mmhmm ...I have a feeling,” she added.

“Like an orgasmic feeling?” his fingers tickled lightly on her side and he shifted his hips again as if to remind her his dick was still there.

As if she couldn’t feel it.

“No, just a bad feeling - it won’t go away...”

He stilled.

“Anybody I need to kill?”

She knew the genuineness of that offer should make her mad - comments like this from him did usually bother her these days.  But today it didn’t.

“No, nothing like that.”

His arms squeezed around her again, and she expected another comment about making her feel good, but he let it go for the moment.

“How’re you?” she asked, then.  “I haven’t seen you around in a while.”

“Been outta town for a job.”

“Oooo, where?”

“I  could tell you but I’d have to kill you,” he growled in what he liked to call his work voice.’

“Oh come on,” she shook his knee.


“Canada?  Canada’s huge, and you couldn’t just tell me that?”

She fought the urge to roll her eyes at his (possibly warranted) secrecy.  Then she remembered he couldn’t see her face so she did it anyway.

“I gotta keep the mystery alive, Blondie.  Don’t I?”

“You’re mysterious enough.”

She felt more than heard him chuckle in response.

“Were you gone on the job this whole time?”

It had been nearly three weeks since they’d lounged around his apartment with pizza boxes trying to puzzle out some of Weapon X’s recent movements.  And, okay, they’d gotten naked a few times, too.

“Yup.  Lotta recon.  I’m not all brawn ...mostly, though,” he flexed his arms around her again as proof.

She huffed at the squeeze that was too-tight this time.

“You should tell me when you leave for work -- I worry sometimes.”

“Aw, you were worried?” his voice rose to an octave that suggested that any remaining seriousness had left the conversation.  

“Shut up.”

“That why you got all bossy-pants with me when I showed up?  Masking your emotion,” he continued crooning as if he could talk about masking feelings with any high ground.  “You know I can’t get killed out there.”

She certainly did know.  She’d seen him die a few times herself, after all. 

“That’s not the only thing that could happen worth worrying about.”

He didn’t respond immediately, perhaps seeing if she would do the honors of making a quip to bring them back up to shallower water from that comment.  She didn’t.

“You gettin’ soft on me, Spidey?” he dipped a hand low onto her stomach to press her tightly to him.

She was a bit worked up from the massage by that time and pressure that low on her body felt divine.  Gwen only shook her head in denial and reached to her side to give his thigh a squeeze.  This elicited an appreciative hum just behind her ear, and his hand tightened a fraction further where it sat against her pelvis.

“Did I wait long enough?”

His voice was a whisper, but Gwen heard him loud and clear so she nodded.


Gwen gasped as he continued to press against the heat pooling in her belly.

“Yeah,” she gave a verbal answer.

She felt him relax around her. The hand on her stomach released her so his fingers could search lower and slip between her legs.  His other calloused hand reached for the drain and yanked out the plug.  The lukewarm water began to drawn away, leaving coolness in its wake against the skin.  Gwen only half noticed, as the hand between her legs hadn’t stilled.  Wade’s fingers worked diligently as if he wasn’t quite convinced that she’d given up her quest for languid relaxation.

“You still need to sit in the tub?” he checked with a casual air, never mind that two of his fingers were inside her slowly stroking.

Goose bumps now covered her entirely and she shivered.

“MmmMmm,” she shook her head, hands now gripping both of his thighs.

“Thank fuck..”

He released her and gathered his feet underneath him.  Before Gwen could do the same, Wade’s arm snaked under and behind her to lift her straight up.  Her momentary fear that he would slip on wet tile was swiftly expelled, for he made quick time back into her bedroom where he dropped her back to her feet at the foot of her bed.  Another shiver danced down her spine, so she made to pull him back close to her again.  He ignored her and leaned past her to grab the top blanket off her bed and give it a hearty tug until it tumbled onto the floor.

A fresh spike of annoyance hit her before he gave her a sharp shove so that she’d fell onto her bed. Part of her - a quite minuscule, distant corner of her - figured she ought to be indignant about the bodily treatment.  She didn’t need to be manhandled.  Except that this was Wade and this was promising a downright pleasurable time.  She was never scared of him, not even when she sort of wanted to be.

As she thought this, Wade fetched the discarded comforter and unfurled it up into the air so it fell over her.  Before she even processed being grateful for the warmth it was going to provide, Wave had flicked the bottom of the blanket up so he could dive underneath.  Then, all at once, it was apparent that he had also lifted the bottom of his mask because his mouth began to devour her core without warning.

“Oh,” she threw her head back and dropped her legs open further to accommodate him.

His hands bracketed her hips, messaging and digging at the flesh while also tipping her up for better access.  His tongue was wide and wet and warm, and lord ...did he ever know just where to bestow his attention and suckle at her flesh.

“Wade...” his name fell from her lips even though she knew - knew - he might then feel compelled to respond.

“You need somethin’?” he peeled his lips away from her.

“N---mmm,” she cut herself off when he slipped fingers back inside of her in lieu of his mouth. “No,” she panted.

“No?” his tone lilted and he stilled altogether.

Annoyed, she yanked the blanket up to peek down into the darkness at him.

“I ... ...I’m not sure there’s a good way to answer,” she admitted after opening her mouth to retort and get him to continue.

Wade snickered and twisted his masked head to bite her inner thigh.  Her leg twitched, but she refrained from clutching his head lest he use it as an excuse to nip at the tender flesh again.

“You could use your manners,” his voice trilled up to her.

Gwen forced her body to relax back into the bed and not to rebel. 

“Please, Wade...”

If foreplay had begun the moment they’d started undressing, she was more than ready now.

“Hmmm,” he laid an open-mouthed kiss against her clitoris.  “Maybe manners aren’t what I wanted,” he continued, though his fingers picked up their movement inside of her again. “Maybe I need a little dirty talk...”

Gwen knew he might not shut up for some time, so she reached under the blanket for his head and directed his face back to her.

“Oh, bossy Spidey is back,” he resisted enough to say.

Then he dove back in with gusto and gave a grunt as he hoisted her ass a fraction off the bed.

Gwen left a hand on the top of his head, digging her fingers at the leather mask but resisting the urge to pull it off entirely since Wade had already spoken on this.  Her other hand grabbed at his bare arm but soon dropped to the sheets and twisted her fingers into the soft fabric.

“Ngh, mmmmmm, W--” Gwen chewed into her lip until it hurt to stop her from uttering Wade’s name, least he choose to stop and chat again.

One always had to be ready for Wade to play games. 

“Say it,” he only paused long enough to say before licking along her folds again.  “Say it, Gwen” he repeated from under the blankets and pinched her ass.

“Wade,” she gasped then groaned. “Wade....”

His hands tightened their grip upon her, and her back arched up off of the bed until she came with a protracted sigh.  Wade absolutely didn’t stop then. Indeed, he continued until she pressed him away and closed her legs to him, panting.

Wade took his time in making his way up her body. He kissed, licked, and nipped at any bit of skin he came across, and he repeated anything that made her squirm.  He’d learned the touches she liked by now, but he was surprisingly generous in bed -- or wherever else they wound up getting naked -- and was always open to learn a thing or two. Knowledge was power and all that, right?

“Mmmm,” Gwen was biting at her bottom lip again when he sucked onto her throat.

He glanced up to see the swollen lip between her teeth, so he slipped a hand up to tug that lip free --he’d need those uninjured.  She bit at his fingers, instead, but he hardly minded; he even left them there for her to do it again.  Wade just scraped his own teeth along the flesh of her throat to remind her he could play that way, too. Gwen whimpered at that, and both of her hands fell to his shoulders.  When she did not make a move to actually push him off, Wade took her hands and pinned them to her sides on the bed.

He knew she was sensitive about her neck.  He had already wormed his way past that aversion, and he liked to exploit it to remind them both that he had damn well earned it.  He continued to mouth at her throat and neck until she was absolutely writhing, at which time he scooted up further and clamped his mouth onto hers.  She was squirming her wrists in his hold by then, so he released her to let her hug her arms around him.

Her legs cradled her to him as well, and he wrapped himself around her like a boa, but boy he wasn’t going to hurt her - never!

“Gwen,” he groaned and left her mouth to bite and suck along her jaw. “Can I, Gwen?” he rutted against her.


“Please don’t tease,” he sucked onto her ear and groaned hotly when her legs tightened around him. 

And Wade didn’t usually beg, but he did always ask. 

Always.  In some way or the other.

“Wade,” Gwen sat her head back to smile. “We’re both naked and you’re nearly already in me - of course I want to.”

She hitched a leg around his to try leveraging him even closer.

“Why?”  his voice was hardly more than a breath in her ear, but he was still so close that she couldn’t have missed it even without her enhanced hearing.

“What?” she loosened herself around him in surprise.

He hadn’t meant to speak aloud, so he ignored her --ladies like that, right? Right. He descended on her mouth again instead, for it seemed like an acceptable distraction given their situation. 

It was a success. She kissed him back and stopped asking questions.  So he worked his way into her, slow at first and then picked up the pace to match his enthusiasm.  And Gwen didn’t disappoint, of course; her legs squeezed him, her hands clung to him and dug thin crescents of pain into his skin. She was fabulous.  He started to picture her on top so he could better witness all that amazing at work. The bodacious Ms. Stacy would totally be into ...

Nope! Not what we agreed to today.

Wade shifted his weight back a bit to sit up onto his knees and tore Gwen’s arms from him to pin her hands to the side again.

“Thought I was suppose to be doing all the work for you,” he reminded her.

“Oh, come on,” her hands itched to hold something.

“Uh-uh,” he continued thrusting without missing a beat. “Baby girl’s gotta relax; she’s gotta work tomorrow ...daddy’s just gonna make you feel good.”

Gwen tried to tut, but it was more of a moan.  She knew Wade could happily hold a whole conversation throughout sex, but she was more easily distracted and knew she rarely put together a particularly coherent sentence.

“You know I don’t like the daddy thing...”

“How about papa? Papi?” Wade tested out words that might land more to her liking.


“Okay, yeah, that’s good, too,” his breathing was growing harder but he was perfectly understandable. “Classic ...that’s it, baby,” he groaned when her hips rolled into his with a gasp. “Fuck yeah...”

Gwen’s hands flexed around nothing, so Wade shifted to intertwine his fingers in hers and keep them pinned but also allow her something to hold onto.

“Damn, Gwen,” he kept up commentary. “I never shouldda left that long,” he groaned, never mind that he’d been gone longer on several occasions.  “You feel so damn perfect...”

Being a ‘Merc with a Mouth’ didn’t come with a lot of boundaries.  He’d talk your ear off while killing you as easily as he’d babble on in the sack, and as long as he was making Gwen feel good, he didn’t see what was so wrong with that.

And I’d say she’s definitely feelin’ good...’ he congratulated himself as he looked down at her arching her back below him.

“Well, if you’re gonna offer them so nicely,” he quipped and bent to latch his mouth to her chest.

“Nnmmm, Wade, you feel so good,” Gwen breathed.

Ole Gwen wasn’t a huge talker in bed, but she’d do it for him.  In fact, he’d gotten her downright filthy with enough encouragement.  But she was more of a feeler and a grabber and a moaner, which was just as well.  He was determined to get her screaming one of these days, too.  No boundaries.

“Not as good as you, baby girl ... ...if you could be me bein’ inside of you, you’d believe me...”

And was it wrong that this got his mind spinning in the direction of swapping positions so she was fucking into him, and ...hell, he’d proudly rock some tits of his own in his suit.  That was normal, right? Right.

Her nails scrapping hard over the tops of his hands drew him back to reality, and he focused on their actual position. She was close to coming; he could tell it. Giddily, he gave her nipple a last bite, relishing in the gasp.  Then he was shifting her arms up over her head so he could pile her hands and tangle them in just one of his own.  With his newly-free hand, he pressed his thumb into her mouth to swipe over her tongue.

“I’ve got you,” he murmured at her over her soft gasps now accompanying each thrust. “Yeah, I gottcha...”

His hand slipped between them to rub her off so she would come again with him - mama was a bitch, but she didn’t raise no slouch.


“Jesus,” Gwen sighed when Wade released her hands and she lazily looped an arm over his now-still shoulders.

“Still just me ...I could consider a name change, though,” he offered and shifted to the side to slump onto the mattress next to her.

She smacked his chest lightly.

“That joke doesn’t get funnier, you know.”

“Cheap laugh or not, if you tee me up I’m gonna take a swing,” he yawned, reaching up to right his mask.

“Wait,” Gwen caught his wrist to stop him and twisted onto her side for a deep, slow kiss that dragged out into a few more.

“You’re needy, Stacy,” he commented when they parted and he laid back to finish fixing the mask.

As if he hadn’t leaned into it or slid his arm around her waist.  Gwen ignored the remark altogether since it fell so short.  She tried to straighten out the blanket Wade had liberated and rearranged, instead, since it was twisted.

“I’ll get it, I’ll get it,” he grumbled when her tugging did nothing bust jostle him lightly.  “Go take a piss like all good, hygienic girls should after a nice fuck...” he waved her out of his way.

Gwen muttered under her breath about him being the bossy one, now, but rolled over and stood up anyway.

“...are you going to leave while I’m in there?” she paused after only taking a step.

She wouldn’t be mad, per say, but she would prefer a heads up.  It’s not like he said goodbye every time he left.  She had come back to an empty bed during the middle of the night on more than one occasion. One of those times he’d taken an extra minute to arrange a dislodged sheet and the pillows into a smiley face, which had been original.

“Nope.  Your mattress is nicer than mine,” he told her carelessly as he began to shimmy around the blanket.

Satisfied that he probably wouldn’t lie straight to her face after a direct question, Gwen scampered to the bathroom to relieve herself and clean up a little bit.  As promised, Wade was stretched out in the middle of the bed under the covers when she returned.  

“You feelin’ better about that feeling?” he spoke up after they relaxed in silence a few moments.


“Deadpool’s dick, here to distract,” he announced and saluted the ceiling, as he was laying on his back.

Gwen laughed and traced his abdomen where she lay against his side.

“Mission accomplished, soldier.”

“My orgasm count is almost as high as my kill count, ma’am,” he played along.

Gwen snorted and pinched the skin under his navel.

“Owwie - not fair.  Kiss it and make it better...”

He scooped his hand over the back of her head and exerted half-hearted pressure as if to direct her down the length of his body.  She pinched skin over his ribs in retaliation, then, and he grunted in discomfort but released her. Lest he get further ideas, she ducked off of his shoulder and turned onto her opposite side.

“No running, Blondie,” he complained and followed her movement to spoon himself around her.

He didn’t appear to be up to mischief with the move, so she let herself relax again.  No matter how much he annoyed or worried her in turn, it really was nice to see him again.  Crazy of her though it may be, she knew she’d sleep well with him there.

“Nighty night,” he mumbled into her hair, which at some point had fallen from the compact, haphazard bun she’d arranged it in for the bath.

She hardly cared about that but relaxed into the heat surrounding her.