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A Distant Future

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Once Maglor rolled out of bed that morning he knew that he should just get back into bed. He just knew it, but, he still had to get up. He yawned as he dragged himself about his morning which involved a shower and a quick breakfast.

He walked into his kitchen and began getting his breakfast together, his cat jumped on the table and meowed at him. “Well good morning,” He said and petted its head. As his breakfast cooked he filled his cat’s food bowl and then sat to check things on his phone while it cooked. Soon his food was ready and as he ate he his cat jumped up on the table and pawed at his bacon.

“That’s mine you have your own food.” He said moving the plate away but he got distracted when his phone buzzed. When he looked away the cat grabbed the bacon and ran off. “Little thief,” he muttered and then looked back at his phone. It was just a wrong number text. He finished his coffee and then got up to go about the rest of his day. Though today was his day off from work he still had things he had to get done, grocery shopping, laundry, picking up his laptop which should be fixed now, picking up his dry cleaning, pick up more cat food, and after that he was sure there was going to be something else he needed to get done.

He was halfway through his shopping list when his boss called and told him something came up and they needed him. Something about ‘freaky phenomenons’ and he’ll be given more of an explanation when he got there. The place was in the next city over so he got there later then he wanted to and the fact traffic was crazy.

He went in and started talking with the guy in charge. He was looking through the case file as he walked with them. So far the case seemed not so ‘freaky as it was put, John Doe...around 30 years old...caucasian. Yet, he looked up when they said where he was found...naked in a pool…but still was not the strangest thing he encountered. The guy then said they could not find any identification this guy he asked, “What about fingerprints?”

“We tried. There was nothing on any parts...he can’t speak English or any other language that we can figure out. We thought maybe he was an escaped patient but that there has been nothing in missing persons.” They replied.

“You said you needed an expert in ‘freaky phenomenon’ not mental health,” He replied.

“I am getting there...we put him in an interrogation room and well...” They trailed off as they walked into the observation room and once he saw who the freaky phenomenon has he just thought one thing ‘I should have stayed in bed.’

“...they glow in the dark.” They said.

“Okay then,” He replied and coughed a bit. The person sitting in the interrogation room was none other than one of his cousins, more accurately it was Aegnor. 

Maglor just looked at his cousin and took a short breath. Half his brain was working out a plan of trying to figure out the best course of action. The other half his brain was frozen in confusion of how this was possible. He looked back at the file and the agent who was watching him he closed the file and then said, “I have some ideas...but I am going to need to talk to him.”

“Alright,” They said. Maglor then turned and left the room walking to the next one. Before he did he sent a quick text to someone. He then walked into the interrogation room. His cousin did not much pay attention to him as he stepped into the room. “Well. Long time no see,” He said in Quenya.

Aegnor’s head shot up and he turned around in shock. “ Maglor?!”

“Yep, Hello cousin,” He said sitting across from him.

“What’s going on here?” He asked.

“I can not explain everything but you are going to need to trust me,” Maglor said. “I promise I’ll explain everything to you later.”

His cousin gave him a skeptical look but sighed. “Fine,” He replied.

Maglor nodded and stood up. “Stay here a moment, I’ll be right back.”

He got up and walked out to talk to the agent who was in charge again. The agent turned to look to him as he finished talking to a girl with long black hair and sunglasses.

“Yes?” He asked.

“I want you to try to run the tox screen again,” Maglor replied.

“Again?” He asked. “Are you sure?”

Maglor nods and told him a few things he wanted him to look for. As the agent sighed and went to do as he was asked. He sent another text out to the same number, he knew he was going to have to pay for it later but he did not really care. Xander was the only one he knew who was smart enough and crazy enough to hack into an FBI computer without getting caught or them even noticing. Just as Maglor had hopped, Xander’s hacking skills worked perfectly. He then was somehow able to convince them to hand Aegnor over to him.

As Maglor got Aegnor into his car he could not help but smile a little. Yes, explaining everything to Aegnor was going to take some time...maybe a lot of time but at Maglor looked on the bright side. He had one of his family members back (it was not one of his brothers...but he’d take it.)  

It was in the middle afternoon when Maglor pulled into his driveway with Aegnor. It had been a long drive to his house, it was mostly filled with Aegnor asking question and Maglor promising to answer them soon. Aegnor looked at Maglor’s house and then to him.

“You live here?” He asked.

“Yes,” Maglor replied as he led Aegnor to the front door. He led him inside and turned on the lights. He did his best not to smirk when Aegnor jumped in surprise.

“How did that happen!?” Aegnor asked.

Maglor was quiet for a moment thinking of a way to explain electricity and light bulbs in the shortest clearest way possible. “In short...this button made small fires in those ball things.”

Aegnor’s expression was still that of confusion but he nodded a bit. Maglor closed the door and let out a breath. He turned back to his cousin who was just looking around. “I know I told you I’d answer more questions when we got back...but first let’s get you a change of clothes.”

“I don’t see how a change of clothes is going to help here,” He retorted.

“Well it’ll make you more comfortable,” Maglor replied.   Aegnor narrowed his eyes and glared at him a bit. He then sighed and said, “Fine…but start answering my questions.”

“Okay. I will...where do you want me to start?” He asked.

“How about what is going on? Who were those people? What language is everyone speaking? Why was I put into that small room? What was that small flat rectangle thing that light up you were using in the chariot?” Aegnor questioned him.

“Okay. Truthfully I am just confused as you are as too what’s going on here. Those people were...similar to that of a military they protect people here. What everyone was speaking is a language called English and it is illegal to go to a public pool wearing no clothes. That’s why they locked you in that small room and as for the ‘small flat rectangle thing,’ that’s called a cellphone. It’s similar to that of a Palantir.” Maglor replied. He had given up by now corrected him about that ‘chariot’ is called a ‘car.’

He led him into his room where he went to his drawer and started to look through the clothes. He turned pulled out a long sleeve shirt, pants, and underwear and handed them over. “Here. Change and meet me back downstairs. I’ll try to explain some more than,”

Aegnor just nodded and took the clothes. Maglor left to let him change and as he went downstairs he tried to think of how to explain things to Aegnor. He leaned against the counter in deep thought. His brain finally started to catch up with what has been happening. He looked at his phone and sent out the same text to two different people. 

Xander replied almost instantly, ‘Whatever but can you explain what’s going on? Last time you asked for my help the Titanic sank and when the voice of reason asks the residential psychopath for help that can never be a good thing.’

‘The Titanic sinking had nothing to do with me asking for your help. We just happened to be stuck on there and as for the voice of reason asking for help...that’s because I do.’ Maglor replied.

‘Alright. I’ll be there within the 25 to 30 min.’ Xander replied.

Maglor shook his head and then put his phone down and sighed. A few moments later the other person replied, "Sounds interesting and you are in luck, I will be in town for business tomorrow.'

'That's good, thank you Rowan.'  He replied.

'Do not mention it, plus you have been dragging me on inane adventures for a long time. I am used to it.'  Rowan texted back. Maglor smiled a bit, so he was not in this insanity alone. He had two of the smartest people he knew. He was about to get a cup of coffee when he heard a crash from upstairs, he ran upstairs and into his room. He blinked as he saw Aegnor staring down at his now broken alarm clock and his cat, Silmirl, with her fur standing at end hissing at the now broken clock.

“What the heck happened here?” He asked.

“The cat did it! It jumped on it and it started speaking!” His cousin replied in defense. Maglor’s hand moved to hold his head. This...was going to be a very, very, long adventure.