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Die Hard and Dragons

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Having a private tutor over the Holidays fucking sucks, especially when a paper is due Boxing Day. I roll my eyes as I enter the skyscraper, Nakatomi Plaza. The guard at the front desk raises an eyebrow.
“I’m here to do some interviews.” I mutter. The guard nods.
“Then you must be Lilliana Targaryen.” He smiles. “I was told to expect you.” I smile and nod. “
“30th floor.” He tells me. I thank him and get into the elevator. Seriously, was there a more boring way to spend Christmas eve? I hear the music and voices even before the elevator doors open. Adjusting the strap on my bag awkwardly, I step out into the crowd. A kind looking woman with curly dark blond hair comes over to me.
“You must be Lilliana, Welcome, I’m Holly Gennaro.” She says, shaking my hand.
“Hi, please just call me Lily.” I say, forcing a smile to avoid showing my anxiety.
“Lily, well, why don’t you enjoy yourself for a bit, and then we’ll do the interview?” I take a less strained breath.
“Sure, sounds great.” I agree. She smiles at me, and merges back into the crowd. I pick through the thicket of people, looking down at my notebook, muttering the questions I’ve prepared under my breath, prepping to start the interview.

Tony Vreski was meticulously patching the phone lines. His brother appeared on the ramp above him.
“Hey Brother.” Karl grinned.
“Just a moment.” Tony replied. He heard the Chainsaw start up.
“Nein! Nein! Nein! Not yet, just wait!” Tony cried. Karl ignored him. Frantic, Tony scrambled to patch up the phone lines. He barely finished. Karl smirked, walking away as Tony glared after him.

My head snaps up at the gunfire. The screams nearly drown out the noise. I stand, backing up. A large hand grips my arm, reflexively, I slam my fist into his face. The man lets go, looking surprised. I bolt past him, trying to get to the stairs. Arms wrap around me in a bear hug, hauling me into the air. I let out a startled scream. I try to headbutt the man holding me, but he jerks his head sideways, and I completely miss. The blond man sets me down at the edge of the crowd, keeping a firm hand on my arm. I see the man I punched holding his jaw. I smirk.
“You think this is funny, you little bitch?” He snaps. “Maybe I’ll just pay you back.”
“Hold on,” remarks the man holding my arm. He raises an eyebrow. “You let this little girl get the better of you?” The other man scowls and sulks off. I stomp on my assailants foot. He grunts but doesn’t let go.
“You are a tiger aren’t you?” He says, clearly amused. “Hey, Tony.” He calls. Another guy, younger, with shorter hair, and glasses looks over. “Come check out this spitfire.” He comes over. I try to jerk away, but the terrorist’s grip is to strong.
“Here, hold onto her.” The man gripping my arm says. The younger obliges. I eye him. He’s hot. ‘Now is NOT the time Lily.’ I tell myself. I strain, pulling forward.
“Fuck, you’re strong.” The henchman laughs. I try to punch him in the stomach, but he catches my fist. The man I assume is the leader looks over as the other blond henchman calmly tugs someone into the elevator. The leader looks at me, and I shudder.
“Tony, bring her, as apparently she’s trouble.” He sneers.
“Leave the kid alone!” Holly protests. Tony tries to pull me forward. I plant my feet firmly against the floor. Tony snorts in amusement, and throws me over his shoulder. I slam my fist against his back, like a child having a tantrum. He sets me down in the elevator. The leader looks me over again.
“You’re a lot of trouble for a child.” He sneers. “How old are you my dear?” He asks. I glare at him.
“18.” I hiss. The elevator opens and the leader steps out, the other henchman lightly pushes the man to follow. Tony just picks me up like a ragdoll again, I squirm, and he chuckles.
“You know, I kind of like you shrimp.” He laughs. I huff, annoyed. “So,” he continues, setting me on the ground. “What’s an 18 year old girl doing at big corporation on Christmas Eve, surely you don’t work here.” I sigh.
“I have a fucking private tutor who insists I do interviews with some of the staff here.” I growl. He looks at me in disbelief.
“On Christmas eve?”
“Yes!” I snap. “She’s a bitch.” He seems to accept this.
“Do you have a name shrimp?” I glare at him.
“Lilliana.” I spit.
“Lilliana.” He repeats. “Pretty name.” He replies. I ignore the compliment and focus on what the leader is saying. After some back and forth with the man he’s questioning, he pulls out a hand gun. Beside me, Tony stiffens.
“Look away. Lilliana.” I look at him, alarmed. “You don’t want to see this.” He insists. A loud screech cuts him off.

Lilliana inhaled sharply, but Tony was too focused on the window, searching for the source of the screech. He heard it again. Then the window exploded. A howling roar echoed through the room. Tony felt his jaw go slack. In the midst of the ruined window, was a dragon.