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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

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Chapter 1- The end is where it began.

A blinding red light had taken over my senses as it came towards me ... the kill shot, too big and powerful to dodge. The sounds of the battle faded from my senses and I could no longer feel the down pour of heavy rain drops, or hear the thunder that cracked open the sky. I stood there ... my shield over my face looking away and thinking, 'This is it, this is the way Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the 3rd ends'. 

As I waited for the blast to hit and for death to consume me ... it never came. It was too quite...

The others must have distracted the beast, or maybe it had simply missed! Toothless? I thought as my senses returned to me and I peaked from behind my shield. I quickly looked expecting to find my companion in arms - my best friend - ready to remount and return to battle with, only to find my dragon dying in front of my eyes before me. I threw the shield and sword and dropped to my knees besides him. Scared, my heart breaking as realization started to set in.

''Toothless, no! You're gonna be ok bud, just hold on.'' I told him, begging, crying as I held his head in my lap. I saw the bones in his sides showing where the kill shot had hit, burning off his scales and skin underneath. I saw the flow of blood pouring from his side mixing into puddles of water from the rain. What had I done!

''You're g-gonna be fine, you h-have to be! I c-can't imagine my life without y-you in it bud, you hear me? You h-have to h-hold on. I-I can't l-lose you t-too'' I pleaded through the sobs, my voice broken and hoarse. I begged the gods to not let him die, it was my fault, take me instead. I buried my head into his and felt him nudge me with the last strength he had, his eyes seemed to say 'its ok Hiccup', before he went lifeless and stopped breathing, giving his life for mine.

I screamed so loud into the night that the entire archipelago could have heard me, even over the sounds of the pouring rain or the cracking thunder. Anger had consumed me and I no longer cared who died. I could no longer feel physical pain as I ran back to the battle through the woods. I only had one thought in my mind and that was revenge. The person responsible for taking my best friend from me would pay the ultimate price, a life for a life.

It happened so quickly that I barley remember how I got there, how I had been up on Hookfang with Snotlout, or even how I was now falling through the sky and landing on the beast from above. I was consumed, filled with anger and revenge. I took inferno and plunged it in to the back of the rider, through to his heart, with its flame lit. The rider died and I shoved him off the huge ferocious dragon. About to put the sword through its head my ears started ringing, everything went completely black as my ear rung and I slipped from consciousness.


The Ogthantarth had powered up his kill shot and aimed it at Hiccup. Even as the Alpha dragon that I was, the Ogthantarth was immune to my powers of control. I knew of this ancient Dragon, but I had thought their species a myth. I didn't know this dragon or its capabilities ... I failed Hiccup but I couldn't let him die. 

As the ending blast consumed the sky and traveled in Hiccup's direction I felt nothing, nothing except the instinctual need to protect him - to save him. Without thinking I jumped in front of my rider - my best friend - and felt the blast tearing into my side a it hit, burning through my scales and scorching the flesh beneath. The soft, sensitive skin burning away causing agonizing pain until my body went numb. It was quick, the pain didn't last long.

I could not move, barely able to see, and I felt weak ... too weak. I knew this was the end, and I resigned to giving myself to that inevitable end. I didn't fight it.

I could barely feel Hiccup touching my face but I knew he was there with me, he was always there for me. I struggled to hear his voice crying - sobbing,  ''...I c-can't imagine my life without y-you in it bud, you hear me? You h-have to h-hold on. I-I can't l-lose you t-too''.

I knew I was leaving, I wanted to tell Hiccup it was okay and that he shouldn't cry for me. He had been through so much already and I hoped he would be okay without me. My vision blurred and I wished I could see him one last time before I left, my best friend, just one last time. I wanted to lick Hiccup's face and tell him how much he meant to me, but I could only move my head slightly. Looking into what I hoped was Hiccup's eyes I tried to tell him it was all going to be okay, that I didn't regret saving his life.

My eyes rolled and everything went completely black, void, gone! 

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Chapter 2 - Changes

Hiccup was barely conscious ... he could feel himself being carried somewhere in haste. His eyes flickered but refused to stay open. His mind In and out of consciousness like the waves of the sea, but slower and longer; random bursts of hearing and sight, but to much each time. Leave me! He thought each time. Let me rest!   

Waking up to the familiar view of his bedroom, he realized he was laying in his own bed. Gothi was tending to his scattered wounds. It took Hiccup a moment to come around completely, he shot straight upright ignoring his pain thinking only of Toothless.

''Mum! Toothless?'' Hiccup questioned with a forbidden worry, his stomach churning the dread making him feel sick. He looked at Toothless's bed hoping that it had been a dream.

Valka pushed Hiccup back down. ''No Hiccup, rest! You're lucky to be alive son!''.

Hiccup's anger boiled, 'Lucky?'  he thought with disbelief, grief, and anger. ''Where is he?'' He shouted, demanding to know ... but he knew ... he was gone. Just like everyone he loved, he too was gone. It was just too damn hard, too damn painful to admit it, to accept it.

Valka looked worriedly at Gothi, her sons' anger was scaring her and had been for months. She looked back at Hiccup, he hand on his shoulder, and spoke reassuringly, ''We will find him, he will be okay''.

Hiccup screamed. ''No he won't! You don't understand... he...'' He turned away as tears fell from his eyes. ''...He's gone mum, he didn't make it!'' Hiccup whispered. Hiccup turned onto his side and covered his face, he lay there with tears filling his eyes wishing it was him instead of Toothless. His sobs rocked his body violently and Gothi and Valka looked at each other in shock, disbelief, and pity.


The rain had stopped now and the woods behind the village were unusually quiet. Down where the trees parted slightly you could see a young man's body. It was in the exact same spot where Toothless's dead body once lay, surrounded by a burn circle scorched into the ground. The boy was naked, lying motionless on the ground face down.

He was about Hiccup's age, 22 years old, and lean with a slight show of muscular toning especially in his arms and legs. He was about 6 foot 5 in height. His hair was black with a faint grey - almost highlighted look, messy with a natural spiky appearance that fell or stuck up where it pleased.

The boy's arms moved slightly and his head looked up in confusion. 'What's going on'  he thought, as he tried to find Hiccup. He was having a hard time moving not used to his new body at all. He tried to get up but fell face down into the ground.

Toothless looked at his arms and for a moment ... he thought they were Hiccup's. Panic took over when he realized ... it was him that looked like a person.

His bright green human eyes widened as he tried to shoot a distress signal into the air, but he only managed to make a roaring noise. 'No no no no no, this is wrong, all wrong, I can't be a person, I need to get to Hiccup'.

Once again Toothless kept slipping down as he tried to get up, and in a frenzy of panic only managed to move a few feet forward grazing his chin, knees and hands. 'This is worse than death'  he thought in his state of panic, breathing deeply as he lay on the ground trying to calm himself down. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, realizing he was dizzy and faint. 'This feels so wrong, I don't like it, I'm scared, I don't want to be a person, I want to be me. i want to me and I want to find Hiccup' he thought desperately.

As he lay there with his eyes closed ... Toothless's body was changing and morphing back into his dragon form but, he hadn't noticed or felt it yet as he was to focused on his breathing. After a while, he decided it was time to try and stand up again. He would do it slowly this time and get to Hiccup somehow, however, as he went to stand it was easier this time.

Toothless realised he was a dragon agian, he was standing on his hind legs looking at his front ones that were his own. 'Yes, yes, yes!'  He thought as he instantly took off flying for Hiccup's house, hoping he was there and nothing had happened to him. As he flew over the village he could see the battle was over now, but a lot of it had been destroyed or damaged in the attack. Luckily the Great Hall and Hiccup's house were among the few that looked okay. Toothless flew in through the roof window to find Hiccup was asleep already.

He was relieved but wondered why Hiccup had left him in the woods and hadn't come back for him. When he got closer to Hiccup, he could smell the wounds on his body and the tears on his face and pillow. Toothless nuzzled Hiccup's hand sadly and made a whining sound, but Hiccup was in a such a deep sleep he didn't wake up. Deciding to let him sleep, with a huge sigh, he walked over to his stone bed. Toothless heated up his bed with his fire and laid down. 

He was glad he wasn't a person, but it was times like these when he wished Hiccup could understand his thoughts at least. He couldn't help but wonder if he had gone crazy and imagined being human, a lot had just happened and he was so sure he had died. Laying there, lost in thought and hoping it would all be okay when he woke up, he drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter 3 - Broken. 

When Hiccup awoke the next morning he didn't want to open his eyes. The memory of what had happened, the pain he felt emotionally and physically, it was eating away at him as it all flooded back. He opened his eyes slightly wishing Toothless was asleep on his stone bed and that the battle had never happened.

It took a while for Hiccup to believe his own eyes ... ''Toothless?'' 

Was he dreaming - or was his Dragon in his bedroom, asleep and more importantly alive? Hiccup went to jump off the bed to go to his dragon, forgetting his injuries, pain, and lack of a metal leg his mother had removed. He would have fallen onto the floor if it hadn't been for Toothless catching him.

Toothless helped him sit back on the bed where he proceeded to lick Hiccup's face. ''Arghhh stop it bud you...'' He started to say, leaning back on his bed to get away from the slobber, but he ended up laughing and smiled instead. Toothless was here alive and with him, that's all that mattered ''...oh, come here you stupid reptile!''. Hiccup leaned forward and hugged Toothless again with tears in his eyes, thanking the gods.

Toothless could sense Hiccup was injured and in pain so he gently laid his head on Hiccup's bed, his big green eyes looking up at Hiccup's. Making a soft whining noise, Toothless nudged Hiccup as if to ask 'how are you?'.

Hiccup gave him a sad smile and laid back down on the bed. It was all coming back to him now ... knowing his dragon was concerned about him he lied. ''Its okay bud, just a few scratches''.

Toothless huffed hot air - his way of calling bullshit on that one - as he went to lay down on his stone and watch over Hiccup.

Hiccup rolled his eyes, ''Alright! So a few bruises too.''

The truth was, Hiccup wasn't fine. Apart from the physical wounds, deep emotional grief from before the battle still plagued him ... and he had killed a man in revenge last night. It was all coming back to him like a blow to the head. Justifying murder in his mind last night had been easier in his emotionally numb state - believing Toothless to have been killed.

Until now his conscious had been shut down. Now however, he couldn't forgive his own actions and the truth was eating him alive, he hated the man he had become.


About three days had past since that morning, Hiccup's bruises had turned a black-purple color and he was stiff and ached in most places. Movement hurt but Hiccup welcomed it, believing it to be his punishment for committing callous murder. He had become self-destructive agian and was on a downward spiral. The biggest pain he felt was the one within and he had let it consume him, turning him cold and soulless.

Hiccup was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed with only his pants on. He reached for the drink and downed the last of it, throwing the metal cup across the room listening to the metal clanging ringing out as it collided with the wall. He tried to stand up to go get more but due to his intoxication he fell back to the floor. Hiccup just laughed at himself like it was funny, but it sounded like he had given up and was fighting back tears.

Without warning Hiccup suddenly threw up onto the floor beside him. He moved away from his stomach contents and hung his head down, placing his hand clumsily onto his forehead and over his eyes he chuckled sadly.

He wanted to feel numb, to not feel anything at all, to avoid dealing with his emotions. He knew what effects alcohol had on people - that it removes a man's pain - that was why he had decided to get bladdered in the first place, hoping it would numb his own pain and take away his thoughts. The drink had done just that and had made him sleep a lot. That was a bonus, the vomiting was just a small price to pay.

His mum Valka, she had stepped up for him doing what she could on the chief side of things, not that he cared much. She was helping assist the village get back to normality, assuring them Hiccup would be back once he was better and that it was just temporary. The repairs were coming along quickly, and the village was getting back to normal. Valka was confused when she saw Toothless alive at first but assumed her son was mistaken in his beliefs that he had died.

Everyone had been pushed away each time they had tried to help Hiccup or just talk to him. He was inconsolable and he wanted to see no one, not even his own son. Valka hadn't been to see Hiccup at all yesterday as she thought a little space might help. Today she decided it was time to try and snap her son out of whatever downward spiral he was on.


Valka arrived at Hiccup's house, a basket in one arm and a three-month-old baby boy in her other. She placed the basket down on the table and proceeded upstairs.

''Trid? Shall we go see your stubborn father?'' She said playfully to the baby who smiled and reached for his Nana's hair.

Valka knew Hiccup loved his son and was hoping that the small boy would make him see sense. She had been caring for him since the day of the attack, but whenever Trid had been mentioned Hiccup had told her that the baby was better off far away from him.

Once Valka had reached Hiccup's room and the smell of mead and sick hit her, she knew Hiccup was getting worse. Hiccup was not happy at his mother's presence and even more angered by the fact she had brought Trid with her.

''What the fuck mum? Get out of here, leave!'' He slurred-shouted in demand, flinging his arms in anger. Valka was determined to stand her ground today.

''No! Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, I will not! Enough is enough, you need to pull yourself together. Your son needs a father.''

Hiccup was furious that she was using his son to manipulate him. ''I see what you're doing mum. It won't work, he is better off without me!'' He screamed, detaching and throwing his metal leg at the wall in Valka's direction. Trid started crying and Valka was shocked. 

Toothless had been outside on the roof, he came down in through the window just as the leg had hit the wall. He made a low growling noise at Hiccup before climbing down and standing in front of Valka. She had tears in her eyes as she rocked the baby.

''I know your hurting Hiccup, no one blames you for your actions but ...'' Valka started but she was interrupted by Hiccup.

''I blame me!'' He spat almost growling, ''You don't get it, none of you do. I don't want to see anyone... and I especially don't want to see you, or him.'' He shouted, drunkenly pointing to his mum and his crying child.

Toothless growled at Hiccup before gently nudging Valka out off the room. Toothless was quite persistent that she leave and so she did, tears pooling in her eyes as she turned and descended the stairs.

Toothless had enough, Trid's crying had spurred him to take action and he was angry at Hiccup. He wanted Valka and Trid to leave so he could give Hiccup a piece of his mind and perhaps ... knock some bloody sense into him once and for all.

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Chapter 4 - Toothess's turn. 

Toothless had enough of his rider's behavior. Hiccup had been drinking for the last two days and had only gotten worse since the battle, refusing to eat, only drinking stuff that made him sick, and he smelt funny. Toothless was being ignored, and he wasn't happy that Hiccup was acting so unlike himself that worried him.

Toothless had pretty much spent the last three days sitting on the roof or laying in the room with Hiccup as he deteriorated. He had been so horrible to his mother and to Trid. Toothless cared about Trid immensely, he was extremely protective of him as if he was his own. Seeing Hiccup pushing him away today, making him cry like that ... it pissed him off!

Toothless stood in front of Hiccup growling - showing his obvious anger. Hiccup didn't bother to look at him ''Piss off Toothless'' he mumbled.

Toothless growled louder and blew a small weak plasma blast at the bed right next to Hiccup's head. Hiccup was shocked at first but didn't really care, ''I thought I told you to piss off!'' Hiccup's voice grew louder. Just about managing to stand up on one leg by using the bed for support - to climb into bed - Toothless whacked him with his tail causing him to fall back down. ''What's your fucking problem dragon, piss off!'' he shouted.

Toothless was furious but determined to make Hiccup stop being a jerk, he fired another weak plasma blast ... this time hitting Hiccup in the chest. It hit Hiccup like a punch - or a violent shove, hot and hard enough to hurt but it didn't burn. Hiccup shouted, ''Arghh! What the actual fuck? You know what ... kill me for all I care. Go on, do it! What? Can't do it ... can't kill me? You're just a coward, you're just a stupid reptile. No ... a stupid chicken!'' Hiccup stopped shouting but continued loudly. ''I hate you, I never liked you ... I just felt sorry for you. I only took you in because, because I wasn't strong enough to kill you. I pitied you, and you made me something I wasn't, I used you. I used you for my own gain ... so people would like me ... and you were so stupid'' Toothless knew Hiccup was only being mean because he lost his dad, his wife, and he was drinking that horrible stuff, but he was so angry and the words still hurt.

Toothless fired another weak plasma shot at his feet, at the left side of his head, and another directly at him. He growled loudly a foot away from his face before whacking him hard with his tail, causing a bright red mark to appear on Hiccup's cheek.

Hiccup sat there with his hands on his face and Toothless stood there not moving, both breathing heavy and suddenly realizing that they both regretted what they had done. Toothless moved away and turned his back to Hiccup wishing he could tell him how sorry he was hurting him, wishing he could communicate with him.

The slap made Hiccup recoil, his words had hurt Toothless so much that he had actually hurt him, and his actions had driven his best friend to attack him. Hiccup was about to touch Toothless's back when his dragon started changing into ... a human.

Toothless hadn't noticed yet but Hiccup certainly had. He managed to pull himself back up onto his bed, but he freaked out so much so that he had fallen straight off the other side of it and onto the floor. With his hands over his face he sat thinking he was seeing things because he was intoxicated, and that Toothless hadn't just turned into a human. It wasn't possible!

Toothless heard the bang and turned to see what had happened, he noticed his body felt different. Turning slowly back to his previous position he looked at his body ... his naked and very human body. His eyes widened and he started breathing faster in panic.

Hiccup could hear the deep heavy breathing and tried to cover his ears - telling himself he was hearing things, he must be! Toothless was sitting on the floor with his feet and legs bent back under his bottom, and both hands flat on the floor in front of him. He managed to shift his weight, moving off his now aching legs and feet so he was sitting with his hands in his lap. 'That's good, at least I didn't fall down again' he thought. He didn't like being a person at all but then he thought of Hiccup.

''Herip ... heeup ... grrrrrr.'' Toothless realized he didn't actually know how to form words yet, just that he knew the words he wanted to say.

Hiccup had been listening, and climbed onto the bed staring at the man that was sitting on his floor naked. ''T-Toothless?'' He questioned.

Toothless nodded and tried again ''Herrupp'', he struggled getting annoyed.

Hiccup swallowed hard and asked ''Are ... are you ... t-trying, to say my name?'' 

Toothless nodded again and smiled. Hiccup couldn't help but chuckle, it wasn't as adorably cute as when Toothless did it, instead it was creepy and over expressed. ''It's ... Hiccup ... Hicc-cup.'' Hiccup said wondering why he was even entertaining his hallucinations, still believing this was a trick from the excessive consumption of mead.

Toothless watched Hiccup's mouth move and tried to imitate it, ''Heeup ... Heecup ... Hiccup.'' Suddenly excited he had said his name right, he started bouncing like a child and almost fell over.

Hiccup got closer to Toothless by hesitantly, drunkenly, crawling across the floor to sat next to the man. He thought he must be insane to be sitting next to a naked man who thinks he is Toothless. 'But I saw him turn, that is Toothless you idiot, you're intoxicated, you're drunk, and ... you are seeing things!' He thought to himself.

Hiccup reached out a hand and poked the man's arm with a finger. It was real, there was naked man in his bedroom, he gulped. ''Oh Thor help me!'' Hiccup said.

Toothless's head went sideways as he tried to form more words and imitate hiccup. ''elp ee.'' 

Hiccup was stunned. ''Help ... me.'' He repeated hesitantly.

Toothless tried again. ''Help ... ee ... help mme.'' He said, then he butted into Hiccup's arm.

Hiccup moved quickly - but stupidly - away from Toothless, 'This is so fucking weird'  he thought.

Toothless understood Hiccup was in shock but he needed to tell him that it was okay, that he just wanted his friend back now and not drinking that stuff. He wanted Hiccup to be with him and Trid again. ''Tid.'' He said.

Hiccup couldn't understand him ''Tid? What are trying to say?'' He asked.

Toothless looked into his eyes trying to get closer, ''Tid ... hon ... sss-sssun ... Tid.'' 

Hiccup suddenly realized what Toothless was trying to say. ''Oh, Trid! My son.'' He looking glum and guilty, sadly looking at his hands.

Toothless nodded fast, he was clumsy with his movements but managed to reach the metal cup that had mead in it before. He picked it up - almost falling onto his face in the process - and Hiccup clumsily helped him sit back up so he didn't fall. Hiccup looked at him frowning, finally starting to take in the fact that his dragon was a human, and that this man ... this boy in front of him ... was Toothless. ''Toothless?''

Toothless nodded and showed him the cup ''O! Grrrrr.'' He growled at the cup strongly showing his anger at it - his disapproval.
Hiccup got the message, Toothless wanted Hiccup to get Trid and to stop drinking. ''I'm sorry bud, I have been a jerk, haven't I?''

Toothless nodded. ''Ess!'' He pouted at his lack of communication skills even as a human, it was ... frustrating? 

Hiccup repeated ''Yes. I know, you're right!'' Suddenly dawning on him once again, he was sitting next to a naked man ... a naked, human, Toothless! Turning his face away from him he stuttered, ''You're ... er-erm ... naked!''

Hiccup managed to crawl along the floor to retrieve his metal leg that he had thrown in his mother's direction earlier. He was feeling guilty about it now that he wasn't wallowing in self-pity. He just about managed to get his leg back on and stand up. He picked up the second blanket at the end of his bed and managed to throw it in the same general direction as Toothless. Toothless looked at it in confusion. ''Cover yourself up bud, if you really are Toothless...or not...I err...well just put it over you!''.

Toothless did as he was told and managed to crawl over to his stone bed. He fell a few times on his hands and knees, but he was getting better at moving at least. Hiccup watched Toothless, thinking he looked just as drunk as he was. Toothless laid down on his stone bed and started shivering. ''Toothless you must be cold!'' Hiccup half asked and half pointed out.

Toothless nodded. ''Ess, old.''

Hiccup retrieved the biggest tunic he could find in his wooden draws - which still looked too small for Toothless, a second blanket from his storage trunk, and his dad's cloak. They looked quite awkward - the pair of them - trying to get the tunic onto Toothless, it was a little tight and a bit short but it was warmer than nothing. Hiccup rolled the cloak up as a pillow for Toothless's head. ''I'm sorry, I don't have anything else. I'll get some things for you when I'm not ... well when I'm better. That's if you're still human.'' Hiccup sat on the floor in front of Toothless's stone bed, still wondering if this was all real. Surreal , yes! Crazy, defiantly! He still however, expected to wake up at any moment sprawled out on the floor drunk and laying in vomit.  

Toothless's hand touched Hiccup's shoulder, he made whining type of noise ''Hiccup? Em aired.''

Hiccup thought for a moment and then asked, ''You're scared bud?''

Toothless nodded in response. ''Ess.''

Hiccup thought for a moment before responding. ''I'm not surprised. If you're still ... a human later when I'm ... better, then we will figure it out. I'm sorry for being a jerk bud. I didn't mean what I said before, I never used you. You have always been my best friend. The fact is, I couldn't have done it all without you but I'm happy I had you by my side through everything. Me and Trid are lucky you are in our lives. Whatever happens now ... you will always be my friend, even if you are ... human okay? Do you understand me bud?''

Toothless moved closer, his side against Hiccup's back. Hiccup was warm and he was used to laying beside his rider. ''Ess, oh-key Hiccup. ''

Hiccup could feel Toothless behind him - against him- but he tried not to pull away, in fact he didn't have the energy or the strength to anyways. His friend was a dragon that often nuzzled him or lay next to him and right now he was scared, at least he wasn't trying to lick him or pouch into his lap. Then he thought. ''Bud, have you always been able to understand me this well?''

''Ess Hiccup!'' Toothless almost whispered. 

Hiccup felt embarrassed knowing Toothless was in fact much more intelligent then he thought. Toothless had seen him in indecent situations, heard him during conversations he hadn't expected Toothless to understand - or ever be able to repeat being a dragon, and often shared with him his feelings - good and bad. A dragon was a safe confident being that they could never repeat what you confided in them, never respond and make you feel uncomfortable, just good listeners. Knowing Toothless wasn't the mute confident he thought he always would be ... it was unnerving, embarrassing, and awkward.  

Hiccup realized he was feeling humanity rushing back to him as his mind tried to sober. The fact he was worrying about this at all meant he was feeling again.

Toothless had shocked the sense right back into his system - quite literally - and made him realize he couldn't keep on this descend to self-destruction. He had family, friends, a village, and most importantly ... a son. Trid needed a father.   

Like always, Toothless had saved him. Saved him and prevented his son from losing his father too.    


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Chapter 5 - Back to myself.

Hiccup was fast asleep, but Toothless lay awake making sounds and noises trying to figure out the 'speech thing'. He had been doing it for a while, and had so far figured out how to make different sounds with his mouth, tongue, and the manipulation of air flow. He was quite proud of himself - having now learnt how to say many new words. He wanted to show Hiccup, but he didn't want to wake him up. All Hiccup did was sleep lately ... but this was different now, he was going to get better and be himself again.

Toothless was just trying to say his own name when Hiccup awoke. His rider sat up rubbing his eyes while groaning at his headache. He was just about to attempt stretching, when he suddenly scrambled off the bed in a frenzy; he all but fell to the bucket on his knees - at the back of the room, puking violently into in. It was lucky that he'd fallen to sleep with his prosthetic leg on because there had been almost no warning to his body's protest against the alcohol.

''Hiccup?'' Toothless called in concern, he was worried about him.

Hiccup hadn't really processed - or perhaps even remembered - that Toothless was still a human, being far more concerned over his rebelling stomach.

''Stay there bud! I'll be fine!'' He said instinctively between bouts of vomit. When Hiccup finally felt safe enough to abandon the bucket, he wiped his face with his sleeve before looking over at Toothless - human Toothless. Slowly he side stepped past him towards the stairs. ''F-Firstly I ... I need a drink. No not mead, w-water.'' He added quickly after seeing Toothless's unamused face, ''S-Secondly... Oh my Thor! You are human. I-I'll be r-right back!'' Hiccup stuttered then rushed downstairs in shock.


He rinsed his mouth out with water first, before splashing some onto his face. Finally, he re-hydrated his system and gathered his courage to return back upstairs, wondering if Toothless would still be there. He knew what he’d seen, and he remembered last night, but it was impossible, phantasmal even. It was quite plausible that he’d lost his mind and was simple deluded, seeing things. Death, grief, murder, intoxication, and dehydration could cause hallucinations ... right?

He was sober now though, and quite positive he wasn't dreaming. Pinching his arm for good measure, he slowly climbed the stairs.

Standing there he stared at Toothless for a moment. Breathing calmly, he slowly went and sat on his own bed still staring at the green-eyed naked figure on the stone slab. Once he got over the initial shock and let everything sink in properly, he started to realize for the first time that Toothless was pretty good looking as a human, taller than him it appeared, with wild black hair and a lean figure. Handsome!

''This ... changes everything!'' He muttered to himself, stumped for words. What was he supposed to say?

''Hiccup, I'm eel, ples dot freek oh ... ou ... out.'' Toothless tried to say, his bright lime-green eyes scrunching in concentration. Hiccup took a deep breath and shuddered as he made sense of the words.

''I'm not freaking out. Okay so maybe a little. Okay a lot! But you're a human Toothless. Wait, did you say eels?'' Hiccup questioned in confusion, but Toothless shook his head.

''No, ell ... rell ... real! I'm real'' He finally said, taking a deep breath. Hiccup wanted to laughed, but his brain was still catching up.

''I-I can see that! I'm not sure how to deal with this if I'm honest, it's not every day your dragon turns into a human.'' Hiccup admitted. Toothless sighed sadly, starting to wish he was a dragon again; he was really starting to feel scared, and he was worried that Hiccup wouldn't accept him this way.

''You ate me?'' Toothless mumbled. His eyes glancing down at his hands. Hands!

Hiccup had to think for a moment. Toothless was still unable to speak properly, and he had to try and figure out what he was saying - on top of absorbing everything that really was rather inconceivable.

''Ate you? Oh, hate you? and No! What gave you that impression? I just don't know what to say ... o-or do right now. You're human! Why wouldn't you be human. Oh Thor! I have a village to explain to, a mother to apologize to, as well as my friends and my son. I need to get my son.'' More guilt pained Hiccup when he remembered pushing away Trid. ''What do I tell people Toothless? I'm not exactly Viking of the year. I ... I killed someone and I almost killed that dragon in cold blood. All because I thought I had lost you too. Now you're a human everything is a hundred times more complicated, and I ... I have no idea what to do.'' Hiccup put his face into his hands thinking about what he had done, about everything that had transpired, and his eyes glazed with tears.

''Orry Hiccup.'' Toothless muttered. He really wished he could just go back to being Hiccup's dragon again. He didn't want to make it complicated for Hiccup, he had just wanted to help him get better. Now he felt like he was making things worse by being a human, and he thought that Hiccup was angry at him.

Hiccup looked up. He was about to tell Toothless he had nothing to be sorry for when instead of seeing a human there was a Night-Fury instead.

''Toothless?'' He Inhaled deeply in shock.

Toothless made a strange noise, looked at himself, then stood up and span round realizing he was a dragon again. He stuck his tongue out panting happily with his teeth retracted, wiggling his body and tail in excitement, he had a big smile on his face looking for approval.

Hiccup wasn't sure how he felt about Toothless exactly, one minute he was a naked human, the next he was ... well, Toothless again. Hiccup couldn't help but smile and chuckle, especially as Toothless ran over to Hiccup and licked him. Toothless quickly regretted it. He pulled a disgusted face as he wiped his tongue with the back of his paw - it tasted like vomit and alcohol, and it smelt bad … not a great combination. Hiccup saw his reaction and rolled his eyes.

''I guess I should take a bath huh?'' Hiccup went to get off the bed, but Toothless had better ideas. He picked Hiccup up and flew him out of the house through the roof latch. Hiccup had yelped - shocked at the sudden movement; he was being carried upside down by his good leg.

‘‘If you wanted to go flying bud you could have just asked ... Wait we’re flying! How are we flying?'' Hiccup shouted up to his dragon, confused to Toothless’s ability to fly without him.

Toothless flipped Hiccup into the air and caught him on his back, seeing as he wasn't donning his saddle Hiccup groaned on the landed. Confused and curious that Toothless was flying without the help of a rider, he looked back to see a perfect and full tail - no prosthetic.

''Whoa. You have your tail again. How do you have your tail again? That's amazing bud!'' He exclaimed. Once the shock of Toothless's healed tail wore off he asked. ''Where are we going? I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion.'' He Indicating to his body, his only clothes being the trousers he had on. He soon started to shiver in the cold, and laid closer to Toothless's body for warmth.


It didn't take long for him to find out where they were going. They were flying over a lake by a waterfall when Toothless spun upside down and dropped Hiccup into the cold water below. Toothless landed on the grass by the edge, laughing at Hiccup as he came up for air. Toothless was very pleased with himself.

The force of the water on Hiccup's bruised body stung, but he swam back up, spitting water from his mouth, and moved closer to the edge of the lake.

''Okay, fine you win. Useless reptile! You know I could have just filed the tub with warm water at home!'' He splashed Toothless who didn't seem to care. ''It's cold in here you know.''

Toothless used his fire to make the ground all warm, he laid down giving Hiccup an, 'it's nice and warm up here' look.

''Oh, I see how it is, are you punishing me, is that it? Is the big baby boo mad at me?'' Hiccup moved over to the edge and climbed out shivering. ''Hey, do you think we could get back now, b-before I freeze to death.'' Toothless just ignored him. ''Oh, come on bud, I said I'm sorry. I haven't even got a tunic on you know.'' He pleaded, his shivering increasing. ''You wouldn't make an injured Viking suffer now, would you?'' He pouted. As Hiccup moved closer to climb on Toothless, he suddenly took off into the sky and disappeared out of sight.

Hiccup gawped - still shivering drastically from the cold- he rubbed his arms and wondered why Toothless would desert him like this. In utter shock he decided to start making his own way home. It soon dawned on him he wouldn't get far, he had nothing but his trousers on. Not even shoes on his feet. Wondering how he was going to make it back if Toothless didn't return - without succumbing to the cold that is - he suddenly heard the whistle of Toothless flying overhead.

''Toothless!'' He shouted desperately.

Toothless heard him and flew down. He had Hiccup's cloak on his back, and his tunic in his mouth. Hiccup wasted no time putting them on before mounting up for the ride back.

''You know it would have been quicker to just fly me home right bud?'' He asked, his teeth chattering as he shivered. He laid down close to Toothless's warm body, tightly clinging onto him as tight as he could - absorbing his dragon’s warmth. He was beginning to think Toothless knew that, but had wanted to get back at him for his behavior these past few days.


Back at home they sat downstairs. The sun had started to set and Toothless had lit the fire. He had watched Hiccup clean and change clothes, and he was now warming up by the fire.

''Well, have you punished me enough today. I'm clean, you have given me a cold shower ... literally I might add! And I haven't been drinking. I’ll go talk to mum in the morning and see Trid. I miss my son. I feel really guilty for what I said earlier to them, and to you bud! I really am sorry; can you forgive me?''

Toothless licked Hiccup's face and laid down next to him, his tail wrapped over his rider’s legs. Hiccup leaned against Toothless in the warm glow of the fire thinking.

''Toothless, are you a dragon again … permanently this time? Or can you change into a human whenever you like?'' Hiccup asked. Toothless looked up at Hiccup's eyes, then looked down sadly. ''What's wrong?'' He frowned, but Toothless just looked away.

''Toothless? It's okay you know. You're my best friend no matter what form you're in. I just ... well talking to you might be nice you know, as Viking to Viking. We would have to work on your speech, get you some clothes, and other stuff ... but if you can't change back then that's fine too. You're still my best friend no matter what. I know I said you being human complicated things, and yes ... it does. But that doesn't mean I don't want you, or that I'd hate you. Will be a big adjustment that's for sure.''

When Toothless showed no signs of cheering up he added. ''You know ... you were damn good looking as a human! You might steal all the lady's attention from me bud ... not that you don't already being a damn good looking, one of a kind, and extremely cute dragon huh?'' Hiccup chuckled and nudged his friend. Toothless smiled at Hiccup and licked him before giving him a big cheesy Toothless grin. He looked very proud of himself as he soaked up the praise.

''I would miss flying with you if you were human, that's for sure. I wonder how you turned human in the first place. Could you always do it bud?'' Hiccup asked, but Toothless shook his head.

''Okay not that then. Did you eat something or...'' Toothless again shook his head, stopping Hiccup’s line of though. He suddenly got up and played dead.

''Wait, you didn't die did you because that...'' Hiccup frowned, but Toothless stood back up and nodded. Hiccup was shocked, it was a while before he spoke again.

''You know I'm thankful you saved me bud ... but please don't do that again. I'm not exactly worth it, and you scared the shit out of me. If I had lost you- Ow!'' Toothless had hit him with his tail, cutting off his words. Toothless wouldn't hear it, and he certainly wouldn't let Hiccup die.

''Okay!’’ Hiccup exclaimed, rubbing his head. ‘‘So, you died and came back a human?'' He guessed, and Toothless nodded again. ''And then what? You ... just happened to change back into a dragon? With your tail miraculously healed?'' He guessed, thinking how ludicrous it sounded, and never expected the eager nods Toothless was now giving him.

''You serious? Whoa! Well, that means that you ... you should be able to turn whenever you want to.'' Hiccup summarized. Toothless shook his head and grumbled, he looked almost sad.

''You like being a dragon huh? I guess I could see that, you're not used to being anything else.'' Hiccup scratched Toothless's chin and they laid back down together like before. ''Well, I'll make you something to wear, get some more blankets made and stuff. You know ... just in case you change your mind. Just let me deal with the village and mum, then you have my full attention okay bud?''

Toothless nuzzled Hiccup's hand in agreement. It wasn't long before Hiccup fell to sleep in the warmth of the fire, comforted in the familiarly of his dragon’s breathing.

Toothless thought about everything Hiccup had said. ''Maybe I could practice changing forms. I could get more accustomed to a human body ... it could be fun. I could practice when he’s busy and surprise him. I like surprising Hiccup and making him happy.' It was his last thoughts before his eyes grew heavy and he drifted off to sleep for the night. 

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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

Chapter 6- Making amends

Hiccup woke up really early the next morning - having slept so much over the last few days, as a result he now felt wide awake. He was still feeling some discomfort and pain from the bruises and healing wounds, but his body was recovering well.

He went upstairs and realized that his room did indeed reek of vomit, mead, and the embarrassing scent of an unwashed male. With a face of disgust, he did his best to clean the room and void it of anything unholy. He picked up the tunic - the one he'd given to Toothless, realizing that when he'd changed from human to dragon it must have ripped. Hiccup made a mental note that Toothless will need to strip-off before changing back into a dragon in future - if he decides to, or if it is even possible for him to change forms again.   

After quick thought, Hiccup decided his bedding should just be burnt. Pulling the bedding off the bed, he could see the burnt marks from Toothless's warning shots more clearly on the fabric and wood of the bed. He ran his hand over them shuddering, his face reflecting his regret, sadness, and guilt. He still felt awful and sick to his stomach for murdering Coaldron the dragon rider who attacked that night. Even if Coaldron would have killed them all it was still another thing entirely to have blood on your hands. He let his revengeful heart consume him and went against his own beliefs for honorable justice. If he had succeeded in killing that dragon with inferno as well ... it might have been too much for his conscious to handle.  

Hiccup hadn't wanted to hear anything about that night, so he didn't know how the battle ended or how they had won. In fact, he still didn't want to know. He thought about the way he had behaved, drinking, pushing everyone away, and being cruel in doing so. Tears appeared in his eyes when he remembered pushing his mother and son away, he knew Astrid would have killed him if she was here. He was already in a cold place having lost her only three months ago. He assumed that was another reason his body was weak and so easily consumed by revenge, but it was no excuse. Hiccup knew he had to find a way to live with his pain, to try and move on from it the best he could, and forgive himself so that it couldn't turn on his self-destructive mode again.

Once Hiccup had finished upstairs, he got dressed and went back down. Toothless was still asleep when he got to the living room, but when he started cleaning the noise woke him up. 

''Hey bud, just throwing this out.'' Hiccup said, carrying a small barrel outside. He walked a small distance away from the village and put the barrel down to rest. He sighed as he wiped his brow of sweat, his body aching. Toothless had followed him and looked up at Hiccup when he stopped. ''So, here's the plan...'' He started to explain, but Toothless had other ideas. He blew up the barrel making Hiccup jump as the wood - and mead contents, exploded from a well-aimed plasma blast. Luckily not much hit Toothless or Hiccup. ''...I like yours better, but I think we just woke up the village.'' They rushed back to the house and ran inside. Hiccup slammed the door behind him and Toothless before laughing. ''What am I going to do with you huh?'' Toothless looked pleased with himself. 


It still wasn't sunrise when Hiccup had finished getting the house back to its normal state. He knew Trid couldn't possibly come home to the state it was in, his mother never would have allowed it. Hiccup decided to get breakfast and was immensely grateful his mum had left food for him - he hadn't bothered to get any himself. He was just wondering what Toothless was going to eat when a guilty thought entered his mind. I wonder what Toothless has been eating during my shameful behavior?  Hiccup had no doubt that his mother and the village looked out for his Night-Fury, but Toothless was his responsibility - a responsibility he had neglected. Thinking off Toothless made him realize something else ... He wasn't home right now.   

A short while later, Toothless's disappearance was no longer a mystery when he returned with a mouthful of fish for himself.

''Oh, that's right! You have your tail again. Toothless I am so sorry I left you like I did. I won't push you away again bud, I promise! I'll have a nice stack of fish for your breakfast tomorrow, and again for dinner ... how does that sound?'' Toothless was happy about that and smiled, nodding in excitement. They had feeding stations by the Dragon barn, but it was a free for all feeding time. Hiccup knew how Toothless usually missed out on his favorite fish because of that, and he hated the chaotic nature of it. Being alpha had its perks, but Toothless preferred to stay by Hiccup's side especially since Astrid's passing. 


Once the sun had risen and he was sure it wasn't too early, he and Toothless went to his mother’s house on the west of the island. It was closer to the mountains and on the edge of a dense forest, isolated and a fair distance from the village. His mum liked the quiet and the solitude from people, but and she had Cloudjumper who was currently laying outside watching the other dragons roam around or sleeping on the grass. The other Vikings called her ‘the dragon lady’, as many different species of dragons enjoyed playing or staying there, and his mum enjoyed it that way. She was good with them all. A few wild dragons had remained loyal to her after she had treated their injuries.

Hiccup took a deep breath and walked up to the door knocking on it, whilst Toothless went to play with Cloudjumper and the others. His mother opened the door and noticed that her sons face was nothing but guilt and shame. ''I'm so sorry mum, can you forgive me?'' He asked, looking down at his hands before facing her. Valka hugged her son immediately, and soon they were inside on her wooden bench-like couch. 

Hiccup explained how he felt and had been feeling, that after she left Toothless had basically attacked him into seeing sense. He didn't tell her anything about Toothless turning human, but he did tell her that Toothless thought he needed a very cold bath to which she had laughed. Valka didn't have any answers for the sudden healing of Toothless’s tail, but she had noticed that herself a few days ago which had gained her utmost interest and curiosity.

Valka updated him on the village, but when it came to explaining what happened during the battle ... he wasn't ready to hear it yet and so they changed the subject. The only thing she had managed to tell him was that the village itself was doing well, most of the houses were back up, and the people wanted to know why they hadn't seen their chief at all. Hiccup apologized many times for his actions during the course of the conversation, and Valka was just happy knowing her son was doing much better now.

Hiccup eventually wanted to hold his son - where during the conversation had been asleep, so Valka went to get him from his crib. Hiccup took Trid and sat back down with him, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Toothless walked in at that moment and put his head on Hiccup’s lap.

''Hey Trid, I'm sorry son. I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive your foolish father.'' Hiccup’s voice was quiet and laced with sadness and guilt. Trid woke up and smiled at his father with healthy wide azure-blue eyes, Toothless licked the baby's foot and he started giggling and squealing in pleasure. Toothless proceeded to nuzzle Trid playfully, who turned and grabbed his ear in his tiny fist. 

Valka laughed, ''He's an amazing dragon. I think he has self-proclaimed himself as Trid's protector.'' She said, in awe of the sight before her. Her son, grandson, and Toothless. They were like a perfect little family; Astrid would approve no doubt.

''No Trid! Toothless needs his ears...'' He said with a gentle firmness, gently prying the baby's fingers open and releasing Toothless's ear. He felt his heart warming at the way Toothless was with his son. Hiccup blew air at his son’s face - just the way he liked it, and Trid squeal making Hiccup chuckle. Toothless shook his head and continued to watch Trid happily. ''But your right mum, he is amazing.'' He said rubbing Toothless's chin. He felt very proud of his best dragon-friend and thankful that he was always there for him ... for both of them. 

Hiccup and his mum continued catching up, enjoying the time they were having with each other. Hiccup couldn't believe he had ever pushed them away; he couldn't have coped without his mother these last two years and he loved his son beyond words. He had been thinking about his chief duties, Toothless, and his friends, and had decided on a plan. 

''Mum, I’ve been thinking. Could you have Trid tonight, I-I know he has been here for a while and that he misses me but … I need to spend some time with Toothless and by myself. I just need another day to sort my head out really, and I will get him tomorrow before sunset. I promise!'' 

His mum instantly agreed, there was no hesitation at all. Valka loved her grandson - loved spending time with him, and she knew Hiccup needed to grieve. Trid would feed on Hiccup's emotions and therefore it was best if the baby stayed with her until her son was ready. 

''I hope it isn't too much to ask ...'' Hiccup started, hesitantly.  ''...But I was hoping not to return to my chief duties for a few days. So, I could spend time with Trid and get myself together. I was hoping you might...''

Valka knew exactly what her son was asking - for her to be acting chief a little longer, she agreed knowing it would do her son and grandson a lot of good to spend time together. She told him not to worry about it, that he still needed time to heal emotionally and physically, and that she was there for them both. After hugs and goodbyes - and tears from Trid, Hiccup and Toothless left.


Hiccup got many different looks from the villagers as he collected supplies from the store houses. He told them he was fine, that he would be back in a few days resuming his duties as chief, and that they were to follow his mum's orders as if it were him giving them. He met a few of his closer friends that seemed to want to interrogate him. He spent more time then he would have liked listening to their advice and answering some of their questions, but he just about managed to get away ensuring them he was fine and would talk to them later.  

Once back at home - finally, Hiccup got to work. He made new bedding for himself, and spare bedding with an extra pillow using wool and linen. He then started making clothes for Toothless just in case he turns human again. 

He started with the tunic, remembering how much smaller his own tunic was on him. 'He must be a least 4 inches taller than me'  He thought. Then he worked on the pants using black leather material, this was tricky as he never saw Toothless standing as a human so he made them to his best guess. Hiccup then decided to make the leather vest in the same black leather as the pants.

He remembered Toothless had such wild black hair with silvery grey strikes to it. Black, or really dark brown-black would suit him as clothes. His mind wandered to the shape of Toothless's face and physique. He had such bright green eyes, with a faint blue ring around the green iris. His skin was so clear and tight around his tall, lean, and slightly muscular frame. Hiccup moved in his chair suddenly feeling uncomfortable, but he felt hypnotized with a sense of unexplained longing as well. Lost in his thoughts he couldn't stop thinking of Toothless in his human form ... somehow, he knew he wanted to see him again now that he wasn't drunk, so he could see him again properly ... all of him.

‘'OW!'' Hiccup screamed after poking himself with the needle. He suddenly realized he had been thinking about things that were abnormal and terribly erroneous. He looked horrified at his own perverted thoughts, shocked even. Yes, Toothless was bloody good looking ... but it was a fact, that was all - nothing more than an observation.  


Hiccup had been so focused on his work he hadn't noticed Toothless leaving the house earlier. Toothless had flown over to the Cove and had been concentrating on turning into a human for ages. He couldn't seem to change at all - nothing had happened.

The first time he'd changed wasn't much help - he had simply woken up that way. The second time was when he was angry at Hiccup and wanted to make him better. He tired being really angry and turning that way, but that hadn't worked either. In fact, all that had done was cause him to blast the rock a few times in very real anger and frustration. He was feeling like a complete failure, loathing his inability to change and he wondered if he still physically could. He became saddened by the thought of not being about to talk to Hiccup like a human again, he really wished he could just change forms.

He started to get ready to fly back to the house, but when he jumped to take off, instead of flying had landed face down in the dirt. He would be bruised from the impact, and he had re-grazed his hands. He made a loud noise similar to one a human would make in pain. 'What the fuck'.  He thought looking at the hands in front of him. Hands?  Realizing he was human once again he smiled.

He couldn't walk yet. When he tried to stand up, he was too shaky on his new legs, and fell back down. Finding a comfortable sitting position, he thought to himself. 'Well I might as well practice talking.' 

Toothless sat there for a long time trying to teach himself to talk the way humans do. He practiced until his throat ached and his voice went funny. He was feeling cold and shivering quite strongly. Realizing he was exposed to the elements without clothes on, he decided to be a dragon again before he froze.

He tried to turn back, but it wasn't until he was at the point of being so frozen and desperate that his body decided to grant him relief. He returned to being a dragon, and instantly made a ring of fire around himself to warm up. 

Once he was warm -which didn't take long in his dragon form, he used his fire to make a small burning patch in front of him. With a fire going at least he wouldn't get too cold so fast as a human. It was then he tried to turn into a human once more.

This went on for such a long time that Toothless became extremely tired - unusually so, but he was happy he could finally change at will. He figured out that he had to really and honestly want to change before it would happen. He had practiced talking too, and he was now confident that with a bit more practice - and Hiccup’s help, he could have his first conversation with him soon. The first proper conversation without all the guess work and stuttering.

Excited and extremely tired from all his hard work he flew home.


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Chapter 7- The first talk

The sun had set by the time Hiccup had finished everything; bedding and clothing were put in their respective place or folded. He was downstairs eating the last of his dinner - cooked fish with yak butter and potatoes, when he heard Toothless arriving home through the roof. Hiccup grabbed two uncooked fish from the basket and climbed the stairs.

''Welcome back bud! I was really starting to worry about you. I got you some fi- ... ish.'' His line of thoughts phased out when he noticed Toothless looked beat. Toothless was already laying on his stone bed and going to sleep, completely uninterested in the food. ''I'm so happy to see you too.'' He sarcastically remarked before sitting down next to him. ‘‘Where have you been bud?''

Toothless grumbled and moved into a more comfortable position, but in doing so, he flinched and appeared to be in some discomfort.

''Toothless, what’s wrong?'' Hiccup asked in concern. He looked over Toothless's body, but couldn't see anything. ''I can't see any injuries, are you okay?’’

Toothless yawned, ignoring him. He didn't want the fuss, and would prefer to just sleep. He felt so exhausted ... drained of energy.

‘‘If only there was a way you could talk to me?'' Hiccup hinted.

Toothless thought for a moment looking up at Hiccup’s concerned facial features. Despite his exhaustion, a part of him really wanted to talk to Hiccup, and another part wanted to reassure him he was fine. He gave in, and changed into his human form. He felt rather dizzy, but it passed quickly and Hiccup didn’t seem to notice. 

''Whoa Toothless! A little warning next time please bud!'' He rushed to his feet to get the nearest blanket. He had caught a glimpse of Toothless's naked body - his groin area and tight small abs, but he grew concerned when he noticed the fresh bruises that had started to appear, and the grazes on his hands. He was also covered in dirt marks, and looked exhausted to the point of passing out.

''What happened?'' Hiccup asked, he dropped the blanket over Toothless's legs and lower region.

''I f-fell. I was … iying to be a p-person but … I could-itd … couldont. I went to f-fly off r-rock, but I ch-ch-changed an I fell.'' Toothless tried very hard to explain, gesticulating his fall, his voice sounded sore and raspy.

''You have been practicing changing and talking this entire time?'' Hiccup asked, rather surprised once he put the pieces together.

Toothless nodded, ''Are you ... Pl-pleased?'' He asked with a hopeful smile.

''Of course, Toothless this is amazing ... but you're hurt. Did you say you went to fly and fell? How far did you fall?''

''Not far, it ... h-hurt, b-but I'm okey.'' Toothless answered sleepily. 

''I didn't see any bruises or marks on you as a dragon.'' Hiccup stated; confusion clear in his facial expression.

''No, ya can't …s-see em when I am a … Dag-on'' He tried.

''Dragon? I can't see them when you are a Dragon? Why not?'' Hiccup asked.

''Bee-case ... I'm str-on-gar that way ... and I ave skass ... scass-els. I h-hurt more as a … p-person.'' Toothless explained, almost failing to stay awake. He had quickly learnt today, that his human form was more vulnerable to injuries and to the elements compared to his dragon form. Hiccup wanted to help clean and treat his wounds, but he didn't want him to. ''It is o-key, they will hell … heal when I'm a dr-dragon.'' Toothless explained to him.

Hiccup frowned in thought, it was obvious that Toothless needed to sleep. It looked inevitable that he would pass out at any moment, and if he didn't want to be helped then it would be best to leave him be tonight. ''Toothless, you should turn back into a dragon if it hurts less and will help you heal faster. Maybe you should rest your voice as well - it sounds like you have a sore throat! We can talk tomorrow if you're feeling better ... before we go and get Trid, but it's obvious you need rest.'' Toothless look sad, so he added. ''You know I have a hundred questions bud, but it wouldn't be fair to have you try and answer them tonight. You're not in any fit state to do so anyway. I am really happy that you’re getting better at talking but I have to put your health first.''

''O...key. fine!'' He sulked, his voice was weak and raspy. He turned back into a dragon once again and slumped down moments from sleep. Hiccup sat down next to him and put his hand on his dragon’s neck.

''Don't you think your overreacting!'' Hiccup said.

Toothless pulled away, and managed to turn around on his bed so Hiccup couldn't see him. How he was still awake was beyond him.

''Listen bud, you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. I just want you to get better okay, you know I care about you!''

Toothless flicked Hiccup in the head with his tail, but that was his undoing - with zero energy left, he was rapidly being pulled away from consciousness. With no choice in the matter, he started to drift off to sleep. He couldn’t hear coherent words as he slipped away; he only knew that Hiccup was saying something.

''Ow! And everyone says I'm stubborn. Well I'll leave you to your thoughts then.'' Hiccup said as he got up. He then realised that Toothless was asleep and decided to go down to clear up dinner. He left the two fish behind for Toothless in case he woke up and wanted them.


The next morning Toothless was still sleeping when Hiccup woke up. Toothless had ignored him when he came to bed last night – or perhaps he was so overly tired that he just didn’t wake up, which was an unusual and worrying thought, but either way, he hoped he had snapped out of it by now.

Hiccup called over to him. ''Toothless, you awake? Come on bud, what have I got to do to get you to talk to me huh?'' When Toothless moved but continue to ignore him, he threw his pillow at Toothless's head.  

Toothless just picked it up and tossed it across the room with his mouth apathetically. He then he put his head back down on his front legs and closed his eyes.

''Really, is that how it’s going to be? You still pouting? I Guess … you don't wanna go flying this morning then?'' Toothless's ears picked up and twitched. ''You know … it looks like a great morning for a flight, just you and me.'' Hiccup was now getting dressed, but he continued to bait his stubborn dragon. ''Oh well, that's a shame. I guess ... If you can go flying on your own now you don't need me anymore. I will just go and take a walk on my own then. Maybe I should think about training another dragon, you know if you’re not going to talk to me and all. A Deadly-Nadder has a good start speed, very agile, and I can work with that. Perhaps Stormfly would let me ride her. Hmm, I might just go see what my options are, go talk it over with Fishlegs.’’

With his cloak now in place he was ready to venture outside. He went downstairs but listened for any movement or sounds coming from his bedroom. When he heard nothing to indicate Toothless had taken the bait, he decided to leave. He knew he could never replace Toothless - nor did he want to, he just hoped the suggestion would elicit a reaction from him. He had only taken a few steps away from the house when Toothless flew out of the roof, he snagged him up in his paws and rapidly gained altitude. Hiccup was then flung into the air, and Toothless caught him on his back.

''There's my bud!'' Hiccup groaned out. The rough landing - thanks to the lack of saddle, was rather painful. He had his suspicions that Toothless knew that, and it was retaliation for ever suggesting his replacement. Hiccup patting Toothless's head, still wincing from the pain between his legs. ‘‘We really need to use that saddle.’’ Toothless grumbled and rolled his eyes.

They enjoyed their morning flight together after that. Toothless had lost the attitude by the time they had returned back home, and they had sat down to a late breakfast. 


Hiccup was now sitting at the table thinking as he looked at Toothless - who was laying on the floor.

''Come upstairs bud'' Hiccup told him, suddenly going up the stairs. Toothless followed. ''Okay! Here's the plan if you’re up for it. I made some clothes for you last night that I think will fit you. I can make more but these should do for now.'' He smiled, holding up the new clothes. ''If you can, you can turn into a human and we can try these on you, what do you say bud? Then we can try and talk, okay?''

Now sitting on the stone bed, was human Toothless smiling up at him. Hiccup turned around. ''Okay bud, we really need to work on that warning''

''Why?'' Asked Toothless. His voice was much better, and it was similar to Hiccup’s expect a little deeper. 

''Why? Because it isn't normal that you’re naked in front of other people.'' Hiccup’s voice bordered on incredulous and he frowned.   

''But … I say you na-aked, all the tame.'' Toothless pointed out confused. Hiccup felt awkward.

''Humans have, ermm … different rules bud. Here put these on!'' He threw the clothes to Toothless. 

''Prob-lem.'' Toothless said picking up the pants.

''What now?'' He asked still facing the opposite direction to Toothless. 

'' I don't know ... what to do wid these exact-elly.'' Toothless admitted.

''Augh, I didn't think about that!'' Hiccup said, before hesitantly turning around. ''Oh, this cannot be happening'' He said before taking the pants from Toothless’s hands.

He saw Toothless's naked body and groin area, 'He is seriously hot. Wait what! Oh, Odin, I’m losing my mind, because he is! I would be a fool to deny what is clearly obvious, but ...'  He shook his head in an attempt stop the thoughts progressing any further. He could feel butterflies in his stomach making his heart race, and if he didn’t know any better, he would admit to himself - and only himself - that he was sexually attracted to his human form. He was determined to ignore it, so he hastily started putting Toothless's legs into the pants. ''Now you just have to pull them up, okay?'' Hiccup finished, standing up flustered and red as he turned his back to Toothless.

Toothless tried to pull them up but couldn't get them over his butt. ''There st-tuk.'' He complained, losing his balance and falling sideways. ''Arghh ... this su-ucks!''

Hiccup turned and couldn't help chuckle. ''It's not that bad, you just have to get used to it and learn.'' He said as he went over to Toothless. Ignoring the fact that this was immensely awkward and extremely embarrassing for him, he helped Toothless stand up and held him upright as he tried to figure out his new clothes.

Toothless's pants were half way up over his butt, slightly tight but fitted well. No, the worse part was the fact that Toothless’s flaccid cock was now hanging out over the top of his untied pants. ''P-pull your ... your pants up higher.'' He instructed Toothless, trying to look away and ignore the heat that was filling his face, and quite possibly his nether region too. Toothless did as he was told. 

''It feels we-eird Hic.'' Toothless moaned. 

Hiccup looked down again, and noticed that Toothless’s cock wasn't down in the leg but instead … it was squished up and the head was poking out of the top of them. He closed his eyes trying to hold a heavy Toothless up at the same time. ''You n-need to ... push it down bud! Your, ermm ... thing!'' He pointed as he tried to explain, feeling more awkward by the second.

''My thing? I don’t in-de-stand Hic?'' Toothless frowned. Hiccup gulped and decided to hell with it.  

''Y-your dick bud! P-push it down into the pants!'' He almost shouted, pointing at the issue. He scrunched his eyes trying not to die of embarrassment. His own traitorous cock twitched, his butt cheeks clench, and his heart was trying to beat its way from his chest. He was breathing heavier and had started sweating when Toothless next spoke. 

''Feels bet-er'' Toothless smiled.

''Thank Thor.'' Hiccup sighed opening his eyes. He helped Toothless sit down on his bed and realized his pants were still untied. He knew Toothless wouldn't have clue what to do there, he thought about helping him out but the thought alone was enough to make him giddy.

''You ok Hicc?'' Toothless asked.

''Y-yeah ... y-you’re heavier than you look.'' Hiccup said, regaining his breath. He turned to get the tunic from the floor, and to cover up the fact he felt light headed for a different reason. Even if what he said was true, and Toothless was indeed heavier then he looked, his reaction was undeniably from sexual attraction and embarrassment, although he would deny the attraction part because it just wasn’t right. ''We need to get this on you now.'' Hiccup reminded him, trying to train his thoughts on something else. ''Them bruises still look sore, hopeful they will go soon.''  

''There no too bad.'' Toothless replied.

''Okay. You put your head through the big hole, and your arms in here and here.'' Hiccup instructed.

Toothless nodded. When it came to doing it: he managed to get the head in right, and one arm, but the other arm came out of the head hole. Hiccup laughed and Toothless gave him 'not happy' look. ''You ... cod elp!'' Toothless moaned.

Hiccup went over and helped Toothless put on the tunic correctly. His hands could feel the smooth, tight skin over Toothless's lean chest and waist as he pulled it down over his torso. Feeling his own body shiver with goose bumps, he suddenly ran his hand over his face. He took a deep breath and moved backward away from Toothless, gulping in his confused state. He was questioning his new desires to touch Toothless's body.

''Well?'' Toothless asked snapping Hiccup out of his thoughts. Toothless wanted to know how he looked as a human.

''Y-yeah you look good.'' Hiccup said, nodding and pointing to him with one hand. His other hand was behind his head, and he was still trying to get a grip on himself. 

Toothless tried to stand up and take a step forward, but he lost his balance. Hiccup just managed to catch him in time and keep him on his feet. ''Still need to get the foot work sorted huh bud?'' He smiled, forgetting his feelings for a moment. 

''Yeah.'' Toothless laughed, Hiccup couldn’t help enjoying the sound.

He helped Toothless learn how to walk, by showing and instructing him. Soon, Toothless was standing unaided and could walk fairly good for someone who only had ten minutes practice in his life.

''I did it Hicc, I can walk!'' Toothless exclaimed in excitement before sitting back on the bed, bouncing like a big kid.

Hiccup watched him smiling. He could feel himself being drawn closer to Toothless, like an invisible rope was pulling him in. He resisted the feelings and ignored them, hoping he wasn't ill or something was wrong with him. Why else would he be attracted to him? He questioned himself.  

''Hic huh? is that my new nick name or something? Hiccup asked, only just registering what Toothless had said. Toothless smiled and it made him feel warm, safe.

''I’ve alwaz called you Hic, ell some-tins, you just codn't hear me.'' 

''I see.’’ Hiccup chuckled. ‘‘So, wanna try and get down the stairs bud?''  

''Bing it on!'' Toothless took the challenge, wobbling slightly as he stood up too fast. Hiccup chuckled. 


After almost falling down them, they managed to get down the stairs in one piece, although Toothless went down the last five steps on his buttocks. Hiccup was impressed in his friend’s determination.

He got a drink and gave one to Toothless who, despite having seen humans drink before, had clumsily tipped half of it in his face. After drying himself off with a cloth Hiccup had given him, he looked at Hiccup who had been unconsciously staring at him. 

''Hic? Do you ... like me?'' Toothless questioned innocently.

Hiccup almost chocked on his drink, blushing at first but then thought … Toothless might get the hidden meaning in that. ''Y-yeah bud, you’re my best friend, of c-course I like you.'' Hiccup stuttered. 

''Why you nervis?'' Toothless asked.

''Me? N-nervous.'' Hiccup stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck.

''You do that ting with your … vice when you’re nervis Hic.'' 

''Oh. You erm ... n-noticed that huh? Well, when someone asks you if you like them, it can mean … do you like me too ... in that way!'' He attempted to explain; he somehow knew Toothless would keep asking if he didn’t.

Toothless thought about it but didn't understand. ''Wat way?''

Hiccup gulped. ''Erm ... in the way that two people ... l-love each other.'' 

Toothless thought again. ''Like you and Asa-trid, like mats?''

''Yes! Exactly like me and Astrid, like mates!'' He said, suddenly missing Astrid. ''Only humans use the word ‘mates’ when talking about friends, not couples. I thought, at first, that you were asking me if I liked you in that way.'' Hiccup finished, coughing awkwardly. 

''Oh! I ment, do you like me as a p-person or more as a da-gon?'' Toothless asked again. 

''I like you the same either way bud. We can have a conversation together this way, which is great! I get to know more about you and we can share things. And as Dragon we can go flying, discover new places, and I can practice free falling with you.'' Hiccup finished.

Toothless didn't look pleased ''I alwizz end up savin your butt an cras-ing.'' 

''Oh, come on bud! You know how much I love it, you wouldn't take that away from me would you? Besides I have gotten so much better at controlling turns. I think the adjustments I made to the flight suit, the calibration, and the turning gears, will increase the duration of flight time too. With your new spines and the fact your tail is back, I think you could pull of some pretty neat rescue manoeuvres to.'' Hiccup feigned sadness, and pleaded. 

Toothless rolled his eyes and answered. ''O-key fine!''

''Thanks bud. You’re the best!'' Hiccup smiled.

''Yes, I am!'' Toothless said far too proud. 

''So modest!'' Hiccup stated sarcastically. ''So, how do you feel being a human?'' He asked Toothless.

''Str-age, it feels ... cold'' Toothless said rubbing his arms. 

''Here!'' Hiccup stood up and went to the fire pit.

Using two large stones to create a spark, he managed to set it ablaze. The warmth creeped into the room filling it with the smell of burning wood, and the light filled the space with the gently flicker of amber glow as the fire settled. Hiccup ran upstairs to fetch Toothless's vest and a blanket, quickly returning. He helped Toothless put the vest on first, before laying the blanket over his shoulders.

''Better?'' Hiccup asked, sitting back down on the opposite chair.

''Yeah, tanks.'’ Toothless smiled, nodding.

''You’re welcome. I suppose being able to breath fire and having scales does keep the cold off when you’re a dragon. When we’re flying, I don't really get cold because you’re so warm.'' Hiccup informed him. 

''Not like Hook-fan.'' Toothless smiled deviously. He imagined Hiccup being roasted alive if he rode him. In fact, he was surprised Hookfang hadn’t permanently injured Snotlout with all the times he set his butt on fire. 

''Oh, gods no! I'd much rather have you bud.'' Hiccup laughed.

A moment silence passed between them, only the crackling of fire to be heard, before Hiccup spoke again. ''Bud? I'm sorry I shot you down that day. I wish we had become friends under ... well, better circumstances. I've never stopped feeling guilty for that.'' His voiced pained with honest guilt.

Toothless was about to assure him it was it was alright, that it was in the past and forgiven, when he remembered something and decided to play with him.  ''You old me you never reg-getted shooting me down.'’

''What? When did I?'' Hiccup stared and tried to think back. Then he remembered the only thing Toothless could have possibly been talking about. ''Oooh, I told you that didn't come out right bud! We were about to go to war, and my dad was-'’ 

''Hic … low-key! You’re so essy to mess with.'' Toothless grinned. 

''Did you just seriously try and Loki me? That is so beneath you! Just … wow!'' Hiccup shook his head in disbelief. It kind of hurt that Toothless didn’t take his apology seriously, and it must have shown in his face.

''Lis-tun, it’s o-key Hicc. Really! I know you’re sorry, you ave said so un-der-eds of tines and you don’t need to ap-oegies. I was e-lone when we became friends and now, I'm hay-pee. I got the tail back now, un-lick your foot. S-sorry about that.'' Toothless smiled guiltily.

''It's okay bud, you saved my life that day. In fact, you’ve saved it many times.''

''You saved mine many times too.'' Toothless smiled.

Hiccup suddenly realized that the day was getting on and he still had to collect his son. ''Oh, we best get ready to pick up Trid. Don't forget to remove them clothes before you turn back bud. Don't want them getting ripped, and I think it best you don't go outside as a human yet, people will have a lot of questions.'' Hiccup told Toothless as he made his way over to the stairs. ''I'll be right back I just need to get the suit to carry Trid.'' He then vanished up the stairs. 

Hiccup put on a leather suit with the front section made for an infant to sit in - which was lined with fur, and it also had straps to secure Trid inside, and-or him to Toothless if need be. It could be used either when flying or walking. He was just about to go back downstairs when he heard a bang and the sound of a chair scraping across the floor, instantly followed by Toothless's cursing and moaning.

''Arghh, sti-pid tings.'' Toothless hissing in pain.

Hiccup rushed downstairs to find Toothless naked, his pants were stuck around his legs and he was laying on the floor wincing and trying to sit up. He had fallen off the chair trying to pull them off, and was now trying to yank at them again whilst laying on the floor. Clearly, they were stuck around his feet and lower legs. Hiccup could feel them traitorous butterflies in his stomach again making his heart race, and his hands were becoming sweaty at the sight of Toothless naked once more. Biting the inside of his lips, he ran over to Toothless and helped yanked the pants off his friend. As soon as the task was complete, he quickly turned his back to him.

''Tanks.'' Toothless’s voiced reached his ears.

''You’re welcome bud.'' Hiccup replied, wondering I he should have helped Toothless of the floor.

Just then a head of a dragon nudged Hiccup’s arm. As he turned around, Toothless stood on his hind legs and tilted his head with his tongue out smiling. Hiccup chuckled and scratched Toothless's chin and neck, feeling his own body calm to normal and his nerves settle down.

''What am I going to do with you? He asked. Toothless bounced around the room, enjoying being able to move easily again, and excited to get out and see Trid. ''Alright bud. I'm coming.'' Hiccup said, grabbing his cloak before they left the house.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8- Dragon problems

Yesterday evening had been rather pleasant. Hiccup and his mother had spent time together with Trid as a family - of course Toothless was still a part of that in his dragon form. Before they had flown home, Hiccup had assured his mother he was okay now; the bruises were slowly starting to get better, and he would be returning to his chief duties in three days. Trid had been very excited to see his father again - squealing in excitement and laughing, it also filled Hiccup with such warmth when he saw how Toothless was with his son.  

Trid had fallen to sleep the moment Hiccup placed him into the suit - ready for the short flight home. Toothless preferred watching Trid as a dragon - he had heightened senses and better control of movement this way, plus, he wouldn't scare him. It was Toothless’s choice therefore, to stay in his dragon form all evening. Hiccup spent the rest of the evening caring for his son, playing with him - with Toothless’s help of course, or making more clothes for Toothless when his son was asleep. 


 The next day, everyone was woken by a crying - hungry baby. Toothless covered his ears with his paws, grumbling as Hiccup rummaged around trying to find his metal leg in a frenzy. Toothless observed him and growled, he’d realized Hiccup’s moment of stupidity.

''What's that for? It’s not my fault babies cry!'' Hiccup responded over Trid’s crying.   

Toothless got up with a huff, made his way over to his dumb rider, and headbutted Hiccup’s leg to make his point. Hiccup had been up late with Trid last night, and he had forgotten to take his metal leg off. No wonder he couldn’t find it under the bed. Toothless rolled his eyes at him.   

''Right ... yep ... there it is, I knew that!'' Hiccup said, getting off his bed. Toothless whacked him with his tail. ''Ow.'' He sighed, giving Toothless a 'what the hell' stare. 

Hiccup collected Trid from his crib - who had calmed a little at the feeling of being held. Hiccup went downstairs and prepared his milk just as Gothi had instructed. Boiled yak milk, water, and sugar. After Trid was fed, Hiccup laid him onto the bed whilst he put clean clothes on. Toothless was nudging Trid - making him giggle and squeal, which made Hiccup chuckle.

''Your good with him bud!''

Toothless smiled at Hiccup’s compliment, then proceeded to lick Trid's foot. Trid giggled at one point and kicked Toothless in the nose. Toothless sneezed - making Hiccup laugh, but he gave Toothless a well-deserved neck and chin scratch to show his appreciation.  

After Hiccup and Toothless had breakfast, they spent the next few hours entertaining a very demanding Trid - who would scream whenever he was ignored even for a few seconds. Eventually Trid fell to sleep and Hiccup placed him into his crib. Hiccup sighed and slumped on the bed.

''Well bud, just you and me for a bit!'' Toothless licked his face a few times, ''Oh, come on bud! You know that don't wash out. And now I know you understand that.'' He complained. Toothless laughed. ''Real mature!''

Toothless went over to the few clothes Hiccup had made him, and nudged them with his head signalling his desire to change forms.

''Do you wanna change again bud?'' He asked. Toothless nodded once and smiled. ''Well … at least you warned me this time. I'll just keep my eyes closed whilst you change and get your clothes on. You can get them on now right, without my help?'' He asked. Toothless just looked at Hiccup. ''I guess we’ll see then.'' He hoped the answer was yes as he sat on the bed facing the opposite direction - his eyes firmly closed. 

''Hi Hicc.'' A familiar voice behind him reached his ears.

''Hey! You okay?'' Hiccup asked, slightly nervous as he heard Toothless bump into something. 

''Yeah, the table got in the way…'' Toothless replied mildly annoyed.

''That damn table!’’ Hiccup joked as he chuckled.

''Think I have these stupid things on now Hicc. Erm … how the blasted eels do I get this thing on again.'' Toothless asked.

Hiccup turned his head to see Toothless trying to figure out which way the tunic went on. His pants were on, surprisingly - just not done up. Hiccup gulped biting his lip as he looked over his friend’s topless body. It took him a moment to stop staring and realize … Toothless was trying to put the tunic on the wrong way around.

''Here, I’ll help.''

‘‘Well I didn’t expect you to watch.’’ Toothless sassed.

Hiccup chuckled and went over, putting the tunic over Toothless's head the right way. Hiccup noticed the bruises from the fall on his friend’s torso. He felt his hand slide over his lean chest as he pulled the tunic down over him. He held such intense care for Toothless - hating the fact he was hurt, but he felt something else too – something deeper. He had to snap himself out of suddenly wanting to touch more of Toothless's warm chest, or run his hands over his waist line. Hiccup moved backwards hoping Toothless hadn't sensed anything. Toothless just looked at him and smiled.

''I’ll get better at that!'' Toothless said, sitting on the bed. Hiccup suddenly realized something that made him smile.  

''Hey, you’re talking is so much clearer, did I miss something?''

''Nope! Practice!'' Toothless smiled.

''Wait, when?'' Hiccup asked, sitting on the other side of his bed.

''When you've been asleep. That's why I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to please you!'' Toothless explained.

''That's awesome. You learnt really fast; I wasn't expecting you to pick it up that quickly!'' 

''Well, I'm a quick learner!'' He said, almost smug. 

''Maybe you can use that quick learning to learn how to get dressed and undressed yourself then.'' Hiccup replied.

''Hey! I'm getting there.'' He argued.

''Well you’re going to have to learn how to tie your pants up bud!'' Hiccup responded, shifting his eye gaze away from Toothless. Hiccup then had a thought, ''Watch Trid, I’ll be right back!'' 

Hiccup ran downstairs and Toothless could soon hear banging. After a while, Hiccup came back up the stairs with a very thin and long piece of leather nailed to a piece of wood. He showed Toothless how to tie the leather string into a bow.

Toothless practiced for a while - and was getting stressed that he had only managed to make knots, when he finally got the hang of it. Hiccup was relieved because at one point, Toothless had tried to set fire to it, but as a human had only ended up breathing at it with force. When hiccup laughed, he got punched hard in the arm by an angry Toothless.

Toothless therefore, managed to tie up his pants successfully himself. He seemed proud of his achievement. ''See! Quick learner!'' He pointed out to Hiccup, who just shook his head.

Hiccup lay back on his bed, closing his eyes feeling tired from lack of sleep and parenting. Toothless moved and was sitting so close to Hiccup that he was nearly sitting on him.

''Toothless? What are you doing?'' He asked, half opening his eyes.

''Flying!'' Toothless replied sarcastically, but really … wasn’t it obvious what he was doing?

''Ha ha! You can't sit that close bud!'' Hiccup said, feeling suddenly warmer and not admitting he liked the new feeling. 

''Why not? You don't usually mind!'' He leaned over Hiccup with his hands either side of him, looking down at his face. 

Very aware that Toothless was now basically laying on top of him - only half a foot away from his face, he started to feel his heart beating faster. He could feel Toothless’s breathing on his face and his eyes were wide with a smile as he looked down at him. It felt like something had suddenly taking over his body - he was becoming increasingly aware of his breathing as he fought of the urge to run his fingers though Toothless’s hair, or to bring him closer to his own body.

''Er … It's ... er ... n-n-not normal bud!'' He finally managed to explain. Toothless was confused and looked rather sad as he sat back down next to Hiccup, he moved further away from him.

''Okay.'' His dejected voice mumbled. Hiccup sat up taking a deep breath.

''It’s okay, I didn't think to explain. It’s just when you're a human … it feels a little strange when you’re that close. I'm sorry bud, you know I don’t mean anything by it right? You’re still my best friend. You just can't do certain things that you're used to doing when you're human.'' Hiccup finished. Hiccup knew close friends like him and Toothless shouldn’t have an issue being near each other - bromance and all, but he was heating up every single damn time it happened, and it was strange - disconcerting even. 

''Like what?'' Toothless asked, turning to face him more.

''Well, like … laying under my arm, putting your head on me, licking me, or jumping around people. I know it’s difficult, and it's going to take some time to adjust, but it’s just not normal to do things like that as a human. Okay bud?'' Hiccup hoped he understood. Toothless sighed sadly, but then he gave a weak smile.

''Okay Hicc, I’ll try. I just like being close to you.''

''I know you do bud. I know!'' Hiccup said, closing his eyes again. He opened one eye to see Toothless still looking rather sad, it pained him to think Toothless might be feeling pushed away. It wasn't his fault that the rules had changed, or that Toothless made his heart race. Hiccup took the pillow out from behind his head and bashed Toothless with it.  Toothless was shocked at first then moved closer to Hiccup.

''That's it, you asked for it!'' Toothless said poking Hiccup in the sides.

''Ow!'' Hiccup laughed as his bruises were still sore. Toothless kept doing it, even whilst he hit him with the pillow. ''Ow, stop that ... bruises ... Ow!'' Hiccup managed to get out through laughing.

Toothless stole the pillow from Hiccup grasp, and he was now playfully smacking him on the head with it. Hiccup used his hands as protection form the pillow assault. They were both laughing, and Hiccup was trying to smack him back over the pillow, however, all the noise that was suddenly going on woke up Trid - he started crying.

''Now look what you-.'' Hiccup started, but Toothless had thrown himself on the floor and was … hiding?

''What on Midgard are you doing?'' He asked, picking up Trid and trying to get him back to sleep.

''Hiding!'' Toothless replied nervously, like it was obvious. 

''Hiding? Why?'' Hiccup questioned in shock.

''I don't want to scare him!'' Toothless admitted, peering up from the side of the bed.

''What? That's ridiculous. Toothless! Get up her!'' He ordered him. Toothless slowly got up and sat back on the bed. ''Why don't you hold him?'' Hiccup suggested.

''But he's crying! What if I drop him, or hurt him, or he don’t like me?'' Toothless panicked.

''Toothless! I trust you with my life, and his.'' He handed a crying Trid over to a very nervous Toothless.

The second Trid hit Toothless's arms he stopped crying and started to fall back to sleep. Toothless had seen Hiccup and Valka hold Trid so many times before that he knew what to do, however, he was too terrified to move.

''See bud, he loves you! You’re doing great, just relax.'' Hiccup smiled.

It was such a comforting and wonderful feeling watching Toothless with Trid. Toothless would have made a great father, he was so protective of Trid. In the first few weeks, Toothless hadn’t even let Snotlout or the twins near his son. Hiccup watched as Toothless looked down at the baby.

''Hi, tiny thing ... in my useless human arms.'' He told Trid.

Hiccup chuckled, the more he watched them both, the more elated and happier he felt. Toothless held Trid until he was asleep again. Hiccup then put him back into his crib carefully, he laid back down on his bed - with his arms behind his head, falling asleep against his will instantly.


A young Hiccup was playing with another boy about his age. They were playing with a small boat that Hiccup had made. 

' 'Zachary! I need to fix the sail'' Hiccup told his best friend.  

''But I wanna see it!'' Zachary pleaded trying to take it off him.

 H iccup pulled it back and the two small boys were fighting over the boat. Zachary was stronger than Hiccup, he pulled the boat so hard that Hiccup fell on top of him. The two boys laughed and stared at each other for a while, then Hiccup kissed Zachary on the lips.

  ''ZACHARIAH CAWDOR!'' A male adult Viking boomed. ''Go to your room, now!''

  The adult man grabbed Hiccup by his clothes and dragged him over to Stoick’s house.


  Stoick and the Mr Cawdor were arguing.

  ''It isn't normal chief! Before … before was forgivable as they were younger, but your son is corrupting mine. I won't stand for it!'' Mr Cawdor shouted, slamming his fists down on the table.

  ''It’s just a phase, the boy will grow out of it Torstein!'' Stoick told him.

  ''That boy isn't ever going to change! He is weak, pathetic, and a freak! Me and my family are leaving. I don't want my son getting stupid ideas!'' He screamed before leaving.


Stoick was with Hiccup at home. Hiccup was crying because he had found out Zachariah was leaving. He was Hiccup's only friend; he didn't want him to leave. Zachary was the only one that didn't push him around, or pick on him. Stoick was still shouting at him.

  ''… Hiccup are you listening to me! You are young. One day you will meet a pretty young lady, and have children to continue being chief after you. That is your duty as future chief! You’re to forget about that boy!'' He shouted.

''But dad!'' Hiccup cried.

  ''No butts Hiccup Haddock! You’re to forget about Zachary, forget about all of this nonsense … it’s not normal. You're to never speak of it again, do you understand me!'' Stoick demanded.

  Hiccup had no choice but to agree with his father, he nodded and ran to his room crying, slamming his door closed behind him.


Hiccup suddenly woke up. He was breathing heavy at first, confused at the dream like it was more a memory. He didn’t get a chance to think any more about it; banging resounded through his house and he realized someone had been banging on the front door, Trid was also crying, and Toothless had been calling to him.

''What in the name of-.'' He started, but he saw Toothless over by the crib trying to calm Trid down. ''You okay with him for a moment?'' Hiccup asked.

Toothless nodded and Hiccup rushed downstairs and opened the door. Snotlout, and Gustav were standing there. 

''Hiccup, chief! I know you’re not doing the chiefly man stuff right now but … Hookfang suddenly started blowing everything up and you’re the dragon expert?'' Snotlout explained. 

''And that's different to any other day how?'' Hiccup asked. 

''Its true Chief, even Fanghook!'' Gustav explained desperately. 

''Again, that's different how?'' Hiccup asked, more annoyed this time thinking it was just a Snotlout-Gustav problem.

''Have a look around smart arse, the dragons are all acting strange. Some are just taking off and leaving.'' Snotlout insisted.

When Hiccup went outside and looked around, Snotlout was right. He could see dragons just up and leaving, and they looked annoyed, stressed, pained even. He told Snotlout and Gustav to get Gobber, and to have any dragons that hadn't left yet put into the pens or the dragon training arena. He explained that he had to sort out Trid first, but he would be as quick as he could. 

Hiccup ran upstairs and explained to Toothless what had just happened. He was going to take Trid over to Valka's and was hoping the dragons over there weren't acting out, or at least that his mum had them under control. He suspected his chief duties were going to return early. 

''That's strange Hicc, I feel fine.'' Toothless told him removing his clothes. Hiccup was too busy collecting Trid and his supplies to worry about a naked Toothless.

''Well the other dragons are going to need their alpha bud! Maybe you can do something.'' 

''Maybe!'' Was the last thing Toothless said before changing forms.

Toothless started to shake his head, he made low growling and moaning noises before banging his head into the bed frame. He then started hitting his face with his paws, and looked pained.

''Toothless, bud?'' Hiccup asked, placing Trid in his crib and running over to Toothless. ''What's wrong?'' Toothless growled threateningly which shocked him immensely. ''It’s okay bud. It’s just me … calm down. What is it, what wrong?''

Toothless suddenly changed forms again, causing Hiccup to jump back in surprise. Toothless was holding his head.

''Ow. Eugh!'' He gasped, rubbing his head. 

''What the Helheim happened?'' Hiccup asked, looking at his face to avoid glancing at his naked body. 

''It suddenly felt like my head was being squeezed, like it was about to explode.'' He explained, getting his pants back on. ''Hiccup, if it doesn't affect me like this … then right now, I'd rather be a human!'' He told Hiccup who was looking at him seriously.

''The other dragons must be feeling the same way bud, no wonder they looked stressed and are acting out. This is going to be a problem.'' He realized.

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Chapter 9- Leaving

Hiccup was at the Great Hall conferring with the other villagers. He was sitting at the main table with the members of the council: Gobber, Gothi, Fishlegs Ingerman, Sven, Axel Alvarisson, and Snotlout Jorgenson. Valka was seated near the table, at the front of the hall - holding Trid in her arms.

Most of the dragons had simply flown away, including: Hookfang, Barf and Belch, Stormfly, and all the other dragons that usually hang around or lived by his mother’s house over on the west side of Berk. With Hiccup’s help, Cloudjumper, Meatlug, Fanghook, and some of the A team dragons, had been locked in the arena - and the arena pens, but they were not calming down. Hiccup carefully explained that the dragons looked like they were experiencing headaches like symptoms. He wouldn't say how he knew; he didn't want them to ask more questions, or worse, find out about Toothless. He had told them that Toothless was missing and had most likely left with the other dragons - especially seeing as he was their alpha. After much debate, yelling, and eye rolling from Hiccup, he instructed them to search the island for anything new, or anything that might have changed. The villagers left to go search, but Valka hung back to speak to Hiccup. 

''I may have only been here for two years son, but I know when you’re hiding something from me.'' She told him. 

''I-I really don't know what you mean mum.'' He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck. Valka eyed him, but she decided to leave it be for now and changed the subject.

''I'm really worried for the dragons Hiccup, especially Toothless and Cloudjumper.'' She sadly admitted. 

''Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out mum!'' He told her, leaving to go search with the villagers and make sure no one started a fight. Angry Vikings being denied something was asking for trouble at the best of time, this wasn’t the best of times.




Before Hiccup had left that morning with Trid, he had told Toothless to stay inside and not to be seen whilst he was away, that he really didn't want anything else to deal with right now. He had also informed Toothless, that he would tell the villagers, that he had left the island with the other dragons as their alpha. Toothless was therefore, home alone in human form, and stuck in the house.

Toothless felt useless as he had sat on the bed upstairs. He didn’t know what was happening outside, and as the alpha he felt he should be involved in this. Toothless sighed and laid on Hiccup’s bed, he never got to lay on it because he was usually far too big. It was comfortable, especially on his human body, and he wondered if he could share it with Hiccup - or perhaps get one of his own. Considering Hiccup didn't seem comfortable anymore with him sitting, let alone laying so close to him - which Toothless didn't quite understand but accepted all the same, he doubted he’d get to share.

Toothless lay there remembering back to last night. He had been over at the Cove where he and Hiccup had first bonded, and he had been practicing his communication skills again. Toothless was thinking about the other dragons and what it would mean for him as alpha if he was stuck as a human, when he fell to sleep.

When Toothless woke up, he felt the urge to pee. ‘Great, now what am I supposed to do?’ He wondered to himself. ‘If I go outside and someone sees me, Hiccup will kill me. I really don't want to make things harder for him, maybe he will be back soon, I'll wait.' He decided.  

Toothless laid there for a while but eventually got bored. He went to the table in Hiccup’s room and looked at some of his drawings - especially the ones of himself as a dragon, thinking how talented his Hiccup was. He then randomly started looking at stuff that he could now pick up with human hands, accidentally dropping a few things, and making more mess trying to clean up the mess he had just made. It took him a while to clean up before he went downstairs looking around. 

He sat at the table thinking about how the others might react to him being human. He racked his brain trying to think about why he had become human in the first place. He had heard about this somewhere before but he just couldn't remember. 



It had been a while since he woke up, and still no Hiccup. As the day progressed, the urgency to relieve himself had become distracting. All he could think about now was that he had to go bad, and he fidgeted uncomfortably. It felt strange to him - who as a dragon could wait much longer, and this all felt uncomfortable and new to him as a human. He had seen Hiccup pee, usually when on long flights when he would dart to a tree or dash into a bush. Now he thought about it, Hiccup did 'go' a lot more than he did. At home he would say: ''Be right back bud, need to pee.'' And then he’d dash of somewhere outside. He could never find his scent thought, only Snotlout's. The fact is, he knew humans did it differently, and he knew how to as a human, but going without being seen … that was the issue. And this particular issue now, was something he couldn’t ignore.

Toothless peaked out of the window and saw villagers outside, they looked like they were looking for something. 'Oh damn.' He thought, making the choice that as soon as it looked clear, he would rush outside and be quick about it. Surely Hiccup would want that as opposed to doing it in the house, and he wasn't some untrained vermin - so that was out of the question. Yes, he would wait until it was clear, or until Hiccup returned, which ever came first. 




Hiccup and the others couldn't find anything to suggest why the dragons were acting this way. The longer the day went on the noises from the arena grew louder and more desperate, Hiccup was growing more and more concerned. He had told everyone that he needed time to think this over, and he had instructed Fishlegs to find out as much information as he could. Maybe something would help them figure this out. He had instructed the villagers to spread the word, and to meet back at the Great Hall in an hour. He wiped a hand down his face before turning to walk back, he had a lot to think about. 




Back at the house, Toothless was now holding himself in serious discomfort and pain. He felt an unbearable pressure building, a pressure that threatened to give out against his stubborn willpower not to. He shuffled over to the window again, hoping that the no one was outside - he had been waiting ages now, but instead of being quiet … more people were now outside the house. They were all going up the few steps and into the Great Hall that was next to Hiccup's house.

Toothless went back to pacing the room, panicking and breathing heavier. His eyes were screwed shut, and he was groaning, doubling over in pain, crossing his legs, and becoming irritable and desperate as he held himself. He had often rolled his eyes at Hiccup when he made him stop during long flights so he could take a piss, dashing off and making strange movements. Now he had a new sense of understanding as to why, if Hiccup felt anything like this … he felt sorry for ever laughing at him. 

More time passed, and the need to go - plus the building pain and pressure, was so bad he didn't care if he was seen or not at this point. Logic had escaped his mind in desperation, and he ran to the front door opening it with relief to find it deserted. ‘They must all be the Great Hall … Thank Thor.’ He thought as he ran into the gap between the house and the rocks the Great Hall stood upon.

He had nearly burst just running out the house - the pressure in his bladder too full to deal with the movement, but thankful he made it. He was at least half hidden from view, and now was his chance, but he couldn’t get his damn pants down. He tried to undo them, bouncing, and trying to hold it in just a little longer, but he ended up knotting them instead. He felt like crying as a whine of desperation spilled from his lip. He could feel himself about to void as he yanked at his pants, the pressure too much to withstand the action. The yanking was making it far to hard to hold back, and he noticed a wet patch forming on his pants as he desperately tried to get them over his butt.

At the last minute - the material of his waist band nearly cutting into his skin, he managed to pull them down just as the pee started to involuntarily squirt from his cock - getting a little more onto his pants in the process. He moaned in pleasure as he stood there, holding his dick, felling his entire body shudder and relax in his euphoric sense of relief. The speed of urine flow increasing now that it was free to do so.

Mid flow, he heard a woman gasp. He turned to see a female Viking going towards the Great Hall. ''Hi.'' He said, giving her an awkward smile. 'Fuck!’ He thought. ‘Oh, gods. I'm dead, Hiccup is going to kill me.’ He couldn’t stop going now that he’d started, and the woman ran into the Great Hall - probably to send other Vikings out after him. Toothless preyed he finished before she came back … or someone else saw him. Once he had finally finished, he yanked his pants up to his hips, and ran back into the house slamming the door behind him. He finally forced his pants back up with immense difficulty - failing to sort the knot, and went upstairs and sat on the bed panicking.




The woman who had seen a strange man urinating up the wall of the chief's house - with his full bottom region on display, who said ‘Hi’ to her whilst doing it, and smiling, reported this to Hiccup immediately. She did not hold back her anger, or her disgust at all. Hiccup was in a state of shock - he didn't have words. He knew exactly who it was but he couldn't tell her that, let alone explain it. The Villagers were waiting for Hiccup to respond, and when he finally did - after gulping nervously, he told them he was going to check it out, and for everyone to wait at the Great Hall for his return. As he awkwardly slipped out through the great doors, they followed him anyway.

The pee was clearly visible, so he couldn't tell them Velma had imagined it. The villagers were starting to blame the strange man for the dragon’s disappearance, and their strange behaviour. They were outraged that the hooligan had committed treason against their chief. They seemed to agree - loudly at that, that he must be the reason as there was no other explanation. They were insisting that, if he was innocent, why would he hide and sneak around. Hiccup did the only thing he could thin off in the situation, and he told the villagers to go search the village. He asked Valka, and the A-team to check on the dragons. Valka didn't want to leave but she did as her son asked, handing Trid over to his father. Luckily Trid needed feeding, so Hiccup had a good excuse to go back into his house at a time like this. Hiccup shut the door and sighed, ready to hear what Toothless had to say for himself.

Upstairs in Hiccup’s room, Toothless had heard the commotion. He was hiding down the side of the bed when Hiccup walked in.

''Toothless?'' He called not sounding at all pleased. Toothless slowly stood up and looked nervous.

''H-hi Hicc.'' He stuttered guiltily.

''What the hell bud? The one thing I ask you to do, to not get yourself seen … and you went outside.'' He shouted startling Trid.

''I'm sorry okay!’’ He responded, feeling defensive. ‘‘Don’t shout at me! I had to go so fucking bad, seriously! I didn't mean to get seen, and I was waiting for you to return … for ages. I had no choice, unless you wanted me to piss on the floor.'' He explained suddenly annoyed with Hiccup, and the unfairness of the situation.

Hiccup sighed as he calmed down, and he berated himself for never considered that Toothless might need to 'go'. He also noticed the wet patch on Toothless's pants - which confirmed how desperate he claimed he had been. Hiccup decided not to mention that; he didn’t want to embarrass Toothless. He felt really bad for him, but he remembered where Toothless had gone, and he was still slightly annoyed.

 ''Okay but seriously, up the wall. It’s one thing needing to go bud, but up my fucking damn wall?'' He voice was quieter - so not to upset Trid.

''I didn't know where else to go! I didn't know that was wrong. If I had gone to find a tree or something, I would have had to go further away. I really had to go bad, I don’t think I’d have made it further away to be honest. Besides going further away would increase the chances of me being seen. I'm sorry Hiccup!'' He said, looking genuinely apologetic.

 ''Didn't you even consider the outhouse?'' Hiccup sighed. Toothless looked puzzled. 

Hiccup then found himself explaining that the small hut at the back of the house, was the chief's private outhouse, and that is where Vikings go to do their stuff - especially in villages. 

''Oh, that's where you go when you have pee. No wonder I could never smell your scent, only Snotlout's.'' Toothless said.

''Wait what, Snotlout?'' Hiccup asked. 

''Yeah. He takes a piss outside at night sometimes when he is drunk - or mad at you. I remark my own scent over it usually.'' Toothless said, far too casually in fact, so much so that Hiccup looked mortified.

''He does what? Wow!'' He said walking downstairs. He seriously considering planting poison ivy outside now, and he was trying to get the image of Toothless - dragon or not, peeing over Snotlout's piss.




Hiccup was preparing milk for Trid, and Toothless had followed him downstairs. Toothless was currently sitting on top of the table.

''I really am sorry Hicc. I’ve never been that desperate before - ever! I guess I wasn't thinking straight.''

''It’s okay bud, you had to go! I didn't think about it, so that's my fault. It’s not like you can fly off right now that's for sure, and I was gone a long time. I should have thought about it.'' He felt guilty for not thinking about Toothless's needs at all. Just that he’d told him to stay hidden, and not to get seen or leave the house, because he didn’t want to deal with the questions. He must have been really desperate, and bored as well, and he couldn’t even cook for himself. 

''I'm still getting used to this body. I did consider changing at one point … so I could go, but whatever is out there causing the dragons to leave, it messes with the head Hicc. And you said you was telling the village I had left so I couldn't be seen either way.'' Toothless explained.

''The last thing I want is for you to turn back into a dragon right now. And yeah, I did tell them that. The dragons in the arena looked like were suffering. I have no idea why … and I don't know what to do to help them.'' Hiccup said sadly. 

''You’ll figure it out … but, maybe you should let them leave. I have a feeling they won't stop fighting until they escape, or their ears bleed.'' Toothless winced, remembering the pain.

''What if something is wrong with them? Leaving would just unleash crazy dragons into the world.'' 

''It wasn't that. It was like something here was causing it. Besides, I would be ill right now if that was the case, even as a human.'' Toothless told him.

Hiccup sat down and sighed as he started to feed Trid. He was just thinking it over in his mind when the door knocked. Toothless hurried upstairs before Hiccup opened it, and he found his mother standing there looking worried.

''Hiccup, the dragons don't look good at all. They’re fighting each other, and harming themselves. I can't bear to see Cloudjumper this way.'' Valka explained looking distressed. 

''Okay mum, give me a minute.'' He said, rushing back inside.

Valka had waiting downstairs for Hiccup to come back down. She had taken over feeding Trid in his absence. Hiccup had whispered to Toothless that he was going to go release the dragons, and that he would speak to him soon. He promised he wouldn't be long this time, and to please stay quiet until he left, that they would talk about it when he got back. 

Hiccup had explained to his mum that the dragons had to leave because something on the island was causing them to act this way, and it wasn't fair to make the suffer. That hopefully they would find out what it was and the dragons would comeback once it was resolved. He reminded her of their loyalty to their riders, and that seeing as they liked it on Berk, there was no reason they shouldn't return once the problem was fixed. Once Trid had finished eating they left.




There was a lot of protest at first with the villagers, but they soon gave in when Hiccup explained. They released the dragons with sorrowful expression, and everyone was depressed, confused, and puzzled. They still insisted that the man Velma saw was the cause of all this, and it angered Hiccup. He told them that unless they find him, there is nothing he can do about some random person that may or may not have anything to do with all of this. He tried to emphasis the may not part, but his villagers were bloody stubborn.

Hiccup told them all that he needed time to figure out the problem. He told them to keep their eyes open for anything that might provide any answers no matter how small they were, and to report them Fishlegs. He had encouraged Fishlegs that if there was information out there, he would be the one to find it. Fishlegs had nodded and left looking dishearten, but he was focused on reading every book in the archipelago if he had to. Hiccup finished by telling his people that once he had any news, he would call a meeting in the Great Hall, but until then … they just had to go on as normally as they could.

Once the villagers dispersed, and went home or on with their tasks, Hiccup took Trid from Valka. He told her he would fix this, and with that, he made his way home hoping he could indeed fix this.


Chapter Text

Chapter 10- The plan forward

The sun had started setting by the time Hiccup returned home. Toothless was upstairs laying on Hiccup's bed, but he sat up quickly when he heard the front door open and close. Hiccup went straight upstairs and slumped down in the chair by his desk - with Trid in his arms. He looked relieved to finally be off his feet. Now bouncing the baby lightly in his arms, he looked over at Toothless sitting on his bed.

''It’s days like these when I hate being chief the most.'' He sighed shaking his head, before proceeding to update Toothless on everything that had happened today - including the fact that the villagers were now looking out for a strange man with black hair. 

''I am seriously out of ideas. In fact, I might just quit while I'm ahead - go somewhere nice and quiet! What do ya say Trid, wanna go on a permanent vacation?'' Hiccup gave his son a funny, surprised face, making him giggle.

''At least I wouldn't have to hide.'' Toothless thought out loud, but he knew Hiccup wasn't being serious.

''Don't tempt me!'' Hiccup told him. Toothless climbed of the bed and went over to see Trid - now pulling faces at him too. 

''When will he start walking and talking … and other stuff?'' Toothless asked, just as Trid squeezed his finger.

''I don't have the foggiest idea. I … I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. It won't be for a long time yet I presume.'' Hiccup was just guessing, but the question made him wonder the same thing.

''That's weird!'' Toothless stated, looking puzzled.

''Bud! That's my son you’re talking about!'' Hiccup reminded him with feigned annoyance.

''I like him! It's just … dragons walk as soon as they hatch, and start communicating a few moons later. Otherwise they’d be killed.''

''I get that. It makes sense. Human babies just grow up differently.'' Hiccup told him smiling. He was distracted by the enthralling, mesmerizing sight of Toothless interacting with his son; Toothless was now poking Trid in the sides gently, making him giggle.

''You like that!'' Toothless asked Trid, as he continued to elicit joyous reactions from the baby.

''Will you hold him for me, just for a few minutes?'' Hiccup suddenly asked, shocking Toothless.  

''What? No! I will drop him.'' He panicked.

''Well … can you at least watch him on the bed then? Make sure he doesn't fall off, and keep him entertained … please?''

''Okay…’’ Toothless gave in, he couldn’t deny Hiccup when he begged like that. ‘‘I guess I can do that. Why? Where you going?'' Toothless wondered. 

''Just to the outhouse. I hate taking him with me, or leaving him in the house alone. I also want to grab a drink. Do you want anything?'' He asked, laying Trid on the bed. Toothless sat next to him, ready to watch him on his own for the first time.

''Erm ... no.’’ He shook his head. ‘‘I'm good right now.'' He was still worried about being left with Trid as a human.

Toothless looked down at Trid when Hiccup left, letting him play with his hand. Compared to Trid’s, his own fingers were huge. Unfortunately, his hand wasn’t enough to please Trid for long. The baby was getting very tired, and therefore, he started crying. Toothless panicked, and tried everything he could think of to pacify Trid: pulling faces, poking him, blowing on him like Hiccup usually does, and even tried rubbing his belly … but he just wouldn't stop crying. In a final, desperate attempt to soothe the baby, Toothless picked him up as carefully as he could, thinking, 'don't drop him, don't drop him, please don't drop him'.

Trid stopped crying once he felt the safety of Toothless’s warm human arms, and he started to fall asleep. Toothless was holding him against his shoulder - like he had seen Hiccup and Valka do many times before, and was bouncing him lightly. Trid had fallen into a deep sleep by the time Hiccup returned with not one, but two drinks that he sat down on the desk.

''Wow, what's your secret?'' He asked, taking the baby from Toothless and laying him into his crib.

''I don't know. I just picked him up because he wouldn’t stop crying. I really don't like it when he cries … at least it doesn't hurt my ears anymore. Human ears at least.'' Toothless said.

Hiccup chuckled. He motioned to the second drink he had carried upstairs, informing Toothless it was for him, just in case. Then he sat back down in his chair.  

''I've been thinking.'' Hiccup started.

''Oh no! That's always followed with a Hiccup plan that goes wrong!'' He rolled his eyes at Hiccup, ready to hear what he was he had to say. Hiccup raised his own eyebrows.

''My plans don't always go wrong! But seriously, after you decided to get seen earlier-.'' 

''Decided?'' Toothless interrupted, mildly offended.

''T-That didn't come out right. You know what I mean! The villagers are going to be on the lookout for you now, so I can't risk another accidental sighting-.''

''I'll be more careful, but-.'' Toothless interrupted again.

''Will you just listen to me please, for one moment!'' Hiccup demanded. Toothless went silent. Hiccup got off the chair and started pacing, gesticulating as he continued. ''A-As I was saying, I can't risk you being seen again, and it isn't fair making you stay inside in secret. What if something happens, or the twins decided to blow something up. Of course, you're going to need to use the outhouse regularly, so you're going to have to go outside. Which is why I think we need to find a way to tell people about you, excluding the part about you being my dragon that is.''

They talked about how they were going to achieve this, and finally decided on a plan that Toothless said he was okay with - and could easily stick to. Now all that was left to do, was for Hiccup to call a meeting with the villagers tomorrow and hope they accepted it. After they had their plan set, Hiccup and Toothless went downstairs, leaving Trid to sleep.




Hiccup roasted the chicken on the fire while Toothless watched. He was asking questions about what Hiccup was doing, wanting to learn. Toothless was shocked when he realized he was having cooked chicken for dinner as well.

''That's cooked though, I figured I'd just be having fish like always.''

''Your human now bud, you can't live on raw fish!'' He told him, like it was obvious.

''Sure I can!'' Toothless insisted.

Hiccup tried to tell him that he might not like it now that he was a human, but Toothless insisted he would. Hiccup decided to give in, he would soon see who was right. With that thought, he went outside and picked out Toothless's favourite fish - mackerel, and then took it back inside handing it to Toothless.

''Be my guest!'' Hiccup said, almost too sure of himself. Toothless took a bite of his raw food, giving Hiccup the, 'see I was right' look before regretting it. Feeling like an idiot, he gulped the fish down hard. He heaved, covering his mouth from the fear of throwing up. Hiccup just laughed at him.

''But you love mackerel bud! It's your favourite! Do you want some more?'' He teased, still chuckling.

''Eugh … no thanks!'' Toothless tried to get the taste out of his mouth by wiping his tongue on the back of his hand.

''Now you know how I feel, when you give me raw fish and want me to eat it!'' He handed Toothless his drink of water. Which he gladly drunk.

''You eat it though ... well sometimes!''

''I didn't want you to think I was being ungrateful.’’ He smiled.

''Wow, I never realized that. Does it taste that bad for you too then?''

''No, it's the most amazing taste in the archipelago!'' Hiccup sarcastically replied. They both caught each other’s eyes and laughed. Hiccup found himself staring at Toothless as he smiled back at him. 

''What?'' Toothless asked frowning.

''Nothing, this is nice though. You and me just having a laugh.'' He smiled, slowly eating his chicken.

''Yeah, at my expense!'' Toothless moaned, rolling his eyes. 

''No! This is actually nice. I love Trid, but the conversations usually end up with me talking in a weird yet baby entertaining way, while he laughs at me. W-What I'm trying to say … is that I like having someone to talk to that can actually respond.'' Hiccup admitted, noticing Toothless looking at the chicken he had refused. ''Eat it bud, it tastes good.'' He promised, pushing it in front of Toothless.

Toothless took the chicken and broke a tiny piece off. He was hesitant in placing it into his mouth, but was glad he did. ''Mm, that's actually really good!'' His lime green eyes were wide in realization, and he ate the rest of it a little faster than normal. 

''And the chicken steals my moment.'' Hiccup joked with a slight chuckle - finishing his own food, but he couldn’t help glancing up at Toothless occasionally as he ate. There was just something about him that made Hiccup feel warm, elated even. It was something he just couldn’t place, yet it was familiar … and almost addicting - the need to keep looking at him, wanting to figure out this new mysterious chain of feelings that had him feeling so enraptured.




After dinner had been eaten and cleared away, they both retreated back upstairs. Hiccup instinctively sat on his bed while Toothless sat on his stone dragon bed. Hiccup suddenly realized that Toothless couldn't sleep there anymore. 

''Hey bud. I can put dad’s old bed back up for you downstairs tonight to sleep on.'' Hiccup had stood up ready to go down stairs.

''I'd rather sleep up here with you and Trid.'' Toothless replied, hoping Hiccup didn’t make him leave. 

''You can't sleep on that, you’re a human now!'' Hiccup stated pointing to the stone bed.

''I'll be fine. I just don't want to be alone.'' Toothless admitted sadly. 

Hiccup understood that Toothless was used to sleeping near him. He had been doing it for seven years. He had to admit to himself, that he would probably feel lonely sleeping without Toothless in his room likewise - it had become such a regular part of his life. Hiccup decided to at least make the stone bed a little more comfortable for Toothless - and decided it wouldn’t hurt for tonight, but he told him, he would have to sleep in his own bed soon though. Toothless nodded to appease Hiccup, but he secretly hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Hiccup laid yak hide down on Toothless's stone bed, similar to what he slept on, and added the blanket and pillow he had made two days ago. It wasn't going to be as good as sleeping on a wooden bed - as stone was cold and hard, but Toothless insisted it was okay. With the sleeping situation now sorted, both Hiccup and Toothless were sitting on their own beds.

''What a day huh?'' Hiccup sighed, lying back down on his own bed.

''Yeah. Erm … Hic?'' Toothless asked. He was slightly nervous, twiddling his thumbs, and biting his lip.

''Yeah bud?'' Hiccup replied sleepily; his eyes closed.

''It can wait ... it's no big deal or anything, but erm ... I kinda … need to pee again.'' He finally admitted with a nervous grin.

''Oh!'' Hiccup said without moving, his eyes still closed. ''Well … then go bud. You know where the outhouse is now. Just try not to be seen because everyone is on the lookout for you. It’s late, so hopefully everyone will be inside … or sleeping.’’ He yawned. ‘‘Just check before you go outside, and be quiet yeah? Once we tell everyone about you tomorrow, we can lose the sneaking around. If someone does see you … and I'm hoping they won't, but if they do … just tell them you're staying with me, and to speak with me.''

''I'll be careful, if you're sure that's okay.'' Toothless said, standing up.

''It's not like you have a choice bud!'' He chuckled. ‘‘Just be careful. If you need me, come and get me.’’ Toothless nodded and went to leave, but he stopped and turned around - having remembered his earlier predicament.

''Hicc? I think I broke this tie thingy.'' He said, as he showed Hiccup the knot with a guilty grin on his face. Hiccup opened his eyes and laughed as he sat up.

''Come here!''

Toothless obeyed, and Hiccup tried to untangle the knot for him. He was so tired that he wasn’t thinking about where his hands were at first, but he suddenly became more aware of what he was actually doing. He couldn't untangle the knot, and he felt his hands shaking and becoming sweaty. His breathing soon became deeper, so he decided to simply cut the knot instead - using a knife from his desk, deciding that he could just fix them later. He’d gotten so embarrassed when he’d started thinking about Toothless's cock, and felt so uncomfortable when he realized he was only inches away from feeling it. He quickly told Toothless to wear the other pants tomorrow - the ones he had made yesterday, until he got around to fixing these ones. 

''H-How did you get them up and down earlier?'' Hiccup asked with curiosity, as they were tied up rather tightly. 

''With great difficulty!'' Toothless emphasized.

Toothless quickly left, and Hiccup laid back on his bed questioning his sanity. What was wrong with him that he became an emotional mess whenever Toothless was naked, showed skin, or got too close to him. It felt like the same feelings he used to have for Astrid - when he was about fifteen and had a major crush on her … but not only was Toothless a dragon, he was also a man.

Laying there racking his brain, he suddenly remembered the dream he’d had. The more he thought about it, the more he remembered. It hit him like a mace to the head, his dream … it was a long-forgotten memory from his childhood.

Hiccup swallowed hard as he remembered; he’d never really cared about gender - whether they were boy or girl, man or woman, if he liked them, he was okay with that. Hiccup was struggling with his identity more than ever now. He had been successfully brainwashed by his father into believing that only boy-girl, man-lady relationships were okay, and in his mind … even now, he believed that.




Toothless returned and sat on his own bed. ''All good! No one saw me, and I think I figured it out okay.'' He told Hiccup rather proudly. Hiccup nodded and smirked at him.

''Successfully train your dragon to piss in the outhouse, check.'' He joked. Toothless got up and punched him in the arm. ''Ow, what was that for?'' He complained. 

''I don't have a tail.'' He smiled mischievously.

''Oh, I see how it is!'' Hiccup playfully replied.

''Hicc?’’ Toothless suddenly asked as he sat back down, staring at the roof of the house thinking. ‘‘Something has me curious.''

''Do I even want to know?'' Hiccup asked.

''Well … dragons don't have to pee like humans. We can drink water every day and go three moons without having to go … but even then, it feels nothing like it did for me today. I was wondering … why humans have to go so much?''

''Wow bud, you just won an award for the strangest question ever to be asked.’’ Hiccup said, sitting up to talk to Toothless. ‘‘Well … if we drink enough then we just have to go. Wait three moons, as in three days?'' He said processing that particular piece of information. 

''Yeah. You know … so that we can go when it’s safe and convenient. It would be annoying to have to go during migration all the time with the long flights and unknown places. I can't imagine having to go when challenged by another dragon, or when I sensed danger. And then you have to be careful not to mark another dragon’s territory.'' Toothless explained.

''I'm still shocked over the three-day thing! I have to go at least four times a day and that's pushing it sometimes.'' Hiccup said, still amazed at the new revelation. Toothless sighed, seemingly oblivious to Hiccup’s shock.

''That's going to get annoying fast.’’ Toothless thought out loud, before addressing Hiccup again. ‘‘I think that's why I was caught off guard today. I felt something earlier when I was in my human form … but it never occurred to me that I would have to go today, or I would have said something sooner. I could still turn into a dragon anyway I guess, so I wasn't bothered. It wasn't until I was forced to stay as a human - after you’d left, that I realized it was going to be different. I fell to sleep for a bit, and it was when I woke up that I really felt the need to go. I just figured I could wait like I was used to … but I was seriously mistaken. I won't do that again!'' Toothless explained, shaking his head at the painful memory of earlier. Hiccup had heard his every word, but he was still caught up on that other small fact.

''Y-You seriously don't have to take a piss for three days?’’ He blurted. ‘‘But … I have seen you go every morning.'' 

''We can go every day. We just don't have to!'' Toothless explained. 

''Lucky to be you! Well a dragon anyways.'' Hiccup said, remembering that Toothless was now stuck as a human. He realized then, that Toothless must be going through some serious adjustments. He felt bad for him, and thought how well Toothless was handling everything, and because of that, Hiccup thought that Toothless was most likely more confused and bewildered then he let on. ''Hey, how are you dealing with ... the whole human thing?'' Hiccup asked. He could see Toothless thinking about his answer.

''I don't really know how to explain it Hicc! Everything just feels different. Even I feel kinda different.'' Toothless admitted.

''You feel different?'' Hiccup asked, paying full attention to his friend. 

''Yeah! The world sounds quieter … things don't smell or taste the same … and things feel different. Like when I touch something … it tickles sometimes. Like this.'' He then ran his fingers over his hand and arm before shuddering slightly and rubbing the area. He had goosebumps on his skin from the gentle tingling sensation he had given himself.

''Dragon’s do have stronger senses, but maybe humans have more sensitive feelings in their hands or something.'' Hiccup replied, thinking about it himself. 

Toothless shrugged. ''I guess It’s fine … it’s just different. I'll get used to it.'' He finished, smiling up at Hiccup.

''If you're not okay, you would tell me, right? I'm here for you bud, just like you have always been there for me. You can ask me, or tell me anything … okay?''

''Sure!'' Toothless nodded. 

The conversation continued for a while, and as it grew later Trid woke up. Hiccup was exhausted due to the events of the day, having only had four-five hours' sleep. He didn’t know how he would have managed without Toothless tonight.

Hiccup had gone to change Trid twice before Toothless had reminded him he’d already done that. Then he’d forgotten to add the milk to the water, and had boiled just water and sugar as he started dozing off to sleep. Toothless had asked him if he was going to add the milk, giving him a poke to wake him up. Hiccup wondered how Toothless knew what to do, and Toothless explained that he’d watched him many times before as a dragon, and that he’d listened to Gothi or Valka explaining how to do it not long after Trid was born.


Hiccup was finally feeding a very impatient Trid upstairs on the bed, but he fell to sleep as Trid was eating, and was now dropping the bottle. Toothless didn't want to wake Hiccup up and knew that Trid would start crying if the bottle fell, so he decided to sit next to Hiccup on the bed and hold the bottle for him. Hiccup's arms started to fall and Toothless panicked. He quickly lay over Hiccup’s legs, placing his hand under Trid's neck so he didn’t fall without the support of Hiccup’s arm. The sudden, new feeling of weight on his legs woke Hiccup, and he was shocked to see Toothless laying over his legs on his side, balancing Trid's head on one hand, and a bottle in the other. Hiccup quickly took Trid in his arms again with a slight blush to his cheeks, and Toothless handed him the bottle.

''Erm ... th-thanks for that'' He said, awkwardly, noticing Trid was half way through his bottle, and that he must have dozed off. 

''You’re welcome!'' Toothless smiled, still laying across Hiccup's legs.

''Y-you comfortable?' Hiccup asked rhetorically.

''Yeah, I was ... Oh! I'm lying on you right?'' He suddenly remembered Hiccup's aversion to him being this close, giving him a sweet but awkward smile. Hiccup was suddenly feeling much warmer, and he took a deep breath to calm himself from the awkward situation he was in. He felt a shift in his pants that he couldn't control as it stiffened, hoping Toothless didn’t notice.

''Y-y-yeah, I-I’m aware of that.'' Hiccup stuttered. Toothless quickly sat up, but he accidentally placed his right hand straight down on Hiccup’s newly harden cock as he did so. Hiccup groaned loudly, jolting forward in pain and lifting his knees. He hoped he hadn’t squished Trid with his involuntary movement, but he looked perfectly fine.

''Sorry!'' Toothless quickly apologized.

''It's alright Toothless...'' He Groaned as the pain faded.

''You okay?'' Toothless asked. He didn’t understand how he’d hurt Hiccup so much; he’d only leaned on his leg.

''Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for watching Trid though. I feel like a right idiot! I don't usually fall asleep holding him. It could have been a lot worse if you hadn't been here. This is why I can’t wait for him to sleep through the nights. You could have woken me up you know.''

''I didn't want to wake you. You are so tired you’re becoming as dumb as Snotlout.'' Toothless laughed. 

''Thanks for summoning that up bud.'' Hiccup sarcastically replied before yawning.

Once Trid was fed and asleep, Hiccup just about managed to put him into his crib and make it back to his own bed. Hiccup collapsed on top of it, face down, metal leg still attached, and his good leg dangling over the side. He crashed out the moment he landed on the bed.

Toothless lifted Hiccup's leg onto the bed and laid Stoick's - now Hiccup's, cloak over his sleeping form. He put the baby bottle on the unit, and then went to check on the sleeping baby before he finally lay down on his own bed. He was starting to feel nervous about everyone being introduced to him tomorrow. He was thinking about how it would go, but he was also excited about being about to go for a walk at least - being stuck in the house got boring. He just hoped they didn't ask to many questions, or figure out that he was Toothless. Tomorrow was going to get interesting fast, he thought to himself before falling asleep. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 11- Falling

Hiccup woke that morning of his own accord, which was unusual; Trid was usually awake before now. Hiccup sat up, both his son and Toothless still fast asleep. Hiccup felt wide awake strangely enough, so after checking that Trid was okay, he used this rare opportunity to get himself ready for the day ahead.

Hiccup finally decided to wake Toothless, by poking him with his foot gently. Toothless sat up, rubbing his eyes and still half asleep.

''Morning bud. Nice of you to join the living!'' Hiccup joked, but Toothless just moaned - he didn’t want to get up. Hiccup was in a cheerful and lively mood this morning though. ''Get changed into your new clothes and meet me downstairs.'' Hiccup told him as he lifted Trid from his crib. He glanced at Toothless once more - to check he was getting up, before going back downstairs with a smile.

The morning mostly went without a hitch, except for the very unusual looks Hiccup had received during Toothless's trip to the outhouse after breakfast - which involved a lot of, 'It's clear, nope not clear, okay now it's clear'. All of them however had a great morning laughing and in Toothless’s case … learning. Toothless was very willing to learn new things, especially things he would need to know now that he was a human. 

They were playing with Trid, Hiccup had turned and asked Toothless … what he wanted his human name to be. It was clearly a bad idea to call him Toothless, and it would raise far too much suspicion.

''What about Leidolf? I think it means wolf.'' Hiccup suggested getting another, 'are-you-completely-insane' eye roll. ''Oh, come on! Does it really matter? I know you’re Toothless, you know you’re Toothless.''

''Everyone is going to be calling me by this name. So yes! It has to be a good one.'' Toothless said with his 'puppy-dog eyes' - even as a human he could still pull off that damned look.

''Snothat?'' Hiccup suggested, half expecting what came next. Toothless slapped the back of his head and Trid giggled.

''Ow! Glad my pain is entertaining, nice to know! I wonder if it works both ways?'' He said with a smirk. Toothless just about caught that mischievous glint in Hiccup’s eyes before he slapped him back. Trid, once again, giggled and squealed in joy.

''Just you wait Hiccup!'' Toothless said, indicating he’d be sorry later. 

They both laughed heartily together, and Hiccup secretly enjoyed being on Toothless’s hit list. It was .... No! He wouldn’t think it. He tried to distract himself by watching Toothless blowing in Trid's face, and talking to his son just like he - himself, had done many times before - just the way his son liked it. Sound drowned out around him until there was nothing but the thoughts whispering in his mind - the ones he’d tried to ignore. He bit his lip staring at Toothless, a small blush once again radiating from his cheek bones. He quickly looked at Trid … as if only now just realizing that he had been staring at him.

The fact was, the more time he spent with Toothless as a human - especially in perfect moments such as these, the more he was beginning to realise that he had feelings for him … even if he didn't want them. He was falling in love with his best friend. It was madness! Too soon! Abnormal! Forbidden! Real! He couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening, not when he was so sexually attracted to his body, and falling so fucking hard and fast for him with every damned moment that passed. It was like he’d known this man his entire life. They had seven years of history together, memories, shared emotional moments, and they’d do anything for each other. So yes, he felt like he’d known this man for years … but he hadn’t, not really. It was still Toothless, his dragon for Thor’s sake!  But it was really happening! Therefore … it was getting so damn hard to ignore and pretend these ‘abnormal’ feelings weren't real, no matter how much he fought them … or willed them away.

''W-Well I'm out of ideas.’’ Hiccup finally sighed. He needed to stay grounded, focused, and bring himself back to the conversation. ‘‘Wait ... you didn't happen to have a name before I named you, did you?''

''No, I don't remember if I was ever given one. Some dragons aren't. Most of the time I was addressed as … youngling, dragon, or … Loightakalean.'' Toothless answered, with a far away look. He couldn’t remember his past, but that was something he surprisingly retained.  

''The Lolo ka what now?'' Hiccup asked. His eyes widened, confused, and suddenly… he realised there was so much about Toothless, about this man, that he still didn’t know.   

''Loightakalean.'' Toothless repeated. Wondering how he managed to pronounce it right himself. ''It's not my name, but it is what I am, my species. It sounds a bit different when dragons communicate it though.'' He gave Hiccup a playful nudge before continuing. ''I don't mind being called a Nightfury though. In fact, most dragons don't mind the species name Vikings have given them, just the false descriptions.''

''Can you say that again … That, Lo-it-lean thing. Slowly this time.'' Hiccup asked, he wanted to learn about the dragons - that much was obvious, but he wanted to learn about Toothless more.

''Lo-ight-a-ka-lean'' Toothless repeated.

''Loightakalean?'' Hiccup asked hesitantly, feeling the name on his lips.

''Yeah, that's it! Ha, now I'm teaching you to talk.'' Toothless chuckled feeling smug, his eyes glistening with his own humor.  

Hiccup shook his head. He had to take a deep breath to calm himself. There it was again, that same bloody captivating feeling of being on cloud nine as his stomach did acrobats. He was falling!

''Well, what about Kalean?'' Hiccup asked suddenly, determined to ignore his irrational, obviously confused heart.

''Maybe. Argh! This is so hard!'' Toothless complained, putting his head into his hands resting on the table. Kalean seemed familiar though, he just couldn’t place it.




Eventually a name was decided upon, and it wasn’t Kalean. Hiccup had to reassure a restless Toothless that it would be fine and instructed him to wait at the house - if he needed him, he would come and get him. It seemed that every time Toothless had ever come out of hiding he was attacked, threatened, chained up, or put in a cell, so as a human with no dragon powers … he was understandably worried.

 The Great Hall was full, and Hiccup had silenced the room of confused Vikings. He took his time when he spoke and chose his words very carefully.

''As you all know, journeying out beyond the archipelago is one of my favourite pastime activities. Well, Me and Astrid...'' Paused after saying her name in remembrance before continuing. ''... We once found an island that looked to be a perfect resting point and...'' Hiccup was explaining.

''You dropped your pants!'' Spitelout shouted unhelpfully, making many other people laugh at his crude joke.

''Get to the point, some of us have important things to do you know!'' Another chimed in.

''Let him speak!'' Valka shouted. As Stoick’s ex-wife - and Hiccup’s mother, she still had much respect in the village.   Hiccup face palmed.

''Oh, Thor help me! As I was saying ... on this particular island we were caught in a very severe rain storm. Practically came out of nowhere and we couldn't see past the trees directly in front of us, let alone fly. That's when we met Kalster. He was living on that island, and had done so for as long as he could remember. He was used to the storms there. He found us shelter, saving us from the storm that night. Eventually we became allies, friends. I told Kalster he was welcome on Berk at any time-.'' Hiccup was suddenly interrupted once again. 

''Is this going somewhere?'' Spitelout asked, obviously bored as he bit at his nails.

''Yeah! This is so boring, I could be-.'' Snotlout started to say.

''Yes!'' Hiccup shouted in frustration. ''It has a point, it’s important! As I was saying, again! Kalster was invited to Berk. He had been living on his own with his Deadly Nadder on that island since he was very young, but he declined the offer at the time and decided to stay behind when we left. Kalster can be a bit eccentric, he is unaccustomed to what we might deem as normal behavior but I can assure you, he means no harm.'' Hiccup laughed nervously before continuing. ''So, erm ... yeah, here's the funny part. The man Velma saw yesterday … was indeed my old friend Kalster.'' Hiccup finished suddenly wishing he could disappear.

Just as Hiccup expected, the villagers all starting talking, shouting, and arguing all at once. Some still believed Kalster responsible for the dragon’s disappearance. Others just wanted to introduce him to their axes and maces, especially at the indecent and treasonous act he committed against the chief. Some people simply waited for their chief to talk again, as if he had more to say.

Once it calmed finally down, Valka told the people that a friend of her sons was welcome here and she trusted Hiccup, reminding them he was their chief. Hiccup explained again that Kalster is eccentric and not used to living among humans, therefore, he might need help learning what is and isn't acceptable behaviour among people. He explained to them that Kalster was flying his Deadly Nadder over Berk when his dragon starting acting out. He ended up stuck here on the island, dragon-less just like the rest of them. He told them firmly that Kalster was not, and is not, responsible for anything to do with why the dragons left … and anyone still believing that had a problem with their chief. Some of the villagers thought Hiccup was letting his ‘friendship’ cloud his judgment, but Hiccup told them that if he knew one thing for certain, it was that Kalster had nothing to do with the dragons’ disappearance - he would stake his life on it. He ordered the villagers to treat Kalster as member of the Hooligan tribe, and as a resident of Berk. Saying that Kalster wasn't used to being around people, so they were not to overwhelm him. Finally, he told them that Kalster would be staying with him.

The villagers eventually accepted their chief’s orders and decisions, not that they had much choice. Hiccup told the villagers he wouldn't stop trying to find out why the dragons left, to rest assured he was still working on it but he needed more time to try and figure it out. Most of the villagers eventually left after that, all except a few that lingered behind for a last-minute word with him. It was Fishlegs that approached Hiccup first.

''I haven't found anything yet, but I'm not giving up chief.'' He hung his head low, his voice changing to that of immense sadness. ''I miss Meatlug Hiccup, and how she would lick my feet at night, and give the best hugs.'' He finished trying to hold back his tears.

''I know Fishlegs, everyone misses their dragons. There has to be something we can do.'' Hiccup told him, frustrated at lack of evidence, but still trying to be hopeful.

''Barf and Belch used to blow things up. Now if we want to see things go boom, we have to do it ourselves.'' Tuffnut said, choking back his tears, and falling to his knees in exaggerated grief.

''Look at what my poor, weak brother has become!'' Ruffnut shouted, comforting her twin brother. She seemed to be playing along with the act, but real tears glossed over her eyes. ‘‘Without our dragon, he is nothing!’’ She wailed. Hiccup knew the twins well enough to know … this act was a mask, hiding the fact they really did miss their dragon.  

‘‘Nothing!’’ Tuffnut wailed. ‘‘Wait what?’’ He looked at his sister, suddenly less bothered about his dragon, and more insulted by her words.

''Well, I don't need Hookfang!’’ Snotlout stubbornly declared. His cold words masking his own grief, but it soon slipped. ‘‘That stubborn, annoying, always doing the opposite of what I tell him to do…'' Snotlout squeaked as tears formed in his eyes. ''... I'm not crying, I have dirt in my eye.'' He choked, quickly rushing from the Great Hall.

''You don't look that sad about your dragon.'' Ruffnut suddenly pointed accusingly at Hiccup. 

''I am! I-I do, miss Toothless that is.'' Hiccup replied a little too fast. ''I-I have to go and sort out Trid and check in on Toooo .... to, check in on Kalster.'' Hiccup amended just in time, and rushed away leaving his friends wondering what he was hiding. 

Valka caught Hiccup as he was leaving the Great Hall, she followed him to the front door of his house. She’d heard the conversation he’d had with his friends. ''Hiccup, your friends are right. You don't seem that upset. I figured you of all people would be taking it harder than this.'' Valka stated.

''I am! I-I just know he will be back. He’s left before, and he always returns. I-I’ve just been distracted with other things mum.'' Hiccup fidgeted with his fingers nervously, she couldn’t find out. 

''Other things? You mean like Kalster? I’m not accusing him Hiccup, but don't you find it at all strange … he turns up the day the dragons leave.'' Valka asks. 

''Oh for the love of ... Not you too mum. Kalster has nothing to do with that!'' Hiccup felt very protective of Toothless, and he was frustrated with the accusations at him.  

''How can you be so sure? He may have saved your life … but you only knew him for such a short time.'' Valka questioned. She knew her son was hiding something; it didn’t make sense otherwise.  

''I just do okay. Will you please just trust me.'' Hiccup pleaded.

''I do trust you, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open son. You're a father now, you need to think about Trid's safety too.'' She told him.

Just great! Just what he needed! His mother’s suspicion onto of everything else. 




Hiccup had opened his front door, making Toothless - who wasn't expecting him back so soon, nearly die of heart failure. Hiccup had hoped that his mother would leave, but of course not! No, she had followed him inside, just great! Now, she was face to face with Toothless, her suspicious eyes trailing over him.

''You must be Kalster. I'm Valka, Hiccup’s mother.'' She said with smile, reaching out her hand for Toothless to shake. Toothless just stood there frozen, not sure how to react or what to say.

''It’s okay bud.'' Hiccup reassured Toothless. Valka had only every heard her son call Toothless 'bud'.  ''Like I said mum, Kalster isn't used to our customs.'' Hiccup finished placing a hand on Toothless's shoulder. 

''I-I'm fine Hicc. Sorry, it is nice to meet you Mrs Haddock.'' Toothless finally said, calming down and now smiling warmly at her.

''So, he does talk, that's good to know.'' Valka said, noting him calling her son Hicc.

''C-can I get you anything mum?'' Hiccup asked.

''No, I will be going now.'' She said hugging her son, and her sleeping grandson - who was still in Hiccup's baby suit, goodbye. She then said a quick goodbye to Toothless, giving him a peculiar look as she finally left.

Once the door had shut, Hiccup looked immensely relieved as he let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. Toothless was more than ready to hear what had happened though.

''It's all good bud! Let me put Trid down and I’ll fill you in.''



Once Hiccup had Trid in the downstairs crib asleep - and had taken the flight suit off, he updated Toothless. Toothless was relieved that it seemed to go okay, but he wasn't sure how he felt about the Vikings that blamed him for the dragon’s disappearance.

Hiccup suggested going for a walk in the forest together after Trid had been fed. Hiccup wanted to go back to where Toothless had saved his life on the night of the battle. It was a long shot, but if there was any chance - no matter how small, that might provide answers or clues to the dragon situation, then he had to try. 

''I want to go outside, but I don't at the same time.'' Toothless admitted when Hiccup had suggested it. 

''I understand that you’re worried, but me and Trid will be with you. It will be good for you to get some air … and to be honest, I need to get out too.'' Hiccup admitted, Toothless nodded in understanding. ''I sure miss our daily flights bud.'' Hiccup told him. 

''Me too! Until you go and do something stupid.'' Toothless deadpanned. 

''When do I ever do something stupid? Okay, don't answer that!'' Hiccup said, seeing the look on Toothless's face. He couldn’t help smiling though.




Hiccup and Toothless walked through the village towards the forest. Trid was secured in Hiccup’s baby suit playing with a small dragon soft toy attached to the it. Vikings were staring at them as they made their way to the forest. At first Toothless was nervous, but he soon started to gain his confidence - seeing as most people just greeted them as they passed. They were at the edge of the forest now, just passing by a lone house standing weathered and rickety under the shade of hanging trees. Toothless noticed a male Viking, sitting outside on a wooden chair - cleaning one of the many swords and weapons littered at his feet, glaring at him with a pure loathing stare. 

''Hi.'' Toothless waved at him with animated eyes, giving the man a 'yes, what?' look. 

''Too … Kalster!'' Hiccup exclaimed in a whispered growl, as they continued walking. 

''Let me guess? He was all for beheading me.'' Toothless stated, playfully walking backwards facing Hiccup. 

''No one is going to behead you! But yes. Fingal was one of the few that disagreed with me.'' Hiccup whispered, remembering just how much he’d protested earlier. 

''Good! I like my head.'' Toothless said, suddenly staring back at Fingal - who was still looking their way with a look of disgust. Hiccup grabbed Toothless arm, spun him around so he was walking straight again, and look at him with complete seriousness.

''Toothless!'' He hissed in a whisper. ''Don’t stare, that’s sure to make him like you.'' Hiccup sarcastically added ''Seriously though, I think it best we don't draw attention to you. Especially around people like Fingal!''

''And where's the fun in that?'' Toothless smiled mischievously.

''You were so confident earlier … whatever changed.'' Hiccup rolled his eyes, worried that Toothless wasn't taking it seriously. Toothless just shrugged and smiled, walking ahead into the forest.


They arrived at the scorch mark in the forest - the same place Hiccup had watched Toothless die. Hiccup looked at Toothless as dark images flashed through his mind, reminding himself that he was alive - not bleeding out in his arms, dying. He gulped, fighting away the corruption of reality that the reminder of that night tried infect upon him - replacing it, making him feel like he was back in that moment, reliving it. His eyes closed tight, a mantra in his mind playing over the sounds of the past, ‘He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive!’     

Toothless was looking at the damage, but knew that returning to this place would be hard for Hiccup. When he looked over to him - to see if he was okay, he noticed the Hiccup was battling something he couldn’t see. Toothless walked up to Hiccup, instinctively wrapping him in his arms, laying his head on his shoulder, and nuzzling into his riders’ neck.

Hiccup was grateful at first, the warmth and comfort reminding him that he wasn’t in the past - slowly bringing him back to reality. He leaned into his caring, almost loving hold … but then, it suddenly became uncomfortable. Realizing how close Toothless was, how easily he could simply melt into those strong arms … he pushed him away.

''Bud!'' He shouted, confused and angry. He was totally losing his mind.  

''Sorry Hicc, I just wanted to comfort you!'' Toothless explained, feeling like a total screw up. He turned and walked away, confused at Hiccup’s complete disgust at his touch. He couldn’t bare to see him so broken though, to stand there and do nothing. Not when it was all he knew, to be there for Hiccup - just like he always been before. Right now, no one was even here to see them, so he didn’t understand … and it hurt!

''Wait!'' Hiccup shouted, grabbing his arm instinctively without even thinking much about it. That look on Toothless’s face broke his heart. He couldn’t do nothing. ''I'm sorry, y-you just caught me of guard … that's all.''  

Toothless sighed. He was so confused, had so much to say that he didn’t know where to start. He finally decided to pull Hiccup over to the nearest fallen tree. Sitting Hiccup down first, he slowly sat down next to him, thinking about his words before speaking.

''Listen Hiccup. I wish I could pick this whole human stuff up and just get it … but the truth is I don't. I don't get it! I want to sit next to you, lick you until it pisses you off, listen to your breathing as you fall asleep against me, and nudge into you when you need support. I want to fly with you… make you shout when you leap from saddle, trusting me to catch you - even when you’re doing something so reckless or stupid. I also want my plasma blasts back, so I can protect you and Trid, so I don't feel so vulnerable like I do right now.'' Up until Toothless said he felt vulnerable, Hiccup was totally speechless, shocked, and blushing immensely … but he didn’t know why. He went to say something, but Toothless hadn’t finished. ''I know you don't want me to touch you, to be close to you. But it’s what I’ve done since we met in that cove, and it’s super hard for me to see you sad and not do anything about it. Please don't hate me for making a mistake, because I'm trying so fucking hard to make you proud of me and-.'' 

Hiccup couldn’t stop himself; he wrapped his arms around Toothless’s warm body, assuring him it was alright - careful not to squash Trid in the process. Toothless just froze in shocked, he was speechless. They sat there for what seemed like ages, Toothless too scared to hug back - in case Hiccup disapproved again. When Hiccup finally did pull away, he stood up, and Toothless could see him trying to hide back the tears. Suddenly, he wished he had hugged Hiccup back, but it was too late now. Hiccup turned his back to him before he spoke.  

''Bud I'm so sorry! I… I…'' He sighed gently. ''I am proud of you. I love you - care for you ... more than you could possibly know. I just ... It's hard to get my head around it too if I’m completely honest. I'm not exactly being a great friend to you, not when I'm just thinking about myself and how I feel. I nearly lost you. In fact, no! I did lose you!'' Hiccup felt wave of anger directed only towards himself, but his voice still grew louder as he continued. ''I should be thanking the Gods your alive, not letting my god damn feelings for you keep making me push you away!'' A very particular three words, suddenly rung inside his head on repeat as he realized what he’d just said. Trid had started to cry, but Hiccup couldn't hear him over his heaving breaths. 

''H-Hiccup, Trid is crying.'' Toothless told him hesitantly, but he didn’t get a response. He walked over to Hiccup trying to get his attention, and trying to calm Trid down. When Hiccup didn’t respond, he smiled at the baby. At least he was calming down now, holding Toothless’s finger in his tight little grip. ''I think we broke him Trid!'' Toothless said, but he then decided to slap Hiccup round the back of the head, killing two birds with one stone. Hiccup snapped out of his panicked daze, and Trid started laughing. 

''What the hell was that for?'' Hiccup asked, rubbing the back of his head.

''You weren’t answering me, I thought I broke you. Trid woke up, he was crying - not anymore thanks to me!'' He told Hiccup, far too proud with himself.  

Hiccup sighed and sat down tending to Trid. He was wondering what the hell made him admit he had feelings for Toothless out loud. He was blushing profusely, waiting for Toothless to say something … but after a while he realized, Toothless was waiting for him to talk instead, and he didn't seem fazed at all.  

''Y-you ... erm. You have nothing to say?'' He asked Toothless, frowning.

''I know you care about me.’’ Toothless said innocently, as if it was obvious. ‘‘You let me stay even though I'm a useless human now. You save my life, even though you’re usually the one that gets me in to that trouble.'' He smirked at Hiccup who was about to argue, but he continued on before Hiccup could interrupt. ''And … I'm glad to know you still have feelings for me, even though I'm not a dragon anymore. I thought maybe you didn't like me as much anymore now that I'm, this.'' He finished pointing to all of him. Hiccup thought about what Toothless had said, wondering if Toothless understood what having feeling for someone even meant.


''D-do you know what h-having feelings for someone means bud?'' Hiccup stuttered.

''Yeah! It means you care about them, and that the feelings your feeling are for someone else and not yourself. I have feelings for you to. I was sad for you when you were sad a while ago, and I wanted to cheer you up.'' He smiled.

''Erm, yeah, t-that, that's exactly what it means.'' Hiccup told him thinking he had dodged an arrow. However, the face Toothless was now giving him told him he was wrong.

''What does it actually mean then?'' He asked Hiccup, folding his arms cross his chest. 

''What you just said.'' Hiccup tried his luck. 

''No, I know you! You’re lying, just tell me!'' 

''It’s nothing, let’s get back to searching!'' Hiccup stood up rather quickly, looking around for any evidence - or indication to the dragons’ mysterious departure. He was trying his utmost best to ignore Toothless, but he could feel lime green eyes burning into him. 

''What don't you want me to know Hiccup?'' Toothless questioned, pressing him for information. 

''Honestly, i-it’s nothing. Come on, help me look!'' Hiccup insisted. 

''Don't make me beat it out of you!'' Toothless threatened.

''Nope. Not gonna work Toothless.'' Hiccup said, not scared of Toothless in the slightest. Toothless would never intentionally hurt him.  

Toothless tried so hard to get it out of Hiccup - who was blushing furiously, but his stubborn rider had continued his quest to search the forest, refusing to talk about it. Toothless had given up for now. The fact Hiccup wouldn't tell him just made him even more curious. 




It wasn’t long before Hiccup realized, there just wasn’t anything to find here - there was nothing to shed even the faintest amount of light on the dragons’ sudden departure. They had started to walk home, and it was nearly time to feed Trid again anyway. Hiccup felt so deflated, realizing he may never figure out why the dragons left, and he would fail at his promise to figure it all out. They were close to the edge of the Forrest - closer to the village, when Toothless tried to reassure Hiccup. 

''We’ll figure it out Hicc, we always do! That's what were good at right?'' 

''I don't know this time bud. This might be one thing even I can't solve. I hope Fishlegs is having more luck. I just don't get it. First that battle, then the dragons leaving. I wonder if they’re connected.'' Hiccup wondered, thinking it may be time to ask what exactly had happened the night of the battle. He hadn’t wanted to hear the details from his mother - the bits he didn’t know, it was too painful, he hadn’t been ready to relive that night. He still wasn’t, but it was time he faced it nonetheless.  

''Never thought I'd see an Ogthantarth though, I thought they were a myth.'' Toothless voiced his thoughts almost absentmindedly. He had stopped walking just to think about it. He knew such vague details about the Ogthantarth, almost like an incomplete instinctual knowledge. He felt like his brain was trying to pull something that simply didn’t exist - but it was desperately adamant that it did, that he should know more.    

''A what?'' Hiccup asked still walking. When Toothless didn't answer, he turned to face him and noticed he’d stopped. Toothless had pain in his eyes and was staggering.

''Erm ... Hiccup-'' He gasped, right before falling to his knees. When he fell forward, Hiccup saw arrow sticking out of his back, near his left shoulder. 

''Toothless!'' Hiccup ran to him, kneeling down to help him. Fuck! He still had Trid. Looking around desperately, he couldn’t see anyone; not the shooter, not anyone who could help. ''Stay there! I’ll get help!'' He ignored Toothless’s plea to stay with him - his words muted by Hiccup’s panicked mind, and ran towards the village holding Trid close to his chest. 




The first person Hiccup found had been Gobber, he’d immediately handed Trid to him. Before Gobber could ask questions - or protest, Hiccup frantically told him that someone had shoot Kalster with an arrow and to get Gothi immediately. Hiccup told him which direction to bring Gothi, and before Gobber could say anything Hiccup had ran back to the edge of the forest praying that Toothless was okay. When he got there, Toothless had apparently dragged himself to sit sideways against the nearest tree - his right shoulder leaning against the bark. He didn't look good at all; the colour was leaving his face, blood was soaking his tunic - spreading through the fabric, and he looked so faint. He tried to get up when he saw Hiccup’s fearful face running towards him.

''Whoa, take it easy bud! Gothi will be here soon, she’ll know what to do.'' Hiccup told him, forcing him to stay sitting.

''I'm fine!’’ His pained breathless voice tried to reassure Hiccup. ‘‘It’s just a graze … least it wasn't dragon root huh?'' He smiled weakly, right before a painful grunt escaped his lips. ''See, doesn’t hurt.'' He winced. 

''Yeah, you look great bud!'' Hiccup’s fearful, broken-chuckle huff out, but he was clearly worried, scared, and had no idea what to do except wait. He felt so useless.  

''I guess someone don't like me much. Should be used to it by now.'' Toothless tried to make light of the situation, but he was so cold, so drowsy. 

''S-Stay with me bud! You’re gonna be fine, just stay with me! I’ll figure out who did this!'' Hiccup had anger in his eyes by the time he’d finished his sentence. He already had gut feeling that he knew who did this, but he couldn’t do anything without proof.

''I ain’t g-going ... anywhere. Don't ... Don't do anything .... stupid Hiccup!'' Toothless forced out, trying to keep a strong hold on his conscious - and stay awake, but he was losing too much blood.

''You die on me … I’ll kill you myself!'' Hiccup’s broken voice choked as he held back tears.

''I - I will bear t-that in mind!'' He replied in barely more than a whisper, right before falling backwards unconscious. Hiccup caught him in his shaking arms, careful to avoid moving the arrow. 

''Toothless! Bud, wake up!'' He demanded. It was no use. The blood was starting to soak Hiccup’s left sleeve now as he held him tightly, tears finally breaching over his eyes and down his cheeks.

Images of that night - the night of the battle, flooded his mind, torturing him with the sheer pain of losing Toothless all over again. He couldn’t die now, he just couldn’t! He loved him. Damn it, he loved him so much it was ripping his heart out. ‘Please hurry Gothi, I can’t lose him, I just can’t!’  He though over and over, sobbing as he griped tightly onto Toothless’s cold body, as if he’d lose him if he let go.

Chapter Text

Chapter 12- Honest truth

Toothless had been carried by Gobber, to Hiccup's house and placed on Hiccup's bed. Gobber was confused upon seeing a bed made up on Toothless’s stone bed, which was obviously where Kalster had been sleeping.

Gothi had gotten to work while Gobber told Hiccup that Trid was with Valka, and not to worry about him. Gothi had asked Gobber and Hiccup to leave the room, but Hiccup had refused loudly! Gobber was shocked at how emotional Hiccup was being over a ‘friend’ he hadn't really known that long, and no matter how hard he had tried, Hiccup had put his foot down. Gobber had left Hiccup's house - with Trid in his arms, and walked in the direction towards Valka's. 

Hiccup had subconsciously taken Toothless's hand and breathed through his anger, forcing his tears back. Gothi wasn't oblivious to Hiccup's actions - or his emotions, but she continued her work. Toothless’s vest and tunic had been cut off revealing the wound, it had stopped bleeding but it didn’t look good. Gothi cut the skin making the wound a little bigger, and eased the arrow out causing it to bleed again. Hiccup winced as he watched her press the wound with clean fabric, she nodded at Hiccup - signalling him to hold it in place with firm pressure. Hiccup did as he was told while Gothi prepared a needle and more materials.

Eventually the wound was cleaned with water and sutured together. Gothi had applied a paste she had made, and applied a bandage which was wrapped around his shoulder and back to keep it in place. After laying Toothless on his back carefully, Gothi had prepared another paste - with more herbs, plants and liquid. She then used her staff to communicate - with drawings in the sand she had scattered on the floor, telling Hiccup that Kalster would be fine; he had lost a lot of blood which was why he was still sleeping. She instructed him to give Kalster a spoon of the paste in warm water when he woke up, and to do this four-times a day until it was all gone. She also advised Hiccup to keep the wound clean, and that she would be back tomorrow to check on the wound. Hiccup thanked her and returned to Toothless’s side, once again taking his hand. Gothi noticed his action, and she smiled knowingly as she made her way down the stairs - leaving with her bag. 




Gobber was concerned at Hiccup's actions and had gone to see Valka. He told her everything he knew including the fact that it appeared Kalster was sleeping in Hiccup's room on Toothless bed. That Hiccup cared for Kalster far too much for him to have only known the boy for a short time, insisting that Hiccup must have known him longer and was hiding something. 

''I'm telling ya Val, the boy knows him more then he said! In all me life, in all the wounds his friends have received, I ave never seen his act like that!'' Gobber was insisting.

''I will go and see my Son. Hiccup may not be telling us everything, but we have to trust him.'' Valka finished getting up.

Gobber had eventually seen himself out and Valka was getting ready to walk over to Hiccup's with Trid. 




Hiccup was sitting on a stool with his arms on the bed and his head down in his arms. He was angry that Toothless had been shoot, and he was trying to gather a list of people in his head that were against Toothless staying on Berk. 'Redburn Wagner and his wife Waiola, Fingal, Spitelout, Tybalt …' He thought to himself clutching his fists so tightly the knuckles turned white. He wanted the person who was responsible for this to get what was coming to them.

''H-how bad?'' Toothless’s horse voice reached Hiccup’s ears as he woke up.

''Toothless!'' Hiccup almost shouted, standing up so fast he almost knocked over his stool. Relief flooded his being, seeing Toothless awake reassured him that he would be okay - just like Gothi had said.

Nearly loosing Toothless again had confirmed to him, that he had fallen for the man before him. It was madness, insane, and totally infelicitous, forbidden, and inappropriate, but he couldn’t help it. He’d excuse it for love like that you felt for a brother, but he couldn’t deny his strong sexual attraction to him either … it was so wrong, so verboten, so reprehensible … but it was there.

''Yep, must be bad if I'm in your bed!'' Toothless spoke, noticing where he was. As he tried to sit up, he winced in pain still feeling dizzy. 

''No bud! You need to stay still and give yourself a chance to heal.'' Hiccup ordered.  

''Sucks, I wanted to go for a run!'' He teased.

''Are you trying to kill me! I thought I told you not to get hurt again?''  

''Nah! You said don't die. I think I held up my end of the deal!'' He replied with an air of smugness. 

''If you weren't injured, I'd slap you right now!'' Hiccup shook his head, even injured and in pain, Toothless was still impossible. That was something else he admired about him, how he was so strong - even in his weakest moments.     

''Nice to know you care so much.''

''I'm going to make your drink. Gothi told me to give it to you when you woke up.'' Hiccup told him, before collecting the small jar of paste. 

''What is it?'' Toothless asked, frowning at the jar with a wrinkled nose.

''Not sure, but I think it’s for the pain - and to help with the healing.'' 

''What pain? I'm fine.'' Toothless insisted, going to sit up again to prove a point, but he couldn't hide the pain on his face or the hiss that escaped his mouth.  

''Toothless!'' Hiccup scolded, rushing over pushing him back down. ''Stay! You’re worse than Trid!''

''Fine! I'll stay and be a good dragon, well … human.'' He added playfully. Hiccup just rolled his eyes and went downstairs. 

''Mum!'' Hiccup asked in surprised, seeing his mother and Trid sitting at the table.

''I came to see how you were, and to see if Kalster was okay. Trid was missing you too.'' She told him. 

''R-r-right. Yeah, that’s nice of you.'' He put the bowl down and gathered some water before starting on the fire. ''He is f-fine, Gothi fixed him up.'' 

''I see, and care to tell me why you called Kalster … Toothless just now!'' She asked, having heard Hiccup from downstairs. She swore she also heard Kalster refer to himself as a dragon, but it made no sense.

Hiccup was so shocked at the question that he forgot he was placing the water onto hot fire. ''Ow!'' He shouted dropping the water, extinguishing the fire in the process, and holding his hand. It wasn't a bad burn, but it stung terribly. 

''Hiccup?'' A worried voice upstairs rang in his ears. Valka rushed over to her son and looked at his hand. 

''Are you okay Hiccup?'' She asked, relieved to see the skin wasn’t broken.  

''Yeah. It’s just a small burn.'' Hiccup moved over to the water pale, placing his hand inside the cool liquid. ''I'm okay Kalster!'' He shouted upstairs, but he heard a thud followed by a loud groan of pain.

''This day just keeps getting better and better. Stay here!'' He told his mother, before running upstairs and finding Toothless pulling himself off the floor using the bed.

''What were you thinking?'' Hiccup demanded. 

''You were hurt! I wanted to make sure you were okay.'' Toothless replied, hesitantly allowing Hiccup to get him back onto the bed. 

''I'm fine bud! It’s just a small burn. Mum's down stairs and...'' Valka had walked up the stairs and into the room, ''…now she’s in my room!'' He wanted to bang his head because no one was listening to him.

''Hi Mrs Haddock.'' Toothless smiled. Valka nodded once in acknowledgement.

''Hiccup I want an answer!'' She demanded. 

''Answer? Yeah, I-I said I'm g-good'' He replied, rubbing the back of his neck. He lent awkwardly on his table, knocking his pens off and quickly trying to put them all back. 

''Toothless, care to tell me why my son is acting so strangely?'' She asked, knowing she had called him Toothless - trying to catch him of guard.

''I’m-. Erm ... my name isn’t Toothless, it’s Kalster.'' Toothless corrected her. Hiccup might be easy to trick but he was far more observant.

''Want to try that again?'' She asked calmly advancing on Toothless. He gulped looking away.

''Mum, I need to do Kalster's medication...'' Hiccup said, walking over to her and pulling her towards the stairs. ‘‘W-why don't you c-come down and we can talk.'' He finished, walking down the stairs hoping his mum would follow him.

Valka gave Toothless a questioning look, before finally following her son down the stairs. Hiccup rushed to get the fire lit again, and get the water on so it could start boiling. He wanted to avoid the conversation his mother was insistent on pursuing. Valka had sat at the table, waiting for him to finish, but she wouldn’t let this go. When Hiccup put his hands onto his lap waiting for the water to start bubbling Valka decided it was time to ask him again. 

''So, care to tell me why you called Kalster Toothless, why he is being treated in your bed, and why he said, and I quote, 'I'll stay and be a good dragon, well … human.' Not only that Hiccup Haddock, but you called him bud, and he seems to have given you the nick-name Hicc. A little to cozy for a ‘friend’ you haven’t known long, don’t you agree?''

''Y-you heard that, erm, well ... I don't really have the answers to that mum. But it isn’t what it sounds like… I-it’s a funny story actually but you know, just friends being friends.'' Hiccup mumbled nervously.

''In other words, you won't tell me but you’re hiding something.'' 

''I would … tell you, but I can't. You wouldn't believe me anyway!''

''Try me! I’m your mother.'' Valka insisted.

''I can't mum. I'm sorry but … I just can't.'' Hiccup said felling rather guilty, but he started to get angry at the questioning.

Hiccup noticed the bubbles in the water appearing, and carefully removed it from the fire. He took the water to the table and added enough to the cup before setting the rest down. He added a spoon of the paste and stirred it into the water. When he noticed Valka just starring at him - still waiting for answers, he sighed.

''I'm sorry okay! I'm going to leave the fire for Trid's bottle. You can do it for me if you like. I have to give this to Kalster!'' He told his mother, still torn between guilt and anger. With that, Hiccup went upstairs. 

''Hey, I have your drink.'' Hiccup said, but Toothless noticed something was bothering him. 

''What's wrong Hicc?'' He took his drink, eyes never leaving Hiccup. Hiccup leaned forward to whisper into Toothless's ear.

''Mum is on to us. I think she can hear me so play along okay.'' He stood up. ''I'm fine, just a small burn, don't worry about it Kalster.'' 

''I see, thanks for the drink.'' He sipped it and made a disgusted face. 

''You have to drink it, it will help.'' 

''Fine, but it’s disgusting. If I puke, you’re cleaning it up.'' Toothless smirked.

''Yeah, yeah. I have to go back down, stay in bed and I will come speak to you in a bit okay.'' Hiccup finished and went back downstairs. Valka had started boiling the milk and Hiccup sat at the table. ''Listen Mum. I'm sorry okay but you're going to have to drop this and just trust me.'' 

''You’re as stubborn as your father, but this time I won't drop it Hiccup. I'm your mother! I have a right to know.'' She insisted sternly. 

''Well you’ll be waiting a long time!'' Hiccup shouted, letting his angry get the better of him, but he’d had enough of being pressured.  

''Hiccup Haddock! Don't speak to me like that!'' Her voice was raised, shocked at his audacity to yell at her.

''I told you to drop it! If you can't do that then leave!''

''No! I will stay here all night if I have to, I want to know what’s going on.''

''You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I'm not going to tell you!'' He insisted, clenching his fists.

''You're behaving like a child!'' She scolded her stubborn son.

''Oh, Really? You're the one who won’t drop it!'' He slammed his fists into the table, startling his mother.

Hiccup stood there breathing heavily, and Trid had started crying. Valka went across to the other side of the room, calming the baby and herself down. Hiccup had developed a short fuse ever since Astrid had died, but his anger was becoming worrisome. Valka was so shocked at Hiccup’s behavior. Toothless had heard the commotion and had pulled himself off the bed. He was now at the top of the stairs, sitting on the third step down. 

''Hiccup!'' Toothless shouted down to him, getting his attention. 

''You should be resting!'' He told him, about to order him back into bed. 

''Don't speak to your mother like that Hiccup! J-just tell her.'' Toothless told him. He stood up, slowly making his way down the stairs.

''No, you need to rest!'' Hiccup tried, but Toothless forced himself down the stairs insisting it was just his shoulder. Hiccup sighed, helping him into a chair at the table. Hiccup then stood up straight, allowing his mother to take the chair at the opposite side. 

''Hicc, I don't want to come between you two. She has a right to know!'' Toothless told him gently. 

''Tell me what?'' Valka said. She was grateful that this boy seemed to agree that she had a right to know, he had more effect on her son than she did.

''But bud? She won't believe me … us, and I don't want the village knowing. I don't want you to get hurt.'' Hiccup pleaded. 

''To late … already hurt!'' Toothless said, pointing to his injury.

''Would you be serious!'' Hiccup demanded.

''Okay! but I am being serious. Don't worry about me Hicc! You need to tell your mother the truth, and trust she will keep it a secret too.'' Toothless told him.

''Whatever it is, I will keep your secret.'' She promised. Hiccup gulped.

''Hiccup, Trid's milk is boiling over.'' Toothless told him. Hiccup ran to get the milk off the fire, and Toothless looked at Valka. ''Sort Trid out first, then we’ll tell you.'' Toothless told her and she nodded, agreeing that Trid was priority.  




The atmosphere was murky and awkward while Hiccup fed and changed Trid. Hiccup had gone to get Toothless’s drink so he could finish it, and the pain had settled in his shoulder. Valka had asked Toothless if he was okay, and he’d nodded. Hiccup was worried about how his mother would react, if she’d believe them or just think they were crazy. Trid was now sitting comfortably on Hiccup lap on the floor, and Toothless got up and slowly made his way over - sitting down next to him.

''So, Mrs Haddock. I believe we made you a promise.'' Toothless said. He wasn't as confident as he seemed, but he hated seeing Hiccup and Valka argue. He would rather have to leave then for Hiccup to lose his mother over this, especially knowing that she was all he had left as family.

''A-Are you sure bud?'' Hiccup asked him, bursting full of nerves. Toothless nodded and looked down, he took a deep breath before looking back up at Valka.

''The things is Mrs Haddock ... I-I…'' Toothless struggled to finished, and looked at Hiccup. They exchanged glances and Toothless nodded at him. 

''Mum, Toothless did the night of the battle.'' Hiccup started. 

''That's insane, of course he didn't. He left with the other dragons.'' Valka almost laughed at how ludicrous that sounded, but Hiccup looked so serious.

''If you’re not going to listen to me and take it seriously then-.'' Hiccup started angrily, but Toothless touched his shoulder. 

''It's true Mrs Haddock. I did die! I died and woke up a human, a person. I can change between Dragon and human forms. Only, right now I’m stuck like this or the pain will force me to leave too. I am Toothless.'' He explained nervously. 

Valka wasn't sure how to take the news and started laughing. She wanted to believe them, but logic told her it was more likely she was being lied to, made a fool out of; her troubled son and his strange ‘friend’, had simply made up some ridiculous, elaborate story… a joke to simply throw her off guard. It was the most absurd thing she had ever heard.

Toothless felt Hiccup's body shake in anger, but before he could do anything Toothless stopped him. 

''No Hiccup! You said she wouldn't believe us, let me show her!''

''No! You can't, you’re hurt and ... what if I lose you too! What if you can't get back to me and you leave? I won’t let you do this Toothless.''

''I have you to bring me back don't I? Like when the Bewilderbeast tried to control me. I know I want to stay, so I’ll change back. If I don't, I will change back when I can and swim back to you as a human if I have to.'' 

Valka had stopped laughing now. She could see the genuine fear in her son’s face. She had heard the conversation and was telling herself it couldn't be true; it was all total madness. She watched as Hiccup placed Trid into his crib - leaving him to cry. Hiccup collected a blanket and laid it on the table.

''For after, I don't think mum needs to see you naked.'' Hiccup told him; his voice cracked with worry. Toothless couldn’t help but laugh though as he went to removed his trousers. ''It’s okay, leave them on. I have another pair and I can make you more.''

''I'm going to need a new bandage after this too!'' Toothless told Hiccup seriously.

''I have spares, and I know what to do.'' Hiccup told him. He took a deep breath, still uncomfortable with this. ''You sure you want to do this bud? You’re already injured and-.''

''Yes! I'm doing this Hiccup. Here goes…'' He said, giving Hiccup a wink. Toothless looked far to confident, but Hiccup stomach dropped - he didn’t like this at all.

Valka stood up, about to question what the hell the boys were going on about, when before her very eyes Kalster changed into a dragon - into Toothless! She watched in fear - backing into the wall as Toothless started banged his head into various items. He was growling at Hiccup, and obviously out of control.  

''Whoa easy bud … It's me … Hiccup! Change back now and it will all go away. Just change bud, please! Come back to me. Come on Toothless! It’s me. Listen to me bud, listen to my voice.'' Hiccup pleaded, ordered, soothed. Toothless continued to growl as he tried to smash his way out of the house. ''Toothless please calm down! I need you! You told me you could fight this, you said it would be alright! You just need to be a human again, you just need to listen to me!'' He ran between the door and Toothless who was about to smash into it. He couldn’t let him leave. Toothless powered up a plasma blasts and was aiming it at Hiccup! ''No bud. It’s me. Toothless please!'' Hiccup begged. He was scared, but he didn’t move an inch. Instead, he placed his hand out towards Toothless and closed his eyes. Toothless had to come back now, or he’d be killed. ''Please bud, please!'' 

''Hicc?'' A weak voice barely whispered before a loud thud echoed through the house. Hiccup opened his eyes to see a naked Toothless sprawled on the floor unconscious. He had new bruises, and his shoulder was bleeding slightly again. 

''Toothless!'' He shouted as he scrambled to help him, he knew this was a bad idea.

He looked over to his mother who was breathing heavily against the wall, staring at them both. Hiccup raced over to grab the blanket, covering Toothless’s naked body. Hiccup could hear Toothless breathing, he was okay. He raced upstairs to get the bandages and a pillow, and After racing back down, he had carefully cleaned the wound and wrapped it in place identical to the last one. He gently, tenderly, laid Toothless's head down on the pillow. 

Valka was still in shock, staring at Hiccup as he worked, watching. She had finally let it sink, she had seen it with her own eyes, but she felt guilty for not believing them like she wanted to. Hiccup was sitting next to Toothless, when his cold, angry eyes looked up at her. In his mind he blamed his mother for this. He wanted to get Gothi, but there would be to many questions and he knew, hoped, that Toothless would be just fine. He looked away from his mother pointedly, and took Toothless hand gently in his own. 

''Please wake up!’’ Hiccup whispered to him. ‘‘I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let you done this!'' Tears fell down his cheeks silently, and he closed his eyes. It was all just such a mess. He didn’t want to speak with his mother right now, but she slowly came over, kneeling down beside him.

''I'm so sorry son. I should have believed you.'' Her voiced was filled with guilt, but Hiccup looked up at her with contempt and hatred.

''Just go mother! You couldn’t just leave it could you. You have done enough!'' He ground through gritted teeth, turning back to look at Toothless. His mother didn’t matter, especially not right now. He only cared about Toothless.

''Please son, let me help!'' Valka pleaded.

''No! You did this. I told you to drop it. He was willing to give up everything to prove to you I was telling the truth. You … you did this!''

''I'm sorry Hiccup! I was a fool. Please see it from my point of view though, would you have believed it?'' She asked him. 

''Yes! I would have believed my own son!'' He shouted. His father hadn’t believed him when he took down Toothless, hadn’t believed him that dragons were not heartless beasts … and now his mother hadn’t believed him. No one every listened to him, no one … expect Toothless. Hiccup didn’t even have the energy to register his guilt when Valka's eyes filled with tears. She got up and made to leave.

''I won't tell anyone son, I promise. Do you want me to get Gothi?'' She asked, deciding to give her son time to calm down. She hoped he would come to her again when he was ready to forgive her.   

''No! She will ask to many questions. Just go mother!'' He closed his eye tight, fighting back the sobs. His anger was melting, fading and being replaced with pain. Valka nodded sadly … and then left. 

Hiccup cried now that no one could hear him, the tears streamed down his cheeks. He looked at Toothless's face; he had been through so much already, and all for him. To protect him, save him, help him, please him, comfort him. Toothless would do anything for him, and he’d always loved that about him. The honest truth was that he’d always loved Toothless. It didn’t matter if he was a dragon, or a human … he loved him! Only now that he was a human, it made it possible for him to fall in-love with him. It was easy, too easy, but it was the truth. No matter how wrong or unrequited it was, or how crazy and inappropriate it was … he loved him! He would never be able to act on his feelings, and it confused the shit out of him, but he couldn’t deny it was the truth.    

''Please wake up bud! I promise I won't push you away anymore. I - I love you t-to much. I need you! Gods you don't know how much I care about you!'' He told Toothless squeezing his hand, and wiping his eyes on his sleeve. ‘And you never will.’ His mind added silently, painfully.  

Toothless didn't respond. It looked like he was just sleeping. Hiccup laid his head on Toothless's waist, laying on his side and looking towards his face. He placed his hand on Toothless's chest feeling his heart beating. Hiccup closed his eyes, just feeling his heart, his breathing. He didn't care that Toothless was naked under the blanket, it was the last thing on his mind.

Trid was crying, but Hiccup knew he was okay. He wasn't screaming, just his fussy cry that he made when he was tired and being ignored. 'He might settle down soon, it was nearly his sleep time.' He thought. Hiccup lay there dozing off, occasionally looking over to the crib. Just as predicted, Trid soon fell to sleep. Hiccup felt bad leaving him to cry, but Toothless needed him more right now. He couldn’t leave him, not when his own emotions were so raw and painfully conflicted.

It wasn't long before Hiccup feel asleep as well. The sounds of Toothless breathing, his heart beating under his hand, it was calming.   

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Chapter 13- First fight

The battle between the Ogthantarth and Berk could be seen once more. Toothless and Hiccup had come face to face with the beast. Hiccup was shouting at Coaldron but Toothless had drowned out the sounds. 

''Leave! I command you, or you will be destroyed!'' Toothless shouted at the Ogthantarth. 
''Ah, Alpha! Your powers of persuasion and mind control will not work on me!'' He had replied.
''Then we will fight you together!'' Toothless ordered the dragons to attack. The Ogthantarth Roared in pain and anger, as all the Dragons had fired on him at once. The Ogthantarth stared at Toothless in pure rage and in that moment … Toothless had experienced an excruciating headache, causing him to crash land into the forest.

Everything went black before a new scene appeared. 

Cave walls were lit up with the glow of fire. Markings, drawings and writing covered the entire length of the tunnel they were occupying. A young Night fury was sitting next to an older Changewing. 

''So, it could control your mind, like the Alpha?'' The Night fury asked. 
''No youngling, the Ogthantarth has no Alpha abilities, nor can it ever possess them!'' She replied.
''Then how did it rule over us!'' The Night fury asked. 
''It had the ability to cause great pain, but I think the most likely answer is that… it just was. Back when the Ogthantarth ruled the Alphas, and the Alphas ruled the rest, it was just the natural order. These marking tell us so much about what was, but for now, you must rest!'' The Changewing finished and walked away. 
''But I want to know more'' The young Night fury pleaded. 
''I am old, youngling! Your mind is new, but mine needs rest now'' She said finally vanishing. 


Toothless blinked his eyes open slowly. His mind still hazy with the regained memories, but then pain shot through his head and eyes alerting him to the fact he was awake.   

''Oh Thor!'' He exclaimed, touching his head and wincing in pain. His head hurt, but his shoulder was throbbing more. He felt like he’d gone ten rounds with a wall. He went to sit up - grunting in pain, but that’s when he saw Hiccup asleep on his lap, preventing him from getting up. It looked like he’d been crying - his eyes were so red, but Toothless was stunned that Hiccup was even laying on him - after all, he was so against contact this way while he was human, and he was naked, even if he was covered with a blanket.

Toothless then remembered what had happened. He felt his stomach drop so fast he felt sick with worry. 'Did I hurt anyone?' Trid was asleep safe in his crib, Hiccup looked okay expected the sadness painted on his face. 'Valka? Where is she? Did I hurt her? Did she leave? Did she believe us?' He questioned himself starting to panic. He placed a hand gently on Hiccup's head, thinking how soft his hair felt to his human hands. He then ran his hand onto Hiccup's shoulders, gently rocking him awake.

''Hicc?'' Toothless called. Hiccup woke up, and for a second he looked lost before staring into Toothless's eyes. Without thinking, he suddenly hugged him tightly.

''Toothless! You’re awake!'' Tears of relief had accumulated in his eyes.  

''Aargh!'' Toothless winced. His eyes screwed shut at the pain caused by Hiccup practically throwing himself at him, jarring his shoulder.

''Sorry!'' Hiccup said pulling back quickly, wiping his eyes on his sleeve. 

''It's okay.’’ He gritted out, finally regaining some composure. ‘‘So, I have to get hurt if I want a cuddle now?'' He asked, one his eyebrows raised playfully.   

''No! Yes! I mean no! I mean...'' He face-palmed and sighed.

''While you figure it out ... can I get off this floor please?'' Toothless asked.

''You should rest for a bit longer. I knew changing was a bad idea!''

''Did it work? Does Valka believe us? Is she okay?'' Toothless blurted out, he needed to know. Hiccup picked up on the panic in voice.

''She’s fine. And yeah, she believed us!'' He said bitterly, anger once again laced on his tongue. 

''Then it was a good idea!'' Toothless stated firmly, smiling.

''No, I'm pretty sure it was the worst idea!''

''What happened?'' Toothless asked, giving Hiccup a concerned look. He forced himself into a sitting position trying to ignore the pain. 

''I don't want to talk about!'' Hiccup said, his voice was toneless and quiet.

''Well, here's the plan! I'm getting up and-. Don't give me that look Hiccup!'' He told him when he was about to argue. ''I'm getting up and getting dressed, because it’s fucking cold down here naked. You can light that damn fire because no fire powers...'' He added raising his hand. ''…While I go to the outhouse. When I come back, we are talking!'' Toothless told him, giving Hiccup no room for argument. 

''Yes dad.'' Hiccup replied. Part of him was shocked at Toothless's sudden authoritative attitude, but it gave him goosebumps of the good kind and he couldn't help smile.

Toothless was stubborn, but good to his word. Hiccup had collected him some clothes and helped him get dressed due to his shoulder. Hiccup focused on the task at hand - so he wouldn't stare at Toothless's naked body, but he noticed the old bruises healing, and few new ones coming out. There weren’t many new bruises; a few on his legs and arms mostly, and his head had a pretty nasty cut on the side with a few bumps. Toothless was okay walking, but It looked uncomfortable for him. Toothless was holding his left arm across his chest - being the least painful position on his shoulder, and the slight limp in his right leg told Hiccup he had hurt his ankle in his frenzy as a dragon. Toothless was a little light headed and weak overall, but he was insistent that he was fine. Hiccup watched Toothless limp over to the outhouse, making sure no one was there to hurt him, and then he lit the fire as Toothless had ordered. Hiccup thought it was slightly humorous that he was taking orders from his dragon - human or not.   

It occurred to Hiccup that Toothless hadn't eaten since breakfast, in fact neither had he. It was getting really late, and Trid hadn't woken for his last bottle yet either - which he put down to the fact that he woke up late today. Hiccup started on the bottle then forced a crying Trid awake because he knew that If he didn't wake up him up now to eat, he would stay up late and mess up his routine. When Toothless returned he sat at the table looking weak and worn out, which didn't surprise Hiccup at all. Toothless was thinking about what he’d remembered before he woke up - in his dream or subconscious memory.

Eventually Trid had been fed, and Hiccup had even handed a 'zoned out' Toothless his medicated drink. He wasn't sure Gothi would approve of it not being spaced out evenly, but he felt that Toothless needed it. Hiccup had even juggled fatherhood with preparing bread, yak butter, honey, and fruit for dinner, laying it on the table. Toothless still hadn't snapped out of his trance so Hiccup had gently shaken him, calling out his name, and pointing to the drink and food.

''Sorry, I was thinking about something I remembered.'' Toothless explained, hesitantly trying the new foods.

''Care to share?'' Hiccup replied; curiosity written across his face. He took a bite of his bread and honey.

''Sure, I think it’s important you know, but first, I want to know what happened earlier.''

Hiccup filled Toothless in on the events as they ate. How he had changed, gone berserk, and had eventually turned back. He tried to avoid the parts including his mother, but Toothless had threatened to walk to her house and ask her himself, so Hiccup had given in. 

''What the hell Hicc? She’s your mother!'' Toothless scolded him. Hiccup didn’t like be spoken to like a child, it infuriated him.

''She didn't believe me, us! I was angry that she basically made you feel like you had to change. I could have lost you for fuck sake!''

''Would you have believed it?'' Toothless asked, making a rather valid point.

''Yes! I would have believed my own Son!'' Hiccup shouted. He’d made a vow to himself then, that he would always believe Trid - or at least give him the benefit of the doubt first.

''Really Hicc? When you first saw me change … I seem to recall it taking you a while to believe I was Toothless.'' He reminded him. 

''I was drunk!'' Hiccup shouted, standing up quickly, and slamming his fists into the table.

''Yeah, you were! And who took care of you even after the way you treated her! She didn't deserve that Hiccup, or this. You are out of order!'' Toothless finished, almost growling at him.

''If you're on her side then … then fuck off and don't come back!'' Hiccup screamed at him, pointing to the door with a shaky hand … but he regretted the words the moment they’d left his lips.

''Maybe I will!'' Toothless replied coldly. His eyes became dark and they stole Hiccup’s breath. It was like the soul just left Toothless’s body, all life just gone leaving an empty shell.

Hiccup stuttered, failing to find his words as he watched Toothless limp to the door. Toothless then turned to face him, his eyes filled with tears as his shook his head. He sighed, obviously trying not to cry.

''Apologize to your mother!'' He said, opening the door. He turned one last time before leaving. ''I thought you was better than this.'' Then the door closed behind him.


Ever since Astrid died, Hiccup had been struggling with anger issues. He knew this … but knowing it didn’t magically fix him. Once again, he had been consumed by that anger, and this time he had broken his best friend’s heart and driven him away. Anger was easier to deal with then grief, it was less painful to feel, but it hurt the people he loved.

He was in such a state of regret, remorse, and fear that he couldn't even hear the sounds of his screaming child. Hiccup knew Toothless was right; his actions, his behavior, they were unjustified and cruel. He would apologies to his mother but for now, Toothless was out there alone, heartbroken, and in pain. He could barely stand from the guilt as his anger depleted in exchange for remorse, and he stumbled into the chair - breathing deeply, and thinking of his last words. 'Fuck off and don't come back!' The look of betrayal in Toothless eyes burned into his mind - piercing his heart. He had promised to never push Toothless away. He’d already broken that promise.

His own heart ripped and twisted like it was restricted in an iron grip. He knew that if he didn't find Toothless soon, he would lose him forever. ‘What if Toothless did something stupid, like changing back and leaving Berk forever?’ He couldn’t let him go!

Hiccup collected Trid in a mad rush, and ran from his house holding him close to his chest. Trid was still screaming, and he hadn’t even put on a coat. He was running towards the forest, the ground hurting his one bare foot, shivering cold, and desperate to find Toothless. He only had one place in mind that Toothless might go … the Cove. He hoped he wasn't too late, and that Toothless hadn’t already left.




Toothless was crying as he limped towards the Cove. Emotions were so strange as a human, almost amplified, and practically new to him. He knew Hiccup would regret his words … but he was hurting. He could hear Hiccup in his mind as he remembered the good times they’d shared together.

'You are my best friend bud!’ ‘I'm not going to let anything happen to you, I promise!’ ‘You never cease to amaze me bud!’ ‘It's you and me bud, always!’ ‘I'll do anything for my dragon!’ ‘I love you... care for you.'

The memories only served to make Toothless believe that now he was human, all the things Hiccup had said before didn't matter anymore - that everything had changed to much. He made a decision; if Hiccup hadn't found him by tomorrow, he would leave. The cold was so harsh it hurt, but it numbed the rest of his pain and coupled with the emotional pain he felt … it allowed him to move faster through the forest - but even then, he hadn't gotten far. 

Hiccup starting to wonder if Toothless had even come this way at all - surely he hadn't gotten this far in his condition, but he had to check. As he progressed a little further thru the forest, he finally saw Toothless’s dark figure limping just ahead of him.

''Toothless!'' Hiccup shouted, gasping for air. Toothless stopped and turned. ‘‘Come back! I’m so sorry.'' Hiccup shivered profusely, his teeth chattering as he spoke.

''Hiccup … go home!’’ Toothless shivered.

''Not until you come back with me bud!'' Hiccup demanded stubbornly.

''Trid is cold!'' Toothless stated in concern, but he was even more concerned when Hiccup took of his vest and tunic, wrapping the baby up in them, and leaving himself exposed to the elements.

''I'm not leaving without you.'' He shivered substantially, teeth chattering like mad.

Toothless was shocked at Hiccup's stubbornness, but he shouldn’t have been that surprised. He knew one thing though; he was not about to let Hiccup freeze. He gave into his own unyielding nature to get him home. ''Fine! but I'm only doing this so you both don't freeze to death.'' Toothless told Hiccup sharply.

Toothless removed his own vest with difficulty, wincing as it pulled at his shoulder. Hiccup was about to question him when Toothless placed it over him shoulders. Hiccup was speechless at the gesture, such a simple thing … yet it meant so much. He didn’t think he deserved his kindness, not after how much he had hurt him tonight. He always seemed to fuck everything up.  


''Let’s just get back home!'' Toothless coldly cut him off, shivering as they made their way back.




No one spoke on the way back, and even when they arrived home, Toothless had picked up the blanket and pillow off the floor and gone into Stoick's old room closing the door behind him. It was going to be Trid’s room until he was old enough to take Hiccup’s. Astrid and Hiccup had planned to take the room downstairs instead. Right now though, Toothless had isolated himself inside it, siting against the wall with the blanket over him. He still couldn't fight away the tears, and he was playing things over in his mind.

Hiccup had gotten Trid to sleep upstairs, then he went down to clear up dinner. It was so late that even he was struggling to keep his eyes open, but he couldn't go to bed leaving things this way. He finally got the courage to slowly open the door to Stoick's old room.

Toothless had fallen asleep against the wall, the sight broke his heart. He’d done this! He’d pushed Toothless away hard that he had fallen to sleep alone, and what was worse … there were tear stains down his perfect cheeks where he’d obviously been crying, broken, hurt, and in pain. Hiccup really didn’t want to go bed leaving things the way they were, but he couldn’t bring himself to wake Toothless either. ‘He must be so uncomfortable down there like that.’ With that though, he went to move Toothless so he was laying down on the pillow at least … but he woke up and instantly turned away from him. ‘God’s that hurt!’ Toothless had never pulled away from him consciously before.   

''Toothless! I'm so sorry bud.'' His voice choked back the tears as they welled up in his tired, remorse filled eyes. His hand found its way Toothless’s, and he held it tightly. ''I couldn't let you leave. You mean so much to me. I … I love you!'' Tears streamed down Hiccup's face as he continued. ''When I realized what I said, I - I hated myself. I never want you to leave. Not now, not ever!  P-please forgive me bud! I don't deserve it. I know that, but ... I need you!''

''Don't lie to me Hiccup!'' Toothless shouted, biting back more tears. He had cried enough tonight. 

''I'm not! I-I have always needed you! You will always be my best friend!'' Hiccup protested, sniffling and wiping his tears away.

''You don't like me this way! Everything has changed. Don't pretend I don't make you feel sick every time you look at me. I see you pull away and flinch every time I get close to you, and I know I'm not useful anymore.'' Toothless burying his head into the pillow. Hiccup knew exactly what Toothless meant, but it was because he had feelings for him that he was ashamed off, not because he hated him.

''No! You have it all wrong.'' Hiccup bit his lip thinking. How could he make Toothless believe him? He just wanted to go to sleep knowing they were okay, that there were no bad feelings between them. ''Come to bed with me tonight!'' He asked quickly before he changed his mind.

''I’d rather be alone down here, then alone up there.'' He replied, his voice monotonal and emotionless. 

''No bud. Let’s go to sleep in my bed … together!'' Hiccup gulped. He wanted to show Toothless that he wasn’t repulsed by him. If this was the only way he could prove it to him then so be it. Toothless shot up so fast he gave himself a headache. He winced in pain as he looked into Hiccup’s eyes. He only found honestly in them; he had meant it.

''But … you hate it when I get too close to you.'' Toothless told him, still confused at the sudden change of mind. 

''I am not ashamed of you! I … I don't think any less of you as a human. The problem is with me Toothless.’’ They stared into each other’s eyes; Toothless was looking for confirmation that what Hiccup said was true, and Hiccup was just lost in his Lime-green - stunning eyes. It took a while before Hiccup blinked out of it; he was so tired he must be going crazy.  ‘‘Bud, I'm totally fucked! I just want to go to bed, cuddle up with you under the covers, and get some bloody sleep. I can’t sleep if you stay down here. We can talk tomorrow. What do you say? Please, just come with me, let me prove to you that what I say is true.'' Hiccup pleaded; he was so tired he felt ill. Relief washed over him when Toothless finally nodded. 




Hiccup's bed was big enough for two people, he’d gotten a bigger bed two years ago. Hiccup was laying on Toothless’s right arm, his head nestled into Toothless’s side. Toothless had his right arm wrapped around him comfortably, protectively … his hand resting on Hiccup’s waist.

Hiccup was happy to just let Toothless do what came naturally to him, and he didn't flinch, pull away, or resist. It was strange, abnormal, and something he would need figure out because … he felt so comfortable instead. He was relaxed, happy, and this felt so right … but it was also so wrong. It was that love he hadn't felt for a long time, to feel safe in the arms of someone that you loved unconditionally. It was peaceful, relaxing, and he had no trouble falling to sleep.

Toothless was so happy to have his Hiccup back. To be able to cuddle up against his human - and protect him, it meant so much to him. Toothless felt something different about his feelings regarding Hiccup, something stronger, something almost possessive that he didn't understand. Hiccup was his, he cared for him more then he did for himself, and he being with him just made everything feel better. He assumed it was just a reaction to everything that had happened that day… it had been a very long trying day. Perhaps he just needed to pull Hiccup closer because he hadn't had this for what seemed like ages. It didn’t help that his human self, seemed to have heightened emotions. He wasn’t worried, he had his Hiccup and that’s all that mattered to him. He nuzzled his head into Hiccup's hair, and fell to sleep with a warm smile still infecting his lips. 

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Chapter 14- The battle

Like clockwork, Hiccup had been woken up to the majestic sounds of a hungry baby.  His face was flushed red at the thoughts he’d been having. He finally managing to unwrap himself from Toothless’s clutches - who had groaned about having to part with his human. Hiccup couldn't help but laugh at him, he was completely adorable in the morning. Toothless buried his head into the pillow, and covered his face with the blanket mumbling.

''Welcome to today’s specials, we have lack of sleep, up too early, and my favourite … moody dragon!'' Hiccup sarcastically listed of as he descended the stairs - still chuckling to himself. He hadn't forgotten about last night, but he didn't want to ruin a good start to the day. He hadn’t had such a good night’s sleep in months, and he felt well rested.




With Trid fed and changed - now laying on a blanket on the floor playing with a range of toys, Hiccup helped himself to some porridge. He had just taken the bowl to sit next to Trid, when Toothless come down. 

''Trid! You stole my Hiccup!'' He pouted at Trid. 

''I'm still your Hiccup bud! But you do need to share me.'' He chuckled. ''Breakfast is over there, help yourself.'' He pointed to the porridge.  

''Cool, I’m starving!'' He exclaimed, instantly going to get some. 

''Just put some in the bowl and- Toothless stop!'' He burst into fits of laughter, running over to help Toothless - who still hadn't mastered hand skills. Toothless had gone to spoon some into his bowl, but had flicked the sticky substance in the air instead - covering himself and … everywhere else.

''You’re worse than Trid.'' Hiccup laughed, flicking more porridge at him from his fingers as he cleared it up.

''That's right laugh it up!'' Toothless said, with playful annoyance as he watched Hiccup laughing at him.

Something inside Toothless just felt so warm though, it was like that smile … that laugh just infected him with this … strange … happy feeling. Toothless punched him in the arm though, he still deserved it for laughing at him - but Hiccup was laughing too hard to care. Toothless then brought Hiccup to new fits of laughter, when he tried to lick himself clean. It was an instinct; he simply couldn’t help it! He pouted in defeat, and roll his eyes at Hiccup. The truth was Toothless loved seeing Hiccup happy.

When Hiccup finally stopped laughing, he helped Toothless clean down his clothes properly - seeing as he only had the one set of clothes left. Hiccup made a mental note to get, or make him some more clothes today. Hiccup smiled at Toothless - and his son, wanting this moment to last forever. He wanted more mornings likes this; the cheerful, intoxicating, and almost seductive moments like these were addictive, and he knew exactly who he wanted to share them with. ‘Maybe I could have that at least.’ He thought to himself as he ignored the other abnormal feelings building in his heart … and his mind.

With the porridge disaster finally over, Hiccup and Toothless finished their breakfast. Toothless hadn't been oblivious to the way Hiccup kept glancing at him, smiling shyly before looking away hastily each time he met his eyes. He assumed Hiccup was just watching him fail in his attempts to use the spoon, and raised his eyebrows at him.

When Hiccup had gone to check the calendar, he noticed it was day one of the seven-day cycle, meaning it was meeting day.

''Day one bud. Meeting day.'' Hiccup complained, sitting back down again next to Trid - opposite Toothless.

''You're going to have to teach me how you read that thing!''

''I didn't think to ask you if you could read, I'm assuming not.'' He guessed correctly.

''No, I'm an excellent reader, I just forgot how!'' Toothless smirked at him.

''If only sarcasm could teach you to read!'' Hiccup sassed.

''I learnt from the best.'' Toothless winked making Hiccup shudder with a deep breath. 'Gods he is so hot. A fucking tease.' He thought quicly changing the subject, and trying terribly not to blush.

''M-Moving on … I am going to have to take Trid to ... to my mothers.'' Hiccup was hesitant. ''So, I am going to have to apologies to her, and hope she’ll forgive me.''

''She will Hicc!'' Toothless was sure of it. He moved closer to Hiccup - hoping he wouldn't flinch or move, but instead … he looked down sadly.

''Have … have you forgiven me?'' Hiccup hesitated to ask. 

''Of course! Hiccup you're my best friend!'' He said, unbelieving that Hiccup would still think otherwise. 
''I really don't know what I'd do without you.'' Hiccup smiled, resisting the urge to hug him. He was getting hot flushed. ‘Calm the fuck down Hiccup!’ He scolded himself. He had no idea why he was this turned on at everything Toothless did today, but perhaps it had something to do with fact that they had spent the night sharing a bed. He had woken up with some rather fervent, salacious thoughts, and Toothless’s morning boner hadn’t helped. Who could blame him? Toothless was perfection on legs! If it wasn’t for Trid’s instance to be fed - instantly distracting him once he’d woken up, things might have gotten very awkward. He suddenly realized that Toothless had started to answer his rhetorical question. 

''…the village screw up again, go splat when your flight suit doesn't work, get eaten alive by a few dragons, and oh-''

''Thanks for answering that bud. Really appreciate it.'' Hiccup shook his head, rolling his eyes. 

''Just reminding you how useless you'd be without me'' He smiled smugly. 

''Well if I'm so useless … I guess you’ll be wanting to sleep in your own bed tonight. Don't want me cramping your style or anything.'' Hiccup teased, wondering why he suddenly offered his bed up for a second night. It was official, he was losing it!

''No! I’ll be good!'' He pouted. Hiccup bumped into his right shoulder playfully, thinking that maybe it wouldn't hurt. He couldn’t upset Toothless again either way.  

''I'm only playing bud. Just do me one thing okay.'' He said suddenly serious. 

''What?'' Toothless asked with concern. 

''When we're alone, I don't mind the closeness and …. stuff. But you can’t do that in front of other people, only when we’re alone. It’s just that erm ... well ... It's not… How do I put this?''

''I embarrass you, don't I?'' Toothless interrupted sadly. Suddenly his entire demeanor had dropped.

''No! What I'm trying to say is that ... the other villagers don't know you’re Toothless. They think you’re Kalster. Have you ever seen two male Vikings ... cuddle?'' Hiccup asked him.

''Yeah! You and your dad, you and Gobber, you and-''

''Okay let me rephrase that.’’ Hiccup stopped him. ‘‘Have you even seen two adult men, that are not related cuddling in front of other people?''

''I don't think so.'' He admitted after some thought. 

''That's because it isn't normal. Men don't touch or hug other men. Unless they’re fighting, or … it’s their dad or something. Gobber is like my second father, but even we don’t go around hugging each other, or holding hands for example. Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut have hugged me in rare circumstances; near death experiences, group hugs, when they are being creepy or weird … but they are uncomfortable and awkward most of the time. The only exception to this rule is; fists bumps, handshakes, and shoulder patting for courage and stuff. '' Hiccup tried to explain, but Toothless looked so confused. 

''I think I have a headache!'' Toothless replied, rubbing his head.

''It's a lot, I know. Rules of socialization are something humans learn growing up. Just try not to be to clingy when we go out bud. It might be best just to avoid all contact until you learn what is acceptable of human friends. I know you will understand soon enough, and it isn't that I’m ashamed of you. Just trust me, in time you’ll understand, I promise.''

''Alright Hicc!’’ Toothless nodded with a smile. ‘‘I’ll add it to my list of things to learn.'' 

''There's the Toothless I know!'' Hiccup replied to his friend’s sarcasm, rolling his eyes. ''Right, we need to get over to my mother's so … I'm going to get the baby suit and collect Trid’s stuff together. Can you watch him for me please?'' 

''Sure!'' Toothless replied happily smiling at Trid. 

''How do you know I wasn't asking Trid to watch you?'' Hiccup asked, rushing upstairs before Toothless caught on. 

''You’re dead Hiccup, you know that right!'' Toothless shouted up to him laughing. When Hiccup did finally come back down, Toothless gave him a firm look. ''I will get you for that Hicc!''

With Trid in Hiccup's baby suit, Toothless tried to stand but flinched in pain - his eyes snapping shut as he bit into his lip. Getting down to the floor was so much easier than getting up. Hiccup rushed over and helped him to his feet, noticing the pain in Toothless face from his shoulder - and possibly the bruises as well. 

''Shit! You haven't had your paste today. I can't believe I forgot; I am so sorry!'' He told Toothless, covering his eyes in shame. 

''It’s okay, I'm fine!'' 

''I'll go get the paste. Mum will do it for you I expect. I-If you're sure you're okay though. It's a long walk, and you're still limping a bit on that ankle!'' Hiccup said in genuine concern, it would take over an hour to reach his mothers. 

''I'm good! I don't like that stuff anyway.'' Toothless complained.




Hiccup had insisted on taking the paste, and he was right to. The closer they got to Valka's the more pain Toothless was in. Hiccup could see it in Toothless's face even though he denied it - ploughing on like he was fine. It was a long walk over to Valka's, but when they finally arrived … Toothless looked sad. 

''What's up bud?'' Hiccup asked, frowning in curiosity.

''I miss the others. Cloudjumper and Stormfly were my best friends, well … best dragon friends. I had many friends Hiccup, but I miss then two the most.'' Toothless said looking around at how desolate the land surrounding Valka's house was. Hiccup felt empathy for Toothless, the quietness which should have been filled with life, was disheartening, almost depressing.

They walked silently up to the door and knocked. Valka opened the door and stared at Toothless for ages, obviously she was still in shock.

''T-Toothless?'' She questioned dubiously. 

''Hi Mrs Haddock'' Toothless answered politely. 

''Can we come in mum?'' Hiccup asked hesitantly.

Valka just nodded slowly, staring at Toothless as he limped across her house, collapsing down on her benched style couch. Hiccup had sat down next to him with Trid, and once Valka found her legs enough to make it to the chair opposite them, she too joined them.

''Sorry if I scared you Mrs Haddock.'' Toothless said looking down at his feet. 

''Mum, I'm really sorry. All I seem to be doing lately is apologizing for my screw ups. I will work on my anger; I just didn't want Toothless getting hurt.'' Hiccup finished and looked up at his mum - who was still gawping at Toothless. ''And I'm talking to myself.'' Hiccup added a little annoyed.

''T-Toothless?'' She asked again. 

''Yes. It must be a shock. I’m just getting used to it myself-.'' Toothless had started to explain, but Valka had finally found her curiosity. She was walking around Toothless, poking him, touching his hair, staring at his face and eyes, but when she went to lift his left arm … Toothless yelled in pain causing Valka to stumble back in surprise. 

''Mum!'' Hiccup shouted at her instinctively making sure Toothless was okay. Toothless was holding his arm trying to force away the pain. His eyes were screwed tight and he leaned forward - inhaling sharply, hissing in pain, breathing out deeply before hissing a new breath in. ''Toothless, are you okay?'' All Toothless could do was nod, as he waited for the pain to dull down.

''I - I'm so sorry. I’ve just never seen anything like this before.'' Valka finally admitted in awe. Hiccup tensed in anger and took a deep breath in; he was going to snap at his mother but Toothless spoke before Hiccup did.

''Hicc! I-I’m alright. Your mum was just curious. It's ok Mrs Haddock.'' Toothless said, in an attempt to keep Hiccup calm. The pin had faded enough to be bearable now, but it still hurt.

Hiccup closed his eyes calming himself down. He didn't trust himself to speak right now so he took the paste from his bag and started to make Toothless his medicated drink. He kept himself occupied, distracted on his task, however, he kept glancing at Toothless checking he was okay. He felt very protective of him, and was still on unstable ground with his mother from last night. Toothless looked over at Valka - who was staring over at Hiccup wondering what he was doing.

''Hiccup is just looking out for me.'' Toothless told Valka, she snapped her head round to look at him.

''He cares a great deal for his dragon.''  She couldn't really argue with the fact that this man was her son's dragon, but she still had to ask. ''Do you remember what I told you the night Tooth ... you became Alpha?''

''You told me that you would never stop feeling guilty for leaving, but even though you must follow your heart, sometimes you have to put your own kind first. You were worried I had only challenged the alpha to protect Hiccup.'' Toothless said, thinking back to the night after he became Alpha - when Valka had spoken with him alone.

''You really are my sons Night Fury, aren't you?''

''The one and only.'' Toothless smirked.

''How?'' Valka questioned. Curiosity had always been her weakness, the need to learn made her different from usual ignorant Vikings. She could never live with closed eyes.   

''I'm not sure exactly. I have been asking myself the same question. I think it has something to do with the fact that I died for skinny over there!'' Toothless answered nodding in Hiccup's direction - smiling warmly at him. Hiccup didn't respond, he was still in a bad mood … he just continued with the task at hand.

''You can't have died though. That would be impossible! No one comes back from the dead Toothless.''

''Mrs Haddock … you're talking to a dragon that is now a person!'' Toothless reminded her.

''You do have a valid point...’’ She chuckled. ‘‘…but death?'' 

''I think it’s old magic. Since it happened, I’ve been trying so hard to remember … but I can only remember pieces. From what I have been able to recall, I think ... you have to actually die for another to live, not just be willing to. It has to be someone you share a strong connection with. Like the bond me and Hiccup have. Then I'm assuming … if you die for them you get like a second chance or something. I don't know anything else, or how that works exactly. I don’t know the how of it.'' Toothless explained. Hiccup had been listening and walked over waiting for the water to finish boiling.

''You never told me that bud?'' Hiccup asked.

''You never asked. I really don't even know if that's right.'' Toothless admitted, still trying to remember. Hiccup sat next to Toothless and placed a hand on his friend's good shoulder.

''It doesn't matter bud! What's important is that you’re alive, and you're here!'' Hiccup reassured him honestly. 

''I Guess!'' Toothless nodded and grinned. Hiccup turned to Valka and took a deep breath.

''Look mum! I know you have a million questions, but I have tons of stuff to do today. I need to get to the Great Hall for the meeting, inquire as to who decided to tried to kill Toothless and … as much as I really don't want to, I need to hear what happened on the night of the battle. I have been worrying about everything, I need to figure out what happened to the dragons, be a good father to Trid, and somehow try to be a chief the villagers will respect. On top of that I need to sort out my anger issues, and get my head together!'' Hiccup admitted, spilling everything out quickly.

''I guess you want me to have Trid!'' Valka assumed.

''Please mum. I know I’ve been a useless son, and for that … I am truly sorry. I just really need your help here.'' Hiccup begged. 

''You know I will always have Trid. I love having him around.'' Valka assured her son. She stood up, and motioned for Hiccup to do the same before hugging him. ''You are stronger than you know Hiccup! You have been through so much and yet you are still here fighting. I am proud of you, and your father would be to.'' Valka told him. Toothless stood up wincing, walking over to join in the hug.

''I'm proud of you too Hiccup! Group hug, right?'' Toothless asked, placing his right arm around Hiccup and leaning against him. 

''Right!'' Hiccup told him rolling his eyes, ''Thank you, both of you!''




Valka had put Trid down for his nap, leaving Hiccup to basically force a stubborn Toothless to finish his paste infused drink. In the end, even Toothless had to agree it was good for him when the pain became much more tolerable. When Valka finally came back down, Hiccup decided it was time to hear what happened the night of the battle with Coaldron.

''I need to know mum. It could be linked to why the dragons left!'' Hiccup told her. 

''You sure Hicc?'' Toothless asked in concern. He knew that until now, Hiccup had avoided remembering that night because it made him feel ill hearing it. 

''Yes!'' Hiccup answered taking a deep breath. Toothless gave Valka one nod to indicate they were ready to hear the story. Valka carefully remembered back to that night before telling her version of what had happened. Images of that night, so clear in her memory.


''I was over at the Oberon house talking to Maile. Trid and Rodan were on the floor kicking and squealing at each other's sounds. We were talking about the boys when we heard the explosions. We grabbed the children and made our way outside - clearly evident that we were at war, but I had no idea who was behind it and I didn't stop to look.

I briefly saw dragons firing down upon us, some had masked riders on their backs, but our own dragons came to our aid. Myself, Maile, the other mothers, and the elderly had gathered at the back of the village. As you had instructed us to do in an emergency son. We all made our way to the west side caves and went down to where the emergency supplies were kept. I couldn't stay there knowing I could be of better use. I had to help. Bree Hofferson promised me she would keep Trid safe, and I knew he would be okay with his Grandma.

I left the caves and ran back to the village calling for Cloudjumper. The storm has started and visibility was becoming harder. Through the rain and thunder I could still see the sky dancing in a blaze of angry colors - from the various dragon shots, and I followed the flashes of lights from the blasts. I could hear the noises growing louder from the Vikings shouting, the dragon roaring, and the orders being given.

When I finally reached the village that's when I saw it. The dragon was nearly as big as the Bewilderbeast … but it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I could only see so much from the ground, but it shocked me enough that I wasn't thinking about my surroundings. Cloudjumper suddenly appeared in front of me, protecting me from the flames of a poor confused monstrous nightmare - the poor thing had scars from obvious human torture, and I ordered Cloudjumper to not fire. He was hesitant at first, but I climbed onto him and we made our way into the sky.

I managed to see the dragon and its rider then, the whole reason for causing such fear and chaos. It was a mixture of amazement, wonder, and fear that surged through me in that moment as I took in the dragon's appearance. The dragon, the village is now calling the 'Spawn of Death'. It was a magnificent beast, with a long body, four legs, and two huge almost see though wings. Its tail was longer than its body, and whipped through the sky dangerously. Spikes lay down its back to its tail, where they became thin long spikes sharper then daggers. Sharp pointy horns came from its head, and it had red hair on its head, neck and chin - like that of a horse. I had never seen a dragon with hair before. His scales were tough and shiny, almost a dark black-red and blue at the same time. I know you both saw it, but that’s what I remember of its appearance.

The blasts hitting the Spawn of Death - trying to knock of its rider, or drive it away, simply had no effect as you know. These scales were tougher than I had ever seen before, and this dragon was strong. When it growled, its teeth were many and sharp, and fear surged though me as I thought about how I could help. I looked at its eyes, red eyes with slit pupils that told me it knew only hate, and that it wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Cloudjumper swerved to miss shoots from other attacks, and we joined in the battle. I saw you son, shouting orders to draw it away from the village. We tried to get it to follow us out to sea but it kept advancing inland. I watched villagers being shot and hurt, some falling from the sky only just being saved by the aid from our dragons.

Dragons came from everywhere at Toothless’s command, coming to our aid, but no matter what we did the Spawn of Death was too strong. Some Dragons even seemed to question where their loyalties laid, torn between our side or theirs.

I was grazed by an attack as Cloud jumper swerved to avoid it. We flew up above the battle firing down. I saw just how powerful and dangerous this dragon was when it hit Bloodsbane - Von Larson's Thunderdrum after it used its sonic boom. The Spawn of death’s huge tail sliced through his face causing him to instantly fall with Von on top of him. It was a horrific moment.

We were not doing well, we were losing. I thought all hope was lost when suddenly it locked on Toothless and you my son. It followed you to the back of the island and seemed furious on your tail. I tried to follow but the spawn of death was as fast as Toothless, and the battle continued between our dragons and theirs. I was needed in the village.

After a while the Spawn of Death re-appeared over the village, to re-join the battle once more. We were all disheartened when you didn't reappear with it. We had hoped you was able to stop it, and we now feared the worst.

We fought as long as we could. We fired and tried to continue to push it away from the village, but we were losing people and dragons on both sides. Dragons were starting to become loyal to the Spawn of Death out of fear, and we had all but given up. Then I heard your voice demanding Snotlout to get above the Spawn of Death. You were poised on Hookfang riding with Snotlout. The look in your face was devoid of life and it scared me. You looked lost, full of such hate and anger. You landed on the dragon - behind the rider, and with inferno in your hand you plunged the blade through his back and shoved him mercilessly from the dragon. It all happened so fast after that. You were about to plunge the blade though the head of the dragon, I cried at you to stop but then … the dragon let out a growl of pure agony. Everything erupted in a bright blue light that blinded us all. When we looked back the dragon seemed to have just burnt to ash and vanish before our very eyes, although there was no flame, no smoke, and no smell of burning flesh. We had no idea what had happened, and we assumed you had killed the dragon somehow.

Unconscious, you descended down to the ground and village below. Snotlout and Hookfang caught you moments before you hit the ground. The dragons either left or returned to our side, and any riders that were fighting us retreated. I chased to your side son, and with the help of Gobber and Snotlout, we took you to your house. We ordered Yaegor to go get Gothi, but due to the amount of people injured it took a while for her to arrive.

We treated you and were so relieved when you woke up, but you were ... weren't yourself. When I finally left your side and went to help the village, it was clear that we may have won the battle but … it was not a happy victory. It was a miracle that we lost no people that night, but we came very close. Some of our fighting men and woman almost died - and would have too if their dragons hadn't protected them so loyally.

We found three of the riders that were fighting against us dead that night. Seven dragons had also lost their lives … including poor sweet Bloodsbane. Von was devastated as you can imagine. He refused treatment from Gothi for two days, and even Gustav had to keep Fanghook away - the sight of him only caused his father more hurt.

We recovered as a village - as best we could, and as I had been voted to lead during your … recovery I did my best to give the dragons the best funeral we could manage; I worked with Yaegor to fix the buildings; Sven, Mulch and bucket tried to recover crops and round up the animals; Gustav and Gobber helped me treat the injured dragons along with some of the A-team; and everyone contribute in what way they could. Surprisingly the village wasn't as damaged as we though, so that was the easiest part. Most of the men however, were physically hurt - others more so, and the village was disheartened. Myself and the other women helped in raising their spirits, and I did my duty as your mother - and acting chief. Soon everyone … well, expect poor Von, were able to get back to normal.

You know the rest son.       

Chapter Text

Chapter 15- Making progress

Hiccup was literally shaking, frozen with blown pupils, and not breathing nearly enough. At one point during Valka's recollection of events, Hiccup had subconsciously reached out to hold Toothless's hand. Toothless had shifted closer to Hiccup to comfort him. By the end, Hiccup had images of death and destruction pulling him away from reality. Toothless noticed that Hiccup's face was so pale, and he was holding his breath like he had forgotten how to breath. When Toothless squeezed his hand, Hiccup gulped - blinking his eyes. He looked up at Toothless and inhaled a deep needed gasp of air, but suddenly … his stomach was doing back flips and his saliva was increasing substantially in his mouth. His stomach contracted, and that’s when Hiccup bolted out the front door - his hand covering his mouth.

Toothless had quickly stood up, wincing as he aggravated his injuries. He made to go after Hiccup but Valka beat him to the door. Seeing her son retching up his porridge from this morning, she’d stopped in the doorway - clearly torn between going to him and staying where she was. Toothless on the other hand, had no qualms about going straight to Hiccup. Eventually he was standing behind him, his right hand gently rubbing his back. Hiccup's stomach contracted violently again, making him vomit a second time. He coughed and choked up the sick, his eyes burning with tears.

''It’s ok Hicc. Let it out!'' Toothless reassured him.

All Hiccup could do in acknowledgement of Toothless, was wave his hand before his stomach contracted again - forcing the last of his breakfast up. There was more bile than stomach contents this time. Hiccup finally stood up straight, after coughing up and spitting out as much as he could from his mouth.

''Sorry.'' Was all Hiccup could say, his voice was so weak and broken, raspy and hoarse.

''What you sorry for? Valka telling us what happened can't have been easy for you. I was worried you would be affected like this, and it kinda made me feel sick too if I’m honest.'' Toothless admitted. Hiccup retched again, but nothing came out this time. ''Are you okay?''

''Yeah! I’m good. I-I think I'm done.'' Hiccup stuttered. The colour was finally returning to his face. It had been hard to hear that the dragons had perished in the battle. Ever since Astrid had died … he just couldn’t deal with death. Losing Toothless that night had only made it worse, and every time something reminded him of either devastating event in his life, he’d lose it. He thought he could cope this time though; his recurring nightmares no longer woke him every night, and he felt more confident. It was done it now though, he’d listened, braved the details of that night and only suffer a bout of nausea for it. Toothless suddenly pulled Hiccup to his chest for a one-armed hug.

''I don't care who's looking. I think you need it.'' Toothless told him.

Hiccup smiled, returning the warm hug that made him feel safe, grounded … loved. Toothless’s warm body had such a calming effect on him when he needed it. The way Toothless held him just seemed to make his troubles feel less heavy on his shoulders. He was still embarrassed from throwing up though.

''I smell like puke.'' Hiccup groaned, still tasting it on his tongue.

''I don't care! I've smelt worse.'' Toothless said, releasing Hiccup. ''Wanna go back inside now?''

''Yeah.’’ He nodded. ‘‘Some water would be nice.'' Hiccup said. They were just about to head back inside when Hiccup slapped Toothless's good arm.

''Ow! What was that for?'' Toothless whined.

''For being you and … for dying.'' Hiccup whispered the last part, still scared to remember it.

''I may just let you die next time, seeing as my heroic efforts are appreciated so much.'' Toothless said, as they walked back towards the front door. Hiccup shook his head, but he couldn't help smile as he caught Toothless’s eyes.

Valka had been watching this whole time and she smiled. She’d noticed how close the boys were, and she swore she saw more to their relationship then just friendship. Hiccup certainly calmed better with Toothless around, and the way he smiled at him … it reminded her of the way Stoick used to look at her.


Refreshed and feeling better, Hiccup sat back down to talk. Nobody said anything for a while … until Hiccup took a deep breath and started the conversation. Toothless was right there next to him, making him feel more confident.

''It ... it really was a … a violent and tragic night. I can't believe ... Bloodsbane-.'' Hiccup couldn't finish his sentence, and looked down at his hands pinching the fabric of his trousers.

''What it is Hiccup?'' Toothless asked gently, reading the guilt in Hiccup’s face.

''I … I should have been there for the village. I should have saved Bloodsbane! '' Hiccup chocked, trying to hold back his tears. It was Valka how took her son’s hand just then.

''Hiccup, there was nothing you could do. You did everything you was expected to do that night as the chief, as a friend, and as a leader. You couldn't have done anymore. The Spawn of Death was just too strong, but you battled bravely my son.'' Valka assured him.

''Ogthantarth.'' Toothless muttered. He looked up at Valka briefly - noticing her confused expression, before holding Hiccup's other hand and paying close attention to him instead. ''Ogthantarth! That's what it was. Not the Spawn of Death. I was going to tell Hiccup what I knew about them last night, but we … erm ... didn't get around to it.'' Toothless paused, remembering the argument they’d had. Hiccup looked up at Toothless.

''Why didn't you tell me bud. I mean, you have been human for a while and you never said-''

''I didn't remember until last night. That's another reason I wanted to talk to you. Remember, I had something important to tell you.'' Toothless reminded him. Hiccup nodded.

''So, what do you know about the ... Ogthantarth?'' Hiccup asked.

''Not much to be honest. The elder Changewing was telling me what the markings and drawings on the cave walls meant, but that was when I was a younger - much younger. I only remember what she told me the night before she left. The Ogthantarth wasn't an alpha dragon. It couldn't control the others like one - like I can, and it could never become an alpha dragon. She told me the Ogthantarth was a leader of dragons in a way. It ruled over alpha dragons due to it being a kind of ... ‘tradition’ I think you call it. Like, that was just the way it was back then - the natural order of things. The alpha ruled the dragons in its territory, whilst the Ogthantarth traveled greater distances controlling the Alphas - or instructing them maybe. They were held in great respect I think, you respected them and bowed. They upheld the old rules, traditions, and beliefs you see, so they ensured that other dragons did too. The last thing I remember her telling me was that they had the ability to cause a great pain. That night ... during the battle, I made the Ogthantarth angry. I couldn't control it and my powers of persuasion wouldn't work on him. I thought they were extinct or just a myth so … I didn't know what to do. We had to draw it towards the sea, so I wanted to make him angry so that he would chase us, but in his rage … I felt excruciating pain in my head and body. That's why I crashed into the forest that night, putting Hiccup in danger.'' Toothless felt guilty for putting Hiccup in danger.

''It wasn't your fault bud.'' Hiccup comforted him. ''I-Is that why you saved my life ... because you felt bad for putting me in danger?'' Hiccup asked.

''No! I wasn't thinking about that then. I saved you because you’re my best friend Hiccup. I couldn't watch you get hurt or die. It was a reaction that I didn’t even think about.'' Toothless quickly answered with big eyes.

Hiccup hugged Toothless - forgetting his mother’s presence. Toothless hissed slightly, the sudden movement unexpected as it was, jarred his shoulder.

''Sorry. It’s just you really … never cease to amaze me.'' He chuckled - a bright smile on his lips as he caught Toothless’s eyes. He suddenly pulled away embarrassed. Valka smiled at them both. She noticed Hiccup's eyes shine as he looked at Toothless, and once again … she wondered if their friendship wasn’t something much deeper.

''The villagers have already given the Ogthantarth the name, ‘Spawn of Death’. I'm not sure who started it - but I'm sure Fishlegs has already updated the book of dragons.'' She told them.

''Mrs Haddock. Vikings don't know our real species names so, ‘Spawn of Death’ is fine, and kinda fitting.'' Toothless informed her with a smirk.

''Toothless, please call me Valka ... and real species names?'' Valka asked raising her eye brows. Toothless and Hiccup shared a look then chuckled.

''To us Toothless is a Nightfury mum, but apparently he is really a Loightakalean.'' Hiccup smiling at his mother’s reaction.

''Really? You have your own names for the different species? I shouldn't be surprised. What is Cloud-jumper?'' Valka asked eagerly, laughing in excitement.

''That's going to be a hard one. Okay a Stormcutter. Erm… Cre … fle ... flu ... Cre-flu-er-taleon ... Krefjórirtaleon!'' Toothless finished happy with his achievement.

''The what now?'' Hiccup asked bewildered, whilst his mother clapped in excitement.

''Kre-fjórir-taleon, wow that’s hard.'' Toothless repeated.

''Amazing! What about a Deadly-Nadder?'' She asked in excitement, before Hiccup could stop her.

''Switenbelprowlus'' Toothless answered smiling, that was easy one to say in human language.

''Okay mom! I don't think Toothless wants to spend all day listing the different species of dragons.'' Hiccup nervously told his mother - trying to calm her down. He knew where he got his enthusiasm from when it came to certain fire breathing reptilian creatures, but his mother’s enthusiasm sometimes had no restrain. To be honest, he was just as interested in learning the dragon names of species, but he also wanted to get back to important things - such as the meeting he had to get to in the Great Hall.

''It is just fascinating.'' Valka replied with a massive grin, but she knew to save her curiosity for another time.


They talked about the night of the battle, and the Ogthantarth, but everything they knew had already been mentioned. Hiccup was interested in the caves Toothless had spoken of, where the elder Changewing had told him about the markings and drawings on the walls. Toothless had informed Hiccup that he wasn't sure where the caves were, as it was a very long time ago. He’d only been a youngling at the time, and it was during a period of his life he couldn’t remember. He admitted that they might be able to get back there … but there was a huge volcanic eruption. He was sure the dragons had all vacated the island because of it. Hiccup had showed a great interest in traveling to the find the caves, seeing as they might provide them with useful information regarding the Ogthantarth, and therefore, could maybe shed some light onto the dragon’s sudden departure if they were related.

Hiccup was sure the two were connected, for one thing, Toothless said the Ogthantarth caused him great pain, and changing back to a dragon right now even with the Ogthantarth gone, still caused him to suffer a similar pain. Secondly, once he did the calculation, it seemed too much of a coincidence that the dragons left seven nights after the Ogthantarth died. He still wasn't sure what caused the Ogthantarth to perish, because as he informed his mother and Toothless, he was knocked out before he could do anything to the dragon. The last thing Hiccup remembered was a blinding blue light, everything after that was a jumbled messed - either due to his injuries and grief, or the drunken state he had forced upon himself to forget.


Hiccup and Toothless had left Valka's house - leaving Trid in her care. Hiccup needed to get to the meeting, and he had a plan for finding out who may have shot Toothless with the arrow - he just hoped it worked. His first course of action was to speak to Gobber, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Geirolf and Gustav.

As they finally reached Gobber’s blacksmith hut, Hiccup felt guilty; Toothless was meant to be having his next herbal medicated tea - so his pain was starting to increase, especially in his ankle from all the walking. He told Toothless to wait for him with Gobber, in his old section of the hut - where he used to make his own inventions. He quickly set out to round everyone up, and get them to meet him back at the blacksmiths immediately. Hiccup had asked Toothless if he wanted to stay with Valka, or at home, but he stubbornly wanted to follow Hiccup around instead.

Toothless was now sat in the back of the blacksmiths hut, looking at all of Hiccup's designs and drawing. Gobber watched him looking around, and decided to say something to break the awkward silence.

‘‘I have’on changed a thing since Hiccup became chief ya know. That laddie means the world ta me, ah think a him like the son ah never had, especially since his father died. Ah expect he told ye about dat.'' Gobber said to a nervous Toothless - who just nodded at him. ‘‘Ah love aving him around, he used to stop by for auld time’s sake … when he could, or come by ta make something. Since Astrid died giving birth ta their son he ... Well, ah expect he hasn't had the time.'' Gobber trailed off sadly. He suddenly left, going into the main part of his blacksmith hut by the forge.

Toothless was left looking at Hiccup's drawings. His old ones of Toothless's tail were still there, and so were his flight suit designs. The photos made Toothless really miss flying with Hiccup. Hiccup would scare the scales of his back with his antics and flight suits - especially when he got himself into dangerous situations, but he still really missed it. Hiccup hadn’t really been as enthusiastic with flying since Astrid died. He still loved it, but he had abandoned the more reckless aspects such as free falling, or testing out new suits and saddles. He really wanted to just grab Hiccup, turn into the dragon he was, and take off over the village and out to sea. Toothless was lost in the memories of all the great times he shared with Hiccup in the sky … when he heard a group of people outside - the voices he recognized.

''It's Gustav!'' Gustav announced enthusiastically as he arrived. Toothless rolled his eyes - the guy wasn’t that spectacular that he needed his own personal announcement. Although, Toothless couldn’t help trying it on for size. ‘It’s Kalster!’ He thought to himself - along with image of himself striding in all smug and self-important. He chuckled under his breath at how ridiculous that sounded. Toothless went to see what was happening, but he stood in the door way - leaning against the wood for support. He stayed his distance, not wanting to draw attention to himself. The twins and Snotlout where already there, and Gobber had joined them.

''Shut it Gustav!'' Snotlout snapped.

Hiccup came striding back with Geirolf, just as Fishlegs joined the team - panting as he strolled over as fast as he could from another direction. Tuffnut was leaning through the blacksmith window, arguing about something with chicken as she squawked and jumped near the hot melted metal Gobber had sat there to cool.

''I need your help guys…'' Hiccup announced as he stopped in front of his small gathering. ''…First off, Tuff! If you value the life of that damn chicken, I suggest you stop putting her near that hot melted metal.’’ He sighed. ‘‘Secondly, I have a plan to apprehend a traitor.''

Tuffnut had retrieved chicken - moaning about Hiccup under his breath, whereas everyone else was paying full attention to their chief now. Ruffnut slapped her brother up the head to shut up his mumbling.

''Traitor?'' Geirolf asked.

''Yes. For those of you that aren't already aware. Someone defied my direct orders and shoot Kalster with an arrow yesterday late afternoon-early-evening. I was with him when it happened, and it was a clear act of treason!'' Hiccup stated confidently.

''Ah, treason! The crime of showing no loyalty to your chief or his land, or committing a crime against your chief and his land.'' Ruffnut proudly stated with her hands behind her back, rocking on her toes.

''Correct sister! Or both! Should I be writing this down?'' Tuffnut asked.

''Who did it chief sir, I will cut off his hand and feed them to him in a soup ... I will burn of his arms and legs and feed them to him in a stew before bloodying his face with my head!'' Gustav announced, pounding his hand with his fist.

Hiccup rolled his eyes and continued. ''I don't have time for this. I need to get the Great Hall, so listen! I have a list of suspects. People I know who were strongly against Kalster staying here and could have done it. Radburn Wager, his wife Waiola, Tybalt, Fingal and Spitelout Jorgenson. I want...'' Hiccup was explaining but Snotlout interrupted angrily.

''No way my dad committed treason fish-bone!'' Snotlout snapped. Causing the others to gasp.

''That's ya chief Snotlout! You'd do well ta remember dat!'' Gobber told him fiercely, glaring at him and holding him up by his tunic making Snotlout gulp.

''It’s okay Gobber, you can put him down. Snotlout I don't think your dad committed treason at all. He is however one of the few that had a very strong opinion about Kalster being here. If he has nothing to do with it, and I’m very sure he won't, then I will be proven right that Spitelout is still an honored member of this tribe however, I need to check everyone that spoke up that night or it wouldn’t be fair. If I'm honest my highest suspicions are on someone else. I just hope it isn't a joint effort.'' Hiccup explained. Snotlout sulked but understood.

''So, what do you need us for chief'' Fishlegs asked nervously.

''I am going to be over at the Great Hall speaking to the rest of the village. I usually only speak to those that have allocated jobs today but I have spread the word for everyone to be there - which they will be very shortly, so this has to be quick. I want you to check and search the houses for any evidence. I suggest Tuffnut and Gustav you can check Wagers place, Gobber Tybalt...'' Hiccup was saying before Gustav interrupted.

''Wait! Chief. It couldn't have been either of the Wagner's because I was there yesterday with Tadeas talking about what we’re doing about dragon training now that ... you know. His mom and dad were there the whole time.'' Gustav told him urgently.

''Are you sure about this?'' Hiccup asked.

''Positive! His mom and dad were talking to me and Tadeas the whole time!'' Gustav informed Hiccup proudly.

''Alright, but I hope you’re right! So, I want Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Geirolf to check out Tybalt's house. Fishlegs and Gobber, you check out Fingal's house. And Tuffnut, Gustav … you check out the Jorgenson house. Met me at the Great Hall in about an hour, one sundial mark. If you find anything tell the others and get back sooner. Leave the houses as you found them; I don't want anyone knowing what we did unless they are the culprit.'' Hiccup explained quickly getting nods all round.

When everyone left, Hiccup asked Toothless to wait at the blacksmith hut, but he insisted on meeting Hiccup at the Great Hall. Hiccup gave in trying to reason with him, and left in hurry.


By the time Toothless limped into the back of the Great Hal - and sat down on a lone chair, Hiccup had finished explaining to his villagers why they were all here today. He watched as Hiccup gesticulated the way he always did when he spoke to his village. Hiccup was always so nervous in the spotlight, having his tribes’ attention like this - well, anyone’s attention like this, was still strange to him. He never wanted to be chief - never thought he’d be any good, or live up to his father’s name, but quite the contrary, he had done wonders for his tribe and they loved him. Toothless almost mirrored Hiccup’s feelings, he too never wanted to be Alpha - never thought about it really. It was honor to gain the title after defeating the Bewilderbeast, but he never considered what that would mean for him - except respect and control over the other dragons. He had soaked up the moment like a plant would soak up the sunlight, not realizing the duty behind the status. Now he had to drop everything and take-off when he was needed, or prevent fights over territory and such. It wasn’t that he didn’t like, it was that he often forgot he was the alpha half the time. He wasn’t very good at it, but it did mean he could keep the dragons on Berk under control - something Hiccup was most grateful for. He loved making Hiccup happy.

Hiccup had informed his tribe that he had an important topic of discussion to address at the end of the meeting - that being the reason he had summoned everyone over today, and he also wanted to give everyone a chance to share their thought or problems - seeing as he had been of duty. The Vikings seemed to accept this as the reason for being summoned so Hiccup had continued. He’d spoken to the Vikings in charge of look out duty; Yaegor who was in charge of building and house repairs; Starkard and Hoark in charge of dock patrol and boat repairs; Mulch, Bucket, and Sven who are in charge of farming and food stocks. Hiccup soon noticed Toothless sitting at the back - who had been in the room for a while by this point. Toothless waved and smiled at him proudly, but he looked bothered by pain and tiredness - which worried Hiccup a great deal, pulled at his heart, and made him feel guilty.

Despite his concerns, Hiccup moved on with the meeting. He started to ask the villagers if they had any issues. The lack of certain Vikings in the Great Hall … suddenly started to cause some ruckus as everyone had been ordered to attend the meeting, and specifically, Ruff, Tuff, Gustav, Gobber, Geirolf, Fishlegs, and Snotlout all had their own set jobs that were usually discussed.

Hiccup was starting to regret his plan as more and more Vikings started to get louder. Only by the grace of the god’s did the seven ‘missing’ people arrive at that moment. Gobber was carrying one cross bow, and Fishlegs was carrying three arrows.

The Vikings had all turned to look at the extremely late group - who were now sitting down at the back tables near Toothless. Gobber and Fishlegs however, walked down to join Hiccup whispering something into his ear. Hiccup took the cross bow and arrows, examined them, and thought about his next words carefully. With a nod from their chief, Gobber and Fishlegs went to find seats with the others.

''Now that everyone’s here, can someone please enlighten me … who does this crossbow belongs to?'' He asked the villagers before him, holding up the items in question. When no one answered he continued. ''What about these arrows?'' He asked again, but no one spoke up. Hiccup could see his particular suspect shift in his seat nervously. ''Put it this way, I know where these come from. I also know who they belong to. I can also confirm the arrows match perfectly to one that was shoot at Kalster!'' Hiccup said, anger unconsciously woven into his authoritative tone. He heard the gasps sound throughout the hall. Hiccup waited to see if anyone would speak up, calming himself so he didn’t come across as delusional or playing favorites. He knew the house the weapon had come from - it was occupied by only one man, yet without evidence, he had to play this carefully or they could play the, ‘I’ve been set up’ game. He was just about to continue when someone unexpected stood up.

Thirteen-year-old Valda Naowarat rose to her feet. Her long curly blond hair was held back with a hair band, and her brown eyes looked at Hiccup. She tried to look confident, but an air of nervousness leaked through.

''Chief, please forgive me for remaining quiet so long, but ... my father has taught me that it isn't always my place to speak without permission in front of our great chief.'' She said with a slight blush in her cheeks and a bow.

''Go on Valda, you may always speak to me. Take your time.'' Hiccup encouraged her, giving her a smile. He saw her blush darken ever so slightly as she tried so hard to remain confident.

''Right.'' She nodded, but then she looked at her father guilty. ''Father please forgive me, I have disobeyed you.'' She quickly turned back to face Hiccup - before her father could speak with her. Valda put her hands behind her behind her back and continued on quickly. ''I was playing in the forest you see. I was meant to be at home but I had disobeyed my father to practice throwing my axe. My family don't know I do this so … I was hesitant to speak up and for that I am sorry. I stopped because I heard someone approaching. I didn't want to be seen because I didn't want my family to know what I had been doing. Hiding in the bushes, I saw someone with a crossbow and arrows that look identical to that one. I only say identical and not the same because … my vision was impaired due to hiding. They could very well have been the same ones. I knew exactly who the man that fired the cross bow. I heard the arrow fire, then he chuckled before quickly running away. I stayed in my hiding spot for a few moments longer, but when I eventually went to leave, I heard the chief shouting. I moved closer to the noise because … even thought I didn't want to be seen, my conscious always forces me to put others in need before myself. That's when I saw him...'' Valda pointing at Kalster. Kalster suddenly felt very self-conscious as everyone turned to look at him, but he recognized Valda and smiled. ''... I went to him because he was alone. He wanted to get up so I helped him sit by the nearest tree. I didn’t know if anyone would come back, but I was certain the chief wouldn’t have just left him there. I was just deciding what to do when I saw Chief-Hiccup returning. I hid until Gobber came to help. Then I snuck home.'' Valda finished.

Hiccup could see the girl’s father wanted to have a few words with his daughter, so Hiccup gestured for the girl to come over to him. Hiccup faced her mother and father before speaking, hoping to prevent her scolding later on, and commend her bravery.

''You should be very proud of your daughter.'' Hiccup told her parents. He then addressed the entire room, one hand on the girl’s shoulders. ''She stood here today, with great courage and maturity. She told the truth - admitted what she saw, knowing she would have to admit to her father that she had disobeyed him. She did this because it was the right thing to do. Most Vikings would have stayed silent, keeping their secret rather than bringing a traitor to justice for someone they don't know that well. We should all inspire to do what is right, over what is easy.’’ Hiccup turned back to her. ‘‘Valda Naowarat, today you have been fearless and brave. Your heart is mighty and you have brought great honour to your family name, but I must ask one last thing of you. Can you tell the rest of the room who the man was that shoot Kalster, because even though I know who it was … I think everyone else here would like to hear it from you too.'' Hiccup finished with an encouraging smile. Valda was beaming at the praise she had just received from the chief. She immediate pointed to the man and spoke his name confidently.


The room erupted in roars, Gobber and Styrbiorn were suddenly holding Fingal from running away.

''Enough! Enough!'' Hiccup shouted but no one listened though the commotion.

''Will you all just shut the fuck up and listen …'' Toothless bellowed astonishingly loud, surprising all the Vikings in the room. Even Hiccup thought it was close to the volume his father could project. Toothless was suddenly very self-conscious so when he finished his voice was hesitant ''...To Hiccup ... your chief ... coz he was talking.'' Toothless pointed at Hiccup who suddenly looked frozen at something Valda had just whispering into his ear.

Valda then walked over to Toothless and whispered something into his ear. Toothless gave a small nod and smiled at her. Valda went back to her seat as all eyes turned between Hiccup, Toothless, and Valda. Toothless smiled knowingly at Hiccup and he relaxed.

''W-Where was I... erm ... right! Gobber, Styrbiorn please take Fingal to the dungeon cells. I will deal with him when I have decided his punishment with the council. I will catch up with the people missing today regarding their allocated jobs tomorrow.'' Hiccup finished.

''I haven't done anything. The brat was lying! Ya can't prove I did anything because it’s all a lie...'' Fingal was shouting as he was dragged away. Gobbed bashed him on the head with his hook, knocking him out cold.

‘‘Sorry ah didn’t catch that, did ya say something?’’ Gobber said, as he and Styrbiorn left with Fingal. Hiccup couldn’t help the small twitch in his lips at Gobber’s action, but he maintained his composure as he approached Valda Naowarat.

''You know … you shouldn't go running off without telling your mum and dad, right?'' Hiccup asked the girl in front of her parents. Valda nodded guilty - she seemed to be fighting with the decision to admit something or not.

''I know. It's just ... Miss Astrid was teaching me.'' She decided to admit to him. Hiccup was rather shocked.

''R-Really? That does explain a thing or two.'' Hiccup said smiling at her. Her parents looked shocked as well so Hiccup guessed they had no idea. ''I'm sorry Penn, Nora. My wife was ... very attached to her axe and her training. She believed that women were just as capable to be warriors as men.'' Hiccup explained, trying to talk about his wife without turning into a mess.

''It is alright chief.’’ Penn nodded, placing his hand on his chiefs’ shoulder roughly. ‘‘I never knew me daughter had an interest in weapons. If she was with Mrs Haddock then I know she was in safe hands at least. That girl was the best with an axe I’ve ever seen. A true Valkyrie and warrior.'' Penn Naowarat told Hiccup.

‘‘She was! Thank-you Penn.’’ Hiccup thanked him nodding.

''I'm sorry father. I know it was wrong of me to not tell you.'' Valda told her father with honesty.

''We can talk about it at home dear. I'm sure we can think of something … so you can keep practicing. Maybe you can show me some of what you’ve learnt'' Penn said to his daughter. He nodded to Hiccup, and then left with his wife and his smiling daughter. Valda turned her head towards Hiccup as she left through the doors. She mouthed. ‘Thank-you’ to him before winking - a big knowing smiling on her face.

Hiccup sighed long and hard when most of his people had left, but he knew it wasn’t over yet. The Vikings still in the Hall obviously had questions - or other things to tell him. He looked over at Toothless, rolled his eyes, and used his hands to signal to his friend that he hated all the questions and wanted to get back home. Toothless just gave him a thumbs up and smiled. Hiccup knew he was putting on a brave face for him … and that he must be in a lot of pain.


Finally, the Great Hall was empty except for Fishlegs - who wanted to use the tables and the books stored in the back. Hiccup rushed over to Toothless, who looked at him with his best smile - but his eyes were losing the spark they usually had, and he knew Toothless needed to rest.

''Time to go home bud!'' Hiccup told him, glad to be getting out of there and going home with Toothless.

Toothless stood up with a hiss, wincing at the stabbing pain driving through his left shoulder - and down his back. He walked towards the door limping on his right ankle - jarring his whole body with each step. Biting his lip to stop himself from hissing, he kept moving forward hiding his discomfort from Hiccup. Even the bruises on his body ached and felt sore. Toothless knew that the herb paste tea might be horrible - although it took away so much of the pain, but for once he knew he wouldn't be complaining about it. He felt like a he was being a wimp, but the pains were a whole new experience to him as a human. He had his tail torn off, been blasted at, bitten, shot with arrows, crash landed, and had even died but … the comparison between pain as a dragon and that of a human, were as far from each other as that of water and fire.

Toothless was grateful Hiccup lived next door - just down a few steps and to the right, because if he was honest, he really couldn’t walk any further. Hiccup could clearly see his friend’s discomfort, even if he was putting on a brave face. He got Toothless to lean on him with his right arm as they walked home.

Toothless sat at the table, relieved and gratefully drinking what Hiccup had prepared without complaint. Hiccup confirmed he must have needed it, as Toothless was usually full of complaints about the horrible taste. Hiccup had been generous with the amount of paste he’d added, hoping he wouldn't poison Toothless.

''We made progress Hicc!'' Toothless sighed a while later.

''Progress?'' Hiccup asked.

''Yeah. We caught the bad guy, you know more about the Ogthantarth now, you and your mum are talking again, and you’re back to being Chief. I'd call that progress!'' Toothless told Hiccup, smiling. His eyes were getting life back in them now he had finished the tea and rested. Hiccup smiled.

''Never thought of it like that. Hey? You never told me Valda helped you yesterday … or that she knows you’re Toothless.'' Hiccup confronted him. Toothless had an innocent smile that melted through him like butter.

''She said she wouldn't tell anyone, and I forgot'' Toothless smirked.

''Conveniently slipped your mind huh. When she told me ... I swear a younger me would have fainted.'' Hiccup admitted.

''You looked like you would anyways. I thought that is what she might have said.'' Toothless chuckled. The sound was beautiful to Hiccup.

''What did she say to you exactly, after she left me?'' Hiccup asked.

''She said, 'Don't worry, I won't tell them about you, but you owe me a flight when you can fly again', I agreed. She always fed me fish and rubbed my belly before.'' Toothless looked like he was remembering as he smiled.

''You keep taking fish from all the villagers. I don't know how you don't get fat.'' Hiccup commented in disbelief, looking at Toothless lean … attractive body. He couldn’t help thinking about what lay under Toothless’s clothes.

''Never gonna happen!’’ Toothless insisted. ‘‘So, what did she tell you?''

''Oh, erm.’’ Hiccup suddenly registered what Toothless had said. ‘‘Just that she heard me calling you Toothless a few times, and heard what I said to you when I returned. She said the secret was safe with her and that, you … had cute eyes.'' Hiccup told him with a slight blush.

Valda's words reminded him how much he loved Toothless's bright green eyes with their vivid blue edge, and mesmerizing surreal appearance. Looking into them reflected love and unyielding companionship, peace, and hope. His eyes were always full of life, and his soul reflected his own. Toothless laughed and missed Hiccup trying to stare into his eyes from across the table. They were different when he was a human - to his dragon eyes that is, yet something was still so familiar about them. You could still tell it was Toothless from the way his eyes stared at you, or lit up when he smiled. How no one could see that Kalster was Toothless - just from those eyes alone, was a mystery to him.

Toothless’s perfect moist lips were moving, but Hiccup couldn’t hear anything accept his own heart beating. His lips, smiling at him, moving, talking, nibbling, kissing … Oh!

His mind had wondered so shamefully from reality - leaving only a chain of secret desires playing out like an erotic dream. How he wanted to reach across the table right now and feel Toothless's lips pressed into his own so badly. He wanted to explore his mouth with his tongue and wondered so desperately what it would taste like - what it felt like. If he could just run his fingers through that thick black hair, and press that firm body up undeniably close to his own. Have him on the bed, undressing him slowly piece by piece. Feeling his body - every inch of it, with his hands … his mouth - exploring every curve and dip like a wild flight, only … it would it be so much more sensual. What would it feel like to give into that forbidden desire completely?

Hiccup’s sexual fantasies played on like a drug. Desires that had been locked away, and now desperately wanted to claw their way out and into Toothless's skin instead. He could feel the blood rushing to his manhood, enlarging his bulge, forcing his legs apart in his chair. He was drunk on want, drowning on pure desires, and as horny as fuck.

''Hicc?'' Toothless asked across the table. He was frowning, wondering why Hiccup was staring at him and biting his pursed bottom lip. Or why he was suddenly eyeing him like something delectable to eat. Hiccup licked his bottom lip, making Toothless immensely confused. ''Hicc! Hello?'' Toothless called again, noticing Hiccup’s eyes shifting up and down, looking at him with a facial expression he had never seen before on his human. It had him feeling a bit freak out.

Hiccup had denied his feelings for so long, he didn't know how much longer he could pretend they weren't there. He loved Toothless, wanted him, needed him. He didn’t care that he had fallen for him so fast, or that he was a dragon in a human body … a fucking hot, sexy, alluring human body. Damn his sexual desires, they were going to go into overdrive … if he didn't snap out of it soon and get a grip on his brain … but … It was so tempting. Those eyes, those lips … just one kiss.

''Hiccup?'' Toothless shouted standing up. His pain was much more tolerable … thanks to Gothi. He walked over to Hiccup, who’s eyes never left his lips. He waved his hand in front of Hiccup’s face, but he didn’t respond. Hiccup just stared at him hungrily, breathing heavily, and looked like he was lot in a trance. Toothless decided to slap Hiccup's arm.

Hiccup looked up at Toothless’s eyes, but he was still so intoxicated in lust and desire. Toothless was looking back at him - straight into his eyes. Damn it, the eyes started this whole thing, and Hiccup still desperately wanted to taste them lips … it was all he could think about now.

''Hiccup, what's go-mft!'' Toothless tried to asked but was stopped mid-sentence.

Hiccup had lost his mind completely, and before Toothless could say another word … Hiccup had stood up, flung his hands behind Toothless neck, and planted his lips directly onto Toothless's mouth.


Chapter Text

Chapter 16- Why?

Hiccup had lost the fight against his desperate, screaming, forbidden desires. He must have been delirious, deranged even, because in that captivating moment he had done the inconceivable; He had pulled Toothless's head close to his and smacked into his lips without nothing holding him back. In all but a split-second Hiccup had made to passionately devour Toothless's mouth - and ram his tongue inside, but Toothless had frozen in shock and hadn't responded back. 

'Fuck'. Hiccup thought to himself, his eyes closed tighter and he froze - his lips still against Toothless's, and his hands still in his friend’s hair. Reasoning and reality flooding back to him in violent wave - along with his inner conflict, but it was Toothless acted first. He pushed Hiccup away with haste, making him stumble backwards. Hiccup turned in shame, regret, confusion, fear … he couldn’t look at Toothless face.  

''Well the hell what that?'' Toothless asked clearly confused. He knew what Hiccup had done, but kissing was for mates, human-Viking mates. Especially kisses like the one Hiccup had just tried giving him. 

Hiccup swallowed hard and was trying to think of an explanation - or an excuse. He was looking down full of embarrassment, totally humiliated. He had one hand over his eyes, refusing to face Toothless.

''I-I-erm.'' Hiccup took in a deep breath and let out a broken sigh. ''I'm sorry.'' Was all he could bring himself to say. 

''Explain! Why did you ... kiss me?'' Toothless demanded, slowly walking closer to Hiccup from behind. 

''I don't know.'' Hiccup lied, walking towards the front door. He had to get away, but Toothless saw him, and when he opened the door Toothless pushed it closed standing in front of him awaiting answers. 

''Hicc? It's me, talk to me!'' Toothless encouraged, seeing the look of shame and embarrassment on his friend’s face. Hiccup was still looking down but flicked his eyes up for a brief moment to look at Toothless.

''N-No chance you can just ... forget it happened?'' Hiccup nearly whispered, still looking down. 

''No!'' Toothless wasn’t backing down, and Hiccup looked almost scared - he was definitely uncomfortable, sweaty, and fidgety. ''I'm not angry, if that's what you think. I'm just … confused. You ... kissed me. In fact, I think you tried to eat me.'' Toothless said, remembering the force of the kiss. Hiccup gave the smallest of smirks before turning away again. ''I have only seen you do that to Astrid ... and you loved her. She was your mate.'' Toothless recalled remembering back, trying to piece things together himself. ''But I'm not your mate Hiccup. I'm a dragon, and last time I checked … I was male.'' Toothless reminded him. ''So, why kiss me?'' 

Hiccup really didn't know what to say, but he knew Toothless would never let this go. He had totally screwed up, and It seemed even Toothless thought man-man relationships were wrong. I was making him feel so stupid, and so … weak.

''I-I was confused. I don't know what I thinking!'' Hiccup stuttered.

Ever since Toothless became human, Hiccup knew that the physical attraction was there, but it had only increased the longer they share each other company. His feelings for Toothless had multiplied rapidly, like they had known each other forever and … he was in love with him. The events that had transpired, had Hiccup emotions spiraling out of his control; his mother finding out about Toothless, the argument yesterday, sharing his bed with him, Toothless being shoot, the moments they had shared as friends, listening to Valka recalling the battle, and the way Toothless was always there for him. It had him so confused that he had acted on an impulse. A stupid impulse, that could cost him his friendship altogether … and quite possibly, his right as chief too. 

''You must be thinking something!'' Toothless stated, standing close to him, looking at him and searching for answers. Hiccup just shrugged. ''Well?'' Toothless demanded.

''I don't know! I just ... I ...'' Hiccup looked at Toothless and sighed, his voice then raised slightly - as he blurted out the rest. ''I feel extremely uncomfortable talking about this. I just want to forget it ever happened.''

''Did you want to kiss me?'' Toothless asked bluntly, without even blinking.

''N-No!'' Hiccup urgently replied. Causing Toothless to doubt his answer.

''You did!'' Toothless realized. ''But why ... why did you want to kiss me?'' Toothless asked him. He wasn't giving up no matter how mad Hiccup got. In fact, an angry Hiccup usually told the truth even if he didn't mean to. 

''I didn't!'' Hiccup shouted, walking away from Toothless - towards the stairs. 

''Liar! Why did you want to kiss me? Just tell me!'' Toothless insisted, standing right in front of Hiccup - preventing him from moving again. 

''Let me get past!'' Hiccup demanded. 

''Why did you want to kiss me?'' Toothless took hold of Hiccup's arm. 

''Toothless!'' Hiccup shouted, trying to get away.

''Why did you kiss me?'' Toothless firmly demanded, his voice raised and commanding.  

''Because I love you!'' Hiccup shouted, suddenly paling at his mistake. He stopped breathing; his eyes clenched tightly shut. 'Fuck'. He thought.

Toothless let go of Hiccup’s arm, thinking about that answer carefully. He was even more confused, and his eyebrows almost knitted together as he frowned. Hiccup had said it before to him - as they were buds, but something about it this time was different. He thought about the all the times Hiccup had told Astrid he loved her. Humans often told their mates they love them, but then … Hiccup’s dad had said he loved his son - but they didn’t kiss.

''Love me? Like human mates?'' Toothless asked hesitantly, that couldn't be it … but nothing else made sense.

''Yes.'' Hiccup admitted quietly - letting out the breath he’d been holding. Toothless was so shocked that it took him a moment to find his words.

''You ... er ... I thought-. I thought you didn't like me much as a human. Now you ... you love me?'' Toothless asked incredibly, still totally confused.

''I-I told you … I never thought any less of you as a human. In fact, I felt more. The problem is mine.'' 

''Yesterday, you said you had feelings for me, but you wouldn't tell me what you meant.'' Toothless reminded him, feeling that this was connected. Hiccup sat down, putting his elbows on the table and his hands on his head.

''I do ... h-have feelings for you.'' Hiccup almost whispered. Toothless went and sat opposite Hiccup at the table, listening intently. ''I don't know why. I tried ignoring them. I still am ... t-trying to ignore them.'' Hiccup admitted. 

''What feelings do you have for me? What feelings are you trying to ignore?''

''R-ro-romantic feelings.'' Hiccup mumbled quietly, feeling very uncomfortable.

''Romantic feelings? Like I know what that means!'' Toothless stated sarcastically. Hiccup gulped.

''I ... h-have feelings for you ... L-Like I did for ... Astrid.'' Hiccup didn’t dare to look at Toothless, for one thing, he was sure his face was turning a deep shade of red.

''Astrid was your mate.'' Toothless confirmed. His mind whirled in confusion, but then … the coin dropped; Toothless realized what Hiccup was trying to saying.  ''Oh! Right … but Hicc, I'm a dragon, and a guy. I don't see how that ... works.''

Hiccup's heart sunk. Toothless knew it was wrong, and he was totally disgusted at him. Just like his father would have been, and just like the village would be if they knew Hiccup was falling in love with a guy. Not only that, but the object of his forbidden desire had to be a dragon turned human - his dragon! It was insane, ludicrous, and an abomination to be frank.   

''I'm sorry. I'm a freak! It’s wrong. I won't do it again. I won't-'' 

''Hiccup! You’re not a freak! I just don't understand. Two males can't produce eggs or … babies. Or can Vikings do that?'' Toothless asked with another frown. Hiccup couldn't hold back his chuckle, visualizing his dad giving birth.

''No bud, they can't do that.’’ Hiccup shook his head. He then closed his eyes in disbelief; he couldn’t believe the conversation he was now having with his dragon. ‘‘Oh god's!''

''So, if two males can't do that … then why would you be attracted to me as your mate. It’s not like we can produce eggs or anything, so it wouldn’t make sense.'' Toothless asked rather matter of fact, causing Hiccup to blush further. Hiccup was so glad his head was in his hands - and that Toothless couldn't see his face when he answered.  

''Because I-I, I love you, and … you’re ... y-you’re you!'' Getting his words out felt strained and difficult, like running just a little bit further when you’re already exhausted and past your limit.

''Do you have heat cycles or something?'' Toothless asked bluntly. He expected Toothless to react one of many ways, to ask one of many questions, but he had not expected that.

''No!'' He rapidly shot back, looking up at Toothless and feeling his face surge with heat. 

''Oh. I know Astrid had heat cycles. They were easy to smell, but they were much more regular then female dragon ones.'' Toothless inform him unnecessarily. 

''Bud! What the fuck!'' Hiccup cried, running his hands aggressively through his hair. He could combust with embarrassment and wanted the ground to swallow him up, or a Snow-Wraith to eat him, either would be good.    

''Sorry. I just wondered why you would ... want me as your mate. I mean I can't see any reason that two males would be beneficial to species survival - they can't mate and, I'm not really a human either … so I wondered if something had affected your mind.''

Hiccup looked at Toothless with bewilderment before burying his face back into his hands. Toothless was so blunt and to the point, curious, and stubborn too, but did he really not understand that mating wasn't just for the creation of offspring.

''V-Vikings don't .... erm ... always have ... sex, mate ... to have babies.'' Hiccup explained awkwardly. 'God's this was awkward’. He thought to himself.  

''Then why else would they do it? Unless you’re on heat and want to-'' 

''I am not on heat!'' Hiccup's head snapped up, and he shouted in frustration. 

''Your face says otherwise. You look like you’re heating up.'' Toothless sassed. He was so relaxed and oblivious to the awkwardness of the conversation. He found it funny that Hiccup was turning red - and had messed up his hair so much it was sticking all over the place. Toothless thought he looked cute.  

''This conversation is embarrassing that's why!'' Hiccup shouted once again, hiding his face into his hands. Toothless just laughed. ''Oh Thor, give me strength.'' Hiccup preyed, rubbing his eyes.  ''Look! S-Sometimes it's ... nice to enjoy ... each other’s company that way. Even if you don't mean to … or want to, make babies.'' Hiccup tried to explain. 


''Because it’s kind of ... enjoyable, and ... it shows the other person that ... that you love them.''

''So, Vikings mate because it’s nice, enjoyable, and shows that you love them. Nothing to do with the way they smell in heat?'' Toothless checked, trying to understand. Hiccup sighed trying to remain calm.

''Right! And Vikings don't ... h-have heat cycles.'' Hiccup answered still blushing profusely. 

''Female Vikings do, I smell it.'' Toothless told him shocked Hiccup thought they didn't. 

''Not like dragons bud.'' Hiccup glanced up and saw the questions burning in Toothless mind. ''And I'm not a girl, I don't know how that works, so don't ask!'' Hiccup snapped. 

''Fine! But why do you love me as your mate? Two males can’t even have … sex I think you called it. You know…'' Toothless made humping gestures with his hands, along with some suggestive sounds. Hiccup face palmed. That wasn’t something he wanted to explain anytime soon. Rubbing his face, he answered anyway.

''Because … I-I have feelings for you and ... l-love you!'' Hiccup stuttered, ending with a rather undignified cough.

''What feeling do you have for me?''

''Really? Y-You really want me to answer that?''

''Yes! I really want to know?'' Toothless nodded, with the best encouraging smile he could manage. Hiccup groaned; his head was so low on the table he might as well be laying on it.

''I-I really like you, and ... you care about me and ... I-I think you’re c-cute.'' He whispered into wood, but Toothless heard and started laughing.

''I think you’re cute too Hicc, but I don't want to mate you.'' His laughter ceased when Hiccup’s head shot up - he looked emotionally hurt as he pushed his chair back, and rose to his feet rather quickly.

''That's just great, let’s all laugh at stupid Viking. Go ahead! It’s not like I just admitted my feelings for you, told you I loved or you, or was honest about something that was extremely difficult to admit.'' Hiccup snapped, running up the stairs to his room.  

Toothless followed Hiccup, going slowly up the stairs after him. When he got to the room, he saw Hiccup sitting on the bed looking at his hands. He had such a sad expression on his face, it upset Toothless knowing he caused it.

''Hicc, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.'' He comforted him, sitting next to Hiccup on the bed. Hiccup closed his eyes; they were burning with unshed tears.

''I should have been stronger bud. I shouldn’t have let my feelings consume me. I guess I really am just a freak. A weak, stupid-'' 

''You’re not a freak! And I don’t think you’re weak or stupid either.'' Toothless then tried to hug Hiccup, but he pulled away from him quickly. 

''Don't bud! You’re just making it harder.'' Hiccup complained. 

''That's why you pulled away from me isn't it. I really thought you hated me!'' Toothless stated realizing the truth, thinks were making more sense now.  

''I never hated you. I hated myself!'' Hiccup told him sternly, glancing up at him. ''I know it’s wrong to have feelings for other men but ... I guess I ... I always have.'' Hiccup went silent for a moment, before he let out a sigh and continued. ''I had a friend once ... Zachary. When I was a lot younger. I kissed him and his dad loved that. My dad made it very clear what he thought of me, and he forbid me to have any interest in boys after that. Not that ... there were any boys I liked on Berk after Zachary's family left - because of me. I then started to have feelings for Astrid.'' Hiccup smile was bittersweet as he remembered his childhood crush on the girl. ''I couldn't stop thinking about her, and so I forget all about Zachary eventually. I guess I forgot all about my interest in boys too. I’m beginning to think the only reason I forgot, was because Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut were the only boys my age left on Berk, and I would never have even considered-.'' Hiccup shuddered at the thought. ''But I was attracted to Astrid ... even s-sexually. I loved her so much. She made me so happy the day we got married, and even happier the day she told me she was with child.'' Hiccup remembered what Astrid was like back then, and a tiny smile flashed on his lips as his silent tears fell. ''Although, if you remember how angry she was when she couldn't fly anymore, or do her axe training. I really feared for my manhood at one point-'' Hiccup chuckled, recalling every time Astrid had threaten his nether region with her axe - for getting her pregnant, even if it was usually her that instigated the sex in the first place. ‘Never tell a heavily pregnant woman it takes two to tango.’’ He reminded himself.

Toothless laughed. He remembered her mood swings back then too, but Hiccup was happy. Now though, Hiccup was suffering from the loss of his wife. His face suddenly changed from nostalgic to serious, and heard the sigh escape his lips before he continued

''I understand if you hate me now bud. I was wrong and ... I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.'' Hiccup looked down at his hands in shame. 

''Hiccup, it’s cool. I just wish you had talked to me so I didn’t get so confused. We’ve been though a lot together, and you usually tell me everything. I don't hate you at all. Vikings are just strange, and they have a weird way of doing things.'' 

''You should hate me. Anyone else would. They’d rename me the freak, and outcast me - refusing to follow my lead as their chief. I just can’t help liking you the way I do.'' Hiccup sadly admitted to him. It felt better now that he could be honest with Toothless, but it didn’t change his feelings.  

''I don't hate you! You’re my best friend, I care about you. I’d protect you with my life, and no one will hurt you on my watch. Human or dragon!'' Toothless told Hiccup firmly. Hiccup only felt his feelings for Toothless intensify at his words, but he was desperate to keep them buried this time. ''Hicc? Did you ... want me as your mate, or have feelings for me, before I turned human?'' Toothless asked. 

‘‘No.’’ Hiccup’s answer was easy that time. ‘‘You were my best friend bud, and you still are. I would do anything for you. I couldn't imagine my life without you in it. I loved you like my brother, but no, I wasn't attracted to you that way.'' Hiccup admitted, hoping Toothless wasn't upset by that.

''Hiccup? Do you still fell that way right now?'' Toothless asked. Hiccup’s eyes nearly bulged, he looked away embarrassedly, completely uncomfortable - but he wouldn't lie no more.

''Yes.'' He whispered. ''But I’ll ignore it, I promise. I don't want to lose you!'' Hiccup panicked. 

''Hey, calm down. You won't lose me. Unless maybe you decide to, oh I don't know … make some new friends that like firing at us or something.'' Toothless insinuated, smirking at him. Hiccup could help chuckling, he hit Toothless leg. ''Ow, abuse! And I thought you loved me!'' Toothless played, rubbing at his leg. Hiccup sighed almost longingly.

''Please don't. It's hard to ... ignore what I feel without you reminding me.''

''You know. I might not understand the whole male-male human thing and all but ... If you wanted to ... you could kiss me again!'' Toothless said, unconsciously worrying his bottom lip. Hiccup's head snapped over to face Toothless's, and he looked shocked - almost hurt.

''Toothless! I can't do that! I need to stop having these feelings for you, and that's really going to help! Why would you even suggest that?'' Hiccup said. Toothless shrugged - why did he say that?

''It wasn't that bad to be honest. I was just shocked.'' Toothless admitted. 

''It's wrong bud. To everyone else, it’s wrong. Do you know how hard it is to pretend I don't love you, or have feelings for you? I-I want to, believe me I do. I have ... thought about it ... a lot actually, but it's just-. I can't!'' 

''No-ones here to see. If you want to that badly … I'm okay with it.'' Toothless told him, almost hopefully.  

''That's really not fair Toothless! You don't know what you’re doing to me right now.'' Hiccup snapped, standing up with his back facing Toothless - before he gave in to anymore forbidden desires. Gods if only he knew the dangerous game he was playing with him right now. How much he wanted to. Oh Thor, and having his permission this time … it was dissolving the last of his self-control. He just couldn’t!

''I'm curious Hicc? If I’m going to kiss a human, a Viking, then I'd only ever kiss you. Besides what was you trying to do with your tongue?'' He asked Hiccup curiously, his own tongue trailing behind his teeth.

''Oh gods.'' Hiccup gulped ‘‘Y-You felt that? Of course you did.'' His breathing continued to increase, his heart was on a race it failed to warn him of, and he quite frankly … needed to get a bloody grip on himself. He was sweating profusely now, and he wished that Toothless would stop talking - stop giving him permission damn it!  

Toothless then pulled Hiccup around to face him, staring into his forest green eyes, with his hand on Hiccup's shoulder tenderly. Whether he realised he was doing it or not, he was melting Hiccup’s resolve.

''Kiss me'' Toothless ordered, raising his eyebrows - making his eyes widen. He was so demanding it sent shivers down Hiccup’s spine - making his knees tremble. And his mesmerizing lime-green eyes were so enchanting, hypnotizing, loving.

''I-I can't.'' Hiccup mumbled, straining to hold onto the last of his control. He bit his lip in anticipation of those warm wet lips so close to his own. Toothless was so unlawfully alluring, sexy, hot! He was so close to Hiccup’s face that he could almost feel his warm breath on him. The butterflies in his stomach were diving, spinning, twisting, and his blood pounded through his body. The twitch between his legs wasn’t helping, and his trousers felt rather tight as his senses came alive.

''I know you want to. I want you to. Kiss me!'' Toothless ordered. He wanted Hiccup to be happy - to do whatever it was he wanted to do so badly, but he was also very curious.  

Hiccup flinched forward - almost giving in. He shuddered and caught himself, no! He wouldn't make that mistake again. He couldn’t! Toothless just didn't understand how he felt. If this was all just some fleeting curiosity - if Toothless didn't feel the same, then he would be crushed on top of feeling weak for giving into his urges. He tried to pull away, but Toothless grabbed onto his shoulder, stopping him. Hiccup barely had time to resist before Toothless was pressing his own lips into his.  

Hiccup's eyes were wide in shock. Toothless was kissing him! It was wet, clumsy, wrong, awful … and over far too soon. Hiccup guessed Toothless had never kissed anyone before - except that one Hiccup had tried to give him before, but it still shattered his resolve completely. He stared into two bright green eyes and wanted more, he had to have more! Like a drug he was addicted to, so wrong, so clandestine, yet he wanted it.  

Hiccup's hands flew to the back of Toothless's head as he leaned up to kiss Toothless hungrily. Toothless tried to respond this time, mimicking Hiccup’s actions. Hiccup forced Toothless head sideways - pulling his hair, and then the kiss intensified, deepened. Toothless's mouth was so warm, so perfect, and his lips were softer than he could have imagined. He caressed them with his own lips, going between rough and gently, wildly stealing, and sensually savoring. He was completely addicted to pleasure high he was on, and he never wanted it to end.  

Toothless felt a shudder go down his back as his body tingled, and his heart raced. He leaned in closer to Hiccup's body, wanting to close the gap between then, and wishing he could wrap both arms around him. Hiccup tasted his mouth so firmly with his tongue - forcing it hungrily into the warm cavity of his mouth. Toothless just obeyed, feeling a sexual sensation he had never experienced before building up inside him. It was a wonderful new feeling that he relished, his senses alive like he’d never experience before, and his tongue tangled with Hiccup's eager for more. His lips where so responsive as Hiccup stole his breath away.

It was only when Toothless gasped that Hiccup stopped. They both stared at each other’s eyes - wanting more, but Hiccup looked down and gulped. 

''Whoa!'' Toothless exclaimed in barley a whisper. 

''Yeah.'' Hiccup breathed in agreement, flicking his gaze up a few times to observe Toothless’s reaction. 

Toothless almost fell as he sat onto the bed - his breaths coming deep and fast. His tongue tasted what was left of the kiss on his own lips, and he wondered what the explosions of feelings inside him meant. Hiccup sat down nervously next to Toothless.  

''Hiccup?'' Toothless asked. 

'''Yeah?'' Hiccup replied nervously. 'This was it. Toothless was about to reject him, and tell him he was a freak.'

''I-is, is your ... cock, supposed to get hard during a kiss?'' Toothless asked nervously, and yet he was still rather curious. Hiccup blushed furiously.

''S-sometimes'' He answered, catching a glance at the bulge between Toothless's legs, before quickly looking away.

Thankfully Toothless was still trying to get his own thoughts together, and he didn't notice his sneak peek. Hiccup knew what that meant, but he didn’t dare trying to explain it to him - that he had been sexually aroused, just like he was in fact. 

''Well I am going to ... erm … get ready to ... head on out.'' Hiccup said, quickly rushing off downstairs. 

What had he done? It was all so amazing, so perfect, and yet … he felt so weak, stupid, foolish. It was all so wrong and he had betrayed his father, betrayed Astrid and yet … he had enjoyed every moment of it. So much so that he wanted more. He desperately wanted more! He needed to get out of the house, he needed to collect Trid, but more importantly … he needed air. He opened the door and left quickly, hoping that Toothless would stay home and not follow him. 



Toothless was still sitting on the bed when he heard the door close. He blinked and turned his head towards the stairs. ''Hicc?'' He called out, receiving no reply. Toothless went down stairs, but Hiccup had left. He didn't know whether to follow him or not, but his mind was still so focused on himself - trying to piece together what he had just felt.

He lent against the table - resting his ass on the wood He remembered every moment of that kiss; it had stolen all his senses, yet … had awoken them at the same time. He was only focused on the sensations it had given him. His heart had been beating so fast, he had a well of good and bad feelings in his stomach - as if he had suddenly taken a drop mid-flight or was playing chicken with the ground. His fierce nature had surfaced; he’d wanted to grab Hiccup’s hair, force him down and explore more that tantalizing, perfect, amazing mouth of his. And his tongue… Oh that tongue! But why? 

He had never wanted to dominate Hiccup before, but in that moment, he could have. It scared and confused him so much that he’d gasped, essentially ending the kiss.

All that Hiccup had said to him, was revolving in his mind. Although he still didn't understand Hiccup's feelings or love for him exactly, could he perhaps feel the same way? Was it all just a onetime experience, or something different? He was a dragon, and Hiccup was a Viking. Despite being stuck in a human body, that alone made the idea of Hiccup being his mate preposterous. They were both males and yet, he still wanted, craved to kiss Hiccup again now that he had that first taste. He wanted to feel it all again like an addiction. As Viking’s go, Hiccup was the best looking - apart from his own human form of course, and he was cute sometimes. Hiccup meant everything to him. He loved spending time with his rider, loved being close, and he couldn’t imagine being without him.

Human emotions were so confusing, but he had to figure it out. He needed to find out more on human-Viking mating rituals, feelings, and love. Maybe he could ask Fishlegs, surely he would know. He found himself impatient to learn, to find out. Hiccup wasn’t there to stop him, and he could be careful not to let anyone know about him and Hiccup. He decided to go and see if Fishlegs was still in the great Hall, he needed answers.

Chapter Text

Chapter 17 - Thoughts and questions

Hiccup was almost running away from the house - towards the forest, completely lost in his thoughts. He wasn't thinking about where he was going, just that he had to get away from Toothless and regain control of his mind along with what was left of his self-control. 

'What the hell was I thinking ... stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! You weak, pathetic, disgusting excuse for a Viking! Not that I am a Viking, just a bad excuse for one. Why the hell didn't I say no, why couldn't I say no?'  He sighed after berating himself. He knew exactly why he couldn't say no; Toothless was hot, sexy, stubborn, demanding, and drove his sexual desires wild with a passion that could melt Gronckle iron. He couldn’t compete with that, and he was hopelessly in love with him.

Hiccup stopped walking to regain control over his breathing rate. He sat down on a fallen tree at the edge of the forest, placed his head into his hands, then ran his finger threw his already disheveled hair. 'This can't be happening.' He thought, a small whining noise escaped his lips as he shook his head. It was Toothless! His dragon! It would be bad enough if it was just another human guy but … Toothless! 

''Oh Thor.'' He sighed aloud. ''What am I doing? This is insane!''

He stood up and went for a walk deeper into the forest towards Raven Point. He knew he had to get Trid, but not before he figured out what he was going to do now.


Toothless entered the Great Hall confidently, and found Fishlegs sitting at the back of the room with a pile of books in front of him - and a lamp on the table. Fishlegs looked up, surprised to see Kalster limping slightly over to him, casually sit on top of the long table, and moving his books to one side with his right arm. 

''Kalster, what are you doing here?'' Fishlegs asked, he had an air of annoyance in his voice from Kalster’s sudden appearance, and the fact that he was flicking through the pages of the nearest book clumsily creasing the pages. Fishlegs rapidly took the book from his clutches, and dipped his brows in frustration - angry at being disturbed. 

''I wanted to ask you something.'' Kalster replied casually - unaffected by Fishlegs’s tone or actions.

''M-me?'' Fishlegs was removing more books away from Kalster - who was looking at them with curiosity.

''Yeah! I wanna know about love and stuff!'' Kalster said with a big smile.

''Love? Why would you want to know about that? Why me?'' Fishlegs asked bewildered. 

''Because you’re the keeper of knowledge, right?'' Kalster stated rather then asked, his brows lifted as if it was obvious why he would seek Fishlegs with such a question.

''Yes, but ... did the chief send you?'' Fishlegs asked, he felt rather uncomfortable.

''Nope. So … tell me about love!'' Kalster demanded, shifting closer to Fishlegs expectantly. Fishlegs started at him for a moment, blinking in bafflement.

''Well ... I might have a book-'' 

''Can't read!'' Kalster told him.

''What at all?'' Fishlegs asked, as if it was a completely incomprehensible notion - not being able to read.

''Nope.'' Toothless looked slightly dejected as he shook his head, but he tried to remain confident despite Fishlegs’s reaction to his lack of reading skills.

Fishlegs remembered Hiccup telling them that Kalster wasn't used to living among humans. Which would explain why he couldn't read, was being awkward, and sitting on the table … but it didn't explain why he was interested in love.

''Why do you want to know about love?''

''Because I do! Look, just tell me, please. I wanna know...'' Kalster had to think carefully about his questions so he didn't reveal his secret, or the fact it was all related to Hiccup. ''...How you know if you’re in love, what love is exactly, and... stuff like that?''

Fishlegs dipped his eyebrows and thought … maybe Kalster had a crush on some girl in the village, so he decided to help him. He knew he wasn't the best person to ask - having failed to woo Heather or Tuffnut, so he went to get a book.

Toothless watched him disappear into another room at the back of the Great Hall, he then pulled a book closer to himself - looking at the weird markings and drawings. He turned the pages roughly - only managing to turn at least three pages at a time, due to his lack of dexterity. Some pages had pictures of dragons on them; he laughed at the poor, unrealistic drawings he found there. Fishlegs returned, horrified at the treatment of the book, yelling, and snatching it away roughly. 

''That's book abuse!'' He shouted, flattening the pages and scowling at Kalster.

''Sorry! It's just a book!'' He stated, holding his hand up defensively.

''Just a book? '' Fishlegs repeated incredulously, looking like he had just been slapped. ''Books should be treated with respect and care. They hold knowledge of our past, teach us things we don't know, fill our minds, and open our eyes to new things - new ideas. Some even take us to magical places in our minds. They are wonderful treasures, records of history, and great sources of knowledge! They are not just books!'' Fishlegs shouted slamming the table. 

''Okay! They’re important, I get it.'' Kalster responded in defeat. ''So, what you got there?'' Kalster was now eyeing the big book. 

''Fryja and romance, it might help.'' Fishlegs stated proudly, opening the huge book before he started to read. 


Hiccup was well and truly suffering from inner turmoil as he was walking through the forest back to the village. The sun was started to set, and he found himself subconsciously walking towards the cove where he had first bonded with Toothless. He realized he couldn't get away from him; no matter what he told himself or did, it would always come back to Toothless.

Hiccup was the chief! He was expected to marry and produce an heir. Of course, he had already done that … but he would still be at risk of being condemned by other members of his tribe, or by chiefs from other tribes if they found out. Whilst he knew he had their respect and loyalty now, the Hairy Hooligan tribe were unpredictable, and he simply couldn't play the 'I'm the chief' card this time.

His dad would be ashamed of him, and he couldn't help feel like he was betraying Astrid. He had wondered … how does someone fall in love again three months after the death of their wife and soul mate? Do you get another soul mate in life or just the one? He’d spent a lot of time remembering his wife: her braided blond hair, her beautiful azure-blue eyes, and all they had been through together. He missed her so much - every single day, and only the gods knew the magnitude of the love he felt for her - and how far he was willing to go to join her in Valhalla after she died.

Yeah … he regretted being weak the moment he’d jumped, regretted his grief filled - foolish decision the moment he couldn’t take it back. Luckily, Toothless had stopped him from plummeting to his death at the last minute. His dragon was the only one alive that would ever know of that dark moment in his life, and he’d resolved to dedicate it to being the father Astrid would be proud of, and to keep going for Trid and Toothless.

He had imagined a life with years to come by his wife’s side - more children, holidays, adventures, and most of all … more time. It had all been taken away - that beautiful, amazing, perfect life just ripped from his grasp. Was this the destiny of the Haddock men, to raise their only son's alone? And Trid! He was as feisty as his mother, and he assumed he would grow up to be just as stubborn as the Haddock men … but he swore to do right by him, not just because he loved his son with every breath, but because he owed it to Astrid - who died bringing him into this world. This whole mess regarding his feelings for Toothless would impact Trid; he couldn't see any good in it for his only child.   

Hiccup had been sobbing at the remembrance of his wife - so his eyes were red and blood shoot as he walked back through the forest. He had almost resolved to putting a stop to any romantic or sexual notion regarding Toothless from his mind; he could insist Toothless sleep down stairs from now on, and he could avoid him until he found him somewhere else to live.

However, by the time he had almost emerged from the forest, his conscious and heart kicked him so hard it left a massive bruise. He couldn't stop seeing Toothless! He couldn't push him aside! It would destroy both of them. How could he have even suggested that? Toothless was probably the reason he’d even stood a chance with Astrid in the first place, the reason he made chief, and the reason he was still alive. He loved him, he was his best friend for fuck sake; he couldn’t just throw him out and avoid him. It hurt too much just thinking about it - the tears in his eyes, and the pain in his chest was testament to that. Toothless was even great with Trid, and his son would never be safer than when he was with him. ‘Fuck!’

Hiccup was wondering what sick game the God's were playing with him this time, but he knew he had it bad - it was just like Astrid all over again. Despite the fact that Toothless would never feel the same way back - which was going to make things awkward, the truth was he needed him, he owed him everything, and he loved him.

It was totally unexpected - his love for Toothless, implausible, unorthodox, inappropriate, and forbidden ... but it was there, and just as true as the freezing breezes of Berk. He sighed, deciding that he was willing to try anything to stay with him … but he just didn't have the answers, and it was risky, dangerous even. He prayed that the gods had a plan, and that his father and wife were not too angry with him.

Trying to dry his eyes the best he could - and put on a brave face, he exited the forest - avoiding the villagers, and made his way to his mother’s house. The long walk would give him more time to collect his thoughts.


Getting information from Fishlegs hadn't gone to plan at all, and Toothless was currently sulking at home - on Hiccup's bed, with a throbbing shoulder and painful ankle to boot.

Toothless had actually fallen to sleep - and had nearly fallen off the table, whilst Fishlegs had been reading from the book. The last thing Toothless remembered - before being yelled at by Fishlegs for wasting his time, was that Freya blesses fertility and had cats or something … which really didn't help. So, they had started arguing with Toothless saying that he was just reading a pile of boring Gronckle shit that didn't answer his questions. Fishlegs had called him rude, a time waster, and an ungrateful, ill-educated idiot.

Fishlegs was actually intimidate by Kalster in some way; he’d noticed the boy had a temper, was stubborn, and very foul mouthed. He’d been given a job to do by the chief, and his work had been interrupted by this outsider - who had also insulted his beloved Gronckle Meatlug.

When Fishlegs had refused to give up anymore of his time, Toothless had growled at him - shocking the husky blond man, before leaving the Great Hall in a huff. Toothless had then angered him further when he returned … to ask him if he could teach him to read at least. Fishlegs had screamed at him to get out, pushing him out of the Great Hall in a hurry, and worsening his foot and shoulder before slamming the door shut behind him. 


Valka had offered to keep Trid when she saw her sons face and red eyes, but Hiccup assured her that he was fine - and that it was just the remembrance of his wife that had caught him of guard. He also didn't want his mum to think he was palming his son off to her at every chance he got, especially since he had been thinking about taking a trip with Toothless to find the caves or the volcano he’d described - with the markings related to the Ogthantarth. That trip was sure to see him away from Berk for a chunk of time, and he would be pushing it asking his mum to watch Trid and cover for him as chief during that time; at least Bree and Harish Hofferson would be able to help watch their grandson.

On the long walk back to the village, Hiccup was stroking his son's auburn brown hair. His soft baby locks had just started to thicken and he sighed as he played with the gentle tufts.

''What am I gonna do son?'' He asked the baby, who sleepy cooed up at his father with his azure-blue eyes. ''Someone’s tired!'' He stated as the small boy yawned and nuzzled into his father’s chest. Hiccup smiled in pride as the boy warmed his heart. 

When Hiccup finally returned to his village, he made one pit stop at the store house to collect some material for clothes before heading back home. It was on his way back to the house - aching and tired from all the walking with the extra weight of Trid, that he was greeted by an angry Fishlegs. 

''Chief, I need to have a word regarding Kalster!'' He demanded angrily.

''What’s he done now?'' Hiccup sighed, running his free hand over his face.

''So, he is a trouble maker!'' Fishlegs summarized.

''No! I never said that.'' Hiccup quickly replied with a frown.

''You said, ‘what’s he done now’, implying he has already done something before.'' Fishlegs pointed out. 

''He’s just eccentric Fish, he means no harm and-''

''No harm! He is rude, wasted my time, is an ungrateful delinquent, and he insulted Meatlug!''

''Wait what?'' Hiccup asked, suddenly shocked and wondering why on Midgard Toothless would insult Meatlug.

''He said that books were stupid, and that I was boring and talking a load of...'' Fishlegs leaned closer to Hiccup’s ear and whispered his last words. ''...Gronckle shit.'' 

Hiccup failed to stifle his chuckle; he covered his mouth with a hand before apologizing to Fishlegs - who looked insulted.

''I'm sorry. Not funny ... okay a bit funny, but you don't know Kalster.''

''I know he came into the Great Hall, sat on ... on the table. No regard for ancient books! Fell asleep when I was reading to him, then insulted me and Meatlug. Then had the nerve to come back and ask me to teach him to read without even trying to apologize!'' Fishlegs stressed, his face starting to turn red as his anger increased. 

''Look, I’ll talk to him … but please just be patient. He’s new here, and he is still learning how to fit in or act in a way that we would deem socially acceptable. He is trying Fishlegs, and you and me are some of the few people in Berk that know what it’s like to be different - to not fit in. Remember what that was like.''

Fishlegs looked angry that he was only going to talk to Kalster but he nodded. Hiccup wondered what Toothless had wanted to know, so before Fishlegs walked away he had to ask.

''What was you reading to him?'' 

''Freya and romance! He wanted to know about love!'' Fishlegs told him with a shrug. Hiccup stiffened and gulped.

''Did he tell you why?'' He asked hesitantly.

''No. I assumed he might have had a crush on one of the villagers. He wanted to know, ‘How you know if you’re in love, what love is, and stuff.’ His exact words.''  

''Okay fish, Thank you. I will talk to him.''


Once Hiccup returned home, he put down the materials he had picked up, placed Trid down into his crib - as he had fallen asleep on the walk back, and finally took off the baby carrying suit - laying it over a chair. He ran his fingers through his hair sighing - about to sit down for a moment, when he heard the creaking wood behind him. When he turned, he saw Toothless painfully limping down the stairs. All his thoughts suddenly vanished, replaced with genuine concern. 

''Toothless, why are you limping more, what happened?'' He asked, watching his friend sit at the table to hide his pain and discomfort.

Toothless failed to restrain the wince that creased at his eyes, hissing as he sat down from jolting his left arm on the table. Hiccup noticed, realizing his shoulder had worsened as well. Toothless didn’t want him to worry - or get angry, so he smiled as he looked up at Hiccup’s face.   

''It's fine! So, am I doing the dinner?'' He asked sarcastically with his cheeky smile. It was his way of saying he was hungry, and he wanted to change the subject.

''Sounds like a great plan. Should I start building the new house now … or do you want to move into the forest.'' Hiccup sarcastically swung back with raised eyebrows.

''You were gone ages just to get Trid, and I am hungry!'' He complained, before wincing again with a stifled grunt.

''You’re always hungry! Besides, my flight got cancelled and I had to walk. I also picked up some materials for your new clothes.'' Hiccup told him - pointing to the materials as he went to collect the kettle pot.

Hiccup knew Toothless was in pain - more so than before, and whether that was because he hadn’t had his paste infused tea, or for an alternative reason … he wasn’t sure. Perhaps he was just being paranoid - over worrying about him because he loved him, either way, he held his tongue and started to make the special tea for him. He also gathered some food in preparations for dinner.

''Am not!'' Toothless replied, remembering Hiccup’s accusation that he was always hungry. Hiccup just rolled his eyes as he continued with his task.

Toothless watched Hiccup do the tea, put the yak steaks on the fire to cook, and tending to it as it cooked. He took in everything that Hiccup was doing, watching him carefully as turned the meat over. He noticed Hiccup seemed lost in thought, his eyes closing slightly when he frowned to himself. When Hiccup finally handed him his special herb tea, he still looked like he was thinking hard, so Toothless asked.

''Are you okay Hicc?''

''Y-Yeah. Yeah erm ... I'm just wondering why you went to see Fishlegs?'' He finally managed to ask.

''Oh! He told you I went to see him huh?'' Toothless pulled his bottom lip through his teeth gently, avoiding the question.

''Yes, and he was extremely pleased that you insulted Meatlug!'' Hiccup’s eyebrows were raised expectantly. 

''I never insulted Meatlug! Just him.'' Toothless admitted. He was obviously more affronted that he was accused of insulting his dragon friend, and not bothered that he had in fact, insulted Fishlegs.


''Because he was reading boring stuff … and he wouldn't answer my questions. All I know is Freya had cats, fascinating! What are cats?'' Toothless frowned. Hiccup let out a puff of air - like a muffled chuckle.

''You are bud, a big fluffy flying cat!'' He chuckled once then, shaking his head. ''But not important! Why was you asking him about love ... no one in the village can ever, and I mean ever ... know that I have feelings for you bud. We could be made outcasts … or worse, and Trid would suffer - which isn't fair on him.’’ Hiccup stressed, gulping as he imagined the ramifications.

''I was careful! I won't tell anyone I promise. I was actually asking for me.'' Toothless admitted, getting up to sit next to Hiccup on the floor by the fire. He was still limping more than usual, the tea appearing to not have helped yet. 

When Toothless sat next to him inhaling sharply from the pain, Hiccup suddenly wanted to know why he seemed more injured than before.

''Okay bud spill! What happened?''

Toothless rolled his eyes, hesitating to explain. He knew Hiccup had a short temper these days, but he didn’t want to lie to him - or avoid his questions knowing he would keep asking.

''It’s nothing ... really! It’s just ... Fishlegs might have pushed me out of the Great Hall in a hurry. I did piss him off somehow; he called me an idiot and an un-educated outsider. I guess we shouted at each other bit. I think it sort of twisted round or something…’’ He explained, looking at his ankle. ‘‘…When he pushed me out the door that is. You know … trying to limp away and being shoved to move quicker might do that.''

Hiccup was suddenly feeling very defensive of Toothless - and angry at Fishlegs, but he bit his tongue as tried to reel in his temper.

''And your shoulder?'' Hiccup asked with raised eyebrows, biting the inside of his tight lips. 

''Same thing.’’ Toothless admitted hesitantly. ‘‘When he was pushing me out - just before he slammed the doors shut, he … he pushed me where the arrow head went in. I don’t think he meant to, and it’s fine honestly. I’ll live!'' He said seeing the anger in Hiccup’s eyes flare up like an explosion, before finally diminishing.

Hiccup sighed aggressively. Fishlegs had hurt Toothless and he wasn’t happy about it, but he knew he needed to work on his anger. Fishlegs was he one of his best friends, and it wasn’t like him to be so spiteful. Toothless was giving him a smile that helped calm down, and his eyes were like stress relievers - bright lime-green and perfectly mesmerizing. He sighed again gently, and his thoughts returned to the reasons for Toothless’s little research adventure.  

''So, why was you asking Fishlegs about love?''

Toothless kept eye contact with Hiccup. He felt … something in his stomach he couldn't explain, something good and breathless, yet daunting at the same time. He wondered if this is what Hiccup felt when he looked at him. There were certain things that caused it, forest green eyes, and Hiccup’s smile being the most obvious out a several others.  

''I wanted to know what it feels like to be in love. What love is exactly, how you know if you’re in love with someone - like mates, and have those feelings for someone that you explained ... erm, romantic feelings.'' He told Hiccup innocently. Hiccup froze for a moment, his eyes locked onto Toothless’s as he swallowed hard.

''And w-why would you want to know that?'' Hiccup stuttered. Toothless eyes suddenly looked anywhere but his - which was a shock because Toothless, was for once, really nervous. Toothless glanced up at his face before looking back at his hands. His voice was quiet when he spoke, but you could just about hear him.

''I guess ... I might have ... maybe have … feelings for you or love you too.''

Chapter Text

Chapter 18 - Connection

Hiccup was staring at Toothless, blinking, swallowing, and trying to comprehend his words. 'I guess I might have feelings for you, or love you too!'  

Did he hear correctly, or was he hearing things? Perhaps Toothless didn’t comprehend his own words and meant something entirely different. Whatever it was, his mind was turning to sludge. He couldn't find his words, he didn’t know what to say, and his heart was suddenly racing off without him.  

''Hicc? Say something … Please!'' Toothless asked, feeling very uncertain. He didn't know if he loved Hiccup like human mates love each other - because he obviously didn't understand the concept of love. Most dragons - as far as he could remember, mated and then separated. Humans - as far as he had witnessed, raise their younglings as a family, another concept that he never understood until he met Hiccup. 

''I ... erm ... er …'' Was all Hiccup could say, his eyes looking between Toothless’s lime-green ones. 

''I don't know … if I do that is. But I think I might. I mean ... I really liked that kiss, and ... it felt ... different - but it was a good different. I didn't want it to end.'' Toothless was hesitant, worried that Hiccup would be angry at him. 

Hiccup was starting to blush at Toothless's honesty, but the fact he wasn't sure of his feelings made sense.

''T-that's w-why you went to Fishlegs?'' Hiccup finally managed to ask.

''Yeah! I just wanted to know what I was feeling exactly. I still don't get this stuff Hicc, but I have all these weird feelings and … my body is acting strange. I just need to know what it means.'' Toothless admitted. 

Hiccup sighed. He needed time to collect his own thoughts and feelings before he could even begin to help Toothless work out his. The fire crackled - reminding him of their cooking food, so he went to remove the yak steaks off the fire. He slowly took them to the table and prepared the dinner - placing two plates down in silence. It was obvious that he would have to explain things to Toothless … and find out if he shared the same feelings as him - he doubted it.  

Toothless just watched him silently, worried that Hiccup would kick him out - or refuse to speak to him. When Hiccup motioned for Toothless to come sit at the table, he had to help him off the floor. Soon enough, they were both seated, and Toothless glanced up, catching Hiccup’s eyes with a desperate need for him to say something - anything. Hiccup took a sip of his drink, put his mug down gently, and sighed before finally speaking.

''This isn't going to be easy bud, at least not for me!'' Hiccup admitted. Toothless nodded his head, relieved that Hiccup wasn’t ignoring him. ''I guess ... I should try to explain how you know if you love someone.'' Hiccup paused to eat a small mouthful of his food, still trying to organize his words.

Toothless nodded again, and taking cue from Hiccup he started eating his own food. He wanted answers so badly that he forced himself to wait patiently. It wasn’t long before Hiccup started speaking again.

''I guess ... you usually start of as friends. You find someone you like - someone you get on really well with. Everyone's different, but for me … I like people that make me laugh, that aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in, someone who is confident.’’ Hiccup paused to eat another mouthful, noticing how Toothless was hanging on to his every word. ‘‘I like people that listen to me and like me for myself … instead of expecting me to be something I'm not, you know?’’ Toothless nodded silently, letting Hiccup continue. ‘‘When that person comes along … it’s about how they make you feel. If you feel safe around them … enjoy being around them … and you can be yourself around them completely. If you miss them when they aren't there … or care for them more then yourself ... or would do anything for them...'' Hiccup paused, coughing slightly.

Toothless watched as Hiccup took a sip of his drink. He looked sad, and it sounded as if he was speaking from memory. He seemed far away, even though he was just across the table from him. Hiccup continued.  

''...If you feel like you can do anything together, and that you’re stronger in their presence. If you are there for them when they need you the most. If you can talk to them, and share your honest thoughts and feelings with them - that you wouldn't with anyone else. If you feel their pain when they’re sad, and want nothing more than to see them happy, every single day. If you can't stop looking at them and smiling when you catch their smile - or their eyes, and it makes your heart flutter. If you’re heart beats faster, and you always think about them. If seeing them just makes you happy. Then … you're probably in love … and prey that they feel the same way about you.'' Hiccup sighed sadly as he finished, busying himself with his dinner.

''Whoa!'' Was all Toothless could say at first. He had mentally checked of every single thing that Hiccup had said. That was how he felt about him. His heart was beating faster now, he never wanted to see Hiccup upset or angry, being with him made him so happy, and he would do anything for him. If it was all true … he did love Hiccup. Only problem was, he was a dragon - and a male, so it was still so confusing. They sat in silence, just eating for a while. Toothless kept opening his mouth to speak, but closed it again … eventually he gathered the courage to ask. ''You feel all that about me?''

Hiccup visibly blushed, and after a long pause he looked up at Toothless. He thought about everything he’d said, breaking it all down in his head. When he’d been explaining it to Toothless he had been remembering Astrid, but as he re-ran his words - wondering if he felt all that for Toothless too, it was clear to him that Toothless always made his day better, was always there for him, and everything he’d said … and more, reflected exactly how he felt for Toothless. He knew he loved him, but it was different admitting it as raw as he’d just done. He felt vulnerable, open, and his walls were all torn down. He avoided eye contact with Toothless, looking down at his plate as he spoke quietly.

''Yeah. I do.'' 

Toothless didn't respond after that. Hiccup had noticed a few times that Toothless looked like he was going to ask more questions, but each time he was about to … he would suddenly refrain and go quiet once again. It was strange that Toothless had become mute - it wasn't like him at all. Dinner therefore, was eaten and cleared away silently, both just deep in their own thoughts. Toothless had silently gone upstairs once the table was cleaned down.

Hiccup stayed down stairs - thinking and overthinking things until he was sure that Toothless was repulsed by him, and that he’d destroyed their friendship. Hiccup was angry at first - angry that he’d caused this with his forbidden feelings, but as the evening passed … he became more depressed than anything. He managed to fight back the tears, and he did his duties as a father to Trid - focusing only on his son.


Toothless had felt extremely overwhelmed at the table after hearing Hiccup's confession, but more so that he himself loved Hiccup. He had other feelings that he’d experienced during the kiss - feelings that he wanted to ask Hiccup about, but he didn't want to anger him. Hiccup hadn't said anything else to him after dinner, so he’d decided to give him space and go upstairs. It would give him time to think about all he’d learnt at least, and let Hiccup think about things too.

One thought that kept running through his mind - what happens next? If you love someone, are you expected to mate with them … or is mating a way to show your love like Hiccup told him? Was it optional or expected? How did two males even mate anyway? He remembered back to their earlier conversation.

‘…sometimes it's nice to enjoy each other’s company in that way! Even if, you don't mean to, or want to make babies…because its enjoyable and shows the other person that you love them.’

Hiccup had explained that mating wasn’t just to produce offspring, but he hadn’t explained how two males’ mate either. If they couldn’t make babies or eggs … then would it still be called mating? Maybe the Viking word, ‘sex’ was more appropriate. He didn’t think two males could even have sex … but Hiccup hadn’t denied its possibility.

Humans certainly viewed mating and sex differently to dragons, that was for sure. For dragons it was an unspoken rule - to mate with a willing female during heat. The smell was like an alluring signal telling them it was time to breed, and it was the male’s duty to answer the call - to ensure species survival and keep up the numbers for safety in herds. Toothless wondered what that would be like, he had never had a female Night-Fury to try and mate with. Vikings obviously had to have babies so they didn’t go extinct … but Hiccup had explained they did it for other reasons too sometimes. From what Hiccup had said, it was left for him to believe that the only reason two males did it was for enjoyment, and to show each other that you loved them … if they even could do that anyway.  

It made no sense, but he knew a few things for certain now: He loved Hiccup, he wanted to be with him - be close to him, and that kiss was so damn amazing that he wanted to do it again. 


Hiccup climbed the stairs - carrying a sleeping Trid, and quietly entered the darkness of his bedroom. Toothless was laying on his makeshift bed - on the stone slab, and facing the wall. Hiccup placed Trid gently down into his crib, tucking him in, and smiling at his son sadly. Toothless didn't move, didn’t make a sound, so he assumed he was already asleep. Hiccup sat on his bed, removed his leg, and climbed under his covers. He closed his eyes tight - pulling the blanket under his chin, determined not to let his tears spill as he felt his heart breaking.

''I love you!'' A soft quite whisper escaped from Toothless's mouth. 

''Toothless?'' Hiccup bolted upright. He looked across the room, squinting his eyes to see movement on the stone slab. Toothless had turned around and sat up. 

''I have so many questions … but I feel the same as you do. I love you Hicc.'' Toothless whispered, hoping Hiccup wasn’t angry with him. 

Hiccup tasted salt on his lips - his tears no longer confined, and it was then he realized just how much he’d longed for Toothless to feel the same way - and to love him in return. Even if he’d hoped he wouldn't - because it would make things easier in the long run, his heart had desperately needed to hear it.

Closing his eyes tight, Hiccup fought away his tears. He paused - so his words didn't come out choked, and wiped his face on his sleeve.

''Toothless? Could you ... come to bed?'' Hiccup asked hesitantly, but his voice was hopeful and needy. Toothless could just about see Hiccup's face - illuminated only by the moon light.

''You’re not mad at me?'' Toothless asked in disbelief. 

''No! I thought you ... I thought you were repulsed by me.'' Hiccup admitted. Toothless quickly climbed onto Hiccup's bed, hugging him tightly with his good arm.

''Never! You’re my best friend Hiccup. It's you and me always remember, no matter what.''

Hiccup hugged Toothless around the waist fiercely, shaking slightly as he held back sobs. A few tears still escaped onto Toothless's tunic no matter how hard he’d tried to stop them. He wanted to let Toothless love him, but it was still so wrong, still verboten and dangerous. Toothless was his consistent, always there for him, always accepting him for who he was without question or complaint, and he loved him. He didn’t know how he’d fallen so hard - and so fast, but he had. Perhaps it was just an extension of the love he had felt for Toothless as a dragon, perhaps it was because he was still grieving for Astrid, or perhaps it was just so easy to love someone that understood you the way Toothless did. It was all so confusing, so reprehensible, so infelicitous, and yet … Toothless was his light at the end of a long, cold, depressing, morbid tunnel - he always had been.  

''Why would you put up with a sarcastic fishbone.'' Hiccup whispered, his breath shaky and uneven. 

''Because he is my sarcastic fish bone and ... I love him!’’ Toothless told him, the word love now sounded so foreign on his tongue, yet so very right. ‘‘Assuming what you said is right that is, because everything you said is exactly how I feel about you.'' Toothless told him honestly. Hiccup squeezed Toothless tighter.

''I love you too Toothless. I just don't know what comes next ... I'm scared.''

''We’ll figure it out Hicc! Together.’’ He yawned as he finished his sentence. ‘‘Let’s go to sleep now yeah? We can talk about it tomorrow.'' Toothless said, running his fingers thorough Hiccup’s hair.  

Toothless carefully followed Hiccup down under the blanket, laying down to him - where he belonged. They were both extremely tired - emotionally and physically, as it had been another long and emotional day. Hiccup was laying facing Toothless with his head buried into him. It didn't feel foreign or wrong at all for either of them, and it wasn't long before both of them fell to sleep in the comfort of each other’s presence.


When Hiccup and Toothless awoke the next morning to a crying baby, they were tangled up in each other’s arms. Hiccup quickly moved away to attach his prosthetic leg, and Toothless groaned in pain as he moved - he had been laying on his bad shoulder, with his arms in a painful position. Suffice to say, it was not a great way to wake up.

It wasn't until after breakfast - when Trid went down for his nap, that they sat by the fire together. Hiccup and Toothless were both hesitant to bring up their feelings for each other out of fear of rejection - or upsetting each other, and Hiccup was scared of the consequence that his inappropriate heart’s desire could cause.

''So, erm ... about last night.'' Hiccup started, scratching the back of his neck while looking at the floor. 

''I never meant to upset you.'' Toothless interrupted him. 

''You didn't! W-Well maybe a little when you went upstairs after dinner.'' 

''I just wanted to give you some space Hicc. I thought I had made you angry … and I needed to think about what you said.'' Toothless was looking at Hiccup and trying to read him. 

''I'm sorry. I just didn't think you would feel the same way, and you ... you shocked me.'' Hiccup finally looked up at Toothless - into his lime-green eyes. 

''It is very ... confusing.'' Toothless raised his eyebrows. Hiccup nodded, turning to look at his hands. Silence fell onto the room as they sat there thinking. 

''Last night ... you said you had questions. What questions?'' Hiccup finally asked, breaking the silence. 

''Well ... I had other feelings when you kissed me. I just don't know what they mean. That kiss was amazing though, and I didn't want it to end, but … I felt things.'' Toothless admitted, biting his lip as he looked down into his lap. 

''Not awkward at all.’’ Hiccup said, coughing slightly. He blushed, braving the upcoming conversation he was about to have. ‘‘Erm ... c-can you explain them to me?''

''I'll try but, please don't hate me!'' Toothless begged. His voice was so riddled with worry that Hiccup could hear it. 

''T-This is awkward, but ... I won't hate you; I promise. I really do love you … n-nothing you say could possibly change that.'' Hiccup told him, taking his hand into his own to encourage him. He really didn't want to be having this conversation - it reminded him just how innocent Toothless was in all things related to intimacy and relationships, and highlighted the fact that he was actually a dragon … however, Toothless had questions, and he was willing to ignore his own feelings and embarrassments to give them to him. 

''Okay well … during that kiss … I felt a … a shudder. My heart beat got faster too, and I wanted to copy you. I didn't want to stop. I felt all hot … and it was like … like dragon nip and chin scratches all in one. It was like falling through the air with you falling beside me, and my stomach was being all weird - like it was moving or rolling around on its own. When we stopped I … I wanted to do it again, and I wanted to ... to…'' Toothless sighed, suddenly biting his lip nervously as he played with his tunic. 

''I-It’s okay bud ... w-what did you want to do?'' Hiccup encouraged him, hiding the fact that he was so embarrassed he felt his face turning red. He also had to ignore the growing issue in his pants, which was probably redder than his face - definitely warmer. He had to discreetly move his legs - well, he hoped it was discreet. Toothless looked far too worried, and too nervous to even notice as he continued to explain.

''I wanted to ... to dominate you like ... like you were my mate. At least, I think that was it. It scared me Hiccup ... confused me. And that's why I broke away from that kiss. And … and my … my dick was hard.'' Toothless's face was almost scarlet as he shifted away from Hiccup, his voice had been almost sad, but it sounded more terrified.  

Hiccup felt extremely uncomfortable - and embarrassed, as he tried to ignore the inconvenient tightness between his legs - throbbing and twitching. He discreetly shifted positions again - to hide his problem, and to relieve the feeling of it being squashed. He felt bad for Toothless though, he was so confused and worried about his reaction that Hiccup needed to reassure him. 

''Toothless, It's okay. S-Since we’re being honest ... it's something I’ve felt too. Except ... the ‘dominate’ part. I-I guess that's because you’re a dragon and ... and erm ... y-you would normally dominate.'' 

''But why? Why did I feel like that? What did it mean? I never want to dominate you, you’re my best friend! I'm not more important then you or anything.'' Toothless stressed incredulously. Hiccup winced in embarrassment, and closed his eyes before answering.

''I think you wanted to mate me bud!'' He blurted out before he could stop himself. 

''What?'' Toothless shouted in shock. ''I ... No! Oh Thor. Oh crap. Oh fuck!'' He forced himself to get up from the floor in a frenzy - hissing and wincing in pain during the process. ''I'm sorry Hiccup! I’m so sorry, please don't throw me out!'' He begged in panic, at risk of hyperventilating.

Hiccup was in utter shock at Toothless reaction. He stood up trying to calm him down, but Toothless was pacing and apologizing constantly.

''Toothless calm down!'' Hiccup shouted, trying to reassure him it was okay. 

''I-I'm so s-sorry, I-I-I didn't mean to ... I w-won't do it again ... p-please don't send me away ... I ... I … I-''

Toothless wouldn't stop panicking - and he was dangerously close to going into full blow hyperventilation, so Hiccup did the only thing he could think of. He slapped Toothless across the face - just enough to get his attention, then he grabbed his vest fiercely, pulling him closer, and kissing him on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, but Toothless shuddered and calmed down almost instantly - staring into Hiccup’s forest-green eyes.

''Toothless, It’s fine! I love you! I’m not sending you away, not now, not ever.'' 

''S-Sorry.'' Toothless replied in shame, feeling rather silly. He was still a little breathless, but at least he was calming down.

''I think it’s obvious that we both have … feelings for each other. C-Can't say I'm ready to ... do that, but … I want to be with you!'' Hiccup told him blushing once again. 

''As mates?'' Toothless asked, looking slightly confused.

''I know ... it’s weird, and it’s abnormal. And you probably hate me, so I should probably go and hang myself now because if anyone finds out we’re dead. You know; ‘Hey chief, how are you?’ - ‘I'm great thanks, did you know Toothless turned into a jaw droppingly handsome human, and now I’m making out with him in the shadows of Berk’ - ‘Oh, that's great Hiccup, I’ll organised the double hanging, or maybe we will just outcast you both!'' Hiccup rambled in panic, acting out the second voice.

''Hiccup! You’re acting crazy.'' 

''No, you’re absolutely right! Hiccup the useless fishbone with his awesome crazy ideas! Don't know why I even suggested it, just forget I said anything and…’’

''I want to be your mate!'' Toothless blurted out over Hiccup’s rambling.

''...I am stupid to think that you would- Wait what?'' Hiccup asked, not sure if he heard right. Toothless looked at Hiccup making sure he was paying attention.

''I want to be your mate.'' He repeated. 

''You do?'' Hiccup blushed. 

''I do! I just don't know how it works because were both ... males. I know as much about this stuff as you know about the Kveykvaissnio.''

''The what?'' Hiccup frowned in confusion. 

''Exactly!'' Toothless was now being smug, smiling at him. Hiccup rolled his eyes.

''You going to tell me what that is or ... nope of course you're not!'' Hiccup sighed. 

''I might ... later. So, what do we do now?''

''We don't tell anyone for a start! A-Assuming we are together now that is ... are we?'' Hiccup asked. Toothless nodded happily.

''Does this mean I can kiss you again?'' Toothless asked eagerly, his eyes wide with anticipation. Hiccup chuckled at him.

''Only when we’re alone bud ... Really can't stress the no one must know part enough.'' 

''No one knows now!'' Toothless smiled cheekily. Hiccup raised his eyebrows, a small smirk donning his lips as his eyes flickered with desire.

''I don't feel like it right now!'' He lied, teasing Toothless - who pouted.


''Nope, sorry. You wouldn't tell me what that Kveyisnoi thing was.''

''And if I tell you?'' Toothless asked. 

''I might consider it.''

''Fine! The Kveykvaissnio is a small ice dragon, about this high.'' Toothless told him, using his hand to indicate that the dragon was about three foot high. 

''You and me really need to have a talk about dragons at some point bud!'' Hiccup stated.

''So … can I kiss you now?'' Toothless asked again, moving closer to Hiccup. 

''Oh, I don't know. I mean-.'' Hiccup saw Toothless looking upset, so he smiled before putting his arms carefully around his neck and kissing him.

The connection was instant, passionate, sultry. Toothless moaned in pleasure - no self-restraint or self-control as Hiccup bit his lip. Hiccup slipped his tongue inside, and he felt the warmth radiate over his entire body as Toothless pressed closer into him - responding amazingly to his every touch. Both savored the sensations - wanting it to last forever. Toothless grabbed Hiccup’s waist with his right hand, and yanked him in closer - making Hiccup moan. Time just seemed to halt into one blazing, delirious, lustful cyclone of them both, connected together as if nothing else existed. All their focus was pulled into that one incredible, magical moment.

When they eventually broke apart, Hiccup looked up into Toothless’s love-sick eyes.

''Better?'' He asked with a shy smile. Toothless just nodded vigorously, licking his own lips. ''I think I broke him!'' Hiccup stated to himself, before laughing. 


Hiccup and Toothless spent the rest of the morning - up until lunch time, talking about not only the importance of keeping their relationship a secret, but also about what this would mean for them both. Hiccup had explained to Toothless that as much as he wanted to, he wasn't comfortable with the idea of having same couple sex with him yet - that it would take some time before he was comfortable exploring that option. Toothless couldn't understand how that would work, but Hiccup had promised him that when - and if, they were ready for that, then they would deal with it together and Hiccup would explain it then.

After lunch, Hiccup had taken Trid with him when he went to speak to the villagers that he’d missed at yesterday’s meeting - due to the house searching.

Gobber as his weapon manager, dragon dentist and healer, as well as the village blacksmith, was basically out of work. Weapon stock was now replenished three times over since the battle, and as the village was otherwise quiet, there was no need for weapons. Dragon healing was dead, as there were no dragons to heal. Which left another problem, the twins!

Ruffnut and Tuffnut were weapon testers, and without Barf and Belch - their Zippleback dragon, they were over focused on their job. A job that Hiccup had given them to keep them out of trouble, was now causing trouble. The twins were testing the weapons for what must have been the hundredth time. If they weren't rating the weapons according to pain inflicted, or blood spilt - with Tuffnut usually ending up the guinea pig, the weapons were subjected to very unusual and often dangerous tests, such as: how far can they be thrown, or how many times you can hit a boulder before said weapon breaks? This had raised multiple concerns in the village, when two maces, an axe, and a spear had damaged property. On top of that: a yak had apparently eaten a dagger, and Audun Ernmundsson had nearly lost his hand - angering not only the Ernmundsson family but Gothi as well. Hiccup had therefore confiscated the keys from the twins, and suspended them until further notice. 

Geirolf and Snotlout had reported no issues with their job as village patrol - except the usual issues of the twins, and a drunken argument between Styrbiorn and Balli. It was also brought to Hiccup’s attention, that since the dragon’s departure the villagers had been restless, bored, and looking for something to release their inner Viking … so arguments were going to get more common. Hiccup had made a note to organize an event that would help burn off some of that ‘Viking energy’, something involving weapons and competition most likely. Hiccup wasn’t like his tribe in that sense, but he knew when he had to put the needs of the many first and organize events that he had no interest in. 

Gustav was also bored. He was in charge of dragon training at the arena, and he was also their dragon monitor. The teenagers Tadeas, Valda, Saveria, Hrapp, Alof, Asta, and Octavia were no longer attending dragon training, and they were missing the dragons along with everyone else on Berk. Hiccup suggested Gustav did theory-based dragon training once a week, and use props where necessary - that he could still teach them about the dragons at least.

Finally, Hiccup had gone to see Fishlegs at his house. After greeting Helga Ingerman - Fishlegs's mother, he sat down to talk to him. Fishlegs was chief adviser - and keeper of knowledge, so it wasn't surprising to see him deep in books. Fishlegs hadn't found anything on the 'Spawn of death', so Hiccup made the decision to inform him that the dragon was called an Ogthantarth. Of course, Hiccup wouldn't tell him how he knew that - hoping he would just accept that he’d heard it somewhere. There was also no new insight as to why all the dragons had left, but they both agreed that it must be something on the island. Fishlegs had stressed that they must get the dragons back, and Hiccup had agreed. The conversation continued until Hiccup was about ready to leave, which was when Fishlegs suddenly mentioned Kalster. 

''I expect you spoke to Kalster regarding his rude and unacceptable behavior.'' Fishlegs said, before Hiccup could leave. 

''I did. To be honest it sounded like miss communication, and you weren’t so friendly yourself.'' Hiccup stated protectively.

''Miss communication? He damaged the books, fell to sleep when I was only trying to help him, wasted my time, insulted Meatlug and-'' 

''Hold up!’’ Hiccup raised his hand to mute Fishlegs. ‘‘Firstly, Kalster was looking at the books - he didn't mean to crease the pages; in case you hadn't noticed he struggles to use his fingers, and even has trouble using a spoon. Secondly, you were reading from a book that didn't answer his direct questions. He never meant to fall asleep; he has been shot recently, in case you forgot, so I’m not surprised he was tired. And from what I hear, you yelled at him first.'' Hiccup defended. 

''How would I notice he had trouble using his fingers? I never see him, and he still insulted Meatlug!'' Fishlegs insisted getting angry. Hiccup clenched his fists, but then took a deep breath remaining relaxed - yet firm.

''You yelled at him for falling asleep, accusing him of wasting your time. He admits to saying that you were just reading a pile of boring Gronckle shit. That was never an insult to Meatlug, just a reaction to you shouting at him first and his very strong opinion on the content of the book. You and him both ended up in an argument, both of you! And you could have been a little more patient Fishlegs. I already informed the village that Kalster was new here, and that he was not use to socializing. From what I hear, you also shoved him out of the Great Hall knowing full well he was injured. When I returned home, he was in a lot of pain. You had exacerbated his wounds.'' 

''You’re sticking up for him!'' Fishlegs sulked, crossing his arms.

''He’s a very good friend of mine Fish, you both are!'' Hiccup snapped. 

''You haven't even known him that long!'' Fishlegs insisted. Hiccup had to bite back from announcing he had, but he closed his eyes for a moment - taking a deep breath.

''Fishlegs, I insist you come over to my house later - at sundown! You and Kalster need to make amends. I'm sure once you get to know each other you will get on. This is important to me, and I don't want two of my best friends arguing with each other.'' He insisted, using his best authoritative tone. 

''Fine! I may have overreacted a little.'' Fishlegs admitted, shuffling his feet.

''Thank you. I will see you tonight then.'' Hiccup said, then he turned to see himself out.

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Chapter 19 - A new plan

As the sun started to set, Hiccup was nervously preparing Toothless for Fishlegs's arrival. Toothless was no longer listening to him and was instead, on the floor with Trid making faces at the baby and playing with him.

''As much as I enjoy talking to myself, it would be nice if you took this seriously!'' Hiccup stated getting frustrated and pacing a trench into the floor.

''Hicc, chill! I get it. Say sorry and be nice. How hard can that be?'' Toothless said looking up at Hiccup.

''Oh Thor, I really didn't think this through. Fish could ask you about your life… well, Kalster’s life … and you can't just sit there in silence!'' He stated, wishing he never invited Fishlegs over.

''Hicc! It’s going to be fine!'' Toothless said wincing as he stood up carefully. He put his hand on Hiccup's shoulder to stop him pacing. ''Trust me! Can you do that?'' Toothless asked.

Hiccup took a deep breath and sighed looking into Toothless's eyes before nodding. ''I trust you!'' Hiccup replied, hugging Toothless. ''Just be careful bud, Fishlegs isn't an idiot.'' Finally pulling away from Toothless his face became serious again. ''And remember, no hugging or anything while Fishlegs is here!'' He finished.

''Why would I want to do a stupid thing like that?'' Toothless played. Hiccup punched his good arm making Toothless pout.

''Useless reptile!'' Hiccup muttered

''Erm ... Human! Or do you need me to get naked to remind you?'' Toothless bantered back with a smirk.

''I might like that-.'' Hiccup started bravely, but the door knocked. ''Saved by the door!'' He finished. Hiccup opened the door and invited Fishlegs in. Fishlegs and Toothless exchanged looks. ''Well, this isn't awkward at all!'' Giving Toothless a 'please say something' look.

''Sorry I erm ... accidentally damaged the books, and said you were reading Gronckle shit.'' Toothless apologized first because even though he was stubborn, he would do anything for Hiccup.

Fishlegs sighed. ''Sorry for overreacting and shouting at you. I was tired and stressed but that's no excuse. And I’m sorry for hurting you, the chief told me.'' Fishlegs apologized.

''Thank you, guys. Fishlegs I keep telling you to call me Hiccup. Especially as a guest in my house.'' Hiccup stated picking up Trid who was about to start screaming from lack of attention.

''He is getting big!'' Fishlegs announced smiling at the baby.

''If you mean big personality I agree! He should be sleeping but decided he was far too important for that.'' Hiccup replied sitting at the table looking at Trid.

Toothless immediately saw the issue of only two chairs and opted for sitting on the table, receiving a weird look from Fishlegs. ''Three people, two chairs. I'm fine here!'' Toothless stated smiling.

Fishlegs sat down on the other chair while Hiccup moved his chair slightly so they could all see each other. Hiccup hadn't thought about seating arrangements and was thankful Toothless enjoyed sitting on things and hadn't argued over the chair.

''Does he always sit on the tables?'' Fishlegs asked with dipped brows.

''I am here you know! Hello.'' Toothless mocked, waving at Fishlegs.

Hiccup let a chuckle escape. ''Sorry, but he has a point.'' Hiccup said trying not to laugh.

''Yes, I do! I like it up here!'' Toothless answered.

''Here, hold him.'' Hiccup handed Trid over to Toothless.

Toothless looked shocked ''If you want scrambled baby, and I only have one working arm!''

Hiccup wasn't taking no for an answer and Toothless had no choice but to hold Trid across his legs. ''You know, I keep telling you that you're good with him!'' Hiccup reminded him, going to fetch drinks for them all.

Fishlegs was just staring at them. He could already see the friendship there, and although Kalster was abrupt and strange he may not be all that bad - just misunderstood. Kalster was bouncing Trid on his lap gently and protecting him with his right arm. The baby was snuggling up into his stomach, gripping his tunic, and falling to sleep. Fishlegs thought it was actually rather cute and very obvious that Trid trusted him - as did Hiccup, after all Hiccup was very protective of his only son.

''He seems very content!'' Fishlegs commented just as Hiccup walked over with the drinks on a metal tray.

''How ... How do you do that?'' Hiccup asked in disbelief. Toothless just shrugged with a smirk on his face. ''Unbelievable! I try for ages but you- You know what, that is actually really cute. At least he is finally asleep.'' Hiccup stated and smiled shaking his head. Hiccup took Trid to his crib upstairs so not to wake him up with the talking. Fishlegs and Toothless were downstairs alone.

''So, where did you live before you came here?'' Fishlegs asked Toothless, sipping his drink.

''Just some random island. No one lived there, so if it got named, I don't know what it was. South of here and just me and the dragons.'' Toothless answered easily. He had already figured out his story with Hiccup, over and over again.

''Dragons? You lived with dragons?'' Fishlegs asked with genuine interest.

''Well yeah. We lived on the same island so it was better we lived peacefully together.''

''Hiccup said you had a Deadly-Nadder…'' Fishless added curiously, prompting Toothless to go on.

''Yeah, Vanity. She wasn't really mine, just a friend that agreed to travel with me.'' Toothless informed him.

''She? And why did you leave the island?'' Fishlegs asked.

''Yeah, Female Nadders are more curious. Males tend to just run off, but females will investigate and attack if needed. Vanity kept watching me so eventually she trusted me and we just bonded'' Toothless explained. ''As for leaving-.'' Toothless had started but Hiccup had come down.

''What did I miss?'' Hiccup asked drinking from his mug.

''Nothing really. I was just telling Fishlegs why I left that Island.''

''Didn't you get bored of living alone?'' Hiccup asked, playing along.

''Yeah. After you guys visited, I spent ages wondering what it was like to be around other Vikings. I didn't know where Berk was so … I was just flying north when Vanity acted strange - we crashed landed before she took off.'' Toothless finished.

''You seem to know a lot about dragons. Maybe you could tell me what you learnt so I can add it to the-.'' Fishlegs hesitated looking at Hiccup.

''Its ok Fish, Toothless knows about the book of dragons.'' Hiccup replied. Toothless glared at Hiccup with wide eyes, before playing it casual.

''Toothless?'' Fishlegs asked confused.

''He does that sometimes! He even called Trid, Toothless yesterday. I think he really misses his amazing Night-Fury.'' Toothless quickly chimed in. Hiccup was greatly relieved for the save and didn’t miss Toothless’s playful ego.

''I miss Meatlug so I can understand that.'' He said taking a moment. ''So, will you tell me what you know about dragons? I will teach you to read!'' Fishlegs offered in exchanged.

''Really? I'd like that.'' Toothless replied excited. He went to get his drink but knocked it over. ''Shit!'' He shouted.

Hiccup jumped up helping Toothless down, before the drink soaked him - the spill spreading across the table fast. Fishlegs moved back to avoid the liquid now dripping on the floor. Hiccup collected a rag to clean up the spill. Toothless felt guilty and stupid.

''Sorry Hicc. I guess I still need practice with these things.'' He stated lifting his right hand. ''Let me do that!'' He wanted to help.

''You’re hurt bud, just sit down on the chair and let me do this.'' Hiccup told him.

Once everything was cleared up, the conversation continued quite easily. As Hiccup expected, Fishlegs had a million questions, but true to his word Toothless had answers for all of them. Hiccup was actually impressed; who knew his dragon was such a great liar.

Fishlegs started to warm up to Toothless, and he was impressed with his knowledge on dragons. Toothless was curious about dragon classes and wanted to know what his numbers were.

''What's my ... I mean Toothless's speed?'' He asked excitedly

''Oh, that's easy, 20! One of the fastest dragons I know. The Typhoomerang also has a speed rate of 20, but I still think Toothless is faster.'' He answered enthusiastically. ''Hiccup? Maybe you and Toothless could race Torch. We could see who's faster ... when he returns that is.'' Fishlegs added suddenly realizing he may upset the chief by reminding him of Toothless.

Hiccup just nodded and smiled, he was too busy mentally face palming at how vain Toothless was being.

''What about the Night-Fury fire power?'' Toothless asked.

''Fire power 14! Of course, there are other dragons with more fire power like the fire worm queen. You weren’t here when Toothless took down a Bewilderbeast though and became alpha. That was amazing!'' Fishlegs squeaked. ''Although that was a plasma blast not so much fire!'' He added.

Toothless looked really smug and was practically beaming. ''Armour?'' He asked enthusiastically.

''That's 18, of course the Gronckle has an Armour of 20. You really should read the book of dragons Kalster. I can teach you to read maybe … every evening after dinner. I can do a few hours each night, we’ll have you reading in no time.’’ Fishlegs looked over at Hiccup. ‘‘I know you don't come to the Great Hall for dinner anymore chief … Hiccup, but nearly everyone else does. We light the main fire pit and share the food. Kalster you’re more than welcome to join us for dinner, and then follow me after for reading lessons.'' Fishlegs said excitedly and hopeful; Kalster might teach him more about the dragon’s he had seen, and he now had someone else to talk to about them that actually seemed interested.

Hiccup had agreed it was a good idea, but secretly he was worried how Toothless would fit in. There were still a few villagers that would rather see Toothless gone. The fact was, Toothless couldn't stay locked up forever, and even though he would miss him in the evenings he encouraged Toothless to try it. It would be good for him to learn to read at least and who knows, he might make some new friends. If he had time and felt up to it, Hiccup would start going to Great hall for dinner again to keep an eye on him where he could … at least initially.

Fishlegs had left in a very good mood that evening, especially as Toothless had told him that there were dragons he knew about that even Hiccup didn't know, and that he would tell him about some of them tomorrow. Hiccup was feeling somewhat jealous that Fishlegs would get to geek out with Toothless, but his dragon deserved the chance to learn. Overall the evening went very well; it was a relief to Hiccup, that Fishlegs was now another person looking out for Toothless - even if he didn't know who he really was.

Hiccup and Toothless were upstairs, and while Toothless was laying on the bed, Hiccup was sat at his desk looking at some notes. Trid was still asleep.

''What you doing Hicc?'' Toothless asked.

''Just thinking. You know you told me about the caves or tunnels leading through the volcano - the ones with the Ogthantarth markings?'' Hiccup put his pencil down and turning to face Toothless.

Toothless sat up and dipped his brows. ''Yeah. What about them?''

''I think we need to plan a trip out there and take a look. I have been thinking about this since you mentioned them. We will wait until your shoulder is better - and your ankle, but I really need to see if we can locate them markings.''

''Hicc, I really don't know if I could find them. It was ages ago, and even as a dragon it must have been at least ... four-moons worth of flying. Constant flying - like all day and only stopping to sleep. I didn't go straight from there to here either; I traveled to many different places since then so that's just a guess. We would never get there by ship, and I can't change back so it's hopeless!'' Toothless explained - firmly.

''I think that it is worth a try bud! I don't have anything else to go on. Look! I'm thinking we can sail to Dragons edge and hope that it is still as we left it. I know some of the huts got destroyed, but the island is a good a place to leave a ship. I think it should take two … maybe three days to sail there. Then if I’m right, you should be able to change into a dragon again, meaning we can fly the rest of the way. Even you said it was like something on this island was causing the problem.'' Hiccup was trying to convince Toothless to agree with him, he couldn’t stay on Berk and do nothing.   

''I still think that … but what if it isn't and I go insane again?'' Toothless stressed.

''Unless we are ready to accept that the dragons won’t came back … we have to try! I will be there to make sure you become human again if that happens.''

''I don't know Hicc. It is a really long flight, even from Dragons edge. You will be away for ages and it might all be for nothing. What about Trid … and the village?''

Hiccup went to sit on the bed next to Toothless - placing his hand on Toothless's leg trying to reassure him. ''I know it’s a big risk. The village will be fine if I can get mum and Gobber to hold down the fort while we’re gone. I know between Mum and the Hoffersons that Trid will be well cared for.''

''It could be dangerous! And like I said, what if I can't find it?'' Toothless asked. He was so nervous that Hiccup was putting his faith in him to find somewhere he hadn't been to since he was really young. He didn't want to let Hiccup down.

Hiccup sighed. ''Then you couldn't find it! We at least tried. We will be together on an adventure like we used to. Come on bud, please! If not for anything else then for me ... for us, so we can spend time together like we used to. Don't you want to be a dragon again?'' Hiccup begged, playing with Toothless's yearning to fly - to spread his wings once more.

''Of course I do! But ... I don't want to let you down!'' Toothless admitted looking anxious.

''You won’t bud. Even if you don't find it. I promise you that if we don't find anything I won't be disappointed in you. I mean sure, I will be upset that we couldn't find anything but everyone is already upset.'' Hiccup tried but Toothless still looked scared. Hiccup tried a new angle. ''You know my dad must have traveled to find that dragons nest a hundred times. Each time he failed he was disheartened but he never stopped trying - no matter the damage or the cost.  He was never disappointed in his people when they failed because they tired. We need to try. At least this isn't a hunt to destroy a nest, and we will have each other.''

''You’re not going to change your mind, are you?'' Toothless asked, already knowing the answer. Hiccup shook his head and smiled. ''This is a Hiccup plan, and you know what I think about these!”

''Why does everyone insist my plans are bad or fail?'' Hiccup asked generally curious for once, but the look on Toothless face made him regret asking.

''Red death - lost a leg, flight suit - me save your arse a hundred times, eel island - nearly got strangled by an eel and I accidentally ate one, diving bell - nearly drowned, mission to destroy the dragon root - was a trap that Snot saved us from, same again with Dagur but hunter ships, the plan to convince Drago to be nice, the plan to stop Astrid flying whilst pregnant, the-''

''Okay, okay! When you put it like that, I really am a useless leader but surly I had some good plans.'' Hiccup insisted looking deflated.

Toothless kissed him then smiled. ''Lots of good plans, but ... I never know which way they’re gonna go. So, sorry if I have my doubts.'' He smirked.

''Is it always going to be this way, you telling me my flaws and then thinking a kiss makes it better?'' Hiccup asked.

''Yep!'' Toothless smiled, very sure of himself.

''I may need another one!'' Hiccup incited playfully.

Toothless grabbed Hiccup's tunic - yanking him closer, and they shared a quick but passionate kiss. Hiccup loved it when Toothless pulled him like that - it was a huge turn on.

''Better?'' Toothless asked.

''Much'' Hiccup replied with a huge smile. ''You know that won't always save you!''

''I like my odds'' Toothless replied.

''Do you even know what that means?'' Hiccup asked shaking his head.

''Yep ... Spent too much time around the twins!'' Toothless grinned.

''As long as you don't start blowing everything up. So, do we have a plan?'' Hiccup asked hopefully.

Toothless thought about it for a while and then nodded. ''I guess so!''

''Don't smile all at once, I mean ... gods forbid we might actually have fun!'' Hiccup sarcastically replied.

''When do you think we’ll be ready to leave?''

''Well after Gothi had finished hitting us both for not seeing her sooner, she said that you seem to heal unusually fast. You heard what she said though, the arrow didn't go in that far and you were lucky. I checked the crossbow and the string was loose. The whole thing was poorly serviced, so it makes sense that the arrow didn't penetrate deeper. The arrow head was small and not very sharp, so the arrows were out of balance-''

''Once a blacksmith always a blacksmith!'' Toothless interrupted. ''You know It makes zero sense to me and I don't feel so lucky. I only got, ‘not sharp and small’ … and for something ‘not sharp and small’, it still fucking hurt... a lot!''

''Sorry.'' Hiccup honestly apologized. ''Basically, it caused some bad bruising and you lost a fair bit of blood - which is why you passed out. The wound is healing very fast so I’d estimate a few weeks at least, and then you’ll be good to go, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Does it feel any better? Can you move it at all?''

''It feels a little better...'' Toothless said, wincing only slightly as he moved his lower arm and elbow. ''…I can move this part, but it hurts a bit.'' He explained. He then hissed loudly in pain, screwed his eyes shut tight, and clenched his teeth as he moved his whole arm slowly at the shoulder. He stopped moving it and waiting for the pain to subside. ''Argh, that really hurts. Guess I can't move that arm yet. Now it feels worse!'' Toothless croaked his voice strained.

''I'm so sorry bud, I shouldn't have let you do that – it’s only been two days. Are you okay?'' Hiccup mentally face-palmed. ''That was a stupid question, but is the pain easing off at least?''

''Yeah, I'm good. It's fine until I move it or knock it. Don't worry Hicc, if I can get thorough a tail being ripped off, I can survive this.'' Toothless assured him, and gave him a smile.

''I am sorry though. We’ll plan this trip for when you can move your shoulder. If it is like that and you change back, you won't be able to walk. I mean a bad ankle and a bad shoulder, you can't exactly walk on two legs.'' Hiccup concluded.

''No that would be a bit difficult!'' Toothless chuckled then remembered something. ''What did I do with my shoulder as a dragon, you know when I changed in front of Valka after being shoot?''

''To be honest I didn't pay much attention. You were trying to break through the wall and the door. You may have been limping really badly but if you were in pain because of it, I wouldn't have known because of the way you reacted having changed into your dragon form.'' Hiccup informed him, recalling back to that evening.

''I really think pain is different when I'm a dragon. It's easier to handle … but I can't explain it.”

''I just hope you get better soon. Ever since you have been human you have been injured some way or another. How are your bruises anyway - the ones you got from falling in the cove?''

Toothless lifted his tunic, you could see the slight yellow patches from the left-over bruises.

''They look funny to me but they feel okay. What about yours Hicc? You had a bunch from the battle.''

''Not that sore anymore. Besides didn't you know, I love pain - it’s an occupational hazard.'' Hiccup joked.

''That explains a few things'' Toothless mumbled, but smiled.

Toothless leaned against the headboard of the bed - still sitting upright. Hiccup lay down, angled on the bed with his head in Toothless lap. Toothless was playing with the ends of Hiccup’s hair and they laid there for few minutes before Hiccup spoke again.

''Toothless! I want to keep the plan a secret. I mean … I will talk it over with mum at some point nearer the time, and I will let Gobber know we are planning a trip on the boat and leave it at that. If the village find out, you can be sure they will protest … and the gang will want to come with us - you won't be able to change if they insist on coming. I really wouldn't put it past the twins or Snotlout to somehow sneak onto the ship, even if I ordered them to stay.''

''Yeah, I can see that.'' Toothless agreed.

''So, don't say anything about this to anyone okay? We can inform mum together at some point when the times right. We won’t even announce our departure; we’ll basically just sneak out in the night when everyone is asleep.''

''Okay, sounds like a plan. A Hiccup plan but ... at least it’s a plan I guess.''

''Glad you have so much confidence in me bud!'' Hiccup replied sarcastically.

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Chapter 20 - Don’t fight it

~Five-week time skip~

Hiccup was leaning against the mast of the ship with his arms crossed against his chest. The ship was sailing away from the docks; he was looking at the shrinking figure of his mother and child as they disappeared into the distance. Toothless was sitting on the higher deck and noticed Hiccup looking unhappy. Toothless climbed down and slid his left arm behind Hiccup's back, pulling him close to his side - hugging him with his head rested on Hiccup's shoulder.

''Hey, you okay?'' He whispered. Hiccup smiled slightly.

''Yeah! Just going to miss them.'' He nodded towards where the docks had vanished from sight.

''Me too Hicc. We could always go back.'' Toothless honestly suggested. He still had his doubts about the trip, but he didn't want Hiccup feeling depressed and useless because he wasn’t doing anything to get the dragons home. Hiccup had been happier lately - despite the situation, and his anger was fading.

''No bud. We have to do this, and I'm looking forward to spending time with you - without having to look over our shoulders all the time.'' He leaning closer into Toothless, not expecting him to lick the side of his neck and cheek lovingly.

''Toothless!'' He exclaimed wiping his neck and turning to face him.

''At least it washes out!'' Toothless laughed, being cocky.

Hiccup nodded his agreement smirking before kissing him on the lips. ''I love you! Thanks for doing this with me.''

Toothless yanked him in closer for a longer, more passionate kiss that gave him goose-bumps. The feeling of Toothless’s arms wrapped around his waist, compelled him to run his own hands through Toothless’s messy black hair - tugging the small hairs at the nape of his neck.

Over the last five weeks, things had been ... interesting!

Hiccup become a little paranoid that someone would see them kissing, hugging, sharing a bed together, or discover their secret. He set up the downstairs bedroom for Toothless to avoid any suspicions from visitors - which was now essentially his own room and personal space, complete with bed and furniture. Hiccup had also reinforced the front door by adding a second lock, and he’d fixed new shutters and extra curtains to the windows. The villagers were concerned about this odd behaviour from their chief, but it was Hiccup - he had always been an usual boy so they shrugged it off. 

Toothless has a random collection of books on the small shelf above his desk - including ones that Hiccup isn't such if he should be concerned about or not, such as: 'Dragon traps - How not to trap the trapper' a guide to trapping and killing dragons, 'Dancing and the dreaming' explains Viking relationships and weddings, and 'Vikings guide to murder' which Hiccup is too scared to even ask about.

Toothless’s reading skills are quire remarkable - with the exception of more difficult words. He started learning how to write but at present his writing is uneven, too big, barely recognizable, and he forgets what letters and numbers should look like sometimes.

Hiccup had also decided that Toothless needed an outlet for his frustration - after he broke the eighth pencil and stormed out of the Great hall one night. Fishlegs had been very patient with Toothless and they got on really well, however, that night even Fishlegs had a right to be angry after he threatened to shove a pencil up his arse if he told him he was making good progress one more time. That outlet became sword fighting. Hiccup made the decision knowing that Toothless needed a way to protect himself without his dragon powers, but he wasn't doing very well; Toothless’s reflex skills were astonishing, so whilst he had yet to wield a sword correctly, he could avoid being hit at least. As Toothless became more adapt to his human body his agility and reflexes had also increased immensely, but his sword skills didn’t seem to be improving.

Toothless had fully recovered - all the bruises from both him and Hiccup had healed, they had therefore, made the plans as discussed and explained everything to Valka. Now they were sailing away from Berk on their way to Dragons edge. Gobber and the Hofferson's were the only ones that knew he was leaving Berk with Kalster, although Valka was the only one who knew the truth. Hiccup had told them he was going to find information that could be vital in solving the mystery of the dragon’s disappearance, and since Kalster was accustomed to living in the wilderness he could be of help. They had also been the witnesses he needed - to watch him sign the 'temporary chief hand over' parchment giving his mother full handover until his return to Berk.

Later that evening - after they had eaten, Hiccup and Toothless were on the deck of the ship with their swords. Toothless had stamina and strength, but had seemed clumsy with his blade and lacked skill to control the weapon.

Toothless ran forwards and tried to strike Hiccup from above, but Hiccup had swiftly dodged it causing Toothless to fall flat on his face. Hiccup was chuckling as he spun his sword round in his hand and prepared for a second attack.

''Oh, you are so dead Haddock!'' Toothless threatened, pushing off from the ground with his hands and got straight back into his fighting stance.

''You have to hit me first. Useless reptile.'' Hiccup mocked playfully in an attempt to get Toothless riled up.

Toothless charged, but Hiccup blocked the attack. He spun his sword around and disarmed Toothless. Toothless rolled smoothly across the deck, grabbed his sword, and jumped back onto his feet. Hiccup smirked as he watched Toothless getting worked up.

''It’s so on!'' Toothless growled. His frustration and determination to succeed threw out thought to his actions. 

The swords clashed and Hiccup was astonished at the sudden force and determination of the blows. Toothless was counter attacking with more skill then Hiccup had yet seen him achieve. Hiccup ducked down and span his leg round knocking Toothless of his feet - who groaned as he landed. Hiccup hadn’t used that move on Toothless yet, so he was caught of guard by it.

''H-how did you do that?'' Hiccup asked as he helped Toothless up.

''What, fall on my butt?'' He groaned. ''It's a skill I have gotten rather good at.'' He still had the sword in his hand.

Hiccup was staring at the sword and mentally face palmed. How had he not seen it, him of all people. ''Toothless, are you left-handed?'' He asked.

''What handed?'' He asked bewildered.

''Left-handed, I think you might be. This explains so much ... why didn't I see this?'' He was practically bouncing as he ran off towards the cabin. Toothless followed him confused.

When Toothless entered the cabin, Hiccup was finding parchment and ink. ''Toothless come here!'' He ordered. ''Use your left hand and write something!''

''O’kay.'' He replied, confused to where this was going. He sat down and wrote 'Hiccup is being weird' on the parchment and smirked at him. Hiccup raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes before placing a journal with Toothless's normal writing down for comparison.

''Ha, I was right! Look bud, your writing is more even and readable.'' He stated excitedly.

''Thanks!'' Toothless added sarcastically.

''No seriously, this is a good thing! It would explain why you keep dropping things and have trouble writing. You haven't been able to use your left arm because of the injury, and Fishlegs would have assumed you to be right-handed like everyone else.'' Hiccup paused in thought before continuing. ''We started sword fighting before your shoulder was fully recovered so we had to used your right arm … you’re definitely left-handed, you need to use your left hand.'' Hiccup was excited and relieved to know that Toothless wouldn't get so frustrated - he was sure he would do a hundred times better with his left hand.

''Nice to know I'm not even a normal Viking - person.'' Toothless mumbled.

''I'm left handed! Well technically I can use both hands but that's just because dad forced me to use my right hand growing up, and I got shoved about for it by the others. But I am left-handed, I really can't write or draw adequately with my right hand.'' Hiccup told him. ''Besides, you’re worried about being normal? You’re a dragon - a Night-Fury turned into a human and in a secret relationship with talking useless fish bone!''

Toothless stood up and kissed him. ''You’re not Useless! You know, I think being normal is actually really boring!'' He smiled at Hiccup before pushing him with his left hand playfully.

Hiccup caught a look at the back of Toothless hand as he lowered it, seeing the small scabs over his knuckles. ''You decked Snot with that hand, didn't you?'' He asked.

Toothless nodded. ''I guess I am left-handed … but you know he deserved that!'' Toothless said sitting down on the bed.

Hiccup followed him and laid down on his back with his hands behind his head. ''I can't believe you did that!'' He chuckled.

~Flash back~


The gang were at the dragon arena about a week ago, using the space for weapon training. Hiccup and Toothless went there to practice with swords. Ruffnut was currently holding Tuffnut in a head lock, and shouting at him for using her hair oil on chicken. Fishlegs was sitting by the weapons cart, and Snotlout was being a self-righteous moron - insisting he didn't need to practice because he was already the best. He had spent all afternoon insulting and belittling Toothless and Hiccup, and this time he was rambling to Fishlegs while laying against the cart.

''Of course, Kalster needs all the training he can get. I'd offer my expertise but it would just be a waste of my precious time. I mean what can that fishbone teach him ... he is just as useless!''

''Snotlout, Hiccup is our chief!'' Fishlegs warned.

''I know that! Unbelievable right. He should stick to ‘chiefing’ and leave the fighting to the actual Vikings!'' Snotlout went on and on with same rambling.

In the middle of the arena, Toothless had just fallen over for at least the twelfth time. He groaned in frustration as he landed on the hard ground, the sword clanging across the arena as it left his hand.

''You will get there, you just need more practice!'' Hiccup encouraged.

Snotlout was laughing. ''I'd give up now! Unless you’re practicing falling … because you're awesome at that!''

Toothless was fuming. He had heard everything that Snotlout had been saying all day. He hadn’t done anything but lounge around and throw insults to everyone - including himself and Hiccup. Toothless marched over to him.

''You think you can take me!'' Toothless snapped.

''Kalster, just ignore him!'' Hiccup tried as he pulled Toothless away.

Snotlout stood up. ''That … thing! Thinks he can take on the Snotmaster? He is worse than you ever were, useless.'' Snotlout shouted.

Toothless flew for Snotlout. He punched him in the face so hard that his noes started bleed, he fell down with a noise like injured cattle.

''Hiccup is a thousand times better then you!'' Toothless screamed at the now stunned Viking.

Snotlout quickly went from stunned to angry. He had gotten up after feeling the blood on his face and took a swing at Toothless with his fist. Toothless tackled him to the ground and a brawl had started, both Snotlout and Toothless were rolling on the floor throwing punches at each other.

Toothless had - at some point bitten Snotlout's arm, and the twins were placing bets on who would emerge victorious or what injuries they would suffer. Toothless was furious and had no fear or hesitation in his actions. Snotlout soon learnt that Toothless was a lot stronger than he looked and that he could hold his own in a fight. Hiccup and Fishlegs both had to pull an angry Toothless off Snotlout.  

Snotlout was covered in blood, bites, and bruises, with a black eye and a broken nose. Seeing Toothless being restrained he had seized the cowardly opportunity to punch Toothless in the gut while he was being pulled back. Hiccup had wasted no time stepping in front of Toothless, punching Snotlout straight up and into his jaw, knocking him out cold in an instant.

''That felt good.'' Hiccup sighed shaking his fist. ''That coward! Fishlegs can you get this mutton head home please and make sure Gothi sees to him.''

Fishlegs carried the unconscious Snotlout out of the arena. The twins were standing there with their jaws hanging.

''Thor's mighty hammer strikes again!'' They said in unison, squealing and cheering in excitement. They announced that Kalster was now their best friend.

''Spitelout was fuming!'' Toothless recalled.

''I may have put him straight by informing him that Snotlout bragged he could take you on after insulting us both, that his son should stop bragging because one day it might be an opponent twice his size. And of course, I told him he insulted his chief and should be lucky I didn't put him in the cells. I reminded him, we’re Vikings it’s an occupational hazard!'' He winked at Toothless.

Spitelout hadn't kept his feelings about the 'outsider' a secret during the argument, and he had demanded action against Kalster. Hiccup had put his foot down by telling Spitelout his son was a coward, and that both he and Kalster had fought each other because of the insults his son had aimed at his chief and fellow tribe members. It was by no means a malicious attack. He added that Snotlout was his friend, and because of that he tolerated his insubordinate behaviour and his lazy egotistical personality, but he sometimes overstepped the line and had to deal with the consequences. If Snotlout couldn't handle the outcome of his actions then to learn to keep his mouth shut. Either he accepted that or he could have a fair trial and be convicted of crimes against the chief. The Jorgenson’s had relented because they knew if they pushed the matter it could amount to much more serious consequences for Snotlout. Hiccup was only being lenient because he was a fair chief, and despite his flaws, Snotlout was his friend and a valued member of the tribe.

Toothless laughed ''No one insults you in front of me Hicc! Besides he was annoying me!''

''Who said I needed protecting?'' Hiccup asked.

''I am always the first person you call when you’re in trouble!'' Toothless reminded him smirking.

Hiccup sat up. ''Who wouldn't want the 'unholy offspring of lightening and death its self' coming to their rescue.'' He asked pinning Toothless to the bed and leaning over him.

''So, I am only good enough for you as a dragon. I see how it is!'' Toothless played.

Hiccup kissed Toothless and looked into his bright lime green eyes. The outer iris was Turkish-blue, and every damn time he looked at them he got mesmerized. He had to avoid Toothless eyes when other people were around or he would get caught staring at him with lust. Toothless saw Hiccup staring and opened his eyes wider.

''You’re a great dragon, but a damn hot human!'' Hiccup replied tracing a faint kiss on his lips. ''And my best friend, who I happen to be in love with.'' He pushed his lips into Toothless's.

Toothless slid his hand behind Hiccup's neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss as Hiccup climbed on top of him. This was the first time Hiccup was really able to get lost in the connection - without worrying about being seen or heard.

Toothless pulled the back of Hiccup’s hair while nipping his upper lip. Hiccup let slip a quiet moan. Their tongues met and Toothless felt a shudder before a moan escaped his own lips. Hiccup's hand slid down under Toothless tunic … and up across his lean chest as he continued the kiss. He felt the firmness of Toothless's abs, and the smooth skin under his fingers.

''Hicc?'' Toothless whispered and gasped.

Hiccup persisted in the kiss, moaning to signal his acknowledgment at being called. Toothless place his hand over Hiccup's through the tunic and Hiccup stopped.

''Take it off.'' Hiccup breathed desperately. His breathless and quiet voice breathed into Toothless ear, begging him to remove the tunic

Hiccup tugged at the material of Toothless’s tunic … but his lips had already returned to Toothless’s neck. He licked in circles below his ear … his tongue sliding up the salty skin and nipping at the delicate area.

Toothless moaned and breathed heavier as he felt excited and amazed, his hormones were all over the place, and the blood rushed unexpectedly to his cock. Hiccup had never done this to him before, never begged him to remove his tunic, or kissed his skin this way. He felt Hiccup's dick press against him through their clothes and he worried that Hiccup would feel his own growing cock. Surely it was alright if Hiccup was in the same position?

''Take it off. Please!'' Hiccup begged again in a breathless whisper.

Hiccup had been desperate to take things further with Toothless for a few weeks, he just didn’t have the courage to admit it, or the courage to do it. It was almost torture being around Toothless and only kissing him when he had other desires burning to be appeased.

Toothless couldn't deny the pleasure it was giving him and he wanted to give Hiccup what he wanted. He sat up and helped Hiccup remove his tunic - throwing it across the cabin before laying back down onto his back. Hiccup continued licking his neck and nipping the sensitive skin. His eyes rolled into his head and he was swallowed by the new sensations Hiccup was causing, drawing from his new human body. Hiccup started grinding into his groin, he grabbed the bedding in his fists feeling something start to build. Gods this is amazing, what’s he doing to me? He thought as broken moans escaped his lips, deep and expressive of his pleasure.

''Hicc?'' Toothless stuttered, gasping as his cock twitched involuntary. He shuddered and fidgeted, Hiccup responding by kissing him hungrily. Toothless grabbed Hiccup's neck, eagerly deepening the kiss at the reassurance.

Hiccup hadn't stop grinding … he could feel Toothless's hard cock through his clothes as it reached its peak. He didn't care, this is what he wanted and no one would ever know. He pushed harder against Toothless's groin as he continued to gyrate into him, grinding their enlarged cocks against each other’s body. The groans from Toothless’s wet mouth only made him crave more friction; he moved faster against Toothless, getting as close as he could as they enjoyed the sexually intense kissing.

''Don't stop!'' Toothless shockingly found himself gasping, begging for more.

Hearing Toothless begging him, moaning for more, was so arousing that Hiccup moaned in return. He wanted to take thing further … but he wasn’t ready yet. What they were doing right now was amazing, and he was finally doing something to meet the sexual desires he had bottle up. It wasn't penetrating sex, but he would take it. Toothless already looked like he couldn’t take much more.

Hiccup continued to grind faster into Toothless’s groin, pleasing both their aching members. He ran his hands over Toothless chest and bit the skin on his neck before sucking and kissing the sensitive skin. His hand slipped down and rubbed the top of Toothless’s cock through his trousers.

Toothless was moaning louder, overwhelmed with new sensations, sexual sensations he didn’t know humans were capable of feeling. His breathing was a mess, his heart raced, and he dug his fingers into Hiccup’s shoulders. He was desperate for more of whatever Hiccup was doing, yet at the same time it felt like he was about to break … like something had to give because he couldn’t take anymore.

''Hicc? What's...'' He stuttered, trying to ask what was happening through his shuddered breathing. As the build-up grew in his cock and his balls tightened, his left hand rushed down between himself and Hiccup - to grab his sensitive member. It almost felt like he had to urine really bad - in a weird way, and yet, the only way to bring relief was by continuing whatever this was.   

''Don't fight it!'' A breathless Hiccup whispered, removing Toothless hand and pinning it above his head dominating him. He kissed Toothless passionately as he continued to grind and rub against him.

Toothless didn't want to argue or to stop him, the building pleasure was inexplainable. He didn't know what was happening or what Hiccup was actually doing to him … but he trusted him, and Oh by all that was holy … this was fucking amazing and he needed more.

Toothless moaned through the kissing as he felt his cock contract. ''Fuck!'' Slipped out from his lips as his body tensed, and his back arched involuntarily. Another contraction made him stop returning Hiccup's kiss as he felt wetness forming below. The release was mind bowing, and he shuddered as the third contraction past. He moaned in pleasure and was lost in the euphoric, mind blowing sensations.

When the contractions stopped, and Toothless suddenly became more aware of what he felt in his pants, he was worried... had he pissed himself?

Hiccup knew what had happened and could see the panic in Toothless eyes. He kissed his lips softly and looked into his eyes with love. ''Its ok bud! I think you just came!'' He smiled at Toothless knowingly as he sat up, looking down at Toothless’s leggings which now had a wet patch where his cock ended - a cock that Hiccup could see going flaccid.

''Huh?'' Toothless gulped as he too sat up, but he couldn't help relax as Hiccup reassured him it was alright.

''You came bud, you … released your seed. '' He told him gently rubbing Toothless's flaccid cock through his trousers – ignoring his own needy member. Toothless moaned slightly at the contact trying to figure out what Hiccup was telling him. When the penny dropped, he was more confused.

''I did? Wait, how? We didn't mate? I ... I didn't mean-.'' He mumbled looking at his wet patch.

Hiccup chuckled and kissed him again, running his hand through his thick black hair. Toothless completely relaxed at the gentle touch. Whatever that was felt amazing and Hiccup wasn't mad, so everything was okay.

''You have a lot to learn bud! Get changed, I’ll be right back.'' Hiccup smiled getting up. Hiccup's cock was still very hard and he needed its own release, especially as a moaning - squirming Toothless was still vivid in his mind.

''Where are you going?'' Toothless asked as he stood up. He had so many questions.

''Need to pee!'' Was all he said before he left with a huge grin across his face.

Chapter Text

Chapter 21 - Dragons edge

They had been sailing for two days and were expecting to see Dragons edge soon. Hiccup was out on deck looking in the distance for any signs of land while Toothless was actually reading in the cabin. 

Toothless had been improving remarkably well at sword fighting and writing since Hiccup had pointed out he was left handed. Hiccup had even used the few tools on board to make a small metal plate that he could put into his pocket - with letters and numbers carved onto it, so Toothless had something to remind him what they should look like when writing. 

''Hey bud, learn anything new?'' Hiccup asked him, smiling as he entered the cabin and sat down on the bed opposite Toothless. 

''Yeah, I learnt how to disabled dragon traps and set them, might come in handy.'' He replied cheerfully. ‘‘I remember when Gobber was trying to teach you guys to disable dragon traps. Remember that, Tuff got caught in a trap himself and Torch showed up.’’ Toothless rolled his eyes at the memory of Torch.

‘‘If you teach the other dragons this then the dragon hunters are going to be in for a huge surprise. It will be funny to watch.'' Hiccup chuckled. ‘‘And yeah, I remember that. What was it with you and Torch anyway? He really wasn’t that bad, he was kinda … cute.’’ Hiccup said, remembering the baby Typhoomerang he found and how Toothless didn’t like him.

‘‘He was a manipulative brat. He stole my jobs, ate all my food, wanted my bed and bit my tail. You didn’t even notice because you had goo goo eyes at him. You were too busy geeking out to see what he was doing behind your back. At least he grew up and helped us out in the end.’’ Toothless explained and sighed.

‘‘I did not have goo goo eyes! And really? I always though he was sweet.’’ Hiccup admitted. Toothless rolled his eyes and gave the ‘Typical Hiccup’ look. ‘‘Well … I’m sorry. I didn’t know that bud. I should have paid more attention to you back then but now, now you will always have my attention. Even if I’m busy I will make time for you.’’ Hiccup sealed his promise with a kiss and looked back at the book Toothless was reading.     

''Question ... What does In-nar.-vay-shone mean?'' Toothless suddenly asked. 

''Show me!'' Toothless pointed to the sentence in the book and Hiccup read, ''...Dragon hunters rarely show innovation when it comes to new dragon traps, why would we we’re Vikings, however...'' Hiccup rolled his eyes. ''It means Vikings don't use their heads and create new ideas for dragon traps. They think because the traps work there is no need for anything new or different. Typical really. Innovation basically mean introducing new things. Like new ideas or better solutions.'' Hiccup explained.   

''Sounds about right.'' Toothless agreed. Vikings were typically so stubborn they were never open to change, even if it was for the better. 

''You looking forward to flying again?'' Hiccup asked.

''Yes and no. I'm kinda worried to be honest. I don't want to go berserk and hurt you ... or worse.'' Toothless said looking down in worry. 

''Hey, You won't!'' Hiccup stressed holding his hands. ''It will be fine, I was thinking that if it is safe for you to change on the edge then there must be other dragons living there still. We can look for other dragons before you change if you're that worried.'' Hiccup suggested. 

''And what if there aren't any other dragons?'' He asked. 

''Then we deal with it then. One step at a time bud.'' Hiccup reassured him. Toothless looked up at Hiccup, sighed and nodded. Hiccup wrapped his arms around Toothless reassuring him with a loving hug.

The ship reached shallow waters by late afternoon and had stopped where they planned to anchor it. Hiccup and Toothless lowered the anchor and had unloaded the few supplies they had brought with them. A few of the huts they had built had been destroyed, but Fishlegs's old hut was still usable.

Astrid and Hiccup had traveled there for old times’ sake just over a year ago and had seen the damage assuming it was either rogue dragons or hunters. It certainly wasn't the same without the gang but he had Toothless.

Hiccup sat on the end of one of the platforms looking out over the sea. This was where he had first really kissed Astrid, and the edge was where he had really fallen in love with her - where they had declared their love for each other. No matter what happened to the huts they had built, there would always be so many memories associated with this island. 

''You okay Hicc?'' Toothless asked when he saw Hiccup lost in thought and looking slightly dismal.

''Oh. Yeah never better.'' Hiccup replied a little too fast without moving. Toothless sat down next to him. 

''You know you’re a terrible liar right.'' Toothless said nudging Hiccup who signed. 

''So I've been told.'' He replied. 

''You miss Astrid don't you. It’s okay, I know you loved her. I miss her too but she was your mate. I don't know what I would do if I lost you and ... you must feel really bad because I would feel horrible if lost you. I'm ... not really helping, am I?''

Hiccup smiled slightly, closed his eyes, and softly sighed.

''I love you as much as I loved her. You and me have been through a lot together and ... you were my friend when no one else was. If I hadn't met you, I would never have had the chance with Astrid or become a father. Dad would never have told me he was proud of me, and the dragon raids would never have stopped. I probably would never have become chief. I owe everything to you.'' Hiccup admitted, feeling his eyes well up with tears. ''I don't know how to became as great, as brave, or as selfless as my father, and ... I don't think I ever will, but I promised him I would try. When Astrid died, I didn't know how to be a father but I promised her I would try for our son. I promised her I would always love her, and meet her again in Valhalla one day. That I couldn't possibly love other like I loved her and ... to wait for me.'' Hiccup wiped his eyes with his sleeve and sniffed. ''I feel like I betrayed her bud … because I feel in love with you.'' Hiccup chocked, tears silently falling and he covered his eyes with his hands. 

Toothless wrapped his arm around Hiccup and pulled him closer. Hiccup leaned against him and squeezed Toothless hand - grateful for his comfort.

''Hiccup, I don't think Astrid would blame you. I think she would want you to be happy. If you want to stop being my mate then-''  

''No! No no no no bud. I can't do this without you.'' Hiccup stressed, almost begging grabbing his hand tighter and staring into his eyes. 

''You will always have me Hicc. I’m not going anywhere, but we don't have to be together as mates if it makes you sad.'' Toothless told him, holding his cheek and looking back into his eyes. It would break his heart having to go back to the way things were, but he would do if it was what Hiccup wanted.  

''No! I want you, all off you! I love you and can't go back to just being friends. I can't do that!'' Hiccup stressed. 

''That's okay then … because I don't want that either. I would! If you wanted me too, but I really don't want that because I love you too.'' Toothless admitted. 

Hiccup hugged him tightly, too afraid to let go, as if he would lose him too if he did. Toothless hugged Hiccup back and felt him silently sob into his chest. Toothless didn't understand human grief very well, but he could imagine how painful it was because he didn't think he could bare it if he lost Hiccup. Each time he had come close to losing him - before he got to be a human, it felt like his heart would stop. Now he had an even deeper connection with him, it would be torture.

Hiccup had barley finished grieving over his father when he lost Astrid so unexpectedly; he still had nightmares some nights, waking up sweating from seeing his father’s death or Astrid lying in a pool of her own blood from child birth. The wall that held him up making him strong, had been broken and rebuilt so many times it was fragile. The life he thought he would have, had been ripped from him unfairly, cruelly even, and everything he knew was gone. Hiccup had become angry as a coping mechanism, but now he had managed to control his anger it left him without a shield to hide behind. He was able to put on a brave face and get lost in his job as chief, or his duty as a father. Here now - with no duty or job, there were no distractions to keep his mind away from the pain and guilt he had been avoiding. He had shared his pain with Toothless, revealing his weakness and vulnerability to the man he trusted and loved.

''I really miss her bud.'' He sobbed; his voice broken.

''It's okay to miss her. You sure you want to do this trip? There is still time to go back.'' Toothless checked. 

''Yes! We need to do this.'' He took a ragged breath. ''It might be just what I need ... to get away for a bit ... with you! Thank you for understanding Toothless.'' Hiccup told him sitting up. His breathing was ragged and broken for a while until he managed to stop quietly sobbing and wipe his eyes. 

Toothless didn't really know how to comfort Hiccup but he hated seeing him so depressed. He pulled Hiccup close to him and he rested his head down on Toothless lap. Toothless rubbed his fingers through his Auburn hair and over his back gently, and they just stayed there for a while in comfortable silence.   

They had decided to spend the rest of the day at the edge planning for the next stage of the trip. Toothless had been looking at maps with Hiccup trying and figure out which direction to fly in. They both knew they had sailed in the opposite direction to reach dragons edge, but it was the only location they trusted to leave the ship - and even that was hopeful thinking because it could still be stolen or damaged.

Toothless had tried to recall where he had been since he ended up on Dragon Island, and he could only surmise that it was south west of Dragons Edge. They had agreed that they would fly to Slitherwing Island and then south west to Dragon Island to avoid flying anywhere near Berk. That was if their assumptions were right - and that Toothless could change back to his dragon self away from Berk. 

It wasn't long before night came and Hiccup and Toothless were asleep in the same bed. The sun hadn't even started to rise when Hiccup was woken up by the sound of someone going through their bags. Hiccup reached for inferno on the bedside table, and activated the sword and flame to see who had intruded into the hut. 

''Toothless wake up'' Hiccup whispered urgently, nudging him awake. Toothless groaned and rolled over. ''Toothless, someone is here!'' 

''What?'' He asked, sitting up and looking around. 

As Hiccup lifted the sword higher to illuminate the room, he saw a white Night-Terror hiding behind Hiccup's bag. Hiccup relaxed and attached his metal leg. 

''Smidvarg! Toothless it's Smidvarg.'' He exclaimed excitedly. ''Hey, it’s me ... remember me little fella?'' He spoke to the Night-Terror. Smidvarg inched forward sniffing Hiccup's out stretched hand before placing his snout up against it. ''Toothless if Smidvarg is here you can change. You can fly again bud!'' Hiccup reminded him excitedly, rubbing Smidvarg's head. 

''That's ... great!'' Toothless didn't look to excited.

Hiccup sat next to him on the bed while Smidvarg left the hut through the bottom of the door - which was broken off. ''Toothless? I thought this was what you wanted.'' He asked. 

''I guess. I just like being able to talk to you. I think I got too used to being human.'' Toothless admitted biting his lip.   

''You can still be human! You get to be both. I would love to be a dragon bud. Maybe you just need to try it, remember what it feels like to be you!'' Hiccup suggested.

Toothless sighed and thought about it. ''Okay … but you need to lock me in the pens!'' Toothless stated, giving in.

''What why? Smidvarg is okay and-'' 

''In case something goes wrong! I'm not taking the risk of hurting you. You lock me in the pens or I won't do it!'' He stated firmly, crossing his arms.

Hiccup didn't like doing this and felt it unnecessary, but it was what Toothless wanted. Once they were ready, they walked to the pens and Hiccup found one that still looked strong and functional.

''Guess I will see you on the other side bud!'' Hiccup smiled. 

''If I go crazy, please don't do anything stupid. I'm serious Hiccup. Get away or go back to Berk. Last time I lost control I-.'' Toothless begged him remembering Drago and the time he was forced to kill Hiccup, hitting Stoick instead.

''You won't.'' Hiccup promised sternly. 

''That wasn't very reassuring.'' Toothless told him with fear in his eyes. Hiccup grabbed Toothless and kissed him passionately on the lips. ''That was nice but … still not reassuring.'' 

''Just get in there.'' Hiccup told him, pushing him into the pen. Toothless kissed him one last time before Hiccup locked the pen.

Toothless started to undress and Hiccup started smirking as he looked at Toothless lean figure and slight ab muscles. He hadn't been as embarrassed seeing Toothless naked, but then it wasn't something he saw often. Toothless had stripped down and noticed a pair of forest green eyes looking at his lower region. Toothless swayed his dangling cock grinning. 

''You obviously like what you see.'' Toothless played. 

''Toothless!'' Hiccup exclaimed embarrassed, he turned around so Toothless wouldn't see his erect cock trying to be known under his own leggings. 

''Hiccup, if it goes okay, I won't be able to talk to you. I won't be able to warn you when I turn back so you’re going to see me like this. You sure you want that?'' Toothless asked.

Hiccup turned to face Toothless and nodded. ''That's fine bud. You’re my boyfriend now so we should be able to ... see each other naked. It's fine, really! Are you ready?'' Hiccup asked, trying to ignore his sexual thoughts.

''Okay, ready!'' Toothless said shuddering. He closed his eyes and morphed back into the cute black Night-Fury he was.

Toothless looked at himself and spun in a circle before looking up at Hiccup and wriggling his entire body happily. Hiccup smiled as he rushed to unlock the pen. He had barely opened the door when he got pounced on. Toothless knocked him down and licked his face constantly. 

''To-tooth-less ... Toothless!'' Hiccup managed to say pushing the dragon off him. ''Oh, come on bud! You know that doesn't wash out when you’re a dragon.'' He said flicking off the dragon saliva before tackling him and hanging off his neck.

Toothless laughed and nuzzled Hiccup. He could now smell something in Hiccup's pants - a lingering faint scent he always had before he mated Astrid, but It was going away so he shook it off. 

''Well how does it feel being ... you again!'' Hiccup asked. Toothless spun round and ran outside looking at the sky then back at Hiccup. ''Go for it Bud!'' Hiccup told him smiling. Toothless looked at Hiccup again and nuzzled his hand, looking back at the sky. ''You want me to come with you?'' He asked. Toothless nodded then ran ahead of Hiccup dragging out the saddle. ''Okay!'' Hiccup said lighting up in excitement as he fixed the saddle. 

Once they had taken off, Hiccup and Toothless felt amazing and free. They didn't know how much they had missed this until Toothless flew up into the clouds and soared through the sky. Toothless had his dragon senses back and knew Hiccup was elated and relaxed. Toothless glided over the sea, raced back into the sky, and pulled off twists and turns as if it were yesterday. It felt good to be able to fly again, and the best part for Toothless was knowing that Hiccup was happy.

Hiccup laid forward and hugged Toothless before speaking. ''You’re amazing bud. So ... want to catch me?'' Hiccup asked.

Toothless grumbled and rolled his eyes. He couldn't deny Hiccup what he wanted so he flew up high into the clouds at shocking speed. Hiccup held on tightly and shouted ''Whoa, bud what?'' When Toothless stopped gaining altitude he suddenly flipped and descended upside down towards the ground. Hiccup catching on laughed and unclipped himself, jumping away from Toothless and yelling his enjoyment as he plummets. They spiraled through the air, face-to-face, both feeling the same rush of adrenaline and immensely happy. All the weight on Hiccup shoulders, the emotion, the pain, it had all gone in that exhilarating moment. Toothless was enjoying it just as much and the fact he had a real tail again meant that he wasn't as worried about Hiccup. He knew he could catch him and fly without Hiccup's help - which gave him a sudden devious idea.

''Whoa, this is amazing!'' Hiccup announced loudly as the sea below started to get closer. ''Time to go up bud!'' He instructed. 

Toothless made a noise which to Hiccup sounded like 'I can't be bothered', before flying away from Hiccup. ''Toothless! Now really isn't the time to go feral bud! Toothless!'' Hiccup shouted as he got closer to the sea. Toothless showed no signs of coming to catch Hiccup and he was beginning to panic.

''Toothless!'' He screamed, closing his eyes waiting for the bone shattering, body breaking, crash into the sea. He was going to hit the water surface too fast to have any chance at surviving this.

Toothless rush underneath Hiccup catching him so close to the water that his paws created waves either side of them. Hiccup opened his eyes and was trying not to have a heart attack. ''Cutting it a bit close there bud!'' Was all he could say as he had watched his life flash before his eyes, bringing back dark memories.

Once his heart stopped racing, he slapped Toothless firmly on the shoulder. ''Was you trying to kill me?” He asked shaking his head. Toothless laughed, and eventually … so did Hiccup. 

Coming back towards the edge Toothless fired a plasma blast into the sky and looked at the explosion in pride of himself. As they came into land, they were shocked to see dragons starting to appear from all around them. 

''I think they saw your plasma blast bud. You're their Alpha remember!'' Hiccup reminded him as they landed. Toothless had actually forgotten that small detail.

All sorts of dragons were arriving but the most shocking and reassuring ones were: Hookfang, Fanghook, Meatlug, Barf and Belch, Cloudjumper, Stormfly, Grump, and all the other dragons from Berk. 

''They came here … they all came here!'' Hiccup breathed in awe as they all bowed to Toothless when he landed.

Chapter Text

Chapter 22 - Wreck reef

Hiccup was immensely relieved to see all the dragons safe and coexisting with each other harmoniously. He had given each dragon he recognized - and a few others that trusted him some attention, while Toothless seemed to be communicating with them still in his dragon form. If it wasn't for the fact that they were only there as a means to continue their journey he would have stayed with them. Instead he had gone to make arrangements to leave and prepare for the long flights ahead. Toothless had stayed with the dragons doing what Hiccup could only assume were his duties as Alpha, and he was most likely playing with his old friends as well.

Toothless told him a few weeks back that he didn't actually have to do much as the Alpha dragon. He just had to make sure they were safe and sort out any fights or disputes they couldn't resolve themselves. Dragons had often flown to Berk in distress seeking Toothless's help, and either Hiccup had gone with him to assist, or he had attached Toothless automatic tail to him. It was worrying when Toothless left on his own, sometimes returning with a few wounds, but Astrid had always comforted his concerns. 'A chief protects his own’ In this case a dragon. It was amazing how alike and similar their lives were. Both alone and scared at first, too quickly judged, then fighting to protect their own kind and now … both chiefs in their own rights.    

Hiccup and Toothless had planned to leave early that afternoon to make the flight to Melody island. It was a day away and going to be a long journey considering there were only a few islands in between. Hiccup needed to think carefully about the supplies Toothless could carry - as well as himself. Thanks to Hookfang and Barf and Belch, he was able to restock up on canisters for his sword 'Inferno'. He had his shield, clothes, a few light weight tools, limited food supply and drink. He also packed a light weight blanket, Toothless's sword just in case, and a few other random or necessary things. 

A while later Toothless bounded in excitedly signalling Hiccup's attention. Hiccup frowned. ''You want me to follow you?'' He asked.

Toothless nodded excitedly and Hiccup followed him. The dragons all parted, leaving a gap for them to walk through and his eyes lit up when Toothless stopped. ''Oh wow! I-it's a Shivertooth!'' Hiccup breathed. 

Hiccup knelt down on his knees to show the Shivertooth he meant no harm while Toothless seemed to be communicating with it. Toothless then nudged Hiccup's hand. ''You sure bud?'' He asked nervously, but Toothless nodded. He closed his eyes, looking away as he slowly lifted his hand. A few nerve-racking seconds later and the Shivertooth placed its snout on his hand - he sighed in relief.

The dragon was blue and purple, had a pelican like mouth, and was similar in size to the monstrous nightmare. It has gem-like spikes lining its back, thin and sharp claws and an arrow-shaped tail tip. It belonged to the sharp class category of dragons, and was said to the have the sharpest claws that could slice clean through a Viking. Hiccup had never seen one and he had read about them being unpredictable tricksters; where the Thunderdrums were said to get their power from Thor its self, the Shivertooth was said to be a dragon of Loki.

Toothless ran off towards the huts leaving Hiccup to marvel and geek out at the amazing chance to meet the dragon. Hiccup pulled out the pad of parchment he carried on his flight suit and started to draw the dragon and make notes. He had just about finished when he heard a familiar voice behind him. 

''Thought you'd get a geek out over him?'' Toothless said smiling - still putting on his tunic with nothing on his feet. 

''Toothless?'' Hiccup said in surprise turning around. 

''Yep! Forgot what I look like already?'' He played nudging Hiccup. 

''No! And ... he is amazing, thank you for coming to get me.'' Hiccup thanked him sincerely, putting the finishing touches on his drawing. 

The Shivertooth didn't recognize Toothless and growled thrashing its tail unexpectedly. Toothless recognized its fear immediately, ''Hiccup!'' Toothless shouted knocking him to the ground quickly, as the tail just missed them both. Stormfly had followed Hiccup and had rushed in to protect him, growling back at the Shivertooth. Toothless jumped up and put his hands out to the enraged dragons. 

''Whoa Stormfly!'' Toothless shouted, going in between the two dragons, he then stood in front of the Shivertooth looking up at him. ''Easy Alouwile! I'm a friend.'' The dragons head flinched and Hiccup had gotten off the floor staring between Toothless and the Shivertooth. ''Come on Alouwile, chill out ... Stop it!'' He ordered firmly.

Hiccup didn’t think just commanding the dragon would work - you had to gain their trust first and show you wasn’t a threat, which was why he was shocked when the dragon froze and bowed instantly almost cowering before Toothless.

Stormfly approached Toothless and sniffed him - causing him to turn around. Stormfly roared to the sky and then bowed as well. Other dragons came out of hiding and follow suit, gathering around them. Hiccup looked at Toothless and noticed his eyes were dilated and slightly bluer around the iris. If he hadn't spent weeks staring into those human eyes, he may have missed the changed.

''T-t-toothless ... your eyes!'' Hiccup stuttered.

''My eyes?''

''They changed a-and the dragons … there bowing to you.'' Hiccup pointed out shocked.

''Yeah, I am Alpha right?'' He said as if it was normal.

''You’re ... human!'' Hiccup stated, still in shock. Toothless looked at his hands and he remembered he had changed back and was talking to Hiccup. Toothless mentally face palmed. 

''Right … yeah that is weird. Guess my secret is out!'' He said and smiled. Shrugging it off.

''With the dragons ... at least not to anyone else! H-how did they know?'' 

''I should ask them!'' Toothless replied suddenly stripping off. ''This is annoying, keep getting dressed and undressed.'' He complained.

Hiccup barely had time to answer or respond when Toothless changed back into his dragon self. 

He was thinking his life just got a whole lot crazier. Toothless was communicating with the dragons again right now, but he was thrown for a loop. This was going to be hard to explain to the people of Berk if the dragons returned. Dragons bowing to Toothless, to Kalster, in front of his whole tribe. Hiccup rubbed his face and then remembered Toothless calling the Shivertooth, Alouwile. Was that his species, or perhaps it was his name. While Hiccup was wondering Toothless changed again and stumbled. 

''Whoa, getting a little dizzy all this changing ... and hungry.'' Toothless said, standing up naked. He reached for his trousers. Hiccup had instinctively gone to help him but he seemed okay now. 

''You need to go easy bud; you obviously can't keep changing like that.'' Hiccup fussed. He was getting dizzy just watching the switching, and the undressing and redressing.

''Right! So apparently my scent changed when I got defensive and ordered them to stop. They said they also felt faint Alpha commands like ... I guess they felt like they had to do what I said.'' Toothless explained with a shrug. ''Before you ask ... I don't know, and no I don't know how.'' He finished now putting on his tunic.   

''How do you know what I was going to ask?'' Hiccup asked, frowning as they walked back to huts. 

''Because you’re you!'' He replied smugly before seeing Hiccup’s raised eyebrows. ''Fine, you were going to ask, how does that work and if I can control it? To which I answered - I don't know and no, I don't know how!'' 

''Why do you have to be a smart arse?'' Hiccup signed. Toothless grinned proud of himself. ''Useless reptile!'' He added, mumbling.

''You know you keep calling me that, but firstly … human!'' He said indicating to himself with his hands. ''And secondly, you wouldn't have met Alouwile without me!'' 

''Alouwile? Is that a name or something?'' Hiccup asked, ignoring his smug smile.

''Yep! He is a Skarpisskelmir, or Shivertooth as you call it!'' Toothless told him.

''I'm not even going to ask!'' Hiccup replied rolling his eyes.

Hiccup and Toothless had eaten - mainly because Toothless wouldn't stop whining and because they wanted to eat before the journey. They now had plenty of food because a handful of dragons including Stormfly, Barf and Belch, Hookfang, and Meatlug had showered them with fish. Even stranger, was when Toothless walked off after dinner and Hiccup went to find him a while later; he was being followed by dragons or bowed to by them. 

''T-toothless? Where'd you go?'' Hiccup called for the hundredth time. 

''Sorry.'' Toothless apologized when he appeared, getting dressed again. ''I was just saying bye.'' He explained, sadness evident in his voice. He was putting on his tunic and gave a small smile towards Hiccup.

Hiccup noticed how Toothless looked tired and was a little unsteady on his feet at first, and even though it shortly passed he was still concerned.

''You really have to go easy with the changing.'' Hiccup told him, but a dispirited Toothless didn’t respond. ''I know it’s hard Toothless, but we have to believe that we can get the dragons home.'' Hiccup was trying to encourage Toothless but he sighed.

''I told them we were trying to make Berk safe again...'' Toothless explained slowly and with a downcast tone. ''...That I would come for them when it was. They are okay here for now and together they make a good team against any enemies. They work together ... Cloudjumper and Stormfly seem to be their leader for now, so I told them that sounds good - for everyone to listen to Cloudjumper and Stormfly.''

''See! Things are okay, and before you know it Berk will be moaning about the destruction again.'' Hiccup smiled trying to lighten the mood. 

''I hope you’re right Hiccup.'' Toothless said with a small smile. 

They walked silently back towards the huts. Halfway there some of the dragons were still following them, so Hiccup asked.

''Toothless? When you were gone, the dragons … they bowed to me.'' Hiccup told him, hoping he might understand why. There was a short pause and Toothless sighed before responding.

''When they found out I could change into a human they knew I gave my life for you. That I died but ... that I came back a sort of hybrid? Well, some of them remember the ancient magic that confirms what I thought. One of the old Switten-. Erm, Deadly-Nadders told me something today I didn't know.'' Toothless admitted.

''What did they tell you?'' Hiccup asked with curiosity. 

''Well, no one is really sure exactly of the details, so it’s all just a theory. You know I told you that a dragon has to give their life for a human, that it has to be someone you share a strong connection with?'' Toothless asked. Hiccup nodded. ''Well she said ... she was told that when humans first started to appear on the land dragons and humans lived in peace, but that all changed. The story goes that a magic was placed, so that if one day peace became possible again - and dragons and humans learnt to value each other as equals, then it would act as a means to communicate between the two species; thus, prevent history from repeating. If there became a bond great enough where two souls from each species became one, and the dragon was willing to give their life for that human, knowing that human would do the same thing, the dragon would be reborn and given a second chance to live with the human they valued above all else. Creating peace between our two species.'' Toothless explained, he looked at Hiccup with uncertainly. 

''So … what? You’re here to bring peace between both humans and dragons, and act as a translator?'' Hiccup asked, he had suddenly stopped walking. 

Toothless looked nervous but stopped to face him. ''No Hicc. If it is true then we’re both meant to be the ones to do that, together! We already kind of do, do that. That's why the dragons bowed to you. You are the one I gave my life for, so ... if the legend is true then our bond was great enough to prove that peace is possible. The dragons see you as the first person to honestly treat us as equals and now they believe it - because I physically changed. I am the living proof of that. The Deadly-Nadder said that only a true unbreakable bond could have released that magic and brought me back. I may be able to communicate between dragons and Vikings Hiccup, but you had to have loved me enough when I was just a dragon … when I died. I wouldn't be here if you didn’t.'' Toothless explained looking at Hiccup with admiration and love; hoping Hiccup didn't react badly. 

''But … I can't ...'' Hiccup stuttered.

''Thank you!'' Toothless said hugging Hiccup tightly.

''T-T-Toothless ... air!'' Hiccup gasped, and Toothless released his grip slightly. ''What for?'' Hiccup asked, hugging him back now he could breath. 

''For being my best friend and saving me when I died. I knew you was my best friend and would give your life for me but ... If you hadn't loved me enough, like an equal ... I wouldn't be here right now.'' Toothless told him.

When Hiccup pulled away, he saw a tear escape Toothless's eye and gentle wiped it away with his thumb.

''You're such an idiot.'' Hiccup said gently, hitting his arm. ''You gave me the greatest gift in the world the day you ... didn't kill me. You mean everything to me!'' Hiccup was thinking back to the day he shot Toothless down, finding him the next morning and freeing him from the bola. Toothless sniffed and then took Hiccup’s hand.

''You made your choice; you choose to let me live. I choose to let you live because your eyes held no threat - not that I go around tearing humans to shreds, but I also heard what you said that day; it sounded like you were just trying to please your father, just like I was trying to please the Red-Death. You chose my life over your own that day too, I just didn’t know it yet. I guess you were always more than my best friend, you became a part of me I never wanted to lose. We were connected from that very first day.’’

‘‘I never thought of it like that before. I still thank Thor for you every single day and I owe you my life. I love you!’’ Hiccup reminded him.

They embraced affectionately before Hiccup got a little embarrassed. He realized they still had an audience of dragons watching them. Toothless chuckled as Hiccup coughed awkwardly, and then they continued walking. They had only gone a few paces when Hiccup thought of something.

 ‘‘When did you become so strong?'' Hiccup suddenly asked.

Toothless thought about what Hiccup meant, then he laughed when he realized. ''You mean the hug, right?'' He shrugged. ‘‘I don’t know.’’

''Damn! A good looking, intelligent, and a strong boyfriend. I got lucky. Guess I shouldn't be so surprised; you do seem to have slight traces of your dragon self even as a human. Sure you can't fire plasma blasts from your hands or something?'' Hiccup asked sarcastically, but then he stopped again. ''You can't do that can you?'' He asked hesitantly, waiting for the answer with wide eyes.

''No! Not that I know off.'' Toothless replied. 

''Oh, thank Thor. That would too hard to explain.'' Hiccup sighed in relief.

''You ready bud?'' Hiccup asked once everything was packed and they were ready to leave.

''Yeah, I guess so.'' Toothless said sadly.

''It will be okay; the hardest part is leaving but once we get going the sooner we can try and make things right.'' Hiccup embraced his boyfriend lovingly before urgently kissing him like it would be his last. Toothless pulled Hiccup closer - getting lost in the moment, and before he knew it, it was over.  

''W-what was that for?'' Toothless asked, still beaming from their show of affections.

''Doubt I’ll get to do it for a while. love you!'' Hiccup smiled.

''Love you too Hicc!'' Toothless rolled his eyes before removing his clothes and turning into a dragon again.

Once Hiccup had packed his clothes - and loaded the last of the supplies, he climbed onto the saddle. He checked with Toothless that he was okay with the weight, Toothless nodded. They then tried to take off … but a herd of dragons had followed them into the sky. Toothless had to turn around and land again, telling them all that they needed to stay. 

It had been extremely difficult watching Toothless telling - ordering his friends not to follow them. Hiccup had flinched at the growls and roars that sounded. It looked like they were arguing, especially when Toothless started to glow blue and roared extremely loud. Hiccup concluded it was him putting his foot - well, his paw down. Hiccup had climbed back into the saddle when Toothless nudged him hard, and then Toothless had taken off with more haste than before. Hiccup could see the sadness and pain in Toothless’s eyes as they flew away from Dragons edge. It didn't help when all the dragons on the edge roared what Hiccup hoped were goodbyes.

''It's okay bud, I know. But you did the right thing.'' Hiccup tried to comfort him. Toothless just huffed and looked down as he continued flying.

Toothless had been unresponsive for the journey and flew with immense dedication. After a while, Hiccup had fallen to sleep so Toothless made sure to fly as evenly and as straight as possible. Toothless was used to flying for extremely long periods of time, and he could sort of fly in a rested state, but he was thinking about his friends and the mission ahead.

They had been flying for about 9 hours and it had gotten dark as they approached the small snow-covered island called Wreck Reef. Toothless woke Hiccup up with a mixture of roaring and a sudden decline in altitude. Toothless landed where the snow seemed less dense and was sheltered by pine trees. Hiccup climb off and stretched before looking around.

''How long was I out? This looks like .... Wreck Reef?'' Hiccup asked. Toothless nodded, he remembered it from the maps he had looked at with Hiccup. ''We should take a break. I'm just going to go stretch my legs, wait here yeah.'' Hiccup then walked off.

When Hiccup returned with some sticks for a small fire, Toothless had already melted a big patch of snow away leaving bare ground. He had curled up with the supplies still on his back and had fallen to sleep. Hiccup had chuckled and removed the bags and saddle so he could be more comfortable. He laid the sticks out and went to reach for inferno, but Toothless made him jump out of his skin by lighting it with a small plasma blast. Toothless laughed at Hiccup’s reaction.

''Yeah laugh it up! I thought you were asleep!'' Hiccup told him, taking a swig of his drink he had packed.

Toothless stood up, stretched, then flew off leaving Hiccup confused. He had no idea where Toothless went and hoped he hadn't upset him. It wasn't long before he returned carrying a nice catch of fish in his mouth.

''There you are, you had me worried. Don't just wander off like that!'' Hiccup said in relief.

Toothless sat down, dropped the fish and then rolled his eyes before changing to his human form - he looked really tired and weak.

''You said to get the fish, remember?'' Toothless sassed, instantly starting to shiver. Hiccup grabbed Toothless's clothes. ''Don't worry Hiccup, I am going to change back ... I-it’s warmer. I just wanted to t-t-tell you that I stopped so you could r-rest. I do f-f-feel a bit weak to be h-honest.'' Toothless admitted, shivering.

Hiccup had gotten the blanket and wrapped it over Toothless, rubbing him with his hands to warm him up as he continued speaking. It wasn't very warm but it helped. 

''I can s-scratch the ground three times if I am getting w-wood, fish, or something else we n-need, and four t-times if it’s something else and I will be right b-back. Like to get myself a d-drink or something. Is that okay?'' Toothless finished.

''That sounds like a good plan, but you’re freezing bud.'' He rubbed Toothless's arms and back faster. ''If you’re not going to get dressed then change back before you get ill!'' 

''Well snow is c-c-cold'' He chuckled. ''I’ll g-get more wood in a bit. That f-fire won't last long. I love you.'' He finished before changing back into a dragon again. 

''Love you too bud!'' Hiccup said, watching Toothless warm the ground with his fire and then lay down on the heated soil.

Hiccup laid the blanket over Toothless’s body and realised how much he already missed his human company. It was better for Toothless to stay a dragon right now though, and he did provide more warmth this way. 

Toothless ate his share of the fish raw while Hiccup cooked his on the fire - on a stick. Hiccup was thinking of Toothless admitting he felt weak and could only assume it was due to all the changing back and forth that he had done.

''Toothless, you need to take it easy bud. You must have changed at least what ... eight times today. It is obviously having a negative effect on you.'' Toothless grumbled at Hiccup's concern. ''Okay fine! I’m sorry I was worried that you could actually pass out or get ill ... or worse!'' Hiccup retorted.

Toothless got closer to Hiccup and laid down behind him, nudging him gently to assure Hiccup that it was fine and he was grateful for his concern. As the fire started to dim, Toothless stood up and scratched the floor 3 times with is claw. Hiccup nodded; he knew Toothless was going to get wood.

''Please take it easy bud.'' Hiccup pleaded out of concern. Toothless made a noise that sounded a lot like 'Yeah yeah yeah!'' As he turned and left. 

It wasn’t too long before Toothless returned with an entire tree about 12ft tall and as thick as Hiccup's leg. Hiccup watched Toothless curiously as he used his fire, teeth, and strength, to break the trunk down into sections and snap off smaller branches. Hiccup finally understood Toothless's plan and took out inferno.

''I see the plan bud! If you weaken the sections I can cut through it with this.'' 

Together they had enough wood to create a decent size camp fire, and it was burning brightly providing a good amount of warmth. Toothless fell asleep like a log to the soothing crackling sounds of the fire once it was ablaze. Hiccup wrapped the blanket around himself and leaned close against Toothless’s warm side to get some sleep himself.

He had hoped to fly during the night and get to Melody Island by morning, but Toothless was still sleeping heavily and obviously exhausted. He decided it would best to leave early in the morning instead, and he realized that Toothless was right; this was going to be a very long and hard trip.

When Hiccup was asleep Toothless subconsciously wrapped his tail and wings around him protectively.

Hiccup woke up as the sun started to rise and noticed Toothless was missing. He was about to panic when he saw a section of the snow that was circled by melted snow - revealing the soil around it. A paw print was placed in the circle with four lines scratched next to it. Relieved, Hiccup chuckled and started packing up. When Toothless returned he dropped a mouthful of fish, ate one, and then nuzzled the rest to Hiccup. 

''I thought four scratches were you doing your own thing, and three were for supplies and stuff?'' He asked. Toothless rolled his eyes and grumbled. ''What?'' Hiccup asked. Toothless huffed and made three scratches, attempted to draw a plus sign with his claw, and then drew four scratches.

''I don't see what... Oh you did your thing and got supplies. Sorry bud.'' Hiccup apologized, rubbing his chin when he finally realized. Toothless hit him round the back of the head with his tail. ''Ow, I apologized!'' Hiccup complained as he rubbed his head. ''We just need to find some clean water then we can leave'' Hiccup thought out-loud.

Toothless suddenly got excited, and signaled Hiccup to load up the supplies onto him and get the saddle. Hiccup wondered what Toothless was thinking, but he had learnt it was better to just trust him. 

Toothless had flown him to what appeared to be a small watering hole at the base of a mountain that angled about fifty degrees over them. The way the mountain angled allowed the watering hole to be fed from a drip falling from the formation above them. Toothless had drunk from it earlier and knew it would be okay for Hiccup. ''Thanks bud! This is perfect.'' Hiccup praised him.

After checking they had everything and were all ready for the next long flight ahead, Hiccup mounted Toothless and they took off.

Another nine/ten long hours later, they finally landed on Melody Island. Toothless had to be very careful because of the Death-song dragons that lived here, or one in particular that they remembered from before. Toothless being the alpha dragon should be able to control it, however, they wanted to avoid any conflict and move on as soon as possible. Once Toothless was unloaded he went to collect some more fish before changing into his human form - just to be safe. Toothless couldn’t help giving Hiccup a death gripping hug before getting dressed. Hiccup had missed him like wise - even thought he technically never left. 

Once they had decided on a safe place to rest for a couple of hours, they sat down to eat. Hiccup and Toothless ate some of the bread they had packed while waiting for the fish to cook on the small fire. Toothless, forgetting he was human, had gone to eat the fish raw before Hiccup could stop him. Hiccup had laughed so hard as Toothless spat out the fish and turned pale.

''You could have warned me!'' Toothless grumbled, still spitting on the ground and making disgusted faces, and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 

''You never gave me a chance, you tried to inhale it!'' Hiccup laughed.

''I'm hungry!'' Toothless whined strongly, before sulking. 

''You’re such a big kid. Here I think these two are done. You have these.'' He offered as he put the other two on the fire.

Toothless took one and insisted Hiccup had the other, that he wold wait for his second one at least. ''I can always catch more and eat them raw when I turn back.'' He argued, sticking his tongue out before devouring his fish. 

''I'm sure you can!'' Hiccup replied, chuckling as he watched Toothless rip his fish to shreds and swallowing before he could even chew it.

They were laughing during the food - playfully teasing each other. Once they had eaten, Hiccup was about to start packing up but Toothless sat closer to him, looked at him and staring.

''Can I help you?'' Hiccup asked playfully staring back. 

''Maybe.'' He said, in what he considered a suggestive tone, licking his bottom lip before biting it, and catching Hiccup's eyes with raised eyebrows.

Hiccup had been able to hold back his urges due to the fact Toothless kept shifting between dragon and human. He felt conflicted because he loved Toothless no matter what form he was in yet … he only felt any physical attraction to him when he was human - something he felt too ashamed to admit to him but it made sense. The more they joked and laughed together as humans, the more he wanted to feel that physical connection again.

Toothless was still staring at him, obviously wanting the same thing. He couldn’t resist the look he was being given and relented. Hiccup leaned forward and pushed Toothless down on the ground hard while kissing his lips passionately.

Toothless gasped, shocked at the sudden dominant display of affection. He opened his mouth allowing their tongues to meet and dance, as he moaned softly into it. The kiss deepened, and Hiccup felt his sexual arousal increasing as Toothless started to dominate Hiccup's mouth in response.

Toothless grabbed Hiccup, and rolled him over so that he was on top instead. Toothless continued to dominate the kiss taking Hiccup by surprise. His hands were on Hiccup’s shoulders as he licked the side of his neck.  

Hiccup wanted this but he was giving himself to Toothless, and for the first time he was at his mercy. He could stop it and say no, but he didn’t want to. Toothless pressed close against Hiccup's groin, smiling mischievously. He felt his cock protruding and twitching through his pants, against Toothless’s equally as eager member. 

''Oh Thor.'' Hiccup breath as Toothless slowly started to grind into his waist, reading Hiccup's reactions. 

When Hiccup arched slightly, and dug his fingers into Toothless's neck moaning in pleasure against his own will, Toothless knew Hiccup liked this as much as he did. He started to grind harder into him, his own cock fully hardened, and he was desperate to feel that release - the one Hiccup had given him before. Toothless felt every ounce of his body come alive and he started to kiss Hiccup’s neck - like he had done to him on the ship. It was amazing, almost hypnotic? He wanted to copy what Hiccup had done to him, duplicate it and feel it all over again. He wanted to give Hiccup the same feeling.

Toothless suddenly stopped and looked up almost listening for something.

''Toothless?'' Hiccup breathed. ''Please ... don't stop!'' He begged. His desires had overwhelmed his reasoning. 

Toothless snapped out of it and continued kissing Hiccup desperately on the lips. He pushed faster against Hiccup’s waist, gyrating and teasing them both equally. Toothless removed his vest and tunic, and tugged Hiccup's flight suit almost ripping it off. Hiccup sat up and began to remove it with their lips still locked together where it was possible.

Toothless stopped again and shock his head, but this time Hiccup had heard it too … the Death song! It was closing in on them. Groaning loudly both Toothless and himself rushed to get dressed.

''That thing has impeccable timing.'' Hiccup moaned fixing his flight suit.

''We best get out of here ... wait I should be getting undressed.'' Toothless realised his mistake, remembering he needed to changed back into a dragon.

''It’s getting closer!'' Hiccup realized as the sound got louder. ''Toothless can you fight that song?'' He asked suddenly turning to see a naked Toothless with a very hard cock. Hiccup gulped. ''And that's just great!'' He said sarcastically, gathering their belongings and trying to focus on the threat at hand and not his sexual desires.  

''Possibly! We’re about to find out.'' Toothless shouted and changed into his dragon form. 

Hiccup gathered up all the supplies and items quickly, and had barely shoved them back into the bag when the Death Song shoot amber at Hiccup ... missing him by only a few inches.

Chapter Text

Chapter 23 - Dragon's island

The Death-Song’s attack missed Hiccup by an inch, causing Toothless to roar at it threateningly and turn into his alpha form. Toothless's markings on his back, fins, spines and forehead, glowed blue as he protected his mate - jumping in front of Hiccup.

''Toothless? You still with me bud?'' Hiccup called out worried, as the Death-Song tried to use its melodic call. It landed in front of Toothless challenging him.

Toothless shook his head trying to ignore the songs effects, roaring again at the Death-song.

''Toothless?'' Hiccup shouted, approaching him from behind and trying to get closer to him.

The Death-Song saw Hiccup moving and fired amber at him again, but Toothless saw the signs before it could take the shot. He hit Hiccup hard and fast with his tail, protecting him from the blast just in time. Hiccup flew into a tree and landed with a thud, groaning in pain but making no attempt to get up.

Toothless, had whipped his tail out of the way just in time and focused all his might into one loud roar directed at the Death-Song exclusively, followed by a warning plasma blast. Toothless was pissed that Hiccup had been hurt and that the stupid dragon was ignoring him, enough was enough! Glaring at the Death-Song it finally recognized Toothless as his alpha and bowed it’s head. Toothless then growled at the Death-Song showing it his extremely displeasure and anger, before it looked over at Hiccup, back to Toothless, and finally took flight leaving them alone.

Toothless ran over to Hiccup and nudged him with a guilty whimper. He had calmed down and no longer glowed blue, instead he felt guilt for hitting Hiccup so hard.

''What happened?'' Hiccup asked, standing up with a slight groan. He was more concerned about Toothless. Toothless put his head down and walked back to the bags. Turning human he wrapped a blanket around himself. 

''I'm so sorry Hicc, but I didn't want her to hurt you! I shouldn't have hit you so hard!'' Toothless apologized.

''I'm good!'' Hiccup told him. ‘‘Takes more than that to keep me down, you should know that.’’ He added wrapping an arm around Toothless's shoulders before continuing. ''I was worried about you more than anything ... it brought back ... memories.'' Hiccup admitted taking a deep breath before sighing.  

''Oh Thor! Hiccup I'm so sorry! I didn't think, I just reacted.'' Toothless said rubbing his face, remembering the last time he had jumped in the way off an attack. ‘‘I can’t help it. When I see you in trouble, I just have to do something.’’

Hiccup thought about it for a moment; even though he hated Toothless risking his life for him he would do the same thing in a reverse situation. It was what Toothless did, he couldn't let the Ogthantarth destroy who they were. Hiccup had the same flash back when Toothless confronted the Shivertooth, but Toothless was protecting himself that time and not just him. He had also been distracted by the fact that Toothless commanded a dragon as a human - which had shocked him out of the dark memory. 

''You save me, I save you ... right!'' Hiccup said, trying to convince himself more than anything.

''Right!'' Toothless confirmed, giving Hiccup a small smile.

''What happened though? Why didn't the Death-Song listen to you the first time?'' Hiccup asked him. 

''We’re in her territory. Vikings have been here and scared her ... treated her badly. She was more focused on you then me. Her song almost had me but it was weak and I remembered you to keep me sane. Was just annoying mostly. She was angry and it took a bit of ... yelling, to get her to calm down. You sure you’re okay? You hit that tree so hard I heard it.'' Toothless asked, checking Hiccup was alright. 

''I'm fine bud! Just a little sore, really!'' Hiccup confirmed, hugging Toothless tighter then he meant to. Toothless didn't miss the way Hiccup held him, as if he was scared something would happen to him. Toothless hugged him back reassuringly, and the blanket fell.

Hiccup chuckled. ''I guess we should get out of here ... I’m sure we’ll find more dragons to attack us son enough.'' He smiled nervously, before turning away so that he wouldn’t get any more ideas on account of seeing Toothless naked. His previous arousal was dead but he was now starting to worry about how far it might have gone if they weren’t interrupted.

Iron Island - the home to the fearsome Armorwing was their next stop. Before Toothless landed he made sure that the Armorwing scent was faint, indicating they were far enough away to avoid scaring her. He landed near the cover of trees and Hiccup woke up yawning.

‘‘Hey we made it.’’ Hiccup sleepily mumbled as he jumped down to the ground. Toothless huffed in annoyance. ‘‘Okay! You made it. Thank you very much for your services.’’ He corrected patting Toothless head and unloading him.

Once he had finished unloading Toothless, he sat on the floor rubbing his eyes. ‘‘I’m so tired bud.’’ He admitted with a half chuckle, before yawning again. ‘‘Let’s just sleep. I want nothing more right now then to just pass out. What do you think?’’ He asked hopefully.

Toothless watched Hiccup trying to keep his eyes open and almost swaying on the spot, so he laid down comfortably and made room for Hiccup besides him. Hiccup smiled and cuddled up besides his body; in a matter of seconds Hiccup was out cold and Toothless wrapped his wing and tail around him firmly. Once he was sure Hiccup was warm and safe, he fell asleep likewise. If anyone had looked - even in day light, you wouldn’t know Hiccup was even there.

Toothless woke up feeling Hiccup climbing out of his protective hold late that morning. He moved his tail so Hiccup could get up easier and gave him a questioning look.

‘‘Morning to you too bud. I’ll be right back, nature calls.’’ Hiccup explained, but before he could leave, Toothless run in front of him and scratched 3 marks into the tree bark. Hiccup nodded and Toothless took flight.

A short while later, Toothless found Hiccup with a small fire made with fallen sticks and logs he had found nearby. Toothless dropped the fish he had caught and changed back into a human. Hiccup tried not to stare at Toothless naked body and tended to the fish instead.

‘‘Guess you don’t need me for that.’’ Toothless commented, pointing to the small fire as he went to the bags to get his clothes on.

‘‘I found the wood over there, I think a dragon past thru at some point.’’ Hiccup pointed to the broken tree branches and tress not far from them.

‘‘Probably the Jarbry … I mean the Armorwing. Her scent was faint but she was here, two moons ago maybe.’’ Toothless informed him, pulling on his tunic.

‘‘Another dragon, dragon name? And she?’’ Hiccup asked curiously as he caught a sneak peek at Toothless tight arse and smirked. When Toothless turned he went back to putting the fish on sticks and mentally snacked himself.  

‘‘Yep! I was gonna say the Jarbryjavenga, I think that’s right, but then its easier to just say Armorwing. And yeah, didn’t you know she was a female?’’ Toothless asked ‘‘She gave Snotlout a hard time when she stole that axe, but you were more psyched to meet a new dragon, like always.’’

Hiccup rolled his eyes. ‘‘That’s names a mouth full, and no I don’t think she would have appreciated me checking out what’s between her legs babe.’’

‘‘Wait? What did you just call me?’’ Toothless asked smirking. He slipped on his vest and then went to sit next to a blushing Hiccup.

‘‘Erm. I … called you bud! It’s what I always call you, w-why would I call you anything else.’’ Hiccup stuttered turning to face the fire.

‘‘Oh really! Then that fish is extremely lucky to be called babe, you must fucking like that fish!’’ Toothless smirked and raised an eyebrow. ‘‘Or maybe you’re going crazy.’’

Hiccup had gone mute and turned a shade of scarlet. Toothless took the stick of fish from his hand and stuck it into the ground before leaning in closer to Hiccup’s face.

‘‘You’re a terrible liar!’’ Toothless whispered slowly, and Hiccup felt the goose bumps raising on his arms. ‘‘You’re also the same colour as Hookfang nearly.’’

Toothless pulled away and sat back down next to Hiccup. ‘‘I guess I’m not that important after all.’’ He manipulated. 

‘‘What?! Of course, you’re important to me. I love you!’’ Hiccup exclaimed now facing Toothless, the fish forgotten.

‘‘Then say it!’’ Toothless demanded. He felt special when Hiccup just called him babe, he wanted to hear it again.

‘‘Toothless … this is ridiculous I …’’ He didn’t know why it was so hard to say the damn four-letter word. He had already expressed his love, and had worse conversations than this with him. He had shoved his tongue down his throat and dry humped him for crying out loud. Whenever he used the word babe, he did think of Astrid and the way the word rolled of her tongued when she called him that, it sounded right, but something else was holding him back. Maybe it was the finality almost, calling Toothless ‘babe’ meant he was comfortable being Toothless’s partner, something he was sure every Viking would shame or kill him for. He loved Toothless enough that it shouldn’t be embarrassing, but the reaction he was getting from his boyfriend was making him nervous and giddy at the same time.    

‘‘Please!’’ Toothless begged, with the saddest eyes.

‘‘H-how am I-. You’re putting me on the spot here. I just … Oh, fine!’’ He relented. ‘‘At least stop looking at me like that!’’

Toothless had the most accomplished, smug smile ever plaster across his face as he waited for Hiccup to call him babe once more.  ‘‘Well?’’

‘‘I-love-you-babe.’’ He said so fast it could have been one word.

Toothless chuckled as he kissed Hiccup on the lips, but he stopped before Hiccup could reciprocate it. ‘‘Wanna try that again, because It sounded like you had your head under water.’’ He smirked.

Hiccup huffed before t a deep breath. ‘‘I love you babe.’’ He repeated, and leaned forward to get more of them delectable lips, but Toothless pulled away and tried not to laugh.

‘‘I love you to Hicc, but I’m starving!’’ He whined and lifted the fish back into the fire, getting a punch in the arm in the process. Toothless just smirked.

They never ran into the Armorwing on Iron Island, but they hadn’t stayed long anyway. It was nearly a full day’s flight to Dragon’s island, but they both remembered an unnamed Island they had past once from travelling from Berk to Wingmaiden Island. They had stopped there before as a rest stop but for some reason had never named that particular Island. If memory served them correctly - and the map was right, they would also fly over it on the way to Dragon’s island if they took the course far enough west. That was the plan anyway, to go as far around Berk as possible and stay away from the Northern Markets. Hopefully Berk was still far enough away to not affect Toothless.

Luckily things went according to plan, they landed on the Viking devoid island a few hours after nightfall. A while later - as they were eating, Hiccup had his map out to the side and asked Toothless a question.

‘‘What do you think we should name this Island?’’ Hiccup asked as he looked up at Toothless. He took a bite of his food and then picked up his pencil.

‘‘I swear if you call it after something I’m doing again, I’ll shove then damn pencil up you’re a-.’’ Toothless sassed playfully.

‘‘Okay! So, sass Island it is.’’ Hiccup interrupted him and wrote it down.

‘‘Hey! What did I tell you about that pencil?’’ Toothless reminded him playfully.

‘‘You wouldn’t dare!’’ Hiccup said getting ready to hide his pencil.

Hiccup didn’t get any warning before Toothless basically pounced onto him, pinning him to the ground by sitting on him, and fighting to get the pencil from his hands. Toothless couldn’t pry Hiccup’s hands open so he started tickling Hiccup instead. With Hiccup in fits of laughter, he dropped the pencil trying to make Toothless stop tickling him.

‘‘Toothless stop, stop! You win.’’ He gasped out while laughing. Toothless stopped tickling his sides and kissed Hiccup instead before getting up. While Hiccup was trying to get his breath back, Toothless snagged up the Pencil and wrote on the map ‘Loser Island’.

‘‘That’s Hilarious babe!’’ Hiccup sarcastically retorted, still regaining his breath.     

Toothless and Hiccup both laughed and finally went back to their food and normal conversations. As it got later Hiccup began falling to sleep against Toothless. Toothless was in his still in his human form but he felt fine, so he decided it was only logical to keep travelling.

‘‘Hicc, why don’t we load up and get going. I’m fine to keep flying and you can sleep during the flight.’’ Toothless suggested, nudging Hiccup awake to get his attention. He knew Hiccup would be safe sleeping on him, he had done it loads of times before and was clipped into the saddle anyway. Even if he did fall, Toothless would catch him now he could fly solo.   

Hiccup rubbed his eyes ‘‘Don’t you need to sleep?’’

‘‘Nope. I’ve been the useless reptile I am more again lately so I’m used to long flights. Besides, I can fly for like … two or three days without sleep. It’s hard to explain … but I can zone out and rest during flights too yet still be aware of what’s going on.’’ He explained.

‘‘You’re not useless.’’ Hiccup mumbled quietly, rolling his eyes.

‘‘Out of everything I said, you only heard that didn’t you?’’ Toothless accused.

‘‘No!’’ Hiccup answered, standing up to take Toothless up on his offer. ‘‘But you know I never really mean it when I call you a useless reptile … right?’’  

‘‘Of course, do you even have to ask?’’ Toothless said as he helped to pack up. He wanted to make a clever comeback, but Hiccup look really tired and if they didn’t get going he would fall asleep before they were in the air.  

Hiccup shook his head and smiled ‘‘I guess not!’’ He yawned.

Once they were finally back in the air - and Hiccup was clipped to the saddle, Hiccup fell asleep as expected. The wind and motion of the flight was soothing, and he wasn’t cold against Toothless’s back under his flight suit. Toothless flew smoothly towards Dragon’s island and he remembered the shit that went down there. The Red-Death, Hiccup losing his leg, and even that time Hiccup had left him there because Mildew was a treacherous, cantankerous, ugly old, eel sliming, yarxeyed! He had blamed him for torching the armoury and then had him and the other dragons outcasted essentially. Of course, his Hiccup had cleared his name.

Toothless smiled at that last memory. The things Hiccup had done for him over the years. Most of the bad situations he ended up in were because Hiccup had gotten them into it in the first place, but he always made it right in the end. The times spent together, protecting other dragons from hunters or just exploring new islands, had all been worth every second of it. If it wasn’t for Hiccup, he might still be a slave of the Red-death, or killed by hunters like the rest of his kind. Life would be boring without Hiccup. He never would have imagined he would be this happy, with a human as his mate, and the ability to be human himself at will. Maybe it was all a gift from the gods for being the last of his kind, or maybe he was just lucky. Whatever the reason, he was grateful for everything. Now he had discovered what it was like to be in love, to be human, and he had the best of both worlds. He could feel human emotion and pain, learn new things, and talk to humans, whilst at the same time he was still an alpha dragon - as annoying as the job was sometimes.

A few hours into the flight, Toothless looked back over his shoulder and wing to see Hiccup still asleep and safe. He couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when they returned to Berk. He would have to be careful to keep the secret again, and only be close to Hiccup when they were alone. Would the village really outcast them, or kill them if they found out? It seemed so stupid. Why couldn’t Vikings just be free to love whoever they wanted, what harm were they doing to anyone. It was certainly unconventional but him and Hiccup felt right together. In fact, life was only right when they were together.  

The sun was already up as Dragon’s island appeared in the distance. Hiccup woke up, yawned and stretched his back out. He had become a little stiff sleeping for so long lent forwards over Toothless like that, and his neck was aching a bit, otherwise he felt good.

‘‘Morning bud. Is that Dragon’s island?’’ Hiccup asked, squinting to try and see in the day light - blinded by the sun. Toothless warbled to his rider. ‘‘Perfect timing. I bet you need a good sleep after we land, you deserve it. You’re amazing bud!’’ Toothless smiled at the praise, but he wouldn’t mind a good sleep now.

When they finally landed, they located somewhere to hold up for a while - they ended up north of the island. There were very few trees, but enough to be able to make a fire with some of the branches and twigs. They set up between a cluster of huge boulders and rocks - underneath a single tree where they were hidden from sight and blocked from aerial view. Hiccup had originally suggested gong inside the volcano caves, but Toothless refused to fly in that direction.

Toothless stayed in his dragon form to help collect wood for the fire and fish for dinner. He then changed into his human form to explain to Hiccup that a few dragons still lived here and he didn’t want to fly straight into their home and cause panic. If Hiccup really wanted to go into the volcano caves, then to at least let him go in first and survey the area - check out what dragons live here apart from the scents he had already picked up on, and communicate with them that Hiccup was not a threat. Hiccup had agreed to stay north of the island where they had already set up - unless it rained or stormed and they needed better shelter.  

Hiccup was cooking the fish when he noticed Toothless had fallen asleep against the rocks. He was still in his human form and had clocked out mid conversation with Hiccup - while waiting for his breakfast bless him. Hiccup smiled and decided to make Toothless more comfortable. He placed a small pillow on the ground and carefully pushed Toothless onto his side - so his head landed onto it. Toothless stirred and shifted position, but he didn’t wake up. Hiccup had to hold back his chuckle when Toothless rubbed his face with the back of his hand and curled both his hands like a cat over his face. Covering him over with the blanket, Hiccup couldn’t help but remember that no matter what form Toothless was in, he would always be a dragon at heart.

Going back to the cooking fish, Hiccup smiled over at his secret boyfriend and started questioning his relationship. Did that make his love for Toothless worse - that he would always be a dragon? It would always be strange that he was in love with one but he never felt this way when he was just that - a Dragon. If Toothless had never changed - but had never died either, he would still only love him like a brother. Hiccup breathed out a love-sick sigh and thought to himself how badly he was in love with him, and how everyday only strengthen and confirmed that. He hadn’t stopped thinking about how - if it wasn’t for that Death-Song on Melody Island, he may have done more then make out and dry hump with Toothless. It was an interruption he had been secretly grateful for once his desires had calmed down - he never mentioned it again or tried to get it off with Toothless since then.  

He was a man - a man with sexual desires that used to be satisfied amazingly by his wife multiple times a week. Whenever Toothless was in his human form it made him easily susceptible to sexual thoughts and desires, and why wouldn’t it? He loved him, they were a couple, and certain things Toothless did or when he was naked made him highly aroused. He wanted to take things further with Toothless so desperately that caught in the moment his desires overrode his logic. As much as he wanted to, there was no coming back from that if he did. Toothless would lose his virginity and he would have essentially fucked a dragon.

That wasn’t even considering the fact they were both boys, and Toothless still didn’t know how gay sexed even worked. Hiccup knew because it wasn’t uncommon for outcast or other tribes to fuck slaves in the rear, or pay sex houses for this pleasure whether or not they had a wife at home. He had been forced to learn about the customs and behaviour of other tribes because he was always the next in line to be chief. That’s how men who liked other men got their pleasure he assumed, because as long as they had a wife or a girlfriend to go home to it was overlooked as a bit of fun. That wasn’t the case on Berk though. On Berk you never committed adultery, and same sex couples weren’t allowed in anyway shape or form. Well that’s what his dad taught him. Hiccup wondered if it was ever a written law of Berk, but the shame alone made him fear what would happen if anyone ever found out about him and Toothless. It was almost like when he had first shot Toothless down and was too scared to admit he had befriended a dragon, only now the consequences could be much worse and he had Trid to think about too.

It was late afternoon and Toothless had been asleep for a good four, five hours. Hiccup left a note for Toothless in case he woke up, from a page in his journal to say he had gone down to the sea to wash and wouldn’t be long.

Hiccup had stripped down and gone into the cold sea water - soon wishing he was still at home and could use the tub with warm water instead. He had a small bar of soap and quickly started washing his body and hair. He dived under the water and when he came up - after wiping his eyes clear of the salty water, he saw Toothless wave to him from where he sat on the gravely grey sand.

‘‘It’s freezing!’’ Hiccup shouted over to him, his body hidden by the sea water from his waist down. ‘‘What you doing up anyway? I thought you would be asleep for a while.’’

‘‘Guess I felt you gone and missed you.’’ Toothless smiled. He started to undress, his vest and tunic being shed first.

‘‘W-what are you doing?’’ Hiccup stuttered.

‘‘I haven’t had a bath in human before! I’m curious, if I clean as a human will my dragon self be clean, or if I clean as a dragon does my human form get clean?’’ Toothless pondered almost to himself before shrugging. He stripped of his pants and ran down to the sea, missing the nervous look Hiccup had on his face knowing they would both be butt naked in the sea together.

As the sea started to come up to Toothless thighs and lower region he swore. ‘‘Fuck that is cold! I think my balls and cock just froze or shrivelled up.’’ Toothless stopped moving to get use to the temperature change and the feel of the waves gently pulling in and out. That comment mixed with the faces he was pulling had Hiccup in hysterics. ‘‘This is so not funny. H-how are you still in here? It’s like ice!’’ Toothless stuttered, unimpressed with Hiccup finding his discomfort humours.

When Hiccup stopped laughing so hard, he dived under the water and swum closer to Toothless. He then did the cruellest thing and splashed Toothless furiously - soaking him in the process. The look of horror on Toothless face had Hiccup in fits once more. Toothless honestly thought ‘Fuck it’ at that point, he dived into the cold water. Only thing he didn’t consider … was that he didn’t know how to swim in human form.

Toothless panicked as he tried to find his footing again - to stand back up. Hiccup had seen his struggle and had gone to help him but Toothless had saved himself; luckily he knew not to breathe under water and to hold his breath so there was caused for concern.

‘‘Guess I should learn to swim first.’’ He stated, chuckling embarrassedly.

‘‘It’s not much different from swimming as a dragon I don’t think, but stay where you can stand just to be sure. The waves make it a bit difficult even if they are calm today.’’ Hiccup told him.

‘‘Right! It’s still freezing … but it feels like it got warmer.’’ Toothless commented.

‘‘Yeah, that’s just your body adapting. Don’t stay in too long though. Here!’’ Hiccup handed him the soap bar. ‘‘Try not to drop it, we only have a couple.’’

Toothless took the soap and then splashed Hiccup. Hiccup ducked under the water and when he re-emerged Toothless pouted. ‘‘No fair!’’

Hiccup laughed. ‘‘I’m going to get out now.’’ He informed Toothless.

‘‘Aww, can’t you wait till I’m done?’’ Toothless asked trying to be cute, pouting for extra effect.

‘‘I guess, but hurry up its cold!’’ Hiccup told him. It was cold - especially in the sea, but he also wanted to get out so he could get dried and dressed away from a naked Toothless.

Hiccup stayed and swum around to keep as warm as possible. Toothless made a great attempt to get clean and he was doing fine until it came to washing his hair. He ended up getting the soap in his eyes, then salt water. Hiccup helped him wash his hair and persuaded him to go under the water to rise it off.

When Toothless was done he gave the soap to Hiccup before grabbing him in a hug. Hiccup was shocked at the suddenly display of affection and froze up stiff. Hiccup could feel their naked bodies against each other and he gulped. He was about to pull away when Toothless started kissing his cold blue lips.

Hiccup melted into the kiss and eventually had his hands pulling at wet, thick black-hair. Toothless was holding onto Hiccup’s hips, keeping their bodies pressed close together. As the kiss became more passionate and erotic, they both felt each other’s cocks against the other. Hiccup stopped the kiss and inhaled deeply.

‘‘Let’s go get dried.’’ Hiccup smiled, but as he pulled away … Toothless pulled him back. He wasn’t finished kissing yet.

Toothless grabbed onto the sides of Hiccup’s face with both hands - getting ballsy for the first time, and he forcefully pulled Hiccup’s head up and kissed his already wet and slightly swollen lips. The salt water taste lingered but it was still Hiccup’s taste, still his soft delectable lips. He ran his teeth over Hiccup bottom lip … biting the sensitive skin - the colour returning to them from the stimulation. Hiccup moaned and Toothless took that as he que to force his tongue into his mouth.

Hiccup pulled Toothless’s hair, and used his own tongue to drive Toothless’s back. As Hiccup licked inside of Toothless’s mouth, it became Toothless’s turn to moan. Hiccup sucked Toothless’s upper lip before their lips locked again and they kissed more passionately, slowly, lovingly.

Hiccup realised how fiercely aroused he had become and was about to find an excuse to end it, but before he could leave Toothless’s lips however … Toothless pulled back first. Breathless and flushed, Toothless asked something Hiccup wasn’t ready for.

‘‘Hicc, What’s sex like?’’ Toothless breathed out through his deep inhales. Eyes burning into Hiccup’s filled with lust, longing and curiosity.   

Chapter Text

Chapter 24 - Love

"Hicc, what’s sex like?’’ 

It wasn’t just a question. Toothless’s deep broken breaths were laced with a powerful longing, a burning curiosity that needed satisfying like an itch you couldn’t reach.

It was a request.

The sea pulled in and out gently spraying them both - the sound almost mute to Hiccup’s ears over the deep breathing they both made. The contrast between the cold water and the heat of their naked - aroused bodies was sensual, forbidden, torturous.

Hiccup felt like time had suddenly frozen around him, his senses heightened and he noticed Toothless’s warm erotic breaths made slight clouds into the cold air between their wet stimulated lips. Toothless’s hands were still firmly gripping his cheeks, and no more than a few inches separated their faces.

The most dangerous of all … were the two green eyes burning into his own forest green orbs, anticipating an answer.

‘‘I…’’ Hiccup forced out, but he could say no more.

A part of himself wanted to ignore morality and circumstance, and longed for Toothless to already know the answer, and to take him there and then. To violate his body and drive him insane with pleasure, but Toothless had no idea what to do and it made it even more confusing and forbidden.

Ironically enough, just like a dragon in heat, Toothless’s body knew what it desired but his mind didn’t get the information it needed to deliver. Hiccup wasn’t another dragon he could take. He needed Hiccup to show him and to consent to it, he wanted more than just kissing and cuddles.

‘‘Show me!’’ Toothless demanded sexually. His lust riddled voice sent chills down Hiccup’s back.

‘‘I want this…’’ Hiccup forced out in a whisper, needy but conflicted almost to the point of tears, his breaths ragged and desperate. ‘‘…but, Toothless! There’s no going back … I can’t … I’m not-’’

Toothless leaned forward and let his lips gently fall onto Hiccup’s like a teasing taste. He exhaled slowly and licked Hiccup’s bottom lip before kissing him again. Hiccup closed his eyes and reciprocated the kiss as Toothless’s hands ran down his back to his waist … lower, and without warning his hands slid under his buttocks and he was lifted of the ocean floor.

Hiccup gasped at the sudden lift, but Toothless refused to break the kiss. Hiccup had instinctively wrapped his legs around Toothless waist, and his arms wrapped around Toothless’s neck. There in Toothless’s hold, he started wondering what Toothless would do to him. Right now, in this very moment, he didn’t want to lose the connection between them … but his earlier dilemma wasn’t forgotten and he had other reservations.

Toothless carried Hiccup to the where the sea broke and the waves barely reached the gravely grey sand. He sat Hiccup down and moved the stones and gravel to leave a smoother surface.

‘‘Lay down for me.’’ Toothless told him. Hiccup hesitated.

‘‘Toothless … I can’t … I-.’’ Hiccup stuttered trying to find order in his mind and express his hesitancy and aversions.   

‘‘Please. Babe, please show me.’’ Toothless begged, his eyes glinting with desire and love.  

Between his own erection, his desires, his love for Toothless and the eyes begging him for that connection, Hiccup was coming undone. Toothless had called him babe for the first time and he shuddered, it was so sincere. Even still he tried to get out of it once more.

‘‘I-It’s cold. Let’s go back and-’’

‘‘Don’t make excuses, I don’t feel that cold anymore. I just want you!’’ Toothless said as he crawled closer and leaned over Hiccup.

Hiccup put his head into his hands to avoid Toothless’s stare and started sobbing, the confliction was tearing him apart. Hiccup never used to cry like this, he usually had more patience or got angry, sarcastic, or walked away, but ever since Astrid passed and he stopped being so angry, he was fragile.

Toothless wrapped his arms around Hiccup and pulled him close to comfort him. He was worried he had over stepped the line and had really upset Hiccup. ‘‘Hey, what’s wrong? Babe, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m so sorry. Please talk to me?’’

‘‘I-I want to Toothless … I really do! It’s just … Astrid … Trid … Dad … you-.’’ His voice broke off with his sobs, and he couldn’t find his voice, humiliated that he had broken down over this.  

Toothless hugged Hiccup tighter and put his chin on Hiccup’s head. ‘‘You feel like you’re betraying them still?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘It’s not just that.’’ He admitted nodding. He inhaled deeply and wiped his eyes before looking out across the island, he couldn’t look Toothless in the face. ‘‘The tribe … and … there’s no going back if we do this. You haven’t … done that before and well, neither have I. Not with a guy anyway … and … you’re a dragon Toothless!’’ He admitted, before sobbing again. He felt ashamed and was scared Toothless wouldn’t understand.

‘‘Hey, stop that! You think I don’t think that too. Hicc, look at me…’’ He demanded. Hiccup slowly turned to face Toothless with a shuddering breath. ‘‘I was just a dragon. I had to get used to being human, used to human needs and emotions and shit … I still am! Yes, I think it’s bloody strange that I want to mate - or have sex with you. You’re a Viking! A human! But I do want that. So, you know what, fuck it!’’ Toothless expressed firmly wiping Hiccup’s eyes with his fingers. Hiccup chuckled ever so slightly. ‘‘I am human now. No one is here to see us. No one needs to know. But I need you to want that too, and you don’t have … erm … female parts so…’’ Hiccup blushed and chuckled once before sniffing. ‘‘So yeah, I think it’s weird, but who gives a flying fuck, because I love you! You said people have sex to express their love. You also said it was fun … I’m up for fun! I also have … this crazy weird need, like I’m starving for something I can’t have, I really want you … My cock certainly does!’’ Toothless blushed smirking, looking down at his groin area that was amazingly, still solid. Hiccup looked away and Toothless continued. ‘‘I may not know exactly what to expect, but what you did to me on the ship was amazing, if it gets better than that … I want it! I know you do too.’’

Hiccup nodded slowly, but he had legitimately started to get too cold. ‘‘I am actually g-getting cold now, maybe when we get back to-’’

He had tried to finish his sentences but Toothless put his hand behind Hiccup’s head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Toothless couldn’t deny they were cold this time, they had both started to shiver. Releasing Hiccup, he ran over to their clothes and grabbed them.

They dressed in silence and then Toothless hugged Hiccup. ‘‘If you really don’t want to Hicc I understand, you know that! Just promise me you’ll talk to me.’’

‘‘I do … I will. I mean-. Yes, I want that, you have no idea know how much. I just feel like a Zippleback trying to go in different directions. You’re right though, you are human now - sort of, but you’re still my dragon. I also don’t know how to … erm, explain to y-you how to-. what to-. well it’s kind of embarrassing.’’ Hiccup admitted shyly.

Toothless grinned guilty. ‘‘I may have a confession. One of the books I found … well, it did talk about men doing it up other men’s arseholes.’’ Toothless waited for a response but Hiccup was speechless so he continued. ‘‘Kind of went into shocking details involving money, mead and some sort of sex house and other stuff. I was shocked but had a hunch. My guess was, minus all that other crap, that’s how … we would … you know. Am I right?’’ Hiccup just nodded awkwardly, his cheeks turning red. ‘‘The other stuff was probably true to then.’’ He confirmed, more to himself.  

‘‘Wait, what other stuff?’’ Hiccup asked worriedly.

‘‘Don’t matter. Let’s just say that book was ... erm … rather interesting.’’ Toothless smirked awkwardly. ‘‘Anyway, let’s get back to the fire.’’ Toothless took Hiccup’s hand and they started walking back. ‘‘Hey now you don’t have to tell me what happens exactly … do you think?’’ He asked hopefully.

‘‘Toothless!’’ Hiccup slapped his arm and laughed.

When they got back, their stuff was still there untouched and the fire was burning really low. Hiccup added some more sticks and broken branches to get it going again. Sitting by the fire with Toothless next to him, he started to talk.

‘‘Toothless, what will dad or Astrid think of me if we … you know.’’ Hiccup asked and sighed.

‘‘I think they would want you to be happy, or at least I think that’s what they should want. I think Astrid would axe your father in Valhalla if he didn’t.’’ Hiccup chuckled and Toothless continued. ‘‘Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about what they think. You’re worried about them finding out about me, right? But you still became my friend behind there backs because you wanted to, and you felt it was the right thing to do.’’  

‘‘I see where you’re going with this but … this is different Toothless, this time it isn’t just me that gets the noose. If the tribe finds out then it will affect you and Trid too.’’ Hiccup stressed.

‘‘Then we make sure they never find out.’’ Toothless told him, as if it was that simple. Hiccup still looked worried ‘‘Listen, we’re already together right? So, if they find out either way it’s bad … but if this is what you want then stop letting fear stop you. Whatever happens, I love you and we will deal with it together. Right now, no one is even here. It’s just you and me!’’

Hiccup nodded but still had other concerns. ‘‘I know you said its weird for you too - that we’re both boys and you’re a dragon, but are you even ready to … to lose your virginity?’’ Hiccup blushed slightly.

‘‘Virginity? Sounds like a bad name!’’ Toothless questioned, confused.

‘‘Guess that book was far to ‘interesting’ to teach you about purity.’’ Hiccup stated sarcastically.  

‘‘Purity? Wait, there was something in that book ‘Dancing and the dreaming’, that said Viking brides were chosen for their purity … among other things, and that a woman who had already laid with another man would be considered tainted. Is that what you meant?’’ Toothless asked trying to recall more of the book.

‘‘I guess it is more important to women. A virgin is someone who hasn’t had … sex. Once you do, you lose your virginity and are no longer a virgin … or pure.’’ Hiccup explained. Toothless burst int fit of laugher.

‘‘That’s the biggest pile of steaming Gronckle shit I’ve ever heard!’’ Toothless gasped though his laughter, trying to get the words out. ‘‘Vikings are so messed up! Hiccup this virginity crap means nothing to me. Imagine if dragons gave a shit about that crap. Mating season would be fucked.’’ Toothless was slapping the ground as he howled in fits, it was ludicrous, and he was getting dizzy with lack of oxygen … so he tried to calm down. Finally chuckling at random intervals ‘‘I would only ever do it with you anyway, and I certainly don’t care that I wasn’t your first. In fact, if I don’t do it with you then I’ll die a … Virgin.’’ Toothless was in fits of laughter again, holding his sides and kicking his legs.   

‘‘No pressure then!’’ Hiccup sarcastically retorted. Here he was worried about Toothless and he just finds it hilarious. ‘‘Useless reptile!’’ He mumbled, but couldn’t hold back chuckle or two himself.

Toothless finally stopped laughing and managed to calm down. He sat right next to Hiccup and stared at him. 7

‘‘What?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘That crap was so funny. So, any other reasons … or excuses?’’ He asked with a smirk.

‘‘N-no, but I-’’ Hiccup was cut off and gasped as Toothless held his head, and started to kiss him again.

Toothless’s tongue danced over Hiccup’s lips as he sucked them slowly and firmly. As Toothless continued the kiss, Hiccup was caught in the spell once more and mirrored his lips perfectly. ‘Thor! Toothless is getting to good at this’, Hiccup thought. ‘Dangerously good.’   

Toothless pressed his tongue inside Hiccup’s mouth and heard the hot quiet moan escape his lovers’ lips that he loved to hear. The sound of wet smacking and sucking was all that could be heard over the cracking fire. Their hungry breaths between kisses becoming louder and erratic as the world seems to no longer exist. It was just them, and the love that had grown for each other.

Toothless pulled Hiccup into his lap and stopped to part lips. A trail of saliva broke and Toothless whispered, ‘‘I love you.’’

Hiccup melted, everything felt safer, warmer, and better when Toothless was by his side. It always had! ‘‘I love you too!’’ He whispered back. His eyes damp with tears, the expression of love he couldn’t say, could only feel. So, he leaned forward taking Toothless’s face in his hands again, reconnecting their lips tenderly. He couldn’t get enough of his addictive lips.

When Toothless tried to remove Hiccup’s vest and tunic, he allowed it. Their lust and love filled eyes met briefly in silent consent.

Hiccup lifted Toothless vest and tunic over his head, throwing in onto the ground with his own. He trailed kissed down the side of Toothless’s neck; wet licks traced over the flesh leading into more sensual sucking, leaving red marks where he had been to eager. Toothless’s sounds were so arousing, the way he moaned so quietly or took silent deep breaths and then shudder on the exhale, they sent the heat rushing between his legs and demanding attention.

Toothless’s hands ran over Hiccup’s soft shoulders, roaming until they settled on his waist. The way Hiccup made him feel was indescribable, he wanted to return the sensations. He licked the side of Hiccup’s neck and nipped at his ear, eliciting a deep moan that was rewarding to Toothless’s ears. He planted kissed down his mate’s neck, suckling and marking the skin, just as Hiccup had done to him.

Hiccup was sitting and rubbing against Toothless’s hard and stimulated member with his arse as he worked on Toothless neck. Toothless shifted positions, taking back Hiccup’s mouth with his lips, his hands undid and loosened the opening of his own pants and he sighed in relief. He felt an involuntary need to massage his cock and moaned into Hiccup’s mouth. It was still so new to him and he didn’t know what Hiccup would think if he started rubbing himself, so … he fought to hold off and focused on Hiccup’s lips.

One of Hiccup’s hands pulled at the hair behind Toothless’s neck, the other hand started rubbing his cock over the fabric.

‘‘Hicc, Ahh.’’ Toothless gasped at the sudden contact and broke the kiss. It was sensitive from the sensual stimulations and the previous grinding from Hiccup’s arse. He wanted this, but wanted to make sure Hiccup wanted this too.

‘‘It’s okay baby.’’ Hiccup whispered into Toothless ear, nipping it gently after his reassurance. 

Hiccup slowly pushed Toothless down until he was laying on his back. Toothless felt Hiccup pulling his pants down and helped him, his cock exposed and under the stare of two forest green eyes.

‘‘Do you trust me?’’ Hiccup asked, sexually and eagerly.

Toothless nodded, shaking from anticipation and desperation, then his eyes widened as he watched Hiccup lower his head and take his erect dick into his mouth. Hiccup licked the tip and gently closed his lips around the mushroom head, and then … he slowly started to suck.

A higher pitched ‘‘Fuck!’’ escaped Toothless lips and he gasped as Hiccup’s lips sunk down his shaft, and back up, and down, and back up trailing his tongue over the sensitive flesh before coming off with a pop. Hiccup licked Toothless head again, around the tip, and then went back down before he started to bob his head. The caverns of his warm, wet, perfect mouth, the movement of his tongue running his length and the sucking sensations of his lips were unbelievably incredible and sexual.   

Hiccup had received a blow job before but never given one, it was fucking amazing and so damn hot to be pleasuring his boyfriend instead. The sounds Toothless made, the gasps so different from his quiet moans, they had Hiccup reaching for his own pants. He untied himself and slide a hand down to rub his own hard and needy member, while he slowly continued to tease and suck Toothless’s cock.

Toothless remembered this feeling from the ship, but it felt more sensual and more amazing in every way. The build-up was climbing like before but never reached its peak. He wanted, needed more.

‘‘Hicc, oh Thor … More, please!’’ He begged and gasped. His eyes rolling back as he bit his lip.

Hiccup smirked as he licked the precum from Toothless swollen cock, licking his lips before glancing up into Toothless eyes. Instead of continuing, he moved over Toothless body and kissed him. It was so sexy and he wanted to make Toothless last longer this time. To really make him feel and erupt into a mind-blowing orgasm later.

As Hiccup’s lips left Toothless’s, he started sucking his lovers’ neck and trailing kisses all over his torso. He gently rubbed the top of Toothless cock with one hand while planting kisses and circular licks across his collar bone, down his chest, lower, lower. When he reached Toothless lower abdomen Toothless whined. ‘‘Hiccup, please!’’ He begged, gyrating his hip up into Hiccup’s waist.  

Hiccup stopped pleasing Toothless and stood up. He dropped his own pants … his erect cock finally released and on view for Toothless to see. For a moment he felt embarrassed, but caught up in the heat of arousal he knelt down over Toothless’s legs and gently rubbed his own aching dick. ‘‘Do you want me to … show you, or do you want to-’’

‘‘Show me!’’ Toothless nodded, desperate for more. Seeing Hiccup’s cock like this both scared and aroused him, it was perfect.  

Hiccup, continuing to massage his own cock while precum leak out, looked into Toothless’s eyes.

‘‘You sure? It might hurt.’’

Toothless just nodded, mesmerized by Hiccup’s hand moving up and down as he pleasured himself. It made him want whatever Hiccup could give him … he needed something, anything.

Hiccup moaned before he stopped pleasing himself, then he looked directly into Toothless desperate and lust filled eyes.

‘‘Okay, get on your hand and knees for me!’’ Hiccup told him, slightly breathless.

Toothless did as he was told, realising what Hiccup was going to do. He was a little scared but he trusted Hiccup, He took a deep breath to brace himself.

Hiccup took a deep breath likewise as he looked at Toothless’s tight arse-hole. He cupped the firm butt checks before him - needing them in his hands. The anticipation of what he was about to do made him so aroused; he was about to fuck his boyfriend in the arse and it was too fucking hot to put into words - his cock wept with pre-cum. He had never been so worked up before, never done this before, and his cock was begging for more attention. He had to remember to go slow and not hurt Toothless - especially as this was his first time being penetrated. He didn’t exactly know what he was doing, or what it would feel like for either of them, but he took his cock into his hand and placed it against Toothless arse-hole confidently - it just felt right.

‘‘Ready baby?’’ He asked.

‘‘Yeah!’’ Toothless squeaked and nodded.

‘‘Relax, and breath!’’ Hiccup told him, as he slowly pushed his cock forward into Toothless’s arse.

‘‘Whoa!’’ Toothless shouted and moved forward, but Hiccup grabbed his waist and held him there.

‘‘I’ve heard it hurts a bit a first, but try to relax. Let me know if you want me to stop okay?’’ Hiccup both assured and asked.

Toothless nodded, and Hiccup pushed in a little deeper. He waited for Toothless to start breathing steadily again, slowly pushing in a little more each time. Toothless was tight, so tight, his arse fighting against the foreign object being inserted. Hiccup’s precum leaked and made it easier for them both as he slowly, and finally, penetrated Toothless arse completely.

When Hiccup pulled out and slowly went back in, Toothless gasped.

‘‘Do you want me to stop?’’ Hiccup asked, worried.

‘‘No! Please don’t … Fuck!’’ Toothless whimpered. It felt really good, the new sensation almost promising something amazing, even thought it was slightly painful and strange.  

 Hiccup pulled out and moaned as he pushed back in. The way Toothless muscles squeezed at his cock was so stimulating and amazing, he worried he wouldn’t last long himself.

Hiccup slowly started to gain a slow rhythm and it was so hard holding back the speed. Toothless’s butt checks slapped against his thighs and stomach, and the moaning escaping Toothless lips was insanely rewarding.

Toothless laid his arms on the ground and rested his head down on them. ‘‘Oh fuck! Hiccup, faster!’’ He demanded. Hiccup didn’t need telling twice and started picking up speed. ‘‘Fuck! Holy king of dragons.’’ Toothless gasped. His prostate had been stimulated from the constant thrusts and he could feel that amazing build up from before - making him desperate for release.    

‘‘Please don’t say dragons babe!’’ Hiccup breathlessly chuckled and winced at the reminder of what he was fucking.

‘‘Sorry! Oh Fuck, Hiccup-. Damn!’’ Toothless gasped, the sensations growing with each thrust.

The sounds of pleasure from Toothless and the sensation from fucking his arse were building to his own climax, and fast.

‘‘You going to come baby?’’ Hiccup asked breathlessly, anticipating his own release soon. His breathing was increasing from the exercise and from the immense pleasure.

‘‘I think so … Oh damn! Fuck … I haven’t … had much … experience!’’ Toothless almost shouted thought his heavy breathing. His heart rate rising and he legs going weak. He didn’t know how long his legs would hold up, or if he was going to cum soon or not, but he wanted it badly and it felt like it was coming. He needed to cum, the pleasure was too much, too much-

Toothless bit his lip, the rising waves of pleasure took over his body he whimpered as his climax finally hit. ‘‘Hiccup!’’ He gasped, almost inaudible. ‘‘Fuck!’’ His cock twitched involuntary and his seed shot out onto the ground under him. His mind went white, black, and blank … and as his eyes rolled into his head, he felt every muscle in his body tense and relax. His cum finished shooting and the last bubbled out and trickled down to the ground. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced in his life - it was euphoric and mind-blowing, and topped the feelings he felt on the ship.

Hiccup had sped up his thrust in that last moment to bring on his own orgasm. He finished a few seconds after Toothless had. His own immense pleasure was better then he could remember ever experiencing. It had been ages since he last had sex but he didn’t want to think about the past. He had made love to Toothless and he felt tears building in his eyes. He was just so happy, almost enlightened to the point that it was too overwhelming.

Hiccup slowly pulled out and Toothless rolled over and laid onto his back. He was still breathing heavily and smiling, lost in pleasure with a warm fuzzy after glow. He didn’t think he could walk if he tried, his legs were still shaking and his body felt heavenly.

Hiccup smiled at Toothless and wiped his eyes, he laid down next to him and put his head on Toothless’s chest.

‘‘Fuck yes! You know were doing that again right?’’ Toothless managed to say, and sighed the last of his energy out.

Hiccup chuckled. ‘‘That was amazing babe.’’ he admitted. ‘‘Who knew fucking my dragon would be so mind-blowing!’’

‘‘Human!’’ Toothless breathed out.

‘‘Hybrid!’’ Hiccup argued.

‘‘How about, boyfriend!’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Amazing, sexy arse boyfriend!’’ Hiccup exclaimed, kissing Toothless passionately. ‘‘Seriously, if I knew fucking you would be so epic, I might have done it sooner.’’ Hiccup admitted.

‘‘Fucking? As in-’’

‘‘Sex baby, fuck means sex!’’ Hiccup educated him.

‘‘So, every time I say fuck-.’’ Toothless started laughing and Hiccup joined in.

They laid there for a while, the heat of the moment coming down. They both felt deeply connected with one another after their intimate love making. Love radiated of them both like a blazing fire and they didn’t want to move, but they couldn’t deny the fact it was starting to feel cold when they both started to shiver.

‘‘Maybe we should get cleaned up.’’ Hiccup suggested as he and Toothless shared another passionate kiss.

Toothless pouted but agreed nonetheless.

Laying together, cleaned and dressed by the fire, felt so right. They didn’t want to leave the loving hold of each other’s arms. The peaceful, stress free moment between the couple was beautiful. Hiccup had his head on Toothless’s chest and played with the fabric, while Toothless’s arm was wrapped around him.

‘‘You know … before we got here, I was thinking about all the shit that went down on this island.’’ Toothless told him.

‘‘You mean the Red-Death?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘That, and Mildew getting me sent away here, and Alvin showing up later for the … ‘Dragon conqueror’.’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Oh, yeah. Totally my fault. Well you know what … I totally conquered you today.’’ Hiccup smirked and kissed Toothless.

‘‘Yes, I suppose you did. And we did that here … on Dragon Island.’’

‘‘When you put it that way … I will never think the same way about this place again!’’ Hiccup told him, and chuckled.

Toothless chuckled and sighed. ‘‘Wow! I still can’t believe how amazing you were.’’

‘‘Well It’s not like I had a choice, Alvin was trying to-’’

‘‘I wasn’t talking about Alvin.’’ Toothless cut him off and raised an eyebrow.

‘‘Oh, Oh! You mean-. Right, I didn’t really know what I was doing.’’ Hiccup blushed and looked down.

‘‘Well you did great! Especially when you-’’

‘‘Toothless!’’ Hiccup covered Toothless’s mouth with his hand and chuckled as he felt the heat raise in his cheeks. ‘‘It was amazing. Let’s just leave it at that shall we.’’

‘‘You can do that, but can’t talk about it?’’ Toothless asked when Hiccup removed his hand.

‘‘I-It’s kind of … kind of in the moment thing.”

‘‘Right… Well, I kind of want to suck your cock now!’’ Toothless admitted shamelessly.

Hiccup went scarlet and coughed. He buried his head in side. ‘‘What have I done?’’ He mumbled. ‘‘I could have gotten you addicted to anything but no … I get you hooked on sex.’’

‘‘You’re right though, sex is fun!’’ Toothless smiled and bit his lip, in anticipation of the next time.

‘‘Oh Thor!’’ Hiccup said and sunk his head deeper into Toothless’s side.

‘‘Hiccup, seriously though, you’re being cute – like a hatchling.’’ Toothless gushed as he watched Hiccup try and disappear into his side.

Hiccup didn’t feel any better and kept his face hidden so, Toothless rolled over his body and started to tickle him.

‘‘Toothless! Stop! No …. Please …. Toothless, no more!’’ He shouted between fits of laughter.

Toothless stopped and looked into the forest green eyes staring up at him. He had come to truly realize what this feeling was, it was love and he wanted to be with Hiccup forever. ‘‘I love you babe!’’ He told Hiccup sincerely. ‘‘I really … fucking love you!’’ He emphasised and took a deep breath. Loving Hiccup and actually realizing he was in love with him different, emotional, but he was happy.

Hiccup’s eyes glazed with tears, he had never seen such conviction in Toothless’s eyes when he’d said that before, the sincerity was immense and even though Hiccup knew he meant it before this time was overwhelming.

‘‘I love you too babe.’’ He chocked, holding back the tears, and smiling at Toothless like he was the most precious thing in the world.

‘‘You okay?’’ Toothless worried at the threat of tears in Hiccup’s eyes.

‘‘Yeah, Yeah!’’ He wiped his eyes. ‘‘I’m just really lucky. After everything that’s happened, everything we have been through together, I get to love my best friend. I know I have said it a million times but you really do never cease to amaze me.’’

Toothless shared a deep and passionate kiss with Hiccup. The two of them lost in each other’s hold … and the world around them unimportant and forgotten.  

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Chapter 25 - Long flight

It turned out to be an amazing day on Dragon’s island and by the time they had eaten, and were thinking about their next flight plans, it was getting dark.

Toothless had convinced Hiccup that they should leave during the night, because Toothless had no idea how far the next Island was and it would be better If Hiccup slept for the journey. Hiccup had previously taught Toothless about time and sundials back on Berk, and Toothless had insisted that it could be well over eighteen hours before they got to land anywhere, maybe longer.

Toothless could only guess he came from the south west of Dragon Island, so that’s the direction they would fly in. With a bit of tweaking, utilizing, and invention making. Hiccup had managed to make a bracelet of sorts, like a watch, but with the spare compass attach to it. Toothless could wear this around his leg and check they were still on course, even after Hiccup had fallen to sleep. It didn’t take long to teach Toothless how to read the compass, and Hiccup was assured enough that he was finally on-board with this plan.

Once they were ready to leave, they shared a loving hug and a passionate kiss before Toothless changed into a dragon.

‘‘I know you had that nap bud, but do you still feel fine? Like you said, it’s a long flight. I wouldn’t want you dropping out of the sky on me.’’ He checked, but Toothless huffed and rolled his eyes.

‘‘Okay, don’t say I didn’t ask.’’ Hiccup said as he attached the compass to his leg. ‘‘How’s that, can you read it okay?’’

Toothless checked and nodded, then Hiccup loaded him up and finally put on his flight suit and climbed into the saddle. Clipping himself into place and checking everything was good to go, he exhaled a deep breath.

‘‘Okay bud, lets go!’’ He ordered.

They took off and watched as Dragon island started to shrink into the distance. They were traveling 260 degrees south west and on course.

Toothless had vaguely remembered huge clusters of islands that spread out for miles, that took hours to fly across. He didn’t know if that’s where the caves were, but he hoped he was leading Hiccup in the right direction. His stomach started to drop at the thought of failing Hiccup, and failing the other dragons. Hiccup noticed the change of expression in Toothless face, and the slight speed change.

‘‘You okay Toothless?’’ He asked. Toothless came out of his thoughts and gave Hiccup a slight smile before facing forwards again.

‘‘You’re not still worried about finding the caves, are you? I’ve told you before, we can only try our best. I thought we talked about this.’’ Toothless made a small moan, as if to say I know. ‘‘Listen, we’re together … let’s just see where we end up. If you don’t recognize anything in a few days or something, then we will go back. Sound like a plan?’’

Toothless agreed and Hiccup patted his head. Both of them really hoped Toothless would recognise something. Going back without answers would be so depressing, and Toothless was worried how Hiccup would cope if they went back empty handed.

Hiccup didn’t fall asleep for many hours, and by the time he did, it was well past midnight and going into the early hours of the morning. The sun wasn’t up, so it was still dark, but it was only a few hours away from rising.

Toothless had been flying for the best part of twelve hours before he fell into his resting flight mode. He had to remember to check the compass ever so often. He was pleased to see he was very good at flying in a straight line even when he zoned out. It was now day light and he had to keep an eye out for ships, so he stayed above the clouds where possible.

Hiccup woke up eventually and stretched, wishing a good morning to Toothless, who snapped out of his rest mode and chirped back happily. ‘‘I wonder how long I was out.’’ Hiccup thought out loud. ‘‘You doing okay?’’

Toothless grumbled and rolled his eyes, and to emphasis he was fine, he did a loop in the air. ‘‘Okay feeling fine, I get it.’’ Hiccup chuckled.

As they continued to fly smoothly heading south west, Hiccup uncorked and sipped from the water jar. He knew better then to drink on long flights but it had been hours and he was thirsty. Toothless assured him before leaving that he would be fine without fluids until they landed, one of the perks of being a dragon, but he still worried about him. 

Hiccup kept a look out for land but it still hadn’t appeared. Unbeknownst to them, it was now approaching twenty hours into the flight. Hiccup legs had gone asleep and he felt stiff, so he swung his legs trying to wake them up and shifted his weight as he warmed up his muscles and stretched.

Toothless mumbled in concern so Hiccup reassured him. ‘‘It’s fine bud, my legs just decided they no longer wanted to cooperate.’’ Hiccup groaned again and cracked his back and neck. ‘‘Yep, just gotta wake up the ol’body.’’ He squinted, his head mildly aching from slight dehydration.

Finally returning to the saddle, Hiccup debated with himself whether to have more to drink or hold off on account of himself already needing to urinate. He amazingly enough wasn’t desperate - just uncomfortable, he hadn’t drunk much so he decided a little more water couldn’t hurt. He took some of the nuts from the bag, and one of the fruits they had found on sass/loser Island. He still felt bad for Toothless, he must be shattered and hungry at least.

‘‘You sure you’re okay bud?’’ Hiccup called down to him, only to get dragon sass and more eye rolls.

Wherever they where it was starting to get dark again, Hiccup shifted in the saddle and moaned as his bladder started to become more painful then uncomfortable.

Toothless could hear Hiccup and feel his movements. He assumed Hiccup was just uncomfortable, but when he started moving more and making more sounds … he realized. He winced in memory of that time stuck in the house and wanted to help Hiccup, but he didn’t know what to do - he couldn’t make land suddenly appear. Toothless was thinking about a solution when he had an idea.  

Hiccup sighed desperately and kept telling himself it couldn’t be much longer till some sort of land, sea stack, or abandon bloody ship appeared - that he could wait like a real Viking, when Toothless caught his attention.

Toothless looked back at Hiccup and made deep warbling like sounds. He caught Hiccup’s stressed fake smile, and dipped brows, and knew he was right. Toothless flew right down so his feet were about a foot above the ocean. Hiccup was confused. ‘‘What’s going on bud?’’ He asked.  

Toothless looked back at him in sympathy and then looked at the ocean and made another noise. Hiccup frowned, still confused, so Toothless did it again. Hiccup didn’t know what Toothless was trying to tell him. ‘‘Bud, I don’t…’’

Toothless looked at Hiccup with wide eyes and then pointed with his head to the ocean once more, almost growling to try and get Hiccup to understand.  ‘’You want to go fishing?’’ Hiccup asked.

Toothless breath out a puff of hot air and repeated his actions. ‘‘You want to go swimming?’’ Hiccup guessed again but Toothless growled in annoyance.

Hiccup flung his hands and was getting frustrated. He never usually got angry but his bladder was making him agitated and snappy. ‘‘Bud, I don’t get it!’’ He yelled, and then moaned as he held himself. The position he was sitting in the saddle didn’t help either.

Toothless growled and looked at him, and then the ocean again firmly. This time Hiccup got what Toothless was trying to say. ‘‘Oh Thor, I’m so sorry bud. I can’t do that...’’ He told him firmly, ‘‘…I’ll be fine!’’ Toothless huffed as if to say ‘yeah right’ and flew back above the clouds.

It couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes later when Hiccup yelled loudly and suddenly into the sky. He was dehydrated and had water but he couldn’t drink it right now, his head hurt and felt tight, he felt a little dizzy, but worst was the fact he really had to pee bad and the only option was the most embarrassing solution Toothless had. At this point, he really didn’t have a choice.

‘‘Toothless! I might have to take you up on that offer!’’

Toothless wasted no time going back down to the sea, he slowed his flying down to a slow glide and made noises to encourage Hiccup it was okay. Hiccup unclipped his flight suit and started to untie the various buckles on the legs and waist. He never remembered it ever taking this long before.

‘‘Okay, please keep it steady bud. I didn’t bring my ocean pass.’’

He winced as he awkwardly slipped a stiff leg over the saddle, so he sitting sideways instead of front facing. Hiccup carefully managed to untie his pants and proceeded to piss in the ocean. He felt so embarrassed, having to pee off the side of your dragon wasn’t what he expected to be doing when he begged Toothless to come on this journey with him. It wasn’t easy either, between balance and direction of travel, he swore some of his urine hit Toothless back leg. He tried to apologies, but Toothless grumbled at him loudly that it wasn’t necessary - Hiccup wasn’t sure if he was annoyed at him or his apology.

Hiccup could only wonder what would have happened if Toothless hadn’t convinced him to do that; would he have asked or would he have… he didn’t want to think about that. After putting himself away he swung back into the saddle. He didn’t bother to buckle up his flight suit straight away, he could still clip himself to Toothless. He instead lay forwards over his dragon and patted him.

‘‘What would I do without you bud. Thor, that feels better.’’ He sighed.

As time progressed and more hours past, Hiccup was glad he did what Toothless told him to do instead of being stubborn. Still he couldn’t help but wonder where they were. The compass on his sleeve was still showing that they were traveling south west and on course but it had to have been an entire day or more. He felt tired again and hoped that Toothless was okay. Toothless eyes were halved closed and he seemed to zone out, but his flying never faltered. Hiccup wondered if this was the ‘rest flying’ he talked about before, but whenever he asked Toothless would just huff and roll his eyes - so he knew better than to keep asking questions right now.

Hiccup eventually drifted off to sleep again, his flight suit buckled up once more. Toothless glided smoothly in his rest state, saving his energy. Finally, Hiccup was woken up by Toothless roaring at him to get up. Hiccup shot up awake expecting trouble, but sighed in relief as he saw the island. It still looked miles in the distance, but it was there ... land! It was day light again, if Hiccup had to guess it was about midday.

‘‘That’s great bud! You don’t know how relieved I am to see solid dry ground.’’

A while later and Toothless finally chose to land by a small stream near the cover of trees. Hiccup immediately jumped down off Toothless and didn’t anticipate his legs failure to co-operate. He fell to his knees and groaned, but rolled over onto his back and laughed as he threw of his helmet. Toothless started licking Hiccup’s face and was pushed away as always.

‘‘Ah, come on bud!’’ He moaned through the laughter. He really didn’t care that much, he was on a flat surface and could kiss the ground in relief.

Toothless laughed and bounded over to the stream to drink the cold liquid. Hiccup sat up and moved his legs to get the feeling back in them. He then stood up, still a little shaky but he managed to walked over to the stream and knelt down. He splashed the water into his face and ran it through his hair.

‘‘Do you think it’s safe for me to drink bud?’’ He asked. Toothless sniffed the water and nodded.

Hiccup collected his water jar and filled it with fresh water. It tasted really clean and cold. Once he had drunk enough, he filled the jar and corked it, and proceeded to fill up his second jar.

‘‘Do you think we should rest here?’’ He asked.

Toothless surveyed the area carefully, he kept sniffing and checking like he wasn’t sure about something. Finally, he sat and nodded that it was okay here. Hiccup unloaded Toothless - who stretched out before changing into his human form, and he almost knocked Hiccup over with a death hug. He passionately kissed him … and then slapped his arm hard.

‘‘Ow! what was that for?’’ Hiccup asked bewildered.

‘‘For asking me a hundred times if I was okay, for almost peeing on my saddle because you’re a bloody stubborn mutton head that wouldn’t listened to me, and for not listening to me.’’ Toothless complained and pouted, crossing his arms.

‘‘I-I wanted to make sure you were okay, I guess I won’t worry about you next time and … I wouldn’t have done that, but thank you. I’m sorry If I…’’ Hiccup trailed off embarrassed.

‘‘What, got pee on my leg?’’ Hiccup went scarlet at the confirmation, ‘‘Hey it’s cool, you sucked my cock, a bit of pee doesn’t bother me.’’ He said matter of fact, like it was perfectly natural, and he smiled. ‘‘Besides, you’ll have to do that again on the way back to Dragon’s island, so don’t let it get to you.’’

‘‘I really hope not!’’ Hiccup mumbled, trying to forget about the whole thing.

‘‘You’re a useless human, with a useless human body. You’re gonna have to take a piss on a long flight like that. Don’t be stupid! I know how bad that shit hurts, and I keep telling you to listen to me.’’ Toothless stressed. He then smiled again. ‘‘I missed you though!’’ He admitted hugging him again.

‘‘Wait, I must have been flying another dragon then, because I could have sworn I was riding the unholy offspring of lighting and death itself … but if it wasn’t you then-’’

‘‘I missed this…’’ Toothless cut him off with a kiss. ‘‘I missed talking to you.’’ He kissed him again. ‘‘I missed being human.’’ He admitted before his third kiss. ‘‘And I missed telling you I love you.’’ He explained with love filled eyes, and kissed Hiccup again because he missed doing so.

This time when their lips stayed combined, Hiccup realized exactly what Toothless meant. When Toothless was a dragon, it was almost lonely, he missed the deeper connection they shared now, their conversations, and the touch from a simple hug to that long awaited and ravenous kiss he was experiencing right now.

He hadn’t known it before Toothless’s urgent tongue breached his lips and slipped inside his mouth, but now, now he realized how much he had missed this too, and how much he needed it - like falling into an airless abyss and suddenly realizing you can’t breathe because your air is gone. Warm breath from Toothless’s mouth resurrected his senses, even with his eyes closed his vision was still a dizzy mess. He moaned in pleasure as his lips sucked at the soft flesh he had been missing. He wouldn’t want any other lips except the ones that had the ability to awaken his senses and breath life into his soul; no other lips except Toothless’s would be good enough for him.

When they finally parted, Hiccup let out a broken sigh. ‘‘I love you.’’ He told Toothless sincerely before resting his head against Toothless’s chest. Toothless wrapped his arms around Hiccup and held him close.

‘‘We should try and find some food, and you should get dressed.’’ Hiccup said smirking, as he left Toothless arms and went to the bags.

‘‘I’ll go get the fish first, be right back.’’ Toothless eagerly announced before Hiccup could argue. He changed in to his dragon self and took of just like that.

Hiccup sighed and chuckled to himself.

Wherever they were, it looked untouched by Vikings or people in general. The plant life was flourishing, the water was clean and natural, and the forest they were in looked thick with trees. Where the stream was you could see the sky, but it looked like the further into the trees you went the denser it became.

By the time Toothless returned with a huge catch of fish Hiccup had taken off his flight suit, unpacked Toothless clothes and laid them out, and had found plenty of wood and leaves for a fire. It was a small fire, not yet lit up but had stones in a circle filled with broken branches, twigs and a few dried leaves. Toothless dropped the fish, lit up the fire and changed back to human.

‘‘Wow babe! Let me invite the entire tribe along for dinner, I think we might have enough.’’ Hiccup chuckled. Before Toothless had changed into his human self, he had dropped about six fish from his mouth and had more balanced in his front paws.

‘‘I guess I’m kinda hungry.’’ Toothless shrugged, slightly guilty. ‘‘I may have already eaten a few raw fish.’’ He admitted as he slipped on his tunic. Hiccup rolled his eyes but he wasn’t surprised.

‘‘Only you babe, only you! I guess these are all mine then.’’ He teased. He knew Toothless would probably still be hungry.   

‘‘No! I’m still hungry, I just couldn’t help it. There’s mackerel there, and some other fish I swear I’ve had before … a long time ago.’’ Toothless started to think to see if he could remember.

‘‘Some of these fish look different to what we catch nearer home. I hope they’re okay to eat.’’ Hiccup thought out loud.

‘‘Yeah, I’m sure there fine. But if you’re worried stick to the others and I’ll eat them next time I’m dragon.’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Alright, there’s certainly enough.’’ Hiccup said as he finished pushing a stick through two mackerel. He balanced it over the fire between the supports he had just made either side, by crossing two larger sticks and pushing them into the ground.

Toothless finished getting dressed and joined Hiccup by the fire. ‘‘Oh, by the way … you’re gonna geek out big time.’’

Hiccup felt a twang of excitement in anticipation. ‘‘What, why?’’ He said looking around. 

Toothless grinned. ‘‘I picked up some different scents that I remembered. One was the Lagalogaror, and another was a Grutregrasvattir.’’

‘‘Come again?’’ Hiccup frowned.

‘‘Dragons! Ones you haven’t seen before. The Lagalogaror are a bit like small blue sheep, they like shallow water and are pretty harmless but watch out for their head butt. The Grutregrasvattir are different depending on if their male of female. The male is entirely green and the female is blue and green with pink wings. They have like … tree bark growing off them and their scales look a bit like leaves. They are really respected, so if you see one bow. Like seriously! They care for the forest and are like guardians. If you pissed one off, they will poison you or put you to sleep and kill you. Your body will be used to nourish the trees.’’ Toothless explained smiling.

Hiccup gulped and turned the fish, but he was ‘geeking’ out internally. ‘‘Do you think we will get to see them?’’ Hiccup asked trying to remain cool.

‘‘Yep! I think there will be lots of new dragons for you to meet here. I have to warn you though … I won’t really be alpha here. I mean I have alpha powers but if I had to guess … there will already be an alpha dragon here.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘Wait, so there’s more than one alpha?’’ Hiccup asked, Toothless laughed.

‘‘Of course! How do you expect me to lead every dragon on every island that exists? Besides didn’t I already tell you the Ogthantarth used to lead the alpha’s … as in more than one.’’ 

‘‘Actually … you did say that. That makes sense though. No one even knows how far the land goes.’’ Hiccup agreed.

‘‘Right, so be careful. I mean it Hiccup! We will meet new dragons but there might be some really dangerous ones here, no clever ideas. In fact, just don’t have any ideas at all!’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘Tyrant!’’ Hiccup accused and crossed his arms playfully.  

‘‘There’s one idea you can suggest, that I wouldn’t mind’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Wow, that’s amazing! I get one whole idea, do tell me … what is this great idea I could possibly have?’’ He sarcastically and dramatically asked.

Toothless sat on his lap suddenly, he took Hiccup’s face into his hands and kissed him. When he pulled back, he had a suggestive look on his face and a raised eyebrow.

‘‘Of course you’d want that. Toothless you’re killing me.’’ Hiccup sighed.

‘‘You telling me you don’t want it?’’ Toothless wriggled his arse into Hiccup’s groin.

‘‘N-no. I mean… Oh come on!’’ Hiccup exclaimed. Toothless suddenly frowned and sighed in annoyance.

‘‘Toothless, just because I don’t seem like I want-’’  

‘‘It’s not that.’’ Toothless told him and stood up.

‘‘Then what? Did I upset you or…?’’

‘‘No! I just have to go.’’ Toothless explained with a smile, starting to walk away into the forest.

‘‘Go where?’’ Hiccup asked bewildered.

‘‘To find somewhere to piss of course. Better not pee up the trees or on the plants though, what with the Grutregrasvattir around.’’ He sighed. ‘‘I’m fine one minute, and then when I turn human it kinda creeps up on me suddenly after a bit.’’ Toothless explained. ‘‘Guess drinking from the stream didn’t help, be right back.’’ He said, and ran off.

‘‘Right, and I’ll wait here.’’ Hiccup said to himself as he watched Toothless run off and disappear into the forest.

Hiccup was writing in his journal at first but soon found himself sketching Toothless as he slept. Things really did catch up to him when he turned back into a human. This time it was what Hiccup had concluded was about a day and half flying, along with being awake for over two days. Toothless seemed fine at first, but after his fourth cooked fish he had started to fall asleep trying to make out with him and couldn’t keep his eyes open. Hiccup found it hilarious having to force a horny Toothless to lay down. Hiccup had been laying over him as they kissed each other when he finally fell asleep. Whether it was the full stomach, the lack of sleep, or the long flight after their ‘activities’ on Dragon’s island … Toothless was passed out cold.

Toothless had his hands behind his head, his face turned slightly towards Hiccup, and his peach coloured lips delicately parted. Even though his eyes were closed, Hiccup had them memorised to detail. He could visualise the way the lime green spreads from his dark pupils like a splash of paint over a lighter green. The mesmerising lines and patterns like a priceless masterpiece, and the unusual blue outline around his iris that gets slightly wider, and brighter when he controls the dragons as a human.

Hiccup invested more time drawing the details of Toothless’s eyes, as if he were awake and watching him. It was almost hot and arousing drawing the feature of his boyfriend he loved the most, that had the power to turn him weak at the knees and could demand anything of him. He had been coming undone under them eyes, becoming aroused a while ago before Toothless passed out.

When he had finished, he stared at his work. It was his best drawing yet and he could almost feel Toothless watching him from the page. He closed his journal and sighed before looking over at the real thing. Toothless was so innocent when he slept.

Feeling lonely, Hiccup walked over and gently laid down besides him. He resting his head under Toothless’s arm and nestled into his side, his arm gently wrapped over his waist and he closed his eyes. Toothless subconsciously rolled over to face Hiccup, his arm wrapped over him. Hiccup held his breath not wanting to wake him up, but when he realized Toothless was still very much asleep, he smiled and sighed happily. Toothless always did that, even as a dragon he would wrap his wings and tail around him. Hiccup’s heart fluttered, whatever happened they had each other.

Hiccup must have been asleep for just over an hour when he woke up to the sound of splashing and noises coming from the stream. They were only about fifteen feet away from the water, just under the first few trees, and he could see the source of the noise clearly from his position. 

Three little blue dragons no bigger than sheep, with horns like a ram, and small white like growths on their back - resembling clouds only hard like scales. They had small tails, two tiny blue wings, and white scales on their chest. They were fascinating to watch as they playfully jumped around in the water, splashed each other, and sprayed water like a game.

Hiccup quietly crawled over to his journal and grabbed it with his pencil. He went back to Toothless and started drawing the dragons. He made his quick sketch and then gently shook Toothless awake.

As Toothless woke up he went to moan, Hiccup put his hand straight over his mouth and pointed to the three playful dragons. Putting his finger to his lips, Hiccup motioned that Toothless be quiet. Toothless smiled at Hiccup and then watched him add more details to his drawing.

When Hiccup had finished, Toothless whispered. ‘‘There Lagalogaror, let me go say hi.’’

Toothless quietly removed his clothes and changed into a Night-Fury. The Lagalogaror didn’t hear them because they were far too busy playing and splashing. Hiccup watched as Toothless approached them slowly and nervously.

Toothless lowered his head as he approached them, he then looked up when they stopped playing. Hiccup had to hold back a chuckle when Toothless made a cute friendly face and started jumping in the water with the other dragons.

It looked like they had accepted him as a friend because they allowed him to join in the fun. Hiccup was starting to feel a little jealous when Toothless must have mentioned him because they all turned to face where Hiccup was watching from.

‘‘Hey!’’ He waved nervously.

Toothless bounded over, licked Hiccup’s face and then pushed him out and into the stream. 

‘‘Toothless!’’ He exclaimed, all wet and now sitting the stream. Toothless laughed and the three little dragons got excited.

One of the Lagalogaror with a strange shaped horn, sprayed Hiccup with water and laughed. Toothless splashed it back with his tail and encouraged Hiccup to join in.

He was already soaked, and they were having fun, so he joined in the splashing game. All five of them jumping around in the water, splashing or spraying each other. Hiccup’s laughter filled the forest and he felt so young again.

The noise had attracted the attention of something that moved too fast to be seen, leaving a trail of wind as it speed past. Toothless stopped and looked around, he thought he smelt something.

Toothless was too distracted to see Hiccup being ganged up on by two Lagalogaror, they were pelting him with their water spray. Hiccup was on his knees in the stream shielding his face by the time they stopped. The one with the unusual shaped horn came closer to him. Hiccup closed his eyes and looked away as he held out the flat of his hand, as the dragon was about to gently nuzzle it back there was a mighty loud roar.

The three Lagalogaror ran into a group and bowed, Toothless ran to stand in front of Hiccup - glowing blue in his alpha form, and Hiccup gulped at the large size of the angry white and blue dragon standing no more than eight feet in front of Toothless downstream.

The dragon was bigger the a Deadly-Nadder, pure white with blue wings and chest. It had blue spines down its neck, back, tail. Two longer spines at the end of its tails, and one on each back leg. Its piecing blue eyes had blue scales around them and were framed back leading to two spear shaped spines. Each of its wings fanned out into five sections at the ends - the top larger than the bottom.

The dragon roared at Toothless and each of is blue spikes glowed blue. Its wings glowed a bright white colour making Hiccup squint. He could just see Toothless turn off his alpha mode and bow to the dragon in front of him.

The large white dragon went to walk around Toothless to get to Hiccup, but it was blocked by his protective boyfriend. It wasn’t happy and fired a plasma blast directly at Toothless. Toothless had no choice but to dodge the attack. It was so powerful; the blast landed in the stream creating a massive wave which knocked Hiccup over. It left a large hole in the stream floor.

The dragon was so fast that before Hiccup could even sit up to breathe he was being pinned under the water by the weight of the dragon’s left foot, its claws breaking the skin of Hiccup chest. It powered up another plasma blast aimed directly at him.

Toothless was glowing blue once more and he shot his own plasma blast at the dragon. The dragon spun round in anger but seemed unharmed, it released its shot at Toothless. Toothless had no time to dodge and used his wings to shield himself from the attack.

The shot burned Toothless wings and knocked him backwards hard.

The white dragon turned to face Hiccup once more, intent on ending his life as it powered up its plasma blast once again. Hiccup couldn’t breathe, still trapped under the water knowing it was useless to struggle. His life flashed before his eyes. Toothless and his one amazing intimate time with him. Trid and how he would be fatherless before he even spoke his first word. Astrid … he might get to hold her again now along with his father. He wouldn’t see his mother again - whom he had only known for a short time. All his friends - even Snotlout and the twins. He thought about and all the times he should have cherished and been grateful for everything he cared about and loved. He hoped Toothless would be okay without him, and would watch over Trid like a father in his place.

‘‘NO! Please stop! I love him!’’ Toothless shouted as he tried to run over to the dragon.

The dragon snapped its head around, and almost let lose its shot when Toothless fell to his knees and stared up into its eyes crying. The dragon released its plasma blast into the air and looked back at Toothless’s tear stained face, burn marks on his shoulders, and slightly glowing eyes where the blue iris circled the green.  

‘‘Please! He can’t breathe.’’ Toothless begged.

The dragon removed its foot from Hiccup’s chest and Hiccup shot up out of the water and gasped, coughing violently, and almost throwing up water in his desperation for air.  

Toothless cautiously stood up and watched the white dragon eyes burning in to him as he moved. He wasn’t being stopped so he ran over to Hiccup and rubbed his back until he was breathing better again. Toothless painfully hugged Hiccup tightly and sobbed into his shoulder.

‘‘I thought I’d lost you … I tried-.’’ He sobbed. Hiccup could see the burns on Toothless back and shoulders. The skin was burnt deep, and it was bright red and angry.

‘‘Toothless?’’ Hiccup coughed. ‘‘Baby, you’re hurt!’’ He was so worried, his voice strained and weak, and tears filed his eyes at seeing Toothless this way.  

Toothless just sobbed into Hiccup’s shoulder, he had almost lost him and now he couldn’t fly Hiccup home. His wings were burnt and torn from the blast.

Hiccup looked over Toothless’s shoulder and up at the dangerous dragon still watching them, he gulped wondering what it would do next. 

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Chapter 26 - Great Guardenia

The white and dark-blue dragon was contemplating her next course of action. Humans were not allowed on this island and were forbidden from touching any dragon here. They knew the consequences of violating the ancient promises set to protect the delicate order of things. This was an exceptional circumstance; the human boy had clearly been touched by the frithvineradreki magic, and this Loightakalean was his sal-binda.

‘I shall not punish the dragon. Acacia should be able to reverse the damage I inflicted. I shall consult with her on my next course of action.’ The white dragon thought, before roaring loudly into the sky. The three Lagalogaror that had fled behind the trees during the attack, decided it was time to leave and flew away through the forest.

Toothless released Hiccup and turned to face the white dragon. He tried to hold back his sobs and streaming tears to brace himself; he knew that call - he knew more dragons could be coming. He would die all over again if he had to … he would protect Hiccup until his last breath.

‘‘She is calling for others.’’ Toothless whispered shakily, his body shook from the pain of the burn and his voice was hindered by the tears. He looked back into Hiccup’s eyes and took his hands firmly. ‘‘Hiccup? Promise me … promise me you will run if I tell you to. Run and don’t look back. Don’t even come back … just try to find a way to safety, to home!’’ He scrunched his eyes, looked down, and clenched Hiccup’s hands as he broke out into sobs once more - the thought of never seeing Hiccup again tore him apart.

‘‘No! I’m not leaving you here. There’s no Hiccup without a Toothless. Where I go, you go!’’

‘‘Hiccup … I-I don’t think … I can fly anymore.’’ He sobbed and felt like he had failed the one person he loved more than anything.

‘‘Baby look at me!’’ Hiccup demanded, he felt his own eyes filling with empathetic tears.

When Toothless slowly looked up at him, silent tears feel down his cheeks. The shattered soul looking into his forest green eyes - begging for mitigation from judgment, the pain, and whatever the coming wrath of dragon behind brought forth was heart-breaking and wrapped in fear. Toothless’s eyes were blood shot - like lightening intended to strike its victim, jagged red lines reaching out for his beautiful lime green iris’s. The colour, less vibrant then he remembered, was replaced with fear, pain, and flooded with tears cascading down his face. 

‘‘We will find another way. You’re stuck with me. I love you!’’ He leant forwards and kissed Toothless tear tainted lips. It was a promise that he would love him no matter what happened. That he would never leave him.

When the kiss broke Toothless tried to speak, but he was interrupted by the sound of a new dragon arriving at the scene. ‘‘It’s a Grutregrasvattir.’’ Toothless’s broken voice whispered before he painfully bowed his head. Hiccup’s eyes widened and he bowed like wise. 

The new dragon was a little bigger than Toothless. It was sky blue mostly, with random green growths over its body that looked like bark or leaves. There were clusters of green spines on its head and at the base of its tail - the tip of its tail looked like pink flower bulb. The dragon had pretty pink jagged wings that finished into a point, and two vines like growths framing them. It had grass-green spines growing from its head down to the end of its tail. The dragon also had two curved dark-green horns, and white scales on its belly and chest. Hiccup assumed it was female, because Toothless told him before the females have pink wings.  

The white-blue dragon roared at Toothless and commanded him to change into a dragon again. Toothless wasn’t sure what he was being asked. He took a deep shaky breath to steady his breathing. ‘‘I’m not sure what you’re asking me to do, could you…’’ The dragon roared again and made low roaring sounds. Toothless sighed sadly. ‘‘I really didn’t want to do that-’’

He had tried to protest, but again it was insisted he obey.

‘‘What’s going on baby, you understand her?’’ Hiccup asked, worried about what Toothless was being asked to do.

Toothless nodded at the dragon once before answering Hiccup. ‘‘Sort of. When you’ve been a dragon for … well, all your life, you don’t forget certain sounds, body movements, or facial expressions and stuff. She wants me to change back babe. I have to do it, she is the alpha here … but please … please don’t worry when you see my-’’

Toothless’s scrunched his eyes as more tears fell, he couldn’t finish his sentence. When he went to turn away Hiccup grabbed his hand and kissed him.

‘‘I love you, always remember that!’’

‘‘I love you too.’’ Toothless replied nodding, and slowly stood up against the pain.

Toothless walked a few steps away from Hiccup, towards the dragons, and knelt in the stream. He changed back and held his wings close to his body - to ashamed for anyone to see, and too painful to open.

‘‘I am assuming your name is not baby?’’ The white and blue dragon asked.

‘‘It’s Toothless!’’ He replied, the white dragon considered the name strange.  

‘‘This is Acacia…’’ Toothless bowed his head to Acacia. ‘‘…She is the elder Grutregrasvattir. I am Visskara, the alpha dragon of these lands.’’ Toothless bowed his head again. ‘‘Your sal-binda is strong with that human. Had you not taken your new form when you did … you would have lost your sal-binda and perhaps, your second life as well. We do not allow humans on this island and they are forbidden, punishable by instant death, from touching any dragon here. I recognise this is an exceptional circumstance, and we are willing to hear you out before we reach a final decision. Firstly, follow me and command your human to follow.’’ Visskara ordered without room for negotiation.

Toothless did as he was told - he painfully signalled Hiccup to follow him with his head. Hiccup immediately went to Toothless’s side and they slowly followed the other two dragons onto dry land - It was the opposite side of the stream to where Hiccup and himself had been sleeping not long ago.

 ‘‘I want the boy to stay back there.’’ Visskara ordered looking back further into the forest.

Toothless whimpered as he nuzzled Hiccup back enough distance, and signalled him to stay put. Hiccup tried to stay by his side at first, but begrudgingly he sat down. He was about twenty feet away from where Toothless was now standing - defenceless in front of the two dragons. He felt completely useless and vulnerable - like an odd wheel, the only human present with no idea to what was happening. Toothless eyes filled with pain, and his wings, even closed against his body didn’t look good.

‘‘You are to open your wings now.’’ Visskara commanded.

‘‘I don’t know if I can … they hurt-’’ Toothless whimpered.

‘‘You have two choices. Refuse, and never fly again. Or open them, and let Acacia see if she can assist in the healing process. I know which option I would choose, but it is your choice and I haven’t got all day.’’ Visskara spoke with importance and authority. Acacia had yet to speak because she hadn’t been permitted to as of yet.

Hiccup had been watching with trepidation and worry. He could see them communicating but wished he knew what they were saying. When Toothless roared in pain and opened his wings Hiccup gasped, covered his mouth with one hand and clenched his other. The plasma blast had burned right through his left wing and burned the right one very badly. Blood was fresh and dropped to the ground in a slow drip, the fine bones fractured and bruised. It was irreversible damage and Hiccup blamed himself; if he hadn’t begged Toothless to come here, they would be safe and back on Berk, Toothless wouldn’t keep getting hurt for him, and he wouldn’t be suffering right now.

Toothless whined in pain and fell to the floor, his wings spread out as much as he could manage. Visskara nodded at Acacia once.

‘‘Wow, that plasma blast of yours never gets any weaker does it. You keep me on my toes with all the work I have to do around here, fixing up after you. I’ll tell you that…’’ Acacia rambled on as she examined Toothless wing. ‘‘…For once, would it kill you to show a little respect for the forest and the creatures living in it. I had to heal that poor little Lagalogaror you blasted a few mani’s ago, poor thing, what was his name? Oh, yes. Signerdrop, that was it. He didn’t know what hit him when you decided to-’’

‘‘Acacia! That’s quite enough. Can you help him or not? I don’t think he can last much longer.’’ Visskara asked. She could see the pain was taking its toll on Toothless - his body shaking from the trauma and weakness as he became faint.

Acacia breathed out a web of blue smoke and Toothless feel to sleep instantly. She started breathing a pink and green like substance over Toothless wing.

Hiccup panicked when Toothless fell unconscious with his wings still spread out. Against better judgment he went to run up to Toothless calling out his name. Visskara growled at him and Hiccup stopped.

‘‘I-I just want to check he’s okay.’’ Hiccup gently tried to explained - his hand out to calm the dragon as he tried to edge forward towards Toothless. ‘‘P-Please don’t hurt him, it’s my fault we’re here in the first place. Vikings … humans took control of a dragon. It attacked my village - a-an Ogthantarth.’’

At the mention of an Ogthantarth Visskara’s ears peaked and she became very interested in what this human boy had to say. Hiccup noticed her calming at his voice and continued - he wasn’t sure how much she even understood.

‘‘…You’ve heard of it, haven’t you?’’ Hiccup asked but Visskara didn’t move. ‘‘Well, my village … we protect dragons, they live with us in peace. Something forced them to leave the island and we think it has something to do with when the Ogthantarth died that night.’’

Visskara looked angry at the news of the Ogthantarth’s death and Hiccup quickly tried to explain before she attacked him again.  

‘‘N-No one kill it, it-it just died on its own. It just disappeared. We came here because Toothless remembered some caves that might help us understand. I asked him to come here, so please...’’ He begged. ‘‘…Just let me go to him.’’

‘‘As long as he just sits there, I don’t see why not.’’ Acacia chimed in before Visskara could respond.

Visskara huffed and stepped back to give Hiccup the okay. Hiccup slowly, and cautiously, walked over to Toothless’s face and sat down with him. He was relieved to see he was still breathing.

‘‘A-are you h-helping him?’’ He asked Acacia hopefully. Acacia nodded once and continued her work. ‘‘Thankyou!’’ He told them both, bowing his head.

He stayed quietly stroking the raised scales on Toothless head, hoping the two dragons didn’t try and hurt him; he had no chance at surviving if they decided to attack him now. He watched as Acacia walked to a nearby tree and scratched it with the curved horns on her head, she broke of the bark and used the claws on her feet to scratch at the tree. She ate the fallen bark and the sap before returning to Toothless, and then proceeded to spew something green coloured onto his wing. She then went to work on his other wing.

‘‘Will it heal?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘It won’t heal all at once - it will take rest along with sol and mani’s great light. This will take the pain away and stop the bleeding. It will feed life into the broken skin and encourage rebirth. I will need see it again tomorrow, and I may also need Storrkeldan to help me.’’ Acacia explained.

‘‘Very well, I will leave that in your capable hands then. What do you think of the boy?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘I like him, skinny little thing though. His sal is troubled but he has a kind heart. He cares for this Loightakalean very much, and he respects you already.’’ Acacia explained smiling.

‘‘His respect is out of fear. If he wasn’t scared of what I might do to him or his sal-binda he wouldn’t show much respect to either of us.’’ Visskara insisted.

‘‘And I thought you were wise. You know very well that the fact these two are even sal-binda’s in the first instance, means he has great respect for dragons.’’ Acacia argued her point. She brought her tail over Toothless wing, it was shaped like a large flower bulb and opened into a bright pink flower. She gently shook her tail and pink dust feel down and settled on top of the green substance already coated on the burnt wing.

‘‘He could have respect for this one alone.’’ Visskara argued.

‘‘You know the ancient stories - I taught them to you myself. Passed down through Grutregrasvattir’s since that very time. This Loightakalean would be dead if this boy didn’t respect us just as he did for his own kind. I’m certain of it! His life force is true, pure, but I sense remnants of anger. It is faint, but I feel he has been tested. Just like a flower deprived of water and nourishment, passing through its trials and adapting to survive - but it will never be the same again without a little help, and the passing of time. The boy needs his sal-binda to heal.’’ Acacia explained. She looked sadly down at Hiccup as she finished her work, he had his head rested against Toothless’s but he looked up when he heard her move towards him.

Hiccup looked nervous and had no idea what was transpiring. Between whatever they were doing to Toothless, whatever they were saying, or what they would do to him … he really wished Toothless would wake up.

The Grutregrasvattir looked at him and nodded once before bowing to the larger dragon. She then walked to the stream and drunk the water before she flew into the sky and left. The white dragon laid down on the ground and seemed to be watching them both carefully. Hiccup gulped and took a deep breath.

‘‘He will wake up … won’t he?’’ Hiccup asked. The dragon nodded. ‘‘So, you do understand me?’’ When he got another nod, he wondered how much she understood. ‘‘Do you … understand most of what I say or just a bit, o-or maybe everything?” He mumbled nervously.

Visskara, rolled her eyes and huffed. She could tolerate sensible questions, but she was going to get annoyed with this human if he didn’t stop rambling and asked something she could actually answer with a nod or huff.

Hiccup realised he couldn’t expect her to talk to him, he had to be more specific. ‘‘Okay.’’ He sighed. ‘‘Do you understand everything I say?’’

Visskara thought about it and realised there were going to be things she didn’t understand so she huffed gently.

‘‘I’ll take that as a no. So, most of what I say?’’ He asked, and received a nod. ‘‘Okay, I can work with that. So … are you going to kill me?’’ He asked nervously.

Visskara looked directly at Hiccup and saw his fear. She noticed the wet ripped vest and tunic that her claws had sunk though, and the dried blood where the wounds were visible. She knew she couldn’t kill the boy now she had discovered who he was, so she huffed and Hiccup sighed in relief.

Hiccup noticed her still staring at his chest and he looked down; he hadn’t been thinking about himself at all. He lifted his tunic and looked at the four new gashes there. Thankfully the dragon’s claws had just broken the skin and had stopped bleeding for now, however, where she had pushed down to keep him still, it had left four deeper holes that were still trying to bleed - they weren’t gushing blood though. It stung, but Hiccup knew he would heal as long as it didn’t get infected.

‘‘C-can I…’’ He pointed to the stream, Visskara nodded. ‘‘I’m just going to … get my soap … to clean this with.’’  He explained.

Visskara watched as Hiccup walked to the stream and went across to the other side. She could see him with her heat vision - going toward what was probably a died off fire, then he eventually walked back with something in his hand and set it down her side of the stream next to Toothless.    

Hiccup removed his vest and tunic and put them on the ground next to the bag he had carried over. He took out a small bar of soap and knelt down in the water to wash his chest carefully. The soap stung and he hissed, but he continued to clean it; Gothi always insisted that you cleaned up a wound or it would get bad. He rinsed the soap off by splashing water onto his chest before he walked back.

He took out a drying cloth from his bag, and dried down his arms and shoulders before dabbing at his chest gently. He eventually slipped on his clean clothes and returned to Toothless side.  

‘‘I assume he will be asleep for a while, so I brought over some things.’’ Hiccup explained as he took out his journal and pencil.

Visskara watch curiously as Hiccup moved something - like a stick, across the flat surface of that brown thing in his hands. It made a light scratching sound, and he would keep looking at her and then back to his whatever he was doing. It made her slightly uncomfortable.  

Hiccup was drawing the white and blue dragon in front of him, and hoped she didn’t have any grudges against what he was doing. Getting killed for a drawing couldn’t happen … right? But his need to sketch every new dragon he met override any fears he had about drawing her. When Hiccup was done, he looked over at the dragon again and decided to show her. He slowly turned his journal around.

‘‘I-I like to draw. I hope you don’t mind.’’

Visskara looked at it and was surprised to see another Leitatilsynum - it looked like her. She tilted her head and thought about how the boy kept looking at her as he made the marks. He had made marks of her … ‘draw’ he called it.

Hiccup noticed her peculiar expression and decided to show her some other drawings. He opened the journal to a drawing of Toothless asleep as a dragon.

‘‘This is a drawing of Toothless. I did it a while ago.’’ He explained. Visskara looked and thought it was a good ‘drawing’, she wondered how he made marks with that stick. Hiccup then found another drawing to show her.

‘‘This is my mother with Cloudjumper, a Stormcutter. He’s my mum’s … friend. Oh, I think Toothless called him a … a cre-fluxeon or something.’’ Hiccup explained.

Visskara vaguely remembered seeing a dragon of that species - it was a Krefjorirtaleon. She laughed to herself at his attempt to use the proper species name. She was even more curios to his ‘drawings’ now, so she signalled him to come closer using her head. She looked at him then at the space beside her.

‘‘Y-you want me to … to sit there?’’ He asked, pointing to the space next to her. She nodded at him, making him gulp. ‘‘Why not? I’d love to sit next to the dragon that tried to … and never mind!’’ He said as he watched her expression change from curiosity to annoyed.

Hiccup did as he was asked and went to sit down next to her cautiously. He had no problem sassing or being sarcastic around enemy’s, but this dragon demanded respect and he realised two things; one, she might not understand and take it literally- and two, he really didn’t want to give her a reason to kill him - especially in the circumstances.     

Visskara rolled her eyes and then looked at the weird brown thing in the boy’s hands - she wanted to see more drawings and nudged the brown thing.

Hiccup opened his journal and a drawing of Trid asleep in his crib caught his eyes - he missed Trid and wondered what his four-month-old son was doing right now. Visskara had obviously heard his sad sigh as she made a coo noise - like she was asking him about the drawing.

‘‘That’s my son, Trid.’’ He explained, Visskara looked confused. ‘‘My erm … offspring? Youngling?’’ Visskara nodded. ‘‘Yeah, my youngling, Trid. I miss him.’’

Hiccup turned the page and a drawing fell out from the back. He picked it up to slide it away, but Visskara was curious and made another curious sound. Hiccup sighed and opened it to show her. It was a bigger drawing, it had all the riders and their dragons together on Dragons Edge.

‘‘This one is special to me. These are all my friends and their dragon friends.’’ Hiccup explained and started pointing the person, or dragon, he was talking about. Occasionally, he would glance up to read her expression as he talked.  

‘‘This is Fishlegs and Meatlug. Meatlug is the Gronckle … or an Alrollkender? I think. This is Snotlout and his dragon Hookfang. Toothless called him a … Fayieringree. He also sometimes calls him a yarxeyed, but I have no idea what that means and he refuses to tell me.’’

Visskara huffed a chock like sound and had wide eyes, she hadn’t heard that insult for years. For a dragon to be calling another dragon that … she was quite shocked.  

‘‘I’m guessing that’s not a great word’’ He chuckled. ‘‘Sorry. Toothless and Hookfang get on just fine, it’s just … well Snotlout can be an egotistically idiot sometimes and Hookfang seems to take after him. Hookfang does like to set his pants … clothes on fire though.’’ He chuckled. Visskara’s eyes opened a little wider and she looked bewildered.

‘‘Yeah, that’s not the weirdest thing thought. This is Ruffnut and her twin brother Tuffnut, and their Zippleback … or fay-something-jagon Barf and Belch.’’ Hiccup explained. Visskara huffed again at the ludicrously absurd names. ‘‘Yeah, I know right, great names. But, these guys like blowing things up and causing trouble. I’m the chief … leader of Berk. Berk is my home, my village, my island. These guys …’’ He pointed at Ruff and Tuff again. ‘‘…Always cause destruction and like to give me more mess to clean up or sort out.’’

‘So, he’s a leader of an Island. Sort of like an alpha among human … interesting.’ Visskara thought.         

Hiccup pointed to the last of the riders and sighed sadly. ‘‘This is Astrid. She was my wife … erm, my mate. Amazing fierce woman. She would have been an amazing mother to Trid, but … she died.’’ Hiccup ran his finger over the image of Astrid. ‘I miss you so much Astrid. I still love you … I just love Toothless now too. I hope you can forgive me.’ He thought and sighed shakily.

Visskara made a low warble sound.

‘‘Oh right, sorry’’ He coughed awkwardly and pointed to the drawing. ‘‘This is Stormfly, her Deadly-Nadder … or Switenbelprowlus. Stormfly is like Toothless’s best dragon friend, along with Cloudjumper - but he is too proud to play around. And that’s me and Toothless. We used to fly to this island we called Dragon’s edge. That’s where we were in this drawing. We would stop the dragon hunters and free the dragons, or help them if they were injured. That’s sort of how Toothless became the alpha.’’

Visskara scoffed.

‘‘Oh, come on! You know exactly what I mean. You glowed blue and white earlier, so, I’m assuming you’re the alpha here.’’ Hiccup guessed. Visskara put her head up proud for a moment and then looked back at Hiccup and nodded ‘‘Toothless told me he wouldn’t be alpha here. We never wanted to upset you. Anyway … would you like to hear the rest?’’

Visskara nodded, from what she did understand she was very interested.

‘‘A very evil man called Drago Bludvist took control of a Bewilderbeast...’’ Visskara made a sound in confusion. ‘‘… King of dragons? No? Erm … Oh, it controls dragons with its mind, very big, like huge! Has tusks and spits ice-.’’ Visskara’s eyes shot open in disbelief. ‘‘Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was our exact same reaction. We were friends with a white one, but then Drago came with this darker one and tried to enslave all the dragons. The white Bewilderbeast tried to fight, but the darker one killed him.’’ Visskara looked down in shock.

‘‘Yeah it gets better … I remember his words ‘He who controls the alpha, controls them all.’ He was a mad man, and had to be stopped. The white Bewilderbeast was the alpha at the time … but when the darker one killed him it became the alpha instead. Drago had the black Bewilderbeast under his control out of fear, so he had all the dragons under his control too … even Toothless. Toothless was ordered to kill me but my dad … my father. Well, he jumped in the way of Toothless’s plasma blast to save me. He died. Toothless still blames himself for that. He doesn’t have to, I don’t blame him, it wasn’t his fault! He just won’t believe it. Anyway … all the dragons including Toothless left with Drago to attack my island - Berk. We had to ride the baby dragons back - they were the only ones left because they listen to no one. It was a … interesting flight. Eventually we got back and I managed to snap Toothless out of the Bewilderbeast’s alpha control.’’

Visskara had been listening intently, the story was devastating and tragic, but she’d realized this boy’s bond with the Loightakalean must be extremely strong to break a Elgoorissstoorvovor’s control - or a Bewilderbeast’s as the boy called it. She wondered if the frithvineradreki magic had already passed before this tragic event, or after it. 

‘‘The Bewilderbeast was ordered to kill me again, but Toothless saved my life. We were encased in ice, but Toothless had shielded my body with his own. He started glowing blue, and when we broke-out he challenged the Alpha. He won and the Bewilderbeast left with only one tusk. Drago disappeared into the ocean along with him - I think it’s safe to say he won’t be leading an invasion anytime soon. I assume he drowned but his body was never recovered. All the dragons bowed to Toothless after that, and there were so many dragons. It really was an amazing sight and I was so proud of him - still am actually. We both became leaders that day.’’

Hiccup finished his story and sighed as he looked over at Toothless. He wondered how much the white dragon next to him understood from his story - he was sure Toothless would explain if she asked him.

‘‘Toothless will be okay right?’’ He asked. Visskara nodded. ‘‘I wish I knew what the … Gretre-gra-vat-ir … did for him. Sorry if I said that wrong. She was amazing though. I really am thankful you helped him and decided not to kill us.’’ Hiccup looked down nervously. ‘‘You know, Vikings usually come up with names for new species of dragons. I was thinking … the Great-Guardenia for her - at least until Toothless can help me out.’’

Visskara nodded and then lay her head down on her front legs before closing her eyes. Hiccup decided to leave her to rest and went to sit with Toothless again for a while, it would be getting dark soon anyway.

The moon was glowing in the star littered sky, it glittered and danced over the moving stream. A few moon beams broke through the thinner trees and cast shadows where the light failed to reach the darkness. The breeze gently swayed the leaves but otherwise, the forest was silent.  

Hiccup had managed to bring across the rest of their stuff while the white dragon slept. The night wasn’t as cold as he expected for this time of year, but without a fire he was still thankful to have the blanket. He didn’t want to try and light up a fire for two reasons; one, he didn’t want to anger the dragons, and two, he worried if he pulled out his inferno sword the white dragon would get threatened. He didn’t want to wake the white dragon either to ask if he could make a fire.   

Hiccup was sitting on his blanket near Toothless, when a bright green and pink light caught his attention. It was mainly coming from Toothless’s wings, but a few trees and plants also glowed around him in certain sections of the forest. The damaged tree bark glowed pink and slowly healed. Flowers started to grow at the base of the tree - glowing a mixture of pink and green. As the green glow grew stronger, the flowers and trees grew taller or wider - sprouting new buds or flowers.

Looking back at Toothless, he watched in shock as the green and pink light continue to glow on his wings. The white dragon was still sleeping, so Hiccup assumed it was nothing to worry about. Apart from their presence in the forest, he assumed this was normal here; intelligent, powerful dragons and glowing forests - that grow plants at impossible speeds … why not? He went to get his journal; as crazy as this all was, as unfamiliar and nerve wracking … this was far too fascinating to not write about. The Grutregrasvattir, or the Great-Guardenia as he had named her, was related to this astonishing phenomenon somehow. Hiccup really wanted to share this experience with Toothless. He wanted to asked him about the Great-Guardenia, in fact, just hearing his voice again would make him feel so much better, happier, and relieved.    

When Hiccup finished with his journal, he put it away and took the blanket over by Toothless’s head. The forest was still glowing around him when he wrapped himself in the blanket and resting his head and arms over Toothless’s head like a pillow. He stroked the raised scales on Toothless head. ‘‘Night Toothless.’’ He whispered, hugging his head tightly. ‘‘I love you, and I need you wake up soon.’’ He sighed sadly. Hiccup stayed in that same position until his eyes grew heavy, and he fell to sleep.

Hiccup, Toothless, and Visskara slept soundlessly as the glowing continued. After a short while, Acacia quietly appeared. The sight of the sal-binda’s asleep together made her smile. She broke of one of the green growths on her body with her teeth, and dropped it by Toothless left win - the one that was burnt the most. She blew green mist onto the fragment and it started to root. Vines grew and wrapped around Toothless’s left wing, slowly encasing it completely. 

Visskara looked up from her sleep and the two dragons nodded to each other before Acacia silently left. Visskara looked over at the sal-binda’s and walked down to the stream before taking to the air. She would be back in the morning, hopefully before either of them woke up, but it didn’t matter. With her hearing, vision, and great speed, if they left or tried to run and hide … she would find them. Toothless wouldn’t get far either way in his condition.

Sleeping Toothless and Hiccup

Chapter Text

Chapter 27 - Knowledge

The soft splash of feet sounded as Visskara landed in the stream. The sun hadn't long risen into the sky and everything was as it should be, everything except the boy who didn't belong on the island. Visskara walked through the trees and noticed the pained voice of the boy mumbling. She hadn't been paying attention before but now, as she walked and sat down a few feet away from the Sal-Binda's, she could see the pained expression on the boy's face. He was sleeping but clutching onto Toothless head, his breathing was broken and he seemed to be panicking.

''Listen to me … No, not again … No, No dad! Get away!'' Tears fell from Hiccup's closed eyes.

Visskara heard a noise and looked up into the forest trees with her heat vision. She nearly rolled her eyes.

''I can see you Acacia.'' Visskara announced.

''I'd be worried if you couldn't!'' Acacia replied as she walked over next to Visskara. Looking down at Hiccup still clutching tightly to his dragon, mumbling and in obvious stress, she voiced her thoughts. ''He is haunted by his past. Visions in his mind remind him of the tests and tribulations he has faced so far.''

''Should we wake him?'' Visskara asked.

''No! Sleep visions help him work through his troubles. They may be painful but they are a necessary evil.'' Acacia explained.

They both listened to Hiccup as he randomly mumbled in his sleep.

''Astrid. No, no, no … No!'' His hand tried to grab deeper into Toothless scales and ears, gripping as if he might fall if he didn't hold on tight enough. ''…Toothless? Where … W-where are you? Toothless? No! No…''

Toothless's eyes flickered open, he could feel Hiccup griping onto his head and ears - Hiccup was having another nightmare.

''Ah, right on time.'' Acacia announced as she looked towards the sun and then back at Toothless who was now wide awake.

Toothless nuzzled Hiccup, cooing, and his boyfriend woke up startled, inhaling sharply, and blinking away the tears. His heavy breathing shuddered and he looked into the eyes of his Night-fury. They were open and staring back at him in knowing sympathy.

''T-Toothless!'' He shouted and hugged his head. A wet tongue licked across his face happily. ''Oh Thor, you have no idea how happy I am to see you awake.''

Toothless tried to move, but he was pinned to the ground by the vines that wrapped around his wings and body. He assumed it had something to do with Acacia, so he didn't fight it.

When Hiccup lifted his head, he wiped his eyes with his sleeve. Toothless noticed the other two dragons and bowed his head from his position laying on the ground. Hiccup observed the scene and saw the dragons, he quickly bowed his head to the ground likewise. Acacia on the other hand, started laughing.

''As much I as appreciate the gesture, it isn't necessary. I don't know what you have heard Loightakalean, but no one has bowed to us for a long time.'' Acacia informed him through her mirth. Toothless lifted his head in mild confusion.

''I was always taught to show my respects to the forest protectors, but please forgive me if I have insulted you.'' Toothless apologised.

''Nonsense! Whoever taught you that?'' Acacia asked.

Hiccup could hear the dragon's converse - of what was once again a mystery, and he sat up watching silently. He noticed Toothless's body was firmly wrapped in vines, he would have panicked it wasn't for the fact Toothless seemed okay for now. It was uncomfortable being surrounded by new dragons that knew more then he did, while he just waited for something to happen. The anticipation and unknowing was nerve wrecking; he felt like he was sitting in a meeting all about him and he wasn't invited.

''I don't remember much from when I was younger, but I do remember an elder Changewing that used to teach me.'' Toothless explained.

''An elder Changewing?'' Acacia asked, confused at the name.

''Shit! I-I mean sorry!'' Toothless corrected himself quickly. ''Erm … An elder Bregoasveial, her name was Groaldrid … I think.''

Acacia seemed to be searching her own memory. Her expression changed to one of shock and realization. ''Oh, my sweet pollen and nectar! Could it really be? There was a Takarolmagi that tried to take a Bregoasveial's eggs as its next meal - many ar’tios ago, it met its fate. A few mani's later, a Finnafrithadil found what we assumed was left of its nest - over on the other side of the island by the great caves of fire. All the eggs were returned to the dreki that laid them, all but one. One was given to the Alpha-''

Visskara, who had been listening contently but silently, suddenly spoke up. ''I have never been given an egg-''

''It was before your time as Alpha. In fact, it was your mooir before her sal was returned to the earth.'' Acacia explained.

''Mooir?'' Toothless asked.

''The one that lays your egg and teaches you before the leave the nest. I believe the boy would use the word … Mother.'' Acacia explained. Toothless motioned that he understood with a slight head nod and acacia continued. ''That one hatched, oh yes he did! It was a Loightakalean. A while passed and that particular Loightakalean was a quiet handful, never stayed in one place or did as he was told. I remember the day he was sent to live under the strict teachings of the Bregoasveial … Groaldridax was her name. I was the one that suggested the Loightakalean be placed in her care after he burnt down half the forest trying to catch something that caught his attention, a bird … I think. I didn't see much of that Loightakalean after that, but Groaldridax grew quite fond of him and I believe he calmed his ways … to some degree. She told me he was still a handful at times and that he had far too much curiosity. Her time came, she returned to nature as is the order of the things. It wasn't long after that, that the great fire erupted from the mountain peak and many drekis left the island. I did wonder where that Loightakalean went but I assumed he left … until now.''

Toothless's eyes opened wide. ''Y-You think that was me?'' He asked. It made sense. What little he did remember added up with what she told him. Acacia nodded. ''I need to change back and tell Hiccup, he will-''

''Have to wait! You can change into your other form when I have finished treating you.'' Acacia explained sternly.

''But … he must be scared. He doesn't know what's going on, or anything.'' Toothless argued. ''He needs my help and-”

This time Visskara spoke up. ''You will settle down! The boy is fine as you can see. I will make sure no harm comes to him. You can explain things when we have had a chance to talk, and when Acacia is happy with your wings. Unless you would prefer to lose them.''

Toothless calmed down and gave Hiccup a look of reassurance. Hiccup felt a growing worry when Toothless looked excited and then things seemed to tense up between the dragons. He would give anything to know what they were saying.

''Okay, I will wait. I would like to be able to fly again … I am grateful but I miss being human.'' Toothless admitted.

''You prefer your human form?'' Visskara asked, bewildered.

''Well, yeah! I get to talk to Hiccup and … other stuff.'' Toothless admitted, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

''Hiccup? Is that the boy’s name?'' Visskara asked. Toothless informed her it was and she frowned at the unusually strange names Viking gave their younglings. ''Unusual indeed.''

''What erm … When can I move again?'' Toothless asked. He was still wrapped in the vines that had rooted deep into the ground.

As if on que, a male Grutregrasvattir landed by the stream and walked over. The conversation halted to await his approach. Toothless and Hiccup bowed, getting an eye roll from both the male and female Grutregrsvattir's.

The male was all green, but different shades in places. He was chubby and stocky, with two green wings three different shades of green. Darker green scales on his chest and stomach, and scales shaped like leaves and bark down its back and tail. Two short horns sat either side of its head, and layered growths grew at the tip of its tail like a dense Asparagaceae plant of some kind. Like the female, it had random small green growths dotted over its body.

''You're late!'' Acacia told him; displeasure evident in her voice.

''You’re early! I'm never late.'' He replied.

''Thank you for coming Storrkeldan.'' Visskara nodded to him.

Storrkeldan looked at Toothless and Hiccup. ''These here must be the sal-binda you wouldn't stop going on about, fascinating. Well let's get to it shall we.'' Storrkeldan announced.

''W-what are you going to do.'' Toothless asked nervously.

''You’ll see!'' Storrkeldan offered in his way of an explanation. ''Might be best if the boy moves!'' He announced looking at Hiccup.

Hiccup had been sitting close to Toothless's face, patting his head and listening to ‘dragon talk’. If two unknown dragons weren't enough, he now had three to be weary of. These dragons weren't like dragons back at home, they seemed far more intelligent for one and they were making decisions together - or so he guessed.

He was wondering what was going to happen when the big white and blue dragon suddenly nudged him with her front foot. Hiccup looked at Toothless in fear who signalled him to go with her. Hiccup was directed out of the way and sat down against a tree to watch what was happening. The white dragon sat next to him.

''What's happening. Are they still trying to help him?'' Hiccup asked. When the dragon nodded, he sighed in relief.

Hiccup sat in silence and watched. The male Grutregrasvattir - he had named the Great-Guardenien instead of its female counterpart the Great Guardenia, was walking around Toothless as if he was analysing something. The Great-Guardenien thumped his tail to the ground by the tree and it took root. The vines around Toothless started to die and the Great-Guardenien’s horns glowed a bright green colour. He then breathed out a thick green mist that started to glow over Toothless’s entire body, especially his wings. When the glowing stopped the vines were gone.

Toothless stood up slowly with his wings still opened. His left wing still had a hole and small rips, but it was smaller. The blood was gone and his right wing looked virtually healed. Toothless didn't look like he was in as much pain at all - in fact, he seemed okay as he closed his wings against his body.

Hiccup watched as Visskara walked over to the other two dragons. He didn't know if he was allowed to move yet, so he watched as the dragons conversed again. It wasn't long before the two similar dragons left together. Toothless bowed to the big white dragon - who then laid down on the ground, and Toothless walked over to Hiccup, barley able to contain himself. When he got closer, he changed into a human.

''Hiccup.'' He smiled, happiness sparkling in his lime-green eyes.

Hiccup flew off the ground and hugged him like he hadn't seen him in years. Toothless wrapped his naked body around Hiccup's tightly. Hiccup felt completely safe for the first time since the white dragon had attacked them, and he sighed in relief, tears threatened his eyes. Toothless planted a slow passionate kiss on Hiccup's lips, and Hiccup reciprocated lovingly.

Visskara would have raised her eyebrows if she had any, instead she looked away to give them their privacy and pretended to be taking a nap.

Toothless dressed and explained everything to Hiccup, well everything he knew. Hiccup was in shock, and awe, and had more questions the he had just gotten answers. Toothless laughed at Hiccup's enthusiasm, he could barely sit still and had even grabbed his journal. He had written and sketched so much that Toothless was amazed his hand wasn't aching.

''Hiccup slow down babe!'' Toothless tried.

''Toothless, this is where you came from! You’re basically Visskara's brother if her mother adopted you. 'Well, sort of.''

Visskara huffed her disagreement at that. Toothless noted he still had to talk to her and needed to turn back into a dragon for that.

''Dragons don't quite see things that way. I was stolen by a Takarolmagi and dumped on someone else to look after, that's all.''

''The Takarolmagi is the egg snatcher, right?'' Hiccup asked. Toothless nodded. ''You were gonna be its dinner. You're lucky it got killed and a dragon found you when it did. Toothless, I don't think you understand how lucky you are!''

''I suppose. Listen Hiccup, I still need to talk to Visskara okay.'' He said, rubbing the back of his neck and wincing at the burns left on his back and shoulders. Hiccup nodded. ''I won't be long, then we can talk again … until tonight when Acacia comes back to finish treating my wings.''

Hiccup sighed sadly. ''I'm glad you're okay though. I just can't help feel like this is my fault for bringing you-''

Hiccup was cut off as Toothless kissed him. He enjoyed being about to halt his boyfriend’s ramblings this way, plus, it was deliciously a great feeling - Hiccup’s lips against his own.  

''Shut up Hicc! Everything is gonna be fine now. That shit wasn't your fault. I love you, and-''

Hiccup stomach grumbled and he blushed with an awkward smile. Toothless frowned.

''Hiccup, why haven't you eaten? There’s still some fish left right?''

''Right well, erm … you see … I-I didn't know if I could light a fire and I didn't want to make Visskara angry.'' He explained, the last part blurted out.

Toothless didn't think twice before shouting over to Visskara, making Hiccup shrink into himself embarrassed.

''Visskara? Can Hiccup make a fire so he can eat?'' Visskara shifted positions and agreed that was okay. ''See, no problem!'' Toothless smirked. ''Anything else?'' He asked.

''I-I need logs or something to burn … I don't want to piss of Acacia.'' Hiccup stuttered. Toothless rolled his eyes and shouted over to Visskara again.

''My useless human needs something to burn!'' Toothless shouted. Hiccup smacked his arm.

''Let's all just shout at the alpha dragon, that's a great idea! Why don't tell her to go fetch fish too while you're at it.'' Hiccup sarcastically suggested.

''That's not a bad idea, OW!'' Toothless was saying when Hiccup punched his arm.

''Baby, I love you! But I'm pretty sure that's the worst idea. She is your alpha here!'' Hiccup stressed.

Visskara smirked, she was beginning to like this boy. Maybe Acacia was right, he did have respect for dragons. She decided to assist in getting him food and suddenly flew off.

''See, you and your big mouth!'' Hiccup accused.

''She'll be back, but you don't complain about my mouth when it does this.'' He kissed Hiccup again, his tongue boldly trespassing into Hiccup's mouth.

Hiccup and Toothless were making out when Visskara returned with some fish. She dropped the fish and roared to signal her return. Hiccup blushed and Toothless removed his tongue from Hiccup's mouth.

''T-thanks, Visskara.'' Hiccup thanked her and bowed his head in respect. ''I did already have a few left.'' He admitted.

Visskara made various noises and Hiccup frowned at Toothless. ''Translation?'' He asked.

''Not sure. But I think she wants me to eat too … possibly.'' Toothless shrugged.

''You definitely should eat too. I just need to get some stuff for the fire then-''

Visskara decided to help with that too. She roared loudly into the forest, blue energy pulsed out through the trees and travelled out of sight.

''She is calling for someone.'' Toothless explained.

''A new dragon?'' Hiccup asked, torn between squealing like an excited child and nerves at what it could be. Hopefully something that didn't want to kill them. He was getting tired of things trying to kill him and Toothless lately.

Sure, enough a new dragon eventually appeared after a few minutes. It was dark green with a cream chest and stomach. It had an unusual shaped head, a pointed nose and mouth, slanted eyes, and the top of its head was like a flat triangle hat - the point between its eyes being the base of a fin shaped horn on the very top of its head. It had four wings like a fly, but the scariest part that made Hiccup think of sharp class dragons were the massive blade like growths on its tail and front legs.

''Whoa, what is that?'' Hiccup asked, wide eyes and uncertain.

''A dragon!'' Toothless answered quickly, but he shrugged at Hiccup's unamused look. ''The fuck if I know dragon! I'll ask Visskara and tell you later.'' Toothless informed him.

The green dragon had quickly sliced through the tree branches like a hot knife through yak butter. It had thrown them into the air and used its 'blades' to slice the branch into pieces. Visskara had then ordered Toothless to give it one of the fish. Toothless gave it one they didn't recognize and it seemed overjoyed at the payment for its work. It left in a hurry with its prize in its mouth. Hiccup could have sworn it didn't look hungry, but it was salivating profusely.

That was a short while ago. Hiccup had already built a fire and Toothless had asked Visskara if she would please light it up - which she did with a cough of a plasma blast. She had set the small fire up in a blaze and knocked Hiccup back almost singed. Toothless was beside himself in a fit of laughter.

''Thanks, Vissy, but I'd prefer Hiccup uncooked!'' He laughed holding his sides.

Visskara growled at the nickname and insult. She didn't exactly go around lighting fires for humans now did she. Viking's and dragons stayed on their own islands. Toothless was too busy laughing to offer an apology or to even notice her annoyance.

''I think he must have hit his head too hard.'' Hiccup told Visskara as he prepared to cook the fish.

When Toothless had calmed down he changed back into his dragon form. Visskara sat closer to the fire because Toothless didn't want to leave Hiccup. Hiccup gave two of the unusual fish to Toothless to eat raw and then waited for his to cook on the fire. Visskara refused the offering of raw fish when Hiccup asked, but she noted his offer; he had hardly no means of catching his own food on this island, and Toothless would likely eat them all if he could, yet he did offer.

Hiccup was thankful for the food. He had been so worried about Toothless he didn't realise how hungry he had been feeling until that first bite passed his lips and sank to his stomach. He had gathered fresh water from the stream and was sitting back with Toothless, eating more cooked fish, and listening into a dragon conversation wondering what was they were talking about.

''I think you seek the fire caves at the other side of the island. It appears that is where you were raised. I will accompany you both there once you can fly again. For now, you and your sal-binda are welcome to stay here under my protection but I implore that you both make plans to leave as soon as you have found what you are looking for. Hiccup maybe welcome on the Viking Island however - not too far from here if you wish to stay, however, you will have to leave him there. Dragons do not venture onto those lands just like the humans do not cross over onto ours.''

''Where Hiccup goes, I go! Thank you for letting us stay but we will leave as soon as we can. We don't wish to cause trouble. It was about two moons straight flying to get here, which is a very difficult flight for a human.''

''Moon must be the word human use instead of Mani, am I correct?'' Visskara asked and Toothless confirmed. ''I don't know much about humans, but if you say it is a difficult flight then you should both rests and prepare well for your journey home. I will not force you off the island, many of the others here will be honoured to meet you and your Sal-binda but everything can return to its natural order after you have left.''

''Why do you keep referring to me and Hiccup as sal-binda's … what does that even mean?'' Toothless asked.

''I am surprised you do not know. Hiccup is your sal-binda, and you are his. It means that your souls are forever bonded, tied to each other even in death.'' Visskara explained. ''Your own death awoke the frithvineradreki magic. A sorcerer was said to have seen the end of all dragons - a vision that showed us going into hiding and eventually would be lost forever. Before she died, she released her magic into these lands - the frithvineradreki magic, which spread out across the ocean. It must have reached the other lands as well or you would not be here. The magic was the last hope for dragons. We will all die one day, and maybe we will be no more. If the day comes when we have to hide from human kind you will get to stay with your sal-binda. You will just have to stay in your human form and keep your true dragon form secret. You can create younglings with a female human, and although I do not know what that would mean for the youngling itself … it means a part of you gets to live on and procreate likewise. You are only the second to be touched with this magic, so I doubt many dragons will be blessed with this gift. It is a rare and truly magnificent gift.''

Toothless was just thinking that he would never mate a female Viking, he was Hiccup's! When Visskara words sunk in. ''Wait! Second?'' He asked.

''Yes, the sorcerer herself! It was long, long ago. No dragon alive today would have lived back then. The story has been passed down through many teachings that it is uncertain, we cannot be sure of the facts. It is said however, that she bonded with a Grutregrasvattir. When she was attacked by humans trying to kill her, the dragon gave its life to protect her. Their bond was great enough that it activated an amulet she wore, and the Grutregrasvattir became her sal-binda with two forms - just like yourself. They had younglings together - or so the story goes. If they did, it is unknown who they were or if they had younglings of their own and so forth.''

''How do you know all this? I was told … erm, different.'' Toothless asked.

''I know because Acacia told me. The Grutregrasvattir are the ones who passed down this knowledge. If you have heard different then I feel you were misinformed. It started with a Grutregrasvattir, they would be the closest to knowing the true birth of the frithvineradreki magic.'' Visskara explained.

''I was told the bond had to be great already. That you shared a strong connection with the human…'' Toothless looked at Hiccup who was now just sitting there writing in his journal. ''…trust them, even love them … or it wouldn't have worked.''

''Love is a human emotion, but yes that is true. If you were not … compatible as sal-binda's, if your souls were not already crossed in a deep connection, then you would not have been gifted by the frithvineradreki magic. This is why it has only ever happened twice. Humans and dragons cannot co-exist peaceful together without wars starting, without deaths, pain and fighting. Most of us chose to avoid the risks, and keep to ourselves and to our own ways. The few dragons that venture into human lands aren't safe, and even fewer make friends with the Vikings. To possess a deep enough connection, the human and dragon alike is said to have respect for each other's kind as they would their own. They also need to value each other above their own lives, and yes, your souls must be crossed and alike at the core. You understand?''

Toothless nodded and was processing all he had learnt. Was this the true story, or just another story?

''I will leave you two alone until the great sol bows down to the great mani.'' Visskara announced as she stood up. Hiccup noticed Visskara’s movement and put down his journal. He watched them assuming Visskara was leaving.

''Oh, erm … can I ask you something before you go. Well a couple of things?'' Toothless asked.

''Very well.''

''What is that funny red fish I was eating earlier, and what was that dragon that cut the tree for us?''

''The fish was what we call a 'red seabream'. The dragon you speak off was the Hraorskerahoggve.'' Visskara answered.

Toothless said the name in his head on repeat until he was sure it had sunk in. ''Hraorskerahoggve?'' Visskara nodded. ''Why are our species names so hard to pronounce?'' Toothless moaned.

''I did not know the elder ‘Changewing’ you were left with, but I am beginning to believe that she had her work cut out for her with you!'' Visskara smiled and went to walk away.

''Wait! Hiccup will want to know about the Hraorskerahoggve, what they eat, where they sleep, how fast they are, and what they can do and stuff.'' Toothless said almost begging for answers. He was curious himself, but he loved watching the light in Hiccup's eyes spark to life when he could teach him new things about dragons.

''We can talk more when I return. For now, I will tell you this: The Hraorskerahoggve lives up trees, they eat the leaves but greatly favour fish. They cannot swim, so they cannot have fish unless another offers them one. You have seen what they do, other than that, they breath green fire. Now I must go! Enjoy your time with your sal-binda before Acacia returns, and do not leave this area. You may go to the stream but I implore that you stay here.'' Visskara ordered.

Toothless nodded and Visskara walked down to the stream. In a flash of blue light … she was gone. The gust of wind she left behind her blew at the trees and made them bend, leaves cascaded down, and the stream water splashed in a wave up the sides. 'Wow that's quick.' Toothless thought to himself.

Hiccup had barley been able to contain himself. With the new dragon information, the prospect of finding the volcanic caves, and having Toothless back to talk too all had Hiccup acting and feeling like he was sixteen again.

Toothless had spent hours talking to Hiccup, answering his questions and filling him in on everything once more. Hiccup had sketched the Hraorskerahoggve and the male Grutregrasvattir from memory, and listed the new dragons. He had even started giving them Viking names making Toothless laugh and roll his eyes. So far Hiccup had:

Grutregrasvattir: The Great Guardenia/Guardenien called Acacia and Storrkeldan.

Leitatilsynum: The Rapid Blue-wing called Visskara. (Alpha dragon.)

Lagalogaror: The Watershu.

Hraorskerahoggve: The Treecutter.

Finnafrithadil: Blue Artemis. (Toothless vaguely remembered then as blue tracking dragons.)

Takarolmagi: The egg eating Helheim shit bucket. (Because he couldn't think of a good name for the beast that stole Toothless when he was only an egg.)

And he had even noted the Changewing as a Bregoasveial called Groaldridax - The second adoptive mother/teacher of Toothless.

There was information he had gathered randomly written all over the pages of his journal. Hiccup already had plans to organize the information into a book when he got back to Berk. He was thanking Thor he had brought a spare journal, because his first one was going to be full soon. A huge space of the journal was occupied with information about the Great-Guardenia and Great-Guardenien. The way they had healed Toothless wings so far was amazing, astonishing, fascinating.

Toothless didn't know what they had done to heal him - as he had been asleep. He only knew that Storrkeldan had taken life from the vines wrapped around him and essentially transferred that life into his wings. When he had asked Storrkeldan, he had explained that his wings had lost their life force from the burn. That he couldn't just give them new life form nowhere, only take the life force from somewhere else and use it to encourage regrowth. Acacia made a point of telling him that they couldn't heal something that was reclaimed by the earth, something that was dead. There also had to be a life force there already to encourage regrowth. If Toothless had understood correctly, the skin left on his wings was dying, the life force was fading. With the new life force, it could reverse the damage somehow and his wings would stop dying and start healing instead. He had explained this all to Hiccup but ended up with a headache.

''Babe, please put the journal away. My head feels like a Gronckle eating rocks.'' He whined, laying on his back on the ground initially, but he ended up wincing due to the burns and sitting back up carefully. ''Ow!'' He complained.

Hiccup hadn't been paying much attention and figured Toothless was just whining. So, when Toothless went to get the blanket and laid on his front with is head on his arms and his eyes closed; he put away his journal concerned.

''Baby? Are you okay?'' He asked going to sit next to him.

''Yeah. My head really does hurt though, and fuck laying on my back.'' Toothless he groaned. Hiccup went to get the water jar.

 ''Here, drink this. You haven't drunk anything today have you?''

''No, but-'' Toothless was saying as he sat up and took the water.

''No butts! You have to remember to drink as a human Toothless. I'm sorry, I should have been paying more attention.'' Hiccup was trying to remember the last time he saw Toothless drink something. ''Babe, the last time you drunk something was yesterday. I know you were a dragon but you only had that one drink at the stream after what … two days of flying. So … so in nearly three days you've had one drink, on top of nearly dying. No wonder your head hurts!''

''Hicc, don't you think your overreacting?'' Toothless asked rubbing his head.

''No! Drink all of that, and then lay down for a bit. Are you hungry?'' Hiccup asked.

''Not really.'' Toothless shook his head and winced.

''Yep, you must have hit your head when Visskara attacked us. The Toothless I know would never turn down food. Drink the rest of that water.'' Hiccup said and walked over to the fire.

There were three fish left - a red seabream, and two large salmon. Hiccup prepared the salmon for the fire that was still burning low and put in on the cooking spit he had made. He then added more wood to the fire to get it heating back up. Toothless had finished the water, moved the blanket over next to Hiccup, and laid back down on his front with his head resting on his arms.

Turning the fish occasionally, Hiccup ran his fingers through Toothless's hair gently. Hiccup looked out towards the stream and guessed it was late afternoon, maybe a couple of hours until sunset, maybe less. Toothless would have to be a dragon again tonight, but hopefully he would be able to fly again tomorrow.

When the fish was cooked, he made Toothless sit up and eat it. Toothless moaned and pouted - he liked having his hair played with and was comfortable laying there. Hiccup broke of a piece and fed it to him. Once Toothless had eaten a few pieces he took the fish and fed himself. Hiccup smirked knowing Toothless never turned down food. Toothless broke of a piece and fed it to Hiccup who laughed. He insisted Toothless finish it though because he would cook the other one for himself later.

When Toothless finished the fish, Hiccup made him drink more water. Toothless's head felt a lot better and he thanked Hiccup.

''Thanks, I guess I should … listen to you … a little bit more often.'' He said hesitantly, not wanting to admit he was an idiot.

''Oh, you know that's a terrible idea.'' Hiccup smirked.

Hiccup knew Toothless was very grateful that he was looking out for him. He was just too stubborn to come out with a clean thank you, without the indirect feigning insults.

Toothless smiled at Hiccup and tapped the blanket next to him. Hiccup got up and went to sit there, but Toothless grabbed him and laid over his body smirking into his forest-green eyes.

''Toothless?'' Hiccup asked with a slight warning edge to his voice. He was looking up into two fucking gorgeous, mesmerizing, seductive lime-green eyes. Whatever Toothless wanted to do, he would be like snow over a fire to them eyes.

Toothless pressed his index finger against Hiccup's bottom lip and trailed it slowly, gently across the peach coloured flesh, back and forth. He stared at Hiccup's mouth as it opened a little wider and a shaky breath escaped his lips. Toothless's finger fell between his teeth and gums, wetting from the saliva. It ran over Hiccup's teeth and tongue and Hiccup sucked it. Toothless gently removed his finger with a small pop.

Toothless continued to play with Hiccup's lips, running two fingers over the wet flesh and Hiccup shuddered, aroused by the sensitive touch playing with his mouth. Hiccup found himself kissing and sucking Toothless’s wet fingers with his eyes closed, and moaned under his breath. The fire between his legs was heating up and he wanted Toothless to touch him, but he couldn't find the courage to admit his dirty desires.

The fingers left and were replaced with hungry lips, teeth nipped the flesh and Hiccup could feel the wet heat of a tongue brush over them. His senses really heighten and ablaze now, he knew what he wanted. His eager hand travelled down to the front of his pants ready to add fuel to the desperate fire there, but Toothless grabbed his hand and pinned it above Hiccup's head.

''Baby!'' Hiccup begged though the hot kisses, shifting his legs. ''You're killing me!'' He said as Toothless pressed his weight down on Hiccup's groin.

Toothless gyrated and rocked his arse as he started to lift off Hiccup's tunic. Hiccup hesitated, the cuts from Visskara still fresh, but he needed skin contact with his lover and so the tunic and vest came off.

''Hiccup, why didn't you tell me about this?'' Toothless asked concerned. He was going to fuss and anger stirred in his beautiful lime-green eyes.

''Can we talk about this later? Now really isn't the time babe.'' Hiccup moaned. He pressed his groin up into Toothless arse desperately longing to get through the fabric of his pants.

Toothless gently ran his fingers down Hiccup's chest, and dropped the issue … for now. Right now, he had more pressing issues.

Toothless leaned forwards and Hiccup felt a warm wet sensation going up his neck setting his skin alight with a tingling sensation that made his cock pulse like lightning. His butt tensed and his hand once again tried to loosen his pants. Toothless shut him down by restraining his hand to the ground.

''Toothless! Please…'' He begged through his irregular breathing. ''Just let me…''

Toothless grinded back into his groin, gyrating a few times before stopping.

''Please what?'' He asked deeply and seductively.

Hiccup saw the dilated eyes staring down at him, wanting him to say the words … to express his desires. He couldn't speak, too embarrassed to say anything. Toothless suckled on Hiccup's neck, and when he nipped at the delicate ear lobe Hiccup moaned desperately, trying to free his left hand.

Toothless sat over Hiccup's cock and hips, blocking it from Hiccup's hands. He slowly undid the tie to his own pants and pulled out his own erection. He smirked over at Hiccup who was now staring at his dick.

Toothless's hand moved up and down his own shaft, massaging the head and stroking all along the bumps and ridges that Hiccup remembered sucking. Hiccup's cock was firmly restrained by Toothless weight and it ached for contact, for release from its confines. Toothless's arse moving slightly, grinding into him, teasing him, made his legs twitch as he moaned. His hand tried to reach the band of his pants but it was blocked by Toothless arse.

''Please babe!'' He begged.

''What do you want … babe? Please what?'' Toothless asked again. He gyrated his arse as he wanked over Hiccup's stomach, sending shivers like currents through Hiccup's body.

Hiccup's breathing was so erratic he could barely speak, but as the minutes passed, he realised that Toothless had won. ''Touch … me!'' He breathed out, embarrassed.

''Please baby, touch my cock … Say it!'' Toothless demanded. Hiccup's face was on fire. Toothless rocked on Hiccup's groin when Hiccup didn't comply to his demand.

''Please … Toothless!'' Hiccup begged. He was too old to come in his pants - he wasn’t a teenager anymore, but Toothless had the ability to make him feel like one. Toothless’s gyrating arse was enough to send heat to his member, keeping him a hairline away from climaxing … but just not enough to offer relief. He was still very much confided and tightly restricted by the weight pressing down on him. Toothless taking control, ordering him, restraining him, it was all adding to his sexual climb … but he needed to be touched.

''Please - baby - touch - my - dick!'' Toothless repeated each word clearly as he gyrated each full circle.

''Oh Thor!'' Hiccup gasped as his cock tried to pulse but was being squished. ''Please baby! Touch … my dick!'' He forced out, scrunching his eyes in embarrassment. Toothless leaned his chest forward and kissed Hiccup's lips slowly.

''No!'' Toothless told him as he lifted his head.

Sitting back up, his full weight pressed into Hiccup groin again, he continued wanking his own cock. Toothless moaned in pleasure, pleasure Hiccup desperately wanted. He made sure Hiccup could see his cock and hear his moaning as he gyrated his arse down.

''Toothless … baby … Please! Suck my cock!'' Hiccup begged desperately. Toothless stopped and smirked at Hiccup who just realised his mistake.

''Suck your cock?'' He asked smiling, clearly pleased with Hiccup's brain malfunction and slip up with the difference between touch and suck.

''I-I-I … I-I meant…'' Hiccup tried to correct himself, but Toothless's hungry green eyes made him melt with embarrassment.

Toothless had wanted to suck Hiccup's cock since Hiccup had sucked his. He untied Hiccup's pants slowly, and kneeling either side of his legs Toothless finally yanked down Hiccup's pants. His cock sprung up, freed from is confided squished prison and already wet from pre-cum.

''T-T-Toothless…'' He stuttered, voice choked in his throat as he watched Toothless lick his lips and waste no time plunging down to suck Hiccup off.

Hiccup's hand clutched at the blanket he was laying on and he cursed.

''Fuck!'' He gasped. His cock was receptive to ever touch, every lick, every kiss and all the sucking Toothless was doing as he bobbed up and down his shaft.

Toothless's saw Hiccup shudder as another loud moan escaped his lips.

''Toothless? Please don't stop … You're killing me!'' He begged; he had been so close.

''I want to fuck you babe!'' Toothless bluntly admitted. Just like that.

''W-W-What?'' Hiccup asked, hardly daring to believe his ears.

''I want to put my cock in your arse-hole!'' Toothless admitted fiercely. ''I want to dominate you and mate you. I want to hear you moan as I fuck you … Hard!''

The bluntness was like double edged axe shocking Hiccup speechless. The growl at the back of Toothless throat as he made his demands, and his black dilated eyes were scary, but Hiccup's arousal was going into over drive and he found himself wanting it desperately.

Toothless didn't wait for a verbal response before he was flipping Hiccup over and yanking down his own pants further. A yelp escaped Hiccup's lips but he lifted his arse in consent and rested his head onto his arms, nervously anticipating what was coming next.

Toothless grabbed Hiccup's waist and without any warning he started to penetrate Hiccup's arse … a little too roughly.

''Toothless fuck!'' Hiccup gasped and tried to pull away, but Toothless had him tightly held in his hands.

Hiccup's heart pounded in his chest, he was scared but still pre-cum leaked from his cock. Toothless tried to go deeper.

''Ahh! Toothless slow down … Stop!'' He shouted, tears leaking from his eyes.

Toothless didn't seem to hear Hiccup, he was being led by desire - a primitive instinct that had taken over, and he pushed into Hiccup deeper - forcing his way inside Hiccup's protesting arse.

''Toothless! Stop ah!'' Hiccup cried out in pain. Toothless heard him that time, he stopped but seemed panicked and confused.

''Fuck! Hiccup are you okay? I'm so sorry.'' He apologized. He went to pull out, but Hiccup pressed back into him.

''No! Don't pull out! Just wait … Just wait a minute.'' Hiccup said, trying to adjust to the new sensation and calm his breathing.

''I didn't mean to hurt you!'' Toothless told him, he could see the pained expression on Hiccup's face and was angry at himself for losing control.

''I'm okay … go on!'' Hiccup nodded. ''Slowly!''

Toothless sighed but continued with Hiccup's direction, once he was fully penetrated and going at a steady rhythm, his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His dick was being stimulated by Hiccup's tight arse, and his breathing was fast and erratic. He was so lost in pleasure that he forgot his mistake and was enjoying every moment.

''Toothless … faster!'' Hiccup begged. His dick was aching, the build-up reaching a climax higher than he thought was even possible.

Toothless got faster and pounded into Hiccup's arse, the pleasure was better than dragon nip, overwhelming his senses and taking control of him. His mind was wiped and his eyes could only see a blur of colours. That familiar growing feeling between his legs was reaching new heights.

''Oh Thor!'' Hiccup gasped as the never reaching peak of his orgasm finally hit and he came like a tidal wave hitting the shore. It felt like that in his body, his ears, and in his cock and balls. His eyes glazed over with tears from the immense pleasure.

Toothless rocked Hiccup's weak and spent body until he came seconds later. His muscles contracted and pulsed, he legs shook and he gasped. His head shot back as he finished, and then it fell to his chest in relief. Gasping for air as his mind slowly returned and his vision adjusted to the beautiful scene in front of him. He slowly pulled out and collapsed on his front besides an equally exhausted Hiccup.

''Fuck baby! Whoa! What happened?'' Hiccup asked. Still breathless and on cloud nine. Toothless rolled onto his side and his eyes looked guilty.

''I'm so sorry Hicc!'' He said fast, almost mumbling. ''I don't even remember getting inside you, only-''

He was cut off by the kiss Hiccup had planted on his lips.

''It was amazing! You were amazing! A little rough … sure, but I loved it. I love you!'' He assured Toothless honestly, and proved it with another kiss before collapsing back onto his back again. ''I don't think … my arse ... will ever be the same again!'' Hiccup admitted chuckling, feeling sore.

''You sure you’re okay? I really don't know what came over me.'' Toothless's was still feeling guilty and confused.

''Did you enjoy it?'' Hiccup asked with his eyes closed.

''Fuck yes!'' Toothless admitted. ''That was fucking amazing. I still don't think I can see straight. My legs are shaking and … wow!''

''Then next time … and there will be a next time! We work on your … entrance!'' Hiccup chuckled. Hiccup shuddered and sighed. ''My Gods baby! You teased me like … fuck!'' Hiccup exclaimed.

''Yeah, I did do that. Did I go too far?''

''No! It was like torture, but it made it amazing in the end. I've never felt that good before.'' Hiccup admitted, chuckling in pleasure.

They both lay there smiling in complete bliss and euphoria. Toothless could see the happiness in Hiccup's face and didn't feel guilty anymore, but he wondered what happened. Hiccup really didn't care anymore, the end of the rocky ride was beyond amazing, and he knew he wanted it again.

When they both came down from their high, they went to clean up in the stream. They knew it wouldn't be long until Visskara returned and Hiccup really didn't want to be caught laying there naked when she did.

Chapter Text

Chapter 28 - Tormented dreams

Toothless walked back to the camp site that morning and found Hiccup falling asleep. His head was balanced on his right fist, and his left hand was rested on the fire spit. He was meant to be turning the fish that Visskara had kindly provided to them that morning, but he had stopped. Deprived of sleep due to the dreams that plagued his unconscious mind, he hadn’t been able to rest. When his hand fell, he jolted awake and started turning the fish again.

‘‘You didn’t sleep, did you?’’ Toothless asked, sitting down next to Hiccup and wrapping his right arm around him knowingly. Hiccup sighed slowly shaking his head in despair - he leaned into Toothless’s comforting hold. Toothless placed his chin on Hiccup’s head as he held him, he knew the dreams that troubled and tormented Hiccup’s mind, and he rightfully assumed why he hadn’t slept. No words were necessary, all Hiccup needed was for him to be there.  

Hiccup would dream of his father’s death and how he had pushed Toothless away, but in his dreams … anger, blame, and hate had all festered and prevented him from saving Toothless from Drago and the Bewilderbeast. His entire tribe - including his mother, would tell him: ‘‘You failed him. You let him die. You don’t deserve to be chief.”
His mother voice would echo along with his father’s: ‘‘You’re not my son.’’  
His dreams would morph to the day Astrid died, blood soaking the blankets on the bed, dripping down the walls and pooling on the floor. Hiccup would rush to her side and squeeze her hand, begging her not to leave him, telling her she would be okay. Standing in a rising pool of blood with his hands and clothes covered in it, crying and begging. Astrid would look at him: ‘‘You failed us. You don’t deserve to be husband. You don’t deserve to be a father. You’re useless.’’  He would be left looking at the cold, pale, dead corps of his wife soaked in blood. Disappointment frozen in her face staring at him and holding a dead Trid in her arms. Her last words revolving his mind.
Again, his dreams would morph, this time to Berk the night Toothless died - the night Coaldron attacked. Screaming and searching for his dragon in the village. The villagers would tell him. ‘‘Toothless is gone. You threw him away. You don’t deserve to be a dragon rider!’’ Tears streaming down his face, he would watch hopelessly as everyone in his village died. His mother would look over to him as she took her last breath. ‘‘You’re nothing without him.’’ Alone, surrounded by death, blood and destruction, he would see the dead body of Toothless lifeless on the ground. He would clutch at Toothless and bury his face into him, trying to hold onto the last one he had left. When he opened his eyes, he would be sinking into an ocean of blood … words revolving his head as he slowly drowned. ‘‘You’re not my son.’’… ‘‘You failed him, you let him die, you don’t deserve to be chief.’’… ‘‘You failed us all.’’… ‘‘You don’t deserve to be husband. You don’t deserve to be a father.’’… ‘‘You’re nothing without your dragon.’’… ‘’You’re useless.’’ Hiccup would try to argue, yelling ‘no!’ The words drowned out by the sea of blood suffocating his lungs. No one to listen to him, no one to hear him. Just words and images repeating over and over again in his mind until he woke up.

Toothless knew that the nightmares were getting better, less regular, so the fact Hiccup had them twice in a row now - and bad enough to affect his sleep, he was getting worried. Hiccup always doubts himself after his nightmares, and starts to become fearful and anxious.

‘‘I don’t want to lose you or Trid … o-or anyone else in my life.’’ Hiccup spoke quietly and rubbed his tired eyes.

‘‘I can’t promise that you will never say goodbye to more people Hiccup. People die eventually, and you can’t save everyone - or every dragon. You can only protect the ones closest to you as best as you can.’’ Toothless explained, trying to offer comfort without making false promises. They had almost gotten killed by Visskara the day they arrived here, two moons ago. It seemed they were just magnets for trouble.

Hiccup left the comfort of Toothless’s arms to remove the cooked fish from the spit. He prepared two more fish in silence and set them to cook before he spoke again.

‘‘I don’t know if I can lose anymore people Toothless. My job is to protect the tribe but … I-I can’t even protect the ones I love. I couldn’t protect dad … or Astrid. I couldn’t even save you. If it wasn’t for some weird sorcery, I’d have lost you forever.’’ Hiccup said as he focused on turning the fish. Tears pooled in his eyes and he blinked them away.  

‘‘Stoick was my fault! I don’t care what you say. I wasn’t strong enough to fight the control. I wasn’t strong enough to see who I was attacking, and your father stopped me from killing you.’’ Toothless firmly told him.

‘‘That was Drago’s fault, not yours.’’ Hiccup corrected, with a sideways glance.

‘‘Okay, say it was Drago’s fault. The point is, it wasn’t your fault Hiccup. Astrid died giving birth, you couldn’t do anything about that and it wasn’t your fault.’’ Hiccup tried to interrupt but Toothless lifted his hand to stop him. ‘‘Before you say, ‘you got her pregnant’, remember how happy she was when she found out. She wanted a baby Hiccup, you couldn’t deny her a child and you had no way of knowing what would happen. Even if she knew, I think Astrid would have still chosen to have that baby. Trid is going to be an amazing man! As for me … I made the choice to protect you. It was my choice! Just like it was your father’s choice. You are loved, people love you, and I couldn’t live knowing I didn’t do everything in my power to try and save you. I did die … but you have such an amazing heart that some wacko magic worked and I’m still here. People die, dragons die, but in the end … it isn’t your fault! All you can do is try. Someone I love tells me … It’s an occupational hazard.’’ Toothless finished and smiled at Hiccup’s tired, tear flowing eyes.

‘‘I think I may need to re-think my occupation.’’ Hiccup sobbed.

‘‘Oh, come here you.’’ Toothless said as he wrapped his arms around Hiccup and pulled him in for a hug. ‘‘You really need to get some sleep. You think about way too much crap when you’re tired, and you leak more!’’ Toothless told him, wiping Hiccup’s eyes with his fingers.

Hiccup wiped his own eyes and chuckled weakly. ‘‘When did you get to be so wise?’’

‘‘Wait! You haven’t noticed my superior wisdom before?’’ Toothless feigned shocked.

‘‘If by superior wisdom you mean a total smart arse … then yep … I’ve noticed that.’’ Hiccup smirked.

‘‘Shush you! Or I won’t tell you what Acacia and Storrkeldan did to heal my wings.’’ Toothless threatened him with an unimpressed look and squinted eyed.

Hiccup chuckled and wiped his eyes dry. Toothless took one of the cooked fish to eat, and Hiccup ate the other one while more cooked.

He had been plagued by another nightmare last night that had woken him up after a couple of hours sleep. He hadn’t been able to get back off, and Toothless was affected by the sleeping gas from Acacia to assist in the healing process. Hiccup assumed the attack from Visskara had caused the nightmares to return. They would stop, they always did, but he was afraid that more people in his life would die or leave, and that he would lose everything. He feared he would fail to protect everyone, and like trying to hold onto water, he worried that it would all trickle away no matter how hard he tried to clench onto it.

A small part of him wondered if the people he loved would still be alive had he never been born, or never befriended the dragons. There were a lot of paths he could have taken, a lot of if’s and maybes. Ultimately this was his life now; the path he walked had led him here and now he had to keep going forwards. Looking at Toothless happily eating his food he was reminded of what he did have: Friends that battled by his side loyally, a mother he once thought was lost forever, a tribe that respected him, a son he couldn’t love more if he tried, and Toothless. Toothless really was the glue holding him up when he needed it, the one who understood him the most and loved him unconditionally.     

Visskara returned early afternoon to escort them to the fire caves. Acacia and Storrkeldan also decided to go with them; they never usually ventured to the caves because plant life was scarce and nothing grew inside of them, but they agreed to offer their wisdom. They were to travel light and leave everything at camp for when they returned.

‘‘Babe, if you want to know something just ask and I will give you the answers when I change form. Maybe write the … hundreds of questions down in that Journal you love so much more than me.’’ Toothless reminded him smirking. He had already been given what seemed like hundreds of things to find out and ask, Toothless was prepared for more questions.

‘‘I have a new question. Please … ask my boyfriend why he thinks I would love this...’’ He said holding up his journal. ‘‘…When it can’t love me back, or fuck me in the arse?’’ Hiccup smirked.

‘‘You sure we have to check out the caves right now? I can think of something better to do.’’ Toothless whispered seductively into Hiccup’s ear, eliciting a slight moan as he started to become aroused from his suggestion.

Knowing Visskara and the others were waiting for them to leave, Hiccup didn’t have a choice but to refuse the offer. He had a feeling Toothless was only being a tease, and Thor it had worked, especially when Toothless worked his mouth with his lips and tongue.

When Toothless stripped his clothes, Hiccup felt like he was being teased further by the way Toothless slowly removed his tunic and vest, then bent over to remove the trouser legs. Toothless smirked at him before changing and couldn’t help but show off his wings. There was some light scaring there, and a small patch that looked a little sore still remaining on his left wing, however, Toothless had insisted it didn’t hurt and Acacia said it would heal on its own - but she wanted to hurry it along later today.

Hiccup was still aroused as he fixed the saddle to Toothless - under the watchful eyes of Visskara, Acacia, and Storrkeldan. He was wearing his flight suit and felt like he was being judged.

‘‘What is that?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘A saddle! Hiccup made it himself specially. It is actually quite comfortable. The first ones he made weren’t, but he kept tweaking them until he knew it didn’t bother me. It makes flying safer and more comfortable for him - and stops him falling off, especially when we go really fast or do loops. He still likes to fall off though and have me catch him.’’ Toothless explained excitedly to the three confused and bewildered dragons. Hiccup was telling him to calm down but he couldn’t wait to get back into the air.

‘‘He sure has some usual clothes.’’ Storrkeldan commented, as Hiccup put on his helmet.

‘‘He made that too. It’s a flight suit! Means I can go really fast and the wind won’t turn him into a block of ice. The hat thing allows him see better and the suit attaches to the saddle so he can’t fall off. Oh, and he has wings so he can fly … well glide!’’ Toothless explained as Hiccup climbed up into the saddle and moaned slightly. Toothless smirked, he knew it was either Hiccup’s sore arse or that he had teased him real good … maybe it was both.

‘‘Wings?’’ Visskara asked bewildered.   

‘‘Yep!’’ Toothless shouted as soon as he heard the clip connect Hiccup to the saddle. The second that clip had closed, Toothless had taken off fast. He climbed into the sky without waiting for directions.

‘‘Whoa Toothless!’’ Hiccup screamed initially - getting thrown backwards, he finally grabbed the saddle. ‘‘Whoa! Yeah baby!’’ He screamed in enjoyment before realising they were flying alone. ‘‘Erm, where are the others?’’

Toothless looped over and changed direction to head back to the ground.

‘‘I see why he needs that weird suit thingy.’’ Storrkeldan commented.

Storrkeldan, Acacia, and Visskara, hadn’t left the ground. Toothless had flown in the wrong direction and Visskara wondered how far they would get before they realized. 

‘‘He flies fast, especially with a human on his back.’’ Acacia voiced out loud, but caught Visskara’s expression. ‘‘Obviously he could never fly as fast as you Visskara, but you can’t deny his speed is impressive, seeing as he isn’t a Leitatilsynum.’’ 

Visskara didn’t answer and Toothless landed on the ground in the front of them. Hiccup was confused but didn’t say anything, he was getting used to just going with the flow. He didn’t really have a choice on a dragon island surrounded by intelligent dragons.

‘‘Now that you have that out of your system, maybe we could travel together, and in the right … direction.’’ Visskara told him.

‘‘Sorry!’’ Toothless apologised.

Hiccup got to see just how big the island was as they flew over it. It was massive, and bigger than he had ever seen before. The thick forest below was so green and undisturbed. Some of the trees were taller and bigger than he had ever seen, and the land raised and fell in different places. The stream travelled and weaved through the land, varying in size and eventually reached out to the sea. Hiccup snatched out his Journal and sketched the view.

‘‘Hey bud, do you think you could ask how they keep the land so undisturbed? How they keep humans off this island? It’s huge!’’ Hiccup asked Toothless who agreed, and seemed to do just that.

A while later, after the journal was safely away, Hiccup had fallen to sleep without meaning too. He was amazed at the view, but the soothing motion of the flight had lulled him to sleep.

‘‘He sleeps like that?’’ Storrkeldan asked suddenly, bewildered and shocked.

‘‘Yeah. He didn’t sleep last night. He sometimes has nightmares and can’t get back to sleep.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘Nightmares? You mean sleep visions?’’ Acacia asked. When Toothless told her they were horrible, dark sleep visions, she wondered if it could perhaps shed some light as to what plagued his sal-binda. Even now, as he slept on Toothless, his life force wasn’t as strong as it should be, and there was a disturbance at the core. ‘‘Has he told you what he sees in his sleep visions?’’

Toothless hesitated to answer but he did so with pity and sadness in his voice. ‘‘He sees the people he loves die. All of them. Ones that have already gone … and ones that haven’t. But he sees it happened differently or worse than it actually did. They tell him things they would never or have never said before. He blames himself for not protecting them … and he fears that he will lose everyone.’’

Visskara had been listening carefully. Hiccup had shared the story of his dad’s death with her, told him his mate had died and that he had a youngling he missed. Visskara had observed humans when she was younger, and learnt enough from her teaching to know that most humans mate for life and that younglings stay with their mooir and faoir. Humans communicate with one another more than dragons do.

‘‘What does he see differently about the day you killed his father?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘H-he said that?’’ Toothless was shocked, hurt evident in his eyes.

‘‘He said it wasn’t your fault! The Elgoorissstoorvovor had you under its control. You were ordered to kill your sal-binda but his father, his faoir I assume, got in the way and took the hit to spare his life.’’ Visskara explained as she recalled what Hiccup had told her.   

‘‘Ya blow up his faoir and he still trusts ya with his life?’’ Storrkeldan chimed in, in disbelief.

‘‘I didn’t mean to … I never would have-’’ Toothless tried to explain but in honesty, he wondered that very same thing. He just knew Hiccup loved him and didn’t blame him for what happened. Didn’t stop him blaming himself.

‘‘Hush you! Now look what you’ve done.’’ Acacia scolded Storrkeldan before addressing Toothless. ‘‘My young Loightakalean, I only have to see you two together to know that you are true sal-binda’s. It is the trials and tribulations that create and test the bond you share. Tests like those dig deep for our true nature, they can be cruel and unkind, but they plant the seed for new things to grow. Often better things.’’

‘‘What better things came from me killing his father?’’ Toothless asked. He didn’t think Acacia would have an answer.

‘‘Your bond was tested and became stronger because of it. I’m sure many other things happened because of that day. You have to look deeper to see the ripples that one event has on our lives - and on that of everything that has a life force. If you hadn’t killed his father, you may not be here, your sal-binda may not be alive today, and it may be rain instead of bright sol light.’’ Acacia smiled.

Toothless didn’t understand and was confused. How does Stoick’s death change the weather.

‘‘I’d still like to know what Hiccup see differently in his sleep visions - about the day you killed his father.’’ Visskara reminded Toothless of her question. Acacia and Storrkeldan looked curious as well.

‘‘In his dreams, when he pushed me away, he blamed me. He never saved me from the Elgoorissstoorvovor’s control and I left. His friends would tell him he failed, that he doesn’t deserve to be chief - to be a leader, or a dragon rider.’’ Toothless wasn’t comfortable sharing Hiccup’s dreams without him agreeing to it or knowing about it, but when they left the island the truth would stay there.

‘‘How did his mate die?’’ Visskara asked. That question peaked Acacia’s attention.

‘‘She died birthing their youngling.’’ Toothless answered.

‘‘And in his dream?’’ Acacia asked.

‘‘The same thing, except … it was much more tragic, there was more blood everywhere, and his youngling also died. Before his mate died, she told Hiccup that he had failed them both, and that he doesn’t deserve to be her mate or a father. That’s not what happened at all.’’ Toothless explained. He was getting annoyed.  

‘‘Then everyone around him dies?’’ Acacia asked remembering what Toothless said before.

‘‘Yes. In his dreams, it was the night the Ogthantarth attacked, but instead having me to fight by his side and winning the battle … they all died. He was left alone surrounded by the death and the destruction of his village - his island. He finds my dead body and starts to drowned in blood. Voices keep telling him he failed and that he is nothing without me. He would wake up after that.’’ Toothless explained, hoping there would be no more question on the subject.    

‘‘As tragic and painful as loss is, something else troubles your sal-binda.’’ Acacia stated as a question, expectant of answers.

‘‘Fucking shit loads!’’ Toothless snapped, but corrected himself after sighing.  ‘‘I mean a lot … a lot troubles him.’’ Toothless admitted, trying to control his frustration. He didn’t understand why they had to keep prying into Hiccup’s life.

Acacia smiled. ‘‘Anger runs in you too, but It comes from a good place. You are protective of your sal-binda-’’

‘‘His name is Hiccup!’’ Toothless corrected, annoyed at the sal-binda crap and the confusing difference in language. Visskara growled in anger at his behaviour and Toothless apologised. ‘‘Sorry. Hiccup is my best friend and I love him, so yeah, I protect him! I save him, he saves me. That’s how its always been!’’  

‘‘If you don’t wish to answer, you can say no. I am only curious to what troubles him, and what trials you have both faced.’’ Acacia gently tried to draw out the information she was curious to know. Toothless sighed.

‘‘We have been through a lot together. I attacked his village, he shot me down and I lost my tail. We became friends and he made it so I could fly again...’’

Toothless told them the story, even explaining how Stoick disowned his son before going to find the dragon’s nest. How the others belittled him because he was different and smaller. He mentioned the Red-death - the Mykerstorrdrottning, and how he had saved Hiccup’s life but he had still lost his leg in the explosion. He proudly explained that because of Hiccup, his father and the tribe made peace with the dragons and everyone started to respect him. He mentioned Dragon’s edge, the riders, the hunters, saving the dragons, and finding new islands. How they made allies with Vikings that protected or worshiped dragons, like the wing maidens or the defenders of the wing. He explained some of the battles they’d faced together. Toothless covered how Hiccup found his mother, and briefly recapped the story involving Drago. He spoke of Astrid, the wedding, the birth of Trid, and hesitantly admitted Hiccup’s dark moment on the cliff when he jumped. Toothless finally reached the time Coaldron and the Ogthantarth attacked - how he had died from the kill shot and Hiccup had killed Coaldron in a rage.

‘‘…He hated himself for a while, but I managed to snap him out of it eventually … after I scared the crap out of him by changing into a human.’’ Toothless explained.

Visskara, Acacia and Storrkeldan were speechless. Torn between shock, confusion, horror, bewilderment and disbelief. They had never heard of anything like it before.

‘‘No wonder his life force is tormented.’’ Acacia mumbled. She looked over at Toothless and gathered her thoughts before speaking. ‘‘Your sal-binda … Hiccup, has great compassion and a good heart. He has been forced to make hard choices and take actions - sometimes against his beliefs and morals, that he cannot forgive himself for. No matter how justified those actions were, he will always regret taking the life of another, such is the consequence of having a pure heart. The lives lost to spare his own will always weight heavily on his soul, because he sees more value in others then he does of himself.’’ Acacia paused before continuing. ‘‘His sleep visions appear to represent what he believes - maybe subconsciously, that he himself cannot protect and lead his tribe. That his achievements are only because you were there to make them possible. Grief can create the roots for anger on its own, but with the belief that he failed them … it has allowed the anger to grow. This in turn, has allowed fear to plague his mind. If he isn’t a strong leader without you by his side, then how can he protect and lead his people. Should they one day realise that his achievements are only because of you, he will lose everyone and everything in his life. The worst, he faces more death because he couldn’t provide and protect. Fear is hard to get rid of once it has rooted, but as his sal-binda, you must help him. Remind him that his achievements grew from his own choices and actions, and not just because you are in his life. You may have played a part, but everything plays a part in what we say or do.’’

‘‘I … I think I understand.’’ Toothless replied, trying to take in what Acacia had said. ‘‘But if his dreams represent what he believes, then why did he push me away, or see Trid’s death? He doesn’t believe that stuff!’’

Acacia thought carefully before she answered his question. ‘‘If he blamed you and pushed you away after you killed his faoir - even if he realised it wasn’t your fault and came for you, the guilt from his initial blame could still haunt him. He believes that you should never have forgiven him, but had you not, he would have lost you. Losing you is one of his greatest fears. As for his mate, he could wish the youngling had never been created, thus his mate would never had died.’’

‘‘No! He loves Trid, he loves his son!’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘Has he never blamed himself for her death, blamed the seed that started the life of the youngling?’’ Acacia asked. Toothless’s reaction was all she needed as her answer. ‘‘I don’t doubt he loves ... his son as you called him. I am saying deep down … the guilt for wanting his mate at the cost of his son’s life causes a war to blaze inside of him and his heart, a battle he cannot win. Seeing the death of his son in his sleep visions only reminds him of what he has to lose, and perhaps, seeing the youngling everyday reminds him of the mate he has already lost. It is possible that he believes he doesn’t deserve be a father, because he has such thoughts, and because he blames himself for the death of Trid’s mooir. Humans are complex creatures. As his sal-binda you know what he needs more than anyone, and you can help him find peace and strengthen his life force … but only time can settle the disturbances that plague his mind, and only he can work though that as time passes. All you can do is talk to him, be there for him and continue to do whatever it is you have been doing.’’

Acacia smiled at Toothless and nodded before she left to fly beside Storrkeldan. Visskara announced their approach to the fire caves and Toothless could see the volcano peak in the distance. Due to their conversations, he hadn’t been paying attention to the scenery until now.

There were trees, but far less dense and sparse as Acacia had explained they would be. The ground was drier like a rocky terrain, rocks and boulders replaced the trees and plant life. The closer they flew to the dormant volcano the more Toothless’s mind seemed to dig for memories he had long forgotten.

---Toothless’s flash back---

A younger Loightakalean was catching fish in the stream, not far from the fire caves, and enjoying each of his catches one at a time. His ears peaked when he heard someone approaching and he hoped it wasn’t Groaldridax. He went to hide but a pinkish purple gas made him see flying, talking fish. He was initially freaking out but had a thought; Fish don’t talk or fly, so there could only be one explanation.    

‘‘Gorahiroa, I swear if that’s you then cut it out!’’ The Loightakalean demanded as he ran up and down the stream to escape the fish now trying to bite him.

Gorahiroa appeared and walked into the stream laughing. He was a dark purple dragon, about the same size as the Loightakalean. He had a pinkish purple chest, feet, tail and wings. His wings were spiky at the tips and he had sharp spines on the end of his tail. He was rough and untidy looking, like spiky hair but scales instead. 

‘‘Gora you faifuh!’’ The Loightakalean exclaimed as he hid behind Gora and closed his eyes. He knew for a fact now, that the flying, biting fish were just illusions, visions to trick his mind, and created by his friend’s trickery. He had to wait for the effects to wear off. Gorahiroa laughed and teased him.

‘‘Aww, but it’s so much fun watching you freak out Kalean, you looked like a total torht splashing around.’’ Gora laughed.

‘‘You promised you’d stop practicing on me.’’ Kalean whined and pouted.

‘‘Fine! So how comes you’re here anyways, shouldn’t you be with Groaldridax?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘I was hungry! And I didn’t want to learn about the life force of trees. Eugh!’’ Kalean complained.

‘‘I don’t blame you. Wanna go cause some chaos?’’ Gora asked.

Kalean was about to decline when Groaldridax appeared. She had been camouflaged into the nearby trees.

‘‘Offer going in 3…’’ Gora whispered.

‘‘Youngling, your lessons are most…’’ Groaldridax started her lecture.

‘‘2…’’ Gora continued his count down.

‘‘…I will not tolerate…’’ Groaldridax went on with her lecture.

‘‘1, See ya!’’ Gora finished and flapped his wings to beat it out of there, before he fell victim to the lectures as well.

‘‘Wait for me!’’ Kalean shouted and took off after his friend, leaving a very displeased Groaldridax behind.

Chapter Text

Chapter 29 - Caverns and dragons

Visskara directed them down towards the entrance of the fire caves. Toothless blinked away the flash back he had been having- he couldn’t believe he had forgotten about Gorahiroa.

Gorahiroa was a Hugreaetlavafi, and Toothless’s first best friend when they were younger. He still had so many lost memories but he’d never questioned or worried about them. The fact he’d forgotten about Gora however, made him wonder for the first time in years … what else he had forgotten? He didn’t get much time to ponder his thoughts because Visskara had instructed that they follow her - they had reached their destination. They glided into a top opening - in the side of the volcano mountain, and descended down to a huge opening in the caves.

‘‘Coming Trid…’’ Hiccup mumbled as Toothless touched down. Toothless laughed as Hiccup sat up and remembered he was travelling on his dragon to the caves, and certainly not on Berk being woken up by a baby. Hiccup removed his helmet and looked around. ‘‘Whoa, this place sure is something bud.’’ It was spacious enough for the three dragons right now, but he doubted there would be as much space further inside of the tunnels. The rays from the sun provided light from above and into their current location. He rightfully assumed that was how they had entered the caves, through the openings in the cave celling, but he doubted they would have light further in.

Visskara explained to Toothless, that when the great fire raged it poured out through these lower tunnels and many dragons evacuated their homes here because of it. A lot of plant life was destroyed in the surrounding area but after a while, the rock eating dragons helped to restore the tunnels inside of the caves and make up the vast network of tunnels that they will be traveling thru today. Many dragons live here once again and therefore, they were to stay with Visskara at all times.

Hiccup had climbed off Toothless’s back and they were walking behind Visskara, Acacia, and Storrkeldan through the tunnels. Soon it went pitch black, just as Hiccup had predicted.

‘‘Could you give us some light please bud?’’ Hiccup asked, and Toothless opened his mouth so it glowed with the colour of his plasma shoot. Hiccup took out inferno, but didn’t activate the blade, or the fire. ‘‘Do you think the others would mind if I used this?’’

Toothless shut off his plasma light and once again it went dark. ‘‘Visskara? Hiccup can’t see like we can. He has a … thing that creates fire in his hand. Can he use it please?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Toothless, what’s going on bud?’’ Hiccup asked, not being able to see anything.

‘‘Show me this thing … then I will decide.’’ Visskara answered.

Toothless opened his mouth to light up the caves once more and nudged inferno. Hiccup activated it and Visskara jumped along with Acacia and Storrkeldan. Toothless closed his mouth to stop his plasma light.

‘‘Oh my! That certainly is something, I’ll say that. If I didn’t know this boy to be his sal-binda I wouldn’t like that one bit.’’ Storrkeldan voiced his opinion.

‘‘I think it’s fascinating. But it looks like a human weapon which may scare some of the other dragons here.’’ Acacia said as she stared at the fire glowing on the blade.

‘‘Hmm. How does he have the power to wield fire?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘He makes stuff, and this has Fayieringree gel from Hookfang … A friend of ours.’’ Toothless explained. He didn’t really know how it worked other the that.

‘‘Very well, he may use it. However, if I tell you to turn it off you will do just that, immediately, and without any questions, you understand.’’ Visskara informed him.

‘‘Right! I will need to … change to explain that to him.’’ Toothless informed them.

‘‘Very well. It may also be wiser to have Hiccup ride you. The caves drop and rise, sometimes we will have to fly up to reach the other tunnels, and it will be safer that he remains with you should anything happen.’’ Visskara informed him.

Toothless nodded and changed into his human form. The saddle fell down to the ground due to his decrease in size.

‘‘Hey Hiccup. Sleep well?’’ Toothless joked with his trademark grin. Hiccup shook his head.

‘‘You changed just to point that out?’’

‘‘No!’’ Toothless replied. He then explained the real reason for changing.

Toothless explained what Visskara had said about the caves, how the volcano erupted and boulder class type dragons helped restore the tunnels. He told Hiccup that other dragons live down here again and they are to stay with Visskara at all times. He finally explained Visskara’s terms on keeping inferno out - as it may scare the other dragons.

‘‘How will I know if she tells me to put it away?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘I can just shoot it-’’ Toothless recommended easily, but Hiccup looked livid at the thought of inferno getting blown to bits. ‘‘Or not. How about … I whack you around the back of your head with my tail?’’

‘‘You could do that … but how about something that’s a little less violent, like … oh, I don’t know, nudging inferno with your head, or-.’’ Hiccup was suggesting.

‘‘You’re no fun! But fine, I'll nudge your arm with my head and growl and give you the ‘crap we’re in trouble look!’’’ Toothless told him, smiling when he had finished like he was pleased with himself. Visskara growled impatiently. ‘‘Okay! We’re coming.’’ Toothless told her. ‘‘Impatient much, I’m cold anyway … Oh, by the way, you might be better off in the saddle. Visskara said we have to fly at certain points, that the ground is uneven, and that your hot, sore arsehole should stay on my back.’’ Toothless smirked, rubbed a hand down his cock, and then changed back into a dragon before Hiccup could respond.

Hiccup blushed. He fixed the saddle back to Toothless and whispered to him. ‘‘You! You are playing a dangerous game keep on teasing me like this. There will be consequences!’’ Hiccup flicked Toothless’s ear as punishment, then groaned ever so slightly as he climbed back into the saddle. Inferno still in his hand providing light. Toothless had a pleased look on his face.

Just as Visskara had explained, they did indeed have to fly to reach the tunnels higher up, or to avoid the sudden drops. To Hiccup’s amazement, they had just flown through a wide, spiky tunnel, and entered a huge underground cavern. The first thing Hiccup noticed were the dragons living there that he had never seen before. Hiccup instantly recognized the Gronckles hiding behind the rocks to the left of the cavern. There appeared to be six of them; a blue one, two purple, and three green ones. There were also two Hotburples - but their bumps look different.

Among the ones Hiccup didn’t recognize: There were three cream coloured dragons about the same size of a Triple-Stryke, and one that was obviously a baby and hiding behind what Hiccup assumed as its mother. They resembled the appearance of a wolf and had two small pointed horns on their heads, and nine burning flames on the end of their tails. Their wings also had burning tips. Hiccup instantly decided on a name for them, ‘Flame-Tip’.

There were two black dragons watching them from the shadows, smaller then Toothless but bigger than a night terror. They had small black wings, and if it wasn’t for the spirals or wisps of fire on its tail, body, and head, or it’s pointed ears, it would look similar to the Night-Fury. Hiccup decided to call this one the ‘Night-wisp’.

Standing by the small underground lake - and now looking at them, stood a dragon that reminded Hiccup of the Gronckle. Well, a Gronckle that had lost tons of weight and grew taller with bigger wings. Its face was also more yak like than rounded like a Gronckle’s, and it was brown with pointed ears, and a lighter brown chest and stomach. Hiccup quickly gave it the name ‘Stronkle’ because whilst it didn’t look as heavy or possess that brute force of a Gronckle, it looked like a much stronger flier.

And finally, on the right side of the cavern - high up on the stack of boulders was a dragon covered in spikes. If it rolled up into a ball it would resemble a round mace. It was mostly grey with light purple running from its neck all the way under its stomach and along the underside of its tail. It was slightly smaller than a Gronckle but looked heavy. He didn’t know what to name this one, and wasn’t given a chance to think about it as Visskara had started to glow a bright white and blue colour. She was now making various growling and other sounds, obviously communicating with the inhabitants of the cavern.

Hiccup immediately shut off his inferno and put it away, there was no need for the light down here anyway; even without Visskara’s bright alpha light the caverns emitted a blue-green colour from the walls, and the floor of the lake seem to glow blue. The green moss that grew randomly around the cavern glowed slightly, and the Flame-Tip’s wings along with the Night-Wisp’s fire provided enough light to be able to see. Hiccup didn’t want to scare the dragons away either, this was an amazing discovery and he had four new dragons to draw if he had the chance - along with that different Hotburple.

With Visskara seemingly communicating, and nothing attacking them, Hiccup pulled out the journal from his suit and started making very quick sketches. He didn’t want to forget what these dragons looked like and was hastily flipping between pages, adding new details to each one a bit at a time in anticipation of them leaving before he could finish. It was taking a lot of willpower and restraint to remain quiet and not freak out excitedly. He wanted to get off Toothless to get closer, but dared try anything that stupid here.

While Hiccup was drawing, the dragons were in the middle of a discussion that seemed to get heated. The dragons were all making noise and many of them had gathered by the lake.

‘‘We demand proof, prove to us what you say is indeed the truth!’’ A female Flame-Tip demanded.

‘‘Are you questioning my own eyes Runisalith?’’ Visskara threatened. ‘‘Acacia and Storrkeldan have also witnessed the Loightakalean change many times.’’

‘‘The names Toothless … Just saying.’’ Toothless interrupted, but he got ignored.

‘‘We’re not q-questioning you … y-your greatness. We just wanna see the change!’’ A green male Gronckle chimed in.

‘‘If that boy is his sal-binda and what you say is true, let me see him. This is the one time I’ll get to meet a human and know I won’t be attacked.’’ A female Night-Wisp shouted.

Most of the dragons mumbled in agreement and excitement, except a few that protested. Visskara growled loudly to demand silence.

‘‘Kirnottdra! Humans are not permitted to touch the dreki’s of this island.’’ Visskara reminded the Night-Wisp.

‘‘All due respect, he is riding one. They’re not allowed on this island either but here he is!’’ The Night-Wisp Kirnottdra argued.

Again, most of the dragons mumbled in agreement.

‘‘Kirnottdra? That’s a human, are you thort.’’ The male Night-Wisp challenged its mate.

‘‘I am not crazy you rock headed faifuh! Think about it and tell me that boy doesn’t make you curious. The first to be affected by the Frithvineradreki sorcery. That’s proof of the legend and obviously that boy means no harm if it is true. You think he would be a threat to all of us down here anyway?’’ Kirnottdra argued looking around at all the different dragons.

‘‘His names Hiccup! Again, just putting that out there.’’ Toothless tried but no one was listening to him among the ruckus.

‘‘I agree with Kirnottdra! Let us see the boy and witness this great sorcery. We won’t get another chance.’’ A male Fire-Tip yelled. Much to the disapproval of his own mate who was hiding their hatchling.

‘‘Mooir, what is that weird thing on that dreki’s back? I want to see it.’’ The hatchling Fire-Tip questioned its mother and whined as he was being pushed away and told to hush.

‘‘Very well!’’ Visskara shouted. The dragons all went silent. ‘‘As most of you seem so interested in this boy, I will allow you to see him and for the Loightakalean to change-’’

‘‘My names Toothless! His name is Hiccup!’’ Toothless shouted, then gulped and added. ‘‘Just saying … we do have names. Sorry … but erm, no one has asked us what we think, or we want.’’ Toothless added.

‘‘What is it you want?’’ The Flame-tip Runisalith asked. The mother Flame-Tip was still moving her hatchling away from the lake to safety, but stopped to hear Toothless speak.

‘‘Well … we came to see the Ogthantarth markings like Visskara said, that’s the only reason we’re here. But … I know Hiccup. We have been together for seven years, or seven … ar’tios?’’ Toothless tried to remember the dragon word for cycle of all four seasons. Visskara, Storrkeldan, and Visskara nodded so he continued. ‘‘Hiccup loves meeting new dragons … new drekis. I know he will be honoured to meet you all. I bet he is trying to contain his excitement as we speak, however, he has been instructed by Visskara to stay with me. He doesn’t want to scare any of you, or anger any of you. I know you do not need to fear him, he is an amazing human and has saved and helped many dreki. We once helped a scauld … a Vatnabraorabit for example. It had a broken wing and was stranded on the sand, left to die. We helped its wing and it was able to swim again. That’s just one example of many, many times we have saved or helped drekis. Hiccup even lost his leg helping dreki’s, and he would do it all again for all of you if he had too. I guarantee that if anything were to threaten any of you right now, Hiccup would risk his life to save each and every one of you. The point is, we’re not a threat to any dreki. We don’t have to stop here, if you wish for us to leave, we will. I don’t mind changing into a human either - I can tell Hiccup what you are … what makes each of you special. I haven’t been here for a long time, not since the great fire erupted. My memory isn’t all that great and I have forgotten about two of your species, so … forgive me for that. Hiccup and myself already have friends that are Alrollkender’s and a Hofgijarnsofna. But … I know if you all will allow Hiccup to meet you, he will be really happy. Just don’t get scared if he gets excited and smiles like an idiot - like a faifuh.’’ Toothless explained feeling very self-conscious by the end of his speech. He just wanted to stick up for Hiccup, seeing as his boyfriend couldn’t hear what they were saying about him.

The dragons all mumbled their thoughts to each other. Mostly shocked and amazed that the boy would do so much for the dragons, other disbelieving it. Only a few were still hesitant or opposed to meet him however.

‘‘He’s met me before?’’ The blue Gronckle asked dumbly, and very surprised.

‘‘Not you, you quiazule! Another Alrollkender.’’ A green male Gronckle corrected him.

‘‘Aww, I wanted him to be my friend.’’ The blue Gronckle sulked. The green one rolled its eyes at him.

‘‘Very well, it is decided then. Toothless, instruct your … Hiccup, to stop drawing and climb down.’’ Visskara told him.

‘‘Erm … As much as Hiccup would like to meet everyone, it might be best if we just did this one at a time … or a few at a time. I mean, think about it - if you were surrounded by lots of humans you didn’t know anything about, that were bigger than you, no matter how friendly they were … well, you might get a bit scared or overwhelmed.’’ Toothless explained to Visskara.

‘‘That is a fair point.’’ Acacia agreed with Toothless. Visskara sighed and nodded to Acacia that she agreed. She then spoke to all the dragons again.

‘‘Toothless and Hiccup will come to the lake. Toothless will change into his human form and I will call the species of dragon that may go and see them. You will then retreat when I tell you to, in order for the next species to approach. Is that clear?’’ Visskara asked.

The dragons all agreed and moved away from the side of the lake that Hiccup and Toothless would be positioned at. Much to Hiccup’s confusion, they then went closer to the lake with Visskara, Acacia, and Storrkeldan.

‘‘Erm … bud, what’s going on?’’ Hiccup asked, tucking away his journal and pencil. Toothless signalled for Hiccup to get down and he complied, still confused and a little scared if he was honest.

Toothless looked at Visskara. ‘‘Just give me a moment to explained to him what’s going to happen. Then we’re good to do this.’’

‘‘Very well.’’ Visskara agreed.

Toothless then changed into a human, and smiled at Hiccup knowing he was going to be so excited. All the dragons expect Visskara, Acacia, and Storrkeldan looked speechless and shocked. They had just seen a Loightakalean turn into a human. The frithvineradreki sorcery was real, and they were sal-binda’s.

‘‘Hey, guess what?’’ Toothless asked with a smirk on his face.

‘‘This should be interesting. Do I wanna know?’’ Hiccup asked looking around. He was uncertain because the dragons suddenly started getting loud and unsettled, like they were communicating about something. Most likely the fact that Toothless just changed forms.

‘‘This you will really wanna know.’’ Toothless told him smiling, and wrapped his arms around Hiccup’s waist.

‘‘Well, whenever you’re ready, we have all day … oh, wait.’’ Hiccup sarcastically replied.

‘‘You know …  you should be nicer to me.’’ Toothless told him, and gently pushed Hiccup. ‘‘The things I do for you, like argue you’re an amazing person, defend you to all these new dragons, and make it so you can stay here for a bit and meet them all - well the ones that want to meet you that is.’’ Toothless told him. ‘‘But … I’ll just go and tell Visskara you don’t want that and we should get going, seeing as we … don’t have all day!’’

Hiccup’s face lit up as Toothless expected. ‘‘M-meet them. You mean … b-but I thought … Oh Thor.’’ Hiccup was torn between excitement and slight fear. He didn’t know anything about some of these dragons, and when they met the Lagalogaror they got attacked by Visskara. On the other hand, he had Visskara - the alpha dragon, on his side this time as long as he didn’t mess this up.

‘‘Hicc babe, chill! Some of the dragons wanted to meet us so Visskara said we could. She’s gonna send some over now so just be calm, because most of them have never met humans before. Oh, and no touching the dragons unless they specifically let you. Can you do that babe.’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Be calm, right yep got it!’’ Hiccup said a bit too fast. He was almost bouncing with anxiety and excitement but managed to remain calm and composed.

‘‘You’ll be fine, you have me!’’ Toothless told him and kissed Hiccup.

Most of the dragons went silent and tilted their heads in shock as they watched the two humans kissing. They didn’t know it was called kissing or what it meant exactly, but a few thought it looked like affection and something mates would do. Visskara huffed and rolled her eyes.

‘‘We better get this moving or we might get jumped by impatient dragons.’’ Toothless smiled and raised his eye brows. He could hear the ruckus starting up again between the others. ‘‘Do you have them clothes still, it’s bit cold?’’ Toothless asked, rubbing his arms.

‘‘Right … clothes! Yep I have them in here.’’ Hiccup said as he pulled out a tunic and pants from his bag.

The dragons were staring at Toothless as he got dressed in his tunic and pants. It was just as fascinating to most of them, as it was for Hiccup to discover what new dragons could do. They didn’t understand clothes, didn’t even know what they were.

When Toothless was dressed he gave Visskara to go ahead. The Gronckles were the first to fly over - the blue one last to land by Hiccup and Toothless, as it missed Visskara’s orders. When the Gronckles edged closer, Hiccup ended up backing into Toothless as he remembered being told not to touch them. A Purple Gronckle was about an inch away from Hiccup and sniffing at him, it then licked Hiccup’s hand.

‘‘Erm … babe?’’ Hiccup nervously voiced his uncertainty on what he was allowed to do.

‘‘Go on, say hi.’’ Toothless told him, and pushed Hiccup forward so his hands fell on to the Purple Gronckle’s face.

Nothing bad happened, and Hiccup relaxed. He eventually got to stroke all the Gronckles in turn and they seemed really happy to meet him. There were six, just like he thought: one blue, two purple and three green ones. When Hiccup started fussing the blue one it excitedly knocked Hiccup over and tried to sit on him. Hiccup yelled and Toothless had to intervene so that his boyfriend wouldn’t get squashed to death. Toothless tried pushing the Gronckle away but it was far too heavy, the green Gronckle tried to help as he realised what was happening.

‘‘Off, you over grown lump!’’ Toothless shouted urgently, getting slightly angry. Hiccup couldn’t breathe very well and was turning a nice shade of blue himself.

Visskara growled at the Gronckle but it was too stupid to understand what it was doing wrong.

‘‘Alrollkender! Move your fucking fat arse before you kill him!’’ Toothless shouted loudly, and suddenly there was uproar and confusion among the dragons.

The Gronckle finally moved and looked guilty when he saw Hiccup having a coughing fit and gasping for air. The green Gronckle bashed into his friend angrily for being a dumb arse, and then quickly bowed along with the other Gronckles. ‘‘No! No no no no, Drofrolk! I am not the alpha!’’ He told the green Gronckle urgently, and wiped a hand across his face wincing. Toothless then noticed all the other dragons either getting angry or bowing, and Visskara was roaring loudly to calm the drama he had just caused. Toothless knelt down to check Hiccup was okay. He really had to put this mess straight before the others thought he had challenged Visskara and he would be bound to fight or die.

‘‘Hiccup? You know when I yell at the dragons … and they know I’m alpha even in this form?’’ Toothless asked nervously.

‘‘Oh Thor!’’ Hiccup exclaimed, finally back to normal.

‘‘Yeah. If you’re okay, I really need to sort this out fast.’’ Toothless explained as he stripped off his clothes.

Hiccup nodded and Toothless changed back into a dragon. He winced as he listened to the drama he had caused. Hiccup stood up from the ground and stood by Toothless’s side. ‘Why could nothing they do ever be straight forward?’ He thought to himself.

‘‘The Loightakalean challenges you and you just stand there? The rules state that-.’’ Runisalith the Flame-Tip was shouting.

‘‘He isn’t challenging Visskara, he was protecting his sal-binda from that quiazule.’’ Acacia shouted back, giving the dragon in question a glare of displeasure.

‘‘I’m not challenging anyone!’’ Toothless shouted. All eyes suddenly fell onto him, realizing he was a Loightakalean again. ‘‘Hi!’’ He added nervously.

‘‘Explain yourself!’’ Visskara demanded. She didn’t look at all happy, but she was relatively calm.

‘‘There is no alpha challenge! I would never challenge Visskara! I really didn’t mean to do that, it’s just … I haven’t been human for long. We only found out that happens about six mani’s ago. I don’t know how to control it, I don’t even know when I’m revealing my alpha form as a human, or how you all know that I’m an alpha dragon now.’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘You mean Alpha dreki?’’ Storrkeldan corrected.

‘‘Dreki, dragon, same thing!’’ Toothless snapped.

‘‘Calm yourself!’’ Visskara told him. ‘‘You do not realise that your scent changes, that your eyes and body glow blue?’’ She asked. Toothless was shocked.

‘‘Wait, I do what? I knew the scent thing, and Hiccup told me my eyes changed slightly when the Shiver … I mean Skarpisskelmir attacked me before … but I didn’t know I glowed blue. Hiccup didn’t see that - I don’t think … No! He would have said something. And I didn’t see that either, I’m not seeing it now?’’

‘‘Yes, you glow blue. Your alpha powers are not on anymore but perhaps only dreki’s can see it. Since you were not a dreki at the time, it makes sense that you could not see it for yourself.’’ She informed Toothless before addressing everyone else. ‘‘There you see. The Loightakalean-’’

‘‘Toothless!’’ He interrupted, to correct her. Visskara cleared her throat, slightly annoyed.

‘‘Toothless, wasn’t challenging me. He has no control over what he did, however, I suggest he learn to gain control. He accidentally allowed his alpha identity to show when he was protecting his sal-binda from Tusiain. I am sure we can all agree that it would be a terrible shame to lose a human blessed with a dreki sal-binda because some quiazule Alrollkender sat on him. The human … Hiccup, is obviously too fragile to take the weight of an Alrollkender. I suggest that anyone else that wishes to meet the boy refrains for sitting on him.’’

‘‘Or hurting him in general.’’ Toothless added.

‘‘Or hurting him!’’ Visskara added and huffed.

‘‘So, he is an alpha dreki. Isn’t that against the rules? Only one may be an Alpha here.’’ The male Night-Wisp questioned.

‘‘Toothless is an alpha dreki that rules an island far away from here. He will not be staying here on this island, but whilst he is here, he follows my orders like each of you.’’ Visskara informed them.

‘‘I really am sorry for that. But Visskara is right, me and Hiccup follow her word and command. I may be an Alpha dreki, but here I am not the alpha!’’ Toothless confirmed.

The dragons accepted this new information and calmed down. Toothless got to change back into a human - getting dizzy the more he changed form, but he redressed and explained to Hiccup what had happened. Hiccup wasn’t reassured completely, but he agreed he would still like to meet the other dragons if they wanted to meet him.

Things went smoothly as they met one of the female Hotburples, the male one didn’t want to go near Hiccup. Toothless had given him the name of the two Gronckles already, Tusiain and Drofrolk, but he didn’t know the Hotburple’s names.

The Flame-Tips were next up, but only the adult male one approached Hiccup. It slowly inched forward, its cream coloured wings a blaze with fire making Hiccup nervous. Hiccup noticed it had the ability to set its wings and tail on fire, but could only turn the fire down and not off completely. It was rather majestic looking. Toothless told him they were Furollesernain and like to howl, but it hurts your ears when they do it and it’s one of their attacks, warnings, or cries for help. A bit like the Screaming-Death’s sonic roar only higher pitched and like being stabbed in the ears or smacked in the head with a hammer. Toothless also told him that they are very intelligent dragons and one of the very few to mate for life, and that this one’s mate was keeping her distance to protect their hatchling. Toothless admitted he only knew the older Flame-Tip’s name, which was Runisalith, and she was over the other side too.

The male Flame-Tip finally turned down its fire and allowed Hiccup to rub its face and behind its ears. The hatchling, seeing its faoir happy wanted to investigate the strange creature everyone was calling ‘the boy’ or ‘Hiccup’. He managed to escape his mooir and run around the lake towards them. The mother Flame-Tip suddenly howled to alert its mate of their incoming hatchling. Hiccup instantly understood what Toothless meant and cover his ears. He felt like his head would explode, and he fell to the floor in immense pain. Visskara growled loudly and activated her Alpha abilities. The howling stopped but the mother Flame-Tip was flying across the lake to get to her hatchling. The hatchling dodged its mother and bounded past his father then dived straight into Hiccup’s lap - knocking Hiccup backwards onto his back.

Hiccup froze and dared move as he was being looked at by the hatchling. His hands were flat on the ground. ‘‘Toothless?’’ He asked, worried he was about to be flame roasted alive by two angry parents. The mother had stopped beside him, towering over his form, wings and tail fully ablaze, and very angry. The hatchling was licking Hiccup’s face and he tried to move. The father Flame-Tip quickly picked up the wiggling hatchling in its mouth and moved away as the mother roared loudly, threatening Hiccup.

Toothless quickly stood in front of Hiccup. ‘‘He wouldn’t hurt your hatchling. It ran to us, Hiccup didn’t have a choice!’’ Toothless told her firmly, but hopefully not too forceful that he went alpha again.

‘‘Sorry!’’ Hiccup apologies from the ground, for all the good it would do.

The female Fame-Tip roared again but was silenced by Visskara. The Flame-Tips all retreated to the other side of the lake.

‘‘Oh Thor!’’ Hiccup breath out the breath he was holding. ‘‘As fun as this all is, I don’t know how much more I can take.’’

‘‘If you want to leave now babe, we can.’’ Toothless informed him, helping him up off the ground.

‘‘I-I’m good. I-I’d actually like to stay. It’s not every day you get attacked by new dragons.’’ He smiled. ‘‘T-Thanks for having my back though babe.’’ Hiccup admitted and thanked Toothless as he brushed himself down. He didn’t want fear to stop him learning more about the other dragons he hadn’t seen yet.

‘‘Always!’’ Toothless told him. He hugged Hiccup and nodded to Visskara. Acacia and Storrkeldan decided to fly over to them, in case anything else decided to go amiss.

‘‘Erm, what’s?’’ Hiccup asked, wondering why Acacia and Storrkeldan had come over.

Toothless looked at the two dragons for a moment trying to work out what they were saying to him. ‘‘I think they just want to be here to help, in case something else goes wrong.’’ Toothless told him.

‘‘T-That might not be bad idea c-considering.’’ Hiccup said, refraining from voicing his other thoughts with the dragons listening. Toothless however, had no issues voicing his.

‘‘Could have helped us out before, instead of watching… Ow!’’ Toothless exclaimed as Acacia whacked him around the head for his cheek.

‘‘I think Acacia and Gothi would get on.’’ Hiccup chuckled. He felt a little dizzy but assumed it was just from all the chaos and excitement. Toothless noticed Hiccup wobble slightly but assumed the same thing.

Visskara signalled the last four dragons to go if they wished. The two Night-Wisps did, the female went straight to Hiccup in a blink of an eye and without hesitation, like it disappeared and reappeared next to him. Hiccup jumped as it nuzzled him, the male kept its distance and walked over slowly. The Stronkle walked over too, but the grey and purple dragon didn’t move from its boulder.

Hiccup carefully gave attention to the female Night-Wisp - to avoid the wisps and spirals of fire. When Hiccup’s hand moved to close to one of the flames, he hissed in pain. The Night-Wisp realized why Hiccup was hurt and turned off her fire.

‘‘Oh wow, it can turn of its fire’’ Hiccup observed excitedly. He was happier to have smaller dragons around him instead of boulder dragons or big fire breathers. The Stronkle wasn’t small but there was just the one and he or she was quite calm.

‘‘They’re Demyrkanotts. That one is a female called Kirnottdra.’’ Toothless explained in relation to the Night-Wisps.

Hiccup seemed a lot happier again and Toothless smiled. He felt warm inside, and loved the feeling he got when he made Hiccup happy. He explained that the Demyrkanotts have the ability to move at lighten fast speeds within a very short distance, just like she did a moment ago, but they can’t keep doing it. They are intelligent dragons but don’t fly that fast, and they prefer night flying. They have extremely sharp teeth and go for the neck to bring its target down fast. Hiccup gulped at that knowledge. Toothless also explained that they can producing a thick smoke to blind others - in order to sneak up on things or escape them. As if on que, Kirnottdra produced her smoke and Hiccup couldn’t see anything it was so thick. Hiccup and Toothless started coughing, and Acacia flapped her wings to clear the smoke. The male Night-Wisp had finally decided he wanted to get closer, and Hiccup eventually got to fuss him too.

When Hiccup finally redirected his attention to the Stronkle, Toothless admitted he didn’t know anything about that dragon. He promised he would ask Visskara later if he didn’t get to find out sooner. It really did look like a tall Gronckle that had lost tons of weight, and had a thinner face.

‘‘What’s that dragon babe?’’ Hiccup asked Toothless, pointing to the grey and purple dragon asleep on the stack of boulders. The way it was curled up asleep reminded Hiccup of Tuffnut’s macey, but much bigger and a different colour.

‘‘No idea! Sorry Hicc. I can find out for you though.’’ He admitted.

‘‘That would be amazing-.’’ Hiccup was saying as he continued to stroke the Stronkle, but he suddenly felt really dizzy and almost lost his balance as the cavern started moving.

‘‘Whoa Hicc! What’s wrong?’’ Toothless asked, worried as he held Hiccup to make sure he didn’t fall.

‘‘I’m fine babe!’’ Hiccup yawned. ‘‘Okay maybe I’m just a little tired.’’ He amended when Toothless gave him that ‘really’ look.

‘‘Sit down for a moment!’’ Toothless instructed him.

‘‘I’m fine dad!’’ Hiccup replied, and refused to sit down.

Hiccup was fussing the demanding female Night-Wisp - Kirnottdra again, when he started to get a little breathless. Toothless was getting increasingly concerned.

‘‘Hiccup something isn’t right with you.’’ Toothless observed. He noticed the sweat forming on Hiccup’s forehead, and his breathing rate increasing.

‘‘I’m just a bit tired Toothless, I’m-’’

Hiccup didn’t get to finish his statement, he had wobbled, passed out, and fallen - Toothless just caught him just before he hit the ground. 


Chapter Text

Chapter 30 - Hiccdown

Toothless caught Hiccup’s limp body before it hit the ground. Kneeling on the floor with Hiccup rested against his chest - in the safety of his arms, he felt the beads of sweat forming on Hiccup’s abnormally hot forehead and down his flushed face. Toothless didn’t know what to do. This was foreign ground, unknown territory and he needed Hiccup to wake up.

‘‘Hiccup? Wake up!’’ Toothless shook his shoulders trying to get a response. ‘‘Come on Hicc! Don’t do this to me! I don’t know what to do babe. Hiccup! Damn it! Come on!’’ 

Visskara flew over to join them, concerned for Hiccup and confused about the new turn of events. She landed next to Acacia and commanded that the other dragons give them some space and move away. They did as they were told, but kept watching the scene to see what was happening … even the spiky grey and purple dragon that hadn’t moved since they arrived sat up to watch.  

Acacia gained Toothless’s attention, he had tears of worry and panic forming in his big green eyes when he looked up. She was trying to communicate with him but he couldn’t decipher what she was saying.

‘‘I don’t know what you’re trying to say. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he was fine earlier. He just didn’t sleep. Can you help him?’’ Toothless asked desperately, blinking his eyes hard to clear his vision from the teary blur that set over them.

Toothless still wasn’t sure what Acacia was asking him, and Hiccup still wouldn’t wake up so he laid his limp and unconscious boyfriend down onto the ground gently. He quickly started to undress, and he was still silently crying when he changed into his dragon form; Visskara was a little taken back at seeing a Loightakalean with tears in his eyes.

Toothless was scared more than anything, he didn’t know what to do. He knew Hiccup needed help, Gothi kind of help! He just didn’t know what was wrong and the only others he could turn to were the dragons here. Like the dragons had any clue about human illnesses. If they couldn’t help him, his only hope would be to somehow carry Hiccup the four-ish days straight to Berk as fast as he could. He was told by Visskara that Dragons weren’t allowed in the human - Viking village near the island they were on now, and what if they were hostel to Hiccup? It would have to be Berk. Then there was the issue of no dragons on Berk, what with the head pain and confusion stuff. He could only hope he would last long enough to at least drop Hiccup of, even if he left afterwards. He would have to force himself to do that much for Hiccup, he’d have to! Or maybe … they could go to Wingmaiden Island instead - that might be better … if he could remember the way. The map! He could use the map and compass somehow. The flight would be just as difficult, and there was still the risk that Hiccup would get worse on the way there … or worse still. He was snapped out of his panicked thinking by Acacia and realised he had been pacing.  

‘‘Toothless! Please calm down … In order to help him I need to know what’s causing this.’’ Acacia explained. Toothless started pacing again, trying to think.

‘‘I don’t … I don’t know. I was asleep last night because of your gas stuff, when I woke up, he was fine. He had that nightmare … didn’t get much sleep, but we have dealt with this shit before and this has never happened. Between Trid and work, he has been fine on less sleep then this.’’ Toothless explained panicking.

‘‘Calm down!’’ Visskara tried, but Toothless roared in frustration and started glowing in his alpha form - he didn’t care right now about dragon hierarchy.

‘‘Calm down? How the fuck can I calm down. He isn’t right! Something is very wrong. He is sweating, he is hot, and he isn’t awake! Gothi isn’t here, no one is fucking here! And no one knows what’s wrong with him!’’ Toothless shouted.

The dragons kept their distance, but they were not happy with Toothless’s alpha mode in front of Visskara, or his insolence towards the alpha. Runisalith roared loudly but Visskara spoke up before it could escalate.   

‘‘Quiet! All of you!’’ Visskara shouted in her own alpha form, her blue wings out-stretched to emphasis her dominance. ‘‘Runisalith quiet down! I seem to recall how your moods were less then tolerant when your mate was ill, and when he died. You will do well to remember that stress and fear cause us to behave in ways that we might regret later. Toothless means no harm I can assure you!’’

Toothless was taken back by the word ‘died’. Hiccup couldn’t die! No, he wasn’t dying, he wouldn’t let him die! 

‘‘The Loightakalean defied your orders, and they’re not mates!’’ Runisalith argued somewhat desperately.

‘‘He is my mate!’’ Toothless shouted before he could stop himself. His emotions were still raging from his human form. Emotions that dragons didn’t feel - or at least not to this extent, yet even now as a Dragon his feelings hadn’t subsided, lessened or changed. That pure emotion and love for Hiccup carried in his voice, and it startled the dragons into silence.   

Runisalith shut up fast seeing as she no longer had an argument to cling to. The other dragons started mumbling and talking among themselves at this new information. Toothless found the lack of shouting or arguing deafening. He would rather the arguments then the whispered gossip right now. He had to focus on Hiccup.

‘‘I’m sorry okay!’’ Toothless apologised loudly, but he calmed down enough to stop glowing blue. ‘‘I love him! He is my sal-binda or whatever the fuck you guys say, but he’s also my best friend. And yes, he is my mate! I just want someone, some-dreki to help him. Please!’’ Toothless begged. The last thing he wanted was a fight to break out.

‘‘I thought as much.’’ Visskara voiced out loud.

‘‘You knew?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Yes, I had my suspicions when I saw you two … Never mind. I just guessed. Acacia, is there anything that can be done?’’ Visskara asked her.

Acacia didn’t look hopeful as she still had no idea what was causing it. Storrkeldan looked at Hiccup and voiced his suggestion.

‘‘Maybe … if you take them clothes things off the boy, I say it might … reveal some new facts to this apparent mystery. Worth a try at this point, right? Seeing as we’ve nothing else to go on.’’

‘‘The wound…’’ Toothless whispered in realisation, and quickly changed back into a human.

Toothless staggered in his human form; all the changing between forms was really starting to affect him badly, and he missed the concerned looks from the other dragons who were now hoping it wasn’t contagious. He didn’t even register when they started voicing this to Visskara - not that he would have understood them anyway. He quickly knelt beside Hiccup and started to remove his clothing. The suit was frustrating - he didn’t have much practise with buckles and there were a lot of them. Finally, he managed to remove everything from Hiccup’s waist up. He was left looking at the scratches Visskara had given his boyfriend.

The four scratches down his chest, and the deeper openings where Visskara’s claws had pushed down, were much redder then when he and Hiccup had sex yesterday. Now, yellow-green shit had appeared in the cuts - especially the deeper ones, and it didn’t look like it was healing. In fact, it looked worse … much worse! The redness had spread across his entire chest, and when Toothless touched it the skin was hotter than Hiccup’s forehead. Initially he could feel anger boiling in his veins, Visskara had done this! Visskara had caused this and he wanted to let her have it … but he had to stay calm or Hiccup would suffer because of his actions.

‘‘This is much worse.’’ Toothless panicked, trying to hide his anger ‘‘It wasn’t like this yesterday. This must be what’s wrong!’’ Toothless stressed to Acacia and Storrkeldan, hoping they could do something to help now instead of just standing there.   

Acacia and Storrkeldan went closer and Toothless was made to move. He hesitated, but stood to the side and watched. With the three dragons communicating, Toothless was getting frustrated not knowing what was going on, he changed back into a dragon and fought his own symptoms to listen.

‘‘Right!’’ Acacia agreed to something Storrkeldan had said, and he left immediately. ‘‘Storrkeldan has left to gather the Tawari tree bark. Visskara you are the fastest. If you could perhaps persuade an iss dragon to come here as fast as possible, they could maybe be of some help. I will be able to help Hiccup if you can get a Vengilfagre to come back with a few Lapacho leaves covered in honey, and bring back some Echinacea plants and Cordoncillo. It is his only chance before the invasion spreads.’’ Acacia informed Visskara, hoping she would agree to get what Hiccup needed.

Visskara had grown rather fond of Hiccup over the last two days so she agreed to do all she could to help. She could also sense Toothless’s anger and thought it best to give him some space. She made it clear to all the dragons in the cavern before she left, that they were to stay away from Hiccup and that she would be back shortly. They weren’t happy being left with a human in their home, but they had no choice other than to respect their alpha. Visskara flashed away in a blur nearly knocking Toothless over.

‘‘Invasion?’’ Toothless asked worried. Secretly relieved that Visskara had left and that something was being done for Hiccup now.   

‘‘Yes, we call it an invasion because it somehow gets into the body through cuts and wounds. It destroys the healthy skin and plagues the body like an invasion, until death is certain if left untreated. It always goes the same green or yellow colour. It is usually a slower process however, I have not treated a human before so it may be different. I am hoping treatment will work the same way for him as it would for you or me. I don’t see any reason to believe it wouldn’t. Humans and Dragons both have blood, skin and hearts, we just have wings and scales too.’’ Acacia explained.

‘‘I think … I think humans call this an … an infection or something. When Hiccup lost his leg, I heard Gobber telling Stoick - his father, that Gothi said to keep it clean or it would get infected. I have heard that word a few times as a dragon, and as a human too. I just never though to ask anything about it, but it’s always said when another dragon or human had a cut.’’ Toothless blurted out. Acacia was a bit confused but got the point regardless.

‘‘You know humans more then I do. You said he was hot. How warmer is he to what he should be?’’ Acacia asked.

‘‘A lot! His heads hotter than it should be and he’s sweating - he shouldn’t be sweating. Humans do that when they are too hot, or exhausted like they have been running. His chest felt far too hot!’’ Toothless explained - worried. He didn’t feel like he was helping at all.

Toothless laid down near Hiccup’s head and wanted to lick away the sweat. He asked Acacia about his saliva’s healing properties but she shook her head and explained that the invasion was too deep. Hiccup had been through worse - he couldn’t let something like a few scratches take him down. All the dragons were still watching and gossiping, Acacia was just sitting there waiting, and he could only focus on the lifeless form before him. He just wanted Hiccup to open his eyes instead of lying there quiet, still, and blinking. Blinking?

Hiccup’s eyes blinked open and he mumbled barely coherent. ‘‘T-t-oth-ess’’ His breathing was slightly heavier now that he was awake.

Toothless quickly changed back into a human - this time however, he landed on his knees, weakened, tired, and dizzy; changing multiple times that day was draining him fast. He crawled over to Hiccup taking his hand in his own.

‘‘I’m here babe. Acacia said you have an invasion in the skin. I think Vikings call it an infection … but I’m not sure.’’ He explained.   

‘‘In-In-fection?’’ Hiccup asked, trying to keep his eyes open and sit up. The last thing he remembered was telling Toothless he was just tired and not to worry.

‘‘Lay down and rest babe, Acacia is gonna help you.’’ Toothless said, restraining Hiccup from getting up. ‘‘Your chest is really bad, Visskara did this!’’ Toothless’s anger was evident in his voice.

Hiccup lifted his head to see his chest. He was just as surprised as Toothless had been upon seeing the infection there. Gothi would usually whip up some paste or just burn the infected area, or both. He remembered feeling weak earlier, but he just assumed it was due to a lack of sleep.  

‘‘Toothless, don’t get mad at Visskara - she was just protecting her island. Help me sit up … Please.’’ Hiccup asked. He tried to sit up but Toothless had his shoulders pinned down. ‘‘Toothless please. The ground isn’t exactly warm or friendly on my head.’’ Hiccup begged, his breathing becoming more laboured as he tried to sit up.

Toothless relented and shifted position, he then lifted Hiccup’s head onto his legs. ‘‘Is that better? You need to rest. Visskara … Visskara should be back soon with what you need.’’ He informed Hiccup, trying to stem his anger and rage. If anything happened to Hiccup, he would fight Visskara to the death. He couldn’t lose him because of her. Hiccup nodded and coughed a bit, he looked so weak, so ill, and incredibly tired. ‘‘Tell me what you feel like, what hurts and shit… Acacia might need to know.’’

‘‘Honestly, it feels like I have eel pox with out the delusions or the sneezing. I feel cold, and my chest…’’ Hiccup winced. ‘‘Let’s just say I’ve been better!’’ He smiled weakly.  

Toothless kissed Hiccup’s head. ‘‘Why do you always scare me like this Hicc? Seriously!’’ Toothless sighed. He was slightly relieved that Hiccup was talking again. 

‘‘You know me, I just have to keep things … interesting.’’ Hiccup answered breathlessly. He still had uneven breathing and had started shivering.

Visskara landed with some pink Echinacea plants and Cordoncillo leaves in her mouth. She dropped them and made a disgusted expression before drinking from the cavern lake.

‘‘I need to find out what’s happening babe.’’ Toothless told him, now folding up Hiccup’s tunic. He rested Hiccup’s head gently onto it. ‘‘I know you feel cold, but your body is far too hot. Just rest until I turn back. I promise you … you will fine!’’ Toothless told him, and kissed him gently.

Hiccup really didn’t want Toothless to be a dragon right now, he wanted to stay in his warm safe arms, but he also didn’t want to be seen as weak and pathetic. Vikings never showed their weakness after all. He watched as Toothless changed into a dragon, but grew extremely concerned when he failed to stand up.

‘‘Toothless!’’ Hiccup yelled, trying to sit up unaided. His chest hurt and his head started spinning, so he was forced to stay laying down.

‘‘Fuck!’’ Toothless muttered screwing his eyes. The room was spinning for him now too, and he felt so weak his legs could barely support his weight. He moved over to lay by Hiccup’s side.

‘‘Toothless, you have to stop … changing!’’ Hiccup forced out through deep breaths and heavier breathing. He reached out a hand to feel his dragons’ body, resting it on Toothless’s side

The dragons in the cavern were getting worried that whatever the boy had was contagious. A debate had broken out and Toothless started to listen.

‘‘They must leave before we all get what they have!’’ The male Night-Wisp shouted.

‘‘I agree. You seem to be rather fond of this boy Visskara. You risk our lives by bringing him here and defending him.’’ Runisalith argued.

Toothless spoke to Acacia, who was the closest. ‘‘I’m not sick! It happens when I change from Dragon to Human … and Human to Dragon too much.’’ Toothless weakly explained. ‘‘It drains my energy or something. I just need rest, sleep, it passes on its own. I promise I don’t have what Hiccup has.’’

Acacia nodded. She had never known the ‘invasion’ to be contagious. ‘‘Visskara?’’ Acacia called to her.

‘‘Quiet! All of you!’’ Visskara ordered. Once everyone had closed their mouths, she turned to face Acacia.

‘‘The invasion is not contagious. Toothless just explained to me that he is suffering from the effects of changing form too many times. It weakens him, he is tired but otherwise healthy.’’ Acacia explained.

Visskara looked at Toothless who nodded confirmation, she then explained this to the other dragons. By the time she had finished explaining, Storrkeldan returned with Tawari tree bark in his mouth and landed beside Acacia. Hiccup had fallen back to sleep from exhaustion - and from the effects of the illness.

‘‘What’s happening?’’ Toothless asked trying to stay awake.

‘‘We are just waiting for a Vengilfagre, then we can start helping the boy.’’ Acacia explained.

‘‘Kaarefagret will be coming, she should be here soon. I explained the situation briefly. The same with Norrissaden although he is a slower flier.’’ Visskara explained

Toothless was getting impatient but he had no choice other than to wait. He was fighting the drowsiness trying to force him to sleep. It seemed like ages until Kaarefagret arrived. He heard Visskara say she was a Vengilfagre, but he couldn’t remember her species. She was smaller then Stormfly, but bigger than him. She was grey mostly, lighter grey on her undersides. She had a curved beak like mouth and nose, and two long thin ears that stuck up. Her tail wings were blue, but her main wings where bright yellow, blue and red. Identical to each other and patterned quite beautifully. It reminded him of a butterfly. Kaarefagret bowed, left her leaves, and then moved to watch from a distance, curious of the boy but following orders from Visskara.

Toothless looked over at Acacia and Storrkeldan. Acacia was chewing the Tawari tree bark, the pink Echinacea plants, and one of the Lapacho leaves covered in honey that Kaarefagret had brought with her. She spat the mixture onto one of the other Lapacho leaves. Toothless winced, disgusted at the mushy green sticky mixture - he had been human too long.

Hiccup started stirring awake again as Acacia was using her pink mist on his chest and face. Hiccup didn’t say anything, he was too weak and he trusted Acacia - he didn’t really have a choice in the matter either.

‘‘Can you change once more Toothless? I need you to rub this into his chest and lay the leaf over the top.’’ Acacia asked.

‘‘I think so.’’ Toothless nodded. ‘‘But I think I will pass out soon. Please, keep him safe until I wake up.’’

‘‘You have my word as Alpha, that no one will hurt either of you, and Acacia and Storrkeldan will do their best for Hiccup!’’ Visskara told him.

Toothless had calmed somewhat in relation to his anger at Visskara. She had been protecting the island after all, and right now, she was helping Hiccup. He still wasn’t happy with her though.   

‘‘It will be best if he sleeps. Are you okay with that?’’ Acacia asked Toothless when she had finished with her pink mist.

Hiccup blinked and tried to smile at Toothless, but he looked so unwell. Toothless nodded in agreement and forced himself to move.

‘‘Just don’t give him too much! Humans needs to drink water a few times a day and eat … that stuff is so strong it will knock him out for days!’’ Toothless explained

Acacia nodded and used her blue mist to make Hiccup sleep. Hiccup’s eyes closed instantly and he looked peaceful.   

‘‘Is that it? What ya trying to make sleep, A rat? I didn’t take you as a yenho.’’ Storrkeldan commented at the tiny puff of blue mist Acacia used.

‘‘Oh, hush you! Before I used it on you and drop you into the ocean! Then we will see who the yenho is indeed.’’ Acacia threatened.

‘‘Yes flower!’’ Storrkeldan submitted, and smiled hopefully.

‘‘Wait. Are you two mates?’’ Toothless asked. He was preparing himself to change into a human … but he was curios.  

‘‘Yes. We have been mates for a long time.’’ Acacia informed him. ‘‘Although I don’t know why sometimes.’’ She gave Storrkeldan a look.

‘‘So … Grutregrasvattir’s mate for life?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘That’s right. You had forgotten that?’’ Acacia asked.

‘‘I guess so. Or … I was never taught.’’

‘‘You were taught. You asked me that same question over twenty ar’tios ago.’’ Acacia explained. Toothless looked surprised at first, but he looked down at Hiccup.

‘‘Will he be okay now? I can’t talk to you as a human and I don’t think I will be able to change back for a while.’’ 

‘‘I have used my pink healing on him, and you need to apply that mixture to stop the invasion and prevent it from spreading … but it won’t be until the great mani rises into the sky tonight that it will take effect and aid the healing process.’’ Acacia explained.  

A Kveykvaissnio suddenly arrived, landing a few feet away from them.

‘‘Ah, Norrissaden. Thank you for coming.’’ Visskara greeted him as he walked closer.

Norrissaden was about three feet tall and mostly light blue. He had a darker blue chest, tail tip and feet - as well as his ears and small spines down his back. His tail tip was shaped like a curved diamond shape. He had two whiskers and flaps on the sides of his head like he was wearing a hood. The hood like sides protected his eyes from snow storms and increased his hearing range.     

‘‘Whoa, gods of iss! Is that the human, the dreki’s sal-binda?’’ Norrissaden questioned, sniffing at Hiccup eagerly. Toothless gave a low growl to tell him to back off. ‘‘Hey chill! Chill? You get it? Cos I’m an iss dreki … no? Never mind then. So, what can I help with?’’ He asked almost pompously.

Toothless huffed. He still had to change and apply the mixture, but he was suddenly feeling very protective.  

‘‘Toothless said the boy … Hiccup was too hot. I was hoping you might assist in cooling him down, if that’s okay.’’ Acacia explained.

‘‘Frozen human coming right up!’’ Norrissaden announced excitedly.

Toothless growled loudly at him, Acacia and Visskara shouting at him to stop as he forced himself to stand over Hiccup protectively.

‘‘You freeze him you fucking faifuh and I’ll blast your fucking head off! Get it!’’ Toothless threatened, finding energy he didn’t know he had left. His alpha abilities were threatening to activate, but they would kill any new found energy of his and cause him to collapse onto Hiccup - he had to be careful.   

‘‘No! Not frozen. Just a light chill if you will. A small cold puff will suffice.’’ Acacia explained quickly.

‘‘How about no! And you can piss off and shove the cold air that’s coming out of your arse back up it!’’ Toothless shouted at Norrissaden.

‘‘Wow I learn something new about myself everyday hot head. Need me to cool you off?’’ Norrissaden retorted making Toothless angrier.

The other dragons in the cave were inching to start shouting along, but they were also enjoying the scene play out like it was a show being put on for their entertainment.

‘‘Enough!’’ Visskara shouted.

‘‘And we got ourselves a couple of hatchlings.’’ Storrkeldan chimed in.

‘‘Thankyou Storrkeldan, for that very informative remark!’’ Visskara sarcastically snapped at him, making him bow his head. ‘‘Toothless, I suggest you take a step back and calm yourself, no one will be hurting your … Hiccup. Norrissaden, you’re no better!’’ She paused to collect her thoughts. ‘‘Toothless you need to change into your human form and apply that mixture before Hiccup gets worse. As for the cooling down idea … maybe it is best if we avoid that.’’

Toothless nodded, he didn’t want to change with Norrissaden still there but Visskara was right, he did need to treat Hiccup and soon. He also knew Hiccup was still burning up, and he remembered seeing Hiccup placing a cold cloth onto Astrid’s head when she was ill. That gave him an idea.

‘‘I have an idea. If we can get Hiccup’s stuff then we can use his drying towel. We can get it wet and then freeze that instead, then I can place it onto his head.’’ Toothless explained hesitantly. He didn’t want to ask Norrissaden for help but this was for Hiccup after all. 

Eventually everyone agreed with Toothless’s idea and Visskara flew away to get the bags. She was only gone about five-ten minutes - perks of being a Leitatilsynum. Toothless waited for her return before changing form, he still didn’t trust Norrissaden, and didn’t know how his body would react to changing again. If he only got a few minutes before he passed out, he wanted to make the most of his time. He checked again with Acacia and Storrkeldan for instructions on what he was supposed to do, then he thanked them all for their help before changing into a human.

As expected, the room spun violently and he had to fight hard to stay conscious. He barely crawled over to Hiccup and applied the mixture. Acacia nodded that he had done it right as he lay the leaf flat over the mixture and wound. She used her tail with more pink mist before ‘talking’ to Visskara and Storrkeldan. Toothless felt as if his entire body had been depleted of all energy and he felt almost like he hadn’t slept in weeks. He was so dizzy and out of it yet, he managed to dig deep to find some energy - from Thor only knows where, to get himself dressed, to lay a blanket over Hiccup’s lower body, and to clumsily get out the drying cloth for Acacia and Norrissaden to wet and freeze. When he had pulled out the drying cloth, half the contents of the bag fell out and startled some of the other dragons but he didn’t care. Norrissaden flew to the other side of the cavern, and Acacia gave the frozen cloth to Toothless.

As Toothless lovingly dabbed Hiccup’s head, face, arms, shoulders and neck, he tried to remember how many times he had changed today. It must have been over twelve times - that was a record for sure. He was pushing it past the eighth or ninth time, so to reach twelve … it was amazing he hadn’t already collapsed. Wiping Hiccup’s head, he didn’t care that all the dragons were watching him. He just couldn’t think anymore, he was too far gone to think. His eyes were so heavy, and he had already nearly passed out a few times as he cared for Hiccup. He lay the drying cloth over Hiccup’s head and kissed him gently on the lips. ‘‘I love you Hiccup’’ He whispered to his sleeping mate.

Too exhausted to care about the other dragons, Toothless lay down close to Hiccup with his own blanket - his head nestled into Hiccup’s neck, and his arm gently resting over Hiccup’s waist carefully so not to disturb his wound.

In a matter of seconds, all the dragons could see were two sleeping humans. Acacia explained that she and Storrkeldan had to leave for now but would be back tonight to check on Hiccup. They took their leave and Visskara laid down not far from the two sleeping boys - keeping a close eye on them.  

 ‘‘That’s it … You’re just going to let them stay here?’’ Runisalith the elder Flame-tip complained.

‘‘Yes! They have my safe passage through this Island until they leave. You will do well to respect my guests and my decision.’’ Visskara told her sternly.

‘‘You’re going soft Visskara, letting strangers on the island, and humans!’’ Runisalith pressed.

‘‘The Loightakalean isn’t a stranger. He was hatched on this very island. My Mooir cared for him a very long time ago until he was sent to live in these very caves and caverns with Groaldridax - the elder Bregoasveial at the time. He left when the great fire raged, and he seems to have lost many of his memories. As for the boy … Hiccup. They have been chosen and gifted with the Frithvineradreki sorcery, and they are sal-binda’s. You know how much we respect the ancient magic and laws here, the ones set in place to protect us drekis. What would you have me do? Let his sal-binda die, force them off the island. The very same Island the Frithvineradreki sorcery was born. Or maybe I should just kill them. Do you think the gods - dreki or not, would be happy with that choice? To kill the first true sal-binda’s since the sorcerer herself and her Grutregrasvattir that saved this island.’’ Visskara asked, more to point out her logic and reasons for protecting Toothless and Hiccup then for an answer.

The other dragons were listening intently, and they agreed with Visskara.

‘‘When you put it like that…’’ Runisalith started, but her memory reminded her of the past. ‘‘Wait … I remember a Loightakalean when I first sought shelter here with my herd. You mean that Loightakalean is the same one from all those ar’tios ago?’’ Disbelief evident in her voice.

Runisalith remembered being attacked and wounded by Vikings - barely escaping their weapons and traps, and traveling to this island with her own Mooir, mate and younglings. Visskara was just a hatchling at the time, but her Mooir - Kalvissmari the Alpha, had helped them and given them a safe and permanent home here. She didn’t know the Loightakalean well, but she remembered his trouble making with that Hugreaetlavafi - Gorahiroa. Runisalith was one of the few dragons that never left the island when the great fire erupted. She knew first hand what humans were capable of, and she and her pack were safe on this human devoid island - she would never leave unless there was no other option. She had lived further inland - in the forest where the lava never touched, until it cooled down enough to return. It had been hard, the fire from their wings and tails burned the trees and plants, but eventually they were able to rebuild and remake the caverns and caves their home again. Many drekis had already - foolishly in her opinion, left the island.     

‘‘That very same. I wonder how much the gods played into the lives of these two.’’ Visskara voiced aloud, looking at the two sleeping boys. All the other dragons silently listened, including Runisalith who had finally accepted Visskara choices to aid Toothless and Hiccup. ‘‘Toothless should have fallen victim to that Takarolmagi and never hatched, but he did. He ended up being raised here by my mooir nonetheless. He was then taught by Groaldridax until her time passed and the great fire erupted. Then he left and eventually crossed paths with his sal-binda, Hiccup. I believe together they have saved many drekis from humans who wished to do them harm. Toothless became Alpha of his own island by protecting many drekis. During a great battle to protect drekis and humans alike, he gave his life for Hiccup and was blessed with the Frithvineradreki sorcery. From what I have learnt of the boy, Hiccup has faced many trials and tribulations in his short life. Yet together, as true sal-binda’s, they find themselves both here where it all started. I do not question the will of the gods, but it does make me wonder what is next for those two. How much have the Gods guided or assisted the path that has led them to the here and now.’’  

The grey and light purple Hirjotabjarleggia, spoke for the first time from his boulder. He stood up and his words shocked all the dragons in the cavern.  

‘‘They are blessed with ancient sorcery, and the gods watch over them closely. Hurt them at your own risk! Visskara … you should hope the boy recovers well, or wrath may descend upon us all.’’ Gorrolketir boldly pronounced in his loud deep voice before laying back down to sleep.

Visskara new why he had said that, but the other dragons wanted answers to what sounded like a threat.

‘‘Gorrolketir, what do you mean by that?’’  Kirnottdra asked impatiently. The other dragons agreeing they too wanted answers.

‘‘Visskara knows. My last words are this; For all our sakes, we must not take the risk of harming the Loightakalean or his sal-binda!’’    

All the dragons looked at Visskara expectantly, but she offered no explanation and just ignored them. They finally settled down and carried on with their own things. Left alone to her thoughts, Visskara didn’t know if she truly believed that harming Toothless or Hiccup would bring forth the gods wrath. She had already hurt them both and nothing bad had happened. Still, she didn’t want to risk what might happen if one of them died because of her - or because of any other dreki for that matter. The chance that what Gorrolketir said might be true was a risk she wasn’t prepared to take, and who knows what other sorcery ran though these lands. That wasn’t the only reason though, she had grown fond of them both and would feel bad if Hiccup died because of her. It was amazing just to bear witness to the first - and maybe last, sal-binda’s blessed with the frithvineradreki sorcery that the sorcerer had left with her dying breaths. She got to meet a human boy capable of viewing the drekis as equals, yet who respected them and their ways with kindness and patience.

Visskara looked over at the two boys. She had heard the anger in Toothless’s voice when he told Hiccup she had done this to him. She heard the way Hiccup had stood up for her, even weaken and suffering from her actions he still held no anger or blame towards her. He had understood why it had happened and respected her for doing her job. Most drekis weren’t even capable of that level-headed thinking or respect when it didn’t involve fear. No, most drekis would attack, place the blame, or hold a grudge. She could understand Toothless’s anger towards her, and she was grateful that he too had restraint and listened to Hiccup. They were both unique and special individuals.

Lost in thought and going over everything that had happened, she realized she would be sad to see them leave … but that is how it must be. For now, she would keep them safe and hope Hiccup would be better when the great sol rises. She trusted the Grutregrasvattir’s ability to grow, heal, and protect, so she trusted the boy would be okay. Whilst they were here, she would like to make amends with Toothless. After all, her own mooir had cared for Toothless a long time ago, they were both Alpha’s, and both the same ar’tios in age. It was a shame she had forgotten about Toothless, and couldn’t remember him at all, but maybe she could help him remember some of what he had forgotten at least.

Chapter Text

Chapter 31 - Anger and fear

Small breaks in the ceiling of the cavern, where the walls were closer to the outside of the mountain, allowed rays from the sun or the moon to stream down onto the water of the small lake. So, when Toothless woke up that morning he knew it was before sunrise. He felt rested mostly, but some tiredness still lingered and he wasn’t sure how changing form would affect him right now. He refused to sleep anymore because he wanted to be awake for when Hiccup woke up. Visskara and the other dragons watched him as he moved around the cavern, tended to Hiccup, fetched water from the lake, and then returned to Hiccup again drinking his water. Hiccup’s chest still glowed faintly pink from Acacia’s treatment, and he couldn’t see the wound under the leaf and paste like stuff. He assumed it must be working though, as Hiccup’s forehead felt normal again at least and he was no longer sweating. Toothless just sat there thinking, until Visskara looked over at him and made a noise to gain his attention.

‘‘I’m not changing Visskara! I have nothing to say to you, and I don’t want to hear what you have to say either.’’ Toothless told her bluntly before sipping at his water.

Visskara sighed and understood why, but she wanted to try and make amends at least. The other dragons that overheard were not so pleased with Toothless’s attitude. They didn’t know how Hiccup had gotten injured and therefore, just saw his rudeness and insolence. Toothless didn’t have to be able to hear their words to know how they felt about him.

‘‘You all think I’m being rude and disrespectful? Maybe you should ask the Alpha why Hiccup is hurt!’’ He told them all loudly, before looking straight at Visskara accusingly.

Visskara didn’t look pleased at all. When she looked away, she had no choice but to explain what he had meant to the other dragons who were now questioning her. Toothless soon picked up on the change of tone, the change in the atmosphere, when Visskara told them the truth about Hiccup’s wounds. After quite a stir up, everything soon became silent in the cavern. Toothless wasn’t sure what had been said between Visskara and the others, but they weren’t angry or giving him accusing looks anymore at least.

Not much time passed before Toothless heard - and felt, Visskara leave the caverns in a gust of wind. He was looking at Hiccup’s journal as he had nothing else to do except wait for him to wake up. He found his emotions unsettled - especially as a human, and the journal was almost a piece of Hiccup himself. All his notes on the new dragons he had meet since leaving Berk, drawings of them and of the new island. Hiccup had some folded-up parchment with drawings of his friends back home and of him and Trid inserted into the back.

It was the drawing of his friends - especially Snotlout, that made him remember Hiccup’s forgiving nature. Snotlout had been the biggest bully and plifigen to Hiccup when they were younger, but Hiccup still forgave him. Toothless reflected on his own ability to forgive. He had forgiven Berk for attacking him, forgiven Hiccup for shooting him down, so why couldn’t he forgive Visskara? Why were human emotions so complicated? He had changed since he had become human, and he was learning that humans feel things on a much deeper level then dragons. Dragons have emotions - certainly, but it was like they had been intensified greatly. He had to control his emotions and be careful of his actions. Hiccup told him not to be angry at Visskara, but he couldn’t just stop his feelings, he could only try his best to control them … for Hiccup.    

It wasn’t long before Visskara returned with a catch of fish, and dropped them next to Toothless. Toothless sighed, then spoke calmly.

‘‘Hiccup’s right. You were only trying to protect this island and I get that, but you acted to Hiccup like Vikings act to us dragons. You shot first and didn’t even give us a chance to explain. You knew Hiccup was with me, but you didn’t even listen to me begging you to stop. You saw Hiccup as the enemy that had to be killed before learning why we were even here in the first place. You have rules on this island, I get that too, but how do you expect us … expect Hiccup to know your rules. How do you expect humans to see us as good beings when you just attack them for no reason? I don’t hate you Visskara, I will continue to respect you as the Alpha, but right now … right now I am angry and I don’t like you very much!’’ Toothless admitted.

Toothless’s words stung because they were true. She had acted without question and he was right, how were they to know the rules of the island. Had Toothless not spoken true words … she would have been angrier at his refusal to forgive her mistake. As alpha she had never needed nor wanted forgiveness, but for some reason she wanted Toothless to like and respect her for reasons other than fear or authority. If Toothless wouldn’t change form then she couldn’t communicate with him, she would just have to wait until he did change. Maybe when Hiccup woke up, Toothless would be less angry and more willing to accept her apology.  

Visskara walked away from Toothless for now. Toothless sighed and put his mouth next to a sleeping Hiccup’s ear.

‘‘Wake up Hicc! I need you to wake up … or I may lose it and end up doing something stupid.’’ Toothless whispered. He kissed Hiccup’s head and when he sat up, he felt all the eyes following him. ‘Fucking drekis, surely they had better things to do then ogle and stick their snouts where they didn’t belong.’ He thought.  

He soon grew annoyed with all the eyes watching them, all the judging and gossip he knew was floating around. Being on show by the lake didn’t offer them much privacy either. He told Visskara he was moving Hiccup over there - pointing to an area of the cavern by some boulders to the right that would give them some concealment to wondering eyes. His voice almost dared her to try and stop him, but she just nodded and watched as Toothless moved their stuff and then scooped Hiccup into his arms and moved him too. Toothless gently laid Hiccup back down and made him more comfortable for when he woke up. Toothless left the fish behind on purpose and Visskara noticed. She waiting a while before trying again, and took the fish over to them.

‘‘I’m not hungry!’’ Toothless told her abruptly. Visskara looked at Hiccup as if to make a point. ‘‘Yeah, I’ll just stuff it down his throat while he’s asleep!’’ Toothless snapped sarcastically. He then signed and calmed himself. ‘‘Look! I’m just angry okay, and worried. I really don’t want to say something I’ll regret. Thanks for the fish … but I can’t cook it. Hiccup does the cooking and he don’t eat raw fish … neither do I in this form. We’ll need sticks - wood, and a fire to cook it on when he wakes up anyway. I won’t leave him until he wakes up.’’ Toothless explained.

Visskara left again, but it wasn’t long until she returned with a large bunch of thick sticks in her claws. She dropped them by Toothless and he chuckled so half-heartedly it was almost a huff.

‘‘I know you’re trying to get me to forgive you, but I just need to know Hiccup’s okay first. He means so much to me and if anything happens to him … well I just don’t know what I would do.’’ Visskara warbled and made noises. ‘‘I’m not sure what you’re saying but I won’t change yet. I’m too tired for one thing and I’ll … I’ll talk to you when he wakes up.’’  

Toothless had somehow, and at some point, accidentally drifted back off to sleep. He woke up annoyed with himself, until he heard a familiar voice and noticed Hiccup wasn’t lying next to him. He scrambled onto his feet but paused when he heard what Hiccup was saying.

‘‘…been my best friend ever since I was fifteen, seven years now. I know what he’s like, and even as a dragon he has a bit of an attitude. He really doesn’t like anyone hurting or offending me … or my friends. I would be exactly the same way if anyone offended him...’’ Hiccup was saying to Visskara.

Toothless looked round the boulder and saw Hiccup sitting next to Visskara with his feet - well foot, in the lake. He looked a lot better, maybe a little weak but he was fully dressed with his trousers rolled up to his knees. Toothless was curious to what else he had to say. He had to be so quiet - Visskara had super hearing.

‘‘… point is I love him … and I love the way we look out for each other. I don’t know what he has said or done but I bet most of it was just because he was worried about me, and because he was tired. I’m sure he will be alright when he wakes up.’’ Hiccup sighed. ‘‘He really needs to stop changing so much, he is so stubborn sometimes.’’

Toothless let slip a huff of his own and Visskara heard him. She looked back and saw Toothless hide behind the boulder. Hiccup saw Visskara’s look.

‘‘Did you hear something?’’ Hiccup asked. Visskara nodded once. ‘‘Toothless?’’ Hiccup called, he got not response. ‘‘Must still be asleep’’ Hiccup thought out loud, but Visskara huffed. ‘‘Or not! Toothless?’’ Hiccup tried again.

When Hiccup got no answer Visskara shoot a plasma blast at the boulder, not a strong one, but enough to make Toothless run out.

‘‘Hey! You trying to kill me too? You could have … Hey Hiccup!’’ Toothless shouted angrily, but finished with an innocent smile at Hiccup instead.    

‘‘Was you ignoring me?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘I-Ignoring you? N-No, why would I ignore you? No, I-I was erm … sleeping!’’ Toothless stuttered and then smiled. Hiccup gave him a ‘really’ look. ‘‘Okay! I was listening to you talking to the enemy.’’ Toothless said walking over to Hiccup. He was so relieved Hiccup was awake. 

Visskara huffed.

‘‘Toothless, Visskara isn’t the enemy … and I think you know that.’’ Hiccup told him. Toothless rolled his eyes and helped Hiccup stand up. He hugged Hiccup tightly. ‘‘T-Toothless, not so tight!’’ Hiccup strained out. Toothless let go quickly and Hiccup caught his breath. He coughed a few times from crushed lungs, and his chest still hurt. He wasn’t fully cured but it was safe to say he wasn’t dying.   

‘‘Sorry Hicc, but I was so worried about you. Are you okay?’’

‘‘I’m good babe, not totally healed but a lot better. I just need you to sort out whatever is going on between you and Visskara. I know you blame her for … for what happened to me, but she was just doing her job. I’m fine now, but I’d feel a lot better if you weren’t angry at the alpha.’’ Hiccup told him.

Toothless had fussed over Hiccup a lot, and they had kissed and hugged a few more times before he finally agreed to talk to Visskara. It had taken a lot of prompting on Hiccup’s part, but he changed into a dragon and went to talk to her. Hiccup had seen the fish and the fire materials, so he started making a fire to cook on.

Hiccup noticed that Toothless had also been talking to some of the other dragons, the Night-Wisps, a couple of the Flame-Tips, a few of the Gronckles, the two new dragons he didn’t know, and possibly some of the others. Acacia was there earlier, looking at his chest and communicating with Visskara, but she had left again before Toothless had woken up.

Toothless had eventually changed back to his human form and gotten dressed. Hiccup was feeling really tired again, or worn out at least, so he was resting against one of the boulders when Toothless sat next to him.

‘‘You okay Hicc? Sorry I was gone a while.’’ Toothless asked concerned.

‘‘Yeah, it’s fine.  I’m fine. I guess I just don’t have as much energy as I thought I did. Guess I’ll have to reschedule my Gronckle wrestling.’’ He told Toothless, who gave him a ‘really’ look.

‘‘Last time you said you were fine, you passed out on me. Visskara also said that Acacia wants to treat you again later so your obviously not fine.’’ Toothless reminded him.

‘‘Well … I feel much better. I’m probably just a bit hungry, that’s all. Visskara and Acacia didn’t have any issue with me getting up so I’m good, really!’’ Hiccup assured him.

‘‘And you call me stubborn! Well … I’m hungry too. I’ll see if Visskara can help light the fire and I’ll try and cook you some fish.’’ Toothless announced getting up and walking over to Visskara before Hiccup could say anything or argue.

The male Flame-Tip actually lit the fire, which surprised Hiccup a bit. He learnt from Toothless his name was Ardeneldr. Hiccup watched painfully as Toothless tried his hardest to cook for him. Toothless kept insisting that Hiccup do nothing, that he could do this. Somehow Toothless had managed to cremate two fish, skewered two others until they fell apart, and burnt his hand three times yelling that he had never ever worried about being burnt before on a small fucking camp fire - he was a dragon! Visskara had kindly gotten them more fish, and Toothless had stubbornly kept trying until he managed to serve them both two cooked fish each. Hiccup was actually proud of Toothless, he had learnt what to do by just watching Hiccup before, and he had stuck with it even though he was losing his patience. The fish was good too, even if he was getting sick of nothing but fish to eat.

‘‘Teach my dragon to cook fish on a camp fire, check.’’ Hiccup joked as he ate his fish. Him and Toothless both chuckled.

‘‘Do you have a check list hidden in your journal somewhere I should know about?’’ Toothless laughed.

‘‘Not really, but I’ve mentally checked of cooking, sword fighting, writing, reading, using a spoon, and … other things.’’

‘‘What fucking?’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Toothless! I was going for discreet … but why don’t you just shout that a bit louder!’’ Hiccup blushed.

‘‘Fucking!’’ Toothless shouted loudly, the word even echoed. Hiccup blushed hard and most dragons had turned to look their way. Toothless just laughed. ‘‘Relax baby! Dragons don’t know what the word fucking means, I certainly didn’t.’’

Hiccup covered his eyes with his hands.

Hiccup and Toothless had talked about what happened when Hiccup passed out, about the new dragons; the Vengilfagre Hiccup had called the Bright-Wing, and the Kveykvaissnio Hiccup called the Bliceal. Toothless told Hiccup new things about the dragons he had learnt, and they were currently talking about Norrissaden the Kveykvaissnio. Hiccup remembered Toothless mentioning that species before, but right now Toothless was complaining about him being a furinq plifigen.

‘‘Wait, a what?’’ Hiccup asked bewildered.

‘‘Dragon insults, basically he’s annoying arsehole!’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘Don’t you think, maybe you’re being a bit mean. He can’t be that bad surely. Maybe you just need to get to know him more.’’ Hiccup tried, but Toothless wasn’t having none of it.

‘‘What part of ‘he tried to freeze you’ don’t you get?’’ Toothless asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. ‘‘Besides, he called me a hot head. That fucking skelirex plifigen!’’

‘‘Okay, calm down! Maybe teach me these dragon insults before you start using them.’’ Hiccup tried to change the subject.

‘‘I told you, he is a trouble making annoying arse-hole!’’ Toothless snapped getting irate. He realised he was getting angry and took a deep breath. ‘‘Sorry, he just really pissed me off, and that arsehole is still sticking around here just to annoy me.’’

‘‘I must have missed that part.’’ Hiccup sarcastically remarked. ‘‘I mean it’s not like you’re snapping at me or anything.’’

‘‘Sorry Hicc.’’ Toothless apologised.

‘‘Don’t let him get to you. I have to deal with trouble markers, arseholes and idiots on Berk every day. If I let it get to me, I’d always be angry and pulling my hair out.’’ Hiccup told him.

‘‘You’re right babe. I am sorry.’’ Toothless took a deep breath.

‘‘Explain the insults to me, one at a time though. I am actually curious. I’ll write them down so I don’t forget this time.’’ Hiccup said showing him his journal and pencil. Toothless shook his head at Hiccup but caved.

‘‘Okay. Erm … Faifuh means idiot or stupid. Quiazule mean total stone, really dumb or retarded. Like that Alrollken … erm Gronckle that sat on you.’’

‘‘That’s a bit harsh, I’m sure he didn’t mean-’’

‘‘No, he really is a quiazule. All his friends call him that anyway. He doesn’t understand things. Anyway … Noxa means … mean or unkind. Let’s see … erm … Torht mean weird, crazy or loony. Furinq means really annoying or obnoxious. Yenho is a dragon with weak or limited powers - or powers that they can’t control. Then there’s … Fatorp, which means disgusting, smelly, or gross. Oh, and Skelirex which means Trouble maker.’’ Toothless listed off from memory.

Hiccup finished writing and asked. ‘‘What about plifigen or that other one you called Hookfang … a yarxeyed?’’

Toothless’s face dropped. ‘‘Well, a plifigen is an arsehole - or someone that acts like one. I still ain’t telling you what a yarxeyed is Hiccup.’’

‘‘Why not? You called Hookfang it, you said you called him that all the time as a dragon.’’ Hiccup reminded him.

‘‘And I do call him that, but he knows I’m only joking. Hookfang isn’t the type of dragon that cares what you call them, but you would never use this insult otherwise. It’s just a really bad insult Hicc and it might upset you.’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘Why is it so bad? Toothless just tell me!’’ Hiccup pushed.

‘‘It means … a dragon that should…’’ Toothless hesitated

‘‘Go on Toothless, you’re just explaining what it means you’re not calling anyone it.’’ Hiccup encouraged.

‘‘One that … should … No! I’m sorry Hiccup, it’s too dark to explain. Maybe one day I’ll tell you but please Hicc, just change the subject okay!’’ Toothless begged.

Hiccup tried to get it out of Toothless but his lips were sealed tight and he refused to explain this one insult. Hiccup was more curious at his reluctance and managed to push him too far. He shouted at Hiccup to let it go, changed out of his clothes, turned into a dragon, and then angrily flew out of the cavern. Hiccup was left feeling guilty and confused. Sitting alone by the dimming fire he realised he had pushed Toothless away, he had messed up. He couldn’t follow him and what if Toothless never came back?  

The fear of Toothless never returning overwhelmed him so suddenly. Images started flashing in Hiccup’s mind. The day his father died - when he pushed Toothless away. Hiccup clenched onto his hair tightly, pulling at his hair trying to yank out the memories. ‘‘No!’’ He screamed, but flash backs of his nightmares started revolving in his mind. ‘‘You’re nothing without your dragon… You’re useless.’’ Hiccup felt like something was stuck in his throat and he clenched at his neck, gasping for air. ‘‘You failed him, you let him die, you don’t deserve to be chief.’’

His heart beat raced as his hands grew sweaty. He was losing everything, he couldn’t hold on to it, he was losing Toothless now too. He grew dizzy and wanted to cry away the images and stop the words revolving in his head. His vision blurred and saw a huge blue and white shape coming towards him, to kill him for failing. His panic only made him dizzier as he tried to move, to escape, but something hard was behind him. The shape left, but he could see others. They were surrounding him, enclosing him in a tight space and he couldn’t escape, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see.

‘‘Hicc? Oh, thank Thor!’’ Toothless exclaimed as Hiccup came around in his arms, laying across his lap. Toothless gripped him tightly and kissed his head.

‘‘Toothless, what happened?’’ Hiccup asked confused, his throat and eyes were sore. He noticed Visskara and Acacia watching them - and a few of the other dragons weren’t far. He was grateful they were near the boulders and were mostly secluded.

‘‘You don’t remember? Visskara came for me, she said you were shouting, panicking and acting strange. Acacia came and said you were troubled, scared of something and that … she couldn’t help issues of the mind.’’ Toothless reminded him gently, stroking his hair and worry evident in his voice. Hiccup could tell from Toothless’s eyes that he had been crying too.    

‘‘I … You left.’’ Hiccup choked, tears gathered in his eyes as he started to remember. ‘‘I made you leave … I pushed you away.’’

‘‘Hiccup, you could never push me away! Stop talking stupid babe!’’ Toothless scolded him, trying to hold back his own tears from seeing Hiccup so emotional, so unlike himself.

Hiccup griped Toothless for dear life and cried into him, shuddering as tears streamed from his eyes. Toothless had never seen Hiccup like this before and it scared him. He had been distraught before, but never over something so minor as him walking or flying away for a moment for some air.

Visskara and Acacia left and made sure they had privacy. Toothless was grateful for that but he had no idea why Hiccup was acting this way, it had him feeling really unsettled. There had to be something else upsetting Hiccup, apart from him just flying away for a bit.

‘‘Hiccup, you have to talk to me baby, you’re scaring me.’’ Toothless admitted, a tear slipped down his cheek onto Hiccup dishevelled auburn hair.

Hiccup held his grip on Toothless and couldn’t stop crying, but he nodded letting Toothless know he would. He cried for what seemed like ages before he wiped his eyes and sat up looking up at his very concerned, confused, and very worried boyfriend. He felt so foolish, weak and pathetic. All that panic felt foreign to him now, like it wasn’t him who just experienced it, yet it was so real. The feeling that he was losing everything was still so real. He was losing it, going mad maybe.

‘‘I-I’m okay.’’ Hiccup lied and sniffed. He had bloodshot red puffy eyes. 

‘‘Baby, please don’t lie to me. Don’t give me that fucking crap and expect me to believe it. You’re not okay, you haven’t been okay for a long time Hiccup. I know you’re doing the best you can, I know what you’ve been though, and I know you’re trying, but you need to tell me what happened after I left.’’ Toothless firmly told him.

Hiccup looked away from Toothless. When he spoke, it was so quiet and his words came out slowly and broken. ‘‘You left. I don’t know what happened … I just couldn’t get the visions out of my head; the words wouldn’t stop.’’

‘‘What visions, what words?’’ Toothless asked, stroking Hiccup’s back.

‘‘Things that happened before, things from my nightmares.’’ Hiccup admitted sadly, almost shamefully.

‘‘It’s okay … what happened next?’’ Toothless prompted gently. 

‘‘I just panicked. I don’t know why but … I thought I’d lost you, that maybe you wouldn’t come back. I thought I was losing everything - that you would be the first to go just like in my nightmares. Then everyone else would realise I’m nothing … and it would all slip away. I felt like I couldn’t breathe Toothless, like I was trapped. I really don’t know what happen, it’s never happened before, I just remember being so scared.’’ Hiccup admitted shamefully.

‘‘Hiccup, listen to me! Listen to me really hard!’’ Toothless told him, holding Hiccup’s arms and turning him to look into his eyes.  ‘‘I would never walk or fly away from you with the intention of never coming back, never! I love you. I got angry because you wouldn’t drop something I said no too. I just needed some air, and I felt guilty for shouting at you. Hiccup you are not nothing without me. You’re amazing all on your own! You have done so much - just you! Together we are stronger, yes, but that doesn’t mean we are useless on our own.’’  

‘‘I am useless on my own.’’ Hiccup whispered on the verge of tears again.

‘‘No! Hiccup you are not useless! You are different in a good way and others don’t understand different. Any idiot that calls you useless can meet my fists! Or plasma blasts - depending on how fucked up you want me to leave them.’’ Toothless firmly told him. Hiccup gave a small chuckle, but he still looked so depressed and dejected. ‘‘You made my tail yourself and are great in the forge. You spoke to your tribe and encouraged them to befriend dragons. You trained the dragons. You got the dragons back that one Snoggletog without me. You lead the tribe amazingly now. When I go away for my alpha stuff you still lead the tribe amazingly. You can wield a sword damn fucking well. You came up with the ideas to do things and make improvements. You increased the allies to Berk. Everything we do together, you lead! I could go on babe, but please, just believe me when I tell you … You are not useless on your own. Or at least try to see that because you are amazing!’’

‘‘I guess … I’ll try.’’ Hiccup agreed before hugging Toothless tightly. Toothless hugged him back protectively, but there was no mistaking the love he had for Hiccup.

‘‘And I will keep reminding you, for as long as it takes. Forever if I have too. I love you Hiccup, you’re stuck with me. Just talk to me okay, about everything. Don’t keep things to yourself because you think that’s what Vikings do, or because you’re ashamed of something. Don’t try and be like other Vikings because you’re great at being you.’’ Toothless told him.

‘‘I-I promise. I love you … y-you’re the only one I’ve ever felt … really felt able to share things with.’’ Hiccup told him.

‘‘I think we still have a lot to talk about. Things you haven’t told me, or things you should talk to me about that will help. That can wait for now babe. You need to rest Hiccup, you’ve been through a lot and you’re still not fully better from that infection thingy.’’  

They shared a kiss and stayed in each other’s arms for a while. Hiccup felt more relaxed and safer in Toothless hold, he knew Toothless was right. There were things he should talk to Toothless about - maybe it would help. He felt so emotionally and physically tired that sleep came easily.

Toothless was happy that Hiccup was getting some sleep now. He didn’t know much about human emotion but he was learning, and he knew a lot about Hiccup. Hiccup had changed since the death of his father, and again when he lost Astrid and became a father himself. Maybe a part of that was because he was older now and a chief, but a lot of that change was because of everything he had been though over the last two years. The Hiccup he had met seven years ago, the Hiccup he remembered from three years ago, he was still in there and Toothless was determined to set him free again. He knew that somethings would never be the same again, but now and then the happy, confident, and determined Hiccup would surface. Toothless wanted to see Hiccup smiling again - not just now and again, but like he used to. 

All the loss in Hiccup’s life, all the drama, the stress, the work, it was affecting him badly and Hiccup couldn’t cope. Ever since arriving here it had just been one disaster after another, and that certainly wasn’t what Hiccup needed on top of everything else. Toothless missed the Hiccup from their days together on the edge. Their quality time together was only a fraction of what they used to have and Hiccup just wasn’t the same. He was a chief and a father, and while that came with necessary changes something was still missing. It was like the spark that made Hiccup … well Hiccup, was fading or glowing less and less. Toothless could protect him from physical dangers but now he had to find a way to protect him from things he couldn’t see or touch - the things inside Hiccup’s mind that were hurting his mate and destroying the person he loved.

Toothless had obviously fallen asleep again - with Hiccup on his lap, because he was rudely woken up to the sound of Visskara roaring loudly at them both.

‘‘For fuck sake Visskara! What is you’re fucking prob-.’’ Toothless paused. Visskara was obviously trying to tell him something - something important, so he listened hard. ‘‘Oh crap!’’ He stated, rubbing his eyes and trying to make out Visskara’s urgent rumblings.

‘‘What is it Toothless?’’ Hiccup asked worried.

‘‘I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think there’s a storm coming. Don’t worry Hicc, I’ll find out.’’ Toothless told him, quickly getting undressed and changing into a dragon.

‘‘What is it Vissy?’’ Toothless asked. Visskara gave him a glare at the nickname but she ignored it otherwise.  

‘‘There is indeed a storm approaching. Karisonita has alerted us all. Toothless! You and Hiccup have two choices; stay here and wait out the storm, or leave now before the storm hits.’’ Visskara told him.

‘‘We can’t leave, we haven’t learnt anything about the Ogthantarth and Hiccup isn’t okay to fly all that way yet. We’re not even prepared.’’ Toothless told her.

‘‘Then stay, but be warned! This cavern as well as others surrounding the great fire mountains will now become temporary shelter for all dreki that need it. I cannot be in two places at once no matter how fast I am. You need to keep Hiccup with you at all times and stay out of sight where possible. Until I can explain, some dreki will not understand Hiccup’s presence here and he will be seen as a threat. This is an island emergency, things could get very chaotic.’’ Visskara informed him.

Chapter Text

Chapter 32 - Cavern territory

After Visskara departed to do her duty as alpha in view of the promised storm, Toothless had licked Hiccup’s face in his dragon form, scratched three marks into the ground, and then flew off before Hiccup could question him. Hiccup had no idea what was happening - that only made this worse. Why couldn’t Toothless explain things to him before he took off?

The longer he waiting for Toothless’s return the more his stomach churned. He paced back and forth, playing over all the possibilities. It could be a storm like Toothless thought, but what if it wasn’t the weather and he had translated it wrong as a human? What if it was a storm? They could be separated for weeks! Toothless could get hurt and wouldn’t be able to fly back to him. Stuck out there in the rain, starving, and cold, while aggressive winds tore him apart. What if he…   

Hiccup clenched his fists; his body was shaking and he tried to shut down his thoughts. He took deep breaths and exhaled by blowing out the air slowly. He sat down leaning against the boulder, rocking his body as he rubbed his face and eyes. He had to calm down … he had to stop tormenting himself with ‘what ifs. He just couldn’t stop the worry building inside, leaving negative thoughts in his mind. Fear was trying to take control once again - to consume him, and he felt sick. They had been though worse things … so why was this effecting him in such a way? He looked at his shaking hands. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ He thought, scared and ashamed of himself. His eyes stung with restricted tears but he couldn’t allow himself to come completely undone; He was a chief Viking, a grown man, and he was breaking down, going mad, losing it and becoming a failure.

Hiccup finally saw Toothless fly into the cavern and relief flooded him, but he was shocked and confused when Toothless flew straight past him with five other dragons. They were all boulder class dragons - well he assumed that much. There was that grey and purple dragon that had been sitting on the boulder from before, the spiky one that reminded him of a mace when it curled up. Two green and one purple coloured Gronckles flew behind Toothless, but the most shocking of them all bringing up the rear was the Catastrophic-Quaken. Toothless didn’t stop - didn’t even look his way, instead he flew with the dragons to the back of the cavern and disappeared behind the huge boulder like cave formations. What on Helheim was he doing? His curiosity only grew when he could hear almighty smashing and crashing sounds coming from the direction Toothless had disappeared in, it was amazing the entire cavern did cave in.   

The noise eventually stopped and Toothless finally returned - the boulder class dragons he had accompanied had left the cavern. Toothless motioned for Hiccup to get the saddle and to climb on - which he did. Flying to the back of the cavern, Hiccup got to really appreciate just how big it was down here. He also noticed the lack of dragons in the cavern now, there were certainly more of them earlier on. 

Toothless landed and motioned to a very dark cave hidden by some boulders in front of it. In fact, only a very small dragon or a human could fit between the gap and get into the cave. Without much warning, Toothless left Hiccup there and flew off again leaving Hiccup bewildered and confused. Toothless returned with some of their stuff and then left again … returning once more with the last of their things. When he scratched three marks into the ground Hiccup grabbed Toothless before he could leave.

‘‘Toothless! What’s going on?’’ Hiccup asked.  

Toothless motioned for Hiccup to enter the cave and licked him before leaving. Hiccup figured they were staying here now - why he didn’t know. It was so dark inside and he couldn’t see anything. Trying to keep it together, he heard Toothless return and leave a few more times before finally deciding to stay. Toothless activated his alpha powers to give them light, that’s when Hiccup noticed they now had enough wood for about six fires, and enough fish for maybe three days depending on how hungry Toothless got. Toothless encouraged Hiccup to make a fire, and by the time Toothless changed forms they pretty much had everything they needed for a shut in.  

‘‘I’m sorry Hiccup, I did want to explain, really! But I’ve changed six times today already and I didn’t want to keep doing it. I figured I only get eight good changes before I start to get effected. I did about fourteen yesterday and passed out after you were treated.’’ Toothless explained as he hugged Hiccup before getting dressed. He noted the force of Hiccup returned hug but didn’t say anything.

‘‘You never told me that.’’ Hiccup’s voice expressed his concern.  

‘‘Sorry … I just didn’t think too. Besides, before you give me the lecture … I am trying to be careful. That’s why I had to sort all this stuff out first before I explained. Come on, once we get all our stuff in here, I will explain. I promise.’’ Toothless said.

Their very small fire at the back of the cavern was kept low - mainly just for its dim light, and Toothless wouldn’t let Hiccup leave the safety of their new ‘accommodation’. Toothless collected the rest of their things from outside the cave entrance, where he had initially left them. Hiccup was actually surprised at the size of the cave - it was much bigger inside then he first thought.

Toothless was worried about the smoke from the fire exiting into the cavern - attracting unwanted attention, but this was close to where steam pockets whistled from the ground. The Gronckles also lived at the back here and they liked to lay in hot lava pools of their own making, as did the Hotburples. They had assured Toothless they would keep them safe, or at the very least, would alert them to any danger.

Finally sitting down with Hiccup, Toothless explained everything. He confirmed that there was indeed a storm coming, and that it was expected to last two days starting tonight after sundown. Very strong winds, extremely heavy rain and possibly thunder too. He explained Visskara’s warning to keep hidden and that he had asked the boulder dragons to smash out this cave that they were now in.

‘‘So, the dragons made this cave today?’’ Hiccup asked, amazed at that knowledge.

‘‘Yep, I got Gorrolketir, Drofrolk, Leggjakon, Jakoma and Storrlomisen to help me blast this bad boy out. Cool huh?’’ Toothless explained, only baffling Hiccup more.

‘‘Who comes up with these names?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Their mooir or faoir. Mum or dad.’’ Toothless answered as if it were obvious. ‘‘That’s why I don’t think I was ever given a name.’’ He sighed.

‘‘I meant the names are really … unusual.’’ Hiccup explained frowning.

‘‘Really? I suppose Snotlout, Fishlegs, Gobber and Hiccup are good old common names, nothing unusual about them at all.’’ Toothless sarcastically shot back smirking.

‘‘You may have a point there… So, I’m just expected to stay here until the storm passes?’’ Hiccup asked. He really was looking forward to being confined.

‘‘Not necessarily. I just want to be safe babe. There will be loads of dragons in the cavern - not just this one but all the caverns, tunnels and caves surrounding the volcano - at least until the storm passes. Visskara told me to keep you out of sight, and myself as a human too until she can explain why we’re here. The other dragons will most likely freak out if they saw humans here on the island, and believe me … too many dragons in one place during a storm is bound to cause enough problems without us making it worse.’’ Toothless explained. Hiccup took a deep breath and sighed, it was a while before he spoke.

‘‘Toothless, you wanted me to talk to you right?’’ Hiccup asked hesitantly.

Toothless nodded and noticed the sad expression across Hiccup’s face. He moved and sat closer to Hiccup, wrapping his arm around him.

‘‘What’s on your mind babe?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘I just feel so out of place here. In the village - before I met you … I really didn’t fit in. Now here with all the dragons … I just feel like the boy that needs protecting again, like I used to feel back then on Berk. Everyone talking about me but never to me. Everyone telling me to keep out of the way because I only cause trouble or make things worse. M-Maybe I just miss home. I do miss Trid … and I miss being around humans. It’s like I’m going backwards Toothless.’’ Hiccup admitted and shook his head sadly.

Toothless thought carefully for a moment. He wanted to tell Hiccup he was being stupid and that he still had him, but he could understand why Hiccup was feeling that way.

‘‘Hiccup, this is only temporary and we will be going home soon. Once the storm passes … we will find out about the Ogthantarth and leave okay. I am so sorry if I made you feel left out. I try to tell you everything the other dragons say and include you in any decisions. Unfortunately, you’re not a dragon Hiccup. You’re an amazing person, a great father, the chief of Berk, the man I love and my best friend, but unless you can turn into a dragon … I’m afraid I can only do my best to make you feel less excluded. Tell me if you want me to do anything differently and I will babe.’’ Toothless told him, hugging him for reassurance.

‘‘You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just how I feel. I can’t help but thinking the dragons don’t want me here either.’’ Hiccup admitted.

‘‘Some do!’’ Toothless told him firmly.

‘‘Not many, right?’’ Hiccup asked, more to point out he was right.

‘‘They don’t know how amazing you are. They don’t understand you … us! Some have bad experience with humans, with hunters. You know there’s a rumour going around that this storm is because Visskara hurt you and you’re the chosen one.’’ Toothless told him trying to change the subject.

‘‘Wait what?’’ Hiccup asked. ‘‘That’s just great, I always wanted to be offered up to some dragon god as a human sacrifice.’’

Toothless laughed. ‘‘Hiccup, that’s not what they think at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. They are worried that hurting you or me will make the gods angry. It’s actually quite funny. Runisalith was shitting herself thinking that they would strike her down for arguing against us before.’’

‘‘Really? Wait is that why the boulder class dragons helped you make this cave, to protect me?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘To protect us, and yeah probably. Hiccup don’t think to much about it. We’re here together, waiting out a storm, away from angry confused dragons that don’t know their head from their arses at the best of time. It’s best we just lay low and stay safe … both of us. Besides, according to Acacia, I used to be a trouble maker too. Apparently, I destroyed half the forest once chasing a bird.’’ Toothless said, laughing at the thought of himself doing that.

‘‘I-I can see that.’’ Hiccup smiled weakly. ‘‘You really don’t remember your past do you?’’ Hiccup asked him.

‘‘Not really Hicc, but it doesn’t bother me.’’ Toothless smiled at him.

‘‘You don’t ever wonder where you came from. How your egg ended up here or what you were like back then?’’

‘‘I never even thought about it until we came here and I found out this was where I was raised. I guess I wonder what else I have forgotten but really … I’m not bothered by things I can’t remember. Curious maybe, but not enough to go searching for answers.’’ Toothless honestly told him. 

‘‘Is it bad that I’m curious? You know a lot about me. Where I come from, my parents, my past … but I never get to know about you. Only the stuff I’ve learnt about you from being my dragon, and these last, what? Seven weeks with you as a human.’’

Toothless moved from sitting next to Hiccup, to laying on the ground with his head on Hiccup’s lap looking up at him. Hiccup was a bit thrown at this.

‘‘C-Comfortable?’’ He asked Toothless, who smirked up at him.

‘‘What? You still have aversions to your sexy damn hot mate being this close to you? Hmm? Cos if you do, after everything we have already done … then Hiccup, I’m sorry but you’re totally screwed!’’ Toothless sassed.

Hiccup blushed. ‘‘O-of c-course not. I was just a little … It was just a little … unexpected. That’s all.’’ He stuttered. He wasn’t uncomfortable, but he was a little turned on.

‘‘Right…’’ Toothless smirked and winked. ‘‘Well, I do remember stuff from before I met you just not as far back as this island. Ask me anything you want … unless that lump in your pants - poking my head, has others ideas. You know I’m always game!’’ 

Hiccup felt his face redden. Why was he always so damn embarrassed? Maybe he could pretend he hadn’t heard Toothless. He smiled what he thought was a casual smile.

‘‘O-Okay, s-s-so did you have many f-friends.’’ He stuttered. ‘Great, Hiccup the useless stuttering mess strikes again, so much for keeping it casual.’ He thought.

‘‘Not really, I preferred to be alone. Didn’t much like sharing things … food especially. I got on with most dragons just never stayed in one place for too long. Besides, dragons don’t really mix with other species that much and well … one of a kind me!’’ He smiled and shrugged. He then moved his head, rubbing the back of it over a certain mass protruding underneath.

‘‘Y-you was-wasn’t lo-onely.’’ He asked, the volume of his voice failing to stay at a consistent level. He bit the inside of his lip.

‘‘Nope! Not really. I’m certainly not lonely anymore. I have you to keep me company. So, anything else you would like to know or do you have something else in mind to past the time?’’ He smirked, moving his head again teasingly.

Hiccup was trying not to look Toothless in the eyes. They were trying to keep a low profile after all and what Toothless was suggesting wasn’t going to be quiet. If he looked at Toothless eyes he knew he would become an avalanche of uncontrollable emotion, lose his composure and get caught up in the heat of the moment again before he could stop it. He had to find a way to get out of this one. 

‘‘N-no, nothing comes to mi-ind. I-I’m feeling a bit wo-worn out and ti-ired to be honest.’’ Hiccup tried. ‘Gods damn it Toothless, stop teasing me.’ His mind screamed, but he smiled and rubbed his eyes. It wasn’t a complete lie; his emotional breakdowns had drained him. 

Toothless sat up and took Hiccup’s face into his hands tenderly. He knew Hiccup was avoiding his eyes so he turned Hiccup’s head to face him. Hiccup now had his eyes closed so Toothless moved his thumb to gently stroking Hiccup’s cheeks. He moved slowly closer feeling the nervous air escape Hiccup’s mouth before trapping it with his lips. The kiss wasn’t the usual quick peck he often gave Hiccup and vice versa; this one was slow and intended to encourage Hiccup to respond to him.

Hiccup felt the warm wet tongue slowly slide over his lips as Toothless tantalizingly started to suck them. He took a deep breath and let out a shuddered sigh before giving into the kiss. He felt Toothless straddle him and his own hands felt up the back of Toothless tunic. The kiss slowly built up until it became more heated.

Hiccup could feel Toothless leave his mouth and start sucking at his neck, moving down to his collar bone. A quiet moan escaped his lips. Toothless reached down to lift up Hiccup’s tunic… but Hiccup stopped him and scrunched his eyes closed. He couldn’t believe he was about to refuse what he so desperately wanted now that Toothless had worked his magic. 

‘‘T-Toothless. We c-can’t baby!’’ Hiccup stuttered, opening his eyes and looking down to avoid whatever look Toothless was now giving him.

‘‘Course we can Hiccup!’’ Toothless told him - trying to resume his previous actions, but Hiccup put his hand on Toothless chest and pushed him back.

‘‘We have to keep a low profile remember. Toothless you know I want to … but that’s not the type of noise we need to be making right now. Please don’t make this harder than it has to be! I love you, you know that. Please, just … just stop.’’ Hiccup told him before taking a deep nervous breath.

Toothless climbed off Hiccup’s lap and sat next to him against the cave wall. He wasn’t mad but he looked disappointed.    

‘‘Toothless please don’t be angry with me.’’ Hiccup placed his hand on Toothless leg.

‘‘I’m not! I just wish we were somewhere we could … you know.’’ Toothless said as he looked up at Hiccup and smiled. ‘‘Still, I’m pretty tight down here … it’s kind of uncomfortable now. How do I make this go away?’’ He asked pointing to his protruding problem.  

Hiccup laughed, and quickly covered his mouth. ‘‘Sorry, you’re not the only one though. Just stop thinking about it and it will go on its own.’’

‘‘I doubt it.’’ Toothless moaned. He waited all but five seconds and moaned again. ‘‘I can’t stop thinking about it.’’ He whined.

‘‘How about-.’’ Hiccup was interrupted.  A loud almost aggressive roaring could be heard from somewhere inside the cavern, and more roaring was soon followed by explosions. ‘‘What is that?’’ He was concerned and unsettled.

‘‘Sounds like two dragons having a massive disagreement.’’ Toothless told him. The noises were getting louder and Toothless listened before rushing to his feet. ‘‘Hiccup, stay here… Please! I’m not going anywhere except just outside. It sounds really bad out there and I can change into a dragon if I have to, you can’t! It’s not because you’re useless, you … just weren’t born with wings.’’

‘‘Be careful babe!’’ Hiccup understood, but he still couldn’t help feeling completely useless all the same.   

Toothless nodded, then rushed to give Hiccup a kiss before creeping out of the cave. He saw a few dragons hiding near their cave entrance - mostly Gronckles and some babies, but he recognised the purple female Gronckle not far away and whispered her name.

‘‘Debregoa.’’ He whispered a few times but got no response. He looked around and saw a large stone which he threw at her, she turned abruptly and her eyes went wide. She moved over to him. ‘‘What’s happening?’’ He asked her. Debregoa made noises and expressions to fast for Toothless to even begin to work out. ‘‘Whoa! Calm down. Slowly tell me what’s happening.’’

Toothless did his best to translate. ‘‘I’m guessing there’s a fight, an argument?’’ Debregoa nodded and continued to explain.
‘‘A fight over … food? No okay, erm … Territory?’’ Debregoa nodded. ‘Of course, it was always bloody territory!’ Toothless thought, but then he realised Debregoa had more to add. ‘‘A fight over territory and … wait, are they enemies? Do they dislike each other?’’ Again, Debregoa confirmed this. ‘Fucking fantastic!’ He though sarcastically.  

It took a while to piece together the information, and the noise was getting louder if anything. He could hear dragons in distress and in pain too. Toothless had now sussed out that there were two herd of dragons - which species he didn’t know yet, but they were having a huge fight over where to stay in the cavern and they weren’t exactly the best of friends. He’d dealt with stuff like this countless times before as alpha but he was never stuck in a cavern because of a pending storm. He also wasn’t technically the alpha here.  

‘‘Where’s Visskara?’’ He asked. Debregoa obviously didn’t know and things sounded really bad out there now.

‘‘Toothless?’’ Hiccup’s nervous and panicked voice called from inside.

Toothless went back into the cave and saw the cause for Hiccup’s panic. Three baby dragons had snuck into the cave out of fear and were laying by Hiccup’s side. All three of them look scared but he wasn’t surprised - what with the fight taking place in the main cavern. The baby Flame-tip was there along with two green baby Gronckles. 

‘‘Aww babe, I didn’t know you were expecting?’’ Toothless chuckled.

‘‘Toothless, can we try to stay focused here … even if just for a second. What do I do?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Right, sorry but ... you’re really gonna hate me because … I have to get out there and help. Just don’t move! The babies are scared, no one will hurt you in here and they are adorable with you’’ Toothless said backing out of the cave as he removed his tunic.

‘‘Toothless! Don’t you dare leave me in here … Toothless!’’ Hiccup shouted, but he quickly stopped shouting when he heard the babies whimpering. Toothless had striped his clothes and gone. ‘‘It’s okay, you’re safe in here. Toothless was just being … well, Toothless.’’ Hiccup fussed the babies and they relaxed. Hiccup was far from relaxed and seriously hoped that Toothless wouldn’t get hurt, or that one of the baby’s mothers didn’t come for his entrails. ‘What was going on out there?’

Toothless had left the cave and changed into his dragon for as soon as he could. He flew to a space up high to see what was happening. The cavern was filling up with dragons but luckily it didn’t look to full yet - there were still many dragons here though. Some dragons he recognised, and some he didn’t, but he could now see the cause of the issue. There were five Hraorskerahoggves - or Tree-Cutters as Hiccup had named them, and three dragons he didn’t know…

---Toothless’s flash back---

‘‘Wait up Kalean.’’ Gorahiroa cried out as he tried to keep up with his friend.

‘‘Faster Gora! Come on, move your yenho backside!’’ Toothless encouraged as he turned mid-air and fired a plasma blast at the two dragons that were chasing them both.

The two dragons were light woody-brown in colour with red stripes. They had long bodies, necks and tails, had six legs with very sharp claws, and they had large bladed beaks. Unfortunately, they were also extremely angry at the prank Gora and Kalean had just pulled.

‘‘Thanks, Kalean.’’ Gora breathlessly thanked him as he caught up to Toothless. ‘‘You think we went too far?’’

‘‘You think?’’ He snapped at his friend. ‘‘Just hurry up, we can lose them over there.’’ Toothless said, aiming for the thick trees and plant growth below. ‘‘What are they Gora? You said you knew them but they don’t look too friendly now.’’ Toothless asked as he dodged a fire ball.

‘‘Trebitalehoggs!’’ Toothless muttered to himself, snapping out of his sudden flash back the blue Trebitalehogg whipped Runisalith across the cavern and straight into the lake - it only caused the fear and panic to rise. The Trebitalehoggs were fighting with the Hraorskerahoggves, and they didn’t take to kindly to interference in their dispute.

Toothless flew down and roared loudly to the blue Trebitalehogg, turning on his alpha mode in the process to boost his powers.

‘‘Enough!’’ Toothless shouted and fired a warning shot between the fighting dragons.

The cavern almost froze for a moment in total silence. An alpha dragon was here but it wasn’t Visskara. Questions and gossip then spread like wild fire.

"Who is he? Where did he come from? Where was Visskara to accept his challenge and stop this chaos?  What could he do? Weren’t Loightakalean’s extinct?’

Some of the dragons that knew who he was had started to explain to some of the other dragons, but Toothless was more concerned in stopping the fight. The Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves rounded on him.

‘‘Fuck!’’ Toothless muttered. He knew he was faster than them so he quickly flew up high and shouted. ‘‘You can trust me, I’m friends with Visskara. Get out of here until this is sorted. Go find Visskara … your alpha!’’

Toothless didn’t have time to argue, he was forced to dodge the Hraorskerahoggve that tried to slash him down. Damn they were fast but he could still out manoeuvre them - out fly them. The blue Trebitalehogg tried to bite down on his leg, but Toothless spun around fast - slapping him in the face hard with his tail in the process. Toothless then flew to the ground spinning before pulling up just above the lake to hover.

A lot of the dragons had refused to listen to Toothless and were still there. At least with the problem distracted now they could help the injured. As Toothless move quickly to dodge another slash from the sharp green blades of the Hraorskerahoggves, he heard the female Furollesernain - or Flame-Tip as Hiccup called them, speaking up. He was still dodging attacks from six angry dragons but he could still hear her words.   

‘‘He is right, Visskara and him are friends. Listen to him!’’ Balinkeri the Flame-tip shouted. She was with Acacia and the other Flame-Tips that were trying to help Runisalith - who’s flames were all but out. ‘‘The storm isn’t here yet so get out while you can, or move to another area!’’ She shouted.

There was quick chaos as most of the dragons fled to safety. Toothless had to dodge the multiple fire balls heading his way from the Trebitalehoggs. The Hraorskerahoggves were getting closer to him again as he flew up so he dived down over the lake once more. Multiple blast of green fire sweep past from the Hraorskerahoggves, so he twisted and flew around the cavern landing on the rocks closer to Runisalith.

‘‘Acacia, where is Visskara? Toothless shouted at her. Acacia didn’t know and Toothless barely had time to dodge a fire ball. ‘‘I just got that wing back you fucking plifigen!’’ Toothless shouted to the angry beige coloured Trebitalehogg as he flew up higher.

Three Hraorskerahoggves then took their chance and blasted their green fire streams at Toothless. He managed to dodged most of the fire attack but still got hit. It did some damage but not enough to slow him down. Toothless turned and fired angrily at the one that had gotten him. The plasma hit him head on and he fell to the ground - out cold in a crash. He then growled at the other two trying to establish his dominance.

‘‘You can’t win against us all, Loightakalean! Let me make your kind extinct once and for all!’’ The blue Trebitalehogg shouted at him, his ‘friends’ hovering menacingly by his side.

Toothless now knew who the main problem was. He could smell the stench radiating off him, the stench of an arrogant arsehole with a leadership complex. A bully that felt superior and commanded others out of fear. If he could knock that Trebitalehogg down a few pegs things should become more controllable.

‘‘What? Got mad because someone took away your favourite spot, or maybe you’re like a heaping pile of crap; no one likes you and your shit stinks!’’ Toothless shouted and fired a plasma blast at him, hitting him in the side. Make him made and get him to chase you.’ Toothless thought as he dodged a fire ball from the arsehole in front and another from behind.

Toothless looped and flew fast in a circle around the cavern. He noticed the Hraorskerahoggves had landed now and were holding back. The blue Trebitalehogg he had pissed off was now hot on his tail. Toothless kept his speed even to him but never let him get closer. He fired again and Toothless dodged. ‘That’s it, keep firing, you’ll soon run out you piece of shit.’ Toothless thought. He sped around the cavern once again.

‘‘You’re just too slow to keep up you Quiazule? And I thought this was going to be a challenge.’’ Toothless shouted, winding him up further.

That did the trick; the Trebitalehogg sped up until he couldn’t go any faster. Toothless flew straight towards one of the massive - yet very solid, cave formations. He popped out his extended spines that run down his back and just when he was a split second away for the formation, he dived down using his speed and agility.


The blue Trebitalehogg crashed straight into the formation. He had crushed his face straight into it and slid down landing in a heap on the ground. Toothless chuckled but it was short lived. The other two Trebitalehoggs were not pleased and they fired their fire balls at Toothless in anger… One hit its mark. Toothless felt the blast collide with his left shoulder, blocking his vision, and he fell. He just managing to correct his position before he hit the ground and landed on his four feet. He quickly leaped back into the air and flew over to the other side of the cavern.

‘‘Do you want to end up like your buddy there?’’ Toothless shouted.

They fired again but Toothless quickly dodged them … however, he wasn’t expecting the blade that nearly sliced his side into two pieces. He managed to avoid most of the Hraorskerahoggve’s attack but he still had a pretty nasty cut to his side. Toothless faltered in his flying but he still managed to stay airborne.

‘‘Oh, we won’t … but you will!’’ The orange-brown Trebitalehogg said as he fired a fireball at Toothless.

Toothless barley dodged it but he had to keep flying as the last two Trebitalehoggs chased after him. The other four Hraorskerahoggves had now re-joined the fight and it was getting hard to avoid being diced into several pieces. He was getting tired fast, but he wouldn’t give up for the sake of the other dragons … and for Hiccup’s. He just hoped Hiccup had stayed in that cave and was still safe. He also hoped Visskara would turn up soon, he didn’t know how much energy he had left to keep playing with these fucking plifigens.

'Some fucking dragon had to have reached her by now. How had she not heard anything at least?’ He thought as he dodged another attack from the orange-brown Trebitalehogg trying to bite down on his wing. The beige Trebitalehogg tried to whack him down with his tail … but he missed.

‘‘Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt a dispute of territory between two dreki species? Some Alpha you are!’’ A Hraorskerahoggves shouted as they too chased after him.

‘‘That maybe right, but when the Alpha calls all dragons to one place, they must forfeit the right to claim territory!’’ Toothless shouted back. ‘‘Or is your berry sized brain too small to remember that one!’’

Toothless had to dodge more fire attacks from the angry Hraorskerahoggves, and a fire ball barely missed his back. He heard the beige Trebitalehogg complain he was out. ‘Finally!’ Toothless thought. He just had to keep up his speed now and think of a plan. The dragons chasing him were fast - especially the Hraorskerahoggves, one wrong move and he would be sliced in half.

Toothless was thinking about trying to get them mad enough to follow him out of the cavern. At least that way he would have more space to out fly them, or have more obstacles to break them up at least. During his thoughts, and his focus to avoid the Hraorskerahoggve’s sharp blades, he forgot to focus on the last two Trebitalehoggs.

The beige Trebitalehogg went to bite his wing, but as he dodged the attack he moved straight into the path of the orange-brown one. Its spiky tail came down fast and hit Toothless straight in the back. Luckily the spikes missed, by the impact sent him crashing into the ground.

Toothless stumbled as he tried to get up. He knew he had to move fast so he forced himself to stand. He quickly forced his body back into the air just before one of the Hraorskerahoggve could carve him up like a piece of meat. He was just about to prepare another plasma shot when he heard a vaguely familiar roar.

The Hraorskerahoggves had suddenly stopped chasing him and had started … what looked like … dancing in mid-air. The last two Trebitalehoggs landed on the ground and started staring into space rocking from side to side like cobra snakes. Toothless come down for a landing - exhausted and hurt, and noticed the dark-pink and purple Hugreaetlavafi standing there.

"Thought you could use some help.’’ The Hugreaetlavafi stated with a very familiar smugness about him. ‘‘Never did like them Trebitalehoggs.’’

Toothless blinked. ‘‘G-Gora?’’ He asked, trying to regain his breath.

Gora smiled. ‘‘Hey Kalean. What took you so long to drop in?’’

‘‘What took me so long? What about you, cutting it close there don’t ya think? I was almost sliced up and blasted into oblivion.’’ Toothless complained.     

‘‘I think I’m right on time. You were doing pretty well on your own. Why were ya on your own anyways, and when did ya become alpha?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘That’s a long story. I sent the other dragons away until the fight was over. The storm hasn’t started yet has it?’’ Toothless asked, turning off his alpha form.

‘‘Nope, but it’s picking up. I heard some rumours going around that there was a Loightakalean fighting off some Trebitalehoggs and Hraorskerahoggves that didn’t know how ta behave. I ‘ad to come see if it was you … and to be honest, I wanted an excuse to show up them Trebitalehoggs. That blue one over there, out cold … that’s Aflgeir. He’s a total plifigen. Always causing trouble. Taking him down was a good accomplishment, not many can take him on. Then there’s-.’’ Gora was saying before Toothless cut him off.

‘‘You haven’t changed much Gora. You still don’t know when to stop talking!’’ Toothless laughed. Gora just smiled. ‘‘How long will they stay like that?’’ Toothless asked, referring to the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves.

‘‘Not long, I suggest we-’’  

A gust of wind caught their attention and Visskara entered - shocked at the mess, standing right next to them both.

‘‘Well, now you’re here Vissy … I’ll just leave this one to you.’’ Toothless tried as he went to back away, hoping to get some rest and wanting to avoid an earful from her greatness.

‘‘Toothless! Firstly, my name is Visskara. Secondly … What in the name of the Great drekis happened here?’’

‘‘Toothless?’’ Gora asked in a whisper, leaning closer to his old friend.

‘‘Long story.’’ Toothless whispered back wincing.

Toothless explained everything to Visskara about what had happened. She wasn’t angry at all that he had used his Alpha form to help the dragons and had somehow prevented a bigger catastrophe for happening then what had already happened. She was actually blaming herself for not using her head; how could she have mess up so badly as to somehow send both the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves to the same cavern. Toothless had told her it was mistake that she had made from being stressed. Unfortunately, she was now even more stressed because things were further behind in her plans and the storm would be here after sundown.  

She dealt with the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves while Toothless was seen to by Acacia. A few dragons came and took the Hraorskerahoggves to another cavern under Visskara’s command before they came around from Gora’s effects. Gora was a lot stronger than he used to be … but then again so was Toothless - they had both grown up.  

Visskara had explained why she hadn’t been near the caverns or heard about the chaos. Some humans had tried to anchor their ships and find shelter on this island away from the coming storm, so Visskara had warned and scared them away. She had then felt bad for them - knowing they wouldn’t make it back in time on a ship. So, she had pulled their ships closer to their own island. She then added, that she had roared at the humans angrily for good measure before returning.

Visskara would never admit it, but Toothless words had affected her. ‘How do you expect humans to see us as good beings when you just attack them for no reason?’ Toothless had also expressed his opinion once he knew Hiccup was safe, that we drekis are half the problem when it came to reasons why the humans feared us and attacked without question, because that’s exactly what the drekis do to humans.

Visskara had gone to see Runisalith next and was relieved to hear she would be okay after some rest. Until now the Flame-Tips had all been too worried about the fight - or so focused on Runisalith, that Balinkeri hadn’t even noticed her hatchling was missing. She went back to where she had told him to stay put, but when she looked … he was gone.

Gora had so many questions for Toothless, and he was already pounding his head with dozens of them when they heard Balinkeri screaming her hatchling’s name I panic.

‘‘Olinlogi? Where are you?’’ She rushed back. ‘‘He’s gone, Ardeneldr Olinlogi is gone!’’ She frantically told her mate.

‘‘Actually … I think he’s quite safe.’’ Toothless hesitantly told her.

‘‘Safe? Where is he?’’ Balinkeri demanded.

‘‘Please don’t get mad. He just wondered in when the fighting escalated and he was scared. Some of the other hatchlings went in as well to stay safe.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘Went in where? Where is my Olinlogi? If you don’t tell me right now I will-.’’ Balinkeri was shouting, her flames growing brighter with every word. 

‘‘Do nothing!’’ Visskara suddenly interrupted. She had figured out what Toothless meant. ‘‘Toothless? Where is Hiccup?’’

Toothless chuckled nervously. ‘‘In a cave at the back of the cavern. The Gronckles … I mean the Alrollkenders and some other dragons helped me make it … to keep us out of sight like you said.’’ Toothless explained. 

Visskara used her heat vision and clearly made out Hiccup still sitting on the ground with six hatchlings now asleep next to him. ‘‘I see Olinlogi, he is very safe Balinkeri. It seems the hatchlings decided Hiccup was a much safer option than being out here in the open alone while the fighting commenced.’’ She informed her. ‘‘And I agree with them! I think Olinlogi has a very good judge of character.’’ Visskara smiled at Toothless who was relieved.  

‘‘Who’s Hiccup?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘Long story.’’ Toothless chuckled nervously again.

‘‘Seems like I’ve got till the storm passes for ya to tell me all these … long stories.’’ Gora replied.

‘‘I want to see Olinlogi … Now!’’  Balinkeri demanded.

‘‘Very well. Toothless!’’ Visskara ordered.

Toothless nodded and flew off to the caves. Visskara told Gora to stay put for the time being. When Toothless landed in front of the cave entrance he noticed a few Gronckles still back here. One Green female one approached him.

‘‘Shh! You’ll wake up my hatchlings - and the others. Cute little bundles. Sibresta told me the boy was your sal-binda, he is just as tired as the little ones.’’

‘‘I’ll be quiet, I just need to get Olinlogi before his mooir kills me.’’

The female Gronckle smiled and waddled to the other Gronckles. Toothless changed into his human form and had to blink a few times - he felt the effects of the changing making him slightly dizzy now. He looked at his side and put a hand over the cut he had received in the fight. The wound spread out longer than the length of his hand but it had mostly stopped bleeding thanks to Aciaca, however, the change between forms had started it bleeding again slightly. It felt much more painful as a human too, and he noticed he ached all over and felt bruised in his left shoulder. His head was trying to pound its way out of his skull making him wince and squint his eyes.  

Toothless slipped into the cave and Hiccup was sleeping with the babies. He did indeed have six there now. Olinlogi was curled up in Hiccup’s lap - his flame not yet permanently active. Two green and one beige coloured Gronckles were sleeping on Hiccup’s left side nestled together. A baby green Lagrborkertre - with red growths on its head and back, was sleeping at the bottom of Hiccup’s right leg and using it as a pillow. The last of the babies - a Deadly-Nadder, was sleeping under Hiccup’s right arm. Hiccup even had his hand resting on the Deadly-Nadder’s head.

Toothless smiled at the scene; he was kind of jealous of the hatchling’s but he knew they would have been perfectly safe with Hiccup. He quickly, but quietly got dressed through the pain and aches that littered his body. The blood that dotted his tunic was hidden by his vest, and it looked like it had stopped bleeding again. He gently picked up Olinlogi into his arms - he was heavier than he thought he would be, and he stayed fast asleep. Poor thing must have tuckered himself out from all the activity of the day. Hiccup stirred but he didn’t wake up either.

Carefully Toothless left the cave and cautiously edged out. He saw many dragons had returned and wondered where the Deadly-Nadder’s and the Lagrborkertre’s mother was. He hesitated to come out any further - he would start to get spotted by the other dragons in his human form. Visskara watched Toothless with her vision and spoke to Balinkeri. Balinkeri flew over to where Toothless was once Visskara told her she could go.

‘‘He was asleep with Hiccup. Some of the other hatchlings are still in there. There’s a Lagrborkertre, some Alrollkender, and a Switenbelprowlus.’’ Toothless told her as she took her hatchling from him with her mouth. She gently nodded before leaving, understanding the message that their mooir’s would also like to know the location of their missing hatchlings.

Toothless felt bad for leaving Gora without an explanation, but as a human now he couldn’t just walk out with all the dragons filling up the cavern again. Guiltily, he turned to walk back into the cave but before he went in, he heard Visskara roar to gain the attention of everyone. He wouldn’t have understood what was being said even if he tried - not really, so he went inside and slumped against the wall - sliding down it and collapsing on the ground exhausted. He rubbed his face and eyes sighing in relief.  

He sat there for a while - occasionally glancing at Hiccup and smiling, but eventually he decided to get some rest. He grabbed the blanket and rolled it out onto the floor by Hiccup then achingly laid down on his back. He closed his eyes with his hands rested on his chest and let sleep consume him. 

Meanwhile in the main part of the cavern, Visskara has been taking control as the alpha and had explained what had happened. After calming the dragons - assuring them the threat had passed and apologising for her error, she made sure the preparations for the storm could get back on track. Some of the dragons were not so willing to accept two alpha dragons on the same island and Visskara ended up talking about the Frithvineradreki magic.

She told them all that the Loightakalean Toothless - while an alpha of a different island far from this one, had no desire to challenge her and would follow her command like every other dreki here. He would not be seen as an alpha dreki on this island and that responsibility was hers alone. She then reminded them that Toothless had risked his life for theirs today, and explained that he could change forms - that he was indeed blessed with the Frithvineradreki magic, and he had his human sal-binda here with him under her protection. She decided to explain everything to them in as little words as possible, and had been backed up by Runisalith, Acacia, Storrkeldan, and some of the other dragons that had already met Hiccup. She gave her word that they both meant no harm and would cause no issues. She also told them that any dreki wishing to harm Toothless or the boy could either leave now or die later by her powers. Now it was imperative that she went back to preparing for the coming storm and re-delegate certain jobs. She promised that she would explain it in more details tonight when every dreki was safe and accounted for.

When Visskara left to go about her work, gossip and questions started floated around as the dragon continued to prepare for the storm. Gora was standing there frozen with his eyes widened like he had been stung by a speed stinger. When he finally blinked, he looked in the same direction he last saw ‘Toothless’ vanish off to - towards the back of the cavern.

‘‘Hypnuch Kalean! We seriously have some talking ta do ya sneaky piece of shit!’’ Gora chuckled and shook his head.

Chapter Text

Chapter 33 - Emotions and memories

***The above image has been created by photo-shopping many various images that do not belong to me, in order to illustrate what I imagined the cavern to look like. During this chapter the cavern will become filled with many other dragons than are illustrated here.***

Hiccup was awoken by a crushing pain in his thighs - pins and needles to boot, his brain then registered the hard and heavy mass in his lap … it was breathing. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could finally make out a small baby Gronckle asleep nestled into his lap. He wouldn’t have minded but this hatchling weighed a ton and was crushing him.

He couldn’t feel his legs let alone move them, and he had no idea how long he’d been asleep or what time it might have been. He must have fallen asleep sitting up against the stone wall of the cave waiting for Toothless to return while watching the hatchlings. The embers of the fire were only giving off a faint glow since the fire had died out, but he could just about make out Toothless’s sleeping body in the dark next to him.

He silently thanked the gods for Toothless’s safe return and sighed quietly in relief. When he tried to lift the Gronckle he could barely lift it more than an inch. As much as he would rather let his boyfriend sleep, he needed his help. He reached over and shook Toothless’s arm. Toothless grumbled, turning over in his sleep and refused to wake up.  

‘‘Toothless, wake up! I could really use some help here babe.’’ He told him. It was typical for Toothless to be a heavy sleeper, especially as a human.

‘‘Gora … It’s too early.’’ His groggy voice moaned. Toothless had just been having a dream - a memory in his sleep from when he and Gora were younger and used to wind each other up.

Hiccup chuckled and wondered for a second who Gora was. Toothless might have been funny mumbling as he started to come around, but Hiccup’s legs didn’t find any humour in the situation so he kept shaking his boyfriend until he woke up.

‘‘What?’’ Toothless’s deep raspy voice groaned as he rubbed his eyes.

‘‘Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to let you know that your boyfriend might not have legs anymore, thanks to a baby Gronckle using me as a pillow.’’

Toothless looked at the Gronckle sleeping on Hiccup’s lap and chuckled. He managed to lift the small bag of bricks from his mate’s lap and laid her with her two brothers that were still there sleeping next to Hiccup. The other babies had all gone now - assumingly back to their mothers, or so Toothless hoped. Toothless had winced in the process, and bitten his lip to hide his pain and discomfort, but luckily the cave was dark and Hiccup had assumed it to be from the weight of the Gronckle. Toothless didn’t mind the dark and laid back down onto his bruised back. Hiccup on the other hand, woke up his legs and added some sticks to the fire so he could see again.   

‘‘I’m surprised you lifted that baby Gronckle so easily. I think any longer and my legs would have fallen off!’’ Hiccup looked over at Toothless who had his eyes closed.

‘‘You mean apart from the one that already did?’’ Toothless asked with a small smirk.

‘‘My leg didn’t fall-. Never mind. That little thing weighs a ton for something so small.’’

‘‘They’re Gronckles. They eat rocks. What did you expect?’’ Toothless replied yawning.

‘‘Wow, where’s my journal? I’ve never seen a Gronckle before!” Hiccup feigned amazement. “I should write that down in case I forget.’’ Hiccup just got a ‘mmm’ from Toothless so he continued talking. ‘‘I wonder why they’re still here though. What was all that commotion about earlier?’’

Hiccup went to collect two fish from a make shift crate. He had made it with some of the wood Toothless had brought to the cave earlier - and with a pile of rocks and stones he had found, to stop the babies from trying to eat the fish they hadn’t already stolen. The Gronckles had tried to eat the rocks and stones too.  

‘‘Just a bit of a fight, but it’s sorted now. I guess they just feel safer in here with you.’’ Toothless told him, pointing to the Gronckles he was speaking about before closing his eyes again.  

‘‘Is that okay though? I don’t want a herd of angry Gronckles smashing into the cave thinking I stole their babies.’’ Hiccup told him as he started cooking the fish over the small fire. He could only cook one at a time because it was so small.   

‘‘Nah, we’re good. I think I spoke to their mother earlier and she told me not to wake them up. She knows where they are.’’   

‘‘That’s good. So, you were saying … about the fight?’’ Hiccup pressed for details.

Toothless was trying to avoid telling Hiccup the details of what went down earlier, but unfortunately, Hiccup wanted the details. Toothless didn’t lie but he avoided mentioning some of the facts - mainly about being hit a few times and his injuries. He toned down the seriousness of it all, and finished by saying another dragon had helped him in the end and that Visskara dealt with the rest. By the time he finished explaining the first fish Hiccup had been cooking was done.

‘‘It’s a good thing you didn’t get hurt. Here, want this one?’’ Hiccup passed Toothless the cooked fish on a stick.

‘‘No, I’m good Hicc. I’m not that hungry to be honest.’’ Toothless said and smiled. He was actually starting to feel sick because he hadn’t corrected Hiccup and admitted he had been hurt. Hiccup seemed okay now but after what happened earlier, he didn’t want to worry him or give him a reason to breakdown like that again.

‘‘Are you okay Toothless?’’ Hiccup asked. Whenever Toothless turned down food it was always a sign something was wrong, and he could have sworn that there was a slight look of guilt about him. 

‘‘Yeah, I’m good!’’ Toothless lied and put on a fake smile.

Hiccup decided to take his word for it - Toothless would tell him if anything was wrong. He still couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that he was missing something though. Maybe Toothless was just tired from all the changing he had been doing these last few days.   

The Gronckle babies eventually woke up, and Hiccup fussed each of them before they left the cave. For some reason, having the baby dragons there with him after Toothless left made him feel useful again - and they had helped to distract him from worrying about what was happening outside the cave. They hadn’t spoken much since Hiccup woke up, and it was like Toothless was avoiding any conversation he tried to start. Right now, he looked like he was sleeping again.   

‘‘Toothless, you asleep?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Yeah.’’ His raspy voice replied.  

‘‘I didn’t know sleeping people could answer questions?’’ Hiccup retorted with raised eyebrows.

‘‘I’m super talented! Didn’t you know?’’

Hiccup was going to respond with some sarcastic remark when a Night-Wisp entered. The light from her flame wisps burned brightly in the dim lit cave. Hiccup was startled at first but he recognised her as she came closer.

‘‘We have an unexpected visitor.’’ Hiccup announced. Toothless opened his eyes and looked up at Kirnottdra who was standing about a foot away from him.

‘‘What’s up?’’ He asked her, trying his best not to wince as he sat up.

‘‘Acacia needs you both to come out of the cave this instant so she can heal your wounds. She is outside waiting with Visskara and says the great mani will be at its highest point in the sky soon.’’ Kirnottdra explained. 

‘‘I think she wants you to go with her Hicc.’’ Toothless told him. He had understood that Visskara was waiting to treat both of them so he guessed that meant Acacia was there too.

‘‘Me? Why?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Visskara wants you. Acacia probably wants to check your chest. Better get a move on babe, she’s waiting for ya. I’ll just wait here. Yell if you need me.’’ He smiled at Hiccup.  

‘‘You too Toothless!’’ Kirnottdra growled at him.

‘‘What was that about?’’ Hiccup asked. He was surprised that Toothless didn’t want to go with him, and Kirnottdra didn’t sound too happy.    

‘‘She says you better hurry up! Best not keep Visskara waiting.’’ Toothless quickly lied. Hiccup walked to the cave exit and cautiously left. Toothless gave Kirnottdra daggers. ‘‘I don’t want Hiccup knowing I got hurt!’’ He whisper-yelled at her. ‘‘I’m staying here!’’

Outside the cave, past the boulders blocking the entrance, Hiccup saw Visskara and Acacia to the right about eight steps away. Some boulder type dragons were watching him as he approached their alpha. Hiccup bowed in respect to Visskara before standing up and smiling.

‘‘Hey Visskara, Acacia.’’ He greeted them politely.

As Toothless had said, Acacia had wanted to check his chest and help it along in the healing process. Apart from the wound its self being sore, and the fact he felt a little rundown, he was feeling okay. He was sure he would recover fine now without further help but it was probably better to be safer than sorry … and he didn’t want to argue with Acacia or Visskara.

The other dragons around them stayed calm, and most continued what they were doing, but he felt like they were talking about him and gossiping. He hated not being able to understand what the dragons were saying, it made him feel anxious and isolated.

Kirnottdra came up from behind him as Acacia was looking at his chest, and she appeared to be telling Visskara something.

‘‘He won’t come out, says he doesn’t want Hiccup to know he is hurt. He outright refused.’’ Kirnottdra explained.

‘‘He needs to be treated, especially now he has changed form since I last saw to him. Without my help that cut of his could get worse.’’ Acacia chimed in, having heard Kirnottdra.

‘‘Please tell him, if he refuses to come out, I will have Storrlomisen smash into the cave and I will drag him out myself.’’ Visskara said, giving Kirnottdra the message.

‘‘Hiccup is gonna hate me!’’ Toothless complained to Kirnottdra as he stood up and achingly followed her. 

When Toothless reached Hiccup, Acacia, and Visskara, he looked guilty and nervous. Visskara gave him a disapproving, disappointed glare, and Hiccup - who had just finished being treated, gave him a look of confusion.

‘‘I’m sorry babe, I just didn’t want you to worry.’’ He apologised. ‘‘Please don’t get angry.’’

‘‘Why would I get angry … What’s-.’’ Hiccup was asking, but Toothless slowly removed his tunic and hissed slightly as he tried to hide his pain and discomfort. The cut was the first thing that Hiccup saw, then the bruises that were now appearing - especially the one on his left shoulder. He would have been concerned and worried for Toothless had it not been for the lies he had been told. Anger and hurt overrode his emotions and his fists clenched as he looked away.  

‘‘Hiccup … please don’t-’’ Toothless tried to reach out to touch Hiccup’s arm, but he pulled away from him.

Without a single word Hiccup went back to the cave. Visskara tried to stop Toothless from following him - to at least get seen by Acacia first, but he loudly refused to stay and ignored the noise of protest he got as he went after Hiccup.

Hiccup was leaning against the cave wall - his weight resting on his forearm, facing away from Toothless with clenched fists. Toothless tried to apologise. ‘‘Hiccup, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I-’’

‘‘You lied to me! We’re supposed to be a team Toothless. You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.’’ Hiccup accused. The hurt evident in his tone.

‘‘I am! Hiccup, I love you. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you - to protect you!’’ Toothless argued, stepping closer behind him. Hiccup turned around, his anger growing.

‘‘To protect me?’’ Hiccup repeated in disgust. ‘‘I don’t need protecting Toothless. I need you to have my back … to be honest with me.’’ Hiccup’s voice grew louder.

‘‘What, and have you breakdown again?’’ Toothless snapped, the words slipping from his lips. There was a pause, a moment of painful silence that passed before Toothless realised what he had said. Before he could try and take his words back Hiccup scoffed. The look of betrayal he caught in Hiccup’s eyes before he turned away from him only increased his guilt tenfold.

‘‘I thought you were better than that.’’ Hiccup started to walk away.  

‘‘Hiccup I’m sorry! That didn’t come out right.’’ Toothless grabbed Hiccup’s arm to stop him.

Hiccup was so angry, he felt hurt and betrayed by the one person that he loved and trusted beyond all else, the one person he never thought would hold his failures or weaknesses against him. He shoved Toothless away and left the cave.

Toothless hissed in pain as he was shoved. the cut on his side jolted from the sudden movement, but he was more worried about Hiccup - he had run from the safety of the cave and into a cavern filled with stressed dragons.

Hiccup was running away from the one person he trusted the most - but it wasn’t Toothless back there. Toothless never lied to him, never thought he was too weak or too fragile to handle the truth. The confines of the cave had made him feel trapped and he couldn’t breathe with the thick clouds of tension building up inside, he became overwhelmed with the need to escape.  

He ran past the startled boulder class dragons, past the boulders and cavern formations that offered him some concealment. He didn’t care where he was going, or pay any attention to the dragons that he passed along the way. His mind was only focused on running. Running away from his anger, from the hurt, the stress, and all the other emotions he had been bottling up inside.  

Hiccup ran until he was no longer hidden in the shadows, no longer in the darker more isolated section of the cavern, or shielded from sight by the formations and rock structures that littered the area he was just in. The dragons that sought shelter from the storm had arrived and Hiccup gasped when he saw them. Species of dragon’s he had never seen before, and species he did know - some with unusual colours, were all making use of their temporary home. It was fairly crowded, but not overly … the dragons could still fly and move around comfortably.   

At the sudden intrusion … many of the dragons were now staring at him. As if a button could change his emotions at a simple push, his anger was suddenly replaced with fear and self-scolding. Running from the cave was certainly not his best idea and he could sense the commotion about to happen. He heard Toothless calling his name urgently and turned to see him disappear behind a horde of Gronckles that had gathered. There were other dragons gathering, such as the two Bright-Wings that had just landed in front of him. A blue and purple dragon he didn’t know - with red growths on its body and unusual but pretty looking wings, walked over curiously. On his left, a blue and black dragon with a spine on its head, chest, and some smaller ones on its legs moved closer.

Hiccup put his hands up, like he had done many times before trying to calm dragons and show them he wasn’t a threat. None of them looked like they were going to attack … until two different coloured dragons - with long bodies, necks, and tails, with six legs and very sharp claws, landed behind him with a loud thump. They had very large bladed beaks and were definitely not friendly.

The blue and purple one was about to fire at him, but a pink and purple dragon - with spiky wings and jagged scales in various places, landed in front of him. At the same time, he felt two human arms grab him tightly from behind. Hiccup didn’t know it, but the pink and purple dragon was Gora. Gora roared at the hostile dragons and swung his tail at them hard, warning them to back off.

‘‘Hiccup are you okay?’’ Toothless asked, his voice filled with worry as he checked Hiccup for injury with his eyes. Hiccup didn’t respond and looked down ashamed, remnants of anger creeping back into his mind.

Visskara landed and roared her commands. The Dragons that had tried to hurt Hiccup were the Trebitalehoggs. They had learnt from Visskara’s speech that night, while Hiccup and Toothless were in the cave, that the boy was Toothless’s sal-binda. They decided that hurting him would hurt Toothless, and they were still angry that they had been attacked by him earlier. Visskara was pissed off to say the least. Things didn’t look good for the Trebitalehoggs that now cowered in fear before their alpha.

‘‘Thanks Gora! I owe you.’’ Toothless thanked his old friend. Gora knew Hiccup had been Toothless’s sal-binda, so when Toothless had spotted him and yelled at him to help, he had done so without hesitation.   

Hiccup looked up suddenly at the pink and purple dragon. His eyes had glossed over with the threat of tears, but none fell. He was curious to who Gora was but his questions never found their way to his lips. With everything that had just happened he was too overwhelmed with emotion to ask them.

‘‘Come on Hiccup, lets go back to the cave.’’ Toothless guided Hiccup forward and they silently started walking back.

Hiccup noticed Toothless was walking slower than usual, and he occasionally made a stifled groan holding his side. His fists curled, angry at himself for leaving the cave like he had done. He had overreacted, been foolish and gotten them both into a situation that could have resulted in a worser fate. Toothless had come after him like he’d always done, despite his own injuries, and even after he had pushed him away. He was still hurt by the lies, and the words that Toothless has said to him, but he now felt guilty and ashamed of his reactions.  

Gora had been following them, to keep them safe as they approached the darker area of the cavern. He was focused more on Toothless - taking in how his childhood friend looked now he was in his human form. Toothless stopped and turned to talk to him like he had known him for years.  

‘‘You can go now you overgrown skelirex. We’ll be fine from here.’’ He smirked. Gora grumbled and Toothless chuckled at him. ‘‘I need to talk to Hiccup right now and go get some sleep. I’ll come find you when I wake up.’’ Gora huffed and Toothless caught most of what his friend had just grumbled. ‘‘Hiccup is my mate Gora! My best friend now. You’re just gonna have to live with coming second.’’ Toothless sassed.

Gora’s shocked reaction to learning that Hiccup and Toothless were mates eventually faded, and he grumbled his feigning displeasure at having to wait to talk to his long-lost friend before he took off.

Sitting down together by the crackling fire, Hiccup found his voice.

‘‘I’m sorry Toothless. I shouldn’t have reacted like that.’’

‘‘I shouldn’t have lied to you. I never meant to-’’

‘‘But you did! You hurt me Toothless. Why didn’t you just tell me?’’ The hurt in Hiccup’s voice was evident.

‘‘The truth is … I was worried about how you would react. I know it’s no excuse but I’m still learning to figure out my own human emotions. Seeing you so broken earlier … well, it really got to me. I just wanted to protect you from feeling like that again. Not because I thought you were useless, but because I love you. I know you have been through a lot and you’re still trying to work through that, and you don’t need my stupid actions and dumb arse mistakes making you feel worse. I was just trying to shield you from that worry on top of everything else. We protect each other, that’s what we have always done. I know how to watch your back when Vikings start fighting, when we’re in a battle, or when dragons get a stick up their arse. I just don’t know how to protect you from the things that are inside your head, or how to have you’re back then. I guess I just went about things the wrong way. I fucked up big time, I know that! I’m just … I’m still learning okay. I got it wrong, I was a total idiot and I’m sorry. Really sorry!’’

‘‘Just don’t lie to me anymore Toothless. I trust you more than anyone, don’t destroy that.’’ Hiccup implored him. The thought of not being able to trust Toothless made him feel unsettled.

‘‘Oh, gods Hiccup. Never!’’ Toothless was relieved when he wrapped his arm behind Hiccup and he didn’t pull away from him. Hiccup leaned against his shoulder and he suddenly hissed in pain.

‘‘Sorry!’’ Hiccup apologised, quickly sitting back up. ‘‘You should go see Acacia.’’

‘‘It’s too late Hiccup. Acacia’s probably in another cavern by now. I’m okay, really! Just a bit banged up. I’m sure she will come back in the morning and have a few things to say about me refusing her help.’’ He rolled his eyes.

‘‘What really happened out there Toothless … The truth?’’

‘‘I think I had them Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves myself but Gora definitely came at the right time. He used his hypnotizing or confusing gas on them. They either started dancing or went into some kinda trance. Visskara turned up after that.’’ Toothless finished his truthful recount of events.

Hiccup knew he was being irrational when the fear of losing Toothless surfaced. He was here next to him and very much alive. He just couldn’t shake the overwhelming thoughts of a life without him, especially with everything he had been through or was dealing with now. Toothless could tell by Hiccup’s body language and the lack of comment that something was still wrong.

‘‘Hiccup, say something. Talk to me!’’

‘‘I-I’m okay.’’ Hiccup lied.

‘‘Look who’s lying now! I’m not mad, I know you’re just trying to pretend you’re good and deal with whatever it is alone, but cut the crap with me babe!’’

‘‘I’m messed up okay! Is that really what you want to hear?’’ Hiccup snapped.

‘‘No! Of course it isn’t, but it’s what I need to hear.’’ Toothless asserted.

Hiccup rubbed his face and sighed out his frustration. Toothless was just trying to help, but he didn’t want to keep talking about his shortcomings, or the lack of control he had over his emotions and feelings. Still, he decided to give Toothless what he wanted.   

‘‘I’m scared of losing you… Again!’’ Hiccup admitted. He could remember the life leaving Toothless’s eyes the day he died. The scene of that night - that moment, was scarred deeply into his mind. It had almost happened again when they arrived on this island, and again today.

‘‘I know Hiccup. I didn’t want to worry you but I had to help. It’s what I do. I would have regretted it had something happened to one of the dragons and I did nothing.’’

‘‘I know that, and you did the right thing. I think … I think I’m just losing it Toothless. You know I blame myself for everything that has happened, I just can’t help it. Between the grief of losing dad and Astrid, the guilt, and stress … I’m just scared.’’

‘‘What stressing you out right now?’’ Toothless asked. 

‘‘You mean apart from this conversation?’’ Hiccup sighed, he paused for a moment before continuing. ‘‘Being the only human here for one. I’m stuck in a whole dragon community that obviously don’t want nor need me here. I hate being stuck in this cave, hiding away and protected. I feel like a damn child. I miss Berk, I miss being around more then one person that I can talk to, and I miss Trid. I’m sick of breaking down every time I can’t control my fucking emotions!’’ Hiccup’s voice had grown louder until he was shouting.

‘‘Come here!’’ Toothless told him, painfully pulling Hiccup into him and adjusting himself so that the pain was tolerable. Hiccup had gone to pull away - out of fear of hurting him, but Toothless insisted. Hiccup calmed in his embrace. ‘‘We will be going home soon. Just try and keep it together until we leave okay. Do you think you can do that?’’

‘‘I-I don’t know … I can only try.’’ Hiccup stuttered.

‘‘That’s all I’m asking for babe. Just keep talking to me, tell me when you think you losing it. Talk to me when your stressed or whatever. I can handle it.’’

‘‘You’ve always been good at listening.’’

‘‘Is that your way of telling me something’’ Toothless asked with raised eyebrows. He had a feeling Hiccup was implying he had been a good listener because as a dragon he couldn’t talk back. Hiccup chuckled, confirming his suspicions. ‘‘I’m sure Gora would enjoy listening to me if you’ve had enough of my voice already.’’ Toothless teased.

‘‘Never!’’ Hiccup exclaimed. Looking up into Toothless’s eyes he was reminded of why he loved him. Toothless always knew how to make him feel better. It wasn’t very Viking to talk about feelings, personal problems and such, but it didn’t seem as wrong sharing them with Toothless. ‘‘You know I love you right?’’

‘‘Of course! And I love you.’’   

They kissed until Toothless’s stomach decided it had an announcement to make. Toothless bit his lip in embarrassment as Hiccup pulled back and laughed at him.

Hiccup had gone straight to cooking up some fish for Toothless seeing as he was apparently ‘starving’ now. That meant Hiccup finally got the chance to ask him about Gora - who and what he was. Toothless explained he was a Hugreaetlavafi and his real name was Gorahiroa. He had the ability to confuse or hypnotise others like he did to the dragons earlier. He explained how he had forgotten all about Gora until yesterday. That he had started to remember him and they used to be best friends after he was sent to live with Groaldridax. He told Hiccup everything he could remember, but it wasn’t that much - just bits and pieces from his flash backs or dream memories. Hiccup had decided to call Gora a Hypnofuse and was writing in his journal. Toothless had just finished eating his third fish.

‘‘Better?’’ Hiccup asked when Toothless laid down on his blanket, presumably to sleep.

‘‘Yeah, I could still eat more though.’’

‘‘The babies got hold of a few fish earlier. We’re going to have to make what we have last until the storm passes. You can’t just eat all the food babe.’’ Hiccup told him, knowing he would if given a chance.

‘‘I’m good for now but I’ll get Vissy to go fishing is we run out.’’

‘‘Mm hmm, cos I’m sure she would love fishing in a storm.’’

‘‘She’s a Leitatilsynum, the storm won’t affect her. Besides, there are other dragons on this island that can deal with the storm just fine.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘I still think it’s best we try and make the food last. We really need to name this island. Do the dragons have a name for it already?’’ Hiccup asked as a second thought.

‘‘Not that I know off. Keep me out of naming this one baby. I don’t think tired, battered Toothless wouldn’t sound right.’’

Hiccup chuckled before voicing his thoughts out loud. ‘‘Well, Dragon Island has been used already. It still amazes me how intelligent the dragons are here. Its not everyday you wonder onto a dragon island filled with dragons that work together like a community. They all seem to have unusual abilities as well - like Acacia and Gora.’’

‘‘Yeah, but it’s not that unusual.’’ Toothless spoke after a moment of thought. ‘‘A lot of the dragon species here are going extinct, hunters would kill to find this place. Dragons like Acacia, Gora and even me … well let’s just say were worth a lot in trade and gold pieces. So, they stay here away from humans and protected by Visskara. They work together because it’s for the best and it keeps them safe.’’

‘‘Where did you learn all this?’’

‘‘Reading. And by paying attention.’’ He yawned.

Hiccup chuckled to himself. He knew Toothless was the smartest dragon here but he wouldn’t feed his ego and admit that to him. Looking over at Toothless, he watched him falling to sleep. He would leave him be and let him sleep, gods new he needed it. Hiccup thought of what to name the Island and finally decided on Sanctum Island. It was after all a private, safe place for the dragons to live. They had their own culture, beliefs and rules that made it work and kept them safe. This island was their Sanctum.

‘‘Kalean come on!’’ Gora shouted desperately amidst the chaos and falling debris.

Dragons were fleeing the underground tunnels that trembled as the Volcano growled awake. Most of the dragons had already evacuated, but Toothless had flown back to help a stray Strarollkender hatchling that had gotten separated from his mooir.

‘‘Go on ahead, I’m quicker than you. I’ll catch you up!’’ Kalean shouted.

Gora hesitated and moan his indecisiveness, but a loud explosion caused the tunnels to start caving in. ‘‘You better!’’ He shouted before speeding away in fear.

Gora vanished from sight and Kalean carried the heavy hatchling in his claws. The weight slowed him down some and the thick smoke was filing the already dusty tunnels.

He zig-zagged, dodging rocks and stalagmites that fell until eventually … he flew into the air outside. Thick clouds of smoke billowed from the mouth of the volcano darkening the sky.

He had no time to see where the other dragons had gone, no time to find Gora or decide where to go next because the hot red lava spewed violently in bouts from various places in the mountain, raining down rock from above. Dodging the hot pieces of fire that fell he flew ahead with as much speed as he could muster.

Lava continued to spew from the ground, spitting angrily and destroying anything in its wake. A lava geyser broke through the earth in front and halted his path - altering his trajectory. More geysers continued to brake through the ground in violent outbursts, but Kalean was making good progress - travelling away from the danger. When he thought he was safe and slowed from exhaustion of carrying the hatchling, a piece of rock fell and crashed into his skull unexpectedly.

Kalean immediately fell unconscious…

In the cave lit by only glowing embers of the fire, Toothless woke up startled and sat up tense and sweating. Hiccup was startled awake at the sudden movement, he could hear Toothless’s deep laboured breathing.

‘‘T-Toothless what is it?’’ Hiccup’s hand reached out and found Toothless’s arm. Once his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see Toothless rubbing his face and calming down from what he now assumed to be a nightmare.

‘‘I-I remember … The day the volcano erupted.’’

Chapter Text

Chapter 34 - Goraless times

With the fire resupplied and Toothless feeling better than he did when he first woke up, he shared his new memories with Hiccup. More memories from when he was younger had return to him, along with the memory of the day he had lost them. Hiccup was passing him a drink of water as he finished his recount of that day.  

‘‘I remember waking up, being confused and a bit scared. I just saw an erupting volcano - hot lava getting nearer, and no one around. I’d obviously lost my memories - although at the time I was just scared and wanted to get away from that volcano, so I flew off the Island. I just remember flying for such a long time I must have zoned out. Young dragons can actually fall asleep when flying, not yet able to control that zone between sleeping and being awake. I guess that’s what I did.’’ Toothless explained. He took a sip of his water before a thought crossed his mind. ‘‘I hope that baby Strarollkender, erm … Stronkle, managed to find its Mooir.’’

‘‘I’m sure it did, it was a long time ago. You risked your life to help that Stronkle. It wasn’t there when you woke up right? So, it must have been okay.’’

Toothless checked Hiccup’s reaction to hearing the fact he had risked his life - even if it had been years ago, but it was a relief to see he didn’t appear to be affected by it. ‘‘I wonder where he went though. If another dragon found him why would they leave me there?’’

‘‘I don’t know babe, maybe he just wondered of or hid somewhere until he was found.’’

‘‘Maybe … I’m going to go and see if the sun if up yet, see what’s going on out there.’’ Toothless moved and groaned as he got to his feet. Every muscle ached and his shoulder was stiff from the bruising, but his side stung and made him wince.

Hiccup had a feeling Toothless didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and was leaving to avoid his questions. On top of that, he wanted Toothless to rest. ‘‘You sure that’s a good idea?’’

‘‘I’m fine Hicc. You could come with me but … I’m going to change so I can fly over to the lake. With this … I don’t know if carrying you will be a good idea.’’ He explained, pointing to his side. ‘‘I won’t be long.’’

As soon as Toothless flew from the dark areas of the cavern - past the stalagmites and boulders, he could see the lake. As he flew down to land by the waters edge, he noticed it had risen slightly. Small slow drops dripped from various points in the cavern roof. Over at the back - right side, where the cracks usually let in small rays of light, trickling water wept down the cavern wall and fed the lake. He could hear the storm from this section of the cavern but it was too difficult to tell what time of day it was. The sky was obviously darkened by grey clouds that no light streamed through, only the cool drafts of wind wafted in now.

He ignored the other dragons or the looks they gave him as he drunk from the lake. It was like they wanted to ask him a hundred questions but had decided to just stare at him instead - or pretend they weren’t. He had planned to return to Hiccup, but he was spotted by Gora who landed beside him.     

‘‘Came outta hiding then.’’ Gora grinned.

‘‘Who says I was hiding?’’

‘‘We’ll, ya did sneak of pretty fast last night an’ after Aflgeir and his goons decided to cause trouble.’’ Gora reminded him. ‘‘Ya never even told me you were cursed, ‘ad to find that out from Visskara last night.’’

‘‘I’m not cursed you faifuh. I just died and … came back again.’’ Toothless noticed the other dragons listening to them. ‘‘Let’s move somewhere else, I need to get back to Hiccup anyway.’’

‘‘Oh no you don’t Kalean! You’ve bailed on me twice already … and left me back all them ar’tios ago. I never got an explanation then, I want one now.’’

Before Toothless could argue Visskara landed.

‘‘Good, you’re awake. I have spoken to everyone here and they are aware that you have a human form and that Hiccup is your sal-binda. You should both be safe here for now, but do try not to cause any more chaos. I am assuming Hiccup is okay after yesterday?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘Yeah, he’s good. Do you think it will be okay for him to come down to the water, being stuck in that cave is driving him crazy?’’ Toothless knew they would gain a lot of attention from the other dragons, but if it made Hiccup feel better, he could deal with that.

‘‘Very well. Just know that I won’t be here all day. I still have my duties to attend to. Aflgeir, Akslital and Lemjatavi have been dealt with, however, they are still in this cavern and it would be wise to avoid any trouble.’’

‘‘I’ll keep him out of trouble.’’ Gora chimed in.

Toothless gave him a look of disbelief. In all his memories of Gora, he was the mastermind of trouble. Come to think of it, he would get on well with Tuff and Ruffnut if he was the same Gora he knew from all those years ago.

Toothless looked back at Visskara. ‘‘I’ll be careful.’’ He assured her.

Visskara nodded and went to leave, but she stopped as if she had remembered something. ‘‘Oh, and Toothless! When Acacia returns later, you will allow her to treat you. Do I make myself clear?’’

Toothless nodded. He really wouldn’t mind some of that healing watchamacalits if he was honest. Visskara left and Toothless turned to Gora.

‘‘So… Want to know what it feels like to fly with a human on your back?’’ Toothless smiled hopefully.

It took some convincing, first with Gora to agree on being Hiccup’s ride, then with Hiccup to get him to understand his message. He had not only asked Kirnottdra to fetch Hiccup from the cave, - being too big to fit inside himself, but he had also tried convincing Hiccup in his dragon form. Once he managed to communicate his plan, Gora lowered his body and Hiccup hesitantly climbed on using his spines as handles.

‘‘Finally, the human gets it!’’ Gora remarked playfully.

‘‘It’s Hiccup you faifuh, and don’t forget that’s my mate you’re carrying.’’

‘‘How does that even work?’’ Gora asked as they walked through the cavern to the wider area that would allow them to fly.

Toothless stopped and picked up the clothes he had left from before when he had changed form. He got Hiccup’s attention who took the clothes with confusion written all over his face.

‘‘Don’t ask!’’ Toothless warned Gora.

‘‘But he’s a he right? Unless you became a girl-’’

‘‘Like I said, don’t ask!’’     

They flew to the lake, over to where the walls of the cavern and water glowed the brightest. Not many dragons chose this part of the cavern to dwell. Most of them were boulder types, or types of dragons that preferred dry darker areas. Expect for the energetic hordes of Lagalogaror’s splashing about and the dragons that past by now and again. A Vengilfagre rested on the stack of rocks that emerged from the water, and there were two other dragons nearby sleeping. Yesterday, Toothless hadn’t recognized their species, but he remembered them now. They were Manifagreiths, dragons that enjoyed basking in the moonlight. Their black and white wings were their proudest feature - the intricate patterns and layers stood out rather beautifully. They had a purple body with blue legs and tail, and two long antennae like ears.

The short flight on Gora felt amazing compared to the dark solitude of the cave, even if he couldn’t fly as smoothly as Toothless. The birds eye view of the inhabitants felt beguiling to Hiccup. Climbing down from Gora’s back, he noticed the eyes that followed him and wondered why they had stopped here. ‘‘T-Toothless, why are we here?’’ Hiccup was cautious about being out in the open again after last time, and with the curious prying stares he was getting, it was unsettling. Toothless on the other hand didn’t seemed bothered. He laid down with Gora sitting next to him and motioned for Hiccup to do the same. ‘‘Well, it sure beats sitting in the cave.’’ Hiccup voiced allowed, He sat down scratching Toothless neck.

Gora observed the pleasurable reactions Toothless had to being scratched. Deciding he wanted some of the attention he moved closer to Hiccup and nudged hi

‘‘Oi you, get your own human!’’ Toothless protested.

‘‘Unfair!’’ Gora huffed as he laid down. ‘‘Besides, where do you expect me to find a friendly one anyways. I don’t see any around here, do you?

‘‘You could come back with us.’’ Toothless suggested after a moment’s thought. Gora looked shocked.

‘‘And leave this crappy island, no thanks. I’ve heard what humans do out there. I’m rather attached to my head ya know.’’

‘‘They’re not all bad Gora. We live on an Island called Berk - lots of my dragon friends live there … Well, they used to.’’ Toothless’s smile left his face and he suddenly looked grieved.

‘‘What happened to them?’’

Hiccup had realised that Toothless wanted to catch up with his childhood friend - and probably didn’t want to leave him alone wondering where he’d gone. Luckily, he had been writing in his journal when Kirnottdra had essentially pushed him out of the cave earlier, therefore, he still had it with him. Right now, he was drawing a picture of Toothless and Gora while they ‘talked’. Occasionally Hiccup and Toothless would exchange glances, smile at each other or Hiccup would pet him. A few times he noticed Gora’s shocked face, or other expressions that made him wonder what Toothless was telling him. It was nice to be out of the cave though, and even the other dragons that had been watching them had stopped staring - now used to his presence by the lake. He could hear the storm from this part of the cavern as he continued to draw, he was thankful to be sheltered from its wrath.  

‘‘Hypnucha Kalean! You certainly ain’t had a boring life have ya. Makes me wish I’d been there … well, for some of it at least. Why did ya leave?’’ Gora asked him.

Toothless had already told him how he first met Hiccup, and about Berk and the dragons there. He had told him about the Ogthantarth, how he had died, figured out he could change forms, and then seven days later the dragons left the island. He had even told him about the Mykerstorrdrottning - or the Red-death as Hiccup called it, and some yarx called Drago, but he hadn’t yet told him why he had left this island all those ar’tios ago.

‘‘I lost my memories that day Gora.’’ Toothless admitted. ‘‘Something hit me in the head … hot fiery rock, I think. When I came to … the first thing I saw was the thick black clouds of smoke and the hot molten lava. I just fled the island.’

‘‘I knew something was wrong when you flew off and didn’t come back.’’

‘‘Wait, you saw me leave?’’

‘‘Yeah. But you didn’t hear me calling. I couldn’t get to ya cos my mooir wouldn’t let me leave after she found me. We went further into the forest until the great fire stopped raging. It was a Hypnucha mess to say the least.’’ Gora remembered.

‘‘Do you know what happened to that baby-hatchling, that Strarollkender?’’

‘‘The one ya saved? Yeah sort of. Its mooir was frantic with worry, so I told her you had gotten him out and they looked for him. Soon found the little thing. It had been hiding. That was after I saw ya leave though. So, what? You forgot everything … including me?’’

‘‘That about sums it up, yeah.’’ Toothless felt better knowing the Stronkle had gotten back to his Mooir.

Gora didn’t wait to remind Toothless about some of the antics they had gotten up to as younglings. Toothless noticed the way Gora made him out to be the originator of their foolish plans - he debunked each one. His memory was slowly returning as they recounted their earlier days together, and he knew they were both just bored youngling back then trying to find a way to keep themselves entertained. Unfortunately for the other dragons on the island, that meant pulling pranks, winding them up, or just generally causing trouble when they weren’t exploring. Even their exploring had a habit of ended in catastrophe or chaos.  

‘‘Hey Toothless…’’ Gora laughed. ‘‘Remember that time on Iss mountain, when you landed face first in that snow pile trying to do that double twist lift thing. You were stuck for ages until you managed to plasma blast your way out.’’

‘‘Oh god’s, don’t remind me! That one can stay forgotten.’’

‘‘It was hilarious though!’’ Gora howled in laughter. ‘‘You managed to bring on that avalanche … and then a whole heard of angry Skioleggissval chased us.’’  

Hiccup looked over perplexed and curious; Gora seemed to find something hilarious and Toothless had his paws over his eyes. ‘‘And I have no idea what you two are talking about.’’ He voiced aloud. Toothless glanced over at him for a second.

‘‘Groaldridax and Kalvissmari were so angry Gora!’’ Toothless reminded him.

‘‘We had so much fun though Kalean, it was worth it.’’

‘‘We did have some good times … didn’t we?’’ Toothless reminisced and sighed. ‘‘I better spend some time with Hiccup now, as a human. He only has me to talk to but you’re welcome to stay though. I’ll get him to show you that picture of our friends I was telling you about.’’

‘‘Bailing on me already?’’ Gora teased as Toothless stood up. Hiccup closed his journal anticipating them leaving or something.   

‘‘Not on your life! I just got you back you faifuh.’’ Toothless was about to change forms when a female Lagrborkertre landed and bowed her head as a way of greeting him.

She was a small green coloured dragon, with jagged red growths on her head and down her spine. She had darker green growths on the top of her body and along her back, with a spiked club-like tail tip.

‘‘I just wanted to thank you for looking after Sessavior during that fight. I heard from Balinkeri that she was with you. Sessavior said your sal-binda was very funny.’’ She looked over at Hiccup who was standing next to Toothless, cautiously keeping his wits about him.

‘‘Sessavior must be your hatchling. Yeah, a few hatchlings found their way into the cave, Hiccup comforted them while I tried to stop the fight. When I returned the hatchlings had all fallen asleep. Sessavior couldn’t have been safer than with Hiccup.’’

‘‘My name is Groenneta, by the way. I will leave you now, I left Sessavior asleep. Thanks again.’’ Groenneta then flew away.

‘‘Someone’s popular.’’ Gora quipped.

‘‘See you on the other side.’’ Toothless smiled as he changed - ignoring Gora’s comment.

‘‘I will never get used to that.’’ Gora thought out loud as he watched his friend change from a Loightakalean to a naked human being.     

‘‘Hey Hiccup!’’ Toothless smiled as he picked up his clothes and dressed. His bruises were turning a black-blue colour now and he winced as he continued his task.

‘‘H-hey Toothless.’’ Hiccup stuttered, swinging his arms around.

‘‘Why you so nervous Hicc?’’

‘‘Me? I’m not! I’m just happy to see you again … human again.’’

‘‘Mm hmm’’ Toothless didn’t believe him but continued dressing. Once his pants and tunic were in place, he took Hiccup gently into his arms and kissed him. ‘‘So, why you really nervous?’’

‘‘If you must know, I’m just relieve that dragon didn’t come to cause any trouble, plus … we have an audience.’’ Hiccup pointed to the dragons that had started staring again, some had even stopped or had moved closer to get a better look.

Apart from the Vengilfagre, Manifagreiths and the clueless Lagalogarors that were already there, a purple Deadly-Nadder and a Finnafrithadil had been watching them. Toothless turned and raised his eyebrows.

‘‘It’s like they’ve never seen a dragon change form before.’’ He sarcastically commented. ‘‘Piss off you bunch of nosey plifigens!’’ He shouted, waving his arms at them. Gora roared to back up his friend. The Deadly-Nadder and Finnafrithadil left while the others turned away and stopped staring. Toothless turned to look back at Hiccup - ready to kiss him again. ‘‘Don’t mind them, they just have nothing better to do.’’

Hiccup just laughed.

Hiccup had shown Gora the drawings of the gang with their dragons: Hookfang, Meatlug, Barf and Belch, and Stormfly. He had also shared other drawings, such as the other dragons on Berk and of his son Trid. Toothless let Hiccup tell Gora about them and tried his best to relay any questions Gora had. Toothless discovered that he could translate Gora better than any of the other dragons - especially now his memory was returning, he still couldn’t completely translate everything he said though. It was actually nice to have his memory back, or at least more of it; What he didn’t remember at this point he put down to the fact that it was such a long time ago he had simply forgotten.

Toothless shared some of his and Gora’s past antics with Hiccup, who was pleased to know that his memory had all but returned. He was also relieved to learn that the baby Stronkle had been found in the end, and not just because it was safe, but because Toothless would no longer worry over what happened to it.

Toothless was sharing the time Gora managed to set two catastrophic-Quakens after them - after he got caught using his hypnotising ability to make the Gronckles paranoid. Apparently, Gora had tried to confuse the Quakens too, but he quickly discovered that wasn’t strong enough yet to control a dragon of that size and it back fired - they ended up fleeing for their lives. Toothless and Hiccup were chuckling, but when Hiccup looked over at Gora, he had a strange red glow in his eyes and was fixated on something. Hiccup followed to what Gora was looking at, he was shocked to see about eight Lagalogarors trying to stack on top of each other like a badly built tower. They would topple at any moment and surely fall into the dragons sleeping on the rocks.

‘‘Erm Toothless?’’ He pointed to the Lagalogarors, speechless. Toothless punched Gora’s leg.

‘‘Cut it out Gora.’’ He chuckled. ‘‘Just because they’re easy to pick on don’t mean you should. You haven’t changed at all have you?’’

Gora rolled his eyes - Toothless had ruined his fun. The Lagalogarors woke up from their trance and sure enough … they toppled causing one of them to hit the Manifagreiths. The Manifagreiths woke up started, and one of them reacted by breathing out a blueish purple gas at his intruder.

‘‘Time to go!’’ Toothless announced loudly, dragging Hiccup to his feet in a hurry. Toothless hissed in pain but seemed more focused on getting them out of there. ‘‘Gora, do you mind?’’ He asked, more for politeness then permission.

Before Hiccup could question them on the big rush, they were on top of Gora’s back and flying away from the lake. Toothless gripped onto Hiccup’s waist so he didn’t fall off. If Hiccup had turned around, he would have seen the look of shock and uncertainty that appeared on his boyfriend’s face.

‘‘What was that all about?’’ Hiccup finally asked.

‘‘Oh, you know, just Gora causing more chaos. Like always hey Gora?’’ Toothless looked back quickly at the Manifagreiths - and the now passed out Lagalogarors. Gora huffed his feigning displeasure at being blamed. They dipped slightly and Toothless snapped his head around to face forward again, holding onto Hiccup tightly. ‘‘That Manifagreith - Moon-Chitter as you called him, let slip some poison gas. The dragons will be fine after a bit, it wasn’t a lot but I don’t know what that stuff will do to humans.’’

Gora landed over by the darker area of the cavern to the left, and Hiccup jumped off first. He helped Toothless down - who seemed to have a little trouble. Toothless’s side had been irritated in the haste to get away from the gas, but he also appeared to be a bit stunned as well. Hiccup wondered if he had been scared of flying, but Toothless being stubborn and headstrong was adamant he was fine.

‘‘Thanks Gora, that was close you faifuh!’ Toothless chuckled when he had both feet on the ground. Gora communicated with various noises. ‘‘Yeah yeah, just like old days.’’ Toothless agreed. ‘‘I’ll see you later. I’m getting hungry so me and Hiccup should get something to eat.’’

Gora nudged Toothless with his head and received a quick single pat from him, and a wonderful scratch from Hiccup before he flew away.

‘‘Stay out of trouble you skelirex!’’ Toothless shouted after him and laughed. When Gora was out of ear shot Toothless let the act slip and sighed in relief. ‘‘So that’s what it feels like to ride a dragon?’’

Hiccup laughed at Toothless’s perplexed and shocked expression. ‘‘No, but that is what it feels like to ride Gora!’’  

The cave didn’t seem so dreary or dismal after their morning by the lake with Gora. It was nice retreating back to the privacy of the cave, to enjoy being together by the glowing fire - just the two of them. After eating, Hiccup broke out his second journal to record his new learnt information on the dragons.

Hiccup was leaning against Toothless’s good side as he wrote or sketched in his journal. They would occasionally smile at each other as Toothless patiently answered every question he was asked. Right now, Hiccup was trying to figure out what class to place the dragons into.  

‘‘If the Moon-Chitter doesn’t fit into strike class either … looks like we have another addition to the mystery class category.’’ Hiccup concluded outload.

‘‘Hold on Hicc! Moon-Chitters, as in Manifagreiths right?’’ Toothless asked, a thought had crossed his mind. Hiccup nodded curious to where this was going. ‘‘I think, you might need a new class babe. Hear me out.’’ He told Hiccup who sat up to listen. Toothless went through the journal with Hiccup and explained his reasoning for a new class. ‘‘You have Moon-Chitters the Manifagreiths. Vengilfagres the Bright-wings. Grutregrasvattirs the Great-Guardenia or Guardenien. Hraorskerahoggves the Tree-cutters. And the Lagrborkertre the Barktrees. All these dragons have two things in common, trees and plants. Like the boulder class, expect … trees and plants. Why not make a new class to place them into, you have the Tree Cutters down as sharp class, which I don’t disagree with.’’ Toothless paused to touch his side. ‘‘You could place them arseholes in two different classes. Sharp class and the new plant class.’’

‘‘Toothless that’s genius! Why didn’t I think of that?’’ Hiccup enthusiastically proclaimed. He was now on his knees writing frantically in his journal.

‘‘Because I’m just too good!’’ Toothless bragged.

‘‘Smart arse!’’ Hiccup quipped.

‘‘Ouch!’’ Toothless pouted, feigning hurt. ‘‘But what would you do without … all this?’’

‘‘You just gestured to all of you.’’

‘‘Exactly! What would you do without all of me?’’ He smiled.  

Hiccup stopped writing in his journal and suddenly looked troubled. He sighed sadly and put down the pencil. ‘‘I don’t know.’’

‘‘Fuck. Hiccup I’m sorry. That was a stupid thing to say.’’ Toothless moved closer to Hiccup, not sure what to expect.

‘‘It’s okay Toothless.’’ Hiccup said, but his voice didn’t sound very convincing.  

Toothless pulled Hiccup closer and he laid his head on his boyfriend’s lap - playing at the fabric of his trousers. The contact reminded Hiccup that Toothless was there with him now and he shouldn’t be worrying about the what if. The truth was, he really didn’t know what he would do without Toothless, but he had been able to push his fear away this time.

‘‘Don’t think about it!’’ Toothless consoled, playing with the stands of hair at the back of Hiccup’s head.

Hiccup didn’t want to ruin what had been a good day so far, and he didn’t feel as affected by the topic as Toothless seemed to think. He rolled over, looking up at Toothless to assure his boyfriend he was actually okay, but he noticed a stifled moan escaped his lips. ‘‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt-’’

‘‘You didn’t!’’ Toothless replied a little too fast, shaking his head.

‘‘Then why…’’ Hiccup tried to hide the smirk that sneaked onto his face as realisation hit him. His horny arse boyfriend was getting turned on, payback would be so sweet. Hiccup moved his head to test his theory, pressing down as he pretended to adjust his position. He was too caught up in his moment of revenge - from all the times Toothless had wound him up, that he forgot what they had just been talking about.

Toothless shifted position to allow Hiccup to get comfortable. ‘‘Good?’’ He asked with a smile when Hiccup stopped moving, and more importantly, stop pressing down on his manhood.

‘‘I’m not sure. Is something wrong?’’ Hiccup feigned his concern, purposefully pressing his weight down onto a certain location as he sat up. Toothless failed to stifle another moan.

‘‘What are you up to?’’ Toothless’s eyes squinted as he looked into Hiccup’s devious eyes.

‘‘Nothing! There’s just this lump in my way.’’ Hiccup feigned innocence as he pressed down on Toothless’s hardening cock once more.

‘‘That’s your fault!’’ Toothless accused, his voice slightly strained as he tried to keep his composure. ‘‘Maybe you should make it go away … seeing as it was your fault.’’

Hiccup pressed his lips into his boyfriend’s hungry ones. His hand leaving its teasing location - to rest on Toothless’s right shoulder. Toothless still couldn’t get enough of Hiccup delectable lips, the sensations still so new to him. Each time they made out it was like a new amazing discovery, and each and every time it made him shiver in new ways. 

‘‘I’d just like to see how it plays out, if it’s all the same to you.’’ Hiccup eventually replied. His plans to tease Toothless had started to back fire after that kissing - he had succeeded in arousing his own sexual desires.

‘‘What happened to, ‘we have to be quiet?’’’ Toothless leaned closer to retake back the lips that had left his tinging for more, but he was denied.

‘‘Well … when you put it that way.’’ Hiccup went to get up but was pulled back down into his lap.

‘‘You’re not going anywhere!’’ Toothless asserted, and took back those lips he had been refused.

The luscious erotic sensations of each other’s taste only worked to fuel their more sexual desires. Lips alone could no longer satisfy their hunger, and Hiccup found his hands undoing Toothless’s trousers while never leaving his boyfriends lips. Toothless shifted his weight to push his trousers to his knees as Hiccup removed his own - only breaking the kiss for moments to fling his across the cave along with his tunic. Hiccup went to lift Toothless’s tunic but he was stopped.

‘‘Leave it’’ Toothless’s breathless voice breathed between the kissing.

Hiccup complied and knew to be mindful of his injuries. He took Toothless cock into his hand and rubbed it as Toothless sucked his neck - his skin feeling more sensitive as he licked and kiss every inch of flesh he could find. The gravelly moans from Toothless, and the drips of precum that fell onto his hand were his que. He guided Toothless cock to his opening, and with one hand rested on Toothless right shoulder he worked to penetrate his own arse as he pressed down onto Toothless hard erection.

Toothless gasped caught between shock and enjoyment - they had never done it in this position before. He held Hiccup’s arse cheeks as his boyfriend worked his way down his shaft. ‘‘Mm, Hiccup!’’ He exclaimed, voicing his sexual pleasure as he squeezed the small round chunks of fat in his hands. The process of total penetration only fuelling their sexual needs.

Toothless rubbed Hiccup’s swollen cock with one hand as he watched him adjust to the size of his own. The groans from Hiccup only elicited his need to be satisfied further, the restraint to not flip Hiccup over and fuck his arse was like a bursting dam. Something about Hiccup naked and on top - lowering onto his pulsating cock, made him crazy. It was breaking his resolve to stay in control of his actions.

‘‘Hic … Hiccup!’’ Toothless ground out through clenched teeth, his fists now clenched by his sides as Hiccup bounced in his lap - rocking his balls in the process. ‘‘Hiccup, stop!’’ When Hiccup stopped, he noticed Toothless’s breathing was heavy with seriously dilated eyes. ‘‘Just give me a minute!’’ Toothless breathed, calming himself of his overwhelming need to dominate the man he loved.

‘‘What happened Toothless?’’ Hiccup wrapped his arms around the back of Toothless head - his arse still fully penetrated. He wanted desperately to keep going, but he wouldn’t unless Toothless wanted him to.

‘‘You just … drive me crazy.’’ Toothless admitted

‘‘You want me go on?’’

‘‘Can I…’’ Toothless hesitated.

‘‘You want to take the lead?’’

‘‘Yeah.’’ Toothless admitted nodding. ‘‘But, Fuck Hicc. I can’t control it.’’ He confessed; he was worried about being too rough like last time.   

‘‘Then don’t. I’m ready. Either you fuck me now or I’m jacking off.’’

Toothless heard the words ‘fuck me now’ and that was all the permission he needed. Hiccup laid on his back with his knees bent wanting to see his boyfriends face as he came inside him. Toothless’s hard cock slipped in with little protest and he fucked Hiccup like he had wanted to from the start. Each thrust only building the stimulations that would eventually be their release.

‘‘Mm, Toothless, that’s it baby.’’ Hiccup breathlessly moaned, rubbing his cock as Toothless worked his arse. The thrusts became deeper and faster as Toothless got lost in the sexual act. ‘‘You … with me?’’ Hiccup ground out. ‘‘Toothless?’’

Toothless snapped from his trance and caught Hiccup’s forest green eyes. They grounded him, kept him conscious in the moment and only reminded him that this wasn’t just sex, it wasn’t simply a matting ritual, it was what two people did when they were in love … just like Hiccup had told him.

‘‘I … love you!’’ Toothless breathed. ‘‘Fuck Hicc, I think I’m-’’ Toothless’s voice broke off and he gasped. His thrusts coming to a slow and his breaths ragged. 

Hiccup was already dangerously close when he felt Toothless’s cum warm his insides, so it only took a few quick rubs to bring on his own mind-blowing release. Toothless slowed his breathing and waited for his dizzy intoxicated stated to calm before pulling out.

‘‘I love you too babe.’’ Hiccup chuckled as Toothless all but collapsed next to him. ‘‘You don’t think anyone heard us … do you?’’

‘‘If they did, they can piss off! Besides, it’s not like dragons get a room when they do it.’’

‘‘And that’s one image I didn’t need to be thinking about right now.’’

‘‘Then don’t think about it.’’ Toothless said as he leaned over and kissed Hiccup, running his hand through his auburn hair.

‘‘Pass me a cloth from the bag babe!’’ Hiccup asked when they separated lips.

Toothless found a cloth from one of the bags next to him, wincing as the aches in his body seemed to return post sex. It was as if the heat of the moment had acted like a pain alleviation. He passed the cloth over to Hiccup who wiped his hands.

‘‘We really didn’t think this through.’’ Hiccup complained as he tried to clean up with a dry cloth.

‘‘I could always change into a dragon and lick you clean!’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Toothless! That’s disgusting!’’ Hiccup exclaimed, disgusted at the thought of his dragon - Toothless or not, cleaning up his spunk with his tongue. Dragon saliva was sticky enough, he certainly didn’t want it going south. 

‘‘What? You swallowed mine that one time.’’

‘‘You weren’t a dragon!’’

‘‘I’m always a dragon, well … kind off.’’

‘‘Toothless, no! Just … no.’’ Hiccup put his foot down. He got up to find some water to clean with before getting dressed.

Toothless followed suit and they both managed to clean up pretty well with what they had. They decided to get some more water from the lake in a while, for now they just wanted to relax together, enjoying each other’s company in the privacy of the cave.

‘‘The storm should be over soon.’’ Hiccup voiced aloud, sitting against Toothless.

‘‘Yeah, then we can get what we came for and leave right?’’ 

‘‘Right. You don’t sound happy about that.’’ Hiccup noticed.

‘‘I am! I just … well I just found Gora after all this time and-’’

‘‘You don’t want to go just yet?’’

‘‘I want Gora to come with us … but I don’t think he will.’’ Toothless admitted.

‘‘Even if he agreed… Toothless, Gora wouldn’t be able to come to Berk unless we figure out what’s going on and fix it, none of the dragons can come back.’’

‘‘I know Hicc, but according to Gora … he’s the last of his kind.’’

Chapter Text

Chapter 35 - Ancient markings

Toothless and Hiccup returned to the lake last night. It had taken a while to get there on foot, but they ended up meeting with Gora again for a bit. It was obvious how happy Toothless was in having remembered - and found, his best friend from long ago.  Hiccup found himself thinking of ways to make it possible for Gora to come with them if he wanted, but it always ended with the fact that Berk was still a no dragon zone. He never said anything, deciding to wait and see if the cave markings could bring them any closer to solving that mystery. That way he would be closer to knowing if it was at all possible for Gora to even come to Berk. The last thing Hiccup wanted was for Gora to be stuck on Dragon Edge, he would be safer staying here with Visskara if Berk proved to not be an option altogether.

Acacia had found them at some point last night and treated Toothless’s wounds while he was in his human form, before they returned to the cave. Having no idea what time it was they didn’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, it wasn’t surprising therefore, that they had slept past sunrise.

Hiccup and Toothless had woken up in alarm that early afternoon - to loud sounds of smashing rock and vibrations that were causing dirt and small rock fragments to fall. Dusty debris had filling the air, and they woke up coughing. They rushed from the cave to see what was going on. Three Gronckles and the purple and grey Grunt-Smasher were smashing down the cavern walls, while the other three Gronckles carried the smashed rock fragments away in an orderly fashion.

‘‘Gorrolketir?’’ Toothless shouted over the smashing. ‘‘What the fuck is going on? You couldn’t have warned us first?’’ He coughed.

Gorrolketir the Grant-Smasher, stopped with a loud grunt, and turned to face Toothless. ‘‘Should have woken up then. The great sol finally returned, time to mend the damage and re-stock the food. Best you move out! Alright Alrollkenders…’’ He bellowed, turning back to the others to continue his commands. ‘‘…More force. Tusiain! Stop eating the rocks you quiazule and get back to moving them! That’s it Drofrolk, that’s the way we roll!’’

Toothless couldn’t make much sense of what Gorrolketir just shouted at him, he was quite startled and just stood there blinking in shock.

‘‘Toothless?’’ Hiccup asked. The smashing had resumed and he was expecting some explanation - or translation.

‘‘Erm … A-All I got from that was … T-Time to move out!’’ Toothless stuttered over the noise and rubbed his eyes. ‘‘Let’s grab our stuff quick and get out of here before the cave falls in. I think everyone is getting ready to leave the cavern babe. Well, everyone that don’t live down here anyways.’’  Toothless explained, getting over the shock of being rudely woken up and then shouted at.

Toothless flew them and their stuff to a safer location within the cavern before returning to his human form. Toothless’s side was now just a scar, and the bruises were already fading. Whatever Acacia did was astonishing - even Gothi couldn’t heal wounds that quickly.

Not many dragons remained in the cavern now that the storm had passed. The Gronckles and Grant-Smasher were busy doing what they did best. The Hotburples and Stronkles were nowhere to be seen - Toothless presumed they had moved to a different cavern. The Flame-Tips were laying together to the far-left side of the cavern by the stalagmites, although they still had company of a couple Deadly-Nadders. The Night-Wisps were sleeping to the far right, curled up together. The only others in the cavern, was Gora down by the lake, and themselves setting up in the south area.   

‘‘I thought the storm would last till tonight.’’ Hiccup asked, as they sorted out the wood that they had saved from the cave - to be used for the fire later on.

‘‘That’s what Karisonita said. Sometimes they get it wrong.’’ Toothless shrugged.

‘‘Karisonita?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Yeah! The Aheitavattaid I was telling you about.’’ Toothless reminded him.

‘‘Oh, the Tidal class dragon, I remember.’’ Hiccup nodded.

Gora spotted them and decided to fly over.  

‘‘Hey Gora!’’ Both Toothless and Hiccup greeted in unison as he landed.

‘‘You sticking around?’’ Toothless asked. He got onto his feet and bashed into his friend playfully. Gora just pushed Toothless away with his foot looking bored. He obviously felt Toothless was too weak in his human form to be bothered by him. ‘‘Just wait till I change Gora, I bet I can still beat you!’’ Toothless goaded, trying to wrestle him with his arms around Gora’s neck.

Gora chuckled mischievously and his eyes glowed red. Toothless suddenly starting running around the cavern, screaming like a mad man and taking off his vest and tunic in the process.

Hiccup’s jaw dropped in confusion and shock as he watched Toothless throw his vest and tunic across the cavern … then he proceeded to undo his trousers. ‘‘Gora!’’ Hiccup shouted accusingly, but he couldn’t help chuckling when Toothless tried to fly in his human form - flapping his arms around and still screaming very loudly.

Gora ended up rolling on the floor in fits as Hiccup tried to contain his own laughter. With Gora distracted, Toothless was no longer under the effects of the hypnotism. He stopped running and looked down just as his trousers dropped to the ground exposing his arse. Hiccup burst into laughter - no longer able to contain himself.  

‘‘That’s it Gora! You asked for it!’’ Toothless shouted once he realised what had happened. He removed what was left of his clothes and changed into a dragon, tackling Gora immediately after the change.  

Hiccup was still trying not to laugh as he watched his Night-fury and a Hypnofuse play-fighting around the cavern - tackling each other like teenage boys. They almost hit into a red and blue Deadly-Nadder as it was leaving, which gave Hiccup a look of exasperation as it huffed away.

‘‘Sorry, he just… Yeah.’’ Hiccup didn’t really know what to say as he watched it leave.

When he looked back at Toothless, he saw Gora had gone to whack him with his tail and had missed - hitting a stalagmite instead. Hiccup winced as he watched the stalagmite fall, nearly landing on top of Runisalith who was minding her own business for once. She flew over towards Hiccup - to get away from their destructive games and to glare at him like it was his fault.  

‘‘I am so sorry Runisalith.’’ Hiccup covered his eyes in embarrassment. ‘‘He’s not usually like this.’’

‘‘Now I’m beginning to remember those two.’’ Runisalith sighed, of course Hiccup couldn’t understand her. She vaguely remembered the gossip of a Loightakalean and a Hugreaetlavafi, from many ar’tios ago, that always cause trouble on the island. Come to think of it, she remembered more in regards to when the Loightakalean use to be under Kalvissmari’s care, along with Visskara when they were hatchlings.       

Over by the lake, Toothless was immensely caught up in his game with Gora and had just activated his alpha mode. Runisalith gave Hiccup a very strong glare of disapproval.

‘‘Oh, that’s just … I-I have nothing to do with this!’’ Hiccup told her - throwing his hands up, defending himself from getting blamed. He received a huff and a disapproving eyeroll nonetheless.   

 ‘‘Gora! I command you - stop attacking me!’’ Toothless firmly ordered, roaring to assert his dominance as he hovered in front of Gora.

 ‘‘That’s so unfair you cheating plifigen!’’ Gora shouted, trying to hypnotise Toothless to go for a swim.

Toothless nearly ended up nose diving into the lake, but his alpha mode made Gora’s hypnotism weak. He managed to break the hold Gora had on him and land on the rocks protruding from the lake instead.

‘‘Stop hypnotizing me and I’ll stop commanding you! What’s the matter Gora? Still can’t take me without them powers of yours?’’ Toothless goaded.

‘‘Oh, I can take you Kalean!’’ Gora boldly assured him, flying straight for Toothless as fast as he could.

As Gora got closer, Toothless went to take off. Gora spun at the last moment and managed to whacked him with his tail. They both splashed into the lake.

‘‘Gee Gora…’’ Toothless spat the water out at him. ‘‘…If you wanted to go for a swim you should have asked.’’ Toothless quipped.

‘‘Where’s the fun it that, you torht?’’ Gora tried to Hypnotise Toothless again, but he got splashed with water by Toothless’s tail - breaking his concentration. Gora returned the water attack using his own tail.

Gora and Toothless were still playfighting - and insulting each other for good measure, when Visskara flew into the cavern. She spotted them and hovered over the lake.

‘‘Gora! Toothless! That’s quite enough! Toothless, your alpha mode isn’t welcome on this island without my consent, I shouldn’t have to remind you of that. I have something to tell you if can manage to grow up long enough to hear it.’’ She then flew over to where Hiccup had been watching, Runisalith was still there.

‘‘Ooo, you got told Kalean!’’ Gora gibed, once Visskara was out of earshot.

‘‘Shut it you plifigen!’’ Toothless smirked, turning off his alpha mode and splashing Gora for good measure.

‘‘You love me really!’’ Gora teased.  

Toothless and Gora got out of the lake and returned to where they had left Hiccup. Visskara was there talking to Runisalith when they landed, she turned to speak to them.

‘‘I can’t begin to imagine what you two were like as younglings.’’ Visskara voiced aloud and sighed. ‘‘I wanted to let you know that I will take you to the section of the caves you seek in the morning, after the great sol has risen. I am needed elsewhere on the island today assisting clean up after the storm. Please do try and stay out of trouble.’’

Toothless and Gora nodded their assurance, but when Visskara turned around to continue her conversation with Runisalith, Gora wacked Toothless with his tail. Visskara turned to face them again before Toothless could retaliate, seeing their feigning innocent faces looking back at her she huffed. Hiccup was trying not to chuckle, he had assumed correctly that Visskara had reprimanded them and behind her back were doing the opposite of what she wanted. That face off Toothless’s used to work with him, but he doubted it would work with Visskara.  

‘‘Don’t force me to separate you two. I’d have expected better from you Toothless, being an alpha dreki nonetheless. I have enough to deal with as it is without cleaning up after you two hatchlings.’’ Visskara warned them.

Toothless and Gora nodded again, assuring her they would behave. With her back turned Gora mimicked Visskara’s accusation that they were behaving like hatchings. Hiccup covered his mouth to stifle his chuckles. Toothless whacked Gora upside the head with his tail.

Gora and Toothless had failed to reel it in when Visskara left, continuing their mischievousness and tomfoolery. They had tired each other out by the time Toothless changed form to spend some time with Hiccup. Toothless was still breathless as he pulled up his trousers and went to find the vest and tunic he’d thrown from before. Gora laid in a heap near Hiccup, still breathing heavy himself from chasing after Toothless.

‘‘Who won?’’ Hiccup asked when Toothless sat down beside him, sighing in relief at being able to rest.

‘‘Me! Did you have any doubt?’’ Toothless’s smug smile reeked of his ego. Gora huffed in disagreement. ‘‘Don’t know what you’re huffing about, you couldn’t catch me you yenho!’’ Gora grumbled and rolled his eyes. ‘‘Yeah, I’ll give you that one.’’  

‘‘What did he say?’’ Hiccup asked, smiling at his boyfriend.

‘‘That he isn’t such a yenho anymore. I used to call him that when we were younger, back when he couldn’t get his confusion or hypnotism to work like he wanted. He’s a much better opponent now, right Gora?’’ Gora had a smug look about him after hearing Toothless agree he had gotten stronger. ‘‘Don’t let it go to ya head, you’re already a massive plifigen!’’  

‘‘You always call each other names?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Well, I was the torht and he was the yenho. Weirdo and weak-shit in case you forgot. Now he’s just an arsehole!’’ Toothless chuckled. Gora rolled his eyes and looked like he was trying to sleep.

‘‘Looks like you had fun.’’ Hiccup chucked. He leaned in to kiss Toothless and whispered ‘‘I was routing for you babe.’’

‘‘I should hope so?’’ Toothless whispered back before returning the kiss.

Gora had actually done them the favour of fishing for them, after he had returned with his own share of red sea bream that evening and Hiccup had announced that they needed more fish themselves. Shockingly enough, Gora had found Hiccup and Toothless a two-foot Tambaqui. Even Toothless was impressed at the catch.

‘‘Fuck me Gora, I ain’t seen one of them in years!’’ Toothless exclaimed. 

‘‘What is it?’’ Hiccup questioned, poking it with a stick.

‘‘Babe … It’s dead!’’ Toothless laughed.

‘‘J-Just checking, that thing has teeth.’’ Hiccup pulled the stick back and shuddered.

‘‘It’s a … Tambaqui I think. Really hard to catch and tastes great raw if I remember right, bet they taste just as good cooked.’’ Toothless was almost dribbling as he stared at the fish.

‘‘You sure it’s safe?’’ Hiccup asked. He was hesitant to even touch the massive fish, let alone eat it.

‘‘Just cook it! I’ll eat it if you won’t.’’ Toothless pressed. He was starving, especially after his mischievous endeavours earlier on with Gora.

Toothless had sent Gora to find a big enough stick to stake the Tambaqui on. He came back with a few suitable ones and Hiccup just about managed to pierce the thing though the middle. It was really heavy and certainly wasn’t an easy task. Toothless helped Hiccup make the fire, they then stacked some rocks to act as a cooking spit to rest the fish on. Once it was finally cooked Toothless seemed over eager to start eating.

‘‘Mmm. It’s so good!’’ Toothless mumbled with his mouth full, trying to shove more in. Hiccup hesitantly placed a piece into his mouth and his face lit up.

‘‘Mmm. This is great! It tastes vaguely like boar … makes a nice change from the other fish we have been eating. Thanks Gora.’’ Hiccup thanked him, truly appreciative of the change.

After dinner, Hiccup found himself thinking about what Berk would be like with both Toothless and Gora there. He didn’t know if the villagers could handle both of them together. After today though, he really didn’t want to make Toothless say goodbye to his childhood friend.

‘‘What’s on your mind Hicc?’’ Toothless asked, knowing Hiccup was in deep thought about something.

‘‘I’m just hoping we can get the dragons back to Berk.’’

‘‘That reminds me, Visskara said she would take us to find them markings tomorrow - after the sun rises.’’ Toothless informed him.

‘‘That’s great. If we can get the dragons back, do you think Gora would come to Berk.’’ Hiccup looking over at Gora who was sleeping.

‘‘I haven’t asked him since last time. I sure don’t want to have to say good bye though.’’ Toothless admitted.  

‘‘Well, you know where this island is now so you can always visit. It won’t take you as long to get here on your own.’’ Hiccup reminded him.

‘‘That’s true, and I always have you on Berk.’’ Toothless smiled at him. ‘‘I’ll ask him what he thinks after we have seen the markings tomorrow. You never know Hicc, we might be one step closer to getting the dragons off the edge and back home.’’

‘‘Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like Trid to grow up with the dragons around him. To teach him everything I know. He might grow up to outshine me.’’

‘‘No one could replace you Hicc. You had to figure out we weren’t evil beasts yourself, you did that with everyone telling you otherwise. At least Trid will grow up knowing the truth, he has a great father after all.’’ Toothless wrapped his arm behind Hiccup.

‘‘And he has you too!’’ Hiccup reminded him.

‘‘He does indeed?’’ Toothless smirked. Hiccup chuckled, but then he looked troubled.  

‘‘I just hope I don’t have to tell my son I failed, that I couldn’t bring them home.’’ Hiccup sighed. ‘‘Berk will never be the same without the dragons … and the riders.’’

‘‘You can’t fail if you tried Hiccup. You can only do something that’s possible. If there isn’t a way to bring them back then at least you can say you tried your best. I bet we will find a way though. Don’t worry about it tonight, let’s see what we find tomorrow yeah?’’

Hiccup nodded, but he still couldn’t help imagining having to tell the village he came back empty handed. Toothless knew Hiccup was still thinking about it, so he pulled Hiccup closer to him and they laid back together.

‘‘What do you think of Gora?’’ Toothless asked. 

‘‘I think you two would destroy Berk!’’

‘‘It’s possible.’’ Toothless chuckled. ‘‘No, we wouldn’t do that. Just scare a few locals maybe.’’

Hiccup punched Toothless. ‘‘And this is convincing me how?’’

‘‘He’d get on great with the twins.’’ Toothless remarked.

‘‘Yep, he isn’t coming!’’

Toothless rolled on top of Hiccup and pinned him to the ground. ‘‘Is that so?’’ Toothless asked him, leaning forwards to press his lips into Hiccup’s, almost as if to say ‘but you love me’. The kiss that transpired was slow and loving before Toothless lifted his head to look down into Hiccup’s eyes, his own lime-green eyes doing their best at feigning innocence. ‘‘You would deny me my best friend?’’

‘‘I thought I was your best friend?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘You got promoted to boyfriend, remember?’’

‘‘Well, I do have to put the needs of Berk first, just saying.’’

‘‘And where does that leave me?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Oh, somewhere up there with Trid.’’ Hiccup smiled.

‘‘So, If I really wanted him to come back, would you say no? More importantly, could you stop him oh mighty dragon trainer?’’ Toothless looked over at Gora who was still asleep, before returning to look at Hiccup. 

‘‘I, erm…Well, er…’’ Hiccup stuttered

Toothless chuckled and kissed him. ‘‘Didn’t think so.’’

When Toothless let his guard down Hiccup managed to flip him over and sit on top of him.

‘‘Let me get this straight. You would invite Gora to Berk and destroy my village - giving all the dragons under your command a bad name, where I’ll be forced to evict them from Berk altogether because you decided to undo all my training. Oh, mighty alpha dragon.’’ Hiccup smirked.

‘‘Well, when you put it like that, I-I… erm…’’ Toothless stuttered.

‘‘Didn’t think so.’’ Hiccup smiled.

Hiccup had been taught from a very young age how to negotiate for the sake of peace treaties and such, which is one thing Toothless didn’t have. He could manipulate well, gods only knew where he learnt that but Hiccup had the upper hand on this one and Toothless knew it. Toothless resorted to the only thing he could think of, he tickled Hiccup sides.

Hiccup pleaded with Toothless to stop, but he ended up pinned in Toothless lap being tickle assaulted. Toothless only let up when Hiccup couldn’t breathe.

‘‘Sorry Hicc, but you’re so cute when you laugh.’’ Toothless chuckled.

Hiccup sat in Toothless’s lap until he regained his breath, he then turned around to kiss his boyfriend. As they shared a kiss Hiccup smirked and caught his boyfriend off guard, he tickled him back right under his arms where he was weak. Toothless was stronger than Hiccup but under the tickle assault he could only squirm, laughing as he tried to plead with Hiccup to stop, he occasionally got in some tickling of his own.

The two boys continued wrestling, tickling, and horse-playing around. The laughter woke up Gora who looked at them puzzled at their game. He could tell they were happy, excited, and just having fun… but it provoked his curiosity and he went to investigate. He started sniffing Hiccup’s arse, essentially ramming his nose right up there as Hiccup was tickling Toothless. Hiccup was startled at the sudden intrusion and yelled as he spun around to see who his assailant was.  

‘‘Whoa! What the…’’ Hiccup suddenly shouted, startling Gora in the process who wondered what he had done wrong. Toothless was breathless from being tickled as he looked up at Gora, and then back to Hiccup. Hiccup was now sitting next to him, guarding his backside. ‘‘Okay, Let’s not do that again.’’ Hiccup told Gora.

‘‘What happened?’’ Toothless asked when he had his breath back.

‘‘Oh, you know. Gora just wanted to say hi… The dragon way.’’ Hiccup explained, he didn’t enjoy having a dragon up his arse.

It took Toothless a moment until the penny dropped, but then he started laughing again. Hiccup just frowned at him, wondering what was so funny about having his arse assaulted by a dragon.

‘‘Oh, that is so mature’’ Hiccup stated when he realised the joke, he couldn’t help chuckling though.  

‘‘Gora, that arse is all mine.’’ Toothless managed to say before laughing again.

Gora was rather confused to say the least.   

The next morning, true to her word, Visskara arrived to take Hiccup and Toothless to the section of the volcano mountain that pertained to the Ogthantarth markings. Toothless was in his dragon form, the saddle fixed into place with some of their things. Hiccup was in his flight suit and sitting upon Toothless as they flew through the cavern, leading to the tunnels that lead deeper into the mountain. Gora followed, wanting to stay with Toothless but also curious to what they were going to find. Acacia also joined them, she didn’t know much about the Ogthantarth markings - that was Groaldridax’s area of teaching, but she had been around long enough to perhaps be of some help.

They travelled for a while, flying past stalagmites, over large drops inside the mountain and through new caverns. Some were homes to other dragons that Hiccup had never met, nor was he going to apparently. Word had spread through the volcano mountains of Toothless and his sal-binda Hiccup, so the dragons just watched as they flew through, bowing in respect to Visskara as they passed.

They flew through a smaller cavern, glowing with gems and crystals. They passed two different species of dragons that had Hiccup turning to get a second look. Toothless warbled at Hiccup’s excitement. One of the species were grey and white, shaped like a Stronkle but covered in what looked like diamonds or clear crystals. The other species of dragon were purple, with spikes and covered in gems of all different colours. Hiccup didn’t get long to look as they turned to climb up into some other tunnels.  

‘‘You know what we’re talking about later, don’t you bud?’’ Hiccup patted Toothless head, Toothless rolled his eyes.  

‘‘Why’s he so interested in them rock loving faifuhs.’’ Gora asked Toothless.  

‘‘He likes to learn about new dragons, and them rock loving idiots as you call them, they like rocks that are worth a lot to humans.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘But there just rocks!’’ Gora protested.

‘‘Humans call them gems, crystals, or gold. They like to wear them, or give them to women to wear at least. The men sometimes give them to their mates, to express their love and loyalty. Seems to make them happy. They can also swap rocks like that for other things, like weapons or food. You know … trade that stuff for something else.’’

‘‘Kalean! I think you’ve been human to long!’’ Gora exclaimed.

‘‘Everyone is unique Gorahiroa…’’ Acacia imparted her wisdom after overhearing their conversation.  ‘‘…for what one may like, another may not. This is the law of things that keeps everything else in balance. I am different to you in many ways, but that is what makes me great at being a Grutregrasvattir and you a Hugreaetlavafi. The great dreki gods made us different for a reason Gora. There is no shame in being different, only shame in seeing different as wrong.’’

Gora looked like his head was going to explode in confusion as he glanced over at Toothless. Toothless chuckled at him. Visskara soon stopped and made them all land as she plasma blasted through a blocked section of the tunnels.

‘‘We should be nearly there. Looks like no dreki has come this way since the great fire erupted.’’ Visskara informed them as they pressed on.

True to Visskara’s observation, the tunnels eventually got harder to travel and they had to fly in single formation. Occasionally they had to blast their way through the tunnels or past the sharp stalactites and stalagmites. It was extremely dark, but Visskara glowed in her Alpha form and allowed Toothless to do the same for Hiccup’s sake. Gora had a strange pink-purple glow when his mouth was open and Acacia’s wings and tail glowed a faint pink colour.

‘‘How does Visskara know the way?’’ Hiccup asked Toothless.

‘‘I have been here before, although my memory is vague my mooir showed me these tunnels not long before the great fire erupted. It is also my job to know every inch of this island. I can also see the cooler air pockets with my vision.’’ Visskara explained to Toothless, knowing he would relay her reply to Hiccup later.

They finally reached a cave opening where Visskara stopped, informing them they had arrived. Toothless used his echolocation to observe their location … it looked safe enough. Visskara nodded her head to the cave walls where various markings were etched deeply into the stone. Hiccup jumped down from Toothless and pulled out inferno.

‘‘Toothless, is it okay if I?’’ Hiccup asked, showing them what he wanted to do. When he got a nod from Toothless, he activated the blade and flamed it up. The flame engulfed some of the darkness well, illuminating a third of markings in front of him. Hiccup stood in total awe at the engraved drawings and the ancient writings that covered the entire length of the wall. ‘‘Oh, Thor! Toothless, t-these are h-human markings. They predate anything I’ve ever seen before. This is amazing bud!’’

Hiccup found some rocks to use, to balance inferno between like a touch, he then scrambled for his journal and pencil. ‘‘I can’t make out these markings but I think they’re some form of ancient writing. These drawings are remarkable though, I should be able to figure out what they mean at least.’’ Hiccup voiced his thoughts before turning to Toothless. ‘‘Toothless, ask Visskara and Acacia the last time humans were here?’’ Hiccup asked as he copyed the markings and drawings onto his parchment. Getting them all down would take some time.

‘‘We haven’t had humans on this island since the great sorcerer herself. I have no idea how many ar’tios ago that was. It is safe to assume it would have been over a thousand ar’tio ago. Grutregrasvattirs live over three hundred ar’tios, I am already over two hundred ar’tios myself. My mooir’s mooir, used to tell me the stories of the sorcerer when I was a youngling - that she lived hundreds of ar’tios before her time and even her mooir wasn’t alive when the sorcerer died. Only the stories that have been passed on remain to honour the memory of the sorcerer, and this island remains devoid of human life because of her.’’

‘‘T-Three hundred?’’ Toothless asked, he was still shocked at the life span of her species.

‘‘Yes, that is right. Only the drekis of old live for such a long a time. The Grutregrasvattirs being one, the Ogthantarth I believe was another. Although as far as I am aware, Grutregrasvattirs are the last to live such long lives. Then again, I believed the Ogthantarth was extinct until you and Hiccup explained how one had attacked your island.’’

Hiccup was still busy laying out parchment and copying the markings. Occasionally he would pause to try and work out what each part meant, or to check his drawings matched with the markings on the wall. When Toothless finished talking with Acacia, he changed into his human form and relayed the information onto Hiccup as he put on his clothes.

‘‘T-Toothless, do you know what this means?’’ Hiccup excitedly asked him, once Toothless was done repeating what Acacia had told him.

‘‘Lets pretended I have no idea.’’ Toothless smiled.

‘‘Humans may have been around longer then we thought. These marking are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The drawings I can maybe figure out but … the writing is like a whole new language Toothless.’’ Hiccup wiped the sweat from his forehead onto his sleeve and continued working.  

Toothless noticed Hiccup was getting hot, and now he was in his human form it did feel quite warm and stuffy down here. He watched as Hiccup copied parts of the markings on to the parchment. When he had finished with that section, he moved his inferno over to copy some more. By the time Hiccup was only half way through copying the markings he was sweating so heavily he had to remove his flight suit.

‘‘It’s it hot down here babe, or is it just me?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘No, it is quite warm. Maybe you should take off your vest and tunic too Hiccup, you’re sweating.’’ Toothless suggested.

‘‘I’m okay now. You could pass me the water though … please.’’

Toothless passed the water over to Hiccup and he watched him work. Hiccup had decided to focus on copying the drawing and writings down, leaving the translation until later. Toothless felt a bit useless just watching, but the engravings were fascinating to look at. As more time passed, Toothless was starting to sweat as well and his tunic clung to his back so he took it off. Hiccup on the other hand was soaked in perspiration and breathing heavier.

‘‘Hiccup, are you okay? I think we need to … think about getting a move on.’’ Toothless expressed his worry.

‘‘Not yet Toothless. Some of these markings are missing. Down here, the lower section of the drawings are gone.’’ Hiccup said, pointing to the lower part of the wall.

‘‘They must have been erased when the volcano erupted.’’ Toothless suggested.

‘‘No! no, there must be more. There has to be-.’’ Hiccup was saying before he starting getting a bit dizzy.

‘‘Hiccup! If you have copied it all down, we need to get going!’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘I’m fine!’’ Hiccup snapped him. Checking that he had all the marking accurately copied. He knew he probably wouldn’t get a chance to see this amazing discovery again, and a part of him wasn’t ready to leave yet even if he had copied everything down.

Toothless was at least trying to get Hiccup to take off his vest and tunic when the flame on inferno started going out.

‘‘No, Argh!’’ Hiccup complained as he changed the Monstrous-Nightmare canister, but the same thing happened and the flame refused to stay lit.

The dragons started to feel the air change and Visskara announced it was time to go. Toothless started collecting parchment and forced Hiccup to pack up and leave.  

‘‘Babe, if we die down here these marking won’t mean anything. Let’s go!’’ Toothless told him.

Hiccup gave in realising he had no choice, it was now becoming harder to breath and he felt too dizzy to concentrate on his drawings. Toothless stripped and changed form once the bag was packed. Hiccup quickly fixed the saddle into place, stuffed the clothes into the bag and jump on with his flight suit in his hands. As soon as he was on the saddle, Toothless took off.

Toothless felt okay back in his dragon form but Hiccup didn’t seem to be feeling much better. He didn’t want Hiccup to pass out and fall off, so he used his echolocation to navigate the tunnels and zoomed ahead of the others. Visskara could have kept up with Toothless very easily, but she had to make sure Acacia and Gora could find their way back safety.  

Toothless kept flying, trying to remember the way back when he eventually flew into the wider sections of the tunnels and heard Hiccup coughing.

‘‘Toothless, I’m okay now! You can slow down bud and wait for the others to catch up.’’ Hiccup told him, breathing easier as the air seemed to thin and was cooler here.

Toothless slowed and landed as he waiting for Visskara to catch up, he warbled in concern at Hiccup.

‘‘Its okay bud, thanks for having my back. I think I got everything.’’ He patted the side of Toothless’s head.  

‘‘Care to explain why you just took off like that?’’ Visskara asked when she and the others caught up to them.

‘‘Hiccup wasn’t doing so well. When I was in my human form, it was too hot and difficult to breath. I had to get him out of there.’’

‘‘The air did change, we all felt it. Maybe humans suffer worse than us drekis.’’ Acacia voiced.

‘‘Very well, but stay with us until we get back. There are many tunnels leading to many places down here. I wouldn’t want you to get lost.’’

Toothless nodded and flew behind Visskara and Acacia - alongside Gora.

‘‘So, your human is kinda weak then.’’ Gora thoughtlessly remarked.

‘‘Hiccup isn’t weak you faifuh!’’ Toothless snapped, growling at Gora.

‘‘Geez! Don’t Insult the human, got it!’’

‘‘His name is Hiccup! And I’m sorry Gora I didn’t mean to snap. Hiccup is one of the strongest people I know. Yeah, he might not be the biggest and when you start comparing him to dragons … well of course he isn’t gonna look like much, but that’s where you’d be wrong. I haven’t told you much about him, but Hiccup has been though a ton of shit Gora. He certainly isn’t weak and I love him. You might not get that … the whole love thing, and until recently neither did I. But it means we work as a team, and together were stronger, happier. We look out for each other and when you insult him you insult me!’’

‘‘Got it! Hiccup really means a lot to you huh?’’

‘‘Yes, he does. I have already died for him once, didn’t that tell you anything?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Yeah, I get you really like him and want to keep him safe and all, but damn Kalean, I never realised just how much he meant to ya.’’

‘‘How much we mean to each other. Gora, I don’t own Hiccup, he isn’t mine in that respect. His opinions matter to me as much as his life. We were best friends like you and me, but when I got to be human we realised we loved each other and that what we have is greater than friendship.’’

‘‘It’s just really weird, ya know? And sometimes you act like you own him.’’

‘‘I get that. I know it’s hard to understand. Right now, we’re just trying to get the dragons home and he doesn’t want to fail them. That’s why he wouldn’t leave the cave markings and I had to drag his butt out of there. Back on Berk he is the leader. I guess because he is the only human here … it might seem that way.’’

‘‘Why’s it so important the drekis get back to Berk. Why don’t they come here or go somewhere else without humans?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘Because it’s their home Gora, they have human friends there that would protect them with their lives. The people on Berk miss the dragons, and the dragons miss their lives on Berk. We protect each other, look after each other. It just works Gora! If we can get the dragons back, you should come and see for yourself.’’

‘‘Humans make me nervous Kalean … but I’ll think about it.’’    

They eventually got back to the cavern where they had been staying. Hiccup jumped down and removed his vest and tunic, sighing in relief as he took the bags off Toothless and took out his water jug. Toothless changed into his human form just as Hiccup was walking down to the lake, it wasn’t far from where they landed. Toothless threw on his clothes and ran after Hiccup.

‘‘You okay Hicc?’’ Toothless asked once he caught up to him.

‘‘Yeah, I’m good. Just gonna get some fresh water and cool down. I can’t believe how hot it was, it’s usually quite cool in caves.’’

‘‘Well, we are on a volcano.’’

‘‘I guess there is that … Thanks for having my back, back there.’’ Hiccup thanked him. 

‘‘That’s what I’m here for - to stop you doing something stupid.’’ Toothless sassed, Hiccup rolled his eyes. 

When they reached the lake, Hiccup splashed his face and filled his water jug. He downed the drink before refilling it and offering it to Toothless. Toothless drunk some - nowhere near as thirsty as Hiccup had been. Hiccup then washed his tunic in the water and wringed it out.

‘‘Want me to do yours?’’ Hiccup offered.

‘‘Erm… sure.’’ Toothless answered, removing his tunic for Hiccup to wash. ‘‘You know, there are other reasons to get naked together.’’ Toothless’s voice was very suggestive.

‘‘Toothless, I think you’re getting worse.’’

‘‘But you love me, right?’’

‘‘Of course! But that don’t mean I want to … you know, all the time.’’

‘‘Why not?’’

‘‘Well … Firstly we have company down here, and secondly, I still have to study them markings.’’ Hiccup explained. He wringed Toothless’s tunic out and they started walking back together. 

‘‘We could go somewhere more private, and the markings can wait.’’ Toothless tried his luck.

‘‘Oh no! Toothless, we’re not doing that! Visskara probably wants us to stay here anyway.’’

‘‘I could ask her.’’

‘‘Don’t you dare!’’ Hiccup warned him.

‘‘Fine. You’re no fun sometimes.’’ Toothless pouted

‘‘But you love me!’’ Hiccup smirked, and smacked Toothless butt before running ahead.

‘‘That’s not fair Hiccup.’’ Toothless whined, chasing after him.

After Hiccup and Toothless had changed into their spare clothes, Toothless told Visskara that they would give her an update on the progress of the markings tonight. He didn’t want to change into a dragon just to go over it all again later. When Visskara left with Acacia, Hiccup got straight to work on the markings with Toothless’s help.   

‘‘See this Toothless…’’ Hiccup pointed to a drawing of the Ogthantarth above the sun, above drawings of people kneeling below the sun. Then he showed him a second drawing, where there were multiple dragons below the Ogthantarth and the people were now holding weapons. ‘‘…I think this means the Ogthantarth was the very first dragon. The Ogthantarth came, then others came. People worship dragons once, but then they started attacking them for some reason. What do you think?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘You’re better at this than me, but I remember Groaldridax telling me it ruled over all the dragons because that was the order of things - not because it was the alpha or because it came first. It had the power to cause great pain directly into the minds of other dragons though, so maybe it controlled them out of fear. Why do you think people would suddenly turn on it, if they worship it before though?’’

‘‘I don’t know. I can’t transliterate this writing - maybe Fishlegs would have better luck there. All I know is that people went from kneeling before it to attacking it. That’s what the drawing illustrates anyway.’’ Hiccup explained.

‘‘What’s next Hicc?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Right … erm, here!’’ Hiccup pointed to a new drawing with an Ogthantarth egg in the middle of three other drawings. One had its parent presumably, breathing fire onto the egg. Another dropped the egg into a volcano. The third drawing, had two dragons of importance breath fire onto the egg followed by dropping it into a volcano. ‘‘I’m guessing this has something to do with how the eggs were cared for … or hatched.’’

‘‘Wait! I remember something…’’ Toothless squinted his eyes trying to remember. ‘‘…Argh, why didn’t I pay more attention to Groaldridax. She was trying to teach me something about the eggs.’’

‘‘Take your time.’’ Hiccup encouraged.

‘‘Acacia told me earlier that the Ogthantarth lived for like three hundred years, but I already told you that. No … this was about the eggs. They only get laid… once or twice in the Ogthantarth’s life. That’s it! And they can only be hatched one of three ways. These must be the three ways. Let me see Hiccup!’’ Toothless said turning the page. ‘‘Okay, so their mooir - or mother can hatch the eggs with their own fire power. Volcano?’’ Toothless mused looking at the drawing. He gasped slightly as he remembered. ‘‘Groaldridax said the eggs can live hundreds of years, there were two ways to activate the hatching process if it didn’t have its mooir. The first one was … to leave the egg through all changes in a great fire. So, for a year inside an active volcano.’’

‘‘Okay that makes sense, what was the third one? Do you remember?’’ Hiccup asked. Toothless looked at the drawings of the two dragons and the volcano, but shook his head sadly. ‘‘I wonder why these two dragons are drawn like they are important, maybe they are a certain type of species or perhaps Alphas.’’ Hiccup mused out loud.    

‘‘I must have given Groaldridax the slip on that particular lesson Hiccup. I only remember her saying that the powers of an alpha dragon had no affect on the Ogthantarth, and the Ogthantarth never possessed Alpha powers. I know that the Ogthantarth ruled the alpha’s and they ruled the rest of the dragons but … I don’t know if other dragons were ever connected to their eggs.’’

‘‘Alright so we can come back to that.’’ Hiccup told him, going to another drawing. ‘‘This one seems to show the Ogthantarth using fire and ice powers, and you said it could cause great pain in the mind. We also saw it for real that night.” Hiccup paused for a moment but continued before Toothless could interrupt him. “so, we know what it could do, how long it lived for, and some bits about the eggs. Wait, did you say it only lays one egg in its life?’’ Hiccup asked

‘‘Yeah, that’s what I remember being told. They could only lay one or two eggs in its entire life time. Considering they lived to be like three hundred it explains why it went extinct right.’’

‘‘That would create a problem for their species… especially if humans started killing them.’’ Hiccup agreed.

Together they continued trying to piece together as much information as they could from what they already knew and from the drawings. They couldn’t figure out the other way to hatch the eggs, but it involved not only a volcano but two other specific dragons as well. They had just reached the drawings that pertained to its death, Hiccup was shocked that the drawing was illustrating its immediate death should it take the life of another.

‘‘That must be why it died that night. What mum says coexists with these drawings. It died because … it killed you!’’ Hiccup realised.   

‘‘Are you sure? I mean how did it protect itself back then if that was the case?’’ Toothless asked. Hiccup looked at the drawings and nodded.

‘‘I’m sure. It looks like they didn’t need much protection though. They were quite fast for their size, very strong, had scales tougher than a Gronckles and it was followed by all the dragons. I think humans are the reason it became extinct. They must have known that the worst it could do was hurt them, that if it killed it would die. It was its major fault.’’ Hiccup sighed, sitting back on his knees. ‘‘If it didn’t … If it hadn’t … killed you that night. We might have lost Berk.’’

‘‘Hiccup, don’t! You know it would have killed someone else, or another dragon. You can’t keep thinking about what ifs remember.’’ Toothless stressed.

‘‘I-It did kill another dragon. It killed Bloodsbane!’’ Hiccup stuttered.

‘‘I think Bloodsbane died later that night Hiccup, probably after I did. Come on, let’s look at the other drawings, don’t focus on this too much. You’re only going to upset yourself.’’

‘‘I know, but if I’m right … your death ended the battle … your death saved Berk.’’

‘‘That’s not true Hiccup. If it wasn’t me someone else would have died. You could have died! We worked together that night. Please Hiccup, stop focusing on this.’’ Toothless pleaded, as Hiccup looking troubled.

‘‘W-What about the dragon. C-Coaldron must have had an egg. It’s the only way … H-how did he even know how to hatch it? Toothless, it probably didn’t even know what it was doing, it must have been young … I-It was forced to kill. Did Coaldron know it would die? W-Was I the target?’’ Hiccup stuttered.

‘‘Hiccup stop it! It wasn’t your fault! Hiccup?’’ Toothless held onto Hiccup’s arms facing him, shaking him gently. He appeared to have zoned out and was looked extremely troubled as Toothless tried to get him to respond. 

The scene played over and over in Hiccup’s mind. He knew he shouldn’t be winding himself up but, the Ogthantarth could have been hatched just to be used as a weapon to kill him. The very last Ogthantarth egg, used in such violent means, it was sickening. When Hiccup though of how young the dragon could have been, his stomach churned. The image of Toothless’s dead body flashed in front him. The blood pouring from Coaldron’s chest as he plunged in his sword was too vivid in his mind that his stomach pulled back like a sling shoot.

Hiccup’s face turned pale just before he came back to reality. He pulled away from Toothless and ran over to the boulders heaving up the contents of his stomach. Toothless rushed to his side rubbing his back, and Gora had walked over to see what was going on. Some of the other dragons in the cavern even looked up from what they were doing.  

‘‘It’s fine Gora, leave us alone for a bit yeah!’’ Toothless got him to leave right before Hiccup threw up a second time. ‘‘Why do you do this to yourself baby?’’ Toothless sighed.  

Hiccup spat out the last of the vomit and shook his head. ‘‘I-I’m sorry Toothless. Those images … t-the memories of that night. I can’t understand how someone could be that cruel, just to hatch a dragon for the sake of killing.’’ Hiccup rubbed his face.

‘‘Come here!’’ Toothless wrapped his arms around Hiccup. ‘‘You don’t know that Hiccup. Coaldron could just have been another Drago, another evil low life shit bucket that wanted what he couldn’t have. That Ogthantarth could have been older then you think, but it’s over now, it’s done! You can’t change what happened. I’m still here, Trid and Berk and everyone else are safe. Why don’t we go down to the lake, get you feeling better, then we can look at the rest of them drawings if you’re up to it.’’

Hiccup nodded and sighed. ‘‘Guess we’d better throw some water over the contents of my stomach back there.’’ Hiccup told Toothless as they walked to the lake.

‘‘I’ll do you one better and get Gora to fry it instead.’’ Toothless smiled at him, and Hiccup chuckled.

Gora cremated what Hiccup had brought up, so much so that it had been obliterated. Toothless had managed to convince Hiccup to come for a swim with him. He had been a bit hesitant to strip off with the other dragons watching, but eventually decided to go for it.

Gora had gone down to the lake after seeing Hiccup and Toothless having a splashing fight, deciding he wanted to join in. They had all goofed off in the lake for a long time before they all decided to get out. Hiccup and Toothless got dried and dressed before they finally returned to the drawings in better spirits.

‘‘You sure you’re up to this?’’ Toothless asked Hiccup.

‘‘Yeah! I feel much better, thanks for convincing me to do that.’’ Hiccup thanked him, glancing up at the lake.

‘‘It was fun. Seemed like you needed some fun!’’ Toothless smiled, pushing him playfully in the arm.

Hiccup nodded and chuckled as he pulled out another drawing to look at.

‘‘So, what’s this one?’’ Toothless asked, looking at a drawing of what appeared to be a dead Ogthantarth, with a spear through its body. ‘‘You sure you’re okay to do this Hicc?’’

Hiccup sighed and nodded. ‘‘Yeah, someone has to do it. Okay, well there was two of these, both showing a dead Ogthantarth. One seemed to indicate it actually being killed, the other I’m guessing means it was killed by its flaw.’’ Hiccup explained, showing Toothless the other drawing with the Ogthantarth standing over its kill followed by its imminent death. 

‘‘What about old age?’’ Toothless frowned.

‘‘Right, I thought about that too. I’m thinking old age falls into the first one because if you look here, you can see its bones. In this other drawing there are just stars - or dust maybe. Which is what mum said happened to the one on Berk. There was no body or anything, just like it disappeared in some kind of explosion. If it was killed, or died of old age, there would be bones left right.’’

‘‘I guess. So, we now have two different means of death. What do the drawings say next?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘That’s where it broke off into two different sections. Both sections started with these plants and some strange circles … but that’s where the cave marking started to vanish and there wasn’t any more. This is all I have.’’ Hiccup showed Toothless the last of the drawings, disheartened that they had nothing else to translate that would help them.

Toothless’s memory of the caves, from when was younger, tried to flash in his mind. The memory was there buried deep, but he couldn’t hold onto it long enough to explain them to Hiccup or to draw them himself. ‘‘I’m sorry Hiccup, I remember these drawings but I can’t remember them enough to be of any help.’’ Toothless sadly admitted.

Hiccup sighed and turned the drawing back to himself. ‘‘It’s okay Toothless, we have a lot of new information to work on … maybe Fishlegs can help me with the writing at least.’’

‘‘Grr! Its right there though, I just can’t … Aargh!’’ Toothless put his head into his hands and took a deep breath. He kept trying to see the cave wall more vividly in his mind from when he was younger.

Hiccup looked at the drawing and kept trying to piece together how flowers were related to the Ogthantarth. Maybe you’re supposed to plant flowers where it died, or maybe humans put them there anyway, he was thinking when Gora yawned. Hiccup suddenly looked at Gora, then back at Toothless like he had an idea.

‘‘Gora!’’ Hiccup exclaimed suddenly, Toothless and Gora both jumped and looked at him.

‘‘I’m sure Gora doesn’t know anything about-’’

‘‘No!’’ Hiccup interrupted. ‘‘Gora can hypnotise you to do anything right?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Yeah, I guess. But I really don’t want to end up running around naked again.’’

‘‘Maybe Gora can hypnotise you to draw what you remember, or don’t remember in this case.’’ Hiccup explained, ignoring his previous comment.

‘‘Come again?’’

‘‘Remember when we hypnotized Fishlegs to think that he was Thor Bonecrusher.’’

‘‘I’d rather not! What with that Scauldron and then Gobber’s ear wax. Ugh.’’ Toothless shuddered at the memory of his saddle being polished in that stuff.

‘‘Okay yeah, I could have done without that memory too. But seriously, if we could get Fishlegs to think he was fearless, maybe Gora can get you to remember what you’re having trouble remembering.’’

‘‘I don’t know Hiccup.’’

‘‘Would you at least give it a try, for the dragons, for me … please?’’

‘‘Alright.’’ Toothless sighed, giving in. 

Hiccup and Toothless explained to Gora what they wanted him to try and do, to finish the missing sections of the drawings that he couldn’t remember. Toothless offered to change into a dragon to explain it, but Gora nodded that he understood. All prepared with some parchment and a pencil, Gora tried a shot at hypnotising Toothless to finish the drawings.

It was harder trying to hypnotise Toothless, maybe because he was an alpha dragon perhaps, but he did it. Toothless never blinked and looked like he was in some kind of trance as his hand worked on the pictures. Hiccup smiled excitedly, it was working! The drawings were a little unclear, but he could make out the shapes and pictures just fine. When Toothless finally stopped drawing, Gora ended his hypnotism breathing heavily.

‘‘I guess it didn’t…’’ Toothless had assumed it hadn’t worked until he saw the finished drawings. ‘‘Did I do that?’’ Toothless asked in surprise, pointing to the drawings in front him.

‘‘You sure did! So, no sudden urges to save a village or any anti-heroic feelings?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘No, just this sudden urge to slap you.’’ Toothless replied.  

‘‘Okay, well let’s rain check that for … never! And let’s get back to the drawings shall we.’’ Hiccup looked at the pictures Toothless had drawn and frowned. ‘‘It appears to have worked, but do these looks right to you?’’ Hiccup asked

‘‘I think so, but you had to have Gora hypnotize me to draw them so I can’t be totally sure. I mean I don’t remember do I. They do look familiar now though. Why’d you ask?’’

Hiccup was about to speak when Gora huffed loudly from the lack of appreciation and laid back down.

‘‘Sorry Gora. Thank you for your help.’’ Hiccup thanked him, but Gora didn’t look too pleased.

‘‘Ignore the grump!’’ Toothless told Hiccup, loud enough for Gora to hear. ‘‘What was you gonna say Hicc?’’

‘‘These drawings, they seem to illustrate the growth of some type of flowers near to where the Ogthantarth dies. We searched Berk, loads of times, and there weren’t any flowers. I don’t get these circles either.’’ Hiccup explained his confusion.

‘‘Two mani.’’ Toothless muttered.

‘‘Two many what?’’ Hiccup frowned.

‘‘No Hicc, two Mani! Two moons. The circles, what if it means two full moons?’’

‘‘That … actually makes more sense. If the flowers need two full moons to appear then no wonder we didn’t see them.’’

‘‘Hiccup, look at this one. Does that mean what I think it does?’’ Toothless asked, looking at the drawing that illustrated the death of the Ogthantarth followed by the departure of dragons.

‘‘Oh, My Thor! Toothless, this means they were connected. There must be something here that shows us what happened next or what we have to do to get the dragons back.’’ Hiccup rushed to put the drawings in order.

‘‘Slow down Hiccup!’’ Toothless chuckled.   

“I could kiss you and Gora right now!”

“I hope not! You’re all mine I’ll have you know.” Toothless kissed his boyfriend.

With new found confidence that they were actually making progress, Hiccup was eager to piece together the meaning behind the rest of the drawings. They had been making great progress but after hours of going over the same things … they hit a wall.

‘‘Maybe we should take a break Hiccup.’’ Toothless yawned.

‘‘We’re so close Toothless, we can’t give up now!’’

‘‘I never said to give up. I said to take a break. Maybe will have better luck if we have something to eat and come back to it after food. Come on Hiccup, I’m starving!’’

‘‘Alright, but we should get some more-’’

‘‘Fish!’’ Toothless interrupted. ‘‘Already have that.’’ He pointed to another huge Tambaqui.  

‘‘When did you get that?’’

‘‘I didn’t. I got Gora to hunt it down for us while you were distracted. Its been staring me babe, it wants to be eaten!’’ Toothless dramatically pleaded.

‘‘Fine!’’ Hiccup relented, if he was honest … he could do with another break.

Food didn’t last long once it was cooked seeing as Toothless had eaten over half the Tambaqui himself. Hiccup could never figure out how Toothless managed to eat so much as a human - it still continued to surprised him. His father, being a big man, used to eat enough to last Hiccup the entire week and he was sure Toothless would do the same if he was given the chance. 

They had just finished eating when Acacia and Visskara came into the cavern and landed. Hiccup nodded his head in respect to her as did Gora … but Toothless had to be different.

‘‘Hey Vissy, nice of you to drop in.’’ Toothless smiled. He received daggers from Visskara, and a loud slap on the head from one of Acacia’s wing vines. ‘‘Ow! That fucking hurts.’’ Toothless complained rubbing his head. He gave Hiccup a look of disbelief in regards to Acacia’s assault.

‘‘You’re on your own babe. Acacia’s a dragon version of Gothi and you did deserve that one.’’ Hiccup told him. Toothless pouted.

Visskara obviously wanted to talk to Toothless, so he moaned as he stripped off and changed into his dragon form.

‘‘Ignoring your insolence, have you both found what you were looking for?’’ Visskara asked him, getting straight to the point.

‘‘Not exactly. The drawings … markings we went to see, they are really hard to figure out. We managed to work out quite a lot already but now were stuck.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘What is it that you have … figured out so far?’’ Visskara asked.

Toothless explained that they could only assume what they had concluded from the drawings was correct, before he went into details about their findings.

That the Ogthantarth was the first dragon species to fly the skies. At some point in history humans turned on the dragons out of fear or lack of understanding, and they were most likely responsible for its extinction. The Ogthantarth could live for at least three hundred years unless it was killed. They had many powers including fire, ice, a way to inflict pain, and a blast of power that can kill on impact. They had extremely tough scales that many human weapons failed to pierce, and was so tough that other dragons would find it nearly impossible to attack and harm them - even in groups. Their wings were razor sharp and they could slice through trees like a knife to butter. They laid eggs only once or twice in their life time, and hatched their babies with their own great fire. If their mother was no longer around - maybe having left or died, then hatching the eggs could be done one of two ways. One of those ways included leaving the egg inside a volcano for a year. The other, perhaps, involves not only a volcano but two other specific dragons as well - although that part was still unclear. The Ogthantarth would die if they took the life of another, and it appeared like flowers would grow after two full mani’s to mark its final resting place. The drawings suggest that the type of plants to grow would depend on the circumstances of its death. That if it died of age - or had been killed, one type of plant would grow. A different version of that plant would grow however, if the Ogthantarth died because it had taken the life of another. The next course of action would depend on the plants that grew however, they assumed whichever plants did grow would be pertaining to its flaw in dying due to ending a life, his!

Toothless then said, that they had concluded, in order for the dragons to return to Berk two particular dragons must shed blood over the plants.

‘‘We can’t figure out what type of dragons it is referring to. And we can’t figure out what other parts of the drawings mean.’’ Toothless finished.

‘‘Amazing, all that knowledge hidden in marks on cave wall. Fascinating indeed. Unfortunately, I can’t be of any help … Acacia?’’ Visskara turned to look at her.

‘‘It’s just like Groaldridax taught me all those ar’tios ago. The markings in the cave looked familiar.’’ Acacia said, as she remembered being taught about them herself.

‘‘Wait you knew? You didn’t think to … oh I don’t know … say something, help us!’’ Toothless exclaimed.

‘‘You never asked … and I don’t have much knowledge about the Ogthantarth, that is true. My memory from that time isn’t as bright. What I do know is clouded in thick fog. What you have just explained has, shall we say … cleared some of the fog away. Maybe I can be of some help to you now. If you show me these markings, maybe I can brighten some of the shadows you cannot light up.’’

Toothless huffed and decided to change forms to explain things to Hiccup. Once he finished complaining, they both showed Acacia and Visskara the drawings. Hiccup explained the parts he couldn’t make sense of, and Toothless was soon asked to changed back into a dragon for communication purposes. He was running out of turns for the day, exhaustion was staring to creep in affecting his concentration.

‘‘These two drekis you speak of, the ones in the markings. I believe they refer to two alpha dragons.’’ Acacia explained.

‘‘Alpha dragons? But that can’t be right. I’m an alpha dragon and I can’t be on Berk in my dragon form.’’

‘‘I may be wrong, but it appears your Alpha powers need to be on for you to return as a dreki.’’

‘‘Dreki what?’’ Toothless yawned.   

‘‘Toothless! Please pay attention.’’ Acacia scolded him.

‘‘Sorry. I think the changing is making me tired. I’m listening!’’

‘‘You should be able to be a dreki on your island, as long as you are in your alpha form.’’

‘‘So, the two dragons … there alphas?’’ Toothless asked.  

‘‘Yes. I believe they are drekis in their alpha forms. The plants from the markings, I believe they are Genislaile magnificen. My mooir told me a story once and I’ll never forget it. ‘A great dreki of old breathed his last breath, and where he walked, he shall lay to rest. The flowers of blue, oh Genislaile magnificen you grew, shall heed respect till the last petal blew.’ She told me that where the flowers grew no dreki could walk until the last of the petals had fallen… and the plants had returned to the soil. Maybe the fallen dreki of old in her story was an Ogthantarth. It would fit very well into what you have told me already. In my mooir’s story however, the dreki died of age and the flowers were blue. She would tell me that the Genislaile magnificen lasted hundreds of ar’tios before the last petals finally fell and the drekis returned to that land. From what you have told me, and from the markings you have there, your flowers may be slightly different … perhaps even a different colour.’’

‘‘Okay … So, what about the whole blood thing? An alpha dreki has to die on the plants?’’ Toothless guessed. Acacia chuckled.

‘‘Oh, dear young one, I do not think it would be quite that dramatic. I do not know much more than what you have told me but I would conclude, that two alpha drekis must give blood to the roots of the plants. A cut, a few drops would most likely suffice. I believe it is more to show your respect to their resting place, not a sacrifice.’’ Acacia paused to collect her thoughts. Toothless was trying not to get a headache and retain everything he had been told. ‘‘Yes, that makes the most sense. The dreki died because it took the life of another, so I very highly doubt another life needed to be given.’’ Acacia finished.    

‘‘That makes sense, I think. Thanks Acacia, I better turn back and tell Hiccup. I just don’t want to have to change again tonight. To be honest, I don’t know if I could handle it.’’

‘‘We shall leave you alone tonight and return in the morning.’’ Visskara told him, she could see he was tired. ‘‘I will need to know your plans when I return. Whether you intend to stay here on this island for a while longer, or if you intend to leave. You are both welcome here, and I will admit that it will be a shame to see you leave. Even so, it will be for the best and I dare say you both would like to return home soon.’’   

‘‘Yeah, Hiccup misses’ home … and his son. Thanks Vissy.’’ Toothless thanked her tiredly.  

‘‘My name is… Oh, never mind, I give up! I will see you in the morning.’’

‘‘Cool! You know it’s like Hiccup said … we kinda had the same mooir. So, we’re like family.’’ Toothless said, right before he changed form. He staggered a bit, but smiled as Hiccup helped him maintain his balance. 

‘‘You know very well drekis don’t-.’’ Visskara shook her head - she knew Toothless wouldn’t be able to understand her now.

‘‘You can deny it all you want Visskara, but you have grown very fond of Toothless … of both of them.’’

‘‘Oh hush.’’ Visskara smiled as she took off with Acacia. She though she remembered something from their days as hatchlings together - her and Toothless, but she shook it off.  

Hiccup and Toothless watched them leave the cavern together. Toothless sat down and rubbed his face with his hands.

‘‘You okay Toothless?’’ Hiccup asked him.

‘‘Yeah, that’s the eighth change I’ve done today and it’s been a long day too. I’m so tired and my head feels like it’s being squeezed.’’

‘‘Just rest for a bit … here!’’ Hiccup said handing him some water.

‘‘Thanks, but I have to tell you what Acacia said before I fall asleep and forget.’’ Toothless rubbed his eyes yawning again, drinking some of the water.

Hiccup started massaging Toothless shoulders and neck as he repeated what Acacia had told him. Toothless was really enjoying it, but it was so relaxing that it was harder trying not to fall asleep. After everything they had done today and all the reading, he was wiped.  

As Toothless was explaining that two alpha drekis had to drop some blood on the plants, Hiccup suddenly stopped massaging his shoulders.

‘‘Aww, why’d you stop? Toothless complained sleepily.  

‘‘Two Alpha’s? Is that what the drawing of the two dragons meant?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Erm … yeah.’’ Toothless mumbled, half asleep.

‘‘Toothless … how many alpha dragons do you know expect you?’’

‘‘Err…’’ Toothless had to think for a minute because he was so tired. ‘‘…Just Visskara.’’

‘‘And there’s the problem! Toothless … we have to convince Visskara to come to Berk with us!’’ Hiccup announced.  

Chapter Text

Chapter 36 - Visskara’s reaction

‘‘Hey dad!’’ A happy teenage boy greeted his father - Hiccup, as he sat down opposite him at the table for breakfast. He had Astrid’s azure-blue eyes and his thick auburn-brown hair was identical to his father's. His mother’s axe was tied to his back, but it looked new and reflected the sun light coming through the window. He wore a lime-green tunic with a dark fur vest and leggings.

‘‘Morning! Do you have any plans for today son?’’ Hiccup happily asked while passing him a bowl of porridge - bread and honey on the side.

‘‘There’s a few trees mum never got around to marking, I think I’ll go sign them.’’ He said, patting his axe.

Hiccup chuckled and smiled at him. ‘‘You sure do take after your mother. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a flight with me if I can find Toothless, I haven’t seen him all morning.’’

‘‘Dad … not this again!’’ Trid frowned, the air in the house turned cold like it suddenly dropped 20 degrees.

‘‘What?’’ Hiccup frowned in confusion, his breath made clouds as his spoke.  

‘‘Toothless died dad!’’ Trid firmly reminded him. ‘‘You failed; the dragons don’t exist anymore.’’ His eyes were cold as he looked up at his father.

The words ‘Toothless died’ and ‘You failed’ resonated in Hiccup’s mind.

‘‘That’s not true. Toothless is…’’ Hiccup could feel his world crumbling around him as his stomach dropped, it couldn’t be true because it didn’t make sense.

‘‘Gone! Don’t you remember?’’ Trid asked him, standing up to walk to his father. He had an angry look in his face an there was malice in his tone.

‘‘R-Remember what?’’ Hiccup stuttered. The house suddenly looked so bleak and he was confused.

‘‘What you told everyone when you returned from Sanctum island, before you had your … breakdown.’’ Trid’s voice was cold and slightly sadistic. 

‘‘Trid I-.’’ Hiccup tried to talk but his son had just put the axe to Hiccup’s throat.

‘‘You failed to bring the dragons home dad. You just weren’t good enough!’’ Trid spat at him. ‘‘Mum wanted me to become a dragon rider like you, that’s what you said. You took that away from me.’’ He suddenly slammed the axe into the table. ‘‘You’re a disappointment! You ain’t my father!’’ Trid pulled the axe out of the table and went to leave.

‘‘Wait! I-I-I don’t understand.’’ Hiccup stuttered. He was scared of his son … but confusion fuelled his desire to make sense of what was going on. Trid sighed sadly.

‘‘No, you never do!’’ Trid turned to glare at his father. ‘‘You need to wake up and face reality! The dragons never came home. Toothless left and dragon hunters killed every last one of them. You weren’t Viking enough to deal with your failures so you lost it dad. You just go on about some crazy story you concocted, about Toothless being human now and how you were able to bring the dragons back. You are just a pathetic excuse for a father, you’re dead to me!’’

Flash backs of being on Sanctum Island with Toothless flashed in his mind, but he couldn’t remember what happened when they left. He had no memory of even leaving Sanctum island, and Trid was just a baby. What Trid was telling him couldn’t be true, it just didn’t make any sense.

‘‘No!’’ Hiccup panicked and ran from the house. Something wasn’t right and he had to see it for himself. He ran into the village and crashed into Gobber.

‘‘You alright laddie?’’ Gobber asked him, looking down at him.

‘‘Gobber, t-the dragons?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Oh dear. Chief, I’ll see If I can talk some sense into him.’’ Gobber assured Trid, who was now standing there. Trid looked down disappointed and ashamed at his useless father.  

‘‘I’m the chief!’’ Hiccup argued.

‘‘No dad, you lost that when you failed everyone, when you broke down, and when you failed me!’’ Trid then looked at Gobber. ‘‘Throw him off a cliff!’’ He demanded then walked away.

‘‘Yes chief!’’ Gobber nodded. ‘‘Come on laddie, time to go for you last flight lesson.’’ Gobber grabbed Hiccup’s arm and dragged him towards the cliff. Gobber smiled and walked along like he was being asked to do something so simple, something normal like milking a yak.  

‘‘No! Gobber, something isn’t right. T-This isn’t right!’’ Hiccup protested in panic, trying to fight the grip Gobber had on his wrist. He fought so hard he stumbled, but Gobber just continued to drag him through the mud and dirt.

Gobber was singing on the way to the cliff, and he gave no mind to Hiccup as he hissed in pain or cried out in protest. ‘‘We’ll I’ve got my axe and I’ve got my mace, and love my wife with the ugly face. I’m a Viking through and though.’’

Hiccup pleaded with Gobber as his trousers ripped from being dragged; they slipped down slightly and the ground grazed his buttock and hips. He tried to get back to his feet, but no matter how much he wrestled to get away, or how much he pleaded and cried in pain … it was futile. Hiccup’s protests got louder and more desperate as he was dragged higher up the hill. When they reached the top, Gobber yanked Hiccup to his feet and shoved him to the edge. Hiccup glanced over and gulped - he would never survive that drop.

‘‘It’s for the best Hiccup. You’re just not the same as ya used to be lad!’’ Gobber told him, like he was killing a mad yak and putting it out of its misery.

‘‘No, Gobber! No, please listen to me! T-T-This is wrong!’’ Hiccup was terrified as he pleaded for his life. A life that his son wanted to end because he’d failed him.  

Gobber smiled as shoved Hiccup backwards of the cliff.

‘‘Toothless!’’ Hiccup found himself shouting on the way down.

‘‘Toothless!’’ Hiccup shouted - he’d woken up suddenly and sat up right. Toothless was right beside him, looking at him with concern. Hiccup’s breathing was laboured, and he was still trying to come down from the fear of falling to his death.  

‘‘Hiccup, it was just a nightmare! I’m here, calm down.’’ Toothless comforted, wrapping his arms around him.  

Hiccup sighed and leaned into Toothless’s hold. The dream had made him question reality and for a moment he couldn’t tell what was real. He had been told everything was all just a story he had concocted, that Toothless had never been human and had died. Clenching onto Toothless he was reminded it was all just a dream, a manifestation of his fears and nothing more.

‘‘I assume it was the same dream babe, but … do you want to talk about it?’’ Toothless asked. Hiccup shook his head before speaking.

‘‘It wasn’t the same one!’’ He quietly admitted.

Hiccup was normally more reticent when it came to his thoughts and feelings, especially those pertaining to his own emotional troubles. Normally he would bottle them up, putting on a brave face like proper Vikings should, but Toothless was the exception. He found it easy talking to Toothless and knew he would never be judged by him. It was also a great comfort to have someone he trusted to share his burdens with.

He explained the dream in detail, and admitted it was most likely born from his fear that Visskara would refuse to come to Berk to assist them. He was scared they would not be able to see the dragons return without her, and he would become a disappointment to everyone on Berk. He really didn’t want to fail his people, or the dragons; how do you convince a dragon that has never been near humans, that possible hates them, to come to an island filled with Vikings. Visskara was also the alpha dragon and she had an island of her own to protect. He had nothing to offer her as payment for her help, no bargaining chip so to speak. It seemed very unlikely that she would come with them when, especially when she had nothing to gain, and he doubted she liked them enough to risk leaving her island unattended just to do them a favour out of the goodness of her heart.  

Toothless hadn’t said much last night after realizing they needed to convince Visskara to help them. Between changing forms and the constant studying, Toothless had barely been able to keep his eyes open. He hadn’t realized how worried Hiccup had been over it, and to be honest… he didn’t even give it much thought until now. After getting a bit of sleep he could finally grasp their predicament with more clarity and understanding, knowing how difficult a task like this could end up being.

‘‘It won’t be easy…’’ Toothless admitted. ‘‘…But I’m sure we can convince her somehow. If you can persuade people like your father, Eret, Alvin, and even Dagur to give the dragons a chance, then why can’t we get miss superiority complex to help us out.’’ Toothless paused as a thought crossed his mind and he smirked. ‘‘I’m sure she wouldn’t want to anger the gods by refusing to help … not after they sent us all the way here in the first place.’’ Toothless was hinting at manipulation, using her own belief to turn any persuasion in their favour. He raised his eyebrows at Hiccup once.

‘‘You’re terrible … you know that.’’ Hiccup smiled.

‘‘Well … A dragons gonna do what a dragons gotta do. In this case … I’ll do whatever it takes to get Vissy to Berk, don’t you worry Hicc! As alpha, I promised Stormfly and the others I would get them home. I have no intention of breaking that promise.’’

Hiccup wasn’t as confident - or convinced, that Visskara could be persuaded to help them but he was prepared to beg if need be. As long as Toothless didn’t made Visskara angry enough to kill them, anything was worth a shot at this point.

‘‘Looks like we both have a duty to our own.’’ Hiccup thought allowed.

‘‘Yeah.’’ Toothless sighed before yawning. ‘‘Right now though, I have a duty to get back to sleep.’’

Hiccup chucked and snuggled under the blanket with Toothless. He couldn’t deny he was still tired, he’d only had a few hours sleep at best and the sun wasn’t even up yet. Having Toothless with him settled his nerves and he tried to relax back into sleep.

‘‘Sorry I woke you.’’ Hiccup apologised.

‘‘It’s okay babe. Its not like you meant to, so don’t worry about it!’’ Toothless mumbled as he drifted back to sleep easily.

Hiccup didn’t drift off for a while. He was thinking about Berk, the dragons, Trid and other things. If it wasn’t for the comforting sound of Toothless’s breathing… he wouldn’t have drifted back off at all.

Despite the fact that Toothless was the first one down last night, he was still the last one up that morning. Hiccup woke Toothless up and received complaints about having to get up so soon, but it was amazing how quickly his attitude changed when he mentioned food was almost ready. After eating, they went down to the lake to get freshened up for the day before recapping what they had to do to get the dragons home.

‘‘Will the flowers have grown yet? How long has it even been anyway?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘Hmm… It’s been about fifty-nine days since the Ogthantarth … died. I’m not sure what the moon looked like back then, I just can’t remember. Based on that, and assuming our translation of the drawings are correct, the flowers should appear anytime between tomorrow and the next thirty days. Gothi is about the only one that would know for sure.’’ Hiccup explained after doing the math in his journal. He had tried to work out the moon phases, dating back to night of the Coaldron’s attack, but moon phases were not something he was good at.

‘‘Damn! Have a I really been human that long?’’ Toothless was shocked, it seemed like only yesterday he woke up in the forest after he had died, confused and in his human form.  

‘‘You have come a long way. I think we both have!’’ Hiccup smiled. It was true, Toothless had learnt so much as a human and Hiccup was starting to overcome his own demons.

Hiccup was still grieving his wife, and in some ways his father too, and he was beginning to move on from killing Coaldron as well. He would never truly be okay with his rage fuelled decision to kill him for revenge, and he still didn’t know how he could act so cruel and merciless. The man he could become if circumstance drove him to it was enough to scare him and make him question his self-identity. Despite the guilt he still held for his actions, he was started to heal emotionally and move on. Now he just had to overcome is fears and deal with the problems at hand.

‘‘How long have we been away from home?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘About … thirteen or fourteen days. I wonder how Trid is doing?’’

‘‘Will he have changed much when we get back?’’ Toothless wondered.

‘‘I doubt it … but it will be his first Snoggletog this year.’’ Hiccup mused, thinking about how it will also be the first one without Astrid.

‘‘When is Snoggletog?’’ Toothless asked. This would he his first one as a human and he didn’t know much about it, only that Vikings got gifts for the ones they cared about. He wondered what he could get Hiccup.

‘‘I won’t know till we get back home, but it shouldn’t be for another three weeks at least.’’

‘‘Well, let’s hope we get back in time. I miss Trid too you know.’’ Toothless nudged into Hiccup.

Hiccup had no doubts they would get back before Snoggletog, he couldn’t miss his sons first one after all - even if he was too young to remember it.

Getting back to their plans they decided it was time to return to Berk as soon as possible. Visskara could fly so fast she could make the trip from Berk to Sanctum island in less than a day on her own. So, if the flowers hadn’t grown yet, she could at least leave and return later if she agreed to help them.

‘‘How are we going to tell Visskara?’’ Hiccup wondered aloud, getting back to the big problem now that they had a plan if all went well. 

‘‘Leave it to me!’’ Toothless told him, he would just have to tell her and take it from there. He was worried she wouldn’t agree to help them… but he wanted to remain positive for Hiccup. 

Hiccup nodded, but he felt nauseous with worry.

Visskara turned up later than they had expected. It was nearly lunch time when she arrived on her own. Hiccup was so nervous he had started stuttering and Toothless wondered if it was contagious. Toothless had assured Hiccup it would be fine, but he was just as nervous inside as he changed forms to talk to Visskara.

‘‘H-Hey Visskara.’ Toothless greeted, and bowed his head slightly. He was trying to be respectful for once considering he had a favour to ask her.

‘‘You’re acting strange, should I be concerned?’’ Visskara had become expectant of being called Vissy by him, and he was usually less respective of her. He seemed nervous… and so did Hiccup actually.

‘‘N-no! All’s good.’’

‘‘Very well…’’ She wasn’t convinced but continued. ‘‘… I would have been here sooner but I had matters to attend to. Do you and Hiccup know what you wish to do?’’

‘‘Yeah! Yep, we sure do.’’ Toothless smiled a little too much.

‘‘Well?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘W-Well what?’’ Toothless stuttered.

If Visskara could face-palm, she would have done. ‘‘What are your plans?’’

‘‘Oh, plans … right! Erm, well we decided that we need to … get back to Berk sooner rather than later but…’’ Toothless chuckled nervously.

‘‘But what?’’ She asked, her eyes narrowing.

‘‘Here’s the funny thing … we think we know how to bring the dragons home but … we need another Alpha dragon to help us!’’ Toothless blurted out the last part.

‘‘Another Alpha dragon… You mean me?’’ When toothless nodded, she continued. ‘‘And what exactly is it that you need me for?’’ She asked. She had started to remember what they had told her last night, and she had her suspicions to where this was going. 

‘‘Oh, nothing much. Just a … a very small trip - tiny really, to Berk to help me give some blood to some weird flowers. I hear Berk is great this time of year!’’ Toothless smiled hopefully but his insides were doing acrobats.

‘‘Absolutely not!’’ Visskara firmly refused.

‘‘Oh, come on Vissy… Please! We just want to bring my friends home. Don’t make me tell them you refused to help us so they can never see their human friends again.’’ Toothless pleaded.

‘‘I will not have anything to do with humans and I can not just up and leave this island unattended! I won’t do it! You will have to find another way … or another Alpha!’’ Visskara told him.

Hiccup was watching, and he assumed Toothless had just dropped the news from their reactions. He moved closer to Toothless hesitantly, but he didn’t say anything. Toothless saw Hiccup move closer and he really didn’t want to let him down, he had to convince her somehow.

‘‘Please! You talk about the sorcerer and the frithvineradreki sorcery - that she wanted humans and dragons to get on. Well, we do on Berk! In fact, there are many islands around Berk that do: Wingmaiden Island, Berserk Island and Defenders of the wing to name a few. We came all this way and I don’t know another Alpha. Perhaps this is what the dreki gods want. Please Visskara, there isn’t another way, you’re our only chance!’’ Toothless begged.

‘‘Humans left this island because the sorcerer killed them or drove them away, she knew humans and drekis could not live in peace! What you think you have on Berk… it won’t last. That’s why the frithvineradreki sorcery allowed you to be human, so you could live with him.’’ She looked at Hiccup, then back at Toothless. ‘‘You should let the drekis leave! They do not belong with humans - they belong with their own kind.’’ Visskara argued.

‘‘You’re wrong! Hiccup saved them, he gave them back their lives. On the other Islands Hiccup has convinced to befriend dragons, they protect them and won’t let other humans hurt us! There are other islands too that care, worship, or protect dragons. You’re just afraid!’’ Toothless shouted.

Hiccup was now getting concerned as he watched the two dragons growling - obviously not in agreeance with each other. Visskara obviously wouldn’t help them and he didn’t know what to say as he felt disheartened. 

Gora had heard the shouting and roaring from another section of the cavern, along with some of the other dragons. Gora flew over and landed besides Toothless, while the other dragons started to gather not far away to listen to the commotion.

‘‘Only a fool wouldn’t be afraid of humans. They will be our undoing. I cannot, and will not leave this island!’’ Visskara shouted. ‘‘I suggest you prepare to leave as soon as possible!’’

‘‘You’re leaving?’’ Gora asked sadly, having over heard.

‘‘Well the alpha obviously doesn’t want us here anymore!’’ He snapped at Gora. ‘‘She won’t help us. So, I have to upset many dragons that can’t come home - Hiccup will be crushed, it could destroy him.’’ Toothless then looked back at Visskara. ‘‘Hasn’t he been through enough without you making him go back to tell his village the bad news as well. You won’t help us because you’re afraid and selfish! If it was you asking us, we would do everything we could to assist you. Remember that!’’

‘‘I am not afraid! I have a duty to the drekis of this island and if that makes me selfish because I value their safety … then so be it! My answer is final!’’ Visskara spat before turning around and leaving the cavern.

‘‘Whoa! Kalean, what happened?’’ Gora asked, he wanted to be filled in.

Toothless looked around and saw the many eyes looking at him and Hiccup - judging and gossiping. Even Hiccup looked anxious and disheartened.

‘‘Not now Gora! I need to get Hiccup out of here. I’m going back to the forest. You’re welcome to follow us, but If I can’t get Visskara to help … we will be going home empty handed. Either way, we are going home soon.’’ Toothless told him.   

Toothless changed back into his human form and couldn’t look Hiccup in the eyes. Hiccup just hugged him, deep down he knew Visskara wouldn’t leave the island, but the confirmation stung deeply. Toothless wrapped his arms around Hiccup returning the hug, but he wanted to get out of the cavern before Runisalith - or the other dragons, could voice their opinions.

‘‘It’s not over yet Hiccup! I won’t give up yet but we need to pack up. I want to get out of this cavern!’’ Toothless told him.

Hiccup hadn’t argued as they packed in a hurry and left the cavern, and not just because he could sense the disapproving eyes following them but also because he was feeling quite despondent. Toothless really hadn’t said much about his argument with Visskara, only that she was being selfish and had refused to leave Sanctum Island.

As they flew out of the mountain and over the rocky terrain towards the forest, Hiccup couldn’t help feeling more relaxed. The wind blowing past them, being in the sky, it was his favourite place in the world. Hiccup sighed and laid backwards onto his dragon’s back. Toothless made a low humming sound at Hiccup, he too was pleased to be in the air and getting away from the confines of the cavern. Hiccup closed his eyes but Toothless decided to start climbing higher into the sky. Hiccup sat up and held on to the saddle as Toothless flew up and above the clouds before gliding in the sun light.

Hiccup sighed and enjoyed the view. He let his body relax for the time being, letting his trouble be forgotten for a while. ‘‘Must be great to spread your wings again, huh bud?’’ Hiccup patted his dragon. Toothless rumbled in agreeance as Hiccup laid back again, soaking up the sun. It was warmer on this island than it was on Berk, it was the one thing he would miss when he got home. After a while Hiccup sighed as he thought of the other dragons again.      

‘‘What are we gonna do bud?’’ Hiccup voiced aloud. ‘‘I know you said you wouldn’t give up but... we can’t force Visskara to come to Berk.’’ Hiccup sighed again as he laid back in silence.

After a short while of their needed calm seclusion, they heard a roar from a fair distance behind them. They turned to see Gora trying to catch up with them and Toothless slowed down. ‘‘I wonder what Gora wants?’’ Hiccup wondered aloud.

‘‘You decided to stick with us a bit longer then?’’ Toothless asked when Gora caught up.    

‘‘When ya said you were leaving soon, I realized … this crap island don’t need me! I thought some other island should be blessed with my awesomeness instead.” Gora acted all egotistical which elicited a ‘really’ look from Toothless. Gora sighed and tried again. “Truth is Kalean … I don’t want to lose my best friend again! We’ve both changed, but I still think of you as my best mate.’’ Gora smiled at him.

‘‘You want to come to Berk?’’ Toothless asked, he was a little shocked.

‘‘If you’ll have me!’’

‘‘Gora, we would love for you for to come to Berk. I would love for you to come with us but … if we can’t get Visskara to help us you won’t be able to.’’ Toothless explained sadly after his brief excitement.  

‘‘Then I guess we need ta convince her ta do just that. Fill me in!’’ Gora demanded.

Toothless explained what the plan was and why they needed Visskara’s help. While Toothless was explaining, he had landed down by the stream near the cover of trees - it was similar to where they were the first time they had landed on the island. Hiccup assumed correctly that Toothless was updating Gora, so he left them to it as he removed the saddle and bags from Toothless’s back.

It was warm enough that they wouldn’t need a fire for warmth - at least not until tonight, but they would need one for cooking. Hiccup interrupted Toothless to let him know they needed sticks for a fire - they ended up taking a walk through the forest to gather the wood together. Toothless and Gora helped as they continued their conversation - Hiccup just listened to the various sounds they made. By the time they returned to where they had left their bags, Toothless was ready to be human again.

‘‘I guess you filled Gora in.’’ Hiccup said.

‘‘Yeah, he wanted to know everything that happen. He’s gonna help me convince Visskara because he wants to come to Berk with us babe.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘He does? That’s great!’’ Hiccup was excited for Toothless, but then he remembered their problem. ‘‘Let just hope one of you can get through to her.

As the day progressed, they hadn’t done much. Gora had gone fishing for them again and Hiccup had washed in the stream with Toothless. They had cleaned their dirty clothes and left them in the sun to dry. Hiccup had gone over his translation of the drawings and had another look at them again. They had dinner - with Hiccup forcing Toothless drink his water, and not long after they had finished eating Gora had suddenly flown off. Toothless told Hiccup he had gone to stretch his wings and catch some food for himself. Toothless then left to take a piss.

Hiccup was looking at his journal - wondering what he could add, when Toothless returned with a frown.

‘‘Hey Hicc, I think the tie thing on these trousers is broken. The holes the tie goes though … it is ripped or something.’’ Toothless explained, showing him the problem. Hiccup had a look and Toothless was right, two of the holes had ripped.

‘‘Slip them off and I’ll try and fix them. I think I brought the needle and thread with me.’’ Hiccup instructed.

Toothless removed them and Hiccup couldn’t help glancing at Toothless’s groin area. He was secretly getting turned on, but he decided to ignore it and focus on the trousers instead. He collected the small sewing kit and sat down to fix the broken hole, but his cock stirred as he pulled the needle though the crotch area of the fabric. As Hiccup continued working, he noticed that Toothless was just standing there with nothing on. His flaccid cock and balls hanging out, swaying slightly, made Hiccup smirk, but he tried to put on a straight face as he looked up at his boyfriend.     

‘‘Erm Toothless, why don’t you put some spare trousers on.’’ Hiccup suggested. He caught another look at Toothless groin area and bit his lip gently, hungry for a taste. Luckily Toothless didn’t notice.  

‘‘If it’s not gonna take long to fix then I’ll wait. Do you think it will take a while then?’’

‘‘It shouldn’t take too long.’’ Hiccup admitted. He shifted his legs in an attempt to lessen the discomfort between them, and then continued at his task.      

Toothless decided to wait patiently and sat down on one of the blankets watching Hiccup work. Hiccup had a clearer view of Toothless groin area now and it didn’t help his arousal in any way. Toothless’s flaccid cock didn’t sit right with Hiccup - it should be firm and stood to attention if it was going to be on display. Usually he was more in control of his urges - and he was usually the one to turn down sex … but he had a sudden craving to suck his boyfriends’ cock, to wake it up and make it stand to his attention. Hiccup’s eyes got wide for a moment as he realised how dirty his thoughts were. Gods! Toothless was a bad influence on him. Knowing how much they loved each other, It was hard to believe they had only been intimate three times … well, four if you count making Toothless cum in his pants on the ship.   

Once he had finally finished mending the trousers, he had a boner from all his sexual thoughts. The heat between his leg craved attention and his body wanted contact with his lover. He figured he had two choices: He could either pretend to go take a piss and wank it off, or just go for it and instigate what could well end up being full penetrative sex.

‘‘Here you go!’’ Hiccup said handing over the trousers. When Toothless went to take them, Hiccup didn’t let go and had a vice grip on them.

‘‘Hicc, you need to let them go if I’m going to put them on.’’ Toothless said with a frown. He wondered what had gotten into Hiccup.  

‘‘Right, sorry!’’ He let them go but found himself staring into bright, lime-green eyes which broke his restraint like fast melting wax. ‘Instigation it is!’ Hiccup thought as he crawled over and straddled Toothless’s lap, kissing him hungrily with his hands behind his lover’s head, pulling, twisting, and rubbing his fingers through spiky black hair. He moaned into the heat of their fiery connection.   

It was all so sudden and unexpected. Toothless was so shocked that he dropped the trousers he had in his hands and instantly reciprocated the kiss with just as much fury. Feeling excited and welcoming this new sexual side to Hiccup, he watched as his boyfriend eagerly stripped off his leggings. Being forced down onto the blanket with Hiccup sitting on his thighs, he could feel Hiccup’s boner. He watched as Hiccup grabbed his cock in his hands, and then … he took it into his mouth.

Toothless really wasn’t expecting this side of Hiccup at all, it was seriously sexy! ‘‘Damn Hicc!’’ Toothless moaned his approval.

Hiccup came off Toothless’s hard cock in one long suck before licking his lips. ‘‘I fucking love you!’’ Hiccup told him fiercely, then his mouth wrapped around Toothless’s cock again and he was merciless with his tongue, taking him deep into his throat.

‘‘Geez!’’ Toothless gasped as a shudder run down his spine. He leaned back onto his elbows, his head going back while the sensation passed. He then shivered and sighed as he watched Hiccup suck his dick. ‘‘Damn baby! Ahhh, that feels so good!’’ He moaned.

Even though Hiccup had just started, he seemed to know exactly what he liked. Even the early stage of being sucked off felt so good, it was getting better every second that passed. When pre-cum started oozing from his tip, Hiccup licked his lips and slowed down - drawing out his pleasure. Hiccup teased him as he sucked only the tip, his tongue swirled, flicking every so often.

Rubbing his own cock, Hiccup slowly sucked Toothless’s needy member at the same time. Hiccup’s lips were tight around Toothless shaft and he maintained a pace that kept him wanting more but never brought him relief.

Hiccup’s hands found Toothless’s neglected balls, kneading them gently as he pushed Toothless’s engorged member deep into the back of his throat, licking, sucking, twisting, and deep throttling. Hiccup was soon blowing Toothless off in a quick even rate, massaging Toothless’s balls with more purpose. The deep guttural sounds and moans he elicited from his lover drove him crazy with arousal - as did his own actions; pleasing his lover always started the build to his own climax - and made his pre-cum ooze out in anticipation, but he needed touch to reach his own orgasm.     

‘‘You still with me?’’ Hiccup paused just long enough to ask, before returning his attention to Toothless’s delectable sexual organs.

‘‘Oh yeah!’’ Toothless nodded. ‘‘Not feeling very dominant yet, you’re safe.’’ He chuckled. He was breathing slightly heavier as his growing climax teasingly increased and decreased … but the pleasure he got from Hiccup sucking his cock was amazingly distracting. 

Hiccup alternated the pace, keeping Toothless near his breaking point and squirming for as long as possible. Eventually he decided he wanted to taste his victory, so he placed his left hand on Toothless thigh and sucked his cock with one goal in mind … to bring Toothless to his full climax and spill out into his mouth.  

‘‘Fuck! Oh Thor!’’ Toothless gasped. The world around him became non-existent as he felt the heat between his legs building like one of his plasma blasts, but this was so much more intense … and building so fast it made his muscles tremor. ‘‘Ah, Ahhh, Hiccup…’’ He gasped and threw his head back, clutching the blanket into his fists.  ‘‘…Fuck! Hiccup… I’m… Ah…’’ He breathed trying to warn Hiccup. His eyes rolled back and his body convulsed as he rode out the waves of pleasure, his cum filled into Hiccup’s mouth in strong spurts. 

Hiccup swallowed Toothless cum as it hit the back of his throat, like it was his prize and he loved it. He continued sucking Toothless sensitive erection until every last drop of cum had been milked from him.

‘‘Fuck!’’ Toothless gasped, as he finished cumming into Hiccup’s mouth and watched him swallow every last drop. His body twitched and tensed, before he sighed and collapsed onto his back. Being sucked during his orgasm wracked his body with new unexplainable sensations and jolts of pleasure … it had been beyond amazing and he felt wonderfully satiated.   

Hiccup leaned over his boyfriend’s body and kissed him.

‘‘Hicc, that was … wow!’’ Toothless breathed, as he started to regain his normal breathing rhythm. Hiccup smiled at him, and Toothless could feel Hiccup’s boner pressing against the side of his thigh. ‘‘Need a hand?’’ He asked with a smirk.

‘‘I can finish up.’’ Hiccup said, sitting up and stroking his own cock. Toothless watched and decided he wanted to return the favour. He crawled into position and pushed Hiccup’s hands away.

‘‘Let me baby!’’ He told him, looking into forest-green eyes before wrapping his lips over Hiccup’s solid cock.

Toothless’s wet warm lips around his shaft were a welcomed treat, especially as he was already building towards his climax and was already very sensitive. It didn’t take long at all for Hiccup to grip Toothless hair in warning.

‘‘Toothless … I’m gonna-.’’ He gasped as his orgasm hit and he came into Toothless mouth. Just like he had done, Toothless swallowed each drop and kept sucking until his lover was all out.

It had felt sensational, unexplainable, but what made it exceptionally perfect … was that he shared it with Toothless. Hiccup reached for the back of Toothless’s head and kissed him lovingly before they laid down together.

‘‘Hiccup, that was amazing but … where the fuck did that come from?’’ Toothless asked chuckling.

‘‘Guess I was just … horny!’’ Hiccup chuckled. ‘‘I really needed that.’’

‘‘Maybe you should get horny more often babe, it was, it was … I have no fucking words! Just wow!’’

Hiccup chuckled and was about to respond when Gora returned. He sniffed the air and tilted his head to the side looking at both of them curiously. Hiccup scrambled to get his trousers back on, cursing in embarrassment, but Toothless just lay there like he didn’t care. Hiccup threw Toothless’s trousers over to him but he just sat up casually and held them in his hand.     

‘‘Hey Gora.’’ Toothless greeted him. Gora grunted like he was asking something and Toothless chuckled. ‘‘No, we didn’t hypnuch you faifuh, not what you’re thinking anyways. We just had some fun!’’ Toothless smiled at him but Gora made another sound, like he didn’t believe him. ‘‘You wouldn’t understand, it’s a human thing. Mind your own business!’’

‘‘He knows doesn’t he. That’s