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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

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Chapter 34 - Goraless times

With the fire resupplied and Toothless feeling better than he did when he first woke up, he shared his new memories with Hiccup. More memories from when he was younger had return to him, along with the memory of the day he had lost them. Hiccup was passing him a drink of water as he finished his recount of that day.  

‘‘I remember waking up, being confused and a bit scared. I just saw an erupting volcano - hot lava getting nearer, and no one around. I’d obviously lost my memories - although at the time I was just scared and wanted to get away from that volcano, so I flew off the Island. I just remember flying for such a long time I must have zoned out. Young dragons can actually fall asleep when flying, not yet able to control that zone between sleeping and being awake. I guess that’s what I did.’’ Toothless explained. He took a sip of his water before a thought crossed his mind. ‘‘I hope that baby Strarollkender, erm … Stronkle, managed to find its Mooir.’’

‘‘I’m sure it did, it was a long time ago. You risked your life to help that Stronkle. It wasn’t there when you woke up right? So, it must have been okay.’’

Toothless checked Hiccup’s reaction to hearing the fact he had risked his life - even if it had been years ago, but it was a relief to see he didn’t appear to be affected by it. ‘‘I wonder where he went though. If another dragon found him why would they leave me there?’’

‘‘I don’t know babe, maybe he just wondered of or hid somewhere until he was found.’’

‘‘Maybe … I’m going to go and see if the sun if up yet, see what’s going on out there.’’ Toothless moved and groaned as he got to his feet. Every muscle ached and his shoulder was stiff from the bruising, but his side stung and made him wince.

Hiccup had a feeling Toothless didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and was leaving to avoid his questions. On top of that, he wanted Toothless to rest. ‘‘You sure that’s a good idea?’’

‘‘I’m fine Hicc. You could come with me but … I’m going to change so I can fly over to the lake. With this … I don’t know if carrying you will be a good idea.’’ He explained, pointing to his side. ‘‘I won’t be long.’’

As soon as Toothless flew from the dark areas of the cavern - past the stalagmites and boulders, he could see the lake. As he flew down to land by the waters edge, he noticed it had risen slightly. Small slow drops dripped from various points in the cavern roof. Over at the back - right side, where the cracks usually let in small rays of light, trickling water wept down the cavern wall and fed the lake. He could hear the storm from this section of the cavern but it was too difficult to tell what time of day it was. The sky was obviously darkened by grey clouds that no light streamed through, only the cool drafts of wind wafted in now.

He ignored the other dragons or the looks they gave him as he drunk from the lake. It was like they wanted to ask him a hundred questions but had decided to just stare at him instead - or pretend they weren’t. He had planned to return to Hiccup, but he was spotted by Gora who landed beside him.     

‘‘Came outta hiding then.’’ Gora grinned.

‘‘Who says I was hiding?’’

‘‘We’ll, ya did sneak of pretty fast last night an’ after Aflgeir and his goons decided to cause trouble.’’ Gora reminded him. ‘‘Ya never even told me you were cursed, ‘ad to find that out from Visskara last night.’’

‘‘I’m not cursed you faifuh. I just died and … came back again.’’ Toothless noticed the other dragons listening to them. ‘‘Let’s move somewhere else, I need to get back to Hiccup anyway.’’

‘‘Oh no you don’t Kalean! You’ve bailed on me twice already … and left me back all them ar’tios ago. I never got an explanation then, I want one now.’’

Before Toothless could argue Visskara landed.

‘‘Good, you’re awake. I have spoken to everyone here and they are aware that you have a human form and that Hiccup is your sal-binda. You should both be safe here for now, but do try not to cause any more chaos. I am assuming Hiccup is okay after yesterday?’’ Visskara asked.

‘‘Yeah, he’s good. Do you think it will be okay for him to come down to the water, being stuck in that cave is driving him crazy?’’ Toothless knew they would gain a lot of attention from the other dragons, but if it made Hiccup feel better, he could deal with that.

‘‘Very well. Just know that I won’t be here all day. I still have my duties to attend to. Aflgeir, Akslital and Lemjatavi have been dealt with, however, they are still in this cavern and it would be wise to avoid any trouble.’’

‘‘I’ll keep him out of trouble.’’ Gora chimed in.

Toothless gave him a look of disbelief. In all his memories of Gora, he was the mastermind of trouble. Come to think of it, he would get on well with Tuff and Ruffnut if he was the same Gora he knew from all those years ago.

Toothless looked back at Visskara. ‘‘I’ll be careful.’’ He assured her.

Visskara nodded and went to leave, but she stopped as if she had remembered something. ‘‘Oh, and Toothless! When Acacia returns later, you will allow her to treat you. Do I make myself clear?’’

Toothless nodded. He really wouldn’t mind some of that healing watchamacalits if he was honest. Visskara left and Toothless turned to Gora.

‘‘So… Want to know what it feels like to fly with a human on your back?’’ Toothless smiled hopefully.

It took some convincing, first with Gora to agree on being Hiccup’s ride, then with Hiccup to get him to understand his message. He had not only asked Kirnottdra to fetch Hiccup from the cave, - being too big to fit inside himself, but he had also tried convincing Hiccup in his dragon form. Once he managed to communicate his plan, Gora lowered his body and Hiccup hesitantly climbed on using his spines as handles.

‘‘Finally, the human gets it!’’ Gora remarked playfully.

‘‘It’s Hiccup you faifuh, and don’t forget that’s my mate you’re carrying.’’

‘‘How does that even work?’’ Gora asked as they walked through the cavern to the wider area that would allow them to fly.

Toothless stopped and picked up the clothes he had left from before when he had changed form. He got Hiccup’s attention who took the clothes with confusion written all over his face.

‘‘Don’t ask!’’ Toothless warned Gora.

‘‘But he’s a he right? Unless you became a girl-’’

‘‘Like I said, don’t ask!’’     

They flew to the lake, over to where the walls of the cavern and water glowed the brightest. Not many dragons chose this part of the cavern to dwell. Most of them were boulder types, or types of dragons that preferred dry darker areas. Expect for the energetic hordes of Lagalogaror’s splashing about and the dragons that past by now and again. A Vengilfagre rested on the stack of rocks that emerged from the water, and there were two other dragons nearby sleeping. Yesterday, Toothless hadn’t recognized their species, but he remembered them now. They were Manifagreiths, dragons that enjoyed basking in the moonlight. Their black and white wings were their proudest feature - the intricate patterns and layers stood out rather beautifully. They had a purple body with blue legs and tail, and two long antennae like ears.

The short flight on Gora felt amazing compared to the dark solitude of the cave, even if he couldn’t fly as smoothly as Toothless. The birds eye view of the inhabitants felt beguiling to Hiccup. Climbing down from Gora’s back, he noticed the eyes that followed him and wondered why they had stopped here. ‘‘T-Toothless, why are we here?’’ Hiccup was cautious about being out in the open again after last time, and with the curious prying stares he was getting, it was unsettling. Toothless on the other hand didn’t seemed bothered. He laid down with Gora sitting next to him and motioned for Hiccup to do the same. ‘‘Well, it sure beats sitting in the cave.’’ Hiccup voiced allowed, He sat down scratching Toothless neck.

Gora observed the pleasurable reactions Toothless had to being scratched. Deciding he wanted some of the attention he moved closer to Hiccup and nudged hi

‘‘Oi you, get your own human!’’ Toothless protested.

‘‘Unfair!’’ Gora huffed as he laid down. ‘‘Besides, where do you expect me to find a friendly one anyways. I don’t see any around here, do you?

‘‘You could come back with us.’’ Toothless suggested after a moment’s thought. Gora looked shocked.

‘‘And leave this crappy island, no thanks. I’ve heard what humans do out there. I’m rather attached to my head ya know.’’

‘‘They’re not all bad Gora. We live on an Island called Berk - lots of my dragon friends live there … Well, they used to.’’ Toothless’s smile left his face and he suddenly looked grieved.

‘‘What happened to them?’’

Hiccup had realised that Toothless wanted to catch up with his childhood friend - and probably didn’t want to leave him alone wondering where he’d gone. Luckily, he had been writing in his journal when Kirnottdra had essentially pushed him out of the cave earlier, therefore, he still had it with him. Right now, he was drawing a picture of Toothless and Gora while they ‘talked’. Occasionally Hiccup and Toothless would exchange glances, smile at each other or Hiccup would pet him. A few times he noticed Gora’s shocked face, or other expressions that made him wonder what Toothless was telling him. It was nice to be out of the cave though, and even the other dragons that had been watching them had stopped staring - now used to his presence by the lake. He could hear the storm from this part of the cavern as he continued to draw, he was thankful to be sheltered from its wrath.  

‘‘Hypnucha Kalean! You certainly ain’t had a boring life have ya. Makes me wish I’d been there … well, for some of it at least. Why did ya leave?’’ Gora asked him.

Toothless had already told him how he first met Hiccup, and about Berk and the dragons there. He had told him about the Ogthantarth, how he had died, figured out he could change forms, and then seven days later the dragons left the island. He had even told him about the Mykerstorrdrottning - or the Red-death as Hiccup called it, and some yarx called Drago, but he hadn’t yet told him why he had left this island all those ar’tios ago.

‘‘I lost my memories that day Gora.’’ Toothless admitted. ‘‘Something hit me in the head … hot fiery rock, I think. When I came to … the first thing I saw was the thick black clouds of smoke and the hot molten lava. I just fled the island.’

‘‘I knew something was wrong when you flew off and didn’t come back.’’

‘‘Wait, you saw me leave?’’

‘‘Yeah. But you didn’t hear me calling. I couldn’t get to ya cos my mooir wouldn’t let me leave after she found me. We went further into the forest until the great fire stopped raging. It was a Hypnucha mess to say the least.’’ Gora remembered.

‘‘Do you know what happened to that baby-hatchling, that Strarollkender?’’

‘‘The one ya saved? Yeah sort of. Its mooir was frantic with worry, so I told her you had gotten him out and they looked for him. Soon found the little thing. It had been hiding. That was after I saw ya leave though. So, what? You forgot everything … including me?’’

‘‘That about sums it up, yeah.’’ Toothless felt better knowing the Stronkle had gotten back to his Mooir.

Gora didn’t wait to remind Toothless about some of the antics they had gotten up to as younglings. Toothless noticed the way Gora made him out to be the originator of their foolish plans - he debunked each one. His memory was slowly returning as they recounted their earlier days together, and he knew they were both just bored youngling back then trying to find a way to keep themselves entertained. Unfortunately for the other dragons on the island, that meant pulling pranks, winding them up, or just generally causing trouble when they weren’t exploring. Even their exploring had a habit of ended in catastrophe or chaos.  

‘‘Hey Toothless…’’ Gora laughed. ‘‘Remember that time on Iss mountain, when you landed face first in that snow pile trying to do that double twist lift thing. You were stuck for ages until you managed to plasma blast your way out.’’

‘‘Oh god’s, don’t remind me! That one can stay forgotten.’’

‘‘It was hilarious though!’’ Gora howled in laughter. ‘‘You managed to bring on that avalanche … and then a whole heard of angry Skioleggissval chased us.’’  

Hiccup looked over perplexed and curious; Gora seemed to find something hilarious and Toothless had his paws over his eyes. ‘‘And I have no idea what you two are talking about.’’ He voiced aloud. Toothless glanced over at him for a second.

‘‘Groaldridax and Kalvissmari were so angry Gora!’’ Toothless reminded him.

‘‘We had so much fun though Kalean, it was worth it.’’

‘‘We did have some good times … didn’t we?’’ Toothless reminisced and sighed. ‘‘I better spend some time with Hiccup now, as a human. He only has me to talk to but you’re welcome to stay though. I’ll get him to show you that picture of our friends I was telling you about.’’

‘‘Bailing on me already?’’ Gora teased as Toothless stood up. Hiccup closed his journal anticipating them leaving or something.   

‘‘Not on your life! I just got you back you faifuh.’’ Toothless was about to change forms when a female Lagrborkertre landed and bowed her head as a way of greeting him.

She was a small green coloured dragon, with jagged red growths on her head and down her spine. She had darker green growths on the top of her body and along her back, with a spiked club-like tail tip.

‘‘I just wanted to thank you for looking after Sessavior during that fight. I heard from Balinkeri that she was with you. Sessavior said your sal-binda was very funny.’’ She looked over at Hiccup who was standing next to Toothless, cautiously keeping his wits about him.

‘‘Sessavior must be your hatchling. Yeah, a few hatchlings found their way into the cave, Hiccup comforted them while I tried to stop the fight. When I returned the hatchlings had all fallen asleep. Sessavior couldn’t have been safer than with Hiccup.’’

‘‘My name is Groenneta, by the way. I will leave you now, I left Sessavior asleep. Thanks again.’’ Groenneta then flew away.

‘‘Someone’s popular.’’ Gora quipped.

‘‘See you on the other side.’’ Toothless smiled as he changed - ignoring Gora’s comment.

‘‘I will never get used to that.’’ Gora thought out loud as he watched his friend change from a Loightakalean to a naked human being.     

‘‘Hey Hiccup!’’ Toothless smiled as he picked up his clothes and dressed. His bruises were turning a black-blue colour now and he winced as he continued his task.

‘‘H-hey Toothless.’’ Hiccup stuttered, swinging his arms around.

‘‘Why you so nervous Hicc?’’

‘‘Me? I’m not! I’m just happy to see you again … human again.’’

‘‘Mm hmm’’ Toothless didn’t believe him but continued dressing. Once his pants and tunic were in place, he took Hiccup gently into his arms and kissed him. ‘‘So, why you really nervous?’’

‘‘If you must know, I’m just relieve that dragon didn’t come to cause any trouble, plus … we have an audience.’’ Hiccup pointed to the dragons that had started staring again, some had even stopped or had moved closer to get a better look.

Apart from the Vengilfagre, Manifagreiths and the clueless Lagalogarors that were already there, a purple Deadly-Nadder and a Finnafrithadil had been watching them. Toothless turned and raised his eyebrows.

‘‘It’s like they’ve never seen a dragon change form before.’’ He sarcastically commented. ‘‘Piss off you bunch of nosey plifigens!’’ He shouted, waving his arms at them. Gora roared to back up his friend. The Deadly-Nadder and Finnafrithadil left while the others turned away and stopped staring. Toothless turned to look back at Hiccup - ready to kiss him again. ‘‘Don’t mind them, they just have nothing better to do.’’

Hiccup just laughed.

Hiccup had shown Gora the drawings of the gang with their dragons: Hookfang, Meatlug, Barf and Belch, and Stormfly. He had also shared other drawings, such as the other dragons on Berk and of his son Trid. Toothless let Hiccup tell Gora about them and tried his best to relay any questions Gora had. Toothless discovered that he could translate Gora better than any of the other dragons - especially now his memory was returning, he still couldn’t completely translate everything he said though. It was actually nice to have his memory back, or at least more of it; What he didn’t remember at this point he put down to the fact that it was such a long time ago he had simply forgotten.

Toothless shared some of his and Gora’s past antics with Hiccup, who was pleased to know that his memory had all but returned. He was also relieved to learn that the baby Stronkle had been found in the end, and not just because it was safe, but because Toothless would no longer worry over what happened to it.

Toothless was sharing the time Gora managed to set two catastrophic-Quakens after them - after he got caught using his hypnotising ability to make the Gronckles paranoid. Apparently, Gora had tried to confuse the Quakens too, but he quickly discovered that wasn’t strong enough yet to control a dragon of that size and it back fired - they ended up fleeing for their lives. Toothless and Hiccup were chuckling, but when Hiccup looked over at Gora, he had a strange red glow in his eyes and was fixated on something. Hiccup followed to what Gora was looking at, he was shocked to see about eight Lagalogarors trying to stack on top of each other like a badly built tower. They would topple at any moment and surely fall into the dragons sleeping on the rocks.

‘‘Erm Toothless?’’ He pointed to the Lagalogarors, speechless. Toothless punched Gora’s leg.

‘‘Cut it out Gora.’’ He chuckled. ‘‘Just because they’re easy to pick on don’t mean you should. You haven’t changed at all have you?’’

Gora rolled his eyes - Toothless had ruined his fun. The Lagalogarors woke up from their trance and sure enough … they toppled causing one of them to hit the Manifagreiths. The Manifagreiths woke up started, and one of them reacted by breathing out a blueish purple gas at his intruder.

‘‘Time to go!’’ Toothless announced loudly, dragging Hiccup to his feet in a hurry. Toothless hissed in pain but seemed more focused on getting them out of there. ‘‘Gora, do you mind?’’ He asked, more for politeness then permission.

Before Hiccup could question them on the big rush, they were on top of Gora’s back and flying away from the lake. Toothless gripped onto Hiccup’s waist so he didn’t fall off. If Hiccup had turned around, he would have seen the look of shock and uncertainty that appeared on his boyfriend’s face.

‘‘What was that all about?’’ Hiccup finally asked.

‘‘Oh, you know, just Gora causing more chaos. Like always hey Gora?’’ Toothless looked back quickly at the Manifagreiths - and the now passed out Lagalogarors. Gora huffed his feigning displeasure at being blamed. They dipped slightly and Toothless snapped his head around to face forward again, holding onto Hiccup tightly. ‘‘That Manifagreith - Moon-Chitter as you called him, let slip some poison gas. The dragons will be fine after a bit, it wasn’t a lot but I don’t know what that stuff will do to humans.’’

Gora landed over by the darker area of the cavern to the left, and Hiccup jumped off first. He helped Toothless down - who seemed to have a little trouble. Toothless’s side had been irritated in the haste to get away from the gas, but he also appeared to be a bit stunned as well. Hiccup wondered if he had been scared of flying, but Toothless being stubborn and headstrong was adamant he was fine.

‘‘Thanks Gora, that was close you faifuh!’ Toothless chuckled when he had both feet on the ground. Gora communicated with various noises. ‘‘Yeah yeah, just like old days.’’ Toothless agreed. ‘‘I’ll see you later. I’m getting hungry so me and Hiccup should get something to eat.’’

Gora nudged Toothless with his head and received a quick single pat from him, and a wonderful scratch from Hiccup before he flew away.

‘‘Stay out of trouble you skelirex!’’ Toothless shouted after him and laughed. When Gora was out of ear shot Toothless let the act slip and sighed in relief. ‘‘So that’s what it feels like to ride a dragon?’’

Hiccup laughed at Toothless’s perplexed and shocked expression. ‘‘No, but that is what it feels like to ride Gora!’’  

The cave didn’t seem so dreary or dismal after their morning by the lake with Gora. It was nice retreating back to the privacy of the cave, to enjoy being together by the glowing fire - just the two of them. After eating, Hiccup broke out his second journal to record his new learnt information on the dragons.

Hiccup was leaning against Toothless’s good side as he wrote or sketched in his journal. They would occasionally smile at each other as Toothless patiently answered every question he was asked. Right now, Hiccup was trying to figure out what class to place the dragons into.  

‘‘If the Moon-Chitter doesn’t fit into strike class either … looks like we have another addition to the mystery class category.’’ Hiccup concluded outload.

‘‘Hold on Hicc! Moon-Chitters, as in Manifagreiths right?’’ Toothless asked, a thought had crossed his mind. Hiccup nodded curious to where this was going. ‘‘I think, you might need a new class babe. Hear me out.’’ He told Hiccup who sat up to listen. Toothless went through the journal with Hiccup and explained his reasoning for a new class. ‘‘You have Moon-Chitters the Manifagreiths. Vengilfagres the Bright-wings. Grutregrasvattirs the Great-Guardenia or Guardenien. Hraorskerahoggves the Tree-cutters. And the Lagrborkertre the Barktrees. All these dragons have two things in common, trees and plants. Like the boulder class, expect … trees and plants. Why not make a new class to place them into, you have the Tree Cutters down as sharp class, which I don’t disagree with.’’ Toothless paused to touch his side. ‘‘You could place them arseholes in two different classes. Sharp class and the new plant class.’’

‘‘Toothless that’s genius! Why didn’t I think of that?’’ Hiccup enthusiastically proclaimed. He was now on his knees writing frantically in his journal.

‘‘Because I’m just too good!’’ Toothless bragged.

‘‘Smart arse!’’ Hiccup quipped.

‘‘Ouch!’’ Toothless pouted, feigning hurt. ‘‘But what would you do without … all this?’’

‘‘You just gestured to all of you.’’

‘‘Exactly! What would you do without all of me?’’ He smiled.  

Hiccup stopped writing in his journal and suddenly looked troubled. He sighed sadly and put down the pencil. ‘‘I don’t know.’’

‘‘Fuck. Hiccup I’m sorry. That was a stupid thing to say.’’ Toothless moved closer to Hiccup, not sure what to expect.

‘‘It’s okay Toothless.’’ Hiccup said, but his voice didn’t sound very convincing.  

Toothless pulled Hiccup closer and he laid his head on his boyfriend’s lap - playing at the fabric of his trousers. The contact reminded Hiccup that Toothless was there with him now and he shouldn’t be worrying about the what if. The truth was, he really didn’t know what he would do without Toothless, but he had been able to push his fear away this time.

‘‘Don’t think about it!’’ Toothless consoled, playing with the stands of hair at the back of Hiccup’s head.

Hiccup didn’t want to ruin what had been a good day so far, and he didn’t feel as affected by the topic as Toothless seemed to think. He rolled over, looking up at Toothless to assure his boyfriend he was actually okay, but he noticed a stifled moan escaped his lips. ‘‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt-’’

‘‘You didn’t!’’ Toothless replied a little too fast, shaking his head.

‘‘Then why…’’ Hiccup tried to hide the smirk that sneaked onto his face as realisation hit him. His horny arse boyfriend was getting turned on, payback would be so sweet. Hiccup moved his head to test his theory, pressing down as he pretended to adjust his position. He was too caught up in his moment of revenge - from all the times Toothless had wound him up, that he forgot what they had just been talking about.

Toothless shifted position to allow Hiccup to get comfortable. ‘‘Good?’’ He asked with a smile when Hiccup stopped moving, and more importantly, stop pressing down on his manhood.

‘‘I’m not sure. Is something wrong?’’ Hiccup feigned his concern, purposefully pressing his weight down onto a certain location as he sat up. Toothless failed to stifle another moan.

‘‘What are you up to?’’ Toothless’s eyes squinted as he looked into Hiccup’s devious eyes.

‘‘Nothing! There’s just this lump in my way.’’ Hiccup feigned innocence as he pressed down on Toothless’s hardening cock once more.

‘‘That’s your fault!’’ Toothless accused, his voice slightly strained as he tried to keep his composure. ‘‘Maybe you should make it go away … seeing as it was your fault.’’

Hiccup pressed his lips into his boyfriend’s hungry ones. His hand leaving its teasing location - to rest on Toothless’s right shoulder. Toothless still couldn’t get enough of Hiccup delectable lips, the sensations still so new to him. Each time they made out it was like a new amazing discovery, and each and every time it made him shiver in new ways. 

‘‘I’d just like to see how it plays out, if it’s all the same to you.’’ Hiccup eventually replied. His plans to tease Toothless had started to back fire after that kissing - he had succeeded in arousing his own sexual desires.

‘‘What happened to, ‘we have to be quiet?’’’ Toothless leaned closer to retake back the lips that had left his tinging for more, but he was denied.

‘‘Well … when you put it that way.’’ Hiccup went to get up but was pulled back down into his lap.

‘‘You’re not going anywhere!’’ Toothless asserted, and took back those lips he had been refused.

The luscious erotic sensations of each other’s taste only worked to fuel their more sexual desires. Lips alone could no longer satisfy their hunger, and Hiccup found his hands undoing Toothless’s trousers while never leaving his boyfriends lips. Toothless shifted his weight to push his trousers to his knees as Hiccup removed his own - only breaking the kiss for moments to fling his across the cave along with his tunic. Hiccup went to lift Toothless’s tunic but he was stopped.

‘‘Leave it’’ Toothless’s breathless voice breathed between the kissing.

Hiccup complied and knew to be mindful of his injuries. He took Toothless cock into his hand and rubbed it as Toothless sucked his neck - his skin feeling more sensitive as he licked and kiss every inch of flesh he could find. The gravelly moans from Toothless, and the drips of precum that fell onto his hand were his que. He guided Toothless cock to his opening, and with one hand rested on Toothless right shoulder he worked to penetrate his own arse as he pressed down onto Toothless hard erection.

Toothless gasped caught between shock and enjoyment - they had never done it in this position before. He held Hiccup’s arse cheeks as his boyfriend worked his way down his shaft. ‘‘Mm, Hiccup!’’ He exclaimed, voicing his sexual pleasure as he squeezed the small round chunks of fat in his hands. The process of total penetration only fuelling their sexual needs.

Toothless rubbed Hiccup’s swollen cock with one hand as he watched him adjust to the size of his own. The groans from Hiccup only elicited his need to be satisfied further, the restraint to not flip Hiccup over and fuck his arse was like a bursting dam. Something about Hiccup naked and on top - lowering onto his pulsating cock, made him crazy. It was breaking his resolve to stay in control of his actions.

‘‘Hic … Hiccup!’’ Toothless ground out through clenched teeth, his fists now clenched by his sides as Hiccup bounced in his lap - rocking his balls in the process. ‘‘Hiccup, stop!’’ When Hiccup stopped, he noticed Toothless’s breathing was heavy with seriously dilated eyes. ‘‘Just give me a minute!’’ Toothless breathed, calming himself of his overwhelming need to dominate the man he loved.

‘‘What happened Toothless?’’ Hiccup wrapped his arms around the back of Toothless head - his arse still fully penetrated. He wanted desperately to keep going, but he wouldn’t unless Toothless wanted him to.

‘‘You just … drive me crazy.’’ Toothless admitted

‘‘You want me go on?’’

‘‘Can I…’’ Toothless hesitated.

‘‘You want to take the lead?’’

‘‘Yeah.’’ Toothless admitted nodding. ‘‘But, Fuck Hicc. I can’t control it.’’ He confessed; he was worried about being too rough like last time.   

‘‘Then don’t. I’m ready. Either you fuck me now or I’m jacking off.’’

Toothless heard the words ‘fuck me now’ and that was all the permission he needed. Hiccup laid on his back with his knees bent wanting to see his boyfriends face as he came inside him. Toothless’s hard cock slipped in with little protest and he fucked Hiccup like he had wanted to from the start. Each thrust only building the stimulations that would eventually be their release.

‘‘Mm, Toothless, that’s it baby.’’ Hiccup breathlessly moaned, rubbing his cock as Toothless worked his arse. The thrusts became deeper and faster as Toothless got lost in the sexual act. ‘‘You … with me?’’ Hiccup ground out. ‘‘Toothless?’’

Toothless snapped from his trance and caught Hiccup’s forest green eyes. They grounded him, kept him conscious in the moment and only reminded him that this wasn’t just sex, it wasn’t simply a matting ritual, it was what two people did when they were in love … just like Hiccup had told him.

‘‘I … love you!’’ Toothless breathed. ‘‘Fuck Hicc, I think I’m-’’ Toothless’s voice broke off and he gasped. His thrusts coming to a slow and his breaths ragged. 

Hiccup was already dangerously close when he felt Toothless’s cum warm his insides, so it only took a few quick rubs to bring on his own mind-blowing release. Toothless slowed his breathing and waited for his dizzy intoxicated stated to calm before pulling out.

‘‘I love you too babe.’’ Hiccup chuckled as Toothless all but collapsed next to him. ‘‘You don’t think anyone heard us … do you?’’

‘‘If they did, they can piss off! Besides, it’s not like dragons get a room when they do it.’’

‘‘And that’s one image I didn’t need to be thinking about right now.’’

‘‘Then don’t think about it.’’ Toothless said as he leaned over and kissed Hiccup, running his hand through his auburn hair.

‘‘Pass me a cloth from the bag babe!’’ Hiccup asked when they separated lips.

Toothless found a cloth from one of the bags next to him, wincing as the aches in his body seemed to return post sex. It was as if the heat of the moment had acted like a pain alleviation. He passed the cloth over to Hiccup who wiped his hands.

‘‘We really didn’t think this through.’’ Hiccup complained as he tried to clean up with a dry cloth.

‘‘I could always change into a dragon and lick you clean!’’ Toothless smirked.

‘‘Toothless! That’s disgusting!’’ Hiccup exclaimed, disgusted at the thought of his dragon - Toothless or not, cleaning up his spunk with his tongue. Dragon saliva was sticky enough, he certainly didn’t want it going south. 

‘‘What? You swallowed mine that one time.’’

‘‘You weren’t a dragon!’’

‘‘I’m always a dragon, well … kind off.’’

‘‘Toothless, no! Just … no.’’ Hiccup put his foot down. He got up to find some water to clean with before getting dressed.

Toothless followed suit and they both managed to clean up pretty well with what they had. They decided to get some more water from the lake in a while, for now they just wanted to relax together, enjoying each other’s company in the privacy of the cave.

‘‘The storm should be over soon.’’ Hiccup voiced aloud, sitting against Toothless.

‘‘Yeah, then we can get what we came for and leave right?’’ 

‘‘Right. You don’t sound happy about that.’’ Hiccup noticed.

‘‘I am! I just … well I just found Gora after all this time and-’’

‘‘You don’t want to go just yet?’’

‘‘I want Gora to come with us … but I don’t think he will.’’ Toothless admitted.

‘‘Even if he agreed… Toothless, Gora wouldn’t be able to come to Berk unless we figure out what’s going on and fix it, none of the dragons can come back.’’

‘‘I know Hicc, but according to Gora … he’s the last of his kind.’’