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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

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Chapter 32 - Cavern territory

After Visskara departed to do her duty as alpha in view of the promised storm, Toothless had licked Hiccup’s face in his dragon form, scratched three marks into the ground, and then flew off before Hiccup could question him. Hiccup had no idea what was happening - that only made this worse. Why couldn’t Toothless explain things to him before he took off?

The longer he waiting for Toothless’s return the more his stomach churned. He paced back and forth, playing over all the possibilities. It could be a storm like Toothless thought, but what if it wasn’t the weather and he had translated it wrong as a human? What if it was a storm? They could be separated for weeks! Toothless could get hurt and wouldn’t be able to fly back to him. Stuck out there in the rain, starving, and cold, while aggressive winds tore him apart. What if he…   

Hiccup clenched his fists; his body was shaking and he tried to shut down his thoughts. He took deep breaths and exhaled by blowing out the air slowly. He sat down leaning against the boulder, rocking his body as he rubbed his face and eyes. He had to calm down … he had to stop tormenting himself with ‘what ifs. He just couldn’t stop the worry building inside, leaving negative thoughts in his mind. Fear was trying to take control once again - to consume him, and he felt sick. They had been though worse things … so why was this effecting him in such a way? He looked at his shaking hands. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ He thought, scared and ashamed of himself. His eyes stung with restricted tears but he couldn’t allow himself to come completely undone; He was a chief Viking, a grown man, and he was breaking down, going mad, losing it and becoming a failure.

Hiccup finally saw Toothless fly into the cavern and relief flooded him, but he was shocked and confused when Toothless flew straight past him with five other dragons. They were all boulder class dragons - well he assumed that much. There was that grey and purple dragon that had been sitting on the boulder from before, the spiky one that reminded him of a mace when it curled up. Two green and one purple coloured Gronckles flew behind Toothless, but the most shocking of them all bringing up the rear was the Catastrophic-Quaken. Toothless didn’t stop - didn’t even look his way, instead he flew with the dragons to the back of the cavern and disappeared behind the huge boulder like cave formations. What on Helheim was he doing? His curiosity only grew when he could hear almighty smashing and crashing sounds coming from the direction Toothless had disappeared in, it was amazing the entire cavern did cave in.   

The noise eventually stopped and Toothless finally returned - the boulder class dragons he had accompanied had left the cavern. Toothless motioned for Hiccup to get the saddle and to climb on - which he did. Flying to the back of the cavern, Hiccup got to really appreciate just how big it was down here. He also noticed the lack of dragons in the cavern now, there were certainly more of them earlier on. 

Toothless landed and motioned to a very dark cave hidden by some boulders in front of it. In fact, only a very small dragon or a human could fit between the gap and get into the cave. Without much warning, Toothless left Hiccup there and flew off again leaving Hiccup bewildered and confused. Toothless returned with some of their stuff and then left again … returning once more with the last of their things. When he scratched three marks into the ground Hiccup grabbed Toothless before he could leave.

‘‘Toothless! What’s going on?’’ Hiccup asked.  

Toothless motioned for Hiccup to enter the cave and licked him before leaving. Hiccup figured they were staying here now - why he didn’t know. It was so dark inside and he couldn’t see anything. Trying to keep it together, he heard Toothless return and leave a few more times before finally deciding to stay. Toothless activated his alpha powers to give them light, that’s when Hiccup noticed they now had enough wood for about six fires, and enough fish for maybe three days depending on how hungry Toothless got. Toothless encouraged Hiccup to make a fire, and by the time Toothless changed forms they pretty much had everything they needed for a shut in.  

‘‘I’m sorry Hiccup, I did want to explain, really! But I’ve changed six times today already and I didn’t want to keep doing it. I figured I only get eight good changes before I start to get effected. I did about fourteen yesterday and passed out after you were treated.’’ Toothless explained as he hugged Hiccup before getting dressed. He noted the force of Hiccup returned hug but didn’t say anything.

‘‘You never told me that.’’ Hiccup’s voice expressed his concern.  

‘‘Sorry … I just didn’t think too. Besides, before you give me the lecture … I am trying to be careful. That’s why I had to sort all this stuff out first before I explained. Come on, once we get all our stuff in here, I will explain. I promise.’’ Toothless said.

Their very small fire at the back of the cavern was kept low - mainly just for its dim light, and Toothless wouldn’t let Hiccup leave the safety of their new ‘accommodation’. Toothless collected the rest of their things from outside the cave entrance, where he had initially left them. Hiccup was actually surprised at the size of the cave - it was much bigger inside then he first thought.

Toothless was worried about the smoke from the fire exiting into the cavern - attracting unwanted attention, but this was close to where steam pockets whistled from the ground. The Gronckles also lived at the back here and they liked to lay in hot lava pools of their own making, as did the Hotburples. They had assured Toothless they would keep them safe, or at the very least, would alert them to any danger.

Finally sitting down with Hiccup, Toothless explained everything. He confirmed that there was indeed a storm coming, and that it was expected to last two days starting tonight after sundown. Very strong winds, extremely heavy rain and possibly thunder too. He explained Visskara’s warning to keep hidden and that he had asked the boulder dragons to smash out this cave that they were now in.

‘‘So, the dragons made this cave today?’’ Hiccup asked, amazed at that knowledge.

‘‘Yep, I got Gorrolketir, Drofrolk, Leggjakon, Jakoma and Storrlomisen to help me blast this bad boy out. Cool huh?’’ Toothless explained, only baffling Hiccup more.

‘‘Who comes up with these names?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Their mooir or faoir. Mum or dad.’’ Toothless answered as if it were obvious. ‘‘That’s why I don’t think I was ever given a name.’’ He sighed.

‘‘I meant the names are really … unusual.’’ Hiccup explained frowning.

‘‘Really? I suppose Snotlout, Fishlegs, Gobber and Hiccup are good old common names, nothing unusual about them at all.’’ Toothless sarcastically shot back smirking.

‘‘You may have a point there… So, I’m just expected to stay here until the storm passes?’’ Hiccup asked. He really was looking forward to being confined.

‘‘Not necessarily. I just want to be safe babe. There will be loads of dragons in the cavern - not just this one but all the caverns, tunnels and caves surrounding the volcano - at least until the storm passes. Visskara told me to keep you out of sight, and myself as a human too until she can explain why we’re here. The other dragons will most likely freak out if they saw humans here on the island, and believe me … too many dragons in one place during a storm is bound to cause enough problems without us making it worse.’’ Toothless explained. Hiccup took a deep breath and sighed, it was a while before he spoke.

‘‘Toothless, you wanted me to talk to you right?’’ Hiccup asked hesitantly.

Toothless nodded and noticed the sad expression across Hiccup’s face. He moved and sat closer to Hiccup, wrapping his arm around him.

‘‘What’s on your mind babe?’’ Toothless asked.

‘‘I just feel so out of place here. In the village - before I met you … I really didn’t fit in. Now here with all the dragons … I just feel like the boy that needs protecting again, like I used to feel back then on Berk. Everyone talking about me but never to me. Everyone telling me to keep out of the way because I only cause trouble or make things worse. M-Maybe I just miss home. I do miss Trid … and I miss being around humans. It’s like I’m going backwards Toothless.’’ Hiccup admitted and shook his head sadly.

Toothless thought carefully for a moment. He wanted to tell Hiccup he was being stupid and that he still had him, but he could understand why Hiccup was feeling that way.

‘‘Hiccup, this is only temporary and we will be going home soon. Once the storm passes … we will find out about the Ogthantarth and leave okay. I am so sorry if I made you feel left out. I try to tell you everything the other dragons say and include you in any decisions. Unfortunately, you’re not a dragon Hiccup. You’re an amazing person, a great father, the chief of Berk, the man I love and my best friend, but unless you can turn into a dragon … I’m afraid I can only do my best to make you feel less excluded. Tell me if you want me to do anything differently and I will babe.’’ Toothless told him, hugging him for reassurance.

‘‘You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just how I feel. I can’t help but thinking the dragons don’t want me here either.’’ Hiccup admitted.

‘‘Some do!’’ Toothless told him firmly.

‘‘Not many, right?’’ Hiccup asked, more to point out he was right.

‘‘They don’t know how amazing you are. They don’t understand you … us! Some have bad experience with humans, with hunters. You know there’s a rumour going around that this storm is because Visskara hurt you and you’re the chosen one.’’ Toothless told him trying to change the subject.

‘‘Wait what?’’ Hiccup asked. ‘‘That’s just great, I always wanted to be offered up to some dragon god as a human sacrifice.’’

Toothless laughed. ‘‘Hiccup, that’s not what they think at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. They are worried that hurting you or me will make the gods angry. It’s actually quite funny. Runisalith was shitting herself thinking that they would strike her down for arguing against us before.’’

‘‘Really? Wait is that why the boulder class dragons helped you make this cave, to protect me?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘To protect us, and yeah probably. Hiccup don’t think to much about it. We’re here together, waiting out a storm, away from angry confused dragons that don’t know their head from their arses at the best of time. It’s best we just lay low and stay safe … both of us. Besides, according to Acacia, I used to be a trouble maker too. Apparently, I destroyed half the forest once chasing a bird.’’ Toothless said, laughing at the thought of himself doing that.

‘‘I-I can see that.’’ Hiccup smiled weakly. ‘‘You really don’t remember your past do you?’’ Hiccup asked him.

‘‘Not really Hicc, but it doesn’t bother me.’’ Toothless smiled at him.

‘‘You don’t ever wonder where you came from. How your egg ended up here or what you were like back then?’’

‘‘I never even thought about it until we came here and I found out this was where I was raised. I guess I wonder what else I have forgotten but really … I’m not bothered by things I can’t remember. Curious maybe, but not enough to go searching for answers.’’ Toothless honestly told him. 

‘‘Is it bad that I’m curious? You know a lot about me. Where I come from, my parents, my past … but I never get to know about you. Only the stuff I’ve learnt about you from being my dragon, and these last, what? Seven weeks with you as a human.’’

Toothless moved from sitting next to Hiccup, to laying on the ground with his head on Hiccup’s lap looking up at him. Hiccup was a bit thrown at this.

‘‘C-Comfortable?’’ He asked Toothless, who smirked up at him.

‘‘What? You still have aversions to your sexy damn hot mate being this close to you? Hmm? Cos if you do, after everything we have already done … then Hiccup, I’m sorry but you’re totally screwed!’’ Toothless sassed.

Hiccup blushed. ‘‘O-of c-course not. I was just a little … It was just a little … unexpected. That’s all.’’ He stuttered. He wasn’t uncomfortable, but he was a little turned on.

‘‘Right…’’ Toothless smirked and winked. ‘‘Well, I do remember stuff from before I met you just not as far back as this island. Ask me anything you want … unless that lump in your pants - poking my head, has others ideas. You know I’m always game!’’ 

Hiccup felt his face redden. Why was he always so damn embarrassed? Maybe he could pretend he hadn’t heard Toothless. He smiled what he thought was a casual smile.

‘‘O-Okay, s-s-so did you have many f-friends.’’ He stuttered. ‘Great, Hiccup the useless stuttering mess strikes again, so much for keeping it casual.’ He thought.

‘‘Not really, I preferred to be alone. Didn’t much like sharing things … food especially. I got on with most dragons just never stayed in one place for too long. Besides, dragons don’t really mix with other species that much and well … one of a kind me!’’ He smiled and shrugged. He then moved his head, rubbing the back of it over a certain mass protruding underneath.

‘‘Y-you was-wasn’t lo-onely.’’ He asked, the volume of his voice failing to stay at a consistent level. He bit the inside of his lip.

‘‘Nope! Not really. I’m certainly not lonely anymore. I have you to keep me company. So, anything else you would like to know or do you have something else in mind to past the time?’’ He smirked, moving his head again teasingly.

Hiccup was trying not to look Toothless in the eyes. They were trying to keep a low profile after all and what Toothless was suggesting wasn’t going to be quiet. If he looked at Toothless eyes he knew he would become an avalanche of uncontrollable emotion, lose his composure and get caught up in the heat of the moment again before he could stop it. He had to find a way to get out of this one. 

‘‘N-no, nothing comes to mi-ind. I-I’m feeling a bit wo-worn out and ti-ired to be honest.’’ Hiccup tried. ‘Gods damn it Toothless, stop teasing me.’ His mind screamed, but he smiled and rubbed his eyes. It wasn’t a complete lie; his emotional breakdowns had drained him. 

Toothless sat up and took Hiccup’s face into his hands tenderly. He knew Hiccup was avoiding his eyes so he turned Hiccup’s head to face him. Hiccup now had his eyes closed so Toothless moved his thumb to gently stroking Hiccup’s cheeks. He moved slowly closer feeling the nervous air escape Hiccup’s mouth before trapping it with his lips. The kiss wasn’t the usual quick peck he often gave Hiccup and vice versa; this one was slow and intended to encourage Hiccup to respond to him.

Hiccup felt the warm wet tongue slowly slide over his lips as Toothless tantalizingly started to suck them. He took a deep breath and let out a shuddered sigh before giving into the kiss. He felt Toothless straddle him and his own hands felt up the back of Toothless tunic. The kiss slowly built up until it became more heated.

Hiccup could feel Toothless leave his mouth and start sucking at his neck, moving down to his collar bone. A quiet moan escaped his lips. Toothless reached down to lift up Hiccup’s tunic… but Hiccup stopped him and scrunched his eyes closed. He couldn’t believe he was about to refuse what he so desperately wanted now that Toothless had worked his magic. 

‘‘T-Toothless. We c-can’t baby!’’ Hiccup stuttered, opening his eyes and looking down to avoid whatever look Toothless was now giving him.

‘‘Course we can Hiccup!’’ Toothless told him - trying to resume his previous actions, but Hiccup put his hand on Toothless chest and pushed him back.

‘‘We have to keep a low profile remember. Toothless you know I want to … but that’s not the type of noise we need to be making right now. Please don’t make this harder than it has to be! I love you, you know that. Please, just … just stop.’’ Hiccup told him before taking a deep nervous breath.

Toothless climbed off Hiccup’s lap and sat next to him against the cave wall. He wasn’t mad but he looked disappointed.    

‘‘Toothless please don’t be angry with me.’’ Hiccup placed his hand on Toothless leg.

‘‘I’m not! I just wish we were somewhere we could … you know.’’ Toothless said as he looked up at Hiccup and smiled. ‘‘Still, I’m pretty tight down here … it’s kind of uncomfortable now. How do I make this go away?’’ He asked pointing to his protruding problem.  

Hiccup laughed, and quickly covered his mouth. ‘‘Sorry, you’re not the only one though. Just stop thinking about it and it will go on its own.’’

‘‘I doubt it.’’ Toothless moaned. He waited all but five seconds and moaned again. ‘‘I can’t stop thinking about it.’’ He whined.

‘‘How about-.’’ Hiccup was interrupted.  A loud almost aggressive roaring could be heard from somewhere inside the cavern, and more roaring was soon followed by explosions. ‘‘What is that?’’ He was concerned and unsettled.

‘‘Sounds like two dragons having a massive disagreement.’’ Toothless told him. The noises were getting louder and Toothless listened before rushing to his feet. ‘‘Hiccup, stay here… Please! I’m not going anywhere except just outside. It sounds really bad out there and I can change into a dragon if I have to, you can’t! It’s not because you’re useless, you … just weren’t born with wings.’’

‘‘Be careful babe!’’ Hiccup understood, but he still couldn’t help feeling completely useless all the same.   

Toothless nodded, then rushed to give Hiccup a kiss before creeping out of the cave. He saw a few dragons hiding near their cave entrance - mostly Gronckles and some babies, but he recognised the purple female Gronckle not far away and whispered her name.

‘‘Debregoa.’’ He whispered a few times but got no response. He looked around and saw a large stone which he threw at her, she turned abruptly and her eyes went wide. She moved over to him. ‘‘What’s happening?’’ He asked her. Debregoa made noises and expressions to fast for Toothless to even begin to work out. ‘‘Whoa! Calm down. Slowly tell me what’s happening.’’

Toothless did his best to translate. ‘‘I’m guessing there’s a fight, an argument?’’ Debregoa nodded and continued to explain.
‘‘A fight over … food? No okay, erm … Territory?’’ Debregoa nodded. ‘Of course, it was always bloody territory!’ Toothless thought, but then he realised Debregoa had more to add. ‘‘A fight over territory and … wait, are they enemies? Do they dislike each other?’’ Again, Debregoa confirmed this. ‘Fucking fantastic!’ He though sarcastically.  

It took a while to piece together the information, and the noise was getting louder if anything. He could hear dragons in distress and in pain too. Toothless had now sussed out that there were two herd of dragons - which species he didn’t know yet, but they were having a huge fight over where to stay in the cavern and they weren’t exactly the best of friends. He’d dealt with stuff like this countless times before as alpha but he was never stuck in a cavern because of a pending storm. He also wasn’t technically the alpha here.  

‘‘Where’s Visskara?’’ He asked. Debregoa obviously didn’t know and things sounded really bad out there now.

‘‘Toothless?’’ Hiccup’s nervous and panicked voice called from inside.

Toothless went back into the cave and saw the cause for Hiccup’s panic. Three baby dragons had snuck into the cave out of fear and were laying by Hiccup’s side. All three of them look scared but he wasn’t surprised - what with the fight taking place in the main cavern. The baby Flame-tip was there along with two green baby Gronckles. 

‘‘Aww babe, I didn’t know you were expecting?’’ Toothless chuckled.

‘‘Toothless, can we try to stay focused here … even if just for a second. What do I do?’’ Hiccup asked.

‘‘Right, sorry but ... you’re really gonna hate me because … I have to get out there and help. Just don’t move! The babies are scared, no one will hurt you in here and they are adorable with you’’ Toothless said backing out of the cave as he removed his tunic.

‘‘Toothless! Don’t you dare leave me in here … Toothless!’’ Hiccup shouted, but he quickly stopped shouting when he heard the babies whimpering. Toothless had striped his clothes and gone. ‘‘It’s okay, you’re safe in here. Toothless was just being … well, Toothless.’’ Hiccup fussed the babies and they relaxed. Hiccup was far from relaxed and seriously hoped that Toothless wouldn’t get hurt, or that one of the baby’s mothers didn’t come for his entrails. ‘What was going on out there?’

Toothless had left the cave and changed into his dragon for as soon as he could. He flew to a space up high to see what was happening. The cavern was filling up with dragons but luckily it didn’t look to full yet - there were still many dragons here though. Some dragons he recognised, and some he didn’t, but he could now see the cause of the issue. There were five Hraorskerahoggves - or Tree-Cutters as Hiccup had named them, and three dragons he didn’t know…

---Toothless’s flash back---

‘‘Wait up Kalean.’’ Gorahiroa cried out as he tried to keep up with his friend.

‘‘Faster Gora! Come on, move your yenho backside!’’ Toothless encouraged as he turned mid-air and fired a plasma blast at the two dragons that were chasing them both.

The two dragons were light woody-brown in colour with red stripes. They had long bodies, necks and tails, had six legs with very sharp claws, and they had large bladed beaks. Unfortunately, they were also extremely angry at the prank Gora and Kalean had just pulled.

‘‘Thanks, Kalean.’’ Gora breathlessly thanked him as he caught up to Toothless. ‘‘You think we went too far?’’

‘‘You think?’’ He snapped at his friend. ‘‘Just hurry up, we can lose them over there.’’ Toothless said, aiming for the thick trees and plant growth below. ‘‘What are they Gora? You said you knew them but they don’t look too friendly now.’’ Toothless asked as he dodged a fire ball.

‘‘Trebitalehoggs!’’ Toothless muttered to himself, snapping out of his sudden flash back the blue Trebitalehogg whipped Runisalith across the cavern and straight into the lake - it only caused the fear and panic to rise. The Trebitalehoggs were fighting with the Hraorskerahoggves, and they didn’t take to kindly to interference in their dispute.

Toothless flew down and roared loudly to the blue Trebitalehogg, turning on his alpha mode in the process to boost his powers.

‘‘Enough!’’ Toothless shouted and fired a warning shot between the fighting dragons.

The cavern almost froze for a moment in total silence. An alpha dragon was here but it wasn’t Visskara. Questions and gossip then spread like wild fire.

"Who is he? Where did he come from? Where was Visskara to accept his challenge and stop this chaos?  What could he do? Weren’t Loightakalean’s extinct?’

Some of the dragons that knew who he was had started to explain to some of the other dragons, but Toothless was more concerned in stopping the fight. The Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves rounded on him.

‘‘Fuck!’’ Toothless muttered. He knew he was faster than them so he quickly flew up high and shouted. ‘‘You can trust me, I’m friends with Visskara. Get out of here until this is sorted. Go find Visskara … your alpha!’’

Toothless didn’t have time to argue, he was forced to dodge the Hraorskerahoggve that tried to slash him down. Damn they were fast but he could still out manoeuvre them - out fly them. The blue Trebitalehogg tried to bite down on his leg, but Toothless spun around fast - slapping him in the face hard with his tail in the process. Toothless then flew to the ground spinning before pulling up just above the lake to hover.

A lot of the dragons had refused to listen to Toothless and were still there. At least with the problem distracted now they could help the injured. As Toothless move quickly to dodge another slash from the sharp green blades of the Hraorskerahoggves, he heard the female Furollesernain - or Flame-Tip as Hiccup called them, speaking up. He was still dodging attacks from six angry dragons but he could still hear her words.   

‘‘He is right, Visskara and him are friends. Listen to him!’’ Balinkeri the Flame-tip shouted. She was with Acacia and the other Flame-Tips that were trying to help Runisalith - who’s flames were all but out. ‘‘The storm isn’t here yet so get out while you can, or move to another area!’’ She shouted.

There was quick chaos as most of the dragons fled to safety. Toothless had to dodge the multiple fire balls heading his way from the Trebitalehoggs. The Hraorskerahoggves were getting closer to him again as he flew up so he dived down over the lake once more. Multiple blast of green fire sweep past from the Hraorskerahoggves, so he twisted and flew around the cavern landing on the rocks closer to Runisalith.

‘‘Acacia, where is Visskara? Toothless shouted at her. Acacia didn’t know and Toothless barely had time to dodge a fire ball. ‘‘I just got that wing back you fucking plifigen!’’ Toothless shouted to the angry beige coloured Trebitalehogg as he flew up higher.

Three Hraorskerahoggves then took their chance and blasted their green fire streams at Toothless. He managed to dodged most of the fire attack but still got hit. It did some damage but not enough to slow him down. Toothless turned and fired angrily at the one that had gotten him. The plasma hit him head on and he fell to the ground - out cold in a crash. He then growled at the other two trying to establish his dominance.

‘‘You can’t win against us all, Loightakalean! Let me make your kind extinct once and for all!’’ The blue Trebitalehogg shouted at him, his ‘friends’ hovering menacingly by his side.

Toothless now knew who the main problem was. He could smell the stench radiating off him, the stench of an arrogant arsehole with a leadership complex. A bully that felt superior and commanded others out of fear. If he could knock that Trebitalehogg down a few pegs things should become more controllable.

‘‘What? Got mad because someone took away your favourite spot, or maybe you’re like a heaping pile of crap; no one likes you and your shit stinks!’’ Toothless shouted and fired a plasma blast at him, hitting him in the side. Make him made and get him to chase you.’ Toothless thought as he dodged a fire ball from the arsehole in front and another from behind.

Toothless looped and flew fast in a circle around the cavern. He noticed the Hraorskerahoggves had landed now and were holding back. The blue Trebitalehogg he had pissed off was now hot on his tail. Toothless kept his speed even to him but never let him get closer. He fired again and Toothless dodged. ‘That’s it, keep firing, you’ll soon run out you piece of shit.’ Toothless thought. He sped around the cavern once again.

‘‘You’re just too slow to keep up you Quiazule? And I thought this was going to be a challenge.’’ Toothless shouted, winding him up further.

That did the trick; the Trebitalehogg sped up until he couldn’t go any faster. Toothless flew straight towards one of the massive - yet very solid, cave formations. He popped out his extended spines that run down his back and just when he was a split second away for the formation, he dived down using his speed and agility.


The blue Trebitalehogg crashed straight into the formation. He had crushed his face straight into it and slid down landing in a heap on the ground. Toothless chuckled but it was short lived. The other two Trebitalehoggs were not pleased and they fired their fire balls at Toothless in anger… One hit its mark. Toothless felt the blast collide with his left shoulder, blocking his vision, and he fell. He just managing to correct his position before he hit the ground and landed on his four feet. He quickly leaped back into the air and flew over to the other side of the cavern.

‘‘Do you want to end up like your buddy there?’’ Toothless shouted.

They fired again but Toothless quickly dodged them … however, he wasn’t expecting the blade that nearly sliced his side into two pieces. He managed to avoid most of the Hraorskerahoggve’s attack but he still had a pretty nasty cut to his side. Toothless faltered in his flying but he still managed to stay airborne.

‘‘Oh, we won’t … but you will!’’ The orange-brown Trebitalehogg said as he fired a fireball at Toothless.

Toothless barley dodged it but he had to keep flying as the last two Trebitalehoggs chased after him. The other four Hraorskerahoggves had now re-joined the fight and it was getting hard to avoid being diced into several pieces. He was getting tired fast, but he wouldn’t give up for the sake of the other dragons … and for Hiccup’s. He just hoped Hiccup had stayed in that cave and was still safe. He also hoped Visskara would turn up soon, he didn’t know how much energy he had left to keep playing with these fucking plifigens.

'Some fucking dragon had to have reached her by now. How had she not heard anything at least?’ He thought as he dodged another attack from the orange-brown Trebitalehogg trying to bite down on his wing. The beige Trebitalehogg tried to whack him down with his tail … but he missed.

‘‘Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt a dispute of territory between two dreki species? Some Alpha you are!’’ A Hraorskerahoggves shouted as they too chased after him.

‘‘That maybe right, but when the Alpha calls all dragons to one place, they must forfeit the right to claim territory!’’ Toothless shouted back. ‘‘Or is your berry sized brain too small to remember that one!’’

Toothless had to dodge more fire attacks from the angry Hraorskerahoggves, and a fire ball barely missed his back. He heard the beige Trebitalehogg complain he was out. ‘Finally!’ Toothless thought. He just had to keep up his speed now and think of a plan. The dragons chasing him were fast - especially the Hraorskerahoggves, one wrong move and he would be sliced in half.

Toothless was thinking about trying to get them mad enough to follow him out of the cavern. At least that way he would have more space to out fly them, or have more obstacles to break them up at least. During his thoughts, and his focus to avoid the Hraorskerahoggve’s sharp blades, he forgot to focus on the last two Trebitalehoggs.

The beige Trebitalehogg went to bite his wing, but as he dodged the attack he moved straight into the path of the orange-brown one. Its spiky tail came down fast and hit Toothless straight in the back. Luckily the spikes missed, by the impact sent him crashing into the ground.

Toothless stumbled as he tried to get up. He knew he had to move fast so he forced himself to stand. He quickly forced his body back into the air just before one of the Hraorskerahoggve could carve him up like a piece of meat. He was just about to prepare another plasma shot when he heard a vaguely familiar roar.

The Hraorskerahoggves had suddenly stopped chasing him and had started … what looked like … dancing in mid-air. The last two Trebitalehoggs landed on the ground and started staring into space rocking from side to side like cobra snakes. Toothless come down for a landing - exhausted and hurt, and noticed the dark-pink and purple Hugreaetlavafi standing there.

"Thought you could use some help.’’ The Hugreaetlavafi stated with a very familiar smugness about him. ‘‘Never did like them Trebitalehoggs.’’

Toothless blinked. ‘‘G-Gora?’’ He asked, trying to regain his breath.

Gora smiled. ‘‘Hey Kalean. What took you so long to drop in?’’

‘‘What took me so long? What about you, cutting it close there don’t ya think? I was almost sliced up and blasted into oblivion.’’ Toothless complained.     

‘‘I think I’m right on time. You were doing pretty well on your own. Why were ya on your own anyways, and when did ya become alpha?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘That’s a long story. I sent the other dragons away until the fight was over. The storm hasn’t started yet has it?’’ Toothless asked, turning off his alpha form.

‘‘Nope, but it’s picking up. I heard some rumours going around that there was a Loightakalean fighting off some Trebitalehoggs and Hraorskerahoggves that didn’t know how ta behave. I ‘ad to come see if it was you … and to be honest, I wanted an excuse to show up them Trebitalehoggs. That blue one over there, out cold … that’s Aflgeir. He’s a total plifigen. Always causing trouble. Taking him down was a good accomplishment, not many can take him on. Then there’s-.’’ Gora was saying before Toothless cut him off.

‘‘You haven’t changed much Gora. You still don’t know when to stop talking!’’ Toothless laughed. Gora just smiled. ‘‘How long will they stay like that?’’ Toothless asked, referring to the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves.

‘‘Not long, I suggest we-’’  

A gust of wind caught their attention and Visskara entered - shocked at the mess, standing right next to them both.

‘‘Well, now you’re here Vissy … I’ll just leave this one to you.’’ Toothless tried as he went to back away, hoping to get some rest and wanting to avoid an earful from her greatness.

‘‘Toothless! Firstly, my name is Visskara. Secondly … What in the name of the Great drekis happened here?’’

‘‘Toothless?’’ Gora asked in a whisper, leaning closer to his old friend.

‘‘Long story.’’ Toothless whispered back wincing.

Toothless explained everything to Visskara about what had happened. She wasn’t angry at all that he had used his Alpha form to help the dragons and had somehow prevented a bigger catastrophe for happening then what had already happened. She was actually blaming herself for not using her head; how could she have mess up so badly as to somehow send both the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves to the same cavern. Toothless had told her it was mistake that she had made from being stressed. Unfortunately, she was now even more stressed because things were further behind in her plans and the storm would be here after sundown.  

She dealt with the Trebitalehoggs and the Hraorskerahoggves while Toothless was seen to by Acacia. A few dragons came and took the Hraorskerahoggves to another cavern under Visskara’s command before they came around from Gora’s effects. Gora was a lot stronger than he used to be … but then again so was Toothless - they had both grown up.  

Visskara had explained why she hadn’t been near the caverns or heard about the chaos. Some humans had tried to anchor their ships and find shelter on this island away from the coming storm, so Visskara had warned and scared them away. She had then felt bad for them - knowing they wouldn’t make it back in time on a ship. So, she had pulled their ships closer to their own island. She then added, that she had roared at the humans angrily for good measure before returning.

Visskara would never admit it, but Toothless words had affected her. ‘How do you expect humans to see us as good beings when you just attack them for no reason?’ Toothless had also expressed his opinion once he knew Hiccup was safe, that we drekis are half the problem when it came to reasons why the humans feared us and attacked without question, because that’s exactly what the drekis do to humans.

Visskara had gone to see Runisalith next and was relieved to hear she would be okay after some rest. Until now the Flame-Tips had all been too worried about the fight - or so focused on Runisalith, that Balinkeri hadn’t even noticed her hatchling was missing. She went back to where she had told him to stay put, but when she looked … he was gone.

Gora had so many questions for Toothless, and he was already pounding his head with dozens of them when they heard Balinkeri screaming her hatchling’s name I panic.

‘‘Olinlogi? Where are you?’’ She rushed back. ‘‘He’s gone, Ardeneldr Olinlogi is gone!’’ She frantically told her mate.

‘‘Actually … I think he’s quite safe.’’ Toothless hesitantly told her.

‘‘Safe? Where is he?’’ Balinkeri demanded.

‘‘Please don’t get mad. He just wondered in when the fighting escalated and he was scared. Some of the other hatchlings went in as well to stay safe.’’ Toothless explained.

‘‘Went in where? Where is my Olinlogi? If you don’t tell me right now I will-.’’ Balinkeri was shouting, her flames growing brighter with every word. 

‘‘Do nothing!’’ Visskara suddenly interrupted. She had figured out what Toothless meant. ‘‘Toothless? Where is Hiccup?’’

Toothless chuckled nervously. ‘‘In a cave at the back of the cavern. The Gronckles … I mean the Alrollkenders and some other dragons helped me make it … to keep us out of sight like you said.’’ Toothless explained. 

Visskara used her heat vision and clearly made out Hiccup still sitting on the ground with six hatchlings now asleep next to him. ‘‘I see Olinlogi, he is very safe Balinkeri. It seems the hatchlings decided Hiccup was a much safer option than being out here in the open alone while the fighting commenced.’’ She informed her. ‘‘And I agree with them! I think Olinlogi has a very good judge of character.’’ Visskara smiled at Toothless who was relieved.  

‘‘Who’s Hiccup?’’ Gora asked.

‘‘Long story.’’ Toothless chuckled nervously again.

‘‘Seems like I’ve got till the storm passes for ya to tell me all these … long stories.’’ Gora replied.

‘‘I want to see Olinlogi … Now!’’  Balinkeri demanded.

‘‘Very well. Toothless!’’ Visskara ordered.

Toothless nodded and flew off to the caves. Visskara told Gora to stay put for the time being. When Toothless landed in front of the cave entrance he noticed a few Gronckles still back here. One Green female one approached him.

‘‘Shh! You’ll wake up my hatchlings - and the others. Cute little bundles. Sibresta told me the boy was your sal-binda, he is just as tired as the little ones.’’

‘‘I’ll be quiet, I just need to get Olinlogi before his mooir kills me.’’

The female Gronckle smiled and waddled to the other Gronckles. Toothless changed into his human form and had to blink a few times - he felt the effects of the changing making him slightly dizzy now. He looked at his side and put a hand over the cut he had received in the fight. The wound spread out longer than the length of his hand but it had mostly stopped bleeding thanks to Aciaca, however, the change between forms had started it bleeding again slightly. It felt much more painful as a human too, and he noticed he ached all over and felt bruised in his left shoulder. His head was trying to pound its way out of his skull making him wince and squint his eyes.  

Toothless slipped into the cave and Hiccup was sleeping with the babies. He did indeed have six there now. Olinlogi was curled up in Hiccup’s lap - his flame not yet permanently active. Two green and one beige coloured Gronckles were sleeping on Hiccup’s left side nestled together. A baby green Lagrborkertre - with red growths on its head and back, was sleeping at the bottom of Hiccup’s right leg and using it as a pillow. The last of the babies - a Deadly-Nadder, was sleeping under Hiccup’s right arm. Hiccup even had his hand resting on the Deadly-Nadder’s head.

Toothless smiled at the scene; he was kind of jealous of the hatchling’s but he knew they would have been perfectly safe with Hiccup. He quickly, but quietly got dressed through the pain and aches that littered his body. The blood that dotted his tunic was hidden by his vest, and it looked like it had stopped bleeding again. He gently picked up Olinlogi into his arms - he was heavier than he thought he would be, and he stayed fast asleep. Poor thing must have tuckered himself out from all the activity of the day. Hiccup stirred but he didn’t wake up either.

Carefully Toothless left the cave and cautiously edged out. He saw many dragons had returned and wondered where the Deadly-Nadder’s and the Lagrborkertre’s mother was. He hesitated to come out any further - he would start to get spotted by the other dragons in his human form. Visskara watched Toothless with her vision and spoke to Balinkeri. Balinkeri flew over to where Toothless was once Visskara told her she could go.

‘‘He was asleep with Hiccup. Some of the other hatchlings are still in there. There’s a Lagrborkertre, some Alrollkender, and a Switenbelprowlus.’’ Toothless told her as she took her hatchling from him with her mouth. She gently nodded before leaving, understanding the message that their mooir’s would also like to know the location of their missing hatchlings.

Toothless felt bad for leaving Gora without an explanation, but as a human now he couldn’t just walk out with all the dragons filling up the cavern again. Guiltily, he turned to walk back into the cave but before he went in, he heard Visskara roar to gain the attention of everyone. He wouldn’t have understood what was being said even if he tried - not really, so he went inside and slumped against the wall - sliding down it and collapsing on the ground exhausted. He rubbed his face and eyes sighing in relief.  

He sat there for a while - occasionally glancing at Hiccup and smiling, but eventually he decided to get some rest. He grabbed the blanket and rolled it out onto the floor by Hiccup then achingly laid down on his back. He closed his eyes with his hands rested on his chest and let sleep consume him. 

Meanwhile in the main part of the cavern, Visskara has been taking control as the alpha and had explained what had happened. After calming the dragons - assuring them the threat had passed and apologising for her error, she made sure the preparations for the storm could get back on track. Some of the dragons were not so willing to accept two alpha dragons on the same island and Visskara ended up talking about the Frithvineradreki magic.

She told them all that the Loightakalean Toothless - while an alpha of a different island far from this one, had no desire to challenge her and would follow her command like every other dreki here. He would not be seen as an alpha dreki on this island and that responsibility was hers alone. She then reminded them that Toothless had risked his life for theirs today, and explained that he could change forms - that he was indeed blessed with the Frithvineradreki magic, and he had his human sal-binda here with him under her protection. She decided to explain everything to them in as little words as possible, and had been backed up by Runisalith, Acacia, Storrkeldan, and some of the other dragons that had already met Hiccup. She gave her word that they both meant no harm and would cause no issues. She also told them that any dreki wishing to harm Toothless or the boy could either leave now or die later by her powers. Now it was imperative that she went back to preparing for the coming storm and re-delegate certain jobs. She promised that she would explain it in more details tonight when every dreki was safe and accounted for.

When Visskara left to go about her work, gossip and questions started floated around as the dragon continued to prepare for the storm. Gora was standing there frozen with his eyes widened like he had been stung by a speed stinger. When he finally blinked, he looked in the same direction he last saw ‘Toothless’ vanish off to - towards the back of the cavern.

‘‘Hypnuch Kalean! We seriously have some talking ta do ya sneaky piece of shit!’’ Gora chuckled and shook his head.