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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

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Chapter 8- Dragon problems

Yesterday evening had been rather pleasant. Hiccup and his mother had spent time together with Trid as a family - of course Toothless was still a part of that in his dragon form. Before they had flown home, Hiccup had assured his mother he was okay now; the bruises were slowly starting to get better, and he would be returning to his chief duties in three days. Trid had been very excited to see his father again - squealing in excitement and laughing, it also filled Hiccup with such warmth when he saw how Toothless was with his son.  

Trid had fallen to sleep the moment Hiccup placed him into the suit - ready for the short flight home. Toothless preferred watching Trid as a dragon - he had heightened senses and better control of movement this way, plus, he wouldn't scare him. It was Toothless’s choice therefore, to stay in his dragon form all evening. Hiccup spent the rest of the evening caring for his son, playing with him - with Toothless’s help of course, or making more clothes for Toothless when his son was asleep. 


 The next day, everyone was woken by a crying - hungry baby. Toothless covered his ears with his paws, grumbling as Hiccup rummaged around trying to find his metal leg in a frenzy. Toothless observed him and growled, he’d realized Hiccup’s moment of stupidity.

''What's that for? It’s not my fault babies cry!'' Hiccup responded over Trid’s crying.   

Toothless got up with a huff, made his way over to his dumb rider, and headbutted Hiccup’s leg to make his point. Hiccup had been up late with Trid last night, and he had forgotten to take his metal leg off. No wonder he couldn’t find it under the bed. Toothless rolled his eyes at him.   

''Right ... yep ... there it is, I knew that!'' Hiccup said, getting off his bed. Toothless whacked him with his tail. ''Ow.'' He sighed, giving Toothless a 'what the hell' stare. 

Hiccup collected Trid from his crib - who had calmed a little at the feeling of being held. Hiccup went downstairs and prepared his milk just as Gothi had instructed. Boiled yak milk, water, and sugar. After Trid was fed, Hiccup laid him onto the bed whilst he put clean clothes on. Toothless was nudging Trid - making him giggle and squeal, which made Hiccup chuckle.

''Your good with him bud!''

Toothless smiled at Hiccup’s compliment, then proceeded to lick Trid's foot. Trid giggled at one point and kicked Toothless in the nose. Toothless sneezed - making Hiccup laugh, but he gave Toothless a well-deserved neck and chin scratch to show his appreciation.  

After Hiccup and Toothless had breakfast, they spent the next few hours entertaining a very demanding Trid - who would scream whenever he was ignored even for a few seconds. Eventually Trid fell to sleep and Hiccup placed him into his crib. Hiccup sighed and slumped on the bed.

''Well bud, just you and me for a bit!'' Toothless licked his face a few times, ''Oh, come on bud! You know that don't wash out. And now I know you understand that.'' He complained. Toothless laughed. ''Real mature!''

Toothless went over to the few clothes Hiccup had made him, and nudged them with his head signalling his desire to change forms.

''Do you wanna change again bud?'' He asked. Toothless nodded once and smiled. ''Well … at least you warned me this time. I'll just keep my eyes closed whilst you change and get your clothes on. You can get them on now right, without my help?'' He asked. Toothless just looked at Hiccup. ''I guess we’ll see then.'' He hoped the answer was yes as he sat on the bed facing the opposite direction - his eyes firmly closed. 

''Hi Hicc.'' A familiar voice behind him reached his ears.

''Hey! You okay?'' Hiccup asked, slightly nervous as he heard Toothless bump into something. 

''Yeah, the table got in the way…'' Toothless replied mildly annoyed.

''That damn table!’’ Hiccup joked as he chuckled.

''Think I have these stupid things on now Hicc. Erm … how the blasted eels do I get this thing on again.'' Toothless asked.

Hiccup turned his head to see Toothless trying to figure out which way the tunic went on. His pants were on, surprisingly - just not done up. Hiccup gulped biting his lip as he looked over his friend’s topless body. It took him a moment to stop staring and realize … Toothless was trying to put the tunic on the wrong way around.

''Here, I’ll help.''

‘‘Well I didn’t expect you to watch.’’ Toothless sassed.

Hiccup chuckled and went over, putting the tunic over Toothless's head the right way. Hiccup noticed the bruises from the fall on his friend’s torso. He felt his hand slide over his lean chest as he pulled the tunic down over him. He held such intense care for Toothless - hating the fact he was hurt, but he felt something else too – something deeper. He had to snap himself out of suddenly wanting to touch more of Toothless's warm chest, or run his hands over his waist line. Hiccup moved backwards hoping Toothless hadn't sensed anything. Toothless just looked at him and smiled.

''I’ll get better at that!'' Toothless said, sitting on the bed. Hiccup suddenly realized something that made him smile.  

''Hey, you’re talking is so much clearer, did I miss something?''

''Nope! Practice!'' Toothless smiled.

''Wait, when?'' Hiccup asked, sitting on the other side of his bed.

''When you've been asleep. That's why I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to please you!'' Toothless explained.

''That's awesome. You learnt really fast; I wasn't expecting you to pick it up that quickly!'' 

''Well, I'm a quick learner!'' He said, almost smug. 

''Maybe you can use that quick learning to learn how to get dressed and undressed yourself then.'' Hiccup replied.

''Hey! I'm getting there.'' He argued.

''Well you’re going to have to learn how to tie your pants up bud!'' Hiccup responded, shifting his eye gaze away from Toothless. Hiccup then had a thought, ''Watch Trid, I’ll be right back!'' 

Hiccup ran downstairs and Toothless could soon hear banging. After a while, Hiccup came back up the stairs with a very thin and long piece of leather nailed to a piece of wood. He showed Toothless how to tie the leather string into a bow.

Toothless practiced for a while - and was getting stressed that he had only managed to make knots, when he finally got the hang of it. Hiccup was relieved because at one point, Toothless had tried to set fire to it, but as a human had only ended up breathing at it with force. When hiccup laughed, he got punched hard in the arm by an angry Toothless.

Toothless therefore, managed to tie up his pants successfully himself. He seemed proud of his achievement. ''See! Quick learner!'' He pointed out to Hiccup, who just shook his head.

Hiccup lay back on his bed, closing his eyes feeling tired from lack of sleep and parenting. Toothless moved and was sitting so close to Hiccup that he was nearly sitting on him.

''Toothless? What are you doing?'' He asked, half opening his eyes.

''Flying!'' Toothless replied sarcastically, but really … wasn’t it obvious what he was doing?

''Ha ha! You can't sit that close bud!'' Hiccup said, feeling suddenly warmer and not admitting he liked the new feeling. 

''Why not? You don't usually mind!'' He leaned over Hiccup with his hands either side of him, looking down at his face. 

Very aware that Toothless was now basically laying on top of him - only half a foot away from his face, he started to feel his heart beating faster. He could feel Toothless’s breathing on his face and his eyes were wide with a smile as he looked down at him. It felt like something had suddenly taking over his body - he was becoming increasingly aware of his breathing as he fought of the urge to run his fingers though Toothless’s hair, or to bring him closer to his own body.

''Er … It's ... er ... n-n-not normal bud!'' He finally managed to explain. Toothless was confused and looked rather sad as he sat back down next to Hiccup, he moved further away from him.

''Okay.'' His dejected voice mumbled. Hiccup sat up taking a deep breath.

''It’s okay, I didn't think to explain. It’s just when you're a human … it feels a little strange when you’re that close. I'm sorry bud, you know I don’t mean anything by it right? You’re still my best friend. You just can't do certain things that you're used to doing when you're human.'' Hiccup finished. Hiccup knew close friends like him and Toothless shouldn’t have an issue being near each other - bromance and all, but he was heating up every single damn time it happened, and it was strange - disconcerting even. 

''Like what?'' Toothless asked, turning to face him more.

''Well, like … laying under my arm, putting your head on me, licking me, or jumping around people. I know it’s difficult, and it's going to take some time to adjust, but it’s just not normal to do things like that as a human. Okay bud?'' Hiccup hoped he understood. Toothless sighed sadly, but then he gave a weak smile.

''Okay Hicc, I’ll try. I just like being close to you.''

''I know you do bud. I know!'' Hiccup said, closing his eyes again. He opened one eye to see Toothless still looking rather sad, it pained him to think Toothless might be feeling pushed away. It wasn't his fault that the rules had changed, or that Toothless made his heart race. Hiccup took the pillow out from behind his head and bashed Toothless with it.  Toothless was shocked at first then moved closer to Hiccup.

''That's it, you asked for it!'' Toothless said poking Hiccup in the sides.

''Ow!'' Hiccup laughed as his bruises were still sore. Toothless kept doing it, even whilst he hit him with the pillow. ''Ow, stop that ... bruises ... Ow!'' Hiccup managed to get out through laughing.

Toothless stole the pillow from Hiccup grasp, and he was now playfully smacking him on the head with it. Hiccup used his hands as protection form the pillow assault. They were both laughing, and Hiccup was trying to smack him back over the pillow, however, all the noise that was suddenly going on woke up Trid - he started crying.

''Now look what you-.'' Hiccup started, but Toothless had thrown himself on the floor and was … hiding?

''What on Midgard are you doing?'' He asked, picking up Trid and trying to get him back to sleep.

''Hiding!'' Toothless replied nervously, like it was obvious. 

''Hiding? Why?'' Hiccup questioned in shock.

''I don't want to scare him!'' Toothless admitted, peering up from the side of the bed.

''What? That's ridiculous. Toothless! Get up her!'' He ordered him. Toothless slowly got up and sat back on the bed. ''Why don't you hold him?'' Hiccup suggested.

''But he's crying! What if I drop him, or hurt him, or he don’t like me?'' Toothless panicked.

''Toothless! I trust you with my life, and his.'' He handed a crying Trid over to a very nervous Toothless.

The second Trid hit Toothless's arms he stopped crying and started to fall back to sleep. Toothless had seen Hiccup and Valka hold Trid so many times before that he knew what to do, however, he was too terrified to move.

''See bud, he loves you! You’re doing great, just relax.'' Hiccup smiled.

It was such a comforting and wonderful feeling watching Toothless with Trid. Toothless would have made a great father, he was so protective of Trid. In the first few weeks, Toothless hadn’t even let Snotlout or the twins near his son. Hiccup watched as Toothless looked down at the baby.

''Hi, tiny thing ... in my useless human arms.'' He told Trid.

Hiccup chuckled, the more he watched them both, the more elated and happier he felt. Toothless held Trid until he was asleep again. Hiccup then put him back into his crib carefully, he laid back down on his bed - with his arms behind his head, falling asleep against his will instantly.


A young Hiccup was playing with another boy about his age. They were playing with a small boat that Hiccup had made. 

' 'Zachary! I need to fix the sail'' Hiccup told his best friend.  

''But I wanna see it!'' Zachary pleaded trying to take it off him.

 H iccup pulled it back and the two small boys were fighting over the boat. Zachary was stronger than Hiccup, he pulled the boat so hard that Hiccup fell on top of him. The two boys laughed and stared at each other for a while, then Hiccup kissed Zachary on the lips.

  ''ZACHARIAH CAWDOR!'' A male adult Viking boomed. ''Go to your room, now!''

  The adult man grabbed Hiccup by his clothes and dragged him over to Stoick’s house.


  Stoick and the Mr Cawdor were arguing.

  ''It isn't normal chief! Before … before was forgivable as they were younger, but your son is corrupting mine. I won't stand for it!'' Mr Cawdor shouted, slamming his fists down on the table.

  ''It’s just a phase, the boy will grow out of it Torstein!'' Stoick told him.

  ''That boy isn't ever going to change! He is weak, pathetic, and a freak! Me and my family are leaving. I don't want my son getting stupid ideas!'' He screamed before leaving.


Stoick was with Hiccup at home. Hiccup was crying because he had found out Zachariah was leaving. He was Hiccup's only friend; he didn't want him to leave. Zachary was the only one that didn't push him around, or pick on him. Stoick was still shouting at him.

  ''… Hiccup are you listening to me! You are young. One day you will meet a pretty young lady, and have children to continue being chief after you. That is your duty as future chief! You’re to forget about that boy!'' He shouted.

''But dad!'' Hiccup cried.

  ''No butts Hiccup Haddock! You’re to forget about Zachary, forget about all of this nonsense … it’s not normal. You're to never speak of it again, do you understand me!'' Stoick demanded.

  Hiccup had no choice but to agree with his father, he nodded and ran to his room crying, slamming his door closed behind him.


Hiccup suddenly woke up. He was breathing heavy at first, confused at the dream like it was more a memory. He didn’t get a chance to think any more about it; banging resounded through his house and he realized someone had been banging on the front door, Trid was also crying, and Toothless had been calling to him.

''What in the name of-.'' He started, but he saw Toothless over by the crib trying to calm Trid down. ''You okay with him for a moment?'' Hiccup asked.

Toothless nodded and Hiccup rushed downstairs and opened the door. Snotlout, and Gustav were standing there. 

''Hiccup, chief! I know you’re not doing the chiefly man stuff right now but … Hookfang suddenly started blowing everything up and you’re the dragon expert?'' Snotlout explained. 

''And that's different to any other day how?'' Hiccup asked. 

''Its true Chief, even Fanghook!'' Gustav explained desperately. 

''Again, that's different how?'' Hiccup asked, more annoyed this time thinking it was just a Snotlout-Gustav problem.

''Have a look around smart arse, the dragons are all acting strange. Some are just taking off and leaving.'' Snotlout insisted.

When Hiccup went outside and looked around, Snotlout was right. He could see dragons just up and leaving, and they looked annoyed, stressed, pained even. He told Snotlout and Gustav to get Gobber, and to have any dragons that hadn't left yet put into the pens or the dragon training arena. He explained that he had to sort out Trid first, but he would be as quick as he could. 

Hiccup ran upstairs and explained to Toothless what had just happened. He was going to take Trid over to Valka's and was hoping the dragons over there weren't acting out, or at least that his mum had them under control. He suspected his chief duties were going to return early. 

''That's strange Hicc, I feel fine.'' Toothless told him removing his clothes. Hiccup was too busy collecting Trid and his supplies to worry about a naked Toothless.

''Well the other dragons are going to need their alpha bud! Maybe you can do something.'' 

''Maybe!'' Was the last thing Toothless said before changing forms.

Toothless started to shake his head, he made low growling and moaning noises before banging his head into the bed frame. He then started hitting his face with his paws, and looked pained.

''Toothless, bud?'' Hiccup asked, placing Trid in his crib and running over to Toothless. ''What's wrong?'' Toothless growled threateningly which shocked him immensely. ''It’s okay bud. It’s just me … calm down. What is it, what wrong?''

Toothless suddenly changed forms again, causing Hiccup to jump back in surprise. Toothless was holding his head.

''Ow. Eugh!'' He gasped, rubbing his head. 

''What the Helheim happened?'' Hiccup asked, looking at his face to avoid glancing at his naked body. 

''It suddenly felt like my head was being squeezed, like it was about to explode.'' He explained, getting his pants back on. ''Hiccup, if it doesn't affect me like this … then right now, I'd rather be a human!'' He told Hiccup who was looking at him seriously.

''The other dragons must be feeling the same way bud, no wonder they looked stressed and are acting out. This is going to be a problem.'' He realized.