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Foreign desires of unforeseen transformations

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Chapter 1- The end is where it began.

A blinding red light had taken over my senses as it came towards me ... the kill shot, too big and powerful to dodge. The sounds of the battle faded from my senses and I could no longer feel the down pour of heavy rain drops, or hear the thunder that cracked open the sky. I stood there ... my shield over my face looking away and thinking, 'This is it, this is the way Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the 3rd ends'. 

As I waited for the blast to hit and for death to consume me ... it never came. It was too quite...

The others must have distracted the beast, or maybe it had simply missed! Toothless? I thought as my senses returned to me and I peaked from behind my shield. I quickly looked expecting to find my companion in arms - my best friend - ready to remount and return to battle with, only to find my dragon dying in front of my eyes before me. I threw the shield and sword and dropped to my knees besides him. Scared, my heart breaking as realization started to set in.

''Toothless, no! You're gonna be ok bud, just hold on.'' I told him, begging, crying as I held his head in my lap. I saw the bones in his sides showing where the kill shot had hit, burning off his scales and skin underneath. I saw the flow of blood pouring from his side mixing into puddles of water from the rain. What had I done!

''You're g-gonna be fine, you h-have to be! I c-can't imagine my life without y-you in it bud, you hear me? You h-have to h-hold on. I-I can't l-lose you t-too'' I pleaded through the sobs, my voice broken and hoarse. I begged the gods to not let him die, it was my fault, take me instead. I buried my head into his and felt him nudge me with the last strength he had, his eyes seemed to say 'its ok Hiccup', before he went lifeless and stopped breathing, giving his life for mine.

I screamed so loud into the night that the entire archipelago could have heard me, even over the sounds of the pouring rain or the cracking thunder. Anger had consumed me and I no longer cared who died. I could no longer feel physical pain as I ran back to the battle through the woods. I only had one thought in my mind and that was revenge. The person responsible for taking my best friend from me would pay the ultimate price, a life for a life.

It happened so quickly that I barley remember how I got there, how I had been up on Hookfang with Snotlout, or even how I was now falling through the sky and landing on the beast from above. I was consumed, filled with anger and revenge. I took inferno and plunged it in to the back of the rider, through to his heart, with its flame lit. The rider died and I shoved him off the huge ferocious dragon. About to put the sword through its head my ears started ringing, everything went completely black as my ear rung and I slipped from consciousness.


The Ogthantarth had powered up his kill shot and aimed it at Hiccup. Even as the Alpha dragon that I was, the Ogthantarth was immune to my powers of control. I knew of this ancient Dragon, but I had thought their species a myth. I didn't know this dragon or its capabilities ... I failed Hiccup but I couldn't let him die. 

As the ending blast consumed the sky and traveled in Hiccup's direction I felt nothing, nothing except the instinctual need to protect him - to save him. Without thinking I jumped in front of my rider - my best friend - and felt the blast tearing into my side a it hit, burning through my scales and scorching the flesh beneath. The soft, sensitive skin burning away causing agonizing pain until my body went numb. It was quick, the pain didn't last long.

I could not move, barely able to see, and I felt weak ... too weak. I knew this was the end, and I resigned to giving myself to that inevitable end. I didn't fight it.

I could barely feel Hiccup touching my face but I knew he was there with me, he was always there for me. I struggled to hear his voice crying - sobbing,  ''...I c-can't imagine my life without y-you in it bud, you hear me? You h-have to h-hold on. I-I can't l-lose you t-too''.

I knew I was leaving, I wanted to tell Hiccup it was okay and that he shouldn't cry for me. He had been through so much already and I hoped he would be okay without me. My vision blurred and I wished I could see him one last time before I left, my best friend, just one last time. I wanted to lick Hiccup's face and tell him how much he meant to me, but I could only move my head slightly. Looking into what I hoped was Hiccup's eyes I tried to tell him it was all going to be okay, that I didn't regret saving his life.

My eyes rolled and everything went completely black, void, gone!