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     He'd never given much thought to the idea of having a family- no woman had stuck around long after he'd told them of his true pursuits, and no women meant no children. Or at least it had, right up until the second he'd been called into his father's office. Sid had been there, smiling in his uniquely patronizing way as their father had explained what was going to happen.

     "For the betterment of the company," he could still clearly recall the man saying. The betterment of the company? What about him? Thaddeus hadn't dared ask though, he'd known the answer his father would have given him.

     "-a good child, he's just a little rough around the edges," the foster agency woman's voice made him blink, and he straightened in his seat and refocused on her as she continued. "I know things will be tough at first, but we'll be here if you ever need someone to talk to. I've worked with Billy for a little over four years now, no one knows that boy better that than I do. Here," she shifted, pulling a small card out of the stack of papers strewn across her desk. She handed it to him, and he slipped it into his breast pocket as she smiled. "It's my number and extension, feel free to call whenever you need to." The dark haired woman paused, clearly expecting him to reply.

     "Thank you," he told her, and her smile widened. "I'll make sure to keep that in mind." She stood from her desk, pushing her seat in before she made her way around to the door behind him. The woman opened it, looking back at him.

     "He's waiting in our pickup room," she told him, "come on, I'll introduce you!" Thaddeus stood up from the creaky seat, readjusting his trench coat as he followed her out. They walked together down the white tiled hallway, the woman taking a right and holding her hand up to stop him. She opened the door before them, peering in. "Billy?" he heard her say, "your new foster father's here to pick you up." The woman edged into the room, turning to wave Thaddeus forward as she opened the door wide. He stepped into the room, finally seeing the boy face to face. The fourteen year old sat forward in his seat, his shoulders hunching as he wearily eyed the man. "Billy, this is Thaddeus Sivana," she gestured to him, smiling yet again as she gestured back to Billy. "Mr. Sivana, this is Billy."

     "... hey," the boy quietly muttered, flicking an unenthusiastic half wave at him.

     "Hello, Billy," Thaddeus returned the greeting, nodding at him.