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Poetry in Songs

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It was late and Hawks was finishing the last paperwork he was assigned from work today this morning. Cases after cases have been stressing Hawks out to the bone. Hawks even stopped writing a response to one of a client's question and got up to stretch out his back and arms. God, what a pain. His wings fluttered from the stretch which made him smile.

Being a lawyer was hard work and just so much time consuming. Studying to be a lawyer, though, was kind of the hardest in his opinion. It was a lot of reading, writing, arguments, and government shit. It was all just such a pain. Luckily for Hawks, he was smarter and faster at his age and was able to jump over some grades.

His phone made a notification and noticed it was a news report about someone vandalizing another community store. Clicking on it to see the whole report, he noticed at the very top what the title said and rolled his eyes. "Another "Weak" Quirk User Seeking for Attention." Another one? It's been two times this week. 

Lately for the past couple of months since a incident where a strong quirk user committed a crime, with no one knowing, ended up blaming it on a weaker quirk user. This had shaken the whole community up causing some people to stand. Weak quirks users started protesting about how some people think lowly of them.

Hawks never understood how one incident can cause that but he was never one to really judge. There was some right things they were saying and Hawks could openly admit that. The statement about how government and society treats strong quirk user with more pride then the "weaker" ones has Hawks struggling on what he should believe more. It wasn't right what the government has been doing and Hawks wished later in the future it could change and everything could go back to normal. Nothing usually stays the same.

He exited out all of his apps, noticing the time on his phone read 8:50 and Hawks sighed from tiredness. "Still have some of the clients complaints needing to be checked. Though I still have tomorrow." Hawks hummed a bit and walked out of his room stepping into the living room, grabbing his coat he threw on the couch when he came home from work. He lived in a small apartment, nice spacing, and was usually quiet around. It was all in all generally nice.

Putting on his coat, he pulled up Miruko's contact and quickly speed dialed her. It rang 6 times before she picked up. "So what does birdbrain want now?" She said in that teasing voice of hers. Hawks rolled his eyes and grabbed his keys before leaving his apartment. "Nothing, just wanted to know what you were doing tonight. I'm bored and was wondering if you wanted to hang. You busy?"

"Hm, let me check my schedule. Oh! It looks to me I have nothing planned. Why, you ask? Well simple, I'm good at my job." Hawks knew she had a huge smug smile on her face.

"Yeah yeah, shut up. I honestly feel like Enji gives you the easier cases since your a girl. He's too soft on you." He walked down the stairs the apartments had and entered his car. Miruko gasped right when he turned on the car and it made Hawks snicker.

"That is, first, sexist. Second, I hate him, he's like the number 1 least favorite boss I have. Third, I know about your stupid little crush on him, so you shouldn't be talking birb."

"Oh please, I do not have a crush on him. I just admire and look up to him a lot." Hawks had placed the phone on his lap while he drove to Miruko's house. Who, wonderful as she is, started to laugh at Hawks statement. "Hawks, don't lie, I've known you for 4 years now. I know about it, I've even seen the way you look at him."

Hawks felt his ears burn and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. Turning on some blocks to get to Miruko's house, who didn't really live far from Hawks, he finally huffed out a breath as he finally answer her. "Fine, I find him attractive but I wouldn't sleep with him. I know how you think Miruko and I knew that question was coming. It's nice to just take in the view you know."

"Gosh, you're hopeless." Miruko chuckled before she happily changed the topic, "So, you here yet?"

"Right around the corner, step outside already." And right when he turned he saw Miruko waving her hand at him, phone in her other hand.

"Yeah, I knew you were gunna say that. Again, you act like I haven't been your friend for over 4 years now." She was the one who ended the call and jumped into the passenger seat with that big smile of hers. Hawks smiled back but focused back to the road. Making sure we don't die.

"So, Miruko, where do you want to head tonight?" Hawks gave a quick side glance at his friend. Who was looking at her phone scrolling through things, one of her rabbit ears was tilting down and she focused on something on her phone.

"Well there's this new place that just open a few weeks ago. Called The Black Death, heard they have a stage there too for some bands or singers to perform. So technically, a cafe place but instead of coffee, liquor. Also, you didn't bring your wings?"

Hawks nodded as he turned on one of a neighborhood block. "Uh yeah but I have the small ones in my pockets. Anyways, just call it a bar Miruko. But first, what kind of name for a bar is that? Actually never mind, don't answer that. The real question is that you wanted to drink tonight even though we have an important meeting with Enji tomorrow?"

Miruko looked over at Hawks and raised her eyebrows. "Hawks it's me we're talking about. We always have to drink when we're hanging out, no matter what. Number 1 rule I establish in this friendship. We drink like there's no tomorrow."

Hawks gave her a bewildered look. "Um, no. You literally made that up right now."

"So." She had a smirk on her face until she turned in her seat to face Hawks, making her hands clap together in a begging motion. "Oh come on Hawks, please. Who knows, we might be able to find a hot guy for me, maybe tonight will be the night."

"First of all, you don't believe in that love shit thing and secondly, I was going to agree anyways." Hawks looked over at Miruko again and she already had her GPS ready.

"Alrighty birdbrain." She chanted, " Let's get this show on the road."

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They had made it to the bar and Hawks was surprise to see a lot of people were here. Then again it was already turning 9 so he really shouldn't have been surprised at all.

Miruko had walked over to the bar counter and sat on one of the stools, looking around the place with an interested look. Hawks was quick to follow her and sit on the other stool besides her. He also looked around and noticed everyone was in their own conversation. Glancing over at the stage, the one they actually said they had in their description, was darken and had no one on it, the stage was pretty big like a theater size. Looking around the bar it was also kind of spacey.

"Not gonna lie but this bar gives off a studio/concert type of vibe, right? Or is that just me?" Hawks had got Miruko's attention and she looked around the room again confusingly.

"Actually, yeah it does. I wonder who's the owner? I bet someone with a beard or something. Wait no, tattoos. Totally tattoos." Miruko had placed a hand under her chin and just shrugged. "Eh, I don't know, overall, its a cool place right?"

Hawks nodded and their conversation ended when a guy with bright gold eyes and soft like hair, that was shaved on the sides, leaving only hair at the top slicked back, came into their view. This dude had sort of a plain expression on his face. "Can I get you two started with anything?" The guy stared at the two as he asked his question, he seemed unamused.

Miruko slammed her hands on the counter which made the guy give a questioning look. "Ooh, just give me some strong whiskey please, if you don't mind of course, extra ice. Also, do you know who owns this bar? Cause not gonna lie, it's pretty tight." She was able to make, they already suspected, the bartender, give a small smile.

"I own this bar and thank you for the nice compliment." The bartender answered simply, turning to Hawks after and waiting for the other to say something. Was there something on my face? Until it hit him. Oh right, my order. Yeah smart.

"Oh, give me the same thing she's getting I guess." He plainly answered.

The bartender nodded again and walked off to get other people's orders. Miruko had watch him leave and turned back to look at Hawks. "So that's that, now let's see. See any guys for the two of us? Look for twins, heard those types are hella fun." She had leaned closer to Hawks making sure their conversation was only between them.

"No I wasn't really paying attention and I thought we were here to hang out, not suck dicks." Hawks had smirked at her and raised an eyebrow. This made Miruko laugh, like with her loud laugh, which made Hawks chuckle at his dramatic rabbit friend.

Some people turned to looked at Miruko but none gave rude looks. Mostly interested ones. Yeah that's Miruko for you.

Their drinks were placed down next to them and Miruko smiled at the bartender. "Hey so buddy what's your name or what would you like us to call you?" Again, she was able to make the bartender smile. Again! That's Miruko for you.

"You may call me Kurogiri." He had bowed his head, keeping that small smile stuck on his face.

"Oh cool name, nice to meet you. You can call me Miruko and this right here is Hawks." She had pointed her thumb towards her blond friend and Hawks gave a small wave with his hand.

"Nice to meet you." Hawks gleefully smiled and noticed at the corner of his eye Miruko taking a big sip of her whiskey. Miruko was probably going to get wasted and he needed to drive so he took smaller sips from his drink instead.

He, in all honesty, hated strong drinks and loved fruity ones, pretty much any type of flavored drinks. Miruko had complained about it before and Hawks would laugh and use his sexuality as an excuse.

Kurogiri nodded and this time fully smiled at the two. "It is nice to meet you two both. I do hope you enjoy your time here and come more often. I've always liked the positive vibe ones. They usually bring the fun into my bar. Which is something I want."

Miruko shook her head up and down, understanding what Kurogiri was saying, and even leaned at the edge of her seat a bit. "Yeah totally! We all love the positive ones. And luckily for you I am one, you'll see me here a lot more if you need a good positive vibe starter." This made Kurogiri chuckle a little, nodding again as he agreed.

"That is a very good thing to hear." He replied.

Hawks noticed Miruko nod her head again but sit in her seat more properly this time. "I know right." She continued, "Anyways, if you don't mind me asking, what made you want to become a business man and open a bar?"

This earned a surprised expression from Kurogiri and he simply shook it off. "Well" He started, "Before I opened my bar, I was a university teacher. A professor. Although, that wasn't really one of the things in life I wanted to be. I wanted to start my own business, something I can own and call mine. So I may have wasted money by studying to become a professor, but in the end, I got what I wanted."

Hold up. What?

"Wait. Hold on." Hawks interrupted. "Sorry, but, how? Like how can you just give up on something you learned for years to switch to something else?" Miruko had glanced at Hawks with a bit of concern in her eyes before Kurogiri caught her attention again when he began to answers Hawks question.

"You see, I only wanted to be a professor since my parents always said that it was easier and paid a lot. That's when it hit me one morning. I didn't need anybody's opinions on how to live my life or to make my life decisions. So that's when I said, I'll start choosing them this time on my own."

This made Miruko give a big smile as she agreed. "Then I can see why you changed. Sorry about Hawks if he offended you or anything. It's just that me and Hawks are lawyers and we just like the full details on things. You know?" She playfully laughed until she slowly stopped and faced Hawks with a sort of genuine smile. "Although, I secretly know that he wants to be a journalist and travel the world. I know that he wanted to be a lawyer was probably because a special someone got him into it."

Sighing, Hawks without knowingly finished his drink and twirled a piece of hair, that fell in front of his face, with his fingers. "What Miruko is trying to say is that she thinks me becoming a lawyer wasn't my "dream job" and that journalism should be. Just because I write about everything."

"No really! Kurogiri, you gotta read the shit he writes. He writes, for like, fun? Who does that? He does, that's for sure." Miruko leaned on the counter and took a big sip of her drink. "I'm just saying, he should become a journalist instead of a lawyer. Besides he's still young to change his career choice anyways. He's 23."

Kurogiri had only raised his eyebrows, leaning on the counter, interested now, nodding his head as he understood. "Being a lawyer must've been hard since it deals with government but if being a journalist was, and still is, your favorite thing then maybe you should change. If you're still young then maybe you still have a chance. I mean, that's my opinion, I'm not saying to take it serious but that is what I think."

Hawks nodded but still kept his eyes focused on his empty glass until he looked over at Miruko, who was pouting. "Miruko please tell me why you have that look on your face?"

She was fake pouting since the side of her lips betrayed her, which she knew too. Miruko ended up giving her friend an easing smile. "Hawks, I just want to know you're making the right choice and not trying to impress Enji. Yeah he's may have helped you in the past into getting you in a better home and shit but, damm it Hawks! I always get a bad feeling about him."

"I know." He said simply and calmly.

"Do you? Cause sometimes I feel like you don't."

Kurogiri had walked away to make somebody's drink and leave the two in their conversation. Hawks was still messing with his empty glass and Miruko was still just staring at him. "Miruko, you're not the first to tell me. I've had a lot of people look at me weird when I admire his work or always talk with him after a case of some sort. It's nothing new."

Miruko had wanted to say more. Wanted to say so many bad vibes Enji gave but she wouldn't, Hawks was her friend and if he admired him, then she wouldn't judge him that much. "Well, I don't want him corrupting you in any way. That's my job, got it?" She stretched her arm out and brought Hawks into a side hug. "Now enough with this bullshit, we're here to hangout and get wasted right? So let's start!"

Hawks laughed at her statement and Kurogiri had came back when Miruko raised her hand to get his attention. "Yes?" He answered.

"Four shots please?" She raised four fingers as she spoke. "We're gunna get so wasted that we'll have to call off work tomorrow." Hawks had rolled his eyes at her statement and chuckled.

Kurogiri nodded and smiled. "Of course."

As Kurogiri turned around to get the drinks ready, Hawks turned his head to the stage when someone softly tapped on the microphone.

It was this guy who had light blue hair, which was to his shoulders, he gently tapped the mic again and cleared his throat. "Hello. Thank you everyone who came tonight. Those who came for the booze and for those who came for the show, or even both. Either way, thank you. The group that will be performing is Viran Rengo. Enjoy."

The light to the stage was turned off and Hawks could see the group that was about to preform setting up. Kurogiri caught Hawks attention when he brought him and Miruko's drinks. "Viran Rengo. If you keep coming here, you'll hear a lot of their music." Kurogiri said this glancing at Hawks and Miruko with a smirk.

The two couldn't say anything more when the mic was lightly tapped again. This time it was by a small blond girl who had a really big smile on her face. "Hello, testing testing, Himiko Toga here." She giggled happily which caught the crowds attention with blissful smiles. "I just wanna say, thank you all for coming, I really, really hope you enjoy the show." Toga did another giggle before she stepped into position. Toga stood close to guy who Hawks couldn't really make out. Though, he was able to see that there were 5 figures on stage.

The lights dimmed and the strum of a bass guitar was heard with a bit of the drum tapping. Bass? Neat. The other strums were from an electric guitar. Then came a women who took the mic and sang some lyrics softly in a sort of nice soothing voice. I presumed. Toga was then brought back in front of the stage as her vocals came in higher, lights flashing the whole group now.

What Hawks didn't expect was the loud crashing of the drums and the nice strums of bass and electric guitar mixing greatly together with it. Toga and the other chick, gave many people great expressions on their faces. He even glanced at Miruko who was sitting at the edge of her seat, watching the group in awe. Hawks chuckled at that and focused back at the group again.

Their drummer was a blonde who was kind of well built. I say as I try not to stare at his arms. The guy who played the electric guitar had pink hair, with a red bandanna slicking it back, who was also really going at it on his strings. The chick besides Toga had, well, big filled up lips and red hair. Sunglasses covering her eyes.

Hawks switched his vision to the guy with the bass and was the one who Toga stood next by when they were starting. Now this guy had a black coat on and black hair sticking out in every direction. Crafty I guess. Hawks smiled as he just looked at the mess of the guys hair, until he realized he was staring too long that the guy picked up his gaze, catching him staring, the two made direct eye contact with each other. Wait. No. He's not looking at me right?

The bass player was still working his fingers as he made eye contact with Hawks, the blond was about to notice his eyes were a nice turquoise color. And- wait is he smirking at me or am I imagining that? Hawks had quickly looked behind him even though he clearly knew there was only the wall filled with drinks. That's when he focused back on the bass player who, still, had his eyes on him. Hawks turned away to hide the fact that he was staring and quickly looked around to avoid looking at that bass player again.

Of course, though, he was indeed not staring. Just minding my business, of course. He noticed the two shots that was left for him still on the counter and quickly took one of them to distract himself.

Finishing the song the group sang, which in, Hawks had actually liked, Toga shared a big smile. Miruko had her full attention on them until she turned to Hawks cheerfully, he was on his phone when she looked at him. "Aw come on dude, this is your type of music isn't it? Why does it look like you weren't interested, they were sick as fuck."

Hawks gave a side smile and scratched his head. "I did, it's just that. I kind of made eye contact with their bass player, who smirked at me. So now I feel awkward."

Miruko tilted her head then looked back at the group. "The bass player? Well I'm sure- HOLY!" She didn't realized that her voice raised and quickly covered it with her hand. She then got close to Hawks ear, ignoring the fact that some stared. "The dude is hot?!" She whispered with a grin on her face.

Hawks covered his face. "I know. That's the points why I said I feel awkward. I usually don't stare at people and when I do, I usually hope they don't catch me doing it."

"Oh my gosh Hawks. You're a god damn good looking fellow. I bet he was smirking at you to hide the fact that he made eye contact with a good looking guy like you." She placed a big smirk on her face as she teased her friend.

"Alright everyone!" Toga was back on speaker. "We will take a little break and then we'll be back for another song, don't wait up." She turned her back to the crowd, walking over to the drummer to speak with him.

Miruko and Hawks watched as the group leave backstage and Hawks was quick to stand. "Hey Miruko, we should probably head out. We have work and a meeting tomorrow and you know, we really shouldn't be out-"

Miruko interrupted him as she grabbed his wrist. A big grin spread across her face as she glanced at Hawks. "Oh well of course birdbrain, but know this, if the dude smirked at you then we should definitely get his number when we get the chance. And don't say that we never will because I'm kind of liking this place already." He was thinking he was screwed. Then again, Miruko did always have good intentions.

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A week had passed since Hawks and Miruko visted that bar last Friday. Right now, the time on his phone read 9:55 am. He was sitting down at a desk trying to stay awake in one of Enji's talks again. Quote on trying. They had came by a university to teach the college kids on how being a lawyer is really "worked."

Looking down at his notes he quickly doodle some meaningless things on a scratch paper and sighed as he looked out the window. Coffee sounds absolutely bomb right now.

"Hawks? Do you remember the page numbers and names to all the cases that involved types of murderers?" Enji was looking at him with a plain expression and crossed his arms, waiting for an answer.

Uh, first, what the fuck. Second, maybe.

"All of the murder cases or the ones that were mostly man slaughter? Cause I can probably list 40 of the man slaughter and another 40 of the full on murder ones." Hawks noticed that everyone's eyes were on him now and he quickly gave a smile to hide his nervousness. He didn't even know why he was nervous.

Enji gave an approving smile. "That's okay. Because being a lawyer is hard work and knowing every case is too. But what is expected, everyone, is for you to all know that being a lawyer takes time, patience, and trust. Thank you for listening but I'm afraid our time is up, please have a nice day."

Everyone stood up to leave and Hawks had waited for everyone to go to bug Enji. He hated when the older man would pick on him as an example for things, he was here to just answer any questions the student had but he guessed not.

"Hawks? Is everything okay?" Enji was packing his stuff, putting some papers away in some folders, and gave a questioning expression.

"Oh uh, no, nothing's wrong. Just, tired is all." He gave a reassuring smile which made Enji pay back attention to putting his things away.

Enji didn't care if Hawks was quiet or talkative at all, what he preferred more was quietness. Though, Hawks was never quiet so it was sort of rare to hear nothing coming out of the other man.

Putting some more papers away, Yagi came in with a small smile. "Enji, how were the students? Were they happy about learning new facts of becoming a lawyer?"

Hawks had pick his head up when Yoshinori Yagi peeked his head into the class. Shouta Aizawa came in as well and glanced around the class like it seemed different then one he was in. These two were the other lawyers he looked up to. Their working style was a whole lot different from Enji's but Hawks didn't care.

"Some were intrigued and others were falling asleep. Although I don't really care who pays attention, I already became a lawyer so it's technically those kids responsibility weather they want to pay attention or not." Enji didn't pick his head up this time and only continued to stack some papers and put them in his suitcase.

Before Yagi could say anymore, another door of the class opened and Hizashi Yamada came in with a great big toothy smile. "Hey hey now, what's with the sad gloom in this room!" It made Hawks smile and Yamada was quick to look at him. "Woah! Hawks, how's it going kid? Enji giving you a hard time? Or, are you giving him one?"

"Naw. Besides, Enji likes my company. Right Enji?" Hawks gave a cheapish grin and all he got in return was a grumble from Enji. Aizawa had glanced over at his direction then back at the red headed man, with no interest what so ever.

"Oh!" Yamada turned towards Aizawa and gave his big smile over to him. This made Aizawa turn his attention to the other blonde in the room, moving away a bit. "Hey there Aizawa, we still on for that movie night thing right?"

Yamada had quickly walked over to Aizawa, who took more steps back, and Enji was speaking with Yagi now, about some cases he was doing at the moment. Hawks smiled and packed his things to leave. "I'll catch you guys all later. I'm gonna go work on some cases of mine." The older men nodded, as Hawks walked off. The last thing he heard was Yamada begging Aizawa to go out with him. As usual.






Hawks was in his car, driving, trying to find a decent coffee place to do his work at. All the ones he found were either crowded or just too small. He hated small spaces, so he kept searching but gave up and just picked the one he was closest to already.

Stepping inside, not a lot of people were here and if they were, they were in their own world talking with friends. Neat. Walking up to the counter to order. A blond headed girl who's hair was put into two buns came into view. She wore a big smile and held a pen in her hand. "Hello sir, thank you for choosing Queens Coffee, my names Toga. What can I get you started for today?"

Wait? Toga? You mean that girl in that band? Hawks really did need to wake up. "Um, black coffee with cream and sugar on the side, please."

Toga giggled as she wrote the order down on her notebook. "I see that you like putting your own sugar in dont'cha. Like to have it YOUR way." She winked as she said "your" in a flirtatious way. I'm missing something here. "I have a friend who orders sort of the same thing you do. Also, I like your eyeliner. I am super jealous your wings come out better then mine."

Chatting type. Alright, I can work with this. Smiling, Hawks only shrugged. "Year's of practice. I started using eyeliner when I was 16 and just got-"

Toga gasped as she smiled even more. "Really? I started when I was 15! I'm 17 now. How old are you?" She was leaning over the counter intrigued.

"Uh 22."

"Omg! You're older then me. Wait a min, I have a friend who's sort of your age too! I should go get your coffee now. Brb." She giggled once again as she left to get his coffee.

Hawks stood there for a bit before heading to one of the tables closest to the window and in the farthest corner. He took out his notes and papers getting straight into the small case and clients statements, he was assigned to do. Yada yada, we all know the son killed his sister, now we just need to find more evidence on how to prove the father is not the one who did it. Need more evidence.

These kind of cases were not the one Hawks usually did but Enji wanted him to try these cases out for any future clients. Hawks usually did ones with protecting the innocents who didn't commit the crimes. Those were usually the cases he did. He was really focusing on his work before he heard Toga's voice rise loudly again when the bell of the door rang.

"Aw! You guys came. So did you bring the stuff?" It was Toga's voice Hawks heard first. The next one was sort of a cheery type like Toga's but this was a man speaking. "Yes of course Toga! Anything for you! I mean, yeah we brought it." Towards the end it went more normal, more relaxed. Okay?

"Yeah we brought it. Twice was being a drag about it if we didn't hurry. So I didn't really get my morning coffee. Since I'm here though, I'll order what I usually get, to go." This voice was more laid back and calming then the other two.

Hawks was only overhearing and notice it was rude to so he quickly got back to his work, tuning out all the other conversations.

"Yeah I'll get your coffee. But right now I have to give my dear eyeliner friend HIS black coffee with cream and sugar on the side." She walked around the counter and headed over to Hawks. Who sort of jumped when she came out of no where beside him. "Hey again, here's your coffee you order."

She placed it on the side of the table and Hawks quickly moved it to the other side and nodded. "Thank y-"

"Toga! Who is this man! Please tell me you're not dating him, he's so not your type. Ah, wait who are we talking about?" The guy who started blabbering and interrupted him was a guy with light blonde hair and had a serious expression on his face. A straight stitched scar that ran on his forehead to his eyebrows.

"No. Twice this is just a costumer. I started talking to him when I noticed how good his eyeliner was. Like, an actual second ago. Anyways. Look." As she said that, she pointed at Hawks face.

First, rude. But whatever.

Twice looked and inspected closely until finally nodding. "Oh I see. Nice eyeliner dude-- Don't try anything on Toga!-- Sorry for messing with you." He gave a thumps up and a cheeky smile.

Hawks shook his head slowly, giving a small smile to Twice. "Um. No it's okay." Chuckling to hide the nervousness that swell in him, Hawks looked at his papers then at Toga then to Twice. Then to the other figure who had appeared behind them, this figure had turquoise eyes and black hair that went-

Hawks eyes stared at the turquoise eyes and felt his ears burn when a smirk fitted the guys lips. "Hey would you look at that. His eyeliner does look good." It was the guy who played the bass in the band with Toga. You've got to be kidding me. He was seeing two people who played in the band last week.

He started to feel claustrophobic when the three people stared at him. So Hawks quickly cleared his throat, closing his notes, standing up in a rush. "Thank you! Toga for the coffee and for the compliments, all of you. Will you excuse me, I need to use the restroom."

Making big quick steps to the restroom. Hawks closed the door and let out a breath he was holding in. He went over to the sink, grabbing a paper towel to wet and dabbed it on his cheeks. When he was done he took out his phone, leaned on the door, and went to Miruko's messages.

H: hey guess what, you busy? just bummed into the bass player AND that small blond singer from last week


H: nope

Miruko was typing and Hawks went back over to the sink to check himself on more time. He exhaled and put his phone in his pocket, stepping out the restroom, walking back to his seat. He also notice the group had left and let out an easy breath when he sat.

"Lot of papers you have here. What do you work as?"

Hawks stopped and looked across from him to notice the bass player taking the empty seat in front of him. Fuck me. "You shouldn't snoop first off. And. Well. I'm a lawyer."

The guy nodded and just tilted his head as he read some papers. Hawks was watching him and just blink confusingly onto why he was sitting with him. "I'm sorry but like, do you need something?"

Those turquoise eyes glanced at him and Hawks had to make sure he didn't give off any nervous expression. "Nothing. Just wanted to know if you were the guy I made eye contact with last week in Kurogiri's bar. You know, that Black Death place." The guy leaned back and raised his eyebrows, waiting for an answer.

"No. Sorry I have no idea what you're talking about." Hawks answered plainly and felt his phone buzz. It was from Miruko.

M: Ask for the bass players name, or number, no talk about the band, I started listening to their music and they're really sick af, also, try flirting ;))

Miruko, I swear. Hawks looked back at the guy who had a small smirk on his face. "You sure? Cause I mean, I would easily remember someone like you. Especially with hair like yours. I've been also told to have good memory."

"Okay. Yes I was. Why does it matter anyways?" Hawks leaned back in his sit, raising one of his eyebrows, as he waited for the guy to answer now.

"I just wanted to know, that's all."

Hawks gave a questioning smile and rolled his eyes. "That's all? 'Hey, I made eye contact with you last week and I just wanted to know if you were the dude. You are? Thanks.' Now you tell me how weird that sounds."

This made the guy grin and chuckle a bit. "I was gunna ask if you liked the band and wanted to know when their next showing will be. But, would it be better if I told you my name first?"

No. Sorta. Kinda. Yes. "I mean I guess."

"The names Dabi." He simply answered.

"Dabi? That's It? Like is it your first name or last name?"

Dabi smiled and shook his head. "Nope, simply that. Now I said mine, give me yours."

Hawks grinned. "Oh no. You see, you said you'd tell me YOUR name but I never agreed to say mine." Hawks took a sip of his coffee and smirked when Dabi narrowed his eyes at him.

"So it's like that? Alright, it doesn't really bother me. You can play your games. Like I said, just wanted to see if you liked the band." He checked his phone and got up. "Though right now I have somewhere to be." He took out a folded paper and placed it on the table. "You should come see our shows often, if you're into the rock style music. Which I think you are. For now. Guess I'll see you later, eyeliner."

Hawks waited until Dabi left, when he heard the door ring, he reached forward to unfolded the paper. It had the band name and members on it, also where their next shows were at. He flipped the paper and noticed a number on the back and the name 'Dabi' on it too. Hawks rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile.






"Let me get this straight. He remembers you because you made direct eye contact with him that night and just starts talking with you out of the blue? Then he leaves, gives you a paper that has everything about the band but also with his number on it too?" Miruko was in Hawks apartment sitting on the couch. It had been a day since that encounterment with Dabi.

Hawks was in the kitchen getting two water bottles and headed back on the couch to sit next to Miruko. "Yup."

Miruko squinted and tilted her head. "Is his name pronounce like how it's written or does it have like a hidden letter thingy. Like, is it Dab-u or actually Dab-i?"

Hawks snorted and took a sip of his water, giving the other one to Miruko. "Its pronounced Dab-i. Where the hell do you get Dabu from?"

"I don't know, we live in a weird society." She placed the paper on the coffee table and chugged her water. When she finished some of her water she glanced over at Hawks, smirking. "So are we going to one of their performance tonight?"

"What? Oh. I don't know." Hawks stared at the paper and messed with the cap of his water bottle. He knew it was bizarre when Dabi just came up to him to just chat like nothing. Hawks was never a fan of strange sometimes. Though he was the curious type.

Miruko waited to see if Hawks was going to say more. When he didn't, she stood up and stretched, popping some air out of her bones when she did. "Well I say we should, I'm kind of curious to see what he'll say when you come. Also, I kinda like their music."

Hawks never wanted to admit it but he did sort of too. It suited his taste, like, a lot. He was thinking to himself before he noticed Miruko staring, waiting for an answer again. Sighing, Hawks stood up and grabbed his jacket. "Let's go."






The two arrived and walked over inside the bar they were in last week. The Black Death. Still can't get over that name.

Miruko wore a big smile on her face with excitement in her eyes. Hawks stuffed his hands in his pockets as he followed after her, heading directly to the bar counter.
Kurogiri had recognized them since he gave that small welcoming smile towards them. "Welcome back fellow costumers. Miruko and Hawks correct?"

Nodding their heads, Hawks noticed that more people were here than last time. I guess the band is a good help for Kurogiri. He heard Kurogiri and Miruko chatting on about drinks in other countries and sorts. It didn't really matter cause he wasn't paying attention anyways. His eyes were glued to the counter as he thought about things.

If I quit being lawyer and actually become a journalist, like what Miruko says, would it be something I actually want? Its both with crime and writing, well it can be. It's an opinion too, my opinion. An opinion I can give for others to read and think about. Hawks rubbed his chin as he thought about it.

"So you actually showed up. The paper came in handy then huh? Though I didn't get a message on my phone saying you were coming. Not even a text saying you saw the number." Dabi's voice took Hawks out from his thoughts and glanced over to his side to see Dabi leaning on the counter. "Why's that? Pretty sure you saw the message on the back of the paper didn't you?"

Hawks faced him and grinned. "Oh, so that WAS your number? Sorry it's just, I didn't seem to care." Dabi grinned at this which made Hawks grin even more.

Dabi shook his head and sighed. "That's alright eyeliner." His eyes stared into Hawks until he looked away and leaned off from the counter. "I have to set up. Nice to know you're here though. Catch you later."

He walked away while Hawks looked over at Miruko and Kurogiri, who were staring at him now. Kurogiri smiled and cleaned his hands with the towel he had. "I see you've meet Dabi. Sorry if he bugs you in anyway. He enjoys teasing others sometimes for his entertainment."

Miruko jumped in the conversation quickly. "Hey Kurogiri, you said you knew the people in Viran Rengõ right?" He nodded at that. "Could you, oh I don't know, tell us somethings about Dabi?"

Kurogiri hummed and nodded. "Well. Dabi is sort of the sarcastic type. He teases people to get an expression out of them. When we met him he never really tolerated any one, clearly he's warmed up to them now. Talking about a subject he doesn't want to talk about, he'll simply try to change it or just tell you honestly. Dabi is a mystery but is straight foward."

Hawks nodded and messed with his fingers. "Oh cool." Mystery guy huh? I do like a little mystery. Then again, I barley met him. Though a friend like him couldn't hurt.

Getting pulled away from his thoughts, again, this time by Miruko slamming a hand on his back. Made him almost choke on his own spit. "Hawks, don't be all sad thinking you don't have a shot with him now." She laughed pleasingly.

Kurogiri's eyebrows shot up. "You have a thing for him? Excuse me if I sound rude but I always thought you two were a thing."

"Uh no. To both of those things." Hawks encountered. "I don't have a thing for Dabi cause I barley met him. And also, no, me and Miruko could never be a thing."

Miruko laughed even more. "Hawks is bisexual. Same as me. Though of course, we prefer the same sex of our own." She grinned as she leaned on the counter. "We could've been a thing but we weren't good for each other."

"Yeah, everything she's saying right now is all true." Then he whispered a small remark to himself. "For once in her life."

"I heard that birdbrain." She didn't look offended though, just more cheery.

The microphone was tapped and that one cheery voice spoke and Hawks could already know who it was. Toga was in small shorts and a black tank top. "Hello everyone! So glad to finally see you guys again. It was such a tiring week, I bet all of you just want to drink and relax huh?"

The crowd raised their glasses, others hollered, and others laughed. Toga smiled and rocked on her heels, clapping her hands softly around the mic. "Well tonight, our drummer, bass player, and me will be performing a nice song for you to all relax and enjoy. Our other two members couldn't make it, they had an emergency they had to attend to. But that won't stop our fun, so let's get started."

Another cheer from the crowd and Hawks turned around to face the stage now. Miruko did the same, excitement filling her eyes again. The lights around the bar dimmed and the other lights were on Toga.

The sound that came first, was her voice. Her voice was soft hitting low notes up to high notes after. A smile visible on her face. Doing a small high rough note, the sound of drums softly tapped. Then after that, the bass.

Sound from the bass was strong, hitting notes just on point that went well with Toga's singing. Her voice raised and the drums went into a relaxing beat while the bass did as well. Following Toga's lead and voice. The lights showed on all of them now.

The same blond drummer and Dabi as the bass. This time, Hawks didn't stare. Instead he looked at the crowd. Everyone was watching, recording, and even beating their fingers to the beat. Hawks picked up his eyes to the crowd then back at the band again. This time when he looked at the group, Hawks had noticed Dabi's eyes glancing at him, so he quickly averted them to look at Toga. Who was singing her heart out. She actully wasn't bad.

They played for a good 3 minutes. He had clapped when they had finished and noticed Miruko had a big goofy smile on her face. "You uh, good there Miruko?"

Turning to look at Hawks, she had the most biggest smile ever. "Dude Hawks, they're like my spirit animal. They're so fucking good."

He rolled his eyes at her. "You're so dramatic."

"I would totally want to be friends with them. The lil blondie has such a good voice. The drummer is sick as fuck. Um, Dabi right? His bass skills are so amazing." Miruko moved her hands as she explained. It make Hawks snicker.

Looking at the counter, he noticed one empty glass. Switching his gaze to Kurogiri, Hawks gave a small smile. "What did she order and how many refills did you give her?"

"She ordered whiskey again and I refilled her 5 times." When did she do all this? And how did I not notice? We literally just got here! Kurogiri had took the empty cup and smiled. Hawks remembered the first time he witness Miruko drink and vomit after drinking so much one night. "I'm guessing she's a lightweight. Correct?"

"Eh, sort of. It's like whatever moods she's in. Hard to explain. All you need to know is that she's a happy over emotional drunk." Hawks grinned and Miruko had wrapped her arm around Hawks neck. "And I don't know if you know this but she's like really strong."

She was giggling and Hawks waved his goodbye at Kurogiri. The things I do for you Rumi. He walked off with Miruko, who's arm was still over Hawks neck. "Okay Rumi, we're gunna go home and you're gunna drink lots of water cause we have work tomorrow."

Miruko retracted her arm and groaned. "Ugh, work this, work that. I really just want to drink and party. Is that so hard to ask?" Hawks grinned and shook his head at his friend.

"Miruko, you have no idea."

Hawks had stopped when he noticed Miruko did. There was a unhappy expression on her face. She was staring at the ground and twirling her hair. "Hawks. I'm not some type of weight on your shoulders am I? Like some pain in your neck right? I mean, I'm already 26 and you're 22. You're not hanging with me cause you're force to are you?"

She had a sad expression now and Hawks gave a reassuring smile. "Rumi, you're drunk, you're just thinking depressing thoughts. And you know I don't care about that age shit. You're cool to hang with and no I'm not being force to hang with you. I think you're cool and it's my choice to be your friend."

This had brought back her smile and she laughed cheeringly. "Ha, of course I am. Now let's go home, I'm like thirsty."

As they walked to Hawks car, the back door of the bar opened and Hawks noticed Dabi stepped out. Dabi had pulled out a cigarette ready to put it in his mouth before he noticed Miruko and Hawks looking at him. He quickly hid it in his pocket putting a small grin on his face.

"Hey now. The two of you heading home already. It's barley, what? Nine?" Dabi put his hands in his pockets as he walked over to them.

Hawks gave a simple smile and nodded. "Yeah. Well my friends tired and we have work tomorrow. Don't want to miss anything now."

Dabi nodded and smirked. "Right, you said you were a lawyer. Very important job huh? Well don't let me stop you eyeliner. Go make a difference in the world." Hawks noticed the tint of Dabi's eyes glow dark. "Be better then the ones who fucked up on protecting the innocent."

The air between them felt a little thick, well, for Hawks it did. It felt intense until Miruko, bless Miruko, raised her finger and glanced at Dabi. "Um. His name is not eyeliner. It's Hawks. Who loves chicken and loves taking his time in the restroom doing his eyeliner when heading to work. He also loves head pats. He won't admit it though."

Hawks felt betrayed by his own best friend for giving out information about him. Especially the head pats thing. Dabi on the other hand looked confused as he stared at Miruko. Until he focused back on Hawks. "Your names Hawks?"

The glint in Dabi's eyes went back to normal and shine with question. Hawks nodded. "Yeah. Simply that. Not a last name or first name. Just Hawks."

Dabi's eyes never left Hawks brown ones until a grin was plastered on his face. Hawks didn't even know Dabi took small steps foward. "Okay then, Hawks, catch you around. Don't be a stranger." And with that, Dabi passed by and walked to wherever he was going.

Hawks watched him leave until he focused on Miruko and sighed. "Let's get you home before you tell more people about my life." She giggled and hopped in the car with glee.

Chapter Text

Dabi was sitting at the counter of Kurogiri's bar. It was barley 7:30 am and he was sitting down on one of the stools. Watching Kurogiri wipe the glass cups he just washed. He never opened the bar in the morning so it was just him and Kurogiri.

"Hey Dabi, if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here so early? Did you need something?" Kurogiri placed the glass cups on the other side of the bar and came back to Dabi to hear what he had to say.

He came by for nothing really, just a place to think. Picking his gaze up, Dabi only shrugged his shoulders. "Naw. Not really, just thinking."

Kurogiri was never one to ask but he did. "About?"

This made Dabi shrug again. "I don't know. Just thinking." He was messing with his coat sleeves and was cut out of thought when Kurogiri said something he couldn't hear, or to be exact, didn't pay attention to. "What?"

"I said" Clearing his throat. "Have you seen any of your family members lately? Your sister? Brothers? Your mom?"

The hearing of his mom made Dabi chuckle. Especially the thought of thinking of her. "My mom? Please, out of all the children, she hates me the most." He paused then ran a hand through his hair. "I did visit Fuyumi though. Nothing big. Just got coffee and she talked about her job. That's all."

Kurogiri nodded at this and went back to his things. "Good." Dabi went on his phone scrolling through whatever social media there was. He was never a big fan of it. Just used it to get information out of people. Not stalkerish at all just bored.

Nothing was happening around and he groaned, bored out of his mind. He stood up and walked towards the exit. "Catch you later Kurogiri."

Stepping outside, the sun shined bright making Dabi winced from the brightness. Fucking hell. He walked straight down the sidewalk and turned on some corners, looking for something to do. He did this for a good 10 minutes until he rested on an alley wall.

He looked around the area and noticed all the junk people threw here. It made him give a disgusted facial expression and walk back out into the open. As he walked around again, everyone was in their own world. Some walked with somethings on their minds and others walked like Dabi. Searching for something to do. Dabi had stopped and walked into a record store he remembered Tomura worked at, having a bored feeling to bug someone. Let's see what's the rat up to now.

Right when he enter, Tomura was placing some old record players away and gave a frustrated sigh when he noticed Dabi walk in. "Dabi, just please tell me, what on earth are you doing here?"

This made Dabi smirk and shrug. "Nothing, just browsing around. No harm in that." He walked past Tomura and went on the other side of him, he noticed Tomura was wearing his two pieced gloves. "So, how's Giran doing with all that advirtismemt shit?" Simply picking a topic to talk about.

Giran had volunteer to be the guy who took care of the gigs and advertisement with Tomura. Giran was a guy they met through Compress and Kurogiri. Swear they're the dad's in this group. Anyways, Dabi found it strange that Giran wanted to work with Tomura because, well. Who'd want to work with him? Tomura Shigaraki always preferred things on his own.

Tomura just glanced at Dabi and continued to put the records away. "He's doing good. He might as well take over the advertisement shit while I try setting you guys up for other gigs." Dabi stared at the man and waited until Tomura looked back at him. "What?"

"You know. You were always a good guitarist. Why don't you ever think about picking up the strings and play again?" Dabi was looking through the section of gothic rock and remembered the memories he had as a teen listening to these types of music. When he use to live with the man he called "father."

He noticed Tomura shaking his head in disagreement. "No. I mean, I did feel at ease playing it but no. Being in the band was never a good place for me. You know that. Besides, Spinner does a better job then me anyways."

Dabi was about to counter his statement until both him and Tomura turned to the door of the store when it rang. A kid with slick black hair came in view and, well of fucking course he would see those two again. Really? Here? Of all places? Hawks and Miruko had entered after the kid and Miruko wore a big smile on her face.

"Listen kid, whatever music you listen to, I won't judge. I was into gothic rock as a teen so. No rude comments from me." Hawks was talking with the kid and even made a gesture of him zipping his lips.

Miruko laughed and nodded. "Gosh Hawks was such a gothic kid when I met him. Then again, I was into metal." She had turned her head to the metal section and quickly walked over there, leaving the other two behind.

The kid looked up at Hawks and just nodded. "I think the gothic rock music is over there. They probably even have the music you listened to back in high school. Like how Miruko stated." His hands pointed to where Dabi and Tomura were standing. He notice Hawks smile and go directly where the kid pointed him to.

Hawks didn't look exactly straight where Dabi was standing, instead he looked around the store. Though he was still walking towards where the kid instructed him to. Tomura glanced at Dabi with a questioning expression then to the blond. "Something tells me you know this man. Which is also telling me I should probably go before I get dragged into this."

Tomura walked off, heading into the back room, leaving Dabi with himself. He stared at the door Tomura went through and just quietly cursed. Man. Why do I tolerate him again?

"Excuse me sir, you're blocking the way of the-" Hawks didn't finished as he looked up at Dabi, tilting his head. "Dabi? Wait, what are you doing here?"

Dabi side eyed Hawks giving a small smirk while doing it. "Looking for a song to win your heart and get me in bed with you. It's a record store. If I play bass then I obviously go to any music store to find inspiration for the group."

Hawks was quiet for a minute, a little puzzled, raising his finger to say something about Dabi's comment. "A song to win my heart and get in my bed? Did you-"

"Anyways why are you here?" Dabi changed the topic and placed his hands in his pockets. Turning his full attention all on Hawks now.

Again, Hawks was quiet for a minute until he shook his head. "I'm here with Miruko and a young friend of ours. A very, very, young friend." Hawks turned to look at the kid who walked in before him and just chuckled.

Dabi glanced at them back and fourth. "Cool. What's his name?"

"Fumikage Tokoyami. Miruko's dad was working on a case for his family and she was assigned to distract him while his parents did the grown up stuff. The kids a high schooler and he started talking with me when I went over to Miruko's house to chill and he asked questions about some murder case files that I was reviewing over. Weird way to meet but that's how it went."

"So this kid out of the blue just started talking about murder cases with you?"

Hawks looked at Dabi and smiled. "Yeah pretty much. He ended up always asking what kind of assignments I got. He enjoyed the stories, and I guess, I liked the company. So I'm a 22 year old man who's friends with a young high school kid. Not weird at all."

Dabi couldn't help but shake his head. "Oh no, that's all weird right there."

This caused Hawks to laugh. Like, actually laugh and this made Dabi grin widely. Hawks covered his mouth when he laughed and it made Dabi want to move it away.

Coming back from his laughter, Hawks gave an easing smile and placed his hands in his pockets. "Never would of figured a guy like you could be funny."

"Never figured a guy like you actually looked attractive when laughing." Dabi said it easily without a hint of embarrassment or blush. It made Hawks jealous that he could do that but he didn't show it.

Hawks only crossed his arms and smiled again. "Yeah cause I'm secretly a model and everyone wants a piece of me. Haven't you heard of me? Hawks the number one model. I'm on so many magazine's."

It was a lie, yes, but Dabi took a step closer to the shorter man, grinning as he leaned lower a bit. "No I haven't. Wished I did sooner though."

The gold eyes stared at Dabi's turquoise ones until Hawks took a step back, running a hand through his hair. Hawks didn't really know what to say but luckily Tokoyami came with two record discs in his hand. "I was only able to find two good ones here." Tokoyami looked from Hawks to Dabi. "Um, I hope I didn't interrupt you with your boyfriend Hawks, I just wanted to let you know I'm ready to go now."

Hearing what the kid said make Hawks turn over at him fast. "My what?" Tokoyami opened his mouth to reply again until Hawks spoke again, raising his hand. "You know what, don't answer that. Let's just go."

With that, Hawks turned his back on Dabi and walked over to the lady at the register. Tokoyami was quick to follow and Miruko had caught up with them too with four record discs in her hands.

Dabi watched as the three people leave and noticed at the corner of his eye Tomura walking back out. This time he had small CD discs in his hands. "So when did you get a boyfriend. Don't remember you mentioning one?" Tomura asked, puting the discs in the gothic rock section.

"I don't have one. Last time I dated a guy was you. That's been that and I haven't dated any one ever since." This topic made Dabi uncomfortable and for Tomura as well.

Who nodded and finished putting some discs away until stopping to look at Dabi. "How sweet. I haven't either. Though I do hope we're not pulling each other back and hoping to get back together. Are we?"

Dabi shook his head. "No"

"Good. Then we're on the same page."

It was silent for a couple of seconds till Tomura clapped his hands together. "Well since you're here how bout you help move some boxes yeah? Great." Dabi rolled his eyes and followed Tomura to the back.

Chapter Text

"No way! You can't be serious right!?" Miruko was slamming her hands on Kurogiri's bar counter as she spoke to him. Well, it sounded like she was yelling at him but it was in a nice friendly way you can say.

The two have been showing up to Kurogiri's bar every Friday for 3 weeks now. Hawks has seen Dabi here and there, he was also able to get to know each member in the band now.

The drummer was named Muscular. He was alright, aggressive but alright. The guitarist with the pink hair was Shuichi Iguchi, aka Spinner. He was a fun guy to be around, that's what Miruko said. The other girl with the filled up lips was Kenji Hikiishi and she liked to be called Magne. She was pretty cool and nice.

The two were even lucky enough to met the band manger too. It was the guy with the light blue shoulder length hair who came out to the stage when they first came to the bar. He was Tomura Shigaraki. They met them after one night Miruko finally asked for their names after a performance.

Right now, they came by early, they say, this time. It was 7:20 pm and Kurogiri just told them that he was given an opportunity to switch locations for his bar.

Hawks was drinking a drink Kurogiri suggested him to try. Which was called vodka cranberry and he wasn't going to lie, he actually liked it. Right now Kurogiri had raised a hand in saying to lower Miruko's voice, she did. "Yes I'm serious," he began, "But I declined them. I didn't want to move locations cause I liked it here anyways. Besides they could've put me in a bad location and not tell me."

Miruko was nodding her head as she agreed. "Good, I got worried for a sec. Your bar is literally close by my house and it would've made me so sad that you moved locations."

Kurogiri gave a soft smile and sighed. "Yes. Would of figured and I wouldn't want a costumer of mine to be upset now."

The two laughed together and Hawks continued to drink his drink. Hawks was too busy invested in drinking the sweet cocktail he never knew existed until now. There was a sound of someone sitting on the other stool beside him and he quickly glanced to see who it was.

Dabi sat down and placed his forehead on top of the counter. Kurogiri looked at Dabi and raised one of his eyebrows. "Need a drink I'm guessing?" All he got was a thumbs up from Dabi. "Very well. I already know what you like."

Hawks watched Kurogiri open a plain beer bottle and place it in front of Dabi, who didn't even move when his drink was placed down. Hawks gave a small smile and hummed. "You look stress? Everything okay?"

This actually made Dabi pick up his head now and glance at Hawks. He had some light dark bags under his eyes and this made Hawks raise his eyebrows. "Oh no. I'm good. I'm great, wonderful." Dabi stated sarcastically with a grin on his face.

"Yeah totally cause the way your tone is tells other wise." Hawks watched as Dabi rolled his eyes taking a drink from his beer. "So what's really up?" Hawks continued, "If you don't mind?"

Dabi side eyed Hawks for awhile until he just shrugged putting the bottle back down. "Nothing important. Just that when you're the second person to take responsibility of a group when the first responsible one isn't present, its a fucking pain. Especially when your group is a bunch of idiots and argue over stupid shit."

Laughter escaped Hawks but he was quick to stop himself, covering his mouth with his hand. Clearing his throat after to get back on topic. A smile did spread on his face though. "Aha, sorry. Continue about what you were saying." Hawks didn't even realized Dabi was staring at him intensely, making him nervously chuckle. "What?"

"Nothing." Dabi drank more of his beer until he took another glance back at Hawks. "Why do you cover your mouth when you laugh? I've seen you do it a couple of times you've been here lately."

This earned a surprised look from Hawks. Fuck, he noticed that? Clearing his throat, he messed with a piece of his hair, shrugging at the same time. "I don't know. I just do it. Although I don't really cover it when I'm laughing like really hard since I'll be mostly clenching my stomach from the pain. Miruko's been the only one who's really made me laugh hard though."

"Really? I'd like to see that." Dabi smirked as his lips touched the beer bottle. I'm missing something here. Hawks didn't know why but he watched as the other man take another swig at his drink. Glancing at the others throat. Hawks, stop.

It was silent between them and Hawks was about to bring a topic up until Dabi spoke also spoke too.


"You know-"

They stared at each other and Hawks smiled. "You go first. I was gunna say how'd you get those scars on your hands but that's probably a touchy topic right?"

Dabi looked down at his hands and just shrugged. "Not really, I was just a reckless kid." He stared at them for awhile until focusing back on Hawks. "But anyways I was going to say if you could help me with something. Help me with the reason why I came here for a beer in the first place."

"Oh um, yeah sure. What do you need help on?" Hawks had finished the vodka cranberry already and wished he savored it instead of drinking it all in one go.

Those turquoise eyes watched Hawks closely, until he gave a small smile. Dabi finished his beer in one more go and stood up. "Come on." Hawks was quick to follow when the other started to lead the way.

Miruko watched the two leave and only smirked. "Hey Kurogiri. You wouldn't happen to know if Dabi was gay, would you?"

"To specify, he's actually bisexual. But to be more specific, he's mostly prefer men on his one night stands, so I would say yeah..." Kurogiri didn't even look up when he made a drink for a costumer, as he spoke with Miruko.

She grinned and chuckled to herself. "All luck to you my beautiful bird friend."






Dabi didn't really expect Hawks to actually just agree to jump in and help him, but he guessed wrong. He had lead him to the back of the stage where the group had been waiting in, the room's they used when they got ready or after a finished performance.

Toga was crossing her arms and had her back towards Twice. Magne was eating chips while Spinner messed with the strings of his guitar. Muscular was bouncing his leg up and down while he sat. Watching Twice and Toga argue with each other.

"Please Toga, forgive me!-- No! Actually you apologize. You have us begging for an apology when really, you messed up the gig for us." Twice gave different expressions each time he said a sentence or two to Toga.

"No way." Toga had faced Twice with anger that sparked through her eyes. "That guy was a creep. He kept looking at me and Kenji weirdly. As women, we must protect ourselves from guys like him, no matter what."

Muscular sighed, rolling his eyes while doing it. "Please, who'd want a piece of Kenji? No one, that's for sure."

This made Magne gasp offended loudly. "Now you take that back! You ass!"

Magne and Muscular glared each other down while Twice and Toga did the same at each other. Spinner shook his head, he noticed Hawks and Dabi walk in and leaned back against his chair. "Oh hey Dabi. Hawks right? Nice to see you again."

Toga changed her expression into a smile when she turned to Hawks, jumping up with joy. "Hawks! My dear eyeliner friend. How's it been? Can you be a dear and back me up please to tell Twice and Muscular that being touched by a guy without our CONSENT! Is wrong, especially if we need to get something out of it."

Twice had stood up and just crossed his arms. "The guy just touched your thigh, its not like he went higher then that-- We're sorry Toga! We understand how you feel!" He went back down to kneeling on his last saying.

Hawks questioned it a bit making him rub the back of his neck. "Uh. If anybody really, touched you without consent it's always been bad."

Magne had got up now, went over to where Hawks and Toga were, bring them into a hug. This made Hawks confused but he softly just patted their backs. "See at least someone gets it." Magne stated, glaring at Muscular, then to glance over at Dabi. "Well, Dabi and Spinner didn't really have anything to say about this, so."

The two side kneeling blond looked like he was in pain from the kneeling until he got up. "Yeah yeah. Just saying he could've help us out a lot if you faked the flirting. Anyways, I'm gunna go. Catch you guys later tonight-- Be safe now Toga! Love you!" Twice exited and softly closed the door behind him.

Spinner stood up, crossing his arms. "Now that's settled. Can we practice some more please? So you know, we can at least get prepared for our show that we're having next week?"

Muscular stood and went to the side of the room where a drum set was placed. Spinner smiled at Muscular while the girls went over to the big mirror they had and started checking themselves out.

Hawks stood there with one of his eyebrows raised and Dabi leaned down close to his ear with a smug on his face. "Think you just solved my problem bird boy. They were arguing about this the whole time we got here."

A chuckle came out of Hawks mouth and he turned to fully look at Dabi. "Please don't tell me you've been hanging out with Miruko now. She's the only one to make those bird pet names."

"Nope. This is all me."

They stared at each and Dabi could swear he saw a spark of interest in Hawks eyes. Though he was also told to be crazy so how would he know. He did know that Hawks didn't really like to be stared a lot so this made Dabi retract his eyes to look around the room. He figured that out one night he stared at him for too long and Hawks had started acting nervous.

Magne looked over at the two and smiled. "Hey Hawks right? Could you maybe help me and Toga with our make up? She said that you're really good with eyeliner."

Dabi smirked and watched as Hawks nod but with a tint of red at the tip of his ears. "Oh. Sure. I don't mind." Making his way over to the girl, they sat down in a chair and gave Hawks the eyeliner cap and small brush. He stared at it then looked over at Toga. "Okay, um, try not to move."






Hawks had spent almost 15 minutes helping Magne and Toga. He helped them pick a decent attire, with their makeup, and hair. They even started talking about some song they liked. Magne and Toga were basically bonding with him.

"Okay Hawks, let's get this out the way, what are you? Gay? Straight? What?" Toga was drinking from her water bottle as they sat and chilled for awhile. Dabi was leaning on a table as he focused on the girls and Hawks. Intrigued a little.

The question made Hawks mess with one of his earrings. "I'm bisexual."

Toga nodded. "Okay but which gender do you prefer more? That's what I'm really asking."

Pulling on his ear a bit, Hawks stared at the ground then sat straight in his chair to smile at Toga. "Is it really hard to tell which gender I like?" This made Toga nod again, making Hawks snicker. "I prefer guys more."

Magne nodded as she chewed on some gummy bears Spinner had gave her. "Are you top or bottom?" This question made Spinner mess up on a note he was playing, Muscular breaking a drumstick and Dabi giving a glare staright at Magne. Toga was the only one who laughed and Hawks gave a genuine nervous smile. Magne looked confused. "What? I was just wondering. I'm not offending you right Hawks? If it makes you feel any better, I'm a bottom. Plus, I know everyone's favorite position during intercourse in the group. Except Dabi's and Spinner's, they never told me."

Toga couldn't help but laugh even harder. Spinner was looking away with a blush and Muscular was just smirking. Dabi was the only one glaring at the girls. Hawks couldn't help but smile at the notion. "Is this natural talk with you guys?"

The girls nodded at this with grins on their faces.

"Okay well." He began. "I've tried both. Being a top was fun, exciting. All that kind of things. A usual turn on."

"But? I know there's a 'but' in this." Magne said this raising one of her fingers, smirking as she stared at Hawks with glee.

"But." Hawks continued. "Being a bottom was more of a huge fun experience for me. It was teasing, adventurous, and hot. So I would say, I'm a bottom." He didn't know why he told them this but it was whatever. You only live once they say.

The girls squealed and Toga stuck out her finger towards Magne. "Told you he was a bottom. Now give me my five bucks you gorgeous gal."

Spinner had turned to talk with Muscular now. Probably changing the topic to something else and Hawks turned to look over at Dabi who already had his eyes on him. Those turquoise eyes filled with fire, shining, and Hawks didn't even know if that was good or not since Dabi was giving no real expression.

Their eye contact was interrupted when a knock on the door caught their attention. Kurogiri had walked in and Miruko followed after. "Hey hey y'all. Miruko here."

Everyone in the group knew Miruko already. She was talking with them nonstop after one of their shows last week. Spinner and Muscular loved talking with her, they've always said she was such a kind high spirited person that they have never met before.

So as she walked in, Spinner had waved one of his hands. "Aye, it's Miruko our famous bunny. What'cha been up to?"

"Oh nothing." She smiled, "Making sure justice is served of course. Other than that, I was here looking for my wonderful bird friend and wondering if he was okay. You know, checking up like a good friend I am?"

Hawks had smiled at her and was about to say something until Toga raised her finger, catching Miruko's attention in the end. "Um hey, Miruko. If you don't mind. Why do you call Hawks 'birdbrain' or like 'bird'? I've always just wonder that."

The group all nodded and Dabi just shook his head. Hawks scratched his head and chuckled. Miruko laughed a little as well. "You gotta be kidding me right? His name is Hawks, that's literally a bird. But to make it clear, the reason is because his quirk is called Fierce Wings. He literally grows a set of red wings on his back."

Dabi eyes glanced over at Hawks and he had did the same. Hawks gave a small smile then turned to look at Toga who gasped. "You mean you kind of have a flying quirk?"

"Well." Hawks said rubbing his chin, "I guess so. But I can also send out my feathers to do things. Like pick things up or pin things to the wall. I don't usually bring them here since they're a distraction."

Magne had started eating some dried fruit now and just shrugged. "I mean if you think so. I find quirks outstanding to watch. Dabi's quirk is my favorite, not gonna lie."

Dabi was crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "Well I personally don't give a fuck about quirks. Given on how are society thinks about them, quirks aren't a favorite of mine anymore. And my quirk sort of isn't my favorite for a reason but it comes in handy."

Hawks had wanted to ask what it was and he had noticed Miruko did too. But if Dabi wasn't fond of it then he wouldn't pressure him. Instead he had stood up and grabbed his coat. "Hey would you look at that it's already, what? Eight? Gosh I'm so tired, maybe we should head out Miruko what do you say?"

She wanted to stay but she also knew what her friend was really saying, he was tired and wanted to go home, so she faked yawned. "Yeah oh my gosh, work had got me so exhausted." She quickly passed by Kurogiri and shouted at Hawks. "I'm driving! I already have the keys bird!"

Toga had laughed and Magne did too, watching the bunny leave. Hawks had rolled his eyes and walked towards the door, taking his time. "I'll catch you guys later. Nice seeing you again Kurogiri."

Kurogiri nodded and smiled. "Yes of course."

Exiting out the door of the dressing room, Hawks started to walk foward checking the time on his phone, but noticed the door didn't really click after he closed it. He turned around to noticed Dabi leaning against the door, softly closing it behind him. "Hey."

This made Hawks bring a smile on his face again and raise his eyebrow. "Was there something you needed?" Hawks stated.

Dabi stepped away from the door and walked over to the smiling blond. "Yeah, your number. If you're not going to text me first, might as well do it myself." He had his hands in his pockets and Hawks couldn't believe what he was hearing. He also couldn't believe Dabi was actullly taller than him by a couple inches.

"You want my number? Why?" Hawks felt his ears burn and messed with one of his earrings again. "Sorry if it comes off rude, just surprised is all."

"Like I said, if you don't text me first then might as well text you myself. Can't do that if I don't have your number. Also, it's for I can remind you where the band will be performing at next time. I'll be your little reminder."

Hawks stared at those turquoise eyes longer then he expected and just shrugged. "Alright, I see no harm in that." Naive. Hawks was very oblivious and naive. He knew that.

He stuck out his hand waiting for Dabi to give him his phone, which he did, and quickly dialed his own number. Hawks had put his name as 'Bird Friend' with a smiley face beside it.

"Okay, well, I have to get back and make sure Miruko doesn't crash my car so see you around. Or whenever you "remind" me about something." Hawks used his finger as quotation marks on the word remind.

This made Dabi smirk and nod. "Yeah."

With that, they went their separate ways but Hawks for some reason felt giddy about what just happened. He needed to talk with Miruko about this.

Chapter Text

Saturday. It was Saturday and that meant it was finally the weekend. Hawks sat up from his bed and spread his wings out as they flutter out from their bed position. He smiled and got up to head over to the kitchen.

Seeing whatever he had in his fridge, which was usually nothing but milk and eggs, Hawks groaned as he realized he needed to go grocery shopping. That was his least favorite thing to do as an adult. Hate being an adult in general.

A buzz from his phone took his focus away from the fridge and checked to see who it was. It was from an unknown number, so Hawks closed his fridge and opened the unknown message to see what it said, intrigued.

D: hey Toga was wondering if u can stop by her job real quick, she said she had something for u, btw its Dabi

Dabi? Oh right I gave him my number yesterday. Wait why did I again? Oh right. Hawks texted back with a "k" then closed his message app.

He went over to the restroom and did his usual morning routine. Brush his teeth and find a way to tame his hair. Never really worked anyway so why try. With that, he went to his room and picked whatever good outfit he had. It was simple jeans and shirt with a black jacket he was bringing just in case it would get cold. The seasons was heading over into winter and that wasn't really Hawks normally favorite season.

Right when he was about to head out he noticed that his red wings were still attached to him and was deciding weather to bring them or not. Ah, why the hell not. Better then wasting gas. Guess I'm flying then. Hawks loved flying through the air, made him feel good. It always eased his mind.

When he stepped outside, heading down his apartment stairs stretched his wings, he wore a big smile on his face. Even laughed a little when they fluttered again. Finally getting off the floor into the beautiful sky, he looked over the city feeling the morning breeze through his face, enjoying every ounce of it. He was able to notice the morning joggers, cars passing, the old lady's opening their shops, kids playing around with their quirks, and dogs running after squirrels. It was relaxing and pleasing to Hawks.

The coffee shop Toga worked at was not far from him. If I remember. It was simple next to a local high school. U.A. if I remember? I do know Tokoyami goes there. Seeing the high school more closely, Hawks was correct on the name and smiled to himself. The coffee shop was, indeed, right around the corner.

When his feet touched the ground in front of the coffee shop everyone had just passed Hawks when he landed and he simply gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry." He answered. The people didn't really care and just continued to pass. Alrighty then.

As he stepped in the coffee shop he noticed Magne leaning on the counter where Toga was, Dabi was on his phone and also leaning on the counter. Not a lot of people were here, like two or three were. Must not be busy around these areas. Though it is still early.

He heard a cheerful screech from Toga and Hawks had glanced over to noticed the three band members eyes were on him now. Toga was the one who screeched. Of course it was.

"Omg! Hawks, your wings are so pretty. So bright red. Really eye-catching, also, you came!" She was leaning over the counter and using her hands to motion Hawks to come closer. Which he did.

"Oh uh, yeah thanks. Dabi told me you wanted me here. What you need?"

Toga was tilting her head in confusion until she smiled again. "Right right! I have this for you."

Her hand had went under the counter and brought out a small black decent present bag with white tissue paper sticking out. Hawks looked at it confusingly when he grabbed it.

"What's, um, in it?" He asked.

Giggling, Toga just rocked on her heels. "Find out yourself my dear friend."

I mean, I barley know you but if you become a friend with someone who comes to your friends bar every Friday then sure. Taking out the white tissue paper, Hawks noticed the 2 small bottles of eyeliner and Hawks couldn't help but smile. "You're kidding me right?"

"No!" She shouted happily. "I didn't really know what to get you but then I realized you do wear eyeliner so I just said "Oh he'll like this" so yeah. Was I right?"

"Yeah, you were. But like, why? You barley know me? You only ever see me every Friday's or something. Why buy me a gift?"

Magne had laughed and Dabi had just rolled his eyes. "Kurogiri likes you and Miruko." Dabi stated. "Miruko had came by earlier and Toga had given her earings and shit. Toga likes whoever Kurogiri is okay with. Besides, she's trying to persuade you into joining the hang out group. Why? Now that, I don't know."

Toga giggled and nodded in agreement with what Dabi said. "Yeah."

"Toga is sort of a psycho. Like, a little messed up in the head." Magne said as she ate a cookie. She's always eating something when I see her. Why? "Toga could actually be a serial killer with her quirk but you know, luckily she didn't become one. She's great as one of our singers anyways."

"Awe. Thanks Magne. Oh! That reminds me, I have some more cookies you can have. Follow." The two girls had walked to the back, which then left Hawks with Dabi.

Hawks had put the white tissue in the bag and just shook his head. "Came all the way over here to get a small gift? How fun." Dabi had shrugged and checked his phone. "Yeah well it's barley 10. We could head to a diner not far from here. Spinner works there, we could totally bug the hell out of him if you want."

The blond gave a questionable look but smirked as he glanced at Dabi. "Are you saying that down the corner from here we can have ourselves a little date? Oh my, oh me, even more fun."

"You know I was going to pay but if you're gonna act like that--"

"No no, I want free food." Hawks had quickly moved his hands as stopping motions. "Who doesn't want free food."

Those turquoise eyes had looked more blue in the coffee shop and Hawks never felt more attracted to them. Why did they have to be so eye catching? Ugh, pun not intended at all. Dabi had started walking to the door and looked behind him to glance at Hawks. "So you coming or what?"






Dabi was leaning on his hand as he watched the red winged man looking at the menu, picking on what to eat. He was tapping his fingers as he waited and watched, Dabi was suddenly craving a cigarettes now.

"Oh gosh please tell me I'm just imagining that you! Fucking emo ass, Dabi, is here." Pink hair was seen quickly at their table, making Dabi smirk when he noticed his band member glaring at him.

"Hey there Spinner. How's work?"

Hawks had picked his head up, waving his hand, giving a sweet smile. Spinner looked from Hawks then to Dabi. Then he just sighed and took out his small notepad and pen. "Okay whatever. What can I get you two started with for drinks?"

"Black coffee."

"Dabi, again I have no fucking clue how you can just drink that. Still amazes me till this day. I honest feel like you do it for your aesthetic."

Dabi shrugged and leaned back on his seat. "Black coffee and cigarette is just my diet. You're gonna have to deal with it."

Spinner rolled his eyes and turned towards Hawks. "What would you like? And please, don't be like Dabi."

Right on point, Dabi grinned. Hawks shook his head as he laughed at the statement. "Don't worry, I'm not. What kind of flavors do you have on your ice tea?"

"Oh thank the stars, something other then coffee! But anyways, our flavors are raspberry, strawberry, mango, and lemon."

"Raspberry is good with me."

The pink haired man smiled happily at the blond. "Yes of course." With that Spinner turned his smile over at Dabi and wink before leaving.

Which left Dabi confused. Okay? He looked over at Hawks who was looking at the menu again, deciding what to pick still. As he stared he actually took the time to view the other man.

His blonde hair were in waves but were pushed back, a few locks of his hair falling on his face when he moved to much. Though in the end, they would always be pushed away by Hawks from annoyance. You can say he had facial hair but it was only by little on his chin, you can also say it fitted the winged man. As his eyes viewed the menu, the brown eyes would shine bright when the sun hit them, making the color look like a golden honey. It was sort of breathtaking to watch this man up close, but of course Dabi would never admit it, so he kept every note to himself.

He was really craving a cigarette now and he didn't know why but he needed one sort of badly. Hawks had looked up from the menu and glanced over at Dabi. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Dabi sat back up, leaning on his hand again. "So you finally found something you want to eat or at least snack on?"

Hawks eyes went wide and tilted his head. "Wait I could've just gotten a snack?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Oh! Then I already know what I want. I thought you wanted me to get a full meal or something. But if a snack was okay then I already had my eye on something." Hawks smiled as he pushed the menu forward.

Dabi looked from the menu to Hawks. He only nodded and sat back as he noticed Spinner coming over with their drinks.

Spinner placed the ice tea in front of Hawks and gave Dabi his coffee. "I also brought creamer just in case, you know, want to try it, which you should. Also, Dabi, if you think about smoking in the diner I will not hesitate to throw you out." Dabi rolled his eyes at this.

"Yeah yeah, I know I wasn't going to anyways."

"Good." Spinner brought out his notepad and pen again. "So what can I get you?"

"Dorayaki, how good do they make them here?" Hawks was leaned back as he mess with one of his feathers waiting for Spinner to answer.

Who was nodding and writing the order on his notepad. "I personally think so, I get them during break time."

"Okay then I'll get that." Hawks said thid as he looked over at Dabi, Spinner did the same. The two were waiting for his order.

He raised a hand and shook his head. "I'm good, thanks."

As Spinner left, Hawks sat up and scoot in closer to the table. Giving Dabi a smile. "Have you ever tried Dorayaki? I usually eat them on special occasions. Also, you should try putting creamer in your coffee like what Spinner said, it'll probably even lighten up your mood."

Dabi rolled his eyes again at Hawks statement. "Please, coffee does not depend on what mood I have for the day. And no, I haven't tried it." His hands messed with the straw wrapper as he spoke. "Why you ask?"

The blond shrugged. "Small talk, just wanted to see if you had. Cigarettes and coffee is such a Tumblr aesthetic by the way." Hawks smiled as he took a sip from his tea.

Staring at the other, Dabi just shook his head and looked out the window, then back at Hawks. "I actually started smoking to get on somebody's nerves and attention. Didn't end well as I expected it to be, but it was worth it. After that, I just got attached to them."

"Who's attention were you trying to get?" Hawks had his full interest on Dabi and he simply just smiled.

"A bastard who I called a father. He wasn't the best let's keep it at that." Dabi teared up the straw wrapper and got a nod from Hawks. It was quiet for awhile until Hawks just tapped his fingers a bit.

"So I know don't like talking about quirks and shit, since you said so last night, but if you don't mind me asking. What is your quirk?" Dabi looked over at Hawks and smirked as he just chuckled.

"Let's just say it's not really interesting as you think it is. Besides, you'll have to hang out with me more to find out."

This made Hawks give a genuine smile as he laughed. "Is this your way saying we can have multiple dates in the future? Cause if so, I'll start dressing more properly if we do."

"If you want to think that, go ahead. Won't promise you though that we'll go to any fancy restaurants." Dabi listened to Hawks laugh again. Surprisingly easy to make him do that.

Hawks ran a hand through his hair as he pushed it back, letting out a soft sigh. "You know, I didn't really expect my morning to go like this. Just thought I might go by Miruko's house and see what she was doing. But, never thought I was going to have breakfast with the bass player who plays for Viran Rengõ. I feel so special."

Once more, Dabi rolled his eyes when he took a sip from his coffee. Three times already. "You're really not though, sorry to break it to you. Besides bird boy, I only brought you here as a thanks for keeping the group from getting into a fight yesterday. That's all."

Dabi didn't need to pick up his head to notice there was a gleeful smile on Hawks face. The blond always had it, like it was natural, to just have a smile on his face like everyday was perfect.

"Yeah, okay, and getting my number is just to make sure a fan like me is updated right?" Hawks was crossing his arms and it made Dabi smirk. Who was taking another sip from his coffee. Smartass.

Nodding once he set the coffee back down, Dabi just shrugged. "Yeah. No harm in that."

A simple smile and the sun, fucking magically, shown more on his face. God fucking kill me and miss me with this gay shit. Dabi turned his head to see who was around. All he noticed was Spinner heading back their way and happily placing the Dorayaki in front of Hawks. "Hear you go. Simply fresh from the oven."

"Thanks. Appreciate it." Hawks said this as he folded his hands together, Spinner leaving with a smile.

Turquoise eyes were back on Hawks and Dabi didn't like to stare, yeah, but what else could he do. Not stare at him. Uh, yeah. He watched the red winged man take a bite out of his pastry while he took a sip from his coffee as well.

Hawks was looking at his pastry and was nodding his head. "You know this is the first time they actually made Dorayaki fresh. All the other times I've ate them, they've either burned it or just never cook it right." His honey eyes was analyzing the treat and picked them up to stare at Dabi's blue ones again. "What?"

Oh nothing. Nothing at all. Its just that, why are you attracting to look at? Why am I talking to myself about this? Why do I need to question myself about this? Stop smiling so much, nothing's ever perfect in this god forsaken world. Dabi was thinking for a whole 5 seconds until he shook his head. "Nothing."

The blond nodded and continued to eat his pastry while Dabi drank some more of his coffee. As they stayed with the nice quiet ease, Dabi actually felt pretty relaxed, this was rare for him. Being around the band has really been something ever since he left his father's house.

Something about Hawks was intriguing and attracting. It made Dabi wonder if this guy actually lived his life with the way he acts around others. Do you really have a positive attitude everyday? There has to be at least days when you're not feeling it. Dabi messed with some of the sugar packets as he thought to himself for awhile until he felt Hawks grab one of the sugar packets from him.

"You going to put it in your coffee or play with it like some eight year old?" Hawks was smiling as he looked at Dabi.

He smiled back and shook his head. "I am eight, thank you very much. But no, I don't add anything in my coffee." Dabi pushed some of the sugar packets away from him as he leaned back.

Hawks, unexpectedly, teared one of the packets and poured it in the others coffee, the blacked haired man didn't do nothing but watch, simply raising one of his eyebrows. "I hope you know I'm not drinking that anymore."

This made Hawks giggle, he shook his head and continued putting another sugar packet in the coffee. "Oh come on, just try it. I always order my coffee black too but I tell them to put the cream and sugar on the side since I put the amount I want in myself." Hawks moved the coffee cup around to mix in the sugar. "Just try it once and if you don't like it then I won't bug about it anymore."

As he said that, he pushed the coffee cup back towards Dabi. Who just stared at the coffee then back at Hawks, the blond was smiling at him still. Dabi didn't say anything more and just grabbed the cup to take a sip.

He still tasted the bitterness in the black coffee but he was also able to taste the sugar in it. Hawks put two packets in it as Dabi recalled. When he placed the cup down, he looked back at Hawks and just shrugged. "Eh it's alright."

One big grin fitted across Hawks face as he leaned on the table. "See I told you. It's not so bad, on our next little date we should go to a coffee shop. Oh and maybe."

Dabi watched the man continue to talk about where they should meet up next. He gave a small side smile. Is it lucky to have run into you? Guess I'll have to find out later.






The encounterment between Dabi and Hawks was over when one of Hawks co-workers had called to see if he was available. Dabi had told him he needed to go anyways so that's when they had said their goodbyes. Going on with the rest of their day.

At the moment, Dabi was over at Twice's house with Toga. He was standing around the kitchen looking at whatever was on his phone as Toga and Twice spoke about something he didn't care about.

"No no, blondie, there shall be no rioting or partying in MY house. Just cleaned it yesterday, besides isn't the group coming over to chill-- Or it could be whatever you want Toga!" Twice slapped his head as he muttered to himself at his last words.

Toga was staring at Twice for awhile until she smiled and nodded. "Okie dokie, I'll try not to destroy stuff then. Anyways, Dabi, is Hawks coming over."

The turquoise eyes gave a question expression as he put his phone away. "Why would he?"

The two blond's looked at each other then back at Dabi. "Oh I don't know, cause he's cool and I, yeah." Toga messed with a string of her hair as she spoke to her tall friend.

Dabi couldn't say anymore when a knock on the door interrupted them and he walked over to open it. He stared at the man who always wore a mask for no reason in their group and just rolled his eyes. "Hey there Dabi, how's it going?"

"Compress!" Toga ran to the door and bumped Dabi out the way as she hugged Compress through the door way. "I missed you! Also, where's Kurogiri?"

When Compress took his mask off, there was a confused look on his face. "How would I know? I don't live with him."

Dabi chuckled and went over to sit on the couch. "The way you guys speak with each other tells other wise. You guys act like such an old couple. By the way, why do you keep bringing the mask?"

"We are not an old couple. I also already told you why I bring my mask, to hide my beautiful face from the gross public." Compress was smiling as he touched his face then looked back over at Dabi. "Also, I heard from Toga you had a new boyfriend."

What? Toga closed the front door and shook her head as she slapped Compress' arm. "I didn't mean it that way! Of course not. I meant like boy-guy friend. Yup yup!"

Compress shook his head. "No you said as I quote "Dabi has a new boyfriend and he's really cute. Our jackass friend is in love with a blondie!" End quote. You told me this yesterday." The older man got another slap on his arm by the tiny blond and tilted his head confusingly. "What? That is what you said wasn't it?"

Twice was in the kitchen giggling to himself. Toga was continuing to smacking Compress' arm in which he didn't even really care about and just shrugged. After her whole arm smacking moment, she turned to look at Dabi and gave a big smile. "I did not say that, Compress is mixing my words. I totally meant boy as in man friend." Dabi stared at her until another knock came and she quickly reached for it.

"What do you mean I eat too much? If I do I don't see it?" Magne was crossing her arms as she looked at Muscular walking inside the house.

"You do and you may not see it but you do. Just wanted to let you know, that's all." Muscular had his hands in his pockets when he followed after Magne, while Spinner had also came up too, panting as he caught his breath.

"Man, forgot how much stairs you guys had." The pink haired man smiled and waved at the group as he walked in the door. "Hey guys. What are we up to tonight?"


"Some food sounds good."

"Exactly my point Magne."

"Oh I could help cook if you like?"

"Wait what? Cooking?"

Dabi was on his phone as the group spoke over each other. Toga kept saying murder, Magne was talking about food which lead Muscular explaining his point about how she eats too much, then Compress agreeing with helping to cook. Twice was just completely lost.

On the corner of Dabi's eye, he noticed the door to Twice door turn and watched as Tomura walked in with Kurogiri. He looked at the group and shook his head. "I can hear you guys all the way down the stairs. Toga, the more you keep saying murder, the more people are gonna think you're actually a murderer."

This made Toga giggle and shrug, "Eh the better to keep them away am I right."

Twice nodded happily at this. Kurogiri looked at Dabi and gave an easing smile. "Dabi, today this morning I tried to call you but you didn't answer. Why?"

Spinner wore a grin on his face as he switched his eyes to Kurogiri. "Our friend here was on a little date with the blond lawyer today this morning. It was quite special you see. They were flirting so much with each other."

"Yeah yeah whatever. Call it what you want, I don't care. Weren't we discussing about what to do tonight instead of talking about me and my personal shit." Dabi was leaning back on the couch still as he glanced at the others.

Everyone was thinking until Twice raised his hand. "Oh Oh! I was invited to one of those riot places! You know where the community fights back! Something like that!"

Tomura looked at Twice and tilted his head. "You mean those people who are just looking for attention by the government?"

"Yeah that!" He exclaimed.

Everyone in the group was thinking until Dabi spoke up first. "I do feel like burning some shit down."

Toga jumped up and nodded too. "Ooh! Same here, I feel like causing a big riot."

Muscular and Magne both nodded as they agreed with the group. Spinner was also agreeing but he glanced over at Tomura waiting for his response. "What do you think Tomura?"

Tomura looked around the room to look at the group. He finally just shrugged, "I'm sure we all want to do it so I have no complain to join in." Everyone got up and started leaving the house now. Toga, Dabi, and Twice left first as the others followed.

Chapter Text

Monday came fast and Hawks did not want to get up. He was still so tried from last week. Laying in bed and staring at his ceiling was the only thing he was doing at the moment, Hawks couldn't help but think about Saturday morning. Questioning on how it made him feel. Especially how it made him feel every time he felt those turquoise eyes on him.

Oddly though, Hawks also realized that Dabi's eyes matches closely with Enji's. Weird coincident but of course Hawks knew that Dabi's eyes, not that he was distracted of them all the time, burned brighter then Enji. If that made any sense. Still, Hawks found them similar together.

Speaking of Enji, Hawks looked at his clock and noticed that the time read 7:10. He groaned as he rolled off the bed and got dress for work. Before he went to go brush his teeth he noticed his phone light up and grabbed it to see what it was. It was from another news update again, it wasn't good this time either. Shit.

The news headline read "Is This Some New Type of Threat to Our City?" It stated that on the night of Saturday there seemed to been more active protesters and some with strong quirk users as well. Hawks skimmed through the article and went straight to the pictures the reporters took. Or should he say were given to them. 

One of the pictures had a knife stabbed through the book, this made Hawks roll his eyes. Oh wow, so threatening. Another picture was just a bunch of stuff destroyed which was terribly damaged. Hawks was scrolling until he stopped on one of the pictures where a pile of things was set on fire. The fire was bright, burning, and blue?

Hawks eyes scanned over the image and couldn't believe his eyes. Shit, more protesters, more victims and prosecutors who want to argue. The page about the blue "threatening" fire was talking about who could do this or why? It made Hawks sigh from tiredness as he knew that Enji was going to give him extra work. He didn't mind of course but he hates whenever Enji is always on his tail.

Throwing his phone back on the bed, Hawks got back into doing his morning routine. Making sure he didn't die from exhaustion as he did every small thing. But there was buzzing being heard from his room again and he checked to see what it was this time. It was just Miruko.

"Yellow." He said answering the call.

"Hawks! Holy shit man! Did you see the fucking news?! Talk about a real fucking riot right?" Hawks had took the phone away from his ear right when his rabbit friend started yelling through the phone. He placed it down on the counter and put her on speaker.

"Yeah thanks for the wake up call you damn rodent. But yeah I saw the news like a couple of minutes ago. Enji is going to talk so much shit."

"Fuck, I forgot about that red headed man." Miruko groaned from annoyance.

"Let's just try to make it through the day. See you there." Hawks couldn't say goodbye when Miruko was quick to hang up on him. Bye to you too bitch. He chuckled to himself as he gave up on his hair and went to see what he had to wear.




Arriving at work a girl with white hair with red specks in it was talking to Enji at the front door entrance, she was pushing up her glasses as she caught up to talk with him. Hawks walked slower once he came closer to the two talking.

"Just listen to me. It could be him! It's him just by the flames. Please just listen!" The girl was standing with a straight posture and staring intensely at Enji. Who wasn't even paying any attention to her.

When she grabbed him by the wrist he had gave a glare at her so she slowly retracted it. Hawks walked up the stairs and smiled. "Hey, hope I'm not interrupting something am I?"

Enji looked at Hawks then back at the girl then started to shake his head. "No, she was just leaving. Right Fuyumi?"

The girl, Fuyumi, looked down at the ground and nodded. "Yeah, yeah I was. Sorry for wasting your time."

Hawks stared at her for awhile until he looked over at Enji enter the work building. Glancing back at Fuyumi, Hawks gave a small smile when she looked his way. "He's sometimes ignorant, sorry for his attitude."

Fuyumi smiled. "You have nothing to apologise for. My father has always been like that since I was a kid. Guess things can never change huh?"

Wait, this is Fuyumi Todoroki? Holy shit. Hawks watched her turn to leave, he wanted to ask her something but forgot what it was so he watched her leave as he went into the work building to catch up with Enji.

Enji was already at one of the desk looking at the evidence they got from the riots the protesters did Saturday night. Hawks caught up and looked at the pictures too. It were the same ones he saw on the article but there were also some that they didn't show. One with black paint saying "We Are Strong" and the whole place around it destroyed. These riots are getting way too out of hand.

"Gosh damn these protesters, thinking they're strong when really they are just acting like criminals." Enji was staring at one of the pictures intensely and it was the one with the blue flames.

Hawks looked at the picture again and then back at Enji. "You can tell these are new protesters, what do you think they really want?"

"I don't know, all I know is that these dumbass' think they're making a difference when really they're just making themselves criminals." Enji moved away from the evidence table and spoke with one of the assistance.

Looking at the evidence all over the table, Hawks looked at the picture with the paint on the wall and sighed. Trouble after the next. What do they want out of this? Justice? Sure you'll earn it but not like this. Hawks picked up the picture with the blue flames and analysed it closely.

The fire was burning books and paper, the area around it was outside in an alleyway next by an abandoned market store. Actually, I think I know where that place is. Looking at the blue flames, Hawks couldn't help but think about Dabi's turquoise eyes. It wasn't the time sure but he couldn't help thinking about them.

A hand was placed on Hawks shoulder and turned to see Miruko looking at the picture he had in his hand. "Man, this is really bad."

Hawks nodded as he put the picture down. "Yeah. Yeah it is." They stared at the evidence for a couple of minutes until Hawks looked around to make sure no one was close by to hear what Hawks had to say. "Hey, rodent, wanna go on a quick adventure with me?"

Miruko's eyes sparkled and nodded. "Right on bird brain."

"Okay, well." Hawks looked around one more time then back at Miruko. "So we got the pictures of the riot by someone mailing it over to the court house right?"

"Yeah, the court gave it to us today this morning to give us evidence just in case they caught someone and see if anyone wanted to sue."

"Okay well, forget us being lawyers and shit right now. Let's get a story to report, let's be fucking detectives right now. Cause I may know the area the protesters destroyed." He whispered.

Miruko smirked and nodded again. "You mean let's prepare you for the future journalists job you're getting when you quit this one, sure." Hawks opened his mouth to protest but Miruko had pulled away and walked fast to the door. "Hawks, let's go."

The people around them weren't even paying attention so Hawks jogged over to catch up with her. Stepping outside, Miruko headed for her car. Guess we're taking hers. She was walking pretty fast so Hawks had to jog over to her car as well. Should just left my wings on.

Entering the passengers seat, Hawks looked around her car and raised his eyebrow. "Wow, your car is actually clean. Shocking."

"Shut up bird, just tell me where to go and maybe I'll let you live." She was smirking as she pulled out from her parking spot. "I should be an actress."

Hawks rolled his eyes. "You should choke."

"No way bird brain, that's all you." She giggled at her statement which made Hawks did too.



They drove from their job all the way downtown. This wasn't the nice downtown, it was the one where some places were abandoned and destroyed. Some of the markets loss business around here so no one was ever around. Which is a perfect place for riots.

Miruko stopped at a place called "Liquor Market" which made Miruko shake her head. "What kind of market name is that?"

Hawks didn't answer as he stepped out the car and closed it. "Doesn't matter right. Let's go." The two walked over to the market door, Miruko reached out to see if the door was unlocked. Which it was.

The blonde was quick to enter and check the place out. Everything was destroyed, some cabinets pushed down, the glass door for the drinks was shattered, and some things were just into ash. Hawks turned his main focus to the wall next to the back door, where he read the black paint writing.

"They ain't kidding this time are they?" Miruko touched the wall and rubbed away the dust it had.

Hawks shook his head and went to the door where it lead through an alleyway. There, is where Hawks the pile of burnt paper and boom were. "Uh Miruko, think I found where the blue flames was burning."

Stepping out to walk over to the pile, Hawks read some of the books it had. Well, tried to read. Most of the books were about the government, the history of their state and city. Hawks even picked up one of them to see how badly damaged it was.

A ring from Miruko's phone made his come back from his thoughts and turned to see what was it. She wore a frown on her face. "Shit Hawks, we barley get here and they're asking us to do another case file on a divorce. Unbelievable, can't people just marry the people they actually love."

Hawks smiled. "It could be sometimes complicated Miruko."

She sighed when she put her phone away. "Yeah, yeah I know." They looked around one more time before she turned herself towards the door. "Alright, let's go before they start bitching at us."






"Dabi. Please tell me, it wasn't you right? I mean, I could totally understand if you needed to break things but please tell me you didn't do it cause of the whole protesting reason thing right?" Fuyumi was on the phone as Dabi messed with the strings of his bass.

"Fuyumi, please, I did it cause I was bored. I don't care about that whole protesting shit." Dabi strum one of the strings as he fixed the cords finally adjusting it. Last time I'm letting Toga touch this.

Dabi heard his sister give a soft sigh of relief. "Oh thank God."

Getting the strings on the right note Dabi placed his phone back to his ear. "Uh yeah, listen Fuyumi I have to go. Talk to you later." He hanged up before giving Fuyumi the chance to say goodbye but he didn't care. Even when he knew it was a dick move.

Stepping out of his bedroom, he walked out to the living room where Tomura and Spinner had been waiting. Toga was also here but she was too busy texting someone. They had came by to his house since they were near by and bored, he didn't really care if they were here.

"Another call from Fuyumi I'm guessing." Tomura glanced up from his phone to look at Dabi who nodded in return.

Spinner leaned back on the couch and stared at the ceiling, whistling as he thought about things. "Hey guys, about the riot, I guess it seemed sort of like a threat to the city so, like, now the people are thinking they have a threat on their hands. Should we worry about this?"

Tomura looked over at Spinner and shook his head. "No, not us. We are just a couple of young people who are in a band living our lives. The only person who should worry is Dabi. His flames are very noticeable for people to arrest him."

Dabi leaned over the couch and scoffed while rolling his eyes. "Please, I barley use my quirk."

Toga picked her gaze away from her phone and smiled towards Dabi. "Hey, hey Dabi, what would you do if I told your lover boy where you lived?"

"I'd set you on fire then tell Spinner to get water to put the fire out so I can light you up again, keep doing it till I get bored. Why?"

The three guys all turn their attention towards Toga, who had the biggest grin on her face. "Okay well, I already told him but I lied and said that it was my address."

Tomura had tilted his head in confusion until he looked over at Dabi searching for answers. "Is the "lover boy" that guy I saw at my job when you decided to bug me that time?"

Spinner and Toga both nodded as they wore mischievous smiles. This just caused Dabi to roll his eyes another time. Might as well get a headache from always rolling my eyes. "Yeah yeah. Anyways, why'd you tell him? What he need?" He said simply

"That's the thing he didn't say-" The light blonde headed woman was cut off by the sound of a door knocking. She had got up quickly to answer it, her tooth smiling grin appearing.

As she opened it, Miruko ran inside and pulled Hawks with her. She slammed the door and sat on the floor as she caught her breath, Hawks was doing the same but he was crouched down.

Dabi's eyes took in both of them. Miruko was wearing a white tank top with some blue yoga pants. Her hair was in a ponytail and she used her hand as a fan to cool herself. Hawks was wearing a black tight shirt with two slits in the back for where his wings popped out that also matched with his light grey sweats. When Hawks looked over at Dabi, he gave a small smile and wave. He also noticed that Hawks eyes looked more brown now since the sun wasn't shining on them.

"Oh, uh, hey guys. Didn't know Toga had some guest over." Hawks stood back up and helped Miruko back on her feet. "Would've totally came back another time."

"Hawks! Shh! He can probably hear us. Or even worst, smell us." Miruko raised a finger to her lips.

"Right right, my bad."

Miruko nodded as she looked at Hawks closely for awhile then at his wings. Her eyes went wide when she looked down at his hands. "Shit Hawks your hand. It's cut."

The blonde male didn't know what she was talking about until he looked down. "Oh I guess you're right. I didn't even notice." His hand had a cut on the inside of his palm and Hawks did not even seemed worried about it.

"I'm sure I have a med-kit somewhere around here." Toga chimed in. "Right, Dabi?"

Do I have a med-kit? Oh, yeah, I do. Dabi nodded as he leaned off the couch. "Yeah, you do, used it not so long ago. This way." Dabi moved his head to the side motioning Hawks to follow, he did.

Miruko was guided to the couch by Toga. She smiled when a glass of water was given to her, which was gone in seconds.

Dabi walked through the small hall turning to the bathroom and turning on the light. He walked to the sink crouching down to see if he did have the med-kit. He luckily did. Is it really luck though? Getting up from the crouch position, Dabi placed the kit on the counter and gave a smile to Hawks. "You must be one lucky bird huh?"

This made Hawks grin. "The one and only."

"Yeah well, here's the kit. If you need anything else just call for me." Dabi twirled around Hawks to leave but he felt the others good hand grab on his arms and turned questioning.

Hawks smiled and pulled his hand back to rub the back of his neck. "Sorry just that, weird question but, this isn't Toga's house is it?"

Dabi stared at the other for quiet awhile until he smirked. "Yeah, no. It mine actually. What gave it away?"

"Oh I don't know, the fact that she didn't tell me where the bathroom was and how she looked towards you to see if YOU knew where the med-kit was. Also, I can smell the tint of cigarettes mixed in with a nature like smell." Hawks continued to smile as he stared back at Dabi, happily.

The black haired man shook his head in disbelief, "We have ourselves a little detective don't we?" Dabi smirked as he leaned on the doorway.

The blonde shrugged as he moved to open the med-kit. "Not really, just had a gut feeling. Sometimes my gut is usually right."

Dabi nodded as he watched Hawks take out the things he needed. He cleaned off the blood first adding the medicine cream next, then wrapping it with a bandage. "Hawks, why are you and Miruko in the state you are when you guys entered?"

Hawks put the bandage and medicine back in the kit. "Oh well, you see. We had got off work earlier then expected. It's what, 4 already? Anyways, me and her had decided that we should head out jogging. You know, being the active people we are. Out of no where our friend Shinya, one of our co-workers, starts using his quirk on us. Pretty much chasing us. Wanna know why?"


"All because Miruko ate a pastry that had his name on it." Hawks had said this loudly making sure Miruko heard.

"I'll have you know." Miruko said loudly back to Hawks. "That it didn't have a name so it wasn't his at all."

Hawks rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Yeah yeah, whatever you say rodent." Walking pass Dabi, Hawks made his way back to the living room.

Dabi had followed right after him when he turned off the bathroom light. Miruko was sticking out her tongue towards Hawks, who was giving her the middle finger. Toga was giggling as she watched amusingly. Spinner was smiling while Tomura scrolled through his phone, uninterested. 

"Hey you guys, since you're both here, how about you join us in attending to a concert we're going to tonight. We have 4 extra tickets." Toga was looking at the play fighting friends, giving a big smile towards them as she waiting for their response.

Miruko tilted her head as she thought. "I don't have anything going on tonight sure. You Hawks?"

Hawks shook his head. "Nope."

Toga clapped her hands cheerfully. "That's great! This is great. Here, the concert starts at 7 so you guys should totally go and get ready." The light headed blonde gave the two guest their tickets.

Dabi chuckled. "Is that your way of saying get out."

"Oh dude! I love this band." Hawks wings fluttered up and everyone stared at them when they did. This made the blonde blush. "Um, sorry just, er, never mind."

Miruko laughed as she stood up. She patted her friend on the back as she walked towards the door. "Gosh Hawks, what are you so excited about? Oh jeez was it the beautiful glory of my face that made your wings flutter?" Hawks was glaring down Miruko but was hidding it with a grin.

"Shut your trap you damn rat." Hawks opened the door and gave a small wave towards the others. "Thanks for letting us in and crash for a bit. We'll see you guys tonight." With that, Hawks stepped out. Miruko also waved a goodbye and followed Hawks.

As the door shut, the house was quite for a bit until Tomura got off his phone and turned towards Dabi. "I guess we have a date with your bird boy don't we?" Tomura had a big smirk on his face as he walked to the kitchen.

Spinner was also smirking as he chilled on the couch. "You should totally thank Toga for setting up your date."

This made the tooth smiling girl nod as she stood up, hands on her hips. "Yeah you should."

Dabi shook his head and walked away from the group to head back into his room. "I don't need to say anything fuckers." As he heard a snicker from Spinner, Dabi smirked as he laid down on his bed. The thing he was thinking about at the moment was how Hawks wings fluttered from a thing he liked. Yeah, that wasn't gunna get out of his head any time soon.

Chapter Text

It was 6:53 and Dabi was smoking a cigarette, inside his car, blasting loud rock music. Toga and Spinner were taking pictures outside by the car while Tomura played a game on the passengers seat with the door opened. They were parked out in the parking lot of the building where the concert was going to perform at, as they waited for Miruko and Hawks to come.

As Dabi finished one of the cigarettes already he reached in his pocket to take another one out from the packet which caught Tomura's attention. The red eyes on Tomura watched as Dabi placed the butt of the cigarette on his lips. Which made Dabi glance over at him. "What?"

Tomura shook his head and focused back on his game. "I thought you quit smoking after your sister found out." His fingers were moving fast across his phone focusing on the phone game, speaking with Dabi.

The black haired man used his finger to light the cancer stick up and blew a cloud of smoke towards Tomura who used his hand to fan it away. It made Dabi smirk. "It's sort of hard to quit this when you have so much shit on your mind. Especially when you have the urge to just burn things down for no apparent reason."

This earned a concerned look from Tomura. Clicking his phone off, he turned in his seat to face Dabi. "You wanna talk about it?"

"No." Dabi said simply. "No I don't actually."

They stared at each other for a couple of minutes until Toga called for them and smiled as she leaned inside the window beside Dabi. "Yo, Hawks and Miruko are here."

Dabi nodded and stepped out the car to notice Miruko wearing a white shirt, with a leather jacket, and dark blue jeans that matched great with her hair. Hawks was staring at his phone as he caught up with the group and this gave Dabi the time to check him out. Not in that way of course. This blonde headed man was wearing a red shirt with a black denim jacket and black jeans. Hawks didn't bring his wings with him this time. What a shame.

"Hey guys. Toga, looking good. Spinner, Dabi, Tomura, hey hey." Miruko smiled, she had her hands in her pockets so she just nodded her head at them.

Hawks wore a cheerful smile and waved. "Sorry, had to make sure the rat locked her doors."

"Which I did." As on cue, she pulled her keys out to press the lock button on her car that made a beep sound. "See."

Dabi watched as Hawks rolled his eyes and smiled at that. Toga watched Miruko and Hawks flip each other off until she stepped in grinning at them. "That's all good let's just head in. We got good seats. Well, Tomura did, it's an all thanks to him."

Tomura shook his head, "It was really Kurogiri who hooked us on the tickets so thank him. Not me."

"Well it's a thanks to you for letting us join. So it really is technically a thanks to you." Hawks had smiled towards Tomura and Dabi was able to spot a soft pink hue on the blue haired male.

Spinner looked at his watch, turning his direction to Toga now. "Hey we should hurry and head inside. Wanna beat the line don't we?"

Miruko and Toga both said "Agreed" at the same time which caused them both to laugh. The two girls walked over to the stadium the band was using to perform while Spinner and Hawks went to catch up with them. Dabi and Tomura walked behind them and felt the red eyes on him causing him to sigh and look over at his friend. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yeah. About your bird boy. He is quiet a looker." Tomura watched the group make jokes and glanced over to see Dabi glaring at him.

It wasn't a mean glare, it was a confused glare. One that meant he had no clue what Tomura was talking about. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, this Hawks dude is not our type of people Dabi. Especially the Miruko girl too. A good looking guy like him doesn't magically hang out with an emo band like us." Tomura was messing with a piece of his hair as he waited for the others response.

"Oh." Dabi put his hands in his pockets as he looked around the parking lot then back at Tomura. "Well, about that, I had planned to do a hook up shit since I was, you know. Then I realised this dude wasn't the type to do that so I just decided to just bug the hell out of him. With that I started to chat with him here and there when we had breaks. Now here we are."

Dabi had switched his gaze towards Hawks who was laughing at a joke Spinner said, he said a million times in their group, and couldn't help but feel a weird gut feeling. Tomura had also switched his gaze to Hawks and shook his head. "You're terrible Dabi, you that?"

"I know that marshmallow." Dabi smirked as he dodged Tomura's hand smacking him.

"Don't. Call me that you prick." Tomura pointed his finger at him walking faster to catch up with the group.

"What, brings old vibes?"

"Just shut up and let's catch up to your boyfriend."

With that, they went over with the group and went to find their seats. They weren't kidding when they said they were good seats. For all they knew, they would have had to stand in the front. Getting adjusted in the seats. Toga sat in the middle of one of the 5 rows. Spinner sat on her left while Miruko took her right. Tomura took the next seat by Spinner in which so did Dabi.

Hawks looked at the row and sat by Dabi, giving a smile. "You don't mind if I sit here right?"

Before Dabi could say anything Tomura bent fowards and smiled. "No he wouldn't mind at all. Right Dabi?" Tomura was giving a devious smirk at Dabi. Why do I still even tolerate him?

"Yeah it's fine." It was the only thing Dabi said before focusing to the stage that was lighting up.

Hawks smiled again and sat in the chair looking over at the platform as well. Dabi didn't know he was staring until he felt Tomura jab him in the side. "It's not polite to stare Dabi. Didn't you learn a least some manners from your shitty dad."

"Such a shame to say no, I didn't."

Tomura shook his head and leaned over to get Hawks attention. "Yeah, hey, just want to let you know if Dabi is annoying you just give him a cigarette, that'll shut him up." Dabi used his hand to try and smack Tomura on the head until the other was quick to move and snicker at him. "Too slow e-boy."

Dabi ran a hand through his hair until he turned over at Hawks when he heard the other laugh. "I'm usually the one to bug I don't see you as a type of bugger. Unless you count the time you bugged me for my number then yeah." The smile on Hawks face distracted him to notice that a bunch of people had filled the whole stadium.

The group members in the band were stepping out on the platform in the middle and cheers of joy spread through the whole area.

This band played good music. Everyone in the group all knew what they were doing and how to handled it. The band leader, was not Dabi's favorite. The two bands had actually met on one concert night competition and Dabi knew from a huge gut feeling he wasn't going to like him.

"Dabi, you're doing your death glare again. Chisaki isn't even saying anything and you're already glaring." Tomura had his attention on the platform but got closer to whisper in Dabi's ear.

Dabi had noticed and just turned his attention else where. "Yeah well I don't care."

Tomura didn't say anything else as he kept to himself. Dabi looked over at Hawks, who had been typing away on his phone, he was never one to snoop but he leaned on the armrest to see what the other was doing. "What's the bird boy doing now?"

Hawks moved his phone close to his chest and only gave Dabi a smile. "None of your business. That is, if you can keep a secret." The light flashing around the stadium where making Hawks eyes turning into those golden colors again.

"I for sure can keep those. Now tell bird." Dabi was grinning and tilted his head when Hawks pulled his phone away from his chest.

He had opened up a tab about why the protesters used abandoned places and why sometimes people could never find out clues when they get there. Hawks was scrolling through it and stopped on one of the pictures of an abandoned library.

Dabi raised his eyebrow as he stared at the picture. "Okay, what's the secret have to do with this picture?"

Hawks moves his head a bit to see the group's attention was still on the band then looked back at Dabi. "Okay don't tell Miruko or anybody else but. I sort of want to join one of the protesters riot places. To, you know, try it out."

"You want to riot with the protesters? You? Why?"

"I want to, see how it goes. How the protesters feel about all this rioting. It's stupid I know but it's always fun to try new things right?" Hawks had a side smile as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah it's always fun but are you only doing it for work relative shit?" Dabi was a pain in the ass, sure he knew that, but he was for sure not one to rat other people out.

Hawks shook his head abruptly. "No of course not. Just, I don't know, maybe Miruko was right. I probably never suited the lawyer role. Cause I was in fact inspired by someone who saved my life from a hell hole."

The loud struck of a guitar got both their attention, especially when the audience cheered and screamed. One of the band members was on top of a speaker and moved his fingers fast on the strings of the guitar.

They continued to watch the group play until Dabi glanced over at Hawks to find him actually staring and then quickly turning his head back to pay attention to the guitarist. Dabi chuckled and pulled on Hawks jacket to get his attention.

"How bout this, what if I say I know someone who wouldn't mind letting us riot tonight and this could be your fun little experiment of an adventure. But it'll only have to be me and you bird, no one else. How does that sound?"

Hawks eyes seemed to have shinned happily. Don't know how the fuck they could do that but all right. "Yeah." Hawks began, "Yeah sounds good to me."

"Then it's settled." Dabi focus his attention back to the band once again but notice at the corner of his eye, Hawks smiling happily.

Chapter Text

Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms


When the concert had ended Hawks had walked out with Miruko and heard her talk about how much she liked the band performance. It made Hawks smile as he pushed the door open for her to go through.

Dabi and Toga were chatting, well it was mostly Toga who was doing that but he was still listening to her anyways, and saw Tomura looking at what Spinner was showing him on his phone.

A quick whistle beside him made Hawks turn to his side to look at Dabi and blinked a bit as he looked at the man beside him.

"Oh uh, hey."

Hawks felt a paper slip in his hand, in which he quickly put it in his pocket, watching Dabi move his head back to chat with Toga again.

Miruko looked at Hawks with a questioning expression. "What was that about?" She whispered.

"Hm? Oh, nothing. Gosh I'm tired, I'm ready for bed. How bout you?" Hawks stretched out his arm and gave Miruko a soft smile as they walked over to her car.

She had yawned and nodded in agreement with Hawks, "Yeah, same here, liked the band but that last song was putting me to sleep. What do you say we call it a night?"

"Sure, need the beauty sleep anyways." Hawks smiled when Miruko rolled her eyes.

When they made it to Dabi's car Toga had hopped on top of the trunk and smiled towards Dabi. "Hey buddy, what do you say I drive? Pretty please." She was giving puppy eyes to the man who only blinked at her gesture, who also made his way to the driver seat, totally ignoring her.

Tomura had chuckled when he entered the passengers seat. Spinner laughed when Toga pouted her way into the back seat. The pink haired man smiled towards Miruko and Hawks giving a small wave. "Thanks for joining us. See you guys around." With that, Spinner had joined the pouting Toga in the back seat.

Miruko waved at them when they drove away and continued to walk towards her car with Hawks. "So, you gonna get the info tonight?"

Hawks was reading the paper Dabi gave him and noticed it had an address and location. "Yeah, hopefully."

"Hawks, what kind of information are you trying to get?" Miruko had gave Hawks a questioning tone when she enter her car.

The blonde joined her and replied with a shrug. "I'm trying to understand their concept, their reason of all this and why they keep doing it. That's all and don't worry. I'll let you know if I'm in trouble. Okay?"

Miruko was focusing on the road as she said nothing to her friend. Whenever she wouldn't respond, that meant she was thinking too much. Hawks was concerned for a bit until he heard his friend give a soft sigh. "Alright. You better call me if anything fucker. If not, then I'm calling the cops."

Hawks smiled at his friend who gave one back to him. Miruko had put on her "concentrating" music as she drove Hawks back home.




Dabi was hanging around an abandoned school and read text messages from what Tomura sent him not so long ago.

T: you out with that blonde?

D: maybe, why?

T: just wondering, you're not with us at Twice's so, was just wondering

This must be Dabi's like 100th time rolling his eyes. Feels like it. He didn't respond, instead just put his phone away.

Looking around the area, people had started coming by with spray cans and marking some buildings. Others had even glance his way and he only gave a glare back. That usually made them turn away and leave, which was still working perfectly.

There was soft steps beside him and Dabi turned to notice Hawks looking at what one of the building said. Still didn't bring his wings, smart. Dabi looked around then made his way over to the blonde, wrapping his arm around the other. "Hey so you came. Great, come on."

Dabi had started walking down one of the alleyways dragging Hawks with him, his arm still around his neck. Hawks had shook his head and chuckled. "Hello to you too."

Ignoring the comment, Dabi took his arm away and looked around the area again to see no one around, then turned his focus back on Hawks. Giving a small smirk. "Alrighty bird boy, make a pile."

Hawks eyes gave a questioning expression, they were also getting a nice golden blue touch in his eyes as the moon shinned on them. The blonde looked around then at Dabi. "Like, just pile a bunch of junk?"

Dabi nodded. "Yeah, exactly that." Putting his hands in his black coat, Dabi waited for the other to get a move on but he still looked confused. "Come on now bird, it's not that hard. Just make a simple pile."

Nodding finally, Hawks looked around again and grabbed some old wood from the floor and placed it down in front of him. Searching around, Dabi watched as Hawks placed old books that were placed behind the school building, more wood, trash that was around, and even some chairs he found.

"Okay, well, this is sort of all the stuff I can find. Well, carry to the pile. All the other shit seemed too heavy for me to get." Hawks stood besides Dabi as he stared at the pile. "What now?"

Turning towards Hawks, Dabi gave a quick smirk as he pulled up his sleeves. "Now, we need to send out a little message."

Hawks tilted his head. "How are we--"

Whatever Hawks was about to say had vanished when Dabi made his blue flames emerge from his palms, moving them to burn the pile of trash he made Hawks make. Lighting up the pile and being satisfied with it Dabi noticed the way the blue flames shinned through Hawks eyes and how attracted he was to it.

"You okay bird boy?" He said waving a hand in front of him.

Hawks shook his head then looked at him with disbelief. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing seemed to come out which only made Dabi chuckle.

"You have a fire quirk? And it's blue? What?" Hawks was showing a shocked expression and running his hands through his hair. "Oh my gosh, that's, this, it's fucking sick."

"You think so?"

"Dabi, I can't even explain how, like, holy fuck. I've meet someone with a fire quirk, but like, blue flames? Now that's top notch." Hawks was focusing on the burning pile again which gave Dabi to think about how it sort of made his gut have a weird feeling from Hawks praising him like this.

Thinking to himself, he didn't even noticed Hawks grab one of his hands and smile from disbelief again. "And your hand is still fucking warm. Omg, dude, do you like always stay warm over the winter? Oh and do you just take cold showers cause you're always making your own hot showers? Sorry if I'm asking so many questions."

Dabi stared at Hawks who was staring down at his hand and feeling his palm around. He had softly moved it away and scratched his head. "It's alright, and yeah I usually stay warm over the winter every year. I guess I take cold showers but I usually put it in between hot and cold."

Their little interaction was interrupted when someone had ran up and gave a thumbs up. "Hey hey, neat work dude. You should totally head down that old clinic place, gots lots of stuff for you to burn there." As soon as the guy left, Hawks couldn't help but giggle from all this excitement.

This caused Dabi to grin, moving to head where the guy sent him to go. "You having fun bird?"

Hawks moved to catch up with the other and grinned back. "You have no idea."

Dabi moved to walk side by side with him and nod. "Goods cause that's just the first of it."

They headed down where the guy had sent them and saw other people were making piles already, some had hollered for Dabi to come light their pile and he would notice out the corner of his eyes, Hawks smiling every time they burn the crap. It sent so many weirdly yet nice uneasy things into Dabi's stomach, but he wasn't minding it at the moment.

All the way till the clock hit 12, Hawks and Dabi went to different locations and watched the people tear down buildings from first to second floor and Dabi never knew why Hawks seemed so happy with all this. Wasn't he part of the law shit too though?

Right now Hawks was sitting on top of Dabi's trunk, leaving the downtown area and stopping by a nearby park, drinking a beer they bought from a 24 hours liquor store and blast whatever was on the radio at this hour.

"You know, I actually found all of this fun." Hawks was smiling as he stared down at the grass.

Dabi was leaning on the trunk and nodded in agreement with Hawks. "Yeah, think of it as stress relief."

Hawks chuckled. "I can see it that way." The radio gave soft mellow music now and Dabi stared at the way the city lit up and how it was still living at this hour, until Hawks caught his attention. "Dabi, do you know how to slow dance?"

Excuse me? Dabi was taking a sip from his beer until he turned to glance at Hawks, raising one eyebrow at him. "Do I know how?"


Finishing the beer he was drinking Dabi shrugged as he turned his eyes away. "Maybe. Why you asking?"

There was silence from the other man and Dabi turned to notice a small smile from Hawks. "Just wondering, cause, I don't. How did you learn?"

Dabi was staring too long at those brown eyes that shinned bright cause of the moon. Then shrugged again. "Don't really remember, think it was my... my mom who taught me."

Hawks stared at him with genuine smile. "That's sweet. I was just wondering since the radio is literally playing slow music and I got curious."


Give me reasons we should be complete


Staring longer then expected again, Dabi put one of the beer he had barley opened on the trunk, leaning off his car as well then turning to look back at Hawks again. "Did you want to try?"

Was this stupid? Yes, yes it was. Did I care, no, not really. Why? Cause you only live once and I've already lived recklessly if I escaped the hell hole I called home.

Hawks was looking at him confusionly then parted his lips and blinked at Dabi in shock. "Try slow dancing? With me?"

"Yeah sure. What harm can it bring?" Dabi raised his hand towards Hawks and smirked. "What do you say bird boy, wanna dance with the devil?"

This made Hawks laugh, when he stopped to smile at the other, he leaped off the car then gently grabbed Dabi's hand. "I think I'd love to dance with him, after all, he's been nothing but a gentlemen." Hawks gave a simple wink when he stepped a foot closer to Dabi.

You looked at me like I was someone else

When Dabi firmly gabbed the others hand, he made sure to not lose his eye contact with Hawks when he moved his arm to rest on his hip. He smiled when he felt Hawks jump a bit from that action.

"Now you put your other hand on my shoulder." Dabi moved his head to motion Hawks to move his hand, in which he did, steadily.

Hawks was shaking his head as he smiled in their position. "What is this, a secret talent that no one knows about Dabi?"

"No one has asked. You don't get to know anyone if you don't ask questions." Dabi smirked when he moved his foot to get a little close to the others face. "So like I said before, you must be one lucky bird."

Those brown eyes stared back at Dabi's turquoise one but Dabi also noticed how they moved quickly somewhere else on his face then back at him. He felt the other man move his hand from his shoulder up to his neck. Hawks wore a happy grin on his face, as he respond, "The one and only." Making Dabi smile.

"Look down at my feet and try to follow, don't be a damn girl and step on my feet." Dabi grinned when Hawks gave a snarky glare at him.

Although, the blonde did looked down and watched as the other moved from side to side. "Seems easy." He said. Hawks was quick to follow Dabi's lead, even when he started to move them to dance in a circle now. Hawks was smiling as he looked at his feet then looked back up at Dabi. "How come you're not closer?"

"How closer do you want me?"

"I don't know, close enough like I see in those movies." Hawks laughed when Dabi rolled his eyes at him.

"You watch those kinds of movies now? Alright." Hawks had straighten when Dabi's hand rested comfortably on the end of his back, making his breath hitch quietly when the other brought him closer. Dabi felt Hawks play with the baby hairs of his neck as they continued dancing with the rythme of the song. Their breathing was quiet but the two knew that they felt comfortable in each other arms right now and both of them knew it.

The song had lasted for 4 full minutes and Dabi was the first to pull away. Hawks was staring at him like he was waiting for something, Dabi knew what but he couldn't bring himself to do it. And he didn't know why which annoyed the fuck out of him.

"Think you should go home now, don't you have work?" Dabi slipped both of his hands away and noticed the soft nod coming from the other male.

"Sadly I do."

"Then let's get you home bird." Dabi used his finger to tap under Hawks chin. "Come on."


Can't You see


When they arrived in front of Hawks apartment, he noticed the blonde was staring out the window then turn to give Dabi a smile.

"Thank you."

"For what, the ride or the dance lesson?"

Hawks chuckled as he shook his head. "Thank you for wasting your time on me. I appreciate it."

Dabi tapped his finger against the steering wheel and nodded. "Yeah, no problem."

Stepping out of the passenger seat, Hawks closed the door but quickly leaned through the window to smile at Dabi. "Also, I hope you have a good night's rest and see you around, Dabi. Thank you again." Leaning out from the window, Dabi watched as Hawks walked up the stairs to walk down the hall, giving the sign that Dabi could head home now.

He still felt his stomach acting up and he didn't know if it was a good thing or bad thing anymore.


I don't wanna slow dance


The clock read 12:49 now and Dabi enter his house to lay on his bed, resting on his pillow. There was a text from Tomura and Dabi lazily opened it.

T: hey, forgot to tell you, your lover boy is a lawyer right? And so is your dad, was just wondering, do they work together?

The thought of Hawks working with his "dad" made Dabi get a bad feeling and had the need of burning something again. Instead he placed his phone on top of the drawer and moved to stare at the ceiling.

His mind was going through the memory of his childhood. No one helping them when they tried sueing their dad after the abuse their mother went through. The day Dabi realized, no one was fair in this world, not even the people in you had faith in.

His mind ran through the time he had spent his whole life with Fuyumi and Natsuo. Only ever seeing Shouto when he was younger and he had to babysit. The time he was young, had his red hair,  when he was abused from his father, hurt by the state his mother was in, even more hurt to know his own mother, family, was afraid of him. The time he had finally ran was at the age of 17, he moved in with Tomura and Toga. Kurogiri, was their caretaker and has been ever since. It's no surprise to feel such a good connection with him.

What made Dabi sick, go crazy, anger him that time. Was the time he thought the community of people didn't believe in all the power of quirks. Maybe if he had spoken up about what Enji did, then maybe it would have been different. But he didn't.

Chapter Text

"Update update, the blue flames were found last night again. This time close by one of the abandoned schools out of the city. What does this all mean or represent?"

"Sir, what do you think these riots mean?"

"The man or woman, they obviously burned the books trying to make a sign saying that our studies were crap."

"It means that they just don't like schools."

"Wait what is this about?"


Fuyumi was shaking her head as she turned off the TV. She was running her hands through her hair, letting out a sigh of stress. "Touya, what are you doing?"

The sound of footsteps could be heard and Fuyumi was quick to stand up and see who it was. "Shouto, you scared me. What's up?"

She gave a soft smile as her brother shrugged and walked over to the fridge. "Nothing, just looking for something to drink."

Barley grabbing the handle of the fridge Fuyumi grabbed the nearest water bottle by her and handed it to him. "Here you go." She looked around the kitchen then smiled again as she clasped her hands together. "Hey you want some breakfast. I could make some breakfast for the two of us. Bring Natsuo to join us, and-"

Fuyumi felt Shouto's hand touch hers and looked over to see him giving a concerned expression. "It's okay, I'm not hungry." A few minutes passed. "I saw the news, is that the reason why you're being so jumpy."

Yes, of course it was, she was worried that Touya- Dabi, was making rash decisions. She was mostly worried that Enji would file a report on him but then she also knew that her dad had nothing to do with him anyways. Worry this and worry that, Fuyumi had the urge to cry. Like the old days.

Shouto was cleaning around the kitchen and set a mug of coffee down besides Fuyumi then walked out the kitchen. Fuyumi sat down and rubbed her temples. She had to make things right, speak with her father to talk with Touya or speak with Touya to talk with Enji.

Thinking to much about it, she didn't even realize Natsuo was here until he sat down next to her and smiled. "Hey there sis, how you holding up?"

Natsuo, her wonderful brother who always did everything in his will power to cheer her up. She remember the years she would play a small round of kickball with him and Touya. Picking her head up, she gave a small smile towards him. "I don't know, I want to call Touya but he never answers."

"Well, dad should be coming home from his morning shift. We can talk with him then." He placed his hand on his sisters, rubbing his thumb across her knuckles softly.

Shouto had came back in the room and sat at the table. "Or we could call him now? Tell him to come now."

Fuyumi shook her head at this. "No, no we should wait till he gets home." They sat at the table in silence for a couple of seconds until Natsuo stood up. "How bout we cook something? Craving some food right now."

Fuyumi nodded as she stood up as well. "Yeah sounds like a good plan."






Hawks was moving stuff around the back and was told to meet up with Enji in his office. Walking straight there, he enter to see Enji looking down at his phone. With his normal glare expression. "Hey hey, what did you need?"

Enji picked his head up and sighed. "My son texted me. I need to head home."

"Don't you leave in about 45 minutes?" Hawks tilted his head and looked down at his watch.

This made the red head man let out a frustrated sigh. "Yes, yes I do. Look, just take care of these papers. If it's an emergency then... then a good father should go check on his children correct?"

The man was hesitant and Hawks had never seen him like this but only nodded. "Yeah of course. Go see what your kids need. I'll take the rest of the paperwork from here." He gave a registering smile.

Enji was still hesitant but nodded as he grabbed his coat. "Alright then I'll head out." He grabbed his suitcase and folder, heading straight to the door until stopping. "See you tomorrow Hawks."

With that, the man left. Hawks was a little confused on why the man was acting the way he was but just shrugged it off. Weird, probably going through some shit.

Heading to the desk, he brought the papers into a pile until he looked at the hidden picture under his desk mat. Gently grabbing it, Hawks looked at the picture to see three children smiling, one girl and two boys, one baby looking confused. His kids I'm guessing. Who else could they be. Viewing the picture, he noticed the girl had glasses, white hair with red specks in them. Fuyumi If I remember. He remembered their encounterment outside the building.

One of the boys had full white hair and smiling widely at the camera. He put up a peace sign behind his sister. The other boy had full red hair, and bright turquoise eyes. This boy really did look similar to Enji. The baby, had a split hair color of red and white. Cute baby.

Hawks stared at the picture longer then expected until he felt his phone buzz then put the picture back in place. Grabbing his phone out he noticed that it was a text from Dabi. Speaking of Dabi, everything that was turquoise or blue just brought the thought of Dabi. He didn't know if it was good or not.

D: hey bird, what're you doing at the moment?

This caused Hawks to roll his eyes.

H: Work, why?

D: Where at?

H: Main court building, why? Something up?

D: do you work with a guy under Enji Todoroki?

This made Hawks question his text even more

H: Yeah, he's actually one of my managers, why are you asking?

There wasn't a reply, so he placed his phone away and grabbed the papers off Enji's desk and left to do his work on his desk.






Fuyumi had made regular breakfast for herself and brothers. Natsuo helped with the cleaning after and Shouto was texting with someone on his phone.

Natsuo smiled at this. "So, does my baby brother have a girlfriend yet?" Shouto stared at Natuso, emotionless. "Or boyfriend, I don't really mind. You can tell me bro."

They were interrupted when they heard Enji stepping into the kitchen. Natsuo looked at him shockingly. Then Fuyumi stepped away from the sink and looked at her brothers, then her father. "I thought you didn't come out in the next couple of minutes." Fuyumi said a little confused.

Natsuo didn't say anything but turned his head towards Shouto when the other placed his phone down on the table. "I texted him. You guys needed to talk with him and it was an emergency. Right?"

Enji stood quiet until looking over at Fuyumi. "I thought you had work?"

Fuyumi nodded her head. "Yeah but I had someone cover me today. Dad, I, I want to talk about Touya."

Enji grumbled at this and shook his head. "This was the talk we needed to have? There's nothing to talk about. HE should already know what I think about him and his choices. Why do we need to talk about him?"

"Dad, please listen, hear me out. If we talk with Touya then maybe he will stop doing the stuff he does. We can help him, and we can also help with your stuff too. Your resentment. Please, think about it." After a whole minute of silence and glaring, Enji had turned away. Fuyumi had realized that, this was it. He wasn't going to listen or care. She should have just given up in the firs--

No, I am not going to watch my brother put himself in danger any longer. Looking at her brothers, she simply stood straight and face her father.

"You know what, no, I don't care if you listen or just straight up ignore me but I really need to state this. You've stated how you wanted to get better and try not to be the aggressive person you were but you are not being the bigger person here if you don't reach out to Touya. He's your son, your blood! Our blood!

I just want you to know that it worries me so much knowing my older brother doesn't have faith in me! In all of us! He only sees us as someone he grew up with, not a sister or brother! And damn it, I just want us to all get along!" Fuyumi stopped to catch her breath and she noticed some tears had came down from her face.

She felt helpless with knowing that her family wasn't perfect. Were never talking with each other. The sound of a chair was moved and noticed Natsuo patting her on the back.

Fuyumi picked up her head to realize Enji giving a quick nod at her. "If, if you think, talking with Touya can help make you... you guys, feel better. Then I'll do it. For all our sakes."

Tears were really falling now and she smiled at him, going over to give him a hug. "Thank you, t-thank you so much, dad."






Dabi was sitting on Twice's couch. Staring at his phone. Stuck on it. The message he received was giving him mixed feelings. So much weird, good, yet bad feelings. He was angry, bothered, yet confused the most.

Twice and Toga were chatting about a show they were giving on TV. Kurogiri and Compress were in the kitchen "talking" about something. Obviously they were flirting. Spinner played Uno with Magne and Muscular.

Tomura was playing another game on his phone until he glanced over at Dabi. "Hey you okay?"

"Enji just texted me." Dabi didn't move and only tossed the phone towards Tomura.

E: Touya, I've called you at least 10 times already, I would like you to please pick up

E: And hear me out

Tomura stared at the messages and gave Dabi his phone back. "Oh."

The whole group had heard and Toga was quick to check the messages as well. She gave a disgusted face. "What the fuck does this asshole want? He obviously wants something."

Twice also got up and went to read the messages too. "Did he actually call you 10 times?"

Dabi nodded at this. "Yeah, but it read unknown number. How was I suppose to know. Besides, I don't want to be around him or even think about him."

The group all agreed but Dabi couldn't help feeling tense. He sighed and got up from the couch. "I'm getting some air."

Leaving, he waited outside for awhile until turning to leave. Another buzz from his phone made Dabi twitch from irritation. Looking to see who it was, Fuyumi's name read across the screen and he couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Dabi knew that Enji and Fuyumi wouldn't stop bugging him until he answered back and he hated that. Going on the display of his phone, Dabi put it on mute. The truth was, Dabi didn't want to be reached out by Enji. He wanted to be reached out by his mom, the lady who gave birth to him only to hate him years later. Dabi just wanted the feeling of having a mom again. This whole emotion shit was really pissing him off too.

Chapter Text

It had been a weeks since that small protest night with Dabi. Hawks felt like it was only just a day ago but then again, time always did went by fast. Right now, Hawks was outside his apartment sitting on the stairs thinking of a few things to write.

Protesters. Only reason they usually do their things is because they relief stress in a way or to make a point. They want the government to back down their reports of the riots so they can catch the high quirk users attention. Hawks wrote everything on his small notepad and stared at it. He never really knew where he stood in all the high and low quirks user shit.

Millions of people have always stated that he was a high quirk users since his wings seemed pretty strong. Though to be honest, he didn't really care about that. He just wanted to live a normal life where every one can get along. Guess you can't get what you want, as they say.

A ring from his phone made the blonde lose his track of thought and checked to see who it was. He felt a weird yet same warm feeling in his chest when he noticed it was from Dabi.

D: hey, you doing anything right now

H: Not really, I'm home writing some thoughts down

D: wow, Miruko was right about you being a nerd

Hawks smiled at this. Yep.

H: You barley realize now

D: yeah yeah, whatever

D: have any plans today

It was barley 4 in the afternoon of a Friday. There was no late night work today since there wasn't any new cases, so he stayed home literally finding things to do. Only going out to buy groceries, other then that, he's been home all day.

H: Naw why you asking?

There was not a response after and Hawks just stared at his phone. It was always so bugging to text Dabi, only to have him not respond after.

He focused back on his notepad and continued to write whatever thoughts he had left. That was until he heard footsteps approach and picked up his head to stare at those turquoise eyes that stared at him back.
"Dabi...? Wait, what?" Hawks stood up to walk down a couple steps and looked over to see the others car parked. "Were you texting me while driving?"

Dabi expressed his usual smirk and shrugged. "Might've."

Stepping down the whole stairs now, Hawks shook his head crossing his arms. "That's dangerous and stupid at the same time." Staring at Dabi, Hawks couldn't help but grin. "I kind of like that in a man."

"Do you now? Well then, guess we're a match made in heaven." Dabi placed his hands in his coat and looked around the area. "My bad if I'm intruding on your whole "writing thoughts" thing. I sort of just wanted to hang with someone, who wasn't a pain in my ass at the moment."

"I'm glad I'm not one of them." Hawks noticed the small smile on the others lips and stared at him a little more then intended. "Well, since you're here, I guess I have a reason to cook now."

Dabi's attention quickly went towards Hawks and shook his head. "No, no you don't need to do that."

"I kind of do and I kind of want to. You can't stop me anyways." Hawks turned and glanced behind him again to see he didn't hit Dabi with of of his wings. Oh thank god, that would have been embarrassing. "Come on now."

Walking up to grab his notepad that was placed on the stairs, Hawks gave Dabi a smile again as he continued to walk towards his apartment door. The small shuffle of Dabi's feet was heard behind him.

When the door closed after Dabi stepped in, Hawks made his way over to the kitchen and checked his fridge. "Let's see let's see, we can make some simple stir fry because I actually bought shit to make that, Miruko usually loves when I make it. Or a whole ass sushi feast cause I actually have stuff to make that too."

"Damn bird, why do you have that kind of shit?" The way Dabi said that just made Hawks laugh.

"I don't know, I cook when I'm bored."

This earned a usually eye roll from Dabi. "Alright, whatever, I vote stir fry. Haven't had that in awhile."

"Great choice."

Taking out the shit he needed, Hawks noticed Dabi looking around his apartment and notice the way his head tilted on one of the picture frames. "How long have you and Miruko been friends?"

Hawks could tell he was looking at the picture where Miruko and him had went to a small concert out of town, her hand putting up a peace sign behind his head. Fun times.

"Couple of years now. I met her after I graduated early from high school." Hawks spoke and moved at the same time as he moved some of the ingredients around. "I was already starting college until I was given the opportunity of jumping right into the job of being a lawyer. It was exciting yeah but I still needed more practice, so the workers trained me there."

Dabi leaned on the kitchen counter and watched Hawks, giving an interested look in what he was saying. "Why did you become a lawyer? I overheard Miruko saying it was because of someone's influence."

Damn Miruko and her loud mouth. Hawks paid more attention to putting the food on the pan and stiring it to get it cooked. Then glanced over at Dabi to see that his eyes, were indeed, still on him. "Yeah and if it was?"

The black haired male shrugged. "Just wondering, it's rare when people get inspired by other people these days."

He did have a point.

"I guess you can say I was influenced. I was being sort of raised in a, you could say, "not so good part of town." When one of my parent's finally filed a lawsuit against each other, depending on who would get me and the house. This guy, the lawyer, who came to help my mom looked at me so seriously. It wasn't in a mean way, more like a, 'holy-shit-kid-you-good' kind of way." Hawks stopped to moved more of the food around then back at Dabi.

"In the situation I was in. I really wasn't happy and dandy. My parents were always getting into arguments. It was mostly about money. Then this lawyer comes along and asks who would I rather stay with, asking for my opinion. I say neither but I'm forced to go with my mom in the end. But he also, out of no where, would come over to check on me. He didn't that for, what? 4 years straight. I still couldn't believe he did it."

Dabi rubbed his thumb against his bottom lip as he shook his head. "No, no I can't. So you grew up to be a lawyer cause you wanted to help the people who were struggling like you., pretty much."

"Yeah. You could say that. Then all this bullshit going on about how a crazy strong quirk user comes and kills someone only to blame it on a low quirk, making the whole community go crazy on how the low quirk users got the punishment even though he didn't deserve it."

Hawks ran hand through his hair, moving it out his vision. "Everything I was believing in is just all coming down into a big lie. You know? In all that justice, right of the law crap. It sounds like lies now." Letting out a sigh, he focused on the food and moved to make the noodles now and didn't even noticed how Dabi's eyes narrowed at him. "What?"

"Hawks, you started to believe on the whole justice, making things right shit, after a guy was thoughtful and cared about your feeling. But what you didn't know was that it was crap in the first place. Everyone lies and some aren't afraid to do it or show it." The light in Dabi's eyes burned brighter but he spoke calmly. "What you didn't understand growing up was that everyone was not all about that justice shit, in this society they only cared about one thing. Being a strong quirk user or be treated like trash if you weren't."

The blonde didn't say anything and continued to finish making the food. He stopped to laugh a little as he smiled towards Dabi. "Is it bad to say I hate out society."

Dabi smiled at this and shrugged again. "I hate this society too. And, no, it's not bad."

The air between them lightened, Hawks made a plate for him and Dabi. Smiling when he placed it in front of the other. "Ta-da, a wonderful great plate of stir fry. From yours truly." Hawks bowed his head dramatically as he moved over to the kitchen table. "No need to compliment me on my work."

Rolling his eyes this time, Dabi moved over to the table as well. "Wow, what a narcissist. I don't think I like that in a man."

"Oh right cause you're one two right? Two narcissist can't be attracted to each other cause then that'll go bad." Hawks laugh as he watched Dabi's smile form into a smirk.

"Yeah, that is exactly why."






Ealier Today

A week. A week since Enji had called and tried reaching out to Touya but no luck. Fuyumi had also tried as well, but no luck either. She knew what her brother was doing and she didn't like it. One bit.

Right now at the moment, she was getting ready to visit her mother, Natsuo had went over to do his own things so he wasn't going with her. But Fuyumi was able to convince Shouto to come.

"You nervous aren't you?" Fuyumi was at a stop light and had noticed the way Shouto's leg bounced up and down.

Shouto crossed his arms at this and sighed. "I know I've started seeing her again since last month but it's just natural when I am. I always worry what she might be thinking of me."

Fuyumi felt bad that her brother was traumatized by their mother, she gave a reassuring smile towards him. "Don't worry, she's changed now. It'll take time I know, but don't dwell on the past too much. Okay?"

"Okay." He said simply.

They approached the building their mother was staying at, heading inside towards her room. Fuyumi didn't know if she wanted to talk about the Touya thing with her mom. She felt like if she did that it would give her bad memories of what she did to him.

Opening the door after knocking twice softly, Rei was simply looking at some books she had and then looked over at her two children. She gave a bright smile as her eyes wrinkled at the sides. "Fuyumi, Shouto. So glad to see you."

"Hey mom." Fuyumi moved to let Shouto come in and closed the door behind him. They moved to sit at the table and Rei had moved to join them.

"What has been going on with you two lately?" Rei folded her hands on the table and kept her smile on her children. Shouto was bouncing his leg again and Fuyumi knew that he wasn't his usual calm self today.

"Oh nothing much." Fuyumi said answering her mother, moving a piece of hair back. "Hey Shouto can you go bring me my water, I accidently left it in the car." She gave her brother the key, who simply nodded and headed out, focusing back on her mom.

They stared at each other for awhile until Rei sighed. "He's still nervous to be around me I see."

"Yes but he's really trying mom. He really is." Fuyumi messed with her fingers and was hesitating to bring up Touya. It was now or never she had to make a choice. Clearing he throat to get her mom's attention again. Fuyumi sat up straight and smiled at her mother. "Mom, I know you've been doing well and recovering and battling all the things you did in the past. But, can I ask? Have you ever thought about Touya?"

Rei wasn't quick to react and only stared at Fuyumi, with that same small smile. That was until she moved her hair away from her face and sighed. "Touya. Now with Touya, I had this helpless feeling of regret of never being there for him on his toughest battles. I treated Touya, and Shouto, the same. Neglecting them because of fear. I've never seen him since the night he left. I do know that I have thought about seeing him again. I had hurt him so badly, I just, want to tell him I'm sorry and reconnect again. I want to do that with all of you. Especially with your father."

Fuyumi nodded at this. "Mom, Touya, isn't the same when he was young. He's different. Very different." She messed with her nails and sighed to look out the window. "I thought maybe if dad spoke and reached out to him, it could be a start of something new. For the both of them. But it wasn't. It's been a week and he's not contacted us back."

The grey sliver eyes moved to look at the window as well, like It was the most fascinating thing to look at. "What if I was to reach out to him?"

Fuyumi picked her head up to stare at her mom, the women she shared eye and hair color with. She shared at her in shock. "That would mean wanting to see him again. Are you sure you're ready for that? I know you want to but I know it takes time mom."

Rei nodded. "If I said it, I'm willing to do this. I'm always ready to see my son. He was the first in making me believe in motherhood and love. I want to see him."

On the verge of tears, Shouto came back into the room with water bottle in his hand and stopped when he saw Fuyumi's face. "Everything, okay?"

"Yes." The two girls said, laughing together when they did.

This made her brother smile and she loved doing that.






Dabi had stayed at Hawks place for a good 45 minutes now and all they were doing was watching whatever the TV was giving. Hawks was laid out on the left side of the couch and Dabi was at the right. He would side glance from time to time to make sure Hawks was okay with his company. Which he was.

Checking his phone, Dabi noticed that it was almost turning 5 already. Today was a Friday and he did have a small performance at 9 but he actually didn't feel like going anywhere. Yada yada, gotta go before Tomura starts complaining. Turning his focus on Hawks again Dabi snapped his fingers to catch the red winged mans attention and smirked. "Hey, the group has a performance tonight and I totally think Toga would like it if you came."

Hawks looked over at Dabi and only rolled his eyes. "You sure Toga would be the only one to 'like it' if I came?"

"I mean, Twice and Spinner would like if you came too. Muscular wouldn't really care, Magne, well Magne is Magne so she wouldn't care but she'll still be excited." Dabi smiled when he noticed Hawks eyebrow raise. "I also wouldn't mind if you came too. You know, so you can eye gaze me, I don't mind."

This earned a groan from Hawks. "I only glanced at you because you were playing the bass great. Not because I was enjoying the view you ass."

Dabi couldn't help but grin when he noticed the others ears burn a soft pink. He stood up and chuckled at the blonde. "Yeah, okay sure, whatever. Anyways, I got to head over to set up now. You wanna come or not?"

Hawks grabbed the remote to turn off his TV and stood up. "Hell yeah I'm coming, let me just grab my coat and take off my wi--"

Before the other can say anymore, Dabi had wrapped his arm around the others shoulders. Making the blondes ears turn a soft pink again. "Keep the wings bird, it'll be easy for me to spot you." Dabi had said this close to Hawks ear, pulling away to give a grin after. "Now what's the hold up, let's move."

Dabi turned to walk out the door and couldn't help but smile when he knew Hawks was thinking to hard on something that was clearly being easily stated.

Chapter Text

Dabi had helped Muscular and Spinner move some of the speakers to the stage, even helping by tuning some strings. Hawks was with Toga and Magne, helping them with their makeup. Might as well be the makeup stylist.

Tomura had showed up and glanced over to the three who were "playing" with makeup, then back at Dabi. "I see you brought your boyfriend. He your sort of encouragement?"

Spinner had joined the conversation and smiled. "Aye wait really, Hawks is your boyfriend?" Muscualr had also walked over with a questioning expression.

"No." Dabi moved to get pass the guys and move some more stuff around. He felt Tomura's eyes on his back and turned around with an annoyed expression. "What?"

"Nothing. Just, how much do you like the guy to always bring him around?" Tomura was crossing his arms and smirking, leaning against one of the speakers. Not gonna lie, he hated when he smirked like he knew something he didn't.

Dabi knew where this conversation was going and quickly shook his head. Instead he kept his mouth shut and continued to move stuff. The eyes of Tomura were still on him but felt them move when Giran came up on the stage from the stairs.

"Well, what you guys think? The money I made for you guys is finally paying off ay? Get it?" Grian was grinning at his stupid statement and laughed it off. "Joking, anyways, the people who are letting us use the stage tonight say that they're expecting a good performance so put your full effort in this. Alright?"

Everyone had rolled their eyes and nodded. Tomura laughed at this then walked over to the stairs. "Think they get it Giran, let's go and give them time to set up."

The older man nodded and walked down the stairs with Tomura behind him. Dabi watched them go and turned to walk over to the two girls.

"Sorry to interrupt this whole make over but we're gonna need our two singers." Dabi noticed the smile on Hawks face and looked over to see Toga smiling as well.

"Why don't you sing instead Dabi?" Toga had her legs cross, hands folded on her lap, grinning brightly at her friend.

This made Dabi stare at his blonde crazy friend, shaking his head. "I smoke too much cigarettes to sing."

"False! You're only making excuses. When a man smokes, that makes their voices extra sexy. Tell him Hawks."

Hawks was caught off guard, since he was only listening, and rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling a little. "I, uh, I don't really know. I mean I guess it can."

The glare Dabi gave to Toga only made her grin even more. Magne was chucking to herself until she stood up to stretch. "Let's just go Toga, we should be setting up the mics anyways. That is our job."

Toga groaned with disappointment, getting up to follow after Magne. Hawks was putting the makeup the girls left out into Toga's bag and smiled when he glanced up at Dabi.

"Toga was telling me how glad she was that I came."

Dabi smirked. "See, I told you she would."

Hawks stood up and placed Toga's bag on top of the chair they were sitting at, turning to give Dabi a little smirk. "Right. Anyways I'm gonna go head down to find a place to stand at." Hawks leaned towards Dabi and gave a wink. "Catch you later hot stuff."

Having the urge to stop Hawks and just-- Dabi stopped himself there and stood still for awhile until he looked over to see the blonde walk down the stairs. Damn it.

Toga had been watching and started to giggle, making her way towards Dabi. "Well, ain't that something." She started to lean back and forth on her heels. "Why haven't you made your move yet?"

Fuck you, thats why. Instead of saying that, Dabi kept his mouth shut again and walked over to get his bass.

Spinner had started to connect the cables to his guitar and push his hair back. Muscular was analyzing his drumsticks and started warming up some soft beats. Toga and Magne were practicing on high and low notes. Dabi just watched them then started strumming some strings.

He started to remember how he always wanted to teach his younger brother about instruments, find out what he liked doing. Though, the time he started speaking with Fuyumi, he heard his younger brother was more quiet then all of them. What a pain.

The sound of a microphone was being turned on and the black curtains that covered them from the crowd was opened. There was a couple people ev-- Scratch that, a whole lot of people were here --Dabi never seen a lot at their "concerts" and now started to question how much money did Giran use to get this gig.

Cheering was heard and Dabi didn't even know if they knew about them, they probably just wanted to cheer. His turquoise eyes scanned around the area and connect his eyes with the ones staring back at his. Hawks gave a smile and waved his hand. Dabi didn't realize what he was doing when he gave a small wave back until he heard the cry of cheer again.

Spinner was smiling as he looked over the crowd and Toga couldn't help but wave at the people. "Wow! What a crowd." She said on the mic. "Let's just get this started shall we?" Taking the mic off the stand she stared to walk around the stage then turned to her group. "First let's get to know the band yeah? Over there is our drummer Muscular, as you can see. Our number one electric guitar man, Spinner. And let's not forget my dear blue eye friend, Dabi, playing as our bass." Dabi wanted to roll his eyes but not really. "My names Toga and this right here is Magne. We'll be your vocalist."

The crowd had started to cheer again and Dabi only raised his eyebrow until he looked over at Hawks. The blonde was at a good place in the back and had started to look around the crowd he was in as well.

"Anyways." Toga continued, "We are Viran Rengo and we like performing music to entertain your ears. Let's go!"






Hawks had watched and watched as the band preformed their music. Spinner had been-- feeling himself, like how the people say it --and was hitting his notes on the seconds. Dabi had his glanced over at Spinner and smiled as he watched the other preform.

Right now was where the drums and bass finished the outro of one of their songs. They had played at least 11 songs now. Hawks had also noticed that everyone was either screaming of joy and or enjoying the rhythm of the band's beats. It was quiet fun to watch, he wasn't gonna lie.

Toga was back on the mic smiling, she was sort of sweating but the lights made her look like she was glimmering. "Wow, you guys sure are a great audience." The crowd cheered, putting their hands up as they heard her voice. "Now, let's see, this is our last song for tonight so I think we're gonna hit it off with one of our best singles."

The blonde switched her gaze towards Dabi and Muscualr, giving them a thumbs up. The two nodded and Dabi moved to the right of the stage while Muscular twirled his sticks. Hawks could tell that they were waiting for a signal, and they sure got it when the lights dimmed red and you couldn't see the members.

Low notes of the bass was being played, it was slow and everyone had swayed with the rhythm. Until the bass went a bit quick and the drums loud crashes came to connect with the bass when the stage lit up, showing everyone again and earning big cheerful crys from the crowd.

Hawks couldn't help but smile as he watched the band members get so into their music. The drums form perfectly with everything, while the electric guitar would makes note's that matched great with the vocalist. Magne and Toga were singing to each other then turn to the crowd, bending down to sing to some people in the front.

As the song was coming to an end, Toga and Magne lowered their voices, ending with the girls singing a low note. Spinner slowing letting his fingers move to stop with the rhythm, while Dabi finished his note and Muscular finishing the song with a crash of his drums set. Everyone had cheered when he did. The group members were looking over the crowds with smiles. You can tell, this was a big moment for them.

Hawks had looked over at Dabi and noticed the other was staring at him too. The blonde gave a thumbs up and got a grin in return until Toga said "Thank you" finally walking off the stage with the rest of the group.

Many people started to walk out of the area bur Hawks had noticed grins and smiles on their faces as they left. It made him do the same, walking over to head in the back of the changing room.

He quickly knocked and heard Magne saying "enter". Peeking through the door, Hawks gave a grin as he stared at the girls and waved. "You guys sure did a performance tonight."

Toga squealed happily and Magne walked over to pull Hawks into the room, wrapping her arm around his shoulders. "Gosh I was so scared I was going to mess up. But then I remember it was me and Toga so I knew we were fine."

Hawks chuckled and was squished in a hug with Toga and Magne. Adjusting his wings to move them away from the hug embrace, he felt a hand stroke at them and quickly turned around to see who it was. Spinner stood still and stared at Hawks. "Wait, you felt that?"

"Well, you've seemed to have scared the bird Spinner. How rude of you." Muscular had walked in with a smirk, sitting on one of the chairs.

Followed with a Dabi behind him, who raised his eyebrow at his pink haired friend. "Are you implying that our bird friend doesn't have feelings? How unhuman of you." Dabi sat next to Muscular and leaned back to rest his head against the wall.

Spinner shook his head and also joined the two guys relaxing. "I was not, I just thought he wouldn't feel it. Besides, they looked, and were actually, very soft."

Toga giggled and moved besides Hawks left side, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I don't know, for Hawks, asking to touch his wings is like asking a girl if you can touch their tits. Right?"

Hawks stared at Toga confused but kept a smile. "I don't thin--"

"No no, it's like asking a guy if you can touch their dick's, right?" Magne had also jumped into the conversation and placed a finger on her chin.

"Yeah but you know how guys are, they probably would be glad if you touched it. They're dirty." Toga stuck her tongue out at the guys and earned a chuckle from them. "Besides, like girls, we take care of our body. Especially our 'girls'. So Hawks wings are basically treated like tits."

There was silence from Hawks. He had opened his mouth to intervene but just shrugged. "Yeah sure, whatever floats your boat."

The whole group laughed and he was even able to make Muscular laugh too. That's rare. Tomura walked in and scanned the room. "Something I missed?"

"Nothing much, just how Hawks is actually a woman." Dabi smirked when Hawks made a dramatic gasping sound. "Why what's up?"

"Twice said he bought food and I guessing you all are hungry. Correct?" Tomura had smiled when everyone in the group nodded their head. Well except Hawks, he just stood still and smiled. "You. You coming with us?"

Hawks didn't realize that Tomura was talking to him and stared confusingly. "Oh. Uh, sure."

Tomura nodded then turned to leave. "Alright then, let's go. I'm tired and I'm hungry. Pretty sure that not a nice combination and attitude."




Hawks had rode with Dabi, since he was his ride, to the way to Twice's house. Toga was in the back seat with Magne, playing Uno.

"Hah! Skip bitch." Toga slammed the card in the middle of there pile and grinned. "And I'm just gunna put a red here."

Magne pouted until a evil smirked fitted her lips. "Oh yeah well you get 4 plus! And! The color I choose is blue."

Toga had a disbelief facial expression and looked at her cards. It was her time to pout now. "You win this round." She said narrowing her eyes as she started to pull cards from the deck.

This made Hawks laugh, he also noticed Dabi was glancing at him. He made no move to make eye contact with the other and only turned to face the window. "Shouldn't you keep your eyes on the road?"

"I don't know, should I?" Dabi said this calmingly, still looking at him, Hawks had finally turn to look at him and raised his eyebrow.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe, yeah."

Dabi didn't say anything more, instead he focused back on the road with a smirk.

When they stopped at a near by apartment Hawks could already guessed this was Twice's place. The girls got out the car when they parked and Magne had opened the door for Hawks. "Come on now, don't wanna keep the men waiting."

"Oh but Magne, his man is right here." Toga was smirking as she pointed her thumb over to Dabi. Who was of course not paying attention.


Hawks grinned and shook his head. "Nothing."

Toga and Magne were giggling as they stood behind Hawks. Dabi look towards them, then at Hawks and shrugged. "Alright."

They followed after Dabi as they went inside the apartment building, heading up some stairs. Toga had groaned when they reach Twice's floor and clung onto Magne. "How come the owner hasn't fixed the god damn elevators yet?"

Magne patted her back and smiled. "Cause they're probably to busy sucking off the bosses dick for extra money."

Hawks couldn't help but laugh at that, the girls glanced over at him and laughed with him. Dabi shook his head and walked down the hall to Twice's door. A man with-- a mask? Well you could see his eyes and mouth but --was the one who opened the door and clapped his hands together happily. "Great, all of us are here now." The man turned to look at Hawks and tilted his head. "You must be the one Toga had told me about. I'm Compress."

The man, Compress, moved to let the group in and closed the door after Magne. Hawks had looked around the apartment and noticed that it was pretty big. More nice then his he can say. Then again, he liked his place since it was roomy.

Twice had looked over at the group that stepped in and waved. "Yo, you guys finally made it. Nice! Hawks right? Make yourself at home."

Tomura and Kurogiri were in the kitchen talking about something until Tomura turned to look over at the others. "Well, the foods out on the counter. Spinner and Muscular went out to grab some drinks. You know, adult drinks."

"Wait, Twice didn't have any? Why not?" Toga turned to look over at the two sided man and crossed her arms. "I thought you bought some last week?"

"Yeah but you know how I am alone. We're not alone! Ah be quiet. No!" Twice shook his head and focused back on Toga. "Sorry, couldn't have it. So I, had to throw them out."

Hearing Twice say that made Magne gasp. "Oh no, you should have given them to me. Oh why did you have to throw them out?" She had said this with a sad pout.

It soon went away when Spinner barged into the door, Muscualr behind him, raising the pack of beer. "Guess who's the savior of this party? This guy right here!"

Hawks was sitting down at the table with Toga and Dabi, smiling when the two came in. Toga was setting out some plates and smiled when she handed one to Hawks. "So glad to have you here Hawks."

"Glad to be here." He said smiling back at her.

"Yeah just wait until you see how the group is drunk." This was commented by Dabi.

Hawks glanced over at him and rolled his eyes. "How are you when you're drunk? How bout that?"

"I'm chill. Relaxed." He stated smoothly.

A quick giggle from Toga caught both Hawks and Dabi's attention, turning to see what was funny. "Dabi, is sort of right. He just kind of stays quiet until you talk with him. Cause then he's flirty and sassy."

This made Hawks grin, leaning on the table. "Oh really? How interesting." Dabi didn't say anymore and only shook his head, a smirk on his face.

Everyone had stopped with their chatter and finally made their way over to the table. Kurogiri and Compress had helped set the food on the table, from moment to moment Hawks would noticed how Kurogiri and Compress would glance at each other. Every second actually. Talk about sexual tension. He didn't say anything and only ate when he noticed the others were too.



It was already 11 and the group had filled their stomachs and started watching whatever movies was on. It was sort of a sucky scary 80s movie but Hawks was enjoying it.

Toga had sat by Magne and Twice. Muscular sat on the floor with Spinner. Tomura was on the one sit couch and had his legs hanging from the armrest. Hawks was sitting on the side of the couch where the two girls were sitting at, legs crossed, trying to pay attention to the movie.

Dabi was no where around and Hawks only looked back to see Kurogiri and Compress talking with each other in the kitchen.

Right now, Hawks was thinking about how he never actually had a group like this. Eating together, drinking, and watching a movie. He's only ever did this with Miruko and he's always enjoyed it. With a group, if felt more, different. Like a group of friends acting like family. Hawks never had the feeling of family in a long time. It sort of felt, good.

Speaking of family, Hawks had also been thinking about how he's never heard about Dabi's life story either. Only that he had a shitty father and pretty much had daddy/family issues.

Speaking of Dabi, he had finally appeared heading towards the door then stopped, turning to the group. "Heading to the store. You guys need anything?"

Toga jumped up and nodded. "Yeah, bring me those dragonfurit drinks. You know what I'm talking about?"


Hawks chuckled at this. "I know what you're talking about. It's those drinks with the pink stickers." He stated.

"Good, then go for me will ya Hawks?" Toga was grinning brightly as she gave him puppy eyes. "Please?"

How cute but n-- Hawks was simply going to decline but Tomura had got off his phone and joined in the conversation as well. "Yeah actully can you get me one too? If you don't mind?"

Instead of saying no, he got up and nodded. "Sure, of course."

Dabi had his hand on the knob and quickly exited when Hawks followed behind him. They walked down the stairs and stepped outside to feel the midnight breeze hit them. Hawks knew winter was coming and he only liked it for coffee and scarfs. Dabi was scanning the area and stepped in his car as soon Hawks was all situated.

"So, how do you feel with the group?" Dabi had asked as soon as they stopped on a red light. He had one hand on the steering wheel at the moment, fiddling his fingers a bit.

"The group? Oh well, I've never really been around people like, them. But I do enjoy the company." Hawks messed with one of his thumb rings then glanced back at Dabi. "Hey, how long have you known them?"

This made Dabi shrug, putting his full attention on the road as he turned. "I don't know, I met Tomura when I was 17. Dated him for a year or two. Then met Kurogiri and Compress. Later Toga came along, then Twice. Spinner and Muscular were only extra people getting paid to be in the band until they actually start to commit to it."

"Oh." Hawks looked out the window to view the dead streets of the city.

When they arrived at the nearest convenient store. Hawks was glad it was night, he totally forgot he had his wings with him. They were quick to make their purchases and head back into the car. Dabi had technically bought all of the stuff but he said he was all cool with it, he had bought a pack of cigarettes, two dragonfruit drinks, and a pack of pain killers.

They were listening to some alternate music until Dabi pulled up on the curve, besides an empty park. Hawks didn't question it but did look over at Dabi for answers. 

"Sorry, I've been wanting to smoke but I can't do it around Compress. He hates the smell of it. Talk about a nagger." Dabi smirked and pulled out a cigarette, placing it on his lips.

Hawks watched as he lit it up with his finger, shaking his head and making himself comfortable as the other did his thing. "Those cancer sticks are bad for you hot stuff. You gotta think about your health. Who else am I gunna slow dance with?"

For some reason, Hawks could see the way Dabi's eyes lit up when he said that. He took a long drag from the cigarette and leaned over to blow it in Hawks face. "Guess you're gonna have to teach yourself from now on then."

"Ah what a shame, I kind of loved being told what to do." Hawks moved a bit closer to the other and smirked. "It was sort of exciting."

Dabi only stared at Hawks before leaning back against his seat. Taking another drag from his cigarette, keeping his eye contact with Hawks. In which the blonde only stared back with a sly smirk. "You know, you kind of say dangerous stuff bird. Not good when someone will actually take the shit you say seriously."

Hawks leaned on the armrest and smiled. "What if I do mean all the stuff I say? I like living on edge. I enjoy seeking new things, even if they're dangerous." He had gently brought his hand up to grab onto Dabi's wrist, pulling it away from Dabi's cigarette, that still, stayed on his lips. "I also enjoy playing around with some danger to get a little fun out of it."

"Whatever game you like playing is going to mess with people's head. It's better to just state what's on your mind or better yet. Say what you clearly want." Dabi had moved his hand to wrap it around Hawks wrist now, pulling him to bring him closer.

This closeness made Hawks lose his train of thought and only kept his eyes on the other man's lips. "It's, uh, sort of hard to explain what I want when I'm distracted."

"What's distracting you then?"

Hawks didn't say anything or even move his eyes and felt them close when he felt the others lips brush against his. Going in for a full kiss after.

They felt exactly the way Hawks imagined them to feel. Soft yet firm and so fucking warm. It was kind of mesmerizing if Hawks thought about it. The last time he ever kissed with anyone was when he did a hook up on the first year of college. That had been awhile and he was glad he was able to feel ones that were probably never gonna leave his mind now.

When Dabi pulled back he stared for a couple of seconds until moving to put his cigarette out on the small hole from the car. Hawks didn't like the separation and felt cold on his lips but soon felt the warmth on them again when Dabi leaned in another time.

It wasn't a normal kiss anymore. Hawks had felt the tongue that asked for entrance and he was quick to let him explore. His tongue was warm too and Hawks felt sort of miserable to it. He had started leaning back and only gave the advantage of Dabi grabbing the side of his face and one of his hands moving to his hip. Leaning into the kiss more, titling his head to find more to feel.

Hawks used one hand to lean up against the other and feel the back of Dabi's neck. Running his hand up his hair. They kissed and pulled away for air, about 20 seconds until Dabi leaned in for more again. It felt amazing, everything about the others mouth, the way he was holding him.

Someone's phone was ringing and none of them made a move to see who it was. It kept ringing and Hawks never felt more aroused until he felt Dabi bite on his bottom lip softly. They did stop when Dabi pulled away and picked up his phone.

"Yeah?" He sounded frustrated, it suited him well, Hawks never knew why he sort of liked that. "Not far. Alright, bye." Dabi hanged up, sat still for awhile until licking his bottom lip, moving to adjust in his seat. He started the car and grabbed another cigarette to waste.

They didn't speak as they drove back to Twice's place. Dabi smoked his cigarette while Hawks looked out the window and tried hiding his smile with his hand, listening to the music on the radio.

Chapter Text

It was 7 in the morning when Hawks found himself in the warmth of his bed. Getting up, he felt a pain shoot through his head and groaned, laying back down on the bed with a sigh.

The memories of last night started to fill his brain and stared at the ceiling thinking about it. He remembered many things of last night but his favorite one at the moment was the feeling Dabi's lips. Yeah, now that memory won't be leaving my head for anytime soon. I'm such a sap I swear.

When the two went back to Twice's apartment, they hadn't said anything to each other, only when they chatted when the group brought up the conversation. Toga was the one who drove Hawks home this time since Dabi had knocked out on the couch, she had a big smile on her face. It made Hawks feel sort of uncomfortable, like she knew something he didn't, but they didn't say much on the ride home.

Now the thought of Dabi was sort of making him want to stay in bed and sleep all day. Thinking of him like some teenage girl who had finally had her first kiss.

Last night was a long night Hawks had ever had in a while, he for sure wanted to thank them for inviting him. Hawks heard a knock on his door and got up questioning. Who's knocking at 7 in the morning on a weekend?

The person was still knocking when he thought to himself and it was making his headache worst. So instead, he got up and walked over to open the door.

All what Hawks saw was a brown bag being shoved in his face. He was about to comply until he pushed it away and saw the smirk on Dabi's face. "I brought you breakfast. A sorry for falling asleep and not taking you home. My bad on that."

The blond held the bag in his hands and gave a sleepy smile, chuckling a bit. "Oh yeah, that's alright." They stood for awhile until Hawks remembered about hospitality. "Right, do you wanna come in?"

"If you're not busy of, I would love to." Dabi smirked, leaning a inch closer to Hawks face. The tired blond smiled and used his finger to tap Dabi's nose, which made the other really surprised for some reason. "I'm never busy to let a hot man into my house. Close the door on your way in while you're at it."

Hawks had turned around to head over to his couch and check whatever Dabi had brought him. It was a small breakfast sandwich and a small pound of sugar sweet bread. Hawks smiled as he stared in the bag. Dabi sat down on the couch beside the other chuckling at Hawks reaction.

"You gunna eat it or having a staring contest with it?"

"Don't rush me, I like taking me time on things." Hawks took out the sandwich and bread, placing it on top of the bag like a plate, on his coffee table. Right when he was about to pick on what to eat, Hawks had turned back towards Dabi and gave a smile. "Hey, speaking about things, about last night."

Dabi didn't seemed fazed about remembering it and only leaned back on the couch, relaxed. "Oh you mean when I kissed you? You don't have to be weird about."

Hawks gave no expression and just stared at Dabi, until scooting closer. "What if I do wanna be weird about it?"

This made the other raise one of his eyebrows, making him sit back up now and shrug. "Alright, what's there to be weird about? I kissed you and you kissed me back, nothing weird about it. It was something simple."

"I mean yeah sure, you could put it like that. What if the weird thing was that I liked it."

"Then you liked it."

"What if I liked it way too much that I wanted you to do it again?" Hawks was never the one to really think before he spoke so he had already said it and he already saw the spark of light shine through Dabi's eyes. Dabi was thinking and only gave another shrug again.

"Then you'd tell me to do it again."

"Yeah cause we're totally in a relationship." Hawks didn't know where he was going with this but he had already fucked up the conversation up when he said he wanted to be weird about it. "Dabi I just want to know what that kiss meant. If it was a fling of something or just a kiss."

Yeah, Hawks was internally screaming now when he realized Dabi wasn't really saying anything and just continued to stare.

Hawks moved some stands of hair from his face and groaned. "Sorry, I didn't mean for this conversation to get all awkward and uncomfortable or anything. I just want to know what the meaning of it."

Dabi looked like he was thinking, a lot, something he wanted to say but couldn't. Instead he just shrugged in the end for his answer. "Let's just keep it as a kiss. How bout that. You okay with that?"

No, kind of wanted it to be more then a kiss. But alright. Hawks nodded and gave a simple smile. Turning to pay attention to his breakfast.

The other didn't seemed fazed by it either and nodded his head. "Alrighty then. Everything's good?"


Dabi nodded at this too again and grinned towards Hawks when the blond grinned at him first. "Nothing has to be awkward Dabi. I'm not like an angry unrequited lover. Geez. It's not a romance movie."

As Dabi's eyes did the usual eye roll, Hawks felt the same warm feeling again as he smiled at Dabi's action. "Hawks, don't you like those romance movies?"


"So why the hell are you trash talking your favorite movies?"

"Cause I can."

The two smiled at each other again until Dabi glance over at the food he brought for the other. Signaling that the food was still there. Hawks chuckled and turned to see if the sandwich was still warm. Smiling even more when it still was.






Fuyumi had finished grading her work early today since there wasn't much to grade and was sitting inside her father's house, at the kitchen table with Shouto.

Shouto was on his phone, moving his fingers across the screen. Texting someone again. Of course. I wonder who? Enji had also came to the kitchen grabbing a water from the fridge, rubbing his eyes from exhaustion, looking over to the table to see Fuyumi smiling at him. "Hey dad, how's your day off going?"

Fuyumi was smiling and had crossed her arms on the table. Enji closed his eyes for a second until moving to sit at the table as well. Letting out a tired sigh, he took out his phone and checked the time. "I had called Touya twice this morning. No answer. You?"

Fuyumi shrugged as she looked at her phone. "I haven't really tried lately, he hasn't been answering me either." She picked her phone up, turning it on, opening her contacts to read over the name Touya.

Staring at her older brothers contact she had glanced back at her dad with a small smile. "I could try again."

"Just, try. If not, then, well, I don't know after." Enji was giving a serious expression but Fuyumi could tell her father was really trying to improve.

Her younger brother though, was really showing on how he didn't care about their fathers improvement, but deep down Fuyumi knew he still did. He "doesn't" care that their dad was improving but he was here to hear from Touya.

Pressing to dial her brothers cell, she messed with the table cloth, waiting to see if he answered or not. It rang for at least 5 times now and she knew he wasn't going to answer. Well, that's what she thought until she heard someone pick up, sitting up straight with a surprised expression. "Touya?"

Her father's reaction had quickly turned towards her and so did her younger brothers too. They seemed a little shock to know he finally answered.

"Hey-- wait, did you just call--"

"My bad, sorry. I haven't heard from you for awhile now. What have you been doing? I've been so worried. You actually picked up. Oh gosh, thank the stars--"

"Yeah great, Fuyumi why do you keep calling?"

The question made her rambling stop and realize the main reason why she called him. She was hesitant again but took a breath in. "I know this is sudden but. I want you to reconnect with Dad. I understand that, it will be hard and you maybe need a lot of time. But just think about it, please?"

On the other line, Fuyumi couldn't really hear nothing until she heard at least some movement on the line.


"Yes?" She had answered quickly.

"I don't think it would be best. So please stop trying." Her brother wasn't angry, or at least he didn't sound like it, he had sounded more relaxed then angry.

Fuyumi had sighed about to hang up until Enji had tooken her phone and quickly stood up. "Dad, wait." She had tried to grab it but he had already moved away from her.

"Touya, are you listening right now." Fuyumi watched as her father's face expression showed anger, but he looked like he was trying hard not to give it, or better yet, express it. The way her dad seemed so invested in the phone, Fuyumi knew that her brother was probably saying nothing at the moment, but wanted to hear what their dad had to say.

"Touya, we have reached out to you many times. We need to discuss our, our situation face to face. I don't care what you have to say to now. Save it when we meet again. It, it doesn't have to happen now or this year, it could he ages. Just know that, we will, I will wait until you are, ready to talk." When Enji hanged up the phone and handed it to Fuyumi. She stared at her father in shock.

"Dad? Did you write all that stuff?" Enji shook his head when he took a seat, rubbing his temples.

"Uh, no that all just, just came to my head."

Shouto was staring at his father and sat up. "Well that's good for a change. I guess you can say."

Fuyumi had a huge smile on her face. Although she didn't like the fact that Enji forced his way to speak with Touya, she was happy that her father was able to do it and not get angry. Well, not that much.

"Dad, it really shows how much you're really trying to improve."

There conversation ended when Natsuo came in the kitchen and freezed from all the staring. "Did I interrupt something?"

Shaking her head, Fuyumi had walked over and grab her brothers hand with joy expressed on her face. This made her brother smile. "Dad did something incredibly stupid but was totally worth it since we finally reach out to Touya."

Shouto was interested in the conversation and only watched as his siblings smiled, as Enji left the kitchen to go get some air. "I'm sorry to ruin the mood but I personally feel like we shouldn't have weighed Touya into seeing dad again. I thought it would be best for mom to reach out first, then to dad."

Yes they did have a conversation about that and Fuyumi was now realizing that. Right now though, her brain wasn't thinking and only smiled at Shouto. "Oh Shouto, don't worry about it. Mom will get her chance. We're just taking a step further in our plan."

The look on her younger brothers face read concern but Fuyumi was too happy to think about it. She also knew how wrong It was to do that. Natsuo didn't say anything and smiled, knowing his sister was happy.

Chapter Text

Sunday had rolled in and this time, instead of hanging with Dabi and his "wonderful" friends.

He was visiting one loud mouth friend, who was currently flipping out on what Hawks told her that Friday night.

"Hold on! HOLD THE FUCK ON! You guys what!?" Miruko was hugging her couch pillow, sitting crossed legged on her couch, staring at Hawks perplexed and thrilled at the same time.

"He pressed his lips against mine and we did a small little kissing session. That's all." Hawks was chilling at the armrest of her couch, smiling when Miruko started shaking her head.

"See, you're making it sound proper. What really happened, to make it clear, was that. You guys finally kissed, did a little make out in his car, in the end, going home with stupid gleeful smiles." Miruko grinned as she made the story sound more "clear."

Hawks shrugged, turning to give a sheepish smile to Miruko. "Yeah but that didn't get us anywhere." Miruko's grin was gone and started to cross her arms.

"Okay. What did you mess up on? Or better yet, what did he mess up on?"

"No Miruko, the whole kissing thing was good. Fine and dandy. The thing is, it was just that. Nothing more, just a simple little kiss we both wanted to do." Hawks saw the pout Miruko gave and chuckled. "Its not a big deal really. Cause it really jus--"

"Oh please Hawks. You're the most sensible bird around here. You were really probably hopping more than a kiss." The quietness Hawks gave proved Miruko's answer. "See, you know I'm right. Why didn't you tell him you liked him?"

Hawks simply shrugged. "Why? For it could be more awkward. Actually hold on, why are we making this like some type of big deal. Miruko, I can confess whenever I want to."

"Hawks, I know you can. But as a friend, who's older then you, remember, I just want the best. I just don't want you falling for some wrong person who won't love you back." Miruko stopped to think about what she just said, then just laughed. "Oh gosh I sounded weird. Sorry about that."

"Yeah. You did and it's alright." Hawks checked his phone and placed it on the coffee table.

Laying back, wrapping himself with his wings, closing his eyes from tiredness.

Miruko moved to lay by the armrest on her side and stretch out her legs. "Hey, so what did you guys do yesterday?" Hawks was quiet and moved his wings to look at her.

"Nothing. He brought me breakfast, had that awkward talk and he left saying he had some stuff to handle."

"Okay, then what about that riot you had with him? That protesting shit. How did that go?"

The protesting, Hawks started to remember glimse of that night and sat up again. "You remember that one time we went to see where those pile of books and papers were all burned."


"That was all Dabi, he has a fire quirk. And it's not red, it's a beautiful blue."

Miruko stared at the ceiling then sat up straight as well. Looking perplexed again, she moved a white strand of hair from her face and sat crossed legged again. "Really? Like in that picture they sent in?" Hawks nodded.

Miruko had a serious expression and opened her mouth to say something but shook her head. Whispering a "nevermind". Hawks glanced over at her and raised on of his eyebrow. "Nevermind what?" The rabbit shook her head and went to get two water bottles from her fridge, giving one to Hawks, who only placed it on the coffee table.

When she took a sip from hers she let out a sigh and hummed a bit. Hawks was going to get annoyed if she didn't state it out already and she knew too. He sighed and glared at her. "What Miruko? What's on your mind?"

"Oh why, nothing of course. It seems like you're not really interested in knowing." Miruko had her head turned to the side. She had always done this to try and get Hawks interested in what she had to say.

It bothered him sometimes when she wouldn't just say it. Hawks rolled his eyes, and poked his friends arm. "I am very much interested if my friend keeps sighing about it. So you gonna tell me or not?" Miruko smiled, turning to wrap her arm around Hawks shoulder.

"Okay don't be weirded out about this but I sort of, kind of, tried to search who Dabi really was." She moved her arm away when she realized how confused Hawks looked.

"What do you mean by "searched"? You like, what, looked him through the computer? The stuff your mom does." The blond seemed a little interested now, wondering what she found.

His friend rubbed the back of her neck and gave a small smile. "Well, I searched for anyone named Dabi, I didn't really get nothing cause it's not a common name. Plus, the person's picture didn't fit his black hair and bright eyes." Miruko grinned as she raised her finger. "Although I did find his picture, but, not with the name you suspect. Also with shocking, shocking, news."

How shocking. High level or low level? Please make it low level. Hawks was waiting for her to continued but she simply waited until Hawks asked for more. Damn you, you beautiful woman. "What "news" did you find out about?"

She was grinning still and she couldn't help but giggle a bit. "Okay, you gotta trust me on this. Alright?"

"Alright." He said a little egared now.

"So the system is able to look up anyone in there if they commited a crime, got a ticket of some sort, or anything just really against the law. Even like a small warning. Right?"

Hawks groaned and just ran his hands down his face. "Oh my gosh Miruko just tell me already please?" Miruko nodded and turned her full body to face him.

"Right right okay." She took a breath in, exhaling after. Being the dramatic person she was. "I believe his real name is actually Touya, a kid who had got a warning after threatening his father. Also, who had reported his father too."

Threatening his father? Reporting his father? He did say he had daddy issues. Speaking of his name. Touya? Thats like fucking adorable.

Hawks knew that he felt dumb thinking about how cute it was, cause who wouldn't. "Wait, Miruko, you searched on the records shit? Why'd you go searching for Dabi? And how do I know if it's true or not?"

She was smiling but had moved her eyes around the room, giving a sluggish giggle. "Well, you see. I know I'm not suppose to do all that searching and finding stuff but I just wanted to make sure my friend was good. By the way, just to let you know, Toga also has a warning for threatening someone with a knife."

Sounds like her.

"Anyways, I got concerned and I wanted to make sure. So I asked my mom, to see if I can use it. I may have lied and said I was checking it for a case but, ya know how it is. Searching through it I was able to find him. Simple as that." Miruko was smiling but then remember the other thing she found out. "Uh, also, he uh. The news I found also proves it's real. Has he ever brought up his dad's name?"

Hawks shook his head at this. "Nah, he usually doesn't. Why?"

Another sluggish giggle with a sluggish smile this time. "Oh. Well, uh. Has he ever brought up Enji?"

The blond was confused again and nodded his head slowly at this. "Yeah. Yeah he did, he asked if I worked with him."

Miruko was staring at her friends brown gold eyes and scrachted the back of her head. She was able to read the whole report Dabi had reported back as a teen and she never felt more right on how she felt about Enji. The only thing was, she didn't feel like messing up with her friends connection with this older man.

There was hesitation, yeah, but Miruko could never keep anything from him, even if it was the truth.

"Hawks, Enji is, well. It may sound hella fucking weird but, Dabi's real name is Touya, yeah cool, great. His full name is Touya Todoroki, the same last name as--"

"Enji's. Of course." Hawks was thinking now. Full on thinking about so many clues that actully proved that it was his son and that they were related. "Dabi had said some shit here and there explaining on how his father wasn't the best, but, to me Enji has always seemed the one to be there for his kids. Miruko, he left early saying one of his kids texted him and it might've been an emergency."

The blond was running a hand through his hair and groaned a bit. To his friend, she probably thought he was freaking out, so. Miruko had shook Hawks, literally, by the shoulders, to catch his attention again. "Hey, bird, chill out. You're freaking out."

It made him dizzy but rubbed his temple to stop it, giving his friend a smile. "Miruko, I'm not freaking out." Taking a breath in, Hawks was honestly just confused on so many things. "Its just that I've told Dabi that this wonderful guy came to save me from my hellhole home, and, has checked on me for 4 years straight. His dad did that, while Dabi explained how his dad used him. I don't even know what to think anymore if Dabi has such a grudge with him."

They didn't say anything after. All they did was sit there, thinking on what terrible things could Enji have done to Dabi.

Miruko was right, Hawks could say, Enji did give some bad vibes but Hawks never paid any attention. Just like what Dabi said, he was naive to believe in things that proved so many things that were proven wrong in the first place. This had all turned into a whole thing about crushing on Dabi to finding out that his idol was his dad who had trouble with one of his children.

Ugh, everything just needed to change. I had to go to a bar with Miruko to meet a neat guy. A guy who I actually felt close with. Hawks was not in any mood today. Miruko had a sad expression on her face and Hawks knew that she probably felt bad. So he bumped her in her arm with his and gave a smile.

"What's wrong?"

She messed with her long white hair and gave a small smile. "I'm sorry. You probably just wanted to focus on Dabi and your plan on winning him over with your good looks, but I guess I just put some other pressure on you."

He never was the one to make his friends sad so he chuckled at Miruko's statement, earning a bigger smile from her now. "Miruko don't feel bad or be sad about it. I'm sure he thinks I know that he's Enji's son anyways. I mean, I did tell him he was my manager. He's been my manager for 3 years now." Miruko nodded as she agreed.

"Ah, I see." It was quiet again, until Miruko got up and checked her watch, stretching as she did. "Alright. Let's stop with all this shocking news and shit. Let's just go out and find some shit to do. We totally gotta look sexy and hot." She said this from hopping over her couch. "Come on bird, I'm sure we have some old shit I have from when you were getting through your weird hip vibes."

Oh gosh she's talking about those clothes.

Hawks ran his hands down his face and stood up to follow her. "Fine fine, let's go do something."






Toga was on her phone during her break from work and scrolled through whatever social media gave. It was barley 2 and Toga had headed to work around 12. Going through the media, she noticed a post Miruko had posted with Hawks.

Ah, I wonder what they're up to today?

Before commenting a comment on the others post, the bell to the door rang and she had got up, putting her hat on, heading to the counter. And there he was, the one and only.

"Hey hey, Dabi. I just seen your boyfriend. Figured he would be with you but guess he's hanging out with Miruko."

Dabi raised his eyebrow and shoved his hands in his coat. "Right cause I care with who he hangs around with."

Toga smirked at this. "Oh no, of course not, cause you're not really his boyfriend, but, if you were you probably would care. Wouldn't you?"

The glare those turquoise eyes gave her proved her point and all she could do was giggle.

Dabi sighed, shaking his head at her and just placed the money of his regular order on the counter. "Shut up, just get me my coffee, crazy brat, too tired for this shit."

Putting the money from the counter away, Toga hummed a little tune while she got his coffee ready. As she danced in her own world she placed the coffee on the counter while Dabi read something on his phone.

"Hey, weird question but you've understood some situations, I've been through." Putting his phone in his pocket, Dabi stared down at his coffee and just gave a soured expression. "Would it-- unlike me I know but, listen. Would it be crazy for me to head over to Enji's? To fucking, I don't know, talk?"

Yes, yes it would. Toga was only thinking about ways to keep that man away from the first person who's ever felt like family to her. The person who actually understood her.

Dabi has always treated her like a close friend, even sometimes like a sister, well, she didn't know if he felt it but she did. What she wanted to say was usually something she says to keep the bad away from things that make her family angry, sad, or depressed.

But, she knew the right answer. She sighed and twirled her blond side hair. "To be honest Dabi, I would say no. No you shouldn't, cause of all the fucked up shit he did. To you, your mom, and your siblings. But. He is, I guess, your "dad" so I would say yes. It would be best to say the things you've wanted to say and just move on with life."

This is the most she's ever said about personal things, especially with Dabi in awhile. This also surprised him too but he gave a quick nod, agreeing with her. "Alright." Grabbing the coffee, he raised it and giving a smile at Toga. "Thanks and good luck with work. Crazy brat."

Toga smiled and nodded at this. "Okay~ bye now Dabi. Don't forget to text your boyfriend. Fucker." She noticed the way Dabi shook his head and walked out the shop.

Humming to clean the counter off, she heard the bell after a minute ring again and picked up her head to notice a man with half red half white hair walk in. Beside him was a green haired male, that smiled so brightly. As she stared at the one with green hair, she gave a big grin, leaning on the counter. "How may I help you gentlemen on this fine~ day?"

The green haired one was the first to speak. "Hello. I'll have a small coffee with vanilla cream and with cocoa powder please?" Toga was writing this down but kept her eyes on the green haired costumer as she did.

"Alrighty cutie, your name?"

For some odd reason, the boy stood quiet, looking at her as if he was trying to understand what she just said, since it looked like he had spaced out, but the other fellow had tapped his shoulder to get his attention. "She asked for your name."

This made the green haired costumer cheeks go pink and nodded. "Right right! Sorry, have too much on my mind. Uh, Deku."

"Deku huh? Thats a cute name." Toga giggled as she wrote the name on the small coffee cup.

Stating the fact that the boys name was cute, she noticed how the boys ears were turning pink now. Turning to the half and half costumer, she turned the page on her little notebook and smiled at him. "Now what about you? What would you like?"

The other looked at the board then back at Toga. "The same with him but switch the vanilla to carmel cream."

She nodded and wrote this down quickly. "Your name?"

"Just put me under Shouto."

That name sounds familiar. Hm. Oh well. The way the other spoke made Toga realize that he was probably one of those upper class people, well paid off. Lucky bastard.

Writing Shouto on the other small cup besides her. She moved to the register and put in the cost of the two small coffees. "You cost is gunna be 6.50."

The half-- Shouto, had already brought out the money to pay and handed it over to Toga, but noticed the pout Deku was giving to the other male. "I thought you'd say we'd go half and half."

Shouto shrugged giving his friend a small smile. "I already paid, nothing you can do."

The smile was warming to look at as Toga put the money away and gave the other his cash back. But as she gave this well off male, his money, she made a couple of seconds of eye contact to see the scar the other had on his left eye.

His left eye has sparked with a beautiful turquoise color. Just like Dabi's, now I remember who you are. The younger brother.

"Anyways, your guys coffee should be done in a minute or two. Thank you for your purchase."

Deku smiled, walking over to the table next to the window, Shouto following after him. Toga watched as they did but turned to focus on making the coffees. Humming a soft tune to herself as she did.

Chapter Text

It's 10 pm when Hawks finally comes back home to his apartment from a whole day with Miruko. Right now he was walking around in his usually red sweats and black tank top, ready to head to sleep and get some rest for tomorrow. Though he had just finished cleaning around his living room, he went over to brush his teeth, breathing in his nose after, to feel the cool air leave him when he exhaled.

Ready to just jump in bed and sleep in his warm covers while his wings wrapped him like some type of butterfly cocoon, there was a knock on his front door and his wings stiffened. Walking to check through the peephole, all he saw was the light across the neighbors front door. There seemed to be nobody but then there was another knock that scared him away, which made his wings fling up. Who the fuck is knocking at 10 at night. It's either Miruko forgetting something or some ratty kids.

Grabbing the knob of his door, Hawks didn't open it wide and only peeked through the hall, to see who was knocking. There "seemed" to be no one until a black figured appeared from the side of the wall. Making Hawks jump back a bit. "Fucking hell! Dabi! What the actual fuck, you scared me."

Coming back from his little jump scare, Hawks let out a breath of relief since it was only Dabi, no one else, but looked at Dabi who was leaning against the door frame, eyes sparked with a beautiful yet devious glow. "My bad, didn't mean to." He turned his head a bit like he was about to cough but then shook his head, focusing back on Hawks. "You gonna invite me in or leave me on your door frame?"

Hawks rolled his eyes and moved to open the door more, giving room to let Dabi get inside. "Just come in." The other did just that and moved to the couch while Hawks made sure the door was locked. When Dabi sat on the couch, he let out a groan and chuckled. Hawks noticed the way the others eyes were concentrating on the floor. Moving to sit beside him, Hawks gave a soft smile. "What brings you here? In like, oh I don't know, the middle of the night?"

Dabi chuckled at this too, moving to get comfortable, but Hawks had noticed the pain expression the other gave as he did. He had scanned Dabi from up and down, tilting his head in confusion, a little concern as well. "Dabi, actually tell me. What brings you here? You literally just gave a pained expression from moving right now. Are you hurt? Where?"

The blond was rambling and he knew that but he was also trying to figure out why Dabi was here in the first place. Thoughts from the morning came in his head but pushed that thought away from the moment it occurred, and focus back on Dabi. Who was giving a small smirk. "Nothing, just wanted to chill and say hey. Totally fine bird."

The other had his arm over his stomach and Hawks moved his focus there. Risky, I know, but worth a try. Hawks was gentle when he got a hold of Dabi's wrist. This made the turquoise eyes glare at him but made no move from pulling away from what Hawks was doing. Which was examining his hand, using his other hand to move the sleeve up and notice the damage this man had.

There were burn marks over his hand and arm. They looked freshed, like he had just got them. Hawks knew not to touch them but stared with worry and for some reason felt a sort of pain in his chest. For some odd reason. "Dabi, what happened?"

He wasn't quick to respond. Instead, just steadliy moved his arm away from Hawks hold. Staring at them himself, he shook his head, like he was mad about something. "Got angry. Burn some shit. Got a little damaged from it. That's all."

No matter how chill, relaxed, whatever smooth tone Dabi was saying it in, Hawks didn't believe him. "Dabi, be serious. Are you injured like bleeding anywhere else from your arm?"

Again, he didn't say anything. He just blinked and focused his eyes on the lamp lighting the living room up. Like it was the most interesting thing. Which wasn't. Finally moving his arms, Dabi moved the coat he was wearing away from his shoulders and Hawks had noticed the blood that soaked through his white shirt.

Hawks was quick to stand, blinking to see if he was actually seeing the blood on the others shirt. "Dabi! You're fucking bleeding and you just come in my house acting like we're having some type of hangout! When were you gunna tell me, when you faint from blood loss!"

"Relax, I was gonna tell you. When I felt like it."

"When you felt like it?! Dabi! Seriously?"


Hawks groaned as he covered his eyes with his hand. Exhaling a breath he had in, Hawks sat back down and placed his hands together. "Alright, let's not panic. I have some medicine and bandages. We can fix this ourself. Unless, you do want to go to the hospital then I can take you."

Dabi shook his head and slowly moved to sit up straighter, only to hear the others breath hitch from pain. Hawks placed his hand on the others chest as in a stopping motion and gave a small smile. "Don't move to much. Just relax here and I'll go get the shit we need to make you live."

Heading to his bathroom, he was able to find all the medicines and bandages under his bathroom sink, making his way back over to Dabi. The black haired male stared at the ceiling but moved over to Hawks when he sat beside him again.

"Okay." Hawks motion his hand around the others chest, gesturing Dabi to take off his shirt, only getting a confused look from the other.


"Ugh, take off your shirt. I need to see the damage you got." Hawks crossed his arms as Dabi only chuckled and took off the rest of his coat, along with his shirt after.

Don't stare, don't stare too much. Hawks was staring at his chest at first but moved his eyes over to see the wounds he had got and-- it wasn't only on his one side, it was actually over some of his arms and shoulders. The one that was the worst was his right shoulder and collar bone. Hawks didn't touch it but felt the need to see how much it hurt the other.

"Dabi, this is actually a huge fucking mark." Hawks stared at the injury and noticed the way Dabi's mouth curled into a smirk.

"Bet I can leave a bigger one on you."

"You're literally bleeding honey! You can't seriously be flirting right now." Hawks couldn't help but smile at the other. Earning a view on how Dabi's eyes flicked with interest when he had called him "honey."

Dabi just chuckled and nodded. "Trying to lighten the mood."

Hawks chuckled as well, standing up to get the supplies ready. "Cute. Anyways, let me just fix you up then you can flirt with me after." The blond didn't know what he was saying but then again he did say he enjoyed living dangerously. So he'll take his chance.

Moving to get some of the cotton balls he brought with him, he poured a little bit of the rubbing alcohol he had on it and moved to gently tap it on one of Dabi's wound. The other didn't really move or react from the contact but turned his head to see what Hawks was doing.

After cleaning all the small wounds, he moved up to Dabi's most damaged injury. He was gently tapping on the wound and heard the other wince at least once. When that was all cleaned, Hawks went over to his kitchen and wash his hands real quick. Heading back to proceed on fixing the other by useing some of the scar ointment he had, softly touching his fingers over the wounds.

Finished with all of that, Hawks grabbed the bandages to put them over his lower arms, his right hand, and the injured right shoulder. When all of that was dealt with Hawks got up and put the stuff in a small container he had, heading over to his room to grab an extra spare shirt.

"Now that you're all cleaned up and healed. You can use one of my shirts." Hawks sat by the other and gave it to Dabi when he reached to grab it. It was one old rock band shirt he was into and Dabi only grinned as he viewed it. "Don't judge me." The blond said pointing his finger at him, grinning.

"I'm not. It's just funny I had a shirt like this but I gave it to Toga, since it didn't fit me anymore." Dabi ran a thumb over the material of the shirt and remember how happy Toga was when she got it. Saying it would be best for a sleeping shirt for her.

Hawks didn't say anything and only smiled. He wrapped his wings around himself and leaned back against the couch, closing his eyes. That shirt was given by one of his high school friends, but they had lost all contacts.

"Thank you."

Opening his brown eyes, Hawks notice that those turquoise eyes were on him now. Smiling, Hawks moved to sit up again, moving his wings away. "Yeah of course." Thinking about the damage Dabi was in, Hawks didn't want to really know what had happened but he was in a terrible state and felt a little curious. "Dabi, I don't want you to tell me what happened cause you need to, but, I would actually like to know what happened to earn you these kind of injuries."

Continuing to stare at the shirt, Dabi sighed and scratched the back of his head as he thought about the things he wanted to say. Hawks watched him and waited to see if the other would open up or not. He thought he wasn't until Dabi glance over at Hawks with a serious expression. "Hawks, I know you're not stupid. You have to at least suspected that I was Enji's kid at least a couple of times."

There was time when he did but didn't believe it since it seemed too weird. "I, have suspected at least once or twice. The first was when I noticed your eye color matched exactly like Enji's but brighter. The second time was when I found a photo of his kids on his desk and one had seemed similar to you. With red hair though." Hawks had his gaze on his hands, messing with one of his knuckles.

"Yeah, well, now you know. Anyways." Dabi was staring at the rubbing alcohol bottle that was on the table as he continued his story. "After years of all the abuse he actually wanted to talk with me. To see how I was. It had been my sister and him. Calling me nonstop to see how I was and to come over for a visit. It was frustrating."

Dabi looked calmed but his eyes read something else. Something that Hawks couldn't read at all. "I go over to see what the whole commotion was about. They don't suspect it, I don't warn them or anything. I just went over. Fuyumi is the one to answer and let me in. To cut it short I finally see and speak with Enji but it turned the way he didn't plan it to go. We end up in an argument and he's the first to bring out his flames." Dabi smirked as he stared to remember their encounterment. "I ended up bring mine out too."

Hawks was rubbing his knuckle and kept his breathing quiet. "Did you-- what happened after?" Was he worried that Dabi injured the other man. Maybe. But he knew that he was worrying over a man who's hurt and ruin Dabi's childhood. So to be honest, Hawks didn't know what to think anymore.

"I didn't hurt him if you're wondering." Dabi side glanced him as he said it. Like he was reading Hawks mind. "No, Fuyumi and my brother Natsuo stepped in. Fuyumi was quick to push me away. Natsuo was the one trying to make sure the old man didn't do anything rational again. I walked out and looked for some other shit to do. I over used my quirk."

So the damaged Dabi had got was from, him? He can't contain his own quirk...? Hawks blinked for a least a couple of times and turned to see Dabi staring back at him. "You mean, you injured yourself with your quirk?"

Dabi flicked his gaze away. "Yeah."

It was silent now, the air between them was still calming but it was quiet. Hawks didn't know how to feel, instead of freaking out and being worried over it. Hawks scooted over and gave a quick peck on Dabi's cheek. Which surprised the other more then Hawks was. "That's for not dying I guess. Man you're reckless you know that? I can understand the bad boy aura but my gosh Dabi, do you ever get a break of all this bullshit?"

A small actual genuine smile spread across the others face. "Naw, I like to make more issues so I can have something to do."

"You need a new thing to do."

"How about you be one of them." That "genuine" smile had transformed back to one devious smirk. While his eyes flicked bright with more interest again.

Hawks shook his head as he laughed. "You sure like to flirt a lot when you're on the verge of passing out or dying. Aren't you?"

"What can I say. I can flirt when I know my angel is here to make sure I don't die to slow dance with him again." Dabi leaned back against the couch and chuckled when Hawks rolled his eyes. "You know I'm right."

Temptation. He had the temptation to kiss Dabi now. He wanted to but he knew the consequence if he kissed the other, and feeling he will get if he did. Instead of focusing on that, Hawks replied with a smile. "Yeah sure. Whatever." He got up when he noticed the time was 10:40. "You can stay here for the night. That's actually a demand you know? Don't want you dying when your off driving or something."

"Alright bird."

Dabi said this as he worked on putting the black shirt Hawks gave him on. Letting out a relaxed sigh when he noticed it suited fine. A little too fine if I say so myself. Okay, I'm done.

Turning off the light in his living room, Hawks moved around his coffee table to walk down his hallway until he heard Dabi call for him. Walking backwards, then turning to see the other, which he actually could surprisingly, thanks to the moonlight from his kitchen window. And his eyes, his eyes that shinned through anything. "Yes?" He answered.

"Come here, I forgot to tell you something." Hawks gave an unimpressed expression but couldn't help but smile as he walked back down the small hall. "You forgot to tell me wha--"

Before walking all the way out to his wonderful living room, he didn't even see how fast Dabi got up to feel the other grab him by the waist, pulling him close and using his other hand to pick the blond's chin up to face at the same level with him. Feeling the exact same warm lips he felt on that Friday night, that still felt amazing. They had did this in the darkness of the hallway.

Too focused on the feeling and sensation of the kiss, Hawks had closed his eyes, kissing back simply with ease. Like the two had both been wanting the feeling again since that night.

When Hawks felt those lips pull away, they were still ghosting over his until Hawks opened his eyes to see the small smirk on Dabi's face. Noticing the way those turquoise eyes shinned with so much interest yet with something dark on the side, he couldn't really help but fall more in love with this man's eyes. Hawks really hated how he felt the need to kiss him again just to make sure this was real and not fake.

Dabi had finally moved back and nodded his head while his half lidded eyes stayed on him. "Yeah, that's all I had to say."

Fucking fuck my life. I fucking hate falling for a guy who only enjoys teasing me. FUCKING fuck me in the ass please and just kill me. Hawks was always to think responsible, ever since he became a lawyer he's never really enjoyed the danger he loved. He was done of just being reasonable and responsible.

Letting out a breath, Hawks said to screw with it and moved to push in a firm kiss again by pulling him by the collar of the others shirt-- well mine technically --tilting his head to have a better feeling of the others warm lips.

This was rushed and when Hawks pulled away, hands still on the collar of his shirt, he couldn't help but lick his lips when Dabi's bright eyes burned with something he couldn't read but know was dark.

Dabi was pretty quick again to push the other against the wall, pinning one of Hawks wrist beside him. All of this made Hawks feel dizzy but gain focus when, again, their lips connected. Although this time Dabi seemed more, eagared, feeling his other hand move to pick Hawks chin up. It was warm, so very very, fucking, warm.

A nice feeling of warmth, the one where it's not too hot to pull away, trying not to move when you know you'll miss the feeling. That was the warmth Dabi had, on his hands and lips. It felt all like heaven for Hawks. Then again, he did find everything about Dabi attractive. So.

When they both finally pulled away from each other to catch their breath, Hawks was sort of liking the way Dabi was looking at him. But quickly shook his head to realize what they just both did.

"Well." Hawks said, a cheer in his voice from all the exciment he had. "I uh. Sorry, I didn't mean to um, yeah."

Dabi bit on his bottom lip and took a step back from the blond. "Yeah." It was quiet but it wasn't awkward. Hawks saw the way his lovely friend smirked and couldn't help but laugh now.

This was so irrational. The consequences this was going to bring will be big and-- Hawks did not care at the moment. Right now, he was high from all the exciment he had just felt from those few seconds ago. And the feeling of being pinned against the wall. Let's not go there tonight.

Coming back into the existence of reality, Hawks nodded his head and patted Dabi on the chest with a smile. "I think we should head to bed now you know. I have work, your injuries are barley healing, so, yeah." Turning to leave, Hawks had turned back with his finger rasied, getting Dabi's attention again. "Also, you didn't really tell me anything by the way, you techinally just, yeah."

Smirking, Dabi shrugged as he leaned on the hallway wall, looking amused. "I know, but it caught your attention to walk back didn't it?"

Opening his mouth to deny his statement, Hawks shut it when he knew he was indeed right. So he turned and walked away into his room while the other chuckled, walking back to the couch.






The time Hawks had fell asleep, he fell asleep very fucking comfortable that's for sure. Waking up though, was the biggest problem at the moment.

His bed covers were comfortable and he was curled into a wonderful position, in his own little cocoon. Groaning when the alarm on his phone went off. Gosh, fucking damnit not even a few minutes. Hawks knew the answer to that. It was either, be early to go get a coffee with Miruko or be late to get a call from Miruko to hear her complain. He rather take the first option.

So he got up and stretched out to pop any bones that we're bubbled, feeling satisfied when they weren't anymore. He wasn't feeling his wings today, so when he had got up he just let some fall. Moving the ones that fell under the bed for now until he would get home.

Right now, he had just the little wings, or what Miruko likes to call them "baby wings." Hawks moved to decided on what to where today. Classic collar up shirt with black pants, yup. Like always.

Dealing with all of that, he quickly slipped on his shoes and step out his room, heading straight to the restroom. Brushing his teeth, then looking to go see if he should fix his hair. Again, just leave it alone like always. With that, he finished up in the restroom and walked out into his living room.

Seeing a wild Dabi sleeping on the couch, face facing the couch and back towards Hawks.

The blond left him be and only moved to get his papers, putting them in his bag. Getting that all adjusted, Hawks started to remember and see if he wasn't forgetting anything but lost his train of thought when he heard the other move on the couch.

Turning around to see a drowsy Dabi, squinting his eyes to adjust to the morning sun that was shinning through his kitchen window. "Fuck man, does the sun always burn bright up in your living room?"

Smiling from seeing this new state of Dabi, Hawks only moved to head over to sit next to the drowsy man. Laughing when Dabi glance over at him. "The sun usually does." Hawks noticed Dabi stretch out one of his arms and saw the bandages he remembered putting him. Quickly heading on that topic. "How you feeling?"

Dabi didn't seemed as interested in the conversation as Hawks was but did just shrug. "Tired." Looking at his hand, clenching then unclenching it. "If you're talking about the wounds, don't worry, they usually go away in about a week or two."

"What about the one on your shoulder? That one seemed pretty damaged."

"Oh yeah, that one will definitely probably leave a scar. Don't worry about it though, you did your job anyways."

Hawks nodded, getting up to adjust his papers again. Looking back to see Dabi just relax back against the couch.

Moving to his hallway and opening one of the cuburts he had, grabbing a extra towel and handing it over to the confused black haired male. "An extra towel I have so you can shower. You can go in my room to rest up if you want, won't guarantee that it'll be all clean and shit but the beds made and you can rest up there."

Dabi had grabbed the towel and ran his thumb up and down the material.

He was ready to say something until Hawks' phone buzzed and he moved to check who it was. Miruko. Of course.

M: Hey birdbrain, you up for some coffee or what

H: yeah I just gotta help my guest and head that way

M: guest!! wait WHO!!!

Hawks already knew she was gunna say that and just rolled his eyes.

"Am I high or are your wings really small right now?" Dabi sounded tired but Hawks wasn't really paying attention to that since he realized the emo male was at the kitchen table with him.

"No, I just took off the big feathers." Hawks had left Miruko on read and put his phone in his pocket. Grabbing his bag. "I need to head to work, you can stay as long as you need to. Just make sure you lock the door when you leave though."

Dabi was still half asleep but gave a lazy smile. "Yeah, of course, I'll cook when you get home and clean when you're gone. Don't worry."

Smart ass. "You know what I mean Dabi. Anyways I gotta go. See You later."

With that, Hawks walked away from the table and tired man, walking out to the door. To see and make sure Miruko wasn't mad with him leaving her on read.

Chapter Text

Hawks was with Miruko, the two were sitting outside a small coffee shop near their job, as Miruko heard the story of the occurrence of last night.

"So he was damaged. By his own quirk. And is indeed Enji's son." Miruko was sipping her coffee then softly placed it down, taking in her coffee flavor. "Oh and so you guys made out. Then you guys just got up acting like nothing this morning?"

The blond was messing with his straw wrapper and nodded. "Yeah. Exactly that."

Miruko took another sip from her coffee, watching a bird fly up and flee away. Stuck on what her friend was doing with his life. "I don't mean to ruin the mood but, you know this thing you guys are doing, seems like a friends with benefit sort of thing."

Hawks groaned and hid in his arms. "I know I know. I didn't want it to come to this but he just keeps thinking of it like nothing and I feel like I shouldn't say nothing cause it isn't my place to." He had muffled this threw his arms.

"Listen hear birdbrain." Miruko, who understood everything he said suprisingly, turned in her chair to face her dumb friend, smacking her hand on the table to get his attention. "If you are actually interested in Dabi and want to date him, just hurry up and tell him. Don't fuck shit up with him."

Yeah cause it's that simple. Hawks leaned on his hand and just stared at the dust on the coffee table. He was totally fine since the morning but thinking about the Dabi kissing thing was giving him a headache. If only it was simple. Miruko must of caught on since she sighed and got up to throw her coffee away.

"Okay, let's go. Enji might be mad if we're late another time this month."

Hawks nodded and got up. "Alright."



Stepping in the building, everyone had been walking around getting stuff ready. Miruko had her hand on her hip and tilted her head. "What in the hell is going on now?"

"Miruko, Hawks, Enji's asking for you." Shinya had some papers in his arms and spoke while passing the two. Too busy going over the papers he had.

The two looked at each other, shrugging and headed over to the red headed man's office. Miruko was glancing around to see what the people were up to but focus back to where she was walking. Hawks was first to enter and noticed Enji moving around with some papers in his hands.

Enji stopped mid through his work and saw the two, giving a nod. "Good, you guys are here. We have a new case. Some kid's parents are being sued since he vandalized a convenient store, the owners suing for at least 500 dollars."

"Did the kid do it to protest or for fun like every other reckless kid?" Miruko was the first one to ask this and walked over to see the paper Enji was seeing. Enji handed the paper to her and moved to give Hawks the other one he had.

"They say the kid was doing it for his own. But the owner is convinced that the kid is a protester. Don't know how or why but he does. Hawks, the mom of the kid had requested for you. You willing to take it?"

I don't know, this IS paying for all the shit I need in my life. Hawks read over the case and clients statements. The kids name was Kaminari Denki, a blond with a black lighting streak in his hair. He looks like a good kid, looks nothing like those riot protesters.

Too in focused, Hawks had heard Enji call out his name again. Picking his head up, Hawks realized the question he was asked was still waiting for an answer. "Oh, right. Yeah I'll take it. I think they'll be a lot of proof that the kid is not some violent protester or something. I'll look into it."

Hawks closed the folder and moved to see what case Miruko was looking at. She looked confused, the paper work had a lot of writing and Hawks couldn't really get the whole note on it when she moved to close it. "This shit is nothing but lies. Enji, come on you don't believe this right?"

Miruko had faced Enji, who was too busy moving and organizing the papers. Enji glanced over at the rabbit, moving to see what case she was complaining about.

Hawks didn't know what was going on but he knew it was a case Miruko didn't do. Which meant if she was forced to do it she wouldn't really try and will just get a headache with it.

The older man was looking at the case, sighing as he knew what she was talking about. "Yes, I know it is." What Miruko thought at the moment was that she was going to be forced to do it and was ready to argue about it. "You don't have to take it. I'll send it off to someone else. I may have another one that will suit you though. Look into this one."

Enji had took the one Miruko didn't like and gave her another folder he had in his other hand. Hawks saw the surprised expression had and chuckled. "Alrighty, thanks Enji. Me and Miruko will head straight on it." Enji nodded and went back to his work while Miruko came back to reality and followed Hawks out the office. Flabbergasted.

"Hawks, he gave me another case after saying I didn't like the other one. That's like, not like him at all." Shrugging, the blond look through his case again and went to walk over to his desk.

"Who knows, that man has a bunch of sides we probably don't even know about."

"Yeah but this isn't really like him. He never cared about my opinion on cases and forced me into them anyways. Now it's like, he cares about my reason." Miruko sat at the extra seat Hawks had at his desk, staring up at the ceiling in disbelief.

Hawks didn't say anymore and went to do his work on what to help the clients on.






The whole entire day, Miruko and Hawks had been working non-stop on their work, not even having time to chat with each other and talk about things they knew didn't matter.

Finally finishing with some good record evidence for the kid, Denki, Hawks placed his head down on his desk, letting out a breath he didn't know he had in. Tired of this shit.


Picking his head up like lightning, the blond noticed Enji looking down at the work he found/did. I could've sworn you were in your office. "Yes sir?"

Enji was still looking at the papers Hawks did, nodding with satisfaction. "Good work on this. Anyways, have you had lunch yet?"

Are you gunna ask me to lunch? That would be fun, yeah totally would be. If, he actually asked it though. Wait, no, I thought he was a guy we shouldn't look up to anymore? It's bad to, right? After what he did with Dabi. Then again, Dabi said he was reaching out to him. But then again, Dabi didn't want him to reach out to him. Ugh, why is this so confusing and why do I have to have so much mix feelings about this?

"Hawks?" Enji looked at Hawks in confusion.

The blond covered the fact that he spaced out to think, with a smile. "Huh, sorry, just thinking about. The case. Yeah." Smooth. Oh right the lunch thing. "Also, yeah I haven't had lunch yet. Why did, you want to get some?"

Enji was thinking now and nodded his head, not as in enthusiastic but he still did. "Yeah, I wanted to chat with you and Miruko. Since you two are close, correct?"

Of course not. It's not like we drive each other to work sometimes. Or usually come to work on the same time. Of. Course. Not.

"Yep. Most closest friend I have in this god forsaken world."

Right on cue, Miruko popped in leaning on Hawks desk, smiling at the two men. "Forsaken world what?"

"Enji wants to go to lunch. With us."

Miruko didn't expressed it on her face but knew Hawks was gunna get something, like a complain, from her when they were alone. Oh how fun.

Instead of disagreeing, Miruko shrugged and kept smiling. "Alright sure. What you like?"

"Whatever is good with the both of you. I do not mind." Enji was acting so, different, in Hawks perspective.

The man he looked up to when he first arrived here was someone, strict, always busy, never wanting to talk with others unless it involved work. He was acting like, someone you could actually look up to. Someone who you can say, "Hey what's crackin' my man?" Then again, Hawks was a dork.

So the two youngsters, smiled and got up to grab their bags. "Alright" Miruko said, "How bout some coffee and sandwiches?"

"Sounds good with me. You Enji?" Hawks turned to see Enji nodding. Slowly.


"Cool." The two friends said together.

Chapter Text

When the three coworkers made their way to a nice, well known, coffee shop that served the most greatest sandwiches, quoted by Miruko. They sat out in the benches they had outside, enjoying the nice breeze the, almost ends of fall, they had left.

"Man, can't wait for winter. To hibernate in my blankets and sleep in when the snow comes falling." Miruko was sipping on a coffee she order. With a lot of sugar like a cracked out person she was.

Enji was staring at his coffee, nodding with what Miruko was saying. "The winter is usually nothing to me."

"Well of course not to you, Mr. I-have-a-fire-quirk. It's gets hella cold out her for a girl like me." Miruko chuckled and took more sips from her coffee. "Even for Hawks and his bird wings. Bet you're not even that warm in the winter aren't ya?"

Hawks grinned as he shook his head. "Yeah sure whatever. I can just turn on the heater."

"Don't want a higher bill though. That's the thing." The two seemed to enjoy the fun little winter talk but Enji scratched the back of his head. As if he wanted to add something, or more like, talk about something else.

The blond was easy to catch on, coughing to catch Miruko's attention, moving his eyes to signal to her to look over at Enji. Which she did, nodding as she understood.

"Hey Enji, you okay?" Miruko leaned on the table to see the red head man, giving a small smile. Forced one probably. "You seem out of it. Tell us what's on your mind."

Enji looked from Miruko to Hawks then back at his coffee, sighing. "I, my--" Another sigh. "I wasn't a good person when I was, younger, if you can say. I had a fraud of a personality." When the older man said this, he had look over at Hawks. "Faking my way around life to try and become the best. Not thinking of anyone but myself."

The two didn't say anything, just listened to what Enji had to say about his life. "I'd hit my wife, abused my childern mentally and sometimes physically." Enji wasn't looking at them anymore, he was staring straight down into his coffee. Like it was an escape for him. "I did that all for stupid deeds. To try and become better than everyone. Show the world that I was a high power quirk user, and so were my family. But, I didn't think about my family. Not even once."

When Enji finally picked up his head, facing Hawks, there was a type of remorse in his eyes. It was quiet but Miruko was first to say something, and to be honest, it didn't sound forced or angry when she spoke. "You did it for a role?" She was messing with her coffee mug, now glancing at the older man. "Why?"

Hawks saw not anger, well maybe, but a type of, confusion in her expression. Like she didn't understand correctly. Enji looked over at Miruko but then back again at his coffee, finally changing his view after to focus on some leafs moving around on the ground.

"I did it cause I wanted to be the best, quirks were being shown to be more important than anything else. I wanted everyone to know that me and my family were higher then othes. What I did will take months, even years at most, to get forgiveness. And. Well. I'll be willing to wait."

Miruko didn't say anything more. Just sat there, in her own thoughts, thinking on what to think about this man now. For Hawks, he only knew why Dabi hated him so much now. Why he never liked being around him. I understand now.

"Enji." The blond began


"Why are you telling us this?" That, was the actual biggest question Hawks had right now. Why didn't he just keep it quiet and fix the shit he fucked up on his own. Why did it matter now and share this.

"I wanted to share this cause, I'm trying to be better. Hawks, I've been the one to help you and show you how the world work at a young age. When in reality, I only saw you better then my first son cause of your quirk." Enji shook his head as he couldn't believe the shit he was even saying. Hawks couldn't even believe it.

Hawks thought for a couple of seconds until realizing something. "Enji? How many kids do you have?"


"Right, okay, so then, who's your first son?"

Enji looked from Miruko then to Hawks. "He's around your age Hawks, I had actually met with him about yesterday afternoon. Didn't go well. His name is--"

"His name was Touya Todoroki. A name he had dislikes after his father called him a failure. So what he decided to do was change his name. A name he could go by and for people to call him. Instead of the one he was given." Enji was interrupted, you can say, by his own son. No other then Touya himself.

Dabi had his hands in his pocket, eyes sharp, staring only at Enji. Glaring at his dad like nothing else matter, but covering it with a small smirk.

"Dabi!?" Miruko spat out her coffee when she saw this emo male. "Uh. Hey what's up, dude?"

He didn't move, just kept his eyes on Enji, replying back to the bunny. "Hey Mriuko. Hawks." He however move his head to nod over at Hawks, grinning when he looked over at Miruko now. "So, you all don't mind if I crash this tea party do you. Cool."

With that, Dabi had pulled a chair from the other table, adjusting it where it was across Miruko, Enji and Hawks on the side of the table. His colored eyes kept a clean glare on the one person he got it from. It was quiet, like a very awkward quiet. This was making the blond very uncomfortable.

"Er, Dabi when--"

"Tell me old man, how long have you've known Hawks?" Dabi leaned back on his chair as he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. Interrupting his father again.

Enji was watching him now too, eyes moving from the cigarettes then back at his whole face. "I'm his manager from work. I've been his manager for 4 years now. That's how long I've known him."

Dabi made no move to light his cigarette, just kept it on his lips, nodding with what Enji was saying. "Right. But. Be honest old man, aren't you trying to be a better person anyways? Remember? Be serious now, when did you meet Hawks and how long have you actually known him?"

Hawks was moving his direction back and fourth from Enji to Dabi. A little confused on what was going on. That's when it hit him.

Does he already know? If so, how?

Enji pulled his shoulders back, glancing over at Hawks real quick, then back at his son. "I had met Hawks when he was seven. Twelve years later, he's working for me." Dabi nodded as he understood, taking the cigarette he had in his mouth out.

"Okay." That's when he turned his head over at Hawks. "So let's see if I'm right. It's been a weird theory I have."

Hawks only nodded, feeling a little uneasy in his stomach, adjusting in his seat. "Okay." He said this, showing no kind of nervousness he actually had.

"So you said, you use to live in a hellhole. Some lawyer comes to help you and your family issues, then suddenly, he becomes this sort of idol to you cause he took time out of work to check on you, for oh, let's see. Fours years straight." The way those eyes shinned, wasn't the same dark or interest the blond was familiar with. He was saying this with ease, no anger in his voice.

Hawks although could for some reason, see hurt?

"Then you started to study to be a lawyer and shit. Being great at it. Graduating early and jumping in your job as quick like lightning. So let's conclude all this. Enji came to you when you were 7. Twelve years later, you're working for him. Which means you started working for him when you were 19."

Holy fucking shit he does. What the fuck, how? Fucking fuck me in the ass again.

Coming back to reality, Hawks nodded. "Y-yeah."

Dabi was grinning and shook his head. Turning to look over at Enji, chuckling a bit. Finally standing up, glaring with such sharpness at Enji. "You fucking asshole."

The red hair man couldn't say anymore when Dabi walked away. They sat there for a whole good minute, until Hawks got up, heading over to where Dabi was going.

Miruko had watch a whole TV series, being shook like someone died or something. Looking at Enji, she noticed the distressed look he gave. "So. Dabi's your son."

"Yeah." He began. "May I ask a question?"


"How does Hawks know Touya? And if it's appropriate, what are they?"

This, made Miruko grin. Checking her watch then looking back at Enji. "It's a long story but you're the boss, we have time."






Dabi hated showing feelings, he hated expressing it and talking about it. Anger. Was a close friend to him. It explained many scars on his body, but his father was of course responsible for most of them.

Right at this moment, he needed to go somewhere away from people, far away from them. He turned down a corner, with no people passing down. The clicks of shoes were heard behind him, and he already knew who it was, stopping to shake his head and look at the blond.

"Dabi, geez, you're a pretty fast walker. My gosh." Hawks moved a strand of hair away from his face, walking a normal pace over to Dabi. Who wasn't saying anything at the moment. He didn't even know what to say anyways.

Hawks gave a small smile. "I, don't really have no idea what to say but I wanted to follow and make sure you didn't do anything to get yourself hurt. You know?"

"Hawks, wanna know one fact?" Dabi took on step close to him. The blond only nodded. "Don't follow anyone who's angry when they are a user of a fire quirk. You'll only get burned."

The golden brown eyes had stared back with determination now and shook his head. "If I got to get burn to make sure the person I care about doesn't get hurt then I'll take that chance."

"Its a stupid chance." Dabi moved away and continued to walk down the street. The clicks of Hawks shoes followed after him again and started to walk beside him.

"Dabi, please, you know you could talk with me."

He shook his head and ignored the blond. "I can, I just won't choose to. Not at the moment."

Anger was a good friend and he'll love to be with them when he's alone. Not when he's with someone he actually cares for. And irritation was also something he hated to show. He was irritated now when Hawks stood in front of him to stop him in his tracks. "Dabi. Just listen alright just--"

"Listen Hawks, I'm really fucking irritated okay. I'll tell you how I feel after all this. Okay? Great. See You later." Dabi passed the blond again.

Thinking he finally got it through Hawks. He actually very was wrong. Wrong because he had felt Hawks grab his hand, in a way to stop him. Not thinking at all, Dabi just finally expressed the anger he at that moment.

Bring out his flames, he felt Hawks hand move away, Dabi glanced back to notice the way he pulled with a wince. Dabi felt the burning flames come from his hands up to his arms a bit. Turning off his quirk quickly to walk away with ease now.

He wanted to apologize but all he was hearing in his head, was the words his father would always say to him. Weak just like your mother. Dabi hated that stupid saying, and it was the reason he was getting even more irritated.

Chapter Text

Hawks was sitting in his living room with Mriuko, wrapping his burned hand from the incident earlier. They just finished work not so many hours ago. Miruko noticed the distress face her friend gave and sighed.

"He burned you Hawks, and the only thing you're thinking about is seeing if he's okay, aren't you?" Miruko gave a small smile and shook her head. "You, are just one whole weird bird."

Hawks groaned and shoved his face in his couch pillow. "I hate living. I hate to hate too."

"That, sort of makes sense."

"Please just kill me." Hawks sighed when he picked his head back up.

Miruko shook her head and stood up to throw away the cut pieces of the bandage. "Hawks, how did he even burn you?"

The blond groaned again and stared down at his feet, pouting like some 6 year old. "I kept bugging him to stop but he kept leaving, so I reached for his hand and he actived his quick." Miruko shook her head again, leaning on his hallway, grinning like she wanted to say something. "What?"

"Hawks, you made out with him, you've went on that little riot with him, made out in his car, had flirted with one another, went to one of his concerts. WITH HIM. My gosh you guys are hopeless. You guys technically act like you're already dating." Miruko covered her eyes with her hand as she couldn't believe her friend.

Hawks was grinning when rubbed his bandaged hand. "Would it be a bad time to bring up the time he taught me how to slow dance?"

"No I would fucking say that's cute and adorable but I'm too confused on your guys relationship." Sighing, she picked her head up a second later like she just got an idea. "You can talk with Tomura, he's dated Dabi. He can give you tips on how to win him over. Or just hear him out about how Dabi is. I don't know."

All was Hawks heard was, Tomura dated Dabi? The fuck? His friend had noticed his confused face and chuckled.

"Tomura dated Dabi? How do you know this?"

"Toga, duh. We're closer then you think birdbrain." Miruko grinned when Hawks rolled his eyes. "Anyways, we should head over to Tomura's."

"You know where he lives too?" Hawks was honestly confused. When has Miruko have the time to hang out with Toga and Tomura. That was all Hawks was thinking now.

It probably read on his face cause it was Miruko's time to roll her eyes now. "You know, when you're out with Dabi. It gives me time to hang with the others so don't start getting confused now." Miruko walked over to get her bag, kicking his leg a bit. "Now come on, I'll drive."






Tomura was outside his porch playing, of course, a game he downloaded on his phone. Toga, and Twice were outside with him, making whatever they were making with the flowers in the grass and giggling together when they threw some grass at each other. Tomura didn't really care.

Kurogiri and Compress were inside. He didn't care at all what those two were doing. Concentrating more on the game he was playing.

He did glance up when a car pulled up in his driveway, noticing it was Miruko's car. Toga and Twice still sat on the grass, only turning their heads to see Miruko and Hawks step out the car.

Toga had beamed with a smile, waving at the two. "Hey hey Miruko. Hawks, long time no see."

Twice rasied a peace sign which Miruko gave back to him. "Hey Toga, Twice. What you guys up to?"

Flower crowns. They were making flower crowns? Really? Tomura had noticed when Toga picked up the circular shape of flowers, hearing a giggle from the small blondie.

Miruko nodded with a big grin, placing a hand on her hip. "Neat crown."

"Thanks, Twice helped me." Toga gave a sweet smile over at Twice, which made the man shake his head shly.

"You were bugging if I didn't help you'd stab me-- Of course Toga, anything to see the smile bright on your face." Twice scratched the back of his head until he glance over at Hawks. "Oh, Toga was telling me on how you and Dabi broke up. You okay?"

Tomura grabbed the nearest thing, which was an empty water bottle, chucking it over at Twice's head. Smiling when it got him. "Twice, they were never dating. Plus, you shouldn't listen to all the bullshit Toga spats out. You too Toga, stop talking gossip that ain't real."

The grinning blondie didn't say anymore as she stood up, shrugging her shoulders. "I mean, I'm just saying what I'm hearing. But like, in my way."

Miruko was giggling and made her way over to the porch, Hawks following behind her. "Hey hey Tomura. Hope you don't mind if we stopped by. Wanted to see your cute little face."

Tomura rolled his eyes and leaned back on his chair, crossing his arms. Bullshit. "You're here for something else. I'm gunna say it's because of Dabi." He glanced over at Hawks when he said this.

Earning a soft pink hue on the blonds ears. "It was all Miruko who said we should come over. I didn't."

"Figured." Tomura uncrossed his arms and motions his arms over to the free chairs he had. "Well, take a seat and ask away."

The two did exactly that and Miruko opened her mouth to ask something but was interrupted by the two grown men, who were in his house, stepping out now.

"I said specifically that using honey for anything can making anything tasty." Compress was first to step out, hands in his pocket as he said this.

Kurogiri raised his eyebrow and smirked. "Anything you say?"

This made Compress smirk, glancing back to shrug. "Won't know until you try it."

The two were smirking at each other until turning over at Tomura, who cleared his throat to get their attention. "Sorry to interrupt your weird grown up flirting but we have guest."

Kurogiri turned over at Miruko and Hawks, smiling at them, bowing his head. "Ah, now. This must be about Dabi. Right? He hasn't answer to any of my messages, that's why I'm guessing."

Compress leaned on the wall by the window, crossing his arms, shaking his head as he did. "Daddy issues again."

Hawks was rubbing the back of his head and stared off somewhere else. Tomura watched as he did and glance over to the bandage on Hawks other hand. "What happened?"

Miruko knew exactly what Tomura was talking about and crossed her arms as well. Grinning over at her friend. "Tell them Hawks. What happened to your hand."

The sun was beginning to set, making the sky a nice pink orange color. But with the sun still shinning, it reflected on the blonds eyes, getting advantage on how the gold brown eyes turned more of a honey color now. Damn, Dabi wasn't kidding when he said they did that.

Hawks picked his eyes up to glance at Tomura, then down at his feet. "I tried to get Dabi to stop to try and talk with him by grabbing his hand when he was storming off. But he, ended up burning my hand a bit."


"He did that?" Kurogiri tilted his head in confusion.

Compress was the one to place a hand on his chin. "Hm. That usually doesn't happen. Did he warn you about it first?"

This made Hawks nervously chuckle. Making Miruko shake her head again. "Yeah he did. But. This birdbrain doesn't understand the usage of his brain."

"I'm gunna actually agree with Miruko on this." Hawks stated staring at his hand, clenching then unclenching it.

Tomura watched as he did, thinking for a bit as he did. "Hawks, you're not mad that he burned you are you?"

Shaking his head no, Hawks was quick to do it when Tomura asked. "No, of course not. I mean, it completely was my fault for not listening so it was all on me."

"Miruko you lied. He does know how to use his brain." Compress said this with a smirk.

Earning a small slap on the others shoulder from Kurogiri. "Stop."

"Anyways" Tomura began again, ignoring the weird way Compress smirked deviously at Kurogiri. Gross. "If you want to talk with Dabi. Reach out to him. He probably thinks you won't want to see him cause he hurt you and shit. The time Dabi burned me was when me and him were--"

Tomura had stopped himself there when he realized the info he was gonna share shouldn't be shared. Instead, he coughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

Miruko grinned and chuckled, like she knew exactly what he was talking about. Kurogiri and Compress were the only ones confused while Hawks looked around awkwardly.

"I mean, I would love to speak with Dabi I would but, I don't know what to say to him actually. After, everything he just literally found out about me." Hawks kept his eyes low on the ground, letting out a soft sigh he had in.

Tomura knew what happened thanks to Miruko, chatting up with Toga, and the crazy blondie yapping about it to him on the way to get coffee together.

"I vote" Compress said raising a finger to change the topic. "You just go see him and try and seduce him. I've learned from Magne that giving your partner "head" as she says. Makes everything better--"

"You're getting us off topic. Stop." Kurogiri was quick to hurry and get back on the original conversation when he turned to look at Hawks. "Just try and buy him something. It is known to be a common thing for forgiveness."

Hawks seemed to actually think about Kurogiri's offer, since he gave a small nod to the other.

"Or you could talk to me like a normal person cause, you know, we're adults." Tomura turned to look over at Dabi, who was looking over Hawks then at Tomura. "Didn't know you had guest."

He probably didn't even hear what Hawks just said about a second ago.

This made Tomura nod and glance over at how Hawks was, who was looking down at his feet now. Tomura stood up and move to walk down his small steps, giving a smile to Dabi. "Yeah, you know they usually visit. Anyways, let's go, let's chat."

Tomura kept walking and knew that Dabi was following after. He kept his hands in his pockets as they walked down the sidewalk, around the neighborhood. Leaving the others behind. At my own fucking house. Totally bad idea but whatever.

His red eyes looked over at the emo male then focused foward again. "So. Your bird was telling me how you burned him."

Dabi kept his gaze low and just walked close by Tomura. Saying nothing. With that they just walked, in silence, enjoying the nice breeze and color of the sky had.

They walked all the way down to the corner where it lead to another neighbourhood. Enjoying the breeze of the wind and silence for once more until Tomura turned to raise an eyebrow at Dabi.

"Dabi, you know he's not mad at you."

No response.

"Did you mean to burn him?"

This made Dabi actually pick his head up and stare at Tomura straight in the eye. "No."

"Then you're feeling bad that you did then. Right?"

Dabi didn't answer quickly but did stopped walking. He leaned on the stop sign the street corner had and sighed. Tomura knew exactly what Dabi was thinking. "I warned him, I shouldn't feel bad about it anyways."

Tomura smiled as he stepped in Dabi's view. Shaking his head at how stupid his friend was. "Dabi, this just proves how much you like him. I don't know why you have to deny everything that happens to you, emotionally."

"It helps to ignore shit I don't want to hear." Dabi was grinning now and tilt his head on the pole when Tomura raised his eyebrow at him again. "What?"

"How 'bout we go back. I'll tell Kurogiri to cook something, like the mom he is, and you go talk with your sad blond bird. He might have a hard time trying to talk with you. Don't ask why, he just said he will. So. What do you say?" Tomura smiled as he messed with the opening of the others coat.

Dabi nodded and shrugged. "Sure. I can do that."

Tomura moved back, grinning when he gave a hard pat against Dabi's cheek, earning a glare from the other, walking back were they came from. "Good, let's go you emo ass hoe."






Hawks was sitting on the couch with Toga as she started to paint his nails red. He had his elbow on his knee as he leaned on his hand, sticking out his other one for Toga to do.

Miruko was helping Kurogiri and Compress cook something in the kitchen since he said Tomura texted him about cooking tonight. Since they were in his house.

Twice was on the floor, watching as Toga painted the nails cleanly and neatly, but got up to find something else to do.

"Red totally suits you." Toga said this brightly, finishing with the pinky, starting to blow air on his fingers.

To be honest, he didn't know why he agreed to this but he didn't really care at the moment and just smiled at Toga's statement. "Thanks."

Toga raised her eyebrow with a smirk, closing the red nail polish as she did. "You know, Dabi's hair is actually red."

Yeah, I know. Hawks looked at his nails and shook his head, pretending he didn't know, to make Toga just tell him about it anyways.

"Well know you know. So, thanks to me. He'll totally love this color on you. Maybe this will give you a bonus on winning him over again." Toga winked at this and moved to put all the nail polish she had away. Unless, it probably belonged to Tomura? Probably.

Hawks was honestly surprised on how fast the nail polish was drying. He sighed when he got up to see what the people in the kitchen were doing.

Miruko had her hair pulled in a pony tail, chopping some vegetable up, bright smile as she did. This sort of made him smile since he couldn't believe they gave her a knife. "Oh gosh who gave Miruko a knife?"

Kurogiri raised his hand but focused back on the water he was boiling. "I did, my bad. Is she threatening?"

"Very." It wasn't Hawks who said this but Miruko herself as she grinned darkly at her bird friend.

Hawks laughed but stepped back and twirled to sit at the kitchen table with Twice.

The sound of the front door was opened as Tomura and Dabi stepped in. Hawks saw Tomura give a soft smile as he looked towards what was happening in the kitchen. He actually had a really sweet smile.

There was a jolt of electricity run down Hawks' spine when he felt a hand touch his wings, exactly at where they attached to his back. He felt the tip of his ears burn when he glance over at Twice, who also had a pink blush across his face, when he noticed what he just did.

"Fuck man sorry-- Ah! Sorry I didn't mean to-- I mean I did but I--" Twice turned his head away and scratched the back of his head.

Toga had seem to saw the whole thing, since she started to laugh. "Oh. My. Gosh. Twice." She held her stomach and moved to sit at the table now too. "Were you with us when we said Hawks wings are like his tits? You gotta ask first."

"Uh, no. I don't think so. I'm sorry." Twice gave an apologetic smile at Hawks, scratching the back of his head still.

Hawks gave a small chuckle and smiled. "Its okay. Could you just, ask next time."

Twice nodded happily at this. Mood instantly changing. "Yes, yes of course. But also, why do you always wear such tight clothes-- You have a nice body no lie-- But why? Is it like your number one style?"

"Actually, it's nice to have a fitted shirt for it to not move around so much when I have my wings. I don't know, I usually did it after I started letting my wings show more." Hawks felt his wings adjust now and relax against his back.

The two other blonds at the table smiled as they understood what he was talking about, and realized the soft smile Miruko was giving to him too.

Kurogiri was putting in the vegetables Miruko cut up in the pot, along with Compress moving to add in some seasoning.

Toga took a hold of Hawks hand across the table and turned over to glance at Dabi who was watching as Tomura adjusted his TV. "Dabi, come here real quick."

Wait no. Hawks didn't really say anything and kept quiet when Dabi walked over to see what Toga wanted. Which was pretty much brag about Hawks' new polished nails.

"What you think? I did them myself." Toga was grinning as she waited for Dabi's response. "Pretty right?"

Dabi didn't really react but gently grab a hold Hawks hand, moving them to get a better look at the color. "Red." The turquoise eyes moved to stare at Hawks brown ones, smirking when they made the eye contact they finally made since the morning. "Suits you."

Killmekillmekillmekillme please. Hawks moved his hand away slowly and nodded, focusing his eyes to look at his nails too. "Thanks."

It was going to be a long night and Hawks knew that but he just rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. Please, just kill me.






Everyone. The whole group. The people Hawks had got to know with Miruko, was here. All. At. Tomura's. House.

They had already ate dinner, which was ramen thanks to Miruko, Kurogiri, and Compress. Right now, Hawks was sitting on the couch as the group started to play a small board game on the floor of Tomura's living room, watching as they did.

Tomura was actually participating in the game and Hawks guessed it involved with teams since Toga and Twice sat together. While Miruko and Tomura, keeping a good distance, sat by each other with cards hidden close to them. Magne was some "important person" since she was holding this other paper on what her role she was playing.

Muscular and Compress were talking about something that involved fighting styles. Which seemed weird honestly, to Hawks it did. Kurogiri was cleaning in the kitchen, putting stuff away and throwing stuff away in bags. Making snarky remarks about Tomura's life style to him. The other only shrugged with each question he got from the older man.

Spinner sat with Hawks on the couch, watching the peeps play the board game as well. Drinking a soda can, arguing about how Magne was playing the game wrong.

Dabi was leaning on the counter from the kitchen, looking at whatever was on his phone. Hawks had made no move on communicating with him, still not sure what to say to him. Not sure if the other wanted to talk with him anyways.

He felt the need to say sorry since the injury thing was his fault. But. There was a feeling where he felt Dabi would just call him dumb and say it's his fault and say it was his quirk that did it anyways. To just conclude it, Hawks felt like Dabi doesn't like him like he usually did before ever since he found out what Enji did for him. All in all, Hawks felt many things.

"Hawks. Hello? Are you even listening?" Miruko leaned back on her arms as she smiled at her now confused friend.

Blinking a couple of times, Hawks nodded his head as he gave a small smile back at her. "Yeah, why?"

"Cause Kurogiri just called you and you're just sitting there."

Hawks realized that he did hear his name be called and stood up quickly to head over to the kitchen. "Right uh, right." Stepping in the kitchen, moving away from the living room, he saw Kurogiri putting stuff in the trash.

Noticing the red winged man, Kurogiri smiled and moved to grab a couple of plastic bags, handing them over to Hawks. "Ah sorry, I was just wondering if you can throw this stuff away for me. If it's not too much trouble?"

"Huh? Oh, of course not." Grabbing all of the bags, Hawks had almost dropped one but quickly adjusted his finger to hold on to it.

Dabi wasn't secret at hiding the fact that he was staring, so when he leaned on the counter with a grin, Hawks had actually glanced over at him. "Need a hand bird?"

"No." Hawks was quick to say this. Realizing he must've sound rude, then quickly shook his head. "Uh, sorry, that came out rude. I'm good. I got it."


When he moved to go throw out the bags in the backyard, where Kurogiri said Tomura kept his trashcans, he let out a breath he didn't know he had when he stepped out in the back. Closing the sliding door softly. Feeling the night breeze rushing through his face.

He took his time to throw the trash, from walking to the trash cans, to throwing the bags in the trash one by one, dusting his hands off when he finished.

Finally taking the chance to look up and see the midnight sky. The moon was full tonight, clouds barley passing it. Realizing that he was outside, Hawks took the time to also stretch out his arms and wings. Exhaling after the long stretch with ease and satisfaction.

Outside was honestly better then being inside, but he didn't know what excuse to make to be outside, or to be specific, a way to go home when Miruko was here and having fun. He also did come here with her. He sighed, putting his hands in his pockets, eyes moving from the sky to the grass.

"You know, it shouldn't take you long to just throw 4 small bags of trash away." The person who said this was no other then Dabi. Who leaned on the wall of the house, a couple of inches from the sliding doors, arms crossed, tilting his head as he waited to see what excuse Hawks had.

Which, was none actually. He just turned and shrugged. "Ah, right."

Pulling out a cigarette, Dabi narrowed his eyes to light up his cancer stick, focusing them softy back on Hawks again when he did.

Hawks didn't say anything but just watched as Dabi took a drag from his cigarette. Dabi didn't make no move to leave or disconnect the eye contact. Which lead Hawks watch on how the smoke left the others lips, having the sudden remembrance on how they felt. They shared a whole minute of silence until Hawks moved to head back inside. Still. Not saying anything too much.

"Why are you avoiding me?"

It was a simple question, sure as hell one of an honest one too, but it was able to stop Hawks in his tracks. Glancing to notice the other was staring right back at him still.

"You upset that I burned you?" Dabi took the cigarette out of his mouth, throwing it on the ground and lighting it out.

"I'm not upset about what you did to me. That was completely my fault." Hawks watched as he moved his injured hand, clenching then unclenching, it was usually what he did. "And, to be clear, since I'm open about my shit. I feel like. I don't know. You shouldn't talk with me cause I'm some guy who your father liked more? Ah that's just sounds rude now. What I mean is, uh-- ugh."

Those turquoise eyes didn't moved away from Hawks, even when the blond closed them, making him sigh when he realized that Dabi was probably thinking he was stupid for thinking this. So he was quick to shake his head and focus back on why he was back here in the first place. "You know what, just. Forget it okay, I came here to throw stuff away. I need to let Kurogiri know."

Dabi watched as he took a couple of more steps then moved to get a soft grip on the others wrist. "I told him I was gunna talk with you. Told him not to worry if we didn't head back inside so quickly." Hawks made no move to face him and just kept his eyes closed. "Hawks."

So much feeling that he wanted to express hit him and felt like they could burst right now. Hawks didn't say nothing, opening his eyes finally and turning his head to look at the black haired male.

"Lets, talk. You know. Just me and you." Dabi looked iffy about it and it sort of made Hawks feel warm inside about it. "When we first kissed, was it true you only saw it as a kiss, like I did, or was that a lie?"

This was a whole other conversation and Hawks literally blinked to realized how it completely changed. And how he couldn't believe it was real.

Hawks sighed softly as he moved his wrist slowly away from the others grip, missing the contact a bit. "It was a lie Dabi. I thought about our first little kiss at least twice the day after actually." Chuckling, Hawks felt the tips of his ears burn. "Why are you bringing this up? I would've figure you'd want to talk about your dad and me having that weird years interaction."

Dabi moved his hands in his coat and shrugged, moving closer to Hawks now. "Enji's a piece of shit. I'll always know that. The only reason I was mad was because Enji. I don't care that he did all that shit for you. Just, I don't know. I just, get stupid reasons to be upset really."

His turquoise eyes actually averted down to the ground but fixated back on Hawks when the blond chuckled at this. "I see. Well, then. I'm sorry I irritated you."

"Its cool." Dabi moved his focus to the source that was shinning on them, which was gleaming brightly in the sky tonight. "My bad on burning you."

"Oh. That's totally okay. I don't care about that." Hawks chuckled and scratched the back of his head as he said this, feeling even warm now.

The moonlight made Dabi's eyes glow more and it was, no lie, making the other look so soft for once. It made Hawks smile. He didn't know he was staring long until Dabi caught him doing so. "What?"

Hawks shook his head, moving his eyes away after quickly. "Nothing. Just funny how all of this could happen in one day."

Dabi shrugged at this, like he was unamused from it. Probably was. "It's how life goes."

They stood in a comfortable silence for a minute, watching as the rest of the clouds blew away finally. Leaving the moon only in the sky alone now. Until Dabi side glanced over at the other.


Hawks looked at Dabi, with a small smile. "So what?"

Dabi watched as he did and grinned. "So you lied."

Lied? About what-- Hawks blushed when he realized what the other was talking about. "I-- eh-- maybe I did."

"You thought about it twice the next day?"

"Yeah because it was nice. I'm not going to be ashamed to admit it. Probably embarrassed but that's all." Hawks smirked, knowing that he a had a blush across his face though, but still glanced over at Dabi, putting his hands in his pockets. "If you kissed me right now though, I'm pretty sure all I'll taste is cigarettes."

"Hm, probably." Dabi eyes were staring back at Hawks and moved his hand besides the others cheek. Running his thumb over Hawks cheek bone, then down to his bottom lip. "You wouldn't care though. Wouldn't you?"

Hawks shook his head, placing his own hand over Dabi's, grinning as he did. "Nope."


With this, it was how the two had their lips meet again, finally. Kissing like they had never done it before, Dabi holding the others face with both hands now, tilting his head to make the kiss a little deeper.

Hawks moved the hands holding his face away and wrapped his own arms around the others neck. Moving to push their body together, enjoying every feeling of warmth the other was giving off. He also had a good opportunity to run his hand up into the others black hair. Enjoying how smooth and easy it was to run his hand through it.

The hands that were seconds ago holding his face, were now resting onto Hawks hips. Letting out a soft sigh near Dabi's lips when the other placed his thumbs on the blonds hip bones. Noticing a smirk display on the others lips.

So intimate into the moment, the back slidding door was heard being open and the two were quick to move away from each other.

The one who stepped out was Twice, smiling at them as he did. "Hey guys, we're gunna start playing on the console Tomura has. Wanna join in?"

Dabi was shaking his head but grinned when he looked over at Twice. "Yeah. We'll be right over."

Twice nodded and went back inside. Leaving Hawks and Dabi alone outside again. Hawks had a big smile on his face, leaning back and fourth on his heels. "So."

Chuckling a bit, Dabi returned his focus back on Hawks and grinned. "So I'm guessing we should actually talk about this relationship later then?"

"Yeah. Not here."

"Alright." They stared a little more until Hawks moved to walk where Twice just came from. "We should head in now."







Tomura was in the kitchen pouring himself some water-- since I'm the only responsible one here besides Kurogiri-- and just chilled around the kitchen for a minute.

Until he turned his head over to the where backdoor was and watched as Hawks stepped inside. Not even noticing the other was staring at him.

Dabi was next to enter and was the one to notice Tomura smirking at him.

He looked to where Hawks was walking then moved over to the kitchen with Tomura. "What're you smirking about?"

Tomura shook his head, sipping some of his water, setting it down to grin at Dabi. "You guys sure took long. What you guys talk about? Or better yet, what did you guys do?"

Those turquoise colored eyes glared at Tomura but he didn't care. Teasing Dabi about anything was the most fun he can get out of all of this. They couldn't really chat much since Twice called for them.

"You guys ready to play or what?" They glanced at each one more time before Tomura nodded, smiling to the group in his house.