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You Don't Say Good Luck in Theater

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Lance was sitting next to Keith in the school's auditorium, waiting for the play to start.

"Oh man, I'm so excited! My baby girl's gonna steal the whole stage!" Lance was so proud of her, he was almost tearing up.

Keith scoffed affectionately before whispering back,"Jasmine is supporting cast, not a main character."

"Hey! That doesn't mean she can't be great!" Lance whisper yelled, unintentionally gaining looks their way. Lance ignored them.

Keith rolled his eyes, but smiled. "Don't forget Amelia. She's working on lights."

Lance put a hand over his heart in mock offense,"How dare you assume I'd forget about my baby. Those lights are gonna be killer!"

Keith chuckled. Then he looked up, saw something, and tapped Lance on the shoulder to get him to turn around.

A woman, dressed in a semi-professional style was standing next to Lance in the walkway. She had a very worried look on her face, and was using her fingers to drum on her crossed arms. "Excuse me, are you Mr. Serrano-Kogane?"

Okay, Lance did not like the look on her face like at all. He shared a worried look with Keith. "Just Serrano. He's," Lance gestured to Keith,"Kogane. But what do you need?"

The woman only seemed to grow more worried. "Your daughter," She was clearly talking to the both of them,"Has started to throw up. I'm not sure if she's just nervous, or if she's sick, but nonetheless, I think she needs her parents."

Lance and Keith shared another worried look.

"Where is she?" Keith asked immediately.

The woman nodded, and walked away swiftly, looking back once to make sure they where following.

Keith followed at her heel. Lance followed soon after, placing a hand on Keith to calm him down some. Keith stared at Lance, then looked away but dropped his tense shoulders. Lance and Keith continued on.

The woman stopped right outside the woman's dressing room. "Jasmine is in there. It should be empty."

Keith marched right in, and Lance followed. There Jasmine was, sitting next to the trash can. She looked pale and really nervous.

“Jasmine,” Keith said in his weird mixture of soft but still really intense. Lance wasn’t sure how he could do that, sound loving but still pissed off. Well, Lance supposes, Keith probably is feeling loving and pissed off at the same time. Keith never ceases to amaze him.

Keith was sitting down next to Jasmine, holding her tight in his arms. Jasmine was still shaking, but was also clutching Keith, burrowing her face into him.

Lance bent down too, but slower and more cautious than Keith had. He soothingly rubbed Jasmine's back, trying to calm her down. “What’s wrong, mi hija? Do you think you’re sick? We can take you home if you want.”

Jasmine shook her head. “The play, I want to perform.” It was a bit muffled through the leather of Keith’s biker jacket, and she was speaking softly, but Lance could still hear her.

“If you’re sick, you shouldn’t perform.” Keith held tighter onto Jasmine.

“He’s right you know.” Lance continued to sooth her. “But, if you’re just nervous, then that’s okay, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous before a performance. Especially your first one.”

“I feel nauseated.” Jasmine mumbled. “And really really nervous.”

“Are you scared to go on?” Lance asked softly.

Jasmine nodded.

“I’ve been there. So has your dad. It’s really scary, having everyone look at you, and you’re so scared you’re gonna mess up. Stage fright is normal.”

Jasmine pulled back a little from Keith to look at him. “You’ve been in a play?”

Keith shakes his head. “Not a play. Public speaking. It sucks.”

“What did you do?”

Keith shrugs. “I just remembered everyone was depending on me, so I pushed my fear aside and did it anyways.”

Lance rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t always work for everyone. Sometimes it makes you feel worse. What I did, is talk myself up. Fake ego and everything.” Lance smirked.

Keith cocked an eyebrow,”Fake ego, huh?”

“I also remembered that my family had my back, even if they weren’t there. I had them in my heart, and knew that no matter what, they’d support me. And we’re supporting you.”

“We’ve got your back.” Keith smiled. He pulled away from Jasmine a little bit, and helped her stand up.

“You’re gonna be great, Jasmine. I know it.” Lance had stood up too, a hand resting on Jasmine's back. “I mean, you are my daughter. You probably inherited my genius acting skills.” Lance smirks.

Jasmine chuckles a little at that. “Papá,” she half-whines.

“Once Shiro told me to imagine everyone in their underwear, and then they wouldn’t seem so scary.” Keith shrugged, offering it to Jasmine.

“That does work pretty well sometimes. Another thing is to just ignore them, if you can. And hey, if they hate you, which they won’t, that just means they have no taste.” Lance shrugged.

Jasmine breaks out into a wide smile, beaming. Lance felt tempted to reach over and ruffle her hair, but man he knew how much effort went into hair and makeup for costumes, so he didn’t.

The woman from before came back in, “Jasmine, are you willing to go on?”

Jasmine hesitated. She looked back at her parents. “I’m still nervous.”

“You’re always going to be nervous. What’s important is that you do it anyways.” Keith crosses his arms, smiling reassuringly at Jasmine.

Lance shrugs. “Sometimes your dad is right. This is one of these times. You willing to be our brave little girl?” Lance smiled at the end, eyes sparkling.

Jasmine faced the woman again. She took a deep breath, then nodded. “I’m ready.”

“G-” Keith started to say, before Lance elbowed him sharply in the side, cutting him off.

“Break a leg!” Lance cheered.

Jasmine sent one more smile towards her parents before she walked out of the door.

“What was that for?” Keith hissed to Lance.

“Dude, in theater, saying ‘good luck’ is bad luck! You have to say ‘break a leg’ instead!” Lance exclaimed.

Keith rolled his eyes.


Jasmine was great, just as Lance had predicted.

That’s his baby girl!