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Dreams Do Come True

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“Are you nervous?”

Natasha sighed and looked over her best friend from the passenger seat as Maria drove her beat-up Nissan four door (since Natasha’s beat -up Honda broke down yesterday) towards R&S facility in Manhattan.

R&S, a famously known fashion clothing line that stands for, Rogers & Stark .

“A little. Yeah,” Natasha sighs again, but this time deeper. She was going to audition for a model in R&S, since the said company launched a campaign looking for new talents. The redhead’s dream since she was a little girl was to be a supermodel and walk those famous catwalks and Fashion Weeks around the world, but she never had the time nor the money to invest on that dream.

Orphan five year old girl, who never got adopted or at least fostered, moved from orphanage to orphanage until she was 18 and immediately left the orphanage to pursue her dream career, but life out there isn’t always pretty or how she imagined.

After leaving the orphanage, she started working and since then, there was no time for her dream, she tried , but for people like her, with no family or support, there was no way she could be a model.

Until now.

Until she saw the perfect opportunity online, seeing the ad from R&S, and immediately quitting her lame ass job as a waitress, rushed into practicing and showing her friends her strides in the small living room of the apartment. Clint mentioning she was born to be a model, Bobbi, Clint’s girlfriend, cheering her up as she modeled, and Maria (who has been there since they both met at the age of 14 in the orphanage and ran away together) smiled proudly and fanned her face before she could cry. Because she knew this was Natasha’s dream .

“You’ll be fine,” Maria smiled and reached for Nat’s hand.

Natasha chuckled nervously and nods her head, grabbing her friend’s hand and squeezed it.

When they arrived, after getting anxious with the traffic, and fearing Natasha wasn’t going to make it. Maria managed to drop Natasha off and wished her luck before she left for work as the redhead thanked her and watched her drive away. She closes her eyes and inhaled, exhaling slowly.

She adjusted her blouse and skirt, turns around to see the impressive modern building, her heart flutters. Smiling brightly, she begins rushing toward the entrance, not even paying attention to the beautiful structure outside and inside.

Natasha reached the lobby and fast walked to the receptionist, who’s a blonde middle-aged woman , around her 40 to 50’s, smiling and waving goodbye to three young ladies. The blonde woman then turned her attention to the redhead stopping in front of the deck.

“Hello, good morning - I'm here for the auditions for appendices model?” Natasha said a little bit breathless. The woman smiles wider and nods her head.

“It must be your lucky day, because the deadline is in 10 minutes.”

“I know, the traffic was bad, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it,” Romanoff explained as the woman reaches for a tag.

“Here. You can go up in the elevator like in about 15 minutes, go to the last floor and then there should be a lobby full of girls waiting for their turn to be auditioned,” the blonde lady sweetly instructed her.

Natasha sighs in relief and then worries, “Are there a lot?”

“ Uff ! Let's say like, whole New York is here?” The lady chuckles, making Natasha’s face fall, hopes going down, “But don't you worry, sweetie. By far, you're the prettiest I've seen,” the woman smiles friendly as Natasha huffs a laugh and nods her head.

“Thank you, ma'am.”

“Oh, please call me Sarah.”

“Alright, Sarah ,” Natasha said while Sarah kept smiling, “Do you know who's gonna interview? - I heard a rumor it was going to be Tony Stark, one of the CEOs himself.”

Sarah rolls her eyes, “Pfft!” She waved her hand dismissively, “Honey, that boy only comes over, only if he has to - Steve Rogers is the one who you're looking for. He'll be the one who's interviewing after auditioning for the judges,” Sarah told Natasha, whose eyes bulged out at the information.

Steve Rogers ?

The model, artist, fashion designer, co-inheritor of R&S, most yearned bachelor, America’s youngest CEO at the moment for being 25 years only, graduate of Harvard with honors, businesses man, is in this exact building as her. (Just 9 floors above her? And could have the luck of meeting him? She can die in peace now.)

Natasha must admit, she and Maria have been crushing on him and his group of famous friends like, co-inheritor to own R&S and CEO Tony Stark , Bucky Barnes , and Thor Odinson . The last ones two named being supermodels and workers for R&S. Bucky as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Thor as CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

“Alright, so...Steve Rogers it is. Wow no pressure at all ,” Natasha laughs humorlessly and Sarah smiles, “Okay, thank you so much, Sarah - for the tips. I'm Natasha by the way,” the redhead extends her hand as Sarah extends hers too, shaking hands.

“You're welcome, Natasha. I have a feeling you're going be a regular!” Sarah said excitedly and Natasha brakes the handshake to go outside and get a snack from the vending machine she saw outside.

“I hope so!” She waves goodbye at Sarah, who’s smiling and waving too.


“Tony, I told you, I need to stay until I interview aaaall the people who qualified - and I'm talking about 50 women and men,” Steve argued with his childhood friend. The CEO shakes his head. He sandwiches his phone between his ear and shoulder as he grabs his coffee from the roof of his latest Audi model, the navy blue car shining in the reserved spot. He closes the door and presses the lock on the car alarm. The CEO wearing a dark gray three piece suit with a black tie, sunglasses on and hair neatly done.

“Aww, come on, Stevie,” Tony whines from the other line while Steve walks into the elevator, “You have to go out - your relationship with Sharon is over, man. It’s time to move on,” Stark said. Steve rolls his eyes and presses the button to the 10th floor, the top floor. Steve sighs and shakes his head.

“It's not about Sharon , Tony - and you know I don't like her anymore,” Steve said and leans his back to the glass wall and grabs his iPhone in a hand while drinking his coffee.

“Alright, alright. So why you don't wanna go with me to the club then?”

Rogers lowers his cup, “Because I'm busy ! - not like someone I know and only wants to party every day.”

“Fine! But don't come at me crying when you get old and lonely!” Tony yelled defeated.

“Alright, Tony - see ya,” Steve rolled his eyes and ends the call before Tony can say something else. He looked up at the screen above the doors to see what floor he was, it was the third floor, then suddenly he realized something, “ Ugh, my portfolio. Goddammit,” he threw his head back in annoyance and immediately presses the button to the underground parking lot, deselecting the top floor button, the elevator began going back down...

Natasha glances down her phone and decides it’s time to go back inside and get in line for her audition. So she throws away her trash and grabs a mint from her purse, and goes straight to the elevator…

Steve locks his car again and walks towards the elevator, one hand holding his coffee and the other one holding his portfolio . He called the elevator down and waited for it to come as he pulls out his phone, since it alerted him he got a text.

He sets his portfolio down, seeing it was an important text from his assistant, he quickly unlocks his phone and begins texting her back, hearing the elevator arriving, he glances up but doesn’t pay attention there’s someone already in there, since he’s too busy texting. He bends down and maneuvers to get his hand (the one that’s holding the coffee) on his portafolio while holding the good ass coffee, enters the elevator and walks into it, straight to set himself next to the button pad.

But, there was someone already in that particular spot, walking straight into the person and spilling his good ass coffee on them.

Steve and the woman, he noticed now, gasped loudly as he widened his eyes, “Oh my God,” Steve breathes out shockingly as the lady, who’s frozen in place, stares down at her, coffee drenched, blouse, “I-I am so sorry, ma'am! I didn’t see you -

“The fuck is wrong with you?!” The woman screeches and looks up at him, getting more mad when she notices he just got a few drops of coffee on his shirt as hers is soaked. Steve was mortified and ashamed, so he puts his phone away and portfolio down.

“I-I apologize, miss. I was looking at my phone and -

“That's damn right! You weren't looking where you were going! - and now my blouse is ruined, you fucking idiot!” The girl yelled and whined and pushes the lobby floor button, “This was my chance, and now it’s ruined because an asshole , was taking on the phone, spilling his coffee all over my blouse!”

Steve winces, “Ma’am, I'm so so sorry again - you want me to get someone to buy you a new one?” He kindly offers but the lady growls and shakes her head.

“No! Leave me alone,” she bites her lip and sniffs, resists the urge to cry in front of the cause for her frustration and dream slipping away. Rogers never felt so bad for someone, he sighs and begs the redhead lady, who’s not even facing him.

Please don't cry. You’re making me feel more terrible for it.”

“I'm glad you do,” she snaps as the elevator stops at the lobby. Steve’s morals were tingling , he was feeling so bad for ruining whatever the lady was coming here for, and hey, maybe he could help her. After all, he’s the boss.

“Look, let me buy you a new one -

“I said no!” She bites and dismisses him as she walks out of the elevator, “You've done enough,” the woman’s hurt words stab him in the heart, making feel worse than he was feeling.

Steve sighs deeply and watches her walk through the lobby, and then run towards the exit. And he was pretty sure she began crying.


Rogers was in his office signing some papers, when a knock on his door interrupted him. He opened his mouth to ask who it was, when the door opened, Bucky walking in.

“Hey, punk.”


Bucky noticed Steve smile was sad, and being one of his  childhood friends, he knew something was wrong with him, “What's up?” Bucky asked as he walks to the desk and Steve setting down the pen, leans back to his chair.

“I bumped into a lady and spilled my coffee on her,” he sighs and shakes his head, “I was texting and I accidentally bumped into her.”

What?” Bucky chuckles and sits down on one of the chairs in front of Steve’s desk.

“She yelled at me and I tried making it up to her but she just refused to.”

“Make it up to her?”

“Yeah, buy her a new blouse,” Rogers said, but the wiggling of Bucky’s eyebrows suggested something else, “ Ugh , Buck. That's not what I meant by ‘making it up’. Look, I don't have time for this - the interviews begin in 30 minutes and I don't even have my paperwork done,” Steve argued and sits straight, grabbing the pen again.

“Steve, you don't have to work. You’ll co-own this industry - I don't even know why you came over anyway.”

“You know why, Buck,” Steve coldly said, not even looking up at his friend.

Bucky sighs and shakes his head, “You heard she's saying she dumped you?”

“I don't care what she says - I know the truth and you too,” Steve kept signing papers while answering Barnes, who nods.

“You hate her don't you?” He asked the blond.

Steve sighs loudly and sets his pen down again, looking up at his friend, “I don't hate her per se, it's just that I don't like her.”

“Well, I do hate her,” Bucky casually said as Steve rolls his eyes, “What?! I mean, after what she did to you? - who wouldn’t?” Steve shakes his head and smirks, continuing his signing and Bucky changing the subject.

30 minutes later…

Maria never driven so fast in her life like she did now, right after Natasha called her balling her eyes out, explaining what happened, she quickly made an excuse at work and went to their apartment, grabbed a new blouse for Natasha and flew to R&S facility. (Even though Natasha told her to just pick her up and go home, since she lost her place in the audition.)

“Thank.. you so much, Maria,” Natasha sniffs and goes to open the door, but Maria turns off the engine and walks towards Natasha, who starts crying again.

“What happened ?!” Maria asks concerned. Natasha hiccups and let Maria hugged her while rubbing her back in comfort.

“This asshole bumped into me and spilled his coffee all over me,” the redhead whined, “Now I lost my spot and they already closed the sign in’s!” Natasha cries out as Maria shakes her head, already pissed with this asshole that crushed Natasha’s dreams.

“Aww, Nat. Don’t cry,” Maria brakes the embrace and wipes Natasha’s cheeks, “You want me to beat up that guy for you?”

“It's alright, Maria,” Romanoff shakes her head and sniffs again, “Maybe this dream isn’t meant to be mine,” she sadly said and goes to enter Maria’s car. But Maria shook her head and stops her by the wrist.

“Don't say that, you don't know - come on,” Maria said and quickly grabs Natasha’s blouse from her car and handles it to her friend, who confusingly takes it from her.

“Maria, I told you, they already closed the signing in’s. They won't audition if I already lost my spot.”

Maria didn’t accept any excuses and took Natasha’s hand, leading her inside the building. Natasha was protesting but Maria walked them straight to the blonde receptionist lady, “Ma'am?” Maria called, making the woman smile at them in return, “An asshole spilled his coffee over her and she -

“Oh my!” The lady gasped as soon she noticed Natasha’s blouse, “Are you okay, sweetie? Did it burned you?”

“No. I'm fine,” Natasha shyly told.

“She missed her spot because of the asshole and now the sign in’s are closed!” Maria argued.

“You didn’t get to audition?” The lady asked Natasha, who timidly shakes her head in negative. The blonde woman sighs and grabs the desk phone, “Let me make a call very quick.”

Maria nods while Natasha shakes her head again, “It's fine, Sarah. You don't have to -

“Steve?” Sarah says to the other line, and apparently she’s talking to Steve FUCKING Rogers, making the two young girls shut their mouths, “Hi. I have a friend who missed her spot for the auditions and,” Sarah stops talking and sighs, listens to whatever Steve is telling her, she the rolls her eyes, “I know, I know,” she listens again and then smiles to herself while watching the girls stare at her in complete awe as she hears Steve out, “Just do me this favor please?” the older woman asked and waits until the man answered back, and it was what Sarah wanted to hear because she broke into a wide smile and then chuckled, nods her head, “Okay, I will,” Sarah ends the call and quickly grabs a VIP pass from the desk and smiles to Natasha excitedly, “Here,” Sarah hands the redhead the pass, “Just walk straight to the secretary and give her this. You don't need to be audition by the judges - you'll pass directly to Steve Rogers,” the older lady said as Maria and Natasha’s jaw dropped.

What ?” Both young ladies gasped.

Natasha’s eyes widen, “ Really ?” She asked incredulously to the blonde, who laughs and nods her head. Natasha bit her trembling lip, “Thank you so much, Sarah.

“You're welcome, sweetie,” the lady smiled warmly.

After Natasha got changed and fixed her makeup a bit, she thanked Maria and sent her home, because she didn’t know how much she’ll be here. So Maria went back home and wished her luck again, Natasha thanking her again. The redhead arrived at the top floor and was amazed by how many people were on the floor, all of them lined up and waiting for their turn. And she gulps, walking through the people, going to the secretary in there.

“You must be Natasha, don't you?” The secretary smiles at her, knowing who she was already. (Since Sarah already told her.)

“Yes, ma'am.”

The young girl smiles and stands from her seat, grabbing a clipboard and gestures her to the waiting area, Mr Rogers will be with you in a few. You can take a seat, if you find one” she smiles again and gives Natasha the clipboard with a sort of questions. Natasha grabs the clipboard and thanks her, going to the area, she stands there awkwardly, since there was no space to sit down. She quickly answered the questions, which were basically all asking where you were from and why you wanted this job or personal opinions.

“Natasha Romanoff?”

The named girl looked up to see who called her, which was the secretary. The young girl smiles sweetly and tilts her head towards Steve Rogers ’ office, “Go ahead.”

Natasha’s heart was racing faster than it was, hands began to shake and sweat, she nods and gives her the clipboard on her way. The redhead stops in front of the door and takes a deep breath, ‘Help me, God,’ she said in her mind and knocks on the door shyly.

“Come in!”

Her heart jumped hearing his voice, making her more nervous, so she slowly opens the door and enters the office.

And God almighty, can she just die?

Because there, standing behind a desk, was Steve Rogers aka the asshole who spilled coffee on her blouse earlier. The guy who she yelled and cussed out.

Yep, kill her right now.

Steve froze as soon he saw who walked into his office, recognizing her from earlier, the girl who he bumped into. Making her cry and probably burned her with his good ass but hot coffee.

They stared at each other for a few moment more before Steve tare his gaze away and clears his throat, “Uhh...take a seat please,” he gestured with his hand the chair in front of his desk.

Natasha gulps as she feels a blush forming her face, she was starstruck and as well ashamed in this moment. She walks towards the chair and awkwardly sits down, murmuring a ‘thank you.’

Steve clears his throat again, forcibly this time, and waits for her to sit before he takes a seat, “Umm, do you have experience in the modeling?” Steve inwardly cringed for his straight forward question, he normally asks them how was their day, of their breakfast, or for their damn names for Christ sake. But no, he went straight to the point, making both of them feel more awkward.

“No, Sir,” Natasha, being polite now, shook her head. Steve nods.

“How about your acting?”


Rogers sighs, “Look, umm.. let's forget what happened in the elevator and start all over, that okay with you?”

“I'm sorry I called you stuff and was rude, but this job really means everything to me, Sir - I know I was a total jerk,” Natasha apologized.

“Well, I'm sorry for spilling coffee on you,” Steve smiles charmingly and then comes back with the interview, “So no experience with modeling or acting?” He asked.

“No,” Natasha shakes her head. Well, duh , of course you have to have experience for this, Natasha! But she was so excited seeing the ad that she didn’t think about that.

“Umm, I'm sorry but we're looking for someone who has experience with modeling or acting. Sorry,” Steve said apologetically. Natasha’s face fell and heart broke hearing him say that.

“O-okay,” she smiles wobbly and nods her head firmly. Why she didn’t think of that? The ad just said to come and audition, didn’t give details. She basically came to make a fool of herself, in front of Steve Rogers, “It's alright, thank you, though - for having me here,” she acted bravely and quickly stood up, going far away from here, and maybe from New York. Tears already brimming her eyes.

But before her hand could touch the doorknob, she heard him say, “You know what?”

She looked back at him, eyes blinking rapidly. He stands up and rubbed the back of his head, “I still feel bad for the coffee and I-I don't know if you want to work in another thing. I mean, you can start as an assistant and then maybe you'll slowly get experience while seeing other models and -

“Yes!” Natasha yelled excitedly as she smiled brightly, but realized she responded too quickly. Blushing, she clears her throat, “I-I mean . Yes, Sir.”

Steve looked at her in amusement, “Umm,” he chuckles and stands up, walks around his desk towards her, “My personal assistant. She's retiring and well, maybe you'll like that assignment? - it's the only thing I can offer you right now. You don’t need experience for this,” he told Natasha, who was beaming and nodding her head.

This was her chance.

“Yeah. Sure,” she said to him.

“Perfect,” he smiles.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much,” Natasha, from the bottom of her heart, really thanked him for this chance, “For giving me this opportunity.”

“You're welcome,” Steve nods his head.

“So when do I start?”

“Linda is quitting in a week - you can be here Monday so she can train you for a week - let me give you her phone number,” Rogers said and went back to his desk to grab a notepad and quickly write down.

He tore the paper and walked back where she was, giving her the paper as he smiles at her politely. She gratefully takes the paper, “Well, Monday morning I'll be here, Mr Rogers,” Natasha’s eyes shone.

Natasha smiled brightly and thanked him again, leaving his office with a huge smile on her face, not even noticing envious glares on her way to the elevator.

She enters the empty elevator and presses the button for the lobby, smiling dreamily as she leans on the wall. Natasha closes her eyes and begins to chuckle, then turning into a laugh, not quite believing what just happened. She just got an opportunity to make her dreams come true and on top of that, she just met her celebrity crush!

What a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Reaching the lobby, Natasha texted Maria to come and pick her up, when she overheard Sarah talking with two girls behind the receptionist desk. The redhead looks up and sees Sarah waving goodbye at them as she walks away with a bodyguard ?

“Alright, girls! It was fun working with you!” Sarah said, walking further away.

“Bye, Mrs Rogers!” The girls told as they wave excitedly back at her.

The redhead frowns.

Mrs what now?

Rogers ? Sarah Rogers ?

She wanted to fucking die in that very moment, that lady who helped her, who was nice to her was Sarah Rogers. The Mrs Sarah Rogers, wife of the Joseph Rogers, co-owner of R&S. Aka Steve’s mom. Of course ! How could she didn’t notice that before!?

Ugh . Natasha guesses she was too preoccupied for her audition she didn’t even notice Sarah Rogers was attending her.

She might as well die of embarrassment and worst fan ever.



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