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These quiet moments we share

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The director looked up from her notes and turned to the other girl, a questioning look in her eyes and a gentle smile on her lips. Right there and then, Amemiya felt her heart beat just a tad faster.


“The school’s about to close,” Amemiya felt some pride for not letting her voice shake, “We should get going now.”


Masai furrowed her brows confusedly ( cutely , Amemiya mused instead) and she looked outside the window only to see the sunset partially gone. An array of orange starting to give way to the pitch black night dotted with stars. “Oh,” Masai said before she chuckled sheepishly, “I guess I lost track of time again. Sorry for making you wait.”


Amemiya shook her head with an “It’s fine” and started to pack her things just as her partner does the same. One by one, the stack of papers that made up the final draft of the script made their way to her leather briefcase. She grumbled internally, knowing she’d only pull them out later in the dorms to continue working. Just as it was the same for her beloved director.


Their work never really end, do they?


But just as always, Amemiya would turn to her expectantly once she’s done and Masai would always greet her with such kind eyes - ever smiling, ever shining. The workload never seemed to bother her, and that was just one more thing Amemiya admired about her. No matter how dark the bags under her eyes get from sleeping so late just to meet the deadlines and keep the schedule on track, Masai still remained the cheerful girl who shyly took on the role of director all those years ago.


It was just one more thing Amemiya loved about her.




Just like that, the spell was broken and Amemiya blinked. She shot the girl a smile and nodded, trailing after Masai who walked out the room with a slight spring to her steps.


They made their way through the hallways, passing by Tendou and Saijou who seemed to have just finished their practice for the day and were heading towards the showers. Saijou waved at them in her usual friendly manner while Tendou merely nodded at their direction with a smile. They were sure to return the gesture to the two stars.


They made a quick stop by the lockers to grab their coats - since the months were nearing September, the weather has started to warrant warmer clothing - and Amemiya bit her lip to stop from smiling at how Masai’s coat was a tad bit too big for her. The sleeves went past her hands and she seemed even smaller than she already was in it.


“Won’t you ever consider having it trimmed?” Amemiya asked, failing to stop the upturn movement of her lips.


Masai shook her head, “I do, but I’ve never found the time to.”




Maybe you shouldn’t , Amemiya thought as she watched Masai almost get swallowed by the hood once they started their walk again. You look adorable anyway.


She looked away with a blush.


They switched their shoes by the entrance before finally going outside the building and walked in comfortable silence towards the dorms. Amemiya absentmindedly counted their steps and the random weeds that sprouted in between the cracks on the sidewalk. She heard Masai lightly hum some tune she didn’t know beside her and she smiled, feeling that familiar warmth blossom in her chest once more. She wouldn’t say it out loud, but these quiet walks she shares with Masai were treasures she’d never trade for anything else.


A few moments later and they passed by the ice cream parlor situated a few ways away from the school and Amemiya felt a tug on her sleeve. She raised her head from the 13th sprout of weed she has spotted and to Masai sheepishly pointing at the store. She raised a brow, noting that this was the first time they had ever made a stop here.


“I’m kind of craving for strawberries today…”


Amemiya chuckled as she shook her head and walked into the parlor just as Masai beamed. The chime of the bell by the door signaled their arrival and the lone teen handling the counter greeted them in.


“You don’t have to be so hesitant about it, you know?” She said, watching Masai choose her flavor with a fond look.


Masai chuckled sheepishly once she was finally done and her cone was handed to her, “We’ve been really busy, I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay with spending some more energy instead of going home immediately.”


It’s not like I could say no to you, Amemiya wanted to say. Instead, she just pulled her wallet out before Masai could and paid the worker, much to the other girl’s surprise. Though, Masai only voiced it out once they walked out of the store and the boy waved them goodbye.


“Amemiya, you didn’t have to!”


Amemiya merely waved her hand dismissively with a smile, “I know, but I wanted to. Consider this a treat from me.”


Masai tilted her head, “What for?”


For being you? For being here with me? For letting me love you? “For being our ever hardworking and reliable director, of course. This stage we’re building wouldn’t be possible without you, Masai.”


As expected, Masai flushed at the praise and looked away, “You give me too much credit, Amemiya. None of this progress would have been done so far if you haven’t finished the script early.”


“Hmmm perhaps,” Amemiya started to walk again and Masai followed her, eating her ice cream all the while, “But a team would never work so well if the leader wasn’t competent.”


“O-... okay then. Thank you, Amemiya- wait where are we going? Aren't the dorms in the other way?” Masai asked, confusion coating her words but Amemiya merely hummed. An idea formed in her mind along with the inexplicable urge to spend just a little more time with the other girl.


“Would you like to indulge me with a walk in the park?”


“The park?” Masai echoed and Amemiya nodded, “But wouldn’t it be curfew soon?”


Ah .


Her disappointment had probably shown on her face because Masai smiled at her in that kind way of hers before she bumped her shoulder against the other. “Though, I’m sure Hoshimi-san wouldn’t mind if we were a little bit late.”


Amemiya beamed ever so slightly, “Just a few minutes, I promise.”


Masai giggled - something that sounded like wind chimes - but said nothing else as they made their way to the nearby park. The sky has already dipped far below in the horizon and Amemiya noticed the stars starting to appear as they walked through a different route from the status quo. Not that she minded. Change is something that happens naturally from time to time even if you don’t notice it.


They fell into that comfortable silence once more as Masai happily enjoyed her dessert and Amemiya was content in just watching her be so carefree from the corner of her eye. She had always been fine with just observing the other girl be herself, had always been fine with that as they shouldered burdens and shared victories together. Had always been afraid what would happen if she becomes bold and reach out.


But sometimes, try as she might, she can’t help herself.


Sometimes she can’t help but tuck in a stray strand of hair behind Masai’s ear, can’t help but brush the smear on the corner of her mouth with her thumb, can’t help but let it linger for a second longer before pulling away. And when Masai breathed against her hand once she finished her cone, trying to warm it up, Amemiya took a bite on the bullet and held it. She didn’t say anything when she tucked in their hands inside her coat’s absurdly large pocket.


But neither did Masai who only pressed herself closer to the taller girl as Amemiya shivered. She was sure it wasn’t from the cold.


They stayed like that for the remainder of the walk to the park and didn’t bother letting go when they took a seat on a bench. There was no one around and Amemiya thought there was some sort of specialness to have the park all to themselves, though being completely alone with Masai made her hand clammy and her heart just a tad bit erratic. But even through her sudden bout of nervousness, she refused to let go of the other’s hand.


It’s warmer this way , she reasoned to herself. But she couldn’t find one when Masai decided to intertwine their fingers.


For a while, they walked around the park without any destination in mind before they finally decided to sit on a bench wordlessly. After a few minutes spent in silence, it was Amemiya who finally spoke.


“Where do you think we’ll be in ten years?”


Masai tilted her head with her brows furrowed, “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” She shrugged, “After we leave Seisho and pursue our own careers, where do you think we are going to be?” Amemiya watched the leaves rustle as a breeze passed by and she shuffled her feet, “We’ve worked together for so long, I wonder if we’d still be able to do that.”


Masai hummed, her thumb rubbing circles on her knuckles, “Well, I’m sure you’re going to be a well-known playwright, Amemiya. Making your name known out there and writing plays no one could even fathom!” Masai chuckled at the vision but Amemiya kept her quiet, “As for me and us?… I’m not quite sure, honestly.”


Amemiya tightened her grip, “You’re going to be an amazing director that everyone will fight for you.”


Masai shook her head, “You can never be sure of those kinds of things. It’s a jungle out there.”


“Then I’ll stay with you through it all,” Her heart was beating so far as confessions she never thought of saying spilled out, “We can help each other, just as we always had.”


“But what if I just hold you back? You deserve to be free of dead wei-”


“You’re not!” Amemiya turned her head and looked at the other girl with as much conviction as she could make. She always hated these self-deprecating talks Masai is prone to having, “You’re never a dead weight, Masai. I…”


She trailed off, unsure if she should tell her such an embarrassing truth she always kept close to her heart. But then Masai smiled in that kind and encouraging way of hers that Amemiya abandoned all restraints she had.


“I don’t want to write a play for anyone else but you, Masai. I… No one can ever direct the stories I write in the vision I want other than you. I don’t want to follow anyone else but you, I don’t… I don’t want to lose the best partner I could ever ask for.” I love you .


Masai blushed, unused to the praise and rare bouts of honest affection from the normally stoic girl. Amemiya could see the director was looking for something in her, those wide eyes searching her face for something she doesn’t know. Masai had probably found it after a while when she sighed and rested her head on Amemiya’s shoulder.


She froze up, unsure what to do and finally noticing the reddening of her own cheeks. She felt Masai play with the ends of her coat, the hand in hers coiling and uncoiling as if unsure. After what felt like a forever in silence, Masai spoke in a voice barely above a whisper.


“I don’t want to lose you either…”


Amemiya’s heart jumped and she couldn’t help but smile, wrapping a free arm around Masai to pull her closer, “Then how about a promise?”


Masai chuckled, “I’d like that.”


“We can build the most amazing stage anyone will ever see, I believe in that if we’re together.”


Her thumb stroked one more pattern across her knuckles, “Together.”


They stayed like that for a while, neither finding it in themselves to break the embrace. It wasn’t until the streetlamp flickered open that Masai hesitantly pulled herself apart, reminding them both of the curfew they surely had missed already.


Amemiya burned it in her mind, the way Masai looked at her, smiled at her and talked to her as they made their way back to the dorms. They weren’t holding hands anymore but their newly made promise was more than enough to bind them together.




She’ll believe in the impossible as long as they’re together.