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        Living, breathing, unwinding graces.

        Stilted ideas upon crutches of schizophrenic disreality.

        To be whole. To be whole.

        To be among friends in communion. To attest to his new allies.

        To indulge in the beauties of hope. What a wonderful conclusion to a school year of legendary accomplishment.

        Why, certainly. The ages would carry their names in song. Today they embarked for hope.

        What a beautiful life. With beautiful companions. The absence of one, unnoticed.

        That was strange, was it not? Where was she?

        Had she ever been present?

        Tragic, perhaps. She missed the engagement of bliss.

        What wordless bliss.

        To be among allies.

        His truest, happiest allies.

        All for hope.

        He'd never known how wonderful his allies could allow him to feel. Yearning, almost.

        He could adapt.

        Unwound from his mind, his soul, his body. He was no longer.

        He listened and pledged. What wonderful words found a knot in his spirit.

        He could smile, his eyes in a haze, as the soundless bright light shattered the world around him.

        The world engulfed below his boots.

        Ah - he'd done it!

        What a wonderful, wordless bliss.

        And he was blinded-