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Popcorn Confession

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"Now, I've made all three of your favourite popcorn flavours- butter, cheese and caramel. In return, you WILL watch the movie quietly."


"I fail to see the need for..."


"God knows how Mycroft got the four of us tickets for the Endgame premiere tomorrow, but we're grateful and you'll be happy you refreshed your memory by watching Infinity War tonight."


"We are? I will?"


"Yes! So shush!!"


As the plot unfolded, John was pleasantly surprised that Sherlock WAS keeping his barbs and grumbling to a minimum. Perhaps John hand feeding him one kernel of popcorn after another might be a factor.


The blogger silently chuckled when Sherlock couldn't resist a reluctant interest in the fight scenes, and outright snorted when he blurted out that the only interesting character was that Buckingham Chamberpot fellow playing Doctor Strange. Best looking too.


When a loo and popcorn refill intermission was required, John deliberately paused the movie on a shot of Strange.


"Yep, you're right about him being HOT."




Finally, Peter was turning to ash in Tony's arms and John found himself with a lapful of Sherlock, dark trembling curls buried in the crook of his neck.


"On Bart's roof, John, I was thinking- Please, I don't wanna go."


John kissed him softly, "I know, love, I know. Just breathe."