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Their Omega whore

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Izumi scampered through the dark woods. She could hear multiple sets of feet chasing her. She tripped over a large decaying piece of wood hidden to be the decaying leaves and fresh plants growing around t hung from her line of sight. Izumi stumbled and hit the ground with a rough thud. As she tried to catch her breath and gather herself up she felt a pair of hands grab her waist and flip her on her back and sat on her pelvis. Her eyes shot open as a strong scent hit her nose.
She heard the others of the group chasing her come to a stop, the smell was overwhelming. Alpa, they were all alpha. Izumi finally got a good look at the alpha sitting on her. She was a female. She had a crazed look in her cat-like eyes, she grinned happily showing Izumi her sharp teeth. She had pale blonde hair that was up in two twin messy buns and- and
She was holding a freaking knife.
“Omega. “ She said happily. “Oh, I‘ve never met an omega before! Oh my goodness you're so cute!” She cheered. She leaned down a smelled Izumi’s scent gland inhaling the sweet scent. Izumi heard another set of footsteps approach her, the female alpha grabbed her short curly green hair and pulled it back roughly showing her face to the others of her hunting group. She got a decent look at the others around her. The female on top of her was the only girl in the group. One had dark spiky red hair, well built with much sharper teeth than the girl holding her down. He smiled at her as if she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He got on his knees and licked and sniffed her scent glands. A tall muscular alpha with blue eyes and dark hair sniffed the air and whispered to another pale blonde with blood red eyes, he was very well built and another with wild purple hair and violet eyes and pale skin looked at her calmly. Izumi jolted as not one, but two people began to run their hands on her body, one of them tried to remove her pants, but the female alpha snapped.
“Hey back off Dabi, you to Todoroki! I caught her. So I get her first!” The two alphas came into view brothers obviously. Their eyes and build were too much alike to not be related. One had pitch black hair and was scared heavily, but the scars where to even to have been caused by accident the other was slightly shorter, his hair was red and white on opposite sides, one eye dark brown, the other pale blue and a burn scar on his eye. The female alpha giggled excitedly as she continued to scent Izumi.
“Please let me go,” she whispered. The pale blonde with blood red eyes pointed at and looked at the girl on top of her.
“Omega?” he asked.
She giggled and began to grind her hips on Izumi’s casing her to produce some slick between her thighs.
“Yep!” She’s omega.” she said with a laugh.
“Who are you Omega?” the leader growled. Izumi whimpered and managed to gasp out her name as the female alpha continued to grind her hips against her own. The Alpha pointed to her and said “Toga”
He pointed to the brothers
“Dabi and Todoroki.”
The redhead.
The blonde with a stripe in his hair.
The black haired one.
The purple haired one.
And finally, he pointed to himself. “Katsuki.
He gestured to himself and the others before saying one word.
Toga began to undo Izumi’s pants and pulled her underwear down. Izumi tried to kick her away but she pinned her legs down and gave her a couple of kitten licks on her cunt.
“What are you- ACK” Izumi gasped as Toga dived between her legs.
“Not just alpha’s,” Katsuki said.
Izmiś heart dropped and her blood went cold.
“Your Alpha’s and our Omega.